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The Pros and Cons of Participant Observation

- The Advantages and Disadvantages of Participant Observation as a Research Method This essay will examine how participant observation is used as a research method. In the main body of this essay, this idea will be addressed by pointing out advantages and disadvantages of participant observation. I will give examples to support my argument. Participant observation is the main research method favoured by interpetitivists. It involves the researcher participating in a social group to observe and experience the world as a participant while still observing the group for future analasys of their behaviour from the researchers point of view....   [tags: Participant Observation]

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Participant Observation: Understanding Society

- Assess the usefulness of participant observation in sociological research. In this short essay I will give a skilled weighed argument of the usefulness and non-usefulness of a participant observation. I will back up the points made during this piece with sociologists I have studied. After, which I will then reach a conclusion where I will justify the argument in depth. Observation means watching behaviour in real-life settings. A covert participant observation is when the subject(s) you’re studying doesn’t know that you’re actually studying them....   [tags: Participant Observation]

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Participant Observation: Understanding Society

- Participant Observation as the Most Effective Method of Understanding Society All case studies require either overt or covert observation to collect the information necessary to complete the study. Both covert and overt have their advantages and disadvantages; they both add different but similar ideas and theories to a study. These two methods have been used in a variety of case studies but the ones that I am going to focus on are James Patrick’s study of Glasgow gang’s, Laud Humphreys study of the tea room trade in America and Ann Oakley’s study of first time pregnancy with women in the UK....   [tags: Participant Observation]

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The Usefulness of Participant Observation as a Sociological Method

- The Usefulness of Participant Observation as a Sociological Method Unlike other research methods participant observation allows the sociologist to look at people in their natural environment. It is often referred to as a naturalistic approach. The research does not artificially interfere with people’s lives and they are free to act as normal. This allows the researcher to gain an insight which surveys cannot produce. This is illustrated by a well-known quote: “As I sat and listened, I learned the answers to questions I would not have the sense to ask if I had been getting my information solely on an interview basis.” By W.F....   [tags: Participant Observation]

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Participant Observation

- Participant Observation Participant Observation is the study of a culture or society usually carried out by living for an extended period of time with its members. The participant-observer takes part in everyday life and carefully records such things as behaviour, events and conversations, in order to obtain a fully rounded picture of beliefs, social groupings and customs. There are two different forms of Participant Observation: Overt observation is when the subjects are aware they are being observed and allow the observer in to their lives, this is often the most criticised form due to bias, Covert observation is when the subjects are not aware they are being ob...   [tags: participant-observer]

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Participant Observation Report

- The class attended for my Participant Observation Assignment was a yoga class at the Recreation Center at State University. Such a class is for one session and is forty-five minutes in length. During this class, we covered beginning yoga moves at a slow pace so everyone felt comfortable. The nature of the class consisted of simple yoga moves, serine atmosphere, and relaxing music. Learning theories that were address, applied, and by the instructor wanted us to use were Skinner’s Operant Conditioning, Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory, and Observational Learning....   [tags: Participant Observation 2014]

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Applying a TTM Program to the Participant

- Interviews and questionnaires have shown that participant was at contemplation stage. He was aware of the pros of changing but also acutely aware of costs. Participant have shown signs and confirmed during interview that he was stuck in contemplation stage for quite a long time. From these results the assumption was made that participant is not ready for traditional action-oriented programs, so TTM was adapted to assist behavioural change. During intervention researchers used self-liberation, stimulus control, contingency management and helping relationship strategies and from outside an opportunity of social liberation strategy appeared....   [tags: psychological and behavioral analysis]

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The Interview That Took Place With The Participant

- In this section, I will be analyzing the data from the interview that took place with the participant. The data consists of the transcripts of the interview. The primary goal of this study was to hear some of the negative experiences that occurred in health care facilities regarding Sickle Cell patients. After the interview was conducted and the data was further analyzed there were three main themes that was discovered. First, was the support system for the patient and how God and family really made a difference in the participant’s life all together especially when combatting depressive symptoms, second, was a lack of control over their regimen once they were in health care facilities an...   [tags: Morphine, Opioid, Patient, Health care provider]

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Evaluation Of A Participant Observation

- Participant observation is when an observer takes part in certain activities of daily life of people being studied to learn more about their culture. My participant observation took place off campus at a local house that was meant for after hours for the Renewal House. Even though it is not part of a campus event, psychology majors from SUNY Potsdam have been asked to volunteer to answer phones. The after hours number at the Renewal House is called Reach-out where people who need to vent, people who are having problems in life, or people thinking about suicide call in to get help and advice on what to do....   [tags: Telephone, Telephone exchange]

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Participant Observation in Anthropology

- Participant observation is a method of collecting information and data about a culture and is carried out by the researcher immersing themselves in the culture they observing. The researcher becomes known in the community, getting to know and understand the culture in a more intimate and detailed way than would be possible from any other approach. This is done by observing and participating in the community’s daily activities. The method is so effective because the researcher is able to directly approach the people in the community in a natural context as opposed to taking the participant out of their environment....   [tags: Anthropology Essays]

