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Pepsi Of Pepsi And Coca Cola

- One of the most massive feuds to date is the feud between Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Everyone, all over the world, knows these two prominent companies for creating some of the most delicious tasting beverages ever made, but most individuals tend to consume more of the one cola over the other. There are several factors that go into the decision-making process of selecting what beverage they wish to consume. An abundant amount of people, myself included, prefer Coca-Cola for its coca leaf taste, on the other hand, a significant amount of people would disagree....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Cola, Pepsi, Flavor]

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Pepsi Cola A Carbonated Soft Drink

- Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink that is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. Created and developed in 1893 and introduced as Brad 's Drink, it was renamed as Pepsi-Cola on August 28, 1898, then to Pepsi in 1961, and in select areas of North America, "Pepsi-Cola Made with Real Sugar" as of 2014. Bradham sought to create a fountain drink that was appealing and would aid in digestion and boost energy. In 1903, Bradham moved the bottling of Pepsi-Cola from his drugstore to a rented warehouse. That year, Bradham sold 7,968 gallons of syrup....   [tags: Pepsi, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Diet Pepsi]

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Outline Of Pepsi And Pepsico

- Outline-Pepsi/PepsiCo I.) Introduction a.) Pepsi is a brand far more complicated than just a simple cola product. The company, PepsiCo, has a wide spectrum of marketing perspectives that are vital to the consumers and the company. b.) PepsiCo is a global food and beverage corporation based in New York. The company was formed in1965 with the merger of Pepsi-Cola Company and Frito-Lay, Inc. PepsiCo grew bigger with the 1998 acquisition of Tropicana and the 2001 merger with Quaker Oats. The company has several different products that are known globally....   [tags: Marketing, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Pepsi]

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Pepsi Is A Sugary, Fattening Soda

- The traditional view of Pepsi is a sugary, fattening soda. In order to combat this negative connotation, Pepsi introduced Diet Pepsi to the public in 1964. Diet Pepsi is no calorie, no carbohydrate, no sugar carbonated cola soft drink, the first of it’s kinda. In order to obtain the famous “0 cals, carb, sugar” slogan on the front of the slim can, alternative sweeter substitute the sugars found in regular Pepsi. The idea of Diet Pepsi not containing any of the three sins to a dieting women made them an easy target for advertising....   [tags: Nutrition, Soft drink, Diet Pepsi, Dieting]

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Marketing Plan For Pepsi Cola 's Headquarters

- 1.2 PepsiCo was created in 1989 by pharmacist Caleb Bradham. It was originally named “Brads Drink” but because of the pepsin and kola nut ingredients Bradham decided it would be better to call it Pepsi-Cola. In 1910 Pepsi franchised to 24 states and sold over 100,000 gallons of their syrup annually. In 1923 Bradham sold the trademark to Craven’s Holding Corporation, who shortly after sold it to a New York stockbroker named Roy C. Megargel. Within a few years the company was earning over a millions dollars and was on its way to making history....   [tags: Pepsi, PepsiCo, Pollution, Diet Pepsi]

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Coca Cola Vs. Pepsi

- There are a variety of beverages available to us today with a wide range of differences, some are flavored, carbonated, low calorie, energy boosters, and just plain water. When it comes down to carbonated drinks there are two major rivalry soda companies dominating the market. Coca Cola and Pepsi are two well know cola distributors with very credible history, but the question still remains one is America’s favorite. With the ongoing competition between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, each company is incorporating new strategies for marketing and advertising there brands....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Cola, PepsiCo]

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Pepsi International Festival At Cardinal Health

- Pepsi Participation in International Festival at Cardinal Health In 1965, the Pepsi Company was formed under the leadership of Lay Company and Donald Kendall. In 1986, the company mixed its market through combined foods and beverages. Consequently, in 2001, the PepsiCo merged with the Quaker Oats resulting in a huge $25 billion organization. In addition, in 2007, the PepsiCo Company restructured into three business units, namely the food unit based in the US, drinks contained in the US, and foods and drinks distributed around the world....   [tags: Marketing, PepsiCo, Pepsi, Pricing]

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Pepsi Col A Successful And Sustainable Company

- After the war ended sugar prices climbed from 3 cents to 28 cents per pound. Nearly in complete failure, Mr. Bradham purchased a large quantity of the high priced sugar to try and save the company, but this ultimately lead to the company 's downfall. Pepsi Cola officially was bankrupt as of May 31, 1923, and its assets were sold to Craven Holding Corporation for $30,000. (4) It was unfortunate that unforeseen circumstances wiped out a man’s vision and dream for a company that would bring pleasure to people– not just a company, but a brand that would satisfy peoples senses and because he truly had a vision for the Pepsi-Cola company....   [tags: Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Pepsi, Advertising]

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Pepsi Is The Most Loved Snack Brand

- PepsiCo products are enjoyed by many consumers over one billion times a day in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Pepsi has generated more than $66 billion in net revenue in 2014 alone from there international profits. At the heart of Pepsi they have a desire to performance with a purpose in both the US markets as well as internationally. There products can be found in foreign markets besides China such as Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. As the market differs so does the products they sell....   [tags: PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, Pepsi]

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Coca Cola And Pepsi : Which Refreshes Your Thirst?

