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Elite Driven Based Versus Mass-Based Theories of Explanations

- There has been a long debate on the advocating for elite driven based versus mass-based theories of explanations. This debate emerges when discussing political parties. This difference has manifested itself in the discussion of ideological space and the positioning of parties in that space. The question that emerges is whether the elites or masses are driving the issue emergence and ideological location of specific parties. When setting the ideological agenda, issues emerge which then set the agenda and change where parties place themselves....   [tags: political, parties, space, location]

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A Debt Ceiling Deal That Is Detrimental for America

- After months of argument, temper tantrums, and harsh rhetoric, Congress made the monumental decision to pay America’s bills – generations of debt obligations. Since 1960, “clean” debt ceiling legislation has been passed 78 times: 49 times under Republican presidents and 29 times under Democratic presidents. This time the debate and the decision making process almost led America into default as the Republican Tea Party members of Congress gambled with our economy. It didn’t have to be this way. Congress voted on a clean debt ceiling increase on May 31, 2011 to prevent this crisis....   [tags: Actions of Political Parties]

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Mixed Member Proportional in Canada

- There is a fundamental problem with the democratic process in Canada. This problem is rooted within our electoral system. However, there is a promising solution to this issue. Canada should adopt the mixed-member proportional representation electoral system (MMP) at the federal level if we wish to see the progression of modern democracy. The failure to do so will result in a stagnant political system that is caught in the past and unable to rise to the contemporary challenges that representative democracies face....   [tags: Democratic Process, Political Parties]

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The History of Muckraking

- IIn 1903, investigative reporters named Lincoln Steffens, Ida M. Tarbell, and Ray Stannard published a series of exposés that accused powerful and influential senators of drafting legislation that benefited corporations in which they had personal financial stake. President Theodore Roosevelt felt it necessary to undercut the efforts of journalists, mainly because many of his supporters were subjects whom journalists were attacking. “During his dedication at the House of Representative’s building, Roosevelt first brought about the term “muckraker”, using it to describe investigative reporters who exposed corruption”....   [tags: Political Parties, Corruption]

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Police Training and Professionalization

- Even with the increased training and accountability that came with the Peelian model of policing, the next sixty years of policing were dominated by politics. Policing was one large part of the political patronage system, a system where political candidates would reward those citizens who provided support during the election (Roberg et al. 2012). After elections, public officials rewarded individuals by providing them with police jobs. As a result of political pressure, the police were now used as a tool in the political machine’s fight to maintain control (Roberg et al....   [tags: Political Parties, Requirements]

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A New Emerging Class Labor Unions and the role of Political Parties in Guyana

- Labor unions in Guyana began in the 1900s and have been apart of the Guyanese working class. The PNC and PPP both evolved from the labor unions and this is where they go their strength from. Historically, most labor union workers are in the public sector these unions have always had close ties to the government that was in power. The trade union congress which was founded in 1941 serves as the leader of the trade unions for Guyana was affiliated with the PNC. The relationship between the labor unions and the PNC began to dwindled when the PNC wanted to control and silence the unions....   [tags: workers, government, people's alliance]

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Regionalism in Canada

- Regionalism is a political ideology based on a collective sense of place or attachment, and is discussed in terms of Canadian society, culture, economy and politics (Westfall, 3). Canada is known internationally as a nation incorporating several multiregional interests and identities into its unification of culture. Its diverse population is comprised of numerous ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and traditions; and all resides under one federal government. Ever since the founding of Canada, it has developed into regional cleavages and identities, based on various geographical topologies, lifestyles and economic interests (Westfall, 6)....   [tags: Influence: Senate, Political Parties]

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The Moment of Truth: America's Financial Crisis

- America is in fear over the financial crisis, and no clear solution has presented itself. The political parties continually blame each other in a never-ending cycle, while the state of the economy keeps falling and the national debt keeps rising. Along with that, many functions of the government, such as tax reform and Social Security, have ‘leaks’ in them, where money is being lost. As researchers look into the crisis more and more, they keep finding scary results, such as the predicted debt in 2035 being 185 percent of the country’s (GDP)....   [tags: political parties, fiscal responsibility, debt]

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Evaluate the claim that modern political parties are failing to perform their traditional functions

- To answer this question, we most identify the key roles of a political party in the political system. Political Parties must identify their leaders who in turn, become the offered leaders to take control of the country. Skills of persuasion, organisation of support, public speaking, committee work, and public campaigning are all essential qualities for leaders of political parties. Currently, the leaders of the Labour Party, Conservative’s and Liberal Democrats represent a range of viewpoints, giving the UK voter a choice, depending upon their opinions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Democrats vs. Republicans

- Democrat’s vs Republicans In the United States there are only two main political parties to choose from. The two main parties are the Democrats and the Republicans. There are also many other political parties to choose from which are called third parties. Third parties may include political parties such as the Socialist Equality Party and the Peace and Equality party. People can choose to be a part of any party they want but most go with the common two main parties the Democrats and Republicans....   [tags: US political parties, politics, economics]

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Voter Turnout?

