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Misinterpretations of a Waltz in My Papa’s Waltz

- "Misinterpretations of a Waltz" in My Papa’s Waltz   "We romped until the pans / Slid from the kitchen shelf" (5-6). In numerous poems different readers vista a variety of ways to interpret what poems actually mean. This is very much true in Theodore Roethke's poem "My Papa's Waltz." The quote mentioned has caused many misconceptions about what the poem; "My Papa's Waltz" actually refers to. The two superior interpretations of critics are that Roethke's poem describes abuse or a dance. The abuse seems much more apparent in "My Papa's Waltz" because of the language that Roethke uses....   [tags: My Papa's Waltz Essays]

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Imagery in My Papa’s Waltz

- Imagery in My Papa’s Waltz   Donald Hall describes the use of imagery in poetry as a device that "makes us more sensitive to [literature], as if we acquired eyes that could see through things"(p 530). Imagery creates vivid details that deal with one's sense of sight, sound, touch, smell, or taste. These details can be seen in Theodore Roethke's "My Papa's Waltz" because the senses of touch, sight, sound, and smell appeal to the reader in order to better explain the feelings of each character in the poem....   [tags: My Papa's Waltz Essays]

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Desperate Love in My Papa’s Waltz

- Desperate Love in My Papa’s Waltz Angry words, punches, and belt buckles each may be thrown when a drunken parent becomes frustrated with his or her child. On the other hand, alcohol can also cause people to exuberantly sing or dance. In the poem "My Papa’s Waltz", Theodore Roethke describes the latter situation in a literal sense. However, a closer look at Roethke’s choice of words, the poem’s imagery, emotions, and irony reveals a painful and confusing encounter between a boy and his drunken Papa....   [tags: My Papa's Waltz Essays]

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A Defining Moment in My Papa’s Waltz

- A Defining Moment in My Papa’s Waltz   An older boy remembered his father, a hardworking blue collar man. He remembered how his father would walk into the home each evening with scraped hands and perspiration stained shirts. His father was a tough man. He was the kind of man that refused to go to the doctor and rarely hugged his children. Yet, he was a good man. The boy remembered how his father provided for the family and often times his smallest actions proved his paternal love for them. One particular memory stood out among the rest....   [tags: My Papa's Waltz Essays]

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My Papa’s Waltz - Battered Knuckles

- My Papa’s Waltz - Battered Knuckles    Many people look back on memories with a pleasant slant. A backpacker may love to go to the mountains, but every time that person ventures out he encounters a blizzard. The weather is not always conducive to the backpacker and can cause great discomfort. However, when the hiker returns to his normal routine he usually forgets about the bad experience so that he can continue loving the mountains and happily plan his next adventure. Similarly, Theodore Roethke's, "My Papa's Waltz" is a poem about a man who tries to make a horrible event into something much more pleasant to think about....   [tags: My Papa's Waltz Essays]

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The Actual Meaning of My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke

- The Actual Meaning of "My Papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke Poetry is made to express the feelings, thoughts, and emotions of the poet. The reader can interpret the poem however they see fit. Critics are undecided about the theme of Theodore Roethke's "My Papa's Waltz." Some people believe that the poem is one of a happy exchange between a father and son. The more convincing interpretation is that it has a hidden message of parental abuse. Careful analysis of the keywords and each individual stanza back up this theory of child abuse by a violent and drunken father....   [tags: Papa's Waltz Essays Paprs Roethke ]

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Analysis of My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Rothke

- Analysis of My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Rothke My Papa's Waltz is by Theodore Rothke it is about a childhood memory written later in his lifetime. Theodore Rothke's dad was an alcoholic drunk. Theodore Rothke went through a period where he was depressed and mentally unstable. Theodore Rothke was fascinated by the nature of the world; many of his poems were about this subject. Some people who read My Papa&'s Waltz come to the conclusion that it is about a drunken abusive father. However, I think when he was writing this he was reminiscing about a good childhood memory from when he was around seven years old....   [tags: My Papa's Waltz Theodore Rothke Essays]

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My Papa’s Waltz - That's not just coke in Dad's glass

- My Papa’s Waltz - That's not just coke in Dad's glass Some define alcohol abuse as "the recurrent use of alcohol to the extent that repeated use results in an inability to fulfill normal role functions, or presents legal or social/interpersonal problems, or creates a hazard to self or others" (Suppes 339). While most people seem to drink in moderation, others have a hard time drinking responsibly. Sometimes alcohol abuse can lead to physical abuse, mental abuse, loss of a job, alcoholism, or the breaking down of relationships....   [tags: My Papa's Waltz Essays]

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Roethke's Smart Balance of Joy, Fear and Tension in His Poem "My Papa’s Waltz"

- Inevitability at one point in most of our lives we have to deal with some type of hardship. A lot of us have experienced first hand or known someone who has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a close friend or family member who becomes abusive and aggressive because of drug or alcohol related problems. My Papa’s waltz is a poem that tells the story of a young boy dealing with an abusive father and a broken home. Despite the initial light atmosphere of the poem Theodore Roethke uses strong and powerful language to convey an underlined meaning to their dance....   [tags: My Papa’s waltz, poetry, Theodore Roethke, alcohol]

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Theodore Roethke’s My Papa’s Waltz and Robert Hayden’s Those Winter Sundays

