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My Personal Experience Learning to Golf

- Many people take up Golf thinking that it is easy, after all, how hard can it be to hit a little white ball with a stick. This thinking evaporates the first time they step onto a driving range and attempt to hit that little white ball. Golf is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. My experience with golf began in May of 2005 when friends came to stay with us; my wife informed me that I would have to take Roy, her friend’s husband Golfing. I had not been to a driving range (since I was in my teens) and I had never played golf on a course before....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Personal Experience]

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Personal Narrative: My Experience in the Air Force

- I have been blessed to have led a highly fulfilling career over the past 22 years. The Air Force’s standards of conduct and performance have helped me mature into an adult while creating lasting memories along the way. I have had the opportunity to make significant contributions to my country that offer a sense of pride and personal achievement. My current duties allow me to directly contribute to the Air Force and Joint arena on an almost daily basis. Joining the Air Force helped me to realize I had undertaken a task bigger than myself....   [tags: essay about myself, Personal Experience]

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Personal Values and my Air Force Experience

- I was only nine years old, but I can almost still feel the bitter cold and the excitement in the thin air while sitting in the stands in the Rocky Mountains. The rivalry between the two Service Academies was at an all time high as the coveted Commander in Chiefs trophy was still up for grabs. Although the battle ensuing on the field between the two foes was formidable, it was the battle upon what to do with my life that was of greater consequence. The outcome of the game is now forgotten but the impression that the young servicemembers left would forever be etched in the back of my mind....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Personal Experience]

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Personal Narrative: My Experience at a British International School

- Sometimes after SARS, bird flu and a military coupe I can’t help but wonder what is next. Growing up going to school with as many as 50 different nationalities, I have a unique perspective on the world. My family moved to Thailand in 2001, flying out of Seattle the day before the attacks on the World Trade Center. We lived in a city called Rayong, located four hours south east of Thailand’s capital Bangkok.My dad helped pastor a local church and my mom helped with the ministry and took care of us, the kids....   [tags: essay about myself, Personal Experience]

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Personal Narrative: My Peace Corps Experience

- It was the same thought process almost every morning on my way to work. There I was, a recent college graduate driving to a low-paying position that I was certainly overqualified for. While I knew that the job was temporary, I could not help but think of my former classmates who were embarking upon careers which offered comfortable salaries and benefits. Feelings of inadequacy, fear, and self-doubt would overcome me. Yet, as I would begin to ask myself, “what am I doing with my life,” I would merge onto I-496 in Lansing and the answer would come into view....   [tags: Personal Experience, Autobiography]

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Personal Narrative- My Experience with Love at First Sight

- I listen to the constant roar of motors as the dirt bikes and go-carts race around the small track behind me. For a few (usually uneventful) hours every Tuesday, I work at the ticket and rider registration booth; collecting money and making everyone sign the if-you-die-you-can’t-sue-us forms. As usual, I was signing in a few riders and spectators at my station; as I listened to my ipod in one ear I completed my task that I had done hundreds of times before. However, this time something distracted me, something that made me lose my rhythm in completing the current customer’s registration....   [tags: essay about myself, Personal Experience]

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Personal Narrative: My Experience as a Drama Club Coach

- The play is happening in two weeks. The sets are tarnished and dusty, numerous parts of it unfinished. The actors are tripping and stumbling over their lines, the less fortunate would have rejoiced at having something whatsoever to stumble upon. Amidst the rising fatigue and the Arabian swelter, tempers are shortening and temperaments are turning belligerent. A few months ago, I would have banged my head repeatedly on the stage floor. Now, survival would be a plausible option. The drama club was a product of my school’s attempt to invigorate its curriculum by encouraging various student clubs....   [tags: essay about myself, Personal Experience]

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Personal Narrative: My Experience with Being Away from Home in Italy

- There I was, holding onto my suitcase, standing in the airport about to board my plane. I was fifteen years old, going into my sophomore year of high school, and I was going to Italy for ten days with my best friend and a tour group from his school. For months, we had been counting down the days until we leave. The day was finally here and everyone around was full of excitement. Everyone else had been on planes multiple times in their lives. As for me, I had never been on an airplane before and had no idea what to expect about this upcoming eight hour plane ride....   [tags: essay about myself, Personal Experience]

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Personal Experience During an Interview

- ... A personal factor that I made sure I did correctly was arriving to the assessment dressed appropriately. This allows a professional theme to be set from the start of the interview. I started the interview off well by introducing myself, and the purpose of this interview. This allows her and letting her know clearly that nothing that is spoken today leaves this room, and I followed that with making sure she understood this and if she had any concerns prior or during to just ask. She responded well to this and we began the interview....   [tags: personal narrative, skills, strengths]

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A Personal Experience with Bad Leadership

- In the author’s experience, arrogance is the most damaging trait that a person in a leadership role can possess. Arrogance is the product of an ego that is out of control; however, the ego can be restrained when the will and desire exist to do so. The will and desire to control the ego and express humility must be a lifelong endeavor for those with large egos, lest they revert to their negative ways. A Personal Experience For many years, the author has reported either directly or indirectly to one particular manager....   [tags: arrogance, leadership, ego, humility]

