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Leaving at the Peak of Glory

-                 Most believe dying young is one of the greatest tragedies life holds. However, in the poem “To An Athlete Dying Young”, author A.E. Housman contradicts those beliefs. Housman uses the character of an athlete dying in the earlier stages of life to demonstrate the pros of dying at the peak of one’s glory. He does so by presenting this through the eyes of a speaker with a pessimistic view of life. Although a sad reality, according to the speaker of the poem, dying young is not as bad as it is naturally perceived....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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How Will Peak Oil Change The World?

- ... 13 Nov. 2011. <>. DeFotis, Dimitra. "How Close is Hubbert's Peak?" Barron's 85.40 (2005): 46,46-47. ProQuest. Web. 17 Oct. 2011. Dunlop, Ian. "Peak Oil Drives Urgent Energy Alternatives." Australasian Science 2008: 37,37-39. ProQuest. Web. 17 Oct. 2011 <>. "EROI And EIRR." Clean Energy Wonk. Web. 11 Nov. 2011. <>....   [tags: produce, middle east, energy]

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Different and Diverse- A Peak At Illinois Wildflowers

- Different and Diverse- A Peak At Illinois Wildflowers Fascinating and elegant, wildflowers in Illinois can take your breath away with their beautiful characteristics and radiant colors. They can be found all over in Illinois, and maybe in locations you would never think of. All of these wildflowers are very diverse and different. The kittentail and purple false foxglove for example are different yet interesting wildflowers located in Illinois. More wildflowers would be loosestrife and the sunflower; both of these flowers can catch your eyes in moments with their beautiful appearance and neat history....   [tags: local flower species]

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Crimea's Conflict a Peak of Political Tension

- Recently, a new conflict arose in Crimea, a Ukrainian territory, which is on a cusp of a civil war. In addition, Crimea has become a peak of political tension between Russia and Ukraine, ethnic tension among Russians, Ukrainians, and Tartars, and weary relations between West and East. The recent situation is questionable for the future of Europe; the conflict will end up with peace or a new Great War. Decisions made during the Cold War, a broken promise from the Ukrainian president, the police attack on protestors, and the Russian invasion have contributed to the crisis in Crimea....   [tags: ukraine, russia, cold war, ussr]

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The Peak District National Park

- The Peak District National Park I will begin with what a National Park really is. A National Park is an idea developed in 19th century America, at the time the new country was rapidly developing and settlers were moving in. The first ever National Park was created in 1872, it was named as 'Yellowstone' this began a chain-reaction of National Parks being instated. The size of the parks varied, but were all generally large uninhabited areas of real natural beauty. The fact that these National Parks were protected by the Government stopped any land damage or animal poaching....   [tags: Papers]

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Preview and Predicting of the novel Peak by Roland Smith

- 1) Title The title is in white block style letters printed vertically in a large font. • Prediction o I believe that someone or a group of people will be climbing a mountain. o I do not think I will enjoy the literature because I have no interest on mountain climbing. 2) Author’s name, read biography Roland Smith was born November 30, 1951 in Portland, Oregon. He is currently 61 and living in Tualatin, Oregon with his wife and stepchildren. Roland has obtained many awards over the years including American Society of Cinematographers Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Regular Series, "Book of the Year" awards in Colorado, Nevada, South Carolina, and Florida, as well as in...   [tags: Everest, Mountaneering, Literature]

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Longs Peak

- LONGS PEAK Deep in the heart of the Rockies lies the small mountain village of Estes Park, Colorado. Estes Park borders Rocky Mountain National Park and it was my summer retreat. Never in my life had I seen someplace taken directly out of a fairy tale. The mountains swallowed the town. One particular mountain immediately caught my eye. I knew that it had to be the tallest, for it was the only mountain that was still covered in May snow. I later learned that the enormous mountain was Longs Peak....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How to Control Train Operations on a Track

- Executive Summary In traditional signaling system on railway application, it used the Fixed Block System (FBS) and Moving Block System (MBS) is commonly employed to control train operation on track. On this system when a leading train has stop moving it will block the behind follow as train operation. If a leading train is halt on track for any unexpected reasons for a long time. That will be a big jam-up occurs on track. For this dense queue result, the unexpected interaction situation between running trains when they begin to move again....   [tags: peak demand, railway, station]

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Garo Hills-The Ecological Canvas of Meghalaya

- ... Chibragre Location: West Garo Hills District Lying at the curving jointly of Ganol and Rongram rivers, just 9 kms from Tura on the Tura Guwahati road is an perfect picnic spot. Mizoram Phawngpui The uppermost peak in Mizoram, Phawngpui or else the Blue peak is positioned near the state’s south-eastern border overlooking the curve of the mighty Chhimtuipui River and the hill range of Myanmar. Sangau community, which is as regards 229 kms from Aizawl, is the closest resolution to Phawngpui....   [tags: peak, district, location]

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Multinomial Logit Model of Home to Work Morning Peak Period Trip Mode

- A Multinomial Logit (MNL) Model of morning peak-period home-to-work (HW) trip mode choice is the proposed model for the particular study area to analyse explanatory variables influencing travel mode choice. This method is essential due to the fact that mode choice is not only affected by spatial constrains but also by socio-demographic constraints. To evaluate these variables, a Multinomial Logit Model is utilized and five mode choice utility functions are drafted in order to determine morning peak-period home-to-work trips....   [tags: analyzing explanatory variables]

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Climate Change, Peak Oil, Terrorism, Food Shortages and Financial Degradation

