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The Economy of the Netherlands

- The economy of the Netherlands is a wealthy, but small trading nation. The Netherlands has a population of 16.8 million and it accounts for 0.24% of the world’s population, 3.6% of the world’s exported goods and 0.9% of the world’s GDP. While the Netherlands hold the 18th spot of the largest economy, it is the world’s eighth largest exporter of goods. The economy of the Netherlands was badly affected by the Global Financial Crisis due to its open economy. As a member of the European Union, and therefore subject to the EU's debt, the Netherlands are limited in how it can tackle its economic problems and has chosen to implement austerity measures which are clearly not working....   [tags: population, financial crisis, ]

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The Kingdom of the Netherlands

- The Kingdom of the Netherlands The country called the Kingdom of the Netherlands, or more often simply the Netherlands, is an intriguing place. Common images associated with this country include decorative wooden shoes, large white Dutch hats on little girls, elaborate systems of dikes, wooden windmills, and fields of colorful tulips. A land of diverse and varied history, the Netherlands has overcome intriguing struggles in many centuries, impacting the world despite its diminutive size. Among the smaller countries in Europe, the Netherlands’ ranks thirty-first out of forty-five countries....   [tags: Geography ]

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The Government Of The Netherlands

- agreement was the NMP-4. Within the agreements in NMP-4 , the government of the Netherlands seeks to cut back all forms of pollution by over 85 percent within the next generation.1 This will promote the idea of passing on a clean environment to the next generation. In order to effectively understand the policy creation in Netherlands, you must first understand the government structure. In February 2010, the country 's cabinet fell. Snap elections were held in June and in October 2010, Mark Rutte of the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy was named the country’s new prime minister....   [tags: Kyoto Protocol, Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide]

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The Foundation of the Netherlands

- ... He looked up and saw a small hole in the dike and watched a tiny stream of water flowing out of it. Quickly Hansje inserted his chubby finger in the hole and the flow of water stopped. All night he plugged the hole in the dike, numb with cold and fear. At daybreak, a clergyman walked along the top of the dike and saw Hansje. He quickly summoned help. So did Hansje prevent a disastrous flood (Brouwer). The dikes were very useful in World War Two. Most of the time the dikes were not strong enough for the heavy tanks of the Germans....   [tags: churches, terpen, dutch]

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Belgium and the Netherlands

- Belgium and the Netherlands Around the world, there are various types of political systems. Some countries may be federalist, monarchist, or unitary. Countries geographically close to each other can have different political systems. Belgium was once a colony of the Netherlands before becoming independent in 1830. Although both countries continue to have a presence of a constitutional monarchy, Belgium has a different political system from the Netherlands. One can find differences in the formal institutions of Belgium and the Netherlands by observing their political institutions, voting methods, and government makeup....   [tags: political systems, political institutions]

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Canada and the Netherlands

- Though the events of the past certainly have a direct influence on the world today. The ardent relationship that lies between Canada and the Netherlands can be referenced to the pretentious days nearing the end of the Second World War. Where Canada had played a significant role as liberators in Holland during this misfortunate time. Canada had provided the Dutch Royal Family with a safe haven. Canadians fought battles through France, Belgium, the Scheldt, and Germany before being sent back to the Netherlands....   [tags: World History, Influence, World War II, Holland]

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The Netherlands

- The Netherlands The Netherlands is low-lying country in western Europe located west of Germany and north of Belgium. According to a 1993 estimate, the Netherlands had a population of 15,224,942. The overall population density was about 449 persons per sq km (about 1162 per sq mi) which makes it one of the most densely populated countries in the world. About 89 percent of the population live in urban areas. The largest cities are Amsterdam (population, 1992 estimate, 713,407), the country's capital; Rotterdam (589,707), one of the world's leading seaports; The Hague (445,287), the nation's seat of government; and Utrecht (232,705), a manufacturing hub....   [tags: Papers]

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The Netherlands' Economy

- The Netherlands is a highly industrialized, prosperous nation with an open, mixed economy that is one of the top ten richest nations in the world with the 17th largest economy in the world. Historically, the Dutch introduced and invented the stock market by a group of buyers and sellers of stocks by merchandise trading through a charter company established in 1602 called Dutch East India Company, which was an association formed by investors on shareholders for the purpose of trade, exploration, and colonization....   [tags: European nations, Holland]

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The Between The United States And The Netherlands

- “According to the Department of State, which the Netherlands has been shown to have a Parliamentary system, which it has been used to protect all human, right issues including women, and immigrants” (N.P., 2000). The Department of State has also explained that the “United States and the Netherlands have been members for the longest time dating back in the beginning of the American Revolution” (N.P., 2000). “But the Netherlands has also chipped in to help the United States of America by becoming their third investor” (N.P., 2013)....   [tags: United States, European Union, United Kingdom]

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The Effect of Global Warming on The Netherlands

- On the coast of the North Sea, west of Germany and north of Belgium, sits the Netherlands. This country is best known for windmills, tulips, cheese and clogs, and for having Amsterdam as its capital. However, this country faces great risks as sea level rises. As the name may suggest, approximately half of the Netherlands lies less than one meter above sea level, and about an eighth of it actually lies below sea level, with the lowest city being at seven meters below (McKinney, 2007). Currently, a system of dams, dykes and dunes protect from flooding and storm surges, with 1-in-10,000 years protections (Butzengeiger & Horstmann, 2004)....   [tags: Climate Change, Argumentative Essay]

