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Infant And Pediatric Mortality Rates

- Infant and Pediatric Mortality Rates Mortality rates of pediatric and neonatal patients have improved over the past few decades though, some countries still lack the improvement that has been witness elsewhere. The issue lies within the simple precautions that can be taken to prevent multiple deaths of infants and children. Nurses are also effect by the deaths of their patients. Future implications need to be set fourth to not only benefit the patients but the nurses as well....   [tags: Death, Mortality rate, Demography]

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Notes On Infant Mortality Statistics

- Introductory Explanations Infant Mortality Statistics The 2013 report presented statistics from the linked birth and infant death data set (linked file) by maternal and infant characteristics. The linked file differs from the mortality file, which is based on death certificate data. Descriptive statistics of data were presented and interpreted. The purpose of the linkage “was to use the many additional variables available from birth certificates to conduct more detailed analysis of infant mortality patterns” (Martin, Hamilton, Venture et al., (2011, p....   [tags: Infant mortality, United States, Demography]

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Postpartum Of Postpartum And Mortality

- Postpartum is crucial for both mother and baby because of the high mortality and morbidity prevalence in that period. These diseases and deaths are preventable by effective health care and giving information/education to mothers/parents. While early postpartum problems can be noticed quickly at the hospital by midwives/nurses, late postpartum warning signals may not be detected easily by mothers after discharging from the hospital. My argument is that it is important to provide quality postpartum education to mothers in order to reduce postpartum mortality and morbidity....   [tags: Childbirth, Infant, Pregnancy, Infant mortality]

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The Infant Mortality Rate Of A Country

- The infant mortality rate of a country is said to be a “reflection of a society’s commitment to ensuring access to health care, adequate nutrition… and sufficient income to prevent the adverse consequences of poverty”(1). As defined by the World Data Bank, a country’s infant mortality rate is measured by the number if infants, per every 1000 live births, do not survive to be older than one year of age (3). The female unemployment rate refers to the percentage of the female labor force that is without work but available for and seeking employment (2)....   [tags: Infant mortality, United States, Sierra Leone]

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Infant Mortality And Its Effect On Children

- A child who loses his or her parent is called orphan. A person who loses his or her spouse is called widow or widower. As hard as I looked for, I did not find a name to describe a parent who outlive his or her child, for such a tragedy remains unspeakable and unthinkable. A child dies every 10 seconds, and even more outrageous, almost 3 million babies die in the first month of life (UNICEF). The death of these babies before their first birthday is known as infant mortality. Most cases of infant deaths happen in less-developed countries, where babies often die at home, unnamed, and unrecorded....   [tags: Infant, Infant mortality, Breastfeeding]

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The Emotional Aspect Of Infant Mortality

- With letting go, comes the emotional aspect that occurs when a loved one dies. Mothers are sometimes portrayed as “larger than life” or “all powerful and sometimes all-destructive” (1992: 354). They carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and feel responsible when things don’t always go correctly. In the Alto, motherly love grows very slowly because of the high rate of infant mortality. If you look at the history of childhood, you can see that infant death was very common in the earlier part of history because of lack of medical attention and today’s modern technology....   [tags: Infant, Infant mortality, Maternal bond, Mother]

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Infant Mortality Rate Is A Global Dilemma

- High infant mortality rate is a global dilemma, but with ongoing research and medical discoveries, high infant mortality rates may lower or completely diminish. There are several causes of infant mortality such as: hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, respiratory failure and traumatic stress. Several technologies have been developed to reduce the infant mortality rate. The artificial placenta, hypothermia therapy, stress therapy are technologies/techniques that may help alleviate the infant mortality rate....   [tags: Infant mortality, Infant, Pediatrics, Infancy]

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Early Infant Mortality Has Become A Topic Of Interest For Scheper Hughes

- Throughout the Alto, the topic of early infant mortality has become a topic of interest for Scheper-Hughes. She seems fascinated by how “a high expectancy of child death is a powerful shaper of maternal thinking and practice” and how this creates a detachment between mother and baby, which can be deathly (Scheper-Hughes, 1992: 340). Throughout the course of the book, the topic of a failure to mourn the death of the child is also brought up. The culture of the Alto and their own form of grieving is something that brought great fascination to Scheper-Hughes....   [tags: Infant, Infant mortality, Mother, Maternal bond]

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Analysis of the First Paragraph in Porter’s Old Mortality

- Analysis of the First Paragraph in Porter’s Old Mortality First, I would like to make some broad generalizations about Katherine Anne Porter’s stories. The selections of stories that I have read could be considered stories about transition, passage from an old world to a new. There is a prolific amount of life and death imagery related to changes from slavery to freedom, aristocracy to middle-class, and birth to death. Her stories contain characters from several generations and the narratives move through out this multi-generational consciousness....   [tags: Porter’s Old Mortality]

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Unraveling of Myths in Porter’s Old Mortality

- Unraveling of Myths in Porter’s Old Mortality “There was a kind of faded merriment in the background, with its vase of flowers and its draped velvet curtains, the kind of case and the kind of curtains that no one would have any more. The clothes were not even romantic-looking, bur merely most terribly out of fashion, and the whole affair was associated, in the minds of the little girls, with dead things: the smell of Grandmother’s medicated cigarettes and her furniture that smelled of beeswax, and her old-fashioned perfume, Orange Flower....   [tags: Porter’s Old Mortality]