- In his documentary The Crisis of Civilization, Dr. Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed showcases the dangers facing our global state, and presents ways to reverse the process. It is imperative that societies understand the essence of localization and its integral possibilities and positive effects that it may have within a small or large community setting. As Ahmed (2011) explains it, communities need to become more “grass-roots” in the way they accomplish tasks, prosper and survive on a daily basis in order to not only seize the day, but seize the limitless possibilities that localization brings with it....   [tags: The Crisis of Civilization]

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Youth: Life at Its Peak in "Sonnet 15" by William Shakespeare

- As each day goes by the beauty of our vibrant youth decays and diminishes. In "Sonnet 15" Shakespeare refers to youth as life at its peak, however this precious point in our life is short-lived. Shakespeare speaks of youth as a single moment of perfection. He glorifies youth and alleges to immortalize it through his poetic words. He uses metaphors, imagery, and rhyme in a way to enhance the beauty and perfection of mans youth while in its prime. Through this he demonstrate the love and richness of youth despite the tole time takes on it....   [tags: Sonnet 15, Shakespeare, youth, ]

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The Peak of Romanticism

- Love, lust, passion, and desire all of these put together can cause great explosion. Romanticism began in England about the year 1798. The poets of England started writing about nature, imagination, and idealism. Most poets wrote considering the changes occurring in England during the revolutionary era. During the period the writers became irritated of the changes and created imaginary things to write about; their motive was to try to capture the mind of the reader. Thanks to these poets people became well conscious of the natural surroundings around them....   [tags: EE Cummings, Yeats, Robert Frost]

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Business Analysis of Peak Garage Doors Inc

- Business Analysis of Peak Garage Doors Inc INTRODUCTION Peak Garage Door Inc. has set a goal to increase their sales for 2004. Garage door industry is expecting a growth of 2.4% while the management of Peak is looking to increase company’s sales 26.4%....   [tags: Business Management Analysis]

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Sagarmatha National Park is located in Asia between India and China: Tallest Peak in The World

- Sagarmatha National Park On Top of the World It is a crisp April morning. A cobalt blue sky complements the brilliance of a white peaked, towering mountain top as a team of climbers eagerly await their chance to begin their ascent. Faded fabric colors thrash in the wind, carrying the prayers of so many for good fortune as they prepare for their journey. Trekkers flash cameras, smiling at the thought of what they are about to conquer is the tallest peak in the world, Sagarmatha. Location Sagarmatha National Park is located in Asia between India and China in the Solu-Khumbu region (Sagarmatha National Park)....   [tags: climbers, glaciers, climate]

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Prosperity and Peril at the Peak with Pericles

- In the Age of Pericles, from 491 until his death in 429 BCE, Athens thrived. In this short period, Athens was a place of reform and advancement, giving us our sources of democracy, architecture, and the dramatic arts. Here, great minds such as Socrates and Sophocles congregated; here, ideals flourished. These developments of the Age of Pericles distinguish it as a high point in Greek society and, indeed, all Western civilization. From the start of his career in government, Pericles provided the Athenian people with the foundations of democracy....   [tags: Philosophy, Greek]

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Assessing Policy Solutions for a Sustainable Future

- Money does not make the world go round; rather it is oil (Gelpke & McCormack, 2006). In A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash, a horrifying picture is pained of a planet dwindling closer to self-destruction through the depletion of its resources. Credited sources, as well as the documentary, note how difficult a technological revolution would be in assessing the oil crash and establishing a need to create policy solutions to assist in the regeneration of the energy industry for a sustainable future....   [tags: solar energy, peak oil, oil crash]

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A Peak Under the Skirt of Rape Culture

- "Did you see what she was wearing; no wonder he assumed she wanted it." Does this sound familiar to anyone. It does to me. This is just a glimpse of some words, and actions, that are only the tip of the ice-berg; we call 'rape culture'. A lot of people are unaware this sort of language, or behavior, even goes on. Even more people are aware of these types of things, yet they don’t find them inappropriate, or see anything wrong with a little harmless joking. The fact is rape culture affects our life, whether we acknowledge it or not....   [tags: grey rape, forceful violence]

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Peak Performance Evaluation Of Google

- The ultimate measurement on the effectiveness of a company organization structure is definitely how consistent it can grow over the long run. Google from it initial pubic offering price of $85 back in August 19, 2004 to $570 today; it arguable that they have a very effective organization structure. In order to promote innovation and commitment to cost containment; Google invested lot of money to build a highly transparent organization. Having a highly transparent organization, they have make it easy for engineers to share ideas, poll peers, and makes it’s nature to change for the future....   [tags: Internet Company]

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Testing the Performance of an Ion Chromatography Column

- Testing the Performance of an Ion Chromatography Column Ion column chromatography is used to separate both cations and anions. The separation of ions is performed by using an ion exchange resin (this lab uses an anion exchange resin which is a high molecular weight polymer). The amount of time required for certain ions to move through the column depends on the affinities of the ions. The mobile phase’s anions, sodium bicarbonate in this lab, will force the ion that’s being tested out of the column....   [tags: Papers]

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Examination of Alkyl-Halide Formation as a Result of Substitution Reactions of Alcohol-Containing Organic Compounds

- .This experiment was performed to determine the structure of alkyl-halides formed as a result of substitution reactions, and whether the reaction used an SN1 or SN2 mechanism. The structure of the starting alcohol determined the mechanistic pathway of the substitution reaction. Reaction 1 involved the substitution of a primary alcohol which produced one primary alkyl-halide via SN2 reaction. Reactions 2 and 3 began with a secondary alcohol, forming two products as the result of direct substitution and/or a hydride shift, via SN1 reaction....   [tags: Gravity Filtration, Racemic Mixture]

