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Analysis Of ' Hidden Miracles Of The Natural World '

- Some people may claim that they have witnessed nature’s true beauty, but truth is, there is much more to it than meets the eye. Humans can analyze, capture moments, and get clear understandings of nature just from looking at it with the naked eye, but there is so much more we are missing. Some actions in nature occur way too fast for our eyes to realize what has happened, others simply occur too slowly where we fail to recognize a change happening. Other actions in nature are missed because they happen in remote areas where humans are scarcely found, and having the ability to access these areas is not an easy task....   [tags: Nature, Natural environment]

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Different Aspects Of The Natural World

- The objective is to outline the different aspects of the natural world, human identity, human relationships and cultures in biblical worldviews. Introduction/Thesis A worldview is how everyone sees the world. A Christian biblical worldview pertains to the ideas and beliefs of a Christian group, individual or culture having different worldviews. It can shape moral opinions and affect what is believed about God, social structures, relationships, economics, politics and education. This is how people understand the world, by using their own set of principles to guide them in everyday functions of living....   [tags: Culture, World view, Bible, Reality]

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The Impact Of Pseudoscience On The Natural World

- Pseudoscience, containing the Greek prefix of “pseudo,” which means fake, can be simply defined as “fake science.” A more concise definition of pseudoscience is, “a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method” (Oxford Dictionary). The claims made in pseudoscience are not supported by evidence found in scientific experiments, and according to Rory Coker, a professor at the University of Texas, pseudoscience shows a complete disregard to actual scientific results yielded from experiments (para 7)....   [tags: Genetics, Gene, Scientific method, Allele]

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Religion And Nature And The Natural World

- Religion throughout history has been very influential among humanity, shaping the culture and views people take on life. Determining the differences between human beings and nature has continued as a controversial topic among multiple religions, arguing over the relationship between humans and nature. The Judaism religion recognizes humans as separate beings from nature, while Buddhism claims nature and humans are deeply connected, making them the same thing. The main reason for this is because in western religions, such as Judaism, they believe there is one god that is the ultimate creator; whereas in Eastern religions, such as Buddhism, there is no single god....   [tags: Buddhism, Religion, Karma, Judaism]

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Life Cycle Of The Natural World

- When looking at the natural world one can clearly see an order in the occurrences within. Examples ranging from the 4 seasons, to the life cycle of every being, or even to the rising and setting of the sun on a daily basis, depending on your location in the world. With all of the orders comes a certain peace. We tend to seek out this peace after a bad day or a stressful week in the form of ‘Calming Sounds of Nature’ a half an hour of chirping birds, flowing streams, a gentle breeze across oats, or even the pitter patter of rain drops falling into the upper canopy of a rain forest....   [tags: Nature, Life, Religion, Universe]

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Human Bond And The Natural World

- Human Bond to the Natural World. Post humanism emphasizes how humans have changed in the way we understand ourselves, and how we perceive our relationship to society and to the natural world. Transhumanism has gone a step further, believing that we must realize our potential to change what we are, that through the use of technology, we can actually transmute into something more than our present selves (Bognar, 2012). With the passing of each century, the connection between the human relationship to the natural world continues to change....   [tags: Vincent van Gogh, Impressionism, Landscape art]

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The Natural World: An Authors Tool

- Many authors use the natural world to depict the emotional state of main characters or all characters and to depict plot development. The Outlander by Gil Adamson and Hamlet by William Shakespeare use the natural world in a similar fashion. The Outlander is the story of Mary Boulton, a widow of her own doing, who is being chased by her husband’s brothers. The reader follows her on her trek through the wild that ultimately results in her return to mental clarity. The story of Hamlet is the inverse of The Outlander....   [tags: shakespeare, gil adamson]

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Biblical Worldview Of The Natural World

- Introduction/Thesis All people have a worldview that is based on personal beliefs forming their reality and what they feel is meaningful in life. I am a Christian of faith that has a biblical worldview, which is based on the word of God. The Book of Romans 1-8 provides the word of God and answers for how Christians can live a righteous life for our savior Jesus Christ. The Natural World A biblical worldview of the natural world is found with God’s creation. In the book of Romans, God’s divine nature and creation of the universe is revealed....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Christianity, Bible]

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Biblical Worldview Of The Natural World

- A woman gets into her car to drive to her friend’s house. The sun is bright, so she puts on her sunglasses. The tint of her sun glasses changes the way she sees the scenery outside of her car and actually helps her to see where she is going. In the same way, a biblical worldview helps a person to clearly see God’s view and align with it. In the first eight chapters of Romans, one can find beliefs that are foundational to a biblical worldview that includes the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, God, Holy Spirit]

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The Theory Of The Natural World

- While all definitions of science vary depending on which dictionary you use they all share one very important concept that is easily seen throughout all 3 definitions. Which is that science is the STUDY of the natural world. Nowhere in any definition is it said nor implied that science is an idea that one must either accept or deny. So why does today’s society essentially make you “choose a side” when it comes to religion and science. Dating back to the early 1600s when the Catholic Church placed Galileo under house arrest for his scientific research calling it "heresy" this trend seemed to continue as the Church seemed reluctant to accept these new ideas that "went against" their prior teac...   [tags: Religion, Scientific method, Faith]

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Christians And The Natural World

