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  • The Woman Question: The Oppressed Other Half

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    many literary works. Literature has often been an arena for the examination of the “woman question,” as it was termed in the Victorian age. Four works that examine the role or view of women in society are John Stuart Mill’s The Subjection of Women, T.S. Eliot’s “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, and Carol Ann Duffy’s “Medusa.” Although each work examines a side of the woman question in its own way with a variety of views on the question, all of the works examine

  • My Grandmother Was A Woman Like No Other

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    My grandmother was a woman like no other. Her name is Mary Jane, she is funny, charismatic, honest, Godly, beautiful, someone I could truly call my best friend. My twin sister Vanessa and I would spend every summer at my grandma 's house from the time we were born till the time we were 17 years old. It was a summer trip that we looked forward to every year. My grandma would call us her angels and would take us with her everywhere she went. She would take us to work with her, the bingo, the grocery

  • Love And Basketball By Gina Prince Bythewood, A Black Woman, And Starring Many Other Black Women

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    Not only does the film Love and Basketball demonstrate lot of feminist elements, but it has a lot of black feminist elements. Written and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, a black woman, and starring many other black women, Love & Basketball is not just a warm coming-of-age story, but also a soothing relief for gender relations among black men and women. This movie redefines and defies the societal norms placed on women, while also addressing many stigmas that are placed on males and their “maleness”

  • Women 's Role As A Woman

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    “What is Woman?” You can say that a woman is a woman because she has ovaries, but does this really inhibit everything that it means to be a woman. All cultures since the dawn of time had defined women in terms of procreation. The Second Sex revolves around the idea that woman has been apprehended in a relationship of long-standing oppression to man through her relegation to being man 's Other. The roles we associate with women are not given to them in birth; therefore, women are told what they’re

  • Criticisms of Battered Woman Syndrome

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    Battered Woman Syndrome (BWM) is a syndrome whereas women react in a certain manner because of repetitively physical or psychological abused imposed on them by their mates. The Battered Woman Syndrome (BMW) is not limited in one area or location it is a problem that is occurring all over in the world (2009, pg. 148). Like every other issue in the world criticism come into play by psychologists and others when someone claims that they are victims of the Battered Woman Syndrome or the Battered Woman Defense

  • Thelma And Louise From The Oppressive Men

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    liberal feminists contributes to the omission of other women in their fight for individual rights. Thelma and Louise (1991) is an example of how white liberal feminism can illustrate and advocate for the liberation of women whilst excluding other women of different races, classes, and other given circumstances that don’t fall into the typical white heteronormative narrative. The film shows a one-sided account of establishing individual rights as a woman. While the film shows the liberation of Thelma

  • Wonder Woman: A Symbol of the Feminist Movement

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    an unusual man—a psychologist, a soft-porn pulp novelist, more than a bit of a carny, and the (self-declared) inventor of the lie detector. He was also the creator of Wonder Woman, the comic that he used to express two of his greatest passions: feminism and women in bondage."(Berlatsky, 2015) For over 60 years, Wonder Woman has filled the pages of her magazine with adventures ranging from battling Nazis, to declawing human-like Cheetahs. Her exploits thrilled and inspired many young girls, including

  • The Life Of Married Life

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    varying ages for comparison. Recent interviews with a 21-year college student woman contemplating marriage and a retired married woman facing 40 anniversary revealed that while both couples share a desire for companionship with their spouse, their opinions of a successful marriage greatly differ. The young woman views married life as an idealized relationship without concrete perception of married life whereas the older woman is more practical in her perception of what contributed to a healthy marriage

  • Emancipation of a Woman in "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou

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    Any girl could say she is a woman. It takes a strong woman to be a phenomenal woman. A phenomenal woman does not rely on others for financial, mental and social needs. A woman like this takes pride in her-self and doesn’t let anyone put her down. Throughout the times a woman strives for her independence to become her own individual in life. Phenomenal Woman, written by Maya Angelou, is a poem which is an anthem for all women’s strength in their own womanhood. (Angelou 1) The poem speaks out to

  • Analysis Of Virginia Woolf 's ' The Birth Of Technology '

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    ideology of a woman 's virginity is still used as a tool to oppression today. In Jessica Valenti 's article 'The Cult of Virginity ' she discusses the culture created for young woman to internalize a happy medium of 'virginal ' but most certainly not 'too virginal ', just enough to see to it woman are not 'sluts ' but men can still have sexual relations with them (Hobbs & Rice, 2013). The ideology of woman remaining virginal is also used as a tool to make sure woman are pit against each other in competition