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Personal Experience in Raising Children

- A bond that a child has with their parents can never be match. The love a parent gives their child is priceless. But I believe that children, once grown up, owe nothing to the parents who raised them. I say this because even animals, which lack reason, provide love to their child without a need of repayment. I, also, have a sense of experience raising my brothers and sisters and can say they owe me nothing. Finally, a parent should provide care, love, and protection of harm for their child. If the parents do not raise their child with care, love, and protection then its up to the child to decide whether he or she will raise their child in a similar matter or not....   [tags: humans, animal kindom, parents]

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A Career in Fashion Industry: Personal Experience

- I initially developed an interest in fashion through costume and dress, as a member in the campus-based modeling organization on my undergraduate level. There I was exposed to several disciplines in fashion; all which strengthened and intensified my passion for the field of fashion. I was in an environment that supported creative expression, providing me with a new and different perspective on clothing as decoration. Though the group’s endeavors were collective efforts, individual growth in our creative processes was still encouraged....   [tags: modeling, image, work experience]

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Personal Experience Of Science

- Personal Experience Of Science Born as I was into the immediate post-war generation, my thinking on science parallels in many ways the generation as a whole. We came along in the aftermath of the first scientific war – fought between countries with, in many ways, highly-developed technologies, which served to both fuel and end the conflict (Brehm, Kassin, & Fein, 1999, cited in Schneider, Grunman & Coutts, 2005). But then came the first inklings that there was both more and less to science than shiny new machines, even killing machines....   [tags: Scientific Research ]

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Personal Experience on Microcultures

- Most of my feelings I have towards microcultures are all based of personal experiences. I think everyone always has some sort of feelings that come to mind when they see or interact with a certain microculture and I am no exception. When it comes to rich people, I feel annoyed, envy, and optimistic. I sometimes wish I had a lot of money and that feeling makes me optimistic about my future. I think rich people are greedy because even though they have a lot of money already, all they want is more....   [tags: discrimination, opinions, respect]

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Personal Experience: Narranthians Fables

- If this rumored Witcher group was real I suppose we’d be there female counter part with a cross between the legionnaires’ Archon race, more so on the Witcher’s side of thing. Augmented to be perfect in almost every way, but unlike witchers we can produce and bear children; a select few of us, my report of fertility came back as a unclear, so in y case only fate and destiny will tell. I am Synthyche (Sin-they-shay) Adamme (Adam-may) the cold. I am called the cold because I am unfeeling, according to most....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Personal Experience: Borrowed Home

- “Come with me. It’ll be fun.” Teri could be very persuasive when she wanted to be. And anytime fun was involved, she wanted to be. Shopping in Des Moines was always a treat but neither had been to the new shopping mall. Teri had made it through another year of classes while working full time and she needed to celebrate. Leaving Chris at home with the girls Teri and Kristin had headed east to conquer the mall. Kristin had the time of her life. Shopping with Teri was one laugh after another. They tried on clothes they would never consider wearing and put together outfits even Lady Gaga would think twice about....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Personal Experience: First Impressions

- “Hyunae-ah!” Hyunae turned around to see a boy with owl-like eyes waving his hands ferociously from afar. Her plump lips curved in recognition of the boy. He was Kyungsoo, her neighbor and best friend since elementary school. Their families were close together, and Kyungsoo often came over to her house to play or study together. Hyunae often confided her problems to Kyungsoo, especially after her parents’ death. On days when she missed her parents most, Kyungsoo would come and make her smile again....   [tags: personal narrative]

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My Personal Experience with Prejudice in America

- Someone once asked me how I felt about prejudice. “In contrast to what?”, or should I say, “shocking in all its forms.” Initially my response was puzzling. Let me explain. If you were to ask me how I felt about prejudice in the United States I would have to say, “Here, I am very aware of my skin color.” It is no secret that the US has had a long historical battle with racism. I am able to be educated at the collegiate level, due wholly, or in part, to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. It is the reason I am allowed to vote in this country....   [tags: personal narrative, racism, prejudice, racial prof]

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A Personal Experience with Moving

- Experience in Moving When humans reflect on their lives they often categorize things by their location at the time of the event, grouping their college experience separately from their hometown high school experiences. This association with place causes us to view an unwanted movement as an attack on our personal way of living. I first experienced such an affront when I was in the first grade, my family and I moved to a small town about three hours away from San Angelo. My father wanted to be closer to his aunt and uncle so he seemingly forced me and to tag along for the experience....   [tags: family, location, house]

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High School vs. College: A Personal Experience

- High School vs. College During high school, I did not have to study as hard as I do now that I am in college. Usually, I would be able to study the day before the test and score a hundred percent. Although, occasionally, I would be able to skip a few classes and get the notes from a classmate or of course, resort to guessing. However, now that I am in college, the lectures require much more attentiveness and are more complex: composing more information, meaning that one has to proportion time more responsibly and take an advantage of good study habits....   [tags: high school experience, college experience]

