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Article Review : ' An Open Letter On American White Women '

- Many pieces from the anonymously written article titled “An Open Letter to American White Women” are not explicitly expressed and are in need of some unpacking. Although the exact identity of the author may be lost, through analyzing the article one can find whom is specifically being addressed in the letter, some characteristics of the author, and the goals that the author hoped to achieve in writing the piece. In this paper, I provide my analysis of the letter and from there I compare the approach of the letter to that of Ida B....   [tags: White people, White American, Black people]

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Reimaging a Woman's Role in the Church

- Reimagining a Woman’s Role in the Church An Open Letter by Frank Viola This chapter was removed from Reimagining Church due to a lack of space. But there’s a footnote to this document in the book. See also God’s View of a Woman. Subjugation of women, in fact, is a symptom of man’s fallen nature. If the work of Christ involves the breaking of the entail [inherited consequences] of the fall, the implication of his work for the liberation of women is plain. Unwarranted assumptions have sometimes been drawn from the fact that all twelve of the original apostles were men....   [tags: an open letter by Frank Viola]

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An Open Letter to Roderick Nash on Island Civilization

- ... Nash is constantly blaming humans for the destruction of nature and Earth's wounds, maybe it's true, but Nash under estimates Earth's self healing abilities. Humans can not be the only thing that is hurting the Earth. When you really think about it, Earth goes through a lot of natural disasters, which cannot be controlled. According to an activist, Tim Haering, “Tsunamis, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, disease nature kills more than we kill each other.” Earth throws in all of these natural disasters to destroy what is hurting it....   [tags: pollution, extinction, nature, disasters]

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The Importance of Being Open To All Possibilities of Life, Depicted in Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter and Emerson's Nature

- Individuals are products of society and, yet, society can also be a product of individuals. In either relationship, the individual and society affect each other. In “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hester becomes an individual through being open to being positively guided by her own values and morals even if those values and morals are not prescribed by society. Similarly, in “Nature” by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emerson discusses how the individual has the capability to, if the individual is open, be positively inspired and changed by the natural world....   [tags: The scarlet letter, nature]

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Roland Emmerich's The Patriot - An Open Letter to Mr. Mel Gibson

- Roland Emmerich's The Patriot - An Open Letter to Mr. Mel Gibson Dear Mel , Having read the avalanche of outraged articles in the UK press that preceded the UK launch of “The Patriot”, I readily admit that I was expecting to see a distinctly anti-British Movie. One such headline complains for example about a “blood libel on the British People”. Some considerable way into the film (which, putting the controversy to one side, was otherwise enjoyable), I found myself questioning whether such criticism was justified....   [tags: Movies Film]

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Stories and a White Man: An Open Letter to My Navaho Students

- Stories and a White Man: An Open Letter to My Navaho Students Some of your Elders encourage you to leave the university and return to the reservation. They tell you that the university is not for you. I respect your Elders because I understand that they wish the best for you, but I cannot agree with them. Come here. Let's share a place together, here on this page, as real as Second Mesa where the wind makes its own stories and all of us must listen to the language of Crow in order to find our way home....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Adultery Explored in The Scarlet Letter

- That Nathaniel Hawthorne to chose such a controversial topic as adultery for The Scarlet Letter, his nineteenth century novel of "seventeenth century sexual repression and hypocrisy" (Zabarenko PG), demonstrates a delicate yet changing climate with regard to infidelity. Historically, carrying on an adulterous affair back in such an era of Puritanism and traditional values was not taken lightly; in fact, by today's standards, such horrific treatment for what is now considered an everyday occurrence was more harsh than murders suffer by current standards....   [tags: The Scarlet Letter Essays]

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The Scarlet Letter and the Egg-carton

- The Scarlet Letter and the Egg-carton An analogy between two subjects can often lead to a better understanding of one or more of the topics. This point can be displayed by a comparison between the classic novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter, and a normal egg-carton. An analogy can be made between the concealment of secrets in the novel and the concealment of the eggs by a closed egg-container. Also, a correlation can be made between the revealing of secrets by the characters in The Scarlet Letter and the revealing of the many eggs by an open egg-carton....   [tags: Scarlet Letter essays]

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The Freedom of the Forest in The Scarlet Letter

- Every human being needs the opportunity to express how he or she truly feels, otherwise, the emotion builds up until they become volatile. In Nathaniel Hawthorne's, The Scarlet Letter, life centers on a rigid Puritan society which does not allow open self-expression, so the characters have to seek alternate means in order to relieve their personal anguishes and desires. Luckily, Hawthorne provides such a sanctuary in the form of the mysterious forest. The forest is a sanctuary because it allows the freedom to love, the freedom to express emotions, the freedom for sympathy and the freedom to be one’s self....   [tags: Scarlet Letter essays]

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Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

- One could say that Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter is a tale of transformation. The main characters' personalities shift with their environment; the scarlet letter takes on a new light. Hawthorne's view of what is going on changes, as does our own. The book is dynamic in a sneaky sort of way. If the reader isn't careful, a character can be changed dramatically in two or three pages, and no one is the wiser as to how they got there. Pearl, Minister Dimmesdale, and Roger Chillingworth are just a few of those characters....   [tags: Hawthorne Scarlet Letter]

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