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Participant Retention

- In this paper, I will summarize the chapter from our text, “Recruitment and Retention of Study Participants” (Cook, 2010) and the article “Developing relationships and retaining participants in a longitudinal study” (Adamson & Chojeta, 2007) compare the two and summarize my findings. In, “Recruitment and Retention of Study Participants” (Cook, 2010) the authors discuss issues concerning study participants in evaluations. The issues include the importance of early planning especially defining the target population while looking at modes of data collection and where to collect data and pretesting....   [tags: Research]

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Participant Study

- Participants signed- up for course credit. There were 183 participants and four conditions (three conditions were made of 45 participants and one of 48 participants). Once the participants arrived to the laboratory they were seated at a computer station. Participants were randomly assigned to high self-esteem, low self-esteem, stereotype threat and no stereotype threat condition. After the participants were seated they were asked to read and signed an informed consent. The researchers introduced the participants to the study....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Participant Observation On The Ecuadorian Card Game

- In this essay I am going to argue that participant observation was the most effective way to learn the Ecuadorian card game, Cuarenta. Participant observation is defined as “[learning] not just through asking questions or observing but by getting involved directly, trying things out oneself” (Barker 2008:9). I followed these guidelines in my study of Cuarenta. First, I had the game explained to me by my key informants Esteban and Ale. Second, I watched Esteban and Ale play a round of the game. Lastly, my friend Ashley and I joined them....   [tags: Play, Game, Quito, Card game]

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The Gender Make Up Of The Participant Group

- Results – Quantitative This study consisted of 30 randomly selected students surveyed at California State University Dominguez Hills. The gender make up of the participant group included 10 males and 20 females. The age distribution of the participants was as follows: 17 students were in the 18 to 23 year old range, eight students were in the 24 to 29 year old range, and five students fell into the 30 to 40 year old range. Analyzing the data collected involved the cross tabulation of dependent and independent variables, and three demographic variables: age, gender, and academic standing....   [tags: Gender, Male, Female, Demographics]

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Becoming An Active Participant in Your Dreams

- I have said to many of my friends, “I love to sleep because I love to dream.” Many years ago, while I was asleep I became aware of when I was dreaming. It was then I decided to make a conscience effort to become an active participant and investigate what was possible. When I wake up, I can usually remember my dreams and I often analyze what they might mean. Whatever has been going on throughout my day normally carries into my dreams where I can figure out what I need to do. On some occasions, my dreams take me back in time when my children were still very young and I am able to enjoy more priceless moments with them....   [tags: lucid, control, subconscious]

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My Chosen Student Participant Sessions

- My chosen student participant sessions consisted of Individual and Small Group experiences. The decision to implement a session in two entirely different ways, would allow the assessment of collective and individual strategies in areas of language comprehension and phonemic awareness. The small group session consisted of a reading experience, following the Model Reading strategy. I wanted to observe how Khalil socially/emotionally viewed himself as a learner when placed in a group setting. The individual activity focus was phonological awareness and the alphabetic principle; understanding, if Khalil grasped letter-sound associations, he is on the way to reading and writing words....   [tags: Assessment, Question, Reading]

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The Pros and Cons of Participant Observation or Surveys as a Research Method

- Introduction In our daily activities as humans, we consciously and unconsciously observe what people do around us, how they do it, and sometimes ask why they do what they do. In so doing we gain a better understanding of their ways of life. Anthropologist and sociologist too mention but a few, professions employ the daily observations we engage in as humans in a methodology called participant observation. Dewalt and Dewalt (2002:1) define participant observation as “a method in which a researcher takes part in the daily activities, events, rituals and interactions, of a group of people as one of the means of learning the explicit and tacit aspects of their life routine and culture.” Partici...   [tags: Social Research Methods]

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Cross-cultural Funeral Service Rituals

- As a family member participant in the service, little field preparation was needed. However, the observer did complete the following tasks in preparation for the observation: 1. Reviewed the following resources on participant/non participant observation, ethnography, and the sociology of the African American funeral: Merriam, S. B. (2009). Being a careful observer. Qualitative research: A guide to design and implementation, ch, 6 and Hazell, L. (2013). Cross-Cultural funeral service rituals. 2. Visited the church to review size, space, objects, and arrangement....   [tags: Participant Observation]

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I Was a Willing Participant

- I Was a Willing Participant Toward the end of last semester, I registered for this class mainly for one reason: I had had Emily as a professor before, I liked her class and her teaching style very much, and I wanted to again take a class she was teaching. This was my first opportunity to do so, and I jumped on it. In the bulletin, the class was described as the Graduate Writing Seminar, and through the grapevine, I found out it was not a creative writing class, but instead, a study in critical feminist pedagogies.What the hell, I thought....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Types Of Participant Liability Under Common Law

- The four types of participant liability under Common Law are Principal in the first degree, Principal in the second degree, Accessory before the fact and Accessory after the fact. (Anderson, 2015). Principal in the first degree is described as the person who actually committed the crime. This person that committed the crime does not need aids when committing the crime, depending on the crime. The person that is charged with the first degree usually receives the death penalty or life in prison. Example of a person that can be charged with first degree; A man that is married to his lovely wife but have thought of killing her sometime....   [tags: Law, Police, Insanity defense, Criminal law]

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Research Study Participant Analysis

- Introduction The purpose of this research is to determine if a statistically significant difference is present in achievement of students who attend the after-school program of a rural Georgia middle school when compared to students who do not attend the program as measured by the Georgia Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) and teacher assigned grades. This chapter describes the participants of the study, setting of the research, instruments used, procedures, research design, and data analysis of the study....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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A Short Note On Female Participant 1 : Not For Eight Hours A Day