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Jap Mortality And Mortality

- Japan CDP: Mortality Introduction: Mortality is the study of the amount of deaths in a certain population. This just like fertility is difficult to find and examine due to some countries not keeping proper records. For this exact reason demographers develop what is known as the Crude Death Rate or CDR. This is defined as the total number of deaths in a population divided by the total population multiplied by per 1000 people (Poston, 2010). This of course as it suggests is a crude estimate for the actual number of deaths on average in a population....   [tags: Life expectancy, Demography, Population]

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Romanticism in Katherine Anne Porter’s Old Mortality

- Romanticism in Katherine Anne Porter’s Old Mortality Katherine Anne Porter’s characters in “Old Mortality” make contradicting statements throughout the story with their personalities as much as their words. Eva, the “Old Maid,” symbolizes aging, and the hardships and pain that can be associated with it. Amy can be thought of as her foil, because she seems to represent the antithesis of Eva in every way. Frozen in time with her premature death, Amy remains for the older members of the family the strongest link to the values and ways of life they were so comfortable with during the Victorian Era....   [tags: Katherine Anne Porter’s Old Mortality]

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Mortality in "Hamlet"

- “So shall you hear of carnal, bloody, and unnatural acts, of accidental judgements, casual slaughters, of deaths put on by cunning and forced cause”, (Hamlet, Act V, Scene 2, Lines 381-384). Horatio, best friend of Prince Hamlet, says this in the final lines of the play. He says this after Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, Hamlet, Claudius, King of Denmark, and Laertes, son of Polonius all die in the battle between Hamlet and Laertes. Hamlet, King of Denmark, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, former friends of Hamlet, Polonius, councillor to the King, and Ophelia, daughter of Polonius are also dead....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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William Wordsworth and the Mortality of the Imagination

- Analysis of Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, The Prelude, The World is Too Much with Us, and London, 1802 One of our greatest fears is the fear of death. Immortality is something any of us would take in a heartbeat, so we do not have to face death. But this is something that we cannot run away from. Mortality is an unpleasant thought that sits in the back of our minds form our day to day lives. Yet, this fear is something that is developed more over time as we grow older. Children believe that the world is such a wonderful place, they fell invincible....   [tags: Tintern Abbey, The Prelude]

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Mortality and Immortality in Ode to a Nightingale

- When talking about poetry and Romanticism, one of the most common names that come to mind is John Keats. Keats’ lifestyle was somewhat different from his contemporaries and did not fit the Romantic era framework, this is most likely the reason he stood out from the rest. Keats wrote many poems that are still relevant, amongst them Ode to a Nightingale, which was published for the very first time in July, 1819. The realistic depth and lyrical beauty that resonates in Ode to a Nightingale is astounding....   [tags: romantic poet, romantic era, john keats]

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The Bubonic Plague And The Great Mortality

- Throughout history, the world has witnessed and experienced many tragic events. These events range from natural disasters and mass murders to famine and disease. This particular essay is going to focus on disease. We have encountered many diseases that have had a tremendous affect, on lives and the ways of living, from Polio to the “Great Mortality”. In this essay, I want to introduce to you one of the most known disease pandemics that we still are researching and trying to understand. The disease has many names like the “Great Mortality”, the plague, the Bubonic plague and is also known as the “Black Death”....   [tags: Black Death, Bubonic plague, Yersinia pestis]

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Mortality in the Stranger by Albert Camus

- Everyone will die. Meursault’s awareness of death contributes to his nonchalant attitude toward every death he witness or must endure in The Stranger. Death fails to upset Meursault. In The Stranger, Albert Camus emphasizes mortality in order to expose the ignorance humanity has towards the inevitable or unknown end. Camus’s emphasis on time accentuates Meursault’s indifference. This indifference reveals that death occurs inevitably, regardless of time. The first thought that the audience reads, “Maman died today....   [tags: The Stranger, Albert Camus]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Mortality Plays ' Pain, Penance, And Admonition

- In the article “Mortality Plays: Pain, Penance, and Admonition in Se7en and Saw”, it discusses the morality of the horror films Se7en (David Fincher, 1995) and Saw (James Wan, 2004) through the Christian tradition. In both films, there is a killer that tortures his victims which lead the victims to murder themselves. Wills and Wilson (the authors) analyze the murderers John Doe (Se7en) and Jigsaw (Saw) by how the murders are related to the Christian ideas of medieval and modern concepts of sin and penance....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Horror film, Christianity]

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Black Death : The And Great Mortality

- Do you know what Black Death is. Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people and peaking in Europe in the years 1346–53. Black Death had different names. Today, it 's best known as the Black Death or the bubonic plague. Medieval people called it "the blue sickness," La pest (the Pestilenc), and the Great Mortality. The name bubonic comes from the Medieval Latin word bubo via Italian Bilbo meaning a pustule, growth, or swelling....   [tags: Black Death, Bubonic plague]

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The Essence of Mortality: Nelson Mandela

- The Essence of Mortality Even before I began to write this paper, the words have already scattered themselves throughout my mind. I believe I already know what I am going to say, to teach, to interpret. I have to take a few moments to allow all the energy to disperse and for all the chaos around me to settle into the darkness. My mind has literally spent countless hours already preparing for this single moment to lay the lyrics into stone, to allow the parchment to embrace the words. The serenity of aligning my focus on a single objective overcomes my mind, and the puzzle is solved and a feeling of enlightenment sparkles in my eye as a smile forms on my face....   [tags: biography, laberne wilson]

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The Leading Risk Factor For Mortality

