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Naming of Parts, by Henry Reed

- The Elaborate Use of Poetry Devices In “Naming of Parts” While one way of thought is factual, more literal, another is more reflective and abstract. In Henry Reed’s “Naming of Parts”, Reed uses both approaches to thinking with his speakers, and this allows his poem to include different points of view and tones. The two speakers are evident in different lines of “Naming of Parts”, and when they merge, they have a different meaning than both alone....   [tags: Poetry Devices, Factual, Literal]

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The Importance Of Product Naming And Branding

- The competition in today’s market is challenging when developing a new product. Therefore, understanding the importance of product naming and branding should be included in the strategy of all new product development projects. In addition, to developing a great product name protecting the product is also important. Therefore, organizations need to consider the amount of time, research, and costs associated with the development of the product as they decide on intellectual property protection. The Importance of Product Name A product’s name and brand is very important to the success of a new product as it affects the perception of the product....   [tags: Trademark, Intellectual property]

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Naming And Addressing Racism : A Primer

- NAMING AND ADDRESSING RACISM: A PRIMER This webinar is a presentation on the race associated differences in health that exists in the United States, how they came to be, and how racism impedes efforts to achieving the nation’s public health goals. The webinar part of a series which serve as a platform for important discussions on topics aimed at achieving the healthiest nation in one generation-Generation Public Health (Georges,2015). First to speak was Kumanyika (2015), who utilized health outcomes parameters (such as excess deaths, life expectancy at birth, low birth weight, infant mortality and years of potential life lost b4 75years) in order to illustrate the overall improvement in the...   [tags: Public health, Health care, Health disparities]

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The Art of Brand Naming

- ... While Steven King can emblazon his name on his book larger than the title, and Donald Trump can (and will) put his name on anything from a water bottle to a hotel, you will likely miss out in a few ways using your own name–it will ook egotistical, uncreative, and in the wrong market, it will totally lacks whimsy or everyman appeal. There are exceptions, like Trader Joe's named for founder Joe Coulombe, and of course the eponymous Ben and Jerry's Ice cream. Don't confuse their existing goodwill with the difficulty inherent to how hard it may have been overcoming a plain name–although one could say their names made them approachable given the lack of seriousness to say, ice cream....   [tags: product, marketing, image]

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Naming Alcohols in Chemistry

- ... The positions of the substituent alkyl (or other) groups are denoted by using the lowest possible numbers for the associated carbon atoms in the main chain (docbrown).” If there is more than one type of substituent e.g. using the prefixes: methy and ethyl, they are written out in alphabetical order (di, tri are ignored while using this rule). Alcohols are classified according to the atoms/groups attached to the carbon of the hydroxy group. “Primary alcohols (prim) have the structure R-CH2-OH, R = H, alkyl, aryl etc....   [tags: hydroxyl functional group]

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The Culture of Naming Nwborns and Its Functions

- Introduction Naming of newborns is an issue that is rooted under cultural and geographical backgrounds, with different places having a strong history concerning it and a unique process of doing it. Although the naming process has changed in one way or another among different communities, there are some trends that still remain, which are important in an attempt to try to understand the naming process among various ethnic groups. In this research, I will focus on the different naming behaviours among the Asians and the westerners and establish whether there are similarities or differences between these two processes....   [tags: Culture ]

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The Naming of Domino Park in Miami

- The Naming of Domino Park Domino Park resides in one of the predominantly Cuban districts of the greater Miami area. It is located on the corner of Calle Ocho and fifteenth-avenue in Little Havana. Domino Park is a gathering place for the men and women of Little Havana. They have congregated in the mini-park for years, challenging each other to domino games. Although players sometimes choose to challenge each other to games of chess, the main staple of the park is dominos. The park received its nickname, Domino Park, for that very reason....   [tags: Little Havana Cuban Community]

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What Should Be Taken in Consideration When Naming a Baby?

- Names give us a sense of identification. Naming a baby is a very important step during a women’s pregnancy. It is a big decision that you and your partner must make. Not only can this step be so important and stressful but it can also be exciting. You will put a lot of thought into different names before you find the perfect one. You should take your time deciding which name will be right for your baby. Make sure when you finally figure out a name, you and your partner both like and agree on it....   [tags: baby's name, meaning, pronunciation]

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And The Children Will Know Their Name: Naming in Song of Solomon

- It is not hidden that Toni Morrison finds names and naming very important in her novel Song of Solomon. Declaring the importance of names from the start, the epigraph to the novel reads “The fathers may soar / and the Children may know their Names” (Morrison). When first reading the novel people may be surprised by the large quantity and obscurity of characters names. Names like “Milkman”, “Guitar” and “Empire State” sound odd and meaningless but as readers explore the novel they see the importance of these name and how they further benefit the story....   [tags: Toni Morrison, character analysis]

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Using A Pre And Post Alphabet Naming Tests

- This chapter will explain and discuss the proposed research design, including sampling techniques, participants, data collection methods, instruments, procedures and data analysis. Proposed Research Design The research tools used for this study will consist of a pre and post alphabet naming tests. The quantitative data from these tests will be evaluated to determine the results of the study. The pre-test will be used as a baseline for all of the participating kindergarten students. Students will then be assessed after an eight week period....   [tags: Scientific method, Sampling, Data collection]

