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Bruce Berkowitz's The New Face of War

- The ability to disable an enemy force without ever having to fire a single shot – that is the new direction of warfare. Bruce Berkowitz’s The New Face of War: How War Will Be Fought in the 21st Century is yet another book that examines future warfare, not what causes countries will be fighting over or even who will be fighting, but the form of the conflict. Reading his work cover to cover, the message is clear: “To win wars today, you must first win the information war. ” This book is a must-read for anyone working in intelligence or in a position of power that influences our government spending on national security or military operations, because it articulates the importance of information...   [tags: strategic warfare, information technology, st]

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House Has A New Face Up For Reelection

- House has a new face up for reelection every two years. The Senate is the person who makes decisions based on experience and wisdom. The length of the term is supposed to insulate senators from public opinion and allow them to act the way they would like to.The system in the Senate benefits small states because all states have equal representation no matter how small or big their population. States are divided into congressional districts. Each district contain about the same number of people. The number of representatives each state has depends on its population....   [tags: President of the United States, United States, Law]

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The New Face of Black Feminine Beauty

- The New Face of Black Feminine Beauty Since the early 1900s, Black women have had a fascination with their hair. More explicitly, they have had a fascination with straightening their hair. The need to be accepted by the majority class has caused them to do so. Though the image of straight hair as being better than coarse hair still hasn’t left the Black community, there has been a surge of non straight hairstyles since the nineteen sixties. Wearing more natural hairstyles, which ironically enough include ‘weaves’ and ‘hair extensions’ has been considered to be more empowered and more enlightened....   [tags: Hairstyles Beauty Advertisements Media Essays]

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A New Algorithm for Age Group Recognition from Frontal Face Image

- In this paper, a new algorithm for age group recognition from frontal face image is presented. The algorithm classifies subjects into four different age categories in four key stages: Pre-processing, Facial feature extraction by a new projection method, Face feature analysis, and Age classification. In order to apply the algorithm to the problem, a face image database focusing on people’s age information is required. Because there are no such these databases, we created a database for this purpose, which is called Iranian Face Database (IFDB)....   [tags: algorithms, age group recognition, frontal face im]

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Amazon and eBay : The New Face of Web Services

- 1) What are the purpose and business value of Web services. Amazon is platform charge more in web technology services from its website, they realize that if they have all bottled-up intellectual as developers in their services, they will be more valuable to the Amazon, so they create "programmable web" where programmer can have access to data and functionality website. Furthermore, while EBay took an invitation-only developer program to make e-commerce software available to the public, they could download it, it was a development kit, it has some tools from Borland, Microsoft and companies that develop tools based on Java language, and so over 8,000 became members of the development progra...   [tags: e-business, technology, trade]

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The Face of New Media Espionage

- In late 2012, Edward Snowden started out on his ill-famed journey towards becoming the US top whistle-blower. He had initially contacted a reporter at a dependable news outlet, but for some reasons though their friendship failed to blossom. Thus, he turned to documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras who had experience in leaking restricted information having worked with past whistle-blower William Binney. By May 2013, Edward’s Snowden’s earliest articles about the US National Security Agency (NSA) were published where he divulged details of highly-classified U.S....   [tags: Edward Snowden, US spy activities]

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Amazon and eBay : The New Face of Web Services

- 1. What are the purpose and business value of Web services. The aim is to connect the system, since Web users and business partners. In addition, the aim is to sell products on the platform and the site acts as a guide for their customers. In the other hand, creating a web service data will exchange between businesses in real time via the Internet. Therefore, this method may share business with suppliers, customers and other business partners with all the necessary information. To do this, they use an open standard protocol for communicating over the Internet....   [tags: web services, http, amazon, ebay]

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Amazon and Ebay: The New Face of Web Services

- Amazon and Ebay: The New Face of Web Services CASE STUDY QUESTIONS 1. What are the purpose and business value of Web services. The principal purpose of Web service is create the exchange of data between business (for example e-commerce or e-business) in real time via Internet, and this way a business might share with its costumers, suppliers, and other business partners all the necessary information. As a result, the use of Web serving by any organization, which wants grow up and support a place in the market, is the best tool....   [tags: Business Internet ]

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We Need A New Global Manager Will Face

- With the advances of technology and communication business is shifting from local to world-wide with the click of a button. It seems as though a very successful business today works on a global level. By doing this a business can reach a much larger market and optimize profits. Working globally can pose and abundance of challenges from culture shock, to a difference in the way a manager leads employees, and to facing, addressing and overcoming ethical differences. To prepare for the role a new global manager will face, a review of some impacts must be addressed....   [tags: Culture, Management, Business ethics, The Culture]

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Ecological Imperialism and its New Face: The Impact of Technology, Capitalism and Colonialism on Postcolonial Ecologies

- Ecological imperialism is an idea introduced by Alfred Crosby in his seminal work Ecological Imperialism: The Biological Expansion of Europe, 900-1900 which refers to the efforts of colonialists to introduce their animals, plants and even diseases in the native’s land to felicitate their rule. But that concept of Crosby has a renewed interest in postcolonial world especially in light of the growing popularity of capitalism and globalization. Capitalistic and colonialist invasions focus not merely on the subjugation of native but the land in which he lives....   [tags: Indigenous Communities, Industrial Societies]

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How Do New Technologies Face the Rapid Expansion of the Electronic Data Storage?