- Coca-Cola or Pepsi: Which Refreshes Your Thirst. There are a variety of beverages available to us today with a wide range of differences, some are flavored, carbonated, low calorie, energy boosters, and just plain water. When it comes down to carbonated drinks there are two major rivalry soda companies dominating the market. Coca Cola and Pepsi are two well know cola distributors with very credible history, but the question still remains one is America’s favorite. With the ongoing competition between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, each company is incorporating new strategies for marketing and advertising there brands....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Cola, PepsiCo]

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Pepsi Blue Case Study

- Pepsi Blue Case Study During the 1990s, PepsiCo launched new products and engineered a global re-branding campaign in an effort to grow sales volume; reinvigorate their stagnant brand; and to close the increasingly large sales and market share gap between itself and its primary competitor, Coca-Cola. In 1993, Pepsi jump-started its marketing efforts by adding two brands to its portfolio: Crystal Pepsi and Pepsi Max. Crystal Pepsi, which was initially offered in the United States, failed to earn the company more than 2 percent volume share....   [tags: Business Marketing Pepsi ]

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The Cola Wars: Pepsi vs Coke

- The Cola Wars: Pepsi vs Coke      PepsiCo. Incorporated and The Coca-Cola Company are the two largest and oldest archrivals in the carbonated soft drink (CSD) industry. Coca-Cola was invented and first marketed in 1886, followed by Pepsi Cola in 1898. Coca-Cola was named after the coca leaves and kola nuts John Pemberton used to make it, and Pepsi Cola after the beneficial effects its creator, Caleb Bradham, claimed it had on dyspepsia. The rivalry between the soda giants, also known as the "Cola Wars", began in the 1960’s when Coca-Cola's dominance was being increasingly challenged by Pepsi Cola....   [tags: Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola ]

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Comparison of Coca Cola and Pepsi

- Comparison of Coca Cola and Pepsi Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the two greatest competitors in the soft drink industry. A brief introduction and history of the two companies will provide a basis for understanding how the companies have come to be where they are today and how they run their companies. The company structure of each will also be briefly explained to provide an understanding of how management style is impacted. Marketing and Advertising The marketing skills that these companies possess are the reason both Coca-Cola and Pepsi are so successful....   [tags: Coca Cola Pepsi Business Marketing Soft Drink]

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Coke Vs. Pepsi

- We researched Coke and Pepsi as was requested to see which one would be a better investment over the other. One of the ways to see how a company is doing is to look at how much (EVA) Economic Value Added that company is producing. EVA is a way of measuring an operation’s real profitability. EVA is better than conventional ways because it takes into account the total cost of the operating capital. EVA is simply the after-tax operating profit minus the total annual cost of capital. Using EVA has advantages as well as disadvantages....   [tags: Coke Pepsi Comparison Analysis]

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Pepsi And The Soft Drink Industry Leaders Post High Profits

- By and large, the soft drink industry leaders post high profits every year. Concentrate producers realize higher profits than bottlers in the industry generally (Daft & Marcic, 2001; Wilkinson & Kannan, 2013). That comes off as odd given than the commodities they sell can be generated rather easily (Louis & Yazijian, 1980; Yoffie & Harvard University, 2002). The high profits can be best explained through a Five Forces appraisal, which shows how the varied forces affect the industry’s profitability....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Cola, Soft drink]

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Pepsi Of Coke And Pepsi

- Coke and Pepsi are well-known as the two popular carbonated soft drink’s brand (CSD) worldwide in the beverage industry. These two soft drinks company had been developing dramatically by competing each other in “non-blood warfare”. In any industries, it is good to have a competitor who offers similar or even same product in the market because competition could potentially drive the company to be the best of what they would be. (Saltzman, 2014) At the beginning of the case study, the author has also stated that Coke has played a critical role that motivated Pepsi to become as success as it is nowadays....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Soft drink, High-fructose corn syrup]

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Pepsi Co

- PepsiCo gained entry to India in 1988 by creating a joint venture with the Punjab government-owned Punjab Agro Industrial Corporation (PAIC) and Voltas India Limited. This joint venture marketed and sold Lehar Pepsi until 1991 when the use of foreign brands was allowed; PepsiCo bought out its partners and ended the joint venture in 1994. [1] Others claim that firstly Pepsi was banned from import in India, in 1970, for having refused to release the list of its ingredients and in 1993, the ban was lifted, with Pepsi arriving on the market shortly afterwards....   [tags: Pepsi Case Study Human Rights Ethics]

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Pepsi Cola Company : The Pepsi Company

- authors informed that, the CEO of Pepsi Company came up with this plan right after two days of Coke Company announced their plan about opening a $14 million bottling plant, it can be understood that the CEO of Pepsi Company came up with this plan simply to compete against Coke Company and promote their brand in China more than the Coke Company. Moving to the facts from analysts, the authors informed that, “Neither company releases sales or profit figures for the country, but analysts say Coke has 52% of the carbonated soft drink market, vs....   [tags: PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Soft drink]

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The History of Pepsi-Cola Company

- A young pharmacist called Caleb Bradham, who was trying to create a refreshing drink in the summer in order to serve his customers and when the drink had won the admiration of people invented Pepsi cola drink in 1898. Bradham has established in 1902 his Pepsi-cola company, Pepsi-cola was advertised as a drink that aids digestion and the brand started to widespread, and increase sales and Caleb give the brand a slogan “Drink Pepsi-cola. It will satisfy you”. In 1945, Pepsi has started to expand around the world and launched new bottle sizes and cans....   [tags: customer behavior, cola market, advertisemnts]

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Case Study : Coke And Pepsi

- CASE 1-3: Coke and Pepsi Learn To Compete in India The political environment in India proved critical in that their government was unfavorable to foreign investors. They prohibited the import of soft drinks since they felt it could be gotten anywhere. They also prohibited the foreign brand name and wanted the name Lehar Pepsi and Coca-Cola India, an indigenous name. These effects couldn’t have be anticipated prior to entering the market because the trade policies, rules and regulations of India were difficult and unpredictable....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Caffeine, Soft drink, Energy drink]

