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Hedonism Is Defined As An Action That Brings Pleasure

- Hedonism is defined as an action that brings pleasure. Someone who does only those things that bring them pleasure or believes that pleasure is the most important thing is said to be a hedonist. Being a hedonist is thought to be a negative thing, but why. Shouldn’t we all strive to do things that bring us pleasure. Why would we do anything that would bring us pain or displeasure. Think of the time you were down to your last $10 for the week and barely getting by. You pass a homeless woman on the street with inadequate clothes for the weather and who is asking for food....   [tags: Utilitarianism, Ethics, Pleasure, Hedonism]

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The Pleasure of Drugs

- The Pleasure of Drugs The Oxford Dictionary defines pleasure. It is a feeling of satisfaction or joy. It is enjoyment. It is a source of pleasure or gratification. It is formally a persons will or desire. Finally they define it as sensual gratification. Now if we put these all together in one sentence, pleasure is something that brings an overall feeling of satisfaction and gratification while fulfilling desires. If that doesn’t sound good, what does. We have already determined that people naturally are drawn to altered states of consciousness....   [tags: Pleasure Drug Abuse Essays]

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Reality Bites Back: Guilty Pleasure Analysis

- Reality Bites Back, Guilty Pleasure Analysis Human beings require their pleasures for a daily need be filled, whether it be a guilty one or not, the pleasure is there. In Jennifer Pozner’s Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV we step through where reality TV has taken our guilty pleasure on another level. TV is one of every Americans center of attention at some point during the day or week, which provide us with the visualization of what we watch to become a consumption of our life and views....   [tags: human, pleasure, reality, tv, watch, trends]

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Pain for Pleasure Endured

- Pain for Pleasure Endured The intricate and complex nature of the relationship between pain and pleasure has been a source of contention and diversity of opinion for people of all eras. Shakespeare’s character Othello claims that "tis happiness to die." (Act 5 ln 295). In his situation the painful experience of dying is what he considers pleasure, he later verifies his belief in his statement by choosing to stab himself. Sir Philip Sidney, in his poem Astrophil and Stella states that "in my woes for thee thou art my joy" (108 ln 14)....   [tags: Literature Pain Pleasure Essays]

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The Confusions of Pleasure

- Timothy Brook’s book, The Confusions of Pleasure: Commerce and Culture in Ming China is a detailed account of the three centuries of the Ming Dynasty in China. The book allows an opportunity to view this prominent time period of Chinese history. Confusions of Pleasure not only chronicles the economic development during the Ming dynasty, but also the resulting cultural and social changes that transform the gentry and merchant class. Brook’s insights highlight the divide between the Ming dynasty’s idealized beliefs, and the realities of its economic expansion and its effects....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Timothy Brook]

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What is Pleasure?

- The word pleasure means a state of enjoying, satisfaction, sex… When I first think about it, I think as it is a way of having fun from something simple. I don't think pleasure is like passion. It doesn't have to mean you a lot. It isn't a wish or a goal or a life time wish. It is just finding joy from something simple and good enough to satisfy you. I concerned about it because in my mind the first definition that came up to my mind was sex. I was prejudiced about this word. But why should I be....   [tags: guilty, sex, hedonism ]

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Pleasure of Emotions

- Pleasure of Emotions On The Pleasure of Hating by William Hazlitt he reaches out to an audience of the Romance Era in Great Britain to argue his belief that emotions are ever changing (save for the emotion of hatred). Whereas the emotion of hate is therapeutic and everlasting for the human mind. According to Hazlitt his hatred is the result of politics, religions, and the aristocracy of Great Britain. Ultimately, what Hazlitt hates most is that he did not have enough hate. I believe Hazlitt wrote this piece to reveal the pleasures of hatred is in itself the pleasure of realism, sophistication and self-esteem to his peers of the Romantic Era to point out to them life is not always a soirée...   [tags: Literary Review]

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Pleasure and Pain

- Pleasure and Pain Food brings extreme happiness to some and significant torture to others. Healthy people live without life changing effects from their food choices. Unfortunately a large amount of United States citizens suffer from the harmful side of eating related disorders. While readers should understand the causes, health concerns,and preventatives of eating disorders, one way to better comprehend involves descriptions and case studies. Three major types of eating disorders affect peoples' lives....   [tags: Psychology]

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Poetry As An Art And Pleasure

- Poetry is a form of written word which has experience created by sound and meaning. It integrates various elements: Imagery; a figurative language which prompts the reader as well as the listener of the poem to create mental images. Poetic choice of words; this is based on the sound that is, denotation and connotation. Denotation refers to the accurate meaning of the word while connotation refers to the intended meaning of a word. The sound is another element of poetry which about the rhyme; words that sound similar or exactly alike in the poem....   [tags: Emotion, Meaning of life, Feeling, Art]

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Characteristics Of Pleasure And Pain

- What are the characteristics of pleasure and pain. (pp. 32-33, 36, 57-59) • The eradication of all pain is the highest attainable level of pleasure. Whenever pleasure is felt, there will never be a corresponding sensation of pain or distress (III). • A single pain will never be felt for a long duration of time. The sharpest pains leave the body relatively quickly. Those sensations that exceed pleasure will be only temporarily felt (2-3 days). However, prolonged sicknesses are accompanied by sensations of pleasure that outstrip feelings of pain (IV)....   [tags: Perception, Sense, Suffering, Justice]

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Poetry Is The Range Of Pleasure