- Many Christians today do not see the intrinsic worth of the natural world around them. While there may be people who are very concerned about the wellbeing of our earth, many Christians do not concern themselves with our natural world. However, because of Christianity’s belief in a Creator God, all Christians should care about the Earth. “A major element of the good news to which Christians bear witness is that they themselves are profoundly loved by the Creator of heaven and earth, a God of steadfast mercy and kindness....   [tags: Universe, Earth, Judaism, Creator deity]

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Beauty Of The Natural World

- Through her masterful usage of color and lighting, painter Alexis Rockman seeks to display the overwhelming beauty of the natural world and its inhabitants in her painting Kapok Tree. With a color scheme of bright colors that pops out and grab the attention of the viewer and an emphasis on lighting that divides the painting into two separate scenes, Rockman’s Kapok Tree delivers its timeless message with ease. Alexis Rockman was born in 1962, in New York and subsequently grew up there his whole life....   [tags: Color, Light, Nature, Sky]

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The Natural World In Anne of Green Gables

- ... This further establishes her imaginative quality with nature. Through her imagination Anne absorbs herself with nature. She becomes one with nature, and even so far as to become nature. Irene Gammel in her essay, Embodied Landscape Aesthetics In Anne of Green Gables, points out a significant scene, where Anne imagines that she is the wind. “Returning to Green Gables after apologizing to Mrs. Rachel Lynde, Anne Shirley in the epigraph immerses herself in nature, using the landscape as raw material for aesthetic transformation, as she imagines being the wind, gyrating through trees and ferns and clover and flowers, while also creating a narrative about the landscape and forming a sensuous...   [tags: romanticism, canadian literature ]

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The Romantic 's Relationship With The Natural World

- The political, ideological, and economic climate of the late 18th and early 19th centuries was ideal for allowing the Romantic Revolution to take hold and flourish. It began primarily in England and France, but soon spread to much of Europe and to the United States. This essay will focus on the Romantic’s relationship with the natural world, their distaste for the Industrial Revolution, and how the Romantic poets valued imagination and emotional connections. The Romantics had a lasting impact on European and American society, political ideals, and the regard we hold for ideals and values such as nature and childhood....   [tags: Romanticism, John Keats, Poetry, William Blake]

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The Chemical And Biochemical Phenomena Of The Natural World

- Water Acidification Humans are inherently greedy, as a race humans seem to believe that everything around them exists to please them, to be used by them, to serve them. Unfortunately, the rest of the universe has not received this message. The world is deteriorating, humans are sucking the life out of it like a parasite in its host. Much of the damage is irrevocable, however with the support of scientists, an attempt can be made to alter the world to make it inhabitable, for humans and animals alike....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, Water, Acid]

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The 's Work, Christianity And The Natural World

- The claim Heschel makes in his work, who is man, directly corresponds to Berry’s work, christianity and the survival of creation because the individual is responsible for the survival of Christianity and the natural world. Heschel stresses the idea that in a free society, not all are guilty but all are responsible. This philosophy places responsibility on the individual rather then society as a whole. Berry states how the individual is responsible for the destruction of nature and how man is the only one who can change this trend....   [tags: Religion, Human, Thought, Morality]

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Human Resources And Natural Resources

- Earth provides several elements that our natural world consists of for our survival. A few examples of theses resources are minerals, forest, water, oil, animals, rocks, and soil. Each one of these elements humans depends on and it is our responsibility to save these resources. A question that every human should ask themselves every day should be, What is our personal responsibility toward the natural world, toward what we term our natural resources. Which natural resources are the ones human depend on the most....   [tags: Water, Earth, Human, Natural World]

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Natural Disasters in the World

- All over this earth there are numerous types of Natural Disasters. They are the most powerful forces of nature, which cannot be prevented. They cause all sorts of devastating destruction. Our only hope is that we can avoid them and keep ourselves out of their pathway. They occur in all different parts of the world. There is not a part of the world that does not experience at least some type of natural disaster. Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Avalanches, Wildfires, Volcanoes, Floods, and Thunderstorms are the N.D.’s that will be focused on in this research paper....   [tags: Prevention, Destruction, Earthquakes]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' The Immortality Of The Natural '

- Andrew Kappel argues in his essay, “The Immortality of the Natural: Keats’ ‘Ode to a Nightingale’”, that the basis of the nightingale’s immortality in John Keats’s, “Ode to a Nightingale” is its naturalness meaning that, the nightingale escapes death because it exists among nature. The bird is referred to as being immortal throughout the poem including in line 61, “Thou wast not born for death, immortal Bird!”. Kappel does have evidence to support his claim such as, Keats’s use of keeping the bird in a constant natural setting saying, “As it withdraws it moves from one natural setting to another, never ventures outside nature and seems, indeed to retreat ever more deeply into the natural wor...   [tags: Poetry, Nature, Natural World, Meaning of life]

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Wicca, the Apocalypse, and the Future of the Natural World.

