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Liberal, Conservative, and Libertarian Political Philosophies

- Living in the United States some people may forget how closely our political perspectives are to each other relative to those of foreign countries. While there are many political views and stances that an individual might take on any given topic, generally people in the United States fall into one of three categories: liberals, conservatives, and libertarians. Keep in mind that most people will not support all of the ideals of their advocated faction, but they must support the vast majority of them....   [tags: American Political Philosophies]

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Comparing The Political Philosophies Of Ancient Greece

- Comparing and Contrasting the Political Philosophies of Ancient Greece The city-states of Ancient Greece gave birth to the many different forms of government that are now known by present-day society. It is through the numerous accounts of ancient historians that modern civilizations have learned the lessons of each governmental structure. This essay will discuss the many forms of government introduced by Ancient Greek city-states. Through analyzing the differences and similarities of each political philosophy, a conclusion will be made as to what forms of government were more effective for Ancient Greece, as well as how they apply to modern day government....   [tags: Ancient Greece, Sparta, Oligarchy]

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The Political Philosophies Of The Government And Judicial Sectors

- Introduction A. Opening; There are a number are numerous political philosophies that are employed in today’s government, one such philosophy is utilitarianism. It was originally conceived by Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), and later revised my John S. Mill (1806-1873). The reason why the dates are included is that readers may understand that this is an old system, which should be all together abolished in the Government. B. Thesis; Here I will examine a couple of examples on the way utilitarianism is used in both the government and judicial sectors and while some believe that a utilitarian view keeps Americans safe, in reality it is outdated and destructive to America....   [tags: Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill, Vaccination]

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Hobbes and Locke: Comparing and Contrasting Political Philosophies

- ... This is another natural right of man, but it is one that could never be truly enforced in the state of nature. Since Locke established that all men are created equal by the same omnipotent power, he is also saying that no one man has the power to punish or assert their authority over another. Even with these differences in their view of man and their rights in the state of nature, Hobbes and Locke both agree that the only way to exit the state of nature is to join a civil society under a sovereign power or government....   [tags: state of nature and man]

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Alan Keyes' Political Philosophies

- Alan Keyes' Political Philosophies Following the Civil War the majority of African-Americans supported the Republican Party. A Republican controlled executive and legislative branch of the Federal government worked to preserve the Union and end slavery. Republican support pushed the Thirteenth Amendment through Congress and approval by the states allowing for true freedom for black Americans. This freedom provided free expression for black Americans in politics and the ability to choose for themselves what to believe....   [tags: Papers]

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Self Interest in the Political Philosophies of Mill and Locke

- Charles Baudelaire, a well-known English poet, once said that “Nature... is nothing but the inner voice of self-interest.” The philosophical theme of self-interest has been a common idea among political thinkers for many years. In any issue that is linked to the realm of political philosophy, the role of self-interest within a society must be considered. The role of self-interest within a society is the basis for the moral thinking that involves weighing the “needs and obligations of an individual against the goods of the individual and in turn society” (The Role of Self interest in Political Philosophy)....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Factors Resulting In The American Revolution

- The American Revolution is a momentous event not only in American history but world history as well. The Revolution served as the spark that would ignite the world with the flames of rebellion. “From the Ural Mountains in Russia to the Alleghenies and the Andes in the Americas, rioting, revolutions, and popular struggles against undemocratic rule took place” (Mintz). It was clear what that. the revolution had begun, but what is often unclear is what began the revolution itself. The beginning of the American Revolution in the 1770’s was the result of many factors....   [tags: Political Philosophies, American Identity]

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Comparing The Ideas And Philosophies Of The Great Political Thinkers Of All Time

- Introduction Throughout this paper I plan to compare and contrast the ideas and philosophies of two of the greatest political thinkers of all time. Thucydides and Aristotle have separate opinions of the idea of democracy, originally created by Plato. However, these two have a positive assessment of this idea of majority rule of the people. My paper will provide each of their points of view. At the end I will determine, in my opinion, which of these two philosophers give a better case in favor of a democratic form of government, and give the reasons as to how I came to that conclusion....   [tags: Government, Democracy, Tyranny of the majority]

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Changes in Western Political Philosophy

- The Age of Absolutism refers to the European history that comprises from the sixteenth century to the end of the eighteenth century. The key element of Absolutism is having the national government solely in the hands of one person, the monarch. At the beginning, Absolutism appeared as a solution to the violent disorders and crises Europe was facing during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Furthermore, those who supported Absolutism justified the kingship by arguing that the king ruled by the will of God; “God establishes king as his ministers, and reigns through them over the peoples” (document 26, page 135)....   [tags: Political Issues]

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Political Philosophy And Political Obligation

- Political Philosophy and Political Obligation The author states his thesis as “the central, or most fundamental, question of political philosophy is the question of political obligation”. The question of political obligation has always been the center of discussion. Why would anyone consent to be governed by the state. This question has been supported with the centrality thesis. This question can not be ignored since it has to do with the everyday lives of human beings. However, modern political philosophers have not dealt with supporting arguments towards the thesis....   [tags: Political philosophy, Philosophy, Law]

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The Philosophies of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson

- Preface The argument between Federalists and Anti-Federalists might seem long gone to American citizens, but still their philosophical foundations shape the teams, scope and size of the battlefield. These philosophies go back to two lone men, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Both fought aggressively for a government based on their ideas, and both did make portions of the now-standing American government. This essay will outline the political, social and economic philosophies of both men, how their philosophies influenced the government today, and a closing opinion....   [tags: government, politics, economics, society, bank]

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Similarities between Beliefs and Philosophies from the World

- Choice of topic: Religion has always amused me. I have always been curious about the ways of life in a particular religion and their beliefs about God. Point of view has always been important and is supposed to be respected. I was myself involved in many of the family rituals conducted and that always amused me. I come from a family possessing a religious background. I would credit my grandparents for teaching me the Hindu way of life and for teaching to respect other religions and their beliefs, thus giving me a hint of inner spirituality and omnipresence of God....   [tags: comparative religion]

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Political Change in Ancient China

- Despite the vast geographical differences throughout the area that makes up China, once the various tribes and clans were unified under a consolidated ruler, China’s empires were able to grow in size and sophistication that rivaled any civilization in the west. However, while the western civilizations saw empires rise and fall due to conquering armies from different regions, creeds, and ethnic groups, China’s political change came from within. Whereas the disenfranchised social classes in the west were made up of conquered people from differing nations, the uprisings in China came from different clans that were successful in ousting the previous ruling dynasty....   [tags: Political leaders, Dynasties]

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Metaphysics, Epistemology, And Political Philosophy

- In this paper I will talk about 3 main topics and describe what each one means to me as well as compare and contrast. The 3 main points will be metaphysics, epistemology, and political philosophy. First let’s start off with metaphysics, I’ll be comparing and contrasting 2 major theories regarding to metaphysics which are materialism and idealism. First let’s start off with my theory of if the nature of reality personally I think different people have different realities, though I would disagree that a reality is a fixed thing....   [tags: Political philosophy, Immanuel Kant, Philosophy]

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Great Religions And Philosophies. : Greek Philosophy.

- Great Religions and Philosophies. : Greek Philosophy. In the 6th century B.C, there began a dualism in Greek Philosophy. The development of Greek Philosophy became a compromise between Greek monistic and oriental influences, in other words, a combination of intellectualism and mysticism. Thus began the pre-Socratic philosophy. The interests of pre- Socratic philosophers were centered on the world that surrounds man, the Cosmos. This was during the time of great internal and external disturbances in the Greek society, as it was right after the Peloponnesian war....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Different Styles Of Teaching Philosophies

- Different Teaching Philosophies Introduction There are many different styles of teaching philosophies that regard themselves as the teaching foundation of how classrooms function when it comes to learning. This paper focuses on the two distinct teaching philosophies that circle around the way teachers teach and students learn. The two categorical philosophies are teacher-centered and student-centered, which are self-explanatory on what it pertains to. According to Sadker & Zittleman (2010), the table they provide include specific philosophies of student-centered and teacher-centered philosophies (p....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Learning, Classroom]

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Philosophies of China and India

- China and India have many philosophical schools of thought. There are multiple similarities as well as a plethora of differences. While China has a wide range of thoughts concerning eternal salvation and everyday rule, India is more narrow-minded in their approach. The differences are astounding and the similarities are few and far between. Each nation has a distinctly different school of thought, which ultimately led to the establishment of their current day societies. China has many different schools of thought, most of which build upon or agree with each other....   [tags: Schools of Thought, Contrasts, Differences]

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Three Philosophies of Human Rights

- Essay Choice (1) When choosing their social structures, one must decide whether for the rights of the people, social conditions or for sovereignty. Both Locke and Marx had similar views when it came down to the consent of the people. People want to be free and less oppressed by their superiors and thus anyone in the way would be a problem for their society. In Locke’s view it was the monarchs and aristocrats of the world as for Marx it was the bourgeoisie. The difference between Locke and Marx would be that that have a different conclusion about the nature of humans and the desires for the consenting public....   [tags: Marx, Locke, Machiavelli]

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A Discussion Of The Differing Utilitarianism Thought And Philosophies Inspired By The Crystal Palace

- Sticking One’s Tongue out at the Crystal Palace A Discussion of the differing Utilitarianism thought and Philosophies inspired by The Crystal Palace Utilitarianism was a popular philosophy in the nineteenth century that was popularized by such philosophers as Nikolai Chernyshevsky and Jeremy Bentham. Utilitarianism was optimistic and progressive way of thinking that asserted that if the right and moral thing is done, then the best and most good outcome was the result, and furthermore the promotion of overall wellbeing was important as well....   [tags: Utilitarianism, Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill]

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King Lear, by William Shakespeare

- King Lear is often regarded as one of Shakespeare’s finest pieces of literature. One reason this is true is because Shakespeare singlehandedly shows the reader what the human condition looks like as the play unfolds. Shakespeare lets the reader watch this develop in Lear’s own decisions and search for the purpose of life while unable to escape his solitude and ultimately his own death. Examining the philosophies Shakespeare embeds into the language and actions of King Lear allows the reader a better understanding of the play and why the play is important to life today....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Philosophies, Epistomologies]

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Globalization Is The Spreading Of Philosophies Throughout The World