- Poetry is not facile subject to understand. Poetry is an art form that can be interpreted various ways. The meaning of each text of poetry relies on the readers, and the author 's emotional state of mind. When poetry is being read, it is not being read for fluency. These reading are to be analyzed and interpreted through an individual’s sight, intellection and sound. According to Louis Zokofsky, “ The test of poetry is the range of pleasure it affords at sight, sound, and intellectual. This is its purpose as art”....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Allen Ginsberg, Poetry]

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Disinterested Pleasure Is An Oxymoron

- When establishing whether or not the idea of disinterested pleasure is plausible it is important to determine whether or not the phrase is an oxymoron. An oxymoron is a phrase or idea where contradictory terms or words are used together (Oxford Dictionaries 2016, Oxymoron). Therefore, if an oxymoron were present in a philosophical idea then this would be problematic as the idea would most likely be make little sense and be fallacious. There is little consensus about whether disinterested pleasure is an oxymoron....   [tags: Meaning of life, Linguistics, Oxymoron]

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The Pleasure Of Eating : Wendell Berry

- The Pleasure of Eating Wendell Berry, an environmental activist, cultural critic and a farmer tells consumers to eat “responsibly”. That consumers should realize that eating is an agricultural act. An act that gives us freedom. Meaning that every time we make choices about what we eat and who we purchase from, we are deciding what direction our food system moves. Berry states that to make a change we need to make individual choices to live free. “We cannot be free if our food its sources are controlled by someone else” (2)....   [tags: Food, Food industry, Food processing, Want]

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Nursing As A Nurse Is A Privilege And A Pleasure

- Nursing is just not a career, being a nurse is a privilege and a pleasure. My nursing career choice has the opportunity to touch the lives of patients, care givers and families every day. Although, this career is very enjoyable it must have regulations, laws and codes that nurses are required to follow. Nurses can be a good nurse or a great nurses just by possessing certain professional and personal traits and characteristics by which they practice. The nursing field also has many great historical figures and theories that shape the profession as we know it today....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Ethics, Florence Nightingale]

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Analysis Of The Article ' The Pleasure Of Eating '

- Wendell Berry write is From What Are People For. Essay the article “The Pleasure of Eating” about what people eat and how much knowledge they have have on what they eat. Berry want to explain how we need to change our eating habit and where we buy our food from. Berry goes on how we need to eat an says “Eat Responsibly” is they way we need to think about what we put in our stomach. Berry also talk about how much advertising has influence our decision of what to buy at the grocery store, He claims that we are passive customer and the ignorance of food history....   [tags: Nutrition, Food, Eating, Supermarket]

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Eating Is Not Merely A Material Pleasure

- “Eating is not merely a material pleasure. Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great importance to the morale.” (Elsa Schiaparelli) In other words, Elsa Schiaparelli believes that food is not something that you eat just because you have to, nor is it something you eat for your own personal pleasure. Eating is something social, it is something you can share with a group of people, you can talk about it with others and that in turn brings out more happiness....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Dieting, Weight loss]

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Sex Is A Source Of Pleasure

- Typically sex is a source of pleasure-- but it is not without its dangers. Discuss some of the ways in which hegemonic constructions of sexuality and expressions of sexual desire can (and does) do harm. Can we reduce or eliminate the harm done. Sex used to be an act only done to reproduce. The act was done typically at night and in private. Sex was not something done for pleasure and it was not talked about in public. (Obtained through discussions in Dr. Steele’s lectures). Throughout the years society has changed its view on sex and where, when it is done and talked about....   [tags: Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior]

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The 's Philosophy That Pleasure

- In Sovran Maxims, Epicurus lays out his philosophy that pleasure is what gives meaning to one’s life. According to Sovran Maxims, the sole purpose of life is to experience pleasure, with pleasure being defined as a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment. To maximize pleasure, pain, fear and unnecessary desires must be eliminated. Ecclesiastes is the lamentations of an old preacher. The preacher is troubled by the lack of meaning and purpose in life. He also has a focus on the cyclical nature of the world, which appears to be related to the meaninglessness of life....   [tags: Meaning of life, Life, Purpose, Suffering]

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Music Is The Pleasure The Human Soul

- Since I was young, music have always played a major part in my life and to this day it still do. I was always involved in music one way or the other, whether it was playing with my parent’s CDs and tapes as a child, taking chorus classes in middle school, or becoming a professional DJ at the start of high school; music was and forever will be one of the major driving force of my life. I consider music an undying art, that requires a different way of thinking and levels of creativity.. Similar to looking for various possible solutions for a math problem....   [tags: Musical notation, Music, Mensural notation]

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Fast Food, It Is A Guilty Pleasure

- Fast food, it is a guilty pleasure to most americans. Americans know the horrible side effects that fast food can have on them, yet recent data shows, (September 2016), that adult obesity rates are above 20 percent in all 50 states. Not just that, the childhood obesity rates have doubled in children and quadrupled in the past 30 years. In 1970, only about 15% of Americans was considered obese, and now in 2016, 20% of americans are considered obese. It is up to the new set of adults, (18 - 22 years of age), to fix this....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Childhood obesity, Food]

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Sexual Deviance: The Pleasure of Pain

- In recent years S&M, or sadomasochism, sexual relationships have become more socially accepted due to the popularity of best-selling novels like Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Yet, even the main character in this novel, Christian Grey, kept his preference for rough sex a secret from the world. Even his love interest, Anastasia Steele, finds it difficult to come to terms with his sexual preferences, and the relationship almost ends before it begins. Why is this. According to Erich Goode and D....   [tags: Sadomasochism]

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The Pleasure Of Interviewing My Mentor