- ... For instance, hosting companies keep redundant data files at different data centers in diverse regions to secure the stored data even after large-scale natural catastrophe (Wisegeek, 2014). Moreover, the resources, physically, may be extended over multiple servers in different sites, to which the customer has an easy remote access from any location or system having an Internet connection. On this account, the online data storage is of benefit to the hosting companies as well to the costumers....   [tags: data management, storage media]

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Improve ATM Security by Face Recognition

- ... If details of SIM card matches, the device asks the face recognition. The recognition is done by MATLAB. When the image matches from the data base it asks for selecting the bank when the user select the bank it ask the pin number of bank account and next processing starts like user can make transactions, check balance etc, otherwise the process is cancelled. The system used Spartan-3 FPGA kit for controlling the system, one buzzer is connected to the system on the FPGA board which guide the process for transaction....   [tags: databases of face, biometic techniques]

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The Great Stone Face By Nathaniel Hawthorn

- Nathaniel Hawthorn wrote “The Great Stone Face” in the year 1850. The main character is Earnest and the setting is a little village situated in a small valley at the foot of a tall mountain. Upon the side of that huge mountain, nature had carved an image that, from a distance, resembled the features of a human face and folklore in the valley included a prophecy that at some future date a man would appear in the valley that would resemble the Great Stone Face. He would be the noblest and greatest person in the valley and he would lead them to prosperity....   [tags: Jesus, Repentance, Christian terms, New Testament]

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Lucy Grealy's Autobiography of a Face

- Lucy Grealy's Autobiography of a Face "Language supplies us with ways to express ever subtle levels of meaning, but does that imply language gives meaning, or robs us of it when we are at a loss to name things?"(Grealy 44). Throughout her childhood and young adulthood, Lucy Grealy attempts to create a self-image based on her looks, through the reactions of others, and her own hopefulness, but these fail and she learns to forget her image completely. It is at this time of forgetting her image that Grealy demonstrates that she is able to recognize a difference between an image that is reflected in a mirror and an image that one can create through language....   [tags: Lucy Grealy Autobiography of a Face]

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Face Recognition Using Various Kinds of Analysis

- The proposed method is based on eigenspaces [14] and it is obtained with the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) [15] of the vectorized set of three features include WF, FFP, and RFF. Localizing the facial feature points is obtained by a novel algorithm. For this purpose, we briefly review some of the previous methods in this section. 2.1 Face Recognition Using Principal Component Analysis Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is a dimensionality reduction technique based on extracting the desired number of principal components of the multi-dimensional data....   [tags: Face Recognition, Principal Component, Analysis, c]

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What Challenges did Explorers and Colonists Face in what Became North America from the 1580's to the 1630's

- What challenges did explorers and colonists face in what became North America from the 1580’s until the 1630’s. Look at geographical, political, economic, indigenous peoples, climate, diet, etc., anything that presented a challenge to survival and development during this period. When Europeans first came to the New World in the late 16th century they were entering new territory and had no idea what to expect. Their views on everything from geographic, politics, climate, to diet, etc. where about to change, and their need for survival would hopefully outweigh these challenges....   [tags: colonization of the New World]

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Are the Challenges that Military Commanders Face in the Contemporary Operating Environment More Complex than ever Before?

- Are the challenges that military commanders face in the contemporary operating environment more complex than ever before. The earliest date battle accounted was the Battle of Kadesh in 1274 BC involving approximately 5,000 to 6,000 chariots between Ramesses II of the Empire of Egypt and Muwatalli II of the Hittite Empire. The Battle of Kadesh took place at Kadesh City on the Orontes River, what is now adjacent to the modern-day village of Tell al-Nabi Mando of western Syria. This is the first ever in history of mankind that subtle elements of warfare and strategies are known....   [tags: military operations, new technologies]

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Technology and Face to Face Interaction

- ... In the year 2000, a move into the twenty-first century, cell phones and games for the children became really popular. All of this technology is good to a point, but to much technology will eventually ruin the human race. The benefits are many, businesses can connect 24/7, around the world in this set up global economy. Contacting a business from Miami Florida to Tokyo Japan is common practice. twenty years ago this would be a major deal, dealing with a Japanese businessman daily. Education today can be achieved all on the computer, without leaving the home or meeting the instructor face to face....   [tags: Communication, Organizations]

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Smart Growth Initiative in the Face of NJ Landscape Change

- Smart Growth Initiative in the Face of NJ Landscape Change The face of the American landscape has undergone a period of fantastic change in recent decades. With an expanding population and innumerable opportunities for economic and physical growth, urban centers and sprawling suburbs have pushed farther and farther into outlying areas causing pressures and development on previously untouched, natural lands. New Jersey has become, in many ways, the focus in dealing with issues of sprawl and development within its relatively small space....   [tags: Urban Sprawl New Jersey Essays]

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Summary Of ' Silas House 's ' Fake Face '

- Pets aren 't just animals, they are the creatures we selected to come into our lives to bring us happiness. Silas House states that if we stop as see what is in front of us we would be happier (House). He also states that if people were more like dogs we wouldn’t have a lot of the issues we have in the world (House). I believe that we have three faces: The face you show your family, the face you show the outside world, and the real you face. The face you show your family is the face that you want to portray yourself as, ‘the good one’, ‘the bad one’, ‘the smart one’ they know you and see you but you don’t tell them everything....   [tags: Dog, Love, Brian Wilson, Face]

