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Physiological Parameters Of The Pulmonary Airflow

- In this experiment, several physiological parameters were observed in three patients before, during, and after moderate exercise. One of these parameters was the pulmonary airflow, which was recorded utilizing an Airflow Transducer. This device measures airflow using slight pressure differences created by the resistance of a screen inside the device. Pulmonary airflow is the rate of movement into and out of the lungs, and is directly proportional to the pressure difference of the intrapulmonary pressure and the atmospheric pressure, and inversely proportional to the resistance of the lungs (elasticity/diameter of air pathways).1 The BIOPAC program then can convert the airflow to volume of ai...   [tags: Heart, Muscle, Blood, Exercise physiology]

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Parameters of Crisis Communication

- Introduction For the whole year of 2003, China was besieged by a strain of virus that masqueraded as pneumonia but inflicted a far more lethal effect (Jin et al, 2006, p.81). By all accounts, the mystery of how the SARS (Severe Respiratory Acute Syndrome) virus originated has remained largely unsolved (New York Times, 2003). What began as routine fever and cough in a Chinese physician, later identified as a super-carrier, rapidly spread to those who came into cursory contact with him, spiralling into a worldwide crisis and infecting people across Asia and as far as Canada (New York Times, 2003)....   [tags: Emergency Preparedness, Contagion]

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Child 's Psychological Adjustment And Any Functional Parameters

- Alex and his grandmother were interviewed on the same day but separately. The interview will focus on the specific complaints about the child’s psychological adjustment and any functional parameters. Alex’s teachers met with the treatment team and planned an intervention for Alex. The nutritionist met with the grandmother to discuss his intake. She reduced his sugar intake and cut out caffeine. His grandmother was referred to speak with a nurse to discuss the importance of being compliant with Alex’s medication....   [tags: Education, Communication, Sentence, Psychology]

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Procedures, Parameters & Sub-programs

- Procedures, Parameters & Sub-Programs In any modern programming language, procedures play a vital role in the construction of any new software. These days, procedures are used instead of the old constructs of GOTO and GOSUB, which have since become obsolete. Procedures provide a number of important features for the modern software engineer:- Programs are easier to write. Procedures save a large amount of time during software development as the programmer only needs to code a procedure once, but can use it a number of times....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Estimation of Population Parameters

- Estimation of Population Parameters Aim Undertake a small-scale survey to estimate population parameters. Size of Sample The size of the sample must be quite small, because it is stated so in the aim. However, to make accurate estimates of population parameters the sample must be large enough. [IMAGE] According to the Central Limit Theorem: n If the sample size is large enough, the distribution of the sample mean is approximately Normal. n The variance of the distribution of the sample mean is equal to the variance of the sample mean divided by the sample size....   [tags: Papers]

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Kantian vs Utilitarian Ethical Parameters

- The task that stands before me in this paper is to address two situations and determine the ethical parameters in which a person should act. The two philosophical approaches that I will examine the situations with the Kantian and Utilitarian point of view. Kant deciphers his ethical questions by examining a person's motivation for performing an act regardless of the consequences. A person who utilizes the Kantian view believes that the only pure good is pure human reason without consequences. This pure human reason works without the influence of human emotions and desires....   [tags: Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics, Natural Rights]

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Determining Vmax and Km of Alkaline Phosphatase

- ... When pH is altered the rate of enzyme reaction reduce considerably and the balance between positively and negatively charged amino acids are shifted. Acidic amino acids contain a carboxyl functional group in their side chains whereas basic amino acids contain an amine functional group in their side chains. When ionization state of amino acids are altered the ionic bonds which determine the three dimensional structure of proteins are also altered. This is because hydrogens in the amino acid side chains will be attracted to the electronegative regions of the enzyme....   [tags: kinetic parameters]

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The impact of Ig G levels on routine clinical biochemistry parameters in neonatal calves

- Summary: The minimisation of neonatal mortality is critical for the success of an animal management programme. The period between calving and weaning is the most crucial period in the animal's life. A major management tool that could be used to reduce health problems in calves is feeding with colostrum. Colostrum is rich in energy, protein and vitamins (especially vitamins A, D, E and B12). Most importantly, colostrum is essential for newborns, in that it contains high levels of immunoglobulins, which transfer passive immunity to the calf, and thereby, enable it to fight with infections....   [tags: Animal Science ]

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Life History Parameters of the Cigarette Beetle (Lasioderma Serricorne) on Root and Tuber Chips

- INTRODUCTION Cigarette beetle, Lasioderma serricorne F (Col.: Anobiidae) is a cosmopolitan stored product insect pest (Rees, 2004). The female beetles are found to deposit about 100 eggs loosely on commodities which hatch between 6- 10 days in territory weather conditions (Cabrera, 2007). The beetles that emerge as adult are capable of flight and do not feed as adult but create holes in the product to locate a suitable oviposition site (Papadopoulou, 2006). The shortest development period from egg to adult stage is 26 days at 30°C and 70 % relative humidity (Rees, 2004) (in what product?) The cigarette beetle is one of the most common household insect that causes damage to stored products s...   [tags: store product insect pests]

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Endurance and Strength Training Effects on Physiological and Muscular Parameters during Prolonged Cycling

