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Naval Technology: 1450-1750

-   The Early Modern Era saw great change in the field of naval technology. Exploration and the desire to expand trade fueled the development of new, more effective naval vessels. These vessels, in turn, contributed to the growth of worldwide trade and interconnection that marked the period.   In 1453 the Ottomans took control of Constantinople, and effectively cut off direct European trade to East Asia. Because of this, in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, exploration in search of alternative routes became a key focus of Western European nations....   [tags: effective naval vessels, ships]

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Database Usage at the Naval Air Warfare Center Technical Library

- Database Usage at the Naval Air Warfare Center Technical Library The rapidly changing face of research and technology in the science and research forum, as well as the world, has prompted the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWC-WD) Technical Library to be in a constant state of change. These changes in information technology are made in order to consistently provide the patrons as well as the library staff with the latest capabilities in order to best perform their job duties. Database usage has become the mainstay of the NAWCWD Technical Library, with all staff members and patrons utilizing numerous databases daily....   [tags: Database Naval Air Warfare Technical Library]

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The Effects of the Naval Budget Cuts

- ... Without the vital human aspect, all of the newest technology may as well be a useless pile of junk. Despite the importance of maintaining a strong human aspect, if we allow our Navy’s ships to fall into disrepair, not even the best sailors in the world could operate effectively. The most devastating effects of budget slashing will be felt the most by our hardworking sailors themselves. Although the Chief of Naval Operations has stated that military manpower will be exempted from the cuts, the quality and training of that manpower will most likely be greatly affected....   [tags: teachnology, ships, sailors, assets]

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Advancements in the Naval Powers

- The introduction of new naval technologies and the speed in which they came created an atmosphere of desperation among the various competing naval powers in the early 20th century. At one point a nation could have built (or be in the process of building) new capital ships and spend huge sums of capital, only to find that they are now obsolete. The British decision to switch from coal burning to oil burning naval vessels helped give it the technological gap needed to confront other naval powers, but it is also made the country weary of were it gets its oil increasing tensions with foreign companies....   [tags: technology, battleships, coal]

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The United States Naval Academy

- College Interests The United States Naval Academy was created in 1845 by George Bancroft who was the Secretary of the Navy. It is the second oldest academy out of the United States ' five service academies. The campus is three hundred and thirty eight acres, it was built on the old grounds of Fort Severn. It is a medium-sized military academy that offers many different bachelor degrees and learning options. They have a nine percent acceptance rate. The most popular bachelors are Engineering, Social Sciences, and Physical Sciences....   [tags: High school, University, Oregon, Corvallis]

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Naval Computer And Telecommunications Station

- As Department Head for both the N4 and N6 Departments for U.S. Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station (NCTS), Far East, Lieutenant Gilstrap was my direct representative to achieve military objectives in support of the Navy’s Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (NC3) mission and Department of Defense Information Networks operations through Outside Continental United States Navy Enterprise Network (ONE-Net) from January 2014 to January 2017. As Department Head for two Departments, he was responsible for leading two Chief Petty Officers, 22 Sailors encompassing five rates and three mission sets with one Japanese local national....   [tags: United States Navy, Navy]

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The Naval Service Of Canada

- The Royal Canadian Navy, or RCN for short, has stood proudly since its creation in May of 1910 when it was the Naval Service of Canada. The RCN has served proudly throughout its 106 years of life from the First World War all the way to the war in Afghanistan and United Nations peacekeeping operations worldwide. Today the RCN is relatively small with the largest vessel in the fleet being the single Iroquois-class destroyer HMCS Athabaskan which is supported by a series of 12 Halifax-class patrol frigates and 12 Kingston-class coastal vessels....   [tags: Canada, United States, World War II]

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The Naval Act Of 1916

- When America first entered World War One it was not prepared for a war at sea, America’s navy was meant for only guarding the coast. In 1903, the navy’s goal for 1920 was to have 48 battleships and there was a set ratio of support ships, for every two battleships there would be one support ship. That goal by time the war broke out was highly unrealistic. There had only been two battleships built by 1913 and it ruined America’s plan to be able to compete against Germany in the war at sea was diminished....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Woodrow Wilson]

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Sri Lanka's Naval Force

- ... D/F (Medium Frequency Direction Finding) - provide a radio position fix for the up to 230 miles from the transmitters. To help coordinate investment strategy and limited resources, the Defence Ministry should authorize, identifies and prioritizes critical EW technologies over the next 10-15 years. e. Naval Air Wing. Most of the world navies possess with Naval Air Wing due to its numerous great advantage. Naval Air Wing can expand area of operating, can be utilized for SAR and in combat for various tasks....   [tags: taking care of the mother land, island nations]

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Naval Condition Verification Surveys

- • HIMP Report- 2-D tool that stores all of the survey results, recommendations, and set the required Survey and renewals at a give time interval. 3.2 Naval Condition Verification Surveys (NCVS) After completing the BSLA a verification survey is to be made within three (3) years, six (6) months before or after, the completion date of the service life assessment. 3.2.1 Structural Survey and Gauging The verification survey shall consist of an examination of any incomplete high risk areas, identified moderate risk areas, one-third uninspected tanks, gauging, and a general examination of the structure and machinery....   [tags: Survey Report]

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Unilateral Decision: The Naval Blockade on Cuba

