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Confronting Death in Richard Wilbur's The Pardon

- Confronting Death in Richard Wilbur's The Pardon Death is the issue at the heart of Richard Wilbur's poem "The Pardon." This is apparent from the opening line, "My dog lay dead five days without a grave." What is not immediately apparent, however, is that this is not simply a poem about a young boy's sadness over the loss of his dog. What Wilbur discusses in this piece is much more profound, cutting through the superficialities of death and confronting fears and doubts that all of us experience at different points in our lives....   [tags: Wilbur The Pardon Essays]

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Probation, Parole And Pardon Services

- Working with the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon services I gain an abundant of information on how to be successful in such a career. I also learned many ways in offenders fail to be successful at completing probation overall, whether it be violating general conditions of probation or special conditions of probation. One of the main ways in which I observed many offenders failed at, is being up to date with payments due to restitution owed to the victim, the court, their GPS device, or fees in general....   [tags: Crime, Criminal law, Criminal justice, Law]

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Critical Analysis of The Pardon

- Critical Analysis of The Pardon Death and life are intertwined in such a way that one cannot come without the other. Richard Wilbur uses graphic description to clearly express this in his work "The Pardon," through a series of events that ultimately bring a man to learn to mourn, after causing him a lifetime without love. As a young boy, the speaker is traumatized by the death of his dog, and is thus lead to pursue a life that lacks both love and the recognition of death. As an older man, the speaker comes to terms with his losses as he sees the dog in his sleep....   [tags: Papers Poetry]

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Pardon Debate

- Pardon Debate Does money increase power over the rest of the nation. President Clinton’s last minute pardons before leaving the White House has left a lingering shadow over his two year Presidency. To understand this controversy, we would need to discuss the Mar Rich pardon, the Glenn Braswell pardon, and the negative impact that these had on the former President and former first lady. The article “A President and a pardon, a price?” written by Mark Mezzetti and Gary Cohen, stated that Marc Rich fled from the U.S....   [tags: essays research papers]

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"The Pardon by Richard Wilbur, A critical Reading"

- The Pardon My dog lay dead five days without a grave In the thick of summer, hid in a clump of pine And a jungle of grass and honeysuckle vine. I who had loved him while he kept alive Went only close enough to where he was To sniff the heavy honeysuckle-smell Twined with another odour heavier still And hear the flies' intolerable buzz. Well, I was ten and very much afraid. In my kind world the dead were out of range And I could not forget the sad or strange In beast or man. My father took the spade And buried him....   [tags: Poetry]

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The Roles of Rama in The Ramayana

- ... I would have felt honoured if he had commanded me directly.” (45). Rama said himself that he would have been honoured by his father telling him to leave instead of Kaikeyi. He left on his journey not in anger because he was not to be king, but instead in a state of regret and a feeling of obligation to do as his parents had bid him, much as he had done when he was younger and left with Viswamithra on a journey that would shape his character throughout the rest of the work. Rama’s previous journey with Viswamithra was a time of learning and enlightenment for him, as Viswamithra was asked by the gods to tutor him as they journeyed....   [tags: hindu, moral, pardon]

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Forgiveness Is A Seed For War

- “Anger is a seed for war. Forgiveness is a seed for peace” (About forgiveness). This courageous quote is from Eva Kor. Eva Kor and her twin sister, Miriam, were born in 1934 in Romania. Kor’s village was occupied by Nazi troops in 1940. Her family lived under occupation until 1944 when they were transported to a local ghetto. A few weeks after their arrival at the ghetto, her family was packed into a cattle cart and shipped to Auschwitz-Birkenau (Eva Kor – Candles). At Auschwitz-Birkenau, Eva and Miriam were taken from their family and forced to participate in the Mengele experiments....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Schutzstaffel, Adolf Hitler, Pardon]

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Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - The Parson

- The Parson: What He Said and Why The Canterbury Tales offer many characters whose vocation does not match his or her tale. This often provides humor and provokes much thought. Yet Chaucer makes the parson match his tale. This provokes a more serious train of thought. Thus Chaucer shows forth his brilliance in his versatility of subject matter. The first thing one should notice in the Parson's tale is that the Parson refuses to tell a fable. In lines 30-36, the Parson gives his reasoning for a straightforward prose....   [tags: Parson Essays]

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Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - The Character of the Parson

- The Character of the Parson of Canterbury Tales      Geoffrey Chaucer is considered by many critics as the father of English literature.  His literary masterpiece was "The Canterbury Tales."  In these tales, Chaucer writes about pilgrims who are on a journey to Canterbury.  Each pilgrim has a tale that they tell on this journey.  Chaucer expresses themes and messages through the characterization of each pilgrim.  Through the Parson, one of the pilgrims, Chaucer is able to portray the life of a true Christian through the general prologue, prologue to the Parson's tale, and the Parson's tale itself....   [tags: Parson Essays]

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Summary and Analysis of The Parson's Tale

- Summary and Analysis of The Parson's Tale (The Canterbury Tales) Prologue to the Parson's Tale: When the Manciple's Tale was done, it was then four o'clock. The Host claimed that only one tale remained. The Parson, however, refused to tell a foolish story, for Paul advised against telling false stories. He says that he will tell a virtuous tale in prose. The Parson's Tale: There have been many spiritual ways that have led people to Jesus Christ and to the reign of glory. The most prominent of these ways is Penitence....   [tags: Canterbury Tales The Parson's Tale Essays]