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Personal Experience in Training and Development

- Personal review This programme comes later in my life and career, so I have thought at length on my motivation for embarking on this. My main reason - I still strongly believe, even at this mature stage, this will open opportunities that have previously been closed off. Working for 15 years as a Trainer and Lecturer in Further Education, I have acquired a keener awareness of learners’ personal development needs - which I view as one of my major strengths. Previously I helped design then delivered a 9-unit training programme (I.T....   [tags: Personality, Teaching, Customer Care]

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Personal Experience: The Power of an Impression

- ... Then, there is this reminder, “Always look the best of yourself in front of others”. I found it different that her other advices because she keep telling me over and over again until I become a grown up man now. When Mom say this for the first time, I thought it was about how I should dress. I agree that I don't like to comb my hair and tuck in my school uniform shirt. Maybe that is why she was saying that to me. Turnout, I was half wrong. It is not exactly concerning about physical appearance, but personality does play important role in giving....   [tags: labeling, prophet Muhammad]

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Personal Experience with Human Behavior

- The purpose of this research assignment is to reflect and discuss the authors personal experiences about human behavior and link them to theory and research. To examine and provide insight about the changing experiences as a member of a small in-class experimental group; Apply various topics taught in Behaviour In Groups (Psyc 3430) and investigate the various experiential learning opportunities about behavior in-class groups. The author had experiences about two in-class groups - Group 4, “Jordan’s get it done” and Group 20 “Procrastination”....   [tags: development, group, research, theory]

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A Personal Experience with Positive Psychology

- ... It was also very hard for me to see my mother grieve and go through the process of losing a parent. My mother was always a very strong woman so to see her cry almost everyday after my grandmother’s death was a very heartbreaking experience. Till this day my family and I still miss her dearly but positive thinking is helping us deal with the situation. Some people can’t image their life without their sight but my grandmother became adjusted to this limitation fairly quickly and tried not to let it have a huge effect on her....   [tags: social problems, affluence, sight]

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A Personal Experience in Classroom Management

- ... Social learning or group work can be greatly benefited from by providing the student with the chance to learning from one another boosting their socials skills as well as aiding them educationally. In student centered classrooms the students are more motivated and interested in their own learning. Not only will they be more driven to learn but they will also want to share their findings or progress with their peers. As the students share and question what they have learned they will be building pro social skills providing guidance from the teacher....   [tags: learning environment, role models]

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Personal Experience: Dreams are not Illegal

- As a country we have continued to grow, becoming more diverse and allowing acceptance to change, but still struggle to allow each other to express our own beliefs without the hardship of each others opinions. Growing up with Hispanic students in my classes since kindergarten there were nothing more than good friends and a fellow classmate. Becoming close to a Hispanic student, I soon learned that this person does not have the same opportunity as me to continue their post secondary education. An undocumented student cannot receive financial help with federal funding, but being a documented student, I'm able to sign up for Financial Aid and all my education is paid for because of my family's i...   [tags: hispanic students, change, acceptance, beliefs]

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Personal Experience: The Seventh Grade

- The seventh grade....what can I say. It has been a roller coaster, one full of notes, homework, deadlines, big assignments, deadlines, huge projects, speeches, presentations, and learning. I suppose that, looking back on it, I can honestly say that most of the year depended on how well I was able to read, write and adapt new skills. Every thing, in every class I have, in its own right, ties back to the classes that teach me the fundamentals of reading, writing, and speaking. Granted, most of these things we are taught early on, but we are always getting better, improving, revising, and adapting....   [tags: presentations, speeches, homework]

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Justice System: A Personal Experience

- For my research paper I decided to observe at the North Justice Center in Fullerton, CA for the morning session. My goal entering there was to watch the process of a criminal trial since I felt that would be the most interesting and would allow me the opportunity to witness all the working parts of our justice system in action. While waiting for the criminal trial to open its doors and start, I managed to come across a post- arraignment court, where I was able to watch a different side of our criminal justice system....   [tags: Plea Bargain, Criminal Trial]

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The Royal Music World Experience

- Many students have the erroneous view that anything; anything at all in the world is better than their school life. They dread the exams, loath the note taking and the bore of a teacher’s lecture. And yet, they have not realized how cradled and protected they are from society. In short, they don’t yet understand that fact that they are among the luckiest of age groups- never to worry about where monetary income is from, never to worry about when to ration their money spending. However, going to an internship changes all that....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Personal Experience: Sunday Worship

- ... Once again, I slowly raised my hand and injected that praise is what we do, worship transcends beyond these parameters as an act of honoring and revering God. Worship is the entire church experience. Before I could elaborate further, he quickly indicated it was time to close out and we didn’t have time for further discussion. This Sunday School experience demonstrated the necessity for us to educate those persons who uphold leadership positions in the Church. If the Sunday school teacher had simply taken the time to research the answers to his questions, he would have been properly equipped to lead the discussion....   [tags: church, A.M.E. zion, non-denominational]