- Voter turnout has been declining in the United States throughout history through the potential voters’ personal choice not to vote and ineligibility. According to research a large percentage of individuals are not voting because political parties fail to appeal to the voters and this leads to the voting population losing interest in the campaign, while others postpone registering and by the time they realize their delay the election is upon them. This downward trend of voter turnout can be traced to the reforms of the Progressive era....   [tags: American Government, Political Parties, Voters]

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Political Characteristics of Presidents

- ... He guided United States through one of its most perilous periods in history, shaping the country to be what it is now, but most importantly, he preserved the Union. He was once regarded as the "Great Emancipator," because of his actions that started freeing the slaves. With this ordeal, Lincoln was careful to keep all control in his hands. He didn’t allow any actions to be made before they should, not in the government and not in the military. On January 1st, 1863, as he promised, Abraham Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation....   [tags: parties, policy, religion]

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Political Opinions on Abortion

- ... He challenges the constitutionality of individual states adopting a post 20-week ban on abortions, referring to certain laws as downright “petty.” He spends a significant portion of the article either critiquing or factually seeking to debunk the legality of certain laws, exhibiting that he has a particular slant in which he is approaching this article. But he fairly gives time in the concluding portion of his article to show how both sides are again mobilizing in strong numbers. So the public opinion is on the one hand hard to exactly gauge, but on the other each side is receiving significant support....   [tags: women, catholics, parties]

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The American Parties Have Never Lacked Interesting Challenges

- Hershey stated that “the American parties have never lacked interesting challenges.” I completely agree with that statement because political parties are powerfully shaped by the people who lead and participate in them and by the environment in which they act. Additionally, they are strongly affected by election and campaign finance rules, interest groups, citizens, legislatures, and courts, just as they influence these forces. (Hershey, 2015, p. 319) I agree with everything that Hershey said in the passage....   [tags: Politics, Political party, Democracy]

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The Democratic And Republican Parties

- Background The United States of America has been functioning in a two-party government system since the 1830’s. In a system such as this, the electorate gives its votes largely to only two major parties and in which one or the other party can win a majority in the legislature. The two parties are known as Democrats and Republicans. The idea originated because the intention was to try to force politicians to be responsive to the interests of the people. The Democrats focus on mostly the everyday working class while the Republicans generally cater mostly to the rich demographics....   [tags: United States, Social class, Political party]

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The Political Situation in Mauritius

- The political situation in Mauritius is in ebullition with the Labour Party (MLP) holding on to power with a slim majority in Parliament. The defection of the Movement Socialist Mauricien (MSM) from the government, it is believed, could endanger Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam's rule. The ongoing crisis maybe the chance for Paul Berenger to grab power for the last time. As a backdrop of the crisis, is the sale of a private medical institution, the MedPoint. MedPoint is where a historic meeting in 2000 sealed an unlikely alliance that defeated the MLP....   [tags: MedPoint Affair, Parties]

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Social Policy And New Zealand 's Current Parliamentary Parties

- There are a lot of different theories, values and ideologies that make up social policy and New Zealand’s current parliamentary parties. Social policies exist to improve the lives of the community and of the citizens, but not everyone’s opinions are the same. Every single one of us has a different perception on what a fair and just society should be, we stand for different things, and we cherish different values more. It is important to properly analyze these perspectives and to examine where these parties policies stand in relation to their socio-political theories and ideologies....   [tags: Left-wing politics, Political spectrum]

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Why Does The Government Only Have Two Parties

- Why does the United States only have two principal political parties. What role can 3rd parties play. There are many reasons why America has only two major political parties. It could be the cause of the federal government. The major parties reflect its decentralized structure. Candidates are recruited at the state or local level and are responsive primarily to their own state or local constituencies. At the national level, they consist of local party representatives. This state local orientation affects the policy positions that parties take and the decisions that their elected officials make....   [tags: Political Science]

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What Are Interest Groups And Political Parities?

- What are Interest Groups and Political Parities. An Interest Group is a structured group that tries to persuade the government to implement certain policies or measures. While a political party is defined as a well thought-out group of people with at least nearly comparable political aims and opinions, that seeks to influence public course of action by getting its candidates voted to public office. According to Political science: an introduction “interest groups are a bit like political parties....   [tags: Politics, Political party, Political philosophy]

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Are Poliltical Parties in Decline?