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The Netherlands and World War II

- Throughout World War II the Netherlands was a place of oppression and starvation as more than 200,000 Dutch were killed. The German rule of Holland began in 1940 and ended in 1945. A few of the major events in this time period was the royal Dutch family being exiled, the hunger winter, the bombing of Rotterdam, Operation Market Garden, and the Dutch resistance. At the point when the Netherlands was attacked on May 10, 1940, the Dutch people were not ready for Nazi Occupation. For the Netherlands, the activities of the Nazis were inconceivable, because of their stance of neutrality since World War One....   [tags: dutch resistance, hanger, oppression]

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The Healthcare System And The Netherlands

- Netherlands Healthcare To further understand the US healthcare system and put in context how health coverage is provided to its population it is important to compare the US health system to another country like the Netherlands. In the Netherlands healthcare coverage has been achieved through competitive insurance markets similar to the US and the Dutch government does not control prices, productive capacity or funds but instead only acts as a regulator (Daley & Gubb, 2011). In 2006 the Dutch government held healthcare reforms because the country faced an issue that was very similar to the US, in regards to healthcare coverage inequalities, the population was covered through private and publi...   [tags: Health insurance, Health care, Medicine]

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Netherlands vs. United States

- When thinking of the Netherlands, or Holland as most people recognize it, what comes to mind is typically a picture of a blond haired girl wearing wooden shoes and holding a basket of bread standing in a field of tulips with a windmill turning in the background, or the idea of standing in a busy city in the red-light district surrounded by bicyclists, drunk teenagers and people selling drugs legally. While both cliches hold their own truth about the country, much more lies beneath the tulips and drugs....   [tags: International Government ]

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Economy of the Netherlands

- The Netherlands has been a trading nation for centuries due to its open economy and outlook. The Dutch are seasoned travellers. They are proficient in languages and skilled in negotiating trade agreements and implementing projects against the odds. As an open economy, the Netherlands is susceptible to international developments, notably in recent years the global recession – which has been exacerbated by falling share prices, the attacks of 11 September 2001, the war in Iraq and the outbreak of SARS....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Euthanasia in the Netherlands

- As most countries abstain from the right to euthanasia, the Lower House of Parliament on November 28, 2000 passed a bill, legalizing euthanasia in the Netherlands. Will this law impact the beliefs and ideals of other countries and cause them to re-evaluate their medical procedures. In “Why Physicians. Reflections on the Netherlands’ New Euthanasia Law,” Jos V. M. Welie provides a descriptive overview of the history of the Dutch penal code on euthanasia in the Netherlands. In “Euthanizing Life,” John F....   [tags: Euthanasia, Physician Assisted Suicide]

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Flooding in the Netherlands

- Flooding in the Netherlands On January 31st 1995 the Rhine was bursting its banks at the point where it enters the Netherlands. There was heavy rain over most of Europe at that particular time this year. Switzerland received three times its January average and the snow off the Alps melted early and quickly. The ground was saturated because of the heavy downpours as and that then once that had drained down it transfers into high water levels and overland flow. Most of the land which surrounds the Rhine consists of polders which are low-lying areas enclosed by protective embankments-these are called dykes....   [tags: Papers]

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Crime in the Netherlands

- Over the years, there has been much discussion regarding the relationship between crime and religious sects. How were crime justified. Where and how were the robberies committed. In the article "Crime in the Netherlands in the sixteenth century" Janzma studies the issue of robbery in relation to the Appelman-Batenburg group and the followers of Johan Willems by exploring the socioeconomic and political conditions responsible for their survival. According to the author, the Appelman-Batenburg sect was more organized than most since they had organized a criminal network of spies, locksmiths and goldsmiths....   [tags: Crime Essays]

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Issues of the Legalized Female Prostitution in the Netherlands

- Receiving money to perform sexual actions has become either a lifestyle choice or a hostile option for the female prostitutes in the Netherlands, particularly in the city of Amsterdam. The participants involved in the legalized policy of prostitution are subjected to ambiguous impacts which involve social, political, health, and economic divisions. Since prostitution was legalized as of the year 2000, Amsterdam has seen a decline in criminal activity, allowing workers an increase in autonomy, and provides better labor conditions....   [tags: hooker, Amsterdam, sex]

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War on Drugs: Germany compared to the Netherlands

- The War on Drugs One of the key aspects to consider when evaluating domestic political actors preferences towards policies pertaining to illegal drug use in both the Netherlands and Germany is to evaluate their ideological differences. The Netherlands attitude towards drug policy revolves around limiting the negative impacts illegal drug use has on society by implementing laws catered towards decriminalization. On the other hand, Germany considers drugs a detriment to society and promotes legislation that proactively restricts the flow of supply and demand of illegal drugs within the country....   [tags: Drug Enforcement, Sociology]

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Euthanasia in The Netherlands: Death Is Not a Doctor's Duty

