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Can Science Be Purposeful Without Philosophy?

- Can philosophy and science have always learned from one another over the years. Philosophy tirelessly draws most of its ideologies from scientific discoveries, material for broad generalizations and to scientists it imparts world perception and methodological of pulses of its universal principles. On the other hand, a number of general guiding ideas, which lie at the foundation of the modern science were first enunciated through the perceptive force of physiology. In this paper, we analyze science and philosophy and how these two subjects relate, contradict one another and also how they help solve and interpret life issues....   [tags: Scientific method, Science, Philosophy]

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The Philosophy And Science During The Seventeenth And Early Eighteenth Century

- The developments in philosophy and science in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries not only challenged the authority of religion, for the Catholic and Protestant faith, it also brought about unexpected changes in the methods used for reasoning. Areas of thought that were once restricted by religious tradition, were becoming increasingly more open, subject to question, and exceedingly secular. Due to the radical ideas presented by the likes of Francis Bacon (empirical method), Rene Descartes (deductive method), and Johannes Kepler (heliocentrisim), the atmosphere that surrounded the scientific and philosophical community was essentially redesigned to fit a new way of thinking....   [tags: Scientific method, Science, Religion, Philosophy]

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Relationship Between Science And Philosophy

- What is, and what should be, the relationship between science and philosophy. Is philosophy just a parlor game played by armchair academics, or is it an essential foundation for human knowledge in general and for science in particular. Does science depend on philosophy. Does philosophy depend on science. 
Related readings that may be useful are the de Haro and Echenique-Robba PDFs below (Science and Philosophy: A Love-Hate Relationship and Shut up and let me think. Or why you should work on the foundations of quantum mechanics as much as you please)....   [tags: Science, Scientific method, Epistemology]

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The Philosophy And Science Of Caring

- Many nursing theories have progressed over time. Nursing theories provide us with a frame of reference, the capability to select concepts to study, and the philosophies that are within one’s practice (Cherry & Jacob, 2014, p. 77). Nursing theories are important because they provide nursing principles and it contributes to nursing knowledge to guide health care practices and research. The purpose of this paper is to choose a nursing theory or theorist and explain why it was chosen. The nursing theory that was chosen and will be discussed is the Philosophy and Science of Caring by Jean Watson....   [tags: Nursing, Health, Human, Science]

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Philosophy vs. Science

- Since ancient times, humans have always searched for truth to uncover the hidden mysteries of the world and slake their curiosity. From mystic to theological, from scientific to deductive, these have run the gamut of possible approaches. As time went on, this search developed into a more systematized procedure, with forms of research formed mainly into the studies we know today as science and philosophy. Many intellectuals answer the siren call of one or the other, and with reason, as these different patrons of truth vary from and bear semblance to each other in manifold ways that may appeal to certain people....   [tags: Philosophy]

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The Philosophy of Science

- The study of the philosophy of science explores whether scientific results are actually the study of truth. Scientific realism is an area of study in the philosophy of science and has a contrasting view called anti realism. The debate between the two revolves around their disagreement between the existence of an external world. A scientific realist believes that an external world exists independent of our minds whereas the anti realist, or the idealists, believes that no such world exists outside of ourselves....   [tags: Realism]

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Philosophy of Science

- Background In the modern technological and highly specialized world scientists are seldom aware of the work of philosophers; it is practically unparalleled to find them queuing up, as they have done in Popper's case, to swear to the great practical beneficial influence which that philosophical work has had upon their own (1). In his paper he started by the following “The problem which troubled me at the time was neither, 'When is a theory true?' nor, 'When is a theory acceptable?' My problem was different I wished to distinguish between science and pseudo-science; knowing very well that science often errs, and that pseudo-science may happen to stumble on the truth” (2) Karl considers the...   [tags: Informative, Scientific Method]

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Science Of Science And Science

- Since the times of the Vienna Circle in the early twentieth century, most philosophers have defined science’s epistemic aims in the interlinked concepts of explanation and understanding, laws, unity of science, and causes (IIT). Most theories relating to the above four concepts emphasize generality’s importance in science’s epistemic significance (Nov 2nd handout). This notion of generalization is linked to the underlying belief that science is reducible, and the collective body of sciences aim to be unified and to discover the broad laws of nature (Neurath 306)....   [tags: Science, Scientific method, Philosophy of science]

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Philosophy of Science or Scientific Philosophy?

- Philosophy of Science or Scientific Philosophy. ABSTRACT: Pursuit of Ultimate Reality forms the foundation of philosophical inquiry. The present paper represents a pursuit of this sort. Here I make a humble effort at making philosophy scientific— an effort which is based on the revival of Atomism initially formulated by some ancient philosophers of the East and West: Jainas, Vaisesikas, Democritus, Beucippus and others. Every material particle, however minute, is composite and divisible; naturally, the original 'stuff' of the Universe is required to be 'non-particular.' Modern physicists have reached the terminal point of the method of analysis and succeeded to transform a very little part o...   [tags: Philosophical Essays]

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Discourse Analysis And An Approach Of Social Science Philosophy

- Discourse analysis is considered to be discipline/area of linguistics and an approach of social-science philosophy. It interprets how people construct their own version of world and outside reality by employing language as a tool of communication. Recently, discourse analysis has been used to express contemporary socio-political ideas; like freedom fighter, terrorism to contextualise/ legalised certain themes or ideologies/perspectives. It helps people to express how they think, shape, and revolutionized perspective through medium of language in society....   [tags: Linguistics, Discourse analysis, Structuralism]