- Olivia Nguyen Hypertension 11/12/14 Bio- 202 The leading risk factor for mortality in the world is hypertension (“World Journal of Hypertension-Baishideng Publishing,” 2011). Hypertension is abnormally high blood pressure (Marieb, E., & Wilhelm, P. , 2011). “Blood pressure is the force of blood against your artery walls as it circulates through your body (“High Blood Pressure Facts,” 2014). According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 31% of American adults suffer from high blood pressure....   [tags: Blood pressure, Hypertension]

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Notes On The Moments Of Mortality

- Moments of Mortality What is the meaning of life. Most people would trek into philosophy to answer this question, for inside of philosophy, there are many schools of thought which attempt to answer it. This question of purpose ultimately leads to a war between those that believe that which happens after death matters most and those that believe the opposite. Bulgakov, in the conversation between Homeless, Berlioz, and Woland hints at this conflict by referring to a major piece of the argument- mortality, and more discreetly, the supernatural....   [tags: Meaning of life, Life, Human, Death]

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The Mortality Rates Of Cervical Cancer

- Approximately 270,000 women are killed by cervical cancer each year and close to 85 percent of those deaths occur in resource-poor settings (Baker, 2009). Most commonly known as the Pap smear, routine cytological screening of women is used to decrease the rate of cervical cancer deaths in women in wealthier regions of the world. However, in countries with scarce resources where screening is not available, cervical cancer is going undetected, therefore treatment is not received and death often occurs....   [tags: Developing country, Developed country]

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Etiological Factors For Maternal Mortality

- Though motherhood is frequently a noble and gratifying occurrence, many impoverished women associated it with suffering, infirmity and death. Some significant etiological factors for maternal morbidity and mortality include hemorrhage, infection, obstructed labor, risky abortions, and indirect causes, such as malaria and HIV. With a growing knowledge of sterilization, and advent of antibiotics, the Global North experienced a major drop in maternal mortality and morbidity. In 2009, the US maternal mortality ratio was 24/per 100,000 live births, 10 times lower than global averages, 260....   [tags: motherhood, pregnancy, childbirth, complications]

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Childhood Expectancy And Infant Mortality

- Introduction: When looking at life expectancy at birth for female and infant mortality indicators for health, two countries that are ranked higher than the U.S in terms of health are Japan and Germany. Every country has a different health care system, but it’s important to look and compare the different determinants of health and analyze how each country address that particular determinant. In regard to life expectancy and infant mortality, the two determinants that will be analyzed for both country comparing it to the United States is medical practice and social and economic factors....   [tags: Medicine, Universal health care, Health economics]

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The Plague: A Great Mortality

- When the black death mysteriously and suddenly hit Europe, it spread at an unbelievable speed leaving almost no city untouched. The citizens of fourteenth century Europe were unsure of how to cope with half the population being wiped out in such a short time span. What had caused this “great mortality”. Who was really to blame for their suffering. How were they to overcome it. While being overwhelmed with sickness and a number of dilemmas stemming from it, many societies became weak and eventually fell apart....   [tags: bubonic plague, black death, Albert Camus]

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Malnutrition Increases Morbidity and Mortality

- ... The author searched for Randomized controlled trials (RCT) in PubMed, EMBASE, and the Cochrane Library from 1996-2008 for published articles and no language restrictions were used. The RCTs that compared EN and TPN in adult patients (>/= 18 years) with SAP were included. Trials had to report at least 1 of the following: infections, organ failure, artificial nutrition related complications, pancreatitis and non-pancreatitis related complications, and mortality. Exacerbations of chronic pancreatitis and pregnant patients were excluded....   [tags: nutrition risks, screening tools]

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The Mystery Of Human Mortality

- Living Ghosts Not many people think of death as something that can be survived. After all, death is an escapable aspect of life for all things on Earth. There are, however, instances where death stares one in the face and is repelled at the last moment. This is the closest one can be to experiencing death, for death is the interruption of anymore experiences. The avoidance of death, whether just or not, will have the same everlasting effect. The survivor will forever carry that moment with them, haunted by the injustice done to them....   [tags: Life, Soul, Knowledge, Understanding]

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The Rate Of Infant Mortality

- The rate of deaths to infants under age one is 4.9 deaths per 1,000 births. The highest rate of infant mortality is among African American babies, followed by Hispanic babies. The infant mortality rate among American Indian babies fluctuates, with little consistent pattern. This could be largely due to the small number of American Indian babies born each year. These statistics are for Hennepin County, but by comparing Minnetonka statistics of birth rate, racial makeup, families, population per square mile, age, and residents on public assistance, Minnetonka ranked in the middle when compared to other cities in Hennepin County....   [tags: Demography, Population, Minnesota]

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Mortality Related to Diabetes Mellitus

- In 2013 the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) reported that 382 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide and it is expected to rise by 55% in 2035. Although diabetes is most prevalent in industrialized countries such as the United States of America and China, mortality related to diabetes is higher in low-income countries such as India and Egypt (International Diabetes Association, 2013). Through the analysis of a case study, the pathophysiology, risk factors, diagnostics, medications, and nursing implications of diabetes will be examined and explained....   [tags: patients, mismanagement, glucose level]

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The Strength in Mortality

- The Strength in Mortality During his monumental journey, Odysseus grows from a gallant young warrior to a wise and mature adult. Odysseus initially finds himself fighting for a name, this is equivalent, for humans, to the immortality of the gods. Odysseus concludes that the death-defying mortal life, with its danger and relationships of love, is far superior to a purposeless and shallow immortality. Every courageous attempt towards his ultimate goal of returning to Ithaca and Penelope is tempered by the adventurous nature of the event....   [tags: Papers]