- Globalization can be described as the spreading of philosophies throughout the world. In history, those of higher power implemented their philosophies on those with lesser power. With the spread of higher power influencing the lower nations, the theology of those in higher standing infuse with the philosophies already in place in the lower standing nations. Through the writings of Rieger, he brings to light the idea that globalization is linked with theology and power. Globalization cannot be removed from theology and neither can the struggle for power....   [tags: President of the United States, George W. Bush]

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John Locke : The Best Political Minds Of His Time

- John Locke is considered one of the best political minds of his time. The modern conception of western democracy and government can be attributed to his writing the Second Treatise of Government. John Locke championed many political notions that both liberals and conservatives hold close to their ideologies. He argues that political power should not be concentrated to one specific branch, and that there should be multiple branches in government. In addition to, the need for the government to run by the majority of the population through choosing leaders, at a time where the popular thing was to be under the rule of a monarch....   [tags: Political philosophy, Government, Thomas Hobbes]

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Contemporary Political Philosophy by Will Kymlicka

- Will Kymlicka’s book, “Contemporary Political Philosophy: An Introduction,” discusses various political philosophies including utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is made up many different aspects including different accounts. The account of utility that I will be discussing is the informed preference satisfaction. Like any part of philosophy, this account of utility has its strengths and weaknesses in practicality and plausibility. I believe that the informed preferences account is a practical attempt to ensure a person’s or society’s well-being is maximized in a well informed and rational way of decision making....   [tags: utilitarianism, government]

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Political Philosophy And Social Philosophy

- Das Kapital Political philosophy is one of the most important topics in the world. Many people assume that political philosophy is boring and unrelatable when in reality every society is operated off of different political philosophies. The very everyday life that anyone lives is deeply intertwined with political philosophy, whether it be why the streets are kept in good shape or why one is not allowed to stay out past a certain time as a minor. All of these decision are created from discussions of political philosophy and both why and which values matter when creating law....   [tags: Capitalism, Karl Marx, Marxism, Communism]

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Eighteen Years of Political Gridlock

- The American government has struggled with the issue of taxes and the budget for over a hundred years. Class conflict, adversarial political parties, and convoluted economic philosophies have resulted in a never-ending debate over taxation. The New York Times newspaper article, “Senate Panel Vote Backs Budget Plan”, from June 1993, discusses the current feelings of the time in regards to the budget and taxation. Moreover, the article mentions factors such as democrat-republican debate, trickle down economics, and high verse low taxes for the middle class....   [tags: U.S. Government ]

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Modern Liberalism and Political Policies

- Modern Liberalism Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau’s political philosophies and theories each differ from one another’s, but these three philosophers have all staked their claims as to what man would be like, prior to the formation of the state. This is the State of Nature. Their notions on the social contract reflect their position on the political spectrum. These three philosophers also examine the purpose and function of the government to individuals of the state. Modern liberalism is the philosophical standpoint for an increase in social progress....   [tags: Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau]

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Political Power of Roman

- On ancient Greece, Plato (427-347 BC), Xenophon (c. 430-354 BC), and Aristotle ("Father of Political Science") (384-322 BC) conducted an analysis of the political system in the philosophical works such as The Republic and Laws by Plato, and the Politics and the Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle. The analysis of historical records beyond those found in the works of earlier historians such as Herodotus and Thucydides. On ancient Roman, renowned historians such as Polybius, Livy and Plutarch documented how the early emergence of the Roman Republic, the organizations that exist in the Roman Republic, as well as the history of other nations during the height of the Roman imperial power....   [tags: power, nature, state, revolution]

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The Three Major Philosophies Established During the 1900s

- ... They developed communism because they desired to end capitalism because they felt as though it led to the exploitation of workers. Communist philosophies influenced Lenin and Stalin. Fascism was originally developed by Benito Mussolini, in 1919 when he organized the fascist party. The fascist party officially gained power in 1922 when Benito Mussolini was appointed to prime minister by King Victor Emmanuel after the “March on Rome.” Mussolini developed fascism because he began to reject socialist ideas for intense nationalism....   [tags: socialism, communism, and fascism]

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Comparing Three Philosophies of Education

- Comparing Three Philosophies of Education What is education. Education can be defined in one of four ways: 1. The activity of education carried on by teachers, schools and parents (or by oneself). 2. The process of being educated (or learning) which goes on in the student. 3. The result of numbers one and two. 4. The discipline or field of inquiry that studies or reflects on one, two and three and is taught in schools of education. Education is concerned with the cultivation of the inner resources of individual persons....   [tags: Education Historical Philosophy Essays]

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Coping with Change; Change Management Models and Philosophies

- Introduction Change is the only constant in life. And therefore it should be understood as part of a continuing work in progress that calls for a much broader canvas that seeks out competing voices, and works with the resulting ambiguities, contradictions and tensions of messy reality (Graetz, F. & Smith, A., 2010). In this submission I try to show that organizational change is majorly based on the environment surrounding it much more than the desire of the members or change agents working in that organization....   [tags: Environmental Factors, Change]

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Chinese Ethical Philosophies During The Classical Period

