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PACE II Portfolio

- PACE II Portfolio Big Idea Technology and Communication Unit Topic “All About Me” Presenting Ourselves with Technology I. A. Overarching Essential Question(s): (1) How can technology be used to communicate. Enduring Understandings: (2) Students will know understand that… 1. Communication can be enhanced using technology and computer applications. 2. Presentation software applications are tools for communication. I. B. Topical Essential Questions: (3) 1. What are the various forms of communication....   [tags: Lesson Plan]

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Police Powers Under PACE

- Police Powers Under PACE Certain police powers under the police and criminal evidence Act 1984 (PACE) were implemented on 1 January 1986. For provisions set out in section 5, 50 and 55 of the act, there is statutory requirement for chief officers of police to collect and publish statistics monitoring their use. These provisions cover stop ad searches of persons or vehicles, road checks and intimate searches of persons. Information giving the ethnic appearance of persons stopped and searched was published in January 2001 a publication under section 95 of the criminal justice act 1991....   [tags: Papers]

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Alleen Pace Nilsen's View of Sexism in English

- Alleen Pace Nilsen's View of Sexism in English Alleen Pace Nilsen began a study of Sexism in American English after returning from a two-year stay in Kabul, Afghanistan. Trying to avoid social issues in her research, Nilsen used the dictionary, as her main source and guide, making note-cards on every entry that seemed to tell something about male and female. She soon discovered that language and society go hand and hand. Furthermore, that the language a culture uses is evident in its values and beliefs....   [tags: Papers]

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The Organization's Gaps in Patient-Centered Care Attributes

- Healthcare in the twenty-first century is transforming as swiftly as I type these words. Now, more than ever, patients, families, and teams of wellness providers are continuously striving towards comprehensive partnership development, to allow for the best possible patient outcomes. McGregor PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly), is a managed care program in Cleveland, Ohio that has paved the way for over a decade, in the area of patient and family-centered care. The attached “Patient- and Family-Centered Care Organizational Tool” (Self-Assessment Tool, 2013) displays areas of facility strengths, as well as developmental areas within the organization....   [tags: healthcare, McGregor PACE]

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Pros and Cons of Globalization for Suppliers and Businesses

- ... Moreover it could also avoid the use of an office, because workers could telecommute from home. This can also decrease the time in which a task can be completed by videoconference between different branches and the use of software’s. In addition technology not only saves money but also can save time. What some decades ago could only be done by humans, nowadays can be performed by machines and computers in less time and more efficiently. But technology also has drawbacks. If a company were based on software, for example an e-commerce, it would add extra expenses to the firm that would have to keep up with industry trends by continuously actualizing the software....   [tags: keeping pace with economic trends]

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Public School Reforms: A Hybrid School

- ... In an ABC News article profiling two unschooled students, Juju Chang writes, roughly 100,000 children are unschooled in America and seem to be some of the happiest students in the country (Chang). Even though the thought of unschooling one’s children seems like an act of lazy parenting, there are many positives effects that unschoolery has on students. In most scenarios, students learn better and retain more information when they have a desire to learn. Having an interest in the topic and understanding the real life application gives students a better incentive to work hard and study....   [tags: customization of learning pace]

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Positive Effects of Homeschooling

- Homeschooling has become increasingly popular due to several reasons. The most often cited is religious convictions. Parents are rightly concerned that their children are not learning a value system at public schools. Religious values, by law, cannot be included within a public school’s curriculum and private schools that do teach a parent’s particular belief may not be located in the area and/or may be cost prohibitive. At home, students are the focal point of the instructor and not lost in the crowd in a classroom of 25 or more other kids....   [tags: Socialization, Pace, Values]

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Music of Our Lives

- Music of Our Lives The sweet rhythm of a fast beat, the slow steady pace of a love song, or heavy rock-and-roll anthem to energize yourself. Music has always been an important key, all across the world, n expressing, motivating, and being ourselves together in the toughest of time. Better or worse. Music, in every type, plays an important role in committing to its many jobs with the key ingredients of lyrics, pace, rhythm, and that little piece of soul given to each song written. Which is how, even today, music still plays a very important song in our lives....   [tags: lyrics, pace, rhythm, soul]

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Flower Castle: A Narrative Fiction

- 24 year old Landrea Flowers was on her way to the Valdria Café, where she worked. Pressed for time she ran through the crowds as fast as her feet could carry her, checking her watch she noted that it was 8:50 and she had to be there before her shift started at 9:15. She moved faster through the crowds trying to avoid hitting anyone, but the morning bustle of Vancouver streets were absolutely unforgiving. “One more block.” She whispered to herself as she sidestepped a baby carriage in her path, she reached the walk zone and pressed the button....   [tags: pace, late, work, office, alright, punch]

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Growth of Call Centers

- In this paper of Taylor and Bain there is a discussion about the fast pace of growth the call industry is following in the late 1990’s. The astounding and oversaw advancement of call centres, extending far past their beginning bases in the monetary and telecommunications zones, has bewildered the early doubt. The point of interest for the organizations got through the consolidation of telephone and VDU developments, giving prompt telephone based customer administrations and offering prompted boundless of this sensation....   [tags: Taylor and Bain, Fast Pace Growth, Call Industry]

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Cultural Impact on International Trade

- Introduction Cultural impact on international trade is the effects and repercussions of doing business in diverse communities. Cultural impact on international trade mainly occurs when businesses are organized in an international structure. Managing international cultures means handling both national and organizational cultures. Organizational cultures are manageable while national cultures are given facts for management. One of the most renowned beverage companies in the world is Coca-Cola. It has branches and network all over the world making it serve different people from diverse communities and practicing different cultures....   [tags: Language, Time, Pace]

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The Pros and Cons of the Smartphone: Does It Really Help Our Lives?

