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Benefits of Pets

- Pets can be very both physically and emotionally beneficial to their owners. Living with and caring for them can also be a great experience and very entertaining. Even browsing YouTube, thousands of pet owners record their little friend's amusing tricks and humorous incidents to share with the world. Although these videos or pictures can encourage your desire for a similar companion, many details to keeping an animal of that sort may not be evident. There is a huge variety of species available, from tarantulas to munchkin cats, with many ways to obtain them, but not everyone can handle a giant arachnid or endure changing kitty litter....   [tags: Pets]

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Hamsters vs. Guinea Pigs As Pets

- Parents often wonder what makes a good first pet. Hamsters are often the first choice while its close relative the guinea pig is often overlooked. While both creatures are loveable, the bigger guinea pig makes a better pet for children. At a pet store the guinea pig will cost roughly three times as much as a hamster. If cost is a large concern, pigs and hamsters alike can be adopted for little to no cost and sometimes come with free cages. Naturally, the guinea pig as the larger rodent will need a bigger cage; however, after putting all sorts of tubes on a hamster cage they will take up about the same amount of space and the hamster cage could end up costing a bit more than that of the pig’...   [tags: Pets]

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Raising Pets Can Be Considerate

- Simin Ling Professor Taylor Harrison Rhetoric 105 23 April 2016 Raising pets helps kids to be considerate Have you ever had a pet. As we know, more and more families have pets in their homes nowadays regardless of which country. Data showed an estimated 82.5 million U.S. households own at least one pet in their home. The American Pet Products Association, which is also called APPA, claimed that pet ownership by household in the U.S. has risen from just 56% in 1988, when the first APPA National Pet Owners Survey was conducted, to 68% as of 2013-2014....   [tags: Dog, Pet, Pets, Ownership]

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The Problem Of Overpopulation Of Pets

- Problem Statement Overpopulation of pets is growing in the US by the numbers each day. Current Situation According to the article “Pet Statistics” by the ASPCA estimates there are 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats owned in the United States. It is impossible to determine the number of stray dogs and cats, but the ASPCA estimates there are 70 million cats alone that are strays in the US (“Pet Statistics”). The overpopulation of dogs and cats live either on the streets and die each day, they live in a shelter and try to get adopted, but even then they die....   [tags: Dog, Pet, Pets, Pet adoption]

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Who Needs Pets Anyway?

- ... They are just a nuisance and they deserve to die anyway. Just think about how much food we will have once we start killing these animals. We won’t even have to tell everyone that they are eating cats and dogs if they don’t want. You could add some nice seasoning and cook them just long enough till the meat is tender and they will never be able to tell the difference. So many people will love the way they food taste business will be rich due to all the people wanting this food. Then for all those people who have pets they won’t have to take care of them anymore....   [tags: household, pets, saving, enjoyment, die]

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The Advantages of Keeping pets

- Would you like to live a happy and productive life. Then get pets. I must admit it is hard to believe that domesticated animals can promote mental and physical health, but many studies have shown that they can. People who own pets have been known to lead longer and happier lives than those without them. As we get older, we become less active. The more inactive we become, the higher our risk of death. We therefore need something in our lives to keep us busy so we don’t die prematurely, and a pet is just the thing to do it....   [tags: Pets Animals]

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The Risks of Owning Exotic pets

- On a normal day in Cleveland Ohio, the police received several calls from terrified people saying that there was a tiger or bear in their front yard. One man set his exotic pets lose. Now there were chimpanzees, grizzly bears, and Bengal Tigers roaming the city. That was just one time in which exotic pets were set loose. Some say that there’s nothing wrong with owning exotic pets, but the facts show that there are great risks involved in having exotic pets. Exotic pets can pass on diseases, be aggressive, and are often set loose....   [tags: diseases, aggressiveness]

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The Pros and Cons of Reptiles as Pets

- How many people can say that they have a pet that has been around, in some form or other, for 300 million years. Reptiles are fascinating animals that have been around since the Carboniferous Period, 300 million years ago. Many different species of reptiles have come and gone over the course of time and there are five main groups. Turtles and tortoises are distinguished by the presence of their carapace, or shells, which is also their main defense against predators. Lizards are the most diverse and varied among the reptiles with many different types from chameleons, to iguanas, to geckos, to monitor lizards which includes the largest of all lizards; the Komodo dragon....   [tags: Pro Con Essays]

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Homemade Raw Diet for Pets

- There is an abundance of facts and opinions buzzing around the internet about the health benefits of a homemade raw diet for pets versus feeding dry kibble. It is implied that many studies have been done for dry kibble and canned food, but a lack thereof when it comes to studies for homemade and raw diets. However, homemade and raw diets are becoming more popular today because of the fact people are becoming more aware of the dangers that commercial pet food can bring upon their pets. Low quality commercial pet food can lead to health problems, yet an improperly balanced homemade diet can be just as detrimental....   [tags: canned food, dry kibble, animal diet]

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Pets are Companions and Property

- It was a pleasure to meet you last week, although I am sorry it was under such sad circumstances. Following our meeting, I researched the law in New York; unfortunately, the law only recognizes pets as property. This therefore limits our ability to recover damages, however it does not rule out recovery entirely. From my research if we were able, to prove negligence we would have a legal claim against Mr. Stewart for loss of companionship. It may nevertheless be difficult to prove Mr. Stewart acted negligently....   [tags: accident, damage, loss]

