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My Science Paragraphs: American Fauna

- My Science Paragraphs AMERICAN ELK One of the animals that I have chosen for the first paragraph is the American Elk. I will talk about this animal and the eating habits of the animal. This animal is a secondary consumer so that mean that it eats producers. The elk eats varieties of greens, dried grass, forbs, sand and bark. It eats grasses such as native bluegrasses, rough fescue, Idaho fescue, prairie junegrass, needlegrasses, bluebunch and the primary foods in the summer and spring are slender and thickspike wheatgrasses along with sedges and early forbs....   [tags: American Elk, double crested cormorant]

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First Paragraphs in Short Stories

- FIRST PARAGRAPHS First paragraphs are fundamental to the story and need to “hook” the reader in. If the first paragraph doesn’t grab you, then why would you read further. The first paragraph is where you are introduced to the tone of the story and sets the stage by introducing the main character(s) and giving information to entice us to continue reading. Three stories that have strong first paragraphs that draw us in and help us understand the character and story are: “A Sick Call” by Morley Callaghan, “A Bird In The House” by Margaret Laurence, and “One Evening” by David Helwig....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Process of Writing

- The Process of Writing Throughout my whole life I have been taught to write many different ways and on how I should approach my writing assignments in and outside of class. But there was one particular method that was taught a lot more than others such as the five paragraphs method. Some assignments were very easy that I could write off the back of my head and some of the harder one’s I have think a lot more critically. All I ever did was follow the five paragraph process and nothing more. This is what I led to believe be my downfall in my writing skills because I was unable to use any other methods....   [tags: the five paragraphs method]

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Rhetorical Structure: Contrasting Positive And Negative Paragraphs

- “Seeing Rhetorically” Writing Exercise My Roommate’s Bed - Positive My roommate’s bed is spotless. She always has it made. Never is a single pillow ruffled; no sheets peek out from under the comforter. Over the summer, she and I decided to make animal print the dominant characteristic of our room. Although I stuck to zebra stripe, her bed linens incorporate every animal print imaginable. She chose a bed set that has small zebra print running the length. In between is a larger strip of dark leopard spots and a deep tan background....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Good Essay is More than Just Five Paragraphs

- A Good Essay is More than Just Five Paragraphs This year in College Writing one has been very interesting. I understand now that there is a lot more that goes into writing a paper than I first thought. I especially realize this when I look back at one of my first papers which was the descriptive essay titled, "The Hidden Truth." The first thing that pops into my mind when I look at this paper is my consideration of the kind of audience I had. I was assuming they were very or somewhat knowledgeable about the topic I chose....   [tags: Teaching Writing Essays]

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Paragraphs on State of Consciousness and Religion

- ... If we always remember what we learned in our childhood we can become a very spiritual adult, the equilibrium between the childhood and the consecration of the adult life are part of forms that styles a person of the humanity a real self. 3. Briefly discuss the important religious states of consciousness. The states of consciousness is a state of mind and is unique to each person. As we are trying to understand the enigma of consciousness and how does ascend. I think is important to understand our one awareness and ourselves with in our surroundings....   [tags: feelings, god, humanity]

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Iliad Paragraphs

- Plot for “The Golden Apple” – “Ship Gathering”: In the beginning, Eris, the goddess of discord, cunningly left a deceitful apple engraved with “To the fairest” at the wedding of King Peleus. Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite all immediately clashed over this pseudo-gift. Towards the middle, the three goddesses (Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite) became weary of their argument and, spying young Paris, found an end to their bitter rivalry. Together, they presented the apple to the herder and bade him to pick she who most deserved the gift....   [tags: Classics, Greek, Homer]

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Short Paragraphs on Transportation, Cars and Trains

- Transportation Cars Medicine and Astronomy...   [tags: astronomy, medicine]

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Paragraphs on THe Nemean Lion, Hydra, Ceryneia and Erymanthean Boar

- ... The hydra lived in the marshes of Lerna consumed people as well as animals. The hydra was a female monster with large dog-like body and several serpentine heads. One of these heads was immortal. The hydra possessed poisonous breath that killed anyone who inhaled it. Heracles was accompanied by his nephew and charioteer Iolaus, who was the son of his twin brother Iphicles and Automedusa. They arrived at the Amynone Spring, where the monster lived in seclusion. Heracles forced the beast out by shooting flamed arrows into its lair....   [tags: heracles, nemea, eurystheus]

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The Perfect Paragraph And Kurt Vonnegut 's Writing With Style

- Learning to be an adequate writer for certain people can be as easy as putting a pen to paper, but for others writing has proven to be a frustrating and difficult process. It can be challenging for a new student facing the first essay paper wondering what to sort out first; there is a great deal of confusing and tricky processes to follow, and rules to abide by. While the plethora of resources made available to avid seekers is practically limitless, it is no surprise that writing still isn’t a smooth process....   [tags: Writing, Writer, Writing process, Paragraph]

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Breaking The Five Paragraph Theme Barrier By Thomas Nunnally

- Based on my high school experience, my view of writing has always been that the five-paragraph essay will be able to carry me through my life, and therefore, I would not have to learn another essay writing style but master this one. But in the essay “Breaking the Five-Paragraph-Theme Barrier” by Thomas Nunnally, we are told that “Students need to understand that they practice on the FPT to learn the principles of effective composition, principles that can be applied to any writing task, not to master a single format that will answer all their writing needs.” (70-71)....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay, Thought]