- The telephone is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Without a telephone, life as we know it today, would be much more difficult and time consuming. Some of life’s activities might even be impossible. Talking to loved ones that live far away, changing work schedules, making appointments to have the utilities turned on in our homes, paying the bills, and calling 911 are all actions that can be completed in the blink of an eye, by using a telephone. Ironically, improved communication, the biggest asset to having a phone has been significantly destroyed by the use of the newest technologically advanced cell phones....   [tags: speed, ability, fast pace, family life]

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The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (

- The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) enables older people to remain active members of their community who would otherwise need to reside in a nursing home. To be considered eligible for PACE, patients must be age 55 or older and certified by the state in which they reside, to have a chronic illness, disability, or be in need of physical or medical assistance. PACE developed in the Chinatown section of San Francisco CA in 1971. At the time, this community consisted of many families whose elders had immigrated from Italy, China, and the Philippines....   [tags: organization, fund, patients, therapy]

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Patient and Family Centered Care Project

- Along with what is offered educationally, McGregor PACE scores very high in the domain of Care Support, on the Patient-and Family-Centered Organizational Self-Assessment Tool (Self-Assessment Tool, 2013). Family members are an integral part of the McGregor PACE program. Without them, most of the participants would be placed in a long-term care facility. They are undeniably active members of the team. Family members have full access to loved ones while they are at the site. If the participant is hospitalized or temporarily placed in a long-term care facility, McGregor PACE is still responsible for oversight of the care provided to the participant (McGregor PACE website, n.d.)....   [tags: nursing staff, medical emergency]

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Authority Should Be Respected: The Boss and Employee Should Understand Their Role

- General Peter Pace and General Joseph Johnston were both military leaders. They were responsible for obeying instructions from above as well as communicating with their peers and subordinates. Both men were well educated, had the respect of their followers, and exercised leadership skills leading up in their own unique way. The importance of respecting a superior is explored followed by lessons learned from mistakes. Next, how Peter Pace and Joseph Johnston communicated up and the influence it had on their working relationships is revealed....   [tags: open communication, obeying instructions]

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Cardiovascular Activity and How it Influences the Body

- Cardiovascular Activity And How it Influences the body. Introduction: Cardiovascular fitness is a form of aerobic fitness (Neporent and Egan 1997). There are many different ways of evaluating the amount of oxygen used during cardiovascular fitness and one the methods involved is called VO2 Max. VO2 Max is the maximum amount of oxygen that the body can hold. (Simon and Levisohm 1987). Cardiovascular fitness helps to improve a healthy lifestyle. For this experiment the null hypothesis is that the intensity of the step rate test (High and Low) has no effect on the persons’ heart rate and recovery time....   [tags: how the body works, circulatory system]

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Video Game Competition and Violence influence on Aggressive Behavior

- Based on previous research about the effect of video games in aggression, Paul Adachi and Teena Willoughby conducted a research to determine if it was the competitiveness or violence of video games that could cause an aggressive response on university students. According to Adachi & Willoughby, much of the previous research on the topic had failed in leveling external variables such as competitiveness, difficulty and pace of action, and that those variable could have easily affected the results....   [tags: university students, agression, violence]

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How to Be a Successfull Cross Country Runner

- Many people argue that cross country is one of the hardest, most physically challenging sports there is out there. A lot of people shudder at the idea of running two or more miles on hilly, steep, muddy and rocky trails. The funny thing about that is that is not even the worst part. In order to run two to four miles in races, one must prepare. “How do you prepare your body to run this long?” one might ask. That is where my argument comes in. Being a cross country runner of four years, I have seen, done and heard of a plethora of ways and strategies to become a successful cross country runner....   [tags: physically challenging outdoor sports]

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Hang Up and Drive

- The study was meant to see if both older and younger adults driving performance was affected by talking and holding a conversation on a cell phone. It explored to see how older adults are penalized by the real world dual-task activity, which would be them holding a conversation on a cell phone while driving. They said that the younger adults were more likely to miss traffic signals, signs, and other cars, and have a slower response time when they do see the other cars while using and holding a conversation on a cell phone....   [tags: Public Safety]

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A Warrant for Rottman's Arrest by Germany

- ... Lord Nicholls and Lord Hoffman agreed with the opinions of Lord Hutton and Lord Rodgers. Lord Hope’s Judgment He agrees that PACE powers were not available and that common law powers were not supplanted by PACE. He was disagreed on common law powers available to officers in possession of an arrest warrant. He contended that under common law, officers had power when performing an arrest to search the person and the immediate vicinity but no power to search the premises. In Lord Dennings judgement in Chic Fashions V Jones that after an arrest, officers had the power the search the premises for evidence....   [tags: unlawful, extradition, criminal]

