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Surrogate Motherhood: Comparing Two Articles

- “Time to Ban Surrogate Motherhood,” written by Lynda Hurst and “Surrogate Motherhood: Why it Should Be Permitted,” written by Allan C. Hutchinson, are persuasive texts where the authors’ attempts to influence the audience to agree with their side of the argument on surrogate motherhood. According to The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, surrogate motherhood is defined as, “a woman who bears a child for another person, often for pay, either through artificial insemination or by carrying until birth another woman's surgically implanted fertilized egg.” Since the persuasive works are published in different newspapers, one being The Toronto Star and the other being The Glob...   [tags: Surrogate Motherhood, ]

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The Role of Motherhood in Blood Wedding and Like Water for Chocolate

- How do the mother and child relations, in the books, Blood Wedding and Like Water For Chocolate reveal the characteristics of the mothers. Mother and child relations are portrayed in our factual life, which affect the child, and it’s up bringing. Some relations are very solicitous and create a greater bond between each other, while some do not. The authors Federico Garcia Lorca and Laura Esquivel implement characters with relations of mother and child to show the characteristics of the mothers through their relations with their children, and form the plot....   [tags: Motherhood]

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The Marxist Formula in Emecheta's The Joys of Motherhood

- The Marxist Formula in Emecheta's The Joys of Motherhood "Marx states that we are truly free only when '[people] place themselves in a position to control their own historical destiny'"(Slaughter 25). Britain's imperial colonization of Africa triggered vast change within the tribal civilizations thriving on the continent prior to European occupation. For the Africans, these changes altered every level of their culture: language, religion, as well as ancient tribal customs. But one of the most devastating aspects of the British colonization in Africa was the European economic system: capitalism....   [tags: Emecheta Joys of Motherhood Essays]

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Successful Female Crime Drama Leads: Where Does that Leave Motherhood?

- In recent years, there has been a gender shift in crime dramas on television. In the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, the viewer saw the lead characters to be heavily male dominated with a woman thrown in for mostly sex appeal. The shift from the stereotypical nuclear family, with a stay-at-home mom, has impacted many genres of television programing and exemplified in Paul Cantor’s “The Simpson: Atomistic Politics and the Nuclear Family,” when referring to the deviation from a historic ideal family “in fact [the breakdown] should be regarded as a form of liberation from an image of the family that may have been good enough for the 1950’s but is no longer valid in the 1990’s” (737)....   [tags: Gender Shift, Crime Dramas, Television, Motherhood]

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Buchi Emecheta's The Joys of Motherhood as an African Feminist Text

- Buchi Emecheta's The Joys of Motherhood as an African Feminist Text Upon my first reading of Buchi Emecheta's The Joys of Motherhood, I immediately rejoiced--in this novel, I had finally encountered an account of a female protagonist in colonial and postcolonial African life. In my hands rested a work that gave names and voices to the silent, forgotten mothers and co-wives of novels by male African writers such as Chinua Achebe. Emecheta, I felt, provided a much-needed glimpse into the world of the African woman, a world harsher than that of the African male because woman is doubly marginalized....   [tags: Buchi Emecheta Joys of Motherhood Essays]

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Compare And Contrast Motherhood And Motherhood

- One long lasting trait that will never be lost within culture is how we adapt to motherhood. Motherhood is passed down from century to century, modifying and modernizing as we get to present day. There are vast differences from how my mother was raised to how she raises me. During American colonization, which is a debateable time range, two mothers from different backgrounds and morals use their motherhood to demonstrate their determination by going through something unfathomable. In Green Blanket Feet’s and Mary Rowlandson's survival entry, the setting and situation influences their motherhood....   [tags: Love, Mother, Captivity narrative, Demonstration]

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Buchi Emecheta's The Joys of Motherhood and Wole Soyinka's Death and the King's Horseman

- Colonial Life in Buchi Emecheta's The Joys of Motherhood and Wole Soyinka's Death and the King's Horseman Homi Bhaba writes that "colonial mimicry is the desire for a reformed, recognizable Other, as a subject of a difference that is almost the same, but not quite" (86). The colonizer wants and needs the colonized to be similar to himself, but not the same. If the native continues to behave in his traditional ways, he brings no economic gain to the colonizer. But, if the colonized changes too much and is found to be exactly the same as the colonizer, the colonizer is left with no argument for his supremacy....   [tags: Emecheta Joys of Motherhood Essays]

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The Significance of Motherhood

- Women suffered from some kinds of stereotyping in many countries in the past. Infanticide was a way to get rid of the newborn girl baby in some countries, while in other countries women were accused of the sin of witchcraft. As the time went, this persecution evolved to have different forms such as depriving girls from education or limiting the jobs which were available to them. Women had struggled against this oppressive misconception for centuries until they became able to achieve their lost equality with men....   [tags: society, leaders, great mothers]

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The Price of Motherhood

- When people think of a mother they think of a comforter, a lover, and a role model. Today, most women’s dream is to become a phenomenal mother: being someone their child, and even observers, can look up to. What if a woman is denied her dreams of becoming a mother, or even compelled to think being a mother is indecent. Suppose people of the world are conditioned to believe the words “birth” and “mother” are obscene, and the only mothers existing in the world were called “savages.” Would one’s dreams be crushed as a result of the absence of motherhood....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Mothering and Motherhood

- Mothering and Motherhood Women have persistently been challenged with issues regarding what it means to be a ‘good mother’. Although times continue to change, issues confronting 21st century mothers, remain similar to the ones addressed in past generations. An abundance of mothers in the 21st century are still faced with the complex issue regarding the ‘stay-at-home mom’ stereotype, in spite of the fact that the feminist movement has provided women with more rights in the present-day, then ever before....   [tags: Past Generations, 21st Century, Mothers]

