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Names and Titles in Gloria Naylor's novel, Mommy, What Does Nigger Mean

- Names and Titles in Gloria Naylor's novel, Mommy, What Does Nigger Mean   "Words themselves are innocuous; it is the consensus that gives them true power." (Naylor 344) A name is a mark of classification, a basis for self identity. Able to elevate or annihilate a persons' perception of herself and the surrounding society, these designations can uplift, joke, chide, mock, insult, degrade. "Society" implies the people and the atmosphere encompassing an individual in her daily life. "Culture" is closely tied to the society of a person--it is the aspects of her life which are directly influenced by such issues as race, color, nationality, religion, sexuality, and any other number of...   [tags: Mommy What Does Nigger Mean Essays]

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Summary Of ' I ' Mommy '

- "Oh baby, sorry they 're being so mean. Sweetie, mommy has a lot of errands to do today. How would you like to stay with Nana Jessie. "Yes, mommy, please. "Okay, I 'll ask her, now go tell your brother, sorry. Please." Looking sad, "yes, mommy I will." Stopping at the door. "Do I have to go back to summer camp." "No sweetness you don 't. Squeals and runs out the room calling out, "Jason." Called next door, to explain what occurred. Inquiring if Amy can stay there for the day....   [tags: 2007 singles, 2006 singles, Family, 2008 singles]

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Creative Writing: My Mommy

- ... For me, my mommy is the gorgeous women of all. You offer a lot of physical description here. Consider whether you need all of it. You might be more successful focusing on a few of the most prominent features, to create a distinct image of her. The action that she portrays is sweet and kind. When she walks, she moves as a warrior prepared for the battle. The nature of my mommy is pleasant and affectionate, but when she is angry is a strong character. In some occasions she gets mad but not all the time....   [tags: beautiful, sweet and kind, ESL teacher assistant]

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Essay On Mommy Wars

- Mommy Wars A debate has been raging for years over the necessity for, mother’s duties, which has been so much so that it is termed “Mommy Wars”. The core of “Mommy Wars” is about mothers should wave rights of studying and working to take care of children at home and be a housewife. Traditionally, mothers must be a full-time mother when they raise a baby. However, by the development of society and the movements for women’s rights, this issue has been increasingly a hot topic for the discussion. For this reason, Louise Story interviewed students and faculties at Yale University....   [tags: Mother, Family, Interview, Homemaker, Father]

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Case Study : ' Mommy Makeover Surgery '

- Mommy Makeover Surgery - Fort Lauderdale A Mommy Makeover in Fort Lauderdale consists of a combination of procedures that are specifically designed for mothers who want a tighter, firmer body following pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. A Mommy Makeover is tailored to meet the needs of each patient; therefore, the combination of procedures that Dr. John Michael Thomassen recommends to a patient at his Fort Lauderdale office are based solely on the areas of the body that patient would like addressed....   [tags: Plastic surgery, Breast, Breast reconstruction]

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Analysis Of ' Mommy There 's A Nigger At The Door '

- Analysis Mommy…There’s a nigger at the door Dr. Ronald L. Jackson’s piece titled “Mommy…There’s a nigger at the door” (which appears in Journal of Counseling & Development; Winter99, Vol. 77 Issue 1, p4) shares his experience with racism as a child and continues on as it follows him into adulthood. And expressing that what we instill in our children impacts their lives in a huge way. In this article the author shares his experiences on racism throughout his life. As the author goes in to detail about his first encounter of racism from what he called a “well- taught baby racist” he presents an ugly setting....   [tags: Race, Racism, Black people, White people]

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Don 't Kiss My Mommy !

- You 'll Fall in Love with this Trampoline Jumping Pit Bull Every kid loves jumping on a trampoline. But, the joy they feel could never compare to the joy that this pit bull has on one. As soon as his feet lift off the ground, you can see the utter joy on his cute face. Pit bulls are always getting a bad rap, but this one is too cute for words. I 'm sure that if his owners would let him, this happy dog would spend every waking moment out on his trampoline. The kids in this family probably have a blast with this fun-loving dog....   [tags: Mother, Family, Pit Bull, Proposal]

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Women, Work, and Babies

- The air resounds with blasts coming from every direction. Bullets zing through the air, piercing through armor and cutting to the heart of their target. As artillery smoke clears, it is obvious that no soldier is left unscathed; wounds caked in mud are the uniform of everyone hobbling away. Few fight as fiercely as a mother defending her children and her choices for her family. The battle will resume, however, as soon as a media-fueled alarm is sounded and a talking head commands the charge. Childcare provider and news commentator Judy Lyden speaks of this on-going war as such: “Every few years, women throw emotional rocks at one another over the issue of staying at home to rear a child or...   [tags: The Mommy Wars]

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The "Mommy Track" Debate

- The "Mommy Track" Debate As more and more women continue to move into the workplace, hot debate has arisen surrounding the issues of work and family balance. Many female managers and professionals with young families are leaving the fast track for what has become known as the “mommy track.” Today, as young people are applying for jobs, many now take into consideration a company’s values of a work and life balance. Some say that the pressures of maternity are becoming an obstacle for many women who wish to continue their climb up the corporate ladder....   [tags: Women Careers Children Essays]

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She Calls Me Mommy

- I have a name, it is not my given name but it carries with it great pride and love, to some it means nothing, to me it's a gift and an ongoing accomplishment, my name is mommy. Before I was a parent I did not understand how being a parent could be work, babies do nothing but sleep, toddlers just draw, then when they are a little older you shove them off to school and teenagers are never home. Piece of cake, right. Of course, now being a parent I realize that I never truly understood what the word busy meant and that "Nothing was true about me until now" (Versulys)....   [tags: Psychology]

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