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Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales: The Parson’s Tale

- Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales: The Parson’s Tale The critical acclaim for The Canterbury Tales as a whole is matched by the puzzlement over the work’s conclusion, the “Parson’s Tale” and Chaucer’s retraction. By modern standards, it hardly seems the “merry tale” the Parson promises his audience, and after the liveliness of much of the rest of the Tales, it appears to close the work not with a bang, but a whimper. However, this does not mean that the tale and retraction aren’t worthy of consideration, both independently and in the larger context of Chaucer’s masterpiece....   [tags: Chaucer Canterbury Parson Essays]

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Reconstruction After the Civil War

- Lincolns plans for restoration began even before the war ended. Lincoln was motivated by the desire to build a strong republican party in the south and to make an end to the anguish caused by the war. On December the 8th 1863 Lincoln issued a proclamation of amnesty and reconstruction for the areas of the southern confederacy who would support the United States constitution and pledge a loyalty oath to the union. Lincolns plan offered a pardon for any state and would be allowed back into the union when ten percent of the people who voted in the 1860 election had pledged a loyalty oath to the union and would have to abide by all laws including the ban of slavery,and even said that high Confed...   [tags: union, slaves, pardons]

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The Legendary Dolly Parton

- Without a doubt there is one major performer that certainly stands out within our pop culture world. The name of this very famous American icon is, Dolly Parton. Dolly has surpassed any rags to riches story that ever lived. She has touched the lives of so many individuals over many decades through her many talents. Dolly started her career at a very young age and continued fulfilling her life endeavors through country music, pop music, and even acting. This American icon didn’t stop with just her talents, she also gave back to our society through charity, fundraising, and establishing her own theme park....   [tags: iconic country music singers]

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The Medical Model And Parson

- The medical model was developed for the practice of medicine, many of its characteristics are being used in different health disciplines (Kielhofner, 2009, p. 235). Including the Occupational therapy profession. As a client-centered profession, it is vital to learn all you can about your clients. However, before an individual becomes a client to an OT. He/ she was a patient. As the word client and patient are used interchangeably, it is important to know the differences between the words. It is apparent when talking about health and illness the term patient always chosen....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Therapy, Patient]

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Parson's Chameleon

- ... (Butler, 2013) These high canopies of dense leaves and bra2nches offer the Parson’s chameleon the perfect habitat to live with protection from ground based predators and camouflage from birds. The most common predators for chameleons are birds and tree dwelling snakes. The chameleon is also vulnerable to any land dwelling mammal should it ever take to the forest floor. The threat of new predators to the Parson’s chameleon is limited due to the fact Madagascar is over 360km from mainland Africa....   [tags: madagascar, species, lizard like creature]

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Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 and Dolly Parton’s Love is Like a Butterfly

- “Sonnet 18”, decidedly the most celebrated of Shakespeare’s 154, was written in the early 17th century. It consists of 14 lines in iambic pentameter, each comprising of ten syllables, and utilizes the rhyming scheme abab, cdcd, efef, gg. It is typical of the sonnets written during that time period, both in its format and content. “Sonnet 18” deals with love’s relation to beauty, as well as immortalization of love and beauty through poetry. In the first two lines, Shakespeare compares the beauty of a young person, to a summer’s day....   [tags: love essay]

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The Pardons of Purgatory

- Freedom is the ability one has to choose. Freedom is without consequence, fear of transgression, and lacks regret. Freedom is a fork in the road—a trail that leads to fortune in a field of traps. Humans have freedom and hold it as children do crayons, straying beyond the lines of purpose only to get lost in meaningless scribbles. Dante condemns these actions in his poem Purgatory. Dante invents a fictitious location in afterlife, liberating souls that have become prisoners of their own disarray....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Dante ]

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The Monk and the Parson of The Canterbury Tales

- The Monk and the Parson of The Canterbury Tales In the prologue, The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer is about the pilgrimage of many different characters to Canterbury. Chaucer writes about the characters' personalities and their place on the social ladder. The Monk and the Parson are examples of how Chaucer covered the spectrum of personalities. The Monk is self-centered, while the Parson cares for the sick and poor. In The Canterbury Tales, the Monk acts like he is part of the upper class of society....   [tags: Canterbury Tales Essays]

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Talcott Parson and Ronert Merton: Structural Functionalism

- Talcott Parson and Robert Merton are the central tenets of structural-functionalist. According to Calhoun “Functionalism (sometime called “structural –functionalism’) refers to the body of theory first developed in the 1930s and 1940s that treats society as a set of interdependent system. Theory rest on an organic analogy that likens a social system to a physical body, in which each subsystem is necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the entire organism. From a functionalist point of view, the key to understanding a social subsystem is thus to trace its function in the working of the whole.”(calhoun489) Structural functional theory describes society to be a complex system with vario...   [tags: sociology philosophies]

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Rob Parson Management Case Study

- Rob Parson Management Case Study 1 Case Overview The internal environment at Morgan Stanley was one of teamwork, employee development, dignity and respect. Morgan Stanley had developed a way of building consensus rather that individualism. Rob Parson was thrust into this environment – not sure of what was expected of him and with only one objective in mind – improving the performance of the Capital Markets division. He went about doing this ruthlessly without much care about the organization and its existing practices....   [tags: Business Management Analysis]