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The Factor Of Time And Its Influence On Science And Philosophy

- The factor of time and its influence on science and philosophy makes it a difficult task to compare the past and the present, as they tend to build on each other to a great extent. However, based on the strong truthfulness of the above claim, it should be fair to claim that the philosophy of Aristotle, Socrates (through Plato), Hobbes and Nietzsche cannot be entirely viewed as very separate views. With that said, I would like to argue that the consistency and timelessness of the claim that “things build on each other,” makes the best argument regarding truth to be the one most attentive to the “individual experience.” The strongest argument regarding the conception of truth addresses the hum...   [tags: Logic, Truth, Reason, Plato]

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Philosophy Of Science : A Very Short Introduction By Samir Okasha

- Philosophy of Science: A Very Short Introduction by Samir Okasha Synopsis Generally, science is a hotly discussed and vehemently debated topic. It is difficult to achieve consensus in science, considering the fact that ideas are diverse about even science definition, leave alone the true interpretations and meaning of scientific experiments, philosophies and discoveries. However, these arguments, disagreements as well as continuous trials to find a better reasoning, logic and explanation are exactly what have always been driving science progress from art to art form....   [tags: Scientific method, Science, Inductive reasoning]

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The Theory Of Evolution And Philosophy Of Science

- In Chapter 28 of DeWitt’s book, Worldviews: An Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science, DeWitt builds on his previous discussion of what the theory of evolution is and the historical developments that were discovered during that time, by introducing the implications that arise with the theory. The two main implications that are discussed in this chapter are implications due to religious beliefs and morality and ethics. However, these two particular implications are not the only ones that arise with the theory of evolution, in fact there are a lot of implications involved with this theory....   [tags: Evolution, Natural selection, Scientific method]

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The Philosophy of Science

- The Philosophy of Science Studying economics or international business one naturally spends very much time learning many different economic theories. The attempt is made most of the time at providing examples used to illustrate various aspects of the theory by conducting case studies. Case studies are based on cases which are nothing but the description of the real life scenario of an organization. Studying these cases one rarely thinks about the truthfulness of the content provided....   [tags: Papers]

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Science Vs Philosophy

- You have a person. An event occurs. The event enters into the sensory perceptions the person. The person's experience, logic, and beliefs (in other words the brain) will interpret this in a fashion parallel to the person's brain. This is the interpretation of the astronaut. You may or may not have a person. If the person exists, the event enters into his sensory perceptions. If it could be proven that his sensory perceptions are completely accurate (that is, if it could be proven that what we experience with our senses represents the largest, most complete picture of everything) then the person will interpret this in a fashion parallel to this person's brain....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Creative Leadership: Methodology and Philosophy of Science

- ... Yagi state that „all human individuals as well as organizational entities such as firms compete and make transactions with each other, in order to live or survive.“ (Ikeda&Yagi, page 5, 2012). But, there are people who want to change something in they life or just want to feel happier then they try to interact with the world that all these wishes become reality, while others just sit, wait and do nothing or wish that things would be better. The same we could adapt to the organizations. One do something that can achieve better results and would be the best, while another – just goes with the stream and waiting for a better time and think how to survive....   [tags: leaders, companies, research, study]

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The Role of Science, Ethics, and Faith in Modern Philosophy

- The Role of Science, Ethics, and Faith in Modern Philosophy ABSTRACT: Curiously, in the late twentieth century, even agnostic cosmologists like Stephen Hawking—who is often compared with Einstein—pose metascientific questions concerning a Creator and the cosmos, which science per se is unable to answer. Modern science of the brain, e.g. Roger Penrose's Shadows of the Mind (1994), is only beginning to explore the relationship between the brain and the mind-the physiological and the epistemic. Galileo thought that God's two books-Nature and the Word-cannot be in conflict, since both have a common author: God....   [tags: Philosophy]

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The Importance of Religion for Two Paradigms: Science and Natural Philosophy

- ... Then, the Christian church had done the same thing. Apart from the spread of natural philosophy it is also important that how natural philosophers interpreted the environment and nature. It was such a way that after the observations of phenomenon’s they criticized and tried to come up with explanations to these incidents by using arguments and postulates. If their statements had been consistent with each other that means process had done. However, that does not mean that consistent statements were always true, mostly they were far away from the truth....   [tags: environment, enlightenment, experiment]

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Philosophy of Science

- Philosophy of Science It is commonly thought today that the theory of evolution originated from Darwin in the nineteenth century. However, the idea that species mutate over time has been around for a long time in one form or another. Therefore, by Darwin's time the idea that species change from one type into another was by no means new, but was rejected by most because the proponents of evolution could not come up with a satisfactory mechanism that would explain this change. The most influential evolutionary theories prior to Darwin were those of Lamarck and Geoffroy St....   [tags: Papers]

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The Problem Of Political Science

- The problem of categorising political science has been widely debated in the world of academia. However when assessing whether “political science” really is a “science” it is essential to focus on the attributes that define a “science” and whether political science fits into that category. Likewise, the differences between science and philosophy must also be analysed, in order to reach a conclusion of whether “political science” is a science, a philosophy, or whether it is an autonomous concept altogether....   [tags: Scientific method, Science, Empiricism, Philosophy]

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My Weird Rational Lines Of Science

