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The Discovery Of New Mexico

- The encounter, exchange, and exploration of statehood was huge for the US in the early 1900’s, that is why we have all of the states together. In the late 1890’s, and early 1900’s the exploration of the New World was already pretty much over, the next step was to complete a country in the land that had been found. The solution was a country named the United States of America (USA). New Mexico was an amazing encounter into the United States, and was a change, and growth for everything and everyone....   [tags: United States, United States Constitution]

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New Mexico: A People of Many Cultures

- If one were to order Chile Relleno at most restaurants in the Eastern part of the United States, one will usually find a cheese stuffed bell pepper on his plate, instead of the long, tasty green chile every Southwesterner would expect. While remaining generally a mystery to other areas of the U.S., green and red chile are staples in many southwestern homes -especially in New Mexico. The New Mexican cuisine is just one aspect of its distinct culture; the food, personalities, art, and vast, beautiful region are all uniquely enchanted (as the State slogan suggests)....   [tags: native americans, tribes, spanish ranches]

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The UFO Incident of Roswell, New Mexico

- ... Brazel would gather some of this debris to show family and friends. A few days after he would contact sheriff Wilcox of Chaves County. Once Wilcox had the information he needed, he contacted the Roswell Army Air Force Base, where Major Jessie Marcel was briefed to look into the crash. Once Marcel was briefed, this would be the beginnings of the Roswell alien conspiracy. Major Marcel was the intelligence officer for the 509th Bomb Group Stationed at the Roswell Army Air Force Base. He had taken multiple samples of the debris to show his family....   [tags: aliens, debris, craft, occupants]

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Central New Mexico Community College

- Introduction Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) is in the process of assessing, planning, implementing a new method of delivering education to students. The method is competency-based education (CBE), which is one of the newest trends in higher education that is gaining traction. Based on my interest in program planning for adult learners this semester, I was fortunate to be able to recently attend a two-day CBE conference, in addition to attending two meetings at CNM to observe the program planning of the new CBE teacher certification program....   [tags: Higher education, College, Academic degree]

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Central New Mexico Organizational Scan

- The institution chosen for this organizational scan is my current employer, Central New Mexico Community College (CNM). CNM is a very large 2-year public institution. According to the Carnegie Classification System (2008; 2010), the current student population is 27,999. It is a public urban institution serving multiple campuses. It is exclusively an undergraduate two-year institution, and the undergraduate profile is higher part-time two-year (para. 1). As the associate director of Financial Aid & Scholarships Services, who reports to the director of Financial Aid & Scholarships Services....   [tags: community college,institution,communication]

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The Ghost of Cloudcroft New Mexico

- The Cloudcroft Ghost Cloudcroft, New Mexico, meaning a "clearing in the clouds", is a small mountain town located to the east of Alamogordo, NM ("Cloudcroft"). The town's history is intimately tied to the building of the Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway that allowed the town to be permanently settled in the late 1800s, and to the logging business that made the town and railroad successful for half a century ("Investigation… Lodge"). As with many frontier towns, Cloudcroft has a number of legends that document the unique and violent events in its history, and also a fair number of ghosts that haunt its historic sites....   [tags: Ghost Stories Urban Legends]

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Why New Mexico Enacted The Three Strikes Law

- Before we talk about why New Mexico enacted the three strikes law, I want to first talk about its origin in California, which influenced New Mexico to pass the law in 1994. The three strikes law is a penalizing system that allows the court to add significant time to the prison judgements of certain repeat offenders who have been put away for serious or violent crimes. The three strikes law was adopted in 1990s to allow stricter punishments for those offenders who have convicted very serious crimes more than once....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Murder, Crimes]

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Bienvenidos! Welcome to New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.

- Bienvenidos. Welcome to New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. On this land in the southwestern region of the United States of America, you will be fascinated by the cultural amalgamation of Native American, Hispanic, and Mexican culture. And here you do not learn cultures in just museums; you get the chance to explore the landscape and meet people and make the experience truly YOURS. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Spanish. New Mexico is divided into six different regions: The Northwest, the Northcentral, the Northeast, The southwest, The southeast, and the Central region....   [tags: Travel]

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We Laid On The Desert Sand Of New Mexico

- We laid on the desert sand of New Mexico. A thousand voices raced through my head. It was impossible to hear my own thoughts. The fight at the cathedral flashed before my eyes. She said I didn’t have it me, that smirk she always showed got under my skin like a virus. Eshe’s warning repeated in my mind. Everything was an omen from all my visions, the jungle, pasture to the cabin was a set up. It explained why she kept her weapons and Semjaza used her to bait me into trusting her. “How did you infiltrate Mu if the only way out and in is through portals?” I asked her....   [tags: 2005 singles, 2007 singles, The Rolling Stones]

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Grants, New Mexico

- Grants, New Mexico Surrounded by mountains and located in Cibola County, Grants, New Mexico is the perfect place to unpack the camping gear or raise a family. Grants was named after 3 brothers: Angus, Lewis, and John Grant, who were contracted to build a railroad through this portion of New Mexico. First called “Grant’s Camp”, then “Grant’s Station” (which is now a local restaurant); it finally became known simply as “Grants”. The heart of American Indian country, Grants is about 70 miles west of Albuquerque and 80 miles east of the New Mexico/Arizona border....   [tags: Geography Traveling Essays]

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The Effects Of Ice Deposits Found On Mars And Is The Size Of New Mexico Or Bigger?

