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The United States And The New Republic

- From its founding, the United States has been a republic intent on meeting certain standards of liberty. After the grievances against the United States by the British government, the new republic was(is) determined in maintaining a form of government in which its citizens are guaranteed a trifecta of political ideals crucial to the success of a democracy. Working side by side to ensure freedom, political sovereignty, political liberty, and political equality are ideals ingrained, though not very effectively at first, in the founding of our nation....   [tags: United States Constitution, Democracy]

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The New Republic - Women's Rights

- In 1850 society the new republic altered the role of women by making the differences of men and women in society more noticeable, by giving them a higher status, and allowing them to demand more rights and think for freely. As the years dragged on in the new nation the roles of men and women became more distinct and further apart for one another. Women were not allowed to go anywhere in public without an escort, they could not hold a position in office let allow vote, and they could only learn the basics of education (reading, writing, and arithmetic)....   [tags: Women's Rights]

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The New Republic Was A Stable Political System

- The most significant issue facing the new republic was a stable political system. The first system was the Articles of Confederation which allow the individual states to have more power and limited the power of the federal government. For example, the federal government could not enforce laws or regulate taxes. Thus, creating more problems with foreign countries and the states. Massachusetts inflated taxes which led farmers to be penniless and forced to sell their land and animal. This led farmers to rebel against the government which was known as Shay 's Rebellion....   [tags: United States Constitution, United States]

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The New Republic and the Issues It Faces

- The New Republic and the Issues It Faces The New Republic is a weekly British political journal that focuses quite a bit on the internal workings of the US government and issues dealing with foreign policy and issues outside of this country. The New Republic is very broad with its political orientation, but tends to be more liberal with some conservative tendencies. The United States edition is published from Washington DC. The major pieces of information I gathered about the New Republic (TNR) were information about some recent issues the publication itself is facing....   [tags: Writing Politics Governmnet Essays]

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The United States Constitution Of The New Budding Republic

- The United States Constitution, in its conception, was a hot topic that brewed vigorous debates throughout the country. On one side there were the Anti-Federalist, who opposed the new system because they feverishly believed it would allow an overreaching federal government that could take away their sovereignty. On the other side, the Federalist, believed that a stronger centralized government was crucial for the preservation of the new budding republic. A staunch supporter of a strong centralized government, Alexander Hamilton was one of many who took up the call to champion a new system of government....   [tags: Separation of powers, United States Constitution]

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Problems the New Republic in Germany Faced from 1918-1923

- Problems the New Republic in Germany Faced from 1918-1923 The Weimar Republic faced a number of serious problems from it’s birth in 1918 to 1923. These included a failed communist revolution, in the form of the spartacist risings, within months of the republic’s inception, a number of right wing ‘putsch’s ( one of which was briefly successful ) and perhaps most seriously, certainly in the eyes of the ordinary, working class German, the inflationary crisis of 1923 which resulted in the German currency becoming virtually worthless, wiping out the spending power of the Weimar Republic as a country and also it’s citizens....   [tags: Papers]

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Hobbes’ Leviathan: A Principality? A Republic? Or Something New?

- Machiavelli divides all states into principalities and republics, principalities are governed by a solitary figure and republics are ruled by a group of people. With Hobbes’ Leviathan a new model for governing a territory was introduced that can no longer be equally divided into Machiavelli's two state categories. Hobbes combines the concepts for governing principalities and republics into a new type of political thought that is similar to and different from Machiavelli. Hobbes, unlike Machiavelli, is on the side of the people and not the armed prophets....   [tags: social, constructions, people, prohets]

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The American Revolutionary War and the Beginnings of the New Republic

- The American Revolution was inevitably going to occur, but was how the American Indians treated really inevitable or just another sign of the colonists greed. Throughout the American colonists stay in America they consistently had a hunger for land that was not theirs and always wanted more land than they agreed to take in various agreements, contracts and treaties. It seemed that there was no way that American Indians would be able to appease the colonists. The colonists in general were greedy....   [tags: Essays on American Revolution]

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A Comparison of Advertisements for the Dominical Republic and the New Zealand

- A Comparison of Advertisements for the Dominical Republic and the New Zealand Compare the advertisements for the Dominican Republic and the New Zealand. Analyse the ways in which each product is advertised and explain any similarities and differences between them. I am going to compare two different holiday advertisements persuading people to buy and enjoy their holiday. The two holiday advertisements are The Dominican Republic and 100%PureNew Zealand. I am going to compare the different techniques used to influence the audience....   [tags: Papers]

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New York City With Immigrant Parents From The Dominican Republic

- As a Latina growing up in New York City with immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic, I knew the difficulties of growing up in poverty. As a child, family financial arguments were a common thing, budgets were strict and extra funds were low. However, when it came to education money was not a factor. Education was the solution to poverty, if you had a good education then you succeed and obtain a great job. I kept this mentality with me throughout my high school and college years. I completed my undergraduate studies in Rhetoric and Communications in hopes of starting a marketing career....   [tags: High school, Sociology, Social work, Education]

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New York At The Age Of 10 Years Old From The Dominican Republic