- According to Haviland, Kilmurray, Fedorak and Lee (2013), religion is universal across cultures, and it serves several purposes for humankind, both psychological and social. It meets human needs by explaining the unknown, promoting group membership, denoting right from wrong, and absolving accountability for individuals by placing responsibility on god(s). In recent years, however, interest in mainstream religions has declined. In its place, Haviland et al. (2013) explain that there has been a resurgence of pagan religions, now referred to as neo-paganism....   [tags: Christianity, Islam, Judaism]

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William Wordsworth 's Poem, Daffodils And The Natural World

- William Wordsworth, a romantic poet assisting the launch of the Romantic period is well-known for his poems reflecting the connection between man and the natural world. Through his famous poem “Daffodils” and “Lines Written in Early Spring” Wordsworth reflects tragedy and loss he has encountered in his childhood. Using specific poetic devices such as personification, imagery and rhyme along with the prominent theme nature he has represented the religious beliefs of the Romantic period. With his famous poems “Daffodils” and “Lines Written in Early Spring” along with other well-known poems that assisted in the launch of the Romantic period William Wordsworth should be included in “The Best Poe...   [tags: Romanticism, Poetry, William Wordsworth]

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Environmental Pollution And Its Effects On The Natural World

- One of the greatest problems that the world is facing today is that of environmental pollution, increasing with every passing year and causing grave and irreparable damage to the earth. There are several types of pollution, and while they may come from different sources and have different consequences, understanding the basics about pollution can help environmentally conscious individuals minimize their contribution to these dangers. In total, there are seven recognized sources of pollution in the modern world....   [tags: Pollution, Soil contamination, Environmentalism]

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The Just The Facts About The Natural World And Humanity

- Just the Facts: The Dragnet Approach to Achieve Neutrality The expression “Just the facts” originated from a television series called “Dragnet,” where investigators were focused only on evidence. In everyday conversation and debates, we try to persuade others to agree with claims we make by supporting our evidence with facts. It is difficult if not impossible to attain agreement with others without supporting evidence with facts. Likewise, historians, philosophers, and writers have attempted to persuade audiences while trying to achieve a universally neutral perspective in the meantime, the most successful of whom grounding their argumentation in facts and hypothesis....   [tags: Marxism, Karl Marx, Communism, Socialism]

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Twain´s Huckleberry Finn: Civilization versus Natural World

- Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn compares and contrasts the benefits and consequences of living in civilization versus living in the natural world, in the absence of a structured society (Gaither par.9). Twain portrays his preference for the natural world through its beneficial effects on the main character, Huckleberry Finn. Twain uses his story Huckleberry Finn to portray the simplicity of a life led without the constraining rules, regulations, and customs of modern society. He does this by allowing Huck’s life to face less difficulty, and gain moral and practical understanding when he is free from the strains of society and its backward ideals....   [tags: Mark Twain, compare and contrast, prejudice]

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Increasing Public Interest For The Natural World Is Driving Business Organizations

- Increasing public interest for the natural world is driving business organizations to give careful consideration to their ecological footprint, not only in the commodities and services they offer, but also in the supply chain that conveys them. What initially began as a corporate image improvement strategy has developed into a business imperative and, in the most advanced organizations, a competitive advantage. In today’s global market, the expectations for business companies about greening supply chain are very great particularly the consumer electronics industries, thus, international business outfits are putting in lots of effort to ensure their supply chains are operating in a socially a...   [tags: Sustainability, Recycling, Ecology, Environment]

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How The Natural World Can Be Indifferent Or Beneficent, Through Life And Death

- Perspective of the natural world can be indifferent or beneficent, through life and death. This is all dependant on the view of the person interacting with nature. In the works presented, from the eyes of men (in life and in death) nature is indifferent towards his life; Contrastingly, women see nature as being a more benevolent force of gentle good. Perhaps this could be explained by the different purpose of men and women of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Women were even referred to as the ‘fairer sex’ and expected to be generally gentler....   [tags: Life, Science, Man]

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Our Attempts to Control the Natural World and the Environmental Crisis

- Our Attempts to Control the Natural World and the Environmental Crisis   As reports of ecological degradation increase around the world, human concern about environmental issues is also heightening. Scientists, philosophers and others have all begun the process of determining the causes of the environmental crisis and trying to sort out how to fix these problems. In this essay, I would like to examine two of the most widely expounded philosophies on the cause of environmental degradation in the Western hemisphere....   [tags: Environment Environmental Pollution Preservation]

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Intrinsic Value in the Non-Human Natural World

- Intrinsic Value in the Non-Human Natural World When it comes to the question of non-human rights and the value of nature, there are adamant advocates, those who completely disagree with particular values and rights for the ecosystem, and those could care less. For myself, I believe I have fallen somewhat in between these extremes and have honestly never really considered the idea of intrinsic value and certain rights for the non-human natural world. Singer, Baxter, Steinbock and Callicott (with the words and ideas of Leopold) each have very different ideas about animal rights and the concept of the non-human natural world having a value by itself, regardless of hu...   [tags: Papers]

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Society MUST Understand how the Natural World Works

- Society MUST Understand how the Natural World Works Except for children, few of us spend much time wondering why Nature is the way it is; where the Cosmos came from, or whether it was always here; or whether there are ultimate limits to what humans know. There are even children who want to know what a black hole looks like; why the sky is blue; how does a balloon stay up in the air; what makes the human body work; and why there is a Universe. I have many opportunities to teach children at various ages and have observed that many of these children are natural born scientists....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays Education]

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Social Illusion Vs Natural Reality : King Lear And Brave New World