- This article is about the ice deposits found in mars and is thought that it is the size of New Mexico or bigger. The ice layer, which is greater area than the state of New Mexico, lies in Mars ' mid-northern latitudes and is covered by just 3 feet to 33 feet of soil. The deposit ranges in thickness from about 260 feet (80 meters) to about 560 feet, with a composition that 's 50 to 85 percent water ice, mixed with dust or larger rocky particles. lies about as much water as what 's in Lake Superior, largest of the Great Lakes....   [tags: Mars, Water, Ice, Climate]

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Measuring Safety & Fear of Being Victimized on College Campuses

- Measuring Safety & Fear of Being Victimized on College Campuses Introduction This study attempts to measure the fear of crime on the campus of mainly the University of New Mexico and other campuses across the nation. I attempt to explore the fear of crime from a student’s perspective. This research will enhance the research that has been done on the issues and topics of fear and crime on college campuses. This study will measure the level of perceived risk by taking into consideration various variables such as demographics, routines, and prior experiences with victimization....   [tags: university of new mexico, literature]

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The Effects Of The Agreement About The Welfare Of The Mexican People

- In 1846, the United States declared war on Mexico in an attempt to acquire the disputed Rio Grande. It was after the US annexation coupled with failed efforts to purchase the territory from Mexico. The war went on for close to two years. By the end of this period, the US was divided on whether or not the merits exceeded the demerits. The Congress, for example, debated about how much was enough territory for the US to acquire when the war ended. Eventually, the US and Mexico signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo....   [tags: Mexico, United States, New Mexico]

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The United States Of America

- The United States of America was founded on the principle that “all men were created equal” yet this was in opposition with the actions taken by the government and its people. In the 19th century, the United States experienced what is now known as the Market Revolution, where the economy drastically affected American society. It begins with the advancement of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney which allowed the textile industry to rise and, in turn, plantation owners would switch from most crops to cotton for profit....   [tags: United States, New Mexico, Mexico]

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The Pueblo Revolt

- After Coronado’s fruitless search of the seven cities of gold, Juan de Oñate in 1598 was awarded a contract for the colonization of New Mexico. The arrival of Juan de Onate and the Spanish entourage brought confusion and chaos into Pueblo society. The competing interest of the Spanish civil authorities and the Franciscans resulted in the continued mistreatment of the Pueblos, which eventually culminated in the Pueblo revolt of 1680. This revolt brought rapid social change for the Pueblos Indians....   [tags: american history, new mexico]

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The Trinity Project: Testing The Effects of a Nuclear Weapon

- The Trinity Project was a project conducted to test the effects of a nuclear weapon. The Trinity nuclear device was detonated on a 100-foot tower on the Alamogordo Bombing Range in south-central New Mexico at 0530 hours on 16 July 1945. (Rohrer, 1995-2003). This project was organized by the Manhattan Engineer District (MED). This organization worked diligently planning and coordinating all of the logistics for the groundbreaking event. From 1945-1946 over 1000 personnel either worked or visited the test site....   [tags: alamogordo bombing range, new mexico]

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The Roots Of Mexican Americans

- The roots of Mexican Americans America the land of opportunities, millions of people have left their countries to look for a chance to start a new life, a new beginning. Over the last 400 years, immigrants from different parts of the world left their countries for different reasons, some for war in their homelands others for economic and social reasons. Mexican community was one of the first group of people that stablished a strong presence in the country; therefor had and still has big influence in the development of the United States economically and industrially....   [tags: United States, New Mexico, Mexico, Colorado]

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Mexican American Of The United States

- Have you ever been stripped of your heritage and treated like a foreigner in your own homeland. Hopefully not, but if you’re a Mexican American citizen then you may have an idea of what it’s like to be treated in such a manner. For many years, what is now considered to be the Southwest United States, was owned and inhabited my Mexican citizens. These people had lived on this land for generations, many making a living raising cattle and cultivating the land. However, due to Mexico’s loss in a in the Mexican American War, the country was forced to give approximately half of its land to the United States....   [tags: United States, New Mexico, Colorado]

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Modernization And Colonialism : The Mexican American War

- In order to adequately explain modernization and colonialism, one must take into consideration some basic historical factors. The Mexican-American War took place in the years 1846 to 1848. As of result of this War, Mexico was forced to cede half of their land to the United States. The land Mexico ceded to the United States includes states such as California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, half of New Mexico, about a quarter of Colorado and a small section of Wyoming. The importance of this succession is that an estimated 75,000 Spanish-speaking people lived in the Southwest....   [tags: United States, New Mexico, Mexican American]

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The Mexican American Culture And Depth, As A Workshop Presentation

- This paper will explore the Mexican American culture in depth, as a workshop presentation. This is a culture of which the author of this paper is not a part. This paper will bring together this culture and the author’s chosen career field, complete with career field applications appropriate for this culture. First, a historical background will detail the Mexican Americans. This historical background will include the economic history of Mexican Americans in the U.S., the political history of Mexican Americans in the U.S., and the social history of Mexican Americans in the U.S....   [tags: United States, Mexican American, New Mexico]

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Latino Americans : The 500 Year Legacy

- Latino Americans: The 500-Year Legacy That Shaped A Nation, is a book primarily focusing on Latino Americans shaping the U.S and how they helped create culture in the nation. The book begins to give a back story of Latin American history and how The Conquistadors were some of the first explorers to explore what we now know today as the continental U.S. and mostly the Southwest. The first chapters begin to expose the battles and difficulties of first settling in the Southwest with Native Americans already present while battling for independence as well....   [tags: United States, Latin America, New Mexico]

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What Are The Goal Of My Life?