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Motherhood and Pregnancy

- “ Being a Motherhood is a choice you make every day, to put someone else's happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you're not sure what the right thing is...and to forgive yourself, over and over again, for doing everything wrong.” MMMMM. Being mother is one of the most blessed and the most challenging job in the world. Giving birth to a new life and making it walk through the new world holding its hands showing a good trail makes a mother victorious in her life....   [tags: teenage pregnancy, fertility]

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Parental Relationships in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys of Motherhood

- Parental Relationships in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys of Motherhood Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, and Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys of Motherhood, are two novels that emphasize the complexities of relationships between parents and their children. In Achebe’s story, the protagonist of the novel, Okonkwo, has distant relationships with his children (particularly Nwoye and Ezinma) because their father sees them as inadequate in many ways. Okonkwo has high expectations of his children, especially Nwoye, his eldest son and often finds fault in almost everything he does....   [tags: Things Fall Apart Joys Motherhood Essays]

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Feminism and Changing Perceptions of Motherhood

- Societal perceptions of motherhood in North America have changed drastically over the last century and continue to change. Due to prescribed traditional gender roles, the concept of motherhood has historically been latent in the concept womanhood, in that a woman’s ability to reproduce was seen to be an inherent part of her identity. Thus there existed societal pressures not only for women to become mothers, but to fit into the impossible standard of being the “perfect mother”. However, as the feminist movement gained more ground and women were increasingly incorporated into the workforce, these traditional views of gender roles and in turn motherhood were challenged....   [tags: gender roles, mommy wars]

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The Importance Of Motherhood In Sula

- In today’s society, there is a considerably high value on motherhood. Mothers teach their kids important aspects of life and typically pass down their own values to their children. It only makes sense emphasize the importance of motherhood. This is not the case in the novel Sula. In the community of The Bottom, motherhood is not highly valued and has a negative connotation which is shown through Eva’s experiences as a mother and is passed down through her family. Eva is a single mother of three children....   [tags: Family, Mother, Value, Father, Life, Husband]

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Motherhood Is The Ultimate Fulfillment Of A Woman

- Discuss how any two of the myths of motherhood in the textbook/lecture support or refute what is being discussed in this interview. The two myth of motherhood that supports the information on this interview are “Motherhood is the ultimate fulfillment of a woman. It is natural and necessary experience for all women. Those who do not want to mother are psychologically disturbed and those who want to but cannot are fundamentally deprived” (Crawford, 2011, p.263). This myth supports the information on this interview because infertile couples or couples that have a hard time conceiving children fly to India from all over the world to hire women in India as surrogate mothers....   [tags: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Mother, Family]

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Theme Of Motherhood In Peter Pan

- J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan is a children’s story about a boy who never wants to grow up, but this book portrays many themes, one in specific is the idealization of motherhood. Although the concept of the mother is idealized throughout Peter Pan, it is motherhood itself that prevents Peter Pan and others from growing into responsible adulthood. The novel begins with a scene in the nursery of the Darling household, and it will end in the nursery too. The nursery is an important place for the Darlings....   [tags: J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan, Mother, Neverland]

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Motherhood As Punishment : The Case Of Parenting

- In the reading by Lynne Haney, “Motherhood as Punishment: The Case of Parenting in Prison”, Haney decided to focus on analyzing a facility that allows mothers to parent from prison. She analyzed what it meant for mothers to have to parent in prison. Specifically she wanted to investigate why it seemed that this program seemed to promise a new alternative, in order to reunify family. However, through her observations she saw that motherhood was being undermined and if anything the mothers had less power, even though the program promised more....   [tags: Mother, Parent, Father, Gender role]

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Myths of Black Motherhood and Their Consequences

- Keeping with the legacy of American history, the African American family is a topic of controversy and concern. While other aspects of the family are studied, it could be argued that the area of African American motherhood receives the most attention. Unequivocally, African American mothers are depicted as matriarchs, crack-mothers, and welfare queens. In addition, Black mothers are often portrayed as lazy, irresponsible, destructive, and even worthless. These stereotypical images of African American mothers are important because they have powerful implications for African American moms, and for their families at large....   [tags: Race in America]

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We Need A Word For Motherhood

- "[M]otherhood was invented by someone who had to have a word for it because the ones that had the children didn 't care whether there was a word for it or not," Addie Bundren reflects from beyond the grave in As I Lay Dying (171). Though she can hardly be considered the paragon of motherhood, Addie 's words have a degree of truth to them which can be interpreted in more than one way. Perhaps mothers don 't need a word for motherhood because their experience is one that transcends language. Or perhaps it is only men and childless women who care about defining motherhood, because those who are mothers have realized "that living [is] terrible and that this [is] the answer to it," and thus have...   [tags: Family, Mother, Marriage, Mothers]

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The Transition Into Motherhood Is Rewarding

- Becoming a mother was not on the top of my priority list, although, at the time my priority list was quite disturbing; I did not have one. I was on my way to Neverland with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, sort of speak. I never realized how becoming a mother could change my life until I became one. I have learned numerous lessons and made major changes to myself, the transition into motherhood is rewarding yet different for everyone; although not everyone desires to become a mother. The comparison between pre-motherhood, during the pregnancy, and post-motherhood each is completely different, yet they all affect the child in the end....   [tags: Family, Mother, Pregnancy, Debut albums]

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The Role Of Motherhood : The Life Of Parenthood

- For a person to make a decision can be a hard thing, especially for women. A mother's desire to have children cannot be pressured or forced upon, women have to take the time to think about what they want in their life. Motherhood is something that most women think about, even when they were a child. As time goes by, we learn to rethink and reflect on what we want in our life. Parenthood can be one of the toughest decision to make because it takes a lot of effort and dedication. Parenthood impacts more on the women than men because they don't have to deal with the burden....   [tags: Mother, Mothers, Family, Parent, The Child, Wife]

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Motherhood : Who Needs It?

