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Misfortune and Comedy in Shakespeare's Play, A Winter's Tale

- ... However, strangely none of the deaths occur on stage, rather both deaths are announced to the king through someone else. Paulina being the most important of the messengers, for she was the one caring for both Hermione and Mamillius. The way in which she announces Hermione’s death is peculiar, “I say she's dead; I'll swear it. If word nor oath prevail not, go and see: if you can bring tincture or luster in her lip, her eye, heat outwardly or [breathe] within” (50). She confirms that Hermione is in fact dead, but still want Leontes to go forth and see for himself....   [tags: suffering, death, revenge]

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Ironic Misfortune

- Ironic Misfortune Everything I learned in locksmith school was important to me. The variety of tools intrigued and amazed me, especially when I discovered that using tools didn't require very much strength as I had previously thought. I bolstered with pride that I was learning the mysterious secrets of the ancient trade. In my earlier years, I had dropped out of high school, consequently; my choice of jobs were limited. The prospect of an occupation other then tolerating the clumsy drooling drunks that frequented the lounges at which I had worked, delighted me....   [tags: Papers]

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How Poor Decisions Brought Misfortune in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

- Choices determine every outcome, A better way to put it is “What we do in life, echoes in eternity”, essentially every single decision one makes , no matter how minuscule, will always have an impact in one’s life. Fate isn’t real; Fate is a term commonly used by those that refuse to accept that they control their own future. Teenagers ever since the beginning of time were and still are expected to make poor choices due to their age. But once they learn to take responsibility for their actions they become adults....   [tags: fate, impulse, death]

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Macbeth's Path to Misfortune in William Shakespeare's Macbeth

- Macbeth's Path to Misfortune in William Shakespeare's Macbeth Macbeth is seen as a tragic hero, he compromises his honor and neglects moral responsibility to attain power and position resulting in his tragic end. The significant events that are mentioned in this paper are events that are unfolded to show the path that led a misfortuned man to lose his honor in his tragic end. A Tragic hero is defined as someone whose life is determined by four important elements: The first and most important of these elements is fate....   [tags: Papers]

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Conceit and Misfortune in Oliver Goldsmith’s The Vicar of Wakefield

- Conceit and Misfortune in Oliver Goldsmith’s The Vicar of Wakefield From three hundred years of Ireland’s history, The Penguin Book of Irish Fiction1[1] collects a combination of complete works and samples of the works of many great Irish authors. Among the authors included in this volume is Oliver Goldsmith, an Irishman of great diversity in his writings and remembered perhaps as well for his individuality, character and generosity as for the various poems, essays, and works of fiction that he contributed to literary world....   [tags: Vicar Wakefield]

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Love in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and in the Movie West Side Stories

- “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have for both are infinite.” (Act 2, scene 2, 146) Love is a concept that has been around from the beginning of time and will most likely carry on until the end. Everyone has their own love, and their of definition of what love actually means. Probably the most well known love stories of all time in the play from the 15th century, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare tells the tale of young love and fatal misfortune....   [tags: love misfortune, tragedy, fools]

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The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe

- ... This description of the setting also adds to the confusion of the narrator, due to the fact he desires to know the reasons related to the Raven’s visit to his home. Moreover, Poe describes his setting using adjectives with evil and unfriendly suggestions in order to allow his audience to grasp the unannounced visit of the Raven and its bringing of sad news. Poe uses word choice that is highly appropriate for his setting and the visit of the Raven within the poem. He mentions the Raven visits in December and that during that time “each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor” (8)....   [tags: depression, confusion, darkness, misfortune]

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Idealism in Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband

- Idealism is the process of forming and pursuing ideas and values that are often unrealistic. An idealistic person holds high standards for their future. The vision that an individual has for themselves often plays a part in how their life occurs. Oscar Wilde’s 1895 satire, An Ideal Husband, depicts the lives of idealists and the fruition of their ideals. The play revolves around the tumultuous and highly public lives of Robert and Gertrude Chiltern. Robert is a prestigious member of the House of Commons married to an active and well respected socialite, Gertrude....   [tags: misfortune, gertrude, poverty]

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Homelessness and Mental Illness

- Imagine a man on the streets, who society has forgotten. This man emits the smell of garbage; he has not bathed in months. This man sits quietly mumbling to himself. To the outer world he is just one of the many homeless, but little does society know that this man has a mental illness as well. Homelessness and mental illness are linked. These two happenings have similar beginnings. Homelessness is influenced by drug and alcohol disuse, being homeless at a young age, money problems, and trauma symptoms....   [tags: infantile misfortune, murder, rape]

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Hamlet by Williams Shakespeare: The Women Hidden in the Shadows

- ... 33-34). In act two, Hamlet begins to believe that Gertrude was an accomplice to Claudius because of her hasty marriage and lack of mourning, but that is not the case, rather she understands that she is the reason for his anger. “I doubt it is no other but the main, His father's death and our o'erhasty marriage.” (II.ii.56-57). Hamlet, a male character once again, places her in the position of little importance, that of Claudius’ sidekick. In Act II, scene ii, the King and Queen are welcoming their guests, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern....   [tags: ophelia and gertrude, romance, misfortune]

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Brutus and his bad decisions and misfortunes