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Pepsi And Coke Marketing War

- Advertisements are used by both big and small companies extensively. At their core these advertisements main objective is to get an audience to buy whatever they are selling. With that in mind it makes sense for the smaller unknown companies to heavily run ads so that people can understand its product. However industry giants like Pepsi and Coca Cola run ads like we are not familiar with their products and it raises the question of why even bother. Part of the answer will always be money as every ad showing either product entices consumers into drinking them and buying more....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Advertising, Marketing, Cola]

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Coca Cola And Pepsi Cola

- The two companies in the same industry used for this assignment will be Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. These companies are similar because they are in the beverage industry. They were both established in the 1800’s and to this day are expanding more and more. This report will examine the financial analysis of each company as well as different business aspects that they convey such as type of business ownership, how economics affects business, the role of the government in business, leadership styles, motivating employees and promotional and marketing strategies....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, Diet Coke]

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Coke and Pepsi's Marketing Strategies

- ... is, you want something cold to drink you will see Pepsi in every vending machine, or if you on campus or residential studying you can always grab you a cold Pepsi in the vendor machine at these universities. These companies pay top dollar for their loyal customers to sales their soft drinks. Furthermore, they have other companies like (Mountain Dew, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and Snapple) to satisfy the customer taste, they wish to persuade customers they have the majority of the best tasting soft drinks in the world....   [tags: loyalty, competition, customers ]

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Pepsi Elements Of Marketing Strategy

- Pepsi Elements of Marketing Introduction PepsiCo is the second largest nation wide food and beverage industry in the world. This company has twenty-two brand names that collectively bring in billions of annually funding from retails. Their main focus is to produce pleasingly food and beverage within the company that are valued to household names throughout the world. The marketing strategy and mix both are connected to target marketing focusing on the company needs and wants in a large group setting....   [tags: Marketing, Brand, Advertising, Target market]

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The Pepsi Of Coca Cola

- Coca Cola one of the most successful soda companies in the world went under attack by pranksters. In 2014, Coca Cola introduced a new slogan called “You’re on diet Coke” for their diet Coke drink. This slogan was a mistake for Coca Cola to make because when the drink was made back in 1886 it contained cocaine as one of the ingredients which was common back in the 19th century and the ad also started the parodies about their ad. The diet Coke ad started a lot of parody ads that Coke Cola wasn’t ready for....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Cola, The Coca-Cola Company]

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Pepsi Cola

- “Live, For Now” Pepsi’s famous, inspiring slogan for 2013. Pepsi has evolved over time after it began in 1902, the slogan, logo, and celebrities involved in the commercials have changed throughout the start of the business and helped shape the business to be where it is to this day. Pepsi all started when Caleb Bradham started experimenting with spices and syrups to give his customers a new kind of drink. He first named his drink “Brad’s Drink,” but later decided to call it “Pepsi-Cola.” In 1902 he launched the business and applied to the U.S....   [tags: Bradham, company, drink]

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Pepsi 's Effect On Social Media

- A small smile, a booming laugh, and a little play on words helped Pepsi’s ad “Scary Halloween” reach viral status on social media in 2013. Ads can be a triumph or a failure depending on how well the rhetorical appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos are used to convey an ad’s message. This ad’s largest draw was its use of pathos, making the viewers laugh and smile alongside Pepsi over their sly jokes.. “Scary Halloween” also engaged the audience by causing the viewers to cringe at the thought of their chosen soft drink being replaced....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Soft drink, Advertising, PepsiCo]

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Mutagenicity of Pepsi-Cola in Escherichia Coli

- Modified Ames Test for Mutagenicity of Pepsi-Cola in Escherichia coli I. Introduction Certain substances have been avoided because of their potential harmful effects on the body. One way a substance has affected cells was by changing their genetic material. A substances’ potential to cause changes in genetic information was the mutagenicity of the substance. If it caused changes in the DNA sequence, it was considered a mutagen. The altering of a DNA sequence was a concern because the modification of DNA can lead to cancer....   [tags: Harmful Effects, Body Genetic Information]

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Coke vs Pepsi: The Innovation Winner

- Coca-Cola (herein referred to as “Coke”) and Pepsi have both been in business since the late 1800s selling their respective brands of carbonated beverages (Zmuda, 2011). In 1975, Pepsi began the “Pepsi Challenge” that pitted Pepsi against Coke in taste tests across North America. This “challenge” continued into the 1980s and has been coined the “Cola Wars” (Zmuda, 2011). Zmuda (2011) states that in 2011 Pepsi lost the “Cola Wars” when Diet Coke took the number two spot from Pepsi. While it is still debatable how long this will last, there are some key differences in management and how innovation is viewed by these two companies that may provide some insight into why this happened....   [tags: carbonated beverages, consumer]

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An Analysis of a Pepsi® Max Soda Advertisement

- Marketing food products is a way that different companies get consumers to buy their food or product. Advertisements are everywhere and contain many different pictures and phrases that appeal to a variety of different people. The advertisement I chose to analyze was a Pepsi® Max soda advertisement. The advertisement contains imagery, logos, pathos, and ethos aspects that appeal to certain consumers. The imagery in these advertisements is directed to appeal to the consumer. The picture of the Pepsi Max can has the same colors of the original Pepsi, which is already a well known color scheme all over the world....   [tags: Advertising]