- I came to New York at the age of 10 years old from the Dominican Republic. I was born on February 14, 1993 in the city of La Vega in the Dominican Republic. The fact that my first language is Spanish placed me at a disadvantage from the minute I stepped a foot in this country. I felt mute since even at the airport I was not able to communicate with the agent. My biggest struggle was school. I had a bilingual teacher but the class was taught in English only and most of my classmates only spoke English....   [tags: English language, Second language]

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Graduation Speech : A Latina Growing Up Into New York City With Parents From The Dominican Republic

- As a Latina growing up in New York City with parents from the Dominican Republic, I knew the difficulties of living in poverty. As a child, financial arguments were a common thing, budgets were strict and extra funds were low. However, when it came to education money was not a factor. Education was the solution to poverty, with a good education you’ll succeed and obtain a great job. I kept this mentality with me throughout my academic career. I completed my undergraduate studies in Rhetoric and Communications in hopes of starting a marketing career....   [tags: Sociology, Social work, Education, Psychotherapy]

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The Roman Republic

- Because aristocratic families in ancient Rome did not want a government dominated by one ruler, they overthrew the king to avoid losing their own power and established the Roman Republic in 509 B.C. In this new government, the idea was that an entire community of people would take part in the government. Though it was to include all citizens, it was dominated by the patricians: the elite, noble and upper class of Rome, with the plebeians (anyone who wasn 't a patrician) bringing up the rear. Structurally, this government consisted of patricians, who would be in the highest seats of the government, such as consuls and senators, and the plebeians, with a lesser say in government matters and...   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Republic, Patrician]

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The American Democratic Republic

- “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Although the United States is moving toward a more democratic political system, the framers of the constitution aimed at creating a republic government. The word democracy is never even mentioned in the United States Constitution. Our modern government is a blend of both democratic and republican ideals called the American Democratic Republic....   [tags: republic government, political equality]

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The Weimar Republic And Modernization Theory

- The Weimar democracy was the first of its kind in Germany. This new way of ruling come with its difficulties during the years of 1918-1933 and it is argued that the ‘Weimar Republic certainly bore a considerable weight of problems from the very start’ (Fulbrook 1992: 45). Multiple approaches attempt to explain the varying causes of the disintegration of the Weimar Republic. Theories such as Modernisation theory, the Cultural approach, Structuralism and the Transition approach each contribute an explanation for the fall of the Weimar Republic....   [tags: Weimar Republic, Adolf Hitler, Democracy]

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Improving Service at Hospitals in the Dominican Republic

- Today, as new technologies are arriving to the market faster than ever before and the world is becoming more connected. There is a necessity to develop the right tools and solutions to deliver the best value to the customers. In any sector of the economy, this necessity is driven by innovation in process, products and services with the objective to enhance the experience and value to the customer. In this context, innovations in the healthcare industry have allowed to get better quality of life, diagnostic, and treatment options that enhance the life expectancy of millions of people around the world....   [tags: Dominican Republic Healthcare]

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Julius Caesar And The Roman Republic

- Starting in the mid-second century BCE, the Roman Republic was struggling because the senate continually placated the consul, and patriotic figures like Cicero were hopeful that the republic and its values would triumph over the political strife. Furthermore, new politicians like the Gracchus brothers were trying to reform a republic that heavily favored tradition and its elite. In the midst of this, Julius Caesar rose to power and was assassinated. The century-long culmination of attempted reforms, factions, power-hungry leaders, and ideological divisions justified the killing of Julius Caesar as the Roman Republic was too entrenched in its problems to implement needed political reforms....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Ancient Rome]

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The Civil Of The Roman Republic

- Abstract “The Conflict of the Orders, also referred to as the Struggle of the Orders, was a political struggle between the Plebeians (commoners) and Patricians (aristocrats) of the ancient Roman Republic lasting from 494 BC to 287 BC, in which the Plebeians sought political equality with the Patricians. It played a major role in the development of the Constitution of the Roman Republic. Shortly after the founding of the Republic, this conflict led to a secession from Rome by Plebeians to the Sacred Mount at a time of war....   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Republic, Roman Empire]

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The People’s Republic of China and The One Child Policy

- In the 1950s the People’s Republic of China first implemented the beginnings of the one child policy. It made significant changes to the population and the nation’s growth rate decreased. Professor Yinchu Ma (1957) initiated the policy with his book New Population Theory. His book responded to the huge increase in population growth occurring in China (Singer 1998). Under the Mao republic, leaders saw the population development as a danger to the nation’s economy (White 1994). The political party promoted childbirth in the 1950s and 1960s according to the slogan “one is a good few, two is just enough, and three is over” (White 1994)....   [tags: new population theory, population growth]

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The Legacy Of Rome And The Late Roman Republic

- “All roads lead to Rome,” a remake that was made by an ancient philosopher still manages to keep us wondering what he meant by that. From the birth of Romulus and Remus and creating the city we now still call Rome. Roman Empire was to be one the most powerful and world’s greatest to ever. Rome’s republic was founded in 509 BC and ending in 27 BC right when the Roman Empire was stating. Before becoming an empire Rome was once a republic. The don of the new era began. The power was no longer in the hands of one person but in the people....   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Roman Republic]

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The Difference Between Banana Republic And Gap