- Abuse is a difficult and sensitive subject that can have long lasting effects. These traumatic emotional effects are often intensified if the abuse happens at a young age because children do not understand why the abuse is happening or how to deal with it. There are many abuse programs set up to counter the severe effects which abuse can have. Even more, poets and writers all over the world contribute works that express the saddening events and force the public to realize it is much more real than the informative articles we read about....   [tags: My Papa’s Waltz]

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My Papa's Waltz, My Papa's Hat, Those Winter Sundays

- A relationship is important to a father and son. The importance is acknowledging one another. Father and son relationships are important in the poems, “My Papa’s Waltz,” “Those Winter Sundays,” and “My Father’s Hat.” Theodore Roethke acknowledges his father’s love and attention in his poem, “My Papa’s Waltz.” Robert Hayden acknowledges his father in his poem, “Those Winter Sundays,” by recognizing his father’s hard work and sacrifice. Mark Irwin acknowledges his father in his poem, “My Father’s Hat.” The three poems acknowledge the fathers; however, the poems are different in their mood....   [tags: poems about fathers]

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My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke

- ... While the father and the son are playing around dancing they are also messing up the house as well. Messing up the kitchen will make any mother mad and that is what happens next. Of out any other place in the house the kitchen is the woman’s throne room. “The hand that held my wrist was battered on one knuckle; at every step you missed my right ear scraped a buckle (Roethke).” In lines 9-12 you can tell that the father has came back from a long day of work. The father’s job has to be doing something with his hands because of the battered knuckles....   [tags: poem review]

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My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke

- ... This gives us yet another spin on our emotions. This pattern is repeated throughout this poem, and the waltz soon spins fast out of control to a point where we can only focus on the sequence of whirling emotion rather than coherent overall feelings. This leads to the positive and negative reading. On the positive note, it shows a hardworking father who returns from work and playfully dances with his son that he loves before taking him to bed. The whiskey on his breath is not necessarily negative due to the factors of the working class culture in 1948 when this poem was published....   [tags: poem analysis, drunken father]

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Analysis of My Papa's Waltz

- In the poem "My Papa's Waltz" written by Theodore Roethke, the interpretation of the poem depends on the readers`perspective. Some people think that this poem is one of a happy exchange between a father and son. Other people believe that this poem has a hidden message of parental abuse. In my point of view, the imagery and language, the symbolism, and tone in the poem gave me the impression of the love between the father and son, not of an abusive relationship. "My Papa's Waltz" is a poem presented in a form that uses specific images and language to present a happy memory that a man has of his father, even in a situation where his father was drunk....   [tags: Poetry Theodore Roethke]

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Analysis of My Papa's Waltz

- Analysis of "My Papa's Waltz" This poem has a kept form. Even at a glance, it has a set form. It consists of four quatrains, each line being an iambic tritameter. The poem is about a young boy waltzing with his father. One can assume that the speaker is a young boy, or perhaps the poet reminiscing his youth. The father dances around in a haphazard manner, knocking over pans in the kitchen. Upon first glance, the tone is humorous. The picture one immediately forms is rather comical with the boy clinging on for dear life as his chuckling father spins him round and round, making a mess in the kitchen while the mother looks on discontentedly....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Childhood Memories in My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke and Piano by D.H. Lawrence

- Childhood Memories in "My Papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke and "Piano" by D.H. Lawrence "My Papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke and "Piano" by D.H. Lawrence are two poems in which grown men recall memories of their childhood. "My Papa's Waltz" has a quietly sad, almost resigned tone as Roethke relives his nightly dances with his father as a young boy. Lawrence's "Piano" is somewhat dreamy as a man is taken back by a song to his childhood. While both are presented to us through similar personas, striking differences are apparent throughout the two poems....   [tags: Compare Waltz Piano Essays Papers]

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Dancing around the Truth of My Papa’s Waltz

- The poem, “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke, is about a boy reminiscing about an incidence with his father. From the beginning, this poem states the conflict between a father and son involved in a rambunctious dance, but as it continues, the story suggests the dance may actually be a physical altercation. Within the line, “Such waltzing was not easy,” is the proposal this is not a singular incident, but rather a routine ritual between the boy and his father (Line 4). The speaker is an adult recollecting, to himself as the audience, a childhood memory of an incident with his father....   [tags: Theodore Roethke, Poetic Analysis]

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New Criticism Analysis of My Papa’s Waltz

- New Criticism attracts many readers to its methodologies by enticing them with clearly laid out steps to follow in order to criticize any work of literature. It dismisses the use of all outside sources, asserting that the only way to truly analyze a poem efficiently is to focus purely on the words in the poem. For this interpretation I followed all the steps necessary in order to properly analyze the poem. I came to a consensus on both the tension, and the resolving of it. A poem’s diction plays a fundamental role in analyzing a poem, considering the text is all one needs in order to discover the meaning....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Analysis of My Papa’s Waltz by Theodore Roethke

- The poem “My Papa’s Waltz” written by Theodore Roethke the speaker is reflecting on a childhood memory that he and his father shared. This poem has two different interpretations and theories of the relationship between the speaker and his father. Some people such as myself view it as a loving relationship between father and son. Others view it as riddled with undertones hinting at an abusive relationship between father and son. There are instances in the poem that contribute to both of the theorized meanings of the poem....   [tags: Son, Relationship, Abuse]

