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Osborne Reynolds

- According to this image, the bunch of spheres in the first formation occupies (Square root of 2) times that of the second formation. It is interesting the fact that if a sack was filled with spheres arranged as in the first figure, it would feel loose, but a sack filled with spheres in the form of the second figure would feel rigid. Finally, Reynolds also made discoveries in the realm of ‘pure physics’. He showed that group velocities give the rate energy transmission by the wave (Gillespie, 1972, p.427)....   [tags: physical, mathematical sciences, history]

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Look Back in Anger by John Osborne

- RAPID CHANGING WORLD. Britain was bankrupt after the Second World War and it had a negative impact on Britain and its society. The British Empire decreased drastically resulting in many soldiers, generals and civilians returning but Britain was very different after the war due to its cities being severely bombed. This added to the feeling of depression and nostalgia which weighed heavily on people. The play Look Back in Anger by John Osborne is seen as one of the most important plays in modern Britain as it was the first well recognised example of kitchen sick drama....   [tags: modern britain, patriarchal society]

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Look Back in Anger, by John Osborne

- One of the major themes that permeates throughout John Osborne’s play Look Back in Anger is the ideology of inequality among social classes. Osborne expresses these views on social class through the character of Jimmy— a hot headed, angry young man who vents about the injustices of class struggle. Jimmy holds much contempt for his wife Alison's entire past, which reveals his utmost hatred of the classes above him. Jimmy sees class-based entitlement as the basis of all that's wrong with the world, and his struggle is portrayed through his feverous verbal rebellion against the principles ingrained in current society....   [tags: Social Class Inequality]

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Problem With My Team Partner Leticia Osborne

- After discussing my case scenario with my team partner Leticia Osborne she agreed that the situation is terrible and “with a smaller number of employees in your Orlando office that one would assume they would be able to handle management and scheduling even better than in the New York office that was so much bigger (Osborne)”. I loved interacting with her because I was able to get an opinion from an outsider, from someone that might be able to see the situation from another perspective. She mentioned something, I once thought of it, but never gave it a thought; she said that having fewer employees to manage makes the workload fall on each employee even more than it should as they are fewer b...   [tags: Control, Management, Leadership, The Work]

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Portrayal of Jane Osborne in Vanity Fair

- The Redundant Woman Thackeray’s portrayal of Jane Osborne in Vanity Fair is very troubling to the reader of the twentieth century. Grown to be a woman who is stuck under her tyrannical father’s roof, her life appears to be very confining and menial. Her sister snubs her, her nephew mocks her behind her back, her father mocks her to her face, and her main role in life seems to be as her father’s housekeeper. However, Thackeray’s portrayal would have had a very different effect on the Victorian reader....   [tags: Victorian Era William Thackeray]

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Non-Marital Sex in John Osborne’s Inadmissible Evidence and Time Present

- In the post-war British society, there begins a tremendous revolt against authority in all domains of human life, pushing to the background the long-established and time-tested socio-ethical traditions and conventions. The conventional sexual morality that emphasizes repression and suppression of sexual instincts is replaced with new one that emphasizes expression of sexual freedom within and without wedlock. It has removed the stigma attached earlier to sex outside the marriage. What was previously considered as sin or bad thing comes to be accepted as a humanistic mode of self-expression....   [tags: healthy sexual attitude, promiscuity]

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Importance of Osborne in Journeys End by R.C Sheriff

- Importance of Osborne in Journeys End by R.C Sheriff From the very beginning of the play, Sheriff suggests to the audience that Osborne is the father figure and therefore that he is the voice of reason to the other men. We find out that Osborne is a middle-aged man with 'iron-grey hair'. Osborne however is physically in very good shape and is a 'tall, thin man' who is 'physically as hard as nails.' As Raleigh enters the audience sees a kind, caring side to Osborne. Sheriff puts across the ideas of Osborne being a family man through his calming conversation with Raleigh, where he tells Raleigh from what way he should look at the war....   [tags: Journeys End by R.C Sheriff]

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Regeneration by Pat Baker: The Negative Effects of War on Individuals

- War has a detrimental effect on the individual as the idea of killing another could be horrific to anyone; though from a war perspective it is expected that they were to kill another to defend and honour their country. War can affect the individual mentally, physically and emotionally, causing major distress and discomfort with, not only how they see themselves, but how they see war. is “Regeneration”, written by Pat Barker in 1991 inspired by her grandfather who had been bayoneted in the war and she was able to see the scars he had when he washed in the sink....   [tags: osborne, mellows, stanhope]

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Critical Overview of Play Look Back in Anger

- Look Back in Anger Critical Overview Look Back in Anger has been recognized as a bombshell that blew up the old British theater. However, when Look Back in Anger opened as the third play in the repertory of the English Stage Company at the Royal Court Theatre (a company that had been founded the year before precisely to stimulate new writing that would have contemporary relevance), it was not an immediate success. The critical reaction was mixed, but many of the critics, whether or not they liked the play, acknowledged its merits and those of its young author....   [tags: John Osborne]

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Class-Consciousness and Conjugal Relations in John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger (1957)

- It is generally suggested that Britain is essentially a class-conscious society where the upper classes are considerably preoccupied with the view of social position, the language and manners. It is sensitivity of people to gradations of prestige, the ritual and etiquette of inter-personal relationships within and across the lines that divide the population in form of social hierarchy. British literature throughout the Victorian period in particular and the twentieth century in general is a reflection of this manifestation of British society....   [tags: fidelity, honesty, mutual understanding, sincerity]

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