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A Pizza and Pasta Restaurant in Oxford

- EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A pizza and pasta restaurant in Oxford would thrive because of the lifestyle that the people in the city live and their expenditure patterns, which show preference for flashy foods like pizza. The report is about a company that wants to set up a pizza and pasta restaurant in Oxford. The report evaluates the nature of business in oxford and the purchasing trends among the residents in the area. The report also evaluates the realistic nature of pizza and pasta restaurant in Oxford in terms of the profitability and the market catch for a new business....   [tags: business analysis, target market]

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The Oxford Dictionary Of The Jewish Religion

- Berlin, A., & Grossman, M. (Eds.). (2011). The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion (2nd ed., Vols. 1-4). New York, NY: Oxford University Press. The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion contains 2,400 entries of Jewish religious thoughts, customs, laws, and practices from traditional approaches to modern branches of Judaism, such as Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, and post-denominational Judaism. This resource is published by the Oxford University Press, the largest and second-oldest university press known for broadcasting in all academic fields, and edited by Adele Berlin, a Professor of Hebrew Bible at the University of Maryland, and Maxine Grossman, the Associate Professo...   [tags: Judaism, Jews, Kashrut, Orthodox Judaism]

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The Differences Between The And Oxford And Cambridge

- Aristocratic. Ha... I hear you muttering under your breath. You know that Oxbridge only exists for the worlds’ privileged aristocratic youth strutting their arrogant stuff with expectations of wealth and power. You think it is rare that a state educated pupil makes an impact in these hallowed halls and cloisters. Think again. Both Oxford and Cambridge are vibrant, diverse and complicated places that defy a ‘pigeon hole’ description. Yes, there are still pockets that try and preserve that aristocratic perception....   [tags: Education, University, College, State]

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Statement of Purpose for University of Oxford

- Life can be so short and shallow, sometimes it requires a tragedy to evoke us of what is truly crucial in life. Eight years ago my cousin died after suffering a severe asthma attack. I was so melancholy when thinking about all the life experiences that he will being missed by taken at such a youngish age, and what a loss this was for the whole society to never be aware of what good or contribution he could have achieved, if given time. Breathe in the future, breathe out the past. I realised that the fact of his end is not a nightmare....   [tags: biomedical engineering, healthcare, diagnostic]

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Oxford University Job Application

- Supporting Statement. Please read the further particulars for the post before completing this section: these will describe the sort of skills, experience, knowledge, or abilities which are required (the ‘selection criteria’). Your skills and experience may have been gained though paid employment, voluntary/community work, domestic responsibilities, spare-time activities, and training. Your application will be judged solely on the basis of how your skills and experiences match the requirements for the post....   [tags: Job Application]

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Attending Oxford University

- Life can be so short and shallow, sometimes it takes a tragedy to remind you of what is really important in life. Eight years ago my cousin died after suffering a severe asthma attack. I was so sad thinking about all the experiences in life that he will miss by being taken at such a young age, and what a loss this was for the entire community to never know what good he could have accomplished, if given time. Breathe in the future, breathe out the past. I realised that the fact of his end is not a nightmare....   [tags: statement of purpose]

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Analysis : ' The New Oxford Annotated Bible '

- Proverbs 1:20-33 is a climactic telling of what happens to those who do not fear the Lord and seek knowledge as said in Proverbs 1:7. Wisdom is not just talked about in the first chapter, but found throughout the book of Proverbs. Throughout there is also a common theme about what will happen to those who do not choose wisdom. This pericope is basically a set up for the rest of the book in regards to what happens to those who do not choose wisdom. Wisdom is also personified as a woman. Woman wisdom will seek after those who are simple and hate knowledge with patience for only so long; once she has had enough she will present to them one last option that is severe in hopes that they will chan...   [tags: Solomon, Book of Proverbs, Wisdom literature]

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The Oxford Program

- Hello and welcome to the Oxford Program. Thank you for “enrolling” and I’m sincere when I say that I am anxious to start working with you. I am very enthusiastic about what I do – mainly because I can empathize with anyone going through worklife-related frustration and because I feel that I am very good at what I do. How the “process” works… The Oxford Program is sort of a group-based, career counseling course held in an online “discussion forum” format. I am here to guide you and facilitate your being able to make the best possible decision....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Oxford Movement and Jane Eyre

- The Oxford Movement and Jane Eyre   The Victorian period from the mid to late 1800's was a time of internal religious turmoil for England. In the Anglican Church there were many different groups competing to define the doctrine and practice of the national religion. The church was politically divided in three general categories following: the High Church, which was the most conservative; the Middle, or Broad Church, which was more liberal; and the Low Church, which was the Evangelical wing of the Anglican Church....   [tags: Jane Eyre Essays]

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The Problems Faced By The African American Community Of Oxford

- Racial Inequality in Oxford Societal racism is defined as a society with racist attitudes that prevent minorities from fully participating in social institutions. The University of Mississippi and the town it resides in, Oxford, suffered from this problem long before the University had been desegregated in 1962 and continue to endure this type of society fifty-two years later. There is an unstable display of people in this Mississippi society in the ways they interact and exist together. “The problems faced by the African American community of Oxford are the result of a complex integration of historical events, social practices, spatial isolation, and regional ideologies.” (Thomas-Houston Pa...   [tags: African American, Racism, Black people, Race]