- Brutus: A Tragic Hero The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare depicts a tragic hero, or one who has high standing and causes his own downfall. The tragic hero is Brutus, and he makes multiple and ultimately fatal mistakes that lead to his enlightenment and then his death. Brutus’ death is the result of many misfortunes, including being herded into the conspiracy and thus aiding in the death of Caesar, hearing of the death of his loyal wife, and waging a war against Rome. Brutus’ negative characteristics are his flawed reasoning and bad judgment....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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Misfortunes of Dreams in Everyday Use” by Alice Walker

- ... Maggie lacks any drive or ambition and feels inferior to Dee. In short Mama describes Dee merely by saying “Dee is lighter than Maggie, with nice hair and a fuller figure” (61): “She would always look anyone in the eye: Hesitation was no part of her nature” (60). But she does refer to Dee’s proclivity to be materialistic: “Dee wants nice thing …. At sixteen she had a style of her own: and knew what style was” (61). Mama’s dramatic description of herself leaves nothing to the imagination: “In real life I am a large, big-boned woman with rough, man-working hands....   [tags: resentment, relationships, irony]

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Hagar is to Blame for her own Misfurtune in Margaret Lawrence's The Stone Angel

- It is impossible to avoid unpleasant situations throughout an individual’s lifetime, especially if they are a result of bad luck or another combination of events beyond one’s control. Misfortune however can also be self-inflicted. This particular case is apparent in Margaret Lawrence’s The Stone Angel, a novel in which the protagonist, Hagar Shipley’s continuous misfortune is a direct result of several of her character flaws. An exaggerated sense of pride, a lack of compassion and empathy and an inability to communicate clearly are Hagar’s most prominent character flaws, and perpetually bring about misfortune....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Siddhartha: Overcoming Misfortunes Of The Past

- Siddhartha: Overcoming Misfortunes of the Past On page 132 we read "Everything that was not suffered to the end and finally concluded, recurred, and the same sorrows were undergone." What does this mean in regards to Siddhartha and any other of the characters in Hesse's story. Do you agree with this statement. Explain. This quote is taken from the context of when Siddhartha is crossing the river and he sees his reflection and it looks like his father. This quote refers to a repeating of events....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Overcoming Misfortunes in Siddhartha

- Overcoming Misfortunes in Siddhartha On page 132 we read "Everything that was not suffered to the end and finally concluded, recurred, and the same sorrows were undergone." What does this mean in regards to Siddhartha and any other of the characters in Hesse's story. Do you agree with this statement. Explain. This quote is taken from the context of when Siddhartha is crossing the river and he sees his reflection and it looks like his father. This quote refers to a repeating of events....   [tags: Hesse Siddhartha Essays]

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Misfortunes Make You Finally L

- Misfortunes make you finally learn. Teenagers tend to want more liberty and want to move out of their parent’s house, when they eventually do that they end up hating it because it did not met their expectations. When people are young and immature they make decisions, due to a certain lust or desire, which they latter on regret. Urging too much for something sometimes causes for you to take your distractions off the consequences, because you do not see them. These ignorant people will become understanding as they mature, and realize that some things in life our not quite as easy as they seem....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Crime in The Fortunes & Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoes

- ​Crime has been something that has plagued us as a species since we started walking the Earth. Although it didn’t create a face for itself until the Eighteenth-Century when there became a split in economic identity, as well as a separation in gender. In Daniel Defoe’s “The Fortunes & Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders,” the central female character, is driven by a lust to rise above what she has been born into, but through a series of unfortunate events and gender norm, she is forced to step out of social norms to achieve the life that she believes that she deserves....   [tags: industrial revolution, victms ]

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Evolving Relationships in the Novel, Sula by Toni Morrison

- In the novel, Sula by Toni Morrison, there is not one single main character. The story revolves around two girls, Sula Peace and Nel Wright, and how they interact and contribute to each other's identity and the identity of Bottom. In the beginning, the friendship is a positive aspect to both the girls' identity and the identity of Bottom, but after an unfortunate betrayal by Sula, Nel's identity is affected, and the town bands together against the cause of their misfortunes. In the first part of the novel, Nel is constricted to little communication with anyone other than her mother....   [tags: misfortunes, personality, identity]

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The Scorned Lover of Sir Philip Sidney's "Sonnet 31"

- ... Were Astrophel’s love not unrequited, he might describe the moon as a glowing white orb lending itself to the joy of a midnight stroll; given that his love is unrequited, however, the face of the moon presents itself not as beautiful and radiant but as wan, suggesting that its pallid color owes its explanation to illness and despair. Astrophel’s reference to the “busy archer” he holds accountable for arbitrarily influencing man’s emotions is undoubtedly a reference to Cupid, the god of love who, with his arrows, can inspire feelings of love and admiration so intense the person affected finds himself unable to act in his best interest, regardless of how his particular object of affection...   [tags: misfortunes, unrequited, sorrow]

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Tragic Heroes - Creon and Antigone

- Who is the more of a tragic hero, Creon or Antigone. They both experienced much through out play, but Anitgone is clearly the “better” tragic hero. Antigone’s flaw, misfortune, and her fall from grace prove that she is much better than Creon as a tragic hero. Antigone’s flaw is arrogance, and she shows it through out the story. She also “accepts that it is her flaw and she causes everything unlike Creon who believes it is the Gods that are causing his misfortune not his flaw. Antigone first sign of arrogance is in the beginning of the play where she and her sister, Ismene, are having a conflict about whether or not they should bury the brother....   [tags: Shakespearen Literature]