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Overpopulation: Infant Mortality and Life Expectancy

- Due to over population infant mortality and low life expectancy are problems all around the world with rising numbers, they are becoming bigger issues. For both there are some solutions but not all the solutions work. Infant mortality is the death of children under the age of one year. Life expectancy is the average period of time a person may be expected to live. Life expectancy and high infant mortality have some big and small averages of babies dying all over, which can be a problem. Some of these problems have solutions and some don’t....   [tags: resources, consequences, pollution]

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Child and Infant Mortality Rate in Afghanistan

- Afghanistan is a country in war and a country in devastation. Afghanistan has one of the world’s highest infant mortality rates and the world’s highest birth rates. Because of the high infant mortality rates, they also have many problems in health, sanitation, and a lack of food they have. Because of poor health and sanitation in the country of Afghanistan, the Afghanis have many sicknesses and diseases. Sickness causes high infant mortality rates. The diseases that cause high death rates are bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria, and rabies (Demographics 2013)....   [tags: Demographic Transition, Medical Service]

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Ethiopia: Maternal Mortality and the Access to Care

- Access to Care in Ethiopia In many parts of the world that are considered lower or middle-class countries, health disparities are cause of major concern that leads to unnecessary disease and possible death. Many variables affect how and why many citizens of lower and middle-class countries struggle to obtain adequate healthcare. One region of the world classified as a lower socio economic territory is Ethiopia. Many factors contribute to the lack of health care in Ethiopia such as access to care, high cost of care, and being uneducated, to name a few....   [tags: healthcare system, women, pregnancy]

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Infant Mortality in the Philippine Healthcare System

- Health is a fundamental human right. A person’s employment, social or income status should not be the binding force in order to receive average healthcare at a relative cost. Unlike the United States, the Philippines is consumed by a majority of its people’s poverty. Especially in rural regions of the country, this poverty epidemic has led to malnutrition, homelessness and disease. Subsequently, when healthcare is needed, these individuals do not have the means or finances to seek assistance. This cycle of disparity has not only led to the loss of a person’s basic human right, but has also affected the livelihood of their children....   [tags: fundamental human rights]

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The Risk Factors for All-Cause Mortality

- It is well known that healthy behaviors increase ones lifespan, so why aren’t more people actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle. The Aerobics Center Longitudinal study (ACLS) is a baseline examination at Cooper Clinic of 38,110 men ages 20-84. Wonwoo et. al. found thata all-cause mortality could have been reduced by 29%, if the population had lived a healthier life. The main risk factors of all-cause mortality found are lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, and >30 BMI. These are not new findings, the CDC lists those same risk factors for the top causes of preventable deaths the in US....   [tags: overweight, fitness, training]

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Birth Mortality Rates Has On The Decline

- Infant mortality rates has been on the decline in the past 200 years. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this drop over time. Advances in medicine, technology, and lifestyle changes have all created changes in prenatal care. There are many things that play a factor in the overall mortality rate decrease, however there is one major factor that contributes to the change. That factor is education and knowledge about prenatal care. Better understandings of common prenatal complications and how to treat them have made a significant difference in the survival rate of infants....   [tags: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Fetus, Embryo]

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An Analysis of Mortality in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

- Hamlet Out Of Class Essay Analysis of Mortality In his tragedy Hamlet, William Shakespeare explores and analyzes the concept of mortality and the inevitability of death through the development of Hamlet’s understanding and ideology regarding the purpose for living. Through Hamlet’s obsessive fascination in understanding the purpose for living and whether death is the answer, Shakespeare analyzes and interprets the meaning of different elements of mortality and death: The pain death causes to others, the fading of evidence of existence through death, and the reason for living....   [tags: ]

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Two Distinct Interpretations of Death and Mortality

- The poems ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ by Dylan Thomas and ‘Because I could not stop for Death’ by Emily Dickinson, give two distinct interpretations of the theme of death and mortality. Thomas laments to his dying father, grieving the inevitability of death while also stressing that death should be fought against rather than quietly accepted, using diction and imagery to build up an intense, persuasive tone. In contrast, Dickinson expresses a peaceful acceptance of death and portrays it as a passage to eternal life, using diction, imagery and personification to create a calm, serene tone....   [tags: Poems, dylan thomas, emily dickinson]

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Mortality of Reintroduced or Trans-Located Animals

- A major impediment to recovering declining populations successfully is the mortality of reintroduced or trans-located animals. It is of the general assumption that captive-born animals might lose their anti-predator behaviour abilities in captivity, but studies rarely compare predator recognition abilities of captive-born and wild-captured animals to test this. Predators often kill reintroduced and trans-located animals, and this mortality is often a considerable hindrance for successful population recovery....   [tags: captivity, predator, annti-predator skills, MIS]

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History of Pancreatic Cancer and Its Mortality

- The history of pancreatic cancer is one filled with tragedy and revelation. Once long denied any recognition for its disastrous effects, it is now acknowledged as the fifth deadliest cancer in the world (Hishberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research [HFPCR], 2010). With the highest mortality rate of all major cancer, 94% of patients die within the five years of diagnosis with 74% dying within the first year, life expectancy after diagnosis is the short period of three to six months (HFPCR, 2010)....   [tags: pathology, pancreatic cancer, carcinoma]

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Hand Hygiene For The Health And Mortality Of Their Patients