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Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment

- Fyodor Dostoevsky, like most authors, had a distinct way of conveying his message in his novel. In the case of Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky employs irregular plot pacing to develop the character of the protagonist, Raskolnikov, who undergoes quite a journey. Sounds like most books right. A man going through a journey and undergoing a transformation. The unique thing that has captivated many readers is a murder occurring in the early stages of the novel as opposed to being the climax towards the end of the novel....   [tags: Irregular Plot Placing, Crime and Punishment]

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The Study of Narrative Applied to a Graphic Novel

- The study of narrative, or narratology can be applied to a graphic novel. This hybrid narrative form that combines words with sequential visual images, can be analyzed the same way that other narrative forms such as novels and even movies can be analyzed. Using a specific graphic novel to analyze its plot, setting, atmosphere and character, a closer examination of that graphic novel can be made. This closer examination will demonstrate if there is legitimacy to the narrative form or if a graphic novel is nothing more than an inflated phrase to describe something that many believe is a juvenile and commercialized form of marketing....   [tags: Ghost World by Dan Clowes]

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Examination of Shakespeare's Use of Dramatic Devices in Act 1, Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet

- Examination of Shakespeare's Use of Dramatic Devices in Act 1, Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet Romeo & Juliet is a story of love and hate with a tragic end. Act 1, Scene 5 is of particular significance as it is where the romantic adventure between Romeo and Juliet starts, in contrast of hatred from both families. This scene uses a lot of dramatic devices; A Dramatic Device is elements of the play, which allow the writer to build up tension or other effects. These effects influence the actor of the play and the response of the characters and audience....   [tags: Papers]

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The Legacy of Mother Theresa

- “Mother Teresa will be remembered for her compassionate work with the destitute, the outcast and the dying. Those who followed her work say her legacy goes much deeper than establishing one of the world's most extraordinary and extensive charitable networks”. (Ribadeneira 1) The power of Mother Teresa’s comforting touch changed the lives of many. When Mother Teresa was twelve years old, she first thought about becoming a nun. Six years later, Mother Teresa decided she wanted to pursue her dream, so she got in contact with the Sister of Loreto....   [tags: sainthood, beatification, nurturing]

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The Client/Therapist Relationship

- The therapist and client relationship is important in effective therapy. The therapeutic relationship must be built upon before any technique and theory will be effective. Communicating real empathy and showing a genuine interest in the client will begin a solid therapeutic foundation. However, the therapist must “have the ability to stay outside the system while maintaining some emotional attachment to its members” (Patterson, Williams, Edwards, Chamow, & Grauf-Grounds, 2009, p. 107). This paper reviews and critiques an interview I recorded of a couple that pertains to clutter building up around the house....   [tags: Therapy/Counseling]

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Students That Suffer With ADD Should NOT Be Placed In Specialized Classes

- Should Students that Suffer with ADD Be Placed in Specialized Classes. Many adults and caregivers do not know what Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is and therefore do not know how to properly care for those children. They believe that because their children have ADD, they will not be able to learn or succeed in a normal class with other normal students. The truth is that only 1 out of every 35 students with ADD need additional help outside of the classroom because they are not sufficiently learning in it(Cowan)....   [tags: special Education, learning disabilities]

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Growth Rate and Development in Boys and Girls

- ... The doctor has a growth chart where he/she can determine how someone is growing compared to others of the same age and gender. The chart usually goes up until about the age of 20. If there seems to be a problem, the doctor can observe the growth over a period of months and then determine what the problem is based off of the pattern. Many things can show why a child is not growing properly. Whether they have health problems, born prematurely, puberty started early or late, etc. Doctors can also use a BMI (Body Mass Index) to determine if a person’s weight is appropriate for their age and height....   [tags: normal, factors, influence, eating, exercise]

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Drive a Car, Not a Cell Phone

- “When a driver ‘talks and drives’ they are not only putting themselves at risk, they are also putting everyone around them in a dangerous situation” ( A study conducted last year by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, had cameras placed inside one hundred cars and trucks to track drivers' activities before a dangerous event occurred. Research shows users of cell phones while driving caused far more crashes and near misses than non-users. These statistics do not change even if the hand held device becomes hands free by means of a blue tooth or speaker phone....   [tags: Driving Mobile Phone Use]

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Conditions for a Lawful Arrest

- The criminal justice system is an existing tool for society to convict those practicing anti-social behaviour. The English legal system is under a lot of dispute given that the government can interfere with individual freedom declaring individuals to prison. Thus, the criminal justice system needs to balance competing interests from punishing the guilty to protecting the innocent. However, not every system can be upmost perfect; there have been miscarriages of justice, unlawful arrests and so on....   [tags: criminal justice, liberty, human rights, unlawful]

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Our Helpless Dependance on Technology

