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The Regional Roots Of Russia 's Political Regime

- Request for Permission to Present Project to Executive Committee in October William M. Reisinger, University of Iowa; and Bryon J. Moraski, University of Florida The Regional Roots of Russia’s Political Regime In The Regional Roots of Russia’s Political Regime, William M. Reisinger and Bryon J. Moraski, examine Russian politics at the subnational level in order to augment current understandings of why democracy failed to take root and how Putin’s authoritarian regime materialized. Using multivariate analyses of gubernatorial and federal elections from 1991 to 2012 as well as multivariate analyses of the patterns of gubernatorial appointments from 2005 to 2012, the authors highlight the way...   [tags: Political science, Politics, Russia, Soviet Union]

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Canada's Political Systems

- Across the political landscape, there are countless different ways that political systems operate. These systems do not have all their conventions enshrined by law, and are often the result of institutional frameworks. One of these institutional frameworks that influence Canada’s political system is the idea of party discipline within the House of Commons. The strict nature that parties operate in has lead to many aspects of Canada’s political system being affected. This essay will take an in depth look into the workings of party discipline as it exists in Canada....   [tags: Politics, Government]

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The Political Systems Of Western European Countries

- Question 4: In a region as relatively prosperous as Western Europe, it can be difficult to deem one nation more successful than another. Collectively, Western Europe probably enjoys a higher level of well-being than any other region. However, upon closely examining the details of the political systems of Western European countries, it is evident that are benefits and drawbacks to every system. First off is Great Britain, an isolated nation known for developing a distinct system of government separate from that of the rest of continental Europe....   [tags: United Kingdom, Europe, Bill Clinton]

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Liberalism Is A Political Ideology Of A `` Limited Government Aimed At Securing Personal Liberty ``

- Liberalism is a political ideology of a “limited government aimed at securing personal liberty”. The main purpose of this ideology is to end absolutism and unpredictability. Classical Liberalism is one of the two branches of Liberalism. Its concentration is on civil rights and political choice. Additionally, it has a representative democracy meaning it is derived from the fact of elected officials representing a group. In this democracy, Classical Liberalism operates under the rule of law and advocates economic freedom....   [tags: Political philosophy, Liberalism]

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Marxist Perspective On Power And Political Systems

- The world we live in today is one that is often defined by polarity and power. Open conflicts between groups and a thirst for control are now adjectives for the political system that the United States is governed with. This said, the modern democracy of today is far cry from the broad concept of democracy that “incorporate[s] a more direct role for citizen participation where everyone has the right to participate and equal resources to do so” (Manza A-3). In fact, the United States’ version of democracy involves a form of governance where representative leaders are elected by the people; this definition has made many question whether our political system is even a democracy at all....   [tags: Sociology, Conflict theory, C. Wright Mills]

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Political Officials Misuse Their Governmental Department Power For Personal Gain

- When political officials misuse their governmental department power for personal gain it can cause all kinds of corruption in a system. Officials that directly relate their duties in office to life and cannot separate the difference between good and bad will always have a problem with corruption and it should be eliminated all over the world. Other illegal activities such as police brutality or repression of other political enemies are not under this name. In other countries corruption is not seen the same as it is in other counties such as traditional societies there is so much corruption and mayhem going on there no one there knows what is right or wrong....   [tags: Political corruption, Bribery, Government]

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Information Technology or Information System

- Task 1 Introduction Information Technology or Information System is one of importance in companies business. In management of company at least have an organization or department of Information Technology System. From that, department must have the organization management of board to lead the management. When company want looking for the new workers, some company just look the certification of study but not look or take the experience workers. The fresh graduation sometimes just good in study but when work they cannot apply what they learn in college or universities....   [tags: technology, outsourcing, computer system]

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The Geographic, Political, and Ethnic Impact European Colonialism Has Played on the Present History of Africa

- There is an ongoing debate on how the current political and economic failures in Africa can be traced back to the advent of colonialism. There is a great deal of evidence that illustrates the impact that colonialism and foreign intervention has had a negative effect on the development of present history of Africa. This essay will attempt to examine the geographic, political and ethnic impact European colonialism has played on the development of the African, and how these contributions have put Africa on its current trajectory....   [tags: Political Science]

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Arab Spring, Religion, and Political Systems

- The Social events that jump started the Arab spring would later on be remembered as a historical event; that would eventually lead to them observing or embracing a form of constitutional theocracy. Now this depending on what country and political system they embrace can be a good thing if they are offering all of their citizens the freedom to choose something other than the religion that is represented by the government they are living under. According to Hirschl religion and the belief in G-d has made a big comeback and I for one have to agree with him on that; we can see this not only during the Arab spring but also in other areas of the world....   [tags: Constitutional Theocracy, Muslims, Islam]

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Presidential Vs. Parliamentary System

- In a democratic state, elections, interest groups, and political participation give the people more power who live under this type of government. There is an important factor to take into consideration when looking at democratic systems, and that is to understand that there are two main systems; one is presidential and one is parliamentary. Even though Presidential and Parliamentary systems are based on a similar feature, that free and competitive elections will determine who will govern, there are many differences between the two including, how a president or prime minister comes into power, and who holds the power and because of this the policies that have been created have designed very d...   [tags: Separation of powers, Presidential system]

