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The Perfect Paragraph And Kurt Vonnegut 's Writing With Style

- ... Safire demonstrates how important it is to break articles off into paragraphs to inform his readers on the basic importance paragraphing holds in writing. Paragraphing makes reading easier to do, “that’s the purpose of paragraphing: to give the reader a breather by sensibly breaking up the prose” (37). While Safire is amusing to read, yet he does not provide his audience with a step by step guide to creating a perfect paragraph. Instead, he offers the understanding of the concept and leaves it to the readers to decide what they are comfortable with....   [tags: Writing, Writer, Writing process, Paragraph]

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Breaking The Five Paragraph Theme Barrier By Thomas Nunnally

- ... Therefore, the SAT scorers were more impressed with the students that used the FPT form as a guideline and were able to think and determine an essay by themselves. Nunnally then goes on to say that the pressure of the assignment urges students to fall back on the FPT format. This is absent where the students should be comfortable with the FPT form so they can expand from this writing technique. The first half of the essay effectively goes over the guidelines of the FPT format and the past of this technique....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay, Thought]

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Paragraph Development, Proof Reading, and Creating Better Introductions

- Writing, just like anything else in life, is something that can never be perfected by any man whether it is Stephen King, Stan Lee, or a regular college student. The subject of writing cannot be perfect because it is an art that in some cases the final work can be seen as beautiful to one person and horrific to the next guy. Authors always have to proofread, send their work to an editor, and rewrite their material and even than the book is not always one hundred percent correct. As a college student my writing is not up to par with the authors like Stephen king but we are similar in some ways because my writing is imperfect as well....   [tags: improving my writing]

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The Five Paragraph Essay and My Own Writing Style

- The five paragraph essay is tremendously valuable to me as a student. I have realized throughout my research that this format is seldom used by professionals; it is mostly used by students like me. I believe I now understand why that is; it seems to be a very clear way of composing a paper. It has a great deal of structure to it, and allows for more consistency and a better flow. Without having such structure, it is easy to go off on tangents, and at the same time, confuse the reader. The five-paragraph essay is essentially a sealant....   [tags: essays, writing styles,]

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Reading Paragraph From Lowry 's The Giver

- ... The RAP paraphrasing strategy allows students to actively engage in the text, rather than reading or listening to the text without understanding it. Hagaman, Casey, and Reid studied six third grade students struggling with reading comprehension. The study showed that using the RAP paraphrasing strategy increased reading comprehension as measured by the percentage of short answer and text recall questions. Pakzadian, Barati, and Moinzadeh also studied the effects of paraphrasing on male and female students’ reading comprehension....   [tags: Reading, Reading comprehension, Comprehension]

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Summary of Unteaching the Five-paragraph Essay

- In an excerpt of Unteaching the Five-Paragraph Essay," Marie Foley reveals how the Five-Paragraph Essay formula contradicts writing instructor's most basic goals. Foley shows that the formula deters from generating individual thinking. In today's society, essays are used by millions of people in order to express their different ideas. The Five-Paragraph Essay formula was originally developed to help retain the efficiency and clarity of the essay. Foley, however, believes that this process eventually separates the student from his or her written expression and should be used only as a first step tool for beginning student writers....   [tags: Personal Essays]

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Theme Writing in a Five Paragraph Structured Form

- Theme Writing in a Five Paragraph Structured Form I'll just run off five quick paragraphs with a couple big words and a solid structure and I'll breeze through another paper. Let the nonsense begin. I never really liked my parents. I found out in high school that if you disagree with anyone, expect detention. Now I found myself in a new setting. I was surrounded by people yearning to write, straining to listen, dying to learn. I was in expository writing 220. I looked around and noticed that everyone seemed to be sitting in the proper first day arrangement, guys on one side, girls on the other....   [tags: Writing Education Teaching Essays]

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Analysis of the First Paragraph in Porter’s Old Mortality

- Analysis of the First Paragraph in Porter’s Old Mortality First, I would like to make some broad generalizations about Katherine Anne Porter’s stories. The selections of stories that I have read could be considered stories about transition, passage from an old world to a new. There is a prolific amount of life and death imagery related to changes from slavery to freedom, aristocracy to middle-class, and birth to death. Her stories contain characters from several generations and the narratives move through out this multi-generational consciousness....   [tags: Porter’s Old Mortality]

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Class Reflection : My English Teacher At High School Taught Us The Standard Five Paragraph Organization

- ... Keeping the peers comments in mind, I stated working on my second essay “Writing to Explore.” I made an outline about my topic, “Mending Hearts” and explained how to become a cardiologist and provided details. Each paragraph was clearly focused on one topic sentence, which I was not good at in the first essay. For this essay I also had to find some supporting details which I was good at. But I had not improved in mechanics, I still made sentence level mistakes. I knew I was gradually improving and I was happy about it....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Writing process, Time]

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Gripping More Varieties On My Essays

- ... Because I knew the word “righteousness” was exactly accurate and it would result an impression for my instructor that I was depositing variety on my vocabularies. Another instance happened during my work on my mini-essay one: when I was explaining the traditions of selecting names at China in the second paragraph, I was stuck on choosing an adjective to describe the characteristic of first names in ancient China. I originally chose “respectable” for the first draft, “venerable” on later polished version and “honorable,” which I felt most comfortable because of its precision and variety, on the final paper three hours before the due time....   [tags: Writing, Paragraph, Typography, Essay]

