• The On To Ottawa Struggle

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    The On to Ottawa Trek was a long and difficult journey for many of the Relief camp men that were looking to gain better working conditions and to fight for their rights. Due to the trek Bennett was discredited and lost over 90 seats leading to his downfall in the voting of 1935. The people without homes were sent to Relief camps to cultivate, due to the horrible working conditions the inmates of the relief camps created the RCWU (relief camp workers union) to protest their rights and receive reasonable

  • Canada 's Capital, Ottawa

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    humble tourist opinion is that Canada’s capital, Ottawa, is not as dynamic as Beijing, not as romantic as Paris, and not as historical as Rome. Even within national parameters, cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, have more to offer to the casual visitor than Ottawa. But I am not writing to you as a disappointed tourist, but as a critical urban planner. I care not for how ordinary Ottawa may seem for savvy tourists, but for how sustainable Ottawa can be for local residents. From henceforth,

  • Life in the Ottawa Tribe

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    This paper addresses the results of interviews, observations, and research of life in the Ottawa tribe, how they see themselves and others in society and in the tribe. I mainly focused on The Little River Band of Ottawa Indian tribe. I researched their languages, pecking order, and interviewed to discover the rituals, and traditions that they believe in. In this essay I revealed how they see themselves in society. How they see other people, how they see each other, what their values were, what a

  • Educational Options near Ottawa

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    In the Ottawa area there are many educational options for potential students. As a government town with a population of over one million people, there are many demands for a variety of training institutions. The largest and most recognizable institution for hands-on training would be Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. Located in the west end of the city, this public community college has over one hundred and twenty-five full and part time programs ranging from trades and technology

  • The Ottawa Youth Correctional Centre

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    After careful planning and research into the design of a new youth correctional facility, I am proud to announce that the Ottawa Youth Correctional Centre will begin to break ground in early 2015. This facility will be a state-of-the-art correctional facility to house young inmates’ pre-trial as well and post-sentencing for various lengths of time. The facility will also offer many programs to help these youth get their lives back on track once they are released. The plan includes 50 beds for male

  • High Education At The University Of Ottawa

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    Four years ago, I left the shores of Nigeria to pursue a higher education at the University of Ottawa. I know most people when they are younger are not sure of what career path to follow, yet I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer. Ever since I could remember, I have always ha deep compassion towards other human beings. It is disappointing to watch people lose their basic human rights. My program – a double major in Women’s Studies and Economics – has educated me and changed my worldly views. Women

  • The Ottawa Charter Of Health Promotion

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    living conditions can affect an individual’s health in the long run, but after 10 years of economic expansion Canada has yet to resolve this issue: one out of five households in Canada are unable to afford acceptable shelter (Shapcott, 2009). The Ottawa Charter of Health Promotion recognizes shelter as a basic prerequisite (Bryant, 2009). Many people are suffering, as the income gap between owners and tenants has grown wider throughout the years (Shapcott, 2009). There have been studies conducted

  • Researching Profit of Pro Football in Ottawa

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    Researching Profit of Pro Football in Ottawa Between 1876 and 1996, Ottawa was home to the professional football team know as the Rough Riders. After spending most of their last years on financial life support, the Rough Riders died a quick death in November 1996 when the Canadian Football League (CFL) revoked their franchise. The team began accumulating debt in 1985 under then-owner Allan Waters of Toronto, sparking an endless series of financial battles between city hall and the different

  • How Ottawa was Chosen to be Canada’s Capital

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    When a city of Ottawa was chosen as Canada’s capital On December 31, 1857 it first originated as a request to find a new capital, from the fathers of confederation to Queen Victoria, and by her officials here in Canada and the United Kingdom. In addition to have a new capital there was a need to have a seat of the government that was protected from attack from the Americans, As a result Ottawa was chosen, as the nation’s capital. Today many Canadians are enjoying the benefits of that decision. Many

  • The University Of Ottawa For Entrance Into The Residency Program

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    eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young." Henry Ford (1863-1947), the founder of Ford Motor Company. Although I didn’t read Ford’s words until recently but they describe my path throughout my life. That is why I am applying to the University of Ottawa for entrance into the residency program in Otolaryngology – Head & Neck surgery. Growing up in a Nile-side city in Egypt, I inherited the kindness and genuineness of the ancient Pharaohs. Growing up in Egypt, I learned and practiced medicine with

  • Basketball Program : The Ottawa Shooting Stars

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    During my last 3 years of high school I volunteered with a basketball program called the Ottawa Shooting Stars which was the club I played for during my first 3 years playing competitive basketball. The program that the Shooting Stars are running is called Small Ball. It is program for developing skills but mostly for having some fun and introducing young players to the game of basketball. It manly focuses on Fundamentals such as dribbling, shooting, footwork and passing at the most basic level.