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Political Climate Of The 1950s

- The political, social, and economic landscape of the United States of America underwent dramatic changes during the 1950s. During this era, figures and events such as the likes of: Sen. McCarthy and his crusade to "root out" communism in America, President Eisenhower's administration and his theory of dynamic conservatism, the government's belief of looking out for big business, and the Civil Rights movement helped to usher in a new ideas, attitudes, and beliefs. The focus of America's obsession with containing the spread of communism during the 1950s was in a large part fueled by Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy....   [tags: American History Politics Political Science]

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A Career as a Political Scientist

- The career that I decided to do my research on is a Political Scientist. I chose this career because it’s something I would want to do for the rest of my life. Politics has a great role in American society. As a political scientist you make the people’s voices heard and help up hold the foundations of democracy; whether that is as an elected official, or as an analyst helping senators make key decisions on a bill about to pass in their state, Political scientists make a difference. History The beginning of western politics goes back to the “Socrates” philosophers; which consists of Plato, Xenophon, and Aristotle (who is known as the “father of political science”) Most of their most famous...   [tags: Career Essays]

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The Political Structure of the Hutu Peoples

- The nature of the political structure of the Hutu peoples before the 19th century is only properly understood when a multitude of other factors are examined. Aside from examining the basic political system in which the Hutu lived it must be determined why the Hutu shaped their particular system in this way. This entails the assessment of factors such as their history based off of where they came from, what their identities became over hundreds of years, and how other groups reshaped their political society....   [tags: history, Hutu, ]

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The Political Power Of Wealthy Capitalists

- The political system is the United States is better described as an oligarchy rather than a democracy. During recent years, the power of wealthy capitalists has been increasing, while political influence among ordinary people has been decreasing. The reason is because it is in the politicians interest to keep corporations happy and profitable, and that wealthy individuals keep reinvesting their wealth within the United States, so that the economy of the country stays strong. If that is the case, less unemployment rates are available, and ordinary people will be content with the politicians policies....   [tags: United States, Barack Obama, Democratic Party]

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The History of Islamic Political Ideas

- ... The analysis of his ideas regarding political issues reveals that he was a free thinker. He preferred suni tradition. Most likely he devoted his work to suni jurist and moralists. He encountered the problem of how to strengthen united Muslims and their state. So he worked on the problems of political centralization. It will be better to understand the problems encountered by al-Ghazali before understanding political theory given by him. Problems faced by Al-Ghazali: No aspect of the political theory of Ghazali will be complete without analyzing the condition of Muslim world at that time....   [tags: Al-Ghazali, caliph, sultan]

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Political Institutions And The Foundation Of Civilization

- Political institutions serve as one of the integral components for the foundation of civilization. The break down of governments can rot the core of a country and cause severe global issues. Several instances of broken down political institutions, ranging from Egypt to Uganda, has lead to massive corrosion of civilizations, and has disturbed the functioning peace within many countries. The weakenging, or full on collapse of an institution can leave the country crippled, and will open up the opportunity for there to be massive corruption and greed....   [tags: War, World War II, United States, Democracy]

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The Political Culture Of The United States

- Question #3 Daniel Elazar was the person who found that there are three political culture types in the United States. He has a very well-known quote/definition that is “Attitudes, values, beliefs, and orientations that individuals in a society hold regarding their political system.” The take away from that definition of what political culture is that every person has a certain attitude that they feel about the government. Which he stated that to better understand the relationship towards the government and its people it to get a better understanding on how those people feel towards their government....   [tags: Separation of powers, United States]

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The Political Parties Of The United States

- One reason why the US have two major political parties, is because the US have separation of our legislative and executive branches. The United States is not a democracy, its a republic. In most democracies of the world the legislator elects a prime minister who is the defacto executive of the country. ( Political Parties are a group of persons who seek to control government through the winning of elections and the holding of public office....   [tags: United States, President of the United States]

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Political Polarization in the United State

- The United States of America has engaged in the battle known as political polarization since before its foundation in 1776. From the uprising against the powerful British nation to the political issues of today, Americans continue to debate about proper ideology and attempt to choose a side that closely aligns with their personal beliefs. From decade to decade, Americans struggle to determine a proper course of action regarding the country as a whole and will often become divided on important issues....   [tags: Government, Congress]

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Political Parties Are Necessary For Democracy

- Introduction Many political pundits accept that political parties are necessary ingredients of democratic governance. Within this framework, many scholars agree that political parties are the principal agents of democratic consolidation because they are the key players shaping democracy’s emergence (Pridham, 1990: 29). Similarly, “party system institutionalization has been widely viewed as a requisite for the consolidation of democracy” (Kuenzi and Lambright, 2005: 423). However, scholars disagree on the effects of different party system characteristics on democracy....   [tags: Democracy, Elections, Representative democracy]

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Why are Political Parties in Decline?