- The debate is often made that politics is rapidly becoming unpopular, unattractive and is ultimately shown to be out of favour with the masses, and this can be said to be reflected upon, and arguably due to, the traditional political parties in Great Britain. In order to receive a clearer picture of this shift in the political landscape the previously less mainstream parties must be entered into the discourse, and the changing behaviour of the voters in response to such movements must also be addressed....   [tags: elections, policy, labour]

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Poltical Parties and The Muslim Republics

- Definition of Poltical Parties: A party means an organization or a group of people who work together. A political parties can be described as ann organized group of people with similar political aims, interest and opinions, and that organized group of person exercise political power. Political parties try to control what happens in Parliament by securing a majority of parliament members. They work together so as to introduce new laws and they alter old ones. Most countries have single-party, two-party, or multiparty systems....   [tags: interests, opinions, democracies]

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The Political Culture of The United States

- The idea of political culture is found within the state’s history. The history of the state is impacted by the people settled in the region, religious backgrounds, and geography. The history of the state influences the attitudes and beliefs that people hold regarding their political system. Daniel Elazar theorized a connection between the states’ history and attitude towards government by explaining differences in government between states. Every state is different with some common ground. Elazar’s theory divides states into three types: moralistic, traditionalistic and individualistic....   [tags: Political Science]

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The Study of Political Science

- Political science includes a wide range of topics that attempts to describe and explain the political process, politics, and the relationship among governments. As American citizens we should all be informed and be educated about all these above topics. We as citizens cannot be unconscious of our government as the government can make or break our lives. The general areas of study in political science include American government and politics, political theory, public administration, public law, comparative politics and international relations....   [tags: Political science,]

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Conformity and Political Control

- The political system in the United States of America is ruled by a two party system that is currently fighting for control of the economy and government. In the last century the country has been involved in several conflicts including two world wars and the cold war, which permanently instilled fear and terror in the American psyche. After the terrorist attacks of September 11th, the economy was brought to the edge of failure leaving a bi-partisan political system with the attitude that there is either a democratic or republican solution to the many problems Americans face as a nation....   [tags: Political Science]

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A Political Party For Public Office

- Interest groups are defined as an organization that persuades elected officials to enact legislation favorable to its causes. For example, Animal rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and environmental interest groups such as GREENPEACE usually organize as PUBLIC-INTEREST GROUPS. These groups claim to work for the best interest of the public (“Interest Groups”). A political party may be defined as a group of voters organized to support certain public policies. The aim of a political party is to elect officials or candidates who will try to act upon the party 's policies....   [tags: Political party, Democracy, Democratic Party]

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The Political History Of Ontario

- When looking into the political history of Ontario, there have been a lot of changes over the past four decades in how women are represented and how Canada has striven towards a more mirror representation of its gendered population. Beginning in 1943 with Agnes McPhail and Rae Luckock as the first two women to be elected into the Ontario Legislative Assembly, there have been improvements toward the percentile of women working in the Ontario government that help to give a more well rounded legislative body for the population of Ontario....   [tags: Political party, Politics, Coalition government]

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Advocacy Within A Multiparty Political System

- Advocacy within a Multiparty Political System It is important for advocates, whether working alone or within an advocacy organization, to assess and understand the political environment in which advocacy for their cause will take place. In doing so advocates can effectively map out a plan of action to gain the most support for their cause. Dye and MacManus (2012), in Chapter 5 of Politics in States and Communities, discuss the political party system within local and state governments the United States....   [tags: Political party, Politics, Elections]

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The Role of the Media in Influencing Political Attitudes in a Democracy

- The Role of the Media in Influencing Political Attitudes in a Democracy Introduction The public gets political information on their preferred candidates or parties from different people and through the media. In today’s world, social media has also been one of main platforms that shape the public opinion. However, engaging in discussion with other members has proven more informative and persuasive than other methods including social media. Mass media is critical in forming the opinions of the members, and they use the discussions and insights they gather from the media to generate their own ideas and viewpoints (Zaller, 55)....   [tags: Political Communication]

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This Town : Two Parties And A Funeral

- Mark Leibovich, in his most recent novel, “This Town: Two Parties and a Funeral Plus, Plenty of Valet Parking,” takes his readers on a behind the scenes tour of America’s gilded capital, where the elite political members of our nation prosper. Many politically interested citizens believe the boilerplate regarding Washington’s lack of bipartisanship and ever aging politicians, who have renewed their D.C. membership card a few too many times, is easily understood. However, one may not truly understand a town where “authenticity and fantasy are close companions.” (Leibovich) until they actually take a ride on the D.C....   [tags: United States Senate, United States Congress]

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Polital Parties in Britain's Government

- Politics is today commonly associated with ‘party politics’ where each party represents a certain group of people in Parliament and considers issues through a specific lens. Britain has three main political parties; first, the Conservative Party on the right, which advocates the encouragement of private property, the preservation of a strong military, and the conservation of traditional cultural values. Second, the Labour Party on the left which is closely affiliated to trade unions, promotes nationalization, a welfare state and a Keynesian approach to economics; and the third, Liberal Democrats at the centre who put an emphasis on individual liberty, equality, a mixed economy, a developed...   [tags: labour, conservative, liberal democtrats]

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The Democratic And Republican Parties

- Democrats and Republicans have been around since the United States’ foundation. They both have several beliefs, and often oppose each other. Republicans believe at their very core people should be able to choose their own destiny. Individuals should be able to find their own place in society, and be able to take care of themselves, and prosper. By focusing on the individual, they limit government and try to keep federal power close to the people. Democrats believe that the government has an obligation to help individuals and make equal opportunities for all, no matter race, gender, age, or disability....   [tags: Democratic Party, Barack Obama, George W. Bush]