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Benefits of Owning Pets

- A mom drives home from work around four p.m. on the major road in her hometown and stops at a light that turns red. While passing the time, she scans the immediate area, finding a large black truck sitting next to her. In the bed of the truck is a golden retriever, panting happily and alert. She cannot help smiling. The light turns green, and the cars shuffle as everyone accelerates. At the next red light, the car in front of the woman and to the right has a small, tan terrier head sticking out of the back window, tongue out....   [tags: animals, health, pet ownership]

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Robotic Pets and Animals

- In this paper I will argue robotic pets will be able to, and should be anthropomorphized like animals and will be able to take the place of pets in the lives of those unable to have pets. Anthropomorphism is the interpretation of something that is not human, as having human characteristics. This can also be called personification. Anthropomorphism was originally used to make the gods of religions more human like, but has since spread to anything non-human, such as animals, weather, or landforms....   [tags: Anthropomorphized Animals, Robot Animals]

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What Makes The Dog - Human Bond so Powerful?

- Dogs follow their hearts, noses, and eyes. “They can be victims of their unrelenting curiosity, boundless love, and that is why we love them, why we identify with them, and why they are us” (Irvine, & Bekoff, (2004). Throughout history, humans have formed close attachments to them. The dog is a remarkable animal. Communicating is very important when it comes to the relationship between an animal and its owner. This paper will address three kinds of communication between animals and their owners: the spoken communication, body language and sensory cues....   [tags: Pets]

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How Dogs Are More Loyal Than Humans

- Dogs are wonderful creatures. They are loyal, dependable companions if given the opportunity. In recent years I have come to the opinion that we could learn something from these animals. We should also take a look at the manner in which they are being treated. Abandonment, irresponsible breeding, and neglect are only some of the ways that humans are failing the canine species. A few years ago my husband Ryan and I decided to get a dog. For several weeks we made trips to the Regina Humane Society, waiting to find the perfect dog for us....   [tags: Pets]

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Ferrests Should Be Universally Kept as Pets

- Ferrets should be universally kept as pets Ferrets are domesticated versions of European polecat ferrets and they belong to the weasel family, they usually can be identified by their unusual spinal structure. They come in a variety of colours and textures such as brown, black, white, cinnamon, chocolate and so on they usually have black eyes but the albino which is rare contains red eyes. While when they were first domesticated is uncertain it is said that they were first domesticated by the Egyptians to control rodents and have been domesticated ever since for at least 2500 years and yet they have yet to be universally accepted as pets....   [tags: wild mad animals, vermin]

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The Best Meal The Secret Life Of Pets

- Motivation is the key to success when it comes to advertisements. It plays on the wants and needs of the person watching the commercials. Living in Canada for 11 years, it was not hard to find commercials of items in the United States but they were quite different. Consider the following 2 current commercials: • Happy Meal The Secret Life of Pets Movie Toys Commercial 2016 – USA (Toys for Kids Games for Kids, n.d.) (There is stuff afterwards regarding the Movie Toys own advertisement from 0:30-0:46) • McDonald’s Happy Meal | Secret Life of Pets | Make Pops Laugh – Canada (McDonald’s Canada, n.d.) Based u...   [tags: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow, Food]

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Saving Pets From Death In Shelters

- A Man's Best Friend For many of us, the animals in our lives are our faithful pals who make us laugh, that keep us company and love us no matter what. But a man’s best friend doesn’t necessarily have to be a dog; I believe that any animal can be considered to be a man’s best friend. On the other hand they are many animals who don’t have the same luck as other animals do. For those animals life is hard for them on the streets .Most animals on the streets often suffer from hunger, illness, tumors, skin infections and open sores....   [tags: Animals, Animal Shelter]

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Natural Choice Pets Marketing Plan

- Natural Choice Pets Marketing Plan Natural Choice has performed extensive research to develop and market natural pet products in the United States (U.S.) market. A review of the company strategy along with a SWOT analysis will discuss Natural Choices strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Looking at variables of the marketing mix will help Natural Choice Pets determine the best strategy to satisfy customers and distributers in the targeted market. Company Strategy Natural Choice will develop organic pet food and treats for dogs and cats properly pH balanced for optimal pet health....   [tags: Marketing, Pet food]

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Pet Health Insurance

- What is pet health insurance Pet health insurance is not very much like the health insurance that we are used to. For regular human health insurance, in many cases the person receiving the health care does not see the costs of their health care as the health care provider bills the insurance company directly. However, pet health insurance is different in that no pet health insurance provider in the United States pays the pet health care provider directly, instead you submit your claims to the insurer and you receive a reimbursement for expenses....   [tags: Pets]

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Disaster Relief for People and Their Pets

- Disaster Relief Just as Louisiana began to reconstruct itself from a natural disaster another hurricane hits and causes many evacuees sent back to shelters. Many people fail to understand or realize how people and pets still don't have a place to live. Because shelters are overpopulated due to recent natural disasters, many pets of disaster victims still need a permanent place to live. Recent disasters caused people to become homeless. Many people did not believe the hurricanes were going to cause as much damage as they did to the affected cities....   [tags: Personal Essays]