- Female Participant 1: Not for eight hours a day. I would think his back is going to hurt really badly. [Crosstalk][00:56:25] Female Participant 1: Maybe for somebody who is young, but not for somebody who is as old as I am. Female Participant 2: That is a different story. [Crosstalk][00:56:31] Male Participant 1: The ergonomics of one size does not fit all or one solution is not going to be the answer. Its cultural, its education, and training people well. If you are going to be at the stand-up counter, it’s to stand up....   [tags: Human, Male, The Point, Female]

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Sports Marketing : A Strategic Perspective Define Participant Consumer Behavior

- It is vital for sports marketers to understand why the participants behave the way that they do, so that they can understand their consumer base as a whole. Sports Marketing: A Strategic Perspective define participant consumer behavior as “actions that are performed by those who are searching for, participating in, and evaluating the sports activities thats consumers believe will satisfy their needs” (Shank, 136). Sports marketers strive to understand participant consumer behavior because it will lead them to better understand the decision-making process that consumers use when deciding to participate in a specific sport or activity....   [tags: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Decision making]

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Correlation Between The Participant 's Age, Ethnicity And Religious Affiliation

- The purpose of my research paper is to see the correlation between the participant’s age, ethnicity and religious affiliation. I believe young people are not very religious and tend to ignore their parents and family when it comes to following a religion. I think that the older people get they start becoming more religious. I also want to see if people tend to incline to their religious beliefs based on their ethnicity. Is there a more dominant religion or are they all more or less the same. As I ran my data I realized that my initial thoughts on age and religion were wrong....   [tags: Religion, Faith, Christianity]

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Types Of Interviews And Interviewing Skills Researchers Use During Participant Observation

- Chapter 8 discusses the different types of interviews and interviewing skills researchers use during participant observation. It is important for the interviewer to be able to actively listen, the research should be quiet and be listening to the informant and gaining information. The research should also obtain the skill of sensitive silence, where the researcher does not say anything but shows attentiveness through body language and eye contact. It also discusses the ‘uh-huh’ prompt which shows the informants that the researcher is listening, which adds to active listening....   [tags: Scientific method, Research methods]

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The And Multi Fund Offer Service All Different Retirement Products For Each Participant

- GVA and Multi-Fund offer service all different retirement products like Alliance the difference they both also consider Annuity products for each participant. Each of those products are not being sold and are currently being phased out of Lincoln available products The main focus of this paper will be the Alliance area but specifically the Client and Administrative Services(CAS) area. The title of my paper “Six Degree to the Top of Lincoln” what it means is that each employee should no more than six people away from the CEO of the company....   [tags: Management, President of the United States]

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Reflecting on an E-learning Staff Training Event that I Witnessed for Six Years as a Participant

- ... An important consideration is the professional development training that teachers receive and the method used to deliver the training. Of course, there is the traditional face-to-face method, but with organizations, seeking ways to reduce training cost and travel expenses technology is an effective alternative for training. Technology implementation increased to reach the needs of teacher professional development. Unfortunately, professional development of teachers is not a top priority for administrators, since they are qualified through state certifications (Zhao, 2010)....   [tags: professional development]

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My Journal as a Participant of The Great Depression

- ... I’m a little worried for America. I can feel that something is going to happen. Today, we just got news that Japan invaded Manchuria, which is some area north of Korea. In 1905 they took over Russia and before that was China. What if the Japs are looking to start a second Great War. What’s that going to mean for America. I like not having a dictatorship. I appreciate these flimsy laws our government put in place. I don’t want to become a slave to a bunch of egotistical Japs. Some army should go in and defeat Japan before this goes too far....   [tags: writing and history assignment]

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Participant Observation at the Cab Calloway School of the Visual and Performing Arts

- You enter the hot, cramped, dark auditorium of Cab Calloway School of the Visual and Performing Arts. You put away your ticket and playbill you were given at the entrance when you paid for the show. There is a buzz of chatter in anticipation of the middle school production of The Wizard of Oz. The historic theatre has had over 300 productions in the past 50 years and is in much need of repair. Young children are climbing on the worn seats, making the holes bigger. Fathers are checking their recording devices, while mothers are discussing their child’s role in the play....   [tags: The Wizard of Oz review]

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The Major Participants in a Courtroom

- The Major Participants in a Courtroom The major participants in a criminal trail include the judge, prosecuting attorney, defense counsel, clerks of the courts, bailiff, and the court reporter. At trail, whether if the charge is a felony or misdemeanor or even if the trail is a court trial or jury trail, the defendant is entitled to a fair trial before an impartial judge and a honest jury in an atmosphere of judicial claim. The judge presides over the trial proceedings and exercises those duties and power imposed by the law....   [tags: Judicial Courts]

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Verbal Fluency And Male Participants

- DISCUSSION: While both studies were conducted differently they both converge on the fact that within the laboratory situation women did better at task relating to verbal fluency and male participants were ultimately better at task with a Spatial nature. At first glance it would seem the two studies could be adequate reinforcement for the evidence that they found however, there are huge limitation when comparing the studies. The first issue reside in the fact that the Halari (2005)study used a sample group of 84 participants and therefore an equal amount of each gender, while this study was conducted using a larger sample of 534 participants, however 389 of these were women and only 146 where...   [tags: Gender, Sex, Psychology, Male]

