• The Platform Of The Android Platform

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    The Android Platform is a software stack composing of a few key components. It was designed to support mobile devices and the creation of applications. The components of the android platform can be viewed as “layers” (see photo in Appendix). The layers from lowest to highest are, the linux kernel, system libraries, the android runtime, the application framework and the applications. The linux kernel provides a permission architecture so that you can restrict access to data and resources to only processes

  • The Online Platform

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    The anonymity of the online platform also impacts the consequences of pornography. Specifically, “the feeling of anonymity promoted significantly more hostile sexist attitudes toward women” (Shim and Paul 2014). There is a reduction in self-awareness when viewers feel their viewing patterns are anonymous, which results in them seeking more extreme scenes (Shim and Paul 2014). The ability to watch pornography in private allows one to do so without being forced to comply with social norms (Shim

  • Social Media Platforms

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    Social media platforms continue to pose an essential tool to utilize in a company or business. When it comes to choosing which platform is right and one that will be utilized to its fullest, select those that offer potential for reaching a specific target audience. It takes a lot of teamwork, time and resources to be able to obtain each platform to its fullest potential. In order to be successful, make sure to prepare and follow through in at least a few best practices for social media so you are

  • The Electric Vehicle Platform

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    1 Introduction The concept of Electric Vehicle Platform (EVP) is come with the support of the green energy and to protect the campus environment. Prediction of the battery size and capacity is the most essential thing for the EVPs. Exterior of the vehicle bodies and the rotating wheels makes the flow fully three dimensional. The power consumption is a matter of demand and the supply, on the demand side the power requirement for propulsion of the vehicle which includes rolling resistance and the air

  • Marketing With Online Platforms

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    Introduction There are several of online platforms that can give businesses the enormous opportunity to engage potential customers. For instance, it is essential to have social media, this way, one doesn’t have to chase and annoy people with phone calls or direct mail. Continuing this further, in the late 2011 more than 1,000 businesses were surveyed on, “What is the top challenge in content marketing programs?” and this assessment showed that “producing engaging content” was the challenge. So, in

  • How Media Is A Cross Platform

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    “All media are cross Platform” what is the meaning of the word cross platform and when does a media become a cross platform? This essay is going to explain in detail how media companies use each platforms to attracted more and new consumers. How do media companies use one specific text to create multiple platforms and why do they do so? Besides that what are media convergences? Harry Potter will be used as the main case study for this essay, it will explain how Harry Potter started and how it became

  • Using An Endpoint Protection Platform

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    threats they should look into using an endpoint protection platform. An endpoint protection platform (EPP) “provides a collection of security utilities to protect PCs and tablets” (Firstbrook, P., Girard, J., & MacDonald, N. 2013, p.1). There are many features when choosing an endpoint protection platform that can help protect businesses confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The market for creating an endpoint protection platform has been in a huge demand for businesses that want to implement

  • Website Hosting Platforms And Websites

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    Blogger vs. WordPress the Winner Revealed There are so many website hosting platforms and websites available on the internet for blogging purposes and many others. Two very eminent names which come to mind when it comes to blog hosting is Blogger and WordPress. Since newbies find it very difficult as to which of these two to choose, it is very imperative for everybody who would love to own a blog get know the differences in features that they both share and have. They both have some features which

  • The Impact Of Technology On The Platform Of Education

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    New York in 2001, technology has been developing rapidly throughout the United States and to the world. Technology also influenced to the new platform of education in all states. Besides that, Toby Litt, "The Reader and Technology" and Diane Ravitch, "Promise and Peril" both agree with similar arguments about using technology in education affects of the platform of education and students; however, they also demonstrate the specific differences by showing the bad results of each individual: whereas Litt

  • The Influence of the Populist Platform on America

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    political party the populists. The party’s goal was to replace the democrats (capitalists) as the nation’s second party and being able to return the stolen privileges and rights of the poor producing class. By 1892 the party issued a document called the platform. It addressed the farmers’ nation and their conditions. Also, it “put forth a long list of proposals to restore democracy and economic opportunity”(Foner, 2013,p.642) and to create the social conditions of freedom. The smallholders (farmers)