- Hand Hygiene Hand decontamination is the use of hand wash or alcohol rub that reduces the number of bacteria on the hands. Hand decontamination is also referred to as ‘hand hygiene’. Hand Hygiene is an integral part of nursing care, as effectively decontaminating hands significantly reduces the risk of pathogens being transferred from one surface to another, or from person to person (NICE, 2014). This means, that through practicing good hand hygiene, nurses can actively reduce the incidences of preventable healthcare associated infections, therefore improving the health and mortality of their patients....   [tags: Hygiene, Health care, Health care provider]

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The Black Death : The Great Mortality Of 1348-1350

- No other epidemic reaches the level of the Black Death which took place from 1348 to 1350. The epidemic, better regarded as a pandemic, shook Europe, Asia, and North Africa; therefore it deems as the one of the most devastating events in world history. In The Black Death: The Great Mortality of 1348-1350, John Aberth, compiles primary sources in order to examine the origins and outcomes of this deadly disease. The author, a history professor and associate academic dean at Vermont’s Castleton State College, specializes in medieval history and the Black Death....   [tags: Black Death, Bubonic plague, Yersinia pestis]

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Abortion : The Primary Cause Of Infant Mortality

- Abortion leads today in society as a popular debate topic and is the primary cause of infant mortality. Many people argue whether abortion is okay or wrong, and many people like to group abortion in different groups like human rights, if its legal or illegal and religion etc. Abortions for those of you who don 't know is the ending of a pregnancy by the removal or forcing out from the womb of a fetus or embryo before it is able to survive on its own or the killing of a fetus through a form of drug or commonly known as a “pill”....   [tags: Abortion, Pregnancy, Abortifacient, Birth control]

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Eating Disorders : The Highest Mortality Rate

- Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate than any other mental illness, with anorexia being 12 times higher than any other causes of death in women between the ages of 15 and 24, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Teenagers and adolescents are growing up in a world full of mass media production: television, magazine, internet, movies, advertisement, etc. My best friend and I: both healthy girls-fell for societies ridiculous and awful standards of beauty. My friend (whom shall remain nameless) was a chubby girl-who was always made fun off about her weight; me, on the other hand slim, athletic never had any issues with my weight, but never thought I was pretty or bea...   [tags: Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa]

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South Africa Maternal Mortality Ratio

- INTRODUCTION Millennium Development Goal 5 (MDG 5) aims for universal access to reproductive health care and a 75% reduction in the maternal mortality ratio by 2015.1 Unfortunately, worldwide progress is uneven—some countries are on track to reach MDG 5 (e.g., Bangladesh), some have made progress but are not on track (e.g., Rwanda), and some have made no progress (e.g., South Africa, where the maternal mortality rate (MMR) has risen since 1990).2 There are several robust, evidence-based maternal and reproductive health interventions....   [tags: media coverage, health care]

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Romantic Expressions of Mutability and Mortality

- Romantic expressions of Mutability and Mortality The Romantic movement of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was a direct reaction to the established cultural ideals of the European Enlightenment. The values of the Enlightenment were based upon scientific rationality, but eventually this movement culminated in the bloodthirsty French Revolution, which, in turn, spawned violent upheaval throughout Europe. Many of the Romantic poets were greatly disenchanted by the barbarity displayed by their fellow man, and as a result, began to reject the logic-based, `enlightened' mindset of the times, aspiring instead to emotional ideals....   [tags: Poetry]

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Immortality And Mortality In The Economic Sciences

- <a href="">Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites Roberto Calvo Macias, a young author and thinker from Spain, once wrote to me that it is impossible to design a coherent philosophy of Economy without accounting for the (sad?) fact that we are mortals. This insight is intriguing. It is not that we refrain from Death in dealing with matters economic. What are estate laws, annuities, life insurance policies - but ways to cope with the Great Harvester....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Infant Mortality Rates Is A Major Health Issue

- Infant Mortality Rate in Mississippi Infant mortality represents a major health issue in the United States. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, 2016) estimated the infant mortality rate in the United States is about 5.87. This indicates that almost six out of every 1,000 infants born do not live to see their first birthday. This is a very high number for a developed country. In the United States, Mississippi has the highest infant mortality rate of all 50 states. Despite introducing initiatives for women and children wellness Mississippi’s infant mortality rate remains high....   [tags: Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy, United States]

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Stroke Mortality Among Alaska Native People

- My article review is on, “Stroke Mortality Among Alaska Native People”, by Ronnie Horner. The Alaskan Natives have been suffering with the vast number of mortality rates caused by strokes. This article was written to successfully understand the Alaskan’s stroke problem or factors that contribute to this problem, and eventually find strategies that will aid in its prevention. The only problem that exists with trying to come up with strategies for prevention is the sparseness of the epidemiological data of the Alaskan Natives....   [tags: Article Review, Ronnie Horner]

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Childhood Mortality Rates in Sub-Saharan Africa

- Since World War II, Sub-Saharan Africa has seen notable improvements in child survival; however, childhood mortality conditions continue to lag behind. Ghana is said to be “an island of peace and stability” in the volatile landscape of Sub-Saharan West Africa; a success story of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (Atakpu, 2004). Its success has put Ghana as the leader in human development among the countries in that region. Although, the infant mortality rate and mortality rate of children under the age of five is still rather high compared to the rest of the world....   [tags: Health Services]

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Is Particulate Matter Associated with Cardiovascular Disease Morbidity/Mortality?