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My Papa's Waltz

- In the late nineteen forties, Theodore Roethke emerged with a poem that has been the source of much debate. "My Papa's Waltz," is an account of a relationship between son and father. Alas, many readers who are exposed to this piece fail to note the love present in the connection of the characters. In an attempt to illuminate the author's true intention several factors must be examined. After several examinations of Roethke's poem as well as learning of his childhood it is evident that this poem does not suggest an abusive environment, but is an appreciative account of the love and playfulness between the characters....   [tags: World Literature Theodore Roethke]

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My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke

- My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke Throughout the poem, "My Papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke, many techniques are used to show that there are furious conflicts between a father and his son. Roethke uses the word waltz in the title to relate to the beating of the son. I believe that the poem is altogether a negative poem, as described by the words and phrases the author uses. To begin, the author immediately states that the father is a drunk. Roethke says, "The whiskey on your breath / Could make a small boy dizzy"....   [tags: Free Example Essays]

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"My Papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke

- In the poem "My Papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke, the speaker is reflecting on a childhood experience involving his father. Through diction and details, the speaker conveys his complex attitudes toward his father. When first read it, it appears the young boy is afraid of his father. The first line of the poem writes: "The whiskey on your breath; could make a small boy dizzy." Apparently, the father likes whisky and the smell of it is remaining on his person, which causes the young boy's aversion....   [tags: Poetry]

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The Violence of Child Abuse in My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke

- ... Hence, it can be predicted that the mother and their son are waiting in the kitchen for the father to return from work leading to the poem ultimately set in the kitchen. There are many sensory details that can be portrayed through this poem. A waltz is a type of dance in which couples sway back and forth as they go round and round. A reader’s emotions do the same throughout the poem. The poem is like a seesaw of emotions, “where the elements of joy (the figure of the waltz, the playful rhymes, the rhythm), are balanced against the elements of fear” (Fong 78)....   [tags: poem, sensory, drunken]

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Different Meanings of Waltzing Depicted in Roethke's Poem, My Papa's Waltz

- In the poem “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke, an image of waltzing is clearly illustrated. The symbolism and language is portrayed almost as a distant memory that the author is writing about. The main conflict in this poem is the term and main idea of waltzing. The waltz is formally known as a delicate, beautiful dance consisting of rhythm and spins. Even though it is a close bond between the father and son, it comes off quite baleful. The conflict captured in Roethke’s poem is the two different meanings of waltzing....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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The Human Emotions and Experiences expressed in “The Whipping” and “My Papa’s Waltz”

- The Human Emotions and Experiences expressed in “The Whipping” and “My Papa’s Waltz” “The Whipping” and “My Papa’s Waltz” both deal with critical and serious issues that lie within the human mind. The issues being compared can be viewed as abusive, emotional or confusion. The reader can possibly be drawn by the poet to experience their own memories, emotions, and experiences in similar situations. These childhood memories can easily be revisited as adults and their life experiences can be viewed differently as they enter into adulthood....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Analysis of the Poem My Papa´s Waltz by Theodore Roethke

- Drinking has and always will influence people, for the better or the worse. Alcohol clearly influenced Theodore Roethke's poem "My Papa's Waltz." In his poem, there are two main characters along with a largely anonymous third party. Theodore, an adolescent, dances with his drunken father while his birth mother watches apprehensively. The characters represent a past memory of Roethke's childhood. In his recollection, Roethke's father comes home drunk after a hard day of work. The young boy and his father decide to partake in a little dance....   [tags: alcohol, druck, dance, child]

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Introduction to Poetry, You´re Missing, and My Papa´s Waltz

- “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins People are apt to learn new information, but it takes time, practice, and a good teacher, in order to do it correctly and to retain understanding. This poem shows the author’s (a teacher’s) frustration towards the elementary mistake that inexperienced readers or students make when poetry is first introduced. Unable to read the poem properly, they often do not capture a poem’s natural beauty and truth. The author says to observe a poem to see its true colors or its natural state (590; lines 1-5)....   [tags: Billy Collins, Theodore Roethke, Bruce Springsteen]

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Comparing and Contrasting Theodore Roethke's My Papa's Waltz and Robert Hayden's Those Winter Sundays

- The events of our childhood and interactions with our parents is an outline of our views as parents ourselves. Although Robert Hayden’s relationship with his father differentiates from the relationship of Theodore Roethke and his father, they are both pondering back to their childhood and expressing the events in a poem. “My Papa’s Waltz” and “Those winter Sundays” provide the reader with an image of a childhood event which states how fathers are being viewed by their children. These poems reflect upon the relationship of the father and child when the child was a youth....   [tags: poetry, literary analysis]

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Love Found Within Battered Knuckles and Cracked Hands

- ... As Roethke describes the dance shared between a father and his son, the narrator creates a scene full of affectionate memories. The narrator provides a child-like glimpse back into a time shared between a father and his son as they danced across the kitchen floor. Throughout the poem, images of a hard-working father are created as Roethke writes of the roughness of the father’s hand that are “battered on one knuckle” (10) and “a palm caked hard by dirt” (14). As the father and son “romped” (5) in the middle of the kitchen despite the mother’s “countenance” (7), the vision of the father’s affectionate, carefree and fun relationship with his son is a cherished memory to the narrator....   [tags: My Papa's Waltz, Those Winter Sundays]

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Comparing the Dance of Life in My Papa’s Waltz and Saturday Night Fever