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Charle Magne, Dante, Hung Wu and Wan Li, Paragraphs

- Charle Magne, Dante, Hung Wu and Wan Li Charlemagne 1.) After the Roman Empire fell from 400-500 AD, many of the Romans sought new leadership in present-day Germany. Many of the Germanic tribes settled there allowed the Romans to join their communities and even adapted some of their ways. One tribe in particular, the Franks, actually took it as far as adopting Roman law. Their leader, Pippin the Short, liked the Roman idea of an aristocratic hierarchy so much that he had implemented it in his tribe....   [tags: roman empire, leadership, china]

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PeterPan, Elvis Presley and Play-Doh, Paragraphs on Several Topics

- ... In some variations of the story there where some spin-offs also, Peter can also be quite selfish and arrogant. Peter appears very judge mental and pompous for instance, he calls the Lost Boys blockheads a book that he was in that he didn’t like what happened to him, and when the Darling children said he should leave for home at once. Elvis Presley- His full name is, Elvis Aaron Presley, he is also a American singer, musician and actor the king of rock and roll “nickname” the King, born- January 8, 1935 in tupelo, MS Then later on in life he died on august 16, 1977 in Memphis, TN, he has one spouse and her name is Priscilla Presley she lived from 1967-1973 also Elvis made a wide range of...   [tags: j. m. barrie, musician, toys]

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Writing, And The Dreaded 5 Paragraph Structure

- “Writing, form of human communication by means of a set of visible marks that are related, by convention, to some particular structural level of language” (Encyclopædia Britannica). It all started in 4th grade. The grammar, the writing, and the dreaded 5 paragraph structure. In today’s world, kids learn the 5 paragraph structure and clinging onto it throughout middle school, high school, and even in college. A couple questions asked when talking about structure is why are students taught to write in this form, when and why would you not want to use this form, and why should we not be teaching the 5-paragraph structure to children in today’s society....   [tags: Education, Learning, Writing, High school]

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Paragraph Development, Proof Reading, and Creating Better Introductions

- Writing, just like anything else in life, is something that can never be perfected by any man whether it is Stephen King, Stan Lee, or a regular college student. The subject of writing cannot be perfect because it is an art that in some cases the final work can be seen as beautiful to one person and horrific to the next guy. Authors always have to proofread, send their work to an editor, and rewrite their material and even than the book is not always one hundred percent correct. As a college student my writing is not up to par with the authors like Stephen king but we are similar in some ways because my writing is imperfect as well....   [tags: improving my writing]

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Reading Paragraph From Lowry 's The Giver

- As I sat in the front of my 6th grade English class, I anxiously awaited my turn to read. While reading several paragraphs from Lowry’s The Giver, I stuttered, mispronounced words, and even worked up a sweat. Every since I could remember I hated reading. Why do I always have to read out loud and embarrass myself to the entire class. Why can I not read as well as everyone in my class. How come I can never understand what I am reading. This was when I realized that I had a reading comprehension deficit....   [tags: Reading, Reading comprehension, Comprehension]

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Summary of Unteaching the Five-paragraph Essay

- In an excerpt of Unteaching the Five-Paragraph Essay," Marie Foley reveals how the Five-Paragraph Essay formula contradicts writing instructor's most basic goals. Foley shows that the formula deters from generating individual thinking. In today's society, essays are used by millions of people in order to express their different ideas. The Five-Paragraph Essay formula was originally developed to help retain the efficiency and clarity of the essay. Foley, however, believes that this process eventually separates the student from his or her written expression and should be used only as a first step tool for beginning student writers....   [tags: Personal Essays]

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Theme Writing in a Five Paragraph Structured Form

- Theme Writing in a Five Paragraph Structured Form I'll just run off five quick paragraphs with a couple big words and a solid structure and I'll breeze through another paper. Let the nonsense begin. I never really liked my parents. I found out in high school that if you disagree with anyone, expect detention. Now I found myself in a new setting. I was surrounded by people yearning to write, straining to listen, dying to learn. I was in expository writing 220. I looked around and noticed that everyone seemed to be sitting in the proper first day arrangement, guys on one side, girls on the other....   [tags: Writing Education Teaching Essays]

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Class Reflection : My English Teacher At High School Taught Us The Standard Five Paragraph Organization

- Class Reflection My English teacher in high school taught us the standard five paragraph organization for an essay. But, I never liked that organization because I felt by following that process my essay would lose its uniqueness. When I started this class I thought this course would be like all the others I have taken in the past, all following the same pattern, but this was different. When we started our first essay “Writing to Share an Experience” the directions to the students were “organize and use the rules to your benefit.” To me, this was freedom to express my ideas....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Writing process, Time]

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A Paragraph Of The U.s. Declaration Of Independence

- The 2nd paragraph of the U.S. Declaration of Independence states that: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” (Declaration of Independence par. 2). Does that right extend to everyone. The disabled. The blind. Of course, we would answer yes in a heartbeat because we are taught that “all men” means everyone. What about babies. Especially the unborn ones....   [tags: Abortion, Human rights, Pregnancy]

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An Introductory Paragraph On The Holocaust