- I learned that Science is filled with human values, and it matters to me because it means that Science is not broken. No, science is not broken. People are. Following one of my weird rational lines, I recognize how science and society share a relationship between transmitted values and the results we expect from science. The majority of psychology and biomedical researches cannot be replicated because their results are not true at all, P-values are being played as a puzzle, and scientists are just accommodated, working in appearances and developing money....   [tags: Sociology, Society, Science, Philosophy of life]

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Science Vs. Religion : Science And Religion

- The author, sociologist Elaine Howard Eckland, who studied at Rice University, interviewed 275 scientists and surveyed more than 1,700 scientists to get the more open point of views to the long debate “Science vs. Religion”. The author investigates the unexamined assumption that science and religion are irreconcilable. The reason she has done this research is to hear the voices that have been overlooked in the debates and that could have powerful contributions to the translation of information to a broader audience, specifically the religious audience....   [tags: Religion, Faith, Philosophy of religion, Science]

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The Burden of Proof in Philosophy and Science

- The Burden of Proof in Philosophy and Science In Language, Truth, and Logic, Alfred J. Ayer describes the revolutionary idea that philosophy is only useful and significant if it can be proven. This can be otherwise said as the elimination of metaphysics from the practice. While metaphysics focuses on a priori knowledge questions which are unanswerable to scientific observation and analysis, Ayer feels that one must at least be able to establish a "criterion of verifiability" of a statement- by which one can at least determine if truth or falsity can be discovered....   [tags: Papers]

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History and Philosophy of Science

- History and Philosophy of Science The world of science, as we know it today, is a difficult subject to grasp. So many new ideas are present and these new ideas are not interchangeable. Some parts do work together although as a whole they don’t fully coincide with each other. The three basic ideas that science is now based upon come from Newton, Einstein, and Hawking. I call these ideas/theories “new” based on what I classify the state of the scientific community of today. After looking at what is going on in science, it is clear to me that the scientific world is in a crisis state....   [tags: miscellaneous]

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The Philosophy Of Political Science

- In the first chapter, Aristotle sets the thesis by claiming that good is the ultimate aim which all things, including human beings seek. The next task then involves proving the hypothesis. If there is an end that man seeks for which is not a means to some other end, then it is the highest good. It is not possible to lack it otherwise no one could be able to achieve what they ultimately seek. The study of good is part of political science which entails attempting to achieve what is good for the entire humanity....   [tags: Virtue, Ethics, Meaning of life, Intrinsic value]

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Moral Philosophy as Applied Science by Ruse and Wilson

- Moral Philosophy as Applied Science by Ruse and Wilson Ruse and Wilson in "Moral Philosophy as Applied Science" give the example of brother-sister incest avoidance as being an ethical code motivated by an epigenetic rule that confers an adaptive advantage on those who avoid intercourse with their siblings....   [tags: Moral Philosophy Genetics]

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Importance Of Mathematics And Natural Science

- Title three can be seen as asking do “areas of knowledge overlap and can they be used to benefit and gain even more knowledge from one another?” Areas of knowledge continually overlap throughout the study of Theory of Knowledge as many ways of knowing can be used to combine and help obtain knowledge from a combination of two or more areas of knowledge. Even in school, certain subjects of classes are planned to be taught around certain subjects of other lessons in they are so closely linked correspond with each other....   [tags: Science, Scientific method, Philosophy, Behavior]

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Science: Answering Difficult Questions Through Association

- How can science improve our understanding of cultural behaviors. By using scientific reasoning, we define and identify unique personal and social behaviors illustrating the different branches of sciences and conducting studies that critically analyze demographics. Individual and social behaviors are explained by examining the origins, development, organizations and institutions. Using Minnesota as our model, our results will beget the answers. The scientific study of the origins, development, organizations, institutions and social behavior is known as Sociology....   [tags: science, cultural behavior, philosophy]

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The Philosophy of Cognitive Science

- The Philosophy of Cognitive Science Psychophysical dualism — the distinction between mind and body — is the counterposition between essentially irreducible elements: the mind and body. Such a dualism implies the main ontological problem of the philosophy of cognitive science and philosophy of mind: the mind-body problem (MBP). The dualism and the referred-to problem has been insistently discussed in the philosophical tradition and several solutions have been proposed. Such solutions are properly philosophical or require a scientific approach....   [tags: Neurology Psychology Papers]

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Philosophy and Contemporary Science

- Philosophy and Contemporary Science ABSTRACT: This paper is concerned with some of the differences between philosophy and contemporary science, and with the significance of these differences for the question of the nature of philosophy. Differences of particular interest here are ones that tend to be concealed and ignored through the influence of the professionalist attitudes of contemporary science, an influence that manifests itself in the prevailing normative attitude to the vocabularies and linguistic practices of professional philosophy....   [tags: Philosophical Essays]

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Philosophy of Science and the Theory of Natural Selection

- Toulmin, Hull, Campbell, and Popper have defended an "Evolutionary-Analogy" view of scientific evaluative practice. In this view, competing concepts, theories and methods of inquiry engage in a competitive struggle from which the "best adapted" emerge victorious. Whether applications of this analogy contribute to our understanding of science depends on the importance accorded the disanalogies between natural selection theory and scientific inquiry. Michael Ruse has suggested instead an "Evolutionary-Origins" view of scientific evaluative practices in which scientific inquiry is directed by application of epigenetic rules that have become encoded in homo sapiens in the course of evolutionary...   [tags: Natural Selection, Evolution Essays]