- “No problem is solved by destroying the thing involved” (Fenigsen). Euthanasia could be defined as destroying the person with the problem in general terms. By euthanizing the person with the disease, nothing substantial is accomplished. By legalizing euthanasia, doctors are taking advantage of the power they are given to heal people. Also, patients feel pressured to make decisions they might not necessarily want to make. The medical field is focused on euthanasia as an option to actually treating the patients, so patients do not feel safe being admitted into hospitals....   [tags: Patient, Decisions ]

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Puritan Escape from England to the Netherlands

- ... The Puritans believed that women, children and servants should be obedient to males or the head of the household and subservient to their husbands authority. In exchange for a safe haven and a roof over their heads, they were expected to obey their husbands and be thankful for their position. Even though women were considered inferior, there were a few rights that they were granted. Most men would often leave the household duties to the women to delegate or complete without interference which they believed created peace between genders....   [tags: protestant, children utopia]

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Everything You Eve Wanted to Know About The Netherlands

- ... They don’t like it when people ask about personal questions like “how much money you make a year?” They find those types of questions very rude in the country of Netherlands. Most people there don’t like the idea of drugs. When they see someone do that they will get upset. Netherlands is okay with thing such as gay rights, abortion, and freedom of speech. Dutch people shake hands when meeting people. They also give three kisses on cheeks if they know you well (TripAdvisor LLC, 2014). People there are very punctual for meetings....   [tags: independence, climate, culture]

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The Rise of the Netherlands and the Decline of Spain

- The Rise of the Netherlands and the Decline of Spain The reputation of the Netherlands as an important country increased in prominence during the 'early modern period' of history, that being 1500-1700. This essay intends to show that their 'rise' can be shown in terms of both a cause and also symptomatic of Spain's decrease in significance over the same period. The Spanish 'decline' largely concerns the period between 1600 and 1650, when Phillip III went from "monarch of the world"[i] (New Cambridge Modern History Volume 4 (1970), pp....   [tags: Papers]

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- The Netherlands The Netherlands, officially Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a constitutional monarchy located in Northwest Europe. The Netherlands Antilles is part of the state and consists of islands in the Caribbean. The Netherlands is often called Holland after a historic region, part of the present day nation. The country is bounded on the North and West by the North Sea, on the East by Germany, and on the South by Belgium. Land is scarce in the Netherlands and is fully exploited. The natural landscapes have been altered over the centuries....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Social Security Systems in the Netherlands

- From decades social security policies are in question all across the Europe. Moreover, the future expectations of changes in the social security systems due to the variations in household structures and ageing of the society bear new social security systems. As most of the European countries the Netherlands, had a substantial growth in the 1960s. After the oil crises, the economy of the Netherlands worsened. Despite the successful creation of a large number of new jobs in the 1980s the growth of unemployment continued and remained persistent in character and still today....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Drug Laws of the Netherlands

- -Drug Laws of The Netherlands – Is a Permissive Legal System Better than a Restrictive One in the Case of Drugs. Introduction The Netherlands is one of the most highly developed countries in the world. It is an international, well-integrated country with policies that are among the world’s most liberal. In fact, The Netherlands has perhaps the most liberal view on drug use than any other country and has even gone to the extreme of extraordinarily relaxing its laws regarding ‘soft’ drugs. However, a common misconception about drugs in the Netherlands is that people believe they have been legalized there....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Immigrants Flock to the Netherlands Due to Booming Economy

- Should the political party PVV be excluded from the political arena (landscape) when it treats immigrants unequal to natives. The Netherlands is often referred to as an immigration country because of the large number of immigrants (around 3,122,717 immigrants). Since 1960, many foreign people come to the Netherlands in the hope of finding work and securing a better future for themselves. The large number of immigrants was mainly due to the booming economy at that time, many people came to work in the Netherlands and many also stayed....   [tags: politics, dutch, government]

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A Comparative Study of Regional Planning in Britain and the Netherlands

- The first selected article is “A Comparative Study of Regional Planning in Britain and the Netherlands” which is written by Ashok K. Dutt in 1970. While there is not any guiding question asked in the paper, author highlights the importance of the developments in Regional Planning after World War II. He believes that the organic integrations of cities are over, and an era of a more integrated and comprehensive planning has started. Within the development process of comprehensive regional planning, he emphasizes on two country systems (Dutt, 1970)....   [tags: regional planning]

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Different Types Of Culture For An Example Germany And Netherlands

- What is devotion. Is the dictionary definition the correct definition to explain everything. The Merriam Webster dictionary states the definition that is well known to be, “a feeling of strong love or loyalty: the quality of being devoted: the use of time, money, energy, etc., for a particular purpose”. It also gives many examples of devotions like, “how devotion can be seen in prayer, worship, or other religious activities that are done in private rather than in a religious service”. Nevertheless devotion is not seen differently from time to time it is seen different through many countries....   [tags: Religion, Ritual, Human, Webster's Dictionary]

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The Netherlands' Poltical System

- The Netherlands' Poltical System The nature of the political system of the Netherlands is particularly interesting. Due to the fact that its system was particularly affected by World war II. The Netherlands suffered a brutal invasion by the Germans, during World War II. The Kingdom of the Netherlands was formed in 1815. In 1830 Belgium seceded and formed a separate kingdom. The Netherlands remained neutral in World War I but suffered a brutal invasion and occupation by Germany in World War II....   [tags: Papers]