- What are some of the goals I want to achieve in my life. This is definitely the biggest and scariest question I’ve had to ask myself lately. I just entered my senior year of high school, and if I had a dollar for every person who asked me what college I want to go to once I graduate, or what I want to do for the rest of my life I’d probably have like 50 bucks in my pocket. Now if I had a dollar for every time my answer to those questions was “I don’t really know yet”, I’d be 50 dollars even richer....   [tags: High school, College, Mind, New Mexico]

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The Self Defense/Excessive Force Wild Card

- “Get out of the car. Get down on the ground now. Get your hands out of your jacket. Stop moving!” The suspect is a Latino male and speaks no English. The officer puts a bullet into the chest of the suspect because he refused to obey. The police officer later finds out that the man was trying to give him his I.D. Was this a justified shooting. In Albuquerque New Mexico, situations like this happen all the time on a regular basis. In fact in the past 20 months, Albuquerque police have shot 20 people, 14 fatally (McKay C1)....   [tags: Legal Issues, New Mexico Police Officers]

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Annotated Bibliography : Teen Suicide

- Annotated Bibliography "Teen Suicide." CQ Researcher by CQ Press. 2015. Web. 14 Dec. 2015. The main argument in this article is that there needs to be more ways to help people that are suicidal. The main point of this article is that they want to people to be more aware of how to help someone, and it is also full of information. The topics that are covered in the article are the issues at hand, the background with suicide in teens, and the next step that society needs to take. This article is about helping people that are suicidal and how to help them and let us know the next step that we need to take....   [tags: United States, New Mexico, Suicide, Research]

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The Civil And Constitutional Rights

- When comparing Charles Tatum’s and Gloria Anzaldúa’s narrations of Chicano discriminated history, they both have viewpoints that are essential for the audience to know and possess different viewpoints that need to be understood. Tatum narrates Chicanos inequities in his viewpoint in 3rd person while Anzaldúa experienced the cruel treatment in first person point of view. After analyzing both texts, I found some important topics that need to be shared with the audience and why it’s currently not taught in U.S....   [tags: United States, New Mexico, Mexican American]

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The Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo

- In February, 1848 Mexico signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ending the war with America, albeit under the threat of total domination by the United States. Although not agreed upon in a mutual sense, Mexico did work diligently to ensure the rights of its peoples still homesteading within the border region. Specific provisions were set forth within the document that guaranteed free passage within the region, respect for worldly possessions, protection under U.S. law, and the ability to make a decision pertaining to citizenship under Mexican or American rule....   [tags: United States, New Mexico, Mexican American]

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The Annexation of Texas

- The Mexican War of 1846-1848 was one of major importance to U.S. history, but has since fallen into annals of obscurity. It was the nation’s first war fought on foreign soil: a war that advocated the concept of “manifest destiny”, the United States God-given right to claim territory for the establishment of a free democratic society (Stevenson 2009). Even though many historians claim the war was forced on Mexico by slaveholders greedy for new territory, President John Polk viewed the war as an opportunity to defend the annexation of Texas, establish the Rio Grande as its border, and to acquire the Mexican territories of California and New Mexico (Stevenson 2009)....   [tags: California, New Mexico, John Polk, Mexican War]

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The World Of The United States

- Today, most people in the United States rely on cars, or even planes to deliver our purchased merchandise, expecting them in a day or a week at the latest. It seems like second nature to take a trip to the nearest store to acquire the essentials, such as food and water, and even purchase luxury goods without a second thought. Even so, most of us do not consider how challenging it must have been for the first inhabitants of our land to receive imports such as weapons, clothes, mules, and food, especially if they wished to receive it quickly....   [tags: United States, Mexico, New Mexico, Santa Fe Trail]

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What Are Some Key Things You Have Learned About This Culture Through Reading The Scholarly Sources?

- What are some key things you have learned about this culture through reading the scholarly sources. I am curious to learn the history as to why Mexican Americans were not able to advance economically, considering that they constitute the largest group of Latinos in the United States and have lived in the U.S. the longest. Mexicans still remain below the poverty line. I learned that many Mexican Americans have a history of cruelty and unfairness where they lost their land, language, and culture after the Mexican War....   [tags: Mexican American, United States, New Mexico]

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Multiculturalism : The American And Mexican Culture

- Ismael Aguirre Multiculturalism in the US Class: 702 Instructor: Sarah L. Colome “Identity” In today’s society there are many words that are used or said without giving it complete thought. For example, the word “identity” is something to which I have never really given much thought or even considered how I identify myself. I am a young Mexican American male growing up in the United States. I identify with both American and Mexican culture. Culture to me is what made you the person that you are today and will also have a major impact in your future....   [tags: Mexican American, United States, New Mexico]