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I Am From My Peer Reviewer

- ... I think the grade I earned in this essay is a B+ because I answer all the questions to my ability that were given on Blackboard and fulfill the requirements. I also saw the progress I had with writing this final draft. Statement of Purpose Writing was never my favorite thing to do. I was not easily able to concentrate and express my thoughts and ideas in a paper. I can speak my thoughts but not write them down. Even though writing was not my favorite thing to do I still tried and did it because I need education and it was a requirement to have English Writing....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Paper, Paragraph]

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Writing Papers For College And Other Professional Documents

- ... Keep doing this until a good outline forms, congratulations the most difficult step is behind you. What comes next is a breeze compared to completing your outline. It’s time for the rough draft, this is where your outline starts to become an essay. My first step is to fill out the outline previously created so at this point you have five small paragraphs that just need improvement and contemplation. At this point all that is needed is one new sentence to each paragraph to make writing the final draft simpler....   [tags: Writing, Linguistics, Paragraph, Essay]

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An Analysis of the First Paragraph of O’Connor’s The Artificial Nigger

- An Analysis of the First Paragraph of O’Connor’s The Artificial Nigger ?In “The Artificial Nigger,” Flannery O’Connor commingles characteristic Christian imagery with themes evocative of her Southern setting. In this essay, a close reading of the first paragraph of this story elucidates the subtle ways in which O’Connor sets up these basic themes of redemption and forgiveness. An additional paragraph will examine the ramifications of this reading on the intertwined racial aspects of the story, which are connected by a common theme of master/servant imagery, which is integral to the first paragraph....   [tags: O'Connor Artificial Nigger]

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Analysis of Paragraph on Page 271-272 of Porter’s Pale Horse, Pale Rider

- Analysis of Paragraph on Page 271-272 of Porter’s Pale Horse, Pale Rider In the opening sentence of this paragraph, two workers at the newspaper office are described. They are not, however, described as people though, they are instead said to be solely “two pairs of legs” (Porter 271). By describing solely this part of the people, Porter is drawing attention to a part of the body seemingly unrelated to newspaper writing. This gives the reader the impression that these two writers are either unskilled in the area or writing, or unimportant to the speaker....   [tags: Porter’s Pale Horse Pale Rider]

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My Growth As A Writer

- ... This helped in my in-class writing. The biggest thing that i learned and was able to prove upon was focus. In my essay about tracking students, my original thesis was “The unfair and undemanding remedial classes created for tracking are not pushing students to their full potential”. This thesis was too broad and would taken longer to explain and my essay would have been more difficult to write. First, i would have had to define “remedial classes” since it is a euphemism and “remedial” have different expectations depending on the school....   [tags: Paragraph, Writing, Essay, Typography]

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Applying A Formal Mla Style Paper

- ... Pre-write is one of the most important parts of writing a paper, but there are many different ways to go about completing a pre-write the paper. Pre-write is where the write writes down all of their ideas for their paper. Some people like to just write everything that comes to their mind down without any sort of order, which is called free write. Free write is a very useful type of pre-write to help people not get writer 's block because they are free of having to have their ideas in a certain order....   [tags: Writing, English-language films, Paragraph]

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Applying A Formal Mla Style Paper

- ... Pre-write is where the write writes down all of their ideas for their paper. Someone people like to just write everything that comes to their mind down without any sort of order, which is called free write. Free write is a very useful type of pre-write to help people not get writer 's block because they are free of having to have their ideas in a certain order. Then you got some people who like to create a web with the main idea in the middle with little bubble attack to the giant bubble in the middle with ideas, which is called clustering....   [tags: Writing, English-language films, Paragraph]

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Personal Paragraph On Personal Literacy Narrative

- ... It was just after a couple of hours of being in the gym that I fell in love with the atmosphere but the problem is that I didn’t know what to do. I was clueless to how everything works and what I should do. I observed people of different sizes lifting various amounts of weights and doing different workouts. I didn’t know where to start. As I went to the gym for a month trying different things not knowing what I was doing I decided to go online. I discovered a site called This site is literally the best discovery I ever made in my life....   [tags: Muscle, Bodybuilding, Strength training, Knowledge]

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The Easy Four Credit Class Of The Lot

- ... I revisited the Allegory of the cave far earlier than expected. Not only did I miscalculate the timing, but also the subject where I would visualize the cave again. The class where I discuss about contemplating ‘the shadows casted by the fire’ was definitely not in the philosophy class but rather the writing class. Yeah, the writing class where I had thought gaudy wordings would save me from the looming first C of college. This was new; there were no blueprints, no rubrics, and no ‘Five paragraph essays”....   [tags: Essay, Writing, Five paragraph essay]

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Assignment On Top Of Making Remarks

- ... After looking at the papers focus, I looked at O, which stands for Organization. Organization is important, from the time we start writing we are taught how set up our paper using a web. In your paper your organization was no present. Your conclusion was the only part of the essay that really conveyed your message. I am sure you probably conveyed your thoughts in other paragraphs, but since there was no real organization and focus, I was not able to determine what you were trying to tell the readers....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Paragraph, School terminology]

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Self Reflection Essay : Smoking