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A Critical Review Of The Oxford Handbook Of Business And Government

- A Critical Review of The Oxford Handbook of Business and Government Introduction The Oxford Handbook of Business and Government, edited by David Coen, Wyn Grant and Graham Wilson analyzes the relationships between different types of businesses and how they interact with governments. It examines the connection that different types of firms hold with all levels of government, and their struggle between common goals like economic growth and higher levels of employment. The author presents his arguments in the form of multiple essays, broken up in to five parts and 32 chapters....   [tags: Economics, Political science]

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The Connection Between The Oxford Cleric And His Tale

- The Connection Between the Oxford Cleric and His Tale The Canterbury Tales is a literary work written by Geoffrey Chaucer between 1387 and 1400. The story takes place during the fourteenth century and tells the story of a group of thirty people making a pilgrimage to pay their respect at the Cathedral in Canterbury, where Saint Thomas a Becket was assassinated. This story is seen through the eyes of Chaucer the pilgrim, who is along for the odyssey. It consists of a collection of smaller stories told by the pilgrims in order to pass the time on this journey to Canterbury....   [tags: The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer]

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The Argument for Shakespeare Being the Real Author

- Ever since the author's background has been questioned, scholars and other people have debated over who wrote the famous plays and sonnets that have the name William Shakespeare signed on them. Many alternative candidates have been presented, such as Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford. However, these people do not have strong or valid arguments to support their theories. Based on biographical evidence, Shakespeare, not Edward de Vere, most likely wrote Shakespearean works. The arguments for other candidates like de Vere are not strong enough to show that Shakespeare did not write Shakespearean works....   [tags: oxford, hamlet]

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Higher Education and Women in the United Kingdom

- Introduction: Although higher education has been available in the United Kingdom for a long time, women were not as privileged as men to be educated equally. Brown (2011C) finds that 70% of men were educated compared to only 55% of women in 1851. These days, the situation seems to be inconsistent with the past as there are 10% more women entering into universities than men in 2010-2011. Moreover, there seems to be almost twice as many female students than male students. (Ratcliffe,2013). This essay aims to give a timeline of the key events that led to the equality of women in higher education as well as when degrees were awarded to women on Oxford and Cambridge....   [tags: oxford, cambridge]

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Bob Dylan’s Oxford Town Impacts All Around

- “Two men died beneath the Mississippi moon.” Don’t fret the death mentioned because this is an influential quote from Bob Dylan’s song Oxford Town. This is a song about a Mississippi student trying to enroll into college, which led to raised emotions of his rights to being admitted. Bob Dylan, the artist who wrote and sang the song, influenced many people of all ages with his music. His music was commonly written on highly debated and touchy topics such as segregation and the Vietnam War. Overall, Bob Dylan was at the head of the impacts of music at the time, which could ultimately lead to resolutions of major issues....   [tags: civil rights violence, music, society]

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Susan Greenfield, Neuroscientist And Does Daily Research At Oxford University

- Susan Greenfield is neuroscientist and does daily research at Oxford University. Greenfield believes technology is changing the way we think and our identities, and it’s not for the best. Three hundred years ago, our notions of human identity were vastly simpler: we were defined by the family we were born into and our position within that family. Social advancement was nigh on impossible and the concept of "individuality" took a back seat (Greenfield, 2008). The Industrial Revolution was the beginning of what shaped people by their own thoughts and actions (Greenfield, 2008)....   [tags: Brain, Human brain, Critical thinking, Mind]

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The Golden Symbols in Lord of The Flies by William Golding

- Usually, items and situations are taken at face value. To recognize symbolism takes quite a sharp mind. Even with the quick mind, some still will not catch complete meanings of certain symbols. Symbols tend to stand for only one thing. They will stand for life or death or anything you can imagine. Sometimes, it can be seen that symbols can stand for more than one thing. William Golding finds a way to make a few of the symbols in his novel mean two things. In Lord of the Flies, Golding writes of a pig’s head, an island, and a fire that can have two very different meanings....   [tags: oxford, london, symbolism]

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Living in a Retirement Community

- Living in a retirement community can be a difficult time for the resident and their family. It can be stressful to move away from your family and home. Staff members try to make the community feel as much like home as possible. The Knoll’s of Oxford makes this their top priority. They offer everything from fishing holes, trips to Hueston Woods, bird watching and plenty of other activities for residence to partake in. The Knolls of Oxford is also strongly affiliated with Miami University. Many of the residents at the Knolls hold a special place in their heart for Miami, as many of them are alumni or former staff....   [tags: The Knolls of Oxford, the elderly]

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A Single American Nation

- After the the sit-ins, the Freedom Rides (starting in 1960), the Battle of Oxford, the civil rights movements earned African-American men, women, and children the right to sit in public places, use restrooms, and drinking fountains that were no longer “whites only”. The civil rights movement also earned African-Americans the right to go to school (after the Supreme Court made their ruling on “Brown vs. the Board of Education”-they came to the conclusion the black and white schools were not separate but unequal), work, and vote (Beacham, T....   [tags: battle of oxford, african americans]

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Language Learning Strategies For A Nutshell : Update And Esl Suggestions, Written By Rebecca L. Oxford