- Unilateral Decision: The Naval Blockade on Cuba The naval blockade of Cuba was retaliation from John F Kennedy finding out about the Soviet Union creating secret nuclear missiles on Cuba. The time is October 22, 1962; the State of Union is not at peace. The United States and Soviet Union are in what is known as The Cold War, which lasted from 1945-91. The war leads to international crisis with alliances, naval battles and the Soviet Union, our biggest threat. The peace of the country was not existent at this time, because the naval blockade, which was implemented because John F....   [tags: international crisis, soviet union]

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U.s. Naval Base At Pearl Harbor

- The Japanese believed that by attacking the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor on Sunday, December 7, 1941, during World War II they could in return become the strongest naval force (#1). They also wanted to take control of Asia, but the United States would not allow it (#2). Not wanting to be involved in a big war they attacked believing they were too powerful and could destroy the United States in one strike and force the United States to negotiate for peace (#3). Also the United States aware that Japan might strike made Pearl Harbor an easy target when they concluded that it was unlikely for it to be attacked do to the distance between the naval base and Japan (#4)....   [tags: Attack on Pearl Harbor, World War II]

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Naval Athens and the Rise of Athenian Democracy

- ... The side planks, put together by builders standing on a sort of scaffolding, was made out of green pine in order to allow it to be easily bent (Hale 2009), and would be secured by pegs being placed into corresponding holds and being hammered together (Hale 2009). Following the planks, they started to place the ribs of the boat, adding screens and leather "tubular sleeves" to keep out flying hazards or even just water from the lower decks of rowers (Hale 2009). Other strengthening tactics included flax seed ropes within the planks, used for its strength in water, copper spikes (Fields 2007) and girding cables, which "acted as tendons" for the ship (Hale 2009)....   [tags: ancient Greece, triremes, ship building]

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My Naval Academy Experience On Induction

- From the very start of my Naval Academy experience on Induction Day, I have been constantly immersed in a wide variety of different leadership philosophies ranging anywhere from negative to positive. As a follower plebe year, I was a participant in the “leadership laboratory” that is Bancroft Hall run by the upperclassmen. During this time, I was able directly witness which types of leadership and training techniques that were effective and benefitted to my personal development, as well as the methods that did not work....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Skill, Sergeant]

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The Battle Of Yorktown By French Naval Fleet

- Battle of Yorktown September 5th 1781, a French Naval Fleet inhabited the lower Chesapeake Bay, which was a key factor in the Siege of Yorktown, which was the last major battle against the British leading to Americans independence. There was a lot of moving pieces to make this epic battle possible. There were 17,600 American and French soldiers which George Washington, Comte de Rochambeau, Marquis de Lafayette, led and a French Naval Fleet led by Rear Admiral Francois Joseph Paul, the Comte de Grasse....   [tags: Siege of Yorktown, American Revolutionary War]

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Naval Warfare During The Civil War

- During the Civil War, innovations were used by the Union and Confederate navies that would change the future course of naval warfare. Steam powered ships and heavy guns were already in service prior to the beginning of the war and would have a changing effect. Along the Southern coasts and its rivers, ships, guns, mines, and the submarine would be utilized in combat. Combined sea and land operations between the Union Army and Navy through cooperation and tactics that would prove effective. By the end of the Civil War the use of these innovations in naval warfare would have a major impact on how navies were built, used and fought in future wars....   [tags: Confederate States of America, American Civil War]

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Naval Warfare During The Civil War

- During the Civil War the Union and Confederate navies used innovations as well as making innovations that would change the course of naval warfare. Steam powered ships and heavy guns were already in service prior to the Civil War and would have a changing affect. Along the Southern coasts and in the rivers, ships, guns, mines, and the submarine would be utilized for combat. Combined sea and land operations between the Union Army and Navy would be used and proved effective. By the end of the Civil War the use of these innovations in naval warfare would have a major impact on how navies were built, used and fought in future wars....   [tags: American Civil War, Confederate States of America]

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My Senior Naval Science Instructor

- Throughout my NJROTC career, my instructors have taught me many lessons: how to drill, how to speak to others with tact, how to shoot an air rifle, and how to get jobs done. These lessons will, no doubt, stick with me throughout my adult life. Some of these teachings combined have helped me to embody one of the most important parts of the Cadet Creed: “I strive…to become an informed and responsible citizen.” Through discussions of current events, debates on political matters, and a constant emphasis on the importance of honor and duty, my Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI) has prepared me to be an active citizen in our modern society....   [tags: Law, Government, Citizenship, Joseph Carens]

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British and US Naval Innovation during the interwar period.