- Introductory paragraph Everyone thought slavery was horrific but what Hitler did to the Jewish community was just as bad, if not, worse. A lot of us are oblivious to what really happened; the Jews were just another minority that got the short end of the stick. Millions of innocent Jews died due to Hitler and his rules. Thesis Many who lived during the Holocaust kept quiet when it came to anyone harassing the Jews. It 's not right to just sit back and watch these tragic events happen to other people; we can 't just brush this one under the rug....   [tags: The Holocaust, Germany, Jews, Judaism]

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My Writing : My Experience With Bullying

- Composing has always been one of my weakest strengths, because I find it to be a challenging process to put my thoughts into writing. I struggle with expressing my ideas in a way that make it difficult for others to understand the big picture inside my head. During my writing process, I usually find myself spending a couple of hours on a paragraph, just to have it be erase and rephrased in a different way, repeatedly. This is all because I feel like it doesn’t make sense and people wouldn’t be able to understand the concept of my writing....   [tags: Thought, Writing, Mind, Paragraph]

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How Humor Makes More Of An Impression Than Stern Speeches

- Driving while Stupid, but Researching while Smart Most people would agree that humor makes more of an impression than stern speeches or passages. For example, if someone were to mention the name “Rudy Giuliani” who is the third most famous speaker in our era, most average people would not recognize the man or know of his title. However, if someone were to mention “George Carlin” who was one of the most famous comedians in the 80’s and 90’s before his untimely passing, there would be many a person who would comment on his broad views and humorous remarks that made his points even more valid than the remarks of most present-day politicians....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Paragraph]

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Gripping More Varieties On My Essays

- Gripping More Varieties On My Essays “Don 't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass,” said Anton Chekhov, a famous Russian realist and modern playwright. Personally, I perceive his idea as a demand to infuse writings with grace, imagination and creativity, and also a refusal to compose blandly without any varieties. When I started taking my college writing class this semester, I had to face with my weakness of lacking varieties on writing assignments: I need to inspire my reader, who is my college writing professor, with the “glint of light” by producing more varieties on vocabularies, sentences, and first paragraphs....   [tags: Writing, Paragraph, Typography, Essay]

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I Am From My Peer Reviewer

- From the feedback I got from my peer reviewer, my paper was in the right path. What was missing was structure. As the structure went, I did not have structure it was one long paragraph that did not have a start and an end. So, I added more content to the paragraphs because they needed more sentences to back them up. What I also did was I broke down the paper into introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. I also got the chance to reread my paper and correct any miss interpretation and mistakes I had....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Paper, Paragraph]

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The Storm Of College English

- Riding out the Storm As much as anyone prepares for a hurricane to come, there is no stopping it once it is here. Riding out the storm sitting in the dark, getting minimal sleep, and surviving off the stock kept in the basement is all one can do. Then as the eye of the storm moves over the area, everything becomes eerily calm and everyone waits for destruction to hit once again. The storm continues to move and it is back to waiting it out and merely surviving. The storm many know as a hurricane can relate quite well to my experience in College English, but as I near the end of the semester I can reflect back and see the many areas of writing I have improved on....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Paragraph, Paper]

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Writing Papers For College And Other Professional Documents

- Some have difficulty writing papers for college and other professional documents. Despite this I have never seen the trouble this may cause due to simple steps taught to me as a child. It involves a lot of time to clear your mind and focus entirely on creating the best possible paper in the shortest amount of time. The first step to writing an essay is quite simple for anyone to accomplish. First grab a pen and begin writing forethoughts it’s about the topic. Once a good title and topic sentence are written go on and sketch out the future paragraphs....   [tags: Writing, Linguistics, Paragraph, Essay]

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My Growth As A Writer

- The following final drafts, drafts, notes, and peer review letters represent my growth as a writer in the span of one semester. I learned quite a bit about myself and the things i can do to improve my writing and the methods of doing proper research in order to write a proper research essay. Though i have seen an improvement within these essays, i feel i still have much to practice upon. My method of research has changed slightly. When i search the internet for articles, journals, and blogs, i always give it a quick scan....   [tags: Paragraph, Writing, Essay, Typography]

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Why I Should Pass The English Class And Meet The University Writing Skills Requirement ( Uwsr )

- Introductory Reflective Essay As a person who was born and grew up in China, I had been intimidated by English writing for many years. Although I finished many English writing tasks in the past few years, I failed my Writing Skills Test one year ago. This experience seriously undermined my confidence, and thus I decided to take ENGL3000 to improve my academic writing skills. This English class helps me completely transform from a person who had no idea about academic writing to a person who have grasped the critical strategies to write proficiently....   [tags: Writing, Rhetoric, Essay, Paragraph]

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Reflection Paper On Cumulative Reflection Letter

- Cumulative Reflection Letter Over the course of the semester, I have learned a lot regarding the process of writing. When comparing my open letter to my DSP, it is very clear how much this process has progressed for me. When writing my DSP, I wrote the initial draft and then edited for grammar, but not really content. When writing my open letter I made quite a few changes to content and had more rounds of revision. My process was as follows: I wrote a brief outline, then I wrote the first draft, then considering the comments that I usually make on my peers’ essays I made structural and content changes, then I sent my essay to my peers for feedback, then I made even more content changes, the...   [tags: Writing, Essay, Essays, Paragraph]

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Applying A Formal Mla Style Paper