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Parson's Grand Theory

- Parson's Grand Theory Talcott Parsons' Grand Theory is based in the perspective which is commonly referred to as "structural functionalism." Parsons himself, however, preferred the term "functional analysis" after it was suggested by his student, Robert Merton(Coser 1975). For the most part, "structural functionalism" is the preferred label. Its focus is on the functional requirements, or needs, of a social system that must be met for the system to survive and the corresponding structures that meet those needs....   [tags: Papers]

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USA vs Jeffrey Lee Parson

- United States of America Vs. Jeffrey Lee Parson United States of America, Plaintiff vs Jeffrey Lee Parsons, Defendant. With the help of the Cyber Squad in the Seattle Division of the FBI, United States Secret Service and victim, Microsoft Corporation, a complaint was filed on August 28, 2003. According to the plaintiff, this individual intentionally caused and attempted to cause damage to a protected computer. Using the Homeland Security Act and the Cyber Security Enhancement Act, the complaint was filed under the U.S.C....   [tags: essays research papers]

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General Prologue of the Canterbury Tales: The Friar and the Parson

- General Prologue of the Canterbury Tales: The Friar and the Parson The Friar and the Parson, as described in the General Prologue of the Canterbury Tales, can be used to portray both the good and the bad sides of clergy. They make a stark contrast to each other, often even directly, with their characteristics as told by the narrator. From physical traits to their actions, these two pilgrims are almost exact opposites in certain ways. Their motivations for these actions describe the differences in the mind sets of the good holy man and the one who is less true to his orders, the Parson and the Friar respectively....   [tags: General Prologue Canterbury Tales Essays]

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The Role of Deception in Writing

- The effect of portraying characters in writing can make an impressionable mark on a readers mind. These descriptions can lead a reader to infer the type of character they are reading about or how they feel about a particular character. Sometimes as we read, things that appear to be certain may be ambivalent. Chaucer’s descriptions of his characters throughout “The General Prologue” are written in such a way where the characters seem to be doing things for the welfare of others or seem to have traits that are excessively praised....   [tags: Character Analysis, Parson, Pardoner]

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The Body Shaming, By Dolly

- In response to the tabloids body shaming, Dolly began to answer interview questions about her weight in hopes of setting the record straight. She explained in an interview with Vanity Fair that her cycles of weight gain and weight loss were the result of personal heartbreak. This answer “played into the rise and fall narratives of love and loss, sin and redemption, popular with country audiences”. Consequently, Dolly regained control over the conversations of her body by providing a story that was much more appealing to the tabloid’s audience....   [tags: Feminism, Woman, Dolly Parton, Steel Magnolias]

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Disabled Sports

- When one looks at the word “disability”, it immediately conjures up an idea of what someone cannot do, or something physically wrong with an individual, that prevents them from doing something as the majority of society can do. When society looks at a person with a disability, society relates or compares them to what is considered “normal”. It is that comparison to the majority, or normality which causes society to view a disability as a negative. Disabilities can limit someone or on the other hand, they can give an advantage....   [tags: Talcott Parson, Michel Foucault]

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Fanny Fern

- For my third reaction paper I decided to write about Fanny Fern. Sarah Willis Parton, her real name, was the woman who was perseverant and trusted her own mind and followed her heart to do what she thought was best. Due to her determination she was able to make big achievements, “…one of the first women in the United States to have her own newspaper column, and for years, famous as “Fanny Fern”… (806). She has written many papers like Male Criticism, A Law More Nice Than Just and Fresh Leaves, etc… While reading some of her writings I decided on analyzing a column which she published in 1858, A Law More Nice Than Just....   [tags: Sarah Willis Parton]

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Death and the Maiden: The Effects of Chilian Dictatorship

- ... Evidently not. What does need to excuse. There occurs some interior transformation in whom he(she) asks for the pardon and in whom it(he,she) grants it. In a country where this word has been invoked so often and prostituted some others in simulated processes indeed, justice and repair, to listen to her a bitter smile provokes us. An assistant, who has worked with victims of the conflict armed(assembled) in our country, was contributing some considerations: " every victim demands to be a protagonist and it only to be obtained on having obtained the truth of mouth of his(her,your) victimario; it(he,she) does not seek to remember only....   [tags: story, complexity, power, logic]

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The Parable Of The Debtor Who Was Forgiven

- When we forgive someone we let them off the hook. They do not receive the justice they deserve. As Jesus illustrated in the parable of the debtor who was forgiven much (Matthew 18:23-35), God has forgiven us much and this has implications for our relationships with other people. If we compare ourselves with others they appear to be more sinful than we are. We feel more secure regarding ourselves. When we forgive others, we let go of these false beliefs. God has forgiven everyone of us. We have no cause to regard our sins as not as bad as those of others....   [tags: Jesus, Repentance, Christianity, Holy Spirit]

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A Brief Biography of St. Therese of Lisieux

- Therese lived a very short life and died when she was 24, after she had lived as a nun for less than ten years. Unlike many other saints, St. Therese never went on missions, nor founded a religious order, nor performed “great” works. However, she did write in a journal that was published briefly after her death called “Story of a Soul.” Within 28 years of her death, the public after reading her book demanded that she become canonized and so she was. Therese was born in Lisieux, France in 1873....   [tags: parton saints of missions]