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Coke and Pepsi Learn to Compete in India

- Coke and Pepsi Learn to Compete in India Section 1: During the 1900s and the beginning of the new millennium India’s government had opened its doors wide open to foreign investors, but the Coca-Cola Corporation and PepsiCo experienced many difficult challenges. Both companies were engulfed with unexpected problems and difficult situations that led to the recognition that India’s market was very different and special knowledge, skills and local expertise was needed to be obtained if the two companies were to succeed....   [tags: foreign investors, economy, consumers]

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Pepsi In Cuba

- How attractive to PepsiCo is the proposal to buy 30% of Deltex for 1.1B pesos (US$360M). Based on the information in the case, Pepsi could invest US$360 million in exchange for 30% equity of Deltex. So we have to calculate the value of 30% equity of Deltex. First, we calculated the discount factor by using average unlevered beta of US independent bottlers, US 10 year Treasury bond as risk free rate and assuming market risk premium 10%. We came up with 9.83% of WACC. Next, we calculated Deltex free cash flow and terminal value and then converted them into US dollar value....   [tags: Business Analysis ]

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Coke And Pepsi

- In 1886 Coca-Cola was first formulated and in 1893 Pepsi-Cola was invented. It was during the time of the Great Depression when the competition between these two products truly began. Pepsi cut the price of its 12-oz bottle to 5 cents – which is what Coke was charging for their 6.5-oz bottle. During this time Pepsi competed directly with Coke and marketed to consumers that they were “twice as much for a nickel, too.” The most intense competition between the two CSD companies occurred during the years of 1975 - 1990s where Coke and Pepsi fought over the $66 billion industry....   [tags: Soft Drink Industry Coca Cola]

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Aquafina by Pepsi

- Pepsi's Aquafina Water Nears Full US Distribution Pepsi's Aquafina "mainstream" bottled water nears completion of national rollout. Brand is now in "about 75%" of Pepsi US system, according to Pepsi senior marketing manager Katie Lacey. Purified, non-spring-sourced Aquafina produced at 11 sites in US: 8 COBO plus 3 co-ops. Sold in 20-oz Pepsi swirl plus 1-liter and 1.5-liter proprietary PET bottles similar to swirl; also 20-oz 6-packs. Market share. In IRI convenience/gas channel data for bottled water in under 64-oz packages, Aquafina ranks #2 with 7.7 share year-to-date through 5/18/97; brand's share up +3.7 vs same period last year (see table)....   [tags: Case Study, Analysis, solution]

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Comparing the Profitability of Pepsi and Coca Cola Companies

- The purpose of this report is to compare financial reports from the two largest soft drink manufacturers in the world. The Pepsi Co. and Coca Cola have been the industry's leaders in their market since the early 1900's. I will use relevant figures to determine profitability, and break down key ratios in profitability, liquidity, and solvency. By breaking down financial statements, and converting them to percentages and ratios, comparisons can be made between competitors regardless of size. First, let's take a look at Pepsi Co....   [tags: business, financial]

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Financial Analysis of Pepsi Co and The Coca Cola Company

- Before you make an investment into any company, you would need to first take the time to review and study the financial records of the company. I have been given the opportunity to review the financial records of two major companies; Pepsi Co and The Coca Cola Company and decided which company is more financially sound. In order to make the best choice, I will look at the three financial statement analyses on each company and compare them. The three tools of financial statement analysis that I will review are the Horizontal Analysis which evaluates a series of financial statement data over a period of time....   [tags: Financial Analysis, economics, ]

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Pepsi Products Are Loved All Over the World

- PepsiCo Introduction PepsiCo Inc. is an American food and beverage corporation it was founded in New York in 1965.It manufacturing, marketing and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products. Mainly it is Producing Non-alcoholic beverage and Food processing items. The drink PEPSI was first made in the 1890s by pharmacist Caleb Bradham in New Bern, North Carolina. It was introduced as “brad’s drink”. The brand was trademarked on June 16; 1903.PepsiCo operates in over 200 countries....   [tags: market, drinks, customers]

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Pepsi Company – An Overview

- Pepsi Company – An Overview OVERIVEW PepsiCo is a world leader in convenient foods and beverages, with revenues of about $25 billion and over 142,000 employees. The company consists of the snack businesses of Frito-Lay North America and Frito-Lay International; the beverage businesses of Pepsi-Cola North America, Gatorade/Tropicana North America and PepsiCo Beverages International; and Quaker Foods North America, manufacturer and marketer of ready-to-eat cereals and other food products. PepsiCo brands are available in nearly 200 countries and territories....   [tags: Business and Management Studies]

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Pepsi Cola Marketing Strategy

- Pepsi Cola Marketing Strategy PEPSI COLA For Pepsi Cola Ltd, marketing opportunity analysis is a continual and ongoing process. Pepsi have used the new- product strategy to realise their ambitions to both defend their current market position, and reinstate their position as a product innovator. Pepsi wishes to create a clear cola that is 100% natural, low in sodium, caffeine-free, and still maintains the flavour of its original cola. They will call it Pepsi Au Naturel. Pepsi's hope is to usher in a new era, and to give them a clear-cut advantage over their rival's, Coca-Cola....   [tags: Papers]

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Financials On Coke Vs Pepsi

- In 1886, the Coca Cola Company was developed but it wasn't until 1898 that the fierce competitor Pepsi-Cola entered into the market. These 2 companies are the two major players that dominate the consumer beverage (soft-drink) industry. Coke and Pepsi have since been competing to rein the global market in consumer beverages. The market of drinks in the United States alone is valued at more than thirty million dollars annually. With the growth of these two companies, PepsiCo has developed and acquired additional products outside the scope of just the consumer beverage industry, these products have helped the company to increase their exposure and position in the global market....   [tags: Business Finance]