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The Effect of Social Loafing on Participants in Collective and Coactive Conditions

- Social Loafing is an important concept that can be identifiable in our day to day lives such as through school work, household chores, employment and even sporting activities. The current research investigated the effect of social loafing on collective and coactive conditions through an experiment which asked participants to complete a brainstorming task asking them to list as many ways to use a pencil as they could. The results indicated that social loafing was non-significant in both collective and coactive conditions....   [tags: performance, study]

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Differential Selection Of Participants May Be Sources Of Concern

- differential selection of participants may be sources of concern. Also, we limited the external validity threat in interaction effects of selection and treatment are not a source of concern. In the case study I conducted the groups were assigned randomly therefore generalization is limited. The study consists of random assignment statistical regression, differential selection of participants, and experimental mortality are controlled. There is a limit in potential external validity threats confounding effects of experimental procedures concern by making sure that the students in E group and C are visited by observers....   [tags: Scientific method, Qualitative research, Research]

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Investigating The Effect Of Positive Stimuli Increase The Happiness Of Participants When Exposed

- Investigation Report Introduction: The purpose of this investigation was to investigate whether positive stimuli increase the happiness of participants when exposed to a stimulus that can be used to cope with stress. Happiness is an emotion that is defined as “the state of being content” and stress is “to experience worry.” The Yerkes-Dodson Law was established in “1908 by psychologists Robert Yerkes and John Dillingham Dodson.” This law states that although stress can have a negative effect on an individual, a certain level of stress is required to have the motivation to perform every day activities....   [tags: Arithmetic mean, Standard deviation, Mean]

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The Overall Mean Grade Change For All Participants And Mean Depression Level

- The overall mean grade change for all participants and mean depression level according to the BDI-II show interesting results. The mean of grade change across all participants show that there was a slight decrease in grades throughout the study (M = -4.05, SD = 12.23), and the level of depression tested across all participants shows that the mean of results was high (M = 22.03, SD = 11.40). These results indicate that the mean of all participants was higher than the BDI-II’s level to diagnose depression (20)....   [tags: Statistics, Statistical significance]

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How Does Alcohol Consumption Affect Social Attention

- Participants The purpose of this proposal is to examine how alcohol consumptions affect social attention. Participants will be undergraduate students at Northern Arizona University, primarily students who are in the Psychology department and will be the primary population for this research. This research will involve two groups of participants. The first group of participants will be made up of people who do not drink alcohol while the other group of participants will be made of people who drink alcohol each other day....   [tags: sober, drunk, participants]

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The Correlation Between Sex Talk And Longer Term Sex Life Satisfaction Of The Participants

- Results Using standardized coefficients or beta coefficients in the estimates resulting from analysis carried out on two variables, in this case comfort level with the ‘sex-talk’ discussion and ‘satisfaction’ level with adult sex have been standardized to indicate a variance of 1.563. In this study the standardized coefficients refer to how many standard deviations our dependent variable will change, per standard deviation increase in the predictor variable. SPSS was used to calculate the results....   [tags: Standard deviation, Variance, Normal distribution]

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The Evolution of Ethics in Psychology

- ​The Milgram experiment is probably one of the most well known experiments in Psychology. The reason being is because its participants were not told what was really occurring in the experiment. After the experiment was over, the participants were mentally and emotionally affected. Later, a cognitive psychologist, George Miller described Milgram’s experiments, together with Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment, as “being ideal for public consumption of psychological research” (Blass, 2002). And indeed, Milgram’s studies, as Zimbardo’s, are clearly meant to be spread to a broad audience, the moral and preventative objectives permeating the experiments from their very outset (Stavrakis, 2007).....   [tags: experiment, participants, formation]

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Parents' Attitudes Toward First Language Acquisition for Their Children: A Case Study of Indian Immigrant

- Parents' Attitudes Toward First Language Acquisition for Their Children: A Case Study of Indian Immigrant Introduction In this study we explore Indian immigrant parent's attitude towards L1 acquisition for their child and their efforts to help their child acquire the best language whether it is Malayalum as their heritage language or English . Some implications for a complex relationship between the parents in terms of chose L1 for their child are mentioned briefly. Data were collected from an Indian parent(father) who had a child at age of 9 at the time of study using an interview....   [tags: parent, relationship, study, particpant, english]

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Games and Media Coverage

- Participants The population of this study will consist of 60 sports competitors and sports spectators from the Lexington, Kentucky area, recruit from three different types of sports: contact, non-contact, and collision. (Participants= 60, 30 competitors, 30 spectators, Gender: 30 males, 30 females, Type of Sports: 20 contact, 20 non-contact, 20 collision) Randomly selected sports spectators or non-athletes who identified themselves as sports fans will be asked to volunteer to complete this study....   [tags: research, study, participants, population]

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Observation of a Video Segment

- Observation of a Video Segment I chose to focus on the corporate meeting for this week’s discussion. The questions chosen to focus my observation concerned participant roles: “Are meeting participants playing/fulfilling distinct roles throughout the meeting?” Since no guideline and/or information were available concerning the content or purpose of the meeting, I decided to concentrate on the participants rather than other aspects. The Observation The video displays a nondescript conference room with grey walls, blue carpeting, a brown conference table, and large leather chairs....   [tags: Participants, Leadership, Meeting]