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Personal Experience: Team Fuqua

- In 2009, I first thought about pursuing MBA and started gathering information about different business schools. Fuqua was visiting India at that time and I got the chance to attend my first ever business school information session. It was there I first heard about “Team Fuqua” and interacted with a couple of Fuquans to learn about their Fuqua experiences. In fact, till date, I have attended four Fuqua’s information sessions and also interacted with a few alumni, Ayush Khanna, a current second year student, and Aruna Yadav, a friend who is currently on exchange at Fuqua....   [tags: business, MBA, skills]

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Personal Experience: Grandpa's Death

- Many turning points have occurred in my life, but I would say one really sticks out for me. This was when my granddad died in 2010. I talked about this event and how it affected my life in a thought piece earlier this year, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to elaborate on such a life changing event. I clearly remember the day I found out about my granddad's passing. I was at school. It was a normal, joyful day. My dad was planning on picking me up, but instead my friend's mom picked me up....   [tags: family, emotion, mourn]

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Personal Experience: College Decisions

- We have all been to the point in our life where we have to decide where it is that we want to go to school. When the time comes to make this decision, messing up could possibly bring your dream career to an end. That is why I must choose extremely careful. I should go to Morrison Institute of Technology for a degree in engineering rather than Illinois State University and Southern Illinois University. Morrison Institute of Technology sounds like it is more geared toward engineering degree; therefore, I should definitely get my engineering degree at Morrison Institute of Technology....   [tags: mechanical engineering, tuition]

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Personal Experience: Microteaching Session

- Firstly, I want to take this opportunity to express a thousand of gratitude to my beloved lecturer, M N Y for all of her hard work in imparting skills and delivering useful knowledge to my friends and I. The learning experience with her throughout the semester is very pleasing and fun. Regarding the assignment for the subject Teaching Listening and Speaking Skills in the Primary ESL Classroom we are required to produce a lesson plan as well as to conduct a Microteaching focusing on listening and speaking skills....   [tags: listening, speaking skills, students]

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Personal Experience: Masquerade Maddness

- In my premature days, I was known by two names. Jane was what I was called by my tutors. And Amelia was famous within the scullery maids. I was what you call a countess or a lady who had countless maids and servants waiting on foot every minute of every day. Wherever I went, from a young age, I was adored – not just for my looks but for the way I came across to everyone: beggars, orphans, widows, commoners’ dukes and most importantly Queen Victoria herself. I must say the Queen thought of me as a darling and occasionally invited me to her balls that fell every fall....   [tags: dialogue, beggars, warriors, widows]

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Personal Experience: Applying for a Scholarship

- U.S consular officer asked me, “What would you like to do after your graduation?”, I candidly replied, “I want to be an ambassador, an envoy who will represent Nepal .” I saw a glare in his eyes, a glare of hope. Even though I was standing confident, I was praying for my future. The consular officer handed me the documents and said with a magnanimous heart, “I am providing you the visa to go to the United States. I wish you all the luck to pursue your studies. Chase your dreams.” I still stir those memories and have planted them deep inside my heart as a reminder to motivate myself every single time when I get distracted and dissuaded....   [tags: visa, nepal, U.S. consular]

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Personal Experience in Indonesia and in the US

- ... He studied in a Christian school where homework was given everyday with a distorted perception that students like them as much as they like candy bars. As a result, Luke spent most of his free time doing homework. Nevertheless, he always set aside his time for his favorite cartoon, which was “Popeye The Sailorman”. That cartoon was an inspiration for him to be strong. It had a positive influence too as it encouraged him to have his first trial of putting what he used to call a green substance into his mouth, which is also known as spinach....   [tags: hippocampus, family]

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A Personal Experience with Urban Sprawl

- I’m one year old and my mother and father move to the out skirts of a little village named Pleasant Prairie in the county on Kenosha County in Wisconsin. My first memories at this new house where playing in the farm fields that surrounded my old retired farm house. I was once told that all the land within a mile was owed be the man who built my house in the early 1800’s. But now because of urban sprawl, and land building the land had a school, church, roads and house on it. Around the time that I moved in that area was still farmland for the majority, as I grow up the land that I once played in and dodging farming tractors changed to dodging construction tractors because the fields where bou...   [tags: urban sprawl, environment,]

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Personal Experience as an Event Assistant

- As an Event Assistant my main responsibility is to provide administrative support and customer service for events in lower mainland, national and international locations. This entails, continuously to be in contact with various alumni from different demographics and be the point of contact. My position also necessitates me to work in conjunction with 5 events managers who have different working styles. Working on multiple events at the same time with similar deadlines there is grave need to develop prioritizing skills and change them at a moment’s notice if need arises....   [tags: transactive memory, multiple events, memory]

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Personal Experience: Me as a Writer