- Parallels of The Dance of Life  in My Papa’s Waltz  and Saturday Night Fever  Throughout the ages, dance has played an important role in society. It symbolizes tradition, family, bonding, and entertainment. In almost every decade of the twentieth century, a different style of dance prevailed. In the 1970s, John Travolta brought disco dancing into the spotlight with his portrayal of Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever. Through his depiction of this character, John Travolta shows the monumental effects of dancing....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Comparing My Papa’s Waltz and Listening to grownups quarrel

- Comparring My Papa’s Waltz and Listening to grownups quarrel   Poems are often designed to express deep feelings and thoughts about a particular theme. In Theodore Roethke’s poem, My Papa’s Waltz, and Ruth Whitman’s poem, Listening to grownups quarreling, the theme of childhood is conveyed through their details, although we can neither see a face nor hear a voice. These poems are very much alike in their ideas of how their memories pertain to the attitudes of their childhood; however, the wording and tones of the two poems are distinct in how they present their memories....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Comparing My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke and Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden

- Comparing "My Papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke and "Those Winter Sundays" by Robert Hayden My Papa's Waltz, by Theodore Roethke, and Those Winter Sundays, by Robert Hayden, are two somewhat similar poems about respected fathers. To most people a father is not just the man who fertilizes their mother's egg, but a man that spends time with and takes care of them. While doing this, he gains their love and respect. In these two poems Roethke and Hayden take an admiring look back at the actions of their fathers, although; they both imply that their parents were not perfect....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Essay About Love in My Papa's Waltz, Facts, Night Driving, Those Winter Sundays, Digging, and Daddy

- Love in My Papa's Waltz, Facts, Night Driving,  Those Winter Sundays, Digging, and Daddy  I have elected to analyze seven poems spoken by a child to its parent. Despite a wide variety of sentiments, all share one theme: the deep and complicated love between child and parent. The first poem, "My Papa's Waltz," by Theodore Roethke (Page 18) presents a clear picture of the young man's father, from line one. "Whiskey" on the father's breath is one of many clues in appearance that mold a rough image of this uneducated, blue-collar worker, possibly a European immigrant, as indicated by the "Waltz" in the title (Line 1)....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Roethkes Use of Tone

- Roethke's Use of Tone      Childhood experiences seem to be the ones that are recollected most vividly throughout a person's life. Almost everyone can remember some aspect of his or her childhood experiences, pleasant and unpleasant alike. Theodore Roethke's poem "My Papa's Waltz" suggests even further that this concept could be true. The dance described in this poem illustrates an interaction between father and child that contains more than the expected joyous, loving attitude between the two characters....   [tags: My Papa's Waltz Poems Poetry Essays]

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The Unforgettable Waltz by Theodore Roethke

- “The Unforgettable Waltz” My Papa’s Waltz is a powerful poem written by Theodore Roethke. The title of the poem set my expectations on a poem about someone dancing with their father. As I read the poem, I noticed my expectations were not equivalent to the poem’s actual content. The author’s creative use of words in the title enhances the poem. My Papa’s Waltz consists of four quatrains written in an abab rhyme scheme. Quatrains are stanzas that contain four lines. The abab rhyming scheme means line one and three rhyme and lines two and four rhyme....   [tags: childhood experience, expectations]

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My Papas Waltz

- Revealing Child Abuse in “My Papa’s Waltz” In Theodore Roethke’s “My Papa’s Waltz,” the persona reveals an incidence of child abuse that happened earlier in his life. He divulges the occurrence of abuse through the use of certain words and noting the actions that go on during the “waltz.” Through the use of graphic diction, Roethke informs the reader that “My Papa’s Waltz” depicts an episode of child abuse. The persona Roethke creates discloses the incidence of child abuse to the reader by using particular words in his poem....   [tags: essays research papers]

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My Papas Waltz

- A Drunken Dance Theodore Roethke’s “My Papa’s Waltz” tells the reader of a small boy’s memory of his father. It explains how his father is intoxicated and the scene that goes along with it, using the word waltz to describe it. In the first two lines, it recounts the smell of his father’s breath and the extent to which it reeked: “The whiskey on your breath / Could make a small boy dizzy” (1-2). As the third and fourth lines are read, a picture of a small boy hanging onto his father is instilled in the reader’s mind: “But I hung on like death / Such waltzing was not easy” (3-4)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Those Winter Days, My Father's Hat and My Papa's Walz

- ... The poet describes a cold winter Sunday morning where he stays in bed until the house is warm. The poet expressed sympathy for his father getting up early on a cold Sunday morning. The poet wrote, “Sundays too my father got up early/and put his clothes on in the blueblack cold.” (“Winter” 1-2) The poet used harsh-sounding words to describe his father’s hard life, when the poet wrote, “then with cracked hands that ached/from labor in the weekday weather made” (“Winter” 3-4). The poet emphasized the words “cracked” and “ached” to convey he realized how difficult the father’s life is....   [tags: interconnection father son, poems analysis]

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Comparing and Contrasting "My Papa's Waltz" and "Piano"

- In comparing and contrasting the poems, "My Papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke and "Piano" by D. H. Lawrence, the reader could also compare and contrast the childhood lives of the poets themselves. Roethke's father, Otto Roethke, was a drunk and a figure of terror to his son (Seager 26). His mother was an angry woman and Theodore was a desperate child consistently in the middle of his parent's opposition (Seager 28). D.H. Lawrence's father was a drunk, almost illiterate miner (Squires and Talbot 34)....   [tags: Poetry]