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Caffeine vs. Placebo Experiment

- Design challenge: caffeine vs. placebo The presence of caffeine has become popular for increasing your alertness even though it has uncertain effects on cognition, coordination, and motor abilities. Caffeine is used as a stimulate to maximize performance on a daily basis for most people even those who do not have a morning drink to kick start to their day. People usually associate caffeine with their morning coffee or tea; however, “It can be found in a large portion of what we eat and drink and is consumed daily by an estimated 80% of children and adults in the United States (Barone & Roberts, 1996)”....   [tags: stimulant, participants, cognition]

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Plyometric Training vs. Weight Training and the Effect on Participants One-Hundred Meter Dash Time

- Participants: The participants involved in our study will undergo a quantitative research design. This design is perfect for our research project. The quantitative approach allows for observational research while gaining valuable statistical information. The statistical information gathered from the quantitative approach will allow for the appropriate correlations to be seen and monitored in our study, it will also allow for the study to have validation, and reliability. The research design will make any evidence gathered very hard to dispute; as a result we feel that the quantitative approach is the only way to conduct this study....   [tags: Research Proposal ]

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Reality TV Shows

- How players of a Reality-Based show win or lose, based on the outcome of their behavior Reality television engages the viewers by providing a story line and plot similar to the way a writer engages their readers, the only difference is viewers are seeing those things played out by regular people like ourselves. According to Penn state communications professor S.Shyman Sundar the most appealing aspects of reality television is “ The power to make audience members feel like part of the action, viewers join the creative production; the experience feels less like simply watching television and more like being a part of a shared national project”....   [tags: Participants' Behaviors, Winners]

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A Brief Note On Poverty And Its Effects On The Marginalized Children Participants Shared Their Lived Experiences

- Responding to Poverty which plays a major role in quality education exclusion for the marginalized children participants shared their lived experiences. “Poverty is a condition of life where a person works up in the morning without an idea of what to eat, or what to do. It means the person has no life plan; s/he lives on what comes for the day[…]. “ On top of that “the income of such a person is small to fulfill the needs of the family.” While In education, “Poverty denies the poor access to education....   [tags: Agriculture, Poverty, Tanzania, Farmer]

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Cognitive Empathy With Male Participants

- through cognitive empathy with male participants. According to You et al. (2015), the results indicated that males exhibited the ability to trust and communicate with mother and peers and encouraged empathy and that a reduction of bullying occurred due to students’ being able to empathize with others. The study conducted by You et al. (2015) help prove that differences in attachment for males and females relate to bullying and that each gender responds differently when it comes to attachment. The study by You et al....   [tags: Attachment theory, John Bowlby, Parenting styles]

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Methods Of Participants And Design

- Method Participants and Design There were __ subjects that participated in this study. These participants were all recruited from ___________ and asked to participate in this web-based study. These subjects were self-selected and were offered ___ as compensation for their time. These subjects included ___ males, and ___ females, with the average age of all of the participants being ___. The study took about ____ minutes on average to complete. The participants all received completed the same exercises in the same order....   [tags: Race, Black people, White people, Race]

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Factors That Increase Participants ' Stress Ratings

- The expected results of this study predicted that a stressful task would increase participants’ stress ratings, and this in turn would have a positive association with changes in HR, SBP, and DBP. The findings supported the hypothesis that the stress ratings of participants increased to a score over 50, and the stress task was also found to increase their SBP. These results support the proposition that the stress task had a significant effect on some cardiovascular activities. The support condition was found to have no significant attenuating effects on heart rate reactivity....   [tags: Statistical significance, Effect size]

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Study on Participants' Reactions to Emergency Situations

- ... In the two partner conditions, only 10% of the 10 subjects reported the smoke. In the three inexperienced bystanders condition the experimenters expected from the results to show over 98% of the three person groups to contain at least one reporter of the smoke. However, only 38% of the of the 24 people in these eight groups reported the smoke. After the experiment was over at six minutes, the subjects were called in for their interview. The interviewer asked if there were any complications while taking the questionnaire and at this point many people reported the smoke issue....   [tags: experiment, smoke, responsibility]

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An Investigation of Self-Descriptions Based on Data Collected From Two Participants of Differing Age

- An Investigation of Self-Descriptions Based on Data Collected From Two Participants of Differing Age Abstract ======== This research paper investigates the self-descriptions of two participants in the light of the findings of Morris Rosenberg (1979). Rosenberg suggested that younger children usually describe themselves in physical conditions, and older children/adults have a tendency to use character and relationship qualities. Two participants were interviewed using a semi-structured style and the information obtained was divided into the four categories suggested by Rosenberg, either physical, character, relationships or inner....   [tags: Papers]

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Similarities Between Obedience And Authority On Each Of The Participants ' Roles

- There has been some social psychology experiments that have taken place in the past that have definitely been cruel that have gone too far. Stanley Milgram’s and Phillip Zimbardo’s experiments are two perfect examples. Costuming in Milgram’s and Zimbardo’s texts, works together to define the participants’ roles and actually dictate their behavior. The participants in Milgram’s and Zimbardo’s experiments were assigned specific roles with specific costumes. Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University conducted an experiment to study the conflict between obedience and authority on each of the participants’ roles....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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Major Factors Influencing Participants ' Cognitive Performance