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Monitoring Cases Within the Correctional System

- What is the purpose of monitoring. Do you feel that it is effectively done within the correctional system. Why or why not. Monitoring cases is important because the worker wants to ensure he or she documents that cases have been properly monitored, so that the agency can be reimbursed for the time spent on those cases. The reason monitoring is highly emphasized is that careful monitoring of the client is more likely to result in the client receiving services the worker has requested. In this manner, the worker can ensure the services the client is receiving coincides with the client’s intended goals....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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C-Seasonal Abundance of Pulvinaria Psidii Maskel Stages and Total Population Infest Guava Trees at Qaliobiya Governorate

- C-Seasonal abundance of Pulvinaria psidii Maskel stages and total population infest guava trees at Qaliobiya governorate: Seasonal abundance of P. psidii different stages and total population infesting guava trees at Qaliobiya governorate from 1st April 2005 till mid March 2007 were investigated and tabulated in tables (XVII &XVIII) and graphically illustrated in fig (87-9) Seasonal fluctuation of ovisacs: The results in the tables (XVII) and figure (87) proved that, the P. psidii ovisacs have regular occurrence all over the year, except during the end of each year (from 1st January till 1st April) where the number were very low....   [tags: Environmental Biology]

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How Much Oil is Left in Our World?

- Peak Oil The world relies so heavily on oil that the question arises how much oil is left. A simple answer to this question would be alot however the rate and cost of production is an entirely different question. Oil must be extracted and refined at a rate that keeps pace with consumption in order to prevent a disruption in supply. The most commonly used oil so far has been conventional oil which is oil in a liquid state extracted from underground or undersea and it supplies the lion's share of our demand....   [tags: consumption, production, reserves]

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Change in Commuting Time Over the Last Ten Years

- The hot weather situation in Singapore has caused many Singaporeans to decide to buy cars to avoid suffering in the heat. Also, many Singaporeans prefer taking private transports as it is more convenient especially during rainy days, and they do not need to mix with the crowd during peak hours. This causes an increase in the amount of cars on the road especially during the peak hours when everyone is rushing to work or school. Adding on to that, some households are owning more than one car because of the increase in incomes of the families as compared to ten years ago, despite the extra costs a car owner has to bear like the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and Certificate of Entitlement (COE)...   [tags: singapore, hot weather, cars population]

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Circadiam Rhythms in Humans and Animals

- Just as humans have a circadian rhythm that can be changed when entering a new time zone or season, other animals also exhibit time behavior - especially for food collection. As an animal’s environment changes over time, the they have to evolve to constantly change their time intervals for when they collect their food. This is very common in nectarivorous animals such as honeybees or bats. For example, honeybees know when to go out of their hive and obtain nectar from flowers because they have adapted to learn at what times a flower will “re-fill” its nectar....   [tags: feeding, bats, research]

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Vermont Teddy Bear SWOT Analysis

- VTB's operational capabilities To maintain a competitive advantage, VTB needs to build their business model keeping 5 strategic pillars in mind in order to achieve a high-performance company – Leadership, Innovation, Information Technology, Organizational excellence and agility and Knowledge. The Vermont management team grasped this concept in the initial stages of their development, but did not continue to embrace these pillars to ensure on-going success. VBT has most of their operational capabilities and strengths in the IT field as their business model is heavily based on IT....   [tags: business model, high-performance]

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The Issue of Building Wind Turbines on the Edge of Sheffield

- The Issue of Building Wind Turbines on the Edge of Sheffield In November 2003 it was announced that Sheffield city council were looking for sites on the edge of Sheffield for a wind farm. The site would be on the high moorland next to the Peak District where it is very windy. There would be 15 wind turbines. It is hoped that eventually Sheffield would produce all its own electricity and even have a surplus to sell. So should be a wind farm on the edge of Sheffield. What is wind power....   [tags: Papers]

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Generating a Mini Project Report Regarding the Monitoring the CMS Performance for Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kuala Lumpur

- CHAPTER 1 1.1 Project Background The purpose of this document is to generate a mini project report regarding the monitoring the CMS performance for Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kuala Lumpur. This analysis is conducted because I want to identify the peak hour usage of the CMS. I ‘m choosing to monitor this CMS performance access because I need a specific time to identify the off-peak hour within working hour. All the analysis will give me the benefit as a CMS user to access the CMS during off-peak hour 1.2 Problem Statement There’s a few problem statement can be recognize from the proposal such as: - Student may encounter the slow access to the CMS during peak hour - Within the slow access,...   [tags: content management systems]

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Lassen Volcanic National Park and the Negative Influences from Outside Sources

- Lassen Volcanic National Park is often overlooked by tourists because its proximity to the Famous Yosemite which lies close by. Located in Northeastern California, Lassen Volcanic National Park is primarily known for its numerous hydrothermal features. Lassen Peak is the highest elevation point in the park and was formed around 30,000 years ago when Tehama’s Northern flank formed a dome before a large eruption (National Parks Conservation Association, 2009). Beautiful features blooming within the park are degraded by adjacent land surrounding the park which is used for logging, grazing, and off-roading....   [tags: Human Modifications, Global Warming]

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Stability Indicating and Kinetic Determinations of Fluvastatin Sodium by RP-HPLC-DAD Method