  • Attending a Performance of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra

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    The performance that I attended was of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra playing the Overture to The creatures of Prometheus, by Beethoven, the Concerto for Orchestra by Kodaly, and Harold in Italy, by Berlioz. The orchestra was conducted by David Currie, and I think that they played very well overall. The stage was brightly lit from both on stage and the front of house and the musicians were arranged in a semi circle around the podium. The back rows of the strings section were mounted on risers and

  • Studying Human Health : The University Of Ottawa

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    moved to Canada, I was faced with the same challenge once again, not being able to medical school directly, I applied to the Health Sciences program, which it turned out to be a perfect fit for me. The Health Sciences program at the University of Ottawa, offers an interdisciplinary approach to studying human health. When I applied to the program my main goals were to study in a discipline that would increase my knowledge about research, human health, particularly chronic diseases, and my chance of

  • My Post Secondary Education At Algonquin College And Then Furthered At The University Of Ottawa

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    Prior to my post-secondary education I was not familiar with feminism or feminist studies. In my studies at Algonquin College and then furthered at the University of Ottawa, I was introduced to both of these concepts. I am in my last semester of my bachelors degree at the University of Ottawa in the Joint Honours of Criminology and Women 's Studies. Throughout this degree I have had the opportunity to develop an intersectional understanding of feminism through a number of courses: Indigenous Feminisms

  • Leg Two of the Grand Tour: Beauharnois Locks, Montreal & the Ottawa River

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    canal. Dad and Deb went ashore and into what Dad described as a “cute French town” with stone and brick buildings huddled close together. Bright-colored awnings added character to the setting. The mission of this trip was to purchase charts for the Ottawa River and to restock provisions for eating on board. I recall staying with Mom and soon both Topper and I became restless. I consulted Mom saying something like, “Topper needs a walk and I do too. Would you like to join us for a stroll?” “I’ll wait

  • Relating the Story of Two Ottawa Valley Teens in Conflict with the Law to Different Sociological Theories

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    there delinquent actions these teens commit these crimesthe focus of this essay is to relate the story of two Ottawa valley teens in conflict with the law to different sociological theories. First I will give a brief summary of the article and then connect it with theories such as cultural conflict, control theory, strain and labelling theory. The article being discussed is one about two Ottawa valley teens who stole three different cars, while being chased by police and then finally arrested. There

  • Using the Ottawa Model of Research Use to Determine Barriers and Supports for Implementing Metered Dose Inhalers

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    The Ottawa Model of Research Use (OMRU) is an interactive model developed by Logan and Graham (1998). The OMRU views research use as a dynamic process of interconnected decisions and actions by different individuals relating to each of the model elements (Logan & Graham, 1998). The OMRU includes six key elements: (1) evidence-based innovation, (2) potential adopters, (3) the practice environment, (4) implementation of interventions, (5) adoption of the innovation, (6) outcomes resulting from

  • The Implications of the Ottawa Charter's Five Strands in Improving Access to Good Housing and Reduction to Houshold Crowding in New Zealand

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    The implications of the Ottawa Charters' five strands in improving access to good housing and reduction in household crowding in New Zealand Introduction Shelter is a fundamental need for good health (WHO, 1986). Lack of access to warm, dry and affordable housing for many New Zealanders is an increasing concern (Baker, McDonald, Zhang, & Howden-Chapman, 2013). This essay focuses on household crowding (HHC) as a specific determinant of health in New Zealand, looking at the population groups most

  • An Analysis of Policy Levers for Increasing Sustainability of the City of Ottawa’s Urban Transportation System

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    increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and related health problems, obesity due to lack of physical activity, and increased deaths due to car accidents. All of these parameters are evident in the City of Ottawa and residents’ dependence on the automobile for transportation. The City of Ottawa has experienced urban sprawl over the past few decades. Suburban communities such as Barrhaven, Kanata and Orleans are resultant communities of the city’s urban sprawl into peripheral greenfields, areas

  • Book Review of People of the Three Fires

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    groups that lived in Michigan and surrounding areas. James M. McClurken writes the first section, which deals with the Ottawa people. McClurken tells about the Ottawa peoples’ relationship with the environment they lived in and how they adapted to change when contacted by Europeans. One thing I found interesting about the Ottawa is their beliefs. The Ottawa believed in respect for the individual. Their leaders represented the people much like our elected officials represent us when a