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Analysis and Interpretations of Reed's Poem, Naming of Parts

- “Today we have naming of parts”. In the poem “Naming of parts” written by Henry Reed, the author uses subtle text to get his message across. The poem could be interpreted two ways; one way is that the poem depicts a group of military recruits receiving a lecture from their head officer on guns and how to use them. Another interpretation of this poem could be about love making, and what young men should be doing with their parts. In the spring they should be learning what to do; and enjoy them selves....   [tags: Poetry Analysis, Poem Analysis]

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My Parents Were Having Trouble Naming Me

- Hello professor Savage My parents were having trouble naming me, they didn 't want to give me a too normal name. My mother was going to name me Maltesers, because she loves the chocolate Maltesers. So I was called maltesers for a few weeks until my father thinks that the name was too weird. Later on they name me Carolyn Wong. I am from Hong Kong, thus I have a Chinese name Wong Hiu Nam. I receive a lot of nicknames, some of my friends would call me carrot,and other Cantonese friends can 't pronounce my name would call me calories, because the pronouncement of Carolyn in Cantonese sounds like calories.I speak three languages; cantonese, mandarins and English....   [tags: High school, College, Secondary school]

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Film Naming Conventions

- Film Naming Conventions My filename convection is my initials and the initials of the document I have been working in E.G word WD. So if I wanted to save a file on the internet and I produced it in word it would save it as JMWDinternet. This is how I would save all of my documents in the school year, the reason for this is because you can then find all of your documents and other saved items, very quickly and simply. Backups: A backup is a is a file that has been saved in more than one place, it’s a good idea to do this in case of a robbery, fire or any other ways you can lose your data....   [tags: Papers]

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Naming Death A-I-D-S

- Naming Death   I was visiting a doctor in Kwazulu-Natal, the province hardest hit by AIDS, to see for myself the impact of AIDS in the region. The doctor was just finishing up with an elderly patient from a village. After I introduced myself and stated the purpose of my visit, she immediately leaned towards the woman and demanded, "Tell her, just tell her how many young people you've buried this week."   The elderly woman softly replied, "Five funerals this Saturday. Every week about five or six."   "We've been told that one in eight South Africans are estimated to be HIV-positive," I said....   [tags: AIDS]

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Essay on Toni Morrison's Beloved - Character Naming

- Character Naming in Beloved "What's in a name. That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet. So Romeo would, were he not Romeo called, Retain that dear perfection which he owes Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name, And, for thy name, which is no part of thee, Take all myself." hakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, II.ii Shakespeare's Juliet tells us that names are unimportant - inconsequential, in fact. A name is merely a convenient string of sounds that denotes an individual, but it has no meaning....   [tags: Toni Morrison Beloved Essays]

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Taiwan, Taipei: Why Does the Chinese Communist Party Place so Much Emphasis on Naming the Island?

- Taiwan, Taipei: why does the Chinese Communist Party place so much emphasis on naming the island. To attempt to answer this question, first the origin of the conflict has to be analyzed. Beginning in the 1940’s, the CCP’s victory over the Kuomintang symbolized the beginning of cross-strait issues. However, it wasn’t until 1992 when George Bush Senior decided to announce that the United States would sell D-15 fighter jets to Taiwan. This action caused cross-strait tensions to reach an all time low between Taiwan, China, and the United States....   [tags: successful island nations, international relations]

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Making a Splash(y) in Social Media: The Controversy of Naming Mister Splashy Pants

- It’s no secret that internet and social media has become a major part of our society. In the last 14 years the number of internet users has increased by a whopping 566% and 2,495,518,376 people in this world have access to the internet. 70% of them use the internet on a daily basis. On average that 70% will spend 3.2 hours daily on social media, such as Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ and YouTube. In this Ted Talk Alexis Ohanian who is a co-founder of a “democratic front page of the best stuff on the internet”....   [tags: whales, reddit, hunting]

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Code of the Health and Disability Services Consumer Rights Breach

- An examination of the disclosure of the names of providers who have breached the Code of the Health and Disability Services Consumer Rights, with a discussion of the consultation review report and case 06HDC15791. For this assessment all names have been removed or altered to protect the individuals involved which is in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 (Parliamentary Counsel Office [PCO], 2009). Privacy is a vital ethical issue and legal requirement, concerned with not just the keeping of ‘secrets’ but it is the foundation of respect (Polit & Beck, 2005)....   [tags: Ethics]

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Remembering : Grammar Mythos Imagining The Real

- Stratford Caldecott’s “Remembering: Grammar-Mythos-Imagining the Real” is from his book Beauty in the Word, published in 2012. In this chapter, he argues that naming, as the beginning of grammar, is an integral part of our humanity. He goes on to connect grammar to the arts of remembering, tradition, and storytelling, as well as commenting on the danger of becoming too reliant on technology. Caldecott believes that grammar, and thereby Remembering, brings us into a greater community of human thought which transcends time; as a result, ‘Grammar’ is “the remembrance of Being” (Caldecott 59)....   [tags: Human, Idea, Name, .jobs]

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Feedback Stress: Does Auditory Feedback Negatively Affect Performance on a Stroop Task?