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Teaching the Philosophy of Science with Non-Scientific Examples

- Teaching the Philosophy of Science with Non-Scientific Examples ABSTRACT: This essay explores the benefits of utilizing non-scientific examples and analogies in teaching philosophy of science courses, or general introductory courses. These examples can help resolve two basic difficulties faced by most instructors, especially when teaching lower-level courses: first, they can prompt students to take an active interest in the class material, since the examples will involve aspects of the culture well-known to the students; second, these familiar, less-threatening examples will lessen the students' collective anxieties and open them up to learning the material more easily....   [tags: Education Philosophical Papers]

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The Scientific Of Scientific Realism

- Scientific realism is defined in terms of the truth of empirically proven scientific theories. A scientific realist is someone who thinks that all scientific theories aim to describe the universe as it is. Scientific realists believe the claim that there is true progress in science and whether the unobservable entities explained by science can really be taken as truth. The distinction between observable and unobservable entities is reflected by the human senses. For instance, a scientific realist believes in the existence of electrons because of empirical data despite not being able to see an electron with human senses....   [tags: Scientific method, Science, Philosophy of science]

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God, Science And Imagination By Berry Criticizes Steven Weinberg 's Essay Without God

- In Wendell Berry’s “God, Science and Imagination,” Berry criticizes Steven Weinberg’s essay “Without God.” Steven Weinberg’s essay talks about the non-existence of God. While Weinberg explains why God does not exist, Berry points out all of the flaws in Weinberg’s essay. Berry argues that Weinberg had no proof that God did not exist. He points out that scientists are supposed to observe and experiment in order to obtain facts. Weinberg has never met or observed God and yet he is claiming God does not exist....   [tags: Religion, Science, God, Philosophy of religion]

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Overview: Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon

- Postmodern novel as a genre is mainly intertextual because it often goes beyond the paradigm of literature and borrows its material from different fields of study like science, geography, history, astronomy and so on to make a collage of different theories and citations for shaping a literary text in a new dimension. Thomas Pynchon was a student of Engineering Physics at Cornell University. It is therefore not surprising that he uses science as a background for the interpretation of literature. His main aim is to interpret the postmodern condition where life has taken a new dimension in the midst of enormous influence of science and technology....   [tags: postmodernism, science, philosophy]

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Overview of The Enlightenment

- The Enlightenment was a period of history throughout the mid-decades of the seventeenth century and during the course of the eighteenth century, in which intense revolutions in science, philosophy, society and politics occurred. This part of history was important because it was an enormous departure from the Middle Ages. Seldom before and after this time, did the Church have as much power as it did during the Enlightenment. There were three main eras of the Enlightenment: The Early Enlightenment, The High Enlightenment, and The Late Enlightenment and Beyond....   [tags: Science, Philosophy, Society, History]

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The Theory And The Multiverse Theory

- Started primarily by Karl Popper, falsifiability has become a major demarcation criterion for what can be considered a scientific theory (Carroll, 2014). However, this does not bode well in terms of two theories proposed in the physics. These two theories, String Theory and the Multiverse Theory, have become a central part in the debate on whether falsifiability, and a few other demarcation methods, are suitable for the subject of contemporary physics due to their complexity that would render them unobservable, according to Sean Carroll (2014), which in turn would make them unfalsifiable according to critics of the said theories (Pigliucci, 2014)....   [tags: Scientific method, Science, Philosophy of science]

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Examining Acupuncture With The Demarcation Criteria

- Examining Acupuncture with the Demarcation Criteria Given the increasing popularity of CAM in the Western countries as well as the concerns from the healthcare policy makers and the funding bodies (Hansen & Kappel, 2010), there arises the discussion on the demarcation criteria for distinguishing science from non-science/pseudoscience. Although the scientific community has never reached a consensus on the exact criteria, the term “non-science” is used to indicate what is obviously away from them and the disciplines which “might at first glance appear as scientific but fail to be so” are called “pseudoscience” (Bortolotti, 2008:5)....   [tags: Science, Scientific method, Philosophy of science]

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A Message to the Elected Officials

- A Message to the Elected Officials According to USC Section 7206, “Making false statements on a tax return is a felony risking fines and imprisonment for up to 3 years.” This statement, along with Press Secretary Gibbs’ own words, “I think they both (Kellifer and Daschle) recognize that you can’t set an example of responsibility but accept a different standard on who serves,” indicate a presence acknowledged across America: that a social contract exists between the governed and their government and it is being abrogated in favor of the personal interests of our top elected and appointed officials and their respective political parties....   [tags: Political Science, Philosophy]

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When the Scientist turns Philosopher

- When the Scientist turns Philosopher This paper examines how such fundamental notions as causality and determinism have undergone changes as a direct result of empirical discoveries. Although such notions are often regarded as metaphysical or a priori concepts, experimental discoveries at the beginning of this century—radioactive decay, blackbody radiation and spontaneous emission—led to a direct questioning of the notions of causality and determinism. Experimental evidence suggests that these two notions must be separated....   [tags: Science Philosophy Papers]

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Defining Politics

- The word politics comes from the Greek, meaning the affairs of the city-state (polis). Even though we have changed our predominant form of governing and our way of life from the times of Socrates and Plato, politics remains a vital part of how we interact with the world around us. Keeping that in mind, defining politics has always been a hard task and with the evolution of political forms, ideologies and an ever-expanding definition of the word global most would argue that a universal definition of politics is impossible....   [tags: political science, philosophy, ideology]