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The And Neutering Pets Should Be Supported By More Communities Of People

- Did you know that five million to seven million companion animals enter shelters nationwide each year. Spaying and neutering pets needs to be supported by more communities of people. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is opposed to mandatory sterilization, they state that it, “creates a hardship for responsible breeders.” Spaying and neutering is typically seen by a majority of the population as inhumane and an unnecessary violation of animal rights. The American Veterinary Medical Associations recommend that state and local governments develop effective dog and cat population control programs....   [tags: Dog, Neutering, Cat, Castration]

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Pet Overpopulation: Cause and Effect of Homeless Pets

- A harmless visit to the neighborhood pet store turns into a ruthless encounter for me. Every Saturday, Pecan (my dog) and I visit a local pet store to purchase food and treats for her. Pecan and I pass by a dozen of shelter volunteers eagerly showcasing homeless dogs before entering the pet store. Shelter volunteers are special because they are willing to devote their Saturday morning to help homeless pets. On the way I stop and great each volunteer and dog, then I walk away emotionally grieving and trying to holding back tears....   [tags: cause and effect essays, pet adoption]

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Feeding Your Pets the Healthy Way and The Right Way

- Pet owners consider their pet part of the family most of the time. You treat your pet the best you can because they are people who are very dear to you. So why would you feed your family food that will harm their health. Would you ever think that something called BARF could be healthy for your family pet. When it stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw Food it certainly does mean it is healthy. Feeding your dog or cat a nutritionally balanced raw food diet is a beneficial way of allowing the, to live long healthy lives....   [tags: pet care, pet nutrition, rew food diet]

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Pets Are A Center Piece Of A Young Adult 's Life

- Pets are a center piece of a young adult’s life. They may have owned the pet from a young age or are bearing the responsibility for the first time now that they are away from home. Taking on the responsibility of owning a pet can be just as time consuming as parenthood. Whatever the case may be careful consideration must be taken of all aspects of owning larger animals such as dogs. You must consider your roommates if you have any and make sure they are okay with have an animal having free range of the house or apartment....   [tags: Dog, Pet, Property, Dogs]

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Similarities and Differences Between Cats and Dogs as Pets

- Cats and dogs are the most popular pets in the world. Cats versus dogs are a debate that just rages on even if cat lovers know that their little sweethearts swept to victory long ago. Their inspired playfulness and independent, beautiful spirit say enough. Even some die-hard dog lovers have inched toward the feline side, drawn by their low-maintenance lifestyle and excellent lap decorations. Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. Even though they are both caring animals, dogs and cats have their differences....   [tags: exotic coats, woof, bark]

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Pet Food Labeling For The Health Of Our Pets

- There are many commercials that advertise the best pet food. Often these claims are because they do not contain certain ingredients that their competitors have, but what are these ingredients truly. Does a pet benefit in any substantial way from not having these ingredients. Is the pet food labeled “complete” actually right for all stages of that pet’s life. Pet food labels are often confusing and misleading, with the help of the government, both state and federal, all states could have equal and stricter standards on the labels for the health of our pets....   [tags: Nutrition, Meat]

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Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats

- Why Dogs Are Better Pets than Cats We’ve all seen moments on media where a child gets a pet as a present. The pleasure of getting a pet as a gift is often touching and sometimes ends with tears of joy. Being able to grow up with the pet is often a emotional roller coaster. Treating the pet as if it was another human being like watching television together, playing outside on the field, or just eating dinner as a family are memories we can cherish as they grow up. Although, in terms of being able to connect with the animal emotionally and physically; we can definitely see many reasons as to why a dog is a much better pet then a cat....   [tags: Pet, Dog, Labrador Retriever, Predation]

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Persuasive Essay : Pets Allowed By Patricia Marx

- We’ve all witnessed it, the person who parks in handicap parking, yet seems to have no physical disabilities, or the person who collects a disability check and appears to be able bodied. In the article “Pets Allowed” by Patricia Marx, she addresses the issue of emotion support animals (E.S.A) and how some are bending the laws in their favor. Certain E.S.A owners fit a new classification of people who are bending the laws to take advantage of the system, and the government is allowing this by not enforcing the regulations already in place....   [tags: Disability]

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Do Pit Bulls Make Good Pets?

- “If somebody is too stupid to understand the fundamental immorality of dog fighting, you’re never going to be able to explain it to him” (Kevin Hench). Most people think that pit bulls have locking jaws. This is false however; no dog breed in the whole world has locking jaws. Dogs are not always aggressive how they are raised and trained determines the behavior of a dog. Dogs have tendencies to be aggressive only if not trained properly. The discrimination against pit bulls is wrong and uncalled for....   [tags: Domestic Animals]

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Beneficial Pets

- Would you like to live a happy and productive life. Then get pets. I must admit it is hard to believe that domesticated animals can promote mental and physical health, but many studies have shown that they can. On the other hand, you must find a pet that is compatible with you or with your life style. Maintaining good mental health is crucial for living a "normal" life. Many psychiatrists have found that patients with anger management problems can be calmer with a pet around the house....   [tags: essays research papers]