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New Zealand And New Australia

- New Zealand used to have free from corruption stable democratic political system which creates a superior government supported environment for a range kind of business. (Pears Trust, 2012) It welcomes new investors and helps New Zealand businesses smoothly operate, grow, plan for the future and be flexible in local and international market. Nevertheless, government still has intervention which positively or negatively influencing on New Zealand business. From the latest news there is ongoing discussion in Treasury of New Zealand about to set up a new rule for the Auckland’s mortgage market by new loan-to-income scheme asking a minimum 30 percent of down payment due to purchasing property (Ni...   [tags: New Zealand, Tourism, Dairy farming, Dairy]

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The Face Of Gentrification

- Gentrification (The Long and dirty Word) Introduction and Research Question Gentrification is occurring in my community. I live in the Bronx but I went to high school in Harlem and sometime around my sophomore I began to notice new apartments built in the place of former project houses especially in East Harlem (Spanish Harlem). I saw some of the prices to these apartments and I knew the people in the neighborhood could not afford to live there. I live about a block away from ”the projects” and for the past few years many new businesses have been built....   [tags: culture, community]

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The New Orleans Rate Of Subsidence

- How did human actions contribute to increasing the devastation in this area. Parts of New Orleans are below sea level and surrounded by bodies of water. Built on a natural levee next to the Mississippi river, the city has experienced cyclical flooding since its founding in 1718. Throughout the centuries, human intervention has reconstructed the landscape in a number of ways which has made New Orleans more vulnerable to storms and flooding: destruction of sand bars; deforestation along the riverbank; construction of ditches and levees; drainage of swamps; and the construction that accompanies urbanization and industrialization....   [tags: New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina]

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The Migration Of New Zealand

- In New Zealand, the immigrant population significantly consists of Pacific peoples, where there are a distinct group of 20 cultures and languages. Samoan Community is the highest among the population of New Zealand, then following are Cook Islanders, Tongans etc.…This paper will analyse the Tongan subgroup in particular, however other sub-groups will also be discussed. Pacific peoples were welcomed to New Zealand as workers during the 1950’s to the 1970’s. In the 1950’s, there was a post-war economic boom, which resulted in having a large demand of labour, which increased the immigration from many Polynesian nations....   [tags: New Zealand, Polynesia, Immigration]

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The Relation of September 11 to Goffman's Theory of Face and Line

- Goffman was the contemporary theorist who first introduced the idea of face and line into a sociological perspective. When Goffman refers to the concept of the line, he is referring to the patterns of behavior through which a person uses to express their view of a particular situation to others and ones self (Layder 1998:172-174) It is the view that a person takes on an issue that he tries to "sell" to himself and others. An example of a line could be a person stating that he or she is the fastest kid in high school....   [tags: Theory of Face and Line]

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Online or Face-to-Face Instruction: Which is Preferred?

- “Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education…The human mind is our fundamental resource” (Kennedy, 1961). If our mind is a fundamental resource as President Kennedy would suggest and our progress as a nation is tied to the progress in our education, does this mean that online education can enhance or even speed up our progress. Perception of online learning is a varied one, based on conversations with individuals at different social-economic levels. “Online delivery of courses have become increasing popular due to several advantages for both education institutions and the students in terms of flexibility in scheduling” (Lu, 2012, p....   [tags: Education, Online Courses, Schooling]

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The Facebook Sonnet: Decreases Face-to-Face Communication

- “The Facebook Sonnet” by Sherman Alexie brings up ideas and controversy over social media because it decreases face-to-face communication. Though Facebook allows people to contact old and new friends, it renders away from the traditional social interaction. Online, people are easily connected by one simple click. From liking one’s status to posting multiple pictures, Facebook demands so much attention that it’s easy for users to get attach. They get caught up in all the online aspect of their lives that they fail to appreciate real life relationships and experiences....   [tags: social media, facebook, sherman alexie]

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Surprising Face-to-Face Interactions After Texting

- Face to face interactions may be quite surprising. Depending if the person or otherwise yourself are timid, that may lead to problems out in the real world. People need to learn how to interact with one another without having the thought of being embarrassed. People need to face the real world and learn how to interact face to face. Either meeting a new person through text messaging to start off by, such as job interviewing that happens with alot with face to face interactions. Nevertheless, if you want to desperately get the job it requires eye contact, and good posture....   [tags: communication, relationships, skills]

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Graduation Speech : New Year

- “Just as you usher in lights, lanterns and other forms of illuminations to welcome the New Year, may the New Year usher in for you new hopes, dreams and aspirations.” (Quote) This is but one of the many greetings of Chinese New Year’s that the Chinese population share and just as we will be ushering in a new semester late January, in china they will be preparing to usher in the Chinese New Year which will fall on Jan. 28 2016. Even though it starts early in January, the Chinese people will be preparing by cleaning up their homes and shrines for the joyous celebration that will last 15 days....   [tags: Chinese New Year, Chinese calendar]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Yellow Face '