- 2.5 Kinetic Determination 2.5.1 Kinetic investigation of FVS in acidic degradation The kinetics of the acid degradation of FVS were evaluated in 0.1 M HCl at 70°C for different time periods. Solutions containing 1 mg/mL of the FVS were prepared in water. An appropriate aliquot was transferred into a volumetric flask, and diluted with 0.1 M HCl to give final concentration of 100µg/ml FVS. This solution was heated to 70°C and evaluated for time intervals of 30 min, 60 min and 120 min. Three samples were analyzed for each time interval....   [tags: physical chemistry, analysis]

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Seasonal Abundance of Ceroplastes Cirripediformis Stages Infesting Guava Trees at Qaliobiya Governorate Euring the Two Studied Years

- B-Seasonal abundance of Ceroplastes Cirripediformis stages infesting guava trees at Qaliobiya governorate during the two studied years (from mid January 2005 -1st January2007) are shown in tables (XIII &XIV) and figures (81-84): Seasonal fluctuation of the pre-adult: Data in the previous tables and figure (81) illustrated the dynamic curve of Cer. cirripediformis nymphs, it had only two peaks. Whereas the first peak occurred at mid February, with an average of (118-150 pre-adult / leaf) and the second peak was (114-358 pre-adult / leaf) at mid November during the two studied years respectively....   [tags: Environmental Biology]

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Bioactivity and Drug Delivering Ability of a Chitosan/46S6 Melted Bioactive Glass Biocomposite Scaffold

- The morphology of the prepared scaffolds is presented in Fig. 2. It can be observed that all the prepared scaffolds have wide range of interconnected pores including macro, micro and nanopores, as was also confirmed by a mercury porosimeter. By increasing the MB concentration, the pore size in the scaffolds also increased. The average pore size of the scaffolds fabricated was increased from 150 ± 5 µm to 170 ± 24 µm by increasing the concentration of MB from 0 mass-% to 66.5 mass-%. The wide range of pores sizes for all the scaffolds fabricated with different MB concentration indicated that pores in all the scaffolds were interconnected and seeded cells would be proliferated throughout the 3...   [tags: pores, concentration, surface]

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The Electric Conductivity in the Ionosphere

- ... In contrast, other studies assumed that conductances behave as Chapman layers and reported significant possible contribution from the attachment loss process, which is dominant in the ionospheric F region {Brekke_A_1988_AG_AURORAL_CONDUCTANCES, Moen_J_1993_GRL_THE_CONDUCTANCES, Brekke_A_2013_BOOK_PHYSICS_ATMOSPHERE. In summary, SZA dependences are qualitatively different among previous studies. The purpose of this study is to find simple and essential approximations of conductances against SZA....   [tags: plasma, density, solar]

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The World's Oil Crisis

- Most socially aware Americans have heard about something called the “oil crisis.” Many people understand the basic idea, but what most people don’t realize is that the oil crisis is an unstoppable global phenomenon that will permanently change the way we live. Most importantly, people do not know that, by many accounts, this “crisis” will occur sometime in the next three to five years. There is not much question among experts that the oil crisis will occur, but there is plenty of speculation about when it will occur and what it will be like....   [tags: Oil Shortage, Renewable Energy Essays]

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Paragraphs on State of Consciousness and Religion

- ... If we always remember what we learned in our childhood we can become a very spiritual adult, the equilibrium between the childhood and the consecration of the adult life are part of forms that styles a person of the humanity a real self. 3. Briefly discuss the important religious states of consciousness. The states of consciousness is a state of mind and is unique to each person. As we are trying to understand the enigma of consciousness and how does ascend. I think is important to understand our one awareness and ourselves with in our surroundings....   [tags: feelings, god, humanity]

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Petroleum of the East Texas Basin

- Introduction. Within the United States, Texas is a crucial part of oil and gas production. The East Texas Basin plays a large role in the production of oil and gas coming out of Texas. Understanding the the East Texas Basin begins with knowledge of the geologic history, lithology, structure, organic petrology, and production history. Geologic history of the East Texas Basin shows how hydrocarbons were deposited and in what conditions they were formed. Lithology and stratigraphy are important tools in the exploration and understanding of oil and gas....   [tags: oil, gas, hydrocarbons, salt domes]

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Household Goods Movement System

- Household Goods Movement System Did you ever wonder what went into the process of a household goods move. United Van Lines, a subsidiary of UNIGROUP, Inc. is the undisputed leader among American movers, with a market share approaching 24 percent (inbound Logistics). Internationally, United offers regular service to, from, and among 125 countries around the world, as well as all 50 states of the union and Puerto Rico. Currently, more than 200 agency and agency groups each generate at least $1 million in business during the course of the average business year....   [tags: Papers]

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Why are Sex Drives Different?