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The Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo

- It is my honor to speak before the House of Representatives and Senate and officially state that Mexico and the United States have signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This treaty ends the Mexican-American War as Mexico has agreed to cede all regions that rightfully belong to the United States of America. The Mexican-American War started in April of 1846 and ended yesterday in February of 1848. I consider the war against Mexico as a conflict that largely benefited the United States. President James Polk and all of my fellow US Congressman were reasonable and justifiable to dictate that Mexico obstructed and interfered with the freedom and rights of the citizens in our beautiful nation, sp...   [tags: United States, Texas, New Mexico, Rio Grande]

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California 's House Bill 2281

- As a person of Mexican descent, I once found comfort in the idea that the United States was a country that values and accepts people from all walks of life. Although, as I continue down this journey of self and cultural empowerment, I sometimes think I was naïve to assume I lived in a world where my family and community were just as significant as any other group of people. Living and teaching in Arizona between the years 2010-2014, I had the opportunity to experience a specific situation where the Hispanic people’s culture and history were deemed un-American and unnecessary....   [tags: United States, New Mexico, Mexican American]

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The Book ' Mexican Americans Are Then An Ambivalent Minority?

- The complete title of the book is Mexican Americans Are Then An Ambivalent Minority. The author of the book is Peter Skerry, he holds a B.A in history from Turfs University, A master degree in educational policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Ph.D from Harvard University. He is currently a professor at Boston College in Massachusetts teaching in the Political Science Department. For this book, Peter Skerry has eight other co-authors that helped but this book together, they are; Joaquin G....   [tags: Mexican American, United States, New Mexico]

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Which One Is Better, Mexican Or Mexican American?

- Which one is better “Mexican or Mexican-American?” This play talks about how people can be stereotype. Discrimination has been an issue in the United States from the beginning of the foundation, even before the movement of Civil Rights, African-Americans was the center of attraction for discrimination. Nonetheless, as United States keep on developing, discrimination was no more focused on the minority of African-American, rather the focus shift to the largest number of population and also on the majority that has the rapid and quickest developing community in American, which are the Mexican-Americans....   [tags: United States, Mexican American, New Mexico]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Walkout '

- The movie “Walkout” is about the school system in East Los Angeles in the late 1960’s. During this time Mexican Americans were treated unfairly and were seen as second class citizens. The story goes through the different aspects that Mexican American/ Chicano students had to put up with within their own schools. They wanted and deserved equal education, but were constantly shut down by the city. This movie contains the four characteristics of Mexican American Art, which is what gives this movies such a strong and meaningful message....   [tags: Mexican American, United States, New Mexico]

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America 's World War II

- During the World War II, the Unites States was suffering a difficult time obtaining the diverse agriculture because of the war. The U.S. government was short in supplying agriculture. The country did not have enough workers to produce their lands. Then on August 4, 1942, the United States and Mexico created the Bracero program to keep American agriculture productive. The Bracero “(Spanish for "arm-man"—manual laborer) program continued uninterrupted until 1964. The agreement guaranteed a minimum wage of thirty cents an hour and humane treatment” such as food and shelter....   [tags: United States, World War II, Mexico, New Mexico]

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The Mexican And Chinese Culture

- Have you ever walked pasted a living, breathing skeleton. For that matter have you have seen an entire parade of them. This is a very common sight at the end of October in the Mexican culture. Who really needs personal space. The Chinese culture has neither the time nor space to allow for personal space. The Mexican and Chinese cultures may seem as if they are worlds apart, but both hold a significant importance in the world. There are enormous differences in these two cultures this is a gift and should be celebrated as such....   [tags: Chinese New Year, Chinese calendar, Mexico]

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Why is Mexico City in Peril?

- The old city of Tenochtilàn is not what it used to be. To begin with, it has a new name: Mexico City or the doomed city as people would like to put it. But it is not doomed on account of a joint Russian-Chinese invasion. No, it’s doomed because of what it is, and let me tell you, Mexico City is something. To fathom the sheer massiveness of the cities current population and density is to sit in awe and wonder if the people are squashed into large anchovy tins. Many factors led to the sad state that is Mexico’s today....   [tags: Mexico]

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Pollution in Mexico City

- Over the years, many cities, particularly large cities, around the world have had tremendous problems and had suffered massively from the huge number of population in that city. One of those massive cities is Mexico City. Mexico City, being very popular in Mexico, is unbelievably overpopulated. Several factors caused this overpopulation. This over population affects the people in many various ways negatively. It affects the geography and climate of the city, causes pollution, and a housing crisis....   [tags: Mexico City, Pollution,]

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The Rise Of Mexico : Alliances Of Power

- The Rise of Telenovelas in Mexico: Alliances of Power Telenovelas are seen as a genre – a soap-opera style of television with wild theatrics, colorful sets, and a romance-oriented storyline. However, telenovelas are much more inclusive and can be considered a format, rather than a genre, due to the fact that there have been telenovelas that have been mysteries, horror shows, and action-oriented, rather than the traditionally recognized “romance”. A question that I will attempt to answer in this essay is: why did telenovelas become so popular in Mexico when they emerged in the late 1950s....   [tags: Mexico, United States, Spanish language]