- Yellow Face is a ground breaking production that became the first play directly adapted for YouTube. I thought it was fascinating to watch this theatrical production through a digital medium and really gave insight into the potential future of theatre. I thought the acting, however was what really made the play. Especially the performances by Ryun Yu as David Henry Hwang, and Christopher Gorham as Marcus; however I did not feel that Linda Park’s performance of Leah was quite as strong. Ryun Yu did an amazing job portraying the role Of David Henry Hwang....   [tags: Theatre, Actor, Drama, Performance]

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The Paradigms of Face Recognition Systems

- No previous work has been reported on any aspects of similarity recognition in images of family faces. However, it is appropriate to review research on face recognition, as many of the issues encountered in our problem are similar to those encountered in related problems. Face recognition systems has been carried out in two distinct paradigms. In the first paradigm researchers first extract facial features such as the eyes, nose, etc., then they utilize clustering/classification algorithms to recognition....   [tags: technology]

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The New York Marriot Marquis

- It was July 2, 2015, and it was a warm evening and my parents, brother, and I were just landing in New York City. The look of happiness rose upon my face. I could feel my cheeks starting to fall off. This would be my first time being in one of the northern states. We begin to exit off of the airplane and enter the JFK airport. I was already stunned at how amazing and beautiful the airport was. I could not imagine how amazing NYC was going to look. We start to get our luggage out of the baggage claim and head out of the airport and make our way to our hotel room....   [tags: New York City, Statue of Liberty, Homelessness]

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Should The Bible Face Reconstruction?

- Should the Bible face Reconstruction. The bible is a book of Christian scriptures with an Old and New Testament. Being a religious book used as a guide for many Christian denominations, you would think the book would have precise instructions on do’s and don’ts to get into heaven. However, this is not the case. The point of this essay is not to berate Christianity especially since I am a Christian myself. The point is to berate the quality of the Holy Book that is, to put frankly, poorly written....   [tags: Bible, Christianity, Religious text, Torah]

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The Challenges Of New Products And Services Development

- Nowadays, innovation and new product development (NPD) could be considered as an effective strategy for organisations to gain high competitive advantages over its competitor. This strategy has supported companies to satisfy customer requirements individually. Nevertheless, it could also create the challenges as well as the risks which could support or hinder the achievement of companies (Bolumole et al., 2014). This paper will discuss on the challenges of new products and services development. It would also illustrate the challenges and risks associated with developing new products and services....   [tags: Innovation, New product development, Revenue]

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Rudolf Bultmann 's The New Testament

- Rudolf Bultmann emerged as an eminent and controversial elocutionist in liberal Christianity through his work The Mythological Element in the Message of the New Testament and the Problem of its Re-interpretation. Throughout this work, Bultmann analyzes the fundamental features of the New Testament in an attempt to re-interpret and “demythologize” them (2). The Mythological Element in the Message of the New Testament and the Problem of its Re-interpretation is arranged into two parts. The first part is primarily dedicated to exploring and defining myths since Bultmann believes the “New Testament is essentially mythical in character” (1)....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, New Testament, Religion]

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Romantic Holiday Escapes in Europe for Dreamy New Year

- A romantic Holiday on New Year is one of the dearest desires of a couple and if you wish to make your beloved happy, you must surprise him/her with a perfect gift for forthcoming New Year; a romantic holiday in some place beautifully romantic and lovable that can increase the charm of you kissing your beloved at midnight. Apparently finding a good place with your choice can be a difficult thing but here we have some of the most exotic New Year escapes in Europe where you can visit and make that one night the most memorable time of your love life....   [tags: romantic, new year, paris]

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Congestion and Traffic Pollution in New York City

- Congestion and traffic pollution has been a major problem in New York City for years. There have been many laws, tolls, and fines implemented over the past few decades to try and fix the problem. Yet, congestion still exists. Congestion occurs when there is overcrowding on roadways that’s causes traffic jams. There are several reasons for the severity of this issue. Congestion causes a lot of delays in the city. It is unlikely that people are on time for anything, even if they planned ahead. With traffic in the city the way it is, you can’t blame them....   [tags: Traffic, New York City, ]

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The Face Of Face Workshop

- Face-to-face Workshop It is a group-based workshop where each group is given different learning activities to work on. The group members have to discuss and collaborate with each other before coming up with a group consensus to present to the class. Thereafter, there will be inter-group debate on the ideas or issues presented. This exercise is facilitated by the lecturer. Each workshop has a duration of three hours and there are usually four to six members per group. Online forum discussion There will be a scenario or issue created by a lecturer for each student to react....   [tags: Education, University, Learning, Student]

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Tony Cano And The New York Yankees

- It has been almost two years since second baseman Robinson Cano and the New York Yankees decided to part ways and end their relationship. Cano bolted to the west coast to play with the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field. The Yankees have had a series of second basemen since the departure of Cano. Two years later, it’s hard to really signify who profited from the split. Cano bolted for more money in Seattle. That evidence is staring right in the face of the Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees and the 28 other Major League teams....   [tags: Major League Baseball, New York Yankees]

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Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

- It seems the goal of most individuals in life is to find purpose, overcome obstacles, and be as happy as possible each and every day. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley introduces a new theory on happiness: that happiness cannot exist while human minds are subjected to the truth. Similar to the phrase ignorance is bliss, the main theme throughout the novel is that happiness and truth cannot coexist properly in a society. While happiness is the ultimate goal of the utopian society depicted in Brave New World, it does not come without a price: denial of realities, and the freedom to make individual choices....   [tags: Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, Island, Dystopia]

