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Cash Isn 't The Only Thing

- Cash isn 't the only thing I take from my father 's study when I leave home. I take a small, old gold lighter--I like the design and feel of it--and a folding knife with a really sharp blade. Made to skin deer, it has a five-inch blade and a nice heft. Probably something he bought on one of his trips abroad. I also take a sturdy, bright pocket flashlight out of a drawer. Plus sky blue Revo sunglasses to disguise my age. I think about taking my father 's favorite Sea-Dweller Oyster Rolex. It 's a beautiful watch, but something flashy will only attract attention....   [tags: English-language films, Thing]

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The Literacy Is Not The Only Thing Ells

- Overtime, the ELL population of students has been overlooked and have not been given the amount of help they have needed to be able to become successful in the United States. Literacy is not the only thing ELLs have to deal with, but also assimilating to the American culture and just trying to survive economically. According to the NEA (2008), “two-thirds come from low-income families and three out of four ELLs are Spanish-speaking” (para. 3). Many immigrant families come to America to have a better life, but many end up struggling even more because of the lack of financial support and their language barrier....   [tags: United Kingdom, English language, Education]

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My Future Is The Only Thing

- Our future is the only thing in our life that we are completely blind to. We all live in the present, going about our daily lives either working hard or hardly working. As we go through our lives, we walk unknowingly into the abyss that is our future. To some it is a scary thought because any small event now can have a ripple effect in the future that can affect our life in any way possible. We are attracted to what makes us comfortable, which is why we stick to our daily routines even if they seem monotonous, because it is something that has been repeated over and over again....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Elementary school, Time]

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Marriage Is The Only Thing That Connects People

- Nowadays, it is not easy to find a successful marriage, but if we want our marriage to work we have to put some effort into the marriage and there will be fewer divorces. A good marriage is based on a solid foundation of respect, some sacrifices, and a good communication. When we compare marriages in our time and our grandparent’s time, we will find lots of differences. Before, marriages used to last longer, but nowadays the rate of divorces is increasing day by day. In my view, Marriage is beautiful and marriage is the only thing that connects people....   [tags: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Child marriage]

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Winning is the only thing

- Randy Roberts and James Olson in their book, Winning is the Only Thing: Sports in America since 1945, explored the world of sports since the end of World War II. Their book covers the many aspects of sports, from the athletes and management to the fans and the media. The authors first make clear differences in the way people viewed sports before the war and how they did after the war. The book talks a lot about the astounding transformation of sports in America during the post war era. The objective of sports before world warII matched up to the original idea of such games....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Performance Is The Only Thing Or A Human For Performing A Task?

- PERFORMANCE In simple terms, it is the action done by a machine or a human for performing a task. In organizational terms, it is measured in terms of the effort and the outcome provided by a person to complete the work given to him by the organization to fulfil or the goals provided to him for achieving. Basically, it is the production of valid results, producing what is actually expected out of the employee. If an employee can deliver what the manager expects out of him and can actually help in meeting the organization goals, his performance is considered to be great and he is considered a great performer and is given opportunities of promotion etc....   [tags: Management, Measurement, Future, Plan]

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I Am A Dog Is The Only Thing On Earth

- “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” (Henry Wheeler Shaw; humorist and lecturer) Dogs are some of the most amazing animals in the world. Though they are thought to be a pest at times , they are very important to own and give great psychological and physical benefits. I would like to share with you my love and knowledge of how great dogs can be. To help you further understand my argument I will show you my interoperation of love. Love is, “the act of caring and giving to someone else...having someone 's best interest and wellbeing as a priority in your life....   [tags: Dog, Love, Working dog, Pet]

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The Sun Is The Only Brilliant Thing Left

- #18435 wakes up. He brushes his teeth. He eats his usual breakfast: grey oatmeal and sour milk. The glass he drinks from is a grey aluminum canister. So dull. Of course, as usual, dull is the only choice. Dull exercises an amount of control, of sedation. Anything not dull is dangerous; that is what they are told at least. One might raise the question, why not just pretend to be dull, and really live a full, interesting life, but act as a usual person would. #18435 always thinks about that. He wishes to live a fun life, but alas, it is impossible....   [tags: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Government, Human rights]

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Why Winning Isn 't Everything, It 's The Only Thing

- Why Win. To compete, as defined by the New Century Dictionary, is “To contend with another for some prize or advantage” (“compete”[Volume 1][Page 294]). The question of what competition is has been settled for centuries, but the debate over what the point of competition is continues to this day. Thoughts on this topic usually fall into one of two categories. There are those who would agree with Henry Russell Sanders’s famous statement that, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” and there are those who would agree with Vince Lombardi, who stated, “Winning isn’t everything, but the desire to win is.” The attitude Vince Lombardi epitomizes is by far the healthier mindset to take reg...   [tags: Abraham Lincoln, United States]

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I Was Only Good At One Thing

- All my life I was only good at one thing: school. I took my education very seriously. I studied every opportunity I got. I always did my homework, got my work done on time, tried to be the best --at one point I may have been. You see, I was always on the honor roll, a straight A student. I received valedictorian in middle school and continued to succeed academically in high school. But, it wasn’t until my junior year in high school that my perfect record would slip. I just transferred into a school that was renowned for being rigorous and fast pace....   [tags: High school, College, Energy, Want]