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America Needs Broader Use of Clemency to Free Nonviolent Offenders

- There is no shortage of information chronicling the destruction that has been done in the lives of numerous of individuals and numerous loved one of those individuals by the severely harsh sentencing laws passed by our United States Congress and our state legislatures commencing in the late 1980s in what is called to be “War on Drugs.” Some of our past and present political influential leaders have chooses to minimize utilizing their Pardon Power. Ronald Reagan when he was elected to Presidency in his first term a nonpolitical influencer who held the position of duty attorney general managed all of the Presidents advisement for clemency pardon powers under the attorney general which was not...   [tags: Clemency Essays]

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The Importance Of Executive Clemency Is Within Religion

- Life or death, a decision that is in the hands of God was at one point settled by the powers of the community. Executions were a part of daily communal life that would bring the people together through fear and excitement of seeing a death occur. The importance of executive clemency is within religion. The goal for religion was to not only strike fear into citizens and deter them from committing crimes, but they could find new life through their religion. Executive clemency also showcased the true extent of the king 's power....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Penology, Murder]

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The Reconstruction Period from 1865 to 1877

- From 1865 to 1877, the United States underwent an era of political complexity and social turbulence known as Reconstruction (Tindell). This period of American history generated extensive implications for life of Americans (Tindell). The main goal of the Reconstruction was to rebuild a devasted South after the abolition of slavery, disruptions of the economy due to the war, and the tremendous amounts of deaths left it in near ruins (Tindell). The first question at hand was to decide which governments would uphold authority in the South (Tindell)....   [tags: proclamation of amnesty, confederate]

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The Final Days of the Clinton Administration

- Perhaps one of the most interesting times in a president’s administration is during the end of his term in office. Having reached the ultimate goal in a politician’s career, a president no longer has to worry about public opinion or any of the other political give and takes that usually influence a politician’s actions. He is truly free to act as he pleases almost free of consequences. Bill Clinton’s final days in office certainly demonstrated this fact. Using the ultimate unchecked executive power of clemency Clinton issued over 140 pardons and thirty six sentence commutations....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Great Political Career : Nixon And Pat

- The newlyweds lived in Whittier for a couple years but then moved to Washington D.C. Once Pearl Harbor occurred, Nixon felt it was his duty to serve and to find meaning for his life. In 1942, he applied for commission and was stationed in Iowa and sought more excitement and was stationed in the south pacific. He was promoted several times during his years of service and once the war was over he got out of the navy. This was one reason to leave the army; along with a letter received from an old family friend asking if he would want to be on the Republican ticket in 1946....   [tags: Richard Nixon, Watergate scandal]

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White Town Law Office Of A Family Friend

- Nixon returned to California, passed the bar exam, and began working in the small-town law office of a family friend in nearby La Mirada. (Reference) The work was mostly routine and Nixon generally found it to be dull, this is where he decided to go into politics. Nixon deciding to go to law school and then deciding to go into politics is part of Marcia’s contemporary Moratorium (Papalia, 2015). Where about 3 out of 4 eventually settle on sort of occupational identity, in regards to Nixon him choice of pursuing a political career....   [tags: Richard Nixon, Watergate scandal]

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The Death Penalty Is Important?

- The death penalty also known as the capital punishment is used to punish the criminal involving in serious criminal cases. This happens after he or she has been found guilty of a crime by the legal system. This form of punishment is to ensure that the person cannot commit future crimes, and/or as a deterrent to potential criminals. The inmates could choose from the following way of death they are lethal injection, electric chair, gas chamber, firing squad, and hanging. Each of these punishments is inhuman and a violation of the 8th amendment of the Constitution....   [tags: Capital punishment, Crime, Electric chair]

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Sport and Religion

- Sport and Religion After searching for articles on religion in sport, I came across a few that caught my attention. The investigation of the Champions for Christ (CFC) by the NFL, Mahmoud Abdul-Raufs refusal to stand during the playing of the national anthem, and Brandon Pardon feeling so pressured into praying by his coach and fellow teammates that he quit the team. I hope you will find these issues as interesting as I did. The Champions for Christ (CFC) was founded in Austin, Texas in 1985, and is primarily made up of athletes, including A.C....   [tags: Papers]

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The King 's Power

- Life or death, a decision that is in in the hands of God was at one point settled by the powers of the community. Executions were a part of daily communal life that would bring the people together through fear and excitement of seeing a death occur. The importance of executive clemency is found within religion. Religion was used as a way to not only to strike fear into citizens and deter them from committing crimes, but they could find new life through their religion. Executive clemency also showcased the true extent of the king 's power....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Penology]

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The Pardoner’s Tale vs. The Chaucer’s Prologue

- Geoffrey Chaucer introduces numerous characters in the prologue of The Canterbury Tales; each character possessing a distinct personality and lifestyle. Chaucer gives insight into the lives of the characters on their pilgrimage to Canterbury. The Pardoner unfurls his thoughts and feelings giving us extended insight into his own character, by providing us with a tale of his own. In doing so, he contrasts other pious figures who are introduced in the prologue, with character traits consisting of an effeminate lifestyle, avariciousness, as well as hypocrisy....   [tags: Pardoner’s Tale, Geoffrey Chaucer, characters, rel]