- The Stroop Effect In his historic study, Stroop found that reading names of colors interfered with individuals’ ability to name the ink color the word was printed in when the two differed (i.e., the word “BLUE” written in red ink) (1935). However, the basis of this phenomenon can be traced back to Cattell who found that naming colors and pictures took twice as long to accomplish than reading the word these colors or pictures represented (1886). He concluded that this was due to reading being an automatic process while identifying colors or pictures requires a conscious effort (Cattell, 1886)....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Stroop Effect: Revisited Through Nonarbitrary Key Press Modality

- In his article Stroop (1935) detailed the research before his own concerning interference (inhibition) which were centered on testing associative inhibition. Researchers were using sets of nonsense syllables (stimuli) that were assigned to be associated with a different set of nonsense syllables (response), and later the stimuli syllables were changed to be assigned with a completely different set of response syllables. Researchers found that once nonsense syllables (stimuli) became associated with a certain set of other nonsense syllables (response) it was very difficult to redirect that association (see Stroop 1935)....   [tags: behavioral science, psychology]

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The Disdainful Use of Names in Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49

- The Disdainful Use of Names in Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49 While reading Pynchon’s, The Crying of Lot 49, I found myself fascinated with the names of the characters. I tried to analyze them and make them mean something, but it seems that Pynchon did not mean for the names to have a specific meaning. This deduction made me think about the satirical nature of the naming of the characters. Which led me to muse on the chaotic nature of the naming. The apparent disdain for the characters by their naming seems to imply that the author is poking fun at the reader and society through the characters....   [tags: Crying Lot 49 Essays]

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The Need For Quality Assurance

- Task 1: The Need for Quality Assurance in Website Development 1.1 The Use of Standards in the Development of Databases: The web development stands for the development of the website for the internet system and the intranet system. The website helps to the end users to access the given information or the data from anywhere in the world for the particular organization (Ahmad, Jun Wei and Ibrahim, 2013). The each website has their particular and unique domain to access over the internet. The website has a database system to store the data and information to access the information or the data by the public or the private user....   [tags: Database, Database management system]

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Attentional Interference in Relation to the Stroop Effect

- Interference and facilitation are two important aspects of automatic processes. Interference refers to the range to which one process encumbers performance of another, whereas facilitation indicates the extent to which one process assists performance of another. Through practice and maturation, reading progresses from a controlled process to one that is automatic, lessening the demands on attentional resources. Stroop reported one of the first studies, which provided support for this, in 1935. He combined the word object/property dimensions in the same stimulus to create one of the most researched phenomena in cognitive psychology: The Stroop effect (MacLeod, 1991)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( Adhd )

- Abstract: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects one’s executive functioning; which is where you get your sense of order and structure. This executive dysfunction effects how people with ADHD perform on test used to identify language impairments. Twenty-five children with ADHD, twenty-eight kids with ADHD an identified language impairment, and twenty-four children without ADHD were given 18 task to evaluate their language. When compared all the children preformed about the same on every test with the exception of the CLEF-R Formulated sentences subtest....   [tags: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder]

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Is Sociology A True Self?

- Sociology is unique in the sense that one of its main principles is based on removing the idea of a ‘self’ from the epicenter of human behavior. This theory is what sets sociology apart from other fields of study. The basis of psychology, for example, is so heavily dependent on the individuality of the mind and specific human tendencies. When the idea of the self is stripped away from psychology, the science becomes a lot shallower and less important. However it’s not just psychology that has a strong belief in the self....   [tags: Sociology, Erving Goffman, Individual, John Locke]

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Remembrance of Empire in the Nomenclature of Belfast Streets

- Remembrance of Empire in the Nomenclature of Belfast Streets I Belfast is Northern Ireland’s principal city and at times its centre of government. Its size and past prosperity can be attribute to its role as a major seaport in the former British Empire. In administrative terms at least the city remains “British” today. A clear result of its history is the present demographic pattern of the city and the nomenclature that accompanies it. I intend to discuss an aspect of this nomenclature — the names of Belfast streets, which are evocative of an Imperial past....   [tags: ]

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Process Essay – How to Name a Cow

- Process Essay – How to Name a Cow Naming your cow may not be an easy task. While some claim to be well versed in bovine nomenclature, many first-time cow owners are not. It may be true that cattle should not be named because a growing attachment to your cow may hinder economic gain—if you plan to eat your cow, don’t name it. Most cow lovers need not worry about any of this. Their cows have become welcome household pets. They have put down their steak knives and decided to dine with them, not on them....   [tags: Process Essays]

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A Critique Of ' The Red Sky On Friday : Does Irrational Superstition On The Great Lakes Make A

- This is a critique of an article written by a freshman at Bowling Green State University, Firelands campus, titled “Albatross in the Red Sky on Friday: Does Irrational Superstition on the Great Lakes Make a Difference?” The purpose of this article is to evaluate rather irrational superstitions on the Great Lakes makes a difference on the success or failure of a ship and its crew’s fate. Sara Cordle effectively uses evidence and objectivity, but on the other hand she does not effectively use relevance which ultimately affects the value of this article....   [tags: Superstition, Luck, Cat, Rat]

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Essay: Analysis of Sonnet 95