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pets 911

- Facts: Pets 911 knows that every community has pets in need. We offer a free network of animal rescue organizations and services across the country. Pets 911 is becoming an answer for not only the public, but also the pet animal welfare group community on how we in this country can all take part in saving those 5 million animals every year. Pet adoptions, animal shelters, help to find lost dogs and services to find lost cats - Pets 911 for all your pet adoption information - Thousands of homeless dogs, abandoned cats and other animals available for adoption....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Small Rodents Make Wonderful Pets

- Anyone who has owned one would readily aggree that hamsters, girlbils, and mice provide an owner with hours of amusement and years of companionship. Rabbits are fabulous for those who are looking for a quiet playmate, while rats and ferrets are hyperactive and surprisingly intelligent. Guinea pigs are another very popular choice for a small pet. A website dedicated to guinea pigs boasts on their front page that there is no question that "guinea pigs make excellent pets [and are] docile, low maintenance, and unbelievably cute." I strongly beg to differ, unless "docile" means "boring" and "low maintenance" means that you only need to scoop up piggy pellet poop...   [tags: Informative Essays]

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Pets Can Change Any Person or Even Entire Families

- ... The pet gives the patient something to think about instead of whatever they are thinking about that gives them anxiety you just have to give them a chance to try to help you. Also pets are always doing funny things that make us laugh and when we laugh that laughter triggers the release of chemicals in the brain that enhance your immune function. By petting a dog for 18 minutes your body increasing your natural antibody against invading germs called secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA). Other studies have shown that people with pets make fewer doctor visits, especially for non-serious medical conditions....   [tags: nursing the sick, lonely, heart attack]

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Pet Pets And Its Effects On The Overall Mood Of Pet Owners

- You wake up in the hospital, look around, and find a doctor hovering nearby declaring that you have just suffered through a heart attack; affirming that if not for your dog, you would have died. You remember back to earlier that day: sitting on the couch, feeling a little off, hearing your dog barking, sensing him nudging you, going to the phone to call the ambulance, and having your dog by your side until you were safe inside the aluminum walls of the emergency vehicle. Although it sounds abnormal that a dog would be the one to save someone’s life, situations similar to the one above are not uncommon....   [tags: Dog, Pet, The Animals, Property]

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Comparison on Watership Down and From Hutch to House Pets....

- Comparison on Watership Down and From Hutch to House Pets.... Not every author has the same opinion on certain creatures' status as living things. The extract from "Watership Down" by Richard Adams and the article "From Hutch to House Pets A Rabbit is the Perfect Companion, Even Inside the Home" by Susan Clark are written from a different format of text and therefore have different persuading technique on rabbits as subject matter. These two pieces are concerning rabbits, however, the authors regard rabbits as animals with different intellectual levels....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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A Critical Analysis and Evaluation of an Article on Cruelty to Domestic Pets

- A Critical Analysis and Evaluation of an Article on Cruelty to Domestic Pets Animal cruelty is an issue that is often disregarded as being a major problem in Britain today. Animals are not considered as important as humans, and many people do not care about the way they are treated. But I don't think I am alone when I say that when I saw the grotesque picture at the top of this article, I was filled with disgust. This was obviously the intention of the writer- to attract attention to the article and alert people about the problem that animal cruelty is becoming....   [tags: Papers]

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A Man's Best Friend Doesn't Necessarily Have to Be a Dog

- A Man's Best Friend For many of us, the animals in our lives are our faithful pals who make us laugh, that keep us company and love us no matter what. But a man’s best friend doesn’t necessarily have to be a dog; I believe that any animal can be considered to be a man’s best friend. Unfortunately, there are still many animals without a home, living on the streets and waiting to be part of a family .Most animals on the streets often suffer from hunger, illness, tumors, skin infections and open sores....   [tags: diversity in pets]

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Persuasive Speech: Ferrets Make Good Pets

- Introduction: I. Ferrets are amusing creatures that can make good pets. II. Many people would be interested in a low maintenance pet that is softer than a turtle and more affectionate than a goldfish. III. I currently have three ferrets. I got my first one about five years ago. I found my second and third ferrets a couple of years later at the Oregon Ferret Shelter, where I ended up adopting them for a modest price. I have also volunteered at the shelter now and then and have learned a lot about them....   [tags: Persuasive Speech, Argumentative Speech]

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Hedgehogs: Curious Little Mammals

- I will be talking about hedgehogs, and what they are, along with what they do. First, hedgehogs are mammals that are native to Europe, Asia, and Africa. There are some fifteen species of hedgehogs in these listed countries, says National Geographic (N.D.). Hedgehogs have also been introduced into nontraditional ranges such as New Zealand. The hedgehog was named because of its peculiar foraging methods. These animals root through hedges and other undergrowth in search of the small creatures that compose the bulk of their diet-insects, worms, centipedes, snails, mice, frogs, and snakes....   [tags: biology, pets]

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Ultimate Pets: How an Independent Pet Shop Competes with Giant Pet Store Chains

- This essay explains how I intend to open an independent pet store, Ultimate Pets. Although there are already several pet stores in my community which are owned and operated by the giant pet super-store chains, I will position Ultimate Pets in the market so that it can successfully compete with the established pet super-store chains. As a business in the pet industry, an exotic pet shop offers many products that a large corporation would, but differentiates in a way with the wide range of animals it actually carries in stock....   [tags: pet industry analysis, entrepreneur essays]