- Background There is considerable literature indicating a link between particulate matter and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, especially in elderly individuals (Koken, et al, 2003). Particulate matter defined as any particle that measures less than or equal to ten micrometers (< 10µm PM10) or two point five micrometers(< 2.5µm PM2.5) that form from solid particles and liquid droplets. Most particulate matter forms due to vehicle admissions, industrials processes or wood burnings. Additionally, it has also been suggested that ultra fine particulate matter measuring less than or equal to 2.5 µm is considered more harmful to health than are larger particles in aerodynamic diameter becau...   [tags: Medical Research]

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The Role of Traditional Birth Attendants in the Reduction of Maternal Mortality

- The Millennium Development Goal Report 2013 states that the progress towards achieving the target of reducing maternal mortality by two thirds between 1990 and 2015 significantly falls short of the set goal and the indices are still poor in the developing countries especially sub-Saharan Africa (United Nations, 2013). The People’s Health Movement (PHM), through its WHO Watch clearly identifies the huge omission of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) in the WHO’s revised strategy on traditional medicine (PHM WHO Watch, 2013)....   [tags: TBAs and Public Health]

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The Epidemic Of Cambodi The Highest Maternal Mortality Rate

- Cambodia is one the poor country in Southeast Asia that has the highest Maternal mortality rate. This undeveloped country could make a woman die when they give childbirth. Almost of the victim’s women are living in the province because the health center is too far from their home. Moreover, this is important for me to investigate this topic because I want to prevent this bad issue and get rid out of it. There are many reasons that women still die during childbirth, such as, time (before, during and after childbirth issue), age, low-income country and tradition....   [tags: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Obstetrics, Abortion]

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Infant Mortality Rate-Government Policy To Blame?

- As of 2009, the United States has been found to have one of the worst infant mortality rates among the industrialized nations, despite administering more vaccines than any other country (Goldman, 2). The cause of this serious predicament has been debated by many people. Recently, a study was published which presented an argument that indicates that infant mortality rates have a direct correlation to the number of infant deaths in industrialized nations. The intention of this paper is to show that the government policy of mandatory immunizations should be revoked until the problem has been investigated....   [tags: Sociology ]

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Human Mortality According to Heidegger

- Human Mortality According to Heidegger Martin Heidegger (1889 -- 1976) was, and still is considered to be, along with the likes of Soren Kierkegaard, Edmund Husserl and Jean-Paul Sartre, one of the principal exponents of 20th century Existentialism. An extraordinarily original thinker, a critic of technological society and the leading Ontologist of his time, Heidegger's philosophy became a primary influence upon the thoughts of the younger generations of continental European cultural personalities of his time....   [tags: Papers]

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High Mortality Makes High Fertility A Necessity

- High mortality makes high fertility a necessity: Sex was celebrated in Greco Roman culture through the arts and literature. Many erotic artifacts have been preserved. Sex and marriage shaped the Greeks and Romans culture and their laws. The ancient Greco Roman world existed before the demographic revolution took place. The agricultural societies had high mortality due to infectious diseases such as smallpox. They did not have the proper medical technology needed to treat life threatening diseases....   [tags: Marriage, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse]

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Religion And Mortality : An Islamic And Christian Views Of The Black Death

- Religion and Mortality: An Analysis of Islamic and Christian Views of the Black Death The Black Death, or Bubonic Plague, was a 14th century pandemic that caused widespread discord and eradication of mankind.[1] In response to this cataclysmic event, humanity turned towards religion and magic for explanations, prevention, and remedies. Two of the prevalent religious groups, Christianity and Islam, had dissimilar views on whether this outbreak was a curse or blessing, but nonetheless, acknowledged that it was a potent disaster that left sickness and death in its course....   [tags: Black Death, Bubonic plague, Death, Plague]

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Memory, Mortality, and Journeys in Tolkien’s Poetry

- Mortality and death are constantly present throughout the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Doom and fate are inescapable motifs, as Tolkien presents the question of where the journey of life leads to in the end. In the poem “I sit beside the fire and think,” Bilbo not only reflects upon his own journeys, he also recognizes that the journey goes beyond himself and continues even after his life ends. Furthermore, Bilbo’s poems connect to one another as the poem “The Road” is alluded to in “I sit beside the fire and think” when he mentions “the door” in order to indicate a circular flow of life....   [tags: Writing Style, Themes]

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Cardiovascular Disease is the Leading Cause of Mortality in Developed Countries

- ... [23]. The implications of miRs in pathological processes of the cardiovascular system has now become a rapidly evolving field [24]. One of the major challenges in cardiovascular disease is the identification of reliable biomarkers. The discovery that microRNAs circulate in a stable form in blood, suggests that they can serve as a new generation of biomarkers for cardiovascular disease [25] . Both TFs and miRNAs are involved in the regulation of various biological processes. Thus, the dysregulation of TFs and miRNAs is associated with many diseases [15]....   [tags: cardiac gene expression, biological process]

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Cardiovascular Disease : The Leading Cause Of Morbidity And Mortality Worldwide

- Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Cardiovascular disease, also referred to as heart disease includes but is not limited to myocardial infarction, stroke, rheumatic heart disease, peripheral artery disease, and venous thrombosis (Lau, Siu & Tse, 2014). Cardiovascular disease is a disease in which the heart and blood vessels are not receiving the necessary blood flow needed to function properly. This disease can be deadly, and is a result of plaque buildup within the walls of the arteries which in turn narrows the tunnels in which blood is necessary to flow through....   [tags: Atherosclerosis, Heart, Myocardial infarction]