- Analysis of Sonnet 95 How sweet and lovely dost thou make the shame Which, like a canker in the fragrant rose, Doth spot the beauty of thy budding name. Oh, in what sweets dost thou thy sins enclose. That tongue that tells the story of thy days, Making lascivious comments on thy sport, Cannot dispraise but in a kind of praise. Naming thy name , blesses an ill report. Oh what a mansion have those vices got Which for thy habitation chose out thee, Where beauty's veil doth cover every blot And all things turns to fair that eyes can see....   [tags: Sonnet essays]

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Sleeping Bears Online Ebook Database Management Guide

- Sleeping Bears Online eBook Database Management Guide In the interview with Scharleen Berens, the information that was obtained we were able to build a database, after collecting the information required creating the database by identify the needs of the client. She was given recommendation on what type of naming conventions, indexing strategy, backup and recovery strategy, RAID configuration, SQL injection prevention strategy, and transaction management that would suit her Online eBook Store, in doing this with further research, trial and error, we were able to identify the elements needed to complete this project....   [tags: SQL, Database, RAID, Database transaction]

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A Name for Culture and Assimilation

- There are myriad reasons why a name becomes a crucial identity for many people. They believe that a name can give power, authority, allegiances, and other special values. In many African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria or Asian countries such as Myanmar, the naming ceremony for a newborn baby is very special for the baby and the family. The entire society may become involved in celebrating it. People believe a name will bring the prestigious culture values to the baby that will allow him or her to fit well in the society....   [tags: Culture]

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William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

- The story of Juliet and her Romeo is one that is commonly known throughout the world. The tale of their romance and even their tragic deaths have been a staple over the centuries in literature and even just society. A major theme among this play was the recurrent discussion of death and fate. From the start of the play, in the prologue, the audience knows the two lovers are destined to die. Fate appears in how Juliet chose to love the one person she was meant to hate showing how it was meant for them to be together....   [tags: Romeo and Juliet, Juliet Capulet, Romeo Montague]

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Catholism Outlawed in Iceland

- It wasn't until Lutheranism was firmly in place, that Catholicism was outlawed by Icelandic law and outlawed to the point that for more than three centuries no Catholic priest was permitted to even set foot on Iceland. To help convert the Norse to Christian ways, many pre-existing Norse practices and customs were converted into Christian practices, such as the Christening of a child. When a child was born, there was a great deal of ceremony conducted by the Norse. For example, a newly born infant would be placed on the ground and then remained there until he or she was picked up by their father (or next of kin in his absence) and placed in the folds of his cloak....   [tags: norse practice, baptism, christian]

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Taking a Look at Aphasia

- Aphasia, commonly a result of prevalent strokes, is a language disorder that predominantly affects expressive and receptive communication in adults. The main motivation of Kurland, Pulvermüller, Silva, Burke and Andrianopoulos was to understand what treatments would be most beneficial for individuals with various types of aphasia and utilize effects seen in neurological imaging as a way to categorize types of aphasia based on various neurological lesion affects (2012). A variety of literature is referenced to explain constraint induced aphasia therapy (CIAT), the method that was explored in this current study....   [tags: language disorders in adults]

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The Day Of The Service

- The moment we stepped into the Temple we felt out of place. The attire that we had worn could have been more sophisticated. Every child man and woman there was wearing either a suit or a dress for the service that was about to occur. So waiting outside the service until it began felt a little awkward just by formalities alone we had been wearing a polo shirt with some kakis. Once the service was about to begin, which encompassed a rite of naming to occur and a bat mitzvah for two female twins, we got a copy of a Shabbat prayer book and a copy of the Torah which was in English and in Hebrew....   [tags: Torah, Judaism, Family, Moses]

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New Stadium

- Introduction Over the past decade more than a dozen new stadiums have been built within the United States. A sports facility has potential to become a major source of revenue, venue for advertising, and brings about economic and social benefits to the community. The goal of a new facility is to increase the fan base, boost revenue, and increase a team’s competitiveness. For cities to reap the benefits of a new facility there must be support from the city, as well as, support from city officials....   [tags: Local Government ]

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Carolus Linnaeus: Jack-of-All-Trades

- To many people, Carolus Linnaeus is characterized as being the greatest symbol in Sweden as a naturalist scientist. He was a taxonomist, a botanist, a zoologist, an ecologist, he also worked in medicine and in natural history but his main passion was botany (Anderson 10). He became world famous and was named an important naturalist because of the system he developed and used to name and classify plants, animals, minerals, and even on occasion humans. People do not truly understand this man if they only look at and consider his accomplishments in botany....   [tags: Biography ]

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Sarah and Vashti: The Queen of Cups vs The Queen of Swords

- I once heard a rabbi compare life to a game of poker. That certainly captivated my attention, because who would ever imagine a religious figure draw a connection between life and gambling. When we are born, G-d deals us a hand of cards, with each one determining aspects of our being, such as what kind of family we are born into, where we live, what our talents are, and what exactly we are meant to struggle with. We cannot trade our hand for anyone else’s, so we have to play the best game we can with what we are dealt....   [tags: religious beliefs and history]

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How Effective is Trademark Law in the Context of Online Disputes?