- Technology started out as a necessity, people needed it back when they weren't guaranteed safety, heat, shelter etc. Technology similarly started off by accidental discoveries that slowly morphed into technology today. Technology in the past is much more different than what it is today. Take the example of fire. Fire started by accident but furthermore led to expansion into creating bigger fires. To be exact this happened because there was a need to keep warm and have a source of light. The discovery may have led to the idea that they need more fires....   [tags: health, emotional, environmntal issues]

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Pre 1914 Poetry Comparison: Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Charge Of The

- Pre 1914 Poetry Comparison: Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Charge Of The Light Brigade, and Wilfred Owen, Dulce Et Decorum Est 1) The Charge Of The Light Brigade Tennyson was prompted to write this poem after reading an article in the Times newspaper about the charge of the Light Brigade. Tennyson's main motive for writing this poem seems to be to celebrate the bravery of the troops. Tennyson appears to be a patriot. He concentrates on the brave way the soldiers went into near certain death and only makes one mention of the complete cock-up made by the generals....   [tags: English Literature]

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Shakespeare's Development of Juliet’s Character in Romeo and Juliet

- Shakespeare's Development of Juliet’s Character in Romeo and Juliet Introduction: Juliet is the heroine of the play and throughout the play we watch her mature from a naïve girl into a young woman. Include historical and social research. Other sources of information: Say how other writers and authors have interpreted the play. Remember to credit them. First scene with her mother: in this scene Juliet is a very submissive character, she sits back and lets the conversation happen around her but does not try to be involved....   [tags: Papers]

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My Practice Teaching Experience

- Early on in my Block A experience I realised that a major contributing factor to the success, or otherwise, of my lessons was the pace. This is an area that I have looking at improving over the course of my Block A placement. The advice given by Gererd Dixon (2011: Online) is that; ‘One of the hardest things for new teachers is to inject pace and purpose into lessons while recognizing the needs of slower learners in the class.’ Working out the correct pace for my classes did prove to be a struggle as it does require the teacher to understand the needs of different learners in the room....   [tags: Education, teacher]

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Apllication for Mechanical Engineering

- One of the happiest moments in my life was when I cleared my engineering entrance test, and got an admit at PES Institute of technology for Bachelor’s in Mechanical. Having been part of this institution has given me a strong foundation in Core Mechanical subjects such as Dynamics and Kinematics of Machines, Solid and Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Manufacturing Sciences and Vibrations. It was my dream to be a mechanical engineer since the time I experimented with a Simple Pendulum in my high school Physics lab....   [tags: machines, science, dream, school]

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The Complexity of Life and Death in "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead"

- The main theme of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead is the complexity of life, death, and the events that lead to it. It also depicts the theory of determinism vs. free will. These are very similar to the themes seen in Hamlet. There is a complementary structure between Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead and Hamlet in the sense that, they are written in different time periods and show different understanding on the subject at hand. In 1602, the time when Hamlet was written, people believed in church and that dead would go to heaven or hell based on their deeds , but Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead was written in 1960’s a time of existentialism, when existence of god and essence...   [tags: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, ]

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Technology Makes Us Less Intelligent

- As the world continues to evolve we must ask ourselves this question: is the world changing for the better. In my opinion, it is not. I believe the "change" of the world refers to the technological advances. As technology grows, human jobs are replaced with advanced machinery, the next generation appears to get less intelligent, and human contact is replaced by other devices. As technology has continued to take over the world, human jobs have been taken over by factories and computers. Human labor is simply not valued as much....   [tags: technology advance, intelligence, ]

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A Comparison of The Purloined Letter and The Black Cat

- A Comparison of The Purloined Letter and The Black Cat In this essay I will be comparing the two short stories, 'The Purloined Letter' & 'The Black Cat'. The Purloined Letter is about a detective (Dupin) who is asked by the Parisian Police prefect over a Purloined Letter. An eminent minister has stolen an important letter and it contains information that can be dangerous for an important individual. No one can find the letter even though knowing who has it. Dupin has had past history with the minister, the motivation to get revenge and also Dupin's superior intelligence helps Dupin to recover the letter....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing Act 3 Scene 5 and Act 4 Scene 5 in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

- Romeo and Juliet essay The Act 3 Scene 5 and Act 4 Scene 5 are set in Juliet’s bedroom in Capulet’s mansion ‘Verona’. To begin with, the atmosphere in Act 3 Scene 5 is very romantic, kind, loving and is running at a slow pace but when Romeo leaves and lady Capulet enters, the atmosphere turns aggressive, insulting and upsetting and gets into a faster pace. This is unusual seeing the start of the scene where the language used was quite soft and kind. But as Lady Capulet enters into the scene, it turns into aggressive and very harsh language is used....   [tags: compare/contrast]

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The Inclusion of Children with Special Needs in a Normal Classroom

- Currently, children with special needs are educated in a designated classroom or included into a general classroom. Inclusion is educating special-needs students in a classroom with non-special needs students. Debate about inclusion or separate classrooms for children with disabilities has been a topic of discussion in the educational school setting for decades. Supporters of inclusion believe special-needs students, teachers, and non-disabled students do better academically and socially in a diverse classroom setting....   [tags: non special needs students, teacher, isolation]

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The Importance of Informal Work Practices at Blue Collar Occupations