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Republican & Democratic Parties

- ... The first two political parties that were formed in the United States were the federalist and the anti-federalist. The federalist consisted of the northern population, while the anti-federalist were in the south. One of the leaders of the federalist was Alexander Hamilton, with the power that he held and the power of the other federalist, they were able to gain control of the government for the first 10 years. The Democratic-Republic party took shape with Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, until 1828 when the name Republican was dropped from the name of the party which lead to the creation of the Democratic Party....   [tags: US government system]

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Mass Media and Democratization in Indonesian Political System

- This paper is going to talk about mass media and democratization in Indonesian political system. What kind of democratization it is. What are the influences of mass media in our society. In this paper, we are going to discuss it further. Since this issue is a reality which happened in our country. Moreover, it also has an impact towards the result of general election. This result will lead Indonesia to a better way or the opposite of it, which is the worst. Mass media, now, became one of the tools that are used by most of the political actors....   [tags: indonesia, democratization, political system]

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Care About The Political Issues Surrounding By Berenson 's Article, He Claims It

- Care about the political issues surrounding In Berenson’s article, he claims it is important that everyone should speak out his voice about political issues. The first reason is that everyone has the freedom of speech to discuss political issues. Second, people with vary levels of governmental knowledges can provide multiple perspectives to solve one political issue. Apart to above, there are also some benefits if everyone joins in the discussion about political issues, what are that encouraging publics to put forward more colorful ideas, giving a sense of being valued to people, as well as providing new ways for politicians to consider issues....   [tags: Politics, Political philosophy, Political party]

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The Supreme Court Decision Allowing Large Corporations to Run Their Own Political Ads

- Since 2002, United States federal elections campaigns have been regulated by the federal laws under Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA), popularly known as the McCain-Feingold. Under the law, corporations and unions were not allowed to use their treasuries to advocate for a particular candidate or run their own campaign ads (Francia, 16). They were only allowed to express their interests through political actions committees that were strongly regulated. However, just before the crucial 2010 midterm congressional election period, this law was partly upended by the United States Supreme Court....   [tags: Political Science]

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Research: Political Efficacy and Expected Political Participation among Lower and Upper Secondary Students

- The sampling method of the researchers was a simple, yet extensive questionnaire with responses that did not extend past the boundaries of the children’s literacy abilities. **A sample of the questionnaire is listed below (van Deth et al, 167)** Political Knowledge Indicator: Question wording and responses: Politicians/Parties/Laws Have you ever heard about Politicians/Parties/Laws. Yes/No. Chancellor Do you know this man [Picture of Gerhard Schröder who was German chancellor at both survey time points is shown]....   [tags: politicians, laws, political science]

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How Partisan Activists Affected Political Machines

- Similar to how partisan activists affected political machines, they currently affect the political elite by exposing their actions. Young states, “Criticism of political processes of discussion and decision making which include only powerful insiders and take place behind closed doors is common and often effective in democratic politics.” In order to limit these events exclusively for political insiders, activists seek to fill the gap between the common people and the political elite. The people of the United States, who compose the electorate, should have access to information regarding government and partisan politics....   [tags: Political party, Politics, Activism, Ideology]

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Political Gridlock And Dysfunction : A Central Aspect Of Studying Congress

- Political gridlock and dysfunction is a central aspect of studying Congress because it determines a huge part about how they function and their general effectiveness. When it comes to the political landscape in the United States, law-making and legislation ultimately comes down to what the Senate and the House of Representatives vote on and how they vote. Gridlock has been studied for years because of how it has changed the political landscape essentially from the beginning. The Jacksonian Era in the mid 1800’s shifted the way that political parties operated and from then on a two party system has been a critical part of American politics....   [tags: Politics, Political party, Elections, Ideology]

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United States Parties

- Factions have always been an inevitable part of our country, but political parties have taken winding roads to get to where they are today. U.S. parties are strong and are getting stronger, that now most politicians in congress today and even the president fully comply with their respective parties. The inevitability of a party coincides with the way it is defined: “an organization of people who share the same views about the way power should be used in a country or society” (Lecture #1). The two-party system was not always as stronger, but as U.S....   [tags: american system development]

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The Political System in India and America

- Man, being a social animal, has to live in harmony with fellow human beings. Human society has created the unique institution of organized state in order to maintain public order, defend frontiers, and ensure harmony among individuals and groups. After centuries of struggle, only in the modern era has it generally come to be accepted that the state cannot be controlled by divine right or power. Neither hereditary succession nor favors are acceptable as arbiters of political power in a civilized society....   [tags: Comparing Political Systems]

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Bipartisanship: The Parties Within Government and Agreement