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Codes of Conduct for Pepsi and Coca Cola Companies

- 1. Specify, in brief, the nature, structure, types of products or service of the business you selected. Examine the information within the company’s code of ethical conduct, and choose three (3) key issues from within the document that you believe are critical for success. Provide a rationale for the response. The selected business organization is Coca Cola Company. This company is well known for production of soft drinks and beverages, which include coke, fanta, sprite, krest, among many other brands....   [tags: ethics, integrity, goals]

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The Death of the Pepsi Man

- The Death of the Pepsi Man           One day while lost in the vast woodlands of Scotland, I came upon a pop machine,  I had no money, and because of my strong moral values, I felt I could not force it open with a stick or break it with a rock, because that was wrong. As I sat there leaning against it, I pondered how I could get a refreshing can of pop.  I got up and looked around to find a coin or a bill that someone might have left or lost.  After five or six hours I gave up, no one had dropped anything that I could find.  By this time it was now nightfall, so I slept leaning against this oasis.  While asleep, I had a wonderful dream of this pop machine.  I dreamed that it opened...   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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The Pepsi-Cola Story

- The Pepsi-Cola Story Summer of 1898, a young pharmacist Caleb Bradham looking for ways to attract people to his pharmacy invented the beverage now known around the world as Pepsi-Cola. After the first advertisement the sales of the new soft drink began to go up. Knowing the importance of good distribution system Pepsi was one of the first to switch from horse drawn transport to motor vehicles. Throughout its existence Pepsi adjusted its marketing strategies trying to keep up with the social and economic conditions of its consumers....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Pepsi’s Growth and Marketing Strategies

- INTRODUCTION Pepsi-Cola Pepsi's beverage business was founded by a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham who created a special beverage, a soft drink, in the back room of his drug store in New Bern, North Carolina (Pepsi Co, 2004). It has become one of today’s leading soft drink with nearly $20 billion in worldwide retail sales (PepsiCo Inc., 2003), and like what coke has, Pepsi also has a variety of products in the world, such as Pepsi-Cola, diet Pepsi, Pepsi max, mountain dew and so forth. In this report, we will specifically focus on Pepsi-Cola, and the aim of this report is to summarize and analyse Pepsi’s growth strategy as well as its marketing strategies....   [tags: GCSE Business Management Studies]

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Failed Product Report: Crystal Pepsi

- Failed Product Report: Crystal Pepsi There was a marketing fad in early 1990s equating clarity with purity. Just to name a few, Miller Brewing Co. came up with Miller Clear(March 1993), Coors Brewing Co. came up with Zima Clearmalt (1992), Procter & Gamble came up with Ivory clear liquid hand cleanser and Colgate-Palmolive came up with Clear Sparkling fresh dishwashing liquid. Last but not least, PepsiCo came up with Crystal Pepsi in April 1992. Company Brief Description Pepsi Company (PepsiCo) owns many brands of beverages, snacks and other foods....   [tags: Marketing Business Failure Analysis]

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Why Crystal Pepsi and Others Failed

- Why Crystal Pepsi and Others Failed We live in a day and age where marketing and advertising is stronger then ever. It is essentially in our face every where we turn, from the clothes we wear to the music we listen to and even the device we use to listen to our music. Marketing and advertising touches our lives everyday without our really ever even noticing it. Marketing professionals have a difficult challenge before them in figuring out a way to create a public interest, and a want for their products if they are to become adopted....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Marketing Plan for New Pepsi Product

- Marketing Plan: Phase Two The A-Team has introduced a new product called Pepsi Platinum for the company, PepsiCo, in Phase Two. This dissertation will identify segmentation criteria that will impact PepsiCo target market selection. This dissertation will describe the organizational buyers and consumers of Pepsi Platinum and factors that influence their purchasing decisions and discuss how these factors will impact PepsiCo’s marketing strategy. Finally, this phase shall analyze current competitors and define the competitive landscape for Pepsi Platinum....   [tags: Business Marketing]

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Case Study on Coke versus Pepsi

- The case study "Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in the Twenty-First Century" focuses on describing Coke and Pepsi within the CSD industry by providing detailed statements about the companies’ accounts and strategies to increase their market share. Furthermore, the case also focuses on the Coke vs. Pepsi goods which target similar groups of costumers, and how these companies have had and still have great reputation and continue to take risks due to their high capital. This analysis of the Cola Wars Continue case study will focus mainly on the profitability of the industry by carefully considering and analyzing the below questions: Why is the soft drink industry so profitable....   [tags: Business, Marketing]

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Pepsi's Marketing Strategies and Why They Work

- Pepsi's Marketing Strategies and Why They Work The pepsi commercial is pastiche as it is based on the Oscar winning movie Gladiator, it contains three female gladiators who are expected to fight in the center of the arena, but have a sudden change of mind and to decide to turn against the will of the emperor by protesting in the form of singing. It is set in the famous Colosseum in Rome, Italy, well known for gladiator fighting. It is set at approximately 180 AD, a time when the sport was well known....   [tags: Papers]

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Coke vs. Pepsi

- Coke vs. Pepsi The company known as Coca-Cola today was started in September of 1919, but the first Coke brand was served as early as 1886. Since that time it has grown to be one of the most globally recognized brand names with a stock value of $167 billion. Coke’s plan has always been developed with the future in mind. Right away the company realized that it was more profitable to manufacture the concentrate used to make carbonated drinks than to bottle it. From that point on they saw the entire world, not simply the originating country, as their desired market....   [tags: Papers]