- After the exhausting efforts required in WWI the United States and Great Britain were war weary. This war weariness affected the political climate and manifested through extreme budget reductions in military expenditures. Military institutions of both countries continued training and sought to prepare for the Second World War. The contrast between the preparation of the navies of the United States and Great Britain represent a remarkable dichotomy of the interwar period; with the US a model of innovation and Great Britain remarkably complacent....   [tags: world war I, world war II]

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The Career I Looked At An Naval Intelligence Specialist

- Mae West once said, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” The best way to ensure that happens is to pick a career that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Choosing a career that will be the best for you is hard as their are thousands of opportunities. To help you find the best career you should research about areas that you are interested in. This is what I did. The first career I looked at was an Naval Intelligence Specialist. The second was a Biomedical Engineer. And finally I looked into Aerospace Engineering....   [tags: Engineering, Electrical engineering]

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Becoming A Naval Officer At The United States Military

- NROTC is a stepping stone for young men and women in college who pursuing a commission in the United States military. Each person has their own gaps analysis starting with their career objectives, then their strengths, followed by obstacles that they need to overcome, as well as expectations and feedback to successfully fulfill their goals. To better prepare myself, I have to reflect each of these steps to successfully accomplish my goals as a college student and as I pursue a commission as a naval officer....   [tags: United States Navy, Navy]

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Modernization Of Naval Warfare During The Civil War

- The Modernization of Naval Warfare Before and During the Civil War During the Civil War, innovations were used by the Union and Confederate navies that would change the future course of naval warfare. Steam powered ships and heavy guns were already in service prior to the beginning of the war and would have a changing effect. Along the Southern coasts and its rivers, ships, guns, mines, and the submarine would be utilized in combat. Combined sea and land operations between the Union Army and Navy through cooperation and tactics that would prove effective....   [tags: American Civil War, Confederate States of America]

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Naval Authors' Contributions to Science Fiction and Postmodernism

- The influence of the navy on literature is not necessarily a traditional topic in Western canon. The issue of maritime concerns can be traced as far back as Homer's Odyssey with a military leader taking the role of the protagonist. It is not just through content that naval concerns have influenced Western literature, but through the experiences of authors in serving their nations. Soldiers and veterans have long turned to literature during and following service, for a variety of reasons. It is in the twentieth century that American sailors began to seriously influence the genres in which they wrote....   [tags: literary analysis, navy]

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Naval Aviation

- Naval Aviation Throughout the history of Naval Aviation, one can see a growing force. As new technology and innovations arose and advanced, Naval Aviation improved as well. In times of war and peace, through training and dedication, naval aviators improved their abilities and tactics to produce the fighting force it is today. If by chance, the “revolt of the admirals” had failed, the United States Military would not be what it is today and the Navy could not have the liberty of enjoying the Mahanian concept of commanding the sea....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Intelligence Operations of the Offensive and Espionage in Naval Warfare of World War I

- ... Seeing this tactic go free of opposition, Germany anticipated a similar response to its unrestricted submarine warfare. German U-boats attempted to cut the supply lines between North America and Britain. Submarine warfare was essentially the “sneak attack” of the seas. Attacks often came without warning, thus giving the crews of merchant ships and well as the cargo on board, little chance of survival. The United States called a foul on the play and launched a protest, causing Germany to change its rules of engagement....   [tags: initiatives, incentives, payoffs, action]

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Truman 's Speech : A Attack On The U.s. Naval Base At Pearl Harbor

- Historical Speech Essay On December 7, 1941, the Japanese launched a surprise attack on the U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor. This attack lead to the destruction of many ships, aircrafts, and American lives. As Commander-in-Chief and President of the United States, President Roosevelt delivered his “Day of Infamy” speech to congress in order to declare war on Japan, and to ensure to them that Victory will be met. In order to analyze President Roosevelt’s speech, it must be broken down into several different parts....   [tags: World War II, Attack on Pearl Harbor]

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Naval Rivalry as the Main Cause for World War One

- Naval Rivalry as the Main Cause for World War One It has been argued that Naval rivalry was the main cause of World War One, this is because in 1898 Kaiser Wilhelm II wanted to have the most powerful and strongest navy in the world as he was extremely militaristic which worried Britain and consequently caused tension between the two countries. I believe that to a certain extent that Naval Rivalry did contribute to the war but in my opinion there were other factors that triggered off the war....   [tags: Papers]

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Russian Revolution: was The Krondstat Naval Uprising A Spontaneous Ac

- History Revolutions - The Kronstadt Naval Uprising Word Count: 1997 On March 1, 1921, the sailors of the Kronstadt naval fortress rose up in an armed rebellion against Russia's totalitarian leadership, claiming that Bolshevik control of Russia had failed to achieve its promise of working class liberation, delivering only a 'new serfdom' and 'even greater enslavement of human beings'. The Kronstadt sailors, who had previously been regarded by Trotsky himself as the 'pride and glory' of the revolution, now held themselves in direct dissention with the state's communist rule....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Russian War Games Played on August 10, 2000

- Introduction On August 10, 2000, a Russian Naval contingent of over 30 boats departed the shores of the Kola Peninsula in northwest Russia.1 These vessels included several attack submarines tasked with conducting the test fire of cruise missiles and torpedoes into mock U.S. targets. These war game exercises took place over a five-day period in the Barents Sea. What was to be a display of Russian Naval power and superiority degraded into utter catastrophe as several explosions sent Russia’s fourth largest nuclear cruise missile submarine, the K-141 Kursk, to the seafloor....   [tags: naval, planning, execution]

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The Legacy of Matthew C. Perry

- Legacy of Matthew C. Perry Can the diplomatic strategy of the United States be affected by the possibility of the North Korean government, under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, systematically causing the death of millions of North Korean citizens. As Senior Enlisted leaders, it is of the upmost importance to keep the history, heritage, and traditions of the respective branches of service alive, and to share the relevance with all service members below, above and horizontal regardless of rank or position held....   [tags: naval, war, Japan]

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The Compass: How a Small Navigational Instrument Changed the Face of the Earth