- For this assignment I had the pleasure of interviewing my mentor. A gentleman that I truly admire for his endless efforts and never say enough attitude, I find him to be nothing less than the working backbone to an education system. A man that has given his life to his career in order to ensure an amazing future for all students to come. My mentor Mr. Hardy Keith Edwards. Hardy is an educator for the Compton Unified School District, he is a specialist in English language arts and a long term Substitute teacher....   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, Secondary school]

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Publix Where Shopping Is A Pleasure

- Publix…Where Shopping is a Pleasure In the good United States, people love to eat. Not to say these individuals are not appreciative, but many citizens tend to indulge and appear to take their privileged resources for granted. After all, this country offers a plethora of retail choices ranging from farmer’s markets, meat markets, and neighborhood bodegas (a.k.a. mom-and-pop-shops), specialty vegan and whole foods markets, and last but certainly not least supermarket chains. Considering the variety of choices, consumers get to set all types of criteria as to why they will or will not conduct business at a particular market place....   [tags: Supermarket, Grocery store, Kroger, Food]

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The Pleasure Of Interviewing Keith Ferrara

- Keith Ferrara, Peabody MA Senior Software Engineer at Cambridge Associates Interview I had the pleasure of interviewing Keith Ferrara, a senior software engineer at Cambridge Associates. Keith resides in Peabody, Massachusetts approximately a 30 minute commute to Boston. Attending the University of Pittsburgh from 1983 - 1987 keith earned a bachelor 's degree in Computer science after he decided in high school that software would one day run the world we live in. Keith has been working at Cambridge Associates since 2005, his previous experience includes software engineering positions at Amicore(2003 - 2005), SupplyWorks(1999 - 2002), Bay Networks(1997 - 1999), Boston Technology(1995 - 1997),...   [tags: Computer, Software engineering, Computer science]

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Reading And Reading For Pleasure

- Textbook reading and reading for pleasure are very different, in the sense that reading for pleasure does not required to take what is being read and use it to educate on a particular subject. Ones methods and styles have to change in learning and retaining the information while understanding what is being read. Reading actively requires four steps in order to prepare for writing papers, research, tests and exams these are; previewing, strategizing, concentrating, and reviewing. Everyone will develop their own reading and studying habits, these steps are just the guideline in order to enhance success....   [tags: Learning, Psychology, Study skills, Knowledge]

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Drug Addiction: Pleasure or Pain?

- Drug addiction: pleasure or pain. Drug abuse can destroy an innocent life even before a person realizes it. It usually starts out as what is thought to be harmless experimentation or done just as recreational fun, but can become devastating or even life threatening. Even though many people feel they won't get addicted to drugs or that they won't cause any bodily damage after only a few times of use, they are still extremely harmful. Drugs can cause irreversible nerve damage to the brain and brain cells and cause tissue damage as well....   [tags: Drugs]

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My Unique Privilege And Pleasure

- It is my distinct privilege and pleasure to introduce you to my father and his world. I want to personally escort you into the very throne room to meet my father and behold his glory. You will notice that though he is high and lifted up, and his train fills the temple as described by ezekiel, he stops just to have eye contact with us. The warmth of his eyes reassures us that he longs for intimacy with his offspring . His majesty does not impede his role as my father and your father. The word of god states that every hair on our head is numbered, we are described as the apple of the father’s eyes, he inscribes our name on the palm of his hands, and he invites us to abide under his wings....   [tags: Love, Emotion, Christianity, Father]

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Social Aid And Pleasure Clubs

- Social aid and pleasure clubs (SAPCs) are at the roots of a huge amount of the unique and defining elements of New Orleans culture. Its well known that things like second line parades and jazz are all special to this city but many visitors lack an understanding about the history, cultural context, and significance of these things; they are often commodified and decontextualized at the same time. SAPCs have played a significant role in many of the features of the city that are touted by the tourism board; second lines, jazz funerals, and jazz music itself....   [tags: Jazz, African American, New Orleans, Jazz funeral]

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Aesthetic Pleasure and Theories

- When it comes to aesthetic pleasure, there are many ways of arriving at the notion that something is aesthetically pleasing or something is art, cultures differ, but there are four theories that allow discussion on how or why something is aesthetically pleasing. These theories are; The Theory of Expression, The Theory of Representation, Institutional Theory and Formal Theory. But before proceeding one must understand what aesthetic pleasure is. Aesthetic pleasure is the pleasure received from seeing or hearing something beauty, as long as something is beautiful then that something is art....   [tags: Music, Rap]

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The Pleasure-Dome of Xanadu

- Romanticism. An era in which the margins of art seethed into the imaginations of the individual. Which captured each artist’s ornamented perception of one’s mental and physical world. In a completely chaotic whirlwind of obscure natural concoctions and a bizarre stylistic approach, Samuel Taylor Coleridge immaculately models the broader spectrum of Romantic literature in his infamous poem, “Kubla Khan.” Through his obscure structural foundation and recurring syntactical elements, Coleridge guides us in a dreamlike trance through the “pleasure-dome” of Xanadu, a portal into the fascinating mind of one of the world’s greatest Romanticists....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Romanticism]

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Happiness, Wealth, And Pleasure

- What is happiness. Our society has defined happiness as a thought of a good life, freedom from suffering, flourishing, well being, joy, prosperity, and pleasure. But what would happen if none of these things existed, what would happiness be then. After I gave it some thought I came to realize our society has made happiness a place. However, I’ve found that my happiness is not some place you can find. My experiences and lessons I’ve collected throughout my short years have shown me that you can’t attain Happiness, you must decide to get to her....   [tags: Happiness, Personal life, Family, Thought]