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Knowledge and Truth

- The quote, “That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow.” refers to the multiple instances throughout history in which facts previously thought to be absolutely true were later proven to be false and thus forgotten. While the statement considers knowledge to be valuable, it also believes it to be corruptible – able to become obsolete given time and the proper circumstances. Here, accepted knowledge refers to viable, or usable knowledge that is applicable in real life....   [tags: Science, Philosophy, Ethics]

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Perceived Order From Chaos

- Chaos is the total lack of organization, and is characterized by disorder. Chaos is ubiquitous, and we humans are uncomfortable with the notion of a seemingly random universe with no discernable pattern or logic. We do not like disorder or chaos, and this is evidenced in our ceaseless necessity to categorize everything into clearly defined and explainable compartments. And when an unexplainable phenomenon presents itself, we turn to religion for answers to the innumerable mysteries that abound. “People need to believe that order can be glimpsed in the chaos of events” (Gray)....   [tags: Philosophy/Science]

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Thoughts on Individuality and Non-individuality

- Natural systems can be thought of as non-separable and therefore non-individual. This non-individuality is a conceptual framework of the philosophy of science. Specifically, we observe from the theory of quantum mechanics "the intimate connection in the inseparably connected things, e.g., of parts and wholes, of substances and their attributes, of action and reaction, of genus and species, and substances in which they reside, and of eternal substances and their ultimate differences". On this principle, nothing possesses an essential nature of its very own individuality, because "every several thing is a blend, and its name is merely an indication of the dominant constituent." Furthermore, "t...   [tags: philosophy of science, quantum state]

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Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan and John Locke's Second Treatise of Government

- Hobbes' Leviathan and Locke's Second Treatise of Government Hobbes’ Leviathan and Locke’s Second Treatise of Government comprise critical works in the lexicon of political science theory. Both works expound on the origins and purpose of civil society and government. Hobbes’ and Locke’s writings center on the definition of the “state of nature” and the best means by which a society develops a systemic format from this beginning. The authors hold opposing views as to how man fits into the state of nature and the means by which a government should be formed and what type of government constitutes the best....   [tags: Political Science Philosophy Essays]

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The Scientific Theory Of Scientific Theories

- Are any scientific theories true. If so why. If not why do we rely on them. A scientific theory is an explanation that is well- substantiated explanation in regards to some aspect of the natural world that is attained through scientific method and is tested numerous times and usually confirmed through vigorous observation and experimentation. The term theory can be seen as a collection of laws which allow you to show some kind of phenomenon. The strength of a scientific theory associated with the diversity of phenomena can explain its elegance and simplicity....   [tags: Scientific method, Theory, Philosophy of science]

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The Dialectical Model in Comparative Perspective

- Mankind has not always isolated itself from nature. For the majority of his history, man recognized a need for a dependent and intimate relationship with nature. Nature was his provider and caretaker, a benevolent nurturer intending no harm, a model now known as organic. As the human mind began to increasingly fashion matter to fit its purpose, however, technological innovation began to supplant nature as manís perceived source of sustenance. Thus technology began its ongoing ascent, becoming a means to subdue a primitive nature and raise man above his lowly origins....   [tags: Science Philosophy Papers]

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My Formal Philosophy Of A Research Area Has Attracted Me Towards A Academic Science

- The tremendous freedom in choosing a research area has attracted me towards a career in academic science. Even more gratifying is the opportunity to share these experiences with students. My earlier experiences as an instructor, mentor, and teaching assistant have been overwhelmingly positive. My formal teaching career started at Jadavpur University when I was a Master of Pharmacy student. I was an instructor in Pharmaceutics Lab-I to a group of sixty undergraduate students. During my tenure at North Dakota State University I was a teaching assistant for both large (e.g., Pharmacokinetics and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Delivery Systems) and small lecture courses (e.g., Advanced Biopharm...   [tags: Education, Teacher, Problem solving, Pharmacology]

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Lakatos and MacIntyre on Incommensurability and the Rationality of Theory-change

- Lakatos and MacIntyre on Incommensurability and the Rationality of Theory-change ABSTRACT: Imre Lakatos' "methodology of scientific research programs" and Alasdair MacIntyre's "tradition-constituted enquiry" are two sustained attempts to overcome the assumptions of logical empiricism, while saving the appearance that theory-change is rational. The key difference between them is their antithetical stand on the issue of incommensurability between large-scale theories. This divergence generates other areas of disagreement; the most important are the relevance of the historical record and the presence of decision criteria that are common to rival programs....   [tags: Science Scientific Philosophy Essays]

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Two Specialists in Cybernetics

- Two Specialists in Cybernetics Among the Romanian forerunners of cybernetics (i.e., Daniel Danielopolu, Paul Postelnicu), Stefan Odobleja is, undoubtedly, the most important. European recognition of his contribution to the foundations of cybernetics took place twenty years ago when his paper, "Diversity and Unit in Cybernetics" (presented at the Fourth Congress of Cybernetics and Systems in Amsterdam, August, 1978), was received with great acclaim. His work has been used by other Romanian scientists and philosophers like Constantin Noica, Mihai Draganescu, Alexandru Surdu, Georghe M....   [tags: Science Philosophy Papers]

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The Islamic State Of Iraq And Levant