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Vince Lombardi - Winning is the Only Thing That Matters

- Vince Lombardi’s statement that “winning is the only thing that matters in sport”, is one of the truths that are inherent in the world of sports. Athletes are willing to cheat to guarantee success, either through the use of performance-enhancing drugs, or through the act of injuring others. Lombardi’s statement not only applies to athletes, but it also applies to countries that athletes are representing. Events such as the Olympics and the World Cup of Hockey are a source of national pride and some countries are willing to try anything to bring a little prestige back, while other athletes, who are representing their country will resort to unethical tactics....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Money Is The Only Thing That Really Motivates People

- I. Introduction Henry Fielding once said, "Make money your god and it will plague you like the devil". Money presents in so many aspects of life. It seems that almost everything can be bought, with the high value attached to money. People are very addicted to money because of the idea that if you have money, you have the success, popularity, power and acceptance. But, there is always danger in losing values such as love for sports or being a hardworking person. A good example is the current trend in sports wherein top players in football or basketball are only interested in picking up their paycheques more than genuinely loving sports and achieving success in terms of being the best athlete...   [tags: Money Case Study, solution]

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Are Websites Not Only Provide Us With A Quick And Easy Way?

- Websites not only provide us with a quick and easy way to look up facts these days, but also it can be used as a way of learning through a combination of visual, verbal, as well as a contextual way of gaining knowledge about certain information. This knowledge could pertain to one thing or it could pertain many different things. No matter what it is that you are using websites for, things such as easy access, pictures, menus, and search toolbars should all be clearly shown from page to page and easily accessed for their users....   [tags: Web page, World Wide Web, Website, Thing]

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Differences in Being an Only Child and Having Siblings

- Differences in Being an Only Child and Having Siblings I want this and I want that is all you here from an only child. There are many differences between an only child and a child who has siblings. My friend is an only child and there are many differences in the way we act. She always thinks of herself first, but that is not a bad thing. Many of these differences are a result of being an only child. First of all, an only child is much more demanding than a child that has siblings. The only child wants to have things done right away....   [tags: Only Children Siblings Character Essays]

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Do The Right Thing Directed By Spike Lee

- The film Do the Right Thing was directed by Spike Lee and came out in 1989. Not only did Spike Lee direct it, he starred in the film playing the character Mookie. The film addresses racism and police brutality problems in our society, and watching this film 26 years later, one can still relate to these problems today. Do the Right Thing still impacts today, because what happened in the film and what the film addresses still happens today throughout America. Even though times have changed some things haven’t changed as much as we thought it would....   [tags: Black people, White people, Do the Right Thing]

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Aesthetic Response to Only Justice Can Stop a Curse

- Aesthetic Response to Only Justice Can Stop a Curse Reflecting back on the piece that I have just read, I can only think of the extremity of desperation that the two authors were going through to make them feel the way that they did: that suicide would possibly be better than living in a "white man's world". If these powerful documents were not enough to let people come to the realization of how bad African-Americans had it (and still do to a degree) then I do not know what could possibly be more convincing....   [tags: Only Justice Can Stop a Curse Essays]

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Is Death A Bad Thing?

- In life some of us spend our time devoted to finding thrill, maybe even the next best exciting thing. But a particular aphorism quoted by Thomas Higgins that expresses what I think and fits my lifestyle would probably be: “I 'm not scared of death. I just don’t seek it out,” I am not saying that death is a bad thing. But what I think is by not seeking out an early demise I could use biological science to help people. What I seek my thrill in is biology. Yes, biology, the class you once had in high school that you might have sat through and drooled in because of how boring it was....   [tags: Human, Science, Life, Thing]

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Science As A Good Thing And A Bad Thing

- Science plays a huge role in our everyday life. Science could be a good thing and a bad thing. When people hear the word science they first think of experiments, predictions, and so on. Scientists are influenced by many different types of bias. One particular bias that is influenced by science today is greed and this can be shown in the presentation, “Designer Babies,” the show Penn and Teller and Francis Bacon’s Idol of the Marketplace. What is greed. Greed can be defined where an individual is selfish and only think of the power and wealth that comes after it....   [tags: Natural selection, Evolution, Charles Darwin]

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Sure Thing by David Ives

- The Play "Sure Thing" from David Ives examines the endless variations of boy meets girl and the ensuing pick up lines. The central theme throughout the play displays a few varieties of a possible conversation that end with a ringing bell that symbolizes a fresh start and a second chance to make a good impression.      The swift conversations begin in a coffee house with the two main and only characters are Bill and Betty. From the beginning till the end of the play one can see a series of pick up lines, from a man to a woman sitting in a coffee shop reading....   [tags: Sure Thing David Ives]

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The Right Thing

- “Doing the right thing” is can be based upon a number of different factors. First, there is generally a sense of what is absolute goodness. These are the absolute moral standards by which we should live our lives, given to us either either by a higher power or our cultural environment. In Christianity, for instance, this is expressed in the Ten Commandments absolute ethical laws divined by God, also shared by other major religions. In secular society, it is the rule of law, the consensus of the majority of society on the regulations by which that society should be governed....   [tags: Ethics ]