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History of New Netherlands

- The people of New Netherland are often thought to be Dutch, mainly due to the colony being founded by the West India Company which was governed by the Dutch. However, this area, which became New York in 1664 after being seized by England, was home to a diverse population of European immigrants. These settlers came from Holland, Sweden, France, Germany, and other surrounding areas. I wanted to learn more about this distinct group of people than Roark mentioned in our textbook, so I visited a website found at to discover more....   [tags: people, dutch, new york]

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Netherlands Case Study

- Netherlands Case Study The Netherlands is situated in northwest Europe. It is a small country with an area of 41,863 sq km much of which is flat ground. This classic home of windmills and tulips, is in a constant battle with the sea to save its land. In that effort it uses 1,500 miles of dykes, a tidal barrage and additional innovative technologies to protect itself from floods. On 31st January 1995 the Rhine burst its banks at the point where the Rhine enters the Netherlands....   [tags: Papers]

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Netherlands' Immigration Policy Effects the Survival Development of the Undocumented Migrants

- ... These rights are the least likely to be disagreed upon, and also have the strongest claim to universality. As Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.” Clearly, survival rights apply to all human beings, as they are the most basic preconditions for a person to maintain livelihood....   [tags: human rights, health care, prejudice]

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The Role of the Netherlands on Illegal Deforestation in the Amazon by Importing Brazilian Beef

- Introduction containing a) background to the research problem, b) references to empirical literature on what is known about the subject, c) references to empirical ‘gaps‘ (no or little information, bad information, etc.), d) references to the research relevance, and e) clear and well formulated research question(s) (500 words) Brazil’s economy is growing rapidly. The country has gained the sixt position of the world’s largest economy in the world (Boekhout van Solinge & Kuijpers, 2013: 209). The expanding cattle industry plays an important role for their economic growth....   [tags: cattle, economy, resources, rainforest]

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Theoretical Framework The Role of the Netherlands on Illegal Deforestation in the Amazon by Importing Brazilian Beef

- Theoretical Framework An important part of this paper is to outline a theoretical framework regarding the researchquestion that I asked in the beginning: “What is the role of the Netherlands in contributing to Amazon deforestation by importing Brazilian Beef?”. Let us take a closer look to two essential parts of this research, namely globalisation and green criminology, to get an better idea of what we are talking about. Globalisation Although it is disputed that globalisation is a new phenomenon, it certainly points out the complexity of meat consumption nowadays....   [tags: globalisation, green, criminology, methods]

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Land Use Planning in the Netherlands and the United States

- What can land use planners and decision-makers in the United States learn from planning practices in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has accepted comprehensive land use planning as a standard practice and integrates all levels of municipalities and communities in decision-making. However, in many municipalities in the United States, there are still difficulties in obtaining community action, control, and understanding of the existing plans and proposed policies. The Netherlands and the United States have similar challenges in land use planning....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Nederland: The Dutch Plural Society

- The word “Nederland” was used to describe the geographical situation of the land, since “neder” is the Dutch term for low/down and “land” simply means land in Dutch. Since the country is very flat and not undulating, the name fits perfectly to describe this area. In the 15th century, the Netherland consisted of the upper and the lower land. Later in that time, both of the areas fell to a European Dynasty. The regions now became one country, known as the Netherlands. Holland is a slightly incorrect way to refer to the Netherlands....   [tags: Netherlands, Dutch, Holland, Hollander]

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Management And Human Resource Management

- People management, Personnel management and Human Resource management all go in one heading. People management is said to be the responsibility of all managers and supervisors who manage people. This is concerned with people at work and with their relationships with the business. The main aim of this management is to achieve successful justice and efficiency for the business. It also brings the members of the enterprise to develop an effective organization. (IPM, 1963) There are two factors under people management: Internal and External factors....   [tags: Recruitment, Management, Netherlands, Employment]

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Holland : A Laboratory Of The World

- Holland: A Laboratory Of the World The Netherlands, also known as Holland, has progressive social policies (1). The Dutch are also friendly and accommodating. America, as a puritanical society, has views that are contrary to Holland’s. Thus, Holland has a practical philosophy that is very different from the US regarding teen pregnancies and prostitution, the use of recreational drugs, same-sex marriage, and euthanasia. Generally, the Dutch have a pragmatic tolerance regarding various social policies....   [tags: Human trafficking, Prostitution, Netherlands]

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Description Of Recruitment And Selection Processes

- Description of recruitment and selection processes There is a certain policy within the Bibliotheek Arnhem regarding recruitment and selection. However, first should be stated that this policy or method of recruiting and selecting is not used as much as in the earlier days of the organisation. The reason for this is that the industry is shrinking. The local governments in the Netherlands subsidize all public libraries whereas these organisations are not privately owned. Lynn Leeman said their income from the local government in Arnhem has been decreasing for the last couple of periods....   [tags: Employment, Recruitment, Netherlands, Candidate]

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Brugel´s Paintings as Analized by Perez Zagorin´ in Szymborska’s two monkeys: The Stammering Poet and The Chain of Signs.