- I can remember the first day of school when I walked into Mrs. Mary Doe´s room and I wondered, “What am I going to learn this year?” Well, the answer to that question is a lot of information that will help me in the future, especially, how to make a great essay. This valuable information will take me into high school and beyond. This information is the roots of my writing that has made me greatly improved as a writer. This year I learned what kind of writing I like, how I write efficiently and fluently, and how I changed as a writer....   [tags: writing strengths and strategies]

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Personal Experience: Myself As a Writer

- ... I also like to send text messages to my relative and my friends through my cellphone applications. To send text messages we use a language called ‘’ SMS language ’’. In fact it is not a language; it consists using a set of certain short words in order to save more time while texting. For example, the way to say ‘’ Hello how are you today . ’’ in SMS language would be instead ‘’ elo hw ar U tday. The thing I like to write least is essays, particularly when I don’t have any interest in the topic I have to write on....   [tags: politics, facebook, texting]

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An International Learning Experience

- I am studying at Auckland International College (AIC), whose students come from many countries in the world, such as New Zealand, South Africa, America, Russian, China, Korea, etc. In this aspect, I believe that this life is similar to life at university because I, as well, have to communicate with people who have different nationalities and speak different languages. Nationality and language are factors that usually prevent a student from assimilating into a new environment. However, I think the experience at AIC can help me overcome these obstacles; and I, in turn, will support other international students....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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The Wake Forest Experience

- The Wake Forest Experience Wake Forest University serves an institute for higher learning, eminent for its top-notch academic reputation and its service in the community. With the goal of educating and advancing the entire individual, Wake Forest University stands as the school of choice for a plethora of high school graduates, including myself. With all of these aspects in consideration, my goal is to take advantage of every opportunity that this school presents, whether it be educational, community service, etc....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Personal Experience: My Life as a Monk

- ... Some looked foolish trying to communicate with gestures. One reason we ate so little was because we have to grow everything ourselves. We also believe that we are not worthy of having luxury so we don’t eat meat. It was also seen as temptation and we were to stay as far away from it as possible. In our monastery we had three gardens. In one we grow vegetables. In the other we grow herbs and berries. In the last one we keep the animals. We have about eight cows, ten chickens, fifteen sheep, and two pigs....   [tags: monastery, charlemagne, monastic habit]

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Personal Experience: Volunteering at Victim Support

- ... I sometimes distribute victims to supporters and arrange times, dates and locations for meetings. Lastly, I perform safety checks for home visits so that VS volunteers, minimizing risk for them. Working with vulnerable adults in person, I was able to practice the skills I learned in my Middlesex undergraduate course. Though we had been told that supervision was important to counsellors, I thought it was exclusively for the benefit of the client. The distress expressed by people whose dead mother's ring was stolen, or were terrified to leave their homes after a violent assault was harder for me to hear than I had expected....   [tags: burglary, sexual assault, domestic violence]

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Personal Experience With Health Care

- I have personally been affected by the mess that America calls a health system. In the same year, I had severe food poisoning and my stomach and intestines swelled. I had to be hospitalized for a day each, and was then sent home, even though I was still very ill. The reason. My family has no health coverage. Both my parents are very hard workers and own their own business. One would think that my household could afford health coverage, but we can't, despite the many hours a week and hard labor. So, without coverage, there are heavy bills to pay....   [tags: Health Care]

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Personal Experience: A Working Man

- My father “John Doe” is a man with large hands that have been gentle towards his children and friends all his life, it wasn't till a few years ago that I sat down and began to realize that those same rough hands are what gave me everything that I have today. When I realized this, I started to get the sudden urge to ask him questions about his life and the business he started with his wife. My father is the hardest working and most loyal man there is. It was a sunny afternoon on a Sunday when I decided to interview him and see just what kind of answers I could get....   [tags: childhood, dad, questions]

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Moving to Japan: Personal Experience

- Imagine moving to Japan when you are seven years old. Growing up in the military I have seen a good portion of the world. Japan though is to date the most memorable. See when you are a kid everything is new and exciting to you, more so when you think you are going to go see things that you only see on television. I am talking ninjas, samurai, and shogun. I was going to see it all. I would find out there was more to the Japanese culture than I knew at the time. It was 1989 I had just turned seven when I found out I would be living in Japan for a few years....   [tags: ninjas, samurai, and shogun]

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Personal Experience: Culture and Language

- I never in my life did expect one day to be at my computer to write a scholarship essay and to write it in English. Fifteen year ago I was a typical Italian architecture student who truly didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grows up. That time of my life was spent to make my parents proud, and to have people talk about how great I was in my academic achievements. The truth is I wasn’t really happy about my college choice. Architecture was my dad’s dream. He had a stroke when I was six years old; he eventually recovered from it but he lost his engineering firm and he had to reinvent himself numerous times....   [tags: italian, spanish, architecture]

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Personal Experience: Going to College

- ... College gives you an opportunity to find a great job and in a career that you love. People with a college degree earn 74% more than people with just a high school diploma. The annual income for a college graduate is almost twice as more than a person with just a high school diploma. My dad always encourages me and says that going to college will help me get a nice stable job and I won’t be struggling with money and bills. People who don’t go to college often don’t know where there life is going or what to even do with it....   [tags: high school, costs, jobs]