- The Irish Trade Marks Act 1996 describes a trade mark as being any graphical representation (words, designs, letters, numerals and shapes of goods or their packaging) “capable of distinguishing goods or services of one undertaking from those of other undertakings” . Trade Mark Law stands to uphold the rights of ownership and use of such distinguishable properties. With the advent of the World Wide Web and increasing access availability, online trading has become very important to the world of commerce and as such the provisions of traditional trademark law have come under duress....   [tags: domain name, trademark law, online trading]

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Rehabilitation Of Bilingual Aphasi Evidence For Within- And Between Language Generalization

- The study “Rehabilitation in Bilingual Aphasia: Evidence for Within- and Between-Language Generalization ”, written by Swathi Kiran, Chaleece Sandberg, Teresa Gray, Elsa Ascenso and Ellen Kester, designed a study to examine which treatments methods would lead to the most improvement for within- and between-language generalization in clients diagnosed with bilingual aphasia. It was created to determine if conducting therapy in either the primary or the secondary language would result in these greater generalizations....   [tags: Semantics, Linguistics, Better, Semiotics]

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Understanding The Signs Of The Sun, Moon And Ascendant

- From the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, to the Three Wise Men and modern day Muslims, the stars have always been of great cultural and spiritual importance for people all across the globe. The constellations have meanings that exemplify different types of people and things in the natural world. These stars are the “blueprint” of humanity, giving mankind a better understanding of the world and themselves through the astrological birth chart. There are three vital references of the astrological chart that are necessary to understanding the signs of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant....   [tags: Sun, Star, Sky, Poseidon]

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Video Games And Its Impact On Our Educational Systems

- Technology is increasingly impacting our educational systems, and video gaming has started to appear as learning tools. Kathy Sanford and Leanna Madill observed that with young boys, video game play can be a significant, powerful learning tool (432). According to Elena Malykhina, teachers are increasingly embracing video games as teaching tools in school. It would make sense that in order for video gaming to be effective as a learning tool, the game created would need to enhance the student player’s experience with the game....   [tags: Video game, Video game console, Video game genres]

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The Language Of Oppression By Robin Lakoff

- Language always conveys a message. Language can convey a message that is full of manipulation. In Robin Lakoff’s essay, “Everybody’s a Politician”, she discusses how manipulation is used in day to day conversations, even if one is not intentionally trying to manipulate. Language can be used to dominate others. In the essay, “the Language of Oppression” by Haig A. Bosmajian, he explains the power of using names to define others. Language can change the way a person thinks. In the same essay, “the Language of Oppression” by Haig A....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Jews, Language]

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A Name for Culture and Assimilation

- There are a myriad of reasons why a name becomes a crucial identity for many people. It is because they believe that a name can give power, authority, allegiances, and other special values. In many African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria or Asian countries such as Myanmar, the naming ceremony for a newborn baby is very special for the baby and the family. Even the entire society may become involved in celebrating it. People believe a name will bring the prestigious culture values to the baby that will allow him or her to fit well in the society....   [tags: Social Science]

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The Stroop Effect Comparing Color Word Labels and Color Patch Labels

- The Stroop Effect Comparing Color Word Labels and Color Patch Labels Abstract The current study examined four components of the Stroop effect using a manual word response and a manual color response. The major focus being the three semantic components – semantic relatedness, semantic relevance and response set membership, that contributes to the Stroop interference. The results indicated that there was a response set membership effect in both the manual word response and manual color response, suggesting that interference occurs in the lexicon system when a manual word response is used and interference was located at a late selection stage, for manual color re...   [tags: Papers]

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Wrigley Field: Past and Present

- Blocks away from Lake Michigan on the corner of Clark and Addison, Wrigley Field is the center of a bustling community of diehard Cub fans. Wrigley field was built in 1914 and can hold up to 41,000 spectators. Outside the ballpark on any given game day there are beer-guzzling, hotdog eating fans around the park and in surrounding neighborhoods. Wrigley Field has been the center of baseball for the north side of Chicago and will be for many years in the future. Wrigley Field was built in 1914....   [tags: Informative Essay]

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Roles of Internet Service Providers

- ... *Request comes in to translate, series of requests and responses are made, requestor accepts first response vulnerable for man-in-the-middle attack Provide authentic and authoritative routing information, uses BGP as a standard. *Vulnerability to international cyber hacking. *Report a compromised system *Comply with technical aspects of internet participation *Work with other ISP providers in the event of emergencies. Provide uninterrupted service to their providers. Provide authentic and authoritative naming information....   [tags: routers, protection, developers]

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The Stroop Word-Color Test

- Introduction: In this Stroop experiment we attempt to investigate the inference in perception by showing 20 participants a Stroop color model and a controlled black and white model and compare the reaction times of the two. Stroop investigated in interference in perception demonstrating perception is a dynamic process open to influence. The Stroop word-color test can be modified into other languages other than English, thereby demonstrating how the Stroop Effect "works" across a range of languages, i.e....   [tags: Experiment Analysis]

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Schizophrenia Experiment: Case Study

- Harvey, Moriarty, Friedman, White, Parrella, Mohs and Davids (2000) conducted a study to analyze the preservation of cognitive functions in geriatric patients with lifelong schizophrenia in the hopes of discovering the success rate of long term institutionalization. The overall objective was of the study consisted of obtaining enough data to compare the scores on numerous cognitive skill tasks from the geriatric schizophrenia population and a population of healthy elderly individuals. Their experimental group consisted of 165 volunteers and they were matched one-to-one with an individual from the control group based on same age and education....   [tags: Cognitive Functions, Study]