  • The Democratic Platform Of The United States

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    The Republican platform was in favor of Cuban independence and setting up a government in Puerto Rico. It favored construction of the Panama Canal and protective tariffs. The platform warned that businesses should not infringe upon the rights and interest of the people. It also was in favor for equal voting rights for Southern blacks. That last plank made TR wildly unpopular in the South and would allow Parker to win all the Southern states (“Roosevelt v. Parker” 1). TR would receive over $2 million

  • All Media Is Cross Platform

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    cross media can be defined as a “…story or experience that is distributed across multiple media platforms using a variety of media forms.” (crossmedia innovations) which has increased since technology revolutionised and has become a huge part of our lives. The media in today’s society has arguably become much freer to do what they want than ever before because of the growth of cross media platforms and technology. There has been a rise of blogs, the uploading of videos and a massive growth of social

  • Analysis Of Social Media Platforms

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    Taylor Abramson Social Media Platforms Social media is the technology that connects people—whether it’s to share content or just to chat. Social media marketing is the way organizations use technology to build relationships, drive repeat business, and attract new customers through friends sharing with friends. A company uses social networks to allow the public to make their opinion and ideas heard. This way each participant contributes to the success of the marketing department, as information

  • Student Republican Party Platform

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    be. After reviewing the 1996 Republican Party platform we have decided to take a more moderate approach toward our future. Some points from the 1996 platform were proven to be steadfast while other views have turned a hand up into a hand across the face. We have seen the errors of our ways and although we feel that cutting back is in the best interest of the public, we must develop programs to make the poor more self-sufficient. Like the 1996 platform, we believe in the two-parent household. By

  • Teaching Platform : The Purpose Of Schooling

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    Teaching Platform: The purpose of schooling: • Facilitate learning in a community • Provide lasting knowledge • Produce a learning society, one that thinks intensively and critically • Stimulate children’s thinking and keeps them interested in education and continuing knowledge Image of a learner: • Students are not blank slates, rather they all have something to offer, there is something to be learned from everyone • Every learner has potential • Learners are vessels for learning that come from

  • Technology And The Onset Of Social Platforms

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    Changes in technology and the onset of social platforms have lead to drastic changes in the way users consume information. Today, the audience has become impatient and wants updates regarding news stories as they happen. They gravitate toward news outlets that are less traditional and have become extremely interactive with social television. With the onset of social media in recent years, there are many new and innovative ways to get the news. Through the use of Twitter and Facebook, users can find

  • My View On A Railway Platform

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    we only have a surface view as we might have on a railway platform, whereas God has the overarching view as the train controllers would from the command station. Our walk has to progress to one of faith. This process of growth will challenge us to forsake our unbelief and our concurrent false trust in other crutches that we use instead of placing our trust in God for our needs throughout our life. We wrestle with their flesh that their faith may be increased through the intimate knowledge of

  • Functions of an OS Platform-(03)

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    For example, the following Netware products can run on Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Linux servers, beside its native platform Netware. eDirectory is a global security database that provides a list of user names and shared network resources (printers, files, folders, etc.) that can used to access multiple servers using multiple network operating systems. Running on multiple platforms allows networks consisting of diverse clients and servers appear as one. Formally, eDirectory was called NDS (Novell

  • Belize Barrier Reef Platform

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    animals is going to affect our planet. Luckily there are groups established such as the World Heritage Group which work to preserve these areas and unique ecosystems along with their plant and animal life. One such place is the Belize Barrier Reef platform which lies on the Atlantic-Caribbean coast of Belize. The Reserve was inscribed as a natural World Heritage property in 1996 and belongs to the Central American biogeographically province. It is made up of the following areas: Bacalar Chico National

  • Examples of Mass Media Platforms

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    Mass Media platforms can be defined as social media, magazines, newspaper, television, movies, advertisements and Internet (including social media) (Vonderen & Kinnally). Body image is a complicated aspect of self-concept that concerns an individual’s attitudes, perception, satisfaction, behaviours and feelings about their body and physical appearance. Females of all ages seem to be particularly vulnerable to disturbance in this area. It affects almost all women at some level and women of all ages

  • Student Democratic Party Platform

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    Democratic Party is prepared to guide America towards this future. Under the watchful guidance of President Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party, America is finally moving in the right direction. In 1996, we, the Democratic Party, adopted and enacted a platform that has reinvigorated the American spirit of opportunity, responsibility, and community within our national character. Along with the hard work and determination of the American public this nation has achieved an unprecedented level of prosperity