- To characterise the notion of political parties, Rod Hague and Martin Harrop choose to use the definition submitted by Giovanni Sartori, which says that a political party concerns ‘any political group identified by an official label that presents elections, and is capable of placing through elections candidates for public office’ (1976, p. 63, cited in Hague and Harrop, 2010, p. 203). Andrew Heywood defines it as ‘groups of people organised to gain formal representation or win government power’, ‘united by shared political preferences and a general ideological identity’, which function is to ‘filling the political office and the wielding of government power’ (2007, pp....   [tags: elections, democratic-republican parties]

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The Electoral System Of Ontario

- In 2014, Ontario’s (Canada’s largest province) population of 13,678,740 represented 38.5% of Canada’s total population. In 2007, Ontario implemented a citizen’s assembly (the assembly) composed of 103 randomly selected citizens with the goal of discussing and possibly reforming Ontario’s electoral system via referendum in the next provincial election. In general, a citizen’s assembly is an institution, distinct from the legislative and executive branches where randomly selected citizens deliberate on public policy or law....   [tags: Election, Elections, Voting system, Voting]

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A Country Is Democratic And Political Institutions

- The reason many developing countries began with “bad” early institutions has to do with political institutions. Fukuyama states that there is a strong connection between the richest countries and the countries that have strong institutions. Strong political institutions generally have an effective institution that is mostly uncorrupt, enforces its laws, has transparent laws and open entries to legal and political institutions. Fukuyama gives an example that if a country is ruled by the elites who want the resources for their own use and if property rights are not given and if a country does not have consistent policies or does not educate its citizens, then if rich natural resources l...   [tags: United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas]

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Political Messages in The King of Trees

- Throughout the course of his lifetime, Ah Cheng experienced major political and historical events that strongly influenced his literature. The Cultural Revolution and rule of Mao Zedong was widespread throughout China starting in the 1960s, and devastated millions of families. Cheng took a different approach to much of the literature ("scar literature") that emerged from the revolution, and instead of focusing on the detrimental effects, chose to use his literature as a way to point out the flaws of the revolution....   [tags: Cultural Revolution, China, Ah Cheng]

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Political Science Essay #3

- Essay #3 Bahrain and Libya have undergone conflicts within separate Muslim and Shi’ite groups as well as government policy and tyranny. What both countries have in common is the support of the United States. Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims in Bahrain should use the policies of Gandhi. Libya should resort to violence because of El-Qhadaffi’s tyrannous militaristic policies and corruption. Violence will only lead to more violence. It makes the situation worse because there’s lives being taken. Wars will damage both nations economically because there’s weapons and resources that are used for business transactions....   [tags: Political Science]

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The Varna System or Caste System

- Varna system or Vedic caste system which later deteriorated into the modern caste system due to colonialism and misinterpretation, was natural and necessary for the proper functioning of the society. In this article we see how it is very much different from the modern caste system and how it is very natural and we will also see some evidences from the scriptures which supports this. The Original Caste System or Vedic Caste System: Currently the caste system is all about some people feeling themselves superior and some others as inferior based on birth which is not the case with the original caste or Vedic caste system or Varna system....   [tags: colonialism, society, ,misinterpretation]

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Political Factors Of The French Revolution

- Political factors, whilst somewhat significant in contributing to the causes of the French Revolution, cultural, social as well as economic factors were equally if not more crucial in causing the French Revolution. Whilst political factors highlighted the weaknesses of the French Monarch system and ultimately led to the establishment of the First Republic in France, it was only partially responsible for the overthrow of the monarchy. Conversely, cultural and social factors led to significant events such as the Storming of the Bastille, March upon Versailles, Flight to Varennes as well as the Reign of Terror....   [tags: French Revolution, Louis XVI of France]

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Political Correctness And The American Dream

- Hypothesis: This paper seeks to discover if, political correctness has introduced social deconstruction to Merton’s unifying idea of social institutions like the American Dream and if the theory’s assumptions on criminal deviance are still applicable to this new model of social discourse. Literature Review Merton (1938) described deviance in terms of goals and means as part of his strain/anomie theory (Merton, 1938). Where Durkheim states that anomie is the confounding of social norms, Merton believes that anomie is the state in which social goals and the legitimate means to achieve them do not correspond (Taylor, Walton, & Young, 1974)....   [tags: Sociology, Anomie, Criminology, Longitudinal study]

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The Just Exercise of Political Power

- The just exercise of political power is conceived of as resting upon constitutional principles. Constitutional principles are a position from which we operate justly. However, what constitutes as just. Throughout history political power derived from many historical foundations that were deemed just based on the society that upheld those principles. This notion is evident throughout the development of constitutional doctrines in Greek democracy, Aristotle’s political theory, Roman Republicanism, and English Constitutionalism....   [tags: constitutional principles]

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Is China A Totalitarian Political Regime?

