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The Portrait Of The Mona Lisa

- ... Moreover, da Vinci left his audience guessing about his painting. Many people wonder who is the person in the painting; so many ideas have been thrown at people about who it is. People argue that it is Lisa del Giocondo , a man in drag, a picture of a pregnant woman, and even a self-portrait. The world may never know exactly what da Vinci was painting. The thing that da Vinci did cause people to have a conversation about his work that made people think about everything and when the world can not answer a question about something it spread like wild flower and causes everyone to think about it....   [tags: Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, Portrait painting]

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Anorexia: Portrait of a Hunger Artist by Emily Troscianko

- Article summary: In the article, “Portrait of a Hunger Artist”, author Emily Troscianko chronicles her battle with anorexia. As soon she began to suffer from the disorder, Troscianko couldn’t imagine life without it. To her, the anorexia felt like her closest friend. She didn’t even want to have a life without this “friend”. She longed for control over hunger, and loved the sense of power it gave her. Troscianko begins with the end of her story: what made her finally overcome anorexia. She starts out stating that when her mother was going to be moving to a new home with her partner, her anorexia wasn’t welcome in that new home....   [tags: eating disorder, weight, psychological]

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Donatello is a True Renaissance Artist

- This paper argues that Donatello is a true renaissance artist by evaluating his art, life, and time that he lived. One reason that Donatello was proven a true renaissance artist was by his life and the way he lived it. Born in Florence, 1386 Donatello was the son of Niccolo di Betto Bardi who was a member of the Florentine Wool Combers Guild. This gave young Donatello status as the son of a craftsman and placed him on a path of working in the trades. Donatello was educated in the house of the Martelli family, one of the wealthiest Florentine families at that time....   [tags: renaissance artist, statues]

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The Oval Portrait By Edgar Allen Poe

- Edgar Allen Poe was most notably recognized as an intellectual writer. Poe’s most famous works include “The Raven” as well as “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Poe had quite a few other pieces of literature that may not have been as prominent as the formerly mentioned works, but their Gothic moods and dark tones were certainly on par as a collective whole. This critical analysis will focus on just one of Poe’s literary works, “The Oval Portrait” and how the messages and themes presented within this work carry over into the modern society of today....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, Short story, The Oval Portrait]

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Life and Art of Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo

- Frida Kahlo was born in July 6th 1907 to a Mexican Roman Catholic Mother, which was of Indian Spanish decent, and to a German photographer father. Frida was born at the Blue House which was built by Frida’s father. Frida grew up looking at her father’s photography that helped her learn of Mexican History, Art, and, Architecture. Frida had three sisters –Mitilde and Adriana that were older and Christina who was younger. Sometimes her father would take Frida when he would go paint the country side, she would watch him use his paints and brushes....   [tags: paint, portrait, gallery]

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The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James

- I read this book out of interest for another Henry James piece, liking Daisy Miller so much. I found that this book, as in Daisy Miller, has a female point of interest throughout. Isabel Archer is a young American girl brought to Europe after her father has died in America. Isabel is an independent girl, easily noticed by many others in her circle. I felt that Isabel was a woman in her time, in that she took notice of things that she wouldn’t have without certain without the opportunities she was given....   [tags: Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady]

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A Portrait of Dorian Gray

- A Portrait of Dorian Gray “He began to wonder whether we could ever make psychology so absolute a science that each little spring of life would be revealed to us”. Lord Henry spent many days merely philosophizing about the power of the mind and how it could be manipulated. Exercising his abilities of control and influence was what Harry lived for, and when Dorian uttered the fateful phrase wishing to trade places with the portrait, he was not striking a bargain with the Lord of Darkness, but rather one of his rogues....   [tags: A Portrait of Dorian Gray]

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Michelangelo, the the Archetypal Renaissance Artist

- Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni ( March 6, 1475 – February 18, 1564) an Italian Sculptor, painter, architect and a poet was probably the most important artist of the epoch of the Italian Renaissance, a period where arts and science changed from traditional to modern. He was the second of five children, whose parents were Lodovico di Leonardo di Buonarrotti di Simoni and Francesca di Neri del Miniato di Sierra. He was raised in Florence, and after his mother’s death he lived in Settignano....   [tags: Biographical, Renaissance man, biography, art]

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The Dual Nature of Man in Young Goodman Brown

- The Dual Nature of Man in "Young Goodman Brown" In "Young Goodman Brown," Hawthorne tells the story of one man’s loss of faith in the human race. As Goodman Brown travels into the woods one night, he is sees the innermost secrets and desires of the people he once placed upon a pedestal. He sees that humans are evil by nature, and this causes him to lose faith in his fellow man. By viewing the story as an allegory, the journey into the woods is associated with the Puritan concept of justification....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown]

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The Negro Artist And Racial Mountain

- ... The story might have taken place decades ago but we can still relate to the "Invisible" protagonist. The Protagonist walks are through his live and teach the lesson of the life a young black male back then. A time period where the society literally set up a system in which the Negro are always one step behind the Whites. He demonstrated how hard it is to discover one 's true identity when the society already decided who you are, in his case he was just "nobody who didn 't deserve to be treated like the other....   [tags: African American, Black people, The Invisible Man]

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Portrait Of A Man Trying To Hang On