- The present reaction paper is based on the article called Language Learning Strategies in a Nutshell: Update and ESL Suggestions, written by Rebecca L. Oxford (2004). In her article, the author refers to learning strategies in and out of the field of second language (henceforth L2). She defines strategies as the conscious plans or actions taken by learners to improve their progress in developing L2 skills and their communicative abilities. Oxford claims that according to research, explicit instruction on language learning strategies is beneficial for students in one of two main areas: overall proficiency or specific skill improvement....   [tags: Education, Learning styles]

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The Usage Of The Word ' Queue '

- Over time, the word “queue” has been developed to hold several meanings, some of which are more commonly used than others. Although it may have more than one meaning, it is commonly believed the word only contains one use. However, the word is capable of describing several objects in the English language. The word “queue” was first used in 1592, where it was used to refer to the tail of a beast. While this definition is seen as the one most commonly known, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term is often used in a much different context....   [tags: English language, Oxford English Dictionary]

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Popular Music Affects Everyday Speech

- Popular music is readily available everywhere, such as on the radio, the media, and online. Artists often make use of their creativity by adding in some unique and creative lyrics that contain words that we haven’t heard often or even before. As a result, popular music affects our everyday speech; certain words and phrases from its lyrics integrating themselves into our language. Bryson says that some of the ways we adopt and make up new words is by “adding to them, by subtracting from them, by making them up, and by doing nothing to them” (811) as well as by “borrowing them from other languages and creating them by mistake” (811)....   [tags: Oxford English Dictionary, English language, Word]

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Why Is Caring Important?

- What is caring. In any healthcare profession caring is an important concept, but what does it really mean to care. Opinions on the meaning of caring vary depending on the person and the situation. It seems that most people think of caring differently than nurses do, and nurses think of caring differently than other healthcare workers. Which arises another question, is caring in nursing different than other healthcare disciplines. What does it mean to care as a nurse. Why is caring important in nursing....   [tags: Patient, Health care, Oxford English Dictionary]

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The Word Carries Can Start A Revolution Of Peace Throughout The World

- Throughout human history, countless wars and battles were fought; due to two different people not understanding what their enemy went through. The word sonder is the realization that everyone has their own story that is as vivid and complex. Even though sonder is not in the official English dictionary the concept that the word carries can start a revolution of peace throughout the world. Each and every day millions of people coexist with their peers in order to get tasks done, which can cause problems due to diverse perspectives and, situations like this can benefit from sonder....   [tags: English language, Oxford English Dictionary, Word]

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The Tempest By William Shakespeare

- How are family relationships explored in any two texts studied on the module. Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis vs Shakespeare, The Tempest. The relationship between Prospero and Miranda is established immediately on the characters entrance where Miranda quotes “My dearest father” (William Shakespeare, 2008. The Tempest: The Oxford Shakespeare The Tempest (The Oxford Shakespeare: Oxfords World 's Classics). P.101, Reprint Edition. Oxford University Press.) and as this scene continues over the next few pages, we explore into their relationship as father and daughter more....   [tags: Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis, Family]

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Who Is the Real Author of Shakespear?

- The big question is who is the real author of Shakespeare. Most people say that’s obvious and say Shakespeare, but is that the real case. Well, in this case they are wrong. The real author of the Shakespeare is Edward de Vere. The evidence is in the education, mysterious behavior, information saying Shakespeare wasn’t the real author, Shakespeare being the undercover name, and the clues that Oxford is the real author. Most people just want to jump to the conclusion that Shakespeare couldn’t have written the plays....   [tags: author, education, behavior]

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Geoffrey Chaucer's Experiences In the Canterbury Tales

- In the Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer describes the journeys and life lessons of thirty fictitious pilgrims. Scholars explain that only one of the thirty pilgrims was indeed Chaucer, but other characters in the Canterbury Tales represent the struggles of Chaucer as well. Although the pilgrims’ tales were pretend, they were based on actual events that Chaucer experienced throughout his lifetime. He represents his own insecurities and flaws throughout the array of the characters’ tales. Situation irony of the characters conceals Chaucer’s role while it entertains the audience....   [tags: The Canterbury Tales Essays]

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Definition Essay - Defining Service

- Definition Essay- Defining Service Being raised in a Christian faith and family, you’re likely to hear the word “service” quite a bit. Not ever truly being interested in the denotation of this word, I always referred to the church holding services, in which were usually, programs that contain dedicated members of the church. Oxford American Dictionary says describes it as “a meeting of a congregation for worship of God, a religious ceremony. Religion being such a sensitive issue for many people, and because there are so many opinions concerning it out there, connotations for words frequently used in it are not widely talked about....   [tags: Definition Essays]

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Civil Rights around the World

- Throughout history, people have fought for equality and started civil rights movement to change the world they were living in. The road to freedom and equality has never been easy. Being met with struggles and force, pushing past it all can be difficult. Though Tiananmen square and Oxford happened on opposite sides of the world, there were still some similarities between the two. The events that took place in Blood Done Sign My Name are very similar to what happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989. The events in Tiananmen Square started to unfold after the death of Hu Yaobang, which was on April 15th, 1989....   [tags: massacre at Tiananmen Square]

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Using the International Relation’s Theory to Explain the Kosovo Albanian War

- ... Serbia acted to remain in power of territory and people. NATO and the UN acted to prevent further crisis and deaths, also against international criticisms. The United States and Western allies acted to demonstrate their power over and to control their spheres of influence. Anarchy, the third principle demarcated by the Oxford Handbook of International Relations, establishes that the absence of an international government provides feeding ground for self-help to accumulate (Oxford, 133). Though NATO and the UN act as international interventionists, they are not an international government, and as much as the United States to assert itself as an international policeman, it does not step i...   [tags: groupism, realism, politics]