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The Interview Between Corey Grant And Danny Jones Regarding The Payroll Scheme At Plush Pets

- When Evaluating the interview between Corey Grant and Danny Jones regarding the payroll scheme at Plush Pets, it was evident Mr. Grant used several strong interview tactics when conducting the meeting. However, there were also a few issues that surfaced which could have been adjusted midcourse, resulting in a more favorable outcome. This particular payroll scheme is categorized as a ghost employee, which is an individual on the payroll of a company who does not actually work the company. (Wells, 2014) The strength of evidence against Mr....   [tags: Interview, Semi-structured interview, Question]

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Petco, Animals, and the Humans Who Control Everything

- The other day I was sitting with a friend of mine in a class, all of a sudden she turns to me saying, "You got to see this." Expecting to be handed a phone to read some text or watch a video to my surprise she hands me a copy of National Geographic turned to an article about the domestication of foxes. "Borrow it from me, I know you're into animal stuff, you got to read it." Only my friends would do this, but this article is a really great starting point to discussing pets. I think it is important to explain how I happened upon the article, because I doubt I would have gotten passed an article about wild foxes, or wild animals for that matter....   [tags: Pets, Animal Relationships]

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Bond Between Humans and Animals Throughout History

- ... Moving into an improved era between animals and humans, man put animals to work. Now, while this is not the greatest relationship, the animals were now being cared for. The relations between animals and humans expanded because man has come to respect and appreciate the work animals do. The cowboy getting feed and water into his horse’s stomach after a long trek is a prime example of this. Man has begun to see animals as more than just beasts. This ultimately lead to man domesticating animals for home life....   [tags: family, pets, domesticated]

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Do Animals Have and Show Emotions?

- Walking in the front door of a home that has pets is always a joy. The pets in the home rush to the door with pure excitement that their owner is home; from that right there proves that animals show human emotions towards human and other animals. Emotion is the state of mind that comes from ones circumstance, mood and feelings towards another. People highly relate their animal’s emotions to their own because of the way they react around humans or other animals. Many non-pet owners don’t believe that animals have or show any emotion because they don’t know or have experienced the bond between human and animal or animal and animal....   [tags: pets, animal rights, human]

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Is It Easy to Live in Harmony with a House Cat?

- As humans, having cats as pets they are expected to adapt to human lifestyle and living conditions forgetting the fact that houses are not their natural environment. Cats, as do all animals, behave the way they do since it is in their nature, despite the opinion of some behaviors being inappropriate. A cat has no concept of what is deemed right or wrong and has to be able to understand what is desired of them to do or not to do in order to live a contented life in human surroundings. Part of the way a cat learns to understand a human is by humans understanding them and why they do what they do....   [tags: pets, domesticated animals]

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Taking Care of Animals: Kill Versus No-Kill Shelter

- ... A no-kill shelter probably started as a wonderful idea, but was soon turned into a very bad thing. The idea of a no-kill shelter is that any animals that is well-tempered enough or healthy enough to be adopted out, would be. The negative aspect of no-kill shelters is that once they run out of room to place the animals, a few things start happening. When shelters are filled to capacity, they are forced to turn away animals in need. These animals that are turned away are left on the streets or in the hand or irresponsible owners who cannot properly take care of these animals....   [tags: pets, caretakers, animal cruelty]

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Increasing Canine Adoption Success Based on Characteristics

- July 17, 2009, was a hard day for me. My dog of almost seven years had to be put down, and he was the first pet I had ever lost. After Oly left me, I didn’t really have any interest in finding another dog; I was too upset. I knew eventually I would want another dog but didn’t think that day would be anywhere in the near future. About two weeks later, I was sitting at the laundromat waiting for my parents, and I saw a flyer from McPaws. As I got closer, I saw all of the cute animals that they had for adoption and one puppy in particular stood out to me....   [tags: Adopting Dogs, Pets, Canines]

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Cats versus Dogs: Which is Better?

- Cats and dogs are seen to be the most popular household pets in the world. Because of their popularity, people would always compare these two pets to each other. But which makes a better pet. I used to have cats when I was a kid and I had a lot of them. I also had a dog, a family dog, but he stayed outside and I did not really pay attention to him. My cats died when I was nine or ten. I got tired of taking care of them so I stopped adopting one. I didn’t really know the differences between cats and dogs until I had my own dog....   [tags: popular household pets]

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Choosing a Careers: Health Care Need For Animals

- Choosing a career, for many people, is no easy task. I have a passion for animals and ever since I was small, working with animals is all I have ever dreamed of. Unfortunately there are hundreds of jobs involving animals, making my career search a bit more complicated. After hours and hours of searching I have chosen two careers that have really caught my attention, a veterinarian and working at an animal rescue. A Veterinarian tends to the healthcare needs of animals including a wide range of animals, depending on what size animals you choose to work with....   [tags: veterinary, pets, care, home]

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The Process of Becomng a Service Dog

- ... With service dogs, it is much more. They constantly need different supplies, depending on what they will help with, and the trainers must be compensated for driving them to different public areas to work on a regular basis for up to two years. When a service dog has fully learned how to assist an owner they are paired together based on needs of skills and personality. An owner must pass a screening and an interview to prove they are in fairly good health with an acceptable home. After they are matched the owner has to stay on the training site for several weeks, learning how to groom and control them properly....   [tags: pets helping people with disabilities]