- Introduction: The research study my group and I examined was titled, “Endurance and Strength Training Effects on Physiological and Muscular Parameters during Prolonged Cycling.” This study done by Hausswirth et. all was published in 2010 in the Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology. When performing in a triathlon, which consists of swimming, cycling, and running in a single continuous event, it is generally accepted throughout the exercise science community, that “over performing” during the cycling stage by increasing ones cadence or aerobic power, could hinder the running portion of the triathlon that follows (Hausswirth)....   [tags: Critique a Research Article]

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Water Quality Parameters That Are A Matter Of Concern During The Treatment Process

- 1. Water quality parameters that are a matter of concern during the treatment process may be grouped into physical, chemical, bacteriological and microscopic categories: - Physical quality of water is determined by a core of characteristics (such as temperature, viscosity, and surface tension) as well as by colloidal and dissolved substances in the water. Thus, electrical conductivity (EC), turbidity, color, taste and odor are determined by the presence of dissolved and colloidal substances in the water....   [tags: Water, Water pollution, Chlorine]

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Reproduction, Crossover, and Mutation of Genetic Algorithm Operations

- Genetic Algorithm Operations The basic GA that can produce acceptable results in many practical problems is composed of three operations: a. Reproduction b. Crossover c. Mutation The reproduction process is to allow the genetic information, stored in the good fitness for survive the next generation of the artificial strings, whereas the population's string has assigned a value and its aptitude in the object function. This value has the probability of being chosen as the parent in the reproduction process of a new generation....   [tags: mutation, welding, parameters]

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Bayesian analysis for a class of beta mixe models

- The beta mixed effects model parameters can be estimated from the Bayesian approach. Bayesian inference on beta mixed models is not straightforward because the posterior distribution is not analytically available. Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) technique is the standard approach to fit these models \citep{zuniga:2013}. In practice, this approach comes with a wide range of problems in terms of convergence and computational time. Moreover, the implementation itself can be problematic, especially for end users who might not be experts in programming....   [tags: statistics, parameters, evaluation]

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Correlations of Soil Properties with Index Properties

- ... Thus the shear strength measured at a water content equals to the liquid limit with 30o and 60o apex cones rounded up to one decimal places produces the same shear strength value of 1.7 kN/m2. Further investigation by Moon and White (1985) compared the LL test results of 30 samples performed with fall cone 30o apex angle, Casagrande 4-point and 1-point methods. This showed that the mean values of tests performed by Casagrande methods provided consistent means, whereas those performed by cone penetration underestimates these by about 6%....   [tags: soil design parameters]

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Bayesian analysis for a Class of Beta Mixed Models

- There has been an increased interest in the class of Generalized Linear Mixed Models (GLMM) in the last 10 years. One possible reason for such popularity is that GLMM combine Generalized Linear Models (GLM) \citep{Nelder1972} with Gaussian random effects, adding flexibility to the models and accommodating complex data structures such as hierarchical, repeated measures, longitudinal, among others which typically induce extra variability and/or dependence. GLMMs can also be viewed as a natural extension of Mixed Linear Models \citep{Pinheiro:2000}, allowing flexible distributions to response variables....   [tags: variable, statistics, parameters]

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Corner Detection Are Useful for Computer Vision Applications

- ... The Kitchen and Rosenfeld operator [5] uses an analysis of the curvature of the grey-level variety of an image. The SUSAN operator [18] uses a form of grey-level moment that is designed to detect V- corners, and which is applied to other model of corner. The earlier Forstner [22] algorithm is easily explained in terms of H (Hessian Matrix). For a more recently proposed detector [20], it has been shown [21] that under affine motion, it is better to use the smallest eigenvalue of H as the corner strength function....   [tags: vertex, edges, parameters]

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The Weak Enforcement Mechanism of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

- The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, hereafter referred to as ‘CRC’, is the most inclusive legal document devoted to the promotion and protection of children’s rights. Upon ratification, State Parties are supposed to be bound to the CRC through international law. However, as Cynthia Price Cohen (one of the drafters of the CRC) identifies, the CRC ‘does not lay down specific rules with sanctions for noncompliance’. Thus, it is imperative that the CRC have enforcement mechanisms in place to ensure implementation....   [tags: parameters, interpretation, legislation]

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How to Overcome Sample Disturbance

- How to overcome sample disturbance. It is a well known fact that a good quality sample is necessary to get realistic soil parameters. Basically, preserving soil natural structure and stress condition in the laboratory sample determine the quality of soil parameters. However, many researchers pointed out that it is impossible to retain original soil condition even though we use so-called high quality sampler and same in-situ effective stress condition during the laboratory testing. On the other hand, many researchers have tried to overcome such problem of soil disturbance by introducing several methods of correcting soil parameters for poor quality sample....   [tags: soil, parameters, methods, strength]

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Influences of Input Current Frequency

- In this article, influences of input current frequency in an induction heating system were studied by using numerical methods. We used finite element method to solve the governing equations. Obtained results say that this parameter has great influences on the distribution and the amount of generated heat in different parts of induction heating systems. These results also will help us to select the best frequency range for different applications. Induction heating is one of the most popular heating processes for electrical conductive materials (usually a metal) by electromagnetic induction....   [tags: Induction Heating System, Parameters]

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Entergy: Financial & Strategic Parameters

- In the following few pages, analysis will be conducted on Entergy’s strengths and resource capabilities, competitive weaknesses and resource deficiencies, market opportunities, and threats to future profitability. Company strengths and resource capabilities. Four strengths and resource capabilities have been identified for Entergy, Inc. These strengths include its experienced and well-seasoned senior management team, its strong balance sheet, its current infrastructure, and finally, its strong brand image....   [tags: business analysis ]