- In today’s political world, bipartisanship has become nothing more than something that comes up once in a while within congress; it is something that people either agree with or don’t. This essay will include what bipartisanship is, how it works, and the good things it has accomplished. Bipartisanship is a political situation, usually in the context of a two-party system, in which opposing political parties find common ground through compromise, in theory. It has been debated among political theorists however that in practice, each party advances their own political agenda at the expense of the other party because of the conflicting ideologies....   [tags: legislation, politics, two-party system]

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The Supporters of Far-Right Parties Analysis

- Nowadays, and since the 1980s, far-right parties seem to gain more and more influence all over Europe. Each country has its own or even several: the British National Party and UK Independence Party in Britain, the National Front in France, the Golden Dawn in Greece, the Northern League in Italy or the Vlaams Belang in Belgium are examples amongst many others. This rise of such extreme right-wing parties is worrisome since they all praise for often highly controversial values and are considered by many as a threat for the democracy....   [tags: xenophobia,politics,rights wing,immigration]

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The Federalist Parties And The United States Constitution

- While the pivotal federalist parties came to a demise, many believed the conflicting opinions of government would begin to settle down; unfortunately this was inevitable. Shortly after the rise of the Democratic-Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson, and the Hamiltonians with their main speaker, Alexander Hamilton; their differing opinions of the two political parties, were lead by their interpretations of the United States Constitution. Thomas Jefferson believed in a strict interpretation, the government shall hold only those power granted to them by the constitution....   [tags: United States Constitution, United States]

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Political Socialization in Nigeria

- This essay is aimed to examine one of the agents of political socialisation for the way in which it operates and the effects it may have in Nigeria. Political socialisation is learning process that begins very early and continues all throughout ones life. Through political socialisation people acquire their perceptions and feelings about their political environment. It accounts for both the commonalties and diversities of political life. (DP Dawson p1). It is an approach to understanding both patterns of similarities and differences in political outlooks among the constituents a given system....   [tags: Political Socialization Essays]

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Why Has Citizenship Become a Significant Political Issue in the UK?

- Citizenship has evolved extensively in the United Kingdom both as a political and as a legal concept. In a basic sense, citizenship can be explained as “being a member of a particular community or state” bringing with it rights and responsibilities such as paying taxes, right of abode and to vote etc. (Citizenship Foundation, 2006). The UK being a part of the European Union (EU) however makes British citizens automatic citizens of the EU as stated under the terms of the Maastricht Treaty (1993) and vice versa....   [tags: political and legal concept, national identity]

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Autonomy and Political Responsibility after the Cold War

- Autonomy and Political Responsibility after the Cold War After World War II, Europe emerged as a continent torn between two very different political ideologies, Communism and Democracy. As the two major superpowers, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States, struggled to defend their respective governmental policies, the European Continent was caught in an intrinsic struggle to preserve the autonomy which had taken so long to achieve. During the Cold War, Eastern European nations struggled to achieve autonomy with the help of the West's dedication to break the Soviet sphere of influence....   [tags: Politics Political]

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Discussion of the Significance of Parties in Politics

- Discussion of the Significance of Parties in Politics Some, such as political commentator David Broder in his book The Party’s Over: The Failure of Politics in America, would argue that parties certainly don’t matter any more in American politics. Many of the parties’ traditional roles or functions have been assumed by pressure groups or the mass media, and clear party loyalties are less apparent now than fifty years ago. However, others would argue that the decline of parties has been vastly exaggerated and that parties still have an important and significant role in American politics....   [tags: Papers]

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Is Immigration A Hot Political Issue Facing Policymakers And Public Administrators?

- The Problem of Immigration in the States Research Question Why is immigration a hot political issue facing policymakers and public administrators. What can the states and federal government do to resolve comprehensive immigration reform. Thesis Statement Immigration is one of the most political and economic issues been raised by the states. Most of the financial burdens for social services fall largely on the states and local governments through their entitlement programs which are over weighing the budgets....   [tags: Barack Obama, United States, Political science]

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Comparing the Democratic and Republican Parties

- Comparing the Democratic and Republican Parties Ralph Nader campaigned for the 2001 Presidency by arguing that there are no real differences between the two major parties. In a broad sense, that statement might seem true. Major political parties play a majoritarian role in an otherwise pluralistic democracy in the United States. They are both majoritarian institutions trying to win control of the government. The differences between the parties lie in each party’s beliefs about the purpose and scope of government....   [tags: Papers]

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The Popularity of Green Parties

- The Popularity of Green Parties Today in Europe, the abundance of environmental issues in the forefront of popular debate is at an all time high, and rightly so, more stress is being placed on resolving these issues before it is too late. Now more than ever, the people of Europe are standing up and taking responsibility for their problems and looking for ways to solve them before the damage done becomes irreversible. It would be logical therefore to presume that due to this increasing importance of environmental issues in Europe that the Green Parties in Europe should prosper greatly....   [tags: Papers]

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The Political Campaigners’ Role in Exploiting the News