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Animals have Not Voice Against Abuse

- “Animals have no voice. They can’t ask for help. They can’t ask for freedom. They can’t ask for protection. Humanity must be their voice.” This quote by A.D. Williams says everything about the cruelty of animal abuse. Have you ever given a thought to animal abuse. Its not just dogs or cats in a shelter it spans a greater community. Before stopping abuse, we need to consider why it happens. Hoarding isn’t just a show on T.V about stuff in your house. There are animal hoarders. Do you have a pet at home....   [tags: shelter, cruelty, pets]

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Reasons to Adopt a Dog

- The purpose of this paper is to clearly illuminate all of the key reasons why I plan to adopt a dog and why I feel that dogs make the perfect pets over other popular and unusual pet choices. Furthermore I intend to express the diverse and unique roles that canines occupy in human history from tail wagging, comforting family companions to fellow warriors, and partners in arms, serving alongside their human handlers in military conflicts throughout history all around the world. Essentially, I believe that dogs make the best people companions from among the animal world because they are almost always very loyal, helpful, happy and potentially highly obedient and will protect their owners brave...   [tags: Canines Over Other Pets]

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Cat People versus Dog People

- ... The stereotype of a crazy cat women is not really true. On a usual basis, they are more likely to be women. Their personalities extend to being unconventional introverts. This is just a fancy way of calling them outside of the box thinker but with shy tendencies. The unconventional side is often seen as “crazy” but I like to call it misunderstood innovation. My adorable cat tiger can turn anything into a place to sleep and that’s his form of innovation. I love to create, design and remodel 7]-everything which is one of my contributions to being a cat person....   [tags: pets, animals in the house]

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Inhumane Treatment in Puppy Mills

- No More Puppy Mills There are so many things that the breeders do to the puppies in puppy mills in very inhumane ways. To understand how puppy mills operate one must know the facts about animal abuse, why they operate, and how to prevent the use of puppy mills. Where are the bigger production centers in the United States. How are the dogs treated. What about the lasting effects on the animals' lives. This study, written in the format of the Modern Language Association (MLA), examines puppy mills and their inhumane treatment of animals....   [tags: dogs, breeders, pets]

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Reasons For Adopting A Pet

- Do you know how many animals are in the shelter and eventually put to death each year. According to the ASPCA, approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats. Each year, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized. Adopting any breed of animal is a not only a big decision, but a substantial responsibility. Most people will do some form of research before making the decision to adopt....   [tags: Dog, Pet, Neutering, Pets]

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Born to Be Wild

- ... Keeping exotic animals as pets could be dangerous for the owners and their surrounding areas as well. Numerous incidents involving exotic animals which held in private hands have been reported across the country. They escaped from their cage or released by owners and freely rambled to the community, attacked humans and other animals. In recent years, not only children but also adults have been mauled by large cats and bears, attacked by primates, and strangled or bitten by snakes (“The Dangers of Keeping Exotic Pets”)....   [tags: exotic animals as pets]

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The Giraffe by Mauro Senesi

- People look upon strangers and unknown beasts differently as they regard their own townspeople and domestic pets. Foreigners are the centers of attention and suspicion. The Giraffe by Mauro Senesi showcases the perception of a giraffe by people with different ages after its proprietor mysteriously died. In the story, Rolandino, a stubby boy, is willing to take care of the enormous beast because he is also criticized for his shortness and corpulence. The giraffe is unique in the little Italian town....   [tags: discrimination, domestic pets, intolerance]

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My Views on Animal Rights

- During this course many of the topics discussed I found interesting. Of the many, the topic that I found most interesting is about animal rights. I want to further express my view on this topic. I believe animals do not have rights and people only give animals rights because people believe animals have souls. I have come to this conclusion due to further reading and personal experience. Animals do not have rights because animals do not have voices. If animals had voices they would be considered human beings, which of course, they are not....   [tags: compassion, hunting, pets]

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The Life of my Puppy, Gingerale

- It was one of the sweetest memories of my life. To begin with, a perfect day was dusking in my new compound. Biking alone, I sighed of boredom and pedaled without energy. Suddenly, a puppy came scuttling out of the bushes. His ginger ale colored fur was like a coat, gleaming under the warm sunlight, the fur on his chest were white. Moving closer, I could see that he was focusing on me with his big eyes that were the color of caramel. He had white eyebrows, and looked as if he was wearing thick eyeliner....   [tags: pets,]

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The Pet Store and Panda

- As I walked through the door, the smell of animal droppings filled my nose, the barking and talking of various people filled my ears. I had come alone because my parents didn’t want to tag along. When I asked them why, they recited the most annoying apothegm any parent could ever say, “Because I said so.” Parents say the darndest things. To be honest, I hated going anywhere alone, mostly because I was still a kid and I was afraid. The pet store was the only place I felt safe, besides home. I went over to a window labeled “German Shepherd” and “Bernese Mountain.” They were both still babies and I guessed they were no older than a month or so....   [tags: pets, ]