- People face with problem every day. Some problems, such as games like puzzle, are enjoyable while others, like solving a mathematic or locked keys are not. Forty years ago, Polya (8) proposed four stages in problem solving: (11 understanding the problem, (2) devising a plan, (3) carrying out the plan, and (4) looking back. People more likely go through while working a "problem" such as this might be represented more or less as follows. Problem is like a step. For example, we began by reading the problem more then one time and then we wrote down the key point of problem, again reread the question and start to figure out the solution and do something....   [tags: Problem solving, Problem, Heuristic, Algorithm]

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Differentiating Qualitative from Quantitative Studies

- The article “How Do Consumers Search for and Appraise Health information on the World Wide Web?” is a qualitative study using focus groups, naturalistic observation, and in-depth interviews as a method of data collection. The objective was to describe techniques used by consumers for retrieval and appraisal when they searched for health information on the internet. According to the researchers, Eysenbach & Kohler (2002), “a total of 21 users of the internet participated in three focus group sessions....   [tags: particpant, adherence, consumers]

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Study Participants From Various Universities Across The United States

- Study Participants The participants were obtained from various universities across the United States. A total of 113 participants were included in the study. The participants were students in various counseling programs. Participants included male and females mixed sexual orientations, ethnic groups, and a variety of counseling training programs. Henriksen, Polonyi, Bornsheuer-Boswell, Greger, and Watts (2015) identified 55% participants as master’s students, 45% as doctoral students, 89% female, 14% male, 70% attended CACREP programs, while 25% attended non-CACREP programs (pg....   [tags: Sampling, Stratified sampling, Sample]

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The Effects Of Mental Illness Education On Participants ' Views And Beliefs Regarding Mental Health

- This study examined the effect of mental illness education on participants’ views and beliefs regarding mental illness using a one-group pre-test and post-test design. Data were collected using a 38 item self-reported instrument from a convenience sample of 407 participants that included faculty, staff and students at a regional southern university. Findings indicated that 89% of participants had a decrease in stigma following the post educational intervention. A mean score was found using paired t-test of (t(403) = 23.572, p<.001)....   [tags: Mental disorder, Psychology, Mental illness]

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The Walking Of The Homeless People Discuss The Three Modes Of Walking That The Participants Reported

- In both research articles go into detail about their own theoretical perspective t. One talks about the social processes individuals go through, while the other research article on the walking of the homeless people discuss the three modes of walking that the participants reported. The authors Stephen Hester and David Francis (2003) go into a lot of detail when analysing the visually available mundane order and talk about many of the other social processes that individuals use while understanding the social order when walking....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty]

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The Role Of Expertise On The Completeness And Overall Quality Of The Information Contributed By Participants

- Based on the theories described above, we develop hypotheses and experiments that explore the effect of expertise on the completeness and overall quality of the information contributed by participants in a citizen science project. We define three types of information that contributors may provide. These are: 1. Type A information –specific attributes or the classes of instances that match the classification rule 2. Type B information –about attributes that are outside the classification rule but a part of the instance (image of an insect) provided 3. Type C information – about attributes that are both outside the classification rule and the instance, but are a part of the environment....   [tags: Knowledge, Scientific method]

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The National Policy Context, Institutional Strategy, And Individual Participants ' Responses Of The Higher Education

- Research Focus My research mainly focuses on the national policy context, institutional strategy and activities, and individual participants’ responses of the higher education (HE) internationalization in China. The existing situation of HE internationalization process in China will be analyzed via a multidimensional perspective. In the horizontal dimension, this research analyzes the inward and outward mobility of HE internationalization, as well the process of transforming from an inward oriented HE system to a more balanced system....   [tags: Qualitative research, Scientific method]

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Reading The Barriers Article, I Agree With Some Of The Female Participants

- After reading the Barriers article, I agree with some of the female participants. Many stated that the reason they do not participate in physical activity is because of a heavy school course load, influence of their peers, parents and teachers, inaccessibility and cost to use facilities, competition, and body centered issues. Being a child of the last generation who did not depend on iPhones or iPads as a child, I remember playing outside with friends and running down the street. I remember biking through trails and backyards to meet more friends, and playing baseball at the park....   [tags: High school, Homework, Adolescence, Obesity]

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Factors Affecting Professional Development Plans of General Practitioners

- This project studied both the internal and external factors that helped and hindered development plans where General Practitioners were introduced to Practice Professional Development Plans and Personal Development Plans with a General Practice tutor. The associate General Practice tutor network and a facilitator, in addition to having received a copy of Professional Development: a guide for general practice. The method used was of qualitative approach to facilitate triangulation of the data, providing cross-data validity checks....   [tags: facilitate, tutors, participants]

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The Stanford Prison Experiment - Choosing to Remain A Prisoner

- Allowing & Choosing to be a Prisoner The Stanford Prison Experiment was a great example of how people can become imprisoned by accepting the roles others assigned to them. Also, some of them remained prisoners because they did not want to be scrutinized by the other participants for trying to be different. Furthermore, the experiment demonstrated how people will go along with something even if they don’t want to. As children most of us are raised to respect others and listen to authority figures....   [tags: society, guard, participants]