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When Feminism Goes Wrong

- When Feminism Goes Wrong: The Creation of Africana Womanism Clenora Hudson-Weems, founder of Africana womanist theory, defines Africana womanism as “an ideology created and designed for all women of African descent. It is grounded in African culture, and therefore, it necessarily focuses on the unique experiences, struggles, needs and desires of Africana women” (Hudson-Weems, 2007). Finding the existing philosophies dealing with women’s issues lacking, Hudson-Weems sought out a new perspective that would reflect the unique experience of Africana women....   [tags: the creation of Africana Womanism]

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Confucianism, Daoism, And Buddhism

- Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism have differing perceptions of language and its role in society. The beliefs of philosophers in each of these Chinese philosophical traditions are stated in the Analects in Confucian philosophy, the Tao Te Ching in Daoist philosophy, and the Platform Sutra for Buddhist philosophy. The specific beliefs in regard to language are stated in relation to its role in the overarching principles societal relations. The perception of language in Confucianism is rooted in the relationship between words and their meanings....   [tags: Chinese philosophy, Taoism, Confucianism]

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Herbert Blumer's Symbolic Interactionism

- Herbert Blumer's Symbolic Interactionism THE THEORY Symbolic Interactionism as thought of by Herbert Blumer, is the process of interaction in the formation of meanings for individuals. Blumer was a devotee of George H. Mead, and was influenced by John Dewey. Dewey insisted that human beings are best understood in relation to their environment (Society for More Creative Speech, 1996). With this as his inspiration, Herbert Blumer outlined Symbolic Interactionism, a study of human group life and conduct....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Confucianism, Daoism, And Buddhism

- Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism have differing perceptions of language and its role in society. The beliefs of philosophers in each of these Chinese philosophical traditions are stated in the Analects in Confucian philosophy, the Tao Te Ching in Daoist philosophy, and the Platform Sutra for Buddhist philosophy. The specific beliefs in regard to language are stated in relation to its role in the overarching principles societal relations. The perception of language in Confucianism is rooted in the relationship between words and their meanings....   [tags: Chinese philosophy, Taoism, Confucianism]

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The Author Function

- Those literary critics and conventionally minded readers who seek to critically engage the many texts which shape the canon of Western knowledge too often ask the same, misguided questions. Their discourse is, according to Michel Foucault, trapped within parameters established by a dominant mode of thinking with grants the “author” absolute primacy. Even the recognition of this paradigm too often produces a similarly misguided interrogation: “Who really spoke. Is it really he and not someone else....   [tags: Author]

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Domain Name System

-   DNS DNS, the domain name system, is a distributed database system designed to provide a name to address lookup to computers requesting information over the internet. It is comprised of two main components, A hierarchy and name service. Hierarchy • responsible for the structure, naming conventions, and delegation of authority • Provides a means of managing the distribution database system. DNS name service • Provides the actual name to address mapping mechanism. Figure 1 Domain Naming Scheme • Follows the structure of the DNS hierarchy....   [tags: Distributed Database System]

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A Veteran's Honor

- Honor is the pride and respect of veterans who served their country and kept it safe. How one person thanks the veterans is different from another. However, honor and morals sometimes get confused during the time of war. The Navy sometimes names their ships after war heroes for their actions and bravery. However, shouldn’t the military do that for all veterans alive or dead. Some veterans don’t even get the honor and respect they earned for serving their country. When Veteran’s Day became an official holiday in the United States, Americans honored them by giving out discounts or free items for that day....   [tags: Service, Reward, War]

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History of Taxonomy

- History of Taxonomy Taxonomy has a long history, spanning the course of over 2,000 years. It has grown and developed into one of the major branches of biology. Today, it is a universal methodology of grouping organisms according to their characteristics and their evolutionary history. (Source: Modern Biology 337) One of the oldest known systems of classification is that of Aristotle, who lived around 300 B.C. Dichotomies, or polar opposites, were what Aristotle based his division of the complexity of life upon....   [tags: Papers]

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Their Eyes Were Watching God

- Janie finds her way out when Joe Starks appears. The first thing Joe does after asking for a drink of water is to name himself: "Joe Starks was the name, yeah Joe Starks from in and through Georgy" (47). Hurston's naming of Starks is ironic for several reasons. The word stark is often used as a synonym for barren, and Joe Starks and Janie never have any children. Hurston hints at sexual problems that develop between the pair because of their separate beds and Janie's eventual verbal "castration" of Joe in the store....   [tags: American Literature]

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Investigating the Stroop Effect

- Introduction: When a behavior or skill seems to no longer require direct interaction, cognitive psychologists say it is automatized. Many behaviors can become automatized: typing, reading, writing, bicycling, piano playing, driving, etc. Automatization is interesting because it is an important part of daily life. We perform a variety of automatized behaviors quickly and effortlessly. In some cases people report that they do not consciously know how the behavior is performed, they just will it to happen, and it does happen....   [tags: Stroop Effect]

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Wireless Communication

- Homework-I Wireless Communication “Internet of Things” “Internet of Things” Technology Architecture: Nowadays, internet is being used extensively. There are many applications of internet which give ease & control. It has brought tremendous evolution in the society. Also there are many other revolutions in the cellular & consumer industries like PDA & cell phones. Likewise, the world of main stream commerce (like manufacturing, health, automobiles, production) Industries seeks a technology growth outside the traditional PC desktop to keep inventory of there products....   [tags: Technology]