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Analysis of Three Works of Poetry: My Papa's Walts, Our Father, and The Early Purges

- Analysis of Three Works of Poetry: My Papa's Walts, Our Father, and The Early Purges Obviously our childhood is the most important period of our lives, it determines how we develop and can have a great influence on we will be like when we grow up. Much of our formation depends on our parents and how strict they are etc. I have had a reasonably good childhood. I have had two parents who have jobs, which means two sets of wages are coming into the house every week. That has enabled us to have a comfortable lifestyle....   [tags: Papers]

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The Life of John Papa 'I'i

- John Papa ‘I’i was an influential figure in Hawaiian history. Not only was he an active participant on several boards, committees and benches in the Hawaiian government; He also worked in schools as a kahu (teacher). Though he was best known for his recollection of life during the Kamehameha reign in Hawaii. His journals were published in the Hawaiian Language newspaper Kanepaepa Ku’oko’a. John Papa ‘I’i was born in Waipio, Oahu on August 3, 1800, with the birth name Keoni Kalekane. A series of events altered his name to become the famous alias, he is he is now referred to by: John Papa ‘I’i....   [tags: hawaaiian history, government]

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The Realism of Kenneth Waltz

- “Gentlemen, you can't fight in here. This is the War Room!” Most famously quoted from the movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, this black and white satiric film produced and co-written by Stanley Kubrick in 1964, is a prime example of Kenneth Waltz’s Realist theories in regards to International theory. The realism that will be the focus of this paper is that of Kenneth Waltz. Kenneth Waltz presents his theory of realism, within an international system, by offering his central myth that, “Anarchy is the permissive cause of war”....   [tags: Film Analysis ]

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Waltz Jump

- In the ten seconds that it took me to skim over Ted Kooser’s “Skater”, I saw the ice stretching for miles beneath the silent clouds in the distance of a gray morning. The image of a young attractive woman, dressed in a lean North Face jacket and a mere black speck against the winter panorama also came to mind. As someone who has experienced the pains and gains of figure skating, I felt a personal connection to “Skater”. I too, have suffered the gelid nip at the fingers and cheeks, fought the fear of jumping and of falling, taken leaps of faith from wedges of dangerous metal....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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Papa Christophe

- Fear rises in crescendo in me. Papa Christophe is now gone. No shrieks, no struggle, no clamor. Just death. I climb clumsily to the nearby woods but my mind is losing its way to conscious. “Marie?” My legs are tangled with anxious. Residents around me are dead still under the cover of the fractured moonlight. Layers of darkness flood my mind along with waves of dread. I’m terrified. More than terrified. My heart flops like a dead fish running dry of hope. Here comes agony and nausea. My own fear starts to tear my flesh and my mind is wrecked with despair....   [tags: Dialogue Essays]

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Papa John’s International, Inc.

- Introduction Papa John’s International, Inc., is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky it is the world’s largest pizza chain and considered paramount in the pizza industry. Papa John’s domestic pizzas are made exclusively from a proprietary blend of wheat flour, cheese made from 100% real mozzarella, fresh-packed pizza sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes (not from concentrate) and a proprietary mix of savory spices, and a choice of high-quality meat (100% beef, pork and chicken with no fillers) and vegetable toppings....   [tags: Strategic Case Analysis]

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Lost Between Love and Abuse

- Since the time of Adam and Eve, parents have played a major role in upbringing children and reproducing more generations. In most societies, the father has been the backbone of the family and played a major role in providing support and stability to the family. Yet, the role of the father differs from a family to another. While some fathers focus only on feeding and educating their children, others focus on every aspect of their children’s lives. The father’s leadership often drives the children to have a close relationship with the father....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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Papa John's Strategic Initiatives

- Papa John's Strategic Initiatives We already know that Papa John's is a major player in the Pizza industry but the big question is what does the future hold for them. What is the next step or steps that they must take to get a head of the competition as well as just sustain their place in the market. The first strategy they should build on is their brand name, Papa Johns. They might not be number one in what is a very large market place but number three is not bad. People know the name Papa John but it is still not as prevalent as Pizza Hut or Domino's....   [tags: Business Case study Analysis]

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Waltz for Three: Ethnicity Issues in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

- Waltz for Three: Ethnicity Issues in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia The unstable relationship between the ethnic Chinese and ethnic Malays in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia has long been known as one of the key dynamics in influencing the Southeast Asian region’s stability; however, since the crisis between 1964 and 1998, they have been able to maintain a steady, civilized, and diplomatic political equilibrium to some extent over the past few decades. Then again, numerous political disagreements and military tensions triggered by the ethnic Chinese and ethnic Malays within these three states are still causing security dilemmas and different challenges for the neighboring countries....   [tags: conflict, massacre, heritage]

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Theodore Roethke: A Brief Biography

- “Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley” ("Theodore Roethke Quotes."). This quote by Theodore Roethke demonstrates his persistence and his determined mindset that helped Roethke throughout his difficult life. Theodore Roethke did not grow up expecting to become a major American poet. He intended to become a lawyer, however during college Roethke discovered that being a lawyer was not the right profession for him. It was at this time that he came to realize his love for poetry....   [tags: American poets]

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Relationship Between Fathers and Sons