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Personal Experience: Suffering in Silence

- ... My dreams are my only escape. If I could, I’d love to, oh-so-neatly, slip into the shoes of one of my friends who smilingly surround me. What does it feel like to be loved for real or to laugh your way though the day. I must have done something awfully wrong to deserve this punishment. Am I unworthy of the happy times that others get to be a part of so effortlessly. As I reach the closet I stare at my reflection in the mirror putting one hand on my waist, while running the other through my long pile of misspent hair and each strand seems to go its own way, determined to defy me, what I see in my reflection disturbs me: I don’t see that young girl with potential who my parents say I am; r...   [tags: sleep, depression, mom]

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Personal Experience: This Rich Kid

- ... While walking with some of my friends in a field trip organized by the neighboring school, I found myself in between three worlds: The elite, the middle class, and he mass. To me, I belong in all three because values and manners are--in the modern and relative world--taught in the elite, compassion and understanding are taught in the middle class, contentment and self-pride are taught in the lower of the classes...the mass. I am believed to be by many, regardless of their background, to have a particular appurtenance to all three forms of living....   [tags: The elite, the middle class,]

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Personal Experience: College Education

- College Essay Education has always been important to me, especially since only a few of my family members have graduated from college. I have faced several obstacles growing up and many people, even some of my family members, believed I could not surpass them, but I did. These hardships have only given me the drive to reach my goal: acquiring a college degree. My father’s struggle has been my biggest inspiration. My father had a very difficult childhood and only received a portion of his high school education....   [tags: father, advice, life, plans]

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Personal Experience: My Alma Mater

- Introduction: For this analysis, I choose to do a professional research paper on my Alma Mater, North Carolina Wesleyan College. After spending four years my life living and working on this beautiful campus, I now would like to use this paper as a reflection of my experiences. I am very familiar with this college and its organizational culture. I will answer my research question from the prior student prospective and as a current alumna. Not only was I just a student, I was very involved in my experience....   [tags: social events, campus, criminal records]

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Two Troubling Tales and the Power of Personal Experience

- The essay, both art form and bane of English students worldwide, originated in France around 1570. Born from the reflections of one man, ultimately inspired by personal reflection, the essay is now a staple of the literary world. As a work of nonfiction, grounded in truth, yet embellished with literary trappings, the essay serves a myriad of purposes. Whether written to inform, persuade, or tell a story, the essay is a form embraced the world over as the original form of non-fiction writing. Long before biographies and creative non-fiction stories, essays dominated the literary non-fiction landscape....   [tags: compare, contrast, literature]

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Personal Experience: What to do with our Leisure Time

- ... Both are determinants in how people choose to spend their leisure time. As stated by (Lieten G.K, 2008) in his book, leisure time in developed countries means participation in sports, recreational play, Computers and internet, and TV. For poor kids in underdeveloped countries, none of these opportunities exist, except for as of recent, watching TV. This is a case of structure, and the socioeconomic factor having an influence on what these kids participate in. Like these kids, structure and socioeconomic status (SES) also play a role in what facilitates me to take part in more physical activity in my leisure time....   [tags: choices, influence, socioeconomics]

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Personal Experience with Writing

- ... Luckily, English 114A was an eye opener because it made me understand that I am writer, and I that I know how to write. English 114A allowed me to see writing to be a creative process. It was amazing to explore different styles of writing from writing to an author or simply writing an analysis on a silly South Park episode. English 114A, slowly made me love writing again. In English 114A I learned, that writing can be fun, and that it does not have to be boring nor hard. Finally, in English 114B I was given the opportunity to expand what I learned in English 114A....   [tags: english, high school]

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Personal Experience: Fate is a Cruel Mistress

- ... For me as a writer, I have to learn to look outside of myself and critically apply thought. Is this perfect. Have I stated my points, defended, and defined them. Or Does it truly need one more revision, and if so why. By placing myself in the mindset of my audience I can start to overcome these fears and find the voice that wants to be written down. To work towards my next great source of unease – an audience. I think a fear most people can associate with is that of public speaking and, to me, having another person read what I write has that same trepidation....   [tags: critic and supporter, building confidence]

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Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Personal Experience

- personal names I fleetingly recall being in fourth grade and my teacher, Mr. Pox, was instructing us how to tell time. The feeling of trying to overcome this hurdle to recognize the “big hand” is for the minutes and the “little hand” correlates with the hours, was such a great feat for a fourth grader. At the time, that felt like such an accomplishment yet there would be many more and greater to come. According to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences in his essay “A Rounded Version: Theory of Multiple Intelligences,” he contends that we have more intelligence than what a test could prove because we all each...   [tags: interpersonal intelligence]

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My Journey of Personal Growth