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A Sure Thing

- In these days of economic uncertainty, with our unemployment rate in Minnesota at “6.4%” (Current), it is nice to be able to invest into a sure thing. There is no bigger certainty than the NFL. By investing into a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings, we are sure to reap in the benefits of this inevitability. There are many reasons of objections to this investment into the sports team that represents our state across the country. Many people just do not believe that the Vikings need the public’s money....   [tags: Government]

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The, The Thing With Feathers, By Emily Dickinson

- From “‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers” to “Because I could not stop for Death” to “Tell all truth but tell it slant,” Emily Dickinson has been captivating readers with her brilliant imagery and witty words for over a century. Dickinson has astounded many with the breadth of universal emotions conveyed in her poems. Though Dickinson’s life was bound by the confinement of her time, she touched the heart of many with her poems, especially with “‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers,” where Dickinson manages to evoke emotion from her readers in each stanza through her use of tone, word choice, and figurative language....   [tags: Poetry, Soul, Emily Dickinson, Stanza]

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Letters Are a Thing from the Past

- Letters Are a Thing from the Past When was the last time you wrote a hand written letter. Probably, “not recent.” When was the last time you sent an e-mail. You’re thinking, “I’ve sent a couple just today.” Smart phones, laptops, and tablets are taking over the world. Texting is the number one way of communication these days. The advancement of technology is the reason why hand-written letters are a thing from the past. Technology is the main reason why hand written letters are getting lower and lower in quantity....   [tags: communication methods and influence of technology]

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The Is A Good Or Bad Thing?

- As humans we learn from what we see and hear others doing, this is the same way that we learn languages. It is amazing to watch infants grow into toddlers and learning our language. To see how over a rather small amount of time they learn to not only understand what we are saying, but to use it in their life and learn more and more words, then to properly start using them. My youngest siblings are going to be 2 and 6 at the end of the year and to see how much they have learned in what is truly a small amount of time compared to the life expectancy of someone nowadays is simply put spectacular....   [tags: Hearing impairment, Deaf culture, Cochlea]

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Procrastinating Is Not A Good Or Bad Thing

- In this world we live in today people procrastinate. Procrastinating is not a good or bad thing to do. It can be both just depends on the person. Procrastinating is basically "Never put off until tomorrow what you can easily put off a lot longer than that.” (Los Angeles Times) This article reveals how a new report points to "impulsiveness as the prime suspect" for procrastination and offers some tips on how to "stop putting things off." But for most people it doesn’t matter if the essay or homework is due in twenty days....   [tags: Procrastination, Time management, African time]

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Abstinence Is A Thing Of The Past

- One way to teach Sex Ed is an abstinence only method. This method has schools emphasize saving yourself until marriage with help of speakers. Abstinence only programs have speakers that work with organizations like W.A.I.T (Why Am I Tempted), A.P.E(Abstinence protects everyone), and No Screwin’ Around. One speaker named Shelly Donahue works for W.A.I.T and she uses tape and puts it on the arm of six boys to represent the average six sexual partners americans have, the tape in this situation represents a woman saying after each guy the tape “lost it’s ability to make a tight bond” and the speaker uses other techniques, but none as damaging as that one(Kopsa)....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Bilingual Education Is A Bad Thing

- Language is a part of culture and it’s the way we communicate with each other; this is a sacred thing that should be respected across cultures. The ban on bilingual education is inherently racist. People that are for proposition 227 can give many valid sounding reasons that this bill is a good idea, but it is not. When you dig deeper into the facts, there is literally no reason that bilingual education is a bad thing. People are afraid of change and they fear that as Spanish becomes more widely used, English will somehow fade away....   [tags: Spanish language, Culture, Language]

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Sleeping Is A Hard Thing For Me

- As I’m walking down the sidewalk, I notice that nobody is outside. I haven’t seen anybody out and about all day. It’s like everyone packed up their things and left town. As I continue walking, I hear this giant thump, thump, thump coming from behind me. I turn around to see what it is, but nothing is there. I speed up my walk hoping to get home more quickly, but the thumping is growing closer. My heart is racing and I sprint full speed to my house. I look behind me one last time to find this giant tyrannosaurus rex chasing after me....   [tags: Sleep, Sleep deprivation, Sleep disorder]

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Eating Disorders Are A Real Thing

- One thing I learned from the book is that eating disorders are a real thing. They painfully eat individuals alive and ruin their lives forever. Within this book I learned that anorexia and bulimia can in time kill a person and affect every living thing around them. Reading about her life and how she lived day by day with an eating disorder was absolutely mind blowing reading and picturing it from an actual real life perspective and not just from an internet source or some dictionary form. She battled with anorexia and bulimia for 9 years and today still lives with the effects from these disorders....   [tags: Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa]

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Family Is The Most Important Thing?

- Every one has a family, but not every person chooses to be a part of that family because they don 't see that they only have one family. They end up losing sight of that family because they hate one person in the family. For me family is the most important thing even though we don 't get along that well from time to time. You should make time for your family because you never know when they are taken from you. This all starts with how I was raised. I was raised to be a family man and love the family I have no matter what happens....   [tags: Family, English-language films, Mother, Father]

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Family Is The Most Important Thing?