- Portrait Of A Man Trying To Hang On Wade Whitehouse is a man who is frightened to death of following in his father's footsteps, yet he follows them exactly. His violent temper and alcoholism are giant neon signs of how much he is like his father Glen and how closely related their actions are. Wade and his brother Rolfe lived with a violent and destructive man whose behavior was both mentally and physically threatening to his sons. Their father had successfully destroyed them in a long process that began when they were young boys, as they stood and watched him strike their mother....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Art Analysis: Portrait of a Woman With a Man at a Casement

- The purpose of the present paper is to discuss a very interesting piece of art, Fra Filippo Lippi's “Portrait of a woman with a man at a Casement”. I will begin by the analysis of the formal qualities of the painting such as the composition, the color, line, texture, proportion, balance, contrast and rhythm. I will then discuss how the work fits a certain stylistic category. I will demonstrate that the painting reflects the social and cultural trends of the period in which it was created. “ The paintings of Filippo Lippi are frequently characterized by two features: an interest in minimizing the divide between world, image and the presence of humor, both bodily and representational....   [tags: Fra Filippo Lippi]

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Comparing Innocence in Grendel, Neil Young and Portrait of a Lady

- Fall from Innocence in Grendel, Neil Young and Portrait of a Lady        According to the Bible, God created man pure and innocent, oblivious to good and evil. The serpent of evil lured them to the tree of knowledge, however, and its fruit proved too much of a temptation. With a bite, their "eyes... were opened," and the course of their lives, and the lives of mankind, were changed (Gen. 6-7, 22). Whether or not one accepts the Christian concept of creation, countless works of art are patterned on this account of the "fall from innocence." The novel Grendel by John Gardner shows us a side of the "beast" the epic Beowulf never considered - the child-like innocence before the brutality....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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The Geniuses Artist Michelangelo

- ... During the time of the 13th and early 14th century the Medici family held Florence in their hands by having the political and financial power due to their banking and trading system which started off the Renaissance. This not only gave Michelangelo full access to the most powerful and elite crowd in Florence but also out him underneath respected figures of the society and exposed him to poets, scholars, and humanist all around. While being there he also go permission from the Catholic Church to inspect cadavers which also gave him an insight into the medical field, this series of events is what would later influence his style of painting....   [tags: skill, artist, painter]

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Self Portraits: Ekphrasis Poetry

- Ekphrasis poetry can be written as either an exhibition of the sensational aspects of an artist’s life or as a act to explicate the artwork itself. Gehrke balances both options by opening the gaze of the audience to witness the life of the artist but also the process, aftermath, and desire to paint. Gehrke respects the creative process of the painters, but also gives voice to the torments of the artists, their subjects, themes of death, life and love. The book as an entire collection gages the immediacy of art and time, because life is but a fleeting glimpse of fractured memories and light....   [tags: artist work, artis biography]

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The Career Of A Makeup Artist

- Starting at the age of 11, there was this young girl who began to get really interested into makeup. Her dad though, did not really like makeup at all so she snuck it on whenever she got to school and made sure she took it off either while she and her brothers walked home or before her dad came to pick her up. This young girl was only in the 6th grade, which is kind of reasonable now that she thinks back on it, but when she was 11 she thought it was the most unfair thing; why stop her from doing something she like that expresses herself and who she am as a person....   [tags: Cosmetics, Make-up artist, Want, Need]

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Antonio Da Correggio: A Renaissance Artist

- ... The woman with Jesus on her lap looks in disbelief as she cannot process what has happened. The male descending from the ladder shakes his head, possible confused and terrified since he was the one who had to remove Jesus from the cross he was crucified on. Correggio also paints Jesus as a lifeless character, emphasizing the fact that he is lifeless after suffering a painful death. Correggio's intent was for the audience to feel the emotion displayed in the painting. He wishes for the audience to feel what the people are....   [tags: artist, paintings, work]

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Ai Weiwei: Protestant Artist

- Over the years art is becoming a way to express feelings without the need of violence. Ai Weiwei is one of the very well known protestant artists who made various types of art projects to speak against China's communist goverment and the injustices that have happened. No violence is used through these art projects because they are just simply pieces of art that speak by themselves. Through all this Ai Weiwei is able to bring awareness and get people to support his causes around the world. One issue which I feel very strongly about is the murders and disapperances of women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico....   [tags: government, murders, women, crimes, artist]

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Forever Young in the Poem Old Man Dreams by Oliver Holmes

- ... He used rainbow instead of black to appeal to the reader that being young is a pleasant time. He also revealed in this quote that the old man wanted to be a husband and a father again, too. This part in the poem foreshadows that the old man wants to be young again because when he was younger, he had a wife and child.Therefore, one can infer that the old man probably lost his loved ones, or maybe something happened between them when he got older. Holmes also used imagery to describe the angel in this poem....   [tags: old, young, imager, rhyme, symbolism]

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Artist Pain Exposed in Kafka's A Hunger Artist

- Artist Pain Exposed in Kafka's A Hunger Artist       In "A Hunger Artist", Kafka comments on the life of the modern artist through the life of a hunger artist. Kafka comments that the modern artist is always dissatisfied with his or her art. The modern artist also is trapped in a harsh and capricious world, in which the artist struggles to maintain his or her audience by pushing the extreme, but are cheated because they do not receive his or her recognition. Finally, in "A Hunger Artist" Kafka refers to the modern artist's struggle between the need for fame and the need for isolation....   [tags: Hunger Artist]

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Portrait Of A Collagist By An African American Artist Name Benny Andrews