- In her essay, “Motherhood: Who Needs It?”, Betty Rollin emphasizes the pressures of motherhood that society puts on women and highlights the fact that becoming a mother is not a natural instinct. “Women don’t need to be mothers any more than they need spaghetti,” psychiatrist Dr. Richard Rabkin stated, “But if you’re in a world where everyone is eating spaghetti, thinking they need it and want it, you will think so too.” No person has an instinct to be a mother. We are constantly hearing the phrase ‘instinct’ and associating it with motherhood....   [tags: Mother, Parent, Family, Need]

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Motherhood, Missions and Meagre Offerings

- ... Motherhood can literally be seen as living the gospel. Jim Elliot famously said, “He is no fool who gives up that which he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” Motherhood is an opportunity to lay down the things that you cannot keep on behalf of the eternal souls, that are your children- that is your mission field. Faith Makes the Small Offering Great Evelyn Salt, Sheera, Xena and Galadriel make you wonder whatyou have given up for your kids. Maybe your ambitions aren’t so high- working out, extra money, sleep, the hustle and bustle , the corporate ladde....   [tags: missions christians, god, hands, mother]

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Women 's Responsibility Of Motherhood

- Hey Amazing Mom, I have a quick question for you- Have you ever subconsciously blamed your kids for you not being able to follow your dreams. While I know you would NEVER intentionally blame them, but have you ever wondered how different your life might be if you didn’t have the responsibility of motherhood. Sadly, many women have those thoughts. Many Moms believe that it is impossible to be a great Mom AND FOLLOW their dreams. Many women who claim to be too tired, too busy, too overwhelmed too……the list goes on....   [tags: Mother, Mother insult]

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The Modern Conception Of Motherhood

- Mothers often say that they would do anything for their children and in fact the act of surrendering your soul and body to your child through birth and pregnancy can be seen as part of the process of becoming a mother. However, giving your body to your child does not have to be seen as a negative in fact having the ability to transform one’s body and life in such a drastic way is empowering. Through analyzing the surveillance of the body and ways in which women perform pregnancy and being a mother, my aim is to propose a way to challenge the modern conception of motherhood....   [tags: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Mother, Uterus]

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Beloved : Slavery And Motherhood

- Kelly Conrad Mr. Sieker Engl. 1520-2101 17 April 2015   Beloved: Slavery and Motherhood               The novel Beloved by Toni Morrison captures punishing hardships that were endured through slavery in the 1800’s, as well as life at home. Sethe is not only a recently freed slave, but a mother struggling to guard and maintain normality for her children. In this story of manipulation and negligence, there is a war between memories of slavery, motherhood, and searching for what she hopes to be an ideal life for herself....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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Motherhood In The Slave Mother

- The theme Motherhood: Being a Mother or Grandmother is one that invokes feelings of happiness and joy. Generally, mothers care for their children from the time they are born and as they grow until the mother passes away. The poems “The Slave Mother” and “On the Death of My First and Dearest Child, Hector Philips” shows the morbid side to motherhood. In each poem the mother figure suffers a traumatic experience regarding their children. Although experiences of this nature occur on a daily basis they are not the common experience....   [tags: Slavery, History of slavery, Atlantic slave trade]

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The Joys Of Motherhood Essay

- “The Joys of Motherhood” by Buchi Emecheta reveals an interesting struggle between one’s own core values and the core values of others. The protagonist Nnu Ego begins her journey of self-discovery alone and barren. It is not until later that she sees being barren as a gift and being fertile as a burden. This drastic shift is brought on by her move from Ibuza to Lagos and the difference in culture she is exposed to as time progresses. In the novel, Nnu Ego faces obstacles that relate to changing gender roles in the community of Lagos, resulting in the shift of her beliefs from those established by her upbringing in Ibuza....   [tags: Marriage, Family, Infertility, Nigeria, Wife]

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Teenage Motherhood And Teenage Pregnancy

- Teenage Motherhood Imagine this: It is one o’clock in the morning and a sixteen year old girl has just finished her homework. She drops on her bed, exhausted and ready to sleep, when she hears her baby cry. She goes to the crib, picks up the baby, and then rocks the crying baby while getting a bottle of warm formula. It is three o’clock when the baby has finished the last drop and fallen asleep. The sixteen year old girl lays down in her bed and drops into a dead sleep... BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. The alarm clock goes off and it is now six o’clock in the morning....   [tags: High school, Adolescence, Pregnancy, Mother]

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The Issue Of Postponing Motherhood

- Postponing Motherhood Life is not giving to someone by accident. Life is a precious gift from God that he give to us. In the bible its says so what if getting abortion killed you. That wouldn’t been Gods will it would have been the fault of the person getting an abortion. I’m not saying that you don’t have to get an abortion that will always be your choice. What if there was a way to save a life. There are many ways to diminish the abortion ratings. There are many ways to reduce the abortion ratings....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Family, Mother]