  • Differences Between Male And Female

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    genders, does not impede a woman to do as much or more than a man. Many philosophers degraded women, by rejecting their philosophy. Basically, the integration of reason, virtue, and knowledge was rejected for women. It is said that, “a woman is made to please and be dominated” by man (pg.369). I agree with the fact that women were created to submit to man, but I disagree with domination. Dominating, is to deny the rights of a person to speak or to even act. The woman plays a role as a help and

  • Gender Roles in Dracula

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    female. During this Victorian era, its culture often suppressed woman and their value while the men watched and gained power for themselves as well as over these suppressed women. A traditional Victorian woman was thought to be virginal and pure and given the responsibilities to be kind, caring, motherly and nurturing. Men on the other hand you would say had the benefit of the doubt being that they were more the dominants over the woman, masculine and the bread winners. These were the stereotypical

  • Women During The Vietnam War

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    great James Brown once said, "This is a mans world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl"(Brown, 2/1966). This quote in particular signifies the hardships and discrimination women were faced with in the 19th century. Women were often objectified as a housewife who did the typical cooking and cleaning while a man played a more dominant role in providing for the family. Due to the early era, the idea of woman taking on a man 's job was considered more of a comical issue. Of course women were

  • Canterbury Tales The Woman of Bath

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    Canterbury Tales The Woman of Bath The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer, is a collection of stories in a frame story, between 1387 and 1400. It is the story of a group of thirty people who travel as pilgrims to Canterbury to visit the shrine of Thomas Beckett. The pilgrims, who come from all classes of society, tell stories to each other to kill time while they travel to Canterbury. In the Prologue, it states Chaucer intended that each pilgrim should tell two tales on the way to Canterbury

  • Dracula: The Effect of Women’s Role Change

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    transformation from “True Woman” to the “New Woman” that surfaced in the late nineteenth century. This new idea made women more independent, with their lives no longer revolving around their husbands, and most importantly created a big change in social expectations. The characters Lucy, Mina, and the three brides of Dracula play a part in revealing Stoker’s belief that social status is changed for the worse with this change in women’s roles. The concepts of “New Woman” and “True Woman” are major parts of

  • The Second Sex By Simone De Beauvoir

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    she framed the theoretical question of “what is a woman?” (de Beauvoir, 34). Writing, first, a consideration upon a biological definition, she ends up rejecting the societal norm, for her own existentialist notion. This can be both compared and contrasted to the views of radical feminists, including Monique Wittig. The differences between such views directly affect the formulation of gender inequality and strategies correlated to feminism. A woman is an adult human female, so defined by the American

  • DAWN Social Justice Group

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    is a province wide organization of woman with all types of disabilities. They are a feminist organization which supports woman in their struggle to control their own lives. Dawn Ontario is controlled by women with disabilities. The members include woman with disabilities and non-disabled woman. Also included are lesbians, bisexual woman, aboriginal woman, Franco-Ontarian woman, and woman from many other ethnic, racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds. Woman of all ages, from teens to seniors

  • Arent I A Woman Speech

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    how words relate and interact with each other. He explains the arbitrariness of words and how there only exists conventional relationships between words and their meanings, but then also mentions the dichotomy that defines what a word means by describing what it is not (Palmer 20). Sojourner Truth, an African American abolitionist and women’s rights advocate, touched upon these expressions of words and their meaning in her infamous speech “Aren’t I a Woman” delivered at the Woman’s Rights Convention

  • Compare and contrast the presentation of oppressionin I Am Not That

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    oppressionin I Am Not That Woman and Still I Rise. The poems I am studying are 'I Am Not That Woman' by Kishwar Naheed and 'Still I Rise' by Maya Angelou, both in the twentieth century. Both poets have based the poems on their own experiences of suppression in their different cultures and they both continue to end with feelings of hope.The poems show the different reactions and attitudes of two very different women who in similar circumstances. In 'I Am Not That Woman', the poet has been oppressed

  • Maya Angelou's Reader Response In Phenomenal Woman

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    Reader Response on "Phenomenal Woman" To look at woman in this day and age, we try to base ourselves off of the size two or below that we see on television walking down the runway. But what they don’t advertise is that it’s even more beautiful to be a size 10 or above. “Phenomenal Woman” is a poem that shows that even if you’re not that size two or below, you’re still beautiful no matter what size you are. Every woman is beautiful inside and out, but it is those who carry themselves with etiquette