- Social Illusion VS Natural Reality: King Lear and Brave New World In both the play King Lear by William Shakespeare and the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the authors contrast social illusion with natural reality to reveal humanity’s mistake in believing that civilization aids the savages. In both King Lear and Brave New World, the authors share the idea of social illusion in conflict with the natural reality. This is evident in King Lear when Lear, Kent, the Fool and Edgar take shelter in a hovel and Lear starts to question the creation of humanity: Is man no more than this....   [tags: Brave New World, The World State, King Lear]

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Promoting Natural Beauty and Cultures of Indonesia to The World Promoting Natural Beauty and Cultures of Indonesia to The World

- ... However, Rumah Indonesia may be a good start and has potential to support promoting Indonesia to the world. The second way is through advertisement. Advertisements may have strong affection to people who see it. As proposed by (Mitchell, 1986), advertisements appear to be designed to trigger certain emotional reaction of customers. In the other words, the purpose of advertisement itself is to deliver message to customers in order to get their attention and curiosity. The advertisement saying “VISIT INDONESIA” nowadays is everywhere....   [tags: tourism, advertisement, foreigners]

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The Apostle Paul's Writings to the People of Rome on the Matters of the Natural World, Human Identity, Human Relationship and Culture

- ... As Christians, our identity resides in Jesus Christ. It is because of Him that we are able to have everlasting life and share in the Kingdom of Heaven. We are with him because he took on all of our sins at the cross. Romans 5:1-2 says, “Now we have peace with Him (God) because of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through faith in Him we have received God’s grace. We are full of joy because we expect to share in God’s glory.” Paul also talks about “living a new life” (Romans 6) by the baptism into to Jesus death, and by joining him in this death we are putting our sin to the grave, that “we would no longer be slaves to sin.”(Romans 6:7) As a child of God we will, “receive all he has for us; we will...   [tags: Romans 1-8, becoming a Christian]

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The Journey of Death in Lord of the Flies by William Golding

- The passage from chapter 9 from the novel “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding has a theme of the journey of death which is portrayed through imagery and the use of vivid diction. The passage shows the events occurring after Simon dies and how the effect and portray the tone. The tone of serenity is portrayed in the passage showing that how after Simon’s death the mood and tone pulls in a state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled in the air. Simon's death is one of the greatest misfortunes in William Golding's “Lord of the Flies”, both because of who he is and how he dies....   [tags: imagery, natural world]

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Conservatives and The Environment an Article by Mark Eliot Shere

- Mark Eliot Shere states in his article, “Building trust: Conservatives and the environment,” that “People are responsible for the natural world because this world has been entrusted to us by a higher Creator.” Everyone has a part in keeping God’s creation what He made it to be by preserving and restoring it. A specific way that Christians can do this is by recycling. Some areas of recycling that will be covered in the next few paragraphs are: what exactly is recycling, the fact that God created everything, and the three R’s of recycling....   [tags: natural world, recycling, god]

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The Tempest by William Shakespeare

- William Shakespeare’s The Tempest refines his portrayal of nature from the earlier play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, nature is shown to be mysterious presence that blurs the lines between reality and illusion; it is a magical force that is unreachable and incomprehensible for human beings. A Midsummer Night’s Dream gives nature a mischievous, playful, dreamlike feel because in this play nature interferes for the sake of love. The Tempest breaks down the barrier that divides human society and the natural world, a divide that is present in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, because nature’s presence and effects become more noticeable and it becomes a power that is within th...   [tags: human society, natural world]

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Comparing Merchant’sThe Death of Nature and Thomas’ Man and the Natural World

- Comparing Merchant’sThe Death of Nature and Thomas’ Man and the Natural World   The works of Carolyn Merchant and Keith Thomas pertain to the same subject matter and even to the same time period. Nevertheless, in comparing their interpretations of the evidence and the presentation of their arguments concerning the history of mankind’s relationship with nature in Tudor and Stuart England through the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions, we find that they are quite different. Merchant presents us with a rather one-sided, retrospective attack on science as the root of all environmental evil, while Thomas offers a relatively neutral, prospective look at how the people of this time reacted to t...   [tags: European Europe History]

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Creation Myths in Every Culture

- At the core of almost every sophisticated culture is a creation myth: a story of how that culture came to be, a tale that attempts to put in universal context the place that society has in the world. From these creation myths, it is possible to draw far-reaching conclusions about the structure and functioning of these societies. The universality of the creation myth and the similar themes that bind these myths together in diverse cultures around the world points to the importance these myths hold in the cultures they define....   [tags: Natural, World, Social Hierarchy]

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The Evolution of the World: Industrial-Based, Less Natural, Societies

- ... These updates saw that exceptions to the take prohibitions were included for small takes of incidental for specified activities (like rituals by native Alaskan fisherman or scientific research.) Additionally, a new program to control the taking of marine mammals incidental to commercial fishing operations was implemented. And stock assessments for all marine mammal stocks in waters under U.S. jurisdiction were beefed up. (Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), 2013). Implementation of the legislation is currently overseen by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)....   [tags: marine life, legislation]

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Culture Making Recovering Our Creative Calling

- Introduction: In Culture Making Recovering Our Creative Calling, Andy Crouch exposes the fallacies way in which proponents of worldview have analyzed the concept of culture and argues for the need and responsibility for Christians to create and cultivate culture, rather than merely analyze it (Chaplin, 2010). Crouch (2008) seeks to answer the following questions: “What is it, exactly, that we are called to do in the world. Are we called to transform culture or to change the world?” (p. 11). Crouch attempts to define the concept of culture and why it matters by introducing academic research on the nature of culture with extensive theological study, and Crouch and defines how we may create cul...   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Natural World, World]