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The Pleasure Of Meaning

- <a href="">Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites Abstract People often confuse satisfaction or pleasure with meaning. It is one thing to ask "How" (what Science does), another to seek an answer to "Why" (a teleological quest in most cases) and still different to contemplate the "What for". For instance: people often do something because it gives them pleasure or satisfaction – however this does not endow the act with meaning....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Utilitarianism And The Greatest Pleasure For The Most People

- Happiness is the ultimate goal in life. Utilitarianism is simple, it claims that an action is morally right if and only if doing the action maximizes pleasure. An action is morally wrong if it fails to maximize pleasure. it help people, and morally wrong actions harm people You make people happy when you help them and you make them unhappy when you harm them. In this paper, I will show that Utilitarianism is a true ethical theory because it (benefits the greater good) is encompasses all beings in society, is impartial (nonpartisan)....   [tags: Morality, Human, Ethics, Religion]

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Living With The Middle English Word Pleasure

- The issue analyzed by this paper is whether people should move in together before marriage. For example my boyfriend and I have talked about moving in together even though we aren’t married yet. I wonder this because I would like to move in with my boyfriend before marriage, however in my family living with your significant other before marriage is not acceptable. Bentham argues his general theory about calculating happiness he writes “nature has placed mankind under the governance of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure” (Bentham 70) This means that his theory for calculating happiness is based on how much pleasure is given by a particular act....   [tags: Happiness, Utilitarianism, Categorical imperative]

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Pleasure: The Realisation of Place through the Senses

- ... It is the form of experience. In order to attain pleasure in a space one must experience it first, it is through these experience that one is able to relate to a space both physically and emotionally. Tuan (1975) argues that human beings in their nature require a sense of belonging and purpose, therefore a place should engender a sense of belonging and identity. This can be achieved through the nature of experience for example through visual qualities in the environment, a distinctive odour, texture of something, seasonal changes in temperature and taste of some foods....   [tags: sensory qualities are subjective]

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The Interior and Exterior Stimuli that Cause Pleasure

- It is truly amazing how the brain works and reacts to stimuli that people find the most pleasure in. There is one part of the brain that controls the pleasure that the body feels through various actions such as sex, drugs, and even eating. The brain is working in more ways than one can imagine behind the scenes and this is what makes the human body such an amazing instrument. But sometimes the body makes it too good of a thing and it turns into addiction. There is a reward system that controls the feeling of pleasure through stimuli that can be physical such having sex or using drugs and mental such thinking about a significant other....   [tags: how the human brain works]

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Epicurus And The Two Means Of Finding Pleasure

- The term hedonism implies that pleasure is the most important thing in life (Merriam-Webster, 2016). Most of us spend our lives in pursuit of things that we find pleasant, thereby having a rich and happy existence. This research paper evaluates various different methods for achieving long-lasting, sustainable pleasure in life. In America we are all guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For as many people there are in this country there is an equal number of differing opinions of what a happy life is....   [tags: Happiness, Positive psychology, Psychology]

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American And Doctor 's Pleasure Of A Cigarette

- “Men and women with irritation of the nose and throat due to smoking were instructed to change to Phillip Morris Cigarettes. Then day after day, each doctor kept a record of each case. The final results, published in authoritative medical journals, proved conclusively that when smokers changed to Phillip Morris Cigarettes, every case of irritation cleared completely or definitely improved” (Gardner & Brandt, 2006, p. 224). This report by licensed physicians was a representation that doctors smoked this cigarette brand for the pleasure so it was okay for the viewers to also smoke it....   [tags: African American, Jim Crow laws, COINTELPRO]

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The Pleasure Of Interviewing Brian Lin On Sunday

- I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Lin on Sunday, October 30th at J&B Coffee in Lubbock, Texas for about fifty minutes. Throughout our conversation, he struck me as a genuine young man who is authentically interested in learning more about the world around him, meshing his current realities with his spiritual one. When I asked what drives him, Brian told me that he hopes to be an interesting person, driven by the people he admires the most, to find out what that actually means to him. When I first sat down with Brian, it was very apparent that he is shaped by the example set by his father, a Yale alum from Taiwan, who Brian said is the wisest person he knows and hopes to follow his exa...   [tags: Knowledge, Learning]

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The Pleasure Of Interviewing Ms. Crystal Vazquz

- I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Crystal Vázquz, she is a receptionist at the Salvation Army and a Spanish teacher. Her family moved here to the U.S from Isabella Puerto Rico. Her mother was the one to initiate the big move because she saw better job opportunities to create a better life for her children. Crystal stated “I was 13 when we moved here to the U.S” but she remembers a lot, a lot of the food that was prepared in here country, the ingredients were from their backyards no one used frozen foods to prepare a dish....   [tags: United States, U.S. state, Puerto Rico]

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My Stay at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

- Disney world, Paris, Australia, Italy; all amazing places I’m sure, but I’ve never been. Although there is one place I have been to; it was none other than Blackpool Pleasure Beach. So you say to yourself, on one hand there is Blackpool and on the other there is Australia… now I know which one I’d rather go to. However, it all boils down to one thing: money. Good old money; that “green stuff” which makes the world go around. So with lack of that very thing, it had to be ‘sunny old Blackpool’: how exciting....   [tags: narrative, travel, descriptive]

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I Had The Pleasure Sitting Down

- For this assignment I had the pleasure sitting down with Emily Petermeier and getting an insight on what the real nursing world is like. Emily graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Nursing in May 2015, and got a job at Fairview East Bank Hospital. This interview really helped me understand what it is like to be a new nurse and the dedication that I have to have going through nursing school and throughout my career. In the interview you will see the perspective of Emily’s endeavors after college and insight for future nurses or nursing students....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nurse education]

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What Is Pleasure?