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Man´s Best Friend: Dogs

- Dogs are the first domesticated animal, and commonly known as "man's best friend.' Dogs have accompanied humans, and been considered pets, for around 10,000 years. They have been used for working, hunting, but most commonly as a pet. To this day, hundreds of different dog breeds exist, coming in various sizes, colors, and shapes. Although dogs are currently viewed primarily as pets, they have not always been viewed this way and have had an evolution of their own. To fully understand dogs, one must take a look at where dogs came from and how they have evolved....   [tags: gray wolf, pets]

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Zoos and Exotic Pets: Humanity or an Abomination

- ... They believe that they are saving them from being killed by humans. They say that if they would not have taken in these animals they would have died in the wild. They say they’re giving them a fresh new start and a place to live without worry. For example, in this article they state that zoos try and help repopulate animals, “Zoo officials have concluded that they must winnow species in their care and devote more resources to a chosen few... The lemurs at this zoo are being saved...” (Kaufman, 6) Another claim from this side is that they keep these animals for entertainment....   [tags: opposing views, animals should be in the wild]

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Dog Breed Bans

- Pets have been a part of the American life for forever. It comes to no surprise that the most popular pet in the United States is the dog. There are over 68 million dogs owned with a range of 130 dog breeds. Over the past ten years, it has become clear that the rate of dog bites has steadily been rising. There are over 4.7 million reported cases of dog bites each year in the United States alone. State officials have been hounding the dog world for years over this issue. Instead of blaming certain dog breeds for violence, people should instead be looking at the owners themselves (Pet-Owner Liability)....   [tags: pets, german sheperds, violence]

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Designer Pet Accessories 's Best Four Legged Companion And Help Improve Its Way Of Life

- Pets are extremely faithful buddies, casual psychiatrists, and snuggle pals and just like humans, need nourishment in the right proportion, shelter, fitness services and medications, security and consistent exercise to develop both mentally and physically. For this very reason, there is the need to know the important designer pet accessories designed specially to compliment your pet appearance, health, fitness, and to foster the sound relationship, friendship and connection between you and your mongrel as with your families, so as to guide you through the supplies selection process for your beloved pets....   [tags: Dog, Pet, Stanley Coren, Pets]

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Difference Between Dogs and Cats

- Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in the whole world. Even though they’re both very popular, they are different in many ways. Some people gravitate towards the calmness of a cat, while others seek the companionship of a dog. Cats are a lot more independent and less expensive. Cats don’t require nor do they want to be trained to be a house pet. Dogs on the other hand are very loyal and will act as your best friend. Dogs require more attention and training to be a well behaved family member....   [tags: popular pets, animals, dog, cat]

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Animal Shelter Dogs

- There is a Pedigree dog commercial I see on TV which catches my eye and my heart. It tells us to not pity a shelter animal. When I decided to become a Veterinary Technician, I expected to work in a vet office, but have changed my mind. I began volunteering for the Denver Dumb Friends League, at the Buddy Center in Castle Rock, about a year ago. A shelter is not always the easiest place to work, but I feel it is where I’m most able to make a difference. There is plenty of heartache, but I seem to have a knack for calming and comforting the frightened animals, and that makes me feel good....   [tags: Pets]

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The Cruelty Of The Madison

- In today’s society there are many pets that are out there looking for a place to eat and a roof that is over their head. There are many people who could be that one person to give that pet what it needs. ASPCA is a place where they shelter many animals that are in need of a place to stay. Most of the animals that stay are there because of people who cannot look after their pets. The animals are left on the street left to defend themselves or when a pet has a litter and the owner does not have the money to afford the animals....   [tags: Dog, Pet adoption, Pets, Animal welfare]

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The Cruelty Of The Madison

- In today’s society, 13 there are many pets that are out there looking for a place to eat and a roof that is over their head. There is many people who could be that one person to give that pet what it needs. ASPCA is a place where they shelter many animals that are in need of a place to stay. Most of the animals that stay are there because of people who cannot look after their pets. The animals are left on the street left to defend themselves or when a pet has a litter and the owner does not have the money to afford the animals....   [tags: Dog, Pet adoption, Pets, Animal welfare]

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Flea Control for Dogs and Cats

- Flea Control for Dogs and Cats Many Americans have a four-legged member of their family in their home. Most people deal with housebreaking problems, pet hair on furniture, and an occasional broken lamp because all the friendly welcomes home outweigh these minor problems. When the weather begins to get warmer, these pet owners begin to cringe with the thought of spring. It can only mean one thing; flea season and the circus of giving flea baths and dips is about to start. But in the past few years, there has been a break through in scientific technology allowing both owners and pets to rest easier....   [tags: Pets Dogs Cats Essays]

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Abraham Lincoln: Characteristics of a Hero

- Stories of heroes have been a source of inspiration and awe for as long as people could tell them. We look to legends of great men and women who have accomplished grand tasks in hopes that we, too, may one day be as tremendous as them. Indeed, most of us do; albeit not in the way we imagine. Most of them slip by us unnoticed, overlooked, and will never be the protagonists of epic stories. So what exactly makes a hero. I believe a hero to be anyone who possesses the qualities of a hero: courageous, perseverant and compassionate – all of which Abraham Lincoln perfectly demonstrates....   [tags: log cabin, kentucky, symphaty for pets and people]