  • Federalism in Canada

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    how federalism works; in other words, over the decades the federal and provincial governments have not always acted in the same way as they do now. Canada, for example, once experienced quasi-federalism, where the provinces are made subordinate to Ottawa. Currently we are in an era of what has been coined “collaborative federalism”. Essentially, as the title would suggest, it implies that the federal and provincial levels of government work together more closely to enact and make policy changes. Unfortunately

  • Food Service Assignment

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    2014). University of Ottawa Food Services provides a range of products and services to the students, staffs and the community through different means like cafeterias, catering services, vending machines, etc. The following report provides an analysis of student opinions regarding food services at University of Ottawa, as well as recommending a possible solution for amending those services. Methods of data collection over time include a broad-based opinion survey of the Ottawa campus community and

  • Smallpox Blankets during the French Indian War

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    A different perspective on a smallpox epidemic during the French and Indian War appears in Andrew J. Blackbird's History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan. Blackbird, Chief Mack-e-te-be-nessy, was a member of a distinguished Ottawa family from the northwest shore of the Michigan lower peninsula. He wrote his History late in life, after a long career in education, politics, and public service. Blackbird's book, like many similar autoethnographic texts, is a combination of

  • Develop Personal Skills to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

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    briefly describes about the Ottawa Charter and one of the action areas of it: Develop Personal Skills to address the health issue, Type 2 diabetes, in older aged people. Development of personal skills through education is the key means to address the problem of diabetes in this aged group people. People who have personal skills and techniques can manage to tackle the problem. The major portion of the essay will explore the application of one of the action area of Ottawa Charter, develop personal skills

  • CBC Sports

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    CBC Sports CBC SPORTS ONLINE - Even with nine regulars out of their lineup, the Ottawa Senators showed they will be a force in the playoffs. Ottawa Senators Andreas Dackell(left) and teamate Todd White celebrate Dackell's goal on Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Curtis Joseph. (CP/Tom Hanson) The Senators defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs 5-3 Saturday night at the Corel Centre. Though the Senators won their game, they had to settle for second place overall in the Eastern Conference.

  • A Old South Asian Woman With A History Of High Blood Pressure

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    Canada (CareFor health and community services). Then called the VON Ottawa, its aim was to provide skilled nurses in sparsely populated districts of the city by attending to the sick and poor in their homes and to persons with low incomes at very low charges that they can afford (CareFor health and community services). The organization which had its humble beginning in 1897 with two nurses each single-handedly covering a district in Ottawa and using a horse and buggy as their means of transportation, has

  • On line tutor

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    U Ottawa Online Tutor The following report is the report you requested on June 14th, 2005. It has proposal in regards to an online tutor database STS Consultant Firm developed to links students in need of academic assistance with potential tutors. Contained within the report is a detailed analysis of how the online tutor database benefits University of Ottawa and its students. In order for University of Ottawa’s School of Management to accept STS Consultant proposal to endorse advertise

  • Analysis Of The Canadian Court Justice System

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    location where it is hard for people to transport there. Courthouses are placed in places where there are not many residential places and where it is often hard for people to have access to get there. For example, the Ottawa courthouse is located downtown. If you live in the west side of Ottawa and you are traveling to the courthouse by bus, the trip may take about an hour or two to arrive at the location because of the distance. In conclusion, courts are easier to have access to when they are located in

  • Mining In Canada

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    ecological imperatives. Endnote 1Mining, what it means to Canada (Ottawa: The mining association of Canada, 1988). pp. 1 2Mining, what it means to Canada (Ottawa: The mining association of Canada, 1988). pp. 1-2 3Mining, what it means to Canada (Ottawa: The mining association of Canada, 1988). pp. 1-2 4Mining, what it means to Canada (Ottawa: The mining association of Canada, 1988). pp. 1-2 5Mining, what it means to Canada (Ottawa: The mining association of Canada, 1988). pp. 6-7 6Culter, Phil

  • sustainability

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    provincial conservation programs put in place. Since 2003, Ontario has become the North American leader (Government of Ontario, 2010). With the determined goal to be an environmentally friendly country, we must have an environmentally friendly capital. Ottawa has many programs and companies in place that are devoted to the conservation of resources and the production of renewable energy. These include, but are not limited to, companies such as: Sustainable Development Technology Canada, a not-for-profit

  • Understanding Canadian History

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    also. One could also see development and history though architecture. Although we walk down the streets of Ottawa going about daily business, most of us are usually unaware of our historical surroundings. The older unassuming buildings on Sparks Street reveal intricate carvings in stone. Where did these carvings come from? Numerous architectural wonders in the city of Ottawa attest to the hardships and fortitude of the early nation builders. These are, however, not mere architectural