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Probation, Drawn and Quartered…Anything Else

- As Prince of Verona it is my duty to announce to the people of Verona, the punishments and pardons of each of the persons responsible in some way for the death of the Montague Romeo and the Capulet Juliet. Friar Lawrence, will be punished, however under the circumstances, not severely. The Nurse shall be pardoned for her limited involvement. Balthasar, Romeo’s servant, shall be pardoned for his actions. Capulet, is guilty, and shall be punished accordingly, as well as Montague. Although all those mentioned afore have some association with deaths of these two lovers and Paris, for some it was not their involvement but rather a conspiring of events, or rather a twist of fate that led them to...   [tags: Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare]

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Edward "Blackbeard" Teach The Man Who Scourged the Seas

- Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard the Pirate, was the most infamous man to set sail on the Caribbean Sea. Thought to be the devil himself by many sailors, he was the admiral of four ships and over one hundred and forty men. Teach was feared as the devil for multiple reasons, but the major fact that applied to this was his appearance. There is minimal information about Teach’s early life, but it has been presumed that he was born in Bristol, England in 1680. He may have also been a merchant seaman before his pirating career....   [tags: pirates, history]

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The Death Penalty Is An Act Of Grace

- 1. The Objective Since 1978 over 280 death row inmates have been granted clemency. Most of the reasons someone is granted clemency is because of doubt about the guilty or judgments about the death penalty by the governor. Clemency is an act of grace, based on the policy of fairness, justice, and forgiveness. Clemency is a privilege and is not a right, and one who is granted clemency does not have the crime forgotten, as in amnesty, but is forgiven and treated more leniently for the criminal acts....   [tags: Capital punishment, Prison, Murder]

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Restorative Justice: Forgiveness is the Best Punishment

- ... The Rwandan Government also hoped that perpetrators would acknowledge their guilt and provide a narrative of the mass atrocities committed in order to establish the truth about the genocide (Clark, 2008, p.299). Uncovering of the truth was important since victims wanted to hear about the fate of their relatives (Clark, 2008, p.316). In addition, in order to prevent further violence it is essential to understand the root causes of the violence. Only if the motives of perpetrators are known is there a chance of avoiding atrocities in the future (Rotberg, 2000, cited by Clark, 2010, p.34)....   [tags: rwanda, genocide, community]

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The Battle Of The Confederate Army

- In the early 1860 's, the federal government made an attempt to loyalty with the Amnesty Proclamation. This proclamation called for the pardoning of many confederate soldiers and their ability to return home without trial. Did this attempt a constitutional or unconstitutional act made by the federal government and should the soldiers have been pardoned. In belief, this act was indeed a constitutional decision made by the government and pardoning the army was the right decision. With the pardoning of the confederate army, our nation could break ties between each other and become a nation of one....   [tags: Confederate States of America, American Civil War]

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Reconstruction During The Civil War

- After the Civil War, America was in a lot of turmoil, especially in the southern states. A goal of the U.S was to bring the southern states back into the union and fix up all the physical damage that tore apart the south. Reconstruction had a couple main goals to bring America back together and that was to fix the southern states of all the damage that was done, explain how the southern states could be readmitted into the union, and also implement how whites and blacks could live together without slavery....   [tags: Reconstruction era of the United States]

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Reflection Paper On The Era Of Reconstruction

- J’Taiya Carr 1/25/15 Chapter 17 REFLECTION PAPER 1 Almost 100 years after fighting to be our own country, America fought itself to stay a country and the aftermath was anything but peaceful. I am not surprised this happened since America has shown it will fight for what it believes in and the freedom they believe they deserve. The era of reconstruction lasted from 1865 to 1877, consisting of the government fighting to fix the country so America could rise from the ashes and become a great nation again....   [tags: Reconstruction era of the United States]

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The Pardoned Parent

- The Pardoned Parent There is a new breed of parent walking among us. Whether we recognized it or not, we have all run into one of them at one time or another. Maybe it was the young mother in the grocery store who handed her screeching child the candy she had just finished telling him he could not have. Maybe it was the man who sat obliviously behind you on the airplane, while his little boy ran up and down the aisle, screaming at the top of his lungs. These are the pardoned parents. To pardon means to excuse, absolve, exonerate, condone, or justify....   [tags: Parenting, Disabilities]

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Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors

- Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors Comedy of Errors is one of Shakespeare’s first plays. The minor characters, in the play, Egeon and the Duke, set up the framework of the play. Egeon, at the request of the Duke, describes his adventures and relates his life story. This provides the history of The Comedy of Errors, and helps keep track of the confusion, which unfolds during the play. There are several themes that Shakespeare uses which are only loosely related to the actual comedy. The conflicts between burden and freedom, rule and compassion, loss and rebirth all form a critical undertone within the play....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Christian Slave Owner's Justification of Slavery in Harriet Jacob's "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl" Contrasted with the Bible's Views on Slave

- Despite the fact that Christianity teaches the values of respect, goodwill and generosity, etc., Christian slave holders seem to exclude themselves from these standards, which is indubitably hypocritical. African American slavery is reducing a human being to the condition of property, the same as other goods, wares, merchandise and chattels. The treatment of slaves was customarily lamentable because slave masters had their profit in mind rather than the well-being of their slaves. Due to the way that slavery was practiced in the South, it and Christianity cannot coexist....   [tags: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, slavery]

