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How Paint Used To Be Made

- How it’s made Ingredients: Water, latex (for adhesion), titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, potassium, zinc (for mildew resistance), and whatever additives that particular paint needs. · Water is pumped into a large mixing tank. Thickening and stabilizing agents are added to prevent the ingredients from settling to the bottom of the tank or can. · One at a time, all ingredients except for latex are mixed in. Each ingredient has a specific mixing time. This step is critical for quality. · This liquid is pumped to another large mixing tank that contains the latex....   [tags: environment, lead paint, oil paint]

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Starry Night a Paint by Vincent Van Gogh

- An analysis on Starry Night (1889) of Vincent van Gogh Introduction The life span of 37 years saw Vincent Willem van Gogh (Vincent) in creating beautiful works he dearly loved. Painting was an avenue, which allowed him to express his inner thoughts or vent his struggles. My decision to research on Vincent’s painting, Starry Night (1889) came with the inspiration from Don Mclean’s Song, Starry Starry Night where his lyrics spoke about Vincent’s life that further intrigued me in writing this paper....   [tags: biography, moon, tone, oil paint]

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Drying Paint: Latex Paint

- This report deals with the drying of paint, with the main focus on latex paint. Evaporation and polymerisation are the two main processes in drying paint. These are described and the effects that the environment has on evaporation is discussed. Furthermore, an attempt was made to create a theoretical model to predict the evaporation of paint and an experiment was carried out to test this model. Several plates were prepared with different mixtures and two were coated in paint. The experimental data of the evaporation of water agrees with the theoretical model....   [tags: physical, chemical drying]

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Importance of Paint Trace Evidence

- Paint Importance of Paint Trace Evidence Paint trace evidence can be found at many crime scenes, but is most commonly found in vehicle incidents and burglary cases (Saferstein, 2009). Vehicles often leave paint smears and chips upon impact, and burglary tools can have paint smears from contact with painted surfaces during the burglary. Paint in especially important in hit-and-run cases. Paint smears and chips can be compared to a suspect's vehicle to determine if the vehicle was involved in the incident....   [tags: Forensic Science ]

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The Best Acrylic Paint To Buy

- Acrylic paints have become so very popular since its introduction into the public market in the 1950’s. For hundreds of years, the artist had to contend with the peculiarities of their chosen medium. The watercolorist had to contend with paintings very easily damaged by moisture, and the oil painter had to wait an interminable amount of time for his painting to dry. Acrylic paint ………….. Characteristics Acrylic, when thinned with water, becomes a watercolor paint that is permanent when dry. It offers a durability that traditional watercolor pigment could not provide....   [tags: Characteristics, Quality, Brands]

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Paint As A Substance Used

- To start, paint is a substance used to both protect and add color to any given surface. Now don’t be fooled and think paint is made up of one thing, because in reality, paint is actually made from a mixture of substances which form a colloid. A colloid is a mixture of substances where the particles mix and disperse, but do not dissolve. These particles don’t dissolve because they all share a similar charge, whether it be positive or negative, that makes them constantly repel each other. In terms of paint, each of three substances that make up the colloid each have an important part in carrying out the job of paint....   [tags: Pigment, Color, Polymer, Oxygen]

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A Beginner Decides To Paint

- You have always loved drawing and now you want more. Color is suddenly important and learning how to use it to create a painting is the next goal you have in mind. Deciding what type of paint to use can be a daunting task if one does not have the information to make an informed decision. It all sounds so exotic, creative and expensive. Spending time researching the various mediums available is time well spent, and saves disappointment and dollars from making a poor choice. As you explore the various types of paints and accessories available, think about what you wish to accomplish....   [tags: Self-Help, Novice Artist]

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How To Paint On Walls

- Whether you are an artist, decorator or simply looking for an inexpensive way to enhance an area of a room, painting a wall can be fun, creative and satisfying. This is also an inexpensive method of making a big impact with minimal cost. There are a number of styles and methods to choose from and one need not be an artist to create a striking accent wall. Whatever the skill level, an aspiring artist can make a big splash on that quiet, unassuming space that cries out for colorful attention. Prepare The Wall Whatever method the artist uses, the wall must be prepared....   [tags: Preparation, Styles, Murals]

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Winslow Homer: Masters of Paint

- ... When he traveled to Paris, Winslow Homer studied the paintings and art form of artists such as Millet, Manet and Courbet. In 1875 Homer left his illustrating job and started to paint for himself but struggled financially. After living two years in an English fishing village in Northumberland, Homer moved back to the Maine coast of the United States in 1882 (Hodge 127). There he painted some of his more famous paintings such as “The Gulf Stream” and “The Life Line,” showing man-against-elements (Strickland 85)....   [tags: American landscape painters]

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The Evolution Of Sacred Paint

- The evolution of sacred paint, a legendary tale passed down through many generations, and its usage in traditional and contemporary Indigenous ceremonies were among the first things I learned through this cultural experience. Homogenization of Indigenous cultures definitely disparages the diversity of these nations; however, generations of colonization and assimilation policies like the Indian Act (1876) and the Sixties Scoop, as discussed in class, have led to the loss of culture and traditional ways....   [tags: Indigenous peoples, Culture, Ceremony]

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