- “Navigation, in its simplest form, means to find your way to a point and back again.” For much of human history, naval navigation consisted of travelling on rivers and waterways, and when at sea, following the coastline so to not get lost. The compass changed that; sailors could boldly sail into the middle of an Ocean, and know that if they headed west, all they had to do to return was head east. The compass itself is a simple navigational instrument that contains a magnetic component that aligns itself with the Earth’s own magnetic pole, allowing the user to know the directions of North and South, and subsequently East and West....   [tags: navigation, human history, naval]

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A Review of Hornblower and the Hotspur by C.S. Forester

- Hornblower and the Hotspur by C.S Forester is a fictional account of lieutenant, soon to be captain Horatio Hornblower. This novel. But one in a series of stories outlining the accounts of lieutenant Hornblower. During the 18th century, England was asserting herself as a world sea power, and continued to dominate the high seas for the larger part of the 18th and 19th centuries. There are a multitude of factors in this story in which outline the real life day-to-day faring of a sea captain, the ship, her crew and their struggles in this era, such as: Blockades and privateering, navigation and seamanship, rations and supplies, and the issues of crew payment, recruiting and welfare....   [tags: peace, fictional naval hero]

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Advancement of the British Navy

- The British Royal Navy was once considered to be “the most formidable military forces in the world,” (British Royal Navy). It was not only responsible for national defense but for protecting ocean ridding commerce. Later in 1778, a new commander would take charge by the name of Lord Horatio Nelson. Nelson would change the Royal Navy forever along with the advancement of their warships. From the Viking Longship to the super-dreadnoughts they were constantly evolving and having the ability to hold more men and more crew members for better efficiency....   [tags: Naval Warships, Torpedoes]

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The Battle of Coral Sea

- Battle of Coral Sea War has always been a negative social issue among the citizens of America. Some believe we should be involved in everything so we can to show our dominance around the world and others see it as a big problem. War World Two is a different story. After we realized that Hitler was close to succeeding in his plan of imperialism most people were on board to going to war. The Battle of the Coral Sea was fought in May 1942. This was a major naval battle that took place in the Coral Sea....   [tags: war, japan, naval]

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Naval History Authors: Captain Jack Aubrey and his companion Dr. Stephen Maturin by Patrick O’Brian

- Section one – Author overview and comparison Of the many authors writing naval history, there are some that take their talents to create worlds of there own that can, at times, parallel our own. The writers of historical fiction can create some incredibly entertaining works. For the purposes of this paper three authors will be focused on. These three are Patrick O’Brian, C.S. Forester and Dudley Pope. These authors are some of the most renown for their many publications. Each of them has created at least one series of novels on the premise of historical naval fiction....   [tags: dudley pope, african queen]

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INS Shivaji Indian Navy- Training the Future

- Contents ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 1 INTRODUCTION 2 INS SHIVAJI 3 NAVAL ENGINEERING MUSEUM 4 ‘AKSHAT’ ……………………………………………………………………………………………. 5 DISCUSSIONS & FINDINGS…………………………………………………………………….6 CONCLUSION………………………………………………………………………………………. 7 REFERENCES ……………………………………………………………………………8 Introduction The Indian Navy is today a potent and capable force which is highly regarded for its professional competence. The full range of operations in which a nation’s naval forces may be involved is vast, ranging from high intensity war fighting at one end to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations at the other end....   [tags: Ins Shivaji, naval engineering museum]

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Personal Experience and The Heroic Influences of the Submarine Community

- “Congratulations. On behalf of ADM RRR, welcome to the Submarine Community!” With a handshake and a great deal of relief, I ended the most stressful and undoubtedly memorable day of my life: the nuclear community interview. 31 October 2013 was more than just another Halloween. For me, this day began a series of events that, while not yet fully realized, will unalterably change the trajectory of my life. That fall day in October was now over six months ago. The induced stress of the interview has long since passed....   [tags: legacy, naval and marine corps, commissioning]

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War from 18th Century Naval Capabilities to the War of 1812

- WAR FROM 18TH CENTURY NAVAL CAPABILITIES TO THE WAR OF 1812 The English Navy has to obviously be strong to protect an island, and had already been tested against sea powers of Spain and the Netherlands. France, which was not susceptible to an attack from the water, began to build it’s naval fleet and became a threat to the English merchant vessels. England began to realize the importance of having a strategy through an allied coalition in which their greatest contribution to the alliance would be though sea power and the four elements of the merchant marines, a struggling navy, strategic materials, and good offshore bases....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Fall of the Persian Empire to the Greeks

- One of the most powerful empires of the day, the Persian Empire threatened the Greeks in 499 BC. The Persian Empire ruled by Darius, at that time stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indus River Valley. Greatly outnumbering the Greeks, the Persians should have easily conquered them. The Greeks were able to defeat the Persians because they united for a sole purpose. This unification provided the strength they needed to win decisive military and naval sea battles. The Greek and Persian war began with the Ionian Revolt.....   [tags: sole, purpose, unification, military, naval]

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The Difference of Warfare between World War 1 and World War 2

- World War Warfare was one of the greatest examples of technological advancement and strategic challenge, with the introduction of inventions such as the aircraft and the tank the battlefield transformed from attrition as scene in the early years of the war to decisive by the end of the war. Naval Warfare World War 1 While the naval war is usually known for only little attention in histories of World War I, the Royal Navy's blockade of Germany played a dangerous role in the War. The U.S. Navy linking with the Royal Navy played a significant role in overcoming the German U-boats in the North Atlantic....   [tags: technology, aircraft, naval warfare, war, navy]