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Transition from Nun to Spiritual Advisor for Death Row Convicts in Dead Man Walking

- Sister Helen Prejean wrote Dead Man Walking based on her experiences with a convicted death row inmate named Patrick Sonnier. The story allows readers to follow Prejean as she transitions from nun to spiritual advisor. As the narrator for the story, Prejean delves into the emotional toll this situation takes on both the victim’s families and the death row inmates themselves. The story follows her entire experience with Patrick and his brother that eventually ends with Patrick’s execution and also the execution of Robert Willie....   [tags: execution, appeals, inmates]

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Teaching Children with Severe Disabilities Using the System of Least Prompts

- My area of focus in education is on students with severe disabilities at any grade level. Teaching with the System of Least Prompts was chosen because the article discusses an evidence-based practice that could be implemented in the classroom and focuses on students with disabilities. Pardon the Interruption was also chosen because of the evidence-based practice discussed that focuses on communication skills and students with disabilities. Ault and Griffen in Teaching with the System of Least Prompts, explain that students with severe disabilities are given prompts t perform a behavior and then the prompts are faded out until the student can perform that behavior independently....   [tags: evidence-based practices]

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The Role Of Role Reversals Within The Crucible By Arthur Miller

- One of the most prominent themes in Arthur Miller’s 1953 drama, The Crucible, is the use of role reversals within race and gender boundaries, social status, and superficial power. In the not-so-sleepy town of Salem, Massachusetts, the rumor of witches among the community runs rampant as various characters work to accuse their fellow citizens of witchery or defend their neighbors from the gallows. Driven by jealously and pure hatred, those who have minor roles within the community lust after a more notable place in society by accusing the more distinguished members to rid them of their land, wealth, or reputation – and even their life....   [tags: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, Witchcraft]

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Resolutions of Forgiveness, Repentance and Reconciliation in Shakespeare's The Tempest

- Stephen Orgel, in the Oxford World Classics Introduction of The Tempest, says that the resolutions of forgiveness, repentance and reconciliation through the harmony of marriage that Prospero has undertaken to achieve are not completely met. This is true as not all injuries are forgiven, and certain characters fail to repent for their wrongs. The marriage does not completely achieve its role of reconciliation, as we have to question its origins and stability. In The Tempest Prospero has orchestrated events in such a way as to resolve the injustices and injuries that have occurred to him and his daughter, Miranda....   [tags: literary analysis, literary criticism]

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The Reformation Debate Letters From John Calvin And Jacopo Sadoleto

- The Reformation debate letters from John Calvin and Jacopo Sadoleto illustrate the religious controversy of the sixteenth century. Sadoleto’s letter was addressed to the magistrates and citizens of Geneva, pleading them to come back to the Catholic church, as they had fallen to the ways of the Reformers. In his letter, Sadoleto painted the Reformers as ‘crafty’ and ‘enemies of Christian peace’ (30), never directly addressing them. Calvin does, however, address Sadoleto’s insinuations directly in his response....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Protestant Reformation]

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Beaumont's Failed Comedy, The Knight of the Burning Pestle

- Beaumont's failed comedy, 'The Knight of the Burning Pestle', is a unique play that seeks to satirise and burlesque the theatrical and social domain. Crucial to this satire is the collision of two concurrent plots that vie for the audience’s attention. These collisions allow the audience to see opposing ideologies in contrast through the dramatic effect of the breakdown in the boundaries of theatre. It is arguable that this play encourages one to question hierarchy and tradition through exploration of ideology, disputed genres, and Rafe's potential rebellion....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs

- As a reflection of the culture from which it springs, art has served the purpose throughout history of both responding to current events and pervading memes and of providing a generative force through which those elements may perpetuate and, in some cases, resolve themselves. Various genres have evolved as necessary to frame and comment on society at given points throughout history, establishing a powerful artistic repertoire. The Slave Narrative is a prime example of this phenomenon, having arisen out of the collective need for a people to respond to their situation in a manner that the surrounding society would not only allow, but embrace for its ambition, vision, and enlightening nature...   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States]

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Arthur Miller's The Crucible and the McCarthy Era

- Arthur Miller’s The Crucible parallels the McCarthy Era with similarities between the two trials, the notion of mob mentality, as well as the characters and plot occurrences themselves. Arthur Miller captured the essence of the McCarthy Era in his play. The parallels between the two eras are clearly shown in addition to the unruly hysteria of the mob mentality. Judgments became distorted and vengeance began to uproot when careers and reputations were put on the line in both The Crucible and throughout Second Red Scare....   [tags: Comparative Essay, Literary Analysis]

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A Lesson Before Dying, Maus I And Maus

- Dehumanization has been seen throughout human history and has had pretty devastating effects. For example, people of Jewish decent were not considered human at all. They were given the title of “sub human” and were treated like animals and scum. This lead to the Holocaust where millions of Jewish people were murdered because of who they were. Dehumanization is the act of depriving humans of human qualities, spirit or personality. Not only do people dehumanize people of different races, but they also dehumanize people of different decent, gender or sexual orientation....   [tags: Jews, Judaism, Dehumanization, The Holocaust]