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Parameters for Civil Disobedience

- ... Every party has a different opinion and pushes through their own set of laws when the leader of that party steps in. Having to agree with the laws that are set out is not mandatory because we live in a free country. On the other hand by implementing a government we give up our natural rights so now we are obliged to obey the laws. The only situation we can be disobedient is when there is clear injustice to someone.When we feel there has been someone who has been wrongfully accused or has been forced under a certain law that diminishes their authority....   [tags: morals, laws, injustice]

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Human Movement: Swimming

- The research of human movement is quite complex, because human origins are not so determinists as other (bio)mechanical systems; assessing human beings in aquatic environment becomes even more as this is not their natural environment and other physical principles have to be considered. This makes competitive swimming as one of the most challenging sports to perform scientific research (Barbosa et al. 2011). In fact, the challenge of the current study was to assess the physiological and biomechanical behavior of competitive swimmers, in order to close the gap between theory and practice....   [tags: Anatomy, Biomechanical Parameters]

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Software Development Methodology

- There is many software development methodologies exist that is used to control the process of developing a software system. No exact system was found which could help the software engineers for selection of best software development methodology. This paper present the framework of expert system combined with Likert scale. With the help of Likert scale we create a rule based model and assign some weighted score to each methodology and develop a tool named as ModSet which will help the software engineers to select an appropriate development methodology that may increase the probability of system success....   [tags: project, requirements, parameters]

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The Periodic Phase Modulation of the Order Parameter Is Essential to Construct the Andreev Interferometer

- The periodic phase modulation of the order parameter is essential to construct the Andreev interferometer, see Fig. \ref{fig1}(a). We consider a Y-junction in proximity to a FF superconductor, which introduces finite pair potential in the two channels. To be specific, we assume the channels are both set along the $x$ direction, with a spatial separation of $h$ in the $y$ direction. The pairing in the FF superconductor occurs with a finite momentum $\bf{Q}$ = $(Q_x, Q_y)$, and the order parameter takes the form of $\Delta e^{i{\bf Q}\cdot {\bf x}}$ for the $s$-wave pairing....   [tags: superconductors, electric engeneering]

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Robust Design, Quality Loss Function, System Design, Parameter Design and Tolerance Design

- 1. Explain robust design, quality loss function, system design, parameter design, tolerance design Answer: 1.1. Robust design: Though robust design can be explained in different way, it can be generalized to: one step/stage of product design development process at which design experiment is made on multiple factors so that to minimize the effects of variation without avoiding the causes (since they are too difficult or too expensive to control). 1.2. Quality loss function: It is an equation developed by Japanese business statistician Dr....   [tags: product research and analysis]

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Advanced Gyro-Lumped Parameter Model and its Application to Pile Groups Supporting Multistory Buildings

- A simplified and efficient soil structure interaction (SSI) method has been proposed for structures supported by pile foundation system using recently proposed lumped parameter model with gyro-element (GLMP) which shows efficient and accurate representation of frequency dependent impedance function (IFs) of the soil-foundation systems. The original GLPM has been transformed to make the gyro-element compatible with the conventional software framework. The transformed GLPM has been verified with the IFs of a pile group supporting a single degree of freedom system and implemented in multi-story building supported by a pile group....   [tags: gyro-element, frequency, soil]

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Optimization of Extrusion Cooking Process

- Results and discussions Extrusion cooking was done and extreudated were prepared based on the full factorial design with all possible combination of process parameters discussed in the previous chapter. All the extrudates were tested for its quality in terms of physical properties (BD, MC, ER), functional properties (WAI, WSI) and textural property (Harness). The process parameters were tested for its significance on the quality of extrudates and optimized using full factorial ANOVA. P value and r-square value obtained from ANOVA for each quality factors were consolidated and given in the Table....   [tags: extrudates, rice-fish extrudate, bulk density]

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The Atoms Of Language By Mark Baker

- How can it be that something so uniquely human and commonplace in our everyday existence as language, could transcend the limits of our immediate understanding. We all know how to speak and comprehend at least one language, but defining what we actually know about that language an infinitely more demanding process. How can a child without previous knowledge of the construction and concepts of language be born into the world with an innate ability to apprehend any dialect. Mark Baker, in his book The Atoms of Language, seeks to address these unsettling questions, proposing as a solution, a set of underlying linguistic ingredients, which interact to generate the wide variety of languages we se...   [tags: Linguistics, Language, Natural language]

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Measuring The Single Clad Tracks For Different Values Of P, V And F.

- 3. Results and discussion Fig. 3 represents cross-sectional optical micrographs of the single clad tracks for different values of P, V and F. Some qualitative features of the main processing parameters on the geometrical characteristics of the single clad tracks can be concluded from this figure. At the first glance, well-bonded single clad tracks were formed at almost all processing parameters. However, some of them, especially those with low scanning speed, had an inappropriate clad bead shape with a weak bond, which resulted in detachment of the edge of clad tracks....   [tags: Regression analysis, Statistics, Laser]

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Optimization of deep cryogenic treatment to reduce wear loss of 4140 chrome molybdenum steel using Taguchi technique

- Deep Cryogenic treatment has had a dramatic effect on the development of wear resistance of steel components. It is a supplement process to the conventional heat treatment process of steels. The aim of the present research work is to optimize the parameters affecting the deep cryogenic treatment process for attaining the minimum wear loss of 4140 steel. The selected process parameters for this optimization study are hardening temperature (A), soaking period (B), tempering temperature(C) and tempering period (D)....   [tags: Scientific Research ]