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Mask Of Motherhood Analysis

- Finally, I will now discuss the repercussions of the wife role and the mask of motherhood on Eva’s relationship with Kevin. Ruddick states, “a ‘good mother’ may well be praised for colluding in her own subordination, with destructive consequences to her and her children” (104). Accordingly, the mask of motherhood strips Eva of her authenticity and integrity, and as it becomes her way of life, it diminishes her power (Maushart 463). Her “anger at the conditions of motherhood…become translated into anger at the child,” so that her relationship with Kevin becomes controlled by the wife role and mask of motherhood (Rich 52)....   [tags: Mother, Wife, Family, Father, Parent]

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Essay On Single Motherhood

- Single motherhood is an exhausting experience for women. Women raising children without the support of a spouse puts all the weight of everyday life on their shoulders. Moreover, single mothers raise their children and tend to forget about themselves. The strength of a single mother is the need of the day to day delivery of food on the table, and a roof from the elements of life protecting her offspring. Consequently, the definition of a single mother is a woman raising children, working a full-time job, and being the emotional strength that supports her family....   [tags: Abraham, Jesus, Mother, God, Marriage]

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Surrogate Motherhood

- Surrogate Motherhood is something that not many people actually support, even though it “is one of the many reproductive techniques that have enabled infertile couples to have children” (qtd. in Freedman). There are two types of surrogacy, traditional and gestational. The traditional type of surrogacy involves the surrogate mother being (AI) artificially inseminated with the sperm of the intended father or sperm from a donor when the sperm count is low. In either case the surrogate’s own egg will be used....   [tags: Women's Health]

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The First Recognized Surrogate Motherhood Arrangement

- Surrogate Motherhood “The first recognized surrogate motherhood arrangement was made in 1976. Since the late 1980s, surrogacy has been more common: between 1987 and 1992, an estimated 5,000 surrogate births occurred in the United States.” (Surrogate) Surrogacy is most commonly known as a relationship where one woman bears and gives birth to a child that is either for a person or a couple other than themselves. Surrogate motherhood can be accomplished in multiple ways, such that a man’s sperm can be inserted into the surrogate mother by a certain procedure called Artificial Insemination ....   [tags: Pregnancy, Surrogacy, Family]

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Analysis Of Roiphe's In Defense Of Single Motherhood

- In Roiphe’s article, “In Defense of Single Motherhood”, she defines the ideal family, and the effects it has on the children. Throughout Roiphe’s article, she defends single motherhood to people who create stereotypes about single mothers based on statistics and she believes are unreliable. Roiphe attempts to persuade her audience into not believing statistics and she points out the differences and her personal story to convince the audience. In the beginning of the essay, Roiphe starts her article off with statistics that show what people think of single mothers....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, The Troubles, Katie Roiphe]

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Motherhood: Addicted Mothers

- Methods This study investigated motherhood from substance addicted mothers’own perspective. The survey was conducted at an inpatient ward at a substance abuse clinic in Norway. To gain new insight about the participant`s life-world, a qualitative methodology is the best approach (Kvale, 2002). Data were collected using individual semi-structured in-depth interviews, in order to produce thick descriptions. A thick description is one that explains a human behavior in its context, so that the behavior becomes meaningful, also from an outsiders’ point of view....   [tags: mental health, substance abuse]

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The Woman Born : Motherhood As Experience And Institution

- In Adrienne Rich’s book “Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution,” where Rich illustrates her own life experience as a woman, a poet, a feminist, and a mother she states, “We need to imagine a world in which every woman is the presiding genius of her own body. In such a world women will truly create new life, bringing forth not only children if and as we choose but the visions, and the thinking, necessary to sustain, console and alter human existence-a new relationship to the universe” (Rich, Adrienne)....   [tags: Marriage, Woman, Wife, Family]

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Early Motherhood And Subsequent Life Outcomes

- Boden, J. M., Fergusson, D. M., & John Horwood, L. (2008). Early motherhood and subsequent life outcomes. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 49(2), 151-160. doi:10.1111/j.1469-7610.2007.01830.x. I chose to read this article because it fit into my time frame. It is the outcomes of teenage mothers. The authors’ purpose of this article is to demonstrate how teenage motherhood is related to the mother’s psychological and economical outcome later in life. This study gives me perspective of other life outcomes of a teenage mother and economic and academic success, as well....   [tags: Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence, Sex education]

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The Issue Of Motherhood Within The United States

- Introduction A vast majority of women who is incarcerated in U.S. prison systems are mothers of young children. Women inmates, who are in their late stages of pregnancy, will more than likely give birth while incarcerated behind bars (Hanser & Gomila, 2015). Not all penal institutions in the U.S. are equipped with adequate facilities, or prison nursery programs to accommodate incarcerated mothers and their infant. An infant’s bonding time with his or her mother is very critical during the first few months; however, not all prison facilities will allow incarcerated mothers the opportunity to bond with their child due to prison policies (Hanser & Gomila, 2015)....   [tags: Prison, Rape, Human sexual behavior]

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Women Empowerment by Demystification of Motherhood

- Women Empowerment by Demystification of Motherhood Patriarchy has tactfully created a myth that motherhood is the only sphere that is essentially ordained for women. Women as a sex are considered to be the natural reproducers of mankind - naturally supposed to be the child bearers and rearers. Patriarchy celebrates this innate capacity of women as the so called woman – power. It indulges in an exaggeration of the motherly values of nature. Self effacement, unconditional love and devoted service are demanded from women for the perpetuation of patriarchal norms....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Motherhood, Otello And The Theatre Experience