- Perez Zagorin provides those backgrounds in his article, Szymborska’s two monkeys: The Stammering Poet and The Chain of Signs. He said that even though Bruegel is well known as one of the greatest artist in Netherlands and Northern Renaissance sixteenth centuries, he has no apparent records of his birth and educational backgrounds (Zagorin 73). While a number of scholars suggest religious and biblical themes for his paintings, there have been numerous contradictions and disagreements on his paintings....   [tags: Netherlands, Painter, Themes]

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Negotiating Differences Glimpses Into A Canadian Interracial Relationship By Bina Mehta And Kevin Spooner

- For my Identity Essay I read Negotiating Differences Glimpses into a Canadian Interracial Relationship by Bina Mehta and Kevin Spooner. The chapter talks about their relationships and some of the conflicts they faced as an interracial couple. The chapter I read opened my eyes to Culture and Conflict. The story discussed conflict between Bina and Kevin, and their relationship with Binas parents. Binas parents were unimpressed that Bina decided to marry a man from a different culture, which is an untraditional act....   [tags: Grandparent, Family, Canada, Netherlands]

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Should the Drinking Age be Lowered in the United States?

- Should the United States follow other countries in their quest to end the debate on the drinking age. The United States can take a look at other States such as: Germany, the Netherlands and France, and see how successful they are. Many teenagers would jump on the bandwagon of lowering the drinking age just because they want to have the ability to drink, the argument of being able to die for the United States but can’t drink and it would take away the “Forbidden Fruit” of drinking. Much of the older generations would jump on the bandwagon of keeping the drinking age the same because they had to wait to drink, because drinking has adverse effects on the brain and drinking could lead to binge...   [tags: Germany, Netherlands, France, alcohol]

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Van Gogh: A Brief Biography

- The Artists Life It was where the land lay low, and fitted with a crazy network of levees, dikes and damns stretched out like the arms of a protective mother, with the purpose of staving back the constant danger of floods, especially during the electric autumn storms. If you were able to take a topographical view of these Netherlands, especially in the southern regain where lie the village of Groot Zundert, it would appear to be blanketed with a cloak made of a familiar green color, familiar that is, if you had ever viewed the works of Vincent William van Gogh....   [tags: Art, Painter, Netherlands]

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The Right to Sexuality

- Imagine if you were mistreated, abused or even murdered by your government and its people, purely due to the fact that your sexual orientation is not considered normal. Gay and transgender people are denied many of the basic liberties that we take for granted. In many countries across the world this is the plight of homosexual and transgender people, as they struggle for their Right to Sexuality. The Right to Sexuality is expressed as, “Every woman, man, youth and child has the human right to freedom of sexual orientation....   [tags: netherlands, gay, transgender]

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The, Rex And Tibben Line

- The chart above displays on the known ancestors of John Bigony Rex. The Bigony, Rex and Tibben line reaches the furthest back in time to European births in the 1600 's. The chart greens circles represent the birth and growth of the American dream, when men and women alike risked all to journey across an ocean to distant land called America. It was a time of kings, war and persecution. Our brave forefathers were farmers, blacksmiths, fishermen and laborers. But they became the building blocks for what will become a nation shining beacon of hope that will transform our world....   [tags: Netherlands, Dutch people, State religion]

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Citizens from France and The Netherlands rejected the Constitutional Treaty in 2005 referenda and Irish citizens rejected the Lisbon treaty in a 2008

- There have always been controversies surrounding the treaties in the post-Maastricht era. Such practices did not pass by the Constitutional and Lisbon treaties. The rejection of these two treaties had a major political impact on Europe as a whole. 29th of May 2005, was a memorable day in the history of the European Union. That particular date is connected with the referendum in France, regarding the ratification of the Constitutional Treaty and most importantly with the ‘non’ votes that were louder than the ‘oui’ votes....   [tags: Politics, The Lisbon Treaty]

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Europe: The Lisbon Treaty

- The Lisbon treaty followed the disastrous Constitutional Treaty of 2004 that was rejected in referendums in France and the Netherlands. After a period of reflection, negotiations began for another treaty (Laursen, 2013:9). These negotiations continued for months, after which it was left to the Portuguese presidency to complete the Treaty, and thus the Treaty became known as the Lisbon Treaty. It was signed in Lisbon on 13 December 2007, but only entered into force on 1 December 2009 following ratification problems, particularly in Ireland (Cini and Borragen, 2013:51)....   [tags: france, netherlands, law, treaty reform]

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Tony Judt 's Comprehensive Account Of Europe Following World War II

- Postwar, Tony Judt’s comprehensive account of Europe following World War II, covers each European nation and the social, political, and economic issues that arose in the following WWII. The majority of Judt’s book focuses on the influence of countries like England, France, and Germany as leaders in political, economic, and military affairs. However, states like Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands are given proper consideration as integral components of the complex interdependent community that is Europe....   [tags: Netherlands, European Union, Pim Fortuyn, Belgium]

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The Multinational Corporation / Company

- A multinational corporation/ company is an organization doing business in more than one country. A MNC engages in numerous activities like exporting, importing, and developing in different countries. MNCs have worldwide participation and a worldwide viewpoint in its management and decision- making. When choosing a MNC and product you must find what product or service will succeed the most supreme in that country. Therefore, we decided to choose Seatylock as our product and the Netherlands as our country....   [tags: Currency, United States dollar, Euro, Netherlands]