  • The Importance Of The Cultural Institution Of Canadian Federalism And The Political Leadership Of Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau

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    chose to unite Quebec and Ottawa in unity through a mutual respect for Anglophile and Francophile interests. Language was the primary barrier to national identity in Canada, which provide a political platform for PM Trudeau to implement a multicultural political solution to declare English and French as national languages. The Official Languages Act of 1969 provided a mandatory study of these two languages, which helped to seal the growing rift between Quebec and Ottawa as a means of providing a

  • Report Writing Proposal

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    to things generally under represented by mainstream fitness. The workshops would be; Sleep and its Relation to Fitness and Health, Flexibility Forgotten, Where’s the Water?, and Food for Thought. This conference will be open to professionals in the Ottawa area currently employed in the industry. The cost will be $4307.69, taxes included. Conference Content The workshops that would be presented at “Forgotten Fitness” are important as they often go unnoticed when forgotten. The goals of the conference

  • Canada and the Netherlands

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    calories, about an eighth of the daily needs of an average adult. Thousands of Dutch men, women, and children perished of starvation and cold.” In pursuit of the German Occupation of the Netherlands, the Royal Dutch Family decided to take refuge in Ottawa, making it their safe haven until all dangers and threats were dealt and finished with. In the European theatre the USA was attacking along the eastern front, the British had the center and the Canadians were attacking up the European Channel coast

  • A Comparison Between Canada , America and China

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    Maternity Experience Survey ( pp.162-166). Ottawa: Public Health Agency of Canada. Giving Birth in Canada: The Cost. (2004). Ottawa: Canadian Institute for Health Information. Giving Birth in Canada: Providers of Maternity and Infant Care. ( 2004). Ottawa: Canadian Institute for Health Information. Heaman, M., & O’Brien, B. (2009). Prenatal Care Provider. In Leon, J.A.(Eds.), What Mothers Say: The Canadian Maternity Experience Survey ( pp. 37-40). Ottawa: Public Health Agency of Canada. Hospital

  • Ice Hockey in Canada

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    communities. Teams in the Canadian market are having trouble keeping their programs in the black because of higher taxes and a weaker Canadian dollar. In order for professional hockey teams in Canada not to relocate to United States, it is necessary for Ottawa to provide tax cuts for them. Professional hockey has been around in Canada for over one hundred years. Tradition runs deep in programs like the Toronto Maple Leaf's and Montreal Canadians, which have been located in those towns since the creation

  • The Idle No More Movement

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    communities within Canada decided to protest in response to the unjust amendments made within Bill C-45 one Aboriginal member decided to make a more drastic statement in protest. Theresa Spence the Attawapiskat Chief announced on the Day of Action event in Ottawa that she was going to start a hunger strike ("Timeline," 2013). Chief Theresa Spence began her hunger strike in protest to what she felt was abuse to her Aboriginal community as well as the Aboriginal communities across Canada. Within her statement

  • Health for the Indigenous Population in Australia

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    themselves. The Ottawa charter was invented to make that process simple, easy and something that everyone could do. The Ottawa charter focuses on five main health promotional areas - building healthy public policys, creating supportive environments for health, strengthening community action for health, developing personal skills and re-orienting health services. All health promotion areas have a huge impact on all cultural groups but the impact on indigenous people is quite significant. The Ottawa charter

  • FLQ Crisis

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    October 12, Trudeau summoned armed troops to guard potential targets in Ottawa and Montreal such as cabinet ministers, John Diefenbaker, who was on the FLQ hit list, and federal buildings. On the following day, October 13, Peter Reilly of CJOH and I were at the west door of the Centre Block of the House of Commons. Reilly was asking Trudeau some basic questions in a laconic, unemotional style about the army and tanks being in Ottawa. Suddenly we were joined by CBC reporter Tim Ralfe who asked Trudeau

  • Rough Draft

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    The death toll in Pontiac’s War was 2,650 people, both British and Native American. Pontiac’s Rebellion was a rebellion that happened in 1763 when the tribes Ottawa, Ojibwa, Shawnee, Miami, Huron, Seneca, and Potawatomi joined together under the leadership of Pontiac, the chief of the Ottawa tribe, and sprung attacks on the British around their area. They captured three major British forts including Fort Pitt and Fort Detroit. Pontiac’s War influenced the American Revolution. Below are the main