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The Mexican Revolution Of Mexico

- What if your family’s life was in your hands and a decision had to be made, and quickly. What if war was consuming the things that were revolving you. Well that was the case for the majority of the Mexican families living during the Mexican revolution. Many Mexicans fled Mexico moving to America looking for a prosperity, wealth, a better life to live because revolution had taken charge in Mexico, destroying people houses, changing family’s lives. During the Mexican revolution, the majority of the Mexican families were either landless because they were kicked out of the little land holdings they had because the government wanted to use that amount of land for agricultural purposes....   [tags: Mexico, United States, Great Depression]

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The Intellectual History Of New Spain And Its Development Of A National Consciousness

- Jacques Lafaye, a French historian, published a study pertaining to the intellectual history of New Spain and its development of a national consciousness that would facilitate a move towards independence. Lafaye takes a unique approach of examining the formation of Mexico’s national conciseness by pointing to the importance of religious thought in that process. In this ethnohistorical study the author pays special attention to the interaction of Iberian Christianity and Aztec belief system in New Spain....   [tags: Mexico City, Mexico, Aztec, Hernán Cortés]

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Mexico 's A Rich History, Culture, Economy, And Government

- Mexico’s has a rich history, culture, economy, and government. Prior to the Spanish arrival, Mexico was habited by Indian groups with varying economic and political systems. The communities that lived in the north comprised of gatherers and hunters. However, agriculturalists populated the rest of the country. They were a dense population and were characterized by varying cultures (Miller, 2015). The county has developed tremendously since the Spanish conquest. The government has also changed continuously over the years.  History  The Toltecs conquered a large part of Mexico by AD 1100....   [tags: Mexico, Aztec, United States, Mexico City]

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Mexico 's Gradual Process Of Political Liberalization

- The democratic election in 2000 of Vicente Fox was led by Mexico’s gradual process of political liberalization. Vicente Fox is a conservative panista part of the National Action Party and his quest was to strengthen relations with the United States. Vicente Fox’s victory secured the end of the traditional corporatists system, which deprived a PRI federal government form directly subsidizing or rewarding many groups. Then in 2006, Felipe Calderon was elected to the presidency of the PAN as well. In 2007, Mexico sought the commitment of U.S....   [tags: United States, Mexico, Democracy]

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The End of the World Means an Economic Boost for Mexico

- The human race is obsessed with its own demise. We are mesmerized by tragic events, particularly natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes. There is not a country in the world that has not experienced some catastrophic natural disaster. In 2011 alone, there was Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, another earthquake in New Zealand, the twister outbreak in the US, and massive flooding in Australia, all which contributed to making 2011 “one of the costliest years for natural disasters” (Llanos, 2011)....   [tags: Mexico]

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The Struggle of EZNL In Modern Mexico

- The Struggle of EZNL In Modern Mexico Introduction In so few words, the Zapatistas are a people united in the struggle for the rights and dignity of the indigenous people of Mexico. They are a group composed of the natives to the land of the state of Chiapas, the southernmost and poorest state in Mexico, which primarily consists of the tribes of the Mayan peoples. The conditions that these indigenous people live in are a testament to the injustices caused by the spread of colonialism and capitalism and the blind eye that its institutions and governments have turned to the people who inhabit the land from which its profits are made....   [tags: Culture Mexico Mexican Essays]

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Why Mexico City Has Difficulty Developing

- Mexico is one of the biggest cities in the world, and the largest urban area in Mexico. The city suffers from five main problems which are; industrialization, population, pollution, water and diseases. This city is densely populated it contains the most people in the country of Mexico. The problems listed above are the main reason why Mexico City is having so much difficulty developing. Mexico also has some solutions to the problems that may help make it a better city and an easier , less-stressful country to live in....   [tags: Mexico]

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The Culture Of A New Country

- Traveling to a new country can be hard at times as the culture can be different from what we are accustomed to. While there can be some similarities between cultures, we cannot always assume what the other culture customs are without really getting to know the culture which can be expressed through cross cultural psychology. In addition, if we assume something based on our own culture we can disrespect the culture and its people. Furthermore, the first time I experience a big cultural difference was when I traveled to a small Pueblo in Tierra Nueva, San Luis Potosi, Mexico for the first time....   [tags: Family, Culture, Mexico, The Culture]

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White Supremacy : The New Mestiza By Gloria Anzaldua And A People 's History Of The Untied States

- White supremacy was widely present in the readings “Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza” by Gloria Anzaldua and “A People’s History of the Untied States” by Zinn Howard. Both readings had vast examples of how white supremacy had run economic, social, political conditions of non-white peoples, land, and everything in between. White superiority was the belief that motivated them to conquer lands that originally did not belong to them; by doing so they converted natives to aliens or unwelcomed and inhabitants to slaves or casualties....   [tags: United States, Mexico, Mexican American]

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The New Age Of Latin America

- New Age Europeans first discovered Latin America in 1492, what followed can only be described as a free for all between European powers to control its resources. As we know, when the Europeans first arrived in numbers some came to start new lives, but some not so well minded individuals came out exploit the land and the people. Latin America’s entire history is tainted with that of murder, exploitation, and genocide. That legacy has stayed and played in the state in which Latin America is in today....   [tags: United States, Mexico, Latin America]