- 56% of female suicides in the world occur in one dominion (Dubois). This same country denies the freedom of religion and is currently decimating all Christian Churches and other places of worship. The people of this country, frustrated with the totalitarian regime, have held democracy riots in an attempt to move away from the current political system. The corrupt, unregulated trade originating from this country is spreading to other countries, disrupting the natural flow of business. If this country continues on this path its economy will begin to stagnate over the next 6 years....   [tags: Mao Zedong, People's Republic of China]

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Japanese Politics and Political Parties

- Introduction Japanese politics until 1994 has always been characterised by a single party dominance; this party is the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). The LDP ruled the country for more than three decades, it in fact stayed in power from 1955 to 1994. With the defeat of LDP in 1994 and the creation of a new electoral reform the stale Japanese political situation, characterised by a confused voting system and by a weak central body was reshaped and most of its typical element's functions were changed....   [tags: liberal democratic party, Japanese communist party]

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Orwell's Perception of the Political Power of Language

- Orwell's Perception of the Political Power of Language As an author, George Orwell is concerned with the modern use and misuse of the English language. He notes the recognized ability of language to distort truth and deceive masses in his essay "Politics and the English Language", and attempts to alert the public of this power in his novel Nineteen-Eighty-Four . Depicting dystopia of a totalitarian system at a complete extreme, Orwelll's novel is essentially about psychological control of the public....   [tags: Politics Political Essays]

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Political Organizations of Ancient India

- Ancient India was known for its maharajas, maharanis, rajputs and the beautiful palaces created by the rajas. The credit is given to the political empires and the rajas for the formation of India. They are the ones who have created India. Whereas many empires were short-lived, others ruled for years and played a big role in the formation of India’s political system. Empires such as the Magadha, Mauryan, Shakas, Indo-Greeks, Kushanas, and the Gupta ruled during the ancient times of India. The Magadha was an ancient kingdom of India, which is present day Bihar....   [tags: History, Indian Ancient Kindom]

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Political Power Of The United States

- Political Power The system of the United States government has barely changed since the beginning. When someone asks a question about the basic principle that holds the government system, most people would say Democracy. However, it is not Democracy but Republic which answers the question. We are taught to believe that we are living in a democratic country, but in fact, we have been living in a republican country since the beginning. For example, California is called California Republic, not Democratic California....   [tags: United States, Democracy, U.S. state, Republic]

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The Political Decay of the Roman Republic

- The Political Decay of the Roman Republic The fall of the Western Roman Empire was the first example in history on the collapse of a constitutional system which was caused by the internal decay in political, military, economics, and sociological issues. The government was becoming corrupt with bribery. Commanders of the Roman army turned their own army inward towards their own Constitutional systems, fueled by their own ruthless ambition. This paper will talk about how the violence and internal turmoil in 133B.C.-27 B.C....   [tags: fall of the Western Roman Empire]

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Political and Diplomatic assessment of France

- Generally speaking, the French political system is special in two ways. First, It is neither a parliamentary system like the British one, where the executive emerges from Parliament, nor a system of separation of powers like the American one, where the President must take account of Congress. The French Fifth Republic is a hybrid system characterized by a Presidency that is oversized in the absence of adequate counterweights. Second, France also differs from most major modern democracies in using two-round single-winner voting rather than one-round (United States, United Kingdom) or proportional representation (continental Europe), which encourages a large number of parties (in the first r...   [tags: Revolts, Diversity, Government]

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Political Corruption in Kenya and

- Introduction: The Corruption can define is one of major the problem of corruption is a deviation from the individuals and the prevailing value system adopted in government institutions what drives individuals to practice deviant behaviors. According to Dennies Thompson define the corruption theory is that corrupt consider to be dieses of the body political (Dennies Thompson 1995) as result of that underdevelopment countries such as Kenya in Africa and Pakistan in Asia has suffer from high rate of corruption in government .The political corruption in the underdevelopment states can find especially in institutional level of countries....   [tags: police, health care, education]

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The Political Parties Of Canada

- Name and brief description of 3 different country 's political parties. Canada is a constitutional monarchy, in which monarch is the head of state. The politics of Canada function within “a framework of parliamentary democracy and parliamentary government with strong democratic traditions. There are four main political parties in canada. Conservative party of Canada: members sit at the senate and house of commons. This party” generally favours lower taxes, small government, more decentralization of federal government powers.” Green Party of Canada: Members sit in the house of common....   [tags: Liberalism, Conservatism, Communist state]

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The Origins Of Political Order

- In his book, The Origins of Political Order, Fukuyama considers Liberal Democracy (Fukuyama, 2011) to be the most stable form for a state to adopt. To be considered a Liberal Democracy a state must balance the principle of popular consent, the need for limited government intervention and the protection of individual liberties. The model of separation of powers and a series of checks and balances ensures that no branch of government can dominate the political agenda. Similarly, the rule of law preserves the authority of law over all, protecting civil liberties and individual rights....   [tags: Democracy, Liberal democracy, Capitalism]

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Religion And American Political Tradition