- ... In my essay about smoking, I repeatedly used and cited my credible sources. In my first few paragraphs, I stated statistics from various organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or more commonly known as the CDC and the American Cancer Society. I heavily avoided using incredible sources that have no facts and rather just opinions and instead make sure my articles are not fraud and misleading. The statistics I cited are in quotations or occasionally paraphrased both with an in-text citation placed near it to show where my information came from....   [tags: Critical thinking, Evidence, Rhetoric, Paragraph]

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Notes And Mandatory Formal Papers

- ... Comparing this daybook entry to the last documented entry—focusing on the gallery crawl feedback—was far more detailed and professionally written. Given the little feedback received from my peers, I expanded on what they said, which clearly displayed growth in my writing. I went from short and simple paragraphs to writing beyond expectations. These in class writings not only improved my writing skills but thinking skills as well, due to having to break down the questions being asked. However, the daybook entries weren’t the only components to help me improve in writing....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Problem solving, Paragraph]

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"North Eastern Chinese" Stereotypes

- ... Because my paper have a lot ideas so I really had a hard time to put them together into one sentence at first. Since thesis statement does not need to be one sentence, I separated it into two sentence: the first sentence was about how my example supported the experts' ideas; the second sentence was about how my example challenged them. This is my thesis statement in the first draft: The examination of this example supports the experts' ideas that people carry stereotypes that derive from their innate ability to categorize and evaluate certain groups of people based on several features like facial appearance....   [tags: witing, skills, grammar, revision, paragraph]

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Analysis - Second to Last Paragraph in Flannery O’Connor’s A Late Encounter with the Enemy

- An Analysis of the Second to Last Paragraph in Flannery O’Connor’s A Late Encounter with the Enemy This essay analyzes the first full paragraph on page143 (the second to last paragraph in the story) that begins with “The speaker was through with that war…”. This passage appears to be what is going through ‘General’ Sash’s head right before he dies. The passage begins by saying “The speaker was through with that war and had gone onto the next one and now he was approaching another”. The general goes on to state that all his words are vaguely familiar....   [tags: O'Connor Late Encounter with the Enemy]

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I Have Never Been A Strong Analytical Writer

- ... This allows increased precision in the way I phrase my analysis, meaning that despite the my consistent level of analysis, I can give the reader greater clarity on my actual meaning. Senior year was also a time where I experimented with different style to improve my writing, which has both aided and hindered my written work. One noticeable change is with my shift away form “to show” and similar clichéd phrases. An example is with my sophomore timed write, which contains about ten instances of “to show”, while more current timed writes either having only a few sprinkled throughout, or outright avoided....   [tags: Writing, Essay, High school, Five paragraph essay]

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Why I Taught An Expository Writing Class

- ... Expectations would get placed upon students for accessing Blackboard each week, as well as for work getting submitted in classes, if not turned in through emailing preceding in-person classroom days. Where my class goals and results go, upon finishing students would have capabilities for demonstrating competence in analysis involving audiences as well as suitable topic selections, building solid theses as well as paragraph support, revising and editing as well as copyediting writing works, planning and writing as well as copyediting in a quick way underneath pressuring from deadline constraints, employing standard structures for sentences, becoming competent in expressions through writin...   [tags: Writing, Essay, Narrative, Five paragraph essay]

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Writing A Process Analysis Essay

- It is that time of the school year again. It is time for students to frantically throw together a five paragraph essay for an instructor who has to read hundreds of them. When the class begins to think it could not get any worse, it does. The instructor explains to the class that not only will it be at least 650 words, but it will also be a process analysis essay. Some will roll their eyes, some will ask “what is that?”, and some will just start to cry. It is important to know how to write a decent process analysis essay that will not bore the reader to death....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay, Explanation]

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Patience, Process And Practice

- Stephanie Mora Professor Melee Writing 01 Section 59 Prompt #2 11 September 2012 Patience, Process and Practice Through most of my time in high school, I always found myself writing more of exploratory writing for two simple reasons; it took a shorter amount of time, and relating writing to my personal experiences was something I had no need to look up. Exploratory writing is a time to take advantage to relate your own personal experiences and an attempt to make a connection with a certain reading....   [tags: Essay, Writing, Five paragraph essay, Writer]

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Character Paragraph of Mary Maloney in Lam to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl

- In the story “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl, Mary Maloney is shown to have a very sinister and manipulative character. In the beginning of the story, Mary Maloney was a normal, loving and caring pregnant housewife that loved and cared for her husband, Patrick Maloney, very much. Earlier at the start of the story we see Mary was waiting for her husband to come home from work. She had set up the house with two table lights lit and plates on the dining table so they can have a very romantic dinner when Patrick comes home....   [tags: husband, work, sinister, house]

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The Controversy Over the Medicinal Use of Marijuana (missing closing paragraph)

- The debate about marijuana in the United States is ever changing and not lacking in attention by any means. Just the topic of marijuana legalization brings about varying opinions on many different levels and which has the potential to divide a country, a state, a county, a city and in some instances, maybe a household. The topic of marijuana and its legalization for whatever reasons contains within it, many topics which the debate currently revolves around. However, the debate to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal purposes is the most profound....   [tags: drugs, medicine]

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Analyzing Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