- Nowadays work became one of the defining characteristics of a person. Work might influence one’s perception of the world, health, social ties, and emotional state (Vallas, Finlay and Wharton 2009: 5-7). As a result, work is not only a means through which a person earns income, but also a mechanism of bringing a person into society. There are virtually thousand types of work such as teachers, plumbers, cashiers, scholars, engineers, doctors, astronauts, poets, janitors and so on, each of which has its specific duties and tasks which provide a value to society....   [tags: production, process, hourly, payment, boredom]

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Powerful Moments in To Kill A Mockingbird by Lee Harper

- To Kill A Mockingbird Through out the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, there are many different powerful moments. Lee portrays the moment when Atticus is going to shoot Tim Johnson as a powerful moment as well as in chapter 15 when Scout is trying to talk to Mr. Cunningham but he does not respond. In the beginning of the moment Lee portrays the moment to be powerful by slowing down time and advancing pace towards the end of the moment. Tim Johnson is a sick dog that was walking along the Finches street and stopped by the Radleys house....   [tags: gun, death, dramatic]

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Comparing Zeffirelli and Luhrmann's Versions of Romeo and Juliet

- "For never was a story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo." - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 5.3 ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a tragic play about two star crossed lovers written by Shakespeare in 1595. The play is a timeless teenage tradgedy. “The play champions the 16th Century belief that true love always strikes at first sight,” (Lamb 1993: Introduction) and even in modern times an audience still want to believe in such a thing as love at first sight. Act II Scene II the balcony scene displays that romantic notion perfectly....   [tags: compare, contrast, comparison]

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Investigation of Laughter by Suspects and Police Officers

- ... Confronted instead by detailed discussion of recording transcriptions, it has a tendancy to confuse those who are not familiar with CA's research style. As there are hardly any prescriptions regarding 'good CA' it would have been beneficial for Carter to have included a brief outline of her CA practices together with evidence on why CA would be best suited as otherwise, what has been given is a "Sketch of an analytic mentality". (Schenkein', 1978) where the researcher uses habitual expectations, derived from established social-scientific practice, as a frames of reference in understanding this unusual species of scientific work....   [tags: objective, challenge, statement, behaviors]

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How Much Oil is Left in Our World?

- Peak Oil The world relies so heavily on oil that the question arises how much oil is left. A simple answer to this question would be alot however the rate and cost of production is an entirely different question. Oil must be extracted and refined at a rate that keeps pace with consumption in order to prevent a disruption in supply. The most commonly used oil so far has been conventional oil which is oil in a liquid state extracted from underground or undersea and it supplies the lion's share of our demand....   [tags: consumption, production, reserves]

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Aerobic Fitness in Basketball: A Case Study

- Aerobic Fitness Assessment Scenario This study will involve an offseason basketball-training program. The study will consists of male varsity basketball members ranging in age from 17 to 19. These 24 team members will be juniors and seniors at the local high school, and they will have been active members of the basketball program since their ninth grade year. The head and assistant basketball coaches along with the athletic trainer will be responsible for this study and will use the basketball gymnasium and school training room....   [tags: high school gymnasium, athletes]

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Comparing Beach Vacation and City Vacation

- Where to go on vacation is a popular conundrum in many households every year. People enjoy going out of town to relieve stress and get away from work for a short time. The beach and the city are both great places to vacation. They are both open anytime of the year. It depends on what you want to accomplish where you should decide to go. I hope the next few paragraphs help you make that tough decision easier. The items you need to bring with you can differ between the beach and the city but it can also be the same....   [tags: compare and contrast]

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Calorie Consumption and an Exercise Plan

- ... That's why running is a high-impact activity. Each time they land, runners subject their bodies to a stress equal to about three times their body weight. In just one mile, a typical runner's legs will have to absorb more than 100 tons of impact force. It's a testament to the human body that running can be safe and enjoyable. Walkers have one foot on the ground at all times. Figure 1 below show the walking posture. Figure 1 Walking Posture Exercise burns calories. In the case of walking and running, the calories burned depend much more on the distance covered and body weight than on pace....   [tags: walking vs running, body mass/fat percentage]

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Giftedness and Education

- Gifted learning is a highly controversial topic in the world of education. Some people believe that having a separate class for “gifted” students allows for more growth and learning to take pace; contrary to that belief, there are some people who believe that segregating public class rooms this way hinders learning, and creates class rooms that are not eclectic and that do not allow peer to peer learning. Learning is a highly individual subject and every student learns differently. If the education system in the United States is to change their test scores, they will move away from the philosophy of integration and inclusion and towards an educational philosophy of creating an IEP for eac...   [tags: Special Education, Disabilities]

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Integrating SmartBoards Into the Classroom

- Review of Literature To date, there has been quite a bit of research in the field. The integration of the SmartBoard into the classroom is an effective teaching technique for three reasons. The first is that an interactive white board motivates and engages students. Furthermore, this technology helps students organize material, so there are benefiting cognitively. As a result of the two, the achievement of students is greater when a SmartBoard is utilized. In the following paragraphs I will discuss what the research states about each area of improvement....   [tags: Technolgoy]

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Technology: Its Effect on Education