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American Legion Report

- American Legion Post 108 Oxford, MI The American Legion was chartered on November 11, 1919. It was formed with the purpose of helping out retired war veterans and the communities surrounding their posts. All members, or former members, of the U.S. Armed Forces are eligible to become members of their local American Legion. They are eligible as long as they were honorably discharged after serving on active duty during basically any major war in our history. Presently there are 325 legion members in Oxford, and nearly 3 million members’ nation wide....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Stephen William Hawking - Stephen Hawking

- Stephen Hawking is an extraordinary being to say the least. Stephen is possibly the smartest person on the planet, and if he isn’t quite there he is extremely close. Hawking is a very interesting person between his family, being diagnosed, education, and many other things, including his research, he is definitely worth reading about. This paper will inform you of everything you need to know about Stephen William Hawking. First, even from birth this mathematical and theoretical genius has an irregular story....   [tags: Stephen Hawking, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis]

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Discrimination: Right or Wrong?

- Oxford, NC, 1970, this town changed and there was no going back. At this time in Oxford, integration had started to happen in towns close by and now people wanted Oxford to change as other towns had. This was a hard time for the whites because they were use to blacks doing all their word and looking down on them, that now blacks and white were supposed to be treated equal. While the surrounding towns where integrating the people in Oxford were still discriminating. In “Blood Done Sign My Name”, people get to understand the real story of the events that happened in Oxford around 1970....   [tags: Blood Done Sign My Name]

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William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton: A Brief Biography

- ... While he was still attending Georgetown, he was named a Rhodes Scholar. A Rhodes Scholar is given to a very smart student and gives them the privilege to go to Oxford University in England for two years. So Clinton attended Oxford University in England. While in Oxford, he received a draft letter to go fight in the Vietnam War. The day he received the letter, was the day he was supposed to be at the draft board. He wrote the draft board explaining that he was in Oxford, England. The draft board told him to finish his year at Oxford , and report back when he returned to the United States....   [tags: 42nd US president, I did not inhale]

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The Supreme Court Of The United States

- On June 26th, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States announced its judgment that the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution bars states from not recognizing same-sex marriages. The decision, doubtless among the most influential in United States history, launched many Americans into a coast-to-coast revelry as the nation finished penning its newest chapter in a long-running civil rights narrative. But the decision also had a secondary effect; it ignited an academic passion within me that has not yet subsided....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States, Law, Academia]

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The Theory Of Social Constructionism

- One key aspect that sets us apart from any other species is our development of language and how we grow and utilize it. Moreover, the theory of Social Constructionism, which is the idea that we all share a subjective meaning in a particular society and continue to develop and give meaning, has had a large role in developing our own discourse, the language used in social context and created due to institutions and social practices (Ainsworth et al. 31). Reflecting on the theory of Social Constructionism and the concept of discourse and its development, our life experiences show how language, unconsciously, relates to our theories and concepts of sociology and human development through the lif...   [tags: High school, Meaning of life, Linguistics]

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Analysis Of ' How Do We Ask The Turtle On Trace Out A Circle?

- Statement of Purpose “How do we ask the turtle to trace out a circle. Remember it only knows how to walk in straight lines and turn around.” Moving around the Logo turtle with his tail as his pen in sixth grade was my first exposure to computer science. I was immediately fascinated by the idea of approximating a smooth circle with a regular polygon of, say, 360 sides. Staring at the “circle” on screen, I could not quite digest the fact that it was something produced in a fundamentally different way compared to the one I could draw with a pair of compasses, though neither of which was ever close to being the perfect, mathematical circle that probably does not exist in the physical world....   [tags: Logic, Reasoning, Computer, Algorithm]

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William Faulkner: Translating His Life into His Works

- Humankind through years of evolution has become a glorious race with an inexhaustible capacity to think. Each mind is filled with a profusion of ideas and other abstractions, which are sought to be expressed. Often, people find their medium of expression through art. Jean de La Fontaine, a renowned French fabulist begins his poem, The Hornets and the Bees with the line: “by the work one knows the workman” (The Hornets). If art is a method of self-expression, the creator, is thus, significant. In essence, art as the reflection of a being is inseparable from the being....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Etymology and Analysis of the Word Burn

- Words have so many different meanings. Just pick up a dictionary to discover the many different meanings of the same word. Have you ever wondered where the meaning of the word originated. Maybe you have asked what a word means when another has used it out of context. How did one word come to mean so many different things. This paper will allow me to explore the definition of burn and where it originated. I will also discover how it has changed over the years and what the definition is today. Slang is the key reason words take on new meaning....   [tags: language, slang]

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The Life of Stephen Hawking

- ... Seeing as Oxford did not offer a degree in mathematics for Hawking to major in, he took on Physics and cosmology; and it was at Oxford that Stephen first experienced the “awakening” of his ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Despite his debilitating disease, Hawking would later obtain his Ph. D in cosmology with honors from Cambridge University in 1962; Hawking was 20 years old. It was years later that Stephen would make one of the most groundbreaking finds that would reshape the very foundation on how the world would view black holes and the universe (off of the findings of Roger Penrose)....   [tags: cambridge university, cosmology]