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Oversea Greed

- The Netherlands have been a long time tolerant and rich land. The country opened the Bank of Amsterdam and ran a major trade business incomparable to any other. Although small, the territory bore a perfect harbor for ships of the time. Up until the late 17th century the Dutch Republic had a successful nation, unified under a booming economy. When England and other alliances shifted, the Dutch Republic would experience immense turmoil. England’s reasoning behind allying with the Spanish was solely for personal economic gain and power, by destroying the Dutch unity and economy it left room for England to become the most powerful commerce....   [tags: Dutch Republic, The Netherlands]

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Characteristic of Germany and the Netherland's Welfare Systems

- Germany Germany’s welfare state was introduced under Bismarck during the 19th century. His welfare system would survive throughout Germany’s existence and continue in West Germany after the nation’s spit following World War Two. The traditional system has four main characteristics which remained generally unchanged up until the Chancellor Kolh’s administration. The first of these characteristics is that it was a wage-centred social insurance system. Rather than a general tax the system is financed by wage-based contributions, which allows for the contributor to more closely get out what he paid into....   [tags: insurance, unemployment, disability]

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The Dutch Republic Downfall

- ... England was the main competitors of the Dutch for trade during this time period, and these seizing of ships made perfect sense if the English wanted to come out on top. For example, these conflicts are shown on a map of the naval battles between the English and Dutch, during the years 1652-1674, (Doc. 1). On the map the most battles occurred between the Dutch trade route that went through waters close to England, which ended up being one of the biggest challenges to the Dutch republic militarily....   [tags: history of the Netherlands]

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The Spanish And Dutch Colonies

- The Spanish were the first to colonize North America and their approach lacked moral compass. This quote, taken from the writings of a Dominican priest, only scratches the surface of the relationship between the Natives and the Spanish. “The Indians [of hispaniola] were totally deprived of their freedom and were put in the harshest, fiercest, most horrible servitude The Spanish, French, and Dutch colonies in North America all interacted with the Native Americans during the 16th century. Spain’s extreme subjugating approach and views on freedom and religion differed from the accepting and collaborative views of the French and the Dutch....   [tags: Colonialism, Latin America, Netherlands]

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This Earth Of Mankind By Pramoedya Anata Toer

- In the novel; This Earth of Mankind by Pramoedya Anata Toer, Toer introduces a character who is a Nyai. The novel is set in Indonesia in the 1900s during the Dutch colonialism. He presents the negative ideas that many characters have towards her and defines the meaning of how a Nyai is represented throughout the novel. Many other writers also tackle the representation of a Nyai and their role in society. In the novel Nyai Ontosoroh breaks away from the stereotypes by resisting what a Nyai is suppose to be by controlling her own freedom and resisting the power that the Dutch want to have over her....   [tags: Netherlands, Dutch people, The Europeans, Europe]

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The Atlantic Slave Trade

- The The Atlantic slave trade was and is enormously significant. The slave trade was only one part of the international network that shaped the world between 1450 and 1750. Not only did Europeans break into the Indian Ocean spice trade, but American silver allowed greater participation in the commerce of East Asia. Another big key was that fur trapping and trading changed commerce as well as the natural environment. Europeans wanted commercial connections with Asia. Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama both sought for a route to Asia....   [tags: Slavery, British Empire, Netherlands, Africa]

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Decriminalization And Regulation Of The Sex Trade

- Introduction: This study will define the continued decriminalization and regulation of the sex trade in Canada and in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has historically had a progressive policy in the non-criminalization of the sex trade workers, but recently, the official regulation of laws protecting worker’s rights in the sex trade has been established. In a similar way, Canada also possessed a non-criminalized history of prostitution, which has become increasingly progressive in regulating labor rights in this commercial sector....   [tags: Prostitution, Sex industry, Law]

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The Global Problem of Prostitution

- The exploitation of prostitution is considered to be one of a serious global issue in most of the countries around the world. Also, the number of prostitution is increasing tremendously each year and seems to be more serious than the past centuries. However, yet very few to none of the countries have completely solved this problem. Saudi Arabia and Netherlands are two examples of the countries that prostitution is still considered to be a problem that the government of both countries cannot ignore....   [tags: Prostitution]

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Wars Between Spain And France

- The wars between England and Spain was a shifting of power in Europe. A cause of the wars was the imprisonment and execution of Mary Stuart Queen of Scots. The Netherlands wanting to break away from Spain was a cause of the war. Elizabeth sending aid and troops to the Netherlands was another cause of the war. Mary Stuart was the direct heir of Scotland. She was a Catholic. Many people in England wanted to see Mary the Queen and make England a Catholic nation. This worried Queen Elizabeth and had Mary put under house arrest for nineteen years....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Uniquity of the Early United States

- While it would not become entirely unequaled as a country, the creation of the United States was indeed unique, differentiated amongst others in the sum of its conflicting society, its premature development, and the means by which it continued in its existence. Creating the country involved assimilating numerous ideas from varied origins, though these would later nearly rend it in two. Though it lacked normal criteria of developing nations, the United States compensated in ways that made it equal or possibly better than other countries....   [tags: creation, connected community, principle]

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The Malleable State: Examining the Dutch Welfare Model