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Dehumanization : A Great Job Of Showing Dehumanization

- Dehumanization Dehumanization has been around for many years and seen all throughout our world’s history. Dehumanization means to deprive of human qualities, personality, or spirit. In history, people had been dehumanized for all types of reasons, whether it be because of race, gender, age, sex, or any other characteristics. One of the most brutal and memorable examples of dehumanization was the holocaust which took place in many different locations in Europe. Hitler was ruling German at the time and started this disturbing holocaust....   [tags: Nazi Germany, The Holocaust, Germany, Maus]

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The Reformation And Its Impact On The Church

- The Reformation also known as the protestant reformation occurred in 16th century and was pioneered by Martin Luther, and was continued by John Calvin and other protestant reformers. The initiation was the publishing of Luther’s 95 theses condemning the church for the sale of indulgences, making penance and indulgences a key issue leading to the reformation. This was because the reformers viewed indulgences and penance not of the authority of the Church and distancing the people from God by encouraging sin....   [tags: Protestant Reformation, Indulgence, Martin Luther]

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Greed Depicted in Chaucer's The Pardoner’s Tale

- A pardoner is a person that could relieve someone from their sins. In the case of the Pardoners Tale, the Pardoner expects money for relieving sinners from their sins and for telling a story. The pardoner in this tale is hypocritical, his scare tactics prove this. He says that greed over things like money is an evil thing, and his audience should give him large amounts of money so he can pardon them from their sins. In the beginning of The Pardoners Tale he talks about his qualifications and what he does, talking to several people....   [tags: literary analysis]

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Immigration Is An Illegal Alien Or Immigrant?

- Immigration has been going on since the early 20th century when foreigners were allowed to come to America for jobs and other life opportunities. This would be the beginning of many foreigners coming into America without government permission or once entered, staying beyond their termination date of the visa given therefore becoming an illegal alien or immigrant. It is a problem and like any other problem, there is a solution. By pardoning illegal immigrants in America, this will allow many immigrants to start a new life erasing their past life in their past country but by doing so, this would mean that political offenses and other misbehaviors will be forgotten, a risk that is worth taking...   [tags: Immigration to the United States]

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Julius Caesar : Life Of A Colossus

- Gaius Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 100 BC to a patrician family, or ruling class family. His family were aristocrats, meaning they were wealthy, noble, elite members of Rome during that time. There was not much information about Caesar’s childhood recorded, however, the average childhood being born into aristocracy is well known. Around the age of seven the children would be allowed and mandated to follow and watch what, how, and why their parents did what they did. The son would learn his responsibilities from his father, and a daughter would learn her responsibilities from her mother....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic]

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Sociological Perspectives On Teen Depression And Suicide

- There are three main types of sociological perspectives in which you can perceive different sociological issues and concepts; structural-functional, symbolic-interaction, and social conflict. Structural-functional looks at society as a whole and how it works together. Symbolic-interaction is how different symbols spark particular thoughts and emotions by examining the meanings that people impose on objects, events and behaviors. Social conflict studies how power and coercion affect social order....   [tags: Sociology, Psychology, Suicide]

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Children's Versions of "The Cantebury Tales"

- Being a work filled with an unprecedented “wealth of fascinating characters”, Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales has been translated and retold in many versions over the years (Cohen 7-8). Unavoidably translations and retelling require choices made by writers and editors of how to represent things and what to include, which can easily change aspects of the original story. The most difficult retellings may be versions written for children as writers not only have to deal with modernizing the language but also simplifying stories which feature adult themes, including corruption of the church, sex, marriage, adultery, for a younger audience....   [tags: Classic English Literature]

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The Successes and Failures of Reconstruction

- ... This bill required that a majority of the population take an oath stating that they had never supported the Confederacy. The Wade Davis Bill also required more rights for freedmen including the right to vote, hold office, own property and testify in court. Lincoln, wanting an easy transition into a unified country, used a pocket veto so he could continue with his plan. Lamentably, Lincoln was assassinated months after his decision and his successor, Andrew Johnson, took on the role of president....   [tags: civil war, lincoln, slaves]

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Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

- In the book Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer wrote about Christopher McCandless, a nature lover in search for independence, in a mysterious and hopeful experience. Even though Krakauer tells us McCandless was going to die from the beginning, he still gave him a chance for survival. As a reader I wanted McCandless to survive. In Into the Wild, Krakauer gave McCandless a unique perspective. He was a smart and unique person that wanted to be completely free from society. Krakauer included comments from people that said McCandless was crazy, and his death was his own mistake....   [tags: Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer]

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The Implications Of David 's Sins

- 2 Samuel 12:15-18 represents the ramifications of David’s sins, how he deals with them, and what happens to his and Bathsheba’s child. Instantly, the child was struck by Nathan with an illness and would 7 days after birth (2 Samuel 12:15). It is important to note that Nathan went to the house of David, the Lord struck the child and as soon as it came into this world it became illness. There are no records on what type of illness the child had other than that it was only reference in the bible as an illness....   [tags: David, Solomon, Bathsheba, Kingdom of Israel]

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The Constitution And The Constitutional Convention