- Everyone has a family, but not every person chooses to be a part of that family because they don 't see that they only have one family. They end up losing sight of that family because they hate one person in the family. For me family is the most important thing even though we don 't get along that well from time to time. You should make time for your family because you never know when they are taken from you. This all starts with how I was raised. I was raised to be a family man and love the family I have no matter what happens....   [tags: Family, English-language films, Mother, Father]

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Climate Change Is The Same Thing

- Climate change is one of the most discussed topics of the twenty-first century. Although this subject is very often on the daily basis of lots of people, most of them do not know much about it. So let us define climate change. People think that climate change is the same thing as global warming. However, global warming only represents one aspect of climate that is temperature. Climate change is any significant change in temperature, precipitation, or a wind pattern that occur over several decades or longer....   [tags: Global warming, Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide]

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Technology Is A Wonderful Thing

- Technology is a marvelous thing. It has not only given us a world of knowledge right at our finger tips, it has enhanced our lives in just about every aspect. From Doctors being able to do brain surgery through a person’s leg to never having to step foot in a classroom on a college campus to earn a degree. However, along with this marvelous invention we call technology, there is a present and consistent danger that exists. There is no such thing as private or personal information in a person’s life anymore because it only takes the tap of a keyboard and a few seconds to discover just about anything about anyone....   [tags: Security, Computer security, Information security]

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Marriage Is A Good Thing

- Marriage is a unification between two people who share their love for each other. It is said to bring joy, happiness, and satisfaction to one’s life. I really never believed in the idea of marriage, and reading and discussing more about marriage, I see why. Over the years, the idea of marriage has been tarnished by the hands of who force women into marriages, or teach girls that they must aspire to get married. That their lives are completed once they have a secured man by their side. Marriage is something that is supposed to be sacred between two who love each other; not some mere game that can be played with....   [tags: Marriage, Wedding, Woman, Wife]

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Is Divorce Really the Only Option?

- Is it the modernized way of thinking, not finding the ones true love, or is it just the simple fact of “I don’t want to be with you anymore?” Does the problem of divorce go deeper than what appears on the surface. Today in the United States 40 to 50% of marriages fail(Doherty 1). The number of Americans getting a divorce has almost tripled in the past 3 years, so what’s the problem. More importantly what problems can this issue create. Through multiple trial and error research examinations, researchers concluded that parental divorce is associated with multiple problems for youth that extend well into adulthood, and has long lasting effects on their ability to sustain future relationships....   [tags: termination of marriage, relationship analysis]

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Absinence Is the Only Way

- Abstinence is the only sure way that you will not get pregnant or STDs. Teenagers only think of sex as being a pleasurable thing. Most teenagers do not realize that there is a great responsibility and consequences for being sexually active. Abstinence has expended in this society and because our country and culture has clinch to loose morals, the result have been demolish. Teens are developing diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis and AIDS and they are having unwanted pregnancy before marriage. Condoms as we all know are not one-hundred percent accurate, therefore abstinence should be practiced in our country....   [tags: pregnancy, sex, education]

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The Scholarship Application Only Requires

- As a junior in high school who is college bound, the problem of affording college is continually on my conscience. To help find funds I go through many scholarship websites, and one day I found one scholarship particularly caught my eye. The scholarship application only requires you to answer one question, which was. If you could say one thing to the entire world what would it be. I simply answered with, I would tell the world that Black lives matter. I provided this response because mainstream American society, as a whole, does not see Black lives of having equal value to the lives of the majority....   [tags: African American, Black people]

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David Ives' Sure Thing

- On the surface David Ives’ “Sure Thing” is a play about two strangers who meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. When analyzed in more depth, the play is actually about the struggle that exists between one’s desire to be an individual and the need to conform, to a certain degree, in order to be part of a couple. The play exposes and discusses the tension that exists between the value of being an individual and value associated with being in love. Love holds the promise that you will always having someone there for you and that you will always have someone to share everything with....   [tags: play analysis]

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Analysis of the Movie Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee

- Analysis of the Movie Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee The movie, Do the Right Thing, by Spike Lee is a hard hitting drama that deals with violence and racism in today's society. This film is set in a primarily black neighborhood in close to the present time. Right in the center of this neighborhood stands a pizza parlor that is owned and operated by one of the most important characters in the movie, Sal. In the beginning of the movie, Sal is shown arriving to work with his two sons Pino and Vito....   [tags: Do the Right Thing Spike Lee Racism Essays]

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Exploring the Movie, Do The Right Thing

- Do the Right Thing The first word that comes to mind when thinking about Do the Right Thing is HOT. Everything about this movie was hot, from the weather down to the themes and issues it brought up. It’s interesting too watch this movie while living with a heat wave in NYC. There’s plenty of room for debate as to whether or not anyone did the right thing in this script, in my opinion most of the characters did the wrong thing. What’s interesting to me is to think about what Spike Lee considered the right and wrong thing to do in this screenplay....   [tags: movies, films]

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Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee

- The African-American inner city is a place where family can come in the form of gangs or collective areas, such as the pizzeria in the movie, Do the Right Thing, and yet these places and the people that find surrogate family in the inner city often only lead lives of violence. There is a common gathering place, in this case the pizza shop. Social networking happens in the streets and in the urban setting. There are many ethnic mixes, and in this case the Italian pizza shop is owned by Italian immigrants, and this is significant....   [tags: african american, civil rights movement]

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Should Gambling Be Considered A Good Thing?