- Chinese Ethical Philosophies during the Classical Period This essay examines how Qin Penal Laws reflect the main elements of Legalism and why such beliefs were significant to the Classical Chinese society during the Classical Period. Ideally, Legalism reached its pinnacle in the late 3rd century during the era of the First Emperor of China, when King Zheng of Qin ended the subjugation of “All under Heaven” and formed the First Chinese Empire in 221 BCE (Andrea and Overfield, 2001). King Zheng forced a uniformity of law in the entire empire, which was administered by a bureaucracy that was accountable to the central authority....   [tags: Qin Shi Huang, China, Great Wall of China]

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A Comparative Study on the Philosophies of Plato and Aristotle

- Plato and Aristotle are undoubtedly the greatest of philosophers that the world has seen. Both Plato and Aristotle formed unique and distinct theories about the Greek city states. While most people believe that Plato and Aristotle are complete opposites of one another, it is not completely true. For those who have studied the works of both the philosophers, the theory proposed by Aristotle is just a development of the Platonic system because it does away with the cons of Plato’s theory. However, it has been noted that Aristotle never let a day pass by when he didn’t criticise Plato....   [tags: ancient Greek philosophers]

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Feminist Political Ideology

- Throughout history, women have remained subordinate to men. Subjected to the patriarchal system that favored male perspectives, women struggled against having considerably less freedom, rights, and having the burdens society placed on them that had been so ingrained the culture. This is the standpoint the feminists took, and for almost 160 years they have been challenging the “unjust distribution of power in all human relations” starting with the struggle for equality between men and women, and linking that to “struggles for social, racial, political, environmental, and economic justice”(Besel 530 and 531)....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Political Ideology Effects Political Behavior And Influences Public Policy

- Political ideology effects political behavior and influences public policy in America. The European and American parties have many differences and only a few things that they have in common. Public opinion has always been big in the United States of America; it has always affected our democratic system. Public opinions can either be very positive towards our democratic system or very negative towards our democratic system. Family has always played a big role in the political socialization of today’s youth....   [tags: United States, European Union, U.S. state]

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The Political Philosophy of Karl Raimund Popper

- Karl Raimund popper (1902 to 1994) was an influential philosopher of science, who philosophized about society, in much the same way he philosophized about science-in a critical spirit. His personal experience, as an Austrian Jew in the days of the Nazi Anschluss (meaning "link up" or "annexation" in the German language), provided him a wealth of firsthand experience and insights into the nature of totalitarian governments. At a point in popper's life he was an enthusiast of Marxist socialism, but that enthusiasm was short lived as he soon began to develop a skeptical turn of mind towards Marxist socialism....   [tags: Informative Essay, Anti-Marxist]

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The Main Aspects Of A Political Party Organization

- As political parties adapt to the norms or beliefs of the society the parties’ definition changes along with this adaptation. Firstly, the three aspects of a political party organization, party in government and party in the electorate. Party organization is the parties’ leaders and professionals who give their time, money and skills to their specific party. They are the ones who run the party at the national, state and local levels. Volunteers for the party are under this. The leaders of the party organization would be Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus and Democratic National Committee Chairman Donna Brazil....   [tags: Democratic Party, President of the United States]

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Economic Philosophies

- Economic Philosophies How much should we let the government interfere with our economy. Do we trust the government to take on the enormous responsibility of caring for our economy. Our economy is a precious thing and we must take great care of it, for it can make us powerful and prosperous or it could be the demise of our nation. Three economists – Karl Marx, Adam Smith, and John Maynard Keynes – all had opposing views on how much government interference should be present upon the economy. Karl Marx believes that the government should control the economy....   [tags: Papers]

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Political Parties in George Washington's Cabinet

- A political party is a group of people who seek to win elections and hold public office in order to shape government policy and programs. George Washington warned the nation against creating political parties in his famous “Farewell Address”. He feared political parties would divide the country and weaken support of the Constitution (Doc 4). The first major political parties, the Federalists and the Republicans, were created during the term of President George Washington. Despite President Washington’s warning, the rise of the two political parties, in the years after his term was inevitable....   [tags: Federalists, democrats, republicans]

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Modern Political Theory: Rousseau and Machiavelli

- ... In “The Prince” Machiavelli viewed citizens as untrustworthy and encourages the leader to be heedful in trusting them. He says as their Prince people would do anything to protect him but when he is in danger they turn away. He understood that most people act for self interest and not for the interest of others. He saw that political success would not depend on chance or luck but through the eyes of fear. Machiavelli says, “The Prince must none the less make himself feared in such a way that, if he is not loved, at least he escapes being hated.” (10)....   [tags: the prince, state of nature, free]

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Philosophers Concerned with Political and Social Matters

- Philosophers have forever been concerned with political and social matters. Not only have they asked how politics work but mainly, how they should work. These philosophers have been concerned with the nature and justification of political obligation and authority and the goals of political action. Although their doctrines have differentiated, and numerous have been utopian in concept, they have all shared the same ideas and convictions that it is the political philosopher's duty to distinguish between what is and what ought to be, between existing political institutions and potentially more humane institutions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Philosophies of Georg Hegel and Herbert Spencer