- What comes to mind when male and female sex drives are mentioned. The stereotype as stated by Roy F. Baumeister (2000) would be females have a lower sex drive then males. This statement tends to be accepted by most people in society as the standard, so why would looking into this question be important. Having a “standard” can be dangerous, because not everyone fits that standard. Thus, understanding the differences can show society what is normal, and how to change the standard that is accepted....   [tags: Gender Differences, Sexuality]

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Factors of Voltage and Current

- During electric discharge machining process there are start and stop intervals known as ON time and OFF time. The machining is performed during the pulse ON time when in the gap between work piece and electrode the voltage is applied. Alternatively the time during which no voltage is applied is the pulse off time. A greater value of On time is selected to obtain a long duration of electric discharge to increase the material removal rate but also leads to poor surface finish. During the pulse off time re-ionization of dielectric occurs and it is also essential to avoid any short circuit leading to wire breakages....   [tags: wire, material, machining ]

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A Flood Hydrograph and the Factors That Affect its Form

- A Flood Hydrograph and the Factors That Affect its Form A flood hydrograph is a graph of two axis, 'discharge' and 'time'. Plotted on the graph is the amount of discharge over a period of time. By looking at a hydrograph, a lot of information and data can be gathered about the river, the precipitation, the surrounding area and vegetation etc. The gradient, height and length of a line can tell you a lot of this information. There are many different factors that can affect the appearance and shape of a hydrograph....   [tags: Papers]

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Review of Research Paper on Insulin

- Missing Graphs BACKGROUND: Let's go back to the 1920s, when diabetes was discovered and the study of glucose began. There was a scientist named Minkowsky, and he wondered what caused diabetes. So, he did something crazy: He took a urine sample from a normal patient and a sample from a diabetic patient, and tasted them. He observed that the sample from the diabetic patient was sweet, so he concluded that diabetes had something to do with high glucose levels (lots of sugar in the blood). In the same decade, two scientists named Benting and Best performed another experiment to see which chemically made pancreas would do the best job in lowering glucose levels....   [tags: Biology Diabetes]

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Electricity and Fuel Sources

- 1. Electricity is produced in electric power plants. Some of the fuel sources include oil, coal, nuclear energy, and natural gas to produce heat. The heat that is produced is used to boil water, which creates steam, which under high-pressure in turn spins a turbine. Then the spinning turbine interacts with a system of magnets, which produces electricity. The electricity is then transmitted as moving electrons through a series of wires to homes and businesses. In electric power plants there is a turbine-generator that uses the super heated steam to spin the turbine blades, which is used in the generator to turn a coil of wires in a circular group of magnets....   [tags: nuclear energy, natural gas]

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What is Ion Chromatography?

- The term chromatography refers to different methods of molecular separation between a mobile phase and a stationary phase based on various physio-chemical properties. There are many types of chromatography that are used as analytical tools in environmental science, forensics, metallurgy, biology, etc. Some common examples are thin layer chromatography (TLC), gas chromatography (GC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ion chromatography. Ion chromatography (IC) was introduced as an analytical technique by Small, Stevens, and Bauman in 1975....   [tags: chemistry, molecular separation]

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Stratospheric Ozone Depletion and Its Effect on Skin Cancer Incidence

- Introduction This term paper is situated in an area of specific health related and environmental concern: the human dimensions of global change. For about a decade now there has been growing scientific interest in the global environmental changes resulting from anthropogenic activity. However most of this research has focused on the scientific bases of environmental transformations with little attention to how human social responses are linked to global change. As a result, scientists and researchers alike are beginning to ask questions about the symbiotic relationship between human well being and physical change....   [tags: Geology]

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Nature of Denudation in the Garhwal Lesser Himalaya: A Case Study from Tons River Basin

- Abst 5.2 WATER DISCAHRGE The monthly and seasonally hydrographs were analyzed and summarized, and results are tabulate in (Table 1 and Table 2) and presented in (Fig.3 and Fig. 4).The watershed discharge of water of annual hydrograph at the average rate of (373.91 l/s/km2).The minimum water discharge by watershed (11.06 l/s/km2) in the month of December followed by (11.89 l/s/km2) in February and (11.95 l/s/km2) in the month of January. August is the month of peak water discharge at average rate of (83.82 l/s/km2) and the month of July is the second peak discharge at the average rate of (80.21 l/s/km2)....   [tags: erosion, environmental concerns]

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Diabetes Affects the Body's Ability to Use Energy Found in Food

- According WebMD 2014. Diabetes mellitus (or diabetes) is a chronic, lifelong condition that affects your body's ability to use the energy found in food. There are three major types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes mellitus, type 2 diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes. It is a hormonal disorder of the pancreas either decrease in insulin level also known as hypoinsulinism or increase in insulin level also known as hyperinsulinism. Lowered amounts, insufficient of, or ineffective use of insulin leads to the disorder of diabetes mellitus....   [tags: hypoinsulinism, gestational, blood glucose]

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A Proof-of-Principle Demonstration of 805 MHz High Gradient SRF Cavities

- A Proof-of-Principle Demonstration of 805 MHz High Gradient SRF Cavities Abstract An accelerating gradient of 50 MV/m at an unloaded quality factor (Q0) of 1.4 x 1010 was achieved with a single-cell 805 MHz superconducting radio-frequency (SRF) cavity. This accelerating gradient is more than twice as high as the previous maximum gradient at 805 MHz, and the result demonstrates that 805 MHz cavities, which have a larger beam aperture of 10 cm than 6-7 cm for 1.3 GHz high-gradient cavities, can be used, in principle, as high-gradient cavities for various purposes, especially suited for protons, light ions and other machines that require lower beam impedances due to a larger beam aperture of 1...   [tags: Research Analysis]

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Globalization: The Most Powerful Force in the World

- I. Introduction ‘Globalization’ has been defined as “a phenomenon by which economic agents in any given part of the world are now affected by events that occur elsewhere than ever before.” Since the end of World War II, there has been a significant increase in economic growth and the standard of living as globalization has become a dominant force. However, globalization has negative implications as well in which it has contributed to the large disparity of wealth, and created a volatile market environment....   [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]

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The Feasibility and Efficiency of Solar Panel Technology