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Death by Thomas Nagel

- In Thomas Nagel’s “Death,” he questions whether death is a bad thing, if it is assumed that death is the permanent end of our existence. Besides addressing whether death is a bad thing, Nagel focuses on whether or not it is something that people should be fearful of. He also explores whether death is evil. Death is defined as permanent death, without any form of consciousness, while evil is defined as the deprivation of some quality or characteristic. In his conclusion, he reaffirms that conscious existence ends at death and that there is no subject to experience death and death ultimately deprives a person of life....   [tags: analyzing death, book review]

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Thomas Nagel´s Theories on Death

- #2 Death is perceived as a bad thing to most people in the world, though it is natural and inevitable. Every person who has ever lived has also died and so will everyone who ever lives. So why are people so afraid of it. Is it because death entails an endless blackness and lack of anything or anyone. Or as others believe, is it because death is a permanent end to life. It must be that people fear death because it deprives us of the good things life brings such as feeling, emotion, and perception among other things....   [tags: evil, death, die, exist]

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Amy Tan's The Joyluck Club

- ... When Ted tells her that he wants to have a divorce, she sulks for a few days, but then realizes her problem. Calling him over, she gives him the divorce papers, his name still there, but lacking hers. His shock was appropriate, since the viewers too felt the same surprise. The story takes a powerful turn, as Rose "felt nothing, no fear, no anger" (219). She no longer feared disappointing him and being different from him. She developed from the little girl who would listen to others, into an adult who made her own decisions....   [tags: story analysis]

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Exploring the Characters of Havisham and Magwich in Dickens' Great Expectations

- Dickens seems to develop characters who are so compelling that the reader needs to know what’s going to happen next... When we first met Magwich he seems to be a nasty and manipulative convict, bullying a small, naive little boy called Pip for basic food of which he is lacking, shortly after Pip meets him again but your opinion of Magwich changes entirely he defends Pip of the stealing actions he bullied him into. Then he is unthought-of for some time in the book until he appears again after Pips transformation from young lower class boy to a gentleman....   [tags: Great Expectations Essays]

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Aristotle 's Argument Of Popularity

- ... She is worried Heracles will fall in love with someone else and her view is not unfounded, it is probable based on the circumstances. The change of fortune comes together with a reversal of the situation as well as recognition by Deianeira. Deianeira wanted to have Hercules love to herself, but in doing this, the actions she took will lead to Heracles death. At the moment of recognition, the outcome is the opposite of what she wanted and her fortunes, as well as his, go from good to bad. This will cause the audience to pity Deianeira, for she was only trying to keep her husband, and by no direct fault of her own, rather by mistake, she caused great misfortune to her husband and herself....   [tags: Tragedy, Sophocles, Tragic hero, Poetics]

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Willy Loman Is The Cause Of Hi

- Willy Loman is the cause of his own misfortune Many characters in literature are the cause of their own misfortune. In the play Death of a Salesman by author Miller, Willy Loman is responsible for his misfortune as well as the misfortune of his two sons Happy and Biff. Willy creates his own small world in which he is the boss, everything goes around him, nothing will change and nothing will go wrong. But by thinking this way Willy causes his own misfortune. Willy brags to his boys that he is well liked, that he is a 'big man';, but in reality he is not....   [tags: essays research papers]

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William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

- The play, “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare had ended in a tragedy that was presented in such a way that it had shocked the audience. In summary, Romeo and Juliet, the Star cross 'd lovers, were heavily impacted by their long history family feud. The family feud then lead to Romeo and Juliet and other important characters in the play to keep secrets from each other. Thus, creating multiple problems in the play that resulted in Romeo and Juliet 's death. In the end, Romeo and Juliet were not the only people to cause their misfortune, but fate along with many characters in the play....   [tags: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet]

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Life Is A Journey From The Book ' The Odyssey '

- Life is a Journey. When I was a little girl, I used to like to imagine how different my life would be if I were a princess. I wanted the big cupcake dresses, the beautiful sparkly tiaras, and castles (or mansions) to be staples on the journey I call life. My reality, however, wasn’t much like a princess’s. I didn’t have such glamorous things in my life growing up because of the fact that there was no way that I was ever going to be royalty. My life was more similar to that of a warrior’s such as Odysseus’s from the book The Odyssey....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Debut albums, Friendship]

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Superstition's Symbolic Spirit in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

- The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain focuses on the institution of slavery in the South. Twain further satirizes different institutions in the book, including religion. Twain ultimately accentuates superstition more than religion. Mark Twain’s emphasizing superstition seeks to provide protection, hope, and moral growth for the underclass. The superstitions that ensue in the novel exist to protect Huck and Jim. The occurrence of a distressing spider superstition provides warning to Huck....   [tags: religion, jim, superstitions]

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A Short Note On Types Of Anemia And Iron Lack

- ... It occurs sickle cell anemia (Paradowski, K. (2015). Iron lack is discovered regularly in patients with incendiary inside malady (IBD) and can significantly affect their personal satisfaction. The reasons for iron lack are gastrointestinal blood misfortune, poor oral admission of iron, malabsorption, and aggravation (Biswas, S., King, C., Merrick, R., Green, C., Myszor, M., Simmons, J., & De Silva, A. (2014). Treatment The treatment of the anemia fluctuates extraordinarily. In the first place, the basic reason for the anemia should be recognized and remedied....   [tags: Red blood cell, Anemia, Hemoglobin, Hematology]

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The adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