- Pleasure is a source of enjoyment or delight, as described by Hedonism is the pursuit of or devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses. Your view of pleasure clearly depends on which time period you are living in, talking about, and what you believe. For example if you lived when Epicurus lived you might believe that pain and pleasure are two different things, but if you live now and listen to Queen you might believe that pain and pleasure are not completely different things....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Hierarchy of Pleasure

- Hierarchy of Pleasure Physical pleasure, specifically sexual fulfillment, is an intrinsic part of human beings' lives. It can bring great joy and happiness to people while at the same time strengthening the bonds of morality. This can be seen in the consummation of a marriage and the subsequent creation of a new life. However, physical pleasure is often sought for the wrong reasons, and though it may bring one person a great amount of enjoyment, many times it is at the expense of others and thus morally wrong....   [tags: Papers]

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What Can Be More Basic Than Food

- “What can be more basic than food itself. Food to begin to grow. Without it, you’d starve to death, even academics. But don’t stop there, my friend, don’t stop there, because food is the point of departure. A place where growth begins.” – Hiromi Goto, Chorus of Mushrooms A forgotten woman, Naoe sits in her chair in the hall and sees all that happens around her (Goto 3). Naoe relentlessly mutters in Japanese, but her daughter and son-in-law will not hear her (4). Memories of miso-shiru and crunchy daikon (5) drift through Naoe’s mind, while her daughter’s own “forsaken identity” has converted from “rice and daikon to wieners and beans” (13)....   [tags: Pleasure, Hedonism, Pleasure principle]

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Aristotle and the Highest Form of Pleasure

- Aristotle and the Highest Form of Pleasure After nine books of contemplating different aspects of the human good, Aristotle uses this opportunity to claim contemplation as the highest form of pleasure. The final book in Nicomachean Ethics is concerned with pleasures: the understanding of each kind, and why some pleasures are better than other pleasures. The book is essentially divided into two main parts, being pleasure and happiness. I will use Terence Irwin’s translation and subdivisions as a guiding map for my own enquiry, and any quotation from will be taken from this text....   [tags: Papers]

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Why Are Students Not Reading For Pleasure At School Or Home?

- According to the “American Time Use Survey” conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average a teenager spends six minutes a day for pleasure reading. Daniel Willingham who wrote, “For the Love of Reading: Engaging Students in a Lifelong Pursuit,” discusses how educators can help motivate reluctant readers at school and home through the use of research-based practices; instead, of ignoring the problem or blaming digital technology as the culprit. Therefore, when students are motivate to read they will want to read for pleasure....   [tags: Education, Time, Motivation]

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Aristotle, Temperance, Pleasure, and Pain

- Aristotle, Temperance, Pleasure, and Pain(1) ABSTRACT: Aristotle argues that temperance is the mean concerned with pleasure and pain (NE 1107b5-9 and 1117b25-27). Most commentators focus on the moderation of pleasures and hardly discuss how this virtue relates to pain. In what follows, I consider the place of pain in Aristotle’s discussion of temperance and resolve contradictory interpretations by turning to the following question: is temperance ever properly painful. In part one, I examine the textual evidence and conclude that Aristotle would answer no to our question....   [tags: Philosophy Research Papers]

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Discovering Something New On Food : Pleasure By Trish Hall

- We discovered it, we lost it, and it is coming back: Pleasure in food. The essay “Discovering something new in food: Pleasure” by Trish Hall addresses the matter of food from a different angle; in fact, food, like fashion, is affected by trends. The author analyzes a new trend that might affect food in the near future. Nowadays processed food has gained a greater portion of space on markets shelves; therefore, according to the author, people are starting to associate pleasurable food with negative emotions which instead of making eating pleasant, it has become the complete opposite (Hall 1)....   [tags: Nutrition, Food, Food industry, Food processing]

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Life in Utopia: Monotonous Life Against Pleasure

- MONOTONOUS LIFE AGAINST PLEASURE Just because everything is pre-planned, life in Utopia is so very monotonous that people had to adopt a pleasure-based approach about life, based on happiness and happiness alone: “In fact, they do everything they can to make people enjoy themselves.”²⁹, “Here they seem rather too much inclined to take a hedonistic view, for according to them human happiness consists largely or wholly in pleasure.”³⁰ That hedonism is not rooted in pure and plain pleasure of self-amusement and self-entertainment....   [tags: women´s right, lifestyle, wonderland]

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Aristotle on Nobility and Pleasure

- “The lovers of what is noble find pleasant the things that are by nature pleasant; and virtuous actions are such… Their life, therefore, has no further need of pleasure as a sort of adventitious charm, but has pleasure in itself.” Ethics, I.8 Aristotle was a student under Plato, and although he did not believe in the metaphysical Forms that Plato so firmly believed in, he did apply an element of the theory behind the Forms. Instead, what Aristotle postulated was that there was some ultimate, some final goal to which we all reach, but instead of being some unattainable goal, it was very simple: happiness....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Dopamine's role in the Psychological Architecture of Pleasure and Reward

- Dopamine's role in the psychological architecture of pleasure and reward indicates that it is a major element in the determination of reinforcement (Arias-Carrión & Pöppel, 2007, p. 484). This role was postulated from the discovery of dopamine in reward pathways that are found originating from the midbrain (2). From these discoveries, it has been shown that dopamine has a profound impact upon the existence of “reward-seeking behaviors” (Arias-Carrión & Pöppel, 2007, p. 481). A 2006 study done by Mathias Pessiglione and his colleagues demonstrated that subjects given L-DOPA, a precursor to dopamine, were more likely to remember decisions that led to rewards and continue to make those decision...   [tags: Anatomy, The Brain, Midbrain]