- For my 9th birthday, my parents had gotten me a solar car. Now it wasn’t very large, mind you, but it was still terribly interesting in my eyes. At the time I was heavily interested in science, so such a present was very fitting. I couldn’t wait to build it. It was the late afternoon, but it was during the summer, so there was plenty of sunshine left. We got it all assembled, and we went outside in a hurried fashion. I triumphantly placed the car on the ground, and, sure enough, after a few seconds, it started to move....   [tags: alternative energy, green, environment]

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The Effects of Gender on Prisoner Interactions

- In the past prisoners, both male and females, were simply treated as slaves of the state. Wardens had the freedom and discretion to maintain prisons as they wanted. This meant there was no outside interference. That definition for prisoners was derived in the case Ruffin v. Commonwealth (1871). The Supreme Court decided that forfeiting liberties and personal rights were consequences of the crime committed. Prisoners were viewed as slaves. In addition, losing citizenship rights meant losing the ability to complain about living conditions (Peak, 2010)....   [tags: Gender Studies ]

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The Relationship Between Social Class and Delinquency

- Most people have preconceived notions regarding the relationship between social class and delinquency. A common assumption is that lower-class juveniles are more likely to engage in delinquent behavior than their higher-class counterparts. Criminologists have performed a large number of studies examining the socio-demographic characteristics of delinquents, which often yielded contradictory results. When analyzing the extent and trend of juvenile delinquency in the United States conclusions can be drawn from estimates derived from arrest records, self-reports, and victimization data....   [tags: Sociology ]

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Mechanics of the Basketball Free Throw Shot

- The free throw shot is one the most important shots in basketball. In fact, around 20% of all points scored in the NCAA Division 1 are from free throws shots (Kozar, Vaughn, Lord, Whitfield, & Dve 243-248). The importance of this shot increases later in the game, because free throws tend to comprise greater percentage of the points that are scored in the last 5 minutes than the initial 35 minutes by either the wining or the losing team (Kozar et al., 123-129). The free throw shot is considered as the easiest shot for a professional basketball player, as the player stands alone, 15 feet away from the hoop with no defense or distraction....   [tags: sports, NCAA]

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The Demand for Electricity in South Africa

- Introduction This report is based on the investigation and research on reducing electricity consumption of certain appliances and to improve energy usage at home. The demand for electricity in South Africa is increasing and it is exceeding electricity supply, research has shown that households contribute 15% to the countries total electricity consumption [1]. Efficient energy usage is very critical; electricity can be used very inefficiently in households during peak load times. In order to tackle this problem the country is facing, this report will give a brief analysis on the usage of domestic electrical appliances and the energy they consume and also identifying the household service...   [tags: energy usage, electrical appliances, power]

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The Social Problem Through a Theoretical Lens

- This section will depict two theories from the Sociology and psychological disciplines and the nature of runaway homeless youths and lack of housing for runaway homeless youths and lack of housing. What is a theory. According to (Rubin & Babbie, 2005, pp. 43) a theory is a group of connected and related ideas, that gives an account about the true-lifeabout the world whose needed reality can be reinforced by proof acquired through the scientific method., it also describes in a verifiable way why something happens.pp43 According to Hardian et al., (2006), theories specify actions or interventions which produce outcomes....   [tags: Sociology, Psychology, Human Nature]

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Solar Energy's Place in the Power Industry

- ... Some start up routines may last as long as a week. By looking at the figure to the right, it can be seen that base load takes up a considerable amount of demand. The rest of the demand is met with natural gas and hydroelectric generation. These forms of generation can all be started with relative ease. During periods of high unexpected demand, diesel generators will be used considering they can be started at a moment’s notice and operate like an engine in vehicle. However, the downsides to using the diesel generators are that they are most expensive form of generation and are most harmful to the environment....   [tags: electricity generation, renewable energy sources]

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How Obesity Affects Lung Function and Health

- 1. Introduction Obesity is a label given to individuals who have a body mass index (BMI) of above 30. Any individual male or female is considered to be morbidly obese if the BMI was above 40 (NHS, 2012). Being obese for a period of time can increase the risk of obesity related diseases including diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancers (colon cancer, bowel or breast cancer) and even a greater risk of strokes (NHS, 2012). The World Health Organisation (Who) (2013) states that obesity can have a range of long term issues on the body and its organs which can cause preventable illnesses and diseases....   [tags: weight, disease, BMI]

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Laser Crack Measurement System for Pavement-Management Sytems

- ... The requirements for acquiring these factors are the following: (1) That data-acquisition cost is as cheap as possible; (2) that data analysis can be done in a short time; and (3) that data acquisition doesn't influence the speed of other traveling vehicles, in particular on roads with heavy traffic [2]. Pavement surface distress measurement is an essential part of a pavement management system (PMS) for determining cost-effective maintenance and rehabilitation strategies. Visual surveys conducted by engineers in the field are still the most widely used means to inspect and evaluate pavements, although such evaluations involve high degrees of subjectivity, hazardous exposure, and low prod...   [tags: riding quality, skid, construction]

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The Need for Balance in an Organization

- Introduction In order to stay relevant for today’s consumers, it is important for companies to remain vigilant and aware of their constant changing needs. I believe that our company has been doing just that. For the last two years, our company has worked to change their focus to the growing needs of today’s consumer. However, by doing this, they are beginning to lose sight on what made our company famous in the first place and that is our customer service. By shifting our focus and by weighing more on quantity over quality our company has started to see a raise in our production but a decline in our customer service....   [tags: service, production, customers]

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The Eight Basic Types of Runs