- Mr. Barckholtz English IV/K-a 4 December 10, 2013 Semester one final exam During the past couple of months, we have written a handful of different kinds of essays. Each essay has its own characteristics and main ideas around which it evolves. An informative essay would be written to give information, a descriptive essay would be written to portray a certain picture through words while a comparison essay would be written to compare and contrast certain ideas, themes, characters, etc. The novel, Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austin can be summarized and analyzed in all the different forms of essays that we have written in this semester....   [tags: paragraph, uniqueness, novel, conflict]

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My Science Paragraphs: American Fauna

- My Science Paragraphs AMERICAN ELK One of the animals that I have chosen for the first paragraph is the American Elk. I will talk about this animal and the eating habits of the animal. This animal is a secondary consumer so that mean that it eats producers. The elk eats varieties of greens, dried grass, forbs, sand and bark. It eats grasses such as native bluegrasses, rough fescue, Idaho fescue, prairie junegrass, needlegrasses, bluebunch and the primary foods in the summer and spring are slender and thickspike wheatgrasses along with sedges and early forbs....   [tags: American Elk, double crested cormorant]

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First Paragraphs in Short Stories

- FIRST PARAGRAPHS First paragraphs are fundamental to the story and need to “hook” the reader in. If the first paragraph doesn’t grab you, then why would you read further. The first paragraph is where you are introduced to the tone of the story and sets the stage by introducing the main character(s) and giving information to entice us to continue reading. Three stories that have strong first paragraphs that draw us in and help us understand the character and story are: “A Sick Call” by Morley Callaghan, “A Bird In The House” by Margaret Laurence, and “One Evening” by David Helwig....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Process of Writing

- The Process of Writing Throughout my whole life I have been taught to write many different ways and on how I should approach my writing assignments in and outside of class. But there was one particular method that was taught a lot more than others such as the five paragraphs method. Some assignments were very easy that I could write off the back of my head and some of the harder one’s I have think a lot more critically. All I ever did was follow the five paragraph process and nothing more. This is what I led to believe be my downfall in my writing skills because I was unable to use any other methods....   [tags: the five paragraphs method]

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Rhetorical Structure: Contrasting Positive And Negative Paragraphs

- “Seeing Rhetorically” Writing Exercise My Roommate’s Bed - Positive My roommate’s bed is spotless. She always has it made. Never is a single pillow ruffled; no sheets peek out from under the comforter. Over the summer, she and I decided to make animal print the dominant characteristic of our room. Although I stuck to zebra stripe, her bed linens incorporate every animal print imaginable. She chose a bed set that has small zebra print running the length. In between is a larger strip of dark leopard spots and a deep tan background....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Good Essay is More than Just Five Paragraphs

- A Good Essay is More than Just Five Paragraphs This year in College Writing one has been very interesting. I understand now that there is a lot more that goes into writing a paper than I first thought. I especially realize this when I look back at one of my first papers which was the descriptive essay titled, "The Hidden Truth." The first thing that pops into my mind when I look at this paper is my consideration of the kind of audience I had. I was assuming they were very or somewhat knowledgeable about the topic I chose....   [tags: Teaching Writing Essays]

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Paragraphs on State of Consciousness and Religion

- ... If we always remember what we learned in our childhood we can become a very spiritual adult, the equilibrium between the childhood and the consecration of the adult life are part of forms that styles a person of the humanity a real self. 3. Briefly discuss the important religious states of consciousness. The states of consciousness is a state of mind and is unique to each person. As we are trying to understand the enigma of consciousness and how does ascend. I think is important to understand our one awareness and ourselves with in our surroundings....   [tags: feelings, god, humanity]

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Iliad Paragraphs

- Plot for “The Golden Apple” – “Ship Gathering”: In the beginning, Eris, the goddess of discord, cunningly left a deceitful apple engraved with “To the fairest” at the wedding of King Peleus. Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite all immediately clashed over this pseudo-gift. Towards the middle, the three goddesses (Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite) became weary of their argument and, spying young Paris, found an end to their bitter rivalry. Together, they presented the apple to the herder and bade him to pick she who most deserved the gift....   [tags: Classics, Greek, Homer]

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5 Paragragh Essay: The Catcher In The Rye

- From the novel, The Catcher in the Rye, the youthful protagonist Holden Caufield, employs the word “phony” to describe the behavior of a number of characters including Mr. Spencer and Ossenburger, however it is not them who are“phony”, it is the young main character. First, Mr. Spencer, Holden’s ex- history teacher, is not described as phony, but according to the adolescent, his choice of words are. Secondly, according to our main character, Ossenburger is not the generous philanthropist he portrays himself to be, but rather a greedy undertaker....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Short Paragraphs on Transportation, Cars and Trains

- Transportation Cars Medicine and Astronomy...   [tags: astronomy, medicine]

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Paragraphs on THe Nemean Lion, Hydra, Ceryneia and Erymanthean Boar

- ... The hydra lived in the marshes of Lerna consumed people as well as animals. The hydra was a female monster with large dog-like body and several serpentine heads. One of these heads was immortal. The hydra possessed poisonous breath that killed anyone who inhaled it. Heracles was accompanied by his nephew and charioteer Iolaus, who was the son of his twin brother Iphicles and Automedusa. They arrived at the Amynone Spring, where the monster lived in seclusion. Heracles forced the beast out by shooting flamed arrows into its lair....   [tags: heracles, nemea, eurystheus]

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Charle Magne, Dante, Hung Wu and Wan Li, Paragraphs