- Education is “The act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life” (Education). Technology comes in many forms including the Internet. It can be used in many different ways, one being educational purposes. Throughout history, technology has had an effect on Education; examples of this are the Internet, online courses, the use of technology in class, and with these there are also limitations....   [tags: Technology ]

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Sex Discrimination in Society Today

- Since the beginning of history, women have not had the same rights as men. Although this has increasingly gotten better over the years to the point where some would say that feminism is not needed anymore, there are still many areas of life in which women face inequality compared to men. These discriminations that women encounter are closely related to the theories of the social construction of gender, race, and disability. These theories suggest that any woman can come across greater inequities if she is not only a woman, but of a minority race or disabled in any way....   [tags: social issues, equal rights]

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Justice Systems and Citizens Security

- The Justice system comprises of entities which serve to prevent, detect, prosecute, adjudicate and discipline criminal activities. Globally, Justice systems aim to ensure citizen security simultaneously without infringement on the citizen’s rights. The Due Process model is a model which recognizes that the state must respect all the legal rights of a person when carrying out justice. The Due process model questions the criminal justice system as to whether there is a miscarriage of justice as highlighted in Regina (Rottman) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis....   [tags: cyber terrorism, justice systems]

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“The Lotos-Eaters”

- “The Lotos-Eaters” The time period of “The Lotos-Eaters” comes at the end of the Victorian era with uncertain change in the air, and the usefulness of the new Industrial Revolution Era was uncertain to society. Tennyson like many poets of his day are bring light to the problems in society and his own desperate past to which returning to their home land of Ithaca from war in Troy, but actually about the transition from the Victorian Era to the Industrial Revolution Era and the problems associated with it....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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A Comparison of Two Film Openings to Great Expectations

- A Comparison of Two Film Openings to Great Expectations The story "Great Expectations" is based in Victorian times and was written by Charles Dickens in the 1860s. This novel which Charles Dickens wrote has been produced as a film one version by David Lean and another by B.B.C. The B.B.C version is the modern version and the version produced by David Lean is the traditional version. I will be comparing these two versions of the openings to "Great Expectations". These two openings use varying techniques to very different effects....   [tags: Great Expectations Essays]

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A Comparison of The Signalman and The Red Room

- A Comparison of The Signalman and The Red Room The Signalman and the Red Room are well known examples of nineteenth century ghost stories. Write a critical comparison of these two stories. What do you consider to be their strengths and which of the stories do you enjoy the most. Charles Dickens and H.G. Wells were both living during the Victorian era. The many radical changes in this era tainted their writing. Both Wells and Dickens were against the social situation at the time, this is evident in their writings....   [tags: Papers]

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Suspense Examples In A Prayer For Owen Meany

- Different Ways John Irving Creates Suspense in A Prayer for Owen Meany In John Irving's novel titled, A Prayer for Owen Meany, suspenseful events are of abundance, and there are multiple ways the author creates this suspense. Among these methods of creating suspense, four that stand out are the use of setting, the pace of the story, the involvement of mysteries to be solved, and the ability of the reader to easily identify and sympathize with the protagonist. By placing a character in a gloomy or solitary place, uncomfortable feelings are created, which append to the suspense....   [tags: Book Novel Analysis John Irving]

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Analysis of Provisions Related to Police Powers

- Analysis of Provisions Related to Police Powers Civil rights are the freedoms and rights that a person may have as a member of a community, state, or nation. They include a person’s freedom of speech, actions, and religion. They also include the rights for one to own property, and receive fair and equal treatment from the state, government, and other people. The courts are the governing bodies that decide whether a persons civil rights have been violated....   [tags: Papers]

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Snakecharmer and In the Snake Park

- The poem, “Snakecharmer”, is a poem that conveys an underlying theme of power and control, as represented by the snakecharmer, through the nature of the snakes and their relationship with the snakecharmer. There is no consistent rhyme scheme to the poem, and almost all the stanzas in the poem have run-on lines to the following stanza. The effect these create is a general atmosphere of inconsistency and disorder. The run-on lines also place an emphasis upon the last word of the stanza and the first word of the following, helping the poet impress upon the reader the significance of words such as “river”, “tongues”, “snakes”, “shapes” and “rules”....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Compare and Contrast All Quiet on the Western Front and Dulce et Decorum est.

- The poem "Dulce et decorum est" by Wilfred Owen has a lot In common with "All Quiet on the Western Front." By Erich Remarque although Remarque never fought in the 1st World War. The Imagery in the prose is more detailed as it has more time to describe everything "The fields are flat." Some people think that this is better and it gives it a bit more feeling. Were as in the poem, Owen uses lots of short hard hitting words such as "Obscene as cancer" The poem gives a much more immediate effect in a shorter space of time....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Charge Of The Light Brigade and Come up from the Fields Father

- The Charge Of The Light Brigade and Come up from the Fields Father are two war poems written in the mid 19th century. A Comparison Of Two War Poems ============================= 'The Charge Of The Light Brigade' and 'Come up from the Fields Father' are two war poems written in the mid 19th century. They both involve the portrayal of death for their country. Although they both tell us about death in two entirely different ways. In 1854, Mr Alfred Tennyson picked up 'The Times' newspaper and read a report written by W .H....   [tags: English Literature]