- The Philosophies of Georg Hegel and Herbert Spencer The Philosophy of Georg Wilhelm Hegel (1770-1801) Metaphysics Georg Wilhelm Hegel aspired to find a philosophy that would embody all human experiences with the integration of not only science, but also religion, history, art, politics and beyond. Hegel’s metaphysical theory of absolute idealism claimed that reality was the absolute truth of all logic, spirit, and rational ideas encompassing all human experience and knowledge. He believed that in the history of philosophy, many sought to compete with each other’s thoughts in order to find the one true and universal philosophy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The First Modern Political Philosophers

- Thomas Hobbes and John Locke are viewed as the first modern political philosophers. Both philosophers used their personal views as a means to develop their theories of human nature, the origin of the state, the nature of government, and the right of revolution. The two philosophers contributed to many fields: politics, governance, and the lives of individuals. Due to their different approaches to the same points, they differed on the views of human nature, the right of revolution, and the nature of governments....   [tags: Thomas Hobbes, John Locke]

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John Locke and His Philosophies

- John Locke, one of the most influential philosophers of his time, was born on August 29, 1632 in Wrington, a small village in England. His father, also named John, had been a lawyer as well as a military man who once served as a captain in the parliamentary army during the English civil war. Locke’s parents were both very devout Puritans and so to no surprise, Locke himself was raised with heavily Puritan beliefs. Because Locke’s father had many connections to the English government at the time of his growing up, John was given a rare gift at that time, an outstanding education....   [tags: Education, Politics, Religion]

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The Periods of Success and Decline in the Dynastic Cycle

- After the fall of the Qin Dynasty, the Han dynasty drew from the teachings of Confucius to create the Han Synthesis. This formed the traditional belief in China that history repeats itself and directly contributed to the Dynastic Cycle. This is demonstrated by the use of Confucius teachings, the Dynastic Cycle and the Han Synthesis when addressing the Good Life, Good Society and Good State respectively. Each of these philosophies highlight that Chinese history repeats itself by casting light on this theme of repetition through the three different areas....   [tags: repetition, empire, china, philosophies]

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The Impact of a Third Party America´s Two Party Political System

- The Impact of a Third Party America´s Two Party Political System      For hundreds of years, the two party system has dominated the American culture, but many people are confused by what a two party system actually means. Although a two party system is defined as two parties that are bigger than the rest, third parties have greatly impacted elections for over a hundred years. Minor parties still continuously voice their opinions in issues, causing other candidates of either major party to adopt their philosophies....   [tags: Politics Political Science Studies]

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The Counter Reformation and Catholic Mass

- Rising nationalism, the Western Schism, and even new philosophies arising from the renaissance were contributing factors. But on October 31, 1517 every event prior seemed less significant. On this date, Martin Luther nailed a paper listing ninety-five theses, all magnifying problems within the Catholic Church. This was the birth of the protestant reformation, a major blow to the Catholic Church and her followers. This drove the church to make many in-house adjustments, from religious orders to political influences of the church, reworking the framework of the traditional Mass itself and even restructuring many in house positions....   [tags: Nationalism, Western Schism, Philosophies]

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Revolution: Human Philosophies Against What is Going On at that Point in Time

- The definition of a revolution by A Beka World History text book says, “A movement that attempts to apply unaided human philosophy to all areas of man’s life in order to establish a new social order.” Revolutions are human philosophies against what is going on at that point in time. In history, many revolutions have happened all around the world. In David A. Bell’s article “Inglorious Revolution” he says, “Few revolutions have been quick successes. They have been messy, bloody, long, drown-out affairs.” Mao Zedong says, “A revolution is not a dinner party.” The Russian Revolution of 1917, introduced communism in to the world, killing many Russians through starvation....   [tags: american revolution, french revolution]

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The Political Ethos of the Civil Society

- The Political Ethos of the Civil Society ABSTRACT: Totalitarian political systems in the socialist countries of Eastern Europe destroyed and repressed the civil society that used to exist in them. The authoritarian and totalitarian ethos was formed under a powerful influence of ideologies of the communist parties and politocracy in these countries so that the political ethos of politicians dominated the political ethos of the citizen. The breakdown of the real socialism and its unsuccessful attempts to complete accelerated liberal modernization of these societies caused turbulence of social values in addition to the general moral chaos....   [tags: Politics Ethos Papers]

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The Evolving Repercussions of Political Philosophy

- In the United States, politics have become a growing philosophical ideal since the time of the Greeks and Romans. It has always been a weighted matter of importance to have a society which functions under laws and governing bodies. Through the progression of time, many of these political ideals have changed according to what the people of that time are socially and culturally in need of. One of these times was in the seventeenth century in Europe. The development and change of several political ideas began to shape the nation....   [tags: American History]

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The Gravity of Orientalism

- The Gravity of Orientalism In Orientalism, Edward Said argues the countless aspects of the term “Orientalism”, as well as its roots, the principal philosophies and arguments behind it, and the influence that Orientalism has had on the relationship between the West and the East. Several reasons including political, economic, moral, and cultural justify the necessity for conquest of the Orient. Said’s concept of Orientalism analyzes the concepts that offer the political, economic, and cultural motives for imperialist actions by more powerful nations like the United States and Europe....   [tags: Roots, Philosophies, Arguments]

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Canada 's Ineffective Federal Political System