- ... The line continues up to the rest of his body only to notice that his collar too is a piece of fabric which sticks out a few inches from the painting. The line also forces you to look over to the paining that he is creating and notice once again his use of fabric in the collage he is creating and then down to the box of rags at his feet. His use of fabrics throughout the painting/collage is what gives the piece texture.             Even as bare and empty as the painting is, his use of color in the floor boards makes the painting feel warm and inviting, while the colors he uses in the painting that he is painting are cool and serene....   [tags: Oil painting, Painting, Collage, Oil paint]

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`` Young Goodman Brown `` And `` The Man Of The Black Suit `` By Steven King

- Life is full of unfortunate circumstances; terrible episodes happen to people every day whether they are pious, unpleasant, or indifferent. Those individuals, then have to choose whether to come to terms with the ordeal, or ignore it completely. In the selections, “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and “The Man in the Black Suit” by Steven King, both protagonists face traumatic experiences that affect their lives, and they are forced to cope with it. There are times in people’s lives when a terrible event happens, and because they are so unwilling to face it, they cope in an unhealthy manner....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Goodman]

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Iconic Muse, Yet Forgotten Artist: Vera Olivia Weatherbie

- The Group of Seven is arguably made up of Canada’s most famous artists. Best known for their landscape paintings, there are few portraits that have become national Canadian icons, including Frederick Varley’s Vera (1930). Perhaps the most highly regarded of all Canadian portraits, the rendering of this mysterious woman sparks our curiosity through her captivating eyes and coy smile. She reappears in many of Varley’s paintings, and photographs by John Vanderpant, and later Harold Mortimer Lamb. An inspirational muse to many famous Canadian artists, her own worth as an artist is often underrated....   [tags: Group Of Seven, Canadian Artist, Art Analysis]

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Young Man Gone Bad in Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

- Young Goodman Brown Gone Bad Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story Young Goodman Brown, is filled with symbols and recurring words and phrases. Hawthorne effectively uses the format of storytelling to convey his message. The symbols are so prevalent that unless one has a good understanding of their interconnectedness, the meaning and intent is lost. Some of the recurring keywords and images connecting the themes are: faith, the forest, the serpent, communion, and the dream. They are used to demonstrate themes of good vs....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown YGB]

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A Critique of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

- The Mona Lisa is a half-length portrait of a woman that was painted by the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci. This portrait was painted in oil on white Lombardy Panel Paper. It is an oil painting that utilizes the technique of sfumato. The painting technique sfumato overlays translucent layers of colors. This is used to create a blending of colors so there are no clear transitions seen. The materials used in sfumato are oil paints and a Lombardy Panel Paper. Sfumato is used to create a painting that appears to have no lines....   [tags: oil painting, portrait, artist]

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Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown - The Fall of Man into Sin

- Free Young Goodman Brown Essays: The Fall of Man into Sin After reading this the first time, my first thought was "did this actually take place or did Brown just dream the whole thing?" Hawthorne purposely makes that fact ambiguous. He poses the same type of question in the end of the story. To me, this is appropriate. The story centers on evil being something hidden in this small town. The preacher goes about his praying, the old woman continues catechizing a little girl, etc. all after Brown has "witnessed" the witch meeting in the forest....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown YGB]

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The Renaissance Man, Leonardo da Vinci

- Most people do not realize that a parachute and the Mona Lisa have one common factor—Leonardo da Vinci. His techniques of self-teaching are very impressive and unique from anyone else’s during the Renaissance era. This Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci, generously impacted the art and science world by creating new-world inventions, perfecting newly found art techniques, and creating the most famous pieces of art in history. Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions were all considered fever dreams in the Renaissance era, like the equivalent of seeing a futuristic object in a science-fiction movie, but they inspired many actual products of the world of today....   [tags: artist, inventor, anatomy]

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Comparing Flaubert's A Sentimental Education and Henry James’ The Portrait of a Lady

- Comparing Flaubert's A Sentimental Education and Henry James’ The Portrait of a Lady Henry James wrote of A Sentimental Education, "[Flaubert] takes Frédéric Moreau on the threshold of life and conducts him to the extreme of maturity without apparently suspecting for a moment either our wonder or our protest--'Why, why him?' Frédéric is positively too poor for his charge; and we feel with a kind of embarrassment, certainly with a kind of compassion, that it is somehow the business of a protagonist to prevent in his designer an excessive waste of faith." ....   [tags: Sentimental Education Portrait Lady Essays]

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Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Artist of the Beautiful

- Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Artist of the Beautiful "He had caught a far other butterfly than this. When the artist rose high enough to achieve the beautiful, the symbol by which he made it perceptible to mortal senses became of little value in his eyes while his spirit possessed itself in the enjoyment of the reality." -Hawthorne, "The Artist of the Beautiful". In "The Artist of the Beautiful" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, creative process is represented as the practice of creating an animated mechanism in the shape of a butterfly and imbuing it with the spirit of Owen Warland – the pursuer of beauty....   [tags: Hawthorne Artist Beautiful Essays]

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Biography of Charles Willson Peale: The True Renaissance Man

- ... With his three wives, Rachel Brewer, Elizabeth DePeyster and Hannah Moore, Peale had 17 children (Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography). Due to his insatiable interest and curiosity Willson Peale founded a natural history museum with more than 100,000 objects. Even at the age of 86 Peale was known to ride down hills on one of the first bicycles invented, showing his great energy (Strickland 72). Undoubtedly Peale lived an action filled lifetime which even rivaled some of the Renaissance men....   [tags: artist, craftsman, contemporaries]