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Hand Hygiene For The Mortality And Morbidity Among Hospitalised Patients

- Knowledge and Skills: Hand Hygiene Healthcare associated infections play pivotal role in the mortality and morbidity among hospitalised patients all over the world. This mainly occurs through contaminated hands of healthcare workers. Therefore, hand hygiene has been considered the most important infection control measure for long time (Mani et al, 2010). Hand hygiene, when done correctly is the most effective technique to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. It prevents nosocomial infections and transmissions of bacteria from one patient to another (Carter 2002)....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Healthcare]

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Ethical Principles Of Healthcare And The Building Blocks Of Mortality

- Ethical principles in healthcare are significant to the building blocks of mortality. The principles are beneficence, autonomy, justice, and nonmaleficence. Although these principles can be certainly followed they can also be disregarded. Beneficence is a theory that assures each procedure given is entirely beneficial to that patient to help them advance within their own good. For example, There was a young girl, the age of 17. She had been being treated at a small private practice since she was born....   [tags: Patient, Physician, Health care provider]

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Infant Mortality

- Infant mortality is the death of infants in their first year of life. There are many causes of infant mortality. Some predominant causes include congenital malformation, infection and SIDS, while infanticide, abuse, abandonment, and neglect may also be a factor of infant mortality. Infant mortality is measured by infant mortality rate, which is the number of newborns that die under one year old divided by the number of live births during a given year. Sometimes the infant mortality rate is also called the infant death rate....   [tags: Health]

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Infant Mortality Within the United States

- Infant Mortality Within the United States Herein I briefly overview the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) within the United States. Initially, I discuss specific causes of infant death and then, contributing factors which put babies at risk. Next, the distribution of various IMR is surveyed on a state to state basis. States possessing the ten highest infant mortality rates are discussed, including possible reasons for higher IMR. In addition, those states with the ten lowest IMR are mentioned. In conclusion, I consider preventative measures for minimizing the number of babies that die each year....   [tags: Babies Birth Pregnancy Papers]

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Discovering Mortality in Once More to the Lake

- Discovering Mortality in Once More to the Lake E. B. White's story "Once More to the Lake" is about a man who revisits a lake from his childhood to discover that his life has lost placidity.  The man remembers his childhood as he remembers the lake; peaceful and still.  Spending time at the lake as an adult has made the man realize that his life has become unsettling and restless, like the tides of the ocean.  Having brought his son to this place of the past with him, the man makes inevitable comparisons between his own son and his childhood self, and between himself as an adult and the way he remembers his father from his childhood perspective.  The man's experience at the lake with his...   [tags: Once More to the Lake]

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Eroticism and Mortality in Shakespeare's Sonnet 73

- Eroticism and Mortality in Shakespeare's Sonnet #73 William Shakespeare's sonnet cycle is famous with its rich metaphorical style.  The depth of each sonnet comes from its multilayered meanings and images, which are reinforced by its structure, sound, and rhythm.  Sonnet #73 provides an excellent example.  This sonnet shows the speaker's agony over human mortality and, moreover, his/her way of coping with it in an effective way.  The speaker, especially in terms of his cognizance of time, experiences dramatic changes in two ways: (1) from time measured by quantity to time as quality,  (2) from cyclical time to a linear one.  These changes, manifested by a set of images (autumn, twili...   [tags: Sonnet essays]

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Human Mortality in Masque of Red Death

- Human Mortality in “The Masque of Red Death” As a gothic writer, Edgar Allan Poe created horror using gloom as his weapon. Hidden within the suspenseful story of “The Masque of Red Death” is an allegorical tale of how individuals deal with the fear of death as time passes. Frantic activities and pleasures (as represented by Prince Prospero and his guests) seek to wall out the threat of death. However, the story reminds the reader that death comes “like a thief in the night”(Poe 3), and even those who seek peace and safety shall not escape....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Childhood Mortality in Nineteenth-Century England

- Childhood Mortality in Nineteenth-Century England The issue of childhood mortality is written into the works of Gaskell and Dickens with alarming regularity. In Mary Barton, Alice tells Mary and Margaret that before Will was orphaned, his family had buried his six siblings. There is also the death of the Wilson twins, as well as Tom Barton's early death --an event which inspires his father John to fight for labor rights because he's certain his son would have survived if he'd had better food. In Oliver Twist, Dick's early death is typical of workhouse children who never recover from years of chronic malnutrition....   [tags: European Europe History]

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Childhood Mortality: Happy Fifth Birthday, and a Toast to the Rest of a Better Life

- Although childhood mortality rates have improved in recent years there is still much to be done to improve the health of children throughout the world. In 2012 6.6 million children died before the age of five. By analyzing causes of childhood mortality rates solutions can be sought to further improve the quality of life for children under five worldwide. Since 1960 child mortality rates have dropped substantially. In 1960 the worldwide child mortality rate for children under 5 years old was 1 billion compared to 6.6 million in 2012, (UNICEF, HUMAN PROGRESS ACT 2011)....   [tags: poverty, third world countries, UNICEF]

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Diabetes Related Mortality Among American Indians And Alaska Natives

- The article “Diabetes-related mortality among American Indians and Alaska Natives, 1990-2009” by Cho et al, is a research article that focuses on the diabetes health disparity in American Indians and Alaskan Natives (AI/AN). The study assessed diabetes-related mortality in the AI/AN and compared the findings to American non-Hispanic white population. The studies results indicated that AI/AN were 2.5 to 3.5 times more likely than the non-Hispanic white population to have diabetes as a cause of death....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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Infant Mortality Rate Is A Measurement Of People 's Life Quality