- Running is one of the many sports that do not get enough attention that it rightfully deserves. What is so special about it anyway, all people do in this sport is either run various distances in different terrains or in endless circles on a track. But, it is so much than that there is so much preparation and technique that goes into running. It’s the same as a football player spending hours studying multiple plays; or a volleyball player tirelessly redoing a spike to get just the right impact time....   [tags: sport, runner, forefoot, injury, athletes]

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Effects of Progesterone on the Body

- ... Levonorgestrel is mainly used to prevent pregnancy. However, it is also indicated for menstrual symptoms in combined oral contraceptives. Levonorgestrel inhibits secretion of GnRH, LH and FSH through negative feedback to hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. Levonorgestrel inhibits secretion of LH and FSH from anterior pituitary and these indirectly causes a delay in follicle development. Decreased level of LH also lead to delay or inhibition of LH surge, which then inhibits ovulation. According to Danielsson (2010), when LNG was administrated at two to three days before LH surge, the LH peak was inhibited or delayed....   [tags: contraceptive, follicle, ovulation]

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Personal Narrative- Mountain Hike

- Personal Narrative- Mountain Hike In hiking, as in life, there are choices between success and pain, pride and safety; this is the story of one such choice. Last summer I participated in the Rayado program at Philmont Scout Ranch. The eighth day of the trek was my crew’s greatest challenge: Super Black Death, a hike of seven peaks in one day. By 4 PM we had conquered most of the peaks. As we were climbing what we thought was our sixth peak, Big Red, a storm struck. It was a cold driving rain that froze us as we struggled up the mountain....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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European Witch Hunts 1350-Present

- In order for history to repeat itself, it has to start somewhere right. The European witch hunts can be traced back to around 1450 and last well into the 18th century. The European witch hunts, much like the Salem witch trials happened because of rejection of rapid social, economic, and religious transformation. (Jones Gendercide Watch: European Witch Hunts). Often during times of rapid change it takes a while for reforms to be made or for citizens to adjust to the new arrangement. The result of the rejection of change during this time period was mass hysteria and moral dilemmas....   [tags: History]

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Leading Biotechnology Company: Genentech

- ... The positive stress ideology has been adopted by Genentech and makes them a staple in the work force for employee satisfaction. Genentech has created the perfect match between Yerkes-Dobson law and employee feedback to become a Forbes Top 100 Company. Genentech encourages employee teamwork while also focusing on the importance of individual creativity and initiative. Employees are expected to perform at peak levels and the company will provide them with positive stimulation. Genentech has created programs to reward employee’s including; child care, six weeks paid sabbatical programs, adoption assistance, flexible work arrangements, and stock options....   [tags: organization, management, new products]

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The Pharmacology of Defensin

- Defensin (DF) is a newer cytolytic antimicrobial peptide having molecular weight of 4 kDa having antimicrobial activity against wide range of gram positive and gram negative bacteria. The present work describes method development of recombinant Defensin protein using internal standard Bovine serum albumin (BSA). A simple, precise and accurate reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography method has been developed and validated for quantification of Defensin protein using BSA as an internal standard using Enable Q C18 column (250mm x 4.6 mm I.D, 5μm particle size 300ºA) as column, water: acetonitrile (60:40 v/v) with Trifluoroacetic acid 0.1% as mobile phase, flow rate of 1ml/min and d...   [tags: antimicrobial, recombinant, experiment]

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The Unites States' Recession

- In December 2008, the National Bureau of Economic announced that the economy had entered into a recession a year ago in December 2007. It took a year for the government to declare that we were in a Recession. The United States was very close to a financial market meltdown and economic collapse in the late 2008 and early 2009. United States entered a severe recession accompanied by considerable job losses, skyrocketing unemployment, lower wages and a mounting number of American families at danger of foreclosure and poverty....   [tags: economy, financial market, housing bubble]

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The Factors that Influence the Flood Hydrograph

- The Factors that Influence the Flood Hydrograph Introduction In this essay I aim to find out the ways in which they affect the flood hydrograph, with particular reference to rural and urbanised drainage basins of Tokyo. A drainage basin is an area of the land's surface from which a river receives its supply of water. An imaginary line can mark the edge of a drainage basin. This is called the watershed. The other main features of a drainage basin are shown in figure 1. The drainage basin relies on the atmosphere for its inputs of water, whilst water passes through the drainage basin leaves the system either to return to the atmosphere or to become an input into th...   [tags: Papers]

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What would happen if the World Runs out of Oil and Gas

- Oil is hydrocarbons that grew up in the earth when source rock full of organic inclusions sank to just the right depth not too little and not too much and got cooked over the ages. It took hundreds of millions of years for the world's supply of oil to be created. The oil is used to make gasoline obviously, but also home heating oil, diesel fuel but also 90 percent of all the organic chemicals that we use. That includes pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, plastics, fabrics and so on. They are petrochemicals, meaning they originate as oil....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Biological And Physical Process Of Aging

- The aging process is difficult to analyze because of the way that the body’s organ systems work together. The breakdown of one structure will ultimately affect the function of others. The medical field of gerontology deals with examining the biological changes of aging, both passive and active, that occur at the molecular and cellular levels. This paper will seek to explore those changes, and the affect that they have on the process of aging. Aging as a passive process involves the breakdown of structures and the resulting slowing of functions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Measuring an Individual's Health