- The theatre experience can be explained as a measurement of satisfaction that a person attains after attending a theatrical performance. A positive theatre experience should be a truly cathartic event that evokes excitement and delight in the audience. A negative theatre experience, on the other hand, will have little to no impact on the audience and will most likely cause its members to be bored. Two theatrical presentations that provide contradicting theatre experiences are Otello and Motherhood, Madness and the State of the Universe....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Motherhood Is The State Or Experience Of Having And Raising A Child

- Motherhood is the state or experience of having and raising a child. To me motherhood is not only contained in those two actions. Motherhood is being there for your child, Women should become mothers because it is something worth going through. Imagine giving birth to a child and watching them grow and becoming better and better every day. Motherhood is defined as the social practices of nurturing and caring for people, and thus it is not the exclusive domain of women (Arendell 2000). In most societies, however, women not only bear children but also are primary caretakers of infants and children....   [tags: Parent, Mother, Family, Father]

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- Motherhood Many different aspects of life characterize motherhood. Traditions along with society influence the role of motherhood. Carol Stacks' "All our Kin," is an essay about the "structuring of kin groups" (1974, p.47). In the society, if the mother is not mature enough to raise the child, a close female relative takes on the role of the mother; whereas, the man has the option of choosing to claim the child and take on the responsibilities of fatherhood or he can imply that the father could be anyone, which is a socially acceptable reason....   [tags: Papers]

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Motherhood and the Politics of Native Americans

- Motherhood and the Politics of Native Americans Community, rituals, magical beliefs and practices are very important things to Native American people. Native American people live by these rituals and beliefs, they live around their community; their community isn’t just that, but their family as well. Parents don’t just raise their children but the whole community has a hand in raising all of the children. Family is a very important part of Native American people’s lives, they keep traditions going with their families, parents raise their children the same way that they were raised by their parents....   [tags: Culture Cultural Sociology Essays]

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A Research Study On Teenage Mothers Through College And Motherhood

- Methodology This qualitative phenomenological study (Creswell & Creswell, 2007) will demonstrate the simultaneous experience of teenage mothers through both college and motherhood. Qualitative phenomenological studies demonstrate the lived experiences of the participants through their perspective (Creswell & Creswell, 2007). The paradigm utilized in this study is constructivism. Constructivism is a way to understand different meanings on a certain situation or phenomenon (Mertens, 2005). This study will be conducted through in-depth interviews, a focus group, observations, and reflections....   [tags: Qualitative research, Focus group]

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Motherhood : Women 's Rights And Personal Needs

- Motherhood in this developed nation has many of its downfalls, but many of which are due to the psychological repression and disempowerment of these women’s rights and personal needs. To begin, we must delve into the two concepts that are often reinforced in motherhood-- that being the new-momism and motherhood as an institution. The American institution-- aims to hold women’s reproductive rights and their children under the control of men. This continues to exist because it is run by a patriarchal society that seeks to “alienate women from their bodies by incarcerating them” while creating a divide between private and public, which often sets standards for mothers who matter to society....   [tags: Mother, Family, Mother, Sociology]

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CareerMom: Self-Help Balancing Career and Motherhood

- ... I wrote to Uncle Sam, who was very enthusiastic. When could I let him have the manuscript. I already have used the 3 months of my maternity to write and so I sent to him for proof reading. Gbenga a dear friend of mine later commented, “I think it will be a winner, but I don’t like the title”. I didn’t either. It was The Career Woman, A Guide for Balancing Work and Motherhood. A stupid, patronizing title. We emailed each other severally, and discussed about publishing the book, and about titles, titles, titles....   [tags: working, titles, book, advice]

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Should Surrogate Motherhood be Allowed?

- Surrogate Motherhood is when one women carries to term the fertilized egg of another woman. This procedure is chosen by married couples who can not conceive a child in the “natural way”. In some occasions the mother may be able to produce an egg, but has no womb or some other physical problem which prevents her from carrying a child. Whether or not the husband can produce a large amount of sperm is not a problem. Once the egg and sperm are combined in a petri dish fertilization is very likely to occur....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Struggles Of Motherhood : I Stand Here Ironing

- The Struggles of Motherhood The use of a first- person narrative in the short story “I Stand Here Ironing” by Tillie Olsen makes it relatable and personal. Although the narrator’s identity is not provided in the short story, the narrator is full of hopelessness and regrets her past choices. “I Stand Here Ironing” centers on motherhood, economic instability, self-identity, and guilt. Although Tillie Olsen does not specify the exact date in the short story, it is set during the Great Depression in the 1930’s, and World War 2 in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s....   [tags: Great Depression, World War II, 1930s]

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Motherhood In Addie Bundren's Life, By William Faulkner

- Addie Bundren’s voice strikes prominently after her death, enriching her lamentation from the grave with the woes of the inexpressible life that is suffocated by the maternal role she must play. Words stifle Addie and so do the duties of motherhood. She perceives all children and the spring through a lens of hatred for her enslavement to procreation, deeming early spring “the worst” and a student by his “dirty snuffling nose” (Faulkner 169). Birth is essential to children and early spring, which serve a constant reminder to her of her duty to produce....   [tags: Marriage, Mrs Dalloway, Childbirth, Wife]

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A Lacanian Study of Motherhood in the Poems of William Wordsworth

- William Wordsworth was a prolific poet of the Romantic movement, perhaps best known for publishing Lyrical Ballads with friend and fellow poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1798. These poems were written in what Wordsworth described as a ‘common tongue’ with a focus on themes often found in Romantic poetry, such as the pastoral, the mythical, fragmentation, heroism and satire. In Lyrical Ballads one recurring subject almost unique to Wordsworth in its passion and persistence is that of motherhood....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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The Strength Of Motherhood In The Bean Trees By Barbara Kingsolver