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Korea and the Canadian Navy - The role of the Canadian Navy

- The Royal Canadian Navy with over a century of service under its belt has always answered its call to duty. In particular on the 30th of July 1950 [1],[5], the Royal Canadian Navy received its orders to deploy part of its fleet to Japan to assist their allies in an arising conflict in Korea. The previous month, on the 24th of June 1950, the heightened tensions in the Korean peninsula boiled over and the tiny boarder town of Ongijin was shelled heavily as the early dawn light broke the horizon [1],[5]....   [tags: korean war, UN force, naval operations]

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The Battle of the Coral Sea

- The Battle of the Coral Sea was a very unique naval engagement, as well as the turning point in the Pacific Theatre. In the Battle of the Coral Sea, the Japanese, under command of Admiral Takagi, attacked the Solomon Islands and Port Moresby, the port on the southeastern coast of New Guinea (Peter C. Chen). The American force, commanded by Vice Admiral Fletcher, were deployed to prevent this invasion. This battle was the first of its kind, as it was the first battle ever fought by all aircraft and with two forces who never knew exactly where their opponent was....   [tags: major naval battles, Japanese history, WWII]

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The Stepping-Stones to Life

- When I first joined the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps at my new school, I had no idea what I getting myself into nor what my future would entail. One day, my close friend of mine suggested me to attend one their practices – so I did. Upon my entrance, my eyes were opened to a completely different environment, something that I had never experienced before. The moment I open the door, I saw both males and females screaming at the top of their lungs in their attempt to do as many pushups their body would allow whilst their partners were valiantly cheering them on....   [tags: naval junior reserve officer training corps]

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I 'm Walking Toward The Dark Brown Metal Letters

- I’m walking toward the tinted black, glass doors. Above me, I see a sign reading “San Diego Public Library” in dark brown metal letters. My dad brought my sister and me here because our teachers assigned us to read books; I’m in fourth grade, she’s in fifth. I don’t mind because I get to choose what novels I read, as long as they are within the grade level I tested for. Going in I’m not really sure what to expect, the only other library I had been in is the small one at my elementary school. I stand about 2 feet from the doors, when they automatically slide open....   [tags: High school, Family, Naval Air Station Point Mugu]

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The For The Rights And Freedoms Of The American People

- To defend the rights and freedoms of the American people, and to accomplish the missions I am tasked with, I must lead those under my command with the utmost of my being. But first, I must develop myself into a leader worthy of authority. Among the attributes I must learn to lead are loyalty and ownership. There are two types of loyalty: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal loyalty is loyalty to your peers, while vertical loyalty is loyalty to your organization or those above you. Which one is better....   [tags: Want, Need, United States Naval Academy]

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American Timber: In-Depth Approach Toward Wood Derivative Markets and Deforestation Legislation

- ... The demand for timber lead to a few of America's first patents for improvements in a sawmill as well as twenty-three patents for nail making machinery. Such exploits in reducing the cost of building supplies led to reducing the cost of building and advancing building techniques. The abundance of timber boosted the colonial growth of America and a closer inspection of the prices of derivative markets may lead to fascinating efficiencies of modern deforestation legislation noting the differences with clear-cutting....   [tags: wood, economic, lumber, timber]

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Five-Star Admirals and Technology of World War II

- From the book the admirals I picked up a lot of knowledge and interesting facts that I was unaware of before I had read it. The Admirals takes place before, during and after World War II which goes on to explain how four different men who were enlisted in the navy were promoted to become the only Five-Star Fleet Admirals in American history. These four men were perhaps one of the biggest, if not the biggest reason that the Allied forces had won the war. The four men that received the honor and rank of Five-Star Fleet Admiral were “William D....   [tags: forces, win, war, men, honor, rank]

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Review of Leyte Gulf: Armada in the Pacific

- BOOK REVIEW Macintyre, Donald Leyte Gulf: Armada in the Pacific London, Macdonald & Co (publishers) Ltd, 1970 1.90$ 1. The book Leyte Gulf: Armada in the Pacific elaborate on the Naval Battle which occurred between Imperial Japanese Navy and United States Navy. In October 1944, last major battle of World War 2, which was a naval engagement between USA and Japanese empire, had taken place. In the battle of Leyte Gulf, the Japanese imperial Navy tried to destroy US Pacific fleet and defeat American invasion of Philippines....   [tags: battle, navy, war]

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The American Civil War

- The American Civil War can be reasonably considered to be the first modern war due to the numerous interrelated changes and improvements in the naval technology. Any war probably brings changes to the military and naval technologies on both warring sides. One side begins to use something new, the other quickly adopts the technologies invented on the first side or invents something new to protect itself from the new military and naval developments. This scheme took place in the American Civil War bringing numerous changes to the naval technology of the time and making it the first modern war in history....   [tags: modern war, technology, artillery]

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The Turning Point of World War II - The Battle of Midway

