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News Coverage on Climate Change

- To proceed with an analysis on news coverage on climate change, with a specific interest on coverage on the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, the original Fifth Assessment Report for Policymakers was first consulted. An analysis of this report will be conducted in order to establish what aspects of this report were embellished, highlighted, obscured, or simply ignored in this comparative analysis between mainstream and alternative news coverage. A brief summary of this report is therefore useful to conduct further analysis on news discourse and framing of this subject....   [tags: environmental issues caused by man]

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Comparing Television and Internet News Coverage of the Haiti Earthquake

- Screaming, praying, and crying for help, the people of Haiti were in a state of panic on Tuesday afternoon, January 12, 2010 at 4:53 P.M. An earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.0, left the Haitians homeless, desolate, and in prayer. The story was everywhere; from news channels to local newspapers, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy my hunger for knowledge. This impulsive interest made me want to know more about this catastrophe; thus, I went on the internet to the New York Times website. The internet informed me with more than what I wanted to know....   [tags: media, haiti earthquake, news]

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A Brief Note On News Coverage Is Important For A Healthy Democracy

- Bipartisanship: An Issue of News Coverage in Politics In today’s politics, sides matter. Following the State of the Union speech, multiple stories ran the presumptuous words spoken by President Obama. “I am eager to work with all of you, but America does not stand still - and neither will I. So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation… that’s what I’m gong to do.” Obama’s initial bipartisan intentions veer into new directions when he states that he is willing to bypass the Legislature in order to enact his plans to “expand opportunity for more American families,” and make 2014, “a year of action.” Though the President’s intentions sound optimistic, does sidestepping legisl...   [tags: Democratic Party, President of the United States]

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Distinguishing the Difference in News Coverage among International and Domestic

- Distinguishing the Difference in News Coverage among International and Domestic Images Not Included Identifying a Variance in News Coverage It became evident throughout our investigation that separating domestic news source sites from international news source sites would be beneficial in addressing our question of the variance in coverage among these news sources when identifying natural disasters throughout the world. With the objective of properly addressing this inquiry, we decided upon a proposition in order to accurately identify whether a difference in news source coverage truly exists....   [tags: News Media TV Essays Papers]

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Corporate Interests and Their Impact on News Coverage

- Corporate Interests and Their Impact on News Coverage Hypothesis There is no denying that news media is big business. The complete coverage of stories and investigative reports are certainly at risk with the rise of media as a business, rather than strictly a service to the public. Over the past few years, there have been a number of cases where television stations or news publications have killed news stories or forced reporters to slant stories due to pressure from advertisers or those in power at the news....   [tags: Media Power Argumentative Persuasive Papers]

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News Coverage of September 11th, 2001

- The attack that occurred on September 11th, 2001 on the World Trade Center in New York City is an event that lingers in the minds of many Americans and other people throughout the world. Most people can recall exactly where they were and whom they were with when they first heard about the airplanes crashing into the towers. It was a day that changed the way people looked at the world and brought to light the realities that even the wealthiest and most military advanced country was not safe from acts of terrorism....   [tags: Terrorism and Journalism]

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The Script of Violence in Our News

- Do you watch the news regularly. A simple question that if asked just twenty years ago would result in an overall consensus of “Yes I watch the news regularly”. Interestingly enough fewer people are tuning into newscasts, if at all. Why is this. The primary reason people list for not wanting to watch the news is that it is depressing or their undying devotion to one media outlet bars them from even attempting to tune into another news station (but we won’t delve any deeper into that subject at this time)....   [tags: media coverage and the news]

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Crime Reporting Has Long Been A Central Part Of News Coverage

- ENG-1010 Asefaw,Simen Winston Moseley Crime reporting has long been a central part of news coverage in free press societies because crime stories are usually newsworthy. Since 1964 there have been many newspapers and articles written about the remorseless Winston Moseley. Moseley was born on March 2,1935 in New York City. He was married and had two children. Moseley owned a house in Queens and worked at Mt.Vernon in nearby Westchester county as a machine operator....   [tags: Life imprisonment, Prison, Murder, Kitty Genovese]

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News Coverage of Political Campaigns and its Negative Affects

- News Coverage of Political Campaigns and its Negative Affects Have you ever turned on the TV to watch the news during election year. News programs constantly bombard the public with campaign coverage that negatively affects the way people vote. The most noticeable effect the TV news media causes is a decrease in voter attendance at the ballot boxes. News coverage of political campaigns reduces voter turnout because of the negative campaign tactics used by candidates and their parties; exit polls that predict the outcome of an election; and the public's perception that the media can be bought to influence people to vote for a certain issue or candidate....   [tags: Papers]

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Corruption and Bias in Media

- Everyday people around the globe watch countless hours of television. Many of these hours consist of fictional entertainment shows that have no bearing on the outside world. Although many people do watch local news networks, most of these stories do not effect people around the globe. Only a few networks such as The Cable News Network (CNN) and Fox News are around the clock news networks. These networks are able to pick and choose the information in which they make available to the public and spin the stories to form a bias of the people....   [tags: False Information, News Coverage]

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Your search returned over 400 essays for "news coverage"
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