- The author Barbara Kingsolver once said, “Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.” This means that mothers can go to great lengths and even break laws for their children. The Bean Trees follows Taylor’s attempts to raise her adopted daughter Turtle, focusing on what it takes to be a family and the alternative forms that family can take in the absence of the traditional mother-father-children family model. Taylor is fiercely protective of the small family she forms with Turtle, her best friend Lou Ann, and Lou Ann’s son Dwayne Ray in Tucson, Arizona as they all help each other “through hell and high water.” Taylor even figures out a way to legally adopt Turtle, not...   [tags: Mother, Family, The Bean Trees, Barbara Kingsolver]

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Fertility and Motherhood in The Handmaid´s Tale by Margaret Atwood

- Margaret Atwood sheds light on two concepts that are intertwined; fertility and motherhood. Nevertheless in Gilead these notions are often viewed as separate. The Republic State of Gilead views women as child-bearers and nothing more. In Gilead, these women are known as handmaids, who’s function in society is to produce children for barren females of a high status. Gilead also prohibits the handmaids from being mothers to their previously born children, meaning before Gilead was created, for instance, Offred, who is separated from her daughter....   [tags: Society, Childbearing]

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Motherhood, Sacrifice, and Hope for Humanity in _Frozen River_

- In Frozen River (2008), Courtney Hunt tells a story of a white, poverty-stricken mother of two, Ray Eddy (Melissa Leo), who partners by chance with a Mohawk Indian mother named Lila Littlewolf (Misty Upham), in smuggling of illegal immigrants to the US from Canada across the frozen river (St. Lawrence River) – the border. Author of The New York Times article aptly states that Hunt’s film “evokes a perfect storm of present-day woes: illegal immigration, ethnic tension, depressed real estate, high gas prices and dire poverty” (Holden)....   [tags: Film Analysis]

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The Relationship Between Gender, Motherhood, And Gender Sensitive Therapy

- A social constructionism framework was used to interview the perspective of 25 Israeli recovering mothers who were drug-dependent. These mothers were able to become the experts who gave researchers an identification of their personal experiences with their addiction. Results showed the relationship between gender, motherhood, and gender-sensitive therapy as challenging. Findings indicated that maternal identity was the basis of mental burdens during the process of recovery. Recommendations were made to raise awareness in encouraging financial independence and occupational training instead of only focusing on motherhood as an important factor to recovery (Gueta & Addad, 2014)....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Attachment theory]

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Prostitution, Motherhood, and Full Equality

- Prostitution, Motherhood, and Full Equality Just as the needs of individuals change over time, so do the needs of social movements. Leaders come and go. Tactics change from time to time. But the goal always remains the same. While the movement to secure equal rights for the American Negro needed different leaders and different tactics at different times during its history, so it was with the women's movement in America. While the movement initially sought equal treatment for women in everything, the struggle required changes in both leadership and in tactics before the goal was achieved....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Motherhood Under Slavery in Tony Morrison’s Beloved

- Tony Morrison’s novel Beloved, explores how slavery effects of the lives of former slaves. Morrison focuses more specifically on how the women in these situations are affected. One of the main areas affected in the lives of these women is motherhood. By describing the experiences of the mothers in her story (primarily Baby Suggs and Sethe) Morrison shows how slavery warped and shaped motherhood, and the relationships between mothers and children of the enslaved. In Beloved the slavery culture separates mothers and children both physically and emotionally....   [tags: Beloved Essays]

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Pint Size: The Life Changing Event of Motherhood

- I was a typical teenager my life revolved around friends and late night trips to Walmart, however that was soon to change. When you are eighteen you never dream that at such a young age our life goes from late nights with friends to wales for attention from a tiny child. My way of motherhood came to me by three events that will forever define me as who I am. Waiting on those two little pink lines was like waiting on honey to be pour on a cold January morning. I received a text that changed my life forever; my best friend since middle school just told me she might be pregnant....   [tags: godson, baby, friend]

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Surrogate Motherhood and Technology

- Surrogate Motherhood and Technology Surrogacy: The Technology Reproductive technologies have a lot to do with the theology of the family. One aspect of reproductive technology deals with the issue of pregnancy for profit. This concept is known as surrogacy, and it is used for procreation. Ten to fifteen percent of married couples are unable to have children of their own.1 A surrogate mother is a woman who carries the child, usually for an infertile couple. Surrogacy has been around for a long time; it dates back to biblical times....   [tags: Pregnancy Reproduction Essays]

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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet A. Jacobs

- Motherhood is a compassionate kinship between the mother and her offspring. Becoming a mother can be planned or unplanned depending on the person. Families tend to cherish the new beginning to a little human life. When someone decides to have a new life, it isn’t easy, and not only can some women not get pregnant, but the variation your body endures is amazing. The body goes through many life changing experiences. Some women can gain weight, or have a rollercoaster of emotions due to their hormones....   [tags: offspring, motherhood]

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Surrogate Motherhood

- Surrogate motherhood refers to that condition of a fertile (footnote) woman who has been contracted to become impregnated via reproductive technologies such as donor or artificial insemination. It is that condition wherein that fertile woman also has agreed to transfer her rights on the child to the biological parents after giving birth. This is bounded by a contract that was signed by the contracting parents and the surrogate. The reasons for this generally fall into two categories. Either the contracting couple is unable to produce a child or they would prefer to eliminate or enhance certain genetic traits....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Postponing Motherhood