- International Political Economy The Malleable State: Examining the Dutch Welfare Model In his first annual speech to the Dutch parliament, King Willem-Alexander declared the end of the welfare state: “Due to social developments such as globalization and an ageing population, our labour market and public services are no longer suited to the demands of the times . . . The classic welfare state of the second half of the 20th century in these areas in particular brought forth arrangements that are unsustainable in their current form." ("Dutch King Willem-Alexander," 2013)....   [tags: globalization, population, government, market]

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Benefits Of A New Market Entry Criteria For Innospark

- Upon review, these are the countries that compliment the market entry criteria for Innospark. Although, not one single county was able to satisfy all of the market requirements, these countries still seem lucrative enough to stimulate demand. Before expanding Innospark should fix a few things. According the Innospark FAQ’s, customers have complained about products being damaged (Innospark, 2016). In order for the company to avoid losing profit the shipping situation should be resolved before thinking about expanding any further....   [tags: Primary education, School, Secondary education]

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IKEA: An Innovative Furniture Company

- History and Primary Business IKEA is an established innovated furniture company; founded by Ingvar Kamprad in the early nineteen hundreds. Ingvar Kamprad was raised in Sweden and as a boy he was a young entrepreneur. He began his business career by buying [fire] matches in bulks and selling them individually to make a profit in his neighborhood. As his business continued to bloom he expended to selling fish, seeds, Christmas decorations, pencils and ballpoint pens. Kamprad was clever in utilizing resources by delivering his goods by bicycle (IKEA History, 2013)....   [tags: business analysis]

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How significant was the Reformed faith to the success of the Dutch Revolt?

- The Dutch Revolt, In the sixteenth century, was a conflict between the Protestant Low Countries, and the Catholic Spanish Empire. This resulted in the division of the seventeen provinces of the Netherlands, and eventually the formation of the Dutch Republic. The Dutch speaking north were tolerant to various religious affiliations, whereas, the French and Walloon South, remained loyal to Philip II, and were predominantly Catholic. In order to establish the significance of reformed faith in the success of the Dutch Revolt, this assignment will explore some of the events surrounding the uprising....   [tags: History]

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Does More Money Invested in Education Translate into Better Scores?

- How does the amount of money spent on education affect the test scores of the countries as well as the level of education of the population. I am curious to see if the amount of money allotted for education affects the success rate of the student. I personally believe that the amount of money invested in the student will cause a difference in the height of the test scores and it will encourage student to further their education. Because if you don’t invest in education you wont grow in education....   [tags: education, standardized assesment]

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The Ethical Argument Of Physician Assisted Suicide

- Today’s societies are developing at a faster rate than thought humanly possible with new technological and medical advancements unearthed each day. Although the world today is advancing, many regions of the world still struggle with an archaic controversy that has plagued mankind for centuries. Physician assisted suicide is the doctoral practice of intentionally providing someone with the means to commit suicide, this is includes but is not limited to the administration of lethal drugs, or the allocation of knowledge to commit suicide....   [tags: Euthanasia, Death, Suicide, United States]

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The Dutch And German Nazi Party

- During The War, the Netherlands had roughly 8.9 million people, 140,000 of which were Dutch/Immigrant Jews. After the German invasion of neutral Netherlands, the Nazi’s placed a German citizen by the name of Arthur Seyss- Inquart as the leader of occupied Netherlands. Arthur removed all other political parties except for the Dutch Nazi Party (Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging or NSB for short). He created a Jewish Council that was supposed to ‘regulate’ the Jewish population. Overall,the Dutch Resistance created far-reaching effects, and through acts of active resistance, they were able to survive the horrors of World War Two....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Germany, World War II]

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The Hunger Winter

- At the outbreak of World War II, the Netherlands again declared its neutrality. However, Nazi Germany ignored this and German forces invaded the country on May 10, 1940. Aided by Dutch collaborationists, the Germans set up an occupation regime. Little did they know how horrific this war would affect all the Netherlands' people. Despite valiant efforts made on the part of the Dutch military, the Netherlands fell to the Germans after only five days of fighting. Even after the invasion, many citizens proclaimed their opposition to the Nazi regime openly....   [tags: World Cultures]

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The Right Way Of Handling The War On Drugs

- When it comes to the punishment for the use and sale of illicit drugs each country has its own set of guidelines and principles for what they believe is the right way of handling the “war on drugs”. What may be considered socially tolerable in one part of the world may be punishable to the highest extent in another part. Countries such as Portugal, Switzerland, and Netherlands take a different approach to the laws and policies set on the most illicit drugs in the United States such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine and etc....   [tags: Drug addiction, Illegal drug trade, Heroin]

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Prison Sentences For Nonviolent Crimes

- As previously stated, the US contributes to more than a quarter of the global population of incarcerated people. European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands have decreased their incarceration rate to 79 and 82 people per 100,000 compared to the United States rate which is 716 per 100,000. A report created by the Vera Institute of Justice claims that Germany and the Netherlands were successful in reducing incarceration rates because they are focused on resocialization and rehabilitation rather than America prisons which focus on punishment and isolation....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Recidivism, Penology]

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Why the Dutch Failed to Save Their Jews During World War II