  • President Obama On A Platform Of Reconstruction

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    In 2008, President Obama campaigned on a platform of reconstruction and change which resulted in the first black president in the history of the United States. However, after eight years to implement ‘hope and change’ the national political climate is more vulnerable than before the election. Many political theorists argue that President Obama was unsuccessful as a reconstructive president because he lacked the political skill or made the wrong decisions, however, he was ultimately unsuccessful because

  • Microsoft : A Intelligent Cloud Platform

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    games and systems, applications for both phones and computers, and cell phones among other things. Their strategy is designed to allow them to accomplish three key goals: “reinvent productivity and business processes”, “build the intelligent cloud platform”, and “create more personal computing” (Microsoft Form 10-K). The main competitor for Microsoft today is Apple, who competes with Microsoft with its own line of laptops, cloud services, and phones. All of these devices use Apple operating systems

  • Blackfish as a Platform for Animal Rights

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    The death of Dawn Brancheau made national news back in 2010. Dawn was working as an orca trainer at the SeaWorld of Orlando when the tragic accident occurred. While doing a relationship session with Tilikum, the largest orca in captivity, Dawn was pulled into the water and drowned. It was a story that not only shocked the nation but left people wondering how something so horrible could happen. Gabriela Cowperthwaite‘s use of the accounts of retired SeaWorld trainers exposed the harsh reality of captured

  • The Federalist And Jeffersonian Republican Political Platforms

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    The Federalist and Jeffersonian Republican political platforms were based on opposing views of a central government, adherence to the Constitution, development of a national debt, economic development, and alliances. Each party based their platform decisions on the needs and experiences of the people who supported them. The Federalist had a desire for a more central powerful government based on their fear of anarchy and mob rule as they had seen by the French in the French Revolutionary War

  • The Threat Of Security Incident Response Platforms

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    organization shoulders the burden of protecting the data from unauthorized access. When a breach occurs, the organization must also be prepared to respond to the incident in an effective manner. Although commercial offerings of security incident response platforms, or SIRPs, are relatively new, there are many available that provide powerful functionality and security support. The variety of available SIRPs can make it difficult to compare and evaluate each to arrive at the best solution for a specific organization

  • Using Social Media Platforms in Marketing

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    used by their target groups. Big and small businesses aim at providing adequate information on social media platforms of their brands to their target groups. Therefore, social media advertising mostly involves creating attention through the use of social media sites. These sites include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which are used globally for communications. These sites offer a platform where brand information is posted. These programs aim at attracting attention from the users and encouraging

  • Vote Ndp : Best Pension Platform

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    Vote NDP! Best Pension Platform in Federal Election 2015 The New Democratic Party has the best platform on pensions. They will put legislation in place to protect employment pensions, increase the Canadian Pension Plan, Guaranteed Income Supplement benefits and leave the benefit eligible age limit at 65 years old. For most individuals retirement requires private savings supplemented by Old Age Security and the Canada Pension Plan benefit. Unless we vote NDP in the Federal Election October 19,

  • The Distraction Effect Of Social Networking Platforms

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    The Distraction Effect Although utilizing social networking platforms is typically subjected to a pervasive attitude of the social website and attitudes of students toward social networking in general, most online behaviors reflect personality behaviors, cultures, and values. How people use online social networks particularly since per their behavioral patterns and attitudes towards information sharing and privacy is a direct consequence of and a reflection on their cultural backgrounds. Intellectual

  • How Marriage Affects The Platform Of A Unity

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    to bring fulfillment to God, their spouse, and the foundation of their unity. We never enter marriage with any intention to give up or loss interest in what is established as a couple, but the reality is over time the trails of marriage effect the platform of a unity. Some couples begin to build bearers of frustration and resentment, between themselves and their spouse that causes strain to the relationship of their marriage. This negative effects often leave one or both individuals questioning their

  • Tips For Engaging Youth On Digital Platforms

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    on Digital Platforms 1. Go Where Youth Already Are Because the international development field is one where bespoke solutions are encouraged and generally yield better results, we have a tendency to want to “build” platforms that we believe are contextually appropriate and then wonder why youth online engagement with our platforms are so anemic. Building myriad platforms from scratch to engage youth is costly and unnecessary. Youth are already online. They already use apps and platforms that they