- World War II, along with its numerous battles, brought great tension between two of the strongest countries during the 1940s: the United States and Japan. Conflict between these two countries started with Japan’s push past Chinese borders into Manchuria in search of the natural resources Japan lacks. At first, the United States avoided military action with Japan by waging economic warfare on them. This economic pressure included the passing of the Neutrality Act, which prohibited the sale of weapons to nations at war (Nash 513)....   [tags: War in the Pacific]

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The Role of National Interest in World War I

- National interest was a key factor in the explosive beginning of World War One. By looking at the Naval Arms Race, the People’s Revolt in Austria-Hungary and European alliances, it can be shown that national interest was a significant factor in contributing to World War One. The ultra nationalistic views of many countries overruled their ability to act in a just and logical manner. It was in the years following the formation of the Triple Alliance in which the desire and craving for power grew, and created insincere relationships and unrealistic portrayals of other countries intentions....   [tags: WW I, First World War]

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The War that Change the World of Warfare

- The onslaught of World War Two would change the world of warfare as we know it in. War has already gone from large units marching to one another and repeatedly opening fire to trench warfare. Where people would dig in and fight in open fields full of land mines, traps, barb wire, and the dead, as bullets whizzed by and tanks roll passed to a new war one fought in city’s house to house, in open fields, and on beach heads. The next evolution into this modern war was the advent of Naval Special warfare units....   [tags: WWII, navy, sailor, NCSU]

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- Introduction On 3 June 1942, Japanese forces bombed the small settlement and naval outpost of Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands. Japanese interest in the U.S. territory of Alaska stemmed from the bombing raid of Tokyo on 18 April 1942 in which 16 U.S. B-25 bombers launched from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. Their origin unknown to Japanese forces, they suspected the aircraft came from a secret base somewhere in the northern U.S. territories. This theory made sense because the farthest west islands in the Aleutian chain lay only 650 miles from Japanese territory....   [tags: Alaskan Territory, Pacific Ocean Fighting]

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Admiral Reginald “Blinker” Hall and Room 40

- The outbreak of World War One was accompanied by new strategies, innovations, and inventions that developed modern warfare. World War One saw the widespread use of everything from artillery to machine guns and airplanes to submarines. World War One also saw the world’s most powerful navy, Great Britain’s Royal Navy, pitted against the up and coming German Imperial Navy. From Britain’s effective use of the naval blockade to Germany’s terrifying unrestricted submarine warfare, both sides were constantly looking for new strategies to implement....   [tags: Military History]

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The Decline of British Military Innovation

- World War I was perhaps the greatest catalyst for military innovation in modern history. The speed in which the doctrinal, technical and tactical changes were developed and implemented was astounding. At the end of World War I, Britain was at the forefront of doctrinal and technological innovation in the field of armor and aircraft warfare. The factors which caused Britain to lose their innovative edge in these areas prior to World War II was the 10 year rule policy, operational attitude of the British Army, and an emphasis on land based aviation....   [tags: History of British Military Policy]

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Maritime Boundary and Territorial Issues

- Maritime boundary and territorial Issues Several ASEAN countries are engaged in maritime demarcation disputes with one another. The most important of these involve Thailand’s tense relationship with Myanmar, the Philippines’ dispute with Malaysia over the province of Sabah, the competing claims of the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam in the South China Sea, territorial disputes between Malaysia and Indonesia and Malaysia and Thailand, and tension between Singapore and Malaysia. Maritime boundary demarcation has significant influence on ASEAN member states relation....   [tags: International Government ]

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How the Battle of Midway was the Turning Point of WW2 for America

- In May of 1942, Japanese Admiral Isorosku Yamamoto devised a plan to draw the US Pacific fleet into battle where he could completely destroy it. To accomplish this master plan of his, he sought out the invasion of Midway Island which would provide a base for the Japan troops to attack Hawaii. Unfortunately for Yamamoto, America decrypted Japanese radio transmissions and Admiral Chester Nimitz was able to establish a counter attack against this offensive. Nimitz sent three aircraft carriers, The USS Enterprise, The USS Hornet and The USS Yorktown to destroy the Japanese....   [tags: History, War]

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It Takes Warships and Commandos to Fight Pirates on Skiffs

- ... As a result, maritime countries like the United States and India have increased anti-piracy naval operations in the region. In fact, these navies have become increasingly effective in responding to pirate attacks (Hughes, 2013). Perhaps the most glorious example of the benefits of naval presence in the Horn of Africa is the rescue of Captain Phillips, master of the US-flag container ship Maersk Alabama. During this pirate attack, a US Navy Task Force rescued the kidnapped American captain in an impressive military operation while patrolling the region....   [tags: illegal activities, Somalia coast]

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Pearl Harbor: A Day That Will Live in Question

- In the beginning of the 1930’s the U.S had no desire to enter another world war or involve themselves in European foreign affairs. The U.S policy of isolationism was extremely popular not only with citizens but with government officials as well. With this being said, what factors could have contributed to the U.S involvement in World War II. . Pearl Harbor was the main factor that led to the U.S involvement in World War II despite the fact that the fact that the overwhelming majority of the country wanted nothing to do with the war in Europe....   [tags: japan, foreign affairs, isolationism]

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World War I Was A Great War

- When World War I was announced on July 28, 1914, it was not considered shocking Europe. After decades of militarization on both sides, the time had come for what would be known as the Great War. What did come as a shock was how long the war would span; lasting nearly four long years and causing immense devastation. Between military personnel and civilians, approximately 38 million casualties and losses resulted between 1914 to 1918. The high causality rate was in response to the rapid pace at which technology evolved, making weapons more lethal than they previously were....   [tags: World War I, Trench warfare, World War II]