- One of the principal compromises in the constitution is on the topic of representation and its power. During the drafting of the constitution and the constitutional convention, the topic of representation as well as separation of power were soundly argued. To maintain a balance of powers, the drafters of the constitution agreed on a middle ground between the Connecticut and Virginal compromise. The separation of powers as entailed in the United States Constitution separates power of government into three branches hence guarantying that no single part of government is above another, this guarantee is entailed in a “checks and balances system”....   [tags: Separation of powers]

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The System Of Checks And Balances

- To be able to understand the system of checks and balances in our constitution, we must understand why it was made, who created it, and when it was made. During the time the United Sates approved the Articles of Confederation it had just defeated the British and started a country, but the rules they put in place had no authority behind them. Because of this the states would not work as one. The states began a path that led toward becoming their own countries. An example is that each state had its own currency....   [tags: Separation of powers]

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Jon Krakauer 's Into The Wild

- The dynamic between parents and children condition what the child will think and follow through with. It is important that child and parents establish an appropriate relationship that can guide them through their life.This struggle between parents and children as discussed in In Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, the life of wealthy Christopher McCandless is chronicled, and what may have drove him away to traverse the wilds of Alaska, which ultimately lead to his demise. Jon Krakauer takes the reader on ride explaining the damaged relationship between christopher and his parents using specific events and words, this shaped Christopher into the person that went into the woods to find new...   [tags: Into the Wild, Christopher McCandless]

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Edward Snowden : A Whistle Blower

- Edward Snowden is considered to be a whistle blower because he did an unethical doing and decided to make an ethical decision by making the American people aware of the wrongdoings of our government. Snowden raised his right hand and sworn to abide by the constitution and uphold the constitution. After working with these agencies Snowden saw that it was not right and unconstitutional, so he decided to copy the files and release it to the American people. In order for him to protect himself he had to flee to a different country before he could actually release the information....   [tags: United States Constitution]

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Amnesty International And The Significant Contribution

- would like to highlight the work of Amnesty International and the significant contribution it makes in rescuing many disadvantaged people from extremely challenging circumstances in many parts of the world. The word amnesty is defined as “the act of an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals” (n.d.). Amnesty describes “an act of clemency by an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted especially to a group of individuals” (n.d.). The name of the organization is implicit of its role and the scale on which it carries out its responsibilities....   [tags: Human rights]

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Oedipus Rex and Fuente Ovejuna

- Bad things happen to good people. It’s a life lesson that’s well-illustrated in many plays. Lope de Vega’s Fuente Ovejuna and Sophocles’ Oedipus the King are two prime examples. Fuente Ovejuna features a small Spanish town of the same name which is unjustly oppressed by a man named Commander Gomez and his subordinates. Oedipus the King features Oedipus, a man doomed by a prophecy to murder his father and marry his mother. Many would argue that both plays are tragedies. Although both certainly feature strong tragic elements, thoroughly examining the final condition of the protagonists, society’s final condition, and the way fate is represented in the final scenes of each play proves Fuente Ov...   [tags: Greek Literature]

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The Many Faces of Octavian

- The image of Octavian changed significantly throughout his life. He started off as little more than the son of Caesar and he came to earn the respect and faith of his nation. He manipulated his image over the course of his life in order to be that which the people needed in order to believe in the future of Rome and a time or peace instead of civil war. He avoided the arrogant flaws of his father in favor of maintain the friendship of the senate but ended up just as powerful as the dictator. After the death of Julius Caesar in 44 BC Octavian, his adopted son, quickly became a prominent political figure....   [tags: Literary Characters]

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Closer look at Death Row

- Since the beginning of modern law, capital punishment has been present in our world. Ranging from the guillotine to lethal injection, over time people have discovered more “humane” ways to execute a convicted criminal. Opinions on the subject may vary depending on certain situations, such as the victim being a family member or close friend. Although there are solid pro-arguments for the death penalty I believe there is enough evidence that implies it should not be legal in any way, shape or form....   [tags: capital punishment, death penalty, law]

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The Holy Sacrament Of Reconciliation

- Introduction In the Christian faith there are many beliefs and acts for the baptized Catholic to follow, such acts consist of the sacraments, for which there are seven. Many people believe that of all the Sacraments, the Sacrament of Reconciliation is one of the most complex and difficult to understand. Those who approach the Sacrament, are able to obtain pardon from God 's mercy for the offenses committed against him, this enables them to be reconciled with the Church, which they wounded by their sins....   [tags: Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II, Christianity]

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God Is A Just God

- One believes that faith in Jesus Christ is needed because Jesus Christ is going to be faithful to His calling. Jesus is the Word of God, and God said, when He send out His Word, it will perform what He sent it out to do., Iit will not return void. Jesus is our salvation and must be faithful to His calling. Even when His flesh is crying out, it want to give up and quit, the spirit of God that is Within him cry out not my will but your will be done. . Wright wrote that God is a just God and know that balance is a vital (p.53).There are righteous people and unrighteous people;, something must be done....   [tags: Jesus, God, God in Christianity, Holy Spirit]

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The DREAM Act Debate

- Since the inception of this country, we as a nation of immigrants have struggled with the question of who should be a citizen and who should not. It is no surprise that illegal immigration greatly affects our nation and is now one of the leading debates our country faces, polarizing our society on many levels. This paper addresses the debate over the ‘Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act’, (DREAM Act 2011, 2011); a proposal purported to be the solution for innocent victims of illegal immigration....   [tags: U.S. Law ]

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