- “Change Over Time” Religion and American Political Tradition One of the most religious and diverse countries in the world, the United States has demonstrations of all the major religions of the world, flooded with religious minorities, and although such extensive diversity is found, many consider the U.S. to be a “Christian nation”. Protestantism is the predominant branch of Christianity in the United States, despite the Protestant tradition being divided into many smaller denominations, each with its unique characteristics....   [tags: Religion, Christianity, United States]

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Political Integration / Supranational Governance

- Point One – Political integration/Supranational Governance has been regional rather than global - • In a political sense, this is a defining feature of globalisation. • One of the most common assertions within IR, is that globalisation has caused the sovereignty and primacy of the independent nation state to disintegrate. • Instead, it is now argued that decision making is increasingly being made at the international level, with institutions such as the UN, the IMF and the WB being the chief policy coordinators in international politics....   [tags: International trade, Globalization, Neoliberalism]

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The Party System Of The Senate And The House Of Representatives

- While people believe that there is a two-party system in Australia, others think it is a manority government (Costar & Curtin 2004). This essay will examine the existence of other party systems from two aspects. The first one is the government’s formation, by focusing on the party structure of the Senate and the House of Representatives, also analyzes the position of the Nationals .The second one is the legislation making process, by studying a legislative case to indicate that two major parties did not have fully control....   [tags: Elections, Two-party system]

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The Political Philosophy of Hazebullah

- The political philosophy of Hezbollah, an Islamic militant group and political party is mainly influenced by the external factors. Hezbullah (Party of God) was established in 1982 in first war of Lebanon. “It arose out of an anti-Israel Shia Muslim rebel movement and was funded by Iran and trained by Iran’s Quds Force. Hezbollah has been based in Southern Lebanon since its creation and is now led by Hasan Nasrullah.” (Alagha, The Shift in Hezbollah's Idealogy, 2006). Hezbollah entered the political arena of Lebanese in 1992 for the purpose of taking control of Lebanon and to make the people and world believe that it was not an organization of terrorists instead it was a legitimate political...   [tags: shia muslim, israel, islamic state]

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Immorality of Assassinating Political Leaders

- ... As one of the greatest achievers of all time, his death also considered one of the greatest assassinations. Not only is killing another man against the United States law, it is also tougher to face and assassination the head of our country. Known as the youngest and most popular president in our history, John F. Kennedy accomplished a lot in the short time of his time in office. On November 22, 1963 as he rode through the streets of Dallas in a parade, along with his wife Jackie. “At 12:30pm, the cars approached an expressway for the last leg of the trip....   [tags: legal, religious, beliefs]

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Political Knowledge and Civic Engagement

- The economic level also strongly effects on if young people have computer or not; also to have DSL or router for internet service also depending on how much money you have. B. K. L. Genova and Bradly S. Greenberc, 2006 indicated that the population with higher socioeconomic status their trends to political information a faster rate than lower status segments, so that the gap in knowledge between them trends to increase rather than decrease Age effects how University students rate credibility in online news and the students found online news more credibility than old media (Bucy, 2003),....   [tags: Socioeconomic Status]

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Political Institutions Effect on Societies

- ... Some of he disadvantages of central governments are overall not business friendly, strain growth because its hard to restrain, and no hard money constraints. On the other hand, a decentralization process increases democratic process efficiency, economic development and tends to avoid ethnic conflict. Larry Diamond discusses the influence of smaller states versus bigger states. He asserts that local governments foster democratic vitality. It helps to develop democratic values and skills among citizens in other words, citizen development....   [tags: outcomes, efficiency, economic, conflict]

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Political Violence in the World

- Political violence has been around for centuries in many different forms. Even back in ancient times and in the times of Christ have many cases of political violence even though in those times government was only recognized through a leadership of the throne for a kingdom. Wars and great battles have taken place only because of the conflicts over land or to protect their own kingdom of invasions. Now political violence in the 20th century is not so different from the ones in the past....   [tags: protection, bribery, terrorist attacks]

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- INTRODUCTION In South America there are still many prevalent reasons to estimate the probability of new conflict episodes among nations. The possibilities to face conflict situations have been sparked since the Malvinas islands’ war in 1982, but at the same time, they have been underestimated due to the fact that the south cone has been showing at the majority of the time as a peaceful and friendly neighbourhood. However, between Colombia and Venezuela has subsisted a legal and prolonged controversy due to the legitimacy of the demarcation lines and the claims about the golf of Venezuela and the archipelago known as “Los monjes”....   [tags: International Politics]

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Autonomy and Political Responsibility after the Cold War

- Autonomy and Political Responsibility after the Cold War After World War II, Europe emerged as a continent torn between two very different political ideologies, Communism and Democracy. As the two major superpowers, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States, struggled to defend their respective governmental policies, the European Continent was caught in an intrinsic struggle to preserve the autonomy which had taken so long to achieve. During the Cold War, Eastern European nations struggled to achieve autonomy with the help of the West's dedication to break the Soviet sphere of influence....   [tags: Politics Political]

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A Political Leader Or Runner