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The Young Man's Predicaments in The Bridegroom

- The young man is confronted with numerous predicaments in the story. He attempts to handle them himself and not with the help of his bride, the bride’s parents, Piet and the black people who are involved. The predicament that his bride-to-be will stay in his caravan in the hot Kalahari alone with the other black people when his gone and the mutual understanding between the young man and Piet when she will be living with the young man, how will he handle Piet. One would find that there is a clear divide between the young man and the black people that reside with him on the camp....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Analytical Essay]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' The Young Man '

- When you are standing in front of the ocean, do you find yourself lonely. Literally, you are not. Scientists believe that there are more than 1 million species in the ocean. Although you cannot see them when you are standing in front of the ocean; it doesn’t mean there are none. In Neradu’s poem, the young man finds himself lonely until he is awakened by the ocean, and make a change. He is not independent anymore because he is one of the tons of wave in the sea and who are going to join the “sea”....   [tags: Poetry, Rhyme, Ocean, Stanza]

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Satire is Used in the Portraits, Gin Lane, by William Hogarth and Untitled by Paul Kuczynsk

- ... The artist uses different types of satire in this piece of art to reinforce the themes of misery, poverty, ruin and neglect. For example, in the portrait, the first thing that catches one's eye is a woman sitting on the stairs that looks disheveled and diseased. She is so focused on taking the tobacco that is in her hands, she does not notice her child falling off the railing beside her. Next to her sits a desperate child sharing a bone with a dog. In front of the woman sits a half naked man dying of starvation from presumably consuming nothing but alcohol....   [tags: humor, illustrations, messages]

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An Interesting Meeting With A Young Man

- ... What sort of a boy is he?” ”Well, Mummy, you will be surprised when I tell you who he is.” “Do I know him?” “Well, sort of. You have seen him but I expect you have never spoken to him.” “Why ever not?” “Because his father does not encourage friendliness with neighbours.” “Neighbours, is it. Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for one of the snobby Formonsus boys!” Mrs Deformis’ face took on an interesting shade, unknown to the fashion and home decorating world. “Oh, Mummy. John is not snobby at all....   [tags: 2008 albums, Debut albums, 2009 singles, Boy]

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Analysis of The Hunger Artist by Kafka

- Analysis of The Hunger Artist by Kafka Hunger is a term that is often defined as the physical feeling for the need to eat. However, the Hunger Artist in Kafka's A Hunger Artist places a different, more complex meaning to this word, making the Hunger Artist's name rather ironic. The hunger of the Hunger Artist is not for food. As described at the end of the essay, the Hunger Artist states that he was in fact never hungry, he just never found anything that he liked. So then, what does this man's hunger truly mean....   [tags: Essays Papers Kafka Hunger Artist]

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No Man By The Rap Artist / Poet, Kendrick Lamar

- ... It is important for the people to rely on such lessons for it can be a path to success. With “… a harsh outlook on life the caterpillar [views] the butterfly [to be] weak” (Poem 2 6). This accrue through envy; unconscientious of the struggles another person may endure, one may become jealous and insecure of their own struggles, because they have not yet been freed from them. It is important learn the way of the world for your presence in the world to become a factor. There will always be obstacles in life that may try to slow down the progress, but it takes a positive mind to know that it will surpass in due time....   [tags: African American, Black people, Life]

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Hawthorne's The Artist of the Beautiful, Pollack's Stitches in Time, and Jung's The Spirit Man, Art and Literature

- Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Artist of the Beautiful, Barbara Pollack's Stitches in Time, and Car Jung's The Spirit Man, Art and Literature The artist has been a mystery to many of us: unexplainably driven in his work; seemingly unconcerned with any other aspects of his life; often oblivious to the world around him. The artists in Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Artist of the Beautiful," Barbara Pollack's "Stitches in time," and Carl Jung's "The Spirit in Man, Art, and Literature" represent some or all of these characteristics....   [tags: Art Artist Hawthorne Pollack Jung Essays]

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Analysis Of The Novel ' Young Goodman Brown '

- ... In that moment he came back as a loving and caring husband again. Faith had brought him back from the Devil just as she had delivered him. When he awoke, he was confused and paranoid at what he saw, the good old minister was getting his sermon ready and Old Deacon Goodkin was in worship. To see Goody Cloyse chastising a child broke him, so he grabbed the child to keep the child safe from the evilness the woman could put in her. Still not able to shake the paranoia, as he went around the next corner he saw his wife was so joyful, but then he looked away and walked right by her wondering if he had dreamed what happened....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Emotion]

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Henry James’ Portrait of a Lady

- Henry James’ Portrait of a Lady "On her long journey from Rome her mind had been given up to vagueness; she was unable to question the future. She performed this journey with sightless eyes and took little pleasure in the countries she traversed, decked out though they were in the richest freshness of spring. Her thoughts followed their course through other countries‹strange-looking, dimly-lighted, pathless lands, in which there was no change of seasons, but only as it seemed, a perpetual dreariness of winter....   [tags: Portrait Lady]

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Man and Nature in Norman Maclean's book, Young Men and Fire