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Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

- Brave New World is a magnificent piece of literature that has surpassed all expectations that are valued in a book. Huxley’s novel is a book to praise due to its ruminating themes, evocative characters, and intellectually stimulating overall feel of the novel. Brave New World combines a myriad number of themes together to form a rather deep, shocking, and perplexing novel. Throughout the novel, the reader is presented with unbelievable concepts and ways of life. Brave New World warns the readers about how giving the government too much power can go awry and ultimately change everyone for the worse....   [tags: Brave New World, Dystopia, The World State]

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The Hazards And Dehumanization Of Myanmar Refugees Face

- The perilous life of a Myanmar refugee, from their home to an unknown destination, makes the exodus a crisis rather than an emigration problem. The seemingly never ending cycle of displacement, travel, unintended end point, and deportation back to the home of origin has the people locked into the status of refugee (Parnini, 73). Each milestone of transit incurs new horrors that force hard choices to be made to move towards the next threat. This paper examines the hazards and dehumanization that Myanmar refugees face along their endless journey and the attempts to ease their suffering while traveling around this circle of suffering....   [tags: Human rights, United Nations]

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How Ali And Jamila Face Problems

- Refugees are people who have left their own countries or nationality because they feel threat to their lives in their own country on the basis of cast, religion, culture. They experience and witness traumatic events such as wars and conflicts. There has been significant increase in the number of refugees from Afghanistan in Australia with evidences showing mental illness among them is quite high (Maroney, Potter, & Thacore, 2014). There is a lack of literature on the subject of rehabilitation of Afghan clients in the Australian context....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Healthcare]

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Ongoing Challenges Automatic Face Recognition

- Theoretical difficulties of Automatic Face Recognition Extensive research has been dedicated to the development of computer algorithms, the advancements in automatic face recognition have led to the development of systems that work at high performance rates in a controlled setting. Although computer AFR systems need not necessarily imitate human face recognition processes, humans often compete with the ability of computer algorithms when it comes to recognizing familiar faces even in highly degraded conditions....   [tags: Technology ]

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Personal Connections in the Digital Age

- Introduction Compared with the past centuries, there are several types of communication technologies which could be used when communicating with others in the contemporary society. Information flow can be shown in different patterns in the twenty-first century, for example, spoken, written and keyed forms (Brody, 1990). It would be apparent that digital citizens have changed their communication style gradually due to the rapid development of media technologies. According to Dimmich et al. (2011:1266), access to different media technologies stimulates the fluency of interpersonal communication such as telephone, email, instant message (IM) and social networks, thus, users could contact with o...   [tags: social media, face-to-face, communication]

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Bullying: Evolution over the Years

- Bullying has greatly evolved over the years. We have gone from face to face bullying to a new form called cyber bullying. Many believe cyber bullying to be far worse than its traditional partner because it can leave a tremendous psychological impact on the person being bullied. There are a lot more people who report being bullied now that cyber bullying has become evolved. After a survey of 264 kids from across 3 different schools was conducted, it came to show that about half of them had been bullied and about a quarter of them cyber bullied....   [tags: from face to face harassment to cyberbullying]

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Brave New World By Aldous Huxley And 1984

- One of the longest standing stereotypes is that women are only valuable inside the house, and they do not have the mental, physical, or emotional stability that a man does. According to University of Lincoln Professors Sundari Anitha and and Ruth Pearson, the year 1929 brought a recession to much of England, and many women were forced into taking up jobs that were considered to be solely woman’s work. This often included domestic tasks or laundry. During the next two decades, women ended up staying in these roles and continued to take on stereotypical woman’s work....   [tags: Brave New World, Nineteen Eighty-Four]

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Children Of Men By Comparing The Brave New World

- Have you ever thought what a world without children would be. Well, from comparing both “Brave New World” and “Children of Men,” it is found that a world without children is a dystopia. In other words, it is a complete disaster and everything in the world is not how it is today. By comparing the Brave New World society and the society in the film “Children of Men,” we can establish that in both dystopias there are no children, which impacts the relationship between man and woman. War, drugs, castes are common in both dystopias, as people tend to cope drugs to get away from the reality of war caused by people of different “castes.” One impaction is caused by war....   [tags: Dystopia, Brave New World, Nineteen Eighty-Four]

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The Is The Face Of Man

- “I abhorred the face of man. Oh, not abhorred. they were my brethren, my fellow beings, and I felt attracted even to the most repulsive among them, as to creatures of an angelic nature and celestial mechanism” (Shelley 170) • To regard with disgust and hatred. • To regard with extreme repugnance or aversion; detest utterly; loathe; abominate. • To dislike (someone or something) very much In this context “abhorred” is use to further express Victor’s distress and express the disdain that he has against himself for releasing the creature into the society of man....   [tags: Human, Emotion, Frankenstein, Paradise Lost]

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Face to Face Vs. Electronic Communication

- Why was the message that was sent to me in all caps. Is that a way of showing anger. Many get emails or texts or any forms of messages through electronic communication and have no idea what the message is saying or how their tone of voice is. Many have kids who just started using communication or haven’t started at all, and are wondering what to teach their kids about communication. The best solution to this problem is to teach using face to face communication. In the old days, talking face to face was the way to go....   [tags: Communication]