- The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain focuses on the institution of slavery in the South. Twain further satirizes different institutions in the book, including religion. Twain ultimately accentuates superstition more than religion. Mark Twain’s emphasizing superstition seeks to provide protection, hope, and moral growth for the underclass. The superstitions that ensue in the novel exist to protect Huck and Jim. The occurrence of a distressing spider superstition provides warning to Huck....   [tags: superstition, slavery, religion]

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Witchcraft in Contemporary African Society

- I. INTRODUCTION The Enlightenment and the emerging of modern rationalism have paved the way to a worldview where the suspicion of witchcraft is not needed to explain the mysterious phenomena of this world. This is not the case in Africa. The belief in the existence of witches, evil persons who are able to harm others by using mystical powers, is part of the common cultural knowledge. Samuel Waje Kunhiyop states, “Almost all African societies believe in witchcraft in one form or another. Belief in witchcraft is the traditional way of explaining the ultimate cause of evil, misfortune or death.” The African worldview is holistic....   [tags: african culture, magic]

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Slavery And Freedom : Slavery

- Luis Palacios Professor Africa Fine AML 2600 15 February 2015 Research Paper 1: Slavery and Freedom Slavery is an inhumane event in the history of the human species which should never be forgotten. As people of different color came together as a collective and rallied together to change the views of those who were pro-slavery would shape the way for future generations. People would work together to amount to great discoveries and it would not possible if minds were segregated because of the color of skin....   [tags: Slavery, Black people]

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Violence and Politics

- Violence and Politics Let's talk about absolutely ridiculous pronouncements people make that either ignore simple fact or border on insanity. How about this one: Violence is no way to settle anything. Evidence suggests that violence is a very effective way of settling things. How about a few examples. In 1776, violence settled whether the thirteen colonies would be independent or remain under King George's thumb. In 1865, violence settled whether there'd be a Confederacy and a Union or just a Union....   [tags: Political Government Essays]

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Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya

- Rejection and denial of one’s situation often hinders improvement. Conversely, acceptance allows improvement to occur; this is demonstrated by Rukmani, the protagonist of Kamala Markandaya’s novel, Nectar in a Sieve, who survives a stream of misfortunes by accepting, rather than denying, her situation. When she accepts misfortune as having occurred, she is able to seek for improvement. Through Rukmani’s plight and struggles, it is shown that in order to survive through periods of struggle and hardship, one must accept one’s situation to be able to improve from it....   [tags: story and character analysis]

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The Tragedy Of Sophocles ' Antigone By Sophokles

- ... However, Kreon undergoes an evident change after his conversation with the prophet Tieresias who reminds him that “all men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride,” (Antigone 804-806). With a bit of convincing from the Choragos, Kreon realizes that “it is worse to risk everything for stubborn pride,” (Antigone 864-865). He has a change of heart about Antigone, ultimately deciding to free her from the tomb that she was to die in for going against his orders, which he now acknowledges were misguided....   [tags: Tragic hero, Tragedy, Sophocles, Oedipus]

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Characteristics of a Classical Hero Demonstrated in The Labours of Hercules

- “The Labours of Hercules” introduces the most famous Greek hero in mythology, Hercules. He completes twelve immense tasks at an early age for killing his family while under a curse from Hera. The story of his labours contains many reasons why Hercules is classified as a classical hero. Hercules exhibits many of the traits of a classical hero, including numerous guides, hazardous journeys and several hardships and afflictions. Hercules demonstrates one trait of a classical hero by asking for or accepting assistance from other characters throughout the story....   [tags: The Labours of Hercules]

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Use of Foreshadowing and Irony in The Cask of Amontillado

- Though Fortunato is an intelligent wine expert, his expertise leads him to his death. In Italian the word Fortunato means fortunate, something that he is not by the end of the story. In “The Cask of Amontillado” Edgar Allan Poe uses foreshadowing and dramatic irony and verbal irony to show Fortunato’s misfortunes which eventually lead to his death. Irony and foreshadowing are literary devices used in literature. Foreshadowing is when an element in the story is used to hint an event that will occur further along in the story....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe]

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Koreans and the Japanese Occupation: The Curse of the Kim’s Daughters by Park Kyong-ni

- Martin Luther King Jr. once stated, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope” (Brainy Quotes). Even though a nation agonizes over its collapse, it must never lose its optimistic views for the future. Korea was a nation that was annexed, however the determination for liberation was never diminished. Korea became a colony of Japan in 1910 for its natural resources and also for its territory which had an advantageous position, geographically. Thousands of Koreans who resisted annexation were killed by the Japanese military....   [tags: korean history, economy, politics]

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The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas by Ursula Le Guin

- The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas is a short story written by Ursula Le Guin. In her story, Le Guin creates a model Utilitarian society in which the majority of its citizens are devoid of suffering; allowing them to become an expressive, artistic population. Le Guin’s unrelenting pursuit of making the reader imagine a rich, happy and festival abundant society mushrooms and ultimately climaxes with the introduction of the outlet for all of Omelas’ avoided misfortune....   [tags: utilitarian society, kant, welfare]

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Rise Above the Misery in Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

- ... Similarly, the same theme also emerges when Valjean begins the process of acquiring Cosette, he gives her a doll and she looks at it as if “someone had suddenly said to her: Little girl, you are the queen of France” (341). The aforementioned quotation demonstrates how with the one simple gesture, Valjean giving the mistreated Cosette a doll, her whole world outlook is changed. By following through with that kind gift, Valjean transforms a simple, meager, mistreated girl and gives her confidence beyond comparison....   [tags: fate, life, symbolism]