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Pepsi’s 2003 Advertising Campaign

- Pepsi’s 2003 Advertising Campaign Nowadays PepsiCo Inc. is among the most successful consumer product companies in the world. It divides into two major domestic and international businesses, beverages and snack foods. In order to attract the broadest number of customers, advertising plays a significant role. In this essay, the advertising campaign of Pepsi in 2003, which was unveiled not only on TV, but outdoor advertising as well, will be analyzed. The aim for this campaign is about combine consumption of food and Pepsi....   [tags: Papers]

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The Carbonated Soft Drink Industry And Competitive Strategy Of Coca Cola And Pepsi

- This analysis takes a look at the carbonated soft drink industry and competitive strategy of Coca-cola and Pepsi. This was a very attractive market at the time as Americans were consuming carbonated soft drinks more than any other beverage. Both companies needed to find ways to boost flagging domestic cola sales and generate diverse sources of revenue. Both firms modified their production strategies including their bottling, pricing, and brand strategies. They looked to emerging international markets to stimulate growth and broaden their brand portfolios to include noncarbonated beverages like tea, juice, sports drinks, and bottled water....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Soft drink, Brand, Cola]

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Pepsi and Coca-Cola´s Difficulty Entering the Indian Market

- For many years, the rest of the world has assumed that India’s governing body is a closed minded regime, avoiding outside investments almost entirely, especially consumer good. This was an obvious obstacle for both Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co. when contemplating entrance into this new market. Although Pepsi had not attempted to enter the market before 1986, Coke had been there many years before, since 1958 but was forced to leave, in 1977, as a result of political actions and policies. This is an obvious example of how political actions and policies can affect, and have affected, the market for soft drinks in India....   [tags: Soft-Drinks, Culture]

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Coca-Cola versus Pepsi Cola

- Cola Wars: For Coca-Cola's Perspective Overview There is little doubt that the most spirited and intense competition in the beverage world is between Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co., the two main players in the carbonated soft drink (CSD) production market. The competition between the two giants has benefited not only the consumers but also the companies. By checking and challenging each other in the market, the competition has lead to improvement and diversification of products and has forced each company to be creative and innovative....   [tags: Business Soft Drink Industry]

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Financial Analysis of Pepsi Co, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Companies

- Performing a financial analysis of a company allows an investor or creditor to fully understand the make-up of that particular company. For Pepsi Co, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Companies the below vertical and horizontal analysis along with selected ratios provide details on each company to allow comparison between them. Pepsi Co, Inc. shows a great deal of assets and property ownership while The Coca-Cola Companies net revenue is lower their net income is higher. The Pepsi Co, Inc. has more assets than the Coca-Cola Company, but more of their assets are owned by creditors....   [tags: Financial Analysis, Financials, economics, ]

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Coke vs Pepsi Fighting for Foreign Markets

- Coke vs Pepsi Fighting for Foreign Markets Introduction The soft-drink battleground has now turned toward new overseas markets. While once the United States, Australia, Japan, and Western Europe were the dominant soft-drink markets, the growth has slowed down dramatically, but they are still important markets for Coca-Cola and Pepsi. However, Eastern Europe, Mexico, China, Saudi Arabia, and India have become the new "hot spots." Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi are forming joint bottling ven...   [tags: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework]

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The Effects of Communication on There's a Syringe in My Pepsi Can

- The Effects of Communication on There's a Syringe in My Pepsi Can Introduction In most cases a crises occurs at the most unexpected times. The crisis seems to take the organization by surprise and is usually reached due to a lack of a control and response system. This is apparent in the case study "There's a syringe in my Pepsi can!" Effective communication is the key to successful communication to the Pepsi crises. (Center, 2003) Case Background In this case the consumer claimed to have found a hypodermic syringe in a can of diet Pepsi....   [tags: Business Communication Crisis Prevention Handling]

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Coca-Cola or Pepsi: The True King of Pop

- He lets out an ahhh of satisfaction as he sets down the cup. There is an excited silence to the crowd as they wait to hear the verdict. Will he choose Pepsi or will it be Coca-Cola. It is a question that many wonder about and can be a very tricky question. Both sides say that theirs taste’s better and both have strong proof to back that up. But I am here to help settle the issue once and for all and show to you that taste isn’t everything one should judge. When all is done I will prove to you that in the end there can be no doubt that Coca-Cola is the king of pop....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Pepsi and Heineken Commercials: Promoting American Devotion and Compassion

- Pepsi and Heineken Commercials: Promoting American Devotion and Compassion Today’s commercials cloud the viewers’ brains with meaningless ritzy camera angles and beautiful models to divert viewers from the true meaning of the commercials. The advertisers just want consumers to spend all of their hard-earned money on their brand of products. The “Pepsi” and “Heineken” commercials are perfect examples of what Dave Barry is trying to point out in his essay, “Red, White and Beer.” He emphasizes that commercial advertisements need to make viewers think that by choosing their brands of products, viewers are helping out American society....   [tags: Media Advertising Essays]

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Michael E. Porter's Five Forces In Pepsi

-     Introduction The model of the Five Competitive Forces was developed by Michael E. Porter in his book "Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors" in 1980. Since that time it has become an important tool for analyzing an organizations industry structure in strategic processes.   Porters model is based on the insight that a corporate strategy should meet the opportunities and threats in the organizations external environment. Especially, competitive strategy should base on and understanding of industry structures and the way they change....   [tags: Business Strategy]