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Analysis of Halloween Film Trailer

- Analysis of Halloween Film Trailer I have decided to look at a trailer that was filmed in 1978 called Halloween directed by John Carpenter. The purpose of the trailer is to tease the audience into wanting to see the film but also to identify genre through conventions and create opinions in the audiences mind. The genre of my trailer is cross generic horror; appealing to a wide target audience. The horror genre is represented through the scenes involving blood and violence. Conventions of the trailer include the length, use of settings, characters, music, sound effects, and colours....   [tags: Papers]

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A Musical Morning

- The gentle strum of the bass guitar ends the silence of the night with a soft yet deep note that brings consciousness to me. "Beautiful Morning With You" by the Pillows fills my ears like the soft sunlight filtering through the shades of my window, bringing light to my dark world. I am awake without effort. The light tapping of the cymbals dispels the ethereal world of dreams around me. The strum of the guitar strings come again insistently, pushing my eyelids slowly open as I find my way from the world of dreams....   [tags: Personal Experience, Autobiographyvvvv]

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Donato D’Angelo Bramante

- Donato D’Angelo Bramante was born in 1444 and died in 1514. Bramante was an Architect who introduced the High Renaissance style in architecture (brit). The Renaissance style gradually replaced the Gothic style of the late Middle Ages. It encouraged a revival of naturalism, seen in Italian 15th-century painting and sculpture, and of Classical forms and ornament in architecture, such as the column and round arch, the tunnel vault, and the dome (Western Architecture, 2011). Bramante was first trained as a painter before undertaking architecture and is credited with being the most renowned architects of his time (garners)....   [tags: Biography]

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Candide and Great Expectations: Comparing Candide and Pip

- Candide, by Voltaire, and Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, are two novels written in different periods of time and by authors with different backgrounds. Their main characters are consequently not identical to each other. The fundamental difference between Candide and Pip as characters is that Candide shows us only his outer countenance while Pip lets us know the deepest of his feelings. Candide is one of those "follow the leader" type characters, that doesn't do much thinking for himself....   [tags: Charles Dickens, Voltaire]

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Should the Police Be Allowed to Impose Brain Scans on Suspects?

- ... Thus, the defendant would have been proven guilty, before commencing trials. As well as, it is believed here that the use of brain scans by police and evidence would misdirect the Jury, as Dr Farahany states that jurors often tend to believe that science is the objective truth, therefore showing that if police officer are given the right to use brain scans on suspects, evidence taken from the scans in court would be regarded more sufficient than “witness interviews, testimony by the accused under cross examination, and even the person's body language”....   [tags: justice, crime, mens rea, evidence]

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The Effects of Listening to Music on Physical Performance

- Introduction Music is a very fascinating universal phenomenon. Almost everyone likes some sort of music, whether it be the twang of a country song or the intensity of a German rap. Music has the ability to completely change the mood of a situation. It has extensively been investigated and used as a form of therapy for the mind. Therefore it would be interesting to see if it had any impact on a person’s physical ability as well. Music has been suggested to affect the body’s physiological patterns in many ways....   [tags: Music]

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Effects of Montessori Education on Reading Comprehension of Kindergarteners

- Montessori education has been proven through recent research to be better than traditional schools and more exciting for students (Biswas-Diener 2011). Maria Montessori started the first Montessori school in the early 1900’s. She believed that children were capable of learning things on her own, and that a teacher in the classroom should act as a guide for students. According to the Montessori philosophy, the students’ have work time that occurs in an uninterrupted block of time, usually for around three hours....   [tags: reading comprehension skills]

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The Process of Becoming Healthy and Physically Fit

- America is one of the most obese countries in the world, with so many technologies making life easier for people no wonder why so many people are gaining weight in larger amounts than in the past. There are endless amounts of things people do to get out of doing actual physical work. An example would be the grocery store down the street. 9/10 people would most likely drive 1 mile down the road instead of getting up and going for a nice walk. Another technological advancement is the computer, Television, and the biggest one, video games....   [tags: health & fitness]

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The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Europe

- The Industrial Revolution hit Europe and along with it came a great deal of change. Not only did this industrial revolution affect standards of living in cities, it also affected greatly the nature and quality of labor. The Industrial Revolution had an impact of the greatest magnitude on Europe and has shaped the work style and nature of labor that Europeans know today. Although it may seem like a revolution of this sort would have great benefits for those who lived through it, evidence seems to show otherwise....   [tags: European History ]

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Why Driving and Cell Phones Do Not Mix

- It seems as though it would be fairly obvious that talking and texting on a cell phone while driving is careless and extremely dangerous not only to the driver but also to others to others driving on the road as well. Cell phones cause distraction while trying to drive, and people are no longer just talking on their cell phones, they are also text messaging, and surfing the worldwide web. Many believe that hands-free devices could be a solution to this problem, but the fact is hands free devices are just as dangerous to use while driving as hand held cell phones....   [tags: Driving Safety ]

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Autism on the rise in New York City