  • Feminism In The House On Mango Street

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    For many years woman have been subordinated to men, The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros a 1984 coming of age novel in which Esperanza is represented as the determination and hope for the woman in her poems but also the quest for a better life, and a promise to help those left behind under the suffering of the new traditions, crime, violence and sex. Cisneros' novel opened the doors to new ideas a new focus of the Chicano novel, In Mañana Means Heaven published in 2010 we begin to see a

  • Modern Witch Hunting

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    crazes, although the exact figures are unknown. What is known is that overall 75-80% of those accused were woman although this varies in different states. In this essay I will discuss the role of gender in witchcraft and why the majority of people executed as Witches were women. There have been various explanations by different historians for why the majority of Witches accused were woman. One of the first models concerning Witchcraft and gender to be produced was the ‘Witch-cult‘ idea. This theory

  • Social Criticism in The Yellow-Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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    attempts to force her and the societal reaction to this act. From the beginning of this work, the woman is shown to have gone mad. We are given no insight into the past, and we do not know why she has been driven to the brink of insanity. The “beautiful…English place” that the woman sees in her minds eye is the way men have traditionally wanted women to see their role in society. As the woman says, “It is quite alone standing well back from the road…It makes me think of English places…for there

  • Maya Angelou: The Strength of the Human Spirit

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    personal struggles of the African American Woman are brought to life through poetic works. With inspirations drawn from personal journeys of Maya Angelou herself, powerful poems praise, celebrate, and empathize with the feminine colored experience. Angelou’s writing sheds glaring light on themes of feminine power, beauty, and perseverance, raising the African American Woman to a pedestal that demands respect and adoration. For Angelou’s audience, the everyday woman is presented equipped with all the necessities

  • Ideal Man and Woman in The Tale of Genji

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    submissive. The men would spot a woman and it seems almost instantly, he would be extremely attracted and want her. There are many different characteristics that make up men and women of the Heian period, compared to present day; love, attraction, and power are perceived very differently. The definition of an attractive woman during the Heian period is definitely not the same as women today. There are many unusual characteristics that make up an attractive Heian woman. First of all, women would

  • A Woman's Place by Naomi Wolf

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    The True Woman "A Woman’s Place", the name of the commencement speech given by Naomi Wolf at the Scripps College graduation in 1992; contrasts the independent and the dependent woman. In today’s society, there are two different types of women: the woman who has a good head on her shoulders and knows where she is going in the world, and the woman who seeks dependence within the masculine world. Just as they were thirty years ago, women are still not considered to be equal to men. They are

  • North and South

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    Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel North and South exemplifies the new type of woman a mid-nineteenth century woman should emulate. The contemporary woman is capable of balancing being a dutiful, generous, just woman while also satisfying her own passion, intellect, and moral activity. England needs women that can manifest their innate ability to sympathize with a capacity to change and adapt. The progressive world will require the modern woman to redefine the norms of social life. In the first few chapters Gaskell

  • Female Representation Of Women : Lady Franklin 's Lament, And Within The Onondaga Madonna

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    seen in “Lady Franklin’s Lament” and within “The Onondaga Madonna”. These pieces of work offer up differing notions of being female and femininity based on how their different cultures are portrayed. They portray different representations of what a woman is and how a stereotype shapes the reader’s mindset towards a group of women. The representation of women is altered by outsider perceptions and altered by cultural stereotypes. In the piece entitled “Lady Franklin’s Lament”, the notion of the women

  • Comparing The Olympia And A Little Taste Of Outside Love

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    depicts a nude white woman in a reclining position lying on a bed in the foreground and is being tended to by a black maid. To the far right of the painting is a black cat gazing mysteriously out at the viewer. The maid is presenting the white woman with flowers which could be gift base on the manner she is presenting the flowers. The nude woman is also intentionally adorned with a black ribbon around her neck, a single fashionable slipper on one of her foot, while the other one has fallen off carelessly

  • The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir

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    what place they occupy in this world, what their place should be.” (Solomon, page 296) De Beauvoir claims that woman should not be a biological category, but rather an existential category, with which I agree. De Beauvoir’s primary thesis is that men oppress women by characterizing them as the Other, defined in opposition to men. Man is essential, absolute, and transcendent, while woman is inessential, and incomplete. In this paper I shall summarize De Beauvoir’s take on womanhood, and her proposition