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Definition Essay - Defining the Word Private

- Definition Essay – Defining the Word Private As time progresses, so does the English language.  We use many words out of context.  But depending on the person, time, and maybe the location a new meaning may be adopted for any word.  As well as actual definitions of words.  Since 1913, when The Merriam- Webster dictionary was published, the meaning of the word private has changed, but not drastically. Since the earliest publication of the three dictionaries, the use of private and its context has not changed much.  There are not many different ways the word private can be used that would not be different from when the word was first published in dictionaries.  Everyday conversations that in...   [tags: Definition Essays]

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JRR Tolkien and the Twentieth Century

- The early twentieth century saw an upheaval of normal life in Europe because of the Great War and the changing political and social systems. In the midst of this time, JRR Tolkien found himself transformed from a young student at Oxford to a soldier in the British army as war broke out across the continent. This war affected his life deeply, whether indirectly while he was at Oxford or through his time in the trenches in direct combat. As a dedicated academic, however, Tolkien never abandoned his passion for languages and mythology but used his experiences to bolster his own writings and creative pursuits....   [tags: Biography]

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Genesis Shows the Deceitfulness of God

- The book of Genesis is the story of creation according to Hebrew text, God creates the world as a paradise, a lush green world that is good, a world that is right, God himself is presented as being caring and fair. However later on there are many stories within Genesis which question God's morality towards his creations. The supposedly just God is at many times shown to be petty, deceiving, and unequal in his treatments towards his creations. As a result of God's own duplicity the men he created covenants with, God's numerous prophets and their respective bloodlines, themselves are often two-faced and unjust....   [tags: argumentative essay]

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Study Proposal for a Social Studies and Premedical (Premed) Student

- Study Proposal for a Social Studies and Premedical (Premed) Student As a Social Studies and premedical student, I aspire to lead an international health and development non-governmental organization (NGO). Combining my skills as a physician and practitioner of development, I plan to enhance the health of marginalized, persecuted, and exiled populations. Through direct interaction with government bodies and humanitarian NGOs, I hope to highlight and curb the medical and psychological burdens stemming from human rights violations....   [tags: Study Proposal]

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William Faulkner, A True Southerner

- Any one who’s ever visited the south has a true appreciation for the writings of William Faulkner. Everything ever written by William Faulkner has a trace of the South that can be felt by just reading his words. Growing up in Mississippi, Faulkner was exposed to the Deep South and everything it had to offer, both good and bad. Through his writings, William tackles some of the most difficult issues of his time period and sheds light to the every day issues going on in the South. William Faulkner set the precedent for future generations, and he will arguably never be contested in his southern style....   [tags: Literature, Author, Biography]

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William Faulkner's Influence in Literature

- William Faulkner is known as one of the most important writers of American literature and of Southern literature especially. According to Wikipedia, Faulkner was born on 25 September 1897 in Oxford, Mississippi. He was a Nobel Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winning author who was highly acclaimed for his numerous novels and short stories. He also wrote a play, movie screenplays, and essays. Faulkner used his hometown of Oxford, Mississippi as the model for the fictional city of Jefferson. Faulkner was very influenced by the area and environment in which he lived....   [tags: American and Southern literature writers]

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Biography of Wystan Hugh Auden

- English poet, playwright, critic, and librettist Wystan Hugh Auden had a major influence on the poetry of the twentieth century. Auden was born on February 21, 1907 in York, England. Auden was born and raised in a greatly industrial section of northern England. His father, a prominent physician with an extensive knowledge of mythology, and his mother, a strict Anglican, both had strong influences on Auden’s poetry. During his child he moved to Birmingham. Auden’s early interest in science and engineering earned him a scholarship to Oxford University, where his attraction with poetry led him to change his field of study to English....   [tags: english poet, church]

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The Music Of Louis Armstrong

- Louis Armstrong, without a doubt, influenced the genre of music we all know as jazz. “Armstrong, to a greater extent than any other early jazz musician, transformed a regional folk music into an international art form through the virtuosity of his playing as the first great jazz soloist” (Oxford). From his not-so-easy childhood to his massive success, I will inform you about this musician’s life, career, and the legacy he leaves behind. Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901, in New Orleans, Louisiana....   [tags: Louis Armstrong, Jazz]

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Reference Tool Evaluation

- Reviews allow librarians to evaluate the quality of the potential items that are being considered for purchase (Ross and Dewdney 246). They help make decisions about the suitability of a particular item for a collection and in choosing one item over other similar items (Bopp and Smith 317). The manner in which reviews from Choice and the American Reference Book Annual evaluate the Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature will be critiqued and compared. The Choice review reveals the intended purpose and audience of this reference work is as a resource for students and readers....   [tags: Literature Review]

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Gender Stereotypes Of The And Eve Within Genesis One Through Three And From Timothy Two

- Religion has a huge impact of many aspects of culture and the society we live in today. Many gender stereotypes come from religion and have been practiced for many years and in recent events have been tested by nuns within the church. This construction of gender and stereotypes from religion will be analyzed from reading of the Genesis one through three, the Genesis sixteen through twenty-three and from Timothy two through three. The criteria analyzed through these readings will be the gender stereotypes, the roles of women and how women are perceived throughout....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Transgender, Adam and Eve]

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Review Of ' An Historian 's View Of The ' Gospel Of Judas '