- Canada 's ineffective federal political system has gradually transformed into such a troubled political environment, becoming one of the most deadly threats to the very existence of Canada. Many citizens assume that the system in place is the best approach to democratic principles. However, a deeper analysis of the system says otherwise. In particular, the unjust first-past-the-post electoral system negatively impacts the representation of diverse populations in Canada. Moreover, the purpose and accountability of the Senate is questionable, for it misrepresents Canadian regions and minorities, as well as rewards loyalty, rather than knowledge through the patronage system....   [tags: Elections, Voting, Democracy]

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Political Environment in International Marketing

- Political Environment in International Marketing THE POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT: The critical concern Political environment has a very important impact on every business operation no matter what its size, its area of operation. Whether the company is domestic, national, international, large or small political factors of the country it is located in will have an impact on it. And the most crucial & unavoidable realities of international business are that both host and home governments are integral partners....   [tags: Papers]

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Political Philosophy in Machiavelli’s The Prince and Discourses on Livy

- ... He knew this was hard to accomplish and said that if a prince had to choose between being loved or feared he should choose fear. Machiavelli describes men as “Thankless, fickle, false, studious to avoid danger, greedy of gain, devoted to you while you able to confer benefits upon them… but in your hour of need they turn against you”(43-44). This low view of man that Machiavelli expressed impacted the way he felt a prince should rule. He seemed to feel that the prince should be subduing his subjects most of the time....   [tags: power, leaders, rule]

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Feminism And Social, Political And Economic Equality Of The Sexes

- “A feminist is one who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes” (Adichie, 2013). Feminism is not the belief that one’s sexual orientation or one’s power is superior over another. The very meaning of feminism demonstrates a complete resistance to this belief. Throughout the years, a range of categories of feminism philosophy have developed. They consist of goals in objectives, methodologies, and affiliations. Many feminists distinguish themselves with many branches of women 's activist thought....   [tags: Feminism, Feminist theory, Radical feminism]

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The Philosophies of John Stuart Mill as a Guide for the World

- The Philosophies of John Stuart Mill as a Guide for the World Dr. Pest's comments: This student's term paper is a model of how to apply the philosophical concepts of a previous century to our present society. She showed how the ideas of John Stuart Mill can be used by intelligent people to construct a society with more opportunities for women and to insure respect for intellectual freedom. As the world moves into the twenty-first century, it faces many problems. War, disease, over-population, and starvation are examples of problems that have yet to be solved....   [tags: Philosophy Religion Essays]

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What is Philosophy?

- The subject of Philosophy and its subcategories have been widely discussed in both the Western and non-Western world albeit with different focuses. Philosophy includes many different subfields involving investigation into our existence. These subfields include epistemology, ethics, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of science, social and political philosophy, and Metaphilosophy. Epistemology focuses on the study of Knowledge, also known as “Theory of Knowledge”. Ethics involves the study of moral values and rules, Logic; the study of reasoning....   [tags: Eastern and Western Philosophies]

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The Constitutional Underpinnings, Political, And Political Parties And Interest Groups

- This year in AP Government we covered several topics including constitutional underpinnings, political beliefs and citizen behavior, political parties and interest groups, along with the institutions of the government, civil liberties and civil rights as well as public policy. In this essay I will analyze the connections between these topics and how they work together to help our country 's government run smoothly. The constitutional underpinnings include characteristics embodied in our current government such as federalism, representative democracy, and John Locke’s philosophies....   [tags: Law, Separation of powers, Government, Rights]

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Political Views

- Political Views “Which political side are you on?” You probably heard this question before and said you really didn’t know. I really didn’t know what political side I was on before I did some research on the three major political philosophies; Liberalism, Libertarianism, and Conservative. The civic stance I agree with the most is the liberal’s point of view. Liberals protect; individual rights to choose, government programs like Medicaid and welfare that help the needy, and that sex education programs that teach safe sex and prevent teen pregnancy....   [tags: Politics Government Ideologies Essays]

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The Life and Political Career of James Madison

- The Life and Political Career of James Madison James Madison is most widely known as the father of the Constitution. It is a title “deeply deserved on many accounts” (Wills 37). Although his many achievements at times are overshadowed by his work on the Constitution, Madison’s life reflects a legislative talent (Wills 3). Through his interest in politics, he was able to shape the forming nation. Education, illness, and religion dominated the beginning of James Madison’s life; the experiences enabled Madison to write the Constitution as well as a number of influential essays in response to his views on the incompetent confederacy....   [tags: American America History]

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The History and Political Landscape of Syria

- Syria, once a major proponent of chemical weaponry, has lost its creditability on the world stage. Brought out of the ashes of the Ottoman Empire, Syria has through continuous upheavals, revolutions, and counter revolutions against foreign domination; political foes countering between fundamentalists, military, and civilian rulers. Understanding this constant flux, one needs to look at the history and political landscape of Syria. What drove this nation to stockpile these horrific weapons and unleash them onto a populace ill equipped to counter its effect....   [tags: chemical weapon, nuclear weapon]

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Different Philosophies on Risk Assessment: Case Study of the United States and European Union