- Gambling. Can gambling be considered a good thing. Usually portrayed as a bad and evil pastime it can be hard to find a good side. Certain studies and articles suggest that gambling can not only be a good thing but it can be a great boost to a poverty stricken city. The gambling industry is a prosperous and growing industry that has its upsides in helping the local area The gambling industry is a booming and growing place that has been oppressed since its debut into society. Lawmakers and anti-gambling forces are holding back the gambling industry from reaching its full potential....   [tags: Gambling, Casino, Slot machine, Nevada]

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Mobile Phones : A Common Sense Thing

- As I got the assignment for my professional ethic class, I saw the topic, “cell phone” and along with topic came the zip files to analyze and then write from. The part where I was so surprised was when I saw the number of files in that folder. There were more than 100 files with names like ‘cell phone addiction’, ‘cell phone health issues’, ‘cell phone mental problems’, ’cell phone killing face to face conversations’ etc. How can be that one device which is a part of our daily life be so hazardous, not to mention I have two of those devices (Xperia and Nexus 6p – ‘still flaunting’)....   [tags: Mobile phone, Laptop, IPhone, Motorola]

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What Mookie Did The Right Thing?

- To start, Mookie did the right thing because property can’t and will not ever equate to human life. Yes what Mookie did was illegal, however Radiohead Raheem’s life is vanished and can never appear again. Sal’s pizzeria is dismantled, but it can be built again with insurance money. Sal only cares about his pizzeria, not the death of Raheem because the first thing Sal says pertains to the broken window, Mookie is the one who brings up Raheem’s death. When Mookie moves to get his money from Sal, Sal says, “ Your money couldn’t begin to pay for the window you broke.” Then Mookie says, “Motherf*cker, Radiohead Raheem is died,”(2:17:49)....   [tags: Police brutality, Police, Police officer, Fuck]

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Astinence Only education

- Abstinence is the only sure way that you will not get pregnant or STDs. Teenagers only think of sex as being a pleasurable thing. Most teenagers do not realize that there is a great responsibility and consequences for being sexually active. Abstinence has expended in this society and because our country and culture has clinch to loose morals, the result have been demolish. Teens are developing diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis and AIDS and they are having unwanted pregnancy before marriage. Condoms as we all know are not one-hundred percent accurate, therefore abstinence should be practiced in our country....   [tags: Sex education, Teenagers, Prevention]

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Getting Inside The Mind Of An Only Child

- Getting Inside the Mind of an Only Child For as long as I know I’ve lived in a household where I was the only child. It was me, my mom, and my dad. We are not the traditional family where there is more than one child in the family. I did everything on my own, I did not have any siblings to fight with or to have a connection with. When I would talk to my friends I always envy them. They would often complain about how annoyed they are by their siblings and how their brother and sisters would get on their nerve....   [tags: Family, Sibling, Debut albums, Parent]

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Does The Student Identity Is Only Student?

- Does the student’s identity is only student. Absolutely not, identity make people different with others, student identity may be the majority characteristic, while their have many other groups that we could belong to, some of which are easily to see from appearance, some are inside our mind that even ourselves could not notice. And they are not constant, like our taste on food changes in different stage of our lives. Sometimes our identities changes because of the change in one main identity like my student identity transformed from high school student to university students, which changed my other identities less or more during the first year in college....   [tags: Critical thinking, Thought, High school]

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The Only Meaning of Oil-Wet Water

- The narrator of the story “The Only Meaning of Oil-Wet Water” by Dave Eggers illustrates how people force themselves onto other people and/or things when it is easier to just simply surrender. Throughout the story the contradictions of force vs. surrender reveal how you have to let go sometimes. An obsessive forced relationship compared to a healthy relationship. Trying to fit in opposed to accepting yourself and your capabilities. Wants and desires in contrast to needs and necessities. Letting things go with flow rather than forcing them upon yourself and others....   [tags: Analysis, Dave Eggers]

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Is Agribusiness A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

- Is agribusiness a good thing or a bad thing. To define agribusiness, it is agriculture conducted on commercial principles, especially using advanced technology. For example, science can modify a seed to make it a hybrid of itself or they can inject hormones in dairy cows to make them produce more milk. While most critics think that it’s not right for science to genetically modify our crops or animals, supporters think it is good for the ever growing population. I am still on the fence about agribusiness, but there are two sides to every story....   [tags: Milk, Cattle, Dairy farming, Dairy cattle]

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Is Tourism A Good Thing Or Bad Thing?

- Is Tourism a good thing or a bad thing. Tourism is the act of travelling to and touring a location for pleasure. It is a very controversial topic due to the effects on the places that are being visited and toured. Some of these are positive, but there are also many negative aspects of tourism. The purpose of this topic is to determine whether the good things outweigh the bad, and if anything could be changed to better the negative effects. There has been rapid growth in tourism, especially since the 1980s (Walton, 2009) and continues to become more popular as each year passes....   [tags: Tourism, World Tourism Organization]

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Is It A Good Thing?