- 1. As you start down your path to your adult career in college, you will have to write a lot of college papers, especially in English class. You will loathe your life because all of the deadline are approaching all at once, but your English 101 class you will help you learn how to properly write a formal MLA style paper. Throughout your English class you will learn the necessary steps to write an amazing English paper. In this class will learn how making a clear, strong thesis. A thesis statement is one sentence that is usually at the beginning of the paper, which controls all of the main ideas that are written within the paper and reflect to the reader what the paper is going to be about....   [tags: Writing, English-language films, Paragraph]

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Definition And Usage Of An Apa Or Cse Draft

- Before discussing anything that relates to the article 's context and usage, the structure formatted in this article follows a familiar style of an APA or CSE draft. What makes me say this is all components shared in an APA or CSE format: an abstract, sub-headings when discussing a new topic, a reference page, etc. Not only that, but the article allows you to view each component like a legend on the right-hand side of the page to quickly identify the location in the article. A nifty tool that does come in handy, but there is more to discuss than just the format of an article....   [tags: Rhetoric, Critical thinking, Debate, Paragraph]

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Appearance Of Your Sales Letter

- Do looks matter to you. If you 're like most people -- including your customers and prospects -- the answer is "Yes." Particularly in sales, appearance is important. For example, in a competitive situation, all else being equal, the appearance of the salesperson may well be the deciding factor in who gets the business. Appearance is also an important factor in the success of your sales letter. Case in point: The marketer with a highly targeted mailing list, a compelling offer, effective copy -- and who pays careful attention to how his letter looks -- will enjoy better results than the person who focuses solely on content, with no regard to how it 's presented....   [tags: Typography, Typeface, Sans-serif, Paragraph]

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Applying A Formal Mla Style Paper

- As you start down your path to your adult career in college, you will have to write a lot of college papers, especially in English class. You will loathe your life because all of the deadline approaching all at once, but your English 101 class you will help you learn how to properly write a formal MLA style paper. Throughout your English class you will learn the necessary steps to write an amazing English paper. You will learn how to spot fragments which is not a complete sentence that usually lacks a verb or a subject, comma splices which are two sentence combined together by a comma, and run-ons which is two sentence that are combined together into one in this class....   [tags: Writing, English-language films, Paragraph]

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Self Reflection Essay : Smoking

- Self-reflection essay: Smoking When critiquing one’s own writing, many are compelled to honestly say their opinion. This is a struggle for everyone, a struggle of honesty and coming to terms with your own abilities. Here, I am required to give a critique based upon my final essay #3 about smoking by using the Research Paper Evaluation Rubric and place myself in one of the four categories. I find myself stuck between inadequate and successful but in the end after great consideration, I can honestly say that I belong in the successful category....   [tags: Critical thinking, Evidence, Rhetoric, Paragraph]

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Argument For The Literate Future

- Arguing For the Literate Future Writer, Anna Quindlen, in her argumentative essay, “Reading Has a Strong Future.” Informs how the introduction of E-Readers is changing the perspective many have towards physical books. Quindlen’s purpose is to convey the idea written books are a thing of the past, is inaccurate and that while they will continue to thrive, E-readers are reaching people in far more communicative ways. Quindlen effectively creates not only an emotional response within her audience by building an argument, drawing statistics to increase her credibility, and involving the audience which consists of American readers....   [tags: Audience theory, Audience, Question, Paragraph]

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Notes And Mandatory Formal Papers

- When I first stepped foot into your classroom, I was overwhelmed with anxiety; lacking the imperative writing skills, thinking skills and problem solving skills for an undergrad; having graduated from a school that cared little for their students academics. I vaguely knew of MLA formatting, appropriate punctuation, developing thesis statements and conveying personal opinions in both informal and formal essays. However, through the duration of this course, I noticed that my writing was improving....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Problem solving, Paragraph]

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Assignment On Top Of Making Remarks

- AFOSP is what I will be using to review your assignment on top of making remarks to your paper. I know our assignment does not require me to make remakes to every mistake you made on your paper. But, I believe that in order for you to understand what may need to be revised, I should show you my remarks to help in your revision process. Starting off with A, which stands for Assignment, I believe you did well in following the assignments goal of a topic you felt should be researched. You completed the writing in the correct number of pages that was also double spaced and once inch margins surrounding....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Paragraph, School terminology]

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I Am A Very Good Writer

- Coming into this course I thought myself to be a fairly good writer. I had a few tough teachers that helped me develop and, whether by luck or by skill, I had always managed to preform well on class essays. I knew that I could convey a point well and be descriptive about a topic, but underperformed myself in areas like the conclusion. Throughout my essays, I consistently presented clear arguments in a smooth and functional way with strong evidence analysis although I continue to develop better ways to encapsulate my argument in thesis statements and conclusions....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay]

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Essay : A Blessing Or A Curse

- Five Paragraph Essays: A Blessing or a Curse I 'd like to say that my style as a writer has come a long way. However I would not argue I still may have much farther to go as well. My Sophomore year of high school was the golden year for five paragraph essays, what I mean is I was constantly writing essays in a five paragraph format, and looking back on I see that as a blessing as well as a curse. It was a gift because to write a five paragraph essay became extremely easy for me. Yet, it was a cure because to write in any other form became much more difficult....   [tags: Rhetoric, Writing, Five paragraph essay, Essay]