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Estimation of Reshaped Profile in Berm Breakwaters Using Experimental Data

- ... Accordingly, the main assumption of this study is that the reshaped profile consists of three parts; two linear parts in upper and lower sector and a curve with power function in the middle. So, in this part, by means of M5' model tree, the fundamental reshaping parameters formulae, are derived. In this study, M5' model was used to predict the recession parameter using data sets related to Moghim (2009) and Shekari (2013) experimental studies. According to previous studies on recession, some important dimensionless parameters were used in order to cover the impact of sea state and structural parameters....   [tags: stable slopes, equations, computer modeling]

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The Concepts Behind A Health Plan

- The concepts behind a health plan are to be able to produce a holistic approach, in being able to reduce the incidence of disease within an animal unit by maintaining and controlling any potential diseases. They allow benchmarking to be set, where you can make comparisons between like-for-like farms and between the top 10%, nationally. Management changes and continual monitoring for future production can then be undertaken. Health plans are implemented on farms to be able to maintain and increase productivity within units and more importantly to prevent the entry of disease entering the unit and spreading; this can potentially cause business instability to the farm as populations become unst...   [tags: Epidemiology, Infectious disease, Disease]

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A Analysis On The Company

- Fig. 12 and Fig. 13 represent history matching results of normalized cumulative oil production after each update for base case and KL-ANN-EnKF respectively. It can be observed from the figures that with each update, reduction in ensemble spread (grey lines) in case of proposed workflow is better than base case. Quantitative analysis in Table 3 also shows analogous results with significantly smaller standard deviation and better minimum/maximum values of cumulative oil production which reflects reduced ensemble span and hence faster uncertainty reduction in production forecast as compared to base case after last update....   [tags: Standard deviation, Mean, Arithmetic mean]

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Standard Cell Characterization

- Introduction: - In the present scenario, it is very hard to design a circuit using full custom methodology because of the increase in the complexity due to decrease in the feature size. So, most of companies are following the semi-custom approach to reduce the cost & time to market which are the most important parameters for any successful products. To follow the approach of semi-custom, designer need a characterized library of standard cells e.g. logic gates, data buses, sequential building blocks like F/F's etc....   [tags: Standard Cells]

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Matlab Analysis

- This report is a documentation of my work as a part of my internship at Nissan Ashok Leyland Technologies Ltd. The work initially involved the study and analysis of Real World Driving Cycles to decide on the parameters to be considered for the development of a half an hour drive duty cycle. This duty cycle is used for testing various vehicle parameters on the Chassis Dynamometer. The duty cycle duration is typically limited to reduce per-vehicle test costs. The various parameters that affect the resulting condensed cycle are considered based on various studies in the preparation of a condensed cycle....   [tags: Information Technology]

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A Short Note On The And Liquid Limit

- LL=Liquid limit PL=Plastic limit PI=Plasticity index %S=Percentage of ground granular blast furnace slag %FA=Percentages of fly ash M=Molar concentration A/B=Alkali to binder ratio Na/Al=Ratio of Na to Al Si/Al=Ratio of Si to Al MGGP parameters which develop the models are demonstrated in Table 1. The parameters are selected according to suggested values [2, 4] and trial and error in order to reach a balance between running time and the complexity of the solutions. MGGP model are developed by computer software, GPTIPS [11]....   [tags: Regression analysis, Linear regression]

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The Function of Pharmacokinetics

- Pharmacokinetic has evolved over the years from being a graphic science to a systematic and is frequently used in the current clinical studies. Scientists are progressively being conscious and willing to collect relevant pharmacokinetic data by using the in vitro studies. In vitro studies will allow the safer and more predictable studies compared and results compare to in vivo studies. Interpretation of toxic side effects of all the medications can be studied via pharmacokinetics in vitro analysis....   [tags: In Votro Studies, Scientists, Clinical Studies]

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The Concept Of National Integration

- In order to understand the concept of national integration, one must first look at the definition of state and nation building. The creation of a single territorial unit’s infrastructure and its economy is the concept of state building, while nation building differs in that it relates to the creation of a community within the state. To expand on this broad definition of nation building, it can be described as the politic surrounding the national integration of two significant processes that occur within a state and are important in its creation....   [tags: Nation, Nationalism, Ethnic group, Race]

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Positive and Negative Evidence in Language Learning

- Grammar is traditionally subdivided into two areas of study – morphology and syntax. Morphology is the study of how words are formed out of smaller units, syntax studies the way in which phrases and sentences are structured out of words. Traditional grammar describes the syntax of a language in terms of a taxonomy (classification). This approach is based on the assumption that phrases and sentences are built up of a series of constituents, each of which belongs to a specific grammatical category and serves a specific grammatical function....   [tags: grammar, native language, syntax]

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Using Uniform Resource Locator ( Uniform Resources Locator )

- It stands for (Uniform Resource Locator) ,we use it in order to specify addresses on the world wide web , which is the fundamental network identification for any resource connected to the web. The URL contains the name of the protocol in order to access the file resource and it contain a domain name which identifies a specific computer on the internet and a pathname , plus a hierarchical description to specify the location of the file in that computer . URL is important to analysts because it can help them to navigate the traffic and give a clear understanding from where the traffic came from ....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web page, Web server, Internet]