- As I write airstrikes continue to pummel Syria in the latest development in the global fight against terrorism and its current apparition in the form of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. While the term may no longer be in vogue, it can be said that this conflict is a perpetuation of the War on Terror declared by former President Bush in 2001. Since its inception critiques of this ‘war’ have been conspicuous across a myriad of scholarly traditions. Among these criticisms is the idea maintained by several scholars that the global response to terrorism fails to account for the fact that the world has transitioned into an era of post-modern warfare....   [tags: Political philosophy, Political science]

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Empiricism Versus Rationalism: Descartes and Hume

- Rationalism and empiricism have always been on opposite sides of the philosophic spectrum, Rene Descartes and David Hume are the best representative of each school of thought. Descartes’ rationalism posits that deduction, reason and thus innate ideas are the only way to get to true knowledge. Empiricism on the other hand, posits that by induction, and sense perception, we may find that there are in fact no innate ideas, but that truths must be carefully observed to be true. Unlike one of empiricism’s major tenets, Tabula Rasa, or blank slate, Descartes believed that the mind was not a blank slate, but actually came pre-loaded, if you will, with ideas, which are part of our rational nature an...   [tags: philosophy, god, science]

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The Ethical Norms Of Research

- Their ethical standards, endorses the moral principles that are fundamental to cooperative task, for instance, trust, responsibility, shared appreciation and equality. Such as, “many ethical norms in research, such as guidelines for authorship, copyright and patenting policies, data sharing policies, and confidentiality rules in peer review, are designed to protect intellectual property interests while encouraging collaboration” (Resnik, 2011, para. 6). Sometimes it is important for researchers not to share or disclose their ideas or information to early, due to the possibility of someone stealing data before they can receive the credit for their contribution....   [tags: Ethics, Philosophy, Science, Morality]

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Intelligent Design: Science or Faith

- In taking close at philosophy, it is the study of problems linked with existence, values, knowledge, mind, language and reason. This implies that, philosophy is the study that involves addressing problems based on the rational argument. It is a well-documented fact: the word philosophy is a Greek word that means love of wisdom. Just like the name entails, philosophy is linked with many subjects such as politics, religion and ethics among others that involve absolute wisdom. In this regard, there are various concepts under philosophy subject including intelligent design claim, science and faith....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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Systems Thinking in the Twenty-First Century

- Systems thinking is an important factor in solving global problems. The twentieth-century has witnessed the development of a systems paradigm and different spheres of systems knowledge. However, further development of systems thinking necessitates overcoming the contradictions between different schools and unifying them into a single systems conception. With this in mind, systems problems are examined in light of the theory of knowledge. It is suggested that the gnosiological definition of the notion 'system' should be used as a basis for a single approach....   [tags: Philosophy Science Papers]

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The Ultimate of Reality: Reversible Causality

- The Ultimate of Reality: Reversible Causality Metaphysics is the search for an ultimate principle by which all real things and relations are ordered. It formulates fundamental statements about existence and change. A reversible (absolute) causality is thought to be the ultimate of reality. It is argued that a real (causal) process relating changes of any nature (physical, mental) and any sort (quantitative, qualitative, and substantial) reverses the order of its agency (action, influence, operation, producing): real causation must run in the opposite direction, or change to the opposite effect....   [tags: Philosophy Science Physics Papers]

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Politics And Its Impact On Society

- Political Interest To begin, politics has been defined by Meriam- Webster as the study of activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping power in a government. Meaning in simpler terms the study of government and all things related. Before, deciding to major in political science I had a different altered definition of what I thought politics was. I believed that politics was just the study of the white house and the decision they made as it related to the next president or presidential debate, but once I decided to major in political science it was essential for me to understand what politics was in today society and how far we have...   [tags: Political philosophy, Political science]

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Analysis Of Sam 's House On Brush Your Teeth

- The antecedent for Sam is being told “time to brush your teeth”. This functions of Sam’s desired behavior. When Sam is instructed he will come to the bathroom to brush his teeth. The material Sam needs is his Batman cup, toothbrush, and toothpaste. The setting is Sam’s bathroom and the environment is Sam’s house. One specific step that can be observed and measured is Sam brushing his teeth. His parents/grandparents set the timer for two minutes and are present observing Sam brush his teeth. Measurable Dimensions Measurable dimensions of Sam’s behavior consist of duration, frequency, and latency....   [tags: Observation, Philosophy of science]

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An Experiment On Social Observational Learning

- 1. Social observational learning is described by the text as being an active model. It involves observing a behavior of another person as well as observing the consequence to the behavior. The consequence can be either positive or negative and this type of learning can persuade the observer to behave the way the individual did also known as “vicariously learning” or not “vicariously punished” depending on if the consequence was positive or negative. An example the text gives is that there are two volunteers that participate in an experiment and first one volunteer observes another volunteer complete the experiment....   [tags: Observation, Philosophy of science, Knowledge]

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Star Trek: Voyager, A Template To Follow

- It seems inconceivable to imagine a world with no borders, no discrimination regarding skin color, gender, or sexual orientation, where individuals are judged solely on their merits. Gene Roddenberry envisioned this idea when he created the influential television series, Star Trek in 1966. Since the original television series, there has been many other shows based on the original and they all share this same theme and idea, one in particular sticks out. Star Trek: Voyager not only shares Roddenberry's legendary vision of the future, but exceeds it with the way in which it represents women, generating an ideal template for other television shows to follow....   [tags: television, movies, science fiction, philosophy]

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An Argument For Identity Theory