  • Key Components of ESAP Technical Platform

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    components of ESAP technical platform The 5 key components of the new platform for ESAP applications are described below. All together, these components enable the delivery of much more flexible, resilient, highly scalable and performant infrastructure that can support ESAP and other applications with substantially decreased TCO. 64-bit Linux Linux is commonly recognised as a most cost-effective Open Source operating system for business-critical applications. This platform allows to directly address

  • Using the Social Media as a Marketing Platform

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    about product, service, brand, or an event. Marketing of social media as the process of gaining attention or traffic through social media platform. Social media is a catch all term for platform which allows for the users to do different social actions radically. The common social media is Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter… etc. New advertising and marketing platforms… focus on conditions for cooperation and defection aptly describe the choices available to marketers and consumers in social media marketing…

  • Point-of-Care Coagulation Platforms for Thrombophilia

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    cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) and stroke. Thromboembolic events have long been treated with the most commonly used anticoagulant drug, heparin that is rapidly replaced by low molecular weight heparin (LMWH). A variety of point-of-care (POC) coagulation platforms have been commercially available for many years now, providing more control over the patient’s anticoagulation management such as heparin and warfarin. While the measurement for anticoagulation by POC devices has relied mainly on the clotting time

  • Format Video Game Platforms For The Future

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    Formatting Video Game Platforms for the Future Video games have impacted world culture since the late 1970’s. Video game companies like Atari and Midway helped lead this digital revolution by introducing arcade games such as Pong, Pac-Man, and Asteroids. Though Atari and Midway receive the most recognition for beginning this video game revolution, no video game technology would have been possible if not for Japanese companies like Namco and Taito. Namco and Taito created the software for the video

  • Air Platforms And Weapons Are The Means Of Airpower

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    Air platforms and weapons are the means of airpower to accomplish its ends. Success in the air domain is predicated on effective means. Since 1947, technology has had the greatest impact on the employment of American airpower. In this essay, I discussed the relation of technology with airpower at the emergence of the independent Air Force, the use of technology in Korea and Vietnam and the impact of space technologies in modern air war. Innovation and application of knowledge is as essential as

  • Black Panthers Platform: Takin it to the Streets

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    further generations. “The Black Panthers Platform,” by: Alexander Bloom and Wini Brienes is a book that helps spread light onto what the black communities wanted and to show how daily life was for a African American under a racist government. The theme of this book is to fight for what brings justice and equality to the people so that they could have the opportunity to be treated fairly. The civil rights movement requests are stated in the “Black Panther Platform”. The theme of the literature was to

  • Improving Smooth Operation Of An Ecommerce Platform

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    As mentioned above, there is a need to have the infrastructure necessary in order to facilitate the smooth operation of an ecommerce platform. However, the platform will require an information system in order to be complete. An information system is a system that is organized for the purposes of collection, organization and storage of information which is used in communication. The main components in an information system are people and computers systems that process and interpret information. An

  • Presentation Of Diversity Through Media Platforms

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    The presentation of diversity through media platforms such as games and film has long been an issue within the entertainment industry with a variety of contributing factors, what matters most is the effect of experiencing this massively bland and whitewashed medium in a time when games are so easily accessible on mobile or dedicated consoles. These are serious issues that face a fast growing industry worth 91.5 billion dollars (Fortune, 2015) a number that is growing fast and steady. To be diverse

  • Social Media Platforms that Strategic Communicators

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    communication methods as well. Individuals in the public relations field, as well as in advertising, have stretched their creativity to new levels in order to reach an audience consumed with technology. This paper will give examples of social media platforms that strategic communicators, such as those in public relations, advertising, and marketing, have used to reach audiences in new ways. It will also discuss ways these communicators are measuring their effectiveness and any issues that come with those

  • Social Media Platforms Are Free Of Charge

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    social media platforms are free of charge. Tactic #2 consist of writing and disseminating a news release to major newspapers (print and online) in the Washington D.C. area. The news release will reach policymakers and leaders, since they are more likely to read newspapers such as The Washington Post, etc. We will also post the news releases in noteworthy newspapers and community newspapers that have a high number in readership and contact the editors and news directors of each for immediate publication/release