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Face to Face Vs. Electronic Communication

- Why was the message that was sent to me in all caps. Is that a way of showing anger. Many individuals receive emails, text messages, and other forms of messages through electronic communication and have no idea what the message is saying, or how to decide ones tone of voice. Many parents have kids who just started using communication or haven’t started at all, and are wondering what to teach their kids about communication. The best solution to this problem is to teach face-to-face communication as it was done before modern technology....   [tags: Communication, Technology]

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The Face Of The Microsoft

- The Face of Microsoft How you ever thought about the people who are the face of the company. Why are they the face of the company. What did they do to get this kind of image. Most of the time, a person who founded the company is the face of the company. What if there is more than one cofounder of the company. Then who is the face of the company. There cannot be multiple faces of the company. For example, Microsoft is one these companies that has more than one cofounder of the company. Nevertheless, Bill Gates is the face of the company, not Paul Allen....   [tags: Bill Gates, Microsoft]

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The Lost Art of Face-to-Face Communication

- Sending out a text to a next door neighbor asking if they have milk, instead of walking over and asking them face-to-face is a great example of society and communication today. The lack of interaction between one another can easily be connected with social networks. Many individuals say that “times have changed and so has technology” when in fact this is true, this does not mean someone ought to discard of the old-fashioned ways away from their lives. The evolution of technology has changed the way we communicate....   [tags: Interaction, Technology]

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The Importance of the Eyes of a Person's Face in Face Recognition

- The Importance of the Eyes of a Person's Face in Face Recognition Abstract; The aim of this experiment is to find out if participants can recognise the faces of well known celebrities if the celebrities’ eyes are blacked out and if the eyes of a person’s face are a major factor of face recognition. I predict that the participants will find it easier to recognise the celebrities’ faces in the condition where the eyes are not blacked out more than when the eyes are blacked out....   [tags: Papers]

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Face Against Face Vs. Sns

- Face to Face vs Sns Kazuki Nakanshi Do you know the place where people communicates with each other the most in the world. Surprisingly enough, It does not have real land and sovereignty, and it’s merely one social networking service website called Facebook whose number of the user exceeds the most populous country China. Even though Chinese government censorships and regulates Facebook, one out of six people all over the world uses facebook(Kelly, 2014). According to recent research, 91% of facebook user said that there are current friends in facebook friends and vice verse, and 87% of the user used it to contact with friends from the past like classmate or former colleague(Duggan, Ellison,...   [tags: Social network service, Facebook, Sociology]

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King Lear and a Brave New World: Similar Themes and Motifs

- In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New world and William Shakespeare's King Lear, the reader will find that both works use similar motifs that mirror each other to increase further the similarities and significance of the works. The Brave new world tries to destroy any of human emotion, which is why Huxley has chooses Shakespeare as the basis of John's system of beliefs involved in personal connection. Although the story lines in both of the publications are quite different from one another, there is no doubt that there are themes that allow one to create a comparison between the two books....   [tags: King Lear, Brave New World, ]

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Heterogeneous Parallel Ensemble Classifiers for Face Detection

- Heterogeneous Parallel Ensemble Classifiers for Face Detection Abstract - Face detection is a process to determine the presence of a human face in a given image, and if exists then returns the location of detected face. Face detection is a difficult process due to certain factors, such as background complexity, illumination conditions, scale, expression, position, orientation and pose of the face. The presence of external facial features such as glasses, moustaches and beards further complicates the process of face detection....   [tags: Computer Science ]

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The Importance of Wearing a Face Masks during a Hockey Game

- Imagine that you are a hockey player and are skating down the ice without a visor on your helmet, and suddenly a player from the other team shoots the puck and it hits you in the eye traveling at 70-90 miles per hour. Your face is covered in blood and you can’t see to skate off the ice. As the athletic trainer cleans the blood up you wonder if you will ever be able to see again. After a trip to the doctor you learn that you will have cloudy vision in that eye for the rest of your life and will never be able to play hockey again....   [tags: hockey players, hockey helmet, nhl]

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Californians Face Stark Choices On Death Penalty

- In the New York Times (28. Sept, A14+) article, “Californians Face Stark Choices on Death Penalty”, Jennifer Medina focuses on the issues with California’s current death penalty system. The state’s system currently prolongs the time period between conviction and execution, which deems it unconstitutional. The courts are unfit to handle the workload of death row cases. Also, the death penalty system is costing the state a great amount of money. California is voting to reform their system this November....   [tags: Capital punishment, Death row, Prison]

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The Key Roles Of The New Testament

- Throughout the New Testament we see Jesus take on a profusion of significance roles as he fulfills the prophecies within the Old Testament. These roles hold great weight of significance that helps explain who Jesus truly was. Prophet, priest, and king are the three key roles that are momentous in comprehending the sovereignty of Jesus. The role of Prophet represents Jesus ,in the New Testament, as the living and walking word of God. Jesus was the incarnation. In other words, he was God with flesh on, completely equal and inseparable from God....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, New Testament]

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The Book ' The New Testament '