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Many Theories from Literary Critics: John Cheever’s The Swimmer

- “The Swimmer” is one of John Cheever’s most notorious short stories. John Cheever’s main character is a middle-aged, suburban man, named Needy Merrill. While sitting at his neighbors, the Westerhazy’s, pool, Needy decides that he will take a journey through his neighborhood swimming pools. When Needy first starts off his journey he feels young and enthusiastic; he is then greeted in a joyous manner by his neighborhood friends. Apparently, Needy is a well-known and respected man. As his journey progresses, he starts seeing red and orange leaves; he then realizes that it was fall....   [tags: literary analysis]

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Innocent Murderer: Abigail as a Victim in The Crucible

- How can a girl who condemned seventy two to a death sentence and drank a charm to kill a man’s wife, a man she has slept with on more than one occasion be the victim. It’s possible when the town she lives in is worse than her. Although Abigail Williams is typically thought of as the antagonist of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, she is in fact a victim as much as any other tragic character in the play. The true antagonist of the play is the town of Salem itself, because of the judgemental and self concerned peoples, and its oppressive views....   [tags: Arthur Miller play, character analysis]

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The Role of the Gods in the Odyssey

- Religion was deeply intertwined the culture of the ancient Greeks. In their stories, they prayed to the gods to satisfy their needs and offer assistance in their endeavors, and the gods would occasionally appear to select Greeks to give counsel, gifts, or other forms of aid. Alternatively, if the desires or endeavors of a mortal or mortals displeased one or more of the gods, they would also interfere with the fulfillment of their goals. In Homer’s Odyssey, the gods appear to or interfere with both Telemachus and Odysseus, either to help or hinder them in their journeys....   [tags: Homer, Odyssey Essays]

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The Tragedy Of Sophocles ' Oedipus And Hamlet

- ... According to Aristotle, a good tragic plot is of the hero experiencing a misfortune because of fate or tragic flaw. Also, Aristotle believed the tragic hero should be of noble birth and should suffer consequences of his own mistake. For example, King Oedipus is man of noble birth who was fated to do a tragic dead. He had also rashly cursed the killer of his father, unknowing that he was that killer. He said, “Upon the murder I invoke this curse – … – may he wear out his life in misery to miserable doom!” Just as Oedipus harbors a strong plot, Hamlet is another play with a well-built plot....   [tags: Tragedy, Character, Poetics, Tragic hero]

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Hamlet and Macbeth Compared as Aristotelian Tragedies

- Aristotle’s Poetics is often considered the blueprint to a successful tragedy; his outline has been used for hundreds of years. Aristotle defines a tragedy as “an imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude… in the form of an action, not of narrative; through pity and fear effecting the proper purgation of these emotions” (House 82). Aristotle believed that the most important part of a strong tragedy was the plot, and from that, the other elements such as character, diction, etc....   [tags: Drama]

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The Epic of Forrest Gump: Winston Groom

- “Epic[s] and Tragedy, Comedy also […], are all in [a] general conception modes of imitation. They differ, however, from one another in three respects- the medium, the objects, the manner or mode of imitation, being in each case distinct” (Poetics, Section 1 Part I). Life is simulated by the interpretations that each genre of poetry evokes its properties of presentation. Aristotle a 4th century Greek philosopher, categorized tragedy into elements of: Plot, Character, Thought, Diction, Melody, and Spectacle....   [tags: epic drama, romantic-comedy, aristotle]

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Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing

- Tragedy is one of the most popular genres that have been loved for more than a thousand years. This genre was first become popular in Ancient Greece, and significant amount of the classic masterpieces are from Greek playwrights. Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, is a main authority on this genre. He sets some specific rules for each tragedy to cleanse audience’s emotion while enjoying the play. He defines tragedy in Poetics, and his criteria are major sources that determine a genuine tragedy....   [tags: aristotle, tragedy, oedipus, ]

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Effects Of Social Exclusion On Social Behavior

- Effects of Number of people in a Household on General Happiness Social Behavior is the way individuals interact and act around other people. Behavior has been studied in both humans and animals. Research on Social behavior helps us understand the reasons behind a person’s actions. Twenge, Baumeister, DeWall, Ciarocco & Bartels (2007) studied the effects of social exclusion in “Social exclusion decreases prosocial behavior.” In their experiment they had three groups; the first group said they would be alone later in life, the second group was told they would have many close relationships, and the third group was told they would have an accident prone life....   [tags: Sociology, Meaning of life, Future, Person]

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Symbolic Meaning in John Cheever’s, The Swimmer

- In John Cheever’s, “The Swimmer”, on a hot summer Sunday ,while sitting by the pool with his wife and neighbors, as they all complained about their hangovers, a man of higher status named Needy Merrill decides to get home by swimming through the pools in his county. When Needy first starts off his journey he feels young and enthusiastic; he is then greeted in a joyous manner by his neighborhood friends. Apparently, Needy is a well-known and respected man. As his journey progresses he starts seeing red and orange leaves; he then realizes that it was fall....   [tags: The Swimmer Essays]

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How Suffering Alters An Individual 's Values

- ... His faith in God was demolished. When Jewish New Year’s came, Elie and his father had been imprisoned for nearly a year and the amount horrors they had witnessed was greater. Many of the prisoners who were still fairly religious were questioning whether they would fast for the celebration. However, Elie had already decided. He did not fast for Kaddish not only because his father forbid him to, but because he no longer felt it was necessary. Fasting was once a tradition Elie participated in every year, but the time he spent suffering in the camp had changed him and now he did not want to fast for God because He allowed the misery to continue....   [tags: Auschwitz concentration camp]