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Social Psychology and the Stanford Prison Experiment by Philip Zimbardo

- Social psychology is an empirical science that studies how people think about, influence, and relate to one another. This field focuses on how individuals view and affect one another. Social psychology also produces the idea of construals which represent how a person perceives, comprehends or interprets the environment. Construals introduce the idea that people want to make themselves look good to others and they want to be seen as right. It is also said that the social setting in which people interact impacts behavior, which brings up the idea of behaviorism....   [tags: social psychology, environment, participants]

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Cannibalism: From Dinosaurs to Modern Day Animal Participants

- Cannibalism: From Dinosaurs to Modern Day Animal Participants A cannibal is any animal that feeds on its own species (Lady Wild Life’s website).  This characteristic is rarely spoken of because it has such a negative connotation.  However, an estimate of 140 species from a large time scale, displayed cannibalistic tendencies (Lady Wild Life’s website).  Ranging from animals in the present time- lions, pigs, ants, otters, apes, poultry, mantis, spiders, scorpions, mice, etc., to approximately 100,000 years ago with the early humans, Neanderthals, to the beginning of the Mesozoic Era with possibly the first dinosaur, Coelophysis (Bossel et al 2001, Defleur et al 1999).  The reasons for res...   [tags: Anthropology Essays Paleontology Papers]

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The Ethics of Medical Research on Humans

- ... The Third Reich was an unsettling period in history that shaped how research is conducted today. It was an unethical display of medical research that took place from 1931 until the end of World War II. Iacono and Jenkins explain that “ approximately 400,000 people with various types of disabilities were forcibly sterilized to prevent their procreation, using inhumane experimental procedures” (Iacono, 1123). Such procedures would include the exposure of reproductive parts of women and men to x-rays and high volumes of radiation....   [tags: medicine, experiments, pariticipants]

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Hip Rotation Range of Motion in People with and Without Low Back Pain Who Participate in Rotation-Related Sports

- Introduction and background of the study: The study aroused from the previous study on the hypothesis that limitation of the hip range of motion will have effect on the lumbopelvic by transferring the increase in forces. Limitation of the movement in the hip will stress the structures on the lumbopelvic region by an abnormal biomechanics that damages the structure and produce pain in the low back in rotational sports. Previous studies of hip rotation and LBP, the measurement of interest has been either active or passive end range hip rotation with and without low back pain....   [tags: Medical Research ]

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How an Individual Decides to Participarte in Sports by Exploring Socio Cultural Factors

- Volleyball is a game which consists of teams of six which rally a ball over a net. Although anyone can play volleyball, sociologists have used a tool which displays how an individual decides to participate in their chosen sports by exploring socio-cultural factors that can influence equity and access within the sport. This tool is known as Figueroa’s Framework, which was constructed by Peter Figueroa. “Figueroa’s tool assists investigation into the issues surrounding access, equity and equality in sport and physical activity.” (   [tags: volleyball, figueroa's framework, peter figueroa]

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Survey Report On A Interview

- Introduction All four of the participants that I interviewed was conducted face to face in person. I conducted all four of the interviews in the place of my participant’s residences, which all of their residences are located in Fresno CA. The first participant that I interviewed took place on September 9, 2015, the second participant that I interviewed took place on September 24, 2015, the third interview had taken place on October 1, 2015, and the fourth and final interview that was conducted on October 16, 2015....   [tags: Marriage, Family, Childhood, Youth]

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Personal Experience: Students Should Participate in Artistic Activities

- On April 14, 1992, a baby was brought into the world healthy and cared for by two loving parents. Unfortunately this child’s world changed after her second birthday when she had her first grand mal seizure that was documented to have lasted for twenty minutes. While receiving hospital treatment, she would have a seizure almost every hour or every day, then after two weeks the seizures stop, but she remained in a coma for a month. This girl’s condition was diagnosed as Epilepsy which is defined as a nervous system disorder by which the nerve cell activity is disturbed that causes the seizure to occur with symptoms of unconsciousness, abnormal behavior, and other sensations (Mayo Clinic Staff,...   [tags: epilepsy, education, dropout rates]

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The Dream Team: Allowing Professional Athletes to Participate in the Olympics

- “Do you believe in miracles?” (Al Michaels). The United States as a country were in a state of uncertainty and not very much hope. A major component was our arch nemesis Russia formally known as the Soviet Union (USSR). The cold war was running rampant around the time of 1979 and 1980, lots of Americans were very insecure about the wellbeing of themselves because they knew the power house of the soviet military. There are many differences when comparing the 1980 team and the 2014 team. For instance the 1980 team was full of college kids who either had just graduated or were still in college, however the 2014 team is full of professional athletes who all play in the NHL and back in the 1980’s...   [tags: believing in the little guy]

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The Six Types of Play Children Participate In

- The Six Types of Play Children Participate In Introduction - In this investigation I am going to look in text books to see what information I can find on the six different types of play that children use each day of their lives. I hope I will find out a lot of information and learn about how play types change. My investigation - This is all the different types of play I found out about from text books Discovery play - This uses all the senses to find things out about the things they are playing with like its size, shape, texture, colour, weight, how they are made, what they can do and if they can be broken....   [tags: Free Essays]

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The Different Constraints Affecting Student's Decision to Participate in Sport Activities