- Both poems “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke and “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden are poems in which the speaker (a son in both cases) attempts to explain his complex relationship with his father. It seems that the two poets are reflecting back in their early lives as young boys and showing different appreciation toward their father. In my interpretation “My Papa’s Waltz” is about a boy and that is excited that his father got home to play with him. Only problem is the speakers father is drunk and it hard to enjoy himself but he held on because the unconditional love he has for him, as the line says “The Whiskey on your breath / could make a boy dizzy; / But I hung like death: ” (1...   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Time Waltz

- Time Waltz Oriana walked down the hallway, her mind back in a time about a millennium ago. Her people had learned much about the past from historic documents and paleontologists’ findings, and now, through technology, she was going to witness it live. Her people had built a time slider. Now she could go back in time and learn the truth about the North American Indians. She mentally went through her list...”Let’s see...I’ve taken my hair and skin pigmentation pills, and had my eyes colored...I have my clothes waiting, my pouch with my time remote, my taser, and my communicator....   [tags: essays papers]

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O'Manjo's Last Waltz

- O'Manjo's Last Waltz It was another long week, and I was looking forward to the usual summer rituals of mowing lawns and hammering a few nails into any place they seemed to fit. I usually closed the auto parts store at 5:30 and stayed doing paperwork for another hour or so, but not on Fridays. Fridays were the finish line of a usually marathon week of complaining customers and dissatisfied employees. At 5:31, the place would be empty, dark, and eager for an echo. The old man knew this ritual, and when he came on Fridays, he usually blew in the door around 5:15....   [tags: Creative Writing Narrative Essays]

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Hoping Against Hope: An Analysis of Chopin’s Opus 69 No. 1

- Hoping Against Hope: An Analysis of Chopin’s Opus 69 No. 1 With exquisite mingling in sound of quiet and agitation, fluidity and interruption, with a gorgeous melody of cautious, tightly contracting circles and sudden leaps into space, Chopin, the subtle-souled psychologist, opens his waltz. How does Chopin speak through his waltz. How does the music play the listener. Minds think through forms. Form follows content. Music’s structure matters. In Chopin’s Opus 69 No.1, the AA’BA’BA’CCDCDA’ structure of reoccurring themes uncomfortably prolongs the inevitable return of the tragic first theme which the audience does not want to hear but expects to hear anyway....   [tags: melody, waltz, musical]

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Writing About Childhood Memories Through Poetry

- Have you ever felt regret about being selfish towards your parents or thankful for everything your parents have done for you. In the poems “My Papa’s Waltz”, by Theodor Roethke and “Those Winter Sundays”, by Hayden White both narrators have felt the same feelings towards their parents. Writing about childhood memories can be a great method of symbolizing emotional experiences of one’s childhood. Both poems are very similar themes. Each of the poems tell a story of a child who reminisce on their lives by telling about certain events that occurred during their childhood....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden

- In the course of a young man’s life, a fatherly figure is pivotal for the maturity and adulthood a young man needs to become a well minded wise man. In both poems, “Those Winter Sundays” and “My Papa’s Waltz,” the authors reminisce on a past event that occurred to them in their lives. These events are engraved vividly in their minds and both are having to due with their fathers. “Those Winter Sundays,” by Robert Hayden, talks about a memory that he wished wasn't real; a sense of regret in this poem is the main feeling that we as the readers feel....   [tags: poems, childhood, memory]

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Papa Don't Preach

- Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, tells the tale of a young orphan girl who is left under the jurisdiction of her dead uncle’s cruel wife and her family. Alone in the large estate and often subjugated to her aunt’s unjust punishments and her cousin’s fist, Jane becomes solitary and sensitive to the kindness of others. She awaits the liberation of adulthood to become self-sufficient and to find someone to love. Similarly, in The Awakening by Kate Chopin, Edna Pontellier grows up in a motherless household with her authoritative father and treacherous sisters....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Jane Eyre]

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Exploring the Complexities of Love in Poetry: Shakespeare, W. H. Auden and Theodore Roethke

- Love is the universal principle, or motivation for an individual’s activity. It generates the passions and desires which animate human life. It is a recurrent theme in William Shakespeare’s “My Mistress’ Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun,” W. H. Auden’s “Funeral Blues,” and Theodore Roethke’s “My Papa’s Waltz.” These three poems present love under three different circumstances. Integrated by the two dimensions, specifically in terms of eros and agape, and using the elements of poetry such as similes, hyperbolic language, personification, and symbolism, “My Mistress’ Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun” highlights love despite social norms, “Funeral Blues” shows love despite death, whereas “My Papa’s W...   [tags: passion, desire, personification, death]

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Everyday Use by Alice Walker

- How does the difference between the way Dee (Wangero) and Maggie would use the quilts represent their two different ways of defining and treating their family’s heritage. Does the narrative give approval to Dee’s way or Maggie ’s. The idea of heritage is very different from one person to another. The story of “Everyday Use” shows a dynamic picture of two sisters that see their family history and upbringing nearly opposite points of view. The quilts become the catalyst for a cultural battle between Dee’s (Wangero) new “enlightened” lifestyle and Maggie’s contentment with her upbringing....   [tags: black women, maggie, dee]

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Analysis of Poems by Theodore Roethke and Robert Hayden