- During the Destabilization phase, which occurred between 1960 and 1975, consisted on political individuals, policy makers, and other important bureaucrats started to question what was known as the “penal status quo”. During this time frame there were numerous new opportunities being formed, due to the civil rights initiatives as well as anti-war protests. These opportunities were not necessarily positive; these opportunities were starting to modify the penal and political fields. These changes created the perfect environment for what was termed as emergent crime politics....   [tags: Crime, Criminal justice, Criminology]

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Political Economy Of International Trade

- Political economy of international trade is a matter of widespread discussion. One of the most salient changes in the world economy since 1980 has been the move toward freer trade among countries across the globe. Countries as diverse as Mexico, India, Poland, Turkey, Ghana, Morocco, and Spain not to mention Chile, which moved earlier in the 1970 have all chosen to liberalize unilaterally their trade policies. In addition, the successful conclusion of the multilateral trade negotiations under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the Uruguay Round, in 1994 further liberalized trade among many developed countries and between them and developing ones....   [tags: International trade, Free trade]

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Democratic Regimes And Political Regimes

- However, such a description of democratic regimes can be considered idealistic at best as it is not always the case that leaders of democratic regimes depend on the votes of the electorate to win. The absence of free, fair and competitive elections removes the incentive for the leaders to respect the laws for the people no longer have control over the government. The re-election process in Africa, despite the officials being involved in much public misconduct, corruption and lawlessness easily illustrates this (Gumbi, 2014), such as in Nigeria where the ruling party, People’s Democratic Party which has stayed in power by repeatedly rigging the election process....   [tags: Government, Democracy, Tradition, Legitimacy]

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Iraqi Political Issues Of Iraq

- Iraqi Political Issues Iraq is one of the most important countries in the Middle East. It has six neighboring countries, four of them are Arabic countries, and the last two are Turkey and Iran. Therefore, Iraq has good strategic geographical location in that area. This country has complex system control. The first government was the Royal System, which lasted from 1921 until 1958. Then the President System, which was a dictatorial system, was there until 2003. Afterwards, the democratic system, which is complex, began in 2003....   [tags: Iraq, Iraq War, Saudi Arabia, Kurdish people]

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The Principles Of Political Culture

- From the beginning of time people practiced an idea of political culture; the “setting of attitudes and practices held by people that help shape their political behavior including moral judgments and ideas that makes for a good society” (Sparknotes). American political culture is based on the basic ideas of political culture, in that American political culture “subscribes to general ideas including liberty, equality, democracy, individualism, unity, and diversity; although not all Americans share the same values, a vast majority abide by this idea” (Sparknotes)....   [tags: Separation of powers]

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The United German Political Party

- Germany, is known to be a very diverse and integrated nation, a united German political party is only about 120 years in affect. Their life style, cultural and geography and diversity is no different from a Britain, France or Italy, it’s just that in Germany the political views are much different they are very diverse in their views and opinions due to the fact that they have a decentralized federal system of government, and not having a dominant capital city also places a roll in there system, the government played a big role in all aspects of this nation, from economics, socially, religion, and environmental, with hard work from the government and the people it made this country one of the...   [tags: Working class, Social class, Middle class]

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Racism As A Political Science

- Racism In The World As a Political Science major I get into arguments with people all time, about everything and anything. I cannot count how many times I have heard the words ‘this is 2014 stop with the race card’. Racism is the belief that one race is superior to others. Racism is different wherever you go in the world, but always has a common factor, which is the discrimination against the minorities in a country by the majority. Racism causes hearted and fear among people and it can have extremely dangerous consequences in a society....   [tags: Racism, Race, African American, United States]

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The Netherlands' Poltical System

- The Netherlands' Poltical System The nature of the political system of the Netherlands is particularly interesting. Due to the fact that its system was particularly affected by World war II. The Netherlands suffered a brutal invasion by the Germans, during World War II. The Kingdom of the Netherlands was formed in 1815. In 1830 Belgium seceded and formed a separate kingdom. The Netherlands remained neutral in World War I but suffered a brutal invasion and occupation by Germany in World War II....   [tags: Papers]

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Political Power of Roman

- On ancient Greece, Plato (427-347 BC), Xenophon (c. 430-354 BC), and Aristotle ("Father of Political Science") (384-322 BC) conducted an analysis of the political system in the philosophical works such as The Republic and Laws by Plato, and the Politics and the Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle. The analysis of historical records beyond those found in the works of earlier historians such as Herodotus and Thucydides. On ancient Roman, renowned historians such as Polybius, Livy and Plutarch documented how the early emergence of the Roman Republic, the organizations that exist in the Roman Republic, as well as the history of other nations during the height of the Roman imperial power....   [tags: power, nature, state, revolution]

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Discuss American Political Culture?