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Gulliver's Travels: Where Size Doesn't Matter

- In Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver's Travels, satire is ever-present: in plot, character and setting. Dystopia and utopia set the story, with grotesque added to sharpen character facets. The title character narrates the novel, and all actions are told through his point of view. His voyages expose him to extraordinary and absurd circumstances, used as fodder for mockery, and all throughout Gulliver’s travails society is ridiculed, and a bitter light is cast on humanity. Character growth is not spared: in the beginning Gulliver is much one-dimensional, and as he changes, Swift uses his growth as another ancillary conduit to let loose more satirical prowess....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

- ... When he finds out that she is a Capulet, Romeo tells himself that it would be a very heavy price to pay if he were to date a Capulet, since his life would be in the hands of his enemy. (Shakespeare, 1, 5, 116-117) Despite this conclusion, he decides that he cannot go away while his heart stays with Juliet and that he has to go back to her in the very next scene. (Shakespeare, 2, 1, 1-2) Romeo knows that it would not be smart to go for Juliet. He knows that it will only bring trouble yet he does it anyway, ignoring his conscience once again....   [tags: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet]

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Romeo and Juliet's Change of Fate

- Is there anything in this world which can occur anytime, anywhere, anyway to anyone. unexpectedly. Yes, it is the change of fate. Everyone in their life have their own fate and everyone in their life experience fate in different manner. Some could have positive result and some could have negative result. As Napoleon Bonaparte said “there is no such thing as an accidents; it is fate misnamed.” This refers to the novel, and a play of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare, the two young lover’s life began and ended with misfortune....   [tags: Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare, ]

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Traditional Health Care Practices in Africa

- Traditional healing refers to a set of practices passed down through generations which intend to cure and prevent disease. In short, traditional medicine is the practice of health care based on traditional philosophy and the use of traditional medicine. In Africa, it presents as a holistic health care strategy which relies on an accumulation of knowledge of herbs and remedies which include plants, insects, and parts of animals. Traditional African healing is intertwined with traditional religions and spirituality....   [tags: cure and prevent diseases, traditional medicine]

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The Tale Hamlet by William Shakespeare

- ... (3.1.138) Here Hamlet further reinforces death as the best decision by restating death as, metaphorically, sleep. He then illustrates death as an answer to Earthly troubles such as heartache and shock while further cementing death a the most viable option by saying it is something one should wish for. Unfortunately, Hamlet changes pace and acknowledges that there is a catch when death arrives: To sleep: perchance to dream- ay, there's the rub; For in that sleep of death what dreams may come When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, Must give us pause: there's the respect That makes calamity of so long life; (3.1.138) In other words, Hamlet explains how humans do not know what awaits th...   [tags: murders, claudius, modern time]

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traglear King Lear as an Arthur Miller Tragedy

- King Lear as an Arthur Miller Tragedy        If we seek to justify Shakespeare's King Lear as a tragedy by applying Arthur Miller's theory of tragedy and the tragic hero, then we might find Lear is not a great tragedy, and the character Lear is hardly passable for a tragic hero. However, if we take Aristotle's theory of tragedy to examine this play, it would fit much more neatly and easily. This is not because Aristotle prescribes using nobility for the subject of a tragedy, but, more importantly, because he emphasizes the purpose of tragedy -- to arouse pity and fear in the audience, and thus purge them of such emotions....   [tags: King Lear essays]

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The Deepest Depths of Schadenfreude

- As boldly stated by Alfred Pennyworth in The Dark Knight, “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” They find pleasure in others’ pain and misfortune. In Shakespeare’ Othello, Iago portrays this exact character type. Whether a result of nature, nurture, or jealousy, Iago bases his actions solely in an effort to destroy Othello. Countless scientists and philosophers have, for years, debated the argument between whether nature or nurture determines how a person acts. From Freud, to Charles Darwin, to even Shakespeare himself, the debate has continued for centuries....   [tags: Othello's Iago, Genetics, Manipulation]

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Satan Is A Fallen Angel

- The Monster attempted to coexist with humanity, dealing with violence and abuse, only to be rejected and alone, much like how Satan is rejected by God. He is hoping that the wicked nature of the humans was not common between them all, until he meets the family which sways his opinions about the race. This fruit of hope soon turns rotten when he decides to befriend them only to be rejected again saying “from that moment on I declared everlasting war against the species” (Shelly 124) after their reaction....   [tags: Paradise Lost, Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Satan]

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The Tort Of Negligence Case

- ... Analyzing the scenario it seems obvious that the council will not be liable to any form of breach as the council has undertook reasonable steps to prevent the loss. Had the council breached the duty of not putting the men`s height fence Step 3 Has Kim suffered any damages in response to the breach. Explanation: As per the law, only contacting parties can file suit for damages with an exception that a foreseeable neighbor can also sue the defendant. Kim not being a party to the contract does not suffer any damages in response to the breach....   [tags: Tort, Law, Negligence, Contract]

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Othello: The Turmoil of a Jealous Man in Love

- William Shakespeare’s Othello is a drama enriched play filled with twisting plot turns dealing with love, pain, death and the loss of a tragic hero due to a jealous rampage. A “tragedy” is a word that brings up thoughts of death dealing with a disaster that leads to a dramatic ending of a protagonist going off the deep end towards the dark side. According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle who proposed a formal definition of a tragedy (Kennedy 1232-1233); Othello fits the basis of a tragedy dealing with murder, suicide, and jealousy....   [tags: Shakespeare]