- During the election campaign, the candidates, the campaigner and the journalist play the role as the main actors. Every actor has a different interest in the election campaign. The candidates’ interest is to win the election, the campaigners’ interest is to promote the candidate, and the journalists’ interest is to fulfill the routines of the news organization. However, their target is the same, which are the voters. Then, during the play, they are work together and need each other. The journalist is chasing the candidate and campaigner as the candidate activity on campaign become newsworthy....   [tags: Political Science]

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Political Institution

- A political institution is a system of politics and government. It is usually compared to the law system, economic system, cultural system, and other social systems. It is different from them, and can be generally defined on a spectrum from left, i.e. communism and socialism to the right, i.e. fascism. Linz’s argument is on the description of Totalitarian and Authoritarian Regimes, which brings the main and important argument of explaining both Presidential and Parliamentary systems. Another important author whose thoughts were referred to political institutions is Seymour Martin Lipset....   [tags: Government Structure Political Science]

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Political Authority And The Law

- 1. In any community, political authority can be looked at either positively or negatively. The folks that look at authority in a positive light, in turn, usually obey the law. This obedience stems from their belief that the group that made the law has the right to, in addition to their own duty to comply. Individuals that look at authority in a negative light are obliged to abide by the law or face the consequences. From this, Miller’s idea of political authority incorporates standard authority and forced compliance....   [tags: Political philosophy, Democracy, Libertarianism]

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America 's Most Powerful Parties, Republicans, And Republicans

- INTRODUCTION The main purpose of this paper is to explore the differences in how America’s most powerful parties, Republicans and Democrats, addresses various social, economic, and political issues through comparative analysis of the statements published on both parties websites. I. THE ISSUES REPUBLICANS Budget and Spending According to the website, “the federal government is structurally and financially broken,” that is why the party’s main goal is to “balance the federal budget and make government more efficient.” In my opinion, such statement seems like a reasonable political agenda....   [tags: George W. Bush, Barack Obama]

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Democratic Parties in the US: A Personal Opinion Essay

- Before researching any of the political parties I really thought I was Democratic, mostly because Obama is Democratic. I wasn’t really aware of what anything meant nor how it was effecting us as a country and the democrat sponsors made it sound good. After doing some research my eyes were opened and I now realize that the Democratic Party really wasn’t what I thought it was. One of the main things I came to dislike about the Democrats was the fact they support abortion, I strongly disagree with this type of mentality and really upsets me....   [tags: Republicans, Democrats, Politics]

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third parties

- Despite being the constant underdog and loser in major elections third parties make some significant contribution to the political spectrum in the United States. Third Party Agendas are taken serious by the Democratic and Republican Parties and specific pieces of the Third Party Agendas are sometimes adopted by the two major parties. Third parties give discontented voters other alternatives. The Republican and Democratic Parties have been known to operate in similar styles and third parties give the voter the opportunity to express their discontent....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Non-State Political Violence: Occurrence and Justifications

- Political violence is action taken to achieve political goals that may include armed revolution, civil strife, terrorism, war or other such activities that could result in injury, loss of property or loss of life. Political violence often occurs as a result of groups or individuals believing that the current political systems or anti-democratic leadership, often being dictatorial in nature, will not respond to their political ambitions or demands, nor accept their political objectives or recognize their grievances....   [tags: Political Science]

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Religious Influence On Political Affairs

- Religious Influence on Political Affairs This country was built on the foundation of freedom. When asked why a person would uproot their whole lives to come to an unknown land, they would respond with wishful eyes speaking of a land where they could live freely not having to worry about a thing as trivial and persecution because of the faith they practice. Alas, it seems that the United States of America had yet to be that source of religious freedom. Although it is the first rule in the document that this very nation was built on....   [tags: Politics, Political party, Religion, Donald Trump]

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Popular political Ideologies in the 20th Century: A brief Study of popular 20th Century political trends.

- POLITICAL SCIENCE 101 Popular political Ideologies in the 20th Century A brief Study of popular 20th Century political trends. [Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document.]   Political ideologies (P.I) have existed since the dawn of human Civilization; they have been fought over, discredited, re-approached, and fought over again....   [tags: Political Science]

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This Town : Two Parties And A Funeral

- Mark Leibovich in his most recent novel, “This Town: Two Parties and a Funeral Plus, Plenty of Valet Parking,” takes his readers on a behind the scenes tour of America’s gilded capital, where the elite political members of our nation prosper. Many politically interested citizens believe the boilerplate regarding Washington’s lack of bipartisanship and ever aging politicians, who have renewed their D.C. membership card a few too many times, is easily understood. However, one may not truly understand a town where “authenticity and fantasy are close companions.” (Leibovich) until they actually take a ride on the D.C....   [tags: United States Congress, United States Senate]

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The USA and The UK in terms of Two Party System

- ... This system may promote conflicts and argumentations. The two-party system is created in democracies such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America. In the United Kingdom there are two parties; the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. These parties are the largest parties of the UK. On the other hand the USA’s two biggest parties are the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. These countries are approving the same party system but British two-party system is different from American two-party system....   [tags: democracies, parties, control]

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Poltical Factionalism: Dividing the People