- “Most Favorite Book in the New Testament” The selection of choice for my most favorite Book of the New Testament is the Epistle to Philippians. My reasoning for this book being my favorite, is it’s a major part of my being here today. In reality, during this time in my life things was going bad and knew really nothing about God. And yet, wanting to be happy, feel some kind of love and peace in my heart again as a child. The Book of Philippians gave me back my life as you will see. Thank God for His Word....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Bible]

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Erving Goffman's Insight on Face- Work in His Essays on Face-to-face Behavior

- ... The essay on face-work can be considered as an expansion of Goffman’s previous works on interaction and included in this series. Summary Goffman entitles his essay on face-work as ‘An Analysis of Ritual Elements in Social Interaction’ (Goffman, p.5). He essentially sets out to prove to the reader that social interaction is a ritual game that we act out and play by the rules. It provides us with some new vocabulary including terms and phrases which identify forms of social interaction. One of the main themes it addresses is interaction order, which was Goffman’s starting point of analysis....   [tags: sociology, interactions, language]

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Face to Face with Death in Hagar

- Face to Face with Death in Hagar As Hagar faces implications of growing old, she starts on a tumultuous journey, not one of her own choice, but one of destiny. She goes through different stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance of the fact that death will come, invited or not. At one time every individual is faced with death, horrific to the young, or inviting to the sick and the old. Death is interpreted as the end of existence, but to those who believe in the afterlife, as a whole new chapter of the unknown....   [tags: Hagar Essays]

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Social Media's Impact on Face-to-Face Communication in America

- It has been argued that the strength of one’s society is based upon the social rules it embraces. These rules while sometimes simple and easily identified can at other times be complicated with unwritten presupposed conditions that strong social communities rely upon as their principle governing conduct. This conduct can be exemplified in the way its citizens communicate ideas, interact with one another, accept personal responsibility for their actions, and participate in the community as a whole....   [tags: sociological analysis]

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The Assignment Was Achieved By Aid Of A Face With Face Interview

- The assignment was achieved by aid of a face-to-face interview. The interviewee’s name is Bansri Patel. Bansri is 21 years old, and she is originally from a small village in India where they speak Gujarati as their native language. Bansri first arrived in the United States at 8 years old. At this time she live in the state of Georgia for eight months before moving to New Jersey. Bansri tells me that when she was enrolled in school in Georgia she was placed in the ESOL program. She said, “I had to take that course to be on the same level in English as everyone else....   [tags: Dialect, Second language, English language]

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Social Networking: Has It Replaced Face-To-Face Interactions?

- Ten years ago, if you were to ask a random person on the street how many friends they had, they probably would have thought a short while and told you anywhere from 5 to 20 people in their lives were considered friends. Ask an average college-age person today, and the answer might very well be several hundred. The term ‘friend’ has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to the advent of social networking technology, and the degree to which our culture is now connected to the internet. Computers were just the beginning of our layers of connections....   [tags: Facebook, Internet, Online]

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Conversion of a Face-to-Face Course to an Online Course

- Overview The core curriculum of a majority of programs at the college-level typically includes a requirement for a Biology course with a lab component. Availability of these courses, and their accompanying lab component, can be restricted due to a shortage of the resources required to offer the lab component. These resources include faculty time, laboratory supplies for the physical lab, laboratory facilities, and safety/training resources for lab technicians. Due to the limited availability of these resources, the number of students that are able to get hands-on lab training fails to meet demand....   [tags: curriculum, virtual laboratory]

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Biometric Technology in Verifying a Person's Identity

- ... Flow chart of authentication process is shown in Figure 1. The paper is organized as follows. The implemented facerecognition algorithm is presented in Section 2. In Section 3we make an analysis of recognition process and describes the application of incoming call authentication. Testing is done in Section 4. Finally, some conclusions are given in Section 5. 2. Face Recognition Algorithm This section briefly explains different parts of theprocessing chain. Android SDK (Java) which is intended for the GUI, camera access and Android NDK (C++) intended for the image processingoperations have been used for computing operations....   [tags: authentication, face recognition]

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Branding: Social Media versus Face-To.-Face

- Branding: Social Media versus Face-to -Face Today, social media has become quite the popular way to brand your company and build awareness especially among the younger generations. Back before the social media wave, we used lots and lots of media advertising and marketing tactics that included the newspaper, television and your average wall advertisement to get your brand awareness across to the consumer. Whatever happened to face to face advertising to the consumer. With all the popular ways to advertise and consumers being supersaturated do those few successful companies contain the secret on face-to-face contact with consumers....   [tags: marketing strategies]

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Spatial Proximity During Virtual Communications: Emoticons

- In an effort to alleviate the lack of spatial proximity during virtual communication, emoticons are becoming increasingly prevalent in the realm of instant messaging. Emoticons can be utilized in many different contexts due to their correspondence with spoken and written English. When used appropriately, emoticons will bridge the gap between online and face-to-face communication, and possibly add a new element to the way people converse. Emoticons, or emotion icons, conveys the facial features of one person to another when dialogue is constricted by distance....   [tags: instant messaging, smiley face]

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The New Testament

- In this essay, I would like to address the trend of how people’s mindsets’ have led to misinterpretation of the situation which has in turn led to the rejection of God. In the above scripture, Israel rejects God as their king and asks for God to appoint them an earthly king. The New Testament sees the rejection of Jesus as the prophesied saviour because He did not fit their profile of the saviour. In today’s contemporary society, many people carry the same attitude of the Israelites that God does not understand and that we know better....   [tags: Bible, New Testament, God, Old Testament]