  • Water Quality, Waste Water Management, Water Scarcity And Use Efficiency

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    support a great cause. The money WFG Ottawa raised through our golf tournament went towards supporting the installation of water purification systems in small towns of rural India. The average cost to build a well is roughly $800 dollars Canadian, whereas the cost to install reverse osmosis purification systems on those wells is on average $3500 dollars (SOPAR, 2013). Through one day of golf we were able to raise almost $11,000 dollars just by ourselves (Ottawa office), with at least half of that

  • Process Of The Neemrana Process

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    periods.Like when group met in 1999 to discuss and analyze the Kargil conflict, during the military coup in Lahore. Ottawa Dialogue The Ottawa Dilague is a “Track two” process majorly sponsored by the NESA Centre for Strategic Studies at National Defence University of Washington, DC, The United State Institute of Peace and the Danish Ministry of foreign Affairs at the University of Ottawa. The dialogue is focused on the nuclear relationship between the two countries and intends to explore control and

  • The Rideau Canal Leg of the Grand Tour

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    The good weather we had been waiting to savor greeted us the following morning. We began the lengthy process of working our way through the forty-seven locks that transport a boater from Ottawa to Kingston, Ontario where Lake Ontario flows into the St Lawrence River. The Rideau Canal system is a popular cruising destination through a stretch of Canadian wilderness that exhibits incredible landscapes and amazing ingenuity. Following the War of 1812, the British were seeking a way to connect Upper

  • The Pros and Cons of Privatizing Government Services in Canada

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    or something is undertaking an action that has a great risk attached to it. The City of Ottawa appeared to be skating on thin ice when they undertook an involvement with a P3 group known as the Capital Sports Group, to design, build and operate a new twin pad arena in 2003. P3s were touted for the Bell Sensplex and Ray Friel Centre by former Mayor Bob Chiarelli and his council that was supposed to “allow Ottawa residents to incur little or no debt while reaping the benefit of exceptional amenities”

  • Description of Expectations of the Experience

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    Description of Expectations of the Experience Next week I will be visiting the Ottawa County Juvenile Detention Facility, a forty bed corrections and rehabilitation center that houses both boys and girls ages eight to eighteen. I expect it to be very structured, and a very rigid schedule, and little privacy for the delinquents. I’m thinking that there will be guards, in uniforms, but no guns, Tasers, or batons. When I arrive on the detention complex grounds, there is going to be a fence with barbed

  • Primary Health Care and Health Promotion

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    groups or communities” (Jirojwong & Liamputtong, 2009). In depth, Health promotion is a process stemmed from the Ottawa Charter which enables empowerment of individuals and communities in regards to their health and health care with the focus on multiple elements such as environment and social conditions rather than solely the physical problem (World Health Organisation, 1986). The Ottawa Charter involves five key elements; building healthy public policy, creating supportive environments, strengthening

  • The Harper Project

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    It was 4:30 p.m., when an intellectual, thin-figured business woman named Emily Thorogood had just landed at the Ottawa International Airport. Relaxed and returned from her business trip, Emily had no idea of the grave danger that lied 2 minutes ahead. She tied back her long brown hair and stood up in the aisle, simply waiting to get out. Unsuspectingly, she got off the plane and headed into the airport. As she entered the baggage claim area, she immediately spotted two enormously built men in

  • Youth Voter Turnout in Canada

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    Networks]. 2007. Charting the Course for Youth Civic and Political Participation: CPRN Youth Workshop Summary Report. Ottawa: CPRN. de Broucker, Patrice. 2005b. Without a Paddle: What to do About Canada's Young Drop-Outs. CPRN Research Report. Ottawa: Canadian Policy Research Networks. October. Elections Canada. 2007. Voter Turnout at Federal Elections and Referendums, 1867-2006. Ottawa: Elections Canada. O’Neill, Brenda. 2007. “Human Capital, Civic Engagement and Political Participation: Turning Skills

  • long term care praxis note

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    causes of social isolation. I am current in ongoing consultation with the community stakeholders to identify other causes; and working with the community towards implementing health promotion strategies as identified in CHINAC standard (2008) and Ottawa Charter (1986). To enable the community to increase control over and improve their health status (WHO, 1986 Works Cited Community Health Nurses Association of Canada. (2011). Canadian Community Health Nursing Standards of Practice (CHN-C).

  • Family Stress

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    vaccine in the past 6 weeks. She explained that due to her son’s frequent rounds of chemotherapy and many doctor’s visits to CHEO, her and her husband had decided to rent a small apartment in Ottawa. While she stayed in Renfrew to care for her daughter, her husband took a leave of absence from work and resided in Ottawa with their son. This family required a variety of supportive care needs. Their needs included: physical comfort (ie: fatigue and changes in appetite); a sense of comfort, reassurance and