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Development of the world without religion

- When people question the existence and emergence of planet Earth through science, what is discovered is that there are no generic answers. The conversation will erupt into a never-ending debate and get into the vexing, and sometimes violent, interpretations based on one’s beliefs. What can be answered is what goes on inside the geographical world. My topic of research is not the geography that is tested in the second grade, when a teacher asks a student to point to where London is on a map. In fact, I will be focusing in on the urban geography development, because it is a development, which is less obvious to an average ignorant and inexperienced individual....   [tags: World, Earth, Natural State, Religion]

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The Destruction Of The Park

- My walk along Highland Park surrounded by with the water’s quiet flow that moves through the land, separating the two sides that were once connected. The waterfowl escape the heat of the sun by swimming happily with the current and in the process, diving to catch lunch. Trees are scattered all over the grass, soaring high above the ground creating homes for those who live by the sky. The dirt, leaves, bark, and water create the smell best classified as Earth, enriched by the uprooted trees from Mother Nature’s wrath....   [tags: Nature, Life, Natural World, Natural environment]

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Charles Darwin's Life and Accomplishments

- Charles Darwin was born in February 12,1809. When Charles Darwin was a little kid he struggled a lot in school. In 1825, Charles become a fortunate person and went to medical school. Darwin was a British scientist who set the foundations of the theory of evolution and converted the way we imagine about the natural world. Charles Darwin was the discoverer of the biological theory of evolution. Charles Darwin was married for 43 years to Emma Darwin who was his cousin. Charles Darwin had 10 children....   [tags: charles darwin, evolution, natural world]

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Climate Change And Its Effects On The World 's Natural Disasters

- While watching the Ted Talk, we came across terms like mitigation, adaption and risk. These terms have their own specific meaning and have a close connection with climate change. Mitigation refers to minimizing the fallout of disasters in terms of life and property by preparing in advance for the disasters. Risk refers to threats to human beings and things that are important to us. Adaptation literally means to adapt or adjust to changing situations or systems, taking advantage of a situation or dealing with the consequences....   [tags: Hurricane Katrina, Tropical cyclone, Weather]

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St Thomas's Five Proofs

- Despite the logic that creates these proofs, there are still some individuals who refuse to concede that there is a God. These individuals believe that modern science can disprove the five proofs. They hide behind their meager facts, stating that these proofs no longer hold true since they were not created with present technology and advances in mind. What they fail to understand though, is that the facts do not rely on science as much as they rely on logic and observations of the world. Three of St....   [tags: God, Modern Science, Natural World]

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Attitude and Appreciation of the Natural World in Gerard Manley Hopkins and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Poetry

- Attitude and Appreciation of the Natural World in Gerard Manley Hopkins and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Poetry The simple beauty of nature is an aspect many of us take for granted in our everyday lives - the endearing sounds of birds welcoming another day and the powerful gush of a waterfall being some examples of these. But there are those individuals who have endeavoured to fully comprehend the marvellous complexity of the world around us. Such findings are present in the work of many poets - namely Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844 - 1889)and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1808 - 1882)....   [tags: Papers]

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Good and Evil in Dracula by Bram Stoker

- What if in between good and evil did not exist. Where would you stand. Today, it is believed that everyone was born with the slightest bit of evil in them. In the Victorian Era, this theory would be considered very wrong, because one would either be all good, or all evil. In Dracula, by Bram Stoker, good versus evil was symbolised throughout the book as two antithetical forces without an in between. By clearly demonstrating the relationship between the dualistic ideas of intuition versus logic, good characters facing figures comparable to the devil, and symbolism within the natural world, Bram Stoker effectively recounts a “holy war” between the antagonistic forces of good and evil....   [tags: evil, good, world, natural]

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An Adventure Of The Mind And Spirit, By Daniel Quinn

- In “An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit,” by Daniel Quinn, Ishmael, the gorilla teaches the narrator, an anthropologist, that we as humans are anthropocentric when it comes to the natural world. This means that humans think they we are the center or the most important thing in the universe. On one hand, some may argue that the world was made for humans and not for the animals or anything else in society. From this perception, humans think that the world exists to support their species and to meet their needs, meaning that we egocentric....   [tags: Human, Natural environment, World population]

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The Compassionate And Ecological Community

- In order to thrive as productive members of society, we often enable ourselves to build connections and relationships with the people around us. While it is vastly important to build lasting relationships with others, it is equally important to ensure we also create a sustaining connection to our environment. The existential importance of this is due to the inevitable notion that we are greatly shaped by not only the people, but the things around us. When considering two types of a community, both compassionate and ecological, I believe that in order to subscribe to the compassionate community, one must first be a part of the ecological community....   [tags: Human, Natural environment, World population]

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A Futuristic Story

- The year was 3156. You would imagine there was peace in the world. It was as we were in paradise. There was no suffering in the world and we were the most advanced civilization than any on another planet. That is what we all thought it was going to be like. We were wrong. 300 years ago, darkness had taken over the world. Evil spirits entered from the spirit world to the human world in order to take over everything. It was a catastrophic time, with half the world dead. All the people of the world were jailed in the underworld away from the light....   [tags: Natural Disasters, World]