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Nonlinear Modeling of Data

- In the most modern instrumental methods, the raw data obtained must be analyzed further to extract the information we need. Fortunately, this task can be handled automatically by a computer. For example, suppose we want to measure the diffusion coefficient of a protein in aqueous solution to get an idea of its molecular size. We have no "diffusion meter" available for this job. We need to do an experiment such as ultracentrifugal sedimentation, dynamic light scattering, or pulsed-field gradient spin-echo nuclear magnetic resonance and extract the diffusion coefficient by analyzing the data appropriately....   [tags: Medeling Data]

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Research Study on Interactions Between Genes and the Environment in the Causation of Chronic Disease

- Enrolment of community-dwelling adults was performed from the Multi-ethnic Cohort (MEC) of the Singapore Consortium of Cohort Studies (SCCS), a long-term research project started to investigate the interactions between gene and environment in chronic disease causation (Chen et al., 2010). Being a sub cohort of the SCCS, the MEC consists of 9000 community-dwelling healthy Singaporeans with age between 21 to 75 years old, enrolled through public outreach activities and referral for which enrolment is going on (SCCS, 2006)....   [tags: samples, statistics, diagnostics]

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School and Teachers Matter but the School Measuremnts Credentials do Not

- Researchers seek to analyze specific aspects of a population in their studies, hence they focus on their relevant aspects. In addition, populations reflect a number of characteristics that may be as a result of a combination of factors rather than as a result of a single factor. In this case, the suitability of schools and teachers as study populations may be different with the suitability of the populations’ different aspects. Thus, a study on schools and teachers could differ with a study on measures of schools and teacher-based inputs such as spending per student or teachers credentials....   [tags: Education system, school importance, urban society]

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Effect Of Shear Thinning Properties Of Polymer Solution

- First, the effect of shear-thinning properties of polymer solution was investigated by changing the Carreau parareters such as the zero shear viscosity η_0, relaxation time λ, and power n. Changes in any of them changes the viscosity profile changes in the casting flow, thus changing the interface shapes and shift the DCL location x_dcl measured from the projected point of the die lip corner on the belt (Fig. 1). The results of x_dcl at different Carreau parameters are shown in Fig. 2. Note that P_in is continuously changed during the computation to maintain the constant wet film thickness (h_0=300 μm), and this can be performed by the direct tracking method (Nam and Carvalho, 2010)....   [tags: Viscosity, Fluid, Shear stress]

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Climate Change Is Negatively Affecting The Earth

- Climate change is negatively affecting the earth. Scientists believe that increased human activities are contributing to changes in the earth’s climate, by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These activities could include biomass burning and the Industrial Revolution. Carbon dioxide traps heat, which makes the earth warmer. If carbon dioxide concentrations are able to be measured, it will help scientists understand how climate change is relating to human activities. In 2014, NASA launched a satellite called the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 (OCO-2)....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Climate]

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The Helmet Of A Roman Soldier

- The helmet is the most critical piece of armor for a Roman soldier. It does little good to protect everything but the core processing unit of the body. Sending and receiving signals are the functions of the head. The head to make the correct actions to sustain life interpret the five senses. By removing the head, all functions and life immediately cease to exist. Life can continue, if other body parts are removed or damaged, but the head is integral to life. The helmet of salvation is the critical starting point with the following benefits: 1....   [tags: God, Holy Spirit, Christianity, Spirit]

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Soil and Seed Sterilization Effects on Dwarf Pea Plants

- The growth of dwarf peas, Pisum sativum depends on the characteristics of the soil and the seeds. Sterile conditions will have a positive effect on P. sativum below and above ground physiology. The plants’ root length, root width and number of leaves will be positively affected by sterile conditions because the pathogens in soil which out compete the plants for its nutrients will be killed off. Soil and some seeds were sterilized and grown for twenty one days before root length, root width, and number of leaf parameters was tested....   [tags: plant growth, rhizobia bacteria, organisms]

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Calculation Of Phase Diagrams For Binary Systems

- The discussion about the calculation of phase diagrams for binary systems will be focus on the results obtained from the minimization method. Nevertheless at the end of the section some results obtained from the Lagrange multipliers method will be described and compared with the results for the minimization method. As it was mentioned above, before performing the phase diagram, the Gibbs free energies for each phase were plotted as a function of the composition of the component B at three different temperatures: melting point of the component A, melting point of the component B, and intermediate temperature between these two melting temperatures....   [tags: Thermodynamics, Entropy, Temperature, Liquid]

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Outlets Must be On Their Toes to Compete in Today's Market

- Innovation & creativity is the order of the day. Outlets, especially in the retail industry, have to be on their toes, providing the optimum service quality to its customer in order to make & hold their position in the market. As comparison spices up in different domains & verticals of the organized retail game, as many of the foreign players are entering to India & other Indian retail brands consolidating & expanding with a vengeance, one cannot afford to relax & take the customers lightly. Service quality is of the paramount importance when one talks about delivering the services to customers....   [tags: customers, gap, quality]

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- PREDICTION OF ASAPHALT PAVEMENT RUTTING USING FINITE ELEMENT THEORY Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 UKM Bangi Selangor, Malaysia. ABSTRACT The finite element method is capable of simulating the observed rutting of pavements subjected to axle load. Finite element modeling of pavements can be used directly to estimate primary response parameters without resorting to potentially costly field experiments. The objective of this study is to develop a finite element model to simulate the laboratory testing of asphalt mixes in (HWRT) for rutting....   [tags: Civil Engineering]