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Very Short Wedding Toasts

- Very Short Wedding Toasts The Light that Shines There is a light that shines beyond the heavens; this is the light that shines in your heart when you are in love. "May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp and peace in your heart!" ~Eskimo Proverb The Days of your Life May you live all the days of your life. — Jonathan Swift From this Day Forward May the face of every good news, And the back of every bad news, Be toward you, From this day forward. No Sorrow May the goblets of life hold no dregs of sorrow....   [tags: Wedding Toasts Roasts Speeches]

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The Influence of Genre on Five Plays’ Approaches to Social Issues

- The Influence of Genre on Five Plays’ Approaches to Social Issues What could a naturalistic “problem play”, a tragedy, a historical drama, a comedy, and a piece of “epic alienation theatre” have in common. Works of drama are created to have some kind of “effect” on an audience, and while the effects each of these plays are markedly different, each play attempts to lead an audience to think or feel a certain way towards a social problem. “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen, Oedipus The King by Sophocles, Walsh by Sharon Pollock, Edible Woman by Dave Carley (adapted from the novel by Margaret Atwood), and The Good Woman of Setzuan by Bertolt Brecht are plays which contain character...   [tags: Play Plays Genre Essays]

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Suffering and The Book of Job

- Suffering and The Book of Job         The concepts of suffering addressed in "The Book of Job" have no relevance to the ideas of suffering expressed in eastern religions such as Buddhism and Jainism. In fact, for Buddhists, the cause of suffering was discovered some 2,500 years ago by a prince from India named Sidhartha Gautama. This man, who was known as the Buddha, taught that suffering was caused by the craving for material things; ergo, cessation from suffering could be attained by detaching oneself from the things of this world (Ianuale)....   [tags: Holy Bible Book Job Essays]

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The Use of Witchcraft in Modern Tanzania

- Introduction Witchcraft has been rampant in various parts of Africa. However, the practice of witchcraft has been on the decline in modern society as compared to the period before the rise of colonialism (Toyin 250). In most part of Africa, there is a conglomeration of tribal healers, sorcerers, and wizard considered having different forms of powers in controlling the fate of society (Toyin 209). Consequently, this has led to the emergence of thousands of practitioners in different parts of Africa....   [tags: Africa, Modern Society, Colonialism]

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Pandora and Eve are the First Women

- In the story of Adam and Eve, the book of Genesis in the Bible states that Eve was the first woman and was created by God to be a partner for Adam. Eve was formed from Adam’s rib. Both Eve and Adam were created in God's image and God put Eve and Adam in a haven called the Garden of Eden. In this vast garden was the tree of the knowledge; a tree filled with all things good and evil. God tells them to eat from anywhere but the tree of knowledge. However, Eve was soon tempted by Satan, disguised as a snake, to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge....   [tags: evil, temptation, curiousity]

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The Old Woman and Miss Cunegund

- Candide is a satirical piece written by Voltaire, the great French historian and philosopher during the Age of Enlightenment. There are two contrasting female characters in the literature. Cunegund is the daughter of a baron who experiences unbearable miseries. An unnamed old woman is a servant of Cunegund who was born as a daughter of a Pope. Candide, who is Cunegund’s lover, is also a traveling companion. While Cunegund and the old woman both possess admirable strength, the old woman is pessimistic although realistic, whereas Cunegund is optimistic but impractical....   [tags: Candide, Voltaire, Analysis]

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Essay on Voltaire's Candide - Fallacy of Optimism Exposed

- Fallacy of Optimism Exposed in Candide In Candide, Voltaire paints a dismal and satirical view of the world. Voltaire paints a pessimistic portrait of a naïve youth who is raised to believe that this is best of all worlds. Time and again, Voltaire clearly portrays his belief that this is not the best of all possible worlds.   The characters of the story face great adversity. In chapter 10, Cunegonde states that her misfortune is so great that she does not see how the old woman's story of woe can surpass her own....   [tags: Candide essays]

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Oedipus the King and Aristotle

- In Poetics' by Aristotle, the author talks about what he feels are the conventions of any successful tragic play. With that in mind perhaps the greatest tragedy from his time period if not ever is Oedipus the King by Sophocles. It fits almost perfectly the majority of the criteria Aristotle sets and so has been considered by some scholars as the perfect tragedy. The main criteria set by Aristotle involves the plot and the plays main character. According to Aristotle, for a tragedy to be both successful and effective there must be a reversal, a "change from one state of affairs to its exact opposite", and there must be recognition, "a change from ignorance to knowledge" on the part of the...   [tags: Oedipus Rex Essays]

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Why Huck Finn is Superstitious

- Why Huck Finn is Superstitious "Pretty soon a spider went crawling up my shoulder, and I flipped it off and it lit in the candle; and before I could budge it was all shriveled up. I didn't need anybody to tell me that that was an awful bad sign and would fetch me some bad luck, so I was scared and most shook the clothes off of me" (1204). "Pap always said it warn't no harm to borrow things, if you was meaning to pay them back, sometime; but the widow said it warn't anything but a soft name for stealing, and no decent body would do it" (1241)....   [tags: Papers]

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Curse of the Pyncheons in The House of The Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne

- ... Found dead with blood on his ruffled collar, the Colonel was said to have partaken of that beverage which was Matthew Maule’s parting gift. The accused’s final words, “God will give him blood to drink!” were given to Colonel Pyncheon as recompense for his murderous deeds. After his death, the superstitious Pyncheons believed the ill-gotten house had been cursed with him and so his descendants. This seemed to hold true when, two generations later, Gervayse Pyncheon, the Colonel’s grandson, in an attempt to gain wealth, submitted his only daughter, Alice, to the invocations of a local “wizard”, the very heir of Matthew Maule....   [tags: death, greed, family]

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Transitional Life Of Oscar Wao, Plague Of Doves, And The Great Gatsby

- ... He believed that the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock symbolized his future, yet Daisy had always been part of Gatsby’s past. “Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter—tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther. . . . And then one fine morning—So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past” (Fitzgerald, 180). Throughout the novel, Gatsby constantly tries to resurface his past, never accepting his current situation....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' The Swimmer ' By John Cheever

- ... “His own house stood in Bullet Park, eight miles to the south, where his four beautiful daugthers would have had their lunch and might be playing tennis” (Cheever). The illusions in Neddy’s mind proves that he deceives himself to believe that he is still living as that rich, successful man that he used to be. Cheever intersperse some conversations between characters in the story to imply the fact that Neddy is escaping from reality . For example, after Neddy has arrived at Mrs. Halloran’s house, there is a point where reality and virtuality collides....   [tags: Short story, John Cheever, Swimming pool, Swimming]

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Love and Lust in Love's Labours Lost

- “Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love. (Love’s Labours Lost. 1.2.)” This Shakespearean quote relies on the fact that love can lead to many misfortunes, presented as one of the aspects of love in both William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and Wole Soyinka’s “The Lion and the Jewel”. One aspect of love demonstrates its brilliant sides, and with it, brings affection, faith, and intimacy. However, it is also noted that an equal aspect of love conveys the consequences and misfortunes, the negative connotations of love, which the essay will be exploring, broken down into several characteristics: lust, manipulation, and hatred, which both plays share in...   [tags: Shakespeare]

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The United States

- ... The purchasers are shielded under the agreement law and from uncalled for exchange hones. In the given case, the agreement amongst shipbuilder and North Ocean Tankers are abused (Carter, 2006). Because of cheapening of cash, shipbuilders endured misfortunes on contract and requested additional sum. The shipbuilder constrained North Ocean Tankers to pay an additional sum. Then again, till nine months North Ocean Tankers did not take any activities against shipbuilder. Along these lines, both the gatherings damaged the agreement law of Australia and both the gatherings are at risk....   [tags: Contract, Common law, Law, Contractual term]

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The Cycle Of Poverty And Poverty

- ... The outcomes of poverty are most often times, negative and can result in many people never living far above the line of poverty or escaping poverty at all. Living in poverty can become a way of life, it is part of a systematical cycle designed to be never ending. First, with so much “help” offered to the poor it is a wonder why poverty cannot be ended. There are systems and institutions that can help these people live on a status much higher than the line of poverty. According to Shipler, “It is a question of skill and will” (286)....   [tags: Poverty, Wealth, Working poor, Economic inequality]

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Custom Written Term Papers: Othello Is a Tragedy of Fortune

- Othello Is a Tragedy of Fortune         In William Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello we find a tragedy of fortune, in which the Moor falls from a great height into dishonor and disgrace. Let us dwell upon this theme in this essay.   H. S. Wilson in his book of literary criticism, On the Design of Shakespearean Tragedy, discusses the misfortunes in the play and the hero’s attitude:   But if a man is betrayed into destroying what he loves most, if he ruins himself through his own folly without understanding what he is doing or being able to help himself, and then is forced to look at just what he has done and acknowledge his fault, his misfortune is harder than most....   [tags: Othello essays]

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Greek American Immigrant Experience Exhibition

- ... Settlement of the Greek Americans in the continent came later in the 1890 's where they first settled in the southern hemisphere region in Massachusetts; these were the industrial areas in the United States of America hence forming a large part of the American community ten years later. The mining and construction works were a major attraction for this person in the United States of America considering the fact they had to focus on an economic activity to earn a living and feed the wives and children....   [tags: United States, Sociology, Greeks, Florida]

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Frauds and Scams: The Schemes and Cons of Criminals and the Victims They Prey Upon

- Fraud, scams and cons are everywhere. They affect many people every day, making this a form of crime likely to affect most people, in some way, during their lifetime. The various types of scams and cons are staggering. A Google search for a list of frauds netted over 1,000 types of schemes, scams, frauds and cons. The simple truth is this: There are people out there with the desire and motive to profit from the misfortune and deception of others. They will use the methods they know to succeed (usually financially) and make a situation profitable for themselves....   [tags: Crime]

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The Social And Political Structures That Influences Our Society 's Fear Of Change

- ... In this day and age, it is usual to blame the president for the economic crash in the country. Although there are different forms of scapegoating, the factors that were addressed in Farrell’s essay, fall within the parameters of society’s paranoia and fear of change. For instance, Farrell stated that the “forces of the new” are being held responsible, as their existence can possibly trigger the social change in America. These are the minorities such as: Blacks, Asians and Latinos—who are challenging the Whites’ “privileges and claim on limited resources in a zero-sum game.” Women and other individuals who are supporting pro-choice (elective abortion)—alarming the pro-life advocates and t...   [tags: Family, Sociology, Scapegoating, Marriage]

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