- Charle Magne, Dante, Hung Wu and Wan Li Charlemagne 1.) After the Roman Empire fell from 400-500 AD, many of the Romans sought new leadership in present-day Germany. Many of the Germanic tribes settled there allowed the Romans to join their communities and even adapted some of their ways. One tribe in particular, the Franks, actually took it as far as adopting Roman law. Their leader, Pippin the Short, liked the Roman idea of an aristocratic hierarchy so much that he had implemented it in his tribe....   [tags: roman empire, leadership, china]

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PeterPan, Elvis Presley and Play-Doh, Paragraphs on Several Topics

- ... In some variations of the story there where some spin-offs also, Peter can also be quite selfish and arrogant. Peter appears very judge mental and pompous for instance, he calls the Lost Boys blockheads a book that he was in that he didn’t like what happened to him, and when the Darling children said he should leave for home at once. Elvis Presley- His full name is, Elvis Aaron Presley, he is also a American singer, musician and actor the king of rock and roll “nickname” the King, born- January 8, 1935 in tupelo, MS Then later on in life he died on august 16, 1977 in Memphis, TN, he has one spouse and her name is Priscilla Presley she lived from 1967-1973 also Elvis made a wide range of...   [tags: j. m. barrie, musician, toys]

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Analysis of the Black Codes 1865-66

- The Black Codes were legal statutes and constitutional amendments enacted by the ex Confederate states following the Civil War that sought to restrict the liberties of newly free slaves, to ensure a supply of inexpensive agricultural labor, and maintain a white dominated hierachy. (paragraph 1) In southern states, prior to the Civil War they enacted Slave Codes to regulate the institution of slavery. And northern non-slave holding states enacted laws to limit the black political power and social mobility....   [tags: Slavery, Inexpensive Labor, Legal Issues]

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The And Us Gaap Standards Applicable For Intangible Assets

- Question 1 The AASB and US GAAP standards applicable for intangible assets other than research and development Intangible assets other than research and development include patents, copyrights and intellectual property, licenses and franchises, computer software, motion picture film, taxi licenses etc. The applicable AASB standards for such intangible assets are: - AASB 138 for intangible assets o Paragraphs 18-67 for Recognition and measurement o Paragraphs 68-71 for Recognition of an expense o Paragraphs 72-87 for Measurement after recognition o Paragraphs 88-96 for Useful life o Paragraphs 97-106 for Intangible assets with finite useful lives o Paragraphs 107-110 for Intangible assets wi...   [tags: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles]

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Analysis of Letter From A Birmingham Jail

- In the year of 1963, Martin Luther King was imprisoned for peacefully marching in a parade as a nonviolent campaign against segregation. In Martin Luther King’s essay “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” the paragraphs that have the most emotional appeal are, just as the critics say, paragraphs thirteen and fourteen. King tugs at the reader’s emotions in these specific paragraphs using very detailed examples about the difficult, heart-wrenching misfortunes that have happened to the African American society and what they had to endure on a daily basis in Birmingham by using metaphors, contrasts, alliteration, anaphora, and imagery....   [tags: martin luther king, emotional appeal, emotions]

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How to Write an Expository Essay

- How to Write an Expository Essay When writing an essay, follow these eight basic steps: Select a topic: Be sure the topic is narrow enough to make it manageable within the space of an essay Write a thesis sentence: Be sure the thesis statement(or sentence) expresses a controlling idea that is neither too broad nor too specific to be developed effectively Select a method of development: Check through all the methods before you finally settle on the one which will best serve your thesis: definition example compare and contrast cause and effect classification process analysis Organize the essay: Begin by listing the major divisions which the body paragraphs in your essay will disc...   [tags: Expository Essay]

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Weight Loss Surgery Success, Failure and Risks

- Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and depression are just a few effects of obesity. Being excessively overweight can also come with social stigmas and alienation. Is it so surprising that people who are obese try drastic measures to lose weight. Measures including: Hollywood fad diets, self starvation, unhealthy exercise routines, diet pills or diet shakes, none of which produce long lasting results but can cause further mental and physical stress on an individual. The fact is, 95% of dieters will regain the weight they lost in 1 to 5 years (National association for weight loss surgery paragraph 32)....   [tags: obesity, bariatric surgery, diets, health]

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How I Write A Paper

- ... Drafting is always good as it helps the writer to figure out the outlook of the original paper. While drafting a paper one does not have to worry about the words, dates, and spellings it can always be done in the later stage (Bullock et al., 12). While drafting it is important that it focuses on a specific point about the topic and that the point is well illustrated with examples. The drafting process consists of more other stages that makes it more reliable which ultimately helps making the final paper more organized....   [tags: Writing, Typography, Writing process, Rhetoric]

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The Old Venetian Government And The Modern American Government

- ... Overview Proposition: Because the Venetian government, and American can be compared, America may be experiencing the same ability to grow as Venice did. Audience: Those interested in Venice and history. Those interested in the current state of American government. Likely historians, politicians, or those with general interest. Piece is easily accessible to the audience and avoids jargon and complicated syntax. Goal: Establish a comparison between America and Venice. Show how Venice and America share many of the same traits....   [tags: President of the United States, United States]

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Informative Speech : Childhood Obesity