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Taking Care of Your Pet

- Taking Care of Your Pet Can you hear the cries of those who do not communicate in the human language. How about the fearful mewing of a motherless kitten. Do you worry for the exhaustion of a donkey, staggering under a load to heavy to bear. Does your heart skip a beat when you hear the whimpering of a lost puppy. Are you filled with sadness when you an animal that has been hit by a car. Do you take in strays and feed them because they are all skin and bones. If so you are a pet lover. You would never hurt a pet....   [tags: Animals Pets Essays]

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Pet Care

- Pets 101 has identified our target market as school age children, under the age of 18 with the idea that their excitement about pet care and responsibility will persuade their parents to purchase new pets. The typical school age children have parents between the ages of 25-54, which makes up 70% of the major market segment (IBIS, 2014). Pets 101located in Port Orange Florida, has its competitors in a 25 mile radius of Volusia County.Pets101 has four brick and mortar direct competitors (serves the same target market with similar products and services) in a 25 mile radius....   [tags: pets market,petsmart, competition]

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Feral Cats

- Cats are one of the most beloved pets to humans beings. Though they provided a sense of comfort and love, there is a dark side to these soft, adorable, felines. Cats, both domestic and feral, poses a serious threat to native bird populations in the United States and health risk to both people and other animals. It is important that people realize the impact that feral cats have in the environment that they inhabit and how it not only effects other species, but us humans as well. Feral cats have no form of human interaction and therefore are difficult and or nearly impossible to assimilate as a regular house pet....   [tags: predation instincts, pets]

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The Beagle

- The Beagle is one of the merriest sweetest dog breeds around. They are full of enthusiasm and brimming with energy, always ready to run, play and hunt. They are best suited in a home that has the time and energy to keep up to them. The Beagle is an extremely friendly dog; those looking for a guard dog should look elsewhere. It is said; a Beagle will not only meet a burglar with tail a wagging but will show him where you keep your valuables. However, they will usually bark at any suspicious sound so make a fine barking watchdog....   [tags: Pets]

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Are Dogs Getting the Attention They Deserve?

- Are Dogs Getting the Attention They Deserve. It used to be that you could tell just about how poor a family was by how many dogs they had. If they had one, they were probably doing all right, two dogs meant that the couple were dog lovers, but if a citizen kept three, you could begin to suspect he didn’t own much else. What type of dogs these were also lead people to believe their social status in society. (Hoagland, 1995) Would this lead people to believe that this is true. In my opinion, No it does not....   [tags: Symbols Wealth Animals Pets Essays]

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German shepherd Dog

- For thousands of years dogs have walked alongside man with loyalty, care, and friendship. Now there is the dog called the German shepherd and to me it is the most reliable of all the dogs. They have a history that is different from others, they can be trained to always stand by you, they are strictly bred to perfection, and they have done many great heroic actions. I should get a German shepherd. The history of German shepherds is both remarkable and interesting. During the late 1890s, the first lead towards the German shepherd started....   [tags: dogs, pets, breeds, loyalty, care, friendship]

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Animal Cruelty and Youth Violence

- There are over seventy million cats and fifty-five million dogs in the United States, yet the number of reported cases of neglect, or abuse is severely lacking (Davidson 1). Animal abuse is an ongoing dilemma in this country; recent studies have indicated child animal cruelty offenders often go on to pursue disturbing acts of criminal behavior. This nation simply does not have standardized legislation across the nation as a preventative method of dealing with this predicament. Many states treat animal abuse too leniently, and this is bad because youthful offenders often times will go on to perform criminal acts later in life, therefore anti-youth violence organizations and animal abuse prev...   [tags: Animals Kids Pet Pets Children]

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Steps When Adopting a Second Cat

- Many people decide to add one cat or two to their family, hoping that cats become best friends. Then your current cat will have to play with when you're out all day. For some animals, the introduction of a new friend is no big deal, but for others it leads to fights and fears. Here are some tips on how to gather all with the minimum of stress for them. You will need: A room with a door that you can keep closed. Separate food and water bowls for your new Cat Sanitary tray for your new Cat Toys (you can use the toys that you already have, if you have enough for this) Blanket or bed for the new Cat Now, follow these daily steps: 1st Day Determine a room for your new cat....   [tags: Tips, Pets]

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Personal Opinion Essay: Dogs vs. Cats

- There are many reasons to get a pet. You could choose to get a pet for a companion, or simply to add to your family. Many older folk choose to get a pet after they retire or lose their spouse so they do not feel lonely. Many young couples choose to get a pet before they opt to have children, and many families add a pet to their home for their children. The question is though, what type of pet to get. Do you get a cat, or a dog. Having a dog as a pet over a cat is much more enjoyable and beneficial to your life, specifically because of their behavior, convenience, and loyalty....   [tags: Pets, Loyalty]

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Cat v. Dog

- Cat v. Dog Many households occupy pets. Deciding on a pet can be a difficult decision. The majority of the time people tend to choose either a dog or a cat for their pet. There are many similarities as well as differences between a dog and a cat. However, the differences outnumber the similarities and usually serve as the deciding factor between the two. With either a dog or a cat, there will be a new addition to the family. Much responsibility comes along with this new member....   [tags: Papers Pets Household Pet Essays ]

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