  • The New Woman By Bram Stoker

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    The New Woman is a term which describes the rise of feminist power and status within the Victorian Era. The new woman opposes all acts of the traditional woman and is a female who fights for equality and status, and her own happiness. The traditional woman is someone who is controlled by her husband and children and keeps the living style well kept within the home, but has no other power or responsibilities outside of the home. In the novel “Dracula”, by Bram Stoker, Stoker’s view and support of

  • A Look at the Women of The Waste Land

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    differences, Eliot remarked that the women are actually all a manifestation of a single woman. Two women in the poem who exemplify this thought make their appearance in Part II: “A Game of Chess.” These women appear to be complete opposites, but they work together in the poem to express Eliot’s view on modern sexuality. The first woman introduced in Part II of The Waste Land is a wealthy, upper-class woman who is sitting in a chair that is described as being “like a burnished throne” (8). The setting

  • A Way Of Thinking That Both Men And Women Should Share Equal Rights

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    any situation that calls for it, such as politics,economics, and globality-this is the empowering idea of feminism. Satrapi,other girls, and woman live in a country where the inequality of women is much more harsh than what we know of, she faces them first-hand throughout the book, Persepolis, and we see the constant experiences and opinions that not only satrapi has but other females as well.Persepolis creates an half-and-half opinion when it comes to the idea of feminism; women 's opinions are constantly

  • What Makes A Woman?

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    simply can not treat their significant other properly. When a man truly loves a woman he seeks to be better than any competition he may have in the eyes of his possible relationship partner. The amount of effort a man can put into this task is extraordinary. After given the blessing of being able to call a woman “his” there are men who do not put that same effort into the relationship. This is the first step to treating your woman unfairly. Never should a woman settle for being treated less than what

  • The Presentation of Love in Pre-Twentieth Century Poetry

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    coursework I am going to compare the presentation of love in three pre-twentieth centaury poems. The three poems I am going to look at are 'A Woman to Her Lover', 'Porphyrias Lover' and 'To His Coy Mistress'. I chose these three poems because they where the ones I have the most knowledge of. Main body The poem 'A Woman to Her Lover' is a poem by "Christina Walsh" who is presenting her views on a relationship. The poem is written from a woman's perspective and

  • Love vs. Lust in Andrew Marvell's Poem, To His Coy Mistress

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    with a young woman and wants to become intimate with her. He tries to pursue this young woman, but the woman is playfully hesitant. The man is trying to explain to the young woman if she keeps being resistant to him, they would never get a chance become intimate. Could it be that the man really does have true love for the young woman? Or is that he is just lusting for her gentle touch? In the first stanza of this poem, the man begins by expressing his feelings for the young woman. He starts off

  • The Types Of Abortion

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    procedure where a woman kills the fetus before being born. A lot of women have gone to illegal clinic’s knowing that is wrong to get an abortion. They risk their lives and wellbeing just to get rid of a problem that they have created. There are some countries’ that do not allowed women to get an abortion no matter of what reasons they might have. Woman have to think twice before getting an abortion done. This matter should not be taken lightly because of all the risks factors a woman could have later

  • Inequality Between Women And Women

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    for Woman In comparison to the time when women were still fighting for the right to vote, it would seem that women today are the legal equals of men. However, there are subtle tendencies in our societies ideology to portray women as inferior. Woman are just as capable of doing the things that men do. Unfortunately, some people still believe that men still have dominance and are more capable than that. Which is in fact false, woman are able to do things equally to the way men do things. Woman are

  • Feminism Is Not Against The Feminist Movement

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    way for the black women to expand on the feminist concept to improve it 's effects. Womanism is not against the Feminist Movement, but as Alice Walker states , it is just a darker shade that represents other women’s perspectives. Womanism “helps give visibility to the experience of black women and other women of color who have always been at the forefront of the feminist movement yet marginalized and rendered invisible in historical texts and the media”. Feminism originates during the time of mid-1800s

  • Evaluation of Arabs' Contribution to Women's Dignities and Rights

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    criteria’s are mentioned. Initially, by running a historical perspective of the status of women in the pre-Islamic era, I want to highlight the reader into identifying the similarities and the differences in conjunction to the Arab woman. Secondly, I want the reader to detect the fact that how these differences will compare with the rights which were finally gained by the women in recent ages. This hopefully will allow us finally the answer to the essay question in the