- Different Philosophies on Risk Assessment: Case Study of the United States and European Union Introduction “Science-based regulation should never be misunderstood to mean science converted, at its face value, into regulation.”[1] Hence, regulation based entirely on ‘sound’ science, as the United States urges its trading partners to adopt, is only theoretically possible. The values of a society will ultimately affect the outcome of science-based risk assessment. The origin of facts is contingent on what the society deems is most important for research, how it is researched, and which of the research matters in the final assessment....   [tags: Politics]

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Comparison of HR Practices and Employment Relations Philosophies in China and Taiwan

- Comparison of HR Practices and Employment Relations Philosophies in China and Taiwan Introduction In the face of ever-increasing globalization, both China and Taiwan have now joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO); a more open market economy and closer integration with the global economic order appears to be inevitable for both countries (Magarinos et al. 2002). Human Resource Management (HRM) is one of the critical tools for improving productivity and competitiveness at the grass-roots level (Poole 1997)....   [tags: Papers]

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education and philosophies

- In light of this course, I would say that my philosophy of education has changed. My first paper, in retrospect, reads almost like a fantasy of what teaching should be like. I think in this aspect I have matured enough to realize that everything in this profession is not "Disney" material. There are going to be students who do not follow directions, and worse who don't care about succeeding at all. I would feel responsible for these children if I thought that there was a chance to help them....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Rise in Political Power of 17th Century England and France

- The Rise in Political Power of 17th Century England and France In the seventeenth century, the political power of the Parliament in England, and the Monarchy in France increased greatly. These conditions were inspired by three major changes: the aftermath of the reformation, the need for an increased governmental financing, and the reorganizing of central governments. These three points were each resolved in a different way in both England and in France. The first major point which eventually increased political power was the aftermath of the Protestant reformation....   [tags: European Europe History]

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The Religious, Social, Economic and Political Conditions at the Time of the Buddha

- The Religious, Social, Economic and Political Conditions at the Time of the Buddha It was around the 6th Century BC, when the historical figure known as 'the Buddha' started a complete new way of life. Buddhism. Rejecting his luxurious upbringing, he set out as a nomadic ascetic, eventually refusing this extreme also, choosing what he named the 'middle path' to enlightenment and freedom from life's pains. In order to completely understand these teachings of the Buddha, we need to appreciate the world of immense change, upheaval and innovation that he lived and taught in....   [tags: Papers]

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Bill Clinton : The Political Scale Of Government

- As the political scale of government has changed since 1981, Americans and Government leaders are creating ideas on how to get the United States back on track and “Back to Work”. Bill Clinton was inspired to write this book to the American people to inform them on what is going on in America and his thoughts on how to fix our nation. He has taken many stands throughout the book where he is in favor of many Democratic decisions but desires to do away with some of his parties ideas on issues, although for the most part he is not a strong supporter of the republican party throughout the book but looks to compromise to see a equilibrium ground between the two parties....   [tags: Barack Obama, Democratic Party]

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Political Powers

- The proper use and limits of governmental power have different implications for each theorist that we have studied. Some see its power as all-encompassing, while others see it as more narrow, controlled and regulated. For this essay, I chose to examine the philosophies of the theorists with whom I disagree with the least: Rousseau, Locke, and Rawls. One can always recall Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s famous line: “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” This sentence expressed his opposition to the idea that individual should be forced to give up their natural rights to a king....   [tags: natural rights, democracy]

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Mill and Bentham Philosophies about Democracy

- Attitudes toward democracy The word "democracy" is a tricky one, and it is important to bear in mind that it meant different things to different people in the 19th century, Just as it does today. For some mid-Victorians the word democracy was a term of abuse. But for many others, it was worth pursuing, but not to be taken too far. John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham were a famous thinkers and philosophers who held an important attitudes toward democracy. Each one of them call for a different theory toward suffrage and the right to vote....   [tags: Politics]

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Talcott Parson and Ronert Merton: Structural Functionalism

- Talcott Parson and Robert Merton are the central tenets of structural-functionalist. According to Calhoun “Functionalism (sometime called “structural –functionalism’) refers to the body of theory first developed in the 1930s and 1940s that treats society as a set of interdependent system. Theory rest on an organic analogy that likens a social system to a physical body, in which each subsystem is necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the entire organism. From a functionalist point of view, the key to understanding a social subsystem is thus to trace its function in the working of the whole.”(calhoun489) Structural functional theory describes society to be a complex system with vario...   [tags: sociology philosophies]

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Skills and Intellect of President Barack Obama

- ... Issues such as race, religion, sexuality, feminism, and the constitutionality of these issues were at the forefront and a hot topic amid college campuses. While moving further away from liberalism, these influential universities where producing a generation of students that wanted an alternative to conservatism, but sought a political philosophy more revitalizing than liberalism. This political and intellectual atmosphere helped shape Obama’s intellectual and political philosophies. Through the use of Obama’s own writings, Kloppenberg constructs his theory as to President Obama’s political philosophy, the philosophy of pragmatism....   [tags: educational, publications, political]

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Influence of Religion on Political Decisions in the Public Sphere

