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Comparing Central Minnesota 's City And Rural Life

- Just Over an Hour Away The city of Minneapolis, Minnesota is booming with life. With its convention center, night life noise, busy highways, advertised attractions, and sports related events, the city life expectations satisfy both visitors and residents. It is typical to assume that the high-end activities and busy night life attract political feuds and noise because they are located in the city. Nonetheless, this is not the case for some of Central Minnesota’s rural life found in places such as Riverview, Sterns County, Baker Township, and parts of Saint Cloud....   [tags: Milk, Dairy farming, Minnesota state parks]

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The Case Of Near V Minnesota

- The case, Near v Minnesota, took place in Minneapolis in 1929. It was argued on January 30, 1931 and was decided on June 1, 1931. This case appeared in the supreme court after the constitutionality of Minnesota’s law was questioned by Jay Near, the defendant. Near was to be censored due to his "malicious, scandalous and defamatory" article about the Chicago chief of police and many other local officials with being affiliated with gangsters. This then led to a lawsuit that formed from an attempt by Floyd B....   [tags: First Amendment to the United States Constitution]

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The Supreme Court And The State Of Minnesota

- Minnesota Supreme Court The Minnesota Supreme Court plays a vital role in the governmental structure of the state of Minnesota. Under the Supreme Court’s guidance and supervision, the judiciary maintains checks and balances with the other two branches of the government: the legislative branch, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, and the executive branch, led by the Governor. Not only does the Supreme Court serve as the final guardian of the state constitution, its functions affect the daily lives of everyone residing in the state....   [tags: Law, United States Constitution]

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The New Frontier Of The State Of Minnesota

- A concise message can either be received orally or nonverbally. The panelists introduced us to a new frontier of how the laws in the state of Minnesota applies to our field in special education, how social workers corporate with teachers and families, educational techniques, student consultation, collaboration, and how all of their roles are integrated with educating students. The panelists consisted; David Aron; A lawyer and an advocate for special education in Education Minnesota, Paula; She is the director of Pacer and helps both teachers and parents with getting resources and information on how to improve students education, Jeff; is a Hennepin County employee and assists with students w...   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Social work]

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Citation : Near V. Minnesota

- I. Case Title with Citation: NEAR v. MINNESOTA, 283 U.S. 697 (1931) II. Parties with Titles: J. M. Near (Appellant, Former Defendant) v. The State of Minnesota (Appellee/Respondent, Former Plaintiff) III. Procedural History: Due to a complaint made by the County Attorney of Hennepin County, the defendant, J. M. Near was ordered to display reason why his newspaper should not be banned for production under the Minnesota statute or “gag law”. During this time he was also not allowed to publish, broadcast, or create new editions until a final verdict was given....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States]

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Selecting A Minnesota Divorce Case

- Selecting a Minnesota Divorce Attorney A divorce is a devastating event. Dividing property and time with one’s children is a difficult experience, and many individuals choose to hire a Minnesota divorce attorney to help them make practical decisions. Minnesota law does not mandate that the parties in a divorce have legal representation, but for individuals who prefer to hire a Minnesota divorce attorney, a few factors should be kept in mind. First, make a list of divorce attorneys in your area....   [tags: Divorce, Marriage, Child custody, Family law]

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Marketing Analysis : Minnesota Micromoters

- The Harvard Business Publishing has taught a lot about the way companies can gain and lose profit depending on the decision that they make. Harvard Business Publishing has shown what type of clients that people might have to deal with and what their needs could be. The decision that you might make can affect how your company does. The program is also very effective at showing not only the “bottom line,” but also showing many other aspects including but not limited to customer satisfaction. Minnesota Micromoters provides motors for manufacturers of orthopedic medical devices....   [tags: Marketing, Customer, Customer service, Price]

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Children 's Code Of Minnesota

- In the 20th century, adoption was much simpler than today. The waiting time was shorter and sometimes people directly adopt from families without the hassle of background screening, home visits, or expensive fees. In the article Adoption in the United States, Wayne Carp states, “In 1917, lawmakers enacted the Children 's Code of Minnesota, which became the model for state adoption laws in the next two decades. It was the first state law that required an investigation to determine whether a proposed adoptive home was suitable for a child.” Even though the law was passed, it did not take full effect until decades later....   [tags: Foster care, Adoption, Child abuse, 20th century]

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Minnesota Public Schools

- I believe that in Minnesota taxes are now being cut on the public school system. Over the last twenty-five years not enough money has been raised in taxes for the schools. Instead, governors have been cutting taxes from education to fund other programs although, knowing there isn’t any room to short cut education. Budget shortcuts and reductions on education while funding other programs don’t end up saving us money in Minnesota or anywhere else instead; it will forever cost us now and in the future thus, only getting us behind in education....   [tags: Education ]

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Volunteering At The Minnesota Children 's Museum

- Volunteering for me is a pleasure to help out for the community. I have volunteered sine I was in high school for many different programs. After graduating from high school, I am focusing more on volunteering with the academic aspect which involves helping children to be able to build up logical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and to be responsible. I have volunteered at the Minnesota Children’s Museum after I graduated from high school. My role in this program was playologist, which means playing and helping kids from kindergarten to fifth grade to understand the implements and the incipient information....   [tags: Problem solving, Critical thinking, Learning]