- Up until the age of thirteen, shopping always been torture. Shopping was so bad that I would never buy anything for myself. When I would wear anything other than athletic shorts and a t-shirt, I would have to raid my older sisters’ wardrobe- who just happened to be my size. After losing about twenty pounds in eighth grade, I started to love shopping- much to my parents’ dismay. While trying to find my own personal style, I began to shop at stores similar to Banana Republic and Gap. It soon occurred to me that, although they bear some minor similarities, the difference between Banana Republic and Gap are pronounced....   [tags: Banana, United Fruit Company, Banana republic]

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Impact Of The Transition From The Republic Of Empire

- Manuel Osorio Mr. Luke Leonard HUM 2220 20 April 2016 Rome: Impact of the transition from Republic to Empire. While researching texts written about the Republic Rome and Empire Rome, I found very interesting things to talk about. However, my goal in this essay is to bring the sources that I have to explain and discuss the impact of the transition from the Republican Rome to Imperial Rome upon the development of the Government using as a primary source of visual art the statue of Augustus of Prima Porta....   [tags: Roman Empire, Roman Republic, Ancient Rome]

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How The Political Structure Within The Republic Of Rome

- In the years leading up to Augustus’ rule, Rome had fallen into a state of chaos. Civil war and corrupt leadership had driven the state into turmoil. While Augustus was seen by some as a tyrant who took many of the freedoms that Roman citizens enjoyed, these sacrifices were necessary to secure the safety and endurance of Rome herself. Despite the fact that Roman citizens lost some of their rights, many enjoyed new freedoms. The Gracchi brothers are an example of how the political structure within the republic of Rome had become corrupt and dangerous....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Augustus]

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Culture of the Dominican Republic

- Culture of the Dominican Republic The People Dominicans’ ethnicity consists of Taino, Spanish and African. The native people on the island were the Taino. The Taino were hunter and gatherers who lived off the land. Led by Christopher Columbus, the Spanish conquered the island in 1492. The Spanish overtook the Taino forcing them to be their slaves while killing many in the process. The Africans were then later brought to the island as slaves. Certain traits of these ethnic groups are still present in the Dominican culture, such as the food, language, religion and personality of the people (Goodwin, 116)....   [tags: Cultural Dominical Republic Essays]

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Colonial Rule of the Dominican Republic

- In The Beginning The first instance of colonialism forced upon the inhabitants of the Dominican Republic was the “discovery” by Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1492. Ernesto Sagas and Orlando Inoa presented the interaction in their book The Dominican People: A Documentary History. The confrontation between these two diametrically opposed cultures proved to be “far from equal; the Amerindians’ Stone Age culture was no match for European military technology. The initial encounter took place on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, part of which is now the Dominican Republic” (Inoa pg....   [tags: History Historical Dominican Republic Essays]

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The Fall Of The Republic

- The Fall of the Republic was more than a single man, but Julius Caesar was definitely to blame for being a large part of the destruction of the Roman Republic. Caesar was responsible for the fall of the Republic for several reasons, the the civil war from which the Republic never really recovered in January of 49 BC, Caesar 's appointment as dictator for life in 44 BC, and bringing into power the many of the men who would be important in the next set of civil wars. What helped start the civil war was the death of Caesar 's daughter, Julia, in 54 BC....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus]

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The Dominican Republic, There Is A Great Need For Education, And Financial Support For Poor Families

- In the Dominican Republic, there is a great need for education, and financial support for poor families. Providing the people with a good education, and teaching a trade to the head of the household could help to solve these needs drastically. Not only this, but the service project could be used to be a good witness for Christ to these people. A service project to the Dominican Republic could not only solve the lack of education, and help impoverished families for a short time, it could provide a long-term solution, and benefit this nation greatly....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Dominican Republic, School]

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The Importance of Thrasymachus in Plato’s Republic

- The Importance of Thrasymachus in Plato’s Republic      Dr. Malters’s comments: This student does two things quite remarkable for an undergraduate student. In his compact essay, not only does he display an in-depth understanding of complex perspectives on justice put forth by the protagonist Socrates, he deftly explains how Plato has artfully made rude objections by a seemingly minor character early in the dialogue function as a structuring device for nearly all the important ideas examined thereafter....   [tags: Plato Republic Essays]

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History And Emergence Of The Dominican Republic

- The History and Emergence of the Dominican Republic The history of the Dominican Republic derives back to 1492 when Christopher Columbus visits the island and names it the Hispaniola. The Hispaniola was originally occupied by the Tainos, Arawak-speaking people. The arrival to the island was in Columbus’ insistent queries for gold. “As indicated by Arawaks on other islands there were substantial deposits of gold to be found here. Since the desire for gold was preeminent among the Spaniards, Hispaniola seemed an appropriate location for Columbus first attempted European settlement in the New World”(Martin, 2012, p.15)....   [tags: Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo]

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Justice and Moderation of the Soul in The Republic, by Plato

- In his philosophical text, The Republic, Plato argues that justice can only be realized by the moderation of the soul, which he claims reflects as the moderation of the city. He engages in a debate, via the persona of Socrates, with Ademantus and Gaucon on the benefit, or lack thereof, for the man who leads a just life. I shall argue that this analogy reflecting the governing of forces in the soul and in city serves as a sufficient device in proving that justice is beneficial to those who believe in, and practice it....   [tags: The Republic Essays]

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A Brief Note On The Dominican Republic And My Grandmother, One Day I Asked Her With It Like Always