- Capitalism, by definition is a good thing. It allows an individual the freedom of controlling their economic destiny. One can open a business, control its prices, and expenditure in which the business either succeeds or fails in proportion to how well it is making profits. The top 1% has taken advantage of it fully and has accumulated vast amounts of wealth and prestige. Although, as shown by this video their profits are rising exponentially while the rest fall behind. It is an interesting topic that is important today and the economy’s future....   [tags: Working class, Social class, Sociology, Poverty]

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The Message in Spike Lee’s Movie Do the Right Thing

- The Message in Spike Lee’s Movie Do the Right Thing In an attempt to enlighten audiences with a powerful message about the cancer that hate and violence can bring to a society; writer, director, Spike Lee brings Do the Right Thing to the screen. Fusing a powerful story with creative film making, Lee gives us an insider’s look at life on a blistering summer day in Brooklyn. To create an atmosphere that both looks and almost literally feels like possibly the hottest day of the year, Lee uses orange and yellow filters throughout the film....   [tags: Movies Film Do the Right Thing Essays]

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Misery, Trauma and Isolation in The Thing in the Forest by A.S Wyatt

- Misery, trauma, and isolation all have connections to the war time settings in “The Thing in the Forest.” In the short story, A.S. Byatt depicts elements captured from both fairy tale and horror genres in war times. During World War II, the two young girls Penny and Primrose endure the 1940s Blitz together but in different psychological ways. In their childhood, they learn how to use gas masks and carry their belongings in oversized suitcases. Both Penny and Primrose suffer psychologically effects by being isolated from their families’ before and after the war....   [tags: Fantasy, War,Struggles]

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American May Be The Hardest Thing I Have Done

- Traveling to American may be the hardest thing I have done. First of all, I had to leave you and my family behind. I so wish you, or anyone I know, could have made the journey with me. Next, In order to prepare for the ship, I had to go through the processing and ticketing procedures along with the others. Then we all had to wait for the ship to be ready for boarding. After that, I had to get on the crowded, cramped ship with thousands of others. I have never seen so many people at once, and all I could think was that the amount of people on the ship must t be nothing compared to the grand numbers of people that will be in America....   [tags: New York City, Statue of Liberty, Anxiety]

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Abstinence-only vs. Abstinence-plus

- There are many problems facing teenagers these days. None are bigger than the issue of underage sex, and all the issues stemming from it. The number of teenagers becoming sexually active, pregnant, and contracting sexually transmitted diseases are rapidly on the rise. There is no simple fix, or easy solution to this problem. Sex education should begin at home, and extend to include an effective program in schools that reinforce a clear message of abstaining from sexual activity in addition to informing students of the risks posed by engaging in sexual activity....   [tags: Social Issues, Sex Education, teen pregnancy]

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Furry Friends: Why Owning a Dog is a Positive Thing

- Outline Title: Furry Friends Writer’s Purpose: To inform people what they get from owning dogs Audience: People who own dogs or wants to own dogs Introductory Paragraph Thesis Statement: While most owners are aware of the amount of joy and laughter dogs bring to them and their family, they are unaware that their dogs love them unconditionally and can help them have better lives Body 1 Topic Sentence: Dog owners would be able to improve physically, mentally, and emotionally with the help of their dogs....   [tags: Pet, Canine]

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My Lifespan Development Is The Worst Thing Ever?

- Teenagers are actually the worst thing ever. Not only is this the point in life where they are able to freely explore without relying so heavily on their parents, it is a period of storm and stress (Koenig Lecture, 2015). Regardless of how hard it is to get through it, adolescence is a crucial point in life, and I find it interesting enough to share with you, I hope you find it interesting too. My Lifespan Development class has taught me that one does not simply move from an adolescent to an adult....   [tags: Adolescence, Developmental psychology]

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The Iliad Of Homer Is The Greatest Thing One Can Do

- To obtain Klaos is the greatest thing one can do. It is the apex of fame; a fame that lasts not only over one or two generations, but for as long as there are people to remember the stories and pass them down. The Iliad has achieved such renown, being passed down from generation to generation in its own literary Klaos. The Iliad of Homer teaches many timeless lessons that any person can relate to. One of these lessons are reflected within the death of Patroklos. It is hard to dispute that Patroklos’ choices did not lead to his own demise....   [tags: Iliad, Achilles, Patroclus, Trojan War]

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No Crime Is A Good Thing, Crimes Of Domestic Violence

- While no crime is a good thing, crimes of domestic violence are especially heinous. Not only is it important that offenders are caught and tried in court, but, it is equally if not more important to take special care to protect the victims in these cases. One such protection afforded to victims is protection orders. There are, like any crime, specific criteria which an offender must meet in order for a victim or victims to seek protection against them. Additional consideration must be given on the part of the victim as to which area of the legal system they will seek help from, the civil court, criminal court or both....   [tags: Abuse, Psychological abuse, Child abuse]

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Abstinence is the Only Effective Method