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General Winfield Scott On A Horse With His American Soldiers Occupying The Capital Of Mexico

- The primary source I chose to do my digital assignment on is a picture of General Winfield Scott on a horse with his American soldiers occupying the capital of Mexico which is Mexico City during the Mexican-American war. In the textbook Foner says “The Mexican American war was the first American conflict to be fought primarily on foreign soil and the first in which American troops occupied a foreign capital” (Foner 371). Here Foner simply states that the Mexican American war was the first conflict to occur on foreign land and also that it was a first for American troops to occupy a foreign capital....   [tags: United States, California, Mexico, Texas]

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Alfredo Corchado's Midnight in Mexico

- Alfredo Corchado — is the author of the book named " Midnight in Mexico:A Reporter's Journey through a Country's Descent into Darkness”. We are, probably, all interested in finding out the facts, news, and gossips about Mexico. This country was always associated with something mysterious. For me personally, the title of the book seemed to be very gripping, I was interested in revealing the secrets of life in Mexico, thus I decided to read this book. I was really curious, what can Alfredo Corchado tell me about the life in this country, the country, where the constant massacre is the picture, people used to see....   [tags: Midnight in Mexico]

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Hernan Cortes and the Governorship of Mexico

- Hernan Cortes was born at Medellin in Spain in the year 1485 and eventually became one of the great Governors of Mexico City. It all started in 1518 when the Governor of Cuba (Diego Velazquez) placed him in charge of an expedition to explore Mexico for colonization. In February, 1519, Cortes was about to set sail when Velazquez changed his mind at tried to replace him; however Cortes in an act of mutiny pushed forward anyway. In March of 1519, Cortes claimed the land for the Spanish Crown (Charles V)....   [tags: Hernan Cortes, Government, Mexico, ]

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History and Issues in Mexico City

- Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico. Mexico City is very well known for being the longest continuously inhabited city in the Western Hemisphere, and it is also the largest and the oldest city in the Spanish America. The population of Mexico City is growing very quickly, for many reasons mainly the migration from the other parts of Mexico and another reason is that the birth rate is greater than the death rate. At a population of 21 million people, about one-fifth of the country's inhabitants, it is one of the most greatly populated cities in the world, and it is the worlds largest capital city....   [tags: Mexico City, geography, capitals,]

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Mexico City

- Mexico City Like an enormous living museum, Mexico City provides an extraordinary showplace for the thousands of years of human cultural achievement that Mexico has attained. It ranks as one of the world's great capitals and is a must for anyone craving to understand Mexico's complex past, its fast-paced present, and its ever challenging future. The size and grandeur of the city are staggering. It is not only the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Western Hemisphere, but, by some accounts, has also become the largest city in the world....   [tags: History Geography Mexico Essays]

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The Water Shortage in Mexico

- In our generation of new technologies and high civilization it is hard to believe that our World is in Water crisis. This crisis is affecting not only low-developed parts of the world but also it affects high-developed countries, about one third of the humanity suffers from the scarcity of water (Molden 2010). One of the main causes of it is overpopulation. In increasing water demand water sources which we have now are not able to renew themselves. Another factor of water scarcity is not economized water consumption....   [tags: Mexico Water Crisis]

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Mexico’s War on Drugs

- Every day the U.S. border patrol has to constantly keep an eye out for the smuggling of drugs by Mexican Cartels. There has been much violence due to this drug problem that has left many people near the border killed and is allowing more criminals to obtain these weapons. A lot of this attention goes to the U.S. because many of the weapons utilized in the “drug war” are U.S. made and is interfering with trading relations amongst both the U.S. and Mexico. With this current violent situation in Mexico this has transformed the flow of weapons to an even larger scale....   [tags: US Border Patrol, Mexico]

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Hernando Cortes Conquered Mexico

- Hernando Cortes was one of the bravest military leaders of all time. Born in Medellin, Spain, he was a Spanish Conquistador who conquered most of Central America. He also gave Spain three-hundred years of control over Mexico. Cortes started exploring in the early 1500’s. He explored to find riches and conquered by being observant of the natives. With a small army, he conquered the Aztec Empire. Cortes went to the university in Salamanca, Spain. He attended the university to study Latin and Law. Unfortunately, Cortes completed only two years of school....   [tags: Hernando Cortes, Mexico,]

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The Between Mexico And The United States

- from the rivers because that was the only water available. After 13 days, they finally arrived at the border of Mexico and the United States. “Al fin llegamos” (“finally we made it”), said Guillermo. They were all excited because they were about to cross the border between Mexico and the United States. They arrived at a place where other people had spent the last 14 days trying to cross the border. “It is impossible to make it to the other side,” said a Salvadorian lady who had tried 10 times and every time the US authorities had caught her and returned her to Mexico....   [tags: United States, U.S. state, Mexico, California]

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Differences Between Mexico And The United States

- You would think that two countries separated by a border and only 1,192 miles in between would have more similarities but in fact, it that’s not always true. Although Mexico is a fairly short distance from the United States, there are many differences between our two countries. Besides the most evident ones, such as language and food, Mexico and the United States differ in time, culture, government, and many other things. On the other hand, there are similarities as well which I will cover in my paper....   [tags: United States, Mexico, Mexican American]