- “All manner of nonphysical phenomena may coexist with [physical phenomena], even to the extent of sharing the same space-time, provided only that the nonphysical phenomena are entirely inefficacious with respect to the physical phenomena.” (p. 24) In David Lewis’ article “An Argument for Identity Theory” Lewis defends the psychoneural identity theory, arguing that mental states or experiences are neural states. In his main argument, he argues that physics can explain the causal relationship between mental states or experiences and physical phenomena....   [tags: Causality, Metaphysics, Philosophy of science]

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The Theory Of Psychology And Psychology

- When we think about psychology we often imagine Freud, the father of modern psychology. But how did Freud develop his most popular theories. Who influenced Freud. Where exactly is the root of psychology. Today, psychology can be defined as the study of the human mind and behaviors. However, for ancient Greek philosophers, psychology was seen as the common name for anything that related the human soul. For centuries, humans have tried to decipher the inner most workings of the mind. The start of modern psychology can be traced back to Aristotle, but it’s undeniable that the hypotheses about the mind developed long before then....   [tags: Mind, Psychology, Philosophy, Cognitive science]

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The Scientific Revolution

- Throughout history, no other movement has had such a pronounced and obvious impact on our lives as that of the scientific revolution of the mid 1500’s to the late 1700’s. As accepted ideas about the natural world began to shift from religious and philosophical based theories to evidence based conclusions, the entire scientific community would also begin to absorb and apply evidence based findings. Through experimentation and mathematical proofs, science would evolve into the world we see around us today....   [tags: Religion, Philosophy, Science]

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My Campaign For President Obama 's 2012 Campaign

- My intended major is Political Science. Since childhood, I enjoyed reading newspaper articles and books about American Politics. Eventually I decided to get involved in the political process, so I began volunteering for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. I met a variety of people and learned a lot about grassroots movements. The director, Dionne, took me under her wing and gave me many leadership roles, such as being the script and call sheet manager. It was an enlightening experience because I was able to merge my business acumen with my political knowledge....   [tags: Political science, Politics, Political philosophy]

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The Career Of The Dc Internship

- As a political science major Washington DC or something related to it usually comes out in classes. It has been a personal dream to go visit, but it has become a recent aspiration to go and work there. In any field, it can be difficult to get a job to jumpstart one’s career. The “real world” is known as after college for most people. For the post college reality, I have been trying to make it as painless as possible, but at the same time have it reach its full potential success wise. The reasons that I am interested in the DC internship, are that it would be a great experience, it would help me develop new skills, and it would be the perfect start for my career....   [tags: Political science, Politics, Political philosophy]

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Sir Karl Popper

- Sir Karl Popper Sir Karl Popper's intent in "Science: Conjectures and Refutations" from Klemke's Philosophy of Science is to fortify distinctions between the classes (and, we suppose, the quality) of intellectual discourse in his era, distinctions which were far less precise then than they are today. Popper's argument, in essence, maintains that a number of scientific theories are pseudoscientific at best, owing to the "anything goes" nature of their power to explain. The broad acceptance of such theories owes much to the satisfaction derived from their proponents in using them to justify a preferred response, whatever the data or observations truly imply....   [tags: Philosophy of Science Klemke Essays]

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Nietzsche 's Argument On Beyond Good And Evil

- For this essay I shall look at the claim made by Nietzsche: Nietzsche claims that psychology is “the road to the fundamental problems” ( Beyond Good and Evil, section 23 ). Reconstruct and assess Nietzsche’s argument for this. Nietzsche made this claim in his book called Beyond Good and Evil, through the course of this essay I will examine the argument that built up to Nietzsche finishing off part one of his book with the statement: “For psychology is now once again the way to the fundamental problems”....   [tags: Philosophy, Psychology, Mind, Cognitive science]

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Similarities And Differences Between Eight Trigrams And Binary Tree

- Generally speaking, in I Ching, numbers aren’t just numbers. They are also elements of a language, which can bring out abstract ideas that connected with numbers themselves. Same fractal mathematics was also used in I Ching to encode information into Bagua [eight trigrams], which the binary numbers were used for interpreting its quaternary divination technique. Eight trigrams are eight interrelated concepts. Daoism uses eight trigrams to represent the fundamental principles of reality. Moreover, hexagram is like advanced eight grams, which composed of 6 yao (stacked horizontal lines)....   [tags: Chinese philosophy, China, Science, Mathematics]

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Review Of Winner Take All Politics : How Washington Made The Rich Richer And Once 's Back On The Middle

- Claire Honl Honl 1 Mr. Singh AP US Government November 25, 2014 Critical Book Review of Winner-Take-All Politics: How Washington Made the Rich Richer-and Turned Its Back on the Middle Class When most people think of America words such as freedom and equality come to mind. However, when one takes time to critically analyze the current state of American economic affairs and sees statistics such as 6 percent of national income currently being in the hands of 0.01 percent of American families, the words inequality and concentration of wealth are much more li...   [tags: Political science, Politics, Political philosophy]

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The West Wing As A Pedagogical Tool

- The Fallacy of Using ‘The West Wing’ as a Pedagogical Tool Throughout the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, millions of viewers tuned into ‘The West Wing’ once a week to watch the government-theme series unravel. Aaron Sorkin, the creator of ‘The West Wing’, diligently crafted a TV series focused on the way the United States government functions as a whole. Indeed, the show served as a brilliant entertainment experience but unfortunately portrays the government as something it is not: friendly and simplified....   [tags: Political philosophy, Politics, Political science]