- Abstinence is the Only Thing that can Work      Sex outside marriage is at best, wrong; at worst deadly. Today's children are basing their decisions about sex on moral and social values. The accepted moral code is pretty black and white - don't. Our society, however, has always been able to bend the rules to suit the current trend. Right now that trend is, "young people shouldn't have sex outside of marriage, but if they do, they should do it safely." Herein lies the problem: Because most adults grew up in the "sexual freedom" era of the 1960's they don't feel that they should have to give up that freedom....   [tags: Birth Control Pregnancy STD Sex Education]

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Being Ignominious Will Only Backfire

- Being Ignominious Will Only Backfire Almost everyone has done something deceptive and had the result backfire. It’s usually to avoid an unfavorable event, when in the long run what was avoided still occurs. Roxy a beautiful one-sixteenth black slave tried the same thing in Pudd’nhead Wilson by switching her infant Chambers with her masters infant Tom. The infants were identical and born on the same day, the only difference was Chambers was considered black. Roxy went through with her plan to avoid her son being sold away from her, either of them going down river, and many other misfortunes that might happen....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Do the right thing

- The weather is sizzling hot and tensions are slowly coming to a boil in this Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn neighborhood. Slowly but surely we see the heat melt away the barriers that were keeping anger from rising to the surface. The Blacks and the Hispanics own the streets the Koreans own the corner store and of course the Italians own the pizzeria, the Cops who happen to be all Caucasian, prowl the streets inside out, looking for anyone to harass. Toes are then stepped on and apologies are not made....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Communist State : A Country Is Governed By Only One Party

- Communist state is about a country is governed by only one party, and they use Marxism–Leninism as party 's guiding ideology. However, most countries do not use communist to descript themselves, they use Socialism instead of communist. According to the description by Barbara Demick’ book and the movie recorded by Daniel Gordon, I would say that the image of North Korea does not fit exactly my idea of what a communist society looks like; the same thing also happens to the People’s Republic of China....   [tags: People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong, Communism]

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Islam Is The Only Non Christian Faith That Recognizes Jesus?

- Islam is the only non-Christian faith that recognizes Jesus. Yet, Islam denies Jesus’ divinity, crucifixion and resurrection. Islam beliefs respect and reverse Jesus. Jesus is considered one of the greatest of God’s messengers to mankind. Jesus is considered a Prophet, and Envoy of God of surpassing greatness, but only a man and nothing more. According to the Muslim, Jesus was a performer of exceptional miracles. Jesus was rescued by God from an untimely end, was raised up to heaven and will come back to earth again to die a Muslim....   [tags: Jesus, Islam, Qur'an, Christianity]

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Comprehensive Sex Ed Over Abstinence Only Programs

- Comprehensive sex-ed over abstinence only sex-ed In this day abstinence sex-ed programs are the only thing available to most kids, I am here to advocate for comprehensive sex-ed programs rather than abstinence only programs. In this paper I will start to explain to you about how we should have a comprehensive sex education and not just abstinence based sex education in our schools available to students, and why it is important. To correctly argue my point, you have to have a basic understanding of what is happening....   [tags: Teenage pregnancy, Sex education, Birth control]

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Chinas Only Child Policy

- When women dream of settling down and making a family of their own, they think about how many children they would like to have. Some like small families containing only one or two children, while others enjoy really big families with four or five children. Here in America, women have the right to give birth to as many children as we want or can physically have. Other country's such as China is not that fortunate when it comes to women giving birth. Since China is the most over populated country, in 1979 they created the one child policy, only allowing women to give birth to one child to try and cut down the population growth....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Winning Isnt The Most Important Thing

- Winning Isn't The Most Important Thing Vince Lombardi's famous saying “Winning isn't the most important thing. It's the only thing” is unfortunately the motto of too many athletes today. Although winning is important and sports are, and should be taken seriously, by far, winning isn't the only thing. Putting everything you have and giving one hundred percent to the effort is also very important to competition. A team that puts everything they have into a game and comes out the losers, has a lot more to be proud of than a team who comes in first but only gave some effort....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Movie Analysis : The Movie ' The Thing '

- The film industry suffers from ups and downs. The industry itself is always making new things happen from older ideas. The remaking of classic films has become a common thing; however, some are remade very poorly. The film industry decided to remake the film “The thing”. The film is a very unique remake because it acts as a prequel to the original film. The original film was made in 1982 and the remake was made in 2011. The original film was a very unique horror film, and so was the remake. These films both share similar stories, as well as the remakes little twist to the original story....   [tags: Film, Horror film, Horror, Psychoanalysis]

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Kids Are Motivated, But Not For The Right Thing

- The truth is, most kids are motivated, but not for the right thing. As a parent, we know it is very difficult to motivate kids to complete homework, go outside, clean, etc. but with a positive attitude towards the kids you can get them to do anything. Sitting down to talk with them one on one is better than letting the situation go completely. Parents always want their kids to do their best and to accomplish a lot in life, but in todays society the only way they get inspired is to play video games, or watch T.V....   [tags: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs]

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Is There Such a Thing as Global Cinema?