- While I was living in Dominican Republic with my grandmother, one day I asked her to make Habichuela con Dulce and I agreed to help her with it like always. Habichuela con Dulce is a Dominican Dish, this is a desert that we often make during seasonal holidays, or celebrations. Like for example, on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or even Easter. In a more descriptive way, Habichuela con Dulce is originally made out of organic red beans that come from a local farmer, they are boiled, and made with three different types of milk that is not processed, and very small circular sugar cookies that keep you craving for more, also many other ingredients that I will get to....   [tags: Milk, Condensed milk, New York, Upstate New York]

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The Dictator Of The Dominican Republic

- Rafael Trujillo was the infamous dictator of the Dominican Republic. He was often feared by some and loved by others. Trujillo often attracted followers by utilizing his sexual intrigue. He would take advantage of woman to boost his political power and to put his subjugates on a higher pedestal . Trujillo also changed the “common Dominican household”, with this being he aided in changing the gender relations between males and females. Trujillo also utilized the infamous trait that various men from Latin America take pride, Machismo....   [tags: Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo]

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Democratic Republic Of The Republic

- The members of the ethnic group of the Algo looks forward to working with the representatives of the three other ethnic groups living on the territory of the Republic of Jarth, respectively: Randies, Takas and Dorfas, in order to create a new constitution for the renewed Democratic Republic of Jarth. As a representative of the Algo ethnic group, I want to say that our people would like the new state to introduce a parliamentary system of governence. Parliamentarism is a system of government in which the head of government is elected by and accountable to a parliament or legislature....   [tags: Separation of powers, United Kingdom]

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After The Establishment Of New China

- After the establishment of new China. A plan for the development of national economy, industry, science technology, and education was put into effect. It was also part of the plan for national economy in China. Since 1953, The party adjusts this plan due to the variables in different fields in the nation every five years, so this act was known as the “five-year plan”. Great Leap Forward movement refers to a nationwide movement that the communist party of China carried out between 1958 and 1960. The ignorance the objective economic law, the pursuit of high speed production, and the goal to reach high industrial and agricultural production performance led to a serious imbalance between the pro...   [tags: People's Republic of China, Communism, Mao Zedong]

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The Battle Of The Roman Republic

- Wright describes the First-Century-Storm, in the centre of which Jesus found himself, as a steady gale, a high pressure system and a great cyclone merging simultaneously in Jerusalem. The gale that blew in from the far west was Rome. More specifically, it was the new superpower of Rome created by a self-serving and arrogant Julius Caesar, who was uninterested in staying true to the centuries old way of Roman rule. He craved absolute power, fancied himself divine and regal and stirred such an outrage in Roman citizens who were dedicated to keeping with tradition, that it led to his own assassination....   [tags: Roman Empire, Augustus, Roman Republic]

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The Roman Republic

- When one thinks of the Roman Republic one cannot help but think of the Roman Senate. The Senate was supposedly created by Romulus who was the mythical first king of Rome who may or may not have existed. (notes) At this point the Senate had very little power and was simply an advisory body of 300 senators. (notes) The senators were referred to as patres (fathers) and made up the patrician class. (notes) In 509 bc the last king of Rome was overthrown by the Senate. The Senate then took responsibility for defending Rome....   [tags: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Roman Republic]

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The Roman Republic

- When one thinks of the Roman Republic one usually thinks of the Senate and possibly the positions of consul and dictator but Rome contained many different offices and assemblies with different functions and powers. The Senate was supposedly created by Romulus who was the mythical first king of Rome who may or may not have existed. (notes) At this point the Senate had very little power and was simply an advisory body of 300 senators. (notes) The senators were referred to as patres (fathers) and made up the patrician class....   [tags: Roman Empire, Roman Republic, Ancient Rome]

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Vacation Rentals : A New Source Of Income

- Vacation Rentals Market in China: Vacation rental websites are growing in popularity among travelers all over the world as they seek out cheaper alternatives to hotels. Property owners also gain a new source of income. The Chinese vacation rental market is in its infancy relative to other developed markets such as US. However, the Chinese market is crowded for this crowd-sourced short-term lodging in citizens ' homes and apartments as more than 10 rental websites already operating in the region....   [tags: Renting, Property, People's Republic of China]

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Plato's The Republic: Analysis of the Chapter Entitled "Allegory of the Cave"

- One of the world’s most revered philosophers, Plato, was born in 428 BC. As a young man, Plato, became a devout student of Socrates. Plato quickly adopted Socrates’ teachings and turned his studies toward the question of virtue and noble character. After the execution of his beloved mentor, Plato founded the first English university called the Academy. He wanted thinkers to have a place were they could word toward better government for Greek cities. Over the duration of his life Plato wrote many books, and his most influential work is The Republic....   [tags: The Republic, Plato]

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The Expansion Of The Roman Republic

- As Rome conquered more people, it started to develop problems political, economical, and socially. The expansion of the Roman military created social conflicts and tension to the existing political institutions that was unable to be managed. The early Roman republic was an aristocracy before Caesar was elected consul. The Roman republics were facing shortage of money to pay for the legions, did not have a police force, and the rich people were buying their way into the senate. Legions were considered to be more loyal to their generals than they were in the republic....   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Roman Republic]

