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A Career in Multicultural Counseling

- The basic concepts and purposes of multicultural counseling include the following answers. The main purpose of multicultural counseling is creating a positive and friendly environment, when counseling clients from an ethical or racial background or minority group. The main goal for counselors is to recognize issues of multicultural diversity in today’s society. These potential clients can include people in business, medical, or manufacturing as well as, students, and immigrants. The culture centered approach to counseling in a positive way but these behaviors can have no meaning, until both the client and the therapist understand the cultural context....   [tags: multicultural counseling, counseling, ]

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The Challenges Faced by Multicultural Children in American Schools

- Multicultural children encounter a wide array of challenges in schools in America. These challenges hinder their ability to efficiently grow and be productive. Student’s success depends on whether their social and academic lives satisfy their needs. A close study of multicultural students’ obstacles and opinions of their educational experiences in America indicates the problems and solutions for improving their learning, social and cultural experiences. Considering the views of students is especially relevant to understanding the difficulties evident in multicultural classrooms....   [tags: multicultural education, culture, languages]

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Effective Teaching for the Multicultural Classroom

- America is considered to be a melting pot because of the many people who have immigrated in search of a better life. Immigrants have brought with them their own unique cultures. Different genders, poverty and students at risk are some examples. When working with the public especially children within a school system, it is imperative to become somewhat knowledgeable of different cultural beliefs and practices in order to help these children adjust to the traditional classroom. Some children’s cultural backgrounds can have a negative impact on them within a modern classroom....   [tags: Multicultural Classroom Environment]

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Living in a Multicultural Society

- The class activity was simple: draw a self-portrait. As Ms. Caldera began to look through her students' work, one stood out to her. The drawing was of a young fair-skinned, blond-hair, and blue-eyed girl. Normally this would not be a problem, but in this case it was. The girl who had drawn herself was actually quite the opposite: rich dark skin, brown hair, and brown eyes (Caldera). Considering that the United States is such a large melting pot of cultures, it is normal for children to have difficulty balancing between two cultures....   [tags: social issues, multiculural education]

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Multicultural/ Multiethnic Education

- Afghanistan Afghanistan is sovereign state surrounded completely by land: the south and the east borders Pakistan, Iran in the west, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan in the north, and China in the far northeast. They use this land for agriculture which is the basis of their economy. However, only 12 percent of the land is arable and the country is susceptible to drought (Robson). Just like Somalia, the country has a tradition of nomadism. However, today there remain few true nomads....   [tags: Multicultural Education]

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Multicultural Education : Multicultural Curriculum

- Multicultural Education Reflection Multicultural Education According to Bennett (2015), “Multicultural Education is a complex approach to teaching and learning that includes the movement toward equity in schools and classrooms, the transformation of the curriculum, the process of becoming multicultural competent, and the commitment to address societal injustice” (p. 2). Teaching and learning in a multicultural system is designed around collaborative decision making, respect for all parties, and nurturing a cultural diverse society....   [tags: Education, Teacher, High school, School]

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Multicultural Perspectives Of A Multicultural Perspective

- Multicultural Perspectives The new change of order in meeting the needs of individuals, families, and communities with a multicultural perspective. The growing number of immigrants, birthrate demographics, and the civil rights movement of 1950s have changed the perspective of the medical field, human services, and other professions within the helping field. Job opportunities and managements of various services are no longer based the demographic of white male or white middle class families, but based on the diversity within cultures....   [tags: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Sociology]

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Multicultural Development : Multicultural Culture

- Multicultural Development Present My multicultural development in the present remains something that is constantly changing and reshaping. My values, beliefs, and views of the world are directly affected by the multicultural exposure I have been granted with to this point. My present multicultural development state is responsible for my current core values, communication styles, parenting methods, priorities, and founded primarily by my spiritual identity. After much thought, I feel the majority of my core values, which do circulate around a strong spiritual identify, can be explained using 4 L’s....   [tags: Culture, Family, Multiculturalism, Value]

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The For A Multicultural Classroom

- Most people can remember doing a lesson once a month in elementary school about a culture outside of the American culture, whether it be coloring in dragons for Chinese New Year or reading a book about an African American child for Black History Month. The United States is known for being a melting pot of so many different people, ideals, and cultures and it’s constantly changing. Due to this, are these once a month lessons really enough to call a classroom multicultural when there are students who are apart of cultures other than the American culture all year round....   [tags: Culture, United States, The Culture]

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Multicultural Education And Multicultural Educational Reform

- Multicultural education, which integrates different cultural backgrounds into the classroom, includes values, beliefs, history, and perspectives in different cultures. “Multicultural education involves changes in the total school or educational environment; it is not limed to curricular changes” (Page 4). Multicultural education is put in place to try and give each child an equal opportunity to learn. Unfortunately, Multicultural education will never be able to be “fixed,” however, it should be “viewed as an ongoing process, not as something that we “do” and thereby solve the problems that are the targets of multicultural educational reform” (Page 4)....   [tags: Education, Culture, Teacher, Sociology]

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