- As I have traversed my adult life, I do not remember when but, I have come to embrace the mantra “Be the Best You Can Be”. It is that “goal” to be the best I can be, as a Marriage Family Therapist, that has brought me to apply for the PsD program at the Newport Psychoanalytic Institute. So you may ask yourself, what causes someone to embrace the concept “be the best you can be”. As, I sit back and reflect upon my life, and who I have become today, I must start with family history. I was raised in Southern California with my siblings....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Personal Experience: An Accident and a Cowboy, The Horse

- ... I tightly turned him around, sure of myself I would get back to the mainroad. We started towards the main road, when Cowboy spooked. I didn’t know what he spooked about, so I made him keep going at a slow pace. As we were gladly about twenty feet from the main road, I saw a dark figure. Without seeing his face, he pulled something from his pocket. He was still looking at us through the narrow passage of bushes and dirt, where I was. He pulled a gun. I felt faint and I thought for sure I was going to pass out....   [tags: ER, hospital, survival, pain]

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Personal Experience in a Company: False Promises

- I have been in a management position for most of my adult life and have experienced a great amount of challenges and opportunity. No company is perfect. What I do know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is the culture of an organization is extremely important. Companies that do not value and trust employees certainly have more problems than the companies that do. People are one of the greatest commodities an organization has. If the culture of a business is to pay employees as little as possible, hide information, and create a feeling that no person can be trusted; the company should expect poor attitudes and performance in return....   [tags: employees, lying and stealing ]

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Personal Experience with a Program Called CAS

- Creativity, Action and Service; these three elements sum up the CAS program that has enabled me to develop new life skills, work collaboratively with others and experience new activities. Through all various CAS activities, I have become an active risk taker and thinker by taking risks in undertaking new challenges; I have also become a reflective inquirer and a communicator by initiating new activities and collaborating with others to get the task done. Furthermore, this CAS program has given me an opportunity to engage myself with issues that hold local and global importance and has made me aware of the ethical implication of all my activities and projects that I did through CAS....   [tags: IB classes, community service]

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My Personal Experience with Gender Identity Disorder

- I am an eighteen year old girl and for as long as I can remember; being female didn’t seem right to me. I felt like I was trapped in a body that wasn’t mine and I still feel that way today. The gender I identify with is the opposite of what people perceive me to be. It is like someone played a nasty trick on me and now I am forced to be something I am not. When I was little I hated getting dressed up for holidays, parties, or any other kind of occasion. My mom would buy me these dresses and insist that I wore them....   [tags: Autobiography Essay, Personal Narrative]

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Personal Experience: Moving to the United States

- ... During my last year of college, I met the love of my life, who was profoundly intrigued by the American way of life. We walked down the aisle and moved to Florida in less than a year. Miami captivated my husband’s attention immediately. I was, however, homesick before the plane left. The “intriguing” American way of life, to me, seemed more as an unfamiliar, confusing, and upsetting mess than an exciting, and welcoming new adventure. I was incapable of speaking or reading the English language....   [tags: scholarship, english, italian, florida]

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Personal Experience: The Importance of Transitional Schools

- The school that I was involved in throughout the semester was Southeast Career Pathway. Being that I am a nursing major and not a tutoring type I was kind of nervous about participating in this opportunity, however, I was able to join the biology class which felt a little more like home. Throughout the weeks I was able to go about five times and every time I helped the students with the worksheets for the day. There were about five students in the class and usually there were different ones every single time....   [tags: education, teachers, society]

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Personal Experience: Characteristics of a Good Nurse

- Nursing is what has brought us together. We have started our Bachelor Completion to further our education. It has not taken me too long in this program to reflect about what the Associates in nursing and the Bachelor Completion mean to me. I consider that during the Associates, I learned the skills to become a nurse and now, I am learning to understand and appreciate what is to be a nurse. Before I went to College to study nursing, I had a philosophy about it which has evolved as I have gained experience and knowledge....   [tags: learning, nursing philosophy]

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Personal Experience: Parents and Interests in Life

- I was talking to my brother’s friend (who is doing MBBS) about engineering. “Engineering is not a difficult field if you have interest”, if you love machines, I also love machines”, he said. I asked, “Then why are not you becoming an engineer”. He answered, “My father is a doctor and he wanted me to become a doctor, so…” There are a lot of people who have big dreams in their lives, who want to do something in their lives. But they are unable to fulfill their dreams because of their parents. Although parents don’t let their children do what they want, as parents want them to follow their footsteps, to have what they never had, to protect them, and because they have the greater experience, how...   [tags: engineering, professions]

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Life and its Quest: Personal Experience

- ... On the third day, the motor broke down. There was no more food or water on the boat. With the pangs of hunger and thirst coursing through his every vein, my father gave up on every one of his ideals. He wanted nothing other than to live. Luckily, a boat of Taiwanese fisherman came by and saved him and his companions. But when he finally arrived in America, my father had nothing but the clothes on his back and shame for his heritage and his country. My father could no longer follow through with his old aspirations....   [tags: communism, Ho Chi Minh, vietnam]

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My Personal Experience in Research Projects

