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Photoshop: Posting Pictures on The Media

- Throughout the recent years, Photoshop has become a widespread phenomenon amongst the world. With the rapidly developing inventions of camera’s and devices with cameras on them; posting pictures on social media has become extremely popular. Along with that, the pressure to appear perfect in said pictures has increased dramatically. Society has become exceedingly focused on the idea of perfect, and what perfect looks like. Especially now, with growing photo sharing phone applications such as Instagram, photo editing is becoming even more popular....   [tags: cameras, devices, instagram, photoediting]

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The, Locked Out, By Human Pictures

- Prison sentences are intended, in part, to force an individual to pay his debt to society. This debt was incurred through the crime committed, and the sentence for that crime is imposed as a means of punishment for the individual. After they are released from prison, they have paid their debt to society. Sometimes the release is supervised, and specific conditions are set by the court system. Under other circumstances, an individual has served their entire sentence, including time under supervised release....   [tags: Prison, Criminal law, Democracy, Employment]

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Autobiography and Life, in Pictures

- Often when recalling events from memory, we are constructing them from a subjective and biased point of view. Our view of our past and the stories that make it may differ from the views of others who share these elements of history, bringing the truth of the autobiographic process into question. In the book Inside Out, E. Stuart Bates states "because the author cannot describe events objectively, even the most accurate autobiographies have fictional elements" (Bates 7-10), and even aside from objectivity, memory itself can be forgotten, modified, and even merged with fictional events from other works of art such as films or novels....   [tags: Literacy Analysis ]

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Egyptian Artists And Motion Pictures

- Old Egyptians added to a pictographic and ideographic composition framework known as hieroglyphics. With the fall of the Egyptian domain, the dialect was lost inside and out until the late disclosure of the Rosetta Stone. Researchers have since created that this composition framework, which worked both vertically and on a level plane in either long or abridged structure, has qualities like a letter set. Arabic has been the basic dialect of all Egyptians since the eighth century. The tongue regularly talked in Egypt is Cairene Arabic, which additionally the Arabic vernacular is most broadly known all through the Arabic-talking world....   [tags: Islam, Egypt, Egyptians, Qur'an]

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Motion Pictures with Sound

- Imagine a movie without any music. As Iron Man is about to save the world, all the background music disappears. Are the effects the same. Film composer Bernard Herrmann commented, “I feel that music on the screen can seek out and intensify the inner thoughts of the characters. It can invest a scene with terror, grandeur, gaiety, or misery…propel [a] narrative swiftly forward, or slow it down… [and] is the communicating link between the screen and the audience, reaching out and enveloping all into one single experience” (qtd....   [tags: Music in Film]

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Pictures that Are Worth a Thousand Words: Photography

- ... para. 2). Photographers can travel place to take pictures, or shoot in their own studio(“Photographer,” U.S. para. 2). Photographers must stand and/or walk for an immensely long time to get as many photos as possible(“Photographers,” U.S. para. 15). Lifting 10-20 pounds and using the hands, legs, and arms a lot are also extraordinarily import when taking a photography job(“Photographer” what’s para. 2). Forty hours a week is usually how long several photographers work; others work long days and nights(“Photographer” Career para....   [tags: creativity, composition skills]

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The Use of Production Codes in Motion Pictures

- The Production Code, or the Hays Code, was created in order to provide a sense of censorship in the United States for motion pictures. Former Postmaster General William Hays oversaw the creation of The Production Code or the Hays Code. The Hays Code was adopted in March 1930, though it was not truly enforced until four years later in 1934. The Hays Code was based on the ethics and norms during that time. The code was created in order to remove offensive material in films. The producers of motion pictures were meant to follow the censorship provided by the Hays Code....   [tags: censorship, restrictions, ratings]

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Taking Pictures of Patients without their Consent

- Getting a $20,000 reward while keeping my identity unknown, is the best that happened to me. I am so behind on my rent and my car had just gotten repossessed. My best friend is the one to thank. I can still keep my job, and nobody found out about the pictures that I had taken… I then realized I had been dreaming and I never got rewarded, because the Gossip Gazette called me yesterday and I declined respectfully that very moment they gave me that offer. I had made a terrible mistake. This is not my friend’s fault but my very own....   [tags: social media, nursing field, hippa]

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Cinematography Is an Integral Part of Motion Pictures

- ... For instance, when the test audience disliked some unrealistic fight scenes in the film, the director decided to edit the same. Some of the fight scenes, in which Lovejoy and Jack fight each other for silly reasons, were omitted by the director. From a different angle of view, close-up shots of the lovers (in the deck) provide richness and romantic touch to the scenes. On the other side, long-shots provide importance to the sinking of the ship. E. Sound In the initial stages of the production of the film Titanic, Cameron was not ready to use any song....   [tags: Russel Carpenter's role in Titanic]

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The Movie Tangled, By Walt Disney Pictures

- The movie Tangled, by Walt Disney Pictures, follows the story of the classic character Rapunzel. In the movie, Rapunzel is kidnapped as a child by Mother Gothel, who locks her away in a tower so that no one will ever find her. She does this because Rapunzel 's hair has magical properties after her birth mother ate a magical flower while pregnant with Rapunzel. Eventually, Rapunzel makes the decision to leave the tower because she wants to see the floating lights that appear every year on her birthday....   [tags: Anxiety, Psychology, Erik Erikson, Neuroticism]

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