- Catalino Rodriguez Unit 6 Discussion For my final project I chose to write about childhood obesity. Initially I felt like this was a mistake and the topic was going to overwhelm me but as each week passes I feel more and more comfortable about the topic. Typically I rely on an outline to write a paper but after reviewing the KUWC resource “Paper Organization Graphic Organizer” (Libby, 2010) I decided to give a graphic organizer a try. I am hoping that trying something new will yield different or perhaps better results....   [tags: Obesity, Hypertension, Self-esteem, Nutrition]

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Writing Persuasive or Argumentative Essays

- Everyone needs to know how to write a persuasive essay. It's actually not as difficult as it seems. Give yourself time. Trying to cram an entire 5 paragraph persuasive essay within 100 minutes is not a good idea. Allow yourself enough time to brainstorm, write, and proofread. Put as much effort into your paper as you can in the time period you are given, including the steps below. Brainstorm. Writing a persuasive essay is very much like writing an ordinary paper. Of course, before you begin, you have to come up with a good solid view, a foundation which you can base your entire paper on....   [tags: Writing an Essay]

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Restrictive Effects of Environmental Regulations

- Restrictive Effects of Environmental Regulations For some time, governments around the world have been putting some regulations concerning environmental issues. In this issue, the weight of these regulations is the main point. First argument states that they are, indeed, too restrictive. The second argument maintains those regulations are not too restrictive. The first side, against regulations, did not present their argument well enough. They used examples from the past and only from a specific location (Theodore Roosevelt and the U.S.)....   [tags: Papers]

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Essay Preparation and Ideas

- Question analysis and Essay outline Paraphrase question – With the always developing forms of technology there are more efficient and effective ways to communicate than ever before. Have these changes caused us to lose the “art of communication” or has it improved the way we communicate. The keywords mentioned throughout my question was communicated, effectively improved and “art of communication”. There were no instructional words since it was a statement rather then a question but it had a limiting word of the 21st century....   [tags: Outline, Communication, Deaf]

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Herman Melville's Story, Bartleby, the Scrivener

- In Herman Melville's short story, Bartleby, the Scrivener, the narrator's attitude towards Bartleby is constantly changing, the narrator's attitude is conveyed through the author's use of literary elements such as; diction-descriptive and comical, point of view-first person, and tone-confusion and sadness. One of the literary elements that Melville uses that convey the narrator's attitude towards Bartleby is diction. The author's diction in this short story is very descriptive and is also slightly comical....   [tags: Bartleby the Scrivener]

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Guided Practice : ( 25 Minutes )

- ... The teacher will highlight these specific areas within the paragraph for emphasis. 3. Revising: The teacher will also demonstrate how to add more expressive language and rewrite sentences for clarity. As the teacher models how to write an expository paragraph, he/she will intentionally make errors such as spelling or grammar errors. 4. Editing: When the students are finished with copying the information, the teacher will address the fact that there are spelling and grammar errors in this written piece and will ask the students to revise their work together....   [tags: Writing, Writing process, Pedagogy, Linguistics]

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The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

- ... The readers know that this is during Amir’s graduation, so most would assume that it is a proud, genuine smile. Baba was proud of a lot of things from his successful business to his beautiful wife. According to Amir though Baba was never really proud of him as a child. This makes this moment all the more special and gives both the reader and Amir a feeling of affection. Another instance of fragments containing a single word occurred when Amir visited Rahim Khan in Pakistan. “I walked up the creaky stairs to the second floor, down a dim hallway to the last door on the right....   [tags: Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner, The Kite Runner]

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How Do You Spell Capital Punishment? M-U-R-D-E-R

- Capital punishment should be illegal. There are many reasons, but the biggest reasons are, that it is the same as murder, and it is a painful process. Finally, capital punishment can be used as a way of suicide, and corrupt police can get easy possession of the injection to kill an individual. Capital punishment is the same as murder. For example, if an individual person is to kill a murderer for the death of another person who is close to them, it would be considered murder. With capital punishment the authorities are able to execute a murderer....   [tags: Against Death Penalty Essays]

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Use of Symbols in Lord of the Flies by William Golding

- Symbols and characters play major roles in representing power in works of literature. Therefore, an author uses these ‘symbols of power’ to control the characters and the overall course of the work. In Lord of the Flies symbols are both used by the characters and stand on their own. Fire on the island is a dual blade and Lord of the Flies impedes on progression. While these two symbols stand on their own, the characters use and are used by them. Ralph leads the boys to advancement while Jack stands as his opposition, both using other symbols of power to assist them....   [tags: Lord of the Flies]

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The Importance of Writing Techniques: Comparing Chinese and English Academic Writing

- There are many significant differences between Chinese academic writing and English academic writing. Most of the time, it is difficult to write essays in English for many multilingual students like me, not only because we have to translate Chinese to English, but also because of the different styles of academic writing we learned in China. However, after the first semester of the writing program, I acquired many basic concepts and tools about academic writing and these tools have helped me throughout the semester....   [tags: tools, techniques, writing]

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The United States Should Not Have Open Borders

- Star Parkers essay, “Se Habla Entitlement” was published in 2006 on the website In the essay, Parker attempts to convince the reader that the United States should not have an open border policy. She uses the techniques of Ethos, Pathos, and logos to present a compelling argument to the reader, which in the end falls a bit short. Parker begins the essay with the Ethos technique giving the reader her political perspective, when she states, “…I think of myself as a libertarian” in the first paragraph....   [tags: policy, oerspective, authorative, immigration]

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The Story of the Hour by Kate Chopin