- Postponing Motherhood As a senior in a small high school in Connecticut, Jane Swanson* was attending weekly volleyball team practices, planning for college, studying for tests, and spending time with her friends and her boyfriend. She was a typical teenager until, at 17, she learned that she was pregnant. Stunned by the news and unsure of what to do, she spoke to her friends about her options. She was especially surprised because she was using condoms and practicing safe sex. Sadly, half of the 1.3 million women having abortions each year used some form of contraception when they became pregnant....   [tags: Pregnancy Birth Children Short Stories Papers]

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Meridian, by Alice Walker

- The women of the late sixties, although some are older than others, in Alice Walker’s fiction that exhibit the qualities of the developing, emergent model are greatly influenced through the era of the Civil Rights Movement. Motherhood is a major theme in modern women’s literature, which examines as a sacred, powerful, and spiritual component of the woman’s life. Alice Walker does not choose Southern black women to be her major protagonists only because she is one, but because she had discovered in the tradition and history they collectively experience an understanding of oppression that has been drawn from them a willingness to reject the principle and to hold what is difficult....   [tags: Motherhood, Traditions]

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Theme of Motherhood in James Joyce's Ulysses

- James Joyce structured Ulysses to correspond with events in Homer's Odyssey. The relationship between two principle characters in Ulysses, Leopold Bloom as a sonless father and Stephen Dedalus as a fatherless son parallels the circumstances of Odysseus and Telemachus. This interpretation of the relationship between Bloom and Stephen, however, does not account for a significant theme of Ulysses, that of motherhood. Despite the idea that Bloom is a father looking for a son and that Stephen is a son looking for a father, the desires of both of these characters go beyond that of a father and son relationship....   [tags: Joyce Ulysses Essays]

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Motherhood in Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

- Motherhood in The Bean Trees In the novel, The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver, we watch as Taylor grows a great deal. This young woman takes on a huge commitment of caring for a child that doesn't even belong to her. The friends that she acquired along the way help teach her about love and responsibility, and those friends become family to her and Turtle. Having no experience in motherhood, she muddles through the best she can, as all mothers do. Marietta was raised in a small town in Kentucky....   [tags: Kingsolver Bean Trees Essays]

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Motherhood in The Glass Menagerie and A Raisin in the Sun

- Motherhood in The Glass Menagerie and A Raisin in the Sun I have read the two plays, "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams and "A Raisin in the Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry, both of have a big impact on me. The two plays circle around the family values that convey the character of motherhood where mothers have to have a responsibility to raise, to provide their best and to sacrifice for their children. In these two plays, even expressing differently, mothers all show love to their children; they all want their children to have a happy life....   [tags: Papers]

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Traditional Motherhood In Tillie Olsen's I Stand Here Ironing

- Tillie Olsen was a part of the first generation of American feminists and she was a mother herself. She was influenced by her own experiences and the time period to investigate traditional female gender roles and conventional motherhood. In her short story “I Stand Here Ironing” she critiques traditional motherhood and the patriarchy's influence on society by analyzing the experience of a single mother struggling to raise her daughter, Emily, during the great depression. Her daughter, Emily, has a rough childhood and is isolated from her mother for the majority of her youth, whether in the daycare center or in the medical clinic, and she is never truly capable of forming the traditional moth...   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Feminism, Family, Patriarchy]

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Motherhood and Revolutionary Ideas About Theatre in Bertolt Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle

- Motherhood and Revolutionary Ideas About Theatre in Bertolt Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle Bertolt Brecht’s play The Caucasian Chalk Circle is a social and political commentary, focusing on justice and motherhood. Using revolutionary theatrical techniques and devices to reinforce his theme, Brecht attempts to free his audience from the constraints of traditional theatre, enabling them to make impartial judgments of their own. Despite combining these radical ideas about theatre with the theme of motherhood, Brecht does not wholly succeed in alienating the audience, as it is impossible for them to totally distance themselves from such an emotive subject as motherhood....   [tags: Caucasian Chalk Circle Brecht]

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Correlation and Causation in the News between Obesity, Sleep, Religion and Motherhood

- Our current society is dealing with obesity more than our previous generations. Recent research studies shows there is a correlation between obesity and other disease such as cancer diabetes and high blood pressure just to name a few. Other studies show the lack of sleep can be linked to weight gain, religious socials can lead to weight gain, and women who bear children. This paper will discuss the evidence that three news paper articles on if they provide a correlation and causation between sleep, religion, motherhood, and obesity....   [tags: unhealthy overweight]

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Motherhood and Sin Explored in John Milton's Paradise Lost

- Motherhood and Sin Explored in John Milton's Paradise Lost There are very few representations of active motherhood in Paradise Lost, and of these, only one has a speaking role: Sin, the daughter of Satan and the mother of shapeless Death. While Milton portrays Nature and Earth as mother figures, and Eve¹s most common epithet is First Mother¹ or Mother of Mankind¹, none of these characters (or, failing that, images) is indicative of active motherhood. Eve has no children at any point in the poem, and as one of the primary conditions of motherhood is most likely that one will have had to have borne a child, she is not a viable choice for finding any representation of true motherhood....   [tags: Milton Paradise Lost Essays]

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Adrienne Rich's Of Woman Born – The End of Motherhood