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Wire-Electrical Discharge Machining

- Wire-electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a non-traditional machining process in which a pulsed voltage difference between a wire electrode and a conductive work piece initiates sparks which erode work piece material. Removing material in such a way is often advantageous when the work piece material would be difficult to machine with traditional machine tools due to high strength, hardness, toughness, etcetera (Newton, 2008). Due to the process itself, EDM are able to produce any complex shape but at the loss of surface integrity and some other after effect like Kerf width, Heat affected zone and etc....   [tags: non-traditional machining processes]

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TLBO ALgorithms and Optimization

- Optimization, in simple terms, means minimize the cost incurred and maximize the profit such as resource utilization. EAs are population based metaheuristic (means optimize problem by iteratively trying to improve the solution with regards to given measure of quality) optimization algorithms that often perform well on approximating solution to all types of problem because they do not make any assumptions about the underlying evaluation of fitness function. There are many EAs available viz. Genetic Algorithm (GA) [1] , Artificial Immune Algorithm (AIA) [2], Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) [3], Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) [4], Differential Evolution (DE) [5, 6], Harmony Search (HS) [7], Ba...   [tags: Application, System, Implementation]

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Mediated Learning Experience

- In this chapter there is one main idea. The main idea is that there are nine additional parameters of Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) that are situationally appropriate. The key concepts for the second half of this chapter are the situation or event specific parameters identified by the authors. Herein each of the parameters will be identified and a possible classroom connection will be noted. In addition, a brief correlation to traditional and contemporary learning theories will be identified....   [tags: Literature Review]

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A High-Voltage Compliant Microelectrode Array Driver for Neuro Prosthesis: Effects of Process Variation

- 1. INTRODUCTION The loss of physiological functions can be restored partially or completely using functional electrical stimulation and this mechanism has been used in a number of biomedical devices such as the mo- tor nerves stimulator [1], pacemaker, urinary implant [2], and cochlear implant [3]. The advance in microelectronic technologies is allowing the researchers to engineer highly miniaturized implantable integrated microsystems [4]. Some of these implantable advanced prosthetic devices use intracorti- cal functional electrical microstimulation for recovering diseases such as Parkinson and epilepsy [5]....   [tags: electric stimulation of brain]

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Software Applications

- Software Several software applications were written and used to operate the hardware described in the previous section. This section is a description of the software used in the research. A software application that controlled the positioning system, the waveform generator, the power supply and the data acquisition from the CPD sensor was written in a graphical programming environment LabView (from National Instruments). The Labview environment was chosen because of the ease of use in user graphic interface designing and the availability of all necessary libraries and drivers for the Labview from the hardware manufacturer....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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The Effect Of Temperature On The Temperature Operating Spectrum

- The temperature operating spectrum varies from 2 to 80 °C, although practically, in the study of biomolecules, a narrower range of temperatures is used (usually from 10 to 35 °C). During an experiment cells are filled with liquid, with the reference cell used as a reference that usually contains water and the second cell (sample cell) contains the sample. The temperature is set by the user and is maintained at the same level between the cells and the jacket by heaters (resistances). The whole system is based on the constant power that is supplied to the reference cell, which in turn enables or disables the heater on the sample cell and provides a baseline power signal, the DP (differential p...   [tags: Thermodynamics, Entropy, Internal energy]

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A Model-Based Methodology for Spray Drying Process Development

- A Model- Based Methodology for Spray Drying Process Development Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation September 2009 Volume 4 Issue 3 This paper describes a novel methodology based on fundamental engineering models as well as process characterization techniques to ensure that the spray drying process is efficient and requires minimal time and API. Spray drying methods use rapid drying kinetics to produce solid amorphous dispersions, excipients, and encapsulation. Spray drying dispersions are used to increase bioavailability of poorly soluble APIs....   [tags: engineering models, process techniques]

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Significance of Quantity of Oil Produced

- Significance of Quantity of Oil Produced in US in Determining US Oil Prices. 1. Introduction Oil production and prices in US have been experiencing fluctuation for a long period and there is a need to identify whether the production has a significant effect on oil prices for the period from 1986 to 2005. This analysis could be of interest to the energy administration commission and the government for the purpose of planning for oil price control as well as for the purpose of planning investment in infrastructure for oil production....   [tags: oil prices,US,OLS]

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The Internet Revolution

- With the Internet revolution, I doubt that someone has never heard of the term URL. It is that set of characters that you type in the address bar in your browser to surf the Internet. In academic terms, we can say that URL is the global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web (WWW). For example, is a URL that identifies the Saint Joseph’s University website. In other words, URL is a generic term for all types of names and addresses that refer to objects on the WWW, which it could be website, webserver, image or any other object on the WWW....   [tags: World Wide Web, Internet, Domain Name System]

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Controls Review of PID Control of Neuromuscular Blockade

- Teresa Mendonca and Pedro Lago of The University of Porto published an article titled, “PID control strategies for the automatic control of neuromuscular blockade,” describing how modified digital PID controllers were designed for the neuromuscular blockade. A study was done on 30 patients using the digital PID control system where data was collected. The results were favorable suggesting individually tailored parameters in PID controllers. The article described how the PID was implemented, which parameters were changed, and how the changes affected the results....   [tags: PID controllers, PID, biological systems]

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The Cost Of Electricity ( Lcoe )