- Short Story Analysis “The Story of the Hour” by Kate Chopin portrays an opposing perspective of marriage by presenting the reader with a woman who is somewhat untroubled by her husbands death. The main character, Mrs. Louise Mallard encounters the sense of freedom rather than sorrow after she got knowledge of her husbands death. After she learns that her husband, Brently, is still alive, it caused her to have a heart attack and die. Even though “The Story of the Hour” was published in the eighteen hundreds, the views of marriage in the story could coincide with this era as well....   [tags: short story analysis]

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Peer Review : Olivia Teter

- ... I would try to rearrange phrase, condense the information, or split the sentences into multiple sentences to avoid this. Also, you change the spacing between paragraphs four and five. I think this is just a mistake, but make sure to remain consistent in spacing. Your overall organization is very effective, and your transitions are strong between paragraphs. Your introduction really helps set up a strong paper, and your conclusion is effective as well. Score: 3 Overall: In the second-to-last sentence of your second paragraph you say that Cleopatra lived “centuries ago,” but to strengthen the moment of antiquity, you could say “millennia ago” because this is still correct....   [tags: Logic, Critical thinking, Sentence, Reasoning]

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Analysis of Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell

- ... ‘…at the rush hour we collided instantly’ suggest that these four men are not working in a comfortable work environment. The narration in the second paragraph allows the reader to assume that the raconteur works in a hotel. This division is like a timeline; from morning till night. The word ‘spasmodic’ reminds the reader of spasms; bursts of excitements. It is as if the teller wants to elocutionist to know about the hectic environment they work in every day. This image continues in the first part of the second sentence, ‘We were never idle’ implying that they always have something to do....   [tags: work, hotel, stress, feels]

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Literary Elements Used in My Essays

- As always, my essays usually turn out to be dry and monotonous, but undeniably extensive in informative flesh and teeth. My words could be called repetitive by a few, tiresome by some, but exhaustive by most. I always employ long, winding descriptions to the simplest thing, usually stringing a series of dependent thoughts together at a melodramatic pace. Long sentences that are unequally formed in a series of dependent clauses that eventually ends with the fundamental idea at the end of the sentence becomes a signature flourish in my literary style....   [tags: syntax, complex, sentences, writing, style]

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Writing Inspired by The Tell-Tale Heart

- Ladies and gentlemen of the jury... Our purpose here today is to persuade you that the client is deranged and incapable of understanding what he’s done. The client reveals his anxiety toward the reader and other characters several times throughout the story. For instance, he begins the story inquiring, "How then am I mad?" and states, "Observe how healthily--how calmly I can tell you the whole story" (Paragraph 1). The client then attempts to prove his sanity when the reader has not yet had the opportunity to make any kind of judgment whatsoever....   [tags: The Tell-Tale Heart]

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The UN Promoting Environmental Sustainability

- Action Plan How will you decide which aspect of the UN to look at. I will decide which aspect of the UN to look at, by firstly looking into the different aspects of the UN, which are related to geography, about which I can write. Next, choosing the most interesting of these aspects for me. Finally, I will have arrived at the aspect of the UN which I will be looking into. Which sources of information will you first consult. As the project is regarding an aspect of the UN, I will consult sources such as: magazine or newspaper articles relating to the UN, journal entries relating to the topic, books and encyclopedias relating to the aspect I’m looking into, and internet sources majorly websites...   [tags: millennium development,climate change,america]

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How Does It Affect The Dynamics Of A Relationship?

- ... Sexting can be a fun way to spice up a relationship or sex life. It can be exciting, bold, and empowering. Sexting is a new and expressive way to communicate very personal and intimate feelings and desires. Sexting adds a new way to sexually communicate with your partner which can enhance satisfaction in a relationship. There is an “art” to sexting. Like everything else, you can be good or bad at it. Due to advancements in technology such as, SnapChat has catapulted the concept of sexting into modern day communication....   [tags: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse]

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Walter Whitman Research Paper Outline Draft

- ... Paragraph 2: At the age twelve he begin to learn how to do printing trade in New York City. He was taught in country part of New York on Long Island. Graduated from a high school in Long Island and become a journalist. Whitman really did not have a childhood he had to work and school to support the family. Paragraph 3: At the age twenty-three everyday he edited a daily newspaper in New York; in 1846 he became editor of Brooklyn Daily Eagle. At the same time he was a teacher and printer and doing the journals for the morning newspaper....   [tags: brief biography, transcendentalism, realism]

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Effective Foreshadowing in Flannery O’Connor’s Greenleaf

- Effective Foreshadowing in Flannery O’Connor’s Greenleaf “Mrs. May’s bedroom window was low and faced on the east and the bull, silvered in the moonlight, stood under it, his head raised as if he listened- like some patient god come down to woo her- for a stir inside her room. The window was dark and the sound of her breathing too light to be carried outside. Clouds crossing the room blackened him and in the dark he began to tear at the hedge. Presently they passed and he appeared again in the same spot, chewing steadily, with a hedge-wreath that he had ripped loose for himself caught in the tips of his horns....   [tags: Flannery O’Connor’s Greenleaf]

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Civil Disobedience, by Henry David Thoreau and Letter From Birmingham Jail, by Martin Luther King Jr.