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The Nation of Mexico

- The purpose of this paper is to provide in-depth information about Mexico’s economy, government, military, religion, and historical events that shaped the country. Mexico is located north of the United States; it borders the Caribbean Sea and the gulf of New Mexico. The total area is equal to 1,972,550 sq km; land taking up 1,923040 sq km and water taking up 49,510 sq km. Mexico gained itself independence on 16 September 1810, making their national holiday being that date. The Mexican flag has three equal vertical bands of green white, and red; the coat of arms is in the middle of the white band....   [tags: Countries of The World]

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The Economy of Mexico

- Introduction Most Latin America countries are known as third world countries because the economic structure still in development. To overcome such judgment the countries had been developing different policies since the 1970s. The policies promise to help the countries to obtain a healthier economy and have an economic growth. The author Franko explains in the book The Puzzles of Latin America Economic Development how the economist Paul Rosenstein “believes that in order to achieve sustained growth, an economy must develop various industries simultaneously, requiring a coordination of investment or a big push.” (pg....   [tags: economic analysis]

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The Annexation of Mexico

- “The object of war is victory; that of victory is conquest; and that of conquest is preservation (Charles de Secondat).” War is both a necessity and a parasite. It is a necessity for one to conquer and fulfill ambitions, while the parasite trying to destroy and create havoc in the same discussion. The annexation of Mexico would face both of these predicaments, but the necessity for prosperity and stability outweighs the parasite’s wants and desires. Bringing forth Mexico into the union would only benefit the new country both globally and locally....   [tags: Mexican Revolution, United States, war]

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A Brief Note On Mexico And United States

- Mexico and United States I got to experience living in two different places. They were both very different but, at the same time they had some things in common. I got the privilege of living in Mexico for about three years which was when I was five and once I turn seven I moved back to the United States where I had to repeat first grade. Living in Mexico and living in the United States was great but, the value of money, the language,and the weather were some of the situations that could be easily compared and contrast....   [tags: United States, Mexico, United States dollar, Rain]

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Illegal Immigration From Mexico : The United States

- After watching the videos about illegal immigration from Mexico, I started to understand why Mexicans are still willing to come to the U.S., no matter how dangerous and horrible the border crossing is. Although they know that they need to take a risk of arrest by the United States Border Patrol, the purpose of coming the U.S. that would bring them the opportunities of job and the better living environment keeps pushing them to do the adventure. The meaning of “American Dream” for those Mexican immigrants is to earn plentiful money from there, and go back to build the house for their family and that indirectly improves and prospers the circumstance of their country....   [tags: United States, Mexico]

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Why The War Between The Us And Mexico Happened

- In order to understand why the war between the US and Mexico happened, it’s important to understand what each side was fighting for. I found “Manifest Destiny: An Introduction” to be very informative and provided thorough explanations of each side’s struggle. America was in search of manifest destiny and Mexico was coping with becoming a newly independent country. Though it doesn’t justify the actions that took place, it’s important to know why the US had this desire to expand. What exactly is manifest destiny....   [tags: United States, Mexico]

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Going At Mexico For The First Time Of My Adult Life

- Going To Mexico for the First Time in My Adult Life Seeing where you come from is crucial to finding your identity. In my case, I had to go to another country, Mexico, to find my identity. Here’s a little background into my situation: In 1995, 2 months after I was born, I was brought to the United States with my family. My parents, along with many others at the time, decided to leave their home country (Mexico) and come here in the pursuit of a better life....   [tags: Mexico, United States, Identity, Self]

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Intellectual Property Rights in Mexico

- Intellectual Property Rights in Mexico After signing the NAFTA on the 90s Mexico has been through a lot of changes. First the opening to a freer market even though we did business across-borders before. Second the implementation of new technologies that will let us keep up with the international competition. Third the maintenance of all of our signed agreements, basically check that we have enforced the rules as well as improved our economy. We are going to focus on the 3rd one, specifically on the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) matter discussion....   [tags: Mexico IPR property intellectual]

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What About Tacos? Mexico And Taste A Taco?

- What about tacos. Have you ever been in Mexico and taste a taco. If not, pay attention to the next. Many people only know about one kind of tacos, but is there only one. The answer is no. The tacos have a history of more than 100 yeas and it was created by farmers. The creation was to make it simple and faster to eat. Tacos share the same similarity, all of them consist of putting the ingredients on a circle slide made of corn. The reason of this particular circular slice is because the circular surface allows human hands to grab the taco more easily....   [tags: Mexican cuisine, Mexico, Milk, United States]

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El Grito De La Independencia De Mexico

- I was able to attend a fair on September 15 at the city of Bell Gardens. The fair was created to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day, which in Spanish is called Dia de la Independencia de Mexico. On September 15, they celebrate El Grito de Mexico. This event is celebrated every year, to remind people about the day they gain their independence, which brings many individuals to do the Grito de Dolores. In this case, the mayor of the city along with her colleagues and the escoltas were present. Not only was the Mexico flag present, but also the United States flag....   [tags: United States, Mexico, The Star-Spangled Banner]