- Discuss American political culture. The term political culture lately has become part of everyday language in modern societies. In the press, the media, and even in casual conversation, often referring to the political culture is made to explain the attitudes, reactions or even the general behavior of a population that may explain the differences between societies. So political culture can be defined as an inherent product of shared values, beliefs, symbols, norms and customs that are passed down from generation to generation that provides a unique identity to the members of certain communities about the specific ideals environments and subjective perception of the standards operation of any...   [tags: United States Constitution, United States]

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Students and Political Knowledge

- Politics is a significant topic that is discussed in a daily routine amongst adults; however it does not seem to be the case among young college students. It seems that college students lack interest in engaging in a political conversation or any political activity. Today students are not interested in watching the news or reading the newspaper as often, and students do not enjoy bringing up the topic as well. The hypothesis of this research conducted is to study students’ true knowledge regarding both domestic and foreign political activity, and the initial idea is that students seem to be politically ignorant....   [tags: Govenrment, World Affairs, College]

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Idealolgy Guides Political Correctness

- Introduction Ideology is a part of human history. All people have their ideology, their standards, and their believes. In the history, every country had a political system under which any kind of ideology grew up and influenced human history and human mind. The differentiation between male and female and humans rights consisted reasons for many challenges and in every period in human history there were a lot of changes of way of thinking. People used philosophy, education and sometimes religions to protect human rights and dignity....   [tags: equal opportunity, sexism, racism]

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Africa and Political Leadership

- Western perception often draws dissimilarities between Africa and the rest of the world, treating it as an exotic and eccentric region. Africanists commonly reinforce this mindset, for in their attempt to analyze and understand the continent they often define it through its idiosyncrasies and abnormalities, as opposed to examining its similarities to societies history is better acquainted with. While Africa is indeed a unique place in many aspects, the striking similarities it bears to the rest of the world are often overlooked or understated....   [tags: Politics, Leadership]

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Political Parties: Party Identification

- Party identification is the political party that an individual categorizes them self with. Political parties came about as a way to organize citizens with similar beliefs and attitudes. These parties then attempt to influence the government by electing members into office. Today there are two main parties people can identify: Republican and Democrat. There is also a third choice, being an Independent, but for the purpose of this paper this group will not be recognized as a political party. These reasons will be discussed later....   [tags: citizens, attitudes, sociology]

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Political Conflicts in Mexico

- Mexico has endured political conflicts due to differences between liberals and conservatives. The weakness of the country began after the war, which led many to seek modernization of Mexico. The result of seeking modernization was an unwillingness to compromise and settle a constitution that would appease both parties. The centralist conservatives and federalists liberals debated on what type of government they should create in their country. The other problem was the political bosses known as Caudillos who were affluent individuals holding power over the debate....   [tags: Liberals, Conservatives, Modernization]

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Political Campaign Finance Reform

- ... Although the member has a preference, the choice can possibly swayed by donations (Pastine). This is important in defending Campaign Finance Reform, and their research helped them develop a way to predict a politician’s decision on an issue under the influence of a special interest group. From a lobbyist's perspective attempting to influence congressmen, the value of soft money is greater than that of hard-money, because he or she only has direct control over the spending of hard money (Pastine)....   [tags: democracy, corruption, supreme court]

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Is Immigration A Hot Political Issue Facing Policymakers And Public Administrators?

- The Problem of Immigration in the States Research Question Why is immigration a hot political issue facing policymakers and public administrators. What can the states and federal government do to resolve comprehensive immigration reform. Thesis Statement Immigration is one of the most political and economic issues been raised by the states. Most of the financial burdens for social services fall largely on the states and local governments through their entitlement programs which are over weighing the budgets....   [tags: Barack Obama, United States, Political science]

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Comparison between Two Political Thinkers and and their Understanding of Private Property

- Political theories have been collected throughout history, and often shine light and cause debate surrounding the positions of common socio-political themes and topics. When studying political theory, it is important to recognize the philosopher behind the written work, and comprehend why they reflect the political beliefs that they do. This paper will compare and contrast two of the most noted and influential political thinkers and their understanding of private property. The first theory is found within the work of English philosopher John Locke....   [tags: karl marx, political theories, john locke]

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Ekaterina Olitskaia: A Social Revolutionary Against Russian Political Beliefs

- Imagine yourself in prison. You are awakened one day by the guard, who orders you and others to the prison yard. You are being moved, but no one has told you where. If you move to the left or the right, you will be shot on the spot. You and 50 other prisoners are loaded into small trucks- There is little room for you to move, the air hot with the breath of the other prisoners. After an incredibly long journey, you are moved from the trucks to a train, specifically a cattle car. Where will this train take you....   [tags: Soviet Union, political prisoner, Joseph Stalin]

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The Federal Reserve System Of The United States

- In different parts of the world, every day of the year different types of transactions are carried out, using as an intermediary which is the engine that moves the world, the money. Every country has its own currency, which has some features or specific restrictions such as where and how it can be used and has the same value. Both in Puerto Rico and the United States used what we know as the dollar also equivalent to 100 cents. There are two types of agencies of the Government of the United States who are responsible or liable for the proper functioning of the currency flow between individuals, businesses and state; The Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department....   [tags: Federal Reserve System, Monetary policy]

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The United States And The Federal Reserve System

- The Bible clearly explains the role of government in society and the framers of our nation built America on Biblical principles. Since economics is the science that deals with production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, Christian economics entails how men use God-given resources, ideas, and energy to meet their human needs and to glorify the Lord. Christianity produces internal liberty in man, which is the foundation for a Christian economy. The internal change of heart that Christ brings produces Christian character and self-government which is necessary for an economy to be prosperous....   [tags: Federal Reserve System, Central bank]