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The Era Of The Roman Republic

- Over time, nations change. Different leaders rise to power, politics and policies change, wealth and land is acquired and eventually, one may be left wondering how it all changed. This series of changes is seen in the ancient Roman republic in its last century. After a lot of chaos between unpopular politicians and new laws, certain individuals stepped into the government and swayed its focus to conquest and personal gain. Civil wars and class conflicts broke out in Rome due to aristocratic senators and ambitious generals, only to be met with the end of the republic....   [tags: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Ancient Rome]

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The Decline Of The Roman Republic

- The Late Roman Republic had internal turmoil in 133 BC due to the economic stagnation in the urban area of Rome caused the Roman Republic’s government underwent a violent transition from an inefficient oligarchy to a reliable dictatorship government. Among varying issues that attribute to such a transition, political infighting and the rise of private army are the most responsible ones because it is the easiest way to capture a fortress is from within, which is fixed by Augustus by use his political reform and his military reform for the empire....   [tags: Roman Empire, Roman Republic, Ancient Rome]

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The Revolution Of The Dominican Republic

- Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina reigned over the Dominican Republic in a dictatorship, extending over thirty years. He is known as having been the “most ruthless dictator in Latin America.” However, there is another side to the story. Trujillo was the third son of a humble sheep herder and worked as a sugar plantation guard in his adolescent years. He enlisted in the United States Marines Corp during the U.S.’s occupation in the Dominican Republic. He built himself up to National Commander and claimed presidency in 1930....   [tags: Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo, Santo Domingo]

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The Life Of The Dominican Republic

- The summer of 1983 two little brothers, Rossy 9yrs old and Miguel 8 years old, were in the transition to turns their life 180 degrees, after been living without their mother for a about 5 years in the Dominican Republic, finally they have the opportunity to reunify with her, it was amazing, they both dreamed that moment, the faces with big smiled couldn’t show more happiness. It was after all this year that they will be feeling what a real family was for them after the mother left the country looking for a better life for her kids in Puerto Rico....   [tags: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo]

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The Death Of The Weimar Republic

- Many historians agree that "Tyrants have left noble monuments, while Adolf Hitler left only death." After the humiliating defeat from World War One and the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles, Germans were ready for change in government and leadership. Germany blamed the Weimar Republic for the country 's defeat in World War One, which Adolf Hitler used to his advantage. When Hitler came to power he forced Jews out of their homes and into concentration camps, ordered massacres, and tortured millions of people he disliked, because he had the authority to do so....   [tags: Adolf Hitler, Weimar Republic, World War I]

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Augustus Of The Roman Republic

- Augustus Caesars success Before there was an Augustus Caesar or even Julius Caesar in charge of Rome, there was the Senate, which held most of the power in the Roman Republic. Around the time of 60 B.C.E. Rome was growing and so was the military and the senate was not able to control them, thus leading to a civil war which consisted of three generals: Julius Cesar, Pompey, and Crassus. Needless to say Crassus died in battle and the senate sided with the general Pompey then told Julius Caesar to leave and disband his army....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Empire, Roman Republic]

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Collapse Of The Weimar Republic

- Collapse of the Weimar Republic and the rise of the NAZI’s The rise of Adolf Hitler’s Nationalist Socialist party, more commonly knows as the NAZI party, came about swiftly but not certainly. The rise and success of the Nazi party was not only due to their leader/dictator, Adolf Hitler’s inspiring and powerful charisma and the strategic methods which he undertook to gain the support of the people, but the substantial number of external factors that had a considerable influence on the Nazi parties rise to power....   [tags: Paul von Hindenburg, Adolf Hitler, Weimar Republic]

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Republic Ancient Rome

- The transition between a monarchy and republic for the ancient city of Rome was a long process filled with endless power struggles (Spielvogel 88). As Rome grew, more people wanted a piece of this newly great world power. Military was a huge part in ancient Rome because it provided all of Rome’s wealth needed for sustention. Accordingly, great military leaders were popular with the Roman people because they brought in the money. A lot of people gained power this way, but some were just born into a powerful family....   [tags: Monarchy, Republic, Transition, Rome]

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The Role of Women and Marriage in Socrates' The Republic

- In his constant quest to find the true meaning of justice and the creation of the ideal city Socrates finds that while many of the element of the city have been properly set forth he forgot to take into account the place women will have in the city and the idea of child-rearing. After some careful discussion about the nature of women and how it would relate to their particular role in the city Socrates and Adeimantus come to the agreement that the women will be assigned their roles in the same manner as the men of the city....   [tags: The Republic]

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Paul Von Hindenburg's Impact on the Weimar Republic

- Paul Von Hindenburg was a renowned military and political leader for Germany; he is most notable for being a distinguished Field Marshal for the Imperial German Army during WWI, and being the second president of the Weimar republic. His military hero status was essential for his ability to garner support from the German public. His monarchistic views were highly influential in shaping the government while he was reigning as president, and as a result of his seat of presidency, he was a major determining factor in the eventual fate of the republic....   [tags: Weimar Republic, WWII]