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The Classical And Analytical Tradition Of Philosophy

- Laka-hem-ventionalism In the 1900s to 1960s, the Classical or Analytical Tradition of Philosophy dominated amongst the scientific philosophers of the time. Philosophers like Karl Popper and Carl Hempel followed this tradition which has a prescriptive, as well as a descriptive approach. Philosophers who followed this tradition were typically realists who accepted that science is the search for truth and that as time progresses scientists move closer to the truth. In this progressing search for truth, theories play a vital role; they are a set of sentences (including mathematical theories) grouped together with the intent to explain various phenomena....   [tags: Scientific method, Theory, Science, Physics]

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The Belief Of The Existence Of God

- The existence of God has been refuted by various scientists on the basis that there is no evidence for the existence of God. Many scientists have rendered the belief in God illogical, due to a lack of uncontested evidence which points to a creator. According to the scientific methodology, belief without evidence is illogical. William James’s position in “The Will to Believe” is that there are many types of truths in the world, each which its distinct methodology. However, the scientific method of evidence has inappropriately become the standard of evidence of ethics and religion, which inevitably leads to fallacies because one particular method of inquiry cannot be applicable to the whole....   [tags: Philosophy, Religion, Scientific method, Science]

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Alexander the Great

- Alexander the Great Alexander the Great, a patient and often devious man; had never struck without careful planning. The youthful, headstrong Alexander liked to settle problems by immediate action. Making decisions with great speed, he took extraordinary risks; his success was achieved by the amount of sheer force and drive to overcome these risks. Alexander was educated as a student by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. The philosopher imbued Alexander with a love of Greek art and poetry, and instilled in him a lasting interest in Philosophy and science....   [tags: Greek Greece Philosophy Science Essays]

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The Limits of Science

- Does science have any limits. Scientists say no. Philosophers are divided in their response. The humanities say that science is not "humanitarian," and thus not metaphysically deep. In response, scientists and some philosophers contend that science is the best knowledge we have about the world. I argue that science is limited by its form. Science has no object that derives from the human form. Everything that is incomparable to the dimension of the human body is reducible to notions that are commensurable to that body....   [tags: Philosophy Papers]

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Paideia, Prejudice and the Promise of the Practical

- Paideia, Prejudice and the Promise of the Practical In an age of radical pluralism it is increasingly difficult to affirm and sustain the educational aspirations of Greek paideia (Latin humanitas). The most challenging attacks on these aspirations come from standpoints which share a postmodern attitude of opposition towards inherited cultural ideals, especially those which claim universality. This paper first examines optimistic and pessimistic prospects for the educational heritage of humanitas, concluding that, in the face of cultural disparateness which is increasingly evident in post-Enlightenment cultures, the pessimistic case seems to be more convincing....   [tags: Philosophy Diversity Science Papers]

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The Nature of the Law of Nature

- The Nature of the Law of Nature Humans are complex beings. They adapt, learn, have intelligence and free will, can reason, feel emotions, and have a conscience. Although such qualities and attributes raise humans above the rest of other life forms, it is questionable as to where the idea of a conscience and emotions come from. What exactly is it that stimulates our responses to certain situations and problems. The answer lies in human nature. What we as humans feel is right or wrong is somehow dictated by something beyond merely the individual....   [tags: Philosophy Science Essays]

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Ontomorph: Mind Meets The World

- Ontomorph: Mind Meets The World Chunking of the world as done by the mind depends on how the world is. The world is one object, but not a simple one. Morphological content is just right to allow organisms which move in the world to perform the appropriate dynamical chunking, which from the perspective of the higher cognition may appear to consist of several separate objects. Embracing nonreductionism is desirable because organisms are part of the world. At bottom, there is nothing else other than physical stuff....   [tags: Philosophy Science Papers]

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The Problem of Science

- The Problem of Science In this paper I deal with the status of science in Heidegger's thought. Particularly, I pose to Heidegger the question whether science can constitute a problem for philosophy, once one has cast doubt on philosophy's rank as first science whose prerogative is to establish the truth-criteria of the particular sciences. To express it with the convenience cliches always afford, this is the question of knowledge in the postmodern epoch. The paper traces the transition from the early "fundamental ontology" to the late notion of a thinking that is to come at the end of philosophy....   [tags: Heidegger Philosophy Papers]

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America the Philosophical

- America the Philosophical Although convention dictates that America is an unphilosophical sort of country, fonder of Super Bowls than supervenience, the development of philosophy away from Socratic strategies that presume eternal right answers to the classical philosophical problems suggests a second look is in order. This is particularly true if one accepts many of the notions currently in the air about "post-modern" or "post-analytic" philosophy — that its roots lie in classical rhetoric and pragmatism, or that its notion of truth holds the latter to be what issues from the most wide-open sort of informed deliberation possible....   [tags: Philosophy Science Papers]

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

- The concepts of liberty and individuality experienced a critical change in meaning and understanding as Europe shifted from the 18th century Enlightenment era to the age of political economy and utilitarianism of the 19th century. This clear distinction can be seen when comparing the works of enlightenment thinker Jean-Jacques Rousseau to authors of the 19th century, including utilitarian John Stuart Mill and communist Karl Marx. The fundamental differences in the ideas of liberty and individuality between the two centuries can be attributed to the political, economic, and social climates of each author’s time....   [tags: Philosophy, Political Science]

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