- Eun Jin Koh Paul Tchir MMW 12, Section C11 Writing Assignment 1 27 January 2015 Christianity and Gnosticism Early Christianity was threat to Roman Empire (Bentley and Ziegler 228). The unique characteristics, such as all human beings are equal, or concept of heaven attracted numbers of poor people in Rome (Bentley and Ziegler 228). Due to the massive popularity, Roman Empire was fearful of losing control and persecuted Christianity (Bentley and Ziegler 229). David Frankfurter’s article, “An Historian’s View of the ‘Gospel of Judas’,” gives an emphasis the various accounts of Jesus’ relationship with individual disciples (Frankfurter 174)....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Judas Iscariot]

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Why Francis Bacon Is the Most Likely Candidate Responsible for the Sheakespearean Plays

- Why Francis Bacon Is The Most Likely Candidate Responsible For The Shakespearean Plays. Francis Bacon is the most likely candidate. He fits the time period, had the power, writting background and a secret hierarchy group of literary writers. Francis Bacon was born in 1561 and he died in 1626. The first Folio of Shakespear was released in 1623. The first play was written around 1589-1591. This puts Bacon within the time period to be responsible for the plays. Unlike Shakespeare or Edward de vere....   [tags: Edward Devere, plagiarism]

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China 's Economy Characteristics And Its Future Aspects

- East Asia Economy Essay: China’s Economy Characteristics and its future Aspects. Amjad Khaled 2013059024 Metalliferous ores, on the other hand, will slow in the medium term as China’s demand for steel and other metals stabilizes. However, metalliferous ores will remain the fifth biggest import sector in 2030, down from fourth place in 2014. More generally, raw materials will contribute only around half as much to overall export growth in 2021-30 compared to the expected average annual contribution in 2015-20....   [tags: International trade, Export, Economics, Economy]

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Timothy Tyson's Blood Done Sign My Name

- When we examine the various approaches for the Civil Rights Movement that are discussed in Blood Done Sign My Name we find that there is no one clear answer as to which is more affective, because it was the combination of all three: radical, liberal, and conservative that finally pushed some of what the Civil Rights Movement strived for. No approach on its own was able to do anything, whether it was the nonviolent marches and demonstrations which were not able to grab the attention of the white power structure, or the racially driven violence which simply terrified whites, and which most likely would have done nothing were it not paired with the nonviolent demonstrations as well....   [tags: Civil Rights Movement, Civil Rights Act]

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A Sociological Account: Summary of Hodgkinson

- The term Sociology can be defined as a study of society, “the ology” of human inter-action within the collective (society). The Sociological Imagination C. Wright Mills (1916-1962) believes that sociology is the most reflective subject there is. Sociology can be used for practical purposes to identify and understand social problems. Sociologists try to study society from an objective, impartial and unbiased position. The study of sociology differs from a common sense view point, as it challenges what is accepted as normal....   [tags: Sociology, ]

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Stephen Hawking 's Life And Life

- Stephen Hawking was born January 8, 1942 to parents Frank and Isobel Hawking. Isobel Hawking was Scottish and earned her way into Oxford University in 1930. She was one of the first female students to attend at that time. His mother wasn’t the only Oxford graduate in the family, so was his father. His father highly respected medical research. He mainly studied tropical diseases. He is the eldest child of four. Is sister Mary was born a year after him then came his younger brother Phillippa just four years after her....   [tags: Stephen Hawking, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis]

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Refugees and Asylum In Islam

- A person may leave his/her country of origin due to political reasons. When the person requests for protection from a foreign country he/she is accepted as an asylum. The country offers protection to the person as a political refugee. Those who seek asylum are normally persecuted for political reasons (Oxford journal, 2011). Those who confess to the Muslim religion view political asylum and migration with great importance. This is due to the political situation of the Muslim states....   [tags: War Refugees Essays]

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Causality in African Traditional Thought

- 1. Introduction Individual and collective perspectives on life’s events, and how these impact on the interpretation and the consequent reasoning as to cause and meaning for the individual or group, is significantly influenced by the such individual or a group’s culture. In this essay the role of culture will be expounded and the resulting influence on perceptions in the African context, briefly discussed. 2. The role of Culture Interpretations and explanations for events and the possible causes behind such events, are unique to different cultures and is determined by the influences imparted upon the individual and society as a whole due to this cultural legacy....   [tags: culture, perspective, supernatural]

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Abstract: Margaret Thatcher

- Abstract: Margaret Thatcher The essay explores the life, times and legacy of Margaret Thatcher, the most outstanding female in the 20th century. The controlling idea is that she was a woman with great ambition, endeavour and determination to overcome difficulties of reaching her dream. Her ambition gained her trust from others gradually and made her the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She struck to sweep away a great prejudice against the mere idea of having a woman as an important political member ....   [tags: Biography]

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battle of hastings recruiting

- October 14th of the year 1066 two armies faced each other near the town of Hastings. 10,000 Norman troops under the command of William of Normandy faced 8,000 Anglo-Saxon soldiers led by Harold the current king of England. Geoffrey Parker, Cambridge Illustrated History of Warfare (Cambridge: 1995), pp. 82-3. Harold's 8,000 men consisted of Housecarls, the local Fyrd, and local village volunteers. David Howarth, 1066: The Year of the Conquest (New York: 1977),pp.170-1 The two armies clashed on that day and history tells us the outcome....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Cambridge University