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The Republic by Plato

- Introduction The Republic began in 508 BC and lasted for 483 years. The office of the Praetor came about in 367 BC. The functions of the praetor were to aid the civil law, done through the grant of rights of actions for the enforcement of civil claims and to help the consuls in the day-to-day administration of justice. In 242 BC, thirty years later, another praetor was added, thus there were two praetors. The praetor urbanus had jurisdiction to decide cases and administer justice among Roman citizens whilst the praetor peregrinus had to take care of cases between citizens and foreigners, and foreigners amongst themselves....   [tags: roman state, the praetor]

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Fdr 's The New Deal

- Certainly, FDR promised much in his inaugural speech in March 1933, where he made assurances to bring back prosperity and “put people back to work.” The newly elected president hoped that his New Deal implemented in his first 100 days in power would bring about a revival in the nation’s fortunes. In order to judge the New Deal’s achievements, one must look at its aims which came three fold: relief, recovery and reform. Relief aimed to provide short-term to aid the millions suffering from the effects of the Great Depression, and many historians such as McCoy convincingly argue that the “New Deal’s greatest success was in the area of relief.” FDR’s New Deal was also successful in achieving...   [tags: Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt, New Deal]

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The Italy Republic

- According to an article written by Matt Goodwin called the, “Think Quest,” in 1861 Italy became a nation-state when the regional states of Peninsula, Sardinia, and Sicily became united. These states were united under the authority of King Victor Emmanuel II in the 1920s. When Benito Mussolini was established a Fascist dictatorship, the era of parliamentary government came to a close because a new alliance was formed with Hitler’s Germany. This new alliance with Nazi Germany led Benito Mussolini and Italy to its defeat during World War II....   [tags: Informative Essay]

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Julius Caesar From The Sole Responsibility Of Causing The Collapse Of The Roman Republic

- This essay is intended to exonerate Gaius Julius Caesar from the sole responsibility of causing the collapse of the Roman Republic. This essay will explore the compounded actions of notable figures including Tiberus Gracchus, Gaius Gracchus, Lucius Cornelius Sulla and Augustus Caesar. By exploring both the actions of, and the means by which the prominent actors of this time period influenced it, this essay will illustrate how the destruction of the Republic was a gradual process encompassing the faults of generations, not only those of a single man....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic]

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The Democratic Roman Republic Evolved And Was Later By The Principate

- Scholars have named numerous arguments as to why the so called more democratic Roman Republic evolved and was eventually replaced by the Principate. Changes in land reforms and tax collection are just two reasons why the system of government changed so rapidly. Each leader had different legislation when faced with what to do with landless veterans and the poor. Some chose to pass laws that helped the poor who were in need, while others chose to do what was most beneficial for the wealthy and elite....   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Roman Republic]

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The Roman Republic Is A Crucial Time Period Of Rome

- The Roman Republic is a crucial time period of Rome. Destabilized by a few civil wars and problem within the political powers, the breech in the Roman system was mainly reinforce when Gaius Julius Caesar gained the total control of the Roman government. This successful and powerful general won many battles and that is what made him famous and respected. After starting the Gallic Wars, Caesar decided to invade the Isle of Britain in 55 and 54 BCE. At first even if it started because of the Britons’ intervention with the Gauls, the whole invasion holds much deeper reasons than what Caesar stated at first in his books....   [tags: Roman Empire, Julius Caesar, Roman Republic]

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The People’s Republic of China: Tyrannical Political State?

- Despotic governments, public welfare, illusions of utopia, despondency, individualism, conformity, protection against foreign invasion, and paranoia are conflicting ideas yet all exist within societies past and present. George Orwell prophetically writes about a futuristic society in his book entitled 1984. He uses hindsight of past and present political authority to illustrate the possibility of additional states imposing oppressed control. Orwell asserts the conflicting ideas with, “…the three slogans of the Party: War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength,” (Orwell, 4)....   [tags: People’s Republic of China, government, communism,]

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The New Media Revolution Of The Arab World

- “If you want a free society, just give them internet access”, stated Wael Ghonim, an Egyptian activist in an interview with CNN. The new media revolution that has taken place in the Arab world dates back to the 1990’s as it enables people to communicate within seconds, from opposite sides of the world. With the new media revolution, came the emerge of hundreds of online news networks. These channels have the ability to publish any information they please, and most of the time; their views may be biased....   [tags: Israel, Jordan, Arab League, New media]

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The Fall of the United Soviet Socialist Republic and Russia's Move to a Constitutional Democracy

- The fall of the United Soviet Socialist Republic was one of the most ground shaking events of the twentieth century. Not only did the world’s largest nation by land mass disintegrate, but also the future viability of communist political thought and governmental structure. From the ashes of that failed utopian came a number of new constitutional democracies, where once voiceless citizens could be heard and ultimately elect the leaders which would steer these newly created governments into the twenty first century and beyond....   [tags: United Soviet Socialist Republic, history, ]

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Zhou Enlai : The First Prime Minister Of The People 's Republic Of China

- Zhou Enlai was the first prime minister of The People’s Republic of China. He is categorized with the likes of people such as Mao Zedong and Deng Xioping, otherwise known as powerful and influential leaders in modern Chinese history. Enlai, for years was one of the most prominent and respected leaders of the communist party. Zhou played a leading role in the Chinese communist party from its beginnings in 1921 and was definitely instrumental in the subsequent construction and reformation of Chinese society (   [tags: Deng Xiaoping, People's Republic of China]