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"North Eastern Chinese" Stereotypes

- ... Because my paper have a lot ideas so I really had a hard time to put them together into one sentence at first. Since thesis statement does not need to be one sentence, I separated it into two sentence: the first sentence was about how my example supported the experts' ideas; the second sentence was about how my example challenged them. This is my thesis statement in the first draft: The examination of this example supports the experts' ideas that people carry stereotypes that derive from their innate ability to categorize and evaluate certain groups of people based on several features like facial appearance....   [tags: witing, skills, grammar, revision, paragraph]

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Graduation Speech Is Helpful For High School Students

- All through our academic years we were taught how to write. Starting with elementary, when the form of writing was first introduced, it consisted of compositions with simple prompts about our weekends. Now, that there was an idea of how to write, middle school English teachers began teaching students a writing format. This format is commonly known as the five-paragraph essay, which entailed an introduction, three supporting body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The five-paragraph essay began being strongly implemented in high school and it leads to many debates whether or not it benefited students proceeding into college....   [tags: Writing, High school, Five paragraph essay, Essay]

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The Five Paragraph Essay and My Own Writing Style

- The five paragraph essay is tremendously valuable to me as a student. I have realized throughout my research that this format is seldom used by professionals; it is mostly used by students like me. I believe I now understand why that is; it seems to be a very clear way of composing a paper. It has a great deal of structure to it, and allows for more consistency and a better flow. Without having such structure, it is easy to go off on tangents, and at the same time, confuse the reader. The five-paragraph essay is essentially a sealant....   [tags: essays, writing styles,]

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Discussion Board : Risk Assessment Corrected Paragraph

- Risk Assessment. Discussion board: Risk Assessment corrected paragraph: Help I’ve fallen and I can 't Get up. I started to write this as an assignment intro... When considering a patient in an aged care setting, there are risk factors to be assessed for the patient, including risks for falling. In a 2015 study, “30% of community-dwelling older adults fall at least once a year and this percentage increases to 43% for those living in nursing homes and 50% for those over the age of 80” (Barbosa, del Pozo-Cruz, del Pozo-Cruz, et al., 2016....   [tags: Old age, Gerontology, Geriatrics, Nursing]

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Outline Of A Article On My Paper

- When I began writing papers, I was in the seventh grade. Every week we had to write a five paragraph essay with a long list of requirements. At the start, it was very stressful trying to write an entire 5 paragraph essay in one week. However, by the end of the year, I discovered how to quickly and effectively write my paper. I would start my paper every week by making an outline. My introduction would start out by listing all the points that I was going to mention in my paper including my attention grabber and thesis statement....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay, Paper]

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Paraphrasing : A Double Entry Journal

- Paraphrasing: Paraphrasing is very similar to a summary, but instead of shortening what an author has said, a paraphrase is reworded. When paraphrasing, credit should always be given or it could be considered plagiarized. It is both a writing and reading strategy because it requires both of these. People need to read a piece of writing, then interpret and rewrite the author’s ideas. Paraphrasing is very useful when it comes to writing about a topic because it is saying something in a way that makes sense and is written to a particular audience....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay, Writer]

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Writing A Process Analysis Essay

- It is that time of the school year again. It is time for students to frantically throw together a five paragraph essay for an instructor who has to read hundreds of them. When the class begins to think it could not get any worse, it does. The instructor explains to the class that not only will it be at least 650 words, but it will also be a process analysis essay. Some will roll their eyes, some will ask “what is that?”, and some will just start to cry. It is important to know how to write a decent process analysis essay that will not bore the reader to death....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay, Explanation]

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Analytical Essay : Obesity ( Student N.d )

- As stated by Grellier & Goerke (2014), analytical essays explore all perspectives of a topic; whether it be positive/negative or possibilities/difficulties. Also, an argument is generally not required as comparing and contrasting points is the main focus of the essay. Obesity (Student n.d.) will be analysed and critiqued based on conventions of good academic writing. Several major questions can be considered when evaluating an essay. For example, does the essay identify a question worth addressing....   [tags: Essay, Writing, Five paragraph essay, Citation]

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I Am A General Statement

- Start with a general statement, a thesis statement, and a structure statement for the introduction. For each of the three body paragraphs, add an introduction, a quote, analyze the quote for a sentence or two, do the same for another quote, and then hit enter and repeat. Finish with closing paragraph summarizing your main points and thesis, and then end it with some pseudo-philosophical sentence about how the BS you just wrote might somehow apply to actual problems in the real world. That was how I was taught to write essays from the seventh to the twelfth grade....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Rhetoric, Five paragraph essay]

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Review Of ' Of Mice And Men '

- When I was in fourth grade, my teacher informed that I had a high school reading level and that I was advanced for my year; I was very proud. In sixth grade, my teacher informed me that I jumped to from a high school reading level to a college reading level. After learning about this, reading books became large part of my life and have helped me construct who I am today. I read books that intimidated other students and impressed teachers. However when entering high school English, I found academic reading and writing more difficult than I expected it to be....   [tags: Writing, Essay, High school, Five paragraph essay]

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My Thoughts On Writing And Writing