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The Importance Of Pleasure And Pain By John Stuart Mill

- Pleasure and pain are aspects of everyday life. To a utilitarian, an action that gives pleasure or the removes pains for the largest amount of people is morally right (John Stuart Mill, What Utilitarianism Is Pg. 182 Sec. 2) . As such, letting a murderer in your home would seem to be outlandish and would result in pain for yourself and those who are around you. Kantians would go against utilitarians (intending happiness) saying it is not the consequence but the motive that decides whether an action has moral worth (Immanuel Kant, Section I Pg.50 4:394)....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Utilitarianism, Morality, Ethics]

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Gwendolyn Brooks 's Poetry : A Search Of Self Pleasure

- Breath in Poetry: In search of self-pleasure Although, they are different style in the writing, one poem rhymes and the other simply not, Gwendolyn Brooks’ “First Fight. Then Fiddle” and Sylvia Plath’s “Lady Lazarus” share some common ideas. Both poems talk about death and survival and about the darkness of evil that lurks inside the snatched lives. In “First Fight. Then Fiddle”, Brooks addresses although life can be intimidating with many turns, enjoyment of it can be captivating. Brooks also embraces the fact that love can be hurting and music can be tasteless....   [tags: Poetry, Meaning of life, Sylvia Plath, Rhyme]

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Visual Pleasure And Narrative Cinema By Laura Mulvey

- Kubrick’s Gaze In Laura Mulvey’s article “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” she uses the concept of scopophilia, or pleasure obtained through looking at things, to discuss the portrayal of women in film as passive sexual objects, while inferring that it is the active male “gaze” that objectifies them. Mulvey’s ideas are extremely relevant to Stanley Kubrick’s final film Eyes Wide Shut, in which the themes of sexuality and voyeurism are abundant. The gender roles are very clearly defined in Eyes Wide Shut....   [tags: Laura Mulvey, Film theory, Gender, Gender role]

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Visual Pleasure And Narrative Cinema By Laura Mulvey

- Laura Mulvey wrote the article, “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” in 1973 and later it was published in 1975. During this period, the Western society was highly patriarchal and was constructed along the lines of stereotypical gender roles and representations. This was a time when men were independent, women were dependent on men, and this gave men absolute supremacy over women, an issue Mulvey addresses in her article. Mulvey is not the only one who spoke about this matter. John Berger, an author, wrote about the sexual imbalance that existed in society and about gender roles in his book, “Ways of Seeing” which was published in 1972....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Woman, Nudity]

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The Pleasure I Got from the Princess Stone

- “Oh, what a beautiful thing; a thing so unimaginable, so personal, so realistic, so elegant.” I said as I lay my eyes on it. I guess I have been addicted to it every since. For quite some time now, I have just begun to realize how important that “thing” is to me. The pleasure I get by looking at “it” is just indescribable. My eyes just do not seem to move away from it; right from the time, it was given to me. My first interaction with ‘it” came when I was only a puny, little girl. I was around the age of eight at that time my parents gave “it” to me....   [tags: jewelry, ]

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Visual Pleasure And Narrative Cinema By Laura Mulvey

- In Se7en, female characters are hardly displayed or played in a clearly constructed role that ideological society planned for them: supporting the man. In “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”, Laura Mulvey states “Psychoanalytic theory is this appropriate here as a political weapon, demonstrating the way the unconscious of patriarchal society has structure film form” (837). By looking at the three looks associated with cinema: the camera, the audience, and the characters at each other she discuss the constructed gender roles within society’s ideology....   [tags: Sociology, Gender role, Laura Mulvey, John Doe]

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I Had The Pleasure Interviewing Mr. Hills

- I had the pleasure interviewing Mr. Daryl Hills. Mr. Daryl Hills was a long-term substitute counselor at Cone Elementary, during my first four months working there. I worked at Cone Elementary as a Tutor for AmeriCorps through Black Child Development Institute of Greensboro. He was one of the first employees I met Cone Elementary, when he discovered I was a graduate student at North Carolina A&T State University our interactions became more frequent. He was excited to know that I was pursuing my Masters in School Counseling, he spoke very highly of the counseling profession and about his experience....   [tags: School counselor, High school, College, School]

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I Had The Pleasure Of Attending This Years Spring Dance

- I had the pleasure of attending this years Spring Dance Concert. As a dancer I love being presented different types of dance, I feel as though it broadens your views as an artist. What I appreciated the most was the boundaries pushed by the dancers and choreographers at this years spring recital. The first piece “A taste of Majorette” was very upbeat piece that began with the dancers in the aisle alongside the audience. The piece was very upbeat and the dancers were wearing royal blue leotards, it was visually stimulating, the spins and kicks reminded me of the “New York City Rockettes”....   [tags: Dance, Performance, Choreography]

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Bmw : The Ultimate Driving Machine, And Sheer Driving Pleasure

- CASE 1 BMW pack, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is one of the mainly fruitful multi kind finest motor makers in the globe. BMW is a German motor; motorbike and mechanical assembly makers created in 1916 and have been by and large trade consequent to 1969. The association 's aphorism in English is "The Ultimate Driving Machine" and Sheer Driving Pleasure. The undertaking convey, and business sector, a pied choice of senior end dynamic automobiles and bicycles. It is moreover own and make the little thing and is the watchman business of Roll-Royce vehicle Cars....   [tags: Toyota, Lexus, Kiichiro Toyoda, Automobile]

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I Had The Pleasure Of Interviewing A Wonderful Professor