- ... The line "with a palm caked hard by dirt" (Roethke) tells the reader this. His father has been out working and stopped by the bar for a drink or maybe he was drinking whiskey at home. However, he takes the time to participate in a bedtime ritual for his son. This is important. This time of playfulness between father and son is something that his son cherishes. "But I hung on like death" tells us how much he wanted to keep up with his father and is exaggerated to show the playful nature. And even though, the dance becomes somewhat painful when the boy's ear scrapes his father's belt buckle, the boy still holds on....   [tags: Child, Father]

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Childhood in Poetry

- Childhood in Poetry Childhood. It is the most bewildering point in life. There are limited means of communication with a child as they don't get understand fully the language of adults. However, the first few years of out lives are by far the most important. They can determine what kind of life we will lead in the future and our attitude towards the world can even be determined by the way we were born. Childhood is a rich source of information for poets: there is so much to write about, and the reader will be able to relate to it as they have all experienced childhood....   [tags: Papers]

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Different Forms of Love

- When looking at poetry it is easy to look at the structure of the poem for a better understanding. Many poets use rhyme, meter, and other forms of structure when configuring their poems. Some other poets use free verse. Free verse is when you don’t consider rhyme or meter into your work, instead it’s thoughts put together making a poem. Some of the poems that I will be looking at today do in fact use rhyme in most all of the verses. In both of the works I’m going to look at rhyme is clearly apparent....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Poets’ Childhood Relationships with Their Fathers

- Modern poets often reflect back on their childhood relationships with their fathers. Some poets see their fathers with a new found appreciation, some may look at them with acceptance, and still others are trying to move past the emotional grip a father may have had on them. Some poets see their father with a new found appreciation. For example, in Robert Hayden’s “Those Winter Sundays,” the narrator expresses his appreciation for his father when he poses the question: “What did I know, what did I know / of love’s austere and lonely offices?” (Hayden 13-14)....   [tags: literary Analysis, Robert Hayden]

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Comparing Mothers in Mother to Son by Langston Hughes and GIRL by Jamaica Kincaid

- Mothers in Mother to Son by Langston Hughes and GIRL by Jamaica Kincaid In order to build a strong, grounded house a person must use brick and cement. A brick is used to build the house, but yet it is the cement that molds and keeps the house together and intact. A family encompasses the same basic rules and needs. The father is the provider for his family, sort of like the brick, but it is the mother who holds the responsibility of teaching right from wrong, and they are the ones who keep strong when everything else is going wrong....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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How "first Love" Is Represented By Different Artists

- How "First Love" is Represented by Different Artists First love is represented in different ways by different artists in their writings according to their own experiences. Different artists experience different things when they are growing up and their first loves are not always the opposite sex. Some felt the love from their parents was the most important, when they were young, others felt the love of their lovers was the most important. But no matter who the other person or persons were that influenced the artist as their first love, all of the artists' first loves were equally important....   [tags: essays research papers]

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What I Am Writing: Portraying the Life Through the Works

- What I Am Writing: Portraying The Life Through the Works Every person has had a significant moment in their life in which they can state is the reason for a change in the way they’re living: a moment that has influenced the person greatly in many different aspects of life. If it wasn’t for “this” there would be no “that” type of significant life experience. Many of the occurrences we experience in our lifetime often seem minute in significance, but may become very relevant at a later date....   [tags: Audre Lorde Jamica Kincaid Comparison Biography]

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The Impact of Destruction

- Some tremendous features in the history of mankind have been when one group of people were forcibly relocated to satisfy the needs of a more powerful one. This would encompass the Japanese internment camps in America during the World War II. The Japanese internment camps were overcrowded and provided poor living conditions. Likewise, every person had a unique story to this event, “A true story, involving an extraordinary episode in American history” (Houston x). In the novel Farewell to Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D....   [tags: Japanese Internment Camps, Pearl Harbor]

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You Cannot Forget Hell, but You Can Not Remember it

- From September sixteenth to the eighteenth In 1982 Christian Phalangists entered into the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in west Beirut and massacred 1,800 refugees (Shen; Siegel; Turbi). Ellen Siegel, working as a nurse in a hospital in the Sabra camp, remembers one particular event on the evening of Thursday, September sixteenth, “A few other health-care workers and I climbed to one of the top floors of the hospital…We watched for a time as flares were shot in to the air, brightly illuminating different part of the camp” (Siegel 92)....   [tags: Documentary]

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Critical Review: Bradley A. Thayer, Bring in Darwin: Evolutionary theory, Realism, and International Relations

- In Thayer’s article, he makes an attempt to incorporate Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory into the international security studies. The article tries to answer a central question that what are the implications of Evolutionary theory to realist theory of international security and in what way can peace be achieved if warfare is part of human nature. This paper agrees with Thayer that Evolutionary theory provides a scientific theory foundation for realism and is an ultimate cause for war and ethnic conflicts, as well as the assumption that origin of war is intrinsic in human nature as part of their evolution history....   [tags: International Relations]

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The Contributions of Nicolo Machiavelli and John Locke to Political Thought

- The Contributions of Nicolo Machiavelli and John Locke to Political Thought In political thought, there have been many people that have progressed political theory. Nicolo Machiavelli and John Locke are two of those famous individuals. The research here will be focused on them. Each Machiavelli and John Locke support a different political theory. At first, the background and relevant contexts will be discussed. Each person has written something that has influenced modern political thought....   [tags: Political Science, Political Theory]

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International Relations Theory: Changes in the Hierarchy of International Politics