- Man and Nature in Norman Maclean's book, Young Men and Fire Norman Maclean's book, Young Men and Fire, recreates the tragedy of the Mann Gulch fire. His ambition to have this lamentable episode of history reach out and touch his readers triumphs in extolling the honor and respect deserved by the thirteen smoke jumpers who died. This book is a splendid tribute to the courageous efforts of such men, as well as a landmark, reminding mankind to heed the unpredictable behavior and raw power of nature....   [tags: Young Men and Fire]

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Renaissance Artist: Sandro Boticelli

- In this paper I will discuss whether or not Sandro Botticelli was a true renaissance artist or not. I will explore his past to learn about his early life up to being the great famous artist he is today. I will journey into his artwork and try to understand the essence of it being and how all of the wonders that he created came to be. Also walk back in time and see just what it was like to live within the renaissance period, to know what struggles and difficulties Sandro Botticelli went through just to become an artist....   [tags: artist, Italy, renaissance]

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Is Michelangelo a Ture Renaissance Artist?

- Was Michelangelo a true Renaissance artist. An even better question would be what made Michelangelo a true Renaissance artist. Michelangelo will always be a true Renaissance artist because his artwork showed freedom of thought and it was his own choice to paint in biblical themes because the church was no longer in control. He also showed emotion and attention to detail in his works. Michelangelo also went to the Morgues and studied the dead during his free time to get a better look at the human body and its aura....   [tags: renaissance, artists, humanism]

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The Man Who Was Almost A Man

- ... “The absence of fathers means, again, that much of male behavior has to be learned by trial and error and indirection. One outcome of this state of affair is the fact that boys, as a group, tend to resemble their fathers in personality and attitudes” (Pleck 8). The absence of father plays into “The man who was almost a man” and his personal life, Wrights father left him at a young age which staged his childhood. We a similar idea in the story, Dave’s father wasn’t really a father figured. He didn’t have anyone to teach him how to be a man because he wasn’t really in the picture, so you have to prove yourself to others because men are viewed as powerful....   [tags: Man, Boy, Mother, Family]

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Looking inside Kafka in A Hunger Artist

- Looking inside Kafka in "A Hunger Artist" Thesis Statement: "The psyche of the people towards the hunger artist as a metaphor to the inconsistency, frailty and superficiality of human belief; through the eyes of Kafka as the hunger artist himself" The story's use of profound metaphors, symbolisms and allegorical abstractions, are too intricately bound and woven so that a singular interpretation of "A hunger Artist" is a total impossibility. Therefore, this paper will try to tackle only two of the possible interpretations: the story as an autobiographical representation of Kafka himself, and his commentary on the flaws and frailty of human belief....   [tags: Kafka Analysis Hunger Artist]

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The Portrait Of Andy Warhol

- The works of our century are the mirrors of our predicament produced by some of the most sensitive minds of our time. In the light of our predicament we must look at the works of contemporary art, and conversely, in the light of contemporary art we must look at our predicament. - Paul Tillich in "Each Period Has Its Peculiar Image of Man" In his final self-portrait, Andy Warhol 's gaze is both perplexed and perplexing. Like the artist, everything about this work is suspended in a haze of mystery....   [tags: Campbell's Soup Cans, Andy Warhol, Pop art]

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Analysis of the Photography of The Fallen Man

- ... What is so chilling about this specific photo out of the other photographs Drew shot that day, is the way the man is falling. This photo is a quiet and simple image. There is not much else in the picture to be viewed, except for the man. What differs about this photo is that the man was not tumbling down screaming, with his hair flying everywhere. A typical inference about what a person free falling would look like. The photograph shows this man upside down, falling straight down through the air with his hands tucked right by his sides....   [tags: death, fall, man, attacks, images]

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Kafka's Hunger Artist

- Kafka's Hunger Artist Kafka, in his masterpiece "The Hunger Artist," suggests that humans can never satisfy their desires. This is illustrated through the metaphorical hunger artist for whom nourishment is not being nourished at all. The viewing public's interest is derived from their desire to see the hunger artist cheating, but to view this would put an end to that desire. Finally, Kafka presents this idea while the artist is at the circus and describing when people wish to view the starved man....   [tags: Kafka Hunger Artist]

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The Man Who Was Almost A Man

- ... After he shoots the mule, he says that she fell on the plow to protect himself. Like a child, he does not realize that lying does not protect him and only increases his number of problems in the future. The mule represents commitment and responsibility which are part of becoming a man that Dave fails to accept. He was not suppose to cause harm to the mule, that Mr. Hawkins trusted him with and once he did, he failed to take responsibility for his actions by running away. Dave believed that becoming a man would give him freedom without the other obligations that come with adulthood....   [tags: Boy, Man, Short story, Responsibility]

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Which Comes First: The Art or the Artist?

- Which Comes First: The Art or the Artist. A Historical Perspective The approach of the year 2000 seems a good time to think about the way the role of art and the artist has changed through history, and how modern art is interpreted by a modern audience. Writing about modern art gives me the creeps. In other types of art, clear facts can be asserted with security, public reactions are clearly documented, skills can be appreciated, and art is clearly recognized as such. Modern art defys all of these conventions....   [tags: Art Artistic Artist Arts Essays]

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Who Is An Artist For Success Or Demise?