- Measuring an Individual's Health In this report I will list the variety of ways I have measured William's health, I will also explain how each is measured, however I will explain this in various ways for instance tables etc. On the other hand, I will be comparing the information with the average and explain how William's measurements are different. As well, I will be setting short and long term targets for William to achieve. Lastly, I will be explaining how he will be achieving these targets....   [tags: Papers]

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Hybrid Photopolymerization

- Hybrid photopolymerization has the potential for solving the oxygen inhibition and moisture problem that plagued the free-radical and cationic photopolymerization reactions respectively. The problem, however, with the hybrid system is the deficiency in the fundamental knowledge of the reaction in the system. This project tends to address these deficiencies by studying hybrid systems in order to understand how experimental variables affect oxygen, moisture and alcohol sensitivity. This understanding will be archived by the following objectives; Determine the kinetic rate constants for the hybrid systems....   [tags: Chemistry]

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Alternative Energy

- Modern society is characterized by convenience; convenience supplied by oil. Whether it be to fuel cars, to make plastic for hair dryers, or to paint a wall, most everything found in use today depends on this black gold. Although petroleum ’s variety of uses has made life convenient, this convenience has lead to an extreme use of oil, and it is now leading to its depletion. Although billions of barrels of oil remain in worldwide reserves, the United States needs to invest in replacing petroleum with alternative energy sources because readily available oil reserves are running out and other sources are more difficult to access and use ....   [tags: Energy ]

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Geometric Definitions

- Introduction to online define geometric help: There are many geometric contours are incorporated in the math online geometric. Every geometric forms are shaped by a collection of points. This article defines different types of 2-D and 3-D geometric shaped objects. These dimensional objects are very helpful for doing the geometrical shaped objects. These shapes are helpful for every field especially in 2D and 3D animations. Let we see some of the important 2D and 3D shaped objects....   [tags: Geometry]

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Salt Dilution Method

- Salt Dilution Method Salt dilution method is used in mountain rivers with rough cross section, big boulders and turbulent flow. An electrical conductivity (EC) meter was used for discharge measurement. Salt dilution method is particularly used for measurement of flow in mountainous stream and any other sites where high degree of turbulence exists to ensure complete mixing of injected solution in the pre-determined length of the channel. Under such condition of flow, the conventional approach to flow gauging such as current meter or calibrated structure are not feasible....   [tags: Research Anlaysis ]

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Anthropogenic Forces: Urbanisation

- Urbanisation is one of the most influential, irrevocable and evident anthropogenic forces in the world. It is specified by the World Health Organisation (2014) as the “demographic transition from rural to urban and is associated with shifts from an agriculture-based economy to mass industry, technology, and service.” In the United Nations World Urbanization Prospects report (2006, p.3), it is anticipated that 4.9 billion people on Earth are expected to become urban residents by 2030, in comparison to the current data of 1.92 billion....   [tags: from agriculture to industrialization]

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What is Osteoporosis?

- ... The age at which an individual reaches their peak bone mineral density it between the ages of 18 and 25. I have stated previously that bone mineral density is loss with age. Accordingly to Endicott (2013), " the progression of bone loss that leads to osteoporosis can be slowed or delayed with lifestyle changes, particularly a diet with adequate calcium and vitamin d, weight -bearing, physical activity, smoking cessation, and reduced alcohol use"(p. 2). It has also been found by several authors that osteoporosis is found as a genetics factor within many families....   [tags: disease, bone mineral density loss]

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Direct and Alternating Current

- All useful generators of electricity come in two basic forms, alternating current and direct current. Direct current (dc) comes from generators that do not change in polarity, always producing a positive charge. In alternating current (ac) the polarity of the terminals is always changing from positive to negative. Thus you are left with alternating current flow. There are different ways of measuring and generating alternating and direct current. Direct current only flows in one direction in a circuit....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Effects of Sport on Levels of Mindfulness and Experiences of Flow: A Comparison of Contact, Non-contact and Team, Non-team Activities

- The area of research that will be of focal concern is conscious awareness in relation to the concept of ‘mindfulness’. In addition to this, analogous research surrounding the topic area will be integrated, with particular attention being paid to an important aspect of sport psychology known as ‘flow’. Mindfulness has its roots in ancient spiritual traditions, namely Buddhism (Keng, Smoski, & Robins, 2011), and is commonly defined as “the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding experience moment by moment” (Kabat-Zinn, 2003, p....   [tags: Sport Psychology ]

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Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone: One of the Most Influential American Icons in the 21st Century

- Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (aka Madonna) is one of the most influential American Icons in the 21st century. She uses her sexuality and feminine characteristics to convey her beliefs to the public. She started a trend among youngster “wannabes” during the mid 80s (Cengage, 2003). These youngsters adopted Madonna’s messy hairdo and bold wardrobe such as lacy undergarments fully expresses the female sexuality and seductiveness. In this report, we will analyze Madonna’s career as an entertainer from the perspective of the Product life cycle and evaluate Madonna as a brand....   [tags: Advertising]

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“Development of Narcissism is Cause of Destruction”: Scorsese movie “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

- Narcissism is a psychological disorder of high profile individuals. “Is it true or myth?” is always controversial in masses. Many high profile individuals are classified as a narcissistic in media from time to time. The movie “The Wolf Of Wall Street” demonstrate how a rapid success leads to the narcissistic behavior and downfall of a wall street giant due to his narcissistic behavior. Generally, true life movies demonstrate the rise and heroism of an individual where as director Martin Scorsese in his movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” tells the story of a New York stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, development of narcissism and downfall of his giant business empire due to narcissism....   [tags: stockbroker, moral, violence]

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