- Is there such a thing as a global cinema industry. Debate this question with reference to contemporary cinema production. Introduction There are two important basements to produce commercial films—Hollywood in the US and Bollywood in India. Many films have been exported from these two places to all over the world, on the debate of whether there is such a thing as global cinema industry, many people give different opinions. Hypothetical proposition was established and as far as I am concern, the global cinema can be analysis from different ways....   [tags: Cinema]

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Is There Such a Thing as Two Brains

- Is There Such a Thing as Two Brains. The human brain has always been a mystery. For many years researchers and scientists have ventured into the daunting task of understanding how the brain works. Even though they have accomplished to unearth new ideas and theories there is still an overwhelming abyss of the unknown. There is one theory that stands out the most from all others known as the right brain-left brain theory which originated from the work of Roger W. Sperry and who was awarded with the Nobel Prize in 1981....   [tags: learning theories, right and left sided brains]

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Is Technology A Good Or Bad Thing?

- Is Technology a Good or Bad Thing Kelin Blakeney Technology has been a good thing over the years. The best thing technology has done for people is help keep from destruction lives. Technology is being used to make come into existence nuclear join by heating to help keep devastation from the earth. Billionaires such as Amazon starting person Jeff Bezos paypal joining starting person Peter Thiel have put about without care their money into a different join by heating development company, each with its own idea how to get answer to the join by heating out by hard thought....   [tags: Nuclear power]

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Is There Such a Thing as a Global Cinema Industry?

- National cultures are transformed by globalization in latter-day tendency through different agencies of the media, such as internet, broadcasting, and television industry, which have a possibility to tighten the connections among most of the countries and their citizens. As the global culture spread in a rapid speed, multinational corporations are created over national border, such as coca Coca-Cola, Nike and other well-known brands in the world. Globalization also influences cinema industry, which makes cinema more widely available and become a globalized access to understand the world....   [tags: Cinema]

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Is there such a thing as “Evidence-Based Management” ?

- There are plenty of ways and practices available to managers, practitioners and educators to carry out their businesses for the persuasion of required goals, this vast array of choice and awareness make them ambitious to decide which one is workable and which one is not and this make them always keep on trying one and other technique, method or/and process and at this point according to Pfeffer and Sutton(2006) evidence rescue them to decide which one is the right one. This essay, focusing on this respect, will be a critical reading and analysis of strengths and weaknesses to Rousseau’s (2006) article on ‘Is there such a thing as “Evidence –Based Management”....   [tags: Management]

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Marriage Is Outdated And A Thing Of The Past

- Throughout history we as a society grow and change, who we are and what we stand for. We look at those who have come before us, and try to make improvements to better fit our current lives. Looking at our countries history from the 1950’s forward, one can see the roles and purpose marriage have changed. Some would even dare to say marriage is outdated and a thing of the past. Many factors have changed how our society acts or thinks about a certain subjects, one being marriage. The government passes laws and legislation to move the country in one path or another....   [tags: Divorce, Marriage, Family law, No-fault divorce]

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Should Homework Be a Thing of the Past?

- When you were a kid, what was the one thing you absolutely dreaded most. Had the most squabbles about with your parents. Was the most time consuming. Homework. Homework is an issue that has been highly debated for centuries. Some believe it is tremendously advantageous while others passionately disagree. When considering the necessity of homework, one must contemplate the entirety of the evidence before making a rational decision: the origin, the scientific findings, as well as the benefits or detriments to the children of America....   [tags: homework, school work, education system]

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No Such Thing As A Same Sex Marriage

- There is no such thing as a same-sex marriage. In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve so it does not make sense that two men or two women are getting married. “The LORD God then built the rib that he had taken from the man into a woman. When he brought her to the man, the man said: “This one, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; This one shall be called ‘woman,’ for out of man this one has been taken.” That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body (Gen....   [tags: Same-sex marriage, Marriage, Civil union]

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Uniforms Are The Best Thing For Students

- Uniforms in high school have started to become a well-liked trend. Unfortunately, there are some parents and students that consider school uniforms a terrible idea. Some students are unable to express the way they want to look when they wear uniforms. However, there are relatively a handful of people who agree with wearing school uniforms is a good thing. My father tells me this all the time, “Schools that make you wear uniforms makes the students more successful” (Hall). Since I can remember I have worn uniforms since I was in kindergarten....   [tags: Dress code, Clothing, Social class, Uniform]

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An Obstetrician Is One Thing, And A Gynecologist

- Everything Obstetrics and Gynecology An obstetrician is one thing, and a gynecologist is another. The job is combined together, but the two branches can be worked separately. An obstetrician is a physician who focuses and is trained in the management of pregnancy, labor, and pueperium (the period following childbirth). A physician who has specialized and trained in the health of the female reproductive system is a gynecologist. The reason the jobs are combined is because they’re both all about women....   [tags: Medicine, Medical school, Obstetrics, Physician]

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Latino Or Hispanic, Not The Same Thing !

- Latino Or Hispanic, Not The Same Thing. Clara E. Rodriguez wrote an essay titled, "What It Means To Be Latino". On this essay she explains the difference between the terms Hispanic and Latino, elaborating on how the term "Hispanic" was created by the U.S. census in 1970, to use it as a general term to describe all of the people who came from, or, had parents who came from a Spanish speaking country. Then she states that the term "Latino", is a term considered to be more neutral and racially inclusive by many people of this population, although she made a good point of view, it still failed to describe the more complexity on the meaning of the term Latino....   [tags: United States, Spanish language, Mexican American]

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