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Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory ( Mmpi )

- The scales developed, in chronological order, include the Attitude Interest Analysis Survey (AIAS), Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory (MMPI), a series of tests by Franck and Rosen which used multiple stimuli including incomplete drawings. The AIAS is used to itemize sex differences observed during grade school using word association, inkblot interpretation, information, emotional and ethical response, interests, admired persons and opinions, and introversion-extroversion. The MMPI reflected items of altruism, emotional sensitivity, sexual preference, occupational preference, and gender identity questions....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Masculinity, Transgender]

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The Minnesota Public Health Intervention Wheel

- My personal goal is to be a successful pediatric nurse who communicates and connect with patients on the personal level. I think I have not reached this goal because I still need to work on my communication skills. Through this course experience, I am a step closer to my goal. I discovered that it is easier to communicate and connect with people who has similar background and experience. Since most clients were students, I found it easy to find common topics to talk about and related to them easily....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Public health]

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My Home From Truman, Minnesota

- As a sophomore in college, it is crazy to think back to where I started and how things used to be to how they are now. Even though I am only nineteen years old, I have made mistakes, had struggles, and have learned new lessons. Not only am I to focus on my life, but the different lifestyles around me. I classify my home from Truman, Minnesota. Most are not familiar with this town but big cities that surround it are Mankato, Albert Lea, and Jackson. It has a population of 1200. What I call my home has a special community to me....   [tags: High school, Family, Mother, Public school]

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Cyberbullying: Comparing Bullying Laws in Minnesota and New Jersey

- Cyberbullying has become a new and growing problem within today’s society (Hanel, Trolley 33). On May 9th, 2007, the Minnesota State Legislature first amended the original bullying law from 2005 in attempt to strengthening it (Minnesota State Legislature, “Approved 2005”, “Amended 2007”). As stated on a report by the United States Department of Education, Minnesota has one of the weakest bullying laws in the nation (United States Department of Education, “Analysis”). Bully Police graded Minnesota’s law as a C-, the lowest grade of all bullying laws currently regulated in the U.S....   [tags: Cyberbullying]

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Green Initiatives of Life Time Fitness in Chanhassen, Minnesota

- Introduction As more countries become industrialized, our global footprint continues to grow making global warming look like a ticking time bomb. To effectively combat global warming companies are starting to reevaluate and implement practices that are less detrimental to the environment. Life Time Fitness has also joined the cause in becoming greener. The initiatives presented in this report focus on the efforts made locally in Chanhassen Minnesota, where the corporate headquarters resides. As the local media specialist for Life Time Fitness, I will focus on my stakeholders, the residents of Chanhassen throughout the planning and execution of our project....   [tags: Environmental Issues]

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Minnesota Dreamer - Original Writing

- Minnesota Dreamer - Original Writing Even if I didn’t have a dream, I always had a plan. In college, I learned to be responsible and organized and to set goals that I could attain. Then everything changed. I’ll never forget my final week from college last year. Days away from graduation and miles away from home, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I left the hospital alone, in devastation. Unsure of what my future would hold, I shed countless tears. Although close friends eased the pain, I could not hide from them my fear of facing death....   [tags: Free Essays]

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A Successful Gene Therapy Experiment At The University Of Minnesota

- The straight Texas roads baked under a hot, white sun as cars whizzed by, each hood illuminated by a glint of sunlight. A closer look into one of the cars would have revealed my frantic mother driving herself to the hospital with a baby on the way. Barely capable of noticing the passing road signs, I’m sure that the great news about a successful gene therapy experiment at the University of Minnesota or the option to have her coming child’s own genetic structure mapped was not at the forefront of her thoughts....   [tags: DNA, Genetics, Gene, Human genome]

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Energizing Supplements in Minnesota High School Sports

- Are young athletes being pushed too far to always perform at higher and higher expectations. Taking vitamins are highly recommended by doctors, but there are some supplements that are illegal for use in high school sports. New pre-workout supplements cause new high school drug policies, research into both the active ingredients and short/long term effects of these products. These pre-workouts are this generation’s steroids and can have side effects that are just as dangerous. Their purpose is to provide you with a burst of quick and long lasting energy, increased blood flow, muscle growth, and faster recovery periods....   [tags: pushing athletes too far]

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Minnesota's Department of Human Services´ Failed Program Analysis: Minnesota's Department of Human Services

- In today's business world, the major issue with failed IT projects relates back to poor organizational procedures. With that being said, project failures are not that uncommon when dealing with major undertakings within a company. These failures could be due to constant change in conditions of the project, uncooperative management, culture and lack of communication. Consequently, “Only in the most unusual circumstances does bad technology doom a project to failure” (Krigsman, 2011, p.1). When major IT project failures occur it usually turns out to be heavily favored towards second-rate communication standards and lack of judgment from project managers and key stakeholders....   [tags: HealthMatch, IT, False Reports]

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Minnesota Wetland Restoration