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Observations on the Writing Profession in The Republic by Plato

- Questioning of the Writing Profession Plato’s The Republic For all the time today’s students spend learning to write well, Plato is skeptical of those who spend their lives crafting words. In the tenth chapter of The Republic, Socrates condemns poets as imitators. In the dialogue that bears his name, Phaedrus wonders whether words in the constructed rhythms of speech or poetry will obscure Truth, the philosopher’s ultimate goal. Speech-writing is just the clever use of rhetorical device, poetry is faulty imitation, and both empty voices can deceive us....   [tags: Plato's Republic Essays]

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Overview of the Republic of Turkey

- The country of Turkey has an assorted and very colorful culture that many different types of people find interesting. Turkey for the most part is a big melting pot much like the United States of America. It derived from the many different types of traditions and people that came from the traditions of the European, Byzantine, Middle Eastern, Ottoman Empire, and central Asian cultures and traditions. Today its name is not Turkey as most of us call it, but known as the Republic of Turkey. In this extensive culture paper, we will be covering a few areas that include geography talking about its landscape....   [tags: Land Bridge, Turkish Music]

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Review of The Republic of Tea Website

- When I am looking for a new flavor of tea, I often visit the Republic of Tea's website to browse all the unique varieties of tea that they carry. The Republic of Tea offers many different varieties of tea from around the world that you cannot buy in a local grocery store. Anyone, from tea connoisseurs to average students, can use this website to find great tasting tea. The Republic of Tea's website is well organized, with categories for each type of tea and all the different flavors. The homepage shows pictures of tea and accessories used to brew the perfect cup of tea....   [tags: Business Analysis]

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The Conflict of the Republic of the Congo

- ... The policies presented by the World Bank help stimulate the development of the country and fight against corruption. The education and empowerment of women, youth and children should become a political priority. The government does not have a structured political, social, economic and environmental policy that constantly identifies objectives and strategic priorities. Eventually, the trust of the Congo government will find a way to corrupt the policies and ensure their power (World Bank). Poverty and the low standards of the economic and social development of the country have affected the ability of individuals and society to unify....   [tags: democracy, government, corruption]

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Structural Problem of the Weimar Republic

- On January 1933 Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Weimar Republic in Germany, six months later he consolidated power and became dictator. What follows is an account of the steps Hitler took to consolidate power. On February 27th 1933 The Reichstag, the parliamentary building in Germany is burned to the ground by arsons. A Dutch Communist by the name of van der Lubbe is caught in the act. In addition to this two other suspects with Communist ties are also placed under suspicion. Lastly, one of the arsonists that was arrested admitted to having ties to the Social Democratic Party....   [tags: Germany, Hitler, Politics]

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The Fall Of The Roman Republic

- The fall of the Roman Republic was an event that forever changed the face of the Roman world. It ushered in a new age of dictatorship. Men like Cicero did not want people such as Caesar to become dictators. His letters record the events of the day and his opinions of what was happening, and his thoughts on the events of that era. Cicero felt that the Republic fell because of Caesar’s lust for power, and it was his obligation as a Roman to do his best to challenge his ideas on changing the Republic into dictatorship....   [tags: Roman Empire, Julius Caesar, Augustus]

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The Weimar Republic in Germany

- The Weimar Republic first began after the devastation Germany experienced in World War 1. Germany needed an organized government to recover money, land, and respect from the other European countries. The Weimar Republic proved to be the answer, and although it first came under intense dislike and scrutiny, it later led Germany into economic prosper. Although it overcame one crisis, it could not survive the second crisis encountered in 1929. The population’s intense dislike for the system led to the crisis the Weimar Republic experienced from 1919-1923....   [tags: european history]

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The Success Of An Artisan Republic

- The versatility of careers in the North allowed it to eventually become industrialized to a kind of environment where the versatility was still a centering matter but more people and industries were added. These people were the artisans, and their efforts to try to stabilize a world where people wanted handcrafted goods opposed to goods made in factories was what built the Artisan Republic. In the urban North, a new economic ideal had emerged in the early years of the US where artisans achieved a kind of free citizenship that connected political freedom to their control of the workplace—which was known as the Artisan republic....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Trade union, Employment]

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The Fall of the Weimar Republic

- The Weimar Republic would have continued to be a functional government far longer than achieved if not for the defeat of WWI, the economic burdens imposed by the Versailles Treaty, and the flawed Article 48 which all contributed to the down fall of Germany’s first attempt at a legitimate Democracy. This paper will argue that the societal, economical, and constitutional aspects all played a role in the hopeless Democracy Germany attempted which ultimately lead Germany into a totalitarian state that would further shake the world with the rise of the NSDAP and Adolf Hitler....   [tags: World History ]

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Overview of the Republic of Panama

- Beautiful Panama Panama is a country full of beauty with a vibrant culture. In Panama there are a lot of things to see, do, and eat. Panama’s is official name is the Republic of Panama. The capital of Panama is Panama City. This country is located in the in the southernmost part of Central America. It is bordered by Costa Rica to the west and Colombia to the southeast. It also has the Caribbean to north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. Panama is one of the countries that were explored and settled on by the Spanish in the 16th century....   [tags: spanish colonization, panama canal]

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Alcoholic Republic By William Rorabaugh