- I had the pleasure of interviewing a wonderful professor by the name of Carolyn Szafran. Professor Szafran is a Field Practicum Coordinator/Lecturer in Social Work at the School of Applied Studies at Washburn University. I chose to interview Professor Szafran because of her compassion in social work and her interest in reducing childhood poverty. I am currently employed in the before and after school program at Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka. There I aide in mentoring our youth, especially those in need, to reach their fullest potential as productive and responsible citizens....   [tags: College, Higher education, Kansas, University]

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My Pleasure That I Got At Miss. C

- It was to my pleasure that I got to interview Miss. C. Miss. C is a 18-year-old from originally North Platte Nebraska, then latter moved to Kearney where she is living currently. Miss. C was born on February 25th of 1997. She was originally from North Platte then moved to Scotts Bluff and finally ended up in Kearney Nebraska where she lives on campus within her sorority house. Miss. C is currently going to college at the University of Nebraska Kearney and participating in the accelerated program....   [tags: Psychology, Sociology, Cystic fibrosis]

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I Have The Pleasure Of Teaching Katie Vanderespt

- I have had the pleasure of teaching Katie VanderEspt in class for three years; in Advanced Geometry as an 8th grader, Pre-Calculus as a sophomore, and currently as a junior in AP Calculus. In 8th grade, she chose to arrive at school an hour earlier in order to take Advanced Geometry at the high school. Katie 's most relevant academic strength is her willingness to keep trying. During class and after school, I will often find Katie trying to work out problems on her own. Even after I have demonstrated the solution to the class, Katie will take the time to try again to work the problem out without assistance from others or her notes....   [tags: Anxiety, High school, Panic attack]

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I Had The Pleasure Of Participating Field Experience

- I had the pleasure of participating field experience in a second grade classroom in California Area Elementary School. This school is located in the small town of California, Pennsylvania. The town has around 6,585 residents, therefore the school is quite small. Though this school is small in stature, their progress is quite the opposite. Recently, California Area Elementary School has jumped 19 spots in the ranking. In 2010, the graduation rate of the school districts was 97%. In 2011, their attendance rate was 93%and it 2009, 2.03% of students were gifted....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Teaching]

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I Had The Pleasure Of Observing Mrs. Smith

- I had the pleasure of observing Mrs. Smith 11tth and 12th grade AP Biology course at St. Paul School for girls. During my observation, I noticed that Mrs. Smith displayed a strong interaction between her and her students. There were no challenges that hindered her ability to effectively communicate and interact with her students. She had a great communication with her students because she listened to their concerns and problems and guided them through numerous strategies that helped strengthen their problem solving skills....   [tags: Education, Learning, Educational psychology]

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Nightlife Pleasure vs. Pressure

- Nightlife Pleasure vs. Pressure Lebanese nightlife mixes people of all ages & backgrounds together into a very unique mode of entertainment. Some people are against going out at night and others are addicted to going out nightly. The different perspectives of the various people give better insight on finding out just how serious some issues on nightlife affect one another. If there is a direct way to find out just how the night life is for those that go out, no other person would be better to hear it from then the average college student....   [tags: miscellaneous]

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Analysis Of Hiromi Goto 's Chorus Of Mushrooms

- In Hiromi Goto’s Chorus of Mushrooms, the intense interplay of food, motherhood, and sexuality yields a single harmonious product, pleasure, with which Naoe aims to reclaim her own complete identity. A forgotten woman, Naoe sits in her chair in the hall and sees all that happens around her (Goto 3). Memories of miso-shiru and crunchy daikon (5) drift through Naoe’s mind, while her daughter’s own “forsaken identity” has converted from “rice and daikon to wieners and beans” (13). Naoe’s identity is deeply rooted in the foods of her childhood and culture....   [tags: Pleasure, Hedonism, Pleasure principle, Nutrition]

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Biography of Dr. Cornel West

- Dr. Cornel West is one of most brilliant intellectuals of our time. He is popularly known as a philosopher, activist, and academic. He was born June 2, 1953 in Tulsa Oklahoma, but was raised in Sacramento, California with his three other siblings. His mother was an elementary school teacher, and father was a civilian administrator for the U.S. Air Force. As a Young man, he found great interest in the social and economic restoration of African Americans; he participated in civil rights marches and fought against the egregious cavity that was present in his high school and among many other schools, which was the absence of black studies courses....   [tags: pleasure, comfort]

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Use of Disquietude and Pleasure in Oedipus the King

- Use of Disquietude and Pleasure in Oedipus the King       At the very core of  Sophocles' tragedy, Oedipus the King, lies emotional confusion. Sophocles purposely creates within his readers this sense of emotional confusion and self-awareness through his use of both disquietude and pleasure.    When he grows up, unknowing of his adoption, he discovers his doomed fate from an Oracle.  Seeking to escape it, he flees from Colonus.  Once upon the road, Oedipus discovers his path blocked by a man, whom he perceives to be a robber.  He kills this man, who turns out to be his father, and unknowingly fulfills the first part of the prophecy.  Soon, he comes to Thebes, which is being terrorize...   [tags: Oedipus the King Oedipus Rex]

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Aristotle's Poetics: Complexity and Pleasure in Tragedy

- Aristotle's Poetics: Complexity and Pleasure in Tragedy Aristotle 384-322 BC First, the instinct of imitation is implanted in man from childhood, one difference between him and other animals being that he is the most imitative of living creatures, and through imitation learns his earliest lessons; and no less universal is the pleasure felt in things imitated. We have evidence of this in the facts of experience. Objects which in themselves we view with pain, we delight to contemplate when reproduced with minute fidelity Poetics Chapter 1V In his Poetics [1] Aristotle classifies plot into two types: simple [haplos], and complex [peplegmenos]....   [tags: Aristotle Poetics Essays]