- "My parents didn't go to university and weren't brought up in England. They hadn't heard of any universities other than 'Cambridge' or 'Oxford’ " - Richard Ayoade. This Quote by Richard Ayoade reflects how great and prestigious Oxford and Cambridge were made out to be. Everybody wanted to go there and everybody knew about them. Over the centuries, both the universities have achieved greater and greater things than before. Today, facts throughout all the centuries, decades, and years of Cambridge will be discussed in terms of expansion, academics, new discoveries, and new achievements at Cambridge University....   [tags: university, academics, education, England]

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Definition Essay- The Evolved Meaning of Private

- Definition Essay- The Evolved Meaning of Private The word private has changed very much over the past 600 years.  When the word first originated it had a few concise meanings.  Today, the word private has plenty of definitions, some of which many people do not know.  For instance, it is interesting to learn that private means "apart from the state" or "a person not receiving treatment under the National Health Service or any similar state scheme" (Landau). Spending time looking through dictionaries helps to gain a much better understanding of a word  many think they know very well....   [tags: Definition Essays]

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George Orwell

- George Orwell Many writers use satire techinques to attack areas of life they didn't agree with. Satire is a cunning way to express their opinions. Some of these works today are considered masterpieces and works of art. One writer who was a genius at incorporating beliefs in his writings was George Orwell. Commonly known by his pen name, George Orwell was an English novelist and social critic (Wadsworth 866). Orwell was born in Begal, India and was later educated in Eton, England. He was the son of Richard Blair an opium agent and his "much younger wife" Ida....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Analysis Of Timothy B. Tyson 's ' The Murder Of Henry Marrow '

- The perpetual struggle for racial equality in America has been documented in academic literature for centuries, stirring a vast array of emotion in readers while simultaneously aiding in the progression of acceptance and justice throughout society. One such piece of literature that gives comprehensive insight toward the racial violence among blacks in America is the widely acclaimed non-fiction novel by Timothy B. Tyson, Blood Done Sign My Name. Through his recount of the murder of Henry Marrow, Tyson depicts a vivid illustration of his exposure to Southern racism that details white-supremacist influence and its symbolic impact on the entirety of the country, along with the world....   [tags: Racism, Ku Klux Klan, Racial segregation]

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Representations of Mystery and the Supernatural in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Gothic Tales

- Introduction This dissertation will examine and analyse two of the macabre and Gothic tales from the English author Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-1865); The Old Nurse’s Story (1852) and The Poor Clare (1857). (Gaskell & Kranzler. 2000: vii-ix). Indicating and demonstrating how representations of mystery (secrecy) and the supernatural are used as vehicles of imagination, expression and exploration into the hidden depths of the female psyche (spirit) through the use of Gothic fiction within the Victorian era (1837-1901)....   [tags: Feminism, Literary Analysis, Thematic Elements]

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Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon: The Life of J.R.R. Tolkien

- Many writers use fiction as a release for creativity and to escape the boring reality of their lives. Very few writers have lives more interesting than their works. J.R.R. Tolkien, the creator of Middle-earth, is an exception to that pattern. He was simply a remarkable man. He had many different aspects of his career, he was a fantastic writer, and he left behind a massive legacy. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s parents, Arthur and Mabel Tolkien, moved to South Africa after Arthur was promoted at the bank for which he worked (Doughan 1)....   [tags: High Fantasy, Elvish Language]

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Spartan Women : The Old Man Is A Great Woman

- Spartan Women prove the old saying, behind every great man is a great women, to be true. Everyone has heard of the Spartan warrior men and their courageous battles. What about the women that stood behind those men, the ones who birthed those men, married those men. Spartan women helped to shape, protect, and form the society that they lived in. The women in Sparta were strong. They birthed warriors. They were warriors themselves. “They also underwent an intensive physical training program, which included discus and javelin throwing, and wrestling....   [tags: Sparta, Marriage, Ancient Greece]

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An Analysis Of Laurie King 's The Beekeeper 's Apprentice

- The primary setting in Laurie King’s The Beekeeper’s Apprentice is a Britain being agglomerated in the chaos of World War I, and King portrays the transformation of Britain’s culture and society over the course of the war synonymously in many aspects of the plot of the book. Mary Russell’s attendance at Oxford University reflects Britain’s proliferation of educated women due to the increase in the need of women workers with men being directed to war, and the fact that Mary is not looked down upon by society for simply being a woman shows that British culture had adapted to be more gender equivalent....   [tags: United Kingdom, World War I, British Empire]

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Benjamin Chavis Muhammad: An African American Civil Rights Leader

- Introduction Benjamin Chavis Muhammad is an African American civil rights leader. He was born on 22 January, 1948 in Oxford, North Carolina. He has taken his last name Muhammad sometime later in his life. His parents were Benjamin Chavis Sr. and Elisabeth Chavis. He was the only son of his parents among his three siblings. He did his schooling from the orphanage of colored people in North Carolina, where his mother worked as a teacher. Chavis became the member of National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) at the age of twelve....   [tags: Biography]

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English Is The Formal Language For American Education System

- Oxford College and many other American institutions are culturally diverse. English is the formal language for American education system. At the same time, English is the lingua franca, hence widely spoken across the globe. Nevertheless, English has hundreds of dialects and thousands of accents which sometimes make communication between two English speakers ineffective. Non-native English-speaking students at Oxford College and many other American learning institutions have poor learning experience....   [tags: English language, Education, Linguistics]