- Political factions have played a fundamental role in shaping governments here and around the world in history and will continue to influence in the future. Factions divide a government based on different beliefs of key issue in policies, such as spending and warfare. Political factions are both beneficial to a society and detrimental. A political party is “A group organized for the purpose of achieving and exercising power within a political system,” (Gwinn 960). They obtain their power by either election or revolution....   [tags: Political Science]

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Third Parties in American Politics: Playing Spoiler in a Duopolistic System

- It’s hard to imagine a period in American political history that hasn’t been dominated by a duopoly of political parties. Even though resistance from the founding fathers on the issue of political parties is well documented, the two-party system we are well accustomed to developed shortly after the emergence of the United States as an independent nation. Whether it was the Federalist/Democratic-Republican system in the late 18th and early 19th centuries or the Democratic/Republican system we know today, two ideologically opposite parties have always maintained dominant control of the American political system....   [tags: Politics]

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Politics: The Concept of Domesticated Opposition

- Conceptualization of “domesticated opposition” The concept of “domesticated opposition” is used by scholars to describe opposition parties that are loyal rather than competitors and that have complied with the government’s game of restricted pluralism. Also dubbed as “toothless”, domesticated opposition hardly challenge the regime’s semi-authoritarianism and are not part of the decision making process. They have come to depend on the regime’s consent to secure their minimal political gains and to protect the narrow political space in which they are operating (Shehata, 2009)....   [tags: pluralism, democracy, opposition parties]

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The Grudge Between the Whigs and the Jacksonians

- Since the founding of the nation, opposing opinions have slowed the decisions of the United States government. The two party system would eventually come to dominate the political world of Congress and had fully come of age by 1840 after both originating out of the Democratic - Republican Party of the early 1800’s. During the 1830’s and the 1840’s, the rivalling parties of the Whigs and the Jacksonian democrats would create a grudge match within the government. Matters regarding the political issues of the extension of western boundaries and the power the government held as well as the economic issues regarding the bank and tariffs would strengthen the rivalry between the two parties....   [tags: politics, parties, territiory]

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Political Polarization and its Affect on Human Services Legislation

- We live in a world in which political trends can be very powerful, and yet feel far removed from our own spheres of existence. Policies get passed, politicians move into and out of office, and not much seems to really change. However, within the realm of human services, politics are especially salient and have the ability to impact not only our nation at large, but millions of individual lives as well. In the United States, the political party scene can be simplified into two main camps: the liberals (typically Democrats) and the conservatives (typically Republicans)....   [tags: Liberals, Legislation, Political Trends, Policies]

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Parties of the Right

- Parties of the Right Historically, parties of the right have consistently governed most advanced industrial democracies. However, in recent years, these parties have been suffering losses in their respective countries and an enormous amount of left-wing party successes has been taking place. What has caused this fluctuation. Many believe that this “huge political shift (CP Article 6:16)” has been caused by the United States’ Clinton administration’s huge success in cutting the national deficit, creating new jobs, and keeping unemployment and inflation rates at an all-...   [tags: Papers]

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The Underground Artist as Political Spokesperson

- The Underground Artist as Political Spokesperson It has often been said that comics do not necessarily affect society as much as they reflect society. Where the latter may seem to be true, the former is the more obvious truth. The subtlety of their messages may escape the immediate notice of the average citizen, but hours, or even days later, when that person stops and uses a clever comic to illustrate a point; the artist’s statement has been made. Many subtleties appeared in the 1960’s-1970’s – no one really noticing their arrival until it was too late to prevent their existence – and many of these same subtleties made permanent changes in the way American youth perceived their world,...   [tags: Political Politics essays]

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MMP: Improving Politcal Diversity and Contrasting FPP

- It is evident that the diversity of New Zealand Parliament has increased both socially and politically since the introduction of the Mixed Member Proportionality (MMP) electoral system in 1996. The first part of this essay will focus on the mechanisms of how MMP significantly improved the political diversity in different areas. I will explain this by examining the key differences between MMP and its predecessor, First-Past-the-Post (FPP). The second part of this essay will explore the reasons why social diversity and minority representation in parliament has improved under MMP, with reference to the interesting effect of ‘macrocontagion’....   [tags: Political Science]

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Reasons For Vote For Right Wing Parties

- The Reasons of tendency to vote for right-wing parties in West. How it could be harmful. There are groups of people in most of the European countries and the USA who have voted or tend to vote for far right populist parties. These right-wing parties in a growing number of European countries have made electoral gains (Fig. 1). One example is “Alternative for Germany”, a right-wing populist political party (Decker, p. 34-39), which won 10 out of 16 German state parliaments in September 2016 (Nienaber)....   [tags: Unemployment, United States, Economics]

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The Regional Roots Of Russia 's Political Regime