  • Games : An Asynchronous Social Gaming Platform

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    4 FITPLAY GAMES FitPlay Games is an asynchronous social gaming platform where individuals from various backgrounds and lifestyles can find a fitness game that consistently challenges and motivates them. Each game on the platform has its own set of strategies, giving all players a way to ‘win’ that best suits their needs; this allows both the fitness novice and maven to enjoy a fighting chance at success. All games are based on step-counts and use an asynchronous style of play, allowing players to

  • Examining the Economic Platform of a Political Party

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    Examining the Economic Platform of a Political Party Al Gore and the Democratic Party have many plans for the Tax Reform and Social Security issues. These two very important issues play a very big part in the upcoming presidential Election of 2000. The Economic issues are very crucial in his bid to become our countries next president. The following things discussed in my paper show us how Al Gore and the Democratic Party stand on very important issues for the future. Gore proposes that people

  • Facebook Is A Huge Social Media Platform

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    Since 2006, Twitter has become a huge social media platform. Over a billion people use twitter on a daily basis. Everyone from celebrities to the average teenager has a twitter. Over the last decade, Twitter has been affecting the way we communicate with one another. Twitter causes people to receive information quicker, oversimplify conversations, and impacts the in person conversations that occur every day. Who would have guested that a hundred and forty characters would change we communicate?

  • The Oil Disaster: The Causes Of The Piper Alpha Platform

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    kilometers eastward of Aberdeen was the Piper Alpha platform. It was a production platform owned by Occidental Petroleum. Construction and placement of the platform began in 1975, where it sat in the Piper field. Production on the platform did not begin until 1976. The production of oil escalated after the platform began drilling operations with Piper Alpha making up to 300,000 barrels of crude oil per day. At its peak of oil production the platform brought in ten percent of the United Kingdom’s oil

  • Social Media Platform For Rudy 's Subs

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    Strategies In order for Rudy’s Subs to fulfill their objectives, a concrete strategy for each of their social media platforms has been developed. The strategies that have been put into place are built around reaching the following two objectives: Increase the average number of orders fulfilled in a day from 60 to 100. Maintain an average of 10 online orders a day. In order to properly complete these objectives, Rudy’s Subs must take full advantage of the advertising and marketing potential

  • Nike: Surrounding Consumers By 7 Advertisement Platforms

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    Nike: Surrounding Consumers by 7 Advertisement Platforms Some people don’t see Nike as a sportswear company, but as a marketing company. This multimedia integrated marketing giant stirred the market again by the project that used 7 advertising platforms to sell sport shoes, transformed a young player into a shining star, and even made people shop via mobile phones while walking. You must have heard of Nike. If you are a high school student who loves watching basketball games

  • The Environmental Platform of the Republican, Democratic, and Green Parties

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    The Environmental Platform of the Republican, Democratic, and Green Parties The Environment has become a hot topic in political platforms as of late. With noticeable changes in weather patterns such as El Nino, La Nina, and the steady increase in the average daily temperatures, environmentalist group's views and values have become the views and values of more of the general public. This topic has even resulted in more support of the Green Party and its leader Ralph Nader, who some environmentalists

  • The Economist: Finding Alternative News Delivery Platforms

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    This is the time for the newspaper industry, The Economist in particularly, to fully explore alternative news delivery platforms, such as mobile phone and the Internet. “Old media” is no longer support the demand, and people tend to use more tablets and mobile phone rather than buy printed newspapers (Musil, 2013). Nevertheless, a simple change of platform is not guarantee of success. Transformation in the Economist demands an ambitious agenda: - A better understanding of the forces reshaping the

  • Murder Videos on Media Platforms and Their Consequences

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    Brenda Cossman introduces the case of Mark Marek being charged with "corrupting morals" based on section 163(1)(a) of the Criminal Code for uploading the video of Jun Lin's murder by Luke Magnotta. Cossman suggests that Marek is essentially being charged with obscenity, while the focus is on "corrupting morals." This has created confusion because "corrupting morals" is a concept from the 19th century, whereas the courts had changed the focus of obscenity from morality to harm since the late 20th