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Marine Engineers and Military Workers

- ... You must be able to give clear instructions and explain difficult concepts when leading teams of professionals on projects. ME’s and NA’s must employ ops analysis to create a design that will perform the ship’s functions and then be able to employ skills of critical thinking to expect and fix any mistakes before the ship is built or set to sea. ME’s and NA’s must also be able to meet with clients to discuss their needs for ship systems. Engineers must also be able to discuss progression with clients to keep redesign options open before the project gets too far for them to fix it....   [tags: career choices and opportunities]

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The Battle Of Midway

- The Battle of Midway On June 3rd, 1942, the United States declared war on Imperialistic Japan and Nazi Germany. Due to the bombing of the United States' naval base at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese the U.S. was forced to take action. The United States began their first naval battle near the Midway islands in defense of its pacific fleet and positioning. Midway was the Japanese' last goal for its western expansion in the Pacific. Just after midnight on June 4th,1942, the United States attacked a fleet of Japanese transport ships....   [tags: American History]

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Maritime Boundaries

- After the cold war ended, the Asia Pacific Region witnessed new developments in ocean management, related to 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of Sea (UNCLOS) and countries’ to claim ownership over maritime space and marine resources. Though the prospects of interstate wars are diminishing, inter-state tensions arising from extensive claims of maritime boundaries are common. As such, it became imperative for states to strengthen their navies and to deploy their naval missions beyond the territorial waters in order to secure their interests and sovereignty....   [tags: Navy]

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The Juno Beach Invasion

- Indroduction Juno Beach is the code name for the one of the five sectors of the Normandy beaches that the Allies invaded, Operation Overlord, on 6 June 1944, otherwise known as D-Day, during the Second World War. Juno beach was located between Sword and Gold sectors; this beach is 7km long and located between the villages of Graye-sur-Mer and St-Aubin-sur-Mer, the center of the British sector of the Normandy invasion. The unit responsible for the Juno sector was 3rd Canadian Infantry Division and commandos of the Royal Marines from Great Britain, with support from Naval Force J, the Juno contingent of the Naval invasion forces....   [tags: World War II]

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The Battle of Midway

- ... This was a significant portion of the Japanese fleet and resources. Yamamoto still possessed a superior force, although, it was spread across the Pacific and left only 22 ships to attack Midway, including four carriers. If Midway was the prize possession for Japan, the Japanese should have brought more forces or kept the fleet at Midway in mutually supporting roles. Yamamoto’s assessment for forces at Midway was based on scanty intelligence and misinformation after the battle at Coral Sea where the Japanese believed the Yorktown to be sunk....   [tags: World War II battles]

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Operational Leadership and the Success or Failure of an Operation

- Operational Leadership and the Success or Failure of an Operation Leadership at the operational level requires the ability to link tactical actions to meet strategic objectives. Successful use of operational leadership tenants combined with specific character traits of an operational commander provides a snapshot of an effective leader who can successfully accomplish the determined strategic objectives. Professor Milan Vego provides a framework for the tenets of operational leadership and Field Marshal Slim presents his viewpoint on essential qualities required of an operational commander....   [tags: Operational Context, Operational Environment]

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The Effect of New Weaponry on the American Civil War

- A-Plan of the Investigation The focus of this investigation will be on the answering of the question “To what extent did the invention and innovation of new weaponry during the 19th century affected the American Civil War?”. The most prevalent weapons of the time will be described, along with the major weapons manufacturers of the period leading to the Civil War. Multiple military innovations will be looked at and their implications on warfare will be discussed, considering how many weapons were improved and how this affected their efficiency in battle....   [tags: US history, warfare technology]

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The Development of the Navy for Irregular Warfare

- World trade by water ways has been the most efficient way of transporting abundant cargoes over long distances for centuries. Ships often carried valuable merchandise in vast quantities, attractive targets for hostile states, pirates, and common criminals. Piracy is an ancient phenomenon throughout history which spread to all oceans and seas of the world. Conflicts between sea merchants and pirates often threatened commercial interests. Consequently leading to city-states developing powerful naval vessels to subdue the threat on the open sea creating an advanced type of warfare; naval....   [tags: pirates, shipping, tactics]

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King Of The Seas

- From the many inventions that emerged from the American Civil War, the Ironclad, designed by Captain John Ericsson and Robert L. Stevens, has impacted the world by advancing naval warfare technology. It gave America more influence in Europe and put America ahead of Europe in naval matters. The impact and influence changed naval warfares forever by forcing wooden ships to become obsolete. The Ironclad was among the first technological and modern tools of war. Its impact on technology in navies can still be seen today in the designs and the construction of naval ships.(Mac Bride,1) It has impacted technology in the way ships are built....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Battle Tactics Used during the American Revolution

- The American Revolution is one of the most significant wars in modern history. It was a war in which thirteen colonies fought against the mighty British military in order to become an independent nation. Before the start of the Revolutionary War, the Colonists were dissatisfied with Great Britain and its heavy taxes on the Colonists and sought to negotiate with Great Britain to lower their taxes and give them freedom. However, it soon turned into a Revolutionary War with the American colonies fighting for their independence, while Great Britain sought to keep their control over the American colonies....   [tags: significant wars in modern history]