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The Waste Of The Earth

- The stuff from factory productions to people’s trash accumulation is destroying the planet earth at an alarming rate. Meaning that people are stripping the earth of its natural resources to mass produce products which is bought by consumers only to be disposed of quickly and either dump in a landfill or burnt up in an incinerator while the government stands by encouraging it to happen even quicker. Therefore, the earth is not able to keep pace with the stripping of it natural resources and will not be able to sustain human life at the velocity today’s society is consuming....   [tags: Earth, World, Natural resource, Planet]

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Destruction of One of the World’s Most Breathtaking Natural Treasures

- Destruction of One of the World’s Most Breathtaking Natural Treasures Located on the Yangtze River near the city of Yichang, rise mountain peaks that form three beautiful gorges that form at the foot of these graceful mountains. At the heart of China, the Three Gorges is viewed by many people as a place of natural beauty and legendary history. It is a place that inspires authors, artists, and poets. However, all of this will be destroyed in 2009 in the completion of the Three Gorges Dam....   [tags: Papers]

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The Effects Of Environmental Change On Society 's Mentality

- The world has always noted the physical effects the environment has had on people, but it is rarely documented the way it has affected society’s mentality. Both Nydia Velazquez and Roy Scranton show in their pieces “In Search of Justice” and “Learning to die in the Anthropocene” how, often, change is feared because the outcome is uncertain and it is evident that the environment, what people are surrounded by, has affected the way people respond to change or life in general. Although the physical health effects of environmental change is often looked at as most important, Velazquez and Scranton has make it evident that environmental change has taken a toll on society 's mentality which affect...   [tags: Environment, Natural environment, World, Earth]

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The State of Our World Depicted in the Book, Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution

- The State of Our World Depicted in the Book, Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution Each word in the title of the book Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution carries powerful undertones. For example “industrial revolution” carries a negative connotation for me; I picture smoke stacks pouring out pollution and darkening the cities and six year old children working fourteen hours a day in factories for little pay. I simultaneously recognize the remarkable amount of inventions and technologies that were developed during and following the Industrial Revolution and its vast impact on the world and on the United States, which places great val...   [tags: Environment]

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Analysis Of David Suzuki 's ' Rediscovering Our Place ' Nature '

- Environmental activist, David Suzuki, explains how the progression that allowed Homo sapiens to advance into a “super species” may be the primary factor to what ends the wellbeing of our future. In his excerpt from “Rediscovering Our Place in Nature”, Suzuki goes into detail about how the components of life on Earth should not be compromised for the desires of a portion of the people who live there. Suzuki begins by going into detail about how during the Paleolithic period, millennia ago, Homo sapiens roamed side by side with the towering beasts of the time....   [tags: Human, World population, Natural environment]

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The Manipulation of Natural Resources

- There is an ongoing war between first and third-world countries. Countless numbers of resources were taken from the periphery, but these resources were never completely returned. As First World countries prosper, Third World countries are undergoing poverty and environmental degradation. Despite all the destruction, natural resources from the periphery fabricate new technology and advances in core countries (Africa: Resources). For example, smartphones are products of natural resource utilization, whereas deforestation is the result of natural resource exploitation in the peripheries....   [tags: Nature, poverty, third-world]

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The Pope 's Encyclical

- Response to Laudato Si’ At the beginning of the Pope’s encyclical he states that he “would like to enter into dialogue with all people about our common home.” He means to address the whole world, not just the bishops of the church, and not just people of religious affiliations, but to all good people of this world. The goal of the dialogue that is brought up by Pope Francis is to bring about conversation about the environmental challenges that face us ahead; he states that “We need a conversation that includes everyone, since the environment challenges we are under going, and its human roots, concern and affect us all.” When he stated this he also called out the churches of the world to have...   [tags: Earth, World, Human, Natural environment]

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Global Threat And The Natural Environment

- Common to most discussions of globalization is a sense that there are forces in the world bringing us all closer together. Global threats to the natural environment are a growing source of interdependence. Most of the world’s people live in poverty in the global South. About a billion live in extreme poverty, without adequate food, water, and other necessities. The concept of development has a subjective side that cannot be measured statistically––the judgment of whether a certain pattern of wealth creation and distribution is good for a state and its people....   [tags: European Union, Europe, Poverty, Third World]

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The Effect of Natural Disaster on a Society

- Even though it is currently possible to predict most natural disasters and minimize their consequences, major social impacts still have been seen over recent decades. In this essay, a natural disaster is defined as a naturally occurring event that exerts adverse effects onto human society, including those caused by geological factors and infectious organisms. It may result in a wide range of aftermaths, however, only the most prominent ones of these will be examined including casualties caused by a disaster, public health crises and economic depression....   [tags: Natural Disaster]

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Effective Natural Resource Management

- Effective natural resource management has increasingly become important as human interaction and destruction of resource use rises. I will examine two types of natural resource models currently used in today’s world. The two types of systems are International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) and integrated adaptive management (IAM). After a comparing and contrasting the two resource models, I will provide a real world example that can use the two management systems....   [tags: Natural Resources]