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An Argument Against The Morality Of The Concept Of A Person Or Person 's Pleasure

- With Utilitarianism as a whole, I view the idea as a concept that has the potential to be good in theory, but only to an extent, and as one that will, without a doubt, always fail in actual practice. In an argument against it, I view that with this mindset, while we try to focus on how to maximize a person or person’s pleasure/happiness/etc. we gloss over far too many other factors that can have a major effect on the morality of the concept. Along with the morality, sometimes when a person may find pleasurable can be detrimental to their physical and emotional health, their mental stability, and their relationships with others....   [tags: Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill, Jeremy Bentham]

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Robert Nozick's Experiment, The Experience Machine and the Inclusion of Meta-Pleasure

- ... However, utilitarianism is not without its critics. One notable critique about the notion of hedonism, or the utilitarian concept that states that pleasure and freedom from pain are the only meaningful ends, is the thought experiment wherein there exists machine that can simulate any experience (Nozick 644). The “experience machine” would be able to cause the user to experience anything they choose, all while keeping them unaware that they are plugged into the machine. If “pleasure, and the freedom from pain are the only thing desirable as ends” (Mill 172) then it should not matter whether we are plugged into a machine or not, but Nozick concludes that people do not desire to be connect...   [tags: utilitarianism, mind-control, hedonism]

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The Pursuit of Wealth, Power, and Pleasure in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

- Hugh Hefner once said, “I looked back on the roaring Twenties, with its jazz, 'Great Gatsby' and the pre-Code films as a party I had somehow managed to miss.” The parties of the Roaring Twenties were used to symbolize wealth and power in a society that was focused more on materialism and gossip than the important things in life, like family, security, and friends. The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, portrays the characters of Tom and Daisy Buchanan as the epitome of the era. The reader sees these characters acting selfishly and trying to meddle with others’ lives....   [tags: materialism, jealousy, money]

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Pleasure in the theories of Samuel Johnson, William Wordsworth and Terry Eagleton

- The development of pleasure can be seen in Samuel Johnson’s preface to Shakespeare, which examines Shakespeare’s ability to please the reader over many years. Shakespeare has this ability because his focus was on the universal. This idea is supported in William Wordsworth’s theory where the emphasis is on community pleasure through the use of simple language. The result of these two theories can be seen in Terry Eagleton’s theory where we see that the use of the universal causes the increase in popularity of literature among the middle-class....   [tags: literature, shakespeare]

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Society Of Good Intentions : Perceived Benevolence Soothes Pain, Increase Pleasure, And Improves

- In the Power of Good Intentions: Perceived Benevolence Soothes Pain, Increase Pleasure, and Improves, there are three major experiments that are conducted to test whether benevolent intensions undergoing stimuli can have a positive effect on how they are perceived (Kurt Gray Social Psychological and Personality Science). These perceived behaviors can be explained from social context and experience, pleasure, taste, and generalizability, benevolence and flexibility to modern research. Topics model the analysis to try and figure out more information in which could contribute to existing one....   [tags: Research, Psychology, Experiment, Intention]

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I Had The Pleasure Of Interviewing A Twenty -four Year Old

- I had the pleasure of interviewing a fifty –four year old woman whom I have known my entire life. She is my mother Jenny Piroska. She currently holds roles as daughter, mother, wife, sister, and therapist. My mother is in the midlife stage of her life. According to Erikson my mother is in middle adulthood or generativity vs Stagnation where she is focused on work and parenthood (Belsky, 2013). She was obedient child that require very little redirection from the guideline set by her parents while she was growing up....   [tags: Family, High school, Sibling, Marriage]

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Pleasure - The Driving Force in all Human Achievement

- Pleasure - The Driving Force in all Human Achievement Every choice we make as humans, whether conscious or not, is made with our own pleasure in mind. When we choose to buy a pack of chocolate, go to church, or even go to work, we do it with the goal of maximizing our own pleasure. The choices we make are those that we feel will give us the greatest pleasure. We spend our entire lives trying to maximize pleasure and minimize pain; this is the essence of man. Aristippus was one of the first philosophers of ancient Greece to state that the focus of life is pleasure....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Seeking Pleasure And Agression Is Part Of Human Instinct

- Seeking Pleasure and Agression Is Part of Human Instinct Name: Mohamed Fakhry A.Wahab Based on Freud concepts of pleasure and aggression, discuses Hay Ibn Yaqzan and The Island of Animals It is said to be that seeking pleasure and aggression are a part of our human Instinct. We seek pleasure to shorten the time of our unhappiness. We live in a constant struggle to be always happy, and we use all the ways that take us to happiness. Aggression, on the otherhand, is a part of our human nature, which can be hidden deep down in our subconcousnes and explodes in certain situations, or it can be on the surface of our behavior and inconstant use....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Bentham 's Choice Of The Life Of Haydn, And That His Choice

- Asking which life is worth leading, and which life holds more value is a complex question. I strongly believe that human life, with all it’s highs, lows, and flaws is the richest and fullest form of life. It is for that reason I will argue that Mill would choose to live the life of Haydn, and that his choice is better than Bentham’s. Before I discuss Mill’s choice, and explain why it is the better choice, let us discuss Bentham’s choice. Bentham was a quantitative hedonistic utilitarian. Simply put, it means he seeks pleasure and believes the right choice is the choice that amounts to the most pleasure....   [tags: Utilitarianism, Pleasure, Hedonism, Life]

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