- Request for Permission to Present Project to Executive Committee in October William M. Reisinger, University of Iowa; and Bryon J. Moraski, University of Florida The Regional Roots of Russia’s Political Regime In The Regional Roots of Russia’s Political Regime, William M. Reisinger and Bryon J. Moraski, examine Russian politics at the subnational level in order to augment current understandings of why democracy failed to take root and how Putin’s authoritarian regime materialized. Using multivariate analyses of gubernatorial and federal elections from 1991 to 2012 as well as multivariate analyses of the patterns of gubernatorial appointments from 2005 to 2012, the authors highlight the way...   [tags: Political science, Politics, Russia, Soviet Union]

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Abuses by All Parties in the War in Southern Sudan

- Introduction and Summary The story of the trouble in the Sudan began with the story of the trouble in Africa itself, which started over 600 years ago from about 1400 A.D. when Africa began paying the price for the misfortunes of the New World, the Old World, and especially Western Europe. In the last fifty years, the continent has had its "independence" from their colonizers. However, we know that domestic colonialism exists, imposed upon the continent by Africans themselves. The Sudan, located in eastern Africa, has a population of approximately twenty-five million people within one million square miles....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Entrenchment of Political Systems Through Colonialism in Burma and Thailand

- Between Thailand and Burma (Myanmar) military regimes have ruled for over 100 years. In this paper I shall investigate the role of colonialism in deepening and further entrenching the political system of military regimes in Burma. To show this, I will first look at the background before exploring the causal factors which help prove my thesis. I have chosen to compare Burma to Thailand because despite holding many pre-colonial similarities Thailand was never colonised, consequently many of the effects of colonialism we see in Burma, we would expect to not exist to the same extent in Thailand....   [tags: Political Systems, Military Regimes,Burma,Thailand]

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The Environmental Platform of the Republican, Democratic, and Green Parties

- The Environmental Platform of the Republican, Democratic, and Green Parties The Environment has become a hot topic in political platforms as of late. With noticeable changes in weather patterns such as El Nino, La Nina, and the steady increase in the average daily temperatures, environmentalist group's views and values have become the views and values of more of the general public. This topic has even resulted in more support of the Green Party and its leader Ralph Nader, who some environmentalists believe may have cost Al Gore the presidency....   [tags: Papers]

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The Presidency Polarized Between Two Parties

- ‘’ A Congress polarized between two parties, both of which have shed most of their moderate members and gravitated toward the ideological ends of spectrum, is also an institution torn by ill feelings that make compromise, or even corporation, difficult(Miroff, 291). Some people think that a divided government can be useful in preventing a large scale of policy change that is gravitated too far to one side of the political spectrum. As time has shown, the president’s party usually has suffered loss in midterm elections, but now the United States face a bigger problem a divided government, which occurs when one of the party is in control of Congress and the other one is in control of the W...   [tags: President of the United States, Barack Obama]

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Mississippi Politics History

- ... Second, I believe that if Nash and Taggart can work together to produce something great, the Democratic and Republican parties of Mississippi can as well. I think it is interesting how Mississippi made the switch from a “Democratic surety to a Republican stronghold,” but I do think that the transition was foreseeable. In Mississippi during 1950s and 1960s, the political ideology of White Democrats was similar to the ideology of the Republican Party at the national level, not the national Democratic Party....   [tags: compaign, history, parties, switch]

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Political Stimulation

- Political stimulation gives us the opportunity as students to learn a lot of things; for instance, the roots and the past of each and every party; what is each party ideology, believes and what are the different categories of people it's addressing and representing. Furthermore, it gives us as students the opportunity to understand a lot of the main political concepts and terminologies; it also gives the students the chance to participate somehow in the political world even if it's not a real representation....   [tags: critical essay, the learning process]

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Political Polarization in the United State

- The United States of America has engaged in the battle known as political polarization since before its foundation in 1776. From the uprising against the powerful British nation to the political issues of today, Americans continue to debate about proper ideology and attempt to choose a side that closely aligns with their personal beliefs. From decade to decade, Americans struggle to determine a proper course of action regarding the country as a whole and will often become divided on important issues....   [tags: Government, Congress]

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Should Stricter Penalties be Enforced for Voter Oppression?

- In the beginning, when our founders created the constitution, there was a struggle not only between race and color but also between male and female acknowledgement. The Year is 1776 and having land, being over 21, and in some state policies, having a religious affiliation, disqualified many individuals from casting their thoughts into so young a government. Starting with only 6% of the population having the capacity to vote, our country was founded. It has been 237 years and 11 amendments since, and we are still struggling with suffrage....   [tags: strategies for minimizing votes against parties]

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The Political Party Of The United States

- There have been several changes that have happened in the United States for the past 20 years. Firstly, the powers of presidents have been expanding at the expense of both branches, mostly in the Congress. The presidents have been using their executive orders to bypass the Congress from time to time. Follow by the interest group; the social issue such as abortion has been a big controversial topic among pro-life group and pro-choice group and the issue has been settled down by President Obama. Moreover, the media has many advantages as there are able to boost politician popularity vote, has no restriction, and one of the main sources is to generate campaign donation....   [tags: President of the United States, United States]

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