- The essays, "Civil Disobedience," by Henry David Thoreau, and "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," by Martin Luther King, Jr., incorporate the authors’ opinions of justice. Each author efficiently shows their main point; Thoreau deals with justice as it relates to government, he asks for,”not at one no government, but at once a better government.”(Paragraph 3). King believed,” injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." (Paragraph 4). Each essay shows a valid argument for justice, but King's philosophy is more effective, because it has more logical points of views....   [tags: Comparative Analysis]

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My Dear Fellow Clergyman By Martin Luther King Jr.

- ... He uses strong language to explain the “grossly unjust” treatment and “ugly record of brutality” in Birmingham that the city fathers” continuously ignore. Despite being “victims of broken promises”, the Negro community “began a series of workshops on nonviolence” for a direct action program. King explains that they had planned the program so that it would bring a “pressure” for change. Unfortunately, they decided to continuously postpone it so that it wouldn’t “cloud the issues” of the town during election but eventually, it there was a point where direct action could no longer be avoided....   [tags: Civil disobedience, Nonviolence]

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Current Industrial And Economic Conditions

- Economists use several indicators to help forecast future economic trends through extensive analysis of current industrial and economic conditions. One of the primary indicators that are used by economists to help determine the health of a country’s economy is its gross domestic product (GDP). GDP can be defined as “the market value of all final goods and services produced in a country during a period of time, typically one year”(Hubbard and O’Brien, 2013). In the United States, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), which is part of the Department of Commerce, calculates the GDP by adding the total personal consumption expenditures of consumers (includes durable and nondurable goods as well...   [tags: Gross domestic product, Macroeconomics]

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Writing Persuasive or Argumentative Essays

- In persuasive or argumentative writing, we try to convince others to agree with our facts, share our values, accept our argument and conclusions, and adopt our way of thinking. Elements toward building a good persuasive essay include * establishing facts to support an argument * clarifying relevant values for your audience (perspective) * prioritizing, editing, and/or sequencing the facts and values in importance to build the argument * forming and stating conclusions * "persuading" your audience that your conclusions are based upon the agreed-upon facts and...   [tags: Writing an Essay]

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Finding Meaning and Purpose in Mitch Albom’s, The Five People You Meet In Heaven

- “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” written by Mitch Albom tells about a man named Eddie and his experiences in life and in heaven. During his journey in heaven he meet five people. He learns how he has impacted the five lives while on earth. Eddie finds that his life did have true meaning and purpose. Prior to meeting the five people that he meets in heaven, he feels as if his life is worthless and has no meaning. Physically he is not in good shape, “His left knee, wounded in the war, was ruined by arthritis....   [tags: The Five People You Meet In Heaven]

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The Influence of Edgar Allan Poe on Other Writers

- Thesis: Edgar Allen Poe was an American poet, writer, editor, critic shorty story writer, thrill seeker and he influenced many great writers and poets, some have made award winning movies off of the stories they have written and continue to do just that. Introduction: Edgar spent many years writing and learning about American literature. He loved to just write that’s why he did so many different things in the writing profession. He influenced many famous writers etc. so he’s a very influential man and his name lives on as a legend Biography: Paragraph 1: Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts (January 19, 1809-October 7, 1849) He had a sister (Rosalie) and a brother (Henry)...   [tags: research paper outline]

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A Celebration of Grandfathers, by Rudolfo A. Anaya

- The author's tone in the sentence sounds friendly and loving towards the ancianos. "These ancianos from the cultures of the Rio Grande, living side by side, sharing, growing together, they knew the rhythms and cycles of time, from the preparation of the earth in the spring to the digging of the acequias that brought the water to the dance of the harvest in the fall." The author says that the ancianos live together, which means that they treat themselves in a good manner, so they are friendly to each other....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Tone]

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The Cradle, The Cross, And The Crown

- ... Statement # 4 (From The Cradle, The Cross, and The Crown Chapter 20, Loc 25814 of 28382, 1st Paragraph) “One of the most graphic images depicting Jesus as the divine warrior is his blood-soaked robe (19:13) from the winepress of the fury of God’s wrath (19-15).” The blood of Jesus covers all Christians and this statement depicts the tenacity in which Jesus will destroy those that opposes him. As believers, we must realize that salvation was bought with a price and the persecution which occurred at the cross was for all believers....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, New Testament, Holy Spirit]

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Margaret Atwood 's Lusus Naturae Documents

- ... He was the only living creature that wanted to be near me.” (Paragraph 15). This shows that her family tries to avoid being near her. The family also decides that it is best if they fake the Narrator’s death so as to make their lives easier and allow their daughter to find a husband, who would be unable to due to the Narrator’s condition. “It was decided that I should die. That way would not stand in the way of my sister, I would not loom over her like a fate.” (Paragraph 17). That quote shows that the Narrator’s family cares more about their other daughter than the Narrator....   [tags: KILL, Human, Shame, Treats]

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Irving Kristol's Pornograpy, Obscenity, and hte Case for Censorship

- Irving Kristol's Pornograpy, Obscenity, and hte Case for Censorship After reading Irving Kristol’s essay called Pornography, Obscenity, and the Case for Censorship, we found positive and negative examples concluding his research. Kristol makes major claims throughout the course of his essay. A few examples of these major claims are in paragraphs [7-9] when he uses a story about an old man in a hospital ward, dying an agonizing death. The old man loses control of his bowels, and they empty themselves on him....   [tags: Critique Kristol Essays]

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