- As an Art History major, I have begun to wonder what propelled artists, their intuition or their audience, to create the work that is now their legacy. Who is to decide whether an artist will be remembered for century’s past- the audience, deciding to lead the artist to success or demise. If an audience can have such an impact on an artist’s career, why do artists claim to not care about what others think of their work. A starving artist, who has never shied away from expression, and an artist, who conforms so has never revolutionized, work in the same art world, while yet are constantly put against one another....   [tags: Art, Arts, Aesthetics, Art critic]

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Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn's Self-Portraits

- The old man sits. His hands are folded nicely in his lap and his facial features stay composed. He wears an overcoat that seems to be a soft velvet, shaded in a reddish-violet hue. Curls peep through the cap on his head, which is pushed slightly back and to the side. His eyes gaze unto those of the observer, telling of his life; the lack of fulfillment, the need for restoration. The color of his face and the cap’s white brim are lit up against a background that nearly engulfs the outline of his body, giving an impression of incompleteness....   [tags: Painter Painting Art Portrait Essays]

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Cortázar’s Short Story, Letter to a Young Lady in Paris

- Cortázar’s short story “Letter to a Young Lady in Paris,” is a seven-and-a-half page long letter from a young man to his young female friend who has allowed him to house sit for her while she is away in Paris. The letter was written over several days, which shows his dedication to their relationship; very few men would write that much, or with such candidness to anybody. In a similar light, very few women would allow males into their apartments when they are present, much less when they are away and thus unable to keep a keen watch over whatever is happening....   [tags: Letter to a Young Lady in Paris]

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Dale Chihuly: The Man Behind the Masterpiece

- Dale Chihuly: The Man Behind the Masterpiece The artist is known not only for his glasswork—which displays exuberant colors, exotic shapes, and a dramatic scale—but also for his outlandish lifestyle and appearance. According to William Warmus, author of The Essential Dale Chihuly, “Henry Geldzahler, former curator of contemporary art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, once said that the striking Chihuly ‘looks like a pirate and sometimes acts like a pirate,’ leading the life of a nomad and traveling the world over to orchestrate museum shows, glassblowing sessions, and installations of his work” (10)....   [tags: Artists Artist Art papers]

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Art Shows the Viewpoint of the Artist

- ... In one way she can be very mothering and nurturing, and on the other she seems very seductive and mysterious. While analyzing the painting, the viewer may notice that the reproduction benefits and suffers some values to Da Vinci’s work. The mass spread of reproduction increased the popularity of the Mona Lisa, allowed it to become one of the most famous painting of the world. In addition, the great amount of copies enables the original to increase dramatically in is market value. On the other hand, it restricts the distinctive meaning of the original work....   [tags: painting, reproduction, pixal]

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The Done By Artist Kehinde Wiley

- The two paintings to be discussed are both done by artist Kehinde Wiley. Wiley grew up in the era of the civil rights movement, and he uses his understanding to depict young black men as courageous and powerful (Solomon). This is often the opposite of how black men are perceived in society. He brings attention to political issues that are a reflection of historical events and stereotypes of young black men (Solomon). While the subjects in Wiley’s pieces are very different personas, both paintings portray Wiley’s message that strong black men are a positive part of society....   [tags: African American, Black people, Black Power, Race]

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The Negro Artist And The Racial Mountain

- ... An excerpt that which was done a couple of years ago said, “Four in ten whites incorrectly believed that the typical black earned as much as or more than the typical white, even though black median household income is about 64 percent that of whites—$29,500 compared to $46,300 for whites”. From half a century ago to today, do you believe that people would not benefit from this type of wages the white people had averaged. This is definitely not including the millionaires and billionaires that was at that time, and who are today....   [tags: Black people, African American, White people]

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A Very Emotionally Disturbed Young Man

- In 1969 a very emotionally disturbed young man took a woman’s life. This very tragic event spurred the parents of the young woman to bring a civil case against the University of California, Berkeley. The accusation is that the psychotherapist did not directly warn their daughter of the danger that the young man, Prosenjit Poddar, presented to her. The case implies that it is the psychotherapist’s ethical responsibility to inform potential victims of their clients. But what about the ethical responsibility the psychotherapist has to his or her client....   [tags: Patient, Health care provider, Victim]

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Young Man Blues in Ender's Game

- Young Man Blues In the words of Valentine Wiggin, Ender Wiggin’s sister, "We may be young, but we're not powerless. We play by their rules long enough and it becomes our game." [Card 237] From the beginning, Ender Wiggin was destined to defeat the human race’s enemy, the Buggers. This is because he was different and better than everybody else, including his own brother, Peter, and his sister, Valentine, who were also candidates for his position; being the commander of the military, the International Fleet....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Marina Ć : The Artist

- ... She has often used her body as her subject and medium throughout her career, testing the limits of the human body’s endurance and putting herself in extreme pain, exhaustion, and danger. In her 1974 piece Rhythm 5, she set a large star in the middle of the floor on fire; cutting her nails and hair, and throwing them in the fire, then jumping into the middle of the star herself. She lost consciousness from lack of oxygen, and had to be removed by audience members. 1974’s Rhythm 2 consisted of Marina sitting in a chair, first taking a pill prescribed for catatonia that caused her to seize, then, after the effects of that had worn off, taking a pill prescribed for depression that resulted i...   [tags: Art, Modern art, Chair, Sitting]

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Mia Hebib- Bosnian Artist

- Mia Hebib is a Bosnian born artist based out of New York, who works primarily in jewelry design and sculptural forms. She was in a show called “Islam Contemporary” at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts on August 2, 2013. Mia Hebib started her education as a jewler at the School for Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2001, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals and Jewelry from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Mia moved to New York City to continue her exploration in metal....   [tags: Art, Artist, Biography, Bosnia, New York]