- The Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) is a well-established metric used to calculate the cost of electricity generation over the plant’s lifetime. It is commonly used to compare the cost of generation across different technologies in order to determine the economic viability or commercial feasibility. The calculation for LCOE takes into account all the costs incurred over the lifetime of the plant such as capital cost, operation and maintenance (O&M) cost, fuel cost (where applicable), financing costs and other relevant costs....   [tags: Photovoltaics, Solar energy, Solar thermal energy]

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The Financial Aspect Of The Marketing Plan

- This section is created to see the financial aspect of the marketing plan. We will consider break-even analysis, sales forecasts, expense forecast in order to meet the marketing strategy. Break-even analysis determines the point at which revenue received equals the costs associated with receiving the revenue. Break-even analysis calculates what is known as a margin of safety, the amount that revenues exceed the break-even point. This is the amount that revenues can fall while still staying above the break-even point....   [tags: Variable cost, Marketing, Fixed cost, Total cost]

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CAST (Condition Assessment Selection Tool) Development

- 4.1 Introduction The main objective of this thesis was development of a framework for decision support tool, CAST (Condition Assessment Selection Tool). Once the data was collected on condition assessment technologies a means of comparing them was needed. Several different formats and programs were considered including MS Access, MS Excel and MS Visio method. After careful review of all methods, MS Excel based method was selected because of the following features: Wide usage is possible due to universal acceptance and availability of MS Excel The revision and addition of new technologies is much easier It doesn’t require any special training Both MS Excel and MS Access based tools have th...   [tags: Technology]

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Designing An Efficient Supply Chain Network

- Designing an efficient supply chain network ( SCN ) has always been a challenge for researchers . The importance of supply chain network design ( SCND ) was recognized already in the early 1970s [ ] . The goal of the most supply chain optimization problems is to minimize the total cost of the whole supply chain ( SC ) . However , industries are now subject to legislative and societal pressures to improve the environmental performance of their activities . The growing awareness of supply chain environmental aspects is now greatly recognized by academic and industrial communities [ ] ....   [tags: Supply chain management, Supply chain, Management]

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Soil Surface Temperature

- As an atmospheric parameter, air temperature plays an important role in providing energy for plants during their phonological stages. Soil surface temperature affects plants chemical reactions which is an important factor in its nutrient absorption. Therefore soil surface temperature is an essential parameter in the quality and quantity of agricultural products. Advances in artificial intelligence and their applications in every branch of science, provide us with tools to calculate and predict climatology parameters more accurately....   [tags: porducts, moisture, air, sunny]

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The Physics Of Tendons.

- The Physics of Tendons As scientists, we make it our mission to understand the natural phenomena of the universe. Not from one narrow perspective, but rather a holistic take on why things are the way they are. By that I mean the Biology, Chemistry and Physics behind all that occurs within the confines of reality. By taking this approach to analyzing and understanding what we perceive we can uncover the fundamental rules for something as simple as the tendons in our body. There’s an old analogy where three blind men are touching different parts of a bull....   [tags: Energy, Force, Potential energy, Muscle]

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Policy Analysis: Stabalizing The Firm

- Policy Analysis: Stabilizing the Firm a. Generally speaking, stability in terms of the firm is simply consistency. Most firms base major decisions on some of the key parameters in this model. To maintain stability, a firm desires to keep standard deviations of these parameters low. Additionally, a stable firm wants to be able to maintain real numbers that are close to desired or projected numbers. For example, how much warehouse space needs to be rented may depend on what the inventory levels are predicted to be for the next year....   [tags: Business Management Analysis]

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Groundwater Quality and Quantity

- Groundwater is a merchandise which is proposed to be utilized wisely whilst ensuring its serenity and sacredness as far as quality and amount. Universal usage in segments, for example, streamlined, metropolitan, commercial, agricultural and private makes groundwater polluted and changing over it as a powerless element. Populace development is on the cutting edge to make an upgraded water request because of everlasting lack of surface water and overweening industrialization. Geographic Data Systems launched a helpful harmonious relationship with ecological concerns and regular assets lately....   [tags: Ground Water, China, Quality, Quantity]

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Managing A Personal Computer

- Managing A Personal Computer 1.1 The AUTOEXEC.BAT file is one of files which loads every time the computer is booted. It contains command lines and procedures to run programs and load settings for the system’s hardware and software configuration. It also may contain command lines procedures to run programs which may clean your system’s hard drive of temporary files and viruses. An example of this file is shown below: @ECHO OFF PROMPT $P$G SET PATH=C:DOS LH C:SBCDDRVMSCDEX.EXE /S /D:MSCD001 /M:8 /V SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T4 SET SOUND=C:SBPRO C:MOUSEMMOUSE.COM The first line of this batch file, @ECHO OFF, is programming command which hides all the command lines procedures from the user....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Forward and Inverse Fuzzy Magnetorheological Damper Models for Control Purposes

- Abstract The Magneto-Rheological (MR) damper behavior is described by a set of nonlinear differential equations, which are unsuitable for utilizing MR damper in control applications. This paper illustrates the utility and effectiveness of adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) approach in handling the forward and inverse models of the MR damper. First ANFIS is used to build the forward model from noisy data generated from numerical simulation of nonlinear differential equations. Second, the same data are used to build the inverse model, which is extremely difficult....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Observational Learning Help Children Learn How to Behave