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New Zealand's Agriculture

- It is safe to say that New Zealand is largely a farming nation since farming makes up a high percentage of the country's export earnings. The country's climate ranges from regions in the north that are considered "warm subtropical", to "cool and temperate" in the south. These diverse areas allow for numerous kinds of farming which are vital to New Zealand's economy. All over the country there are deer, llama, ostrich, goat, cattle and sheep farms, and though they get no subsidies from the government, they still play a large part in contributing to overseas markets with their beef, wool, dairy products, other meats, hides, venison (from deer), and goat fiber....   [tags: Climate Environment New Zealand Essays Papers]

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New York City - Original Writing

- Dear cockroaches who attacked me, on the streets of Brooklyn, New York City, I hate you, I hate you in ways you wouldn’t imagine, I’m not sure you have an imagination. But that’s beside the point. Before I get to bashing you I just want to tell you a little about myself, speaking of the circumstances we didn’t get the proper introduction. I’m a Chicago girl, I’ve only come across bugs when every I go into basements and I can tell you I don’t do that much often. I’ve been afraid of butterflies, grass hoppers and other insects since well who knows when....   [tags: New York City, Chicago]

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Development Of Repentance And The New Testament

- Outline • Introduction • Thesis statement • Development of repentance in the Old Testament • Development of repentance in the New Testament • Table showing the timeline of the Old and the New Testament • Areas of dispute • Conclusion Introduction Repentance in general refers to that act of remorsefulness or regretting from what you have done. In the bible, repentance has been greatly covered in both the Old and the New Testament (Maranville 1). The New Testament has a total of twenty seven books with some of them touching on the repentance as a topic....   [tags: Jesus, Bible, Christian terms, New Testament]

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Analysis Of ' Brave New World '

- In Brave New World, it is necessary for the characters to have sex with multiple partners as a way to satisfy their emotional needs, namely love, and this contentedness takes away reasons for starting a rebellion. Early in the text, the Director of the Hatchery in London leads a group of aspiring around the lab as he explains: “Family, monogamy, romance. Everywhere exclusiveness, a narrow channeling of impulse and energy. ‘But everyone belongs to everyone else,’ [Mustapha] concluded, citing the hypnopaedic proverb” (Huxley 40)....   [tags: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Brave New World]

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Questionnaire : ' Smiley Face ' Questionnaire

- The “Smiley Face” Questionnaire Here is an example of a “Smiley Face” Questionnaire. Notice how the questions are constructed in a positive statement, and how the responses are structure so that responses can be categorized and ordered. Now, read and respond to the following survey questions: Think about a group that you have participated in, but that has ended. Please describe the group. A group that I have participated in is a poetry and writing group in high school....   [tags: High school, Leadership, Education]

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A Reproduction Of The Face Of A Neanderthal Man

- The exhibit used for this paper is a reproduction of the face of a Neanderthal man in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. The artist, John Gurche, recreated what a Neanderthal man might look based on the differences in skull structures of Homo neanderthalensis (Neanderthals) and Homo sapiens (modern humans) in order to provide visitors with a more relatable vision of Neanderthals. The exhibit is part of a collection of recreations of extinct hominids meant to provide an image of what ancient hominids may have looked like....   [tags: Human, Neanderthal, Pleistocene, Megafauna]

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Pitching For The New York Yankees

- When people think of baseball, pitchers normally come to mind: starters, relief pitchers and then there are the closers. The closer is a crucial asset for a baseball team, without an outstanding closer a team could fold in the last inning of the game. To be a great closer, one must have excellent control, the ability to outwit a batter, and movement on their pitches. In order to be remembered as one of the all-time greatest closers, they must have the statistics as well as effective pitches. Mariano Rivera, the most well-known closer for the New York Yankees, was able to use his background to further his love for baseball by accomplishing many goals set during his career while also setting...   [tags: Major League Baseball, New York Yankees]

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Face Concerns On The Self Image

- When it comes to this article, the main objective that the authors, Qin Zhang, Stella Ting-Toomey, and John G. Oetzel, had was that they wanted to “to link emotion to the FNT and to examine the relationships of emotion with self-construal, face concerns, and conflict styles.” (Zhang, Toomey, & Oeztel, 2014, p. 374). They wanted to show that when it came to anger, guilt, and compassion, that those emotions brought out conflict in oneself, mostly in the United States and China. It is in the end the authors concluded that “Face concerns have direct and indirect effects on conflict styles and provided further validation of a key theoretical premise of the FNT framework” (Zhang, Toomey, & Oeztel...   [tags: Theory, Scientific method, Explanation, Empathy]

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The Face in the Courthouse Window

- The Face in the Courthouse Window On a stormy night in January 1878, an angry mob of citizens gathered in Carrollton, Alabama with one purpose in mind. Even though the wind blew hard and thunder roared, their eyes were locked on a single window in the courthouse and their cries for justice kept them from hearing the coming storm. They were there to get revenge from the man who had burned the symbol of their recovery from Yankee defeat (Windham and Fish 64). A suspect had been arrested on circumstantial evidence and was being held in the attic....   [tags: unsolved mysteries, Alabama]

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