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Los Zetas: Mexico's Second Most Powerful Drug Cartel

- INTRODUCTION. Recognized as one of the most fearless and violent cartels in all of Mexico, Los Zetas was brought forth by a need for personal security in the Gulf Cartel. This former hit man/security style operation, active since 1997, has since grown into its own ruthless and violent organization becoming the second most powerful cartel and easily the most feared in all of Mexico. Heavily trained and armed, members of Los Zetas are set apart from other cartels because of the level of brutality they are willing to administer to those who cross them, though they had initially hoped that by being more intimidating they would have to fight less....   [tags: Mexico Drug Cartel]

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The Impact of Multinational Corporations on Mexico

- Latin America has seven big economies Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Peru. The largest economy can be shown as Brazil. Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America and expanded at a strong pace for most of 2011 but started to show signs of slowly decelerating. Result to that seems to be multinational firms. The multinational firms set up their factories to Mexico to reduce the cost of production. Although the multinational firms seem to be helping the Mexico economy, they also harm the domestic firms....   [tags: Multinational Corporations (MNCs)]

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The Truth about the War with Mexico

- United States started the war with Mexico due to its imperial ambitions and need for territorial expansion. America was modernizing itself and getting ready to engage in competition with Europe. Capitalism and modernization fueled the competition for resources to feed the industries, and the markets to sell the manufactured goods. A country in this world was either an exploiter or the exploited by that order of things. Being neither one of those was the hardest to achieve. Americans decided to be exploiters; therefore, they needed to engage in competition with Europe, a group of empires dominating the world....   [tags: modernization, territorial expansion]

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Mexico City's Environment and the Media

- Media portrayal of Mexico City is very alarming. Americans are fearful to have any kind of communication or connections with the city. Especially when they hear the media talk about the high volume of violence occurring in Mexico City. It affects the interest of great corporations, and the partnership with the United States and many other countries that might want any kind of engagement with the City. Mexico City is home of beautiful culture and traditional history, the attractions are the main reason why tourists visit, but few years ago there has been a decline in tourist rates....   [tags: violence, pollution, crime]

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Unites States' Expansion in Mexico

- Mexico and the United States fought over a vast amount of land, it was the equivalent to half of Mexico. United States real interested was to gain more territory for future expansions plans. The U.S. interest in the expansion was pretty simple. They wanted Texas simply because of their good agricultural production, especially cotton, which was the main commodity back then. California which was in the Far West was their real target: their objective was to own ports in the Pacific to become a continental empire....   [tags: texas, goods, border]

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The Effects of Globalization on Oaxaca, Mexico

- ... In general, the importation of Mexican laborers began with the construction of railroads between the US and Mexico. Added to this, the time following the Mexican Revolution in 1910 combined with the beginnings of World War 1, pushed for an influx of Mexican immigrants into the United States. Due to the fact that employment was scarce in Mexico and “Mexican workers performed well in the industry and service fields…these years were ripe with employment opportunities for Mexicans because much of the US labor force was overseas fighting” (Mexican Immigrant History)....   [tags: communities, citizens, wealth, homelands]

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It's Time To Open The Border With Mexico

- “It was very painful for all of us, his brothers, his parents, for me. But perhaps those who are suffering the most right now are our children. My kids ask me all the time: 'Why did they kill my dad. What happened to my dad. 'It is a question that I have no answers to, because I do not know why they did this. " -- Maria Puga, the widow of Alejandro Hernandez Rojas in an interview by Amy Goodman from PBS. The piercing, fiery screams of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas were real. They stripped the night of its beauty and burnt holes into the hearts of witnesses who stood helpless at the California-Mexico border in May 2010....   [tags: Tear Down the Border Fence]

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Drilling for Oil in The Gulf of Mexico

- America has been dependant on oil since the 1800’s and the invention of modern machinery. From skin care products to the gasoline in our cars and engines, petroleum is the basis of almost everything we use for everyday life. Without oil the nation could not meet the energy demands we need to survive. Continued exploration has been the topic of heated debate among supporters and opponents, especially when it comes to offshore drilling. My goal here is to show the differing view points of drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and present a better understanding from a national perspective....   [tags: Energy Issues]

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The Oil Spill Of The Gulf Of Mexico

- In April 20, 2010 the Gulf of Mexico had the world largest oil spill in history. Ever since the oil spill the Gulf of Mexico never been the same. Patrik Jonsson, an Atlanta-based correspondent for the Christian Science says, “… an explosion that killed eleven rig workers and ended three months later with more than 200 million gallons of light crude spilled into the Gulf still resonates physically and psychologically in the five coastal states affected.” The oil spill was caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil rig it went forty one miles off the coast of Louisiana....   [tags: Oil platform, Petroleum, Drilling rig, Oil spill]

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History and Geography of Mexico

- The official name of Mexico is Estates Undoes Mexicans (United Mexican States). Culture can be identified in various forms. In any cases, one of many explanations of culture refers to the shared of knowledge, experience, and beliefs, values acquired by a group of individuals throughout generations. Culture is also the history and events that make up the community itself. It is the way of life for a particular group of people. The most visual characteristics of culture are that it’s vibrant, people continues to adapt and overcome changes that continues to evolve to shape our society over time....   [tags: culture, government]

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