- Most people point to wars, Presidents or the economy when asked to describe the history of the United States, but what about alcohol. Social history in general has always taken a back seat to political and economic history, mostly because many aspects of social history are not exactly bright spots from the past. Alcohol, for example, is actually a much bigger aspect of our history than one may expect. As a matter of fact, early America was centered around drinking as a kind of social event. William Rorabaugh’s book Alcoholic Republic outlines how prevalent drinking really was during the years after the Revolutionary War....   [tags: Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol, United States]

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Romania As A Republic Nation

- The country I chose to research is Romania. I chose this country because of its geographical location. Also, it’s because I’ve always had a slight interest in wanting to know more about it. The things that I have found have completely surprised me. Romania is a Republic nation. The Chief of State is President Klaus Iohannis whom was elected December 21st 2014 receiving 54.4% of the vote, however the Head of Government also includes Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea whom was elected March 5th 2014....   [tags: European Union, Europe, Immigration, Romania]

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Plato’s View of Division of Labor in Plato’s Republic

- Plato’s view of division of labour is divided into three types of peoples’ task in life which are workers as farmers, military type and guardians. Actually, the ruling task of Plato’s Republic is the guardian’s responsible who had achieved the greatest wisdom or knowledge of good. Due to that, Plato claims that “philosopher must become kings or those now who called kings must genuinely and adequately philosophise’’ (Nussbaum1998, p.18). However, people argue about the reasons that the philosopher should rule the city, while the philosophers prefer to gain knowledge instead of power, thus they don’t seek this authority....   [tags: Plato, Divisions of Labor, Plato’s Republic, Repub]

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The People 's Republic : The Cultural Revolution And Cultural Fever Of The 1980 ' S

- Nobody went unaffected by this movement millions of Chinese citizens were alienated that were attributed with old capitalistic traditions, and aggressively united those who strictly adhered to the communist party’s policies for achieving a solidified country of socialists. Growing up in the People’s Republic is a detailed account of two individual women’s generational struggle during the controversial periods of The Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution and the Cultural Fever of the 1980’s....   [tags: Communism, People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong]

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Dominican Republic

- Dominican Republic Geography The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. It is the second largest of the Greater Antilles. The country is approximately 18,712 square miles, or twice the size of the state of New Hampshire, occupying the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola (Goodwin, p.116). Beata Island off the southwestern coast and Saona Island to the southeast are also part of the Dominican Republic. Along Haiti to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the south and east, the island has an Atlantic shore to the north....   [tags: History Geography Dominical Republic Essays]

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The Republic Of The Habsburg Empire

- he Czech nation had gone through tremendous influences of the German culture due to the Habsburg Empire which, lead the Czech culture, language, and a sense of a Czechoslavakian identity to diminish gradually. In the late 18th century, the Czech national movement transpired, therefore the roles of history of the Czech culture had been the center focus in order to show that their nation had maintained their language, history, and culture regardless of the Germanization of the Habsburg Empire. The Czech nation-building required them to restore the history of their culture....   [tags: Culture, Family, Gender role, Czech Republic]

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European Union Policies and the Czech Republic

- Czech Republic has gone through two major transformations in less than eleven years. In 1993, what was formerly known as Czechoslovakia, split into two separate countries. Both Czech Republic and Slovakia joined the European Union in 2004 along with eight other nations. Two EU policy issues that affected or continue to affect Czech Republic were the adoption of the euro and ratification of the Lisbon Treaty of 2009. Czech Republic’s president is anti-EU and this plays a significant role in showing that it is important who is in power....   [tags: European Union Essays]

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Julius Caesar and the Fall of the Roman Republic

- How was it possible that under the dictatorship and after the deification of Julius Caesar the Roman republic fell, when it had been structurally sound for four centuries before. When the republic was established around the end of the 6th century B.C.E., the Romans made clear that they wished to avoid all semblance of the monarchy that had ruled for two centuries before. (T.J. Cornell, The Beginnings of Rome: Italy and Rome from the Bronze Age to the Punic Wars (c. 1000-264 BC), London and New York: Routledge, 1995; p....   [tags: Fall of Roman Empire]

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Collapse of the Weimar Republic and the Rise of the Nazis

- Collapse of the Weimar republic/ Rise of the Nazis This essay will examine how the lack of effective opposition and the weakness of the Weimar, was a major factor in the Nazis rising to power between 1919 and 1933. On the 28th of June 1919, a peace treaty, also known as the treaty of Versailles, was signed, ending the First World War. The treaty had a humiliating effect causing great resentment. Germany had no choice but to accept the terms of the treaty, which later had a considerable impact on the countries running....   [tags: world war II, holcaust]

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Wars and The Birht of Republic, Different Topics

- ...  He ended the Nguyen Dynasty by forcing the Emperor Bao Dai to abdicate.  At Ba Dinh Square on September 2, 1945 one of the leaders of the Viet Minh Organization, Ho Chi Minh, decared Vietnam's independence.  The Democratic Republic of Vietnam being its new name.  Ho Chi Minh sent many letters to the United States Government requesting to be recognized as the official government of Vietnam, also offering friendship to the US, but none were answered. Vietnam has diplomatic relationships with 184 countries....   [tags: indochina war, vietnamese war]

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