- I often change my ideas and feelings about one thing over and over again, but for most of the time, I classified those change of views as a result of becoming mature. It is perfectly normal for changing one’s point of views since you obtain more and more knowledge as you growing up, but my feelings about writing never changes because growing up or gaining more knowledge, they changes based on whether I can manage this format of writing or not. I can still remember my first impression of writing was formed during the my first six years of school....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay, High school]

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Short Note On Economics And Economics

- The discipline I decided to write about was economics. Researching this major was interesting to me because it also happens to be my major. In order to write a well written paper about the major I used technique’s we learned about throughout this course. To be more specific, I used SWAP and RAIDS to aid me in constructing my essay. The subject of this particular essay was economics the major. From the start of the essay I clearly established I was talking about economics and information I found surrounding the major....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay, Research]

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Persuasive Writing Persuasive Essay Writing

- Persuasive Essay Writing. Main mistakes to avoid. What is persuasive essay. What is the purpose of persuasive essay writing. Persuasive essay writing can also be referred to as an argumentative essay. This is because it uses argument and cognition to drive a point home that one idea is more valid than another idea. It also tries to convince a reader to embrace a certain idea. Therefore in persuasive essay, what are persuasive are the arguments one tries to put across in order for his or her point to be adopted....   [tags: Essay, Writing, Five paragraph essay, Persuasion]

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`` Shitty First Drafts `` By Anne Lamott And Accordions, Frogs, And The 5 Paragraph Theme

- When a person begins writing a paper it can prove to be a difficult task. Where do they begin, and how do they get to where they need to be. The articles “Shitty first Drafts” by Anne Lamott and “Accordions, Frogs, and the 5 Paragraph Theme” by Rob Jenkins bring together freewriting and careful organization into a symbiotic harmony. One has the reader focusing on letting their creative thought flow, and the other has their focus on an effective and adaptive formula. While each have their own unique viewpoint on how the writer can initially achieve their goals, the end goal is the same....   [tags: Writing, Writer, Thought, Creative writing]

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Short Paragraph Of The Book ' Fast Food Fascists ' By Ron Swanson

- Obesity has always been a problem in Australia, and there is no sign of it being stopped. The issue raised is, are the people who are trying to prevent fast food threatening our freedom. 'Freedom Fighter ' writes in their blog arguing that the "fast food fascists" are taking away our freedom. The writer believes those who are trying to block fast food are dictating the lives of Australians. The opening paragraph of the blog mentions a quote by 'Ron Swanson ' from the US TV show 'Parks and Recreation ' which states a person has the right to do anything to themselves because they are free to do so....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Audience theory, Writing]

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Analysis Of The Opening Paragraph Of Our Spiritual Strivings By Du Bois And James Baldwin

- From slavery being legal, to its abolishment and the Civil Rights Movement, to where we are now in today’s integrated society, it would seem only obvious that this country has made big steps in the adoption of African Americans into American society. However, writers W.E.B. Du Bois and James Baldwin who have lived and documented in between this timeline of events bringing different perspectives to the surface. Du Bois first introduced an idea that Baldwin would later expand, but both authors’ works provide insight to the underlying problem: even though the law has made African Americans equal, the people still have not....   [tags: African American, Black people, Race]

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Analysis of the First Paragraph in Porter’s Old Mortality

- Analysis of the First Paragraph in Porter’s Old Mortality First, I would like to make some broad generalizations about Katherine Anne Porter’s stories. The selections of stories that I have read could be considered stories about transition, passage from an old world to a new. There is a prolific amount of life and death imagery related to changes from slavery to freedom, aristocracy to middle-class, and birth to death. Her stories contain characters from several generations and the narratives move through out this multi-generational consciousness....   [tags: Porter’s Old Mortality]

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I Am Not For The Good Old Five Paragraph Structure And Just Doing One Draft

- If you struggle in writing, you most likely are like me: a hopeless talentless individual who could not understand how you put that many words together. According to Lamott, they are those who actually can “write elegantly” by just doing one draft (21). Because I am not that genius writer over there, I rely on the good old five paragraph structure (Foley 1). Though this limits my thoughts and my ideas I cannot seem to find a better way to organize my thoughts , proving nonetheless the difference of skill of a student writer compared to a professional writer itself (Foley 232) .No matter how much I try to convince myself that this is the “right “way to write, I fail ....   [tags: Writing, Need, Want, Essay]

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An Analysis of the First Paragraph of O’Connor’s The Artificial Nigger

- An Analysis of the First Paragraph of O’Connor’s The Artificial Nigger ?In “The Artificial Nigger,” Flannery O’Connor commingles characteristic Christian imagery with themes evocative of her Southern setting. In this essay, a close reading of the first paragraph of this story elucidates the subtle ways in which O’Connor sets up these basic themes of redemption and forgiveness. An additional paragraph will examine the ramifications of this reading on the intertwined racial aspects of the story, which are connected by a common theme of master/servant imagery, which is integral to the first paragraph....   [tags: O'Connor Artificial Nigger]

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Analysis of Paragraph on Page 271-272 of Porter’s Pale Horse, Pale Rider

- Analysis of Paragraph on Page 271-272 of Porter’s Pale Horse, Pale Rider In the opening sentence of this paragraph, two workers at the newspaper office are described. They are not, however, described as people though, they are instead said to be solely “two pairs of legs” (Porter 271). By describing solely this part of the people, Porter is drawing attention to a part of the body seemingly unrelated to newspaper writing. This gives the reader the impression that these two writers are either unskilled in the area or writing, or unimportant to the speaker....   [tags: Porter’s Pale Horse Pale Rider]