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The World Of Life On Earth

- Threshold 5 tackles the beginning of life on Earth. This is where any living things are characterized by metabolism, homeostasis, and reproduction. Over time, the genetic makeup of any living thing change so later generations being slightly different. This results into diversification and the evolution of certain species that best suit their environment. However, threshold 5 also deals with the idea of dealing with the “natural world.” It may seem that the environment is almost entirely man-made but the “natural world” is still a huge part of the environment....   [tags: Human, Natural environment, Science, Religion]

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Understanding of the World in the Eyes of a Childe

- Fleer (2007) refers to the important contribution the practitioner makes with regards to initial scientific exploration in the early years. This is concurred by Cowie & Otrel-Cass (2011) who also discuss the importance of planning horizontal learning to enable deeper understanding by the child. However Gee (2004) warns of how this may appear like ‘mucking around’ to the untrained eye. This was found to be the case when the child was seen to throw the leaves in the air time and time again singing ‘autumn leaves are falling down’....   [tags: teaching natural sciences tools and techniques]

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Iran: One of the Richest Countries in the World

- ... ( Today according to Vice President, Jahangiri, report banks overdue receivables are 31 billion dollars from only 575 person, who have irony immunity from constitutional courts. Economic development plan It had been a while that every economist and politician knew that the old three-decade-old system of state subsidies, had to be revised and important structural reform should have been done. Speaking on the occasion of Nowruz, the Iranian new year in March, the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared this to be the “year of economic jihad”....   [tags: oil, gas, natural resources]

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Order and Chaos are Natural Events in Eamon Grennan’s Poem, One Mornin

- ... The death of an animal is, in fact, natural. However, it’s rotting and its “scent of savage/valediction,” (line 2-3) both accentuate how chaotic its death is to the peacefulness of this experience. Following that first image, more instances of chaos are found. A walk on the beach sparks up an image of a quiet stroll, but sounds can easily disrupt that. Chaos, in this case, is disrupting the current state that the speaker in in. In his experience, an oyster catcher makes a “headlong high sound” that “echo[es] through the rocky cove.” The high pitched noise that made a reverberation causes a disorder, that adds to the fundamental chaos of nature....   [tags: order, peaceful, world]

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Use of Geographic Data in Natural Disasters

- Missing Figures The use of geographic data in the field of preventing and mitigating natural disasters remains a pioneering activity. However the circulation of the technology is still hindered by many issues such as the difficulty in obtaining the appropriate raw data, the lack of effective graphical user interfaces, the intricacy of predictive models and the expense of digitisation (Carrara et al., 1999)....   [tags: Natural Disaster]

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The Theory Of Natural Rights

- Human rights are the fundamental moral rights to which a person is inherently entitled to simply because he or she is a human being. Human rights are designed to be universal and equally claimable by everyone, regardless of your "nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status." (United Nations, 2005). They are considered inalienable, thus, should not be taken away, except in specific circumstances. They are also expressed as inseparable and interdependent, and the removal of one right will effect others....   [tags: Human rights, World War II, United Nations]

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Natural Sciences with Ethical Considerations

- Interpreted literally, ethical judgements do seem to limit methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural sciences; it’s not difficult to imagine the chaos of a world void of any kind of ethical considerations. However, can knowledge in the natural sciences even be compared to knowledge in the arts. Knowledge in the natural sciences includes knowledge that helps improve methods used in hospitals to treat previously untreatable illnesses. Art at first glance does not hold enough weight to be compared because it reaches a smaller number of people giving it less importance than knowledge gained in natural sciences....   [tags: Experiments, Studies, Natural Sciences]

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Agriculture and the Natural Environment

- Introduction Agricultural activity is the earliest human’s activity on the natural ecosystem. It not only changes the local natural ecosystem but it also has a huge impact on the ecological environment. When many scholars trace back the historical roots of the problems of ecological environment, naturally they will be concern about the traditional mode of agricultural production, even back to the age when the foundation of traditional agricultural technology system was formed. Agricultural development for thousands of years both created a splendid civilization, but also accumulated a lot of environmental problems....   [tags: environment, natural ecosystem]

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The Effects Of Fracking On The World Of Fracking

- The government should make a bigger appearance in the world of Fracking because it causes irrevocable damage. Fracking is the process of injecting sand, rocks, and water into the ground at a very high pressure to break up rocks that contain natural gas and oil deposits. One of the biggest problems about fracking is that it destroys the coal industry. Now that fracking has come along people want to switch from coal to natural gas because it is cheaper. The problem with that is that Natural Gas will eventually run out....   [tags: Coal, Natural gas, Petroleum, Coal mining]

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Is Fracking A Natural Gas?