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Women Can do the Same Job as Men in Susan Donnelly’s Poem, Eve Names the Animals

- ... God created man and woman equal, and I do believe that everyone should have equal rights to do as they please without limitations or restrictions. The author shows Eve as a very detail oriented and caring person. She takes to the animals, and even at one point says that, “Poor finch...not wanting either of us to be ever alone.” I feel that she is trying to make her a sympathetic character that is alone in this world. To me, she puts herself in this spot by secluding herself instead of trying to work with Adam....   [tags: genesis, biblical, equal]

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How Representative Are Social Media Datasets of the True Population: A Case for London

- 1. Introduction The study of personal names offers valuable insight into the structure and dynamic of human populations (Longley et al 2011). The belief being that personal names offer a strong indicator of their bearer’s cultural, ethnic and linguistic characteristics (Mateos et al. 2011). The utility of this information inherent within personal names has led to the development of the World Names Database (WND:; a synthesis of National Census and Telephone Directory data for twenty-six countries across four continents accounting for approximately 2 billion of the Earth’s population....   [tags: world name database]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Mad Lomasneys ' By Frank O ' Connor

- Irish short stories are something that will get under their readers, and stay with them long after they finished reading it. The reader is left with a sense of wonder of what they just read, long after finishing the story. These stories can be confusing, bizarre, frustrating, but at the same time they’re also fun, suspenseful and profound. They also offer an insight into the Irish culture and the struggles they went through in the twentieth century. A lot of these stories are very realistic. They show a more realistic world instead of an idealistic one....   [tags: Fiction, Love, The Reader, Short story]

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We See and Understand Things Not as They Are, but As We Are

- How do we see and cognize things. Do we income the denotation of things or do we scrutinize and sluice it with perception and emotion before we process its meaning. The way we see things depends upon our area of knowledge and the way we understand things depends upon our ways of knowing. These both later combine to show if the meaning is an emotional concept or just reasoning. If I were to analyze a particle of iron, in chemistry class, I would find out its physical and chemical properties. In language class, I would find out the connotation and denotation....   [tags: cognize, knowledge, understand, lanuage]

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The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass, Douglass ' Master, Mr. Auld

- Slavery provided few opportunities for African Americans to establish their identities. Daily, slaves exerted themselves in long, arduous and continuous work which left very little downtime. In order to gain freedom, some slaves attempted to resist slavery by running away, breaking tools and even faking illnesses. These strategies to resist slavery enabled independence and prevented these slaves from conforming to the conventional life of an American slave. Other opportunities to exercise autonomy and maximize independence included devotion to education, family life and religion....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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Forming a Life Outside of Everything You Know: Jhumpa Lahiri's "The Namesake"

- The Namesake is a novel that describes the life of a Bengali couple who immigrate to the United States to form a life outside everything they know. The novel provides a detailed account of the family’s hardships and struggles that they face as they seek to belong in their new country. The story follows the life of their son, Gogol Ganguli and his struggle to belong in his family, culture and society. In the novel his name, Gogol begins to shape many aspects within his life and is central theme to the concept of belonging in the novel....   [tags: Namesake, Jhumpa Lahiri, Bengali, India, immigrati]

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Comparison: A Small Place, by Jamaica Kincaid and We, by Yevgeny Zamyatin

- A major theme in Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place and Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We is collectivity, the state of being collected into one. Both texts are notable examples of such and show the different types of collectiveness as the point of view shifts from tourist to native, rationalist to anti-rationalist. In A Small Place, Antigua’s identity as a nation varies when observed from two different perspectives. Tourists view Antigua as a utopic resort that serves as an escape from the dullness of a routinely life....   [tags: A Small Place, We, Jamiaca Kincaid]

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How Does Emotions Affect Our Life And Endowed With Affect Through Mediation?

- For Miller, emotions are feelings mediated, affects animated. The term animation is particularly provoking here—to animate something is to breathe life into an inanimate figure. The idea that emotions are animating is a useful way of analysing how figures are brought to life and endowed with affect through mediation (see Ngai 2002). This is particularly revealing in the case of social class, for social class is often represented through caricatured figures—the toff, the yuppie, the public school boy, the suburban wife, the flat-capped working man, the gypsy, the chav—figures that are often communicated in highly emotive ways....   [tags: Social class, Working class, Sociology]

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Nietzsche And Truth On Nietzsche 's ' Beyond Good And Evil '

- Nietzsche and Truth Throughout the course Nietzsche’s lifespan his attitude towards truth and religion has shifted various times. He first left his Christian beliefs and changed his major from theology to Philology in order to search for truth. He did not want to have faith without knowing what he was having faith in beforehand. By his thirties Nietzsche started to interpret that people were making up myths and stories in order to keep themselves in denial from the truth of life, thus giving a different meaning....   [tags: Perception, Mind, Good and evil, Belief]

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Fortunato 's ' The Cask Of Amontillado ' By Edgar Allen Poe