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Every Leader Is An Artist

- ... For example, most masks, like Tutankhamun 's, are made from gold because that is the color of the gods skin (Alchin). A pharaoh is the closest person to god or goddess and as such is treated with more respect and held to higher status. The gold material as well as the beard, which is sacred to the gods, both represent the status that tutankhamen held. Furthermore, the crook and flail that tutankhamen held are a symbol of his royalty and his position as a king (Alchin). Emperor Vespasian ruled over Rome for ten years until his death at the age of sixty-nine....   [tags: Qin Shi Huang, Roman Empire, Flavian dynasty]

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Vladimir Kush: A Russian Artist

- Vladimir Kush was born in Moscow, Russia in 1965. Growing up in the city, Kush really wanted to leave its dull atmosphere to explore the world so he dreamed of distant places to entertain himself. At 4 years old, he began drawing and painting with great skill. At 7, Kush attended art school and his talent rapidly grew. 5 years later, Vladimir started to paint using different styles. This helped him to develop his creative style of what he now calls “metaphorical realism” with much symbolism. Kush was so focussed in art that in high school he went to school in the day but studied painting and sculpturing at night....   [tags: Oil Painting, Metaphorical Realism]

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Portrait of a Cartographer

- Portrait of a Cartographer Someone must decide how to color maps. Where to put the pale yellow, coral pink, the olive green, burnt orange, magenta. Where to put the darkest shades of blue. The lightest. There is something of symmetry, of composition. There is topography to consider. Demographics. The vast expanse of open land, open water, the sensuous curves of coastline, of mountain ranges, of rivers with their writhing bodies and forked tongues. The color of the ocean is according to its depth....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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The Artist 's Kara Walker

- The artist’s Kara Walker was born 1969, in Stockton, California. Her influence to draw came from the stories she would hear about slavery, they were “rich and epic…and titillating” so, she start making art about slavery society and culture. Her techniques used in silhouettes, paintings, drawings, and landscapes were watercolors, adhesive, cut paper, paint, chalk, ink, gouache, and a projector. The visual aspects of her artwork include curve lines, positive shapes, dark hue, light hue, implied lines, negative shapes, a light balance, hatching, smooth texture, complementary colors, and a life size scale....   [tags: Black people, Slavery, Color, Woman]

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The Unworthy Artist: Cy Twombly

- Three blank white canvases are put on display as a triptych in a prestigious French art gallery. Paintings that look more like hastily scribbled pencil marks, or seem to resemble a child’s graffiti on a blackboard, are sold for over four million dollars. Some viewers and critics would venture to ask, “What’s the big deal?” or comment, “My six year-old could do that.” Although normally I enjoy abstract, experimental art – being such a painter myself – I do not believe Cy Twombly to be a “worthy” artist....   [tags: art, art criticism, painting]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Young Goodman Brown '

- The theme of rebirth is a widely-varying one. It can be a sad, dark rebirth or a beautiful and bright one. Whichever path it takes, this theme follows along a general guideline. It first shows how someone or something is in the beginning, an event that occurs, and how this event changes them. They are reborn into someone or something new. The short stories “Young Goodman Brown,” “Cathedral,” and “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World” all share the theme of rebirth. While “Young Goodman Brown” is a dark rebirth, “Cathedral” and “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World” have beautiful, bright rebirths....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown, Goodman]

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Sexism At A Young Age

- ... One of the very small amount of jobs that only men still hold today is a Catholic priest. One of those for women is a Fair Queen, there most likely has not been a male in this role. But there is also a king to the side of every queen, but not at county fairs so therefore it is another example of the sexism in today 's society. There are also some of those saying out in today 's society that still go unnoticed, for example “Is your boss around because i 'd like to speak with him.”Or “Hey guys how have you been doing lately” is another example of a saying that goes unnoticed....   [tags: Gender, Female, Male, Man]

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Self Portrait, 2007 by Chuck Close

- Self Portrait, 2007 by Chuck Close The artwork that ignited my interest at the High Museum of Art was the Self Portrait, 2007 by Chuck Close. In this particular painting, Close was influenced by a printing technique used in Japan known as nishiki-e. The nishiki-e technique involves multicolored wooden block printings, which would have a specific engraving on it and then arranged in a particular way to make an image. Close liked to experiment and combine different styles and techniques such as employing “different media and materials, using airbrush and even his own fingertips” (Spires) to create new artworks....   [tags: Art Analysis ]

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Pilgrim Portrait-The Pardoner

- In the “General Prologue” of The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer explores what happens when spiritual goods begin to be profit-earning commodities, and question the effect of this trade upon the individual who practices it. The Pardoner that Chaucer writes about, is seen as a feminine con-artist who went against the typical perception of individuals associated with the church. A Pardoner is someone who was supposed to travel, selling official church pardons like pieces of paper with a bishop's signature on them or relics, entitling the bearer to forgiveness for their sins....   [tags: Chaucer's Canterbury Tales]

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The Mask Of ' Be A Man '

- The Mask You Live In “Be a man”, is on of the most destructive phrases to tell boys and men. The Mask You Live In explains the struggles boys and men have growing up in a patriarchal society. I chose to watch this to understand how men feel oppressed. All year, I became aware of females and their struggles in the patriarchy. It is interesting to see that men are affected too. The documentary should have had more personal stories because it allows the audience to connect with and have empathy for men....   [tags: Gender, Sociology, Man, Gender role]