- ".. and from the swamp came the SWAMPTHING. The ugliest, scariest and fowl smelling creature you could ever imagine." This is how many wetlands are perceived: as dank, smell places and breeding grounds for diseases. But that is untrue. Wetlands are a vital and very important part of our environment. In the past 10 years over 10 million acres of wetlands have been destroyed, having a negative impact on lakes and rivers and other aspects of the ecosystem. By restoring wetlands we can begin the process of patching the hole in the ecosystem made by the absence of wetlands....   [tags: Papers]

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McGregor and Big Sandy Lake, Minnesota

- McGregor and Big Sandy Lake, Minnesota My favorite place to be would be the city and are of McGregor Minnesota. About eight miles north of the small town is Big Sandy Lake, which is where my cabin is located. This is truly my favorite place to be, especially during the warm summer months. McGregor, a small town of only about four hundred people, is located in a wooded area with many lakes, streams and river. The biggest lake is Big Sandy and is approximately seven thousand acres of water area....   [tags: Observation Essays, Descriptive Essays]

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Aquatic Invasive Species

- Invasive species have been destroying Minnesota waters for many years. The measures that are taken to stop and control them are not as thorough as they should be. The biggest characteristic with invasive species is that, they are not native. This means they are not supposed to be in Minnesota waters. Invasive species can be a plant or an animal, such as a mussel, fish, weed, or snail. Some effects of invasive species are that, they can kill native fish, destroy spawning beds, and cause much more environmental harm....   [tags: Minnesota, Water]

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The Minnesota Timberwolves

- The Minnosota Timberwolves joined the National Basketball Association for the 1989-90 season as a part of a two phase leuge expansion. Teams that also were part of this expansion were the Orlando Magic, the Miami Heat, and the Chorolette hornets.(Walter 1) Two local buisness men Harvey Rutner , who were boy hood friends, brought professional basketball back to the Twin cities by purchasing the Minnosota Timberwolves. They made there fourtune in in health club chains and in real estate....   [tags: Papers]

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Event Critique: Minnesota vs Purdue Feb. 24th 2010

- Event Critique: Minnesota vs Purdue Feb. 24th 2010 The event I attended was the Gopher Men's Basketball game against the Purdue Boilermakers on February 24 at Williams Arena ("The Barn"). The construction of Williams Arena was completed in 1928 and originally housed a variety of Gopher Athletics. In addition to housing the men's basketball team, as it still does today, winter football training, tennis, and track all called the facility home at one point1al University of Minnesota History of Williams Arena ....   [tags: Event Critique]

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Evaluating The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF)

- Introduction Self-report has always been one the easiest ways to gain insight of a person’s personality. These test can range from quizzes filled out online that tell you which pop star is your personality twin to standardized tests requiring a certified test user. Some of the most popular and highly researched tests have been the MMPI and its successors. The MMPI, created by Stark R. Hathaway and John Charneley McKinley, was the first step towards the MMPI-2-RF. The MMPI was firstly created to test individuals who were 14 years old and older....   [tags: psychological assessments]

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My Interest in the Applied Economics Graduate Program at the University of Minnesota

- As per our Tibetan Buddhist tradition, I was named Kunchok Sangpo, when I was still in the womb of my mother. Born and raised in a Buddhist family, I received my high school education from a Tibetan School, graduated from a Hindu University and completed my postgraduate education from a Christian University. Immersing in different cultures/tradition/religion has helped me look at life from different perspectives. I was awarded a special distinction for securing the highest grade on the national high school standard board exam, amidst all Tibetan School in India and was able to secure admission into India’s top college for commerce, Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, to complete...   [tags: statement of purpose]

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I-35 Bridge in Miinneapolis, Minnesota Collapsed and Sent 80 Souls to Their Death

- ... By rechecking and revising the whole design or blueprint, a design error can be easily prevented. The Highway Accident Report, published by the National Transportation Safety board (NTSB), explains that the probable cause for the collapsed was due to a failure at the U10 gusset nodes located at the end of the main span of the truss directly over the Mississippi River. The U10 gusset plates were too weak for the amount of weight it had to hold, and calculations show how the U10 gusset plates should have been thicker so it could hold more weight....   [tags: design, calculation, weight]

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Use of Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory to Evaluate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) frequently headlines newspapers and newscasts across America. Veterans fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan return to a life they left but inside they are tormented with flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, anger, and depression. Many people suffer from PTSD after experiencing traumatic events in his or her life. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2) is chosen for the basis of this assignment to evaluate someone who exhibits symptoms of PTSD. Sometimes the symptoms of PTSD are exaggerated or faked....   [tags: Post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD]

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How Fastenal Is An American Made Company Based Out Of Winona, Minnesota

- Fastenal is an American made company based out of Winona, Minnesota. It is owned by Bob Kierlin. It distributes goods that are used by other businesses. Fastenal has over 2,600 store locations, 13 distribution centers, 6 manufacturing locations, and over 10,000 employees operating the stores. Their stores range throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Puerto Rico, Panama, and Mexico. They offer services including manufacturing, tool repair, vending, machining, and inventory management. When Fastenal first opened they sold fasteners used in manufacturing and construction....   [tags: Supply chain management]

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The University Of Minnesota State Mankato Have A Campus Security System

- Everyone in the class have to write an essay about what is like to live in a dorms, and this is what I think what dorms life is like. I think living in dorm is a good thing because you live right next to every class you will be taking at the college, you also get to meet new student from different culture and background and you know more information about what is going on in campus. I said living close to school is good thing because your chance of being late to class is Zero. When class is over, you can just walk back to your room and find something to eat or take a quick nap before next class start....   [tags: College, Dormitory, English-language films]

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Is Northern Minnesota A Town Located Near What Would Now?