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How PepsiCo Stays on Top

- Walk down the snack or beverage aisles of any grocery store and one would discover many of the products on the shelves are produced by PepsiCo. In 1965 Herman W. Lay and Donald Kendell of the Frito-Lay Company and Pepsi-Cola teamed up to form PepsiCo. The operations combined in 1986 under PepsiCo Worldwide Foods and PepsiCo Worldwide Beverages. Merging with Quaker Oats in 2001, PepsiCo became a $25 billion company (Friesner, 2012). What are some things PepsiCo does to consistently and stay towards the top of the food and beverage industry....   [tags: Pepsi, Marketing, Advertisemnts, Soda]

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Advertisement and Soft Drinks

- One of the top rated advertisements online is of soft drink done by Pepsi a global food and beverage Company. This advert features some of the big names in the music world namely Beyonce, Pink and Britney Spear. The uniqueness of this advert is that it blends the ancient roman culture with the modern day characters. The commercial is set in the Roman Coliseum which in ancient time hosted gladiator battles. In deconstructing it, the target audience needs first to be identified. Pepsi drink is enjoyed by people of all age with exception of infants, making it a popular product to advertise (Pepsi   [tags: pepsi, youtube, facebook]

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Financial Analysis: PepsiCo Beats Coca-Cola

- Pepsi vs. Coke the epic battle that every American and from the looks of their financial statements possibly everyone in the world must deal with does it have a winner. For the fiscal year 2005 it certainly does through analyzing financial statements with vertical, horizontal, and ratio analysis investors are able to clearly decide who the better choice for their investment is. By careful scruitiny and attention to detail any investor can safely put their money in a buiseness as an investment so long as they are adhering to rules and regulations of the GAAP....   [tags: Pepsi, Coke, business,]

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Evolution of Logo Design

- When somebody drives through a town, what might they see. Buildings, billboards, and signs may come to mind. What might they see on the buildings, billboards, and signs. Most of them would probably contain a logo. A logo is a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify itself. Designs for logos and thoughts of logos have always been evolving and changing throughout time and many companies choose to modernize themselves in the culture of the time period they are in by changing and tweaking their logo to be more appealing....   [tags: Apple, Volkswagen, and Pepsi]

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SWOT Analysis of PepsiCo

- Introduction According to the oxford dictionary a SWOT analysis is “a study undertaken by an organization to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats.” PepsiCo is a leading multinational food and beverage company that owns several hundreds of brands such as Pepsi, Tropicana and Quakeroats. This is a report based on the SWOT analysis of PepsiCo. Strengths PepsiCo is a large global company that has many strengths and advantages. One of Its main strengths is that its product range is diverse; this means that it doesn’t rely on a few key products or seasonal sales and isn’t significantly affected by changes in customer tastes....   [tags: management, pepsi cola]

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Insecurity and its implications

- “The task we must set to ourselves is not to feel secure, but to be able to tolerate insecurity”- Erich Fromm In today’s world, where the true meaning of beauty lies within the media and what the society dictates to people. Many do not realize that this could lead to insecurities. Merriam- Webster’s Dictionary defines insecurity as being not confident or sure. In addition to the definition published by the Merriam-Webster, it was on the other hand, defined as lack of self-confidence or assurance by the Dictionary reference online....   [tags: PEPSI, emotional, communication skills]

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Advertisement : The Advertisement Created By Bob Giraldi

- The text that I am going to be analyzing is the advertisement created by Bob Giraldi starring Michael Jackson in 1963. It was made to promote the campaign for Pepsi-Cola, at the time Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola were competing to see who had the better drink. There was a contest that was held that collected slogans from people around the world that was going to be used for the brand of Pepsi-Cola, after they found their slogan they decided they wanted something even better, which is where the commercial ad came into place, called Pepsi Generation....   [tags: Persuasion, Rhetoric, Pepsi, Coca-Cola]

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The Detrimental Effects of Soda

- What is your favorite soda. Coke. Do you know what is in soda. Cutting down on soda can be the geginning of a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that soda, though it tastes good, has many negative effects that outweigh the positive effects. Soda, especially diet, is detrimental to the health of your body. My cousin’s teacher did an experiment with coke. She put a tooth in coke and left it for at least a week. The next time they checked the tooth had disintegrated. The coke had eaten away at the tooth....   [tags: Coke Pepsi]

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The History Of Coca Cola

- The History of Pepsi PepsiCo products are one of the most recognized brands around the world. Today they have one of the largest variety of products but not everyone knows how this recognized company came to be. And it all started in the late 1890’s in New Bern, North Carolina by a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham. He was trying to make money off the recent success of Coca-Cola so he formulated his soda called “Brads Drink”. This would later be renamed Pepsi after he purchased the name trade mark name “Pep cola” for one hundred dollars....   [tags: Pepsi, PepsiCo, Cola, Coca-Cola]

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Ethos, Pathos, And Logos

- Ethos, pathos, and logos are ways that an artist can use on their advertisement to effectively persuade and convince readers to buy the sponsor’s product. Ethos is used to convince audiences that an ad is credible and that people can believe what they reading. Pathos means that an artist or advertisement is trying to appeal to the consumer’s emotional state. Logos is trying to convince buyers to purchase the company’s product by using logic or reasoning. First there is the Pepsi ad. On the center of the page the ad says, “Choose to Refresh America,” below this a small paragraph explains what the Pepsi Refresh Project is....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Emotion, Advertising]