- Influence of Religion on Political Decisions in the Public Sphere A religion can refer to a specific cultural system of beliefs, which establishes symbols that relate humanity to moral values and spirituality. Religions in most instances draw humanity to the worship and total reliance of a deity (Vries 46). Religions are designed under a set of traditions, symbols, narratives, and sacred histories which attempts to give life its meaning. Religion once viewed as an indoor deity-worship activity; has since moved to the open public sphere, where it airs out its demands and expects the states to abide by them....   [tags: Religion ]

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The Life of Socrates

- Socrates (470-399 BC) was a credited philosopher born in the city of Athens to father Sophroniscus and mother Phaenarete. Despite his world-renowned contributions, he did not leave any written accounts of his life. His story was taught through the writings of his students Plato and Xenophon, along with Aristotle and Aristophanes in various forms of dramatic texts and histories. Among others, Plato wrote many dialogues that quoted Socrates’ exact words. Much of what we know comes from this greatly influenced student....   [tags: Biography, Contributions, Philosophies]

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Plato 's The Allegory Of The Cave

- Likewise, Plato’s philosopher king also uses the same concept but calls it “Justice” or “Good.” Similarly, to Machiavelli, who needs his Prince to have virtù to lead the people, Plato necessitates that his king use philosophical knowledge and emphasize justice to guide the unenlightened masses towards a just and stable society as well. When Socrates discusses the allegory of the cave, he remarks how when rulers must descend “to the general underground abode” where the masses “reside,” the ruler “will see a thousand times better than [the inhabitants of the cave]…because [the ruler has] seen the truth about things admirable and just and good” (Plato 520c)....   [tags: Philosophy, Plato, Political philosophy]

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John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government and Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract

- The Enlightenment was an astonishing time of transformation in Europe. During this time in the eighteenth century there was a progressive movement that was labeled by its criticism of the normal religious, social, and political perceptions. A number of significant thinkers, with new philosophies, had inspired creativeness and change. These thinkers had many different thoughts and views on people and the way they act, and views on the government. Two well-known and most influential thinkers of this time were the English political philosopher John Locke and the French political philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau....   [tags: The Enlightenment, Political Philosophy]

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Individualism Our Future?

- ... Individualism was successful driving part of our society progress for many last decades, but got a lot critiques nowadays from many sides of our society. Will it last in our future world or we will find something better to replace it. Looking at the principles of individualism, its history and present state we can predict its undividable part from our society and will be its primary moving force to twenty first century. Main foundation of individualism relies on pursuit of individuals 's goals and dreams, personal independence, self-reliance and thesis that interests of the individual should be above the interest of the state or a social group....   [tags: socioeconomic philosophies]

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The Nature of Marxism - Political and Economic Implications

- All economic theories share common roots, they attempt to address the basic question of how an economy can, and should, be maintained. One of the most influential economic philosophies is Marxism. The fact that economic theories can share common roots is especially evident in Marxism; It even shares a basic premise of laissez-faire with capitalism, a philosophy it directly contradicts (Sowell 12). In studying Marxism, two basic necessities must be addressed; the nature of Marxism and its basis, and the political and economic implications of Marxism....   [tags: Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto]

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Social Contract

- Social Contract The quality of your individual life would greatly improve in utopia. The burdens you face from corporate monopolies, the overwhelming weight of the devaluation of your currency and the lack of faith in your neighbors to achieve a civilization of peace and mutual respect has taken its toll for too long. Although this sounds as if it was taken directly from George Orwell’s book (1984) itself, the propaganda of a utopian government rule and the current everlasting war breathes as it’s on self-reliant organization today....   [tags: Political Science]

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The Influence of the Ancient Indian Civilization on the World

- During 100 CE to 600 CE, India’s prosperities soared through technological advancement and expanding religious practices. Although advancement changed the culture, many traditional characteristics and gender roles remained the same. Throughout 100 CE to 600 CE, different cultures that encountered India saw changing religious practices and expanded technology through trade and science, despite the many characteristics of Indian culture, such as gender roles, which remained untouched. After the fall of the Mauryan Empire, India began a new empire known as the Gupta Empire, which lasted until 550 CE....   [tags: Buddhism, Eastern philosophies ]

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A Comparison of the Economic Philosophies of Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, and Karl Marx

- As far back as man has been on earth, he has been driven towards building a community among his peers. Whether that is a community of hunters and gatherers who share whatever the day has brought to them within their tribe, or a larger community which within its structure lie the inner dwellings of division of labor and societal classes. Adam Smith (18th Century), John Stuart Mill (19th Century), and Karl Marx (19th Century) are of the same cloth, but in modern terms their community is referenced as a government, and they each have their own distinct opinions on the 'drive' instilled within human nature that shape their personal economic theories....   [tags: Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx]

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Leo Strauss and Reinhold Niebuhr

- Leo Strauss and Reinhold Niebuhr represent two giants of twentieth century political philosophy. The Jewish classicist and Christian theologian contemporaries articulated profound thoughts on political philosophy and earned recognition for their work on the subject of international relations. Indeed, their prominence within the field of international relations continues into modern times and contemporary debates. The Bush administration’s Straussian policy and President Obama’s favoring of Niebuhrian ideals emphasize the radical differences between Strauss’ invocation of natural right and Niebuhr’s cautious and engaged approach to international relations....   [tags: Political Philosophy, US Foreign Policy]

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