- Of Woman Born – The End of Motherhood In Of Woman Born, Adrienne Rich effectively weaves her own story into a convincing account of what it means to become a mother within the bonds of patriarchal culture. Her conclusion that the institution of motherhood, which she distinguishes from motherhood, must be destroyed in order to release the creation and sustenance of life into the same realm of decision, struggle, surprise, imagination, and conscious intelligence, as any other difficult, but freely chosen work is substantiated by her courageous confession that contradicts culturally normative notions of motherhood....   [tags: Adrienne Rich Woman Born Essays]

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Free Essays - Memories and Motherhood in Landscape for a Good Woman

- Memories and Motherhood in Landscape for a Good Woman The relevance and subsequent interpretation of memories as they relate to one's desire to mother ". . . refusal to reproduce oneself is a refusal to perpetuate what one is, that is, the way one understands oneself to be in the social world." -- pg. 84 In reading Carolyn Kay Steedman's Landscape for a Good Woman, two themes took center stage: Memories and Motherhood. As the book unfolds Steedman repeatedly points out that childhood memories are used by individuals for various purposes; rather than objective recollections dominated by facts, she proposes that they are more subjective in nature, likely to alter with time or a...   [tags: Landscape for a Good Woman Essays]

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Comparing Plath's View on Motherhood with You're and 'Morning Song

- Comparing Plath's View on Motherhood with You're and 'Morning Song In Plath's poetry she is very depressed about her life but when you look at the poems, 'You're' and 'Morning Song' you get a new view on her life. These poems are about her opinion and feelings on motherhood and are her only positive poems that we have studied so far. Morning song is when Plath writes about her new baby daughter and how she feels towards her and 'you're', is a celebratory poem about approaching motherhood....   [tags: Papers]

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Motherhood in Harriet Jacob's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

- Motherhood, in its simplest definition is the state of being a mother; however, it isn't as clear cut and emotionless as the definition implies. Motherhood holds a different meaning for everyone. For some it is a positive experience, for others it's negative. Different situations change motherhood and the family unit. Slavery is an institution that twists those ideas into something hardly recognizable. The Master and the Mistress are parental figures. Slaves never became adults; they are called boy or girl no matter what their age....   [tags: American Literature]

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Moll Flanders, Madame Bovary, & The Joys Of Motherhood

- Moll Flanders, Madame Bovary, & The Joys of Motherhood Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders, Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary, and Buchi Emecheta's The Joys of Motherhood are three novels that portray the life of woman in many different ways. They all depict the turmoils and strife's that women, in many cultures and time periods, suffer from. In some cases it's the woman's fault, in others it's simply bad luck. In any case, all three novels succeed in their goal of showing what a life of selling oneself short is like through the eyes of a woman....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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When Babies Aren't Enough by Jessica Hopkins

- Is there a common attitude society has towards women, and their roles as mothers. Betty Rollin, American journalist, reporter, and author, believes there is. She calls it the motherhood myth. She writes about this subject in her essay, “Motherhood: Who Needs It?” The myth is the idea that all normal women want and need to become mothers (Rollin 286). Rollin believes this is false, and argues that there is no biological drive or instinct, that makes women want to become mothers. Society reinforces this myth into us, through many forms of propaganda....   [tags: motherhood, babies, society influence]

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No Longer one of the Boys

- Introduction This critical review will examine and analyze the article No Longer ‘One of the Boys’: Negotiations with Motherhood, as Prospect or Reality, among Women in Engineering written by Gillian Ranson (2005) and published by the CRSA/RCSA. This article provides an overall assessment of the challenges women face in the male dominated field of engineering. Specifically, it addresses how women handle the stresses of being engineers and mothers. This critical review will analyze the content of the article, explore the strengths and weaknesses, critique the methodology and consider what could have been done differently....   [tags: women in engineering, motherhood]

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The Challenges Of Being a University Student and a Mom

- Within the growing number of women in higher education, there is a growing population of students who are also mothers. Mothers attempting to obtain a degree contend with home and family demands that affect their degree completion rates (Carney-Crompton & Tan, 2002; Home, 1998). These postsecondary education students, unlike their traditional peers, are not developing into adult identities that are supported by a traditional college setting (Arnett, Ramos & Jensen, 2001; Arnett, 2000) but instead already have an adult identity as a mother (Wilsey, 2013) with a different set of needs and because of the familial responsibility motherhood brings with it these women are no longer “traditional”...   [tags: Student Motherhood Essays]

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The Miseducation of the Teenage Mother and Intergenerational Pregnancies

- The Miseducation of the Teenage Mother and Intergenerational Pregnancies Background The past two decades have shown a decline in adolescent pregnancy but today, the United States continues to hold the number one position for highest adolescent pregnancy rates among developed countries.1 Research has found that about two in every five teenage girls become pregnant before the age of twenty years old.2 The recurrence of early childhood bearing now reaches up to 900,000 pregnancies each year in the United States.1 The various factors associated with high prevalence of teenage motherhood can be seen among communities affected by low socioeconomic status, a lack of education, and more intere...   [tags: adolescent pregnancy, motherhood]

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Analysis Of `` Daystar `` By Rita Dove And On A Daughter Leaving Home By Linda Pastan

- As a young mother that experienced post-partum depression, the poem “Daystar” by Rita Dove and “To a Daughter Leaving Home” by Linda Pastan were easy to relate to. Each of the poems successfully represented the positives and negatives of being a mother. Poetry was never exactly my thing; I hated trying to decipher the symbols in poems and never quite understood why it was okay to use incomplete sentences. Dove and Pastan each wrote about their experiences as mothers but stood on completely opposite sides on the emotional spectrum, ironically, I couldn’t agree more with both of them....   [tags: Mother, Family, Parent, Motherhood]

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