- "Should international relations theory be held accountable for explaining fundamental changes in the hierarchy of international politics and the emergence of new actors?" It seems absurd to answer that international relations theory should not be in the business of explaining fundamental changes in international politics. However, this response paper will argue on both edges of the question. First, it actually does make sense to attempt to hold as many things as possible constant, or as "givens" in attempting to craft explanations for events in international politics....   [tags: International Relations]

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Overview of Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie

- Throughout the centuries, the roles of Nigerian women have continuously evolved. During the pre- colonial era, women in Nigerian tribes were not only child bearers and wives, but also free adults. They played critical roles in food preparation, weaving, pottery, and the economy. However, the impact of British rule in Nigeria made a significant shift from the pre-colonial to the post- colonial era. The influence of the Catholic Church, Western style education, patriarchal government and modern ways of making money took a major toll in a woman’s role in society....   [tags: nigerian women, kinship, tribes]

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The Effectiveness of Nuclear Weapons for Deterrence

- Warfare, has been used throughout the centuries by kings, emperors, and rulers to protect their land and more so their people. There are two types of warfare, one being that of traditional warfare which generally, consists of leaders using mass armies to conquer the opposing side, however, changes in technologies and weapons meant that leaders had to rethink the way in which they fought battles. The use of gunpowder weapons changed the way in which battles were fought dating back as early as the late 13th century with the introduction of the bronze-barrelled cannon (Rietbergen, 1998)....   [tags: Nuclear Weapons Essays]

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What´s Neo-Realism

- Introduction Neo-Realism was the most appropriate political theory to explain events during the Cold War. This paper will explore the rise to prominence of Neo-Realism and its assimilation to the praxis of the Cold War. The main scholar I will be concerned with is Kenneth Waltz (considered father of Neo-Realism). Before I begin my analysis, I would like to note that this paper excludes the breakdown of offensive and defensive Neo-Realism as specific strands, I mainly focus on the theory at large....   [tags: political theoy, cold war, anarchy]

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Chaos and Literary Comparison

- Chaos and Literary Comparison     Abstract: I will show how chaos is can be found in art, specifically in literature, and analyze John Hawkes's Travesty to show the similarities between literature and chaos.   John Hawkes describes the "artistic challenge" as conceiving the inconceivable. In accordance with that thought, Wallace Stevens says, "Imagination is the power that enables us to perceive the normal in the abnormal." It is arguable that chaos, deterministic disorder, is both abnormal and inconceivable to the untrained mind; even to the person accustomed to chaos, the imagination is key to his/her perception of chaos....   [tags: compare and contrast essay examples]

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The Realist Approach to International Relations

- Realism is one of the important perspectives on global politics, it is a notion about the conservative society and political philosophy (Heywood 2011: 54; Shimko 2013: 36). Besides, Gilpin (1996) claims that “realism…, it is not a scientific theory that is subject to the test of falsifiability, therefore, cannot be proved and disproved.” (Frankel 1996: xiii). The components of the realist approach to international relations will be discussed. Firstly, the state is an important component in the concept of realism....   [tags: power, anarchical, survival]

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Understanding the Will of God: The Shack by William P. Young

- The Shack is a riveting book that presents an answer to the question, “Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain?” The reader learns the communications of three theological truths revealed through Young’s words: revelation, salvation, and the Trinity. The amazing story challenges the reader to understand God’s plan in its entirety. As the novel opens, Young introduces Mackenzie Allen Phillips as the main character. The story unfolds as Mack’s daughter is abducted during a family vacation....   [tags: Shack, William P. Young, religion, ]

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Military War: Cause and Effect

- Military War cause and effect All living things need the resources provided by our natural world to live, leading to them adapting to specific environments. Animals in particular are mobile creatures that move from place to place searching for the best environments for their survival. The most intelligent creatures in our animal world are human beings and like other animals, they moved from place to place while organized into races in search of the elusive desirable environments. However, there is always the likelihood of finding fellow humanity already thriving in that environment....   [tags: Resources, Power, Self-Defense]

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Feminism and the Movie Industry

- Feminism has been a huge challenger towards the film industry over the years. Feminism is a movement that supports women equality within society. In relation to film, feminism is what pushes the equal representation of females in mainstream films. Laura Mulvey is a feminist theorist that is famous for touching on this particular issue of how men and women are represented in movies. Through her studies, she discovered that many films were portraying men and women very differently from reality. She came up with a theory that best described why there is such as huge misrepresentation of the social status quos of male and female characters....   [tags: equal representation in mainstream films]

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Symbolism in A Shift in the Light by Patricia Glinton-Meicholas

- The novel A Shift in the Light by Patricia Glinton-Meicholas the author shows the importance of family throughout the novel in many different ways such as the symbol of light, culture, values and ethics. The author uses light to symbolize the importance of staying close to your family. She also uses culture to show that the house is mainly male dominated and finally she shows the values and ethics that the children follow by all throughout the novel. Patricia Glinton-Meicholas shows the sun symbolizing the theme of family because the sun never changes but the light can shift for example, your family is always there for you even when you don?t need them....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston's Farewell to Manzanar

- A Japanese American Tragedy Farewell to Manzanar, written by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, Japanese American, and James D. Houston, describes about the experience of being sent to an internment camp during World War II. The evacuation of Japanese Americans started after President Roosevelt had signed the Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942. Along with ten thousand other Japanese Americans, the Wakatsuki was sent on a bus to Manzanar, California. There, they were placed in an internment camp, many miles from their home with only what they could carry....   [tags: essays research papers]

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