- Introduction Statement of the problem Autism treatment plans, treat autism as a psychiatric-behavioral disease, however, the ever-increasing population of children living with the disease require a multitude of supportive services that are not readily available. A multi-level treatment plan that encompasses integrated care of a physician, neurologist, gastroenterologist, nutritionist, psychiatrist, occupational therapist and a special educator is needed to treat the sleep and gastrointestinal disorders, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic and immune problems, seizures, psychiatric problems, and sensory sensitivities that range from mild to severe in children diagnosed with autism....   [tags: Learning Difficulties, Social Interaction]

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An Educational Revolution because of the Technology Era

- With the imminent rise of high tech gadgetry, more emphasis is being placed on its burgeoning escalation in society. The entire way we live life is becoming revolutionized as we are beginning to become more adapted to the era of technology. Education is one factor that is rapidly and imperatively modernizing the way it is being taught to children. It helps mold them into productive members of society and the working world. Students must interact in the sometimes chaotic, yet, ultimately totalitarian environments of educational institutions in order to successfully transfer themselves into the life of work....   [tags: online education, classrooms, students]

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Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act Analysis

- On April 23, 2010, Arizona Governor Janice K. Brewer signed the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act (SOLESNA), or Arizona Senate Bill 1070 (S.B. 1070, as it is popularly known). The purpose of the act is “... to discourage and deter the unlawful entry and presence of aliens and economic activity by persons unlawfully present in the United States” (Senate Bill 1070, 2010). Arizona Senate Bill 1070 is considered one of the harshest anti-immigration law due to it’s enforcements. Nevertheless, it is not the first law of it’s kind....   [tags: anti immigration law, arizona senate bill]

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A Critique: Web-based Orientation Materials and Information Processing

- Critique of Web-based Orientation Materials Based on the information that is known about orientation material as well as web-based training materials, I will now critique this platform and how it enhances or takes away from the processing of messages. This next section will look at five key areas: (1) the cost savings compared to traditional training, (2) the technology gap for those individuals that potentially lack in computer skills, (3) the users ability to work at an individual pace, (4) the engagement element of visual communication, and (5) over all processing of information in a web-based platform....   [tags: web-based plattforms]

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The Postive Economic Changes in the Industrial Revolution

- The Industrial Revolution was a time of change. The growth of factories replaced the home industries and started the development of large cities. These growing cities with their factories created changes not only to the people’s working conditions but also to the transportation and type of labor. There were many positive economic changes and advancements however, along with those positive economic changes there were many negative changes to the social life and the workers overall health. 3Life in the factory was most challenging for the first generation of industrial workers who still remembered the slower and more flexible pace of country life....   [tags: factories, conditions, transporation, labor]

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How the Crime Scene Officers Protect the Evidence

- Scene of Crime Officer- They have a responsibility to protect the crime scene from the evidence being ruined in any way. Their role is to follow correct procedures to collect the evidence- they have to document it by using a camera to take photos of the evidence before they can collect it. Samples are bagged in protective packaging, Evidence that have to be casted such as tire tracks and footprints is done under the same procedure- photographed and then make casings. Forensic Pathologist- They have a responsibility to perform an autopsy and determine a cause of death....   [tags: pathologists, death, forensics]

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Editing Techniques Give Us the Movies of Today

- According to Retchless, earlier films were not edited at all and everything was done in one shot. The camera could not hold a large amount of film resulting in short films. Filmmakers and audiences wanted longer and more detailed films. This was accomplished through editing techniques. Intercutting is an editing technique that cuts back and forth between two or more scenes that are occurring at the same time to create high drama and gives the viewer the sense that the scene is moving quickly. (Retchless, 2006)....   [tags: actors, sound effects, emotion]

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Article Analysis: "Sociology of Educational Late Blooming"

- Summary Sociology of educational late blooming, an article published in Sociological Forum and written by Jack Levin and William C. Levin, looks at the timelines of common lifetime milestones and their importance in various cultures. Describing time and scheduling as an important social dimension, the authors explain the subject of timeline scheduling within a context of societal norms(J. Levin & W. C. Levin, 1991, p. 661). Milestones in terms of “proper” chronological age and the order of attainment are established by society and differ greatly from one culture to the next (1991, p....   [tags: Article Review]

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From the Comfort of Your Own School

- Somehow it seems that they are always the ones to win the spelling bees. They make other high school kids look E-L-E-M-E-N-T-A-R-Y. These students succeed because they were exposed to a better learning environment, were able to progress at their own pace, and had the freedom to choose their own studies. These kids are home schooled kids, and their style of education is more beneficial than public schooling. Home schooling is an educational system based at the home. Here, a child learns at their parents' hands, sometimes by a tutor, typically on a one-to-one basis....   [tags: Education ]

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Cloud Computing Benefits , Challenges and Future.

- Delivering computer solutions has changed radically over the past thirty years from centralised mainframe computing to distributed client-server solutions. The consumption of Information Technology and Services (IT&S) has been accelerated by advances in network performance and facilities, consumerisation, and most notably through the adoption of Internet services. Business applications have also gone through a similar change from bespoke in-house mainframe systems to packaged products, and more recently, to distributed application frameworks (as seen on the iPhone)....   [tags: Project, System Development]

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