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America Needs A Capitalist Economic System

- In America we have a capitalist economic system. Anyone can makes something of themselves if they have the means to do so. That is one great part about it, if you can do it there is not going to be someone to stop you from doing so, One drawback of it though is there is a lot of failure and corruption involved in the system. People who have the money tend to keep the money in a small bubble and this makes for a extremely large gap in society between rich and poor. If you have a complete socialist government though the wealth is distributed between the whole community and this leads to people not working and still getting....   [tags: Capitalism, Economic system, United States]

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Political Corruption

- Political corruption is a serious problem limiting development in emerging economies. Many scholars have identified corruption as the new enemy of democratization, blaming it for limiting political and socio-economic development of most developing nations (Bardhan P.,1997; Seligson M., 2002, Canache D. and Allison M., 2005). Although no one can really measure “corruption” due to its discrete nature and the different discourses defining it, citizen’s perception of corruption can give us an idea of its direction....   [tags: Ethical Issues, Public Tolerance]

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The Political And Economic Systems For Australia, Germany And United States

- The world is huge, although not every country is known well as all the others. Some countries people have never heard of because it’s so small and no one travels to a place that is unheard of. All the countries in the world have a political and economic system. The political and economic systems for Australia, Germany and United States are very different and similar. These countries have individual effects on the progress in achieving economic growth, fair distribution of income and economic opportunity....   [tags: United States]

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The Westminster System ( The Traditional And Historic Sense Of The Term )

- It is essential to expand on this title, before I begin my response. The question is asking whether the Westminster System (in the traditional and historic sense of the term) is still an accurate descriptor of British politics - given the significant amount of political evolution that has occurred over the last two centuries. Perhaps the Westminster Model has become anachronistic in the internet age. Or, perhaps its core components can still be observed in contemporary British politics. Maybe an informed revision of the Westminster Model is what is needed....   [tags: Prime minister, Westminster system]

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Failure in the Indian Judiciary System for Violence Against Women

- ... A lot of them only show their concern when it gets closer to election time. They act as thought they will make a change if given votes and when they do gain the votes of a lot of people, they win the elections and forget all the promises made. India is a democratic country but the people’s voice is never heard. And even if it is heard, it’s like “The Inconvenient Truth” where people know what’s happening but it’s too inconvenient for them to accept it therefore, they ignore. This leads to bitter consequences....   [tags: victims, system, justice]

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Understanding Colonialism in the Current Political Systems in Algeria and Nigeria?

- How Important is Colonialism for Understanding Current Political Systems in Algeria and Nigeria. Africa is a vast continent that contains many countries; for the most part, the one thing that these countries have in common is the following: they have all been colonized at one point. The British and French colonial empires were two of the most powerful and expansive colonizing forces that the world has ever known. The French were known for their “assimilation” colonial policy while the British were more focused on a more “laissez faire” approach....   [tags: independence, economy, assimilation]

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Violence as Ways to Bring About Political Change

- Humans have resorted to violence for hundreds of thousands of years. Whether violence occurs because of certain changes to an existing system or disagreements within a community, governments try to use violence in a socially acceptable manner. Political structures were brought into various societies to help resolve conflicts among people, however these highly complex systems have not been completely successful. This is partly due to the fact that politics and violence have a direct relationship....   [tags: governmental systems, cultures, ethnicity]

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American Political Parties

- Political parties are critical structures in the modern society and universal phenomena in most democracies. In fact, they form major objects of intensive study as they are usually the centre of political and social power. They engage in most activities that are of significant consequence in the lives of citizens and link the common populace to the government. Therefore, it is important to understand political parties fully from every perspective of political systems so obtain their real importance in democracies....   [tags: Republicans and Democrats]

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The Political Divisions Of The American Civil War

- Michael F. Holt, in his article The Political Divisions That Contributed to Civil War, argued the American Civil War was caused by the breakdown of the two-party political system, which generated a local loss of faith in the entire political system, justifying the creation of a new political system in the South. It was the agency of individuals attempting to solve their political grievances. While Bruce Levine, in his article The Economic Divisions That Contributed to Civil War, maintained unresolvable economic divisions between North and South made the Civil War inevitable, as the two different economies could not indefinitely coexist....   [tags: American Civil War, Southern United States]

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Political Science Questionnaire

- 1. Explain the growth of Political Science as a discipline Political science as the branch of social science had a long journey to be recognized as a discipline. It was born from the thoughts of political thinkers since 450 BC from the Ancient Greek like Plato who was well known as The Philosopher of Social Science and Aristotle as The Father of Social Science. Both of them had the same view of state as the perspective philosophy. This discipline evolved by other thinkers, such as Polybius and Cicero from Roma, Niccolo Machiavelli from Italy, Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot from France, with their discovery of political analysis, social science, social and political critic....   [tags: Aristotle, behavioral revolution]

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