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Writing Analysis : Myself As A Writer

- On page two of writing sample one, I wrote a free-write response to the discussion board topic, “myself as a writer,” that my English professor gave in class. This represents the prewrite stage or first draft of writing (Outcome 1). The purpose of the writing assignment was to construct a short essay that discusses anything that evolves over the given topic. Years ago, I learned from my eleventh grade English instructor that writing free-writes is a great tool in putting any idea that comes into mind on paper, so I decided to apply that technique on this small response....   [tags: Writing, Paragraph, Essay, Typography]

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Short Stories About Turning Into A Monster

- I gave the writer a score of 4 for his/her ideas in his/her paper. The writer’s topic is manageable. The writer wrote a brief story about turning into a monster. There are some relevant details that are fleshed out from the story, but some details needs to be further explained. The writer used first person throughout the story. In addition to the reader’s questions are anticipated and answered. For example, the writer wrote about how he/she was turned into a Monster. “The lady take mosterblod from the kitchen and put it in a pot....   [tags: Writing, Word, Phrase, Paragraph]

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Personal Paragraph On Personal Literacy Narrative

- Essay #1: Personal Literacy Narrative It was finally time to head to gym class in the afternoon where we were instructed to take part of a physical test. This test would determine how fit or unfit we are based on a system that was implemented by those with greater authority, on which concluded that it was on such a scale society should be based on. So it was that afternoon that I preformed the tasks that were instructed on to me and my peers. I was able to completed them to my utmost potential which can be consider to be something not so distinctive....   [tags: Muscle, Bodybuilding, Strength training, Knowledge]

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The Video, Revising For Clarity, By Ms.

- In the video, “Revising for Clarity,” Ms. With demonstrated how she guided her fourth grade class through the revising process. She first reviewed the writing process. Ms. With’s writing steps are: prewriting, writing the FIRST draft, revising, editing and proofreading, and final draft and publishing. Ms. With’s writing steps are the same as Tompkins. In the video, Ms. With made a comment that the writing process is “very fluid.” Tompkins also noted, “The numbering of the stages doesn’t mean that this writing process is a linear series of discrete activities” (Tompkins, p....   [tags: Writing process, Writing, Revision, Paragraph]

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The Journey : I Left Lebanon When I Was 10 Years Old

- The journey I left Lebanon when I was 10 years old. My entire family traveled to the United States in order for us to get a better education and live in a more peaceful place. I never had good English speaking skills and my writing was extremely horrible, that 's what made me so insecure about my writing until this day. Looking back in time to my previous school year, I remember myself struggling to write a five paragraph essay and worrying about how I’m going to do in college if I’m still struggling with this five paragraph paper....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay]

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Analysis - Second to Last Paragraph in Flannery O’Connor’s A Late Encounter with the Enemy

- An Analysis of the Second to Last Paragraph in Flannery O’Connor’s A Late Encounter with the Enemy This essay analyzes the first full paragraph on page143 (the second to last paragraph in the story) that begins with “The speaker was through with that war…”. This passage appears to be what is going through ‘General’ Sash’s head right before he dies. The passage begins by saying “The speaker was through with that war and had gone onto the next one and now he was approaching another”. The general goes on to state that all his words are vaguely familiar....   [tags: O'Connor Late Encounter with the Enemy]

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The Easy Four Credit Class Of The Lot

- -“First-Year Writing” the easy four credit class of the lot. Those are the first thoughts that come to my mind as I read through my brand new schedule for the fall semester. How hard could it get. Just writing words decorated with elegant syntax that manages to make coherent arguments. Using “Aurora” to say that dawn had fell, or “supine” to explain we are lying on the coach, academic writing has become a competition between elaborated pieces that has made reading and writing a quirky, long and peculiar journey that could never be used in real life unless you pursued academic writing as your life long occupation....   [tags: Essay, Writing, Five paragraph essay]

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The First Student Outcome States

- The first student outcome states; Practice strategies of the writing process that include invention, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. I have never been the type of person that writing papers comes easy to. Writing papers has always been a struggle for me and a burden I 've never been able to cross. After reviewing the student outcome I feel I have been able to write thesis statements to start my paper off very good. This is a thesis statement I wrote for one of my papers that was very catchy and I feel after doing that I have been able to better write them basing my thesis statements off of this one: “Libby Sander 's article “Blue –Collar Boomers Take Work Ethic to College” does...   [tags: Paragraph, Writing, Adolescence, Writing process]

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I Have Never Been A Strong Analytical Writer

- I have never been a strong analytical writer. Though I am good with analytic thinking in mathematical and scientific concepts, and I am an okay writer when there is something I can discuss with passion, I cannot seem to bring those two fields together in order to produce a cohesive whole that communicates useful information. Given this, I feel that I have not made great progress thus far, I have grown and made some important changes in my analysis and organization, for which I hope to improve even after I finish high school....   [tags: Writing, Essay, High school, Five paragraph essay]

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I Have Never Been A Strong Analytical Writer