- There was once a town located near what would now be called northern Minnesota. Everyone in the town was very poor. That is, all but one family, the Lockwoods. They became so wealthy due to their very successful timber business. While everyone in the town lived in small houses and eat an average diet, the Lockwoods lived in an enormous mansion. Their land was over 50 acres and the house covered around half of it. They had 20 servants to do all the cooking and cleaning as well as the laundry, personal chauffer’s to drive them to wear ever they wanted to go and anything else that the would every need....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Woman]

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Review Of ' Classmate One -to- One ' One

- Classmate One -to- One After already being stress out about the assignment, and rescheduling our one-to-one conversation three different times, I could tell that Marisa had a lot on her plate. The coffee shop we met at was all full but one table, and I just kept thinking how awkward it was going to be when other people overheard the deep life stories that we were about to share. Marisa and I were able to have a productive conversation for just over an hour because we both came ready to learn about one another....   [tags: College, High school, Minnesota]

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South Korean History,Culture and Population

- According to the Institute of International Education’s 2013 open door findings, the second highest place of origin for foreign students in Minnesota is South Korea, with 9.8% of the total of international students in 2013 (Open Doors Data Minnesota, 2014). I was unaware of this information when I was partnered with two sweet girls from South Korea during our visit to the ELS center. With little knowledge of the South Korean culture myself; I realized many students at the University of St. Thomas probably had little knowledge of the culture as well....   [tags: foreign students, minnesota colleges, ]

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The Rate Of Infant Mortality

- The rate of deaths to infants under age one is 4.9 deaths per 1,000 births. The highest rate of infant mortality is among African American babies, followed by Hispanic babies. The infant mortality rate among American Indian babies fluctuates, with little consistent pattern. This could be largely due to the small number of American Indian babies born each year. These statistics are for Hennepin County, but by comparing Minnetonka statistics of birth rate, racial makeup, families, population per square mile, age, and residents on public assistance, Minnetonka ranked in the middle when compared to other cities in Hennepin County....   [tags: Demography, Population, Minnesota]

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Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich

- The chapter, Selling in Minnesota, had some disturbing information about the low wage life. As I read, I learned that every place the author went to apply, such as a Wal-Mart and a Home Depot type place called Menards, required the applicant to pass a drug test. The author went out and had to buy detox for $30, but can be up to $60. Also, I learn that 81% of employers do drug test their future employees. I don’t like this statistic, in part because I tried getting a job at Marshall Field’s restaurant and they required me to pass a drug test....   [tags: Selling in Minnesota]

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Post-Secondary Education and College in the Schools Options

- ... Other benefits to these programs are they allow students to complete a “trial run” of college classes to determine if this is part of their career path without exhausting personal finances. These courses also give students exposure to the high academic expectations associated with college-level work, allow them to find new challenges, and give them momentum to pursue a college degree by awarding them college credits before they graduate high school. International Baccalaureate The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a diploma program that is comprised of a comprehensive two year curriculum prior to attending a college or university....   [tags: Minnesota High schools, college courses]

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The Implementation Of Creative Staff Management Practices

- Introduction During the later half of the 19th century, the Technological Revolution began to take hold on the economic world. Spreading fast throughout the pre-industrialized countries of Europe and the United States, the innovative phase of increased industrialization began to take hold upon the worldwide economy, reshaping societies and infrastructures alike. Mass production and assembly lines began to take shape, starting a new method of management and employment within companies based off of simple abilities, defined workloads, efficiency and productivity....   [tags: Post-it note, 3M, Innovation, Minnesota]

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My Resource Is From Mprc ( Minnesota Prevention Resource Centre ) And Here Is The Link Of The Website

- My resource is from MPRC (Minnesota Prevention Resource Centre) and here is the link of the website     The mission of MPRC is to reduce problems resulting from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs by enhancing the capacity of people interested in preventing these problems They are a project of Community Partnership with Youth and Families and supported through a major grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Division. The Centre  focuses on community prevention programs from drugs and alcohols, and they do their community programs annually, once every year, for example  when you first visit the website you will see  the topics they are curr...   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Drug abuse]

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Creating A Plan For Life

- Creating a plan for life can benefit in numerous ways creating a path to take and allow to to stay on track to accomplish the goals to make your plan a reality. The plan can consist of many key concepts in life such as a job, family, and the elements in life that make you happy such as being an outdoorsman that keeps you sane from your daily job. I believe that having a life outside of work is what makes you happy and not the job itself unless you career it with the ideal job of your dreams then you have completed the perfecta....   [tags: Personal life, Want, Minnesota Wild]

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Analysis Of Bemidji State University Has Little Diversity

- Everyone by choice or the choice of others is categorized into groups. Bemidji State University has little diversity to declare in regards to ethnic variety, ergo I am proud to be one of the few Mexicans on campus. Being an hour and 40 minutes from the border of Canada certainly provides its difficulties to maintaining a preferred diet, or finding people to speak Spanish with, or even something as simple as finding someone who knows what Bimbo is without having them assume I am talking about a blonde woman....   [tags: Mexico, United States, Minnesota, Minority group]