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Ethos, Pathos, And Logos

- Ethos, pathos, and logos are ways that an artist or an advertisement use in order to effectively persuade or convince readers to buy their product. Ethos is used to convince audiences that an ad is credibly and that people can believe what they reading. Pathos is when an artist or advertisement try to appeal to the consumer’s emotional state. Finally, logos is trying to convince buyers to purchase their product by using logic or reasoning. By analyzing the use of ethical, emotion, and logical appeal, we can compare and contrast a Pepsi ad and a Coca Cola advertisement....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Cola, Rhetoric]

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Use Of Promotion And Positioning By Pepsico And Coca Cola

- Literature relating to promotion and positioning by PepsiCo and Coca Cola India According to Bailay, Rasul. Wall Street Journal (1997), Advertising: Coke Recruits paraplegics to help fight PepsiCo in soda war in India (Bailay, 1997) Coca Cola adopted a unique strategy of promotion when in early 1990s they were trailing PepsiCo in India. They used ubiquitous hand-powered tricycles driven by New Delhi paraplegics to promote and sell their products. The idea was to score some points for good citizenship and boost sales by hiring handicapped workers and generating employment for them....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Advertising, Pepsi, PepsiCo]

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Research Questionnaire For Coca Cola

- In this assignment, the author will analyses, and identify the differences between the basic and base concept of the research questionnaire. The research questionnaire is the best methods individual or a group of people can use to do their market research and get feedback from their target customers. The researcher will find the answers by making a smarter market survey with customers, which have to be in a form of business decision. The research questionnaire will help researcher to know the choice of consumers in the market, and how aware are they about the particular brand product....   [tags: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Marketing, Cola]

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Coca Cola - Strategic Challenges During The Past Decade

- Coca-Cola has faced many strategic challenges during the past decade. They face challenges like competition from PepsiCo, new consciousness about healthier lifestyles, missed opportunities and weak foreign exchange rates (Mourdoukoutas, 2013). Many accuse Coca-Cola of missing opportunities to grow and enter markets that would bring them success. One such instance is the rural Chinese market. Mourdoukoutas (2013) refers to these markets as” either too small in terms of revenue potential or too costly in terms of the operating expenses required to tap into them” and references that this is the reason that Coca-Cola has failed to capitalize on their potential....   [tags: Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Pepsi, Cola]

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Coca Col Popular Music

- Coca Cola, often just shortened to “Coke,” was introduced in 1886 and originated in Atlanta, Georgia where the factory is now located. The classic red or clear label with white scripted letters is a universally known trademark that can usually be seen in television commercials with cheery music and happy smiling faces drinking a sip out of the classic plastic or lightly tinted green glass bottles. Despite Coca Cola being founded in Atlanta, Georgia, consumerism and commercialism of the product is uniquely and creatively broadcasted throughout the world in many countries universally by advertising on television and radio, campaigns promoting the soft drink, and sponsorships at huge events lik...   [tags: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Cola, PepsiCo]

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Profitability Of The Soft Drink Industry

- Profitability in the soft drink industry is a major benefit for both parties that partake in the making of soft drinks, the bottlers and the concentrate producers. They share responsibility for costs in multiple functions of the process including production, procurement, distribution and marketing. The two entities, concentrate producerss and bottlers, interact interdependently sharing some promotional and bottling activities also. The soda business is already vertically integrated in some aspects....   [tags: Soft drink, Coca-Cola, Carbonated water, Pepsi]

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The Reasons Why Foreign Companies Are Moving

- We have seen since early 1980’s in the 2000s companies from all over the world have been investing trillions of dollars in China market. Recently we saw this demand nearly double with the last few years. Large numbers of corporations are leaving their home country and opening headquarters abroad in China. These companies include many types of industries but mainly, Software, Mining and Cosmetics industry, many big names such as Google, Microsoft and Apple also have their offices in China. Pepsi and Coca – Cola have also joined in on some of the profit....   [tags: Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Pepsi, Soft drink]

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The Porter 's Model Of Competitive Advantage

- The Porter’s model of competitive advantage of nations is based on four key elements including factor endowments, demand conditions, related and supporting industries and firm strategy, structure and rivalry. This makes it suitable in understanding the competition existing in the soft drinks industry in the Asian markets. The factor conditions identify the natural resources, climate, location, and demographics. Coca cola and Pepsi enjoy the growing population in the Asian markets (Yoffie, 2002)....   [tags: Soft drink, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Caffeine]

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Coca Cola 's Groupthink Decision Making

- Coca-Cola’s Groupthink Blunder in the 80’s We learned about the phenomenon of Groupthink, which is a group usually makes decisions that are proven disastrous and in hindsight people agree that it is flawed from the onset. Groupthink as we have learned can happen anywhere from being with friends which we call peer pressure, to companies, corporations and especially government institutions. For our learning journal assignment, we have to find and read or own examples of groupthink disasters and the one that came to mind to me was Coca-Cola’s changing of the Coca-Cola’s recipe in the 80’s....   [tags: Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Cola, New Coke]

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The Marketing Strategy Of Cola Wars

- Cola Wars To begin with the carbonated soft drink Industry is a profitable industry as its products such as Pepsi or Cola sell extensively across the globe. The industry relies heavily on its concentrate producers and bottlers to reach out to its market. This is further analyzed through Porter’s five competitive forces; - Threat to New Entrant: When an entrant wants to enter this industry it would need a distribution channel. However, most of the bottlers in the industry are linked with a contract or agreement with the dominant companies such as Pepsi or Coke that do not allow them to “carry any other competing brands” (p.3)....   [tags: Soft drink, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Brand]

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