- Fortunato’s Misfortunes in “A Cask of Amontillado” In Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “A Cask of Amontillado” the diabolical narrator, Montresor, has only one goal in mind. He seeks to get revenge on his “friend” Fortunato. Montresor composes a plan use Fortunato’s ego to ironically lead him to his death. Fortunato is supposedly a wine expert; however, this expertise will ultimately equip Montresor in his plan to kill him. Poe’s dark short story is filled with irony. “A Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allen Poe has irony in almost every line of the story and shows that Fortunato’s misfortunes ultimately lead him to his death....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, The Cask of Amontillado, Irony]

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HIV/AIDS: Medical Breakthroughs and Social Settings of the 1980s, the 1990s

- The HIV/AIDS epidemic may be one of the most devastating illnesses in American history due to its incurability and severe effects both on a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, HIV/AIDS may also be one of the most stigmatized diseases from the period between 1980 and the present day due to its tendency to infect already stigmatized populations, namely intravenous drug users and gay men. Initially, this stigmatization persuaded many researchers to avoid testing potential treatments, which may have impeded progress....   [tags: incurable illness, virus]

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The Creation Story Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The creation story takes a place in a very beautiful garden that was called later “Eden.” In the beginning of the story, Adam begins his life alone with the other animals. By the time God creates him a helper and unfortunately, she is a woman. Adam have no clue in how to treat this woman, he never experienced living with a human. While Adam was struggling and trying to figure out how to live with this woman and how to treat her, Eve had a plenty of time to understand this life and the purpose of living....   [tags: Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Adam, Eve]

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Correlations between One Hundred Years of Solitude and the Bible

- . It is with great ease to be able to read Gabriel Garcia Marquezʼ novel One Hundred Years of Solitude and relate it to the Bible. Many scenarios in the novel correspond to the stories we learn in religion class. In fact, many critics believe the Bibleʼs plot provides a foundation for the novel. Lois Parkinson Zamora has said “Like Revelation, One Hundred Years of Solitude sums up the Bible” (Bloom 51). Through Remedios the Beauty, the foolish description of Fernanda del Carpio, modernization resulting in solitude and disbelief, and the Garden of Eden Gabriel Garcia Marquez creates a correlation between the Bible and One Hundred Years of Solitude....   [tags: One Hundred Years of Solitude]

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What Question Did Thoreau Ask That Cronon Is Dealing With?

- Question 1: What question did Thoreau ask that Cronon is dealing with. In his journal, Thoreau muses upon twenty years of changes in New England’s land and beasts. He lists the differences in plants and animals, comparing them to past accounts and descriptions. He questions if the growing human presence has resulted in “a maimed and imperfect nature.” Cronon believes that this is an important question to consider. He points out that although changes do happen in nature, it is not so easy to determine how they changed....   [tags: Natural environment, Ecology, Change, Archaeology]

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Democracy Is A Popular Government System After World War I

- Likeall great cities around the world, democracy originated in Athens, in ancient Greece. Athenian democracy was established in 508-7 B.C. On the other hand, communism occurred during the 17th century. The first nation that became democratic was the Corsican Republic in 1755. However it did not last long and the first modern nation to establish an official democratic system was France. Democracy was a popular government system after World War I. Communism basic ideas came from the famous writers Thomas More, in his novel, Utopia, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in their novel, Communist Manifesto....   [tags: Democracy, Communism, Marxism, Communist state]

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The Lord Is Distributing Keys And The Body Of Christ

- I believe the Lord is distributing keys to the body of Christ to release a Spirit of Honor in the church and in the nation. God wants to give us keys that will access the Spirit of Honor that is a part of the culture of heaven, and declare it released into our world. First in His Body The Spirit of honor in the body of Christ will deal especially with how we speak to and about one another. God, as a father, is not unlike earthly parents who really want their children to get along with one another....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, God, Christianity]

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Writing, By E. Shelley Reid, Kevin Roozen, And Anne Lamott

- In this day and age, writing is being portrayed through various mediums, such as film and television. Some of those portrayals depict writing as both good and bad depending on the situation that is present. Authors such as, by E. Shelley Reid, Kevin Roozen, and Anne Lamott all write about important writing concepts that are being depicted in films, like Freedom Writers. The film Freedom Writers shows a positive and accurate portrayal of writing in the sense that the writers should have a connection to what they are writing about, writing is a form of communication, and that writing does not have to be perfect the first time....   [tags: Writing, Writer, Creative writing]

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Analysis Of ' Hawthorne 's ' Young Goodman Brown '

- In Ambivalence in “Young Goodman Brown”, Walter J. Paulits argues that Hawthorne draws on the point of ambivalence of the main character, rather than focusing on the main character is just doubtful throughout the story. Paulits begins his argument with a quote from Angus Fletcher, author of Allegory: The Theory of a Symbolic Mode, to explain what Hawthorne uses as allegorical intent. Paulits even incorporated another one of Hawthorne’s works, “Rappacini’s Daughter” to state that Hawthorne has done this method of writing in other works of his....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown, Allegory]

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Building Tension in Act 2 of Miller's The Crucible

- The meaning of crucible is to ‘purify something by heat or pressure’. This is a reference to hell and the heat that it contains, as well as the pressure there is about not going there or being sent there for your sins. There are many characters within the play which could be ‘purified’, one of them being John Proctor. This is the play’s main character and plays the part of the tragic hero within it. He is fundamentally a good man, but he has committed lechery so has this on his conscience for much of his life....   [tags: Essay on The Crucible]

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