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Evaluating The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF)

- Technical Properties The MMPI-2-RF normal sample is the same used to standardize the MMPI-2 minus the emphasis on gender; no new norms were collected for the MMPI-2-RF. The nongendered MMPI-2-RF normative sample is made up of 1,138 men and 1,138 women from the normative sample of the MMPI-2. Analysis of T scores based on gendered versus nongendered norms showed no advantages or disadvantages for either gender. The mean T scores for both men and women were at or about 50, with standard deviation of 10; therefore, there was no significant clinical difference between genders....   [tags: Psychological Testing]

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ECON 4131, International Finance, Spring 2002, Exam 3 Final

- Final Exam Questions -- Economics 4131, Spring 2006 1. Explain how the gold standard operated in the classical period (1870-1914). What were the advantages and disadvantages. Some say the gold standard sacrificed internal balance to external balance. How. What were the “rules of the game” and what would happen when they were violated. What would happen when the demand for monetary gold rose faster than the supply, and why was this a problem. 2. Explain the functioning of the Bretton Woods currency arrangement....   [tags: UMN Minnesota Business Economics Finance]

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ECON 4131, International Finance, Spring 2002, Exam 1

- Midterm Exam International Finance April 8, 2002 Answer all questions in examination booklets 1. (10 points) Use the BOP accounts guide on the last page of this exam to indicate where each of the following transactions should be recorded in the U.S. balance of payments (e.g.: “i3”, “e2”, etc.). Bear in mind that each transaction should generate a capital account and a current account entry. a) The U.S. buys $1m. of lumber from Canada b) Japan buys $500K of fish from an Alaskan fishing outfit c) The U.S....   [tags: UMN Minnesota Business Economics Finance]

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ECON 4131, International Finance, Spring 2002, Exam 2

- Midterm Exam International Finance April 7, 2004 Answer all questions in examination booklets 1. (15 points) Define the following a) The “spot” exchange rate b) The “forward” exchange rate c) A capital account “surplus” d) Currency depreciation e) Arbitrage 2. (10 points) Briefly discuss the essential features of forward contracts, currency futures, and currency options. 3. (15 points) Use the BOP accounts guide on the last page of this exam to indicate where each of the following transactions should be recorded in the U.S....   [tags: UMN Minnesota Business Economics Finance]

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Bemidji State University - The Right College For Me

- College is a serious path through life that guides and pushes a person to complete their goals and dreams. That is why it’s important to chose carefully and plan for a solid investment for life. Bemidji State University has been leading towards this point, providing an excellent business and science department with an active and open campus. The other school of interest is the University of Minnesota, which is in the abundant Twin Cities and has one of the Top management schools in the nation, which is Carlson school of Business....   [tags: Education Goals]

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Science: Answering Difficult Questions Through Association

- How can science improve our understanding of cultural behaviors. By using scientific reasoning, we define and identify unique personal and social behaviors illustrating the different branches of sciences and conducting studies that critically analyze demographics. Individual and social behaviors are explained by examining the origins, development, organizations and institutions. Using Minnesota as our model, our results will beget the answers. The scientific study of the origins, development, organizations, institutions and social behavior is known as Sociology....   [tags: science, cultural behavior, philosophy]

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Finance And Budget Theories And Concepts

- Week One: Theories and Concepts Post by Day 4 a brief description of a government or non-profit organization with which you are familiar within your state or nation. Then, explain how you might apply at least two basic finance and/or budgeting concepts or theories to the organization. Be sure to provide brief descriptions of each concept or theory and specific examples of how you might apply them. For the week one discussion board topic of finance and budget theories and concepts, I have chosen to describe the Science Museum of Minnesota, a 501(c)3 non-profit and government funded organization....   [tags: Non-profit organization, Government]

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The Mining Of Copper Mining

- Sulfide mining has been a highly debated topic in the northern part of Minnesota. Companies such as PolyMet and Twin Metal have proposed sulfide mining in the area despite the public’s opposition. Sulfide mining will permanently damage the environment around it. Although we are given the hopes of new employment opportunities, the mining would be a burden for the taxpayers as many companies fail to do well in the boom or bust economy associated with mining and the taxpayers are left having to cover up the cleanup costs....   [tags: Environmentalism, Environment, Proposals]

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Reponding Better to Mental and Behavioral Health Emergencies

- EMSRB 2007 Behavioral Health Report: 2013 Update Brief Responding Better to Mental and Behavioral Health Emergencies Background and Goals of EMSRB 2007 Behavioral Health Report Minnesota’s ambulance providers are searching for ways to meet the increased demand for transporting patients with behavioral and psychiatric disorders. The number of mental and behavioral health transports has been growing in recent years, with patients and their families traveling greater distances from their home communities due to a lack of available psychiatric hospital beds....   [tags: transporting, issues, solutions, training]

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The Expansion Of Medicaid Through The Implementation Of The Affordable Care Act