  • Wonder Woman: An ever changing Inspiration

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    Amazon Princess abandons the all woman “Paradise Island” in her debut story, in order to become the savior of ‘Man’s World’” (Stanley 144). Among the popular American culture, Wonder Woman has changed more frequently then any other comic book character. Her ever changing figure comes from the the root of society, cultural, and economic circumstances of the time period but she has always held her position of being an Inspiration to women young and old. Wonder Woman made her first debut during the

  • The Wife Of Baths : A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman

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    different texts in this collection: The Wife of Baths Tale, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, and the news coverage of a woman’s rights campaign, In a Scattered Protest, Saudi Women Take the Wheel. All three of these texts each consist of their author’s views on if woman and men can in fact understand one another or is it something we will just never understand. So can men and woman really understand each other? In a much deeper sense than simply sharing the same language. Do they even have an appreciation

  • Wonder Woman and the Surprise Attack

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    Wonder Woman aka Princess Diana was cooking lunch. She was going to meet with the Justice League at 1:00, so she needed to hurry. They just uncovered a big plan, the Secret Society of Super Villains was planning on destroying Lady Liberty. It was her job to find out the who was the leading the operation and how they were going to destroy Lady Liberty. It was 12:45, so she gobbled the rest of her pasta and hurried to the door as soon she opened the door, a flash of yellow and black knocked

  • Roles of Women in the Church

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    In today’s society the controversial subject of what positions in the church a woman can hold; has become incredibly debatable among the nation. Some people believe that women have equal rights with men and can uphold any position that a man can. Today’s society also believes that because a woman can be in political and business power, then a woman can also be in authority in the church. However, that could not be farther from the truth a women’s positions in the church are defined by God. First

  • Saving Amelie By Cathy Gothlke

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    because of their race, sex and class. Thousands of people died because of classification during the World War II in Germany and in America where countless also endured discrimination based on sex, race and class. The struggles and discrimination that woman suffered throughout our history are of vital importance for us since they clear the path to the freedom we have today. (Gothlke) One of the themes seen in “Saving Amelie” is race and sex. During War World II race and sex continues to be a reason for

  • The Influences Of Genders Among The Workforce

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    both men and women are being classified in two different roles/activities weather one is the breadwinner and the other as house taker. In other cases beliefs and cultural comes into this situation since it affects many individuals way of thinking through their attitudes and customs. In these sources “Laila: A Rebellious Woman”, “Oum Karim: A Hopeful Woman”, “Oum Sherif: A Hopeless Woman” by Helen Watson, and “Sex, Gender, and Work Segregation” by David Hesmondhalgh and Sarah Baker all share each important

  • Plath's The Bell Jar -The Liberated Woman

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    Plath's The Bell Jar -The Liberated Woman      I tried to imagine what it would be like if Constantin were my husband.   It would mean getting up at seven and cooking him eggs and bacon and toast and coffee and dawdling about in my nightgown and curlers after he'd left for work to wash up the dirty plates and make the bed, and then when he came home after a lively, fascinating day he'd expect a big dinner, and I'd spend the evening washing up even more dirty plates till I fell

  • Feminism And Individuality In The Yellow Wallpaper, By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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    reader through the mind of a woman who we’re not completely sure of how she became crazy. When does the woman become crazy and why? No one will ever surely know exactly what happened. The way that the woman narrates the story tells a lot of information about who the woman truly is and how she feels inferior to her husband John and the other men throughout the story. This inferiority may have caused the woman’s sickness. Some Critiques explain that the middle aged woman in the story is truly crazy

  • Homebirth

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    THE ROLE OF THE MIDWIFE IN HOMEBIRTH Homebirth refers to the act of a woman giving birth at home and is typically attended to by an independently practising midwife. The midwife plays a vital role throughout the experiences associated with homebirths such as embracing a cooperative partnership between women, infants and families. Such features are expressed by a midwife throughout a woman’s pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal experience, therefore emphasising the importance of continuity of care

  • What Makes A Woman? Born Or Made?

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    What makes someone a woman? Is it defined by the genitalia she is born with? How about males transitioning to females? Or females who are attracted to other females? How do you define a woman? Born or Made? Kim Kardashian-West has always been controversial because of posting naked pictures of herself in social media or posing for magazines like the one posted above. Her love and appreciation for all the hard work she puts on her body are seen by other people as something wild and inappropriate.