- Another very important measurement of people’s life quality is infant mortality rate(IMR). Infant mortality rate is a measurement that not only represents a nation’s economic development level, resident healthy level, but also has a big impact on people’s life quality. Factors that influence infant mortality rate include healthcare spending levels, birth defects, preterm birth, maternal complications of pregnancy, sudden infant death syndrome and injuries. (CDC 2016). Wealthy nations have lower infant mortality rate than backwards countries....   [tags: Gross domestic product, Quality of life]

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The Study Fails to Prove the Relationship between Mamography Screening and Mortality

- Review Analysis and Evaluation DECLARATIVE TITLE: The study fails to prove the relationship between mammography screening and mortality. ARTICLE TITLE AND BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION: Article title: “Twenty-five year follow-up for breast cancer incidence and mortality of the Canadian National Breast Screening Study: randomized screening trial”[1]. Bibliographic information: “Anthony B Miller professor emeritus 1, Claus Wall data manager 1, Cornelia J Baines professor emerita 1, Ping Sun statistician 2, Teresa To senior scientist 3, Steven A Narod professor 1 2; BMJ 2014;348:g366 doi: 10.1136/bmj.g366” [1]....   [tags: breast cancer, health ]

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Reducing Maternal Mortality Rates Nigeria Through Sustainable Solutions

- Reducing maternal mortality rates in Nigeria through sustainable solutions According the University of Washington’s Global Burden of Disease Compare (2013) the disability-adjusted life year (DALYs) globally for maternal disorders is estimate to be .76%, the nation of Nigeria’s maternal disorders are estimate to be at 1.24%. Maternal mortality in Nigeria is 630 deaths per 100,000 live births and estimated that nearly 90% of these deaths are preventable (Central Intelligence Agency [CIA], 2010; Bankole, Sedgh, Okonofua, Imahiagbe, Hussain, and Wulf, 2009; World Health Organization [WHO], 2011)....   [tags: Medicine, Childbirth, Health care, Obstetrics]

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The Community Problems Of Infant Mortality, Obesity, Mental Illness And Chronic Disease

- The primary goal of public health nursing is promoting health and preventing disease within the community, so it’s essential that nurses understand how to gather and assess demographic information to diagnose the local needs of the population and to consider that information when developing a health improvement plan (Nies & McEwan, 2015). The assignment this week is to gather statistics from the local county, the state, and national databases and analyze the findings to identify actual or potential areas of concern in the community....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Demography, Health]

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The Leading Causes Of Mortality Of Linn County Are Cancer, Cardiac, And Chronic Lung Disease

- C. Community Diagnosis C1. Top Three Problems The leading causes of mortality in Linn County are cancer, cardiac, and chronic lung disease. Linn County has identified some health issues and aligned them with the Healthy People 2020 (HP 2020) goals. The top three areas of concern for Linn County are cancer, cardiac, and obesity. Cancer of the prostate is the most common followed by breast cancer. Linn County’s goal for 2020 is to reduce the mortality rate to 150.5 per 100,000 down from 167.3 (Linn County, 2014)....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Health, Cancer]

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Eating Disorders Are The Highest Mortality Rate Of Any Mental Disorder

- What is an eating disorder. Any of a range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits (such as anorexia nervosa). Per the National Institute of Mental Health, there is a commonly held opinion that eating disorders are a lifestyle choice. Eating disorders are serious and often fatal illnesses that cause severe disturbances of a person’s eating behavior. Obsessions with food, body weight and shape may also indicate an eating disorder. Common eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder....   [tags: Eating disorders, Bulimia nervosa]

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Nurse Staffing Ratios Increase Pressure Ulcers, Infection Rates And Mortality

- Nurse staffing ratios have shown a decrease in length of stay within the hospital setting (American Nurses Association, (2015). Research continues to determine if staffing ratios also decrease pressure ulcers, infection rates and mortality. According to one research article the difference between life and death within a medical/surgical unit with a staffing ratio of four patients to one registered nurse may mean a thousand more lives saved annually (Shekelle 2013). Several states have enacted laws that require hospitals to develop staffing plans either through, staffing committees, core staffing plans or hospital reported staffing ratios that is disclosed to the public yearly (American Nurse...   [tags: Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistant]

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The Effects Of Public Health On The Mortality Rate And Increased The Life Expectancy

- Public health has made substantial advantages that have decreased the mortality rate and increased the life expectancy. At the beginning of the 20th century, the 5 leading causes of death were…. Talk about how shitty public health was prior to these changes If you were born at the start of the 20th century, you were fucked. Life expectancy was at 45 years old. If you were sick with an infectious disease, you could kiss your ass goodbye because no one knew shit about your infectious disease. If your parents wanted you to work in the mines like millions of other parents, they hated you....   [tags: Infectious disease, Epidemiology]

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New Perspective When Confronted with Mortality in Catch-22 by Joseph Hellers

- Snowdon begins chapter 8 by describing the potential ethical considerations one must account for when in direct contact with participants during a research study. Specifically during Snowdon’s study, he encountered the dilemma of having to explain to a family member the potential that their loved one may have Alzheimer’s disease. Sister Louise became concerned about her sister, Sister Ann, as she began to display a loss of her short term memory where she would no longer remember previous events throughout the day....   [tags: ethical, fear, Jesus]

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