- The expansion of Medicaid through the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has initiated many states to try innovative ideas to improve their Medicaid programs. Many states, like Minnesota, had started the reform process prior to the passage of the ACA with the purpose of improving the quality of care for Medicaid beneficiaries and to utilize a more cost-effective system. One of the innovative ideas that state governments, like Minnesota, are implementing is the use of accountable care organizations (ACOs)....   [tags: Health care, Health insurance]

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Joe Mauer: Setting New Standards in Major League Baseball

- Joe Mauer once said,” It frustrates me when I am not good at something, so I do it until I get good at it.”(Kepner 03/27/14) Joe Mauer accomplished many things and set many new records. Joe Mauer’s accomplishments have allowed for hind catchers in baseball to try different ways of hitting and catching, he is a very influential person and has made major contributions in the baseball world. Joseph Patrick Mauer was born on April 19, 1983 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Joe was the youngest of three brothers....   [tags: famous baseball players]

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Creating a Meal From Locally Grown Foods

- Creating a meal from locally grown products is an important part of supporting our local farmers and food economy. This meal I created by using all locally grown food combined a protein, fall harvest vegetables, and included a common starch of potatoes. I served my immediate family this meal, and bought all of the food products from the local farmers market in my home town. This paper will review my thoughts on the positive environmental impacts of buying locally grown food, the meal served, a brief review of the farmer’s market where the meal was purchased, what my family thought of the meal, and the challenges faced from purchasing and eating a meal from food grown locally....   [tags: health, farmers, food economy]

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Problem Statement And Diagnosis Of The Community

- Problem Statement/Diagnoses After assessing the Buffalo community, we have concluded on three community nursing diagnoses that focus on adolescent mental health. The following diagnoses are listed based on what we view as a priority for the community. Diagnosis One: Inadequate access to mental health resources r/t lack of insurance, lack of mental health providers and high cost of services as evidenced by three counseling agencies that rely on reimbursement for services through insurance companies Diagnosis Two: Inadequate access to transportation options r/t lack of affordable transportation options and transportation options that do not exceed county limits as evidenced by Wright County t...   [tags: Public health, Health, Health care, Nursing]

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The Roles of a Social Worker

- School social workers work within schools to provide a variety of social, emotional, and mental health services to students to support overall success. The intent of this research is to evaluate the significance of having a school social worker available to general education students within the Owatonna High School setting and to examine the gaps in services that may have appeared since removal of this position in 2009. Various related studies were examined to outline a range of ways in which school social workers are used to support student success....   [tags: emotional, and mental health services ]

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A Nurse Is A Rewarding Profession That Can Provide Life Long Job Satisfaction And Job Security

- Someone Please Help Me Mary A. Osborne, a registered nurse said, “Nursing is a rewarding profession that can provide life-long job satisfaction and job security” (Jones 8). A registered nurse (RN) teaches their patients and the public all sorts of different health conditions and practices. They also give tips to the patients’ families and friends on how to support them physically and emotionally (Bureau 1). Registered nurses are employed in many places such as hospitals, schools, offices, homes, military services, and in nursing homes (Minnesota 1)....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse, Academic degree]

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The Importance of Communication Skills for Healthcare Providers

- ... Importance of Communication Being from St. Paul Minnesota, I plan to move back after graduation to practice in the twin cities. Communication and cultural competence are going to be vital to my success as an Optometrist in Minnesota due to major demographic shifts occurring there. Minnesota is home to the largest Somali refugee population in the nation. 1 In 1991 a civil war broke out in Somalia forcing over a million people to flee the country. Many fled to neighboring countries but many came to the United States, specifically Minnesota....   [tags: cultural competence, communication with patients]

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Market Forces Affecting The Long-Term Care Industry

- Recent changes in the health care marketplace are causing many Minnesota long-term care providers to become more aware of the markets in which they operate and to re-evaluate their marketing strategies. Demographic shifts, sociological phenomena, medical advances, new government influences and competition are impacting the manner in which care is provided to the elderly and subsequently creating changes in consumer expectations and demands for long-term care services. As with any industry in a period of transition, changes will create new business opportunities for those who understand and capitalize on changing market conditions....   [tags: Healthcare]

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Chapter 4 : Tom 's School Experience

- Summary Chapter 4 describes Tom’s school experience in Pennsylvania and Poland, and discussed the relationship between math and many American students. Tom did not like math and thought he was not good at it. When he was asked to solve a problem in his class in Poland, he tried to make an excuse to avoid going to the board to solve it, which the book hinted typically worked in his American classes. However, he was still asked to solve the problem, which he could not do. The book explained that math is a difficult subject for many American students, and that on the PISA assessment American students score pretty low....   [tags: Teacher, School, Education, United States]

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Public Transportation and the Affiliated Debt

- Comparing the transit systems of specific metro regions in most if not all cases has similar characteristics across the country, financial issues. Transit systems from the largest in the country such as the New York City Metro Transit Authority and Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area Transit Authority with a combined 9.3 million daily ridership to the smallest such as the Rochester-Genesee Regional Transit Authority of Rochester, New York struggle with financial issues (Transit for Livable Communities, 2009)....   [tags: Transportation]

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The American Civil Liberties Union