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How Carthage Became The Equal Of Rome

- How Carthage became almost the equal of Rome Carthage was founded about 100years earlier than Rome and had very fertile lands and an excellent harbor. It grew economically and politically through trading Gold from Spain, Ivory, Linen, precious stones, and other valuable minerals from different states. They had a very large number of trading vessels to load these products and carry them from pot to pot. They also had a powerful navy of warships. Like the Roman empire the Carthagean empire acquired dominion over the native races of Africa, the Lydians and the Numidians....   [tags: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Roman Republic]

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The Battle of Coral Sea

- The Battle of Coral Sea was the first major sea battle between allied fleet forces, including those of the United States and Australian Navies, and the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during World War II. Pivotal in terms of allied naval fleet operations during the war, the Battle of Coral Sea was also the first naval battle that featured opposing air craft carriers in close proximity to each other, resulting in air battles initiated by sea, rather than from traditional land bases. The following provides relevant details....   [tags: World War II]

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The Battle of Midway

- The United States is a Nation whose history is punctuated by conflict. It was born out of conflict in the American Revolution, expanded its borders through conflict, and continues to police conflicts throughout the world. Among all of these various conflicts, one in particular stands out in history as one of the greatest of all-time: World War II. World War II was significant not only in its magnitude, but also in the great technological changes that had found their way into the battle space. One such technological innovation was the advanced role of Naval Carrier aviation....   [tags: world war II, Japan, pearl harbor]

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The Peloponnesian War

- The Peloponnesian War pitted the Athenians against the Spartans. The Peloponnesians’ were an alliance of city-states controlled by Sparta. These two powerful city-states became locked in a struggle for dominance of the eastern Mediterranean area. The roots of the conflict and in particular this expedition is highly complex. As Thucydides says in his history of the war, the underlying cause was Spartan fear of Athens' expansive power. But, the triggering event was Athens' aggressive behavior towards Corinth, an ally of Sparta....   [tags: Ancient Greece]

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The Impact Of Technology On Military Capabilities And Governmental And Civil Influence

- The three most important obstacles to effective innovation during the interwar period is a nation’s understanding of strategic calculations, the influence of technology on military capabilities and governmental and civil influence. During the interwar period each country faced its own set of obstacles to innovations. However, almost every Allied and Axis powers were in some way hindered by the obstacles mentioned above. Strategic calculation affects the way a country focused its effort and synchronized it forces....   [tags: World War II, Military, Army, League of Nations]

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Adjustment And Self Awareness : A Part Of The Military

- Adjustment and Self-awareness Being a part of the military was a part of my dreams since my childhood, and my dreams came true when I became a midshipman in the Turkish Naval High School. I managed to be an international midshipman in the USNA when I prevailed among all of my classmates. I was successful, but inefficient and exhausted. In other words, I was putting effort in academics and leadership, and in everything more than normal. What I realized is that “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” (Karelitz)....   [tags: Critical thinking, Thought, United States Navy]

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Who Is The Real Enemy Of World War I?

- Question: Who is the real enemy of World War I. Introduction The Great War is often still thought in terms of ‘us’ versus ‘them’, and caused an outbreak of extreme compartmentalization within the gross dichotomy. Frequently, Germany and Austria-Hungary are categorized as the enemy, creating the Central Powers. Then, the Triple Entente was made up of Britain, France and Russia, until their withdrawal, and the United States joined the alliance. However, after deeper analysis of World War I, it is quite difficult to view the Central or Allied Powers as the enemy; rather, from the perspective of the soldiers in the trenches, the enemy could be identified as the higher officials, the civilians a...   [tags: World War I, World War II, Royal Navy]

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A Change of Tides in America's Greatest War

- "Midway thrust the warlords back on their heels, caused their ambitious be canceled, and forced on them an unexpected, unwelcome, defensive role". -Samuel Elliot Morison, the United States Navy's official historian of World War II, on the Battle of Midway in June 1942. The danger of Japanese power in the Pacific lingered over the heads of the Americans and endangered the safety of their homeland in the years from 1903 to 1942. That power lasted until the Japanese made the mistake of attacking the island of Midway in the second great carrier battle of the war....   [tags: pearl harbor, japanese, pacific ocean]

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Life in the Navy: Past and Present

- Lieutenant Willis Steward Keith, the last captain of the Caine, says, “Every hour spent on the Caine was a great hour in all our lives –– if you don’t think so now you will later on, more and more” in Herman Wouk’s novel, The Caine Mutiny (526-527). This novel is the story of the life of a young man, Willie Keith, and his career in the United States Navy. The novel is set during World War II, a time of great struggle and hardship for Americans. The life of a naval officer in the World War II era, as portrayed in The Caine Mutiny, had many hardships, some similar to those experienced by present-day naval officers and some different....   [tags: Military History]

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Maritime Capabilties Case Study: The Falklands War

- Background 1. Strategic setting. In the spring of 1982 United Kingdom (UK) launched its single largest naval task forces since World War II to recapture the Falkland Islands from the Argentinians. The war was precipitated by a long standing disagreement between the UK and Argentina over the sovereignty of the Falklands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands. After protracted unsuccessful and confrontational diplomatic negotiations between the both nations, the Argentinians invaded the Falklands....   [tags: Falklands War]

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