- I have never been a strong analytical writer. Though I am good with analytic thinking in mathematical and scientific concepts, and I am an okay writer when there is something I can discuss with passion, I can not seem to bring those two fields of thinking together in order to produce a cohesive whole that one can easily read. Although I feel that I have not extreme leaps and bounds in progress thus far, I have made some important changes in my analysis and organization, which I hope to improve even after I finish high school....   [tags: Writing, Essay, High school, Five paragraph essay]

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Why I Taught An Expository Writing Class

- If I taught an expository writing class, the first priority is describing what it would entail in a detailed way. It would get designing with helping students manifest abilities for producing expository prose displaying clarity in mind. Focus and concentration would get placement upon writing rules such as analytic work from audiences, topics getting selected, supported plus developed theses, and edits as well as revisions. On completing the course, learners would have abilities for producing essay pieces displaying unification, coherency, and solid developmental quality through utilizing standards associated with English-language writing....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Narrative, Five paragraph essay]

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Writing Is Not For Me

- ] Struggles Lead to Success “Writing is not for me. I will never make it through this assignment!. Why did I sign up for this class?” Do any of these negative statements or questions sound familiar. These are all the things I think to myself preceding an essay assignment. Essay writing really isn’t one of my strongest qualities. With that being said, the following events are helpful for me when it comes to writing essays. My struggles are also included because they teach me lessons and assist me with successfully composing an essay....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay, Essays]

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Patience, Process And Practice

- Stephanie Mora Professor Melee Writing 01 Section 59 Prompt #2 11 September 2012 Patience, Process and Practice Through most of my time in high school, I always found myself writing more of exploratory writing for two simple reasons; it took a shorter amount of time, and relating writing to my personal experiences was something I had no need to look up. Exploratory writing is a time to take advantage to relate your own personal experiences and an attempt to make a connection with a certain reading....   [tags: Essay, Writing, Five paragraph essay, Writer]

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Character Paragraph of Mary Maloney in Lam to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl

- In the story “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl, Mary Maloney is shown to have a very sinister and manipulative character. In the beginning of the story, Mary Maloney was a normal, loving and caring pregnant housewife that loved and cared for her husband, Patrick Maloney, very much. Earlier at the start of the story we see Mary was waiting for her husband to come home from work. She had set up the house with two table lights lit and plates on the dining table so they can have a very romantic dinner when Patrick comes home....   [tags: husband, work, sinister, house]

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The Controversy Over the Medicinal Use of Marijuana (missing closing paragraph)

- The debate about marijuana in the United States is ever changing and not lacking in attention by any means. Just the topic of marijuana legalization brings about varying opinions on many different levels and which has the potential to divide a country, a state, a county, a city and in some instances, maybe a household. The topic of marijuana and its legalization for whatever reasons contains within it, many topics which the debate currently revolves around. However, the debate to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal purposes is the most profound....   [tags: drugs, medicine]

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Analyzing Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

- Mr. Barckholtz English IV/K-a 4 December 10, 2013 Semester one final exam During the past couple of months, we have written a handful of different kinds of essays. Each essay has its own characteristics and main ideas around which it evolves. An informative essay would be written to give information, a descriptive essay would be written to portray a certain picture through words while a comparison essay would be written to compare and contrast certain ideas, themes, characters, etc. The novel, Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austin can be summarized and analyzed in all the different forms of essays that we have written in this semester....   [tags: paragraph, uniqueness, novel, conflict]

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Mandatory Grading Practices Used By Teachers

- Richard Nordquist ascertains that many grading practices utilized by instructors today can be detrimental to the learning process in his article, “When Grading Harms Student Learning” He speaks of the problems of assigning zeroes for work not completed and for deducting points for late submissions as well as the problems associated with the overemphasis on grading rather than teaching (Nordquist). I firmly believe that grades should reflect student learning; like Nordquist, I do not think zeroes should be assigned nor do I believe that points should be deducted for late work since these practices interfere with the intent of grading....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay, Grade]

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The And Us Gaap Standards Applicable For Intangible Assets

- Question 1 The AASB and US GAAP standards applicable for intangible assets other than research and development Intangible assets other than research and development include patents, copyrights and intellectual property, licenses and franchises, computer software, motion picture film, taxi licenses etc. The applicable AASB standards for such intangible assets are: - AASB 138 for intangible assets o Paragraphs 18-67 for Recognition and measurement o Paragraphs 68-71 for Recognition of an expense o Paragraphs 72-87 for Measurement after recognition o Paragraphs 88-96 for Useful life o Paragraphs 97-106 for Intangible assets with finite useful lives o Paragraphs 107-110 for Intangible assets wi...   [tags: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles]

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Notes On High School Students

- Throughout high school everyone was taught in its own way on how to write their so called essays. You could of been taught to write five paragraphs and that was a essay or even told that three or more sentences were a paragraph itself. Well it was all up to your teachers but me on the other hand I was taught that in order to have a good essay you must have a five paragraph structure and to revise your first piece of writing you do a second draft of the first one by just fixing any mistakes found while reading the first draft....   [tags: Writing, Essay, High school, Writing style]

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Writing And Writing An Argumentative Essay

- In this course I have learned and written many essays from as small as reading responses to writing an argumentative paper. All the essays had a similar style of writing and that is that it had to have a thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion except for the major assignments like LEN, Argumentative Paper, Lit Review, and etc., which required more than just those three elements to writing the essay. I prefer one type of writing style to another because it lets me see the difference in my writing and if there are improvements in my writing....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Writing style, Argument]

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