- The history of the Near case began in minnesota in 1925 with the passing of the Minnesota gag law which allowed a judge to stop the publication of any publication they found obscene or malicious. In addition to this if the material continued to be published the creator would receive a heavy fine as well as time in jail. Designed in order to combat the rampant spread of yellow journalism which was sensational news stories centered around the conduct of politicians and local community leaders. The first application was aimed at a weekly newsletter known as the Saturday Post published in Minneapolis by the controversial J.M....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States]

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The History of Cheerleading

- ... Thanks to Campbell and his fellow "yell leaders", Minnesota won the game 17-6 and cheerleading was born. Based on their success, cheerleading continued to grow and develop over time. As participation in cheerleading grew over time, new techniques and skills were added, until cheerleading became what it is today. Meanwhile, the sport of Basketball invented in 1891, also grew in popularity and became a major sport where cheerleading also continued to develop and prosper over the next 100 years....   [tags: crowd participation at athletic events]

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The Impact: Vietnam and the 1968 Democratic Primary

- ... It is here that he was introduced to the conflict in Vietnam. Originally, McCarthy threw his hat in the ring in an effort to get the US Government to turn over documents and such that outlined the US’s role in the war. He campaigned heavily against the war and found himself in utter disagreement with LBJ. Once the New Hampshire primary was complete, Johnson left and things changed. Not just for McCarthy, but for the race as well. Bearing a strange resemblance to Eugene McCarthy, Hubert Humphrey also made a living representing the state of Minnesota....   [tags: society, political, war, nation]

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What Matters Most?

- What Matters Most. Nothing matters more to me than maintaining my devout passion for all of Minnesota’s sports teams. Although it may appear trivial at first glance, this passion spreads to all aspects of my life and defines who I am as a person. After moving to California at the age of 3, I had not quite yet begun to craft my love for the Minnesota teams. However, as I continued to grow, so did my affection for sports. To my parents’ astonishment, I devoted my attention to the teams of my former home, rather than rooting for local Bay Area teams....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, The A-Team]

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A Sure Thing

- In these days of economic uncertainty, with our unemployment rate in Minnesota at “6.4%” (Current), it is nice to be able to invest into a sure thing. There is no bigger certainty than the NFL. By investing into a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings, we are sure to reap in the benefits of this inevitability. There are many reasons of objections to this investment into the sports team that represents our state across the country. Many people just do not believe that the Vikings need the public’s money....   [tags: Government]

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Climate Change Is Real and We Need to Address It

- Climate change, no matter who you ask, is either real or a factious phenomenon that has been altering our planet at an alarming rate. With temperatures rising, weather events becoming more dangerous, and ecosystems suffering climate change can be viewed as a problem that is real. One of the places that is under the climate change gun, is a delicate ecosystem in Northern Minnesota. In Northern Minnesota two of the state’s biggest ecosystems come together and create a very delicate transitional zone called the prairie-forest ecotone....   [tags: environmental issues and concerns]

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No Bullying with HF 826 Safe and Supportive Schools Act

- Governor Dayton has created new act to help Minnesota school with a very important topic Bullying. The new Safe and Supportive Schools Act provides educators, parents and students with tools and resources they need, like bulling prevention and intervention. It will also help lower absences, suspensions and drop out rates because the schools will now how to handle bullying and kids have a place to go and be safe. The bill includes a clear definition of bullying and intimidation so its easier for schools to identify it....   [tags: school, harrassment, students]

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What You Pawn I Will Redeem By Sherman Alexie

- Native Americans are a group of people with high rates of certain diseases, including homelessness. In the United States of America there are 2.5 million Native Americans and in this population many of the people are unemployed, earn low income, and have limited education, which contribute to becoming homeless. In many urban areas, Native Americans who try to find housing experience discrimination, which causes them to become homeless. In Sherman Alexie’s “What You Pawn I Will Redeem”, he explains the topic or disease of homelessness because of its negative effects on the Native American culture....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Monster University '

- Few months ago, there was a huge impressing movie to me, which was named Inside Out, and it is an animation movie, and focused on adults. Inside Out is also fifteenth animation movie that Global animation company, Pixar, released. Their ambitious work, Monster University, failed to gain a number of audiences, so Pixar had resting period for two years. As the result, people worried about that Pixar might have been collapsed. However, two years later, according to this movie, Pixar informed they are still alive by obtaining many audiences....   [tags: Emotion, Psychology, Sadness, Emotions]

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My Family's Migration to the United States

- The United States is a country known for its variation of nationalities and ethnic races. After extensive research, and questioning I discovered that my ancestors originated from Norway and Switzerland. My family migrated to the United States in the late 1800’s from Norway due to social, economic, and religion reforms as well as, a surplus in the population. Learning of my ancestor’s migration to America has very much influenced my views on the existing immigration problems that the U.S. currently faces....   [tags: status of immigrants, personal reflections]

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Taking a Look at the Sioux Uprising

- “Over the Earth I come.” This is not a statement made in haste but a declaration of war, coming from the mouth of a Sioux warrior, a Dakota. They call him Crooked Lightning. That was the first and only true announcement about the planned uprising from the Dakota Nation. The Sioux Uprising of 1862 was appallingly deadly and destructive considering it may have been avoided if the United States had paid the Sioux their gold on time. The Dakota Nation didn’t just wake up one day and decide to attack the settlers....   [tags: broken promises and brutal racism]