- Synopsis A single telegram ended the peace. This small piece of paper meant the death of thousands of people. It was the Nazis declaration of war on the Netherlands. One of the most anti-Semitic regimes in recent history now occupied a country who had housed Jews for the last few centuries. Critics have blamed the large amounts of Jewish deaths on the lack of Dutch resistance to the Nazis. However, it was not the lack of moral responsibility amongst the non-Jews, but the insufficient finances and food supplies that caused the decimation of horrific amounts of Dutch Jews during World War II....   [tags: Nazis, War, World History]

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The American Prison System Of The United States

- Brittany Weinstein Today, with only 5% of the world’s population, the U.S. has more than 20% of the world’s prison population; that makes it the world’s largest jailer. One in one hundred ten adults are incarcerated in a prison or local jail in the U.S. One in thirty-five adults are under some form of correctional control, counting prison, jail, parole and probation populations. This marks the highest rate of imprisonment in American history. (American Civil Liberties Union) As much as one would like to think so, the United States no longer has a correctional system that rehabilitates....   [tags: Prison, United States, Crime, Recidivism]

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Influence Of National Institutions On Part Time Arrangements

- In today’s rapidly-changing business environment, the need for labor market flexibility is crucial for companies to adapt and respond to change. Working time arrangements allow companies to compete better in globalised economy, and allow employees to achieve work-life balance. There are various types of working time arrangements (WTAs) such as part-time work, unusual working hours, flexible working hours and shift work. Part-time work is one of the most commonly used ‘atypical’ WTAs in Europe, shaping working time regimes across countries and mapping work-life balance patterns....   [tags: Working time, Employment, Industry]

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The Effects Of Pornography On Adolescent Development

- Coming of age or cuming too soon. The effects of pornography on adolescent development Pornography, as a growing industry in the 21st century, has a negative impact on youth’s perception of the formation of self-respecting, generous, sexual and romantic relationships. A central developmental task for youth and young adults is learning to establish romantic and sexual relationships. However, access to explicit sexual content may compromise one’s ability to establish and maintain healthy intimate relationships....   [tags: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality]

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Low Countries in The Simpsons

- The perception of a culture from outside is important for it influences the culture itself as well as economic and political decisions: money is spent on the representation of countries abroad. For example, China is present everywhere through the Confucius Institutes, so is Germany with the Goethe Institutes and Spain with the Institutos Cervantes. However, in everyday life, the perception of a country from abroad is closer to a bundle of stereotypes usually corroborated in popular culture references: Americans eat burgers and drink coke, Brazilians dance on the beach, Japaneses work round the clock, Australians surf all the time, Spaniards are lazy, and so on....   [tags: public opinion, confucius, Kirk Van Houten]

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Sex Education And Sexual Education

- Sex education has become a taboo subject in America due to the negative association society has established when teaching young adults about sex. As a result, schools have been looked to as the resource to teach sexual education. In 2013 President Obama pushed for a bill that would allow comprehensive sexual education in kindergarten. The bill caused uproar but brought to light the dysfunction of sex education in America. This bill was influenced from the Dutch’s method in the Netherlands. In comparison to other countries such as the Netherlands, America has fallen dead last in any poll analyzing sexual health....   [tags: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse]

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A Brief Description of the Colonies that Would Eventually Make up the United States

- Colonial Life Virginia resembled a colony of small farms and great plantations, its fields filled with slaves. For the sole purpose of religious freedom, John Carver, William Bradford and John Winthrop founded Massachusetts. Colonial Massachusetts would be considered a Puritan society. Most were subsistence farmers, and provided for themselves. People who believed in Puritanism practiced strict, family-tied traditions. Religion played an important role in Puritan life. They felt that they were chosen by God for a special purpose and that they must live every moment in a God-fearing manner....   [tags: history of America]

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The Incarceration Of The United States

- Hill As our prison population increases, so does the cost to keep guards hired and inmates fed. We as the people of the United States have that responsibility to supply food, shelter, safty and medicare. African American males who, although constituting only six percent of the general population, account for almost half of the two million persons incarcerated in American jails and prisons 1 in every 15 African American men and 1 in every 36 Hispanic men are incarcerated in comparison to 1 in every 106 White men....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, United States]

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How Significant was the Reformed Faith to the Success of the Dutch Revolt?

- The Dutch Revolt of the sixteenth century, was a conflict between the Protestant Low countries, and the Catholic Spanish Empire. This resulted in the division of the seventeen provinces of the Netherlands, and eventually the formation of the Dutch Republic. This struggle culminated into a Religious split. The Dutch speaking north were tolerant to various religious affiliations, whereas, the French and Walloon South, remained loyal to Philip II, and were predominantly Catholic. In order to determine the significance of Reformed faith in the success of the Dutch Revolt, interpretations from both Peter Griel and Wallace will be explored....   [tags: Church History ]

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Legal Frameworks Of The Trinidad And Tobago Sexual Offences Act 1986

- In the Trinidad and Tobago Sexual Offences Act 1986 “prostitution” means the offering of the body by a person of either sex for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of another for payment in return. However, definitions can range from specifying sexual acts and goods that can be exchanged to broader definitions referring to a business transaction that involve, helping the person paying to attain sexual gratification . The optimal legal framework for dealing with the problems associated with prostitution is currently involved in a heated debate....   [tags: Prostitution, Sex industry, Decriminalization]

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