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Observations Carried out on Children Should Be Objective

- All observations that are carried out on children should be ‘objective’. According to the Oxford online dictionary objective means that a person or their judgement should not be influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts – in other words, the observations should be unbiased. You should always be non-judgemental about the child and base your observation from only what you have seen on that specific day, not taking any past events into consideration – it is important that all children are treated fairly and equally to make the observation valid (based on the truth – Collins English dictionary) it is essential to make observations valid to increase objecti...   [tags: judging a child, subjectivity]

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John Wycliffe, The Morning Star of the Reformation

- One of the most influential people of his time, John Wycliffe, was born into a large family of Saxon origin that spread out over the areas, now known as, Wycliffe-on-Tees. He was born in Ipreswell, Yorkshire, England, around 1324; he died on December 31, 1384, in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England. As a child, his education was close to home; eventually he attended Oxford and became an English scholastic philosopher, theologian, lay preacher, translator, reformer, and professor at Oxford University....   [tags: church, pope, scriptures]

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Happiness Is The Meaning And Purpose Of Life

- Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, said in his book “Nichomachean Ethics” that "happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the aim and end of human existence." (Aristotle). He means that happiness is a central purpose of human life. It is true when we all wish to be happy. However, when we are asked what happiness is, we cannot define happiness in a general concept because it means something different to each individual person. For example, for one person, happiness is a sense of satisfaction from success in career, whereas for others, it may be a feeling of being loved by other people....   [tags: Happiness, Emotion, Psychology, Meaning of life]

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Analysis Of William Faulkner 's ' U '

- William Faulkner Born September 25, 1897 in New Albany, Mississippi, William Cuthbert Falkner, titled after his great-grandfather Colonel Falkner, (the “u” was later added by William Faulkner’s own desire) is classified as a brilliant novelist, poet, scriptwriter, and author; although, in the safe bet of some critics Faulkner is mostly distinguished as a short story writer. His short stories are passionate, deep, and intense, with a mystic way of luring its readers into the deceptive community of Yoknapatawpha, an elusive township created by Faulkner to express the Mississippi atmosphere he recalled growing up in....   [tags: William Faulkner, Short story, Family]

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Philip Pullman and "The Golden Compass"

- There are many great modern British authors today. One such author is Philip Pullman. His fantasies have been captivating readers in England for several years, and have been filtering there way across the pond and worldwide. Pullman was born on the 19 of October 1946 in Norwich. Because his father was in the Royal Air Force Philip spent much of his childhood traveling. His father died at age seven and he and his brother Francis were moved back to Norfolk to live with his grandfather while his mother went to London to find work....   [tags: The Golden Compass]

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BREEAM’s Role in Environmentally Friendlier Buildings

- Integrative project 2: Final Essay BREEAM’s role in environmentally friendlier buildings This essay will focus on what BREEAM is, how it can help individuals and businesses realise the benefits and value of designing and operating a sustainable building. It’s a set of standards and certification schemes that measures sustainable value in the built environment. BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology and it’s a global sustainability standard and rating system for buildings....   [tags: building design, law and regulations]

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- OPERA AND DRAMA: DIFFERING VIEWS Opera and drama are two closely linked disciplines in the world of performing arts; although many view these as individual aspects which should be combined to create a greater result, others seemingly view opera as drama although it would be seen as illogical to view drama as opera. The mere fact opera has a narrative, although told through music and libretto, combines the two. Michael Tippett’s opera, The Midsummer Marriage, contains influences from other established form’s (drawing examples for Wagner and Verdi) as well as containing Tippett’s own futuristic ideas....   [tags: Drama]

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Original Writing Of Australian History

- r presence to the future as vision, and from the future as vision to the past as living memory of the fundamental as such rather than to history as the graveyard of facts. This is how the primary concern for a historiography and a politics that have become sufficiently philosophical can be inspired by the ontological conditions that already shape our being—living memory, presence, and vision. Only within such memory, which has the power to reveal to us the opening that history itself is at the present moment, do facts acquire their genuine truth-bearing force, and only within the unfolding of an anamnesis that has the strength to remember both the past and the future does presencing—‘I am,...   [tags: Australia, Indigenous Australians, Victoria]

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Lewis Carroll Biography

- Lewis Carroll lived a disciplined and diligent life and accomplished many accolades in numerous fields of academics. His ability to do this was through the means of his family’s support and the era of which he lived in. These factors composed his disposition, which resonated throughout his literary works. On January 27, 1832 Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was born in Daresbury, Cheshire Country, England. In 1943 his family moved to the croft Rectory in Richmondshire, North Yorkshire, while he was enrolled at the Richmond public school....   [tags: Themes and Symbols, Opium]

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The Pleistocene Epoch

- Preface: Ecological Inception The end of the Pleistocene epoch which had blanketed the globe in its last Ice Age approximately 11,800 years ago – paved the way for the Holocene epoch and its interstadial environmental changes (World Almanac Education Group, Inc. 2014). The essential global warming of the Holocene gave rise to bodies of water due to melting glacial masses, and altered habitable landscapes replacing the barren tundra with a wide-variety of prominent forests and an abundance of vegetation (Mithen; Ed....   [tags: Human, Human evolution, Pleistocene, Neolithic]

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