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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The Great Gatsby is a novel that was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The story Great Gatsby has two male main characters Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway. Both characters live in West Egg district, which is located in Long Island New York. Nick Carraway grew up and lived in Minnesota and then later moved to the west egg district in the summer of 1922. Jay Gatsby lived in a large gothic style mansion. Nick was Jays neighbor when he moved in from Minnesota. Nick was in aw over Jays house because in Minnesota they did not have houses like the one Jay was living in....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby]

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Minimum Wage and the American Dream

- Living in a nice home, a good neighborhood, and having nice cars is what most people think of as part of the American Dream. How are you supposed to get there though. Unless you're going to win the lottery you’re going to have to work in some form. Achieving the American Dream while earning minimum wage may take a person longer but it is still attainable. Through higher education or hard work individuals can achieve a higher standard of living. What is minimum wage. Minimum wage is the lowest hourly rate (dollars per hour) that employers can pay their employees....   [tags: Unemployment, Poverty]

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The Immunization Information Connection Or Miic

- Whether you are a parent, provider, or school the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection or MIIC is an organization that safeguards the patient’s electronic immunization records ensuring that the correct vaccine is given at the appropriate time and is properly documented. It was an extra convenience this fall to transfer immunization records for my daughter when I was signing her up for pre-school. The school participates in the MIIC and I had to provide them with was a written authorization to look up and validate her immunization records without running to the clinic Release of Information window and asking them for a print out....   [tags: Health care]

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Riley 's Personality Growing Up

- Riley Andersen is an 11-year-old girl who was born and raised in Minnesota. She was a very cheerful and playful child growing up. She loved hockey and had all the support she needed from her parents. Riley comes from a well-organized, loving, and well precise family who gave provided her need and necessities and were also there for her emotional and physically. Everything changed when her father’s recent job relocated to San Francisco; this took a toll in Riley 's life and relationships with her friends and her parents....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Emotion, Erik Erikson]

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My Dad - Original Writing

- It was a Sunday afternoon, just like any other. I go to my grandparent’s house every Sunday, but this day was different. I pulled into my grandparent 's drive and excitedly jumped from my car. I took the path I had took many Sundays before to their backdoor that I always came through. I knocked the usual three knocks, “bang, bang, bang.” I heard their small dog Zack barking, so I knew they must be home. Seconds later my mema answered the door, very happy to see me. She walked me to the living room where she and Grandpa always sit....   [tags: Grandparent, Family, Love, Montgomery Ward]

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Nature and Nurture

- Nature and nurture is a concept that was coined in the modern sense by Francis Galton, an English Victorian polymath (a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning). He spurred the debate with his book English Men of Science: Their Nature and Nurture (1874), which is regarded as “possibly the most original of all the great Victorians” (Trotter 113). The concept of nature and nurture refers to a binary view of how identical twins develop. One side of the view, nature, states that identical twins will develop similarly no matter how they are raised because they are genetically identical....   [tags: Francis Galton, Modern Concept, Polymath]

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An Analysis Of Jon D. Holtzman 's Nuer Journeys, Nuer Lives : Sudanese Refugees

- In Nuer journeys, Nuer lives : Sudanese refugees in Minnesota by Jon D. Holtzman, it is about the Nuer, people who are a Nilotic ethnic group and originated near the Nile river. The book explains the migration of the Nuer to the United States through the case study- Nuer of Sudan. This is one of the most popular case studies in anthropology that shows the Nuer’s traditional life. The book binds together the Nuer with new developments coming from the immigration of many other Nuer that came to the U.S....   [tags: Marriage, Wife, Gender, Nuer]

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Psychology Is The Study Of Human Thought, Emotion And Behavior

- Psychology is the study of human thought, emotion and behavior. Someone who is trained in this discipline is a Psychologist and he or she has a variety of options when deciding on an area of specialization. There are three general types of psychology: Research, counseling, and applied. Research Psychologists study and observe human behavior in an attempt to understand and interpret why people do what they do. They also study the effect of different behavior tendencies. Counseling and Clinical Psychologists help people solve life and mental health problems....   [tags: Psychology, Mental health professional]

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San Joaquin Valley And Cultural Center For Kings County

- Hanford, California Hanford, California is located in the south central San Joaquin Valley and is considered an important commercial and cultural center for Kings County. The city’s population was estimated to be 55,804 residents as of January 2015 by the California Department of Finance. The largest employers in the area include Adventist Health System, Hanford Elementary School District and the Del Monte Foods cannery. While the majority of Hanford residents live healthy ethical lives, there are those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction problems....   [tags: Addiction, Drug addiction, Psychoactive drug]

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Placing Transitional Migration : The Sociospatial Networks Of Bolivians

- In Chapter 16: Placing transitional Migration: The Sociospatial Networks of Bolivians in the United States By M.D. Price talks about how Hispanics play a huge role in the United States immigration. The biggest demographic shift is in the increase of Hispanics. Today Hispanics are the largest minority group in the United States. This chapter focuses on a specific Hispanic group: Bolivians. How Bolivians come to USA to receive a better life. Though Bolivians have specialties like having soccer leagues, folkloric dances, and specialty food like saltenas it still hard to find “Little Bolivia” around....   [tags: United States, Race, Washington, D.C.]

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