- Most universities will encourage students to participate in their sport and physical recreational activities where they will provide a wide range of sports and recreational opportunities to cater to all levels of participation needs. To do this, they will normally invest a large amount of money in the sport facility. As for the students, upon knowing the benefits of sports and exercises, it will however, may be difficult for them to begin because of the ‘Constraint factors’ that interfere with their decision making process (Crawford & Godbey, 1987; Jackson, Crawford & Godbey, 1993)....   [tags: sports program, sport activities, students]

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Why I Want to Participate in the Oral and Dental Health Program

- "You didn't give me a new smile; you made for me a new path in life" Words from 26 YO Saudi female after a comprehensive treatment of her teeth, with endodontic treatment and retreatment, full ceramic crowns, veneers and other restorative treatment. Who finally passed the Job interview after many failures. Who can confidentially smile now, after she used to cover her face with "Nicap", not for a traditional reason in Saudi Arabia or religious one but as a way to hide her teeth while communicating with society....   [tags: personal statement]

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Morning Interviews, Analysis, And Comparisons

- Morning Interviews, Analysis, and Comparisons Introduction My participants are both male and they both pledged historically black fraternities. Participant A, crossed the burning sands in Spring of 2003 for Alpha Phi Alpha, and Participant B crossed recently in Fall of 2015 for Phi Beta Sigma as the first white male member of the Divine 9 (National Pan-Hellenic Council) on the campus of UALR. They differ in race, and in major. Race as Culture Both respondents characterized race as strongly cultural....   [tags: Human, Race, Race, African American]

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The Stroop Effect Experiment

- METHODS Participants There were nine participants in this study, five in the first group and four in the second group. The first group included Daina Berry, Justin Quintrell, Paige Govey, Natalie Campbell, and Jared Flannery, while the second group included Megan Powell, Kyle Sugonis, Abigail Mrozek, and Vanessa Landgrave. These participants are undergraduate students from Dr. Kelling’s 11:00AM Experimental Psychology course. The students partook in the study in order to receive a passing grade for the class assignment....   [tags: Cognitive Research, Psychology]

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How Obesity Affects Lung Function and Health

- 1. Introduction Obesity is a label given to individuals who have a body mass index (BMI) of above 30. Any individual male or female is considered to be morbidly obese if the BMI was above 40 (NHS, 2012). Being obese for a period of time can increase the risk of obesity related diseases including diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancers (colon cancer, bowel or breast cancer) and even a greater risk of strokes (NHS, 2012). The World Health Organisation (Who) (2013) states that obesity can have a range of long term issues on the body and its organs which can cause preventable illnesses and diseases....   [tags: weight, disease, BMI]

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Determination of Maximal Oxygen Consumption Lab Report

- DETERMINATION OF MAXIMAL OXYGEN CONSUMPTION (VO2MAX) LAB REPORT Introduction Background: In this lab, we explored the theory of maximal oxygen consumption. “Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) is defined as the highest rate at which oxygen can be taken up and utilized by the body during severe exercise” (Bassett and Howley, 2000). VO2max is measured in millimeters of O2 consumed per kilogram of body weight per min (ml/kg/min). It is commonly known as a good way to determine a subject’s cardio-respiratory endurance and aerobic fitness level....   [tags: oxygen, exercise, energy]

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Article Review : Infant Sign Training And Functional Analysis

- Article Review of Infant Sign Training and Functional Analysis In the past there has been some research into the development and functions of sign language being used among infants and children with learning disabilities. However, past research has been limited. For instance, in past research there has been a lack of recorded observations during training sessions. This is one of the areas this study sought to research. Additionally, this article was the first to observe children that have not been diagnosed with a learning disability....   [tags: Scientific method, Observation, Sample size]

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Strategies for Teaching English as a Second Language

- Results Before delving into the results directly related to the research questions, it is important to establish that the participants were all successful readers by analyzing how well the participants performed on the reading task. First, all of the participants scored high on their orals summaries. Although each participant chose to highlight different details, they all successfully reported the main ideas and arguments of the article. In addition to the high scores on the summaries, the participants did not find the article to be difficult to read....   [tags: education, processes]

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Patient and Family Centered Care Project

- Along with what is offered educationally, McGregor PACE scores very high in the domain of Care Support, on the Patient-and Family-Centered Organizational Self-Assessment Tool (Self-Assessment Tool, 2013). Family members are an integral part of the McGregor PACE program. Without them, most of the participants would be placed in a long-term care facility. They are undeniably active members of the team. Family members have full access to loved ones while they are at the site. If the participant is hospitalized or temporarily placed in a long-term care facility, McGregor PACE is still responsible for oversight of the care provided to the participant (McGregor PACE website, n.d.)....   [tags: nursing staff, medical emergency]

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Ethics Issues Assignment : Ethics

- ETHICS ISSUES ASSIGNMENT CRITIQUE Introduction In general, every research that involves human subject can potentially cause harm or discomfort to the participant (Grace, 2014). This issue might happen to the Mt. Keluds’ local/indigenouse people as well. Therefore, before starting the data collection, firstly the researcher must address the implication of legal ethics in the study. Legal ethics in research is a norms for conduct that distinguish between acceptable or unacceptable behaviour (Resnik, 2011)....   [tags: Ethics, Human rights, Law, Business ethics]

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