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`` Self Portrait Of A Soldier `` By Otto Dix

- At the commencement of the war, the general view of the civilians and soldiers was excitement and joy. To the general public, war had “become legendary, and distance had made it seem romantic and heroic” (Zweig). The romanticized tone of the war inspired a festive attitude that permeated through each nation. Soon the “...average men and women were delighted at the prospect of war” (Russell). Otto Dix, an esteemed German painter, painted a portrait of himself before he went into the war titled, “Self Portrait of a Soldier”....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Treaty of Versailles]

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Summary Of ' Young Goodman Brown '

- Plot Young Goodman Brown embarks on a midnight journey through a dark and foreboding forest, on his way to fulfill his “present evil purpose.” He leaves his wife Faith behind, this being the type of errand he doesn’t wish to expose her to. Faith in Goodman Brown’s eyes is a good woman and “a blessed angel on Earth.” (Hawthorne, 1835) Although she wishes for him to stay, and he too feels guilty for leaving her to attend to this errand, he knows he must complete this task and knows that to mar her with the evil of it would taint her pureness of heart forever....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Religion]

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The, The Sharks, And The Young Lions

- Tianyou Li Li 1 Mrs. Phillips English 9H 6 October 2015 The Marlin, The Sharks, and The Young Lions “The true tarot is symbolism. It speaks no other language and offers no other signs.”(Arthur E. Waite) In literature, symbolism is widely used to give the deeper meaning behind common figures. It shows readers a new insight and enriches the theme and plot. In Hemingway’s compelling novella The Old man and The Sea, Santiago, an old but skilled fisherman, fished off the coast of Cuba. Unfortunately, Santiago couldn’t catch any fish for a long time....   [tags: Symbol, Symbolism, The Old Man and the Sea]

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The Style in Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

- The Style in “Young Goodman Brown”                Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story or tale, “Young Goodman Brown,” is an interesting example of the multi-faceted style of the author, which will be discussed in this essay.   Edgar Allan Poe in “Twice-Told Tales - A Review,” which appeared in Graham's Magazine in May, 1842, comments on Hawthorne’s “originality,” and “tranquil and subdued manner” which characterize his style:   The Essays of Hawthorne have much of the character of Irving, with more of originality, and less of finish; while, compared with the Spectator, they have a vast superiority at all points....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown YGB]

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The Style of Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

- “Young Goodman Brown” – the Style                Sculley Bradley, Richmond Croom Beatty and E. Hudson Long in “The Social Criticism of a Public Man” state: “Beyond his remarkable sense of the past, which gives a genuine ring to the historical reconstructions, beyond his precise and simple style, which is in the great tradition of familiar narrative, the principal appeal of his work is in the quality of its allegory” (49). The style found in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” contains the features quoted in the above passage, as well as many others – which will be discussed in this essay....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown YGB]

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A Young Boy With Hot Wheels

- ... These combat vehicles essentially promote violence and as well as speed with car chases. My father was the person who showed me these cars in magazines, on television, and then he bought me my first Hot wheel car. My first Hot wheel car was the Porsche. My father collected Hot wheels, and introduced them to me. Through the internet, I learned that cars were meant to be for tough guys because of the sound of power that comes from the engine. Throughout seeing things like that, I learned to become tough by playing with these cars....   [tags: Gender, Man, Gender role, Automobile]

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The Effects Of Social Media On Young Adults

- Harm of Social Media “Man I just got the new Jordan’s today!” This is one of many posts we may see in our daily lives on social media. Social media is seen as the best way to let people know about your life and to interact with others in your community and world. But is it really all that great. Hundreds of hours people spend their time staring at a computer screen or smart phone posting, looking at trends, or just browsing when their bored. Don’t get me wrong social media is good, but when is it enough....   [tags: Adolescence, Young adult, Mobile phone]

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The Expectation of Marriage in Young New Couples

- A couple is always dreaming about having a happy family and perfect future for their life after getting married. Culture and gender roles in developed as well as developing countries have been shifting in the last three decades. In some Asian countries, because of influences of Western cultures and improving economy, there are many women starting to work in order to support their families rather than staying home. Surprisingly, now men have to share family responsibilities with their wives in household chores and taking care children while women are working....   [tags: financial management, young couples, independence,]

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Jacob Lawrence Artist

- Race in America comes with a lot of struggle. It has been over fifty years since segregation ended, and race is still the cause of debate over police brutality, discrimination, and hate crimes. In the public eye, race relations are a more muted topic. Most people, white and black say that the time of racial cynicism is over. Race relations now are less defined by politics and more by experiences in schools, sports, popular culture and religion. In the arts, race is becoming more defined as the celebration of culture....   [tags: African American Artist, Art Analysis, Biography]

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Psychoanalytic Analysis : Young Goodman Brown

- When given the choice to write a paper based on how either new criticism, structuralism, deconstruction, or psychoanalysis is involved and put to use with one of the readings given thus far, it seems a pretty obvious choice to choose the psychoanalysis, school of criticism, and the short story, Young Goodman Brown. The choice is obvious because psychoanalysis is the study of the unconscious and how it affects the conscious when making decisions, while the main character in Young Goodman Brown, has to question that if the experiences he has throughout the majority of the story are dream or reality....   [tags: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Young Goodman Brown]

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