- ... Later in the fall break, I interned at Globion India Pvt.Ltd–Hyderabad, India where I worked on ‘Growth-curve studies of chick embryo-propagated Infectious Bronchitis Virus’ under the mentorship of Dr. Sophia. My work included cultivating primary cell culture using Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) eggs, infecting the SPF cell culture with Bronchitis Virus and calculating the infective titers. Working in a group of highly motivated individuals was a gratifying scientific experience. Additionally, my interactions with the lab technicians on the floor taught me the importance team work and collaborations....   [tags: preamble to my graduate program]

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Personal Experience: A Perfect Christmas Gilft

- Christmas has always been a day full of surprises. Every Christmas there is something special that I look forward to, but one Christmas stands above the rest. This day will forever be in my heart as the best Christmas I have ever had, for good reason too. I received a gift that has become my haven for when times get tough. Ultimately, when I look back to that special Christmas, I realize that humans all around also have a “haven,” a way to escape reality, and my escape from reality is video games....   [tags: play station 1, video games]

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My Experience As A Pre-Pharmacy Student

- If a classmate ever tried to argue that majoring in Pharmacy is too difficult, I would be their nemesis. As a college student I witness many students pursuing certain professions because they know their college years will be a breeze. I have never been one of those students. Over the past couple of years I have matured and have become a well-rounded person because of my involvement in school. Being a pre-pharmacy student has taught me how to strive for excellence in my classes and in other day- to-day activities....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Personal Experience: Color Guard Group

- The group that I have always felt like I fit in the most throughout all of my life, would have to be my high school Color Guard. Color Guard was always the thing I turned to when I was upset, or simply just had a lot on my mind. To tell you about my Color Guard, I will first have to tell you a bit about the town I grew up in. I grew up in the small town of Antlers, Oklahoma where we had two stoplights, a small school, a dollar general, and a small array of family-owned businesses and restaurants....   [tags: self-reflection, performance]

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My Olympic Experience

- Attending the Olympics is a pursuit both aggravating and exhilarating. This paradox characterized my experience of the games. There will always be more exciting events to attend, but that does not diminish the intense allure of the biggest party in the world, whether or not there is anything to enjoy in it. The Vancouver Olympic events both sporting and cultural were characterized by agonizingly long lines, hyper-dense crowds, and expensive, often unobtainable tickets. While the list of free activities offered in the lower mainland warranted its own guidebook, those partaking in these events deserved a gold medal in waiting....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Significant Life Experience

- Living life to the fullest and achieving my dreams has always been the number one goal in my life, but one day I thought that my whole life was going to come to an end. I never knew that people could be so cruel. Who would want to bring fear to anyone. Considering where I live, one would have thought that this would not have been a shock. I guess I was too young to realize the harsh realities of the outside world. I heard a scream, so I quickly ran to the front, and came to an abrupt halt before I could be seen by the masked man....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Past Job Experience

- As editor for Potentate Press (2000-2009), I negotiated with and persuaded authors regarding many issues. I persuaded authors to make changes for aesthetic or editorial reasons. I persuaded authors to accept design choices more in keeping with the press’ restricted budget. I persuaded authors to meet deadlines. I negotiated with authors regarding recompense for their work. I sought out authors and negotiated for the right to publish their work. I negotiated with the publisher regarding direction of the press and the sorts of books we should publish....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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personal experience

- “Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” This quote ( from Essential Rumi by the poet and theologian, Rumi) is perhaps one of my favorite inspirational quotes. To me, it’s telling me that rather than read and hear and learn about what other people do and what other people can accomplish, that I should accomplish something myself. I should put the pen to paper and write my place out in history. Everyone has the potential to craft their own tale. But I want to do more than that....   [tags: social issues, your own myth]

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Personal Experience

- Personal Experience I have had the great opportunity to be apart of a great program and class at college. Most of us who are going to become teachers know about this class and the required 80 hours of volunteering at a middle school for a semester. I was eager to volunteer, because I have experience in working with middle school kids. The school I work for, has prepared me to handle school aged kids, so I was relying on my background to carry me though the semester at a new Middle school....   [tags: Learning Education Teacher Essays]

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personal experience

- Personal experience Speech We had just gotten back from a very disappointing game. I don’t remember what the score was but we got buts kicked pretty good. So there are a number of us hanging around talking afterwards and we all decided that we needed to get some beer and go hangout somewhere and try and forget about the beating we had just gotten in the game earlier that night. We all chipped in and one of the guys made a beer run. When he got back we decided that it wasn’t a good idea to stick around the stadium and drink so we were trying to figure out someplace to go and chill....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Scary Experience On The Road

- Most people I know have had some sort of scary experience on the road. Whether it is driving on the road or trying to cross the street. My scariest experience took place on a sunny Thursday afternoon driving home. I pick my brother up from school around the same time everyday. But for some reason, I decided to pick him up a few minutes earlier that day. I took the same, usual, boring road to picking him up. There was no traffic that day, no pedestrians on the sidewalks and the sky was clear. Not a cloud in sight....   [tags: Personal Experience, Autobiography]

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