- ... Laughter show activity in the brain (the area that is always active when processing emotions); cause the body to be aroused. Therefore, laughter is an emotional. In order to understand how significant laughter is similar to other emotional response, it must be examine through gender. In regards to laughter, gender difference will be taken into consideration as well as brain activity and parent(s) interaction. Laughter as an emotional response In order to consider laughter as an emotional response, first emotional response must be identified....   [tags: experience, emotions, response]

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The Design of a Wireless Sensor Network

- The design of WSN includes various disciplines like database, query processing, networking, algorithms and distributed systems. The basic functionality of WSN generally depends on the applications but the following requirements are typical. I) determine the value of a parameter at a given location. II) Detect the occurrence of events of interest and estimate the parameters of the events. III) Classify the object that has been detected. IV) Track an object. Sensing principles include mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical, chromatographic, magnetic, biological, fluidic, optical, ultrasonic, and mass sensing....   [tags: database, query processing, networking]

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System Dynamics As A Function Of Time

- System dynamics is usually used for an extended period involving considering the highly-aggregated statistics of the parameters being modelled [4]. It considers things as one complete entity instead of splitting a whole system into fractures. The fundamental principal of this methodology is to appreciate how all the individual objects in a structure relate to each other [5], making it possible to identify the behaviour of complex systems [4] that are categorised by mutually dependent, common correlation, data response and circular causality....   [tags: Feedback, Negative feedback, Positive feedback]

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Development of Performance-Based Mixture Design Method

- CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 General Nowadays, the basic construction material is concrete which is used more than any other man-made material in the world to make pavements, architectural structures, foundations, roads, bridges, etc. Concrete is a construction material composed of cement (commonly Portland cement) as well as other cementitious materials such as fly ash and slag cement, aggregate (generally a coarse aggregate such as gravel, limestone, or granite, plus a fine aggregate such as sand), water, and chemical admixtures (such as accelerating admixtures, air-entraining admixtures, water-reducing and set-controlling admixtures, finely divided admixtures, polymers for polymer-modif...   [tags: Construction]

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A Research on Wireless Sensor Netwroks

- INTRODUCTION 1.1. Research Project Background and Motivation In current years, wireless sensor networks (WSN) has found applications a lot of situations, like surroundings observation and forecasting system, battleground monitoring, territory monitoring, weather conditions detection, natural animal protection, museums sanctuary and a little other human unreachable dangerous areas. Power assignment and management is critical in sensors therefore it forms one important question of conserving QOS using sensors for extended duration....   [tags: monitoring, algorithm, network designers]

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Recording Studio: The Behringer X32 Mixer

- ... The X32 provides two ways to send signals from channels to monitor buses and effects units, including the four “Bus Send” encoders or the “Sends on Fader” feature. By pressing the “Sends on Fader” button, the input faders send the signal to the user’s chosen bus with the input fader displaying the selected bus for that channel and vice versa; If a mix bus is selected, the 16 left input faders are used to set the right mix for the bus. To avoid confusion and to be user friendly, the channel numbers appear in red at the top left of the display....   [tags: channel and signal processing]

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Deskewing Using Binary and Grayscale Images

- Therefore, for each pixel of the image we use the following observation window: where c is the current pixel. We then compute the following products: Finally the algorithm checks if up > down and down > 127. The main drawback of this algorithm is for images with a low contrast where too many pixels are deleted from the original image. Therefore, the Hough transform is not able to estimate properly the skew angle. 1.3 The Hough transform The Hough transform is an algorithm invented by Paul Hough in 1962....   [tags: Information Technology]

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Pork Chop Plot : A Chart That Shows Contours Of Characteristic Energy ( C3 ) Versus Departure And Arrival

- Pork-chop plot Pork-chop plot is a chart that shows contours of characteristic energy (C3) versus departure and arrival dates. The Pork-chop plot is essential to determine the initial launch parameters. Pork-chop plot is the graphical representation of lambert solution. Pork Chop plot of Earth-Venus trajectory (from Leela O’Brien, 2012) Tisserand Graph Tisserand graph is a very useful tool to investigate the feasibility of gravity-assist transfer trajectories. The Tisserand graph is the plot of orbital specific energy or orbital period versus the periapsis radius....   [tags: Orbit, Astrodynamics, Mars, Celestial mechanics]

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Position Control of Hydraulic Servo System Using PID Controller Tuned by Some Evolutionary Techniques

- This paper presents Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm, Adaptive Weighted PSO (AWPSO) algorithm and Genetic Algorithm (GA) for determining the optimal Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller’s parameters of a position control for a typical Hydraulic Servo System (HSS). The performance indices, which have been used in the optimization, are Integral Absolute Error (IAE), Integral Square Error (ISE) and Integral Time Absolute Error (ITAE). The proposed controller is implemented on a simulation model of a real time hydraulic system to know the best method for tuning the controller....   [tags: particle swarm optimization algorithm]

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Artificial Neural Network for non-Linear Dynamic Process of a Cyclone Scrubber

- INTRODUCTION The development of a low cost process for removal of acid gases and solid particles in flue gases from incinerators is desirable. A cyclone scrubber is one of the processes, which can absorb the gases, separate particles, and decrease the gas temperature simultaneously. For understanding the phenomena of gas absorption and particle separation simultaneously in a cyclone scrubber, it is very important to understand the gas absorption and the particle separation exclusively. This paper studied the absorption phenomena of gas-liquid in a cyclone scrubber....   [tags: Three, Layer, Experiment]

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