- Today, the United States relies mainly on foreign relations for our sources of energy like oil and natural gas. More than half of the nation’s energy resources are brought in from other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Mexico. However, Kevin Hillstrom noted that in the 1940’s energy companies in America began putting more money and time into finding new ways to acquire natural gas. He also noted that almost ten years later, the United States became the global leader in natural gas drilling, producing almost ninety percent of the world’s natural gas....   [tags: Natural gas, Petroleum, United States]

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The Nature Centered Ideology And Its Impact On The World

- About the Company Patagonia is a long-standing outerwear clothing company. From camping gear, to light fleece, to extreme insulated jackets, Patagonia has been one the main outdoor clothing companies in the last 20 years. It was originally founded by rock climber, Yvon Chouinard, whom created climbing equipment out of his own garage. It then grew to a multinational scale and now they are supplying stores all over the world. But with this large expansion, Patagonia prides itself on the lack of carbon footprint they have....   [tags: Environment, Environmentalism, Natural environment]

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The Effects Which a Natural Disaster can have on a Country

- A natural disaster is an event caused by natural destructive factors, which can be further divided into either climatic disasters such as floods and tornados, or geological disasters such as earthquakes, which consequently lead to great physical damage or life loss (Bankoff, 2004, 56). When defining ‘natural’ literally, it may seem that natural disasters are independent from human activities, however, with the process of civilization, man-made factors are having an increasingly greater influence on nature (Sandler, 1996, 124)....   [tags: Natural Disaster]

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Fracking, The, And Natural Gas

- Imagine going for a picnic in a park with some friends up in Pennsylvania. But upon arrival at the park, a friend realizes that no one brought coal for the park grills. Luckily though, the parks recently installed new natural gas grills in the park. At least as first glance they looked like natural gas grills, but upon further inspection those grills turn out to just be water fountains that can be set on fire. The picnic was saved not because of the park’s generosity to provide natural gas, but due to negligence of natural gas leaking into water reservoirs....   [tags: Natural gas, Fossil fuel, Greenhouse gas]

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Energy Source Of Natural Gas

- Emissions Natural Gas has become one of the world’s most abundant resources over the past two decades and in doing so it has become what most believe to be the cleaner and more environmentally friendly replacement to coal and oil as an energy source. Coal has powered the world’s power plants for many decades, but now these plants are being converted to burning natural gas because it has less CO2 emissions. Natural gas power plants emit 50 to 60% less CO2 than modern day coal burning power plants....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Natural gas, Greenhouse gas, Coal]

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Fossil Energy, Coal, And Natural Gases

- Fossil energy sources- such as oil, coal, and natural gases have become the primary source of the energy which formed from died old plants and animals buried in the layers of land over a million of years. But there is lots of impact on the environmental by the use of fossil fuels through combustion resulting in the emission of greenhouse gases. Over the past 20 years, three-fourths of human-caused emissions came from the burning of fossil fuels. Crude oil- plays a significant role in the production of energy and united states consume more energy from petroleum than from any other sources....   [tags: Natural gas, Petroleum, Methane, Coal]

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Natural Gas As A Dangerous Byproduct Of The Oil Wells

- For several decades, natural gas was vented as a dangerous byproduct of the oil wells. Most of the petroleum fluid in the reservoir condition contains various amounts of dissolved gas, which is liberated in the stock tank condition. Since dissolved natural gas causes several problems in oil transportation, should be separated in order to reduce the transportation cost. Since storage and transferring of natural gas in gaseous phase was not feasible for a long time, it used to be consumed locally near to the production fields....   [tags: Natural gas, Petroleum, Compressed natural gas]

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Global Production Of Oil And Natural Gas

- Until recent years, the United States had not been a major topic of discussion in the global production of oil and natural gas. However, advancements in exploration and production technology have revolutionized U.S oil and natural gas production; the effects have been recognized on a global scale. An article titled “Hydraulic Fracturing: Unlocking America’s Natural Gas Resources” states, “Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are safely unlocking vast U.S. reserves of oil and natural gas found in shale and other tight-rock formations....   [tags: Petroleum, Natural gas, Oil well, United States]

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Fossil Fuels : Coal And Natural Gas

- There are three main fossil fuels; oil coal and natural gas were all formed hundreds of million years ago before the time of the dinosaurs (Energy Quest, 2012). The period of time that the fossil fuels were formed was the Carboniferous Period. It got the name from the word “carbon” which is the basic element in coal and other fossil fuels (Energy Quest). According to (Energy Quest, 2012) these fossil fuels were formed in prehistoric times from a material called peat which after enough pressure was built on top of it, peat would then squeeze out water which over millions of years turned into coal, oil, petroleum or natural gas....   [tags: Natural gas, Fossil fuel, Coal, Petroleum]

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Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Natural Selection

- There must be very few people from biology or evolutionary background who are not aware of the work of Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin proposed that evolution occurs through the process of natural selection. Natural selection is the process by which species adapt to their environment in order to survive. Species evolve from one to the next through random genetic mutation, if the said mutation is beneficial then it is preserved and is passed down to the next generation to help with the survival of that species....   [tags: Evolution, Natural selection, Gene]

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Fossil Fuels Vs. Natural Fuels

- Fossil fuels are natural fuels that are derived from the remains of living organisms and are a major energy source in the world. These fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas which are not renewable; they cannot be synthetically created or manufactured. Once they are used, it will be another million years to refill what the humans have used up. Although natural fuels are popular, they have many drawbacks. The consumption of fossil fuels have led to the greenhouse effect – the damage to the earth....   [tags: Fossil fuel, Energy development, Natural gas]

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The World Is Turning A New Page

- The world is turning a new page in some truly profound ways, and I believe that investors are starting to catch on (which is a good thing). These world financial giants are starting to notice the importance of environmental and social issues, and the reason they are catching on is due to the potential long-term investments and growth it provides these companies and long term investors. Let me remind you what we already know. There are currently 7 billion people on Earth today and because of our innovation in modern medicine that number will grow to about 10 billion people by the end of this century....   [tags: Sustainability, Natural environment, Investment]

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