• Communication In The Millenium

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    Communication In the Millenium: 2000 and Beyond The Year 2000. The Millenium. With these phrases come the thoughts of the future and futuristic living. Although the lifestyle of the Jetson’s, with moon shot apartment complexes and flying cars, is more science fiction and entertainment than science fact, how many of their fantasy inventions might someday be a fact? With the new century less than 3 months away, the year 2000 quickly brings to mind the inventions we once thought of as children watching

  • Millenium Force

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    Millennium Force The ear piercing noises that I heard reminded me of hearing Jamie Lee Curtis shriek at the sign of Michael Myers in Halloween. I quickly realized that I was not in the theatre, but rather in the midst of the world’s largest theme park, standing next to the tallest rollercoaster ever constructed. As I made sure that my jaw was still attached and not scraping the ground, I stared with awe at this massive tangled array of steel which brought together the Millennium Force. Heard about

  • Millenium Bug

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    The year 2000 is practically around the corner, promising a new era of greatness and wonder . . . as long as you don't own a computer or work with one. The year 2000 is bringing a Pandora's Box of gifts to the computer world, and the latch is slowly coming undone. The year 2000 bug is not really a "bug" or "virus," but is more a computer industry mistake. Many of the PC's, mainframes, and software out there are not designed or programmed to compute a future year ending in double

  • The Millenium Development Goals

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    In the year 2000 the United Nations set out a goal to stop hunger poverty and unfair living to people of the world not just the United States. This idea was called the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Upon taking on a task such as this the UN wanted to break down goals in sections of eight to better categorize them to use every resource they had to make this plan possible. Not every catgeroy had the same plan put in place and for that exact reason these goals where not something to be done over

  • Copyright in the Digital Millenium

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    Introduction Nearly everyone who has uploaded videos to YouTube has had one taken down for copyright infringement. But not as many people know that without that, YouTube could be shut down. Since the printing press was invented, copyright has existed to secure the livelihood of content creators. The idea of copyright is that an author can continue to sell their work without fear of mass reproduction without compensation. This way, content owners are able to pay for housing, materials, food, and other

  • The Digitial Millenium Copyright Act

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    The Digitial Millenium Copyright Act As current lawsuits unfold and the history of the Internet progresses, the debate over the future of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act thrives. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, signed into law by President Clinton on October 28, 1998, was written in an attempt to strike a balance between the rights of a work’s creator to receive adequate compensation and society’s fundamental right to freedom of information. The bottom line is that the objective of

  • Analysis of the Millenium Villages Project

    1959 Words  | 8 Pages the-track-record-of-the-millennium-villages-project>. The Millennium Villages Project: Annual Report January 1-December 31, 2008. Rep. n.d. Millennium Villages. Earth Institute Columbia University and Millenium Promise, 13 July 2009. Web. 11 June 2014. Starobin, Paul. "Does It Take a Village?" Foreign Policy. N.p., 24 June 2013. Web. 10 June 2014. <>. Zijimla, Anouk. "Top 10 Myths

  • Sothwark Cathendraw Millenium Project

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    cathedral. Retrieved from: Londontown, (2011). Southwark cathedral venue hire. Retrieved from: Millenium now, (2011). Faith in the future. Retrieved from: Myers Robert, (2004). Southwark Cathedral Millennium Project. Retrieved from:

  • Future of Our Galaxy Galactic Millenium

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    Future of Our Galaxy Galactic Millenium What Does the Future Hold? (adopted from an article by Greg Laughlin and Fred Adams, "Celebrating the Galactic Millennium", Astronomy November 2001) Not too long ago, we were looking forward to the New Millennium. To many of us, this was an important event of our lives. On a larger scale, however, the New Millennium looks insignificant. "If we adopt an astronomical perspective, however, a much larger and more distant celebration remains on the

  • A Merchants Millenium By Paul E. Johnson

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    In his book A Shopkeepers Millenium, Paul E. Johnson tells of a settlement in early 1800s Western New York called Rochester, an inland, water-powered town which thrived by dint of mercantilism, trade, and supplying manufacturing goods for nearby towns and travelers passing through. Rochester’s mills made it famous, and commerce thrived in Rochester because it had goods that were in high demand. Rochester’s settlers were wealthy men, and maintained this by carefully courting wealthy women or having

  • A Shopkeeper 's Millenium By Paul E. Johnson

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    In his book A Shopkeeper’s Millenium, Paul E. Johnson tries to analyze the conditions under which religious revivals occur. Focusing on Rochester New York, he examines Charles Finnley’s revival in the 1830s and the state of the city before, during, and after the revival. Ignoring much of what has already been written about the event, Johnson uses almost entirely primary sources to argue his point. His point is that the religious revival of 1830 was, at least in Rochester, a successful attempt by

  • Supply Chain Management in the New Millenium

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    It has become apparent the effects of globalization has changed the marketplace so much in the past few decades that a much faster response is demanded from producers and their supply chain. This is done by effective supply chain management, which is the integration of key business processes acrosss the supply chain within organisiations. The objective of this is to create a system of best value for the entire supply chain including the consumer. In recent years, many firms have realised the importance

  • Millenium Development Goals: A Successful Approach to Development

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    This essay examines how Millennium Development Goal is a successful approach to development. The paper attempts to evaluate the global achievements made by various development theories for the humanity. The United Nations declared the Millennium Development Goals in the year 2000 with the aim of reducing: global poverty; illiteracy; gender inequality; reduce child mortality; improve maternal health, combat HIV/AIDS, ensure environmental sustainability and develop a global partnership for development

  • The Most Influential Woman of the Past Millenium: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Rosa Parks

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    The Most Influential Woman of the Past Millenium: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Rosa Parks Elizabeth Cady Stanton If there had never been born an Elizabeth Cady Stanton, women may have never seen the rights and privileges granted to us in the Nineteenth Amendment. She was the leading fighter and driving force for women's rights; she dedicated her whole life to the struggle for equality. Elizabeth had learned from her father at an early age how to debate and win court cases

  • Identity through culture

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    enculturated as they mimic older children and adults, learning the cultural roles and relationships in their culture. Among the Makuna, a child assists his father in making masks for a Spirit dance (Millenium ep……) and might pretend he is the one wearing it, among the Xavanti the boys play with each other (Millenium ep……) and in North America children play with toy kitchens and guns. North American culture is unique among the three cultures discussed in that there are more influences of enculturation.

  • The Art Institute of Chicago

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    is similar to the way the art in the space makes you feel: small, unimportant, and sometimes even afraid. The Modern wing in constructed of steel and glass, and is very open and bright (except when intended not to be). The large north wall facing Millenium Park is one large expanse of windows, letting in plenty of indirect sunlight, and opening the gallery to the park. The space feels very light, in both senses of the word. As with the old building, the art feels similar to the space in that it is

  • Essay On Maternal Mortality And Morbidity

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    morbidity in recent years has become a major deveopmental issue and a matter of concern in many developing countries especially with the passage of the United Nations Millennium development goals. Many countries including Ghana are striving to reach the Millenium Development Goal (MDG) target 5 by 2015. Ghana is one of the sub-Saharan African countries still recording high numbers of maternal mortality and morbidity related issues and this poses a serious challenge for the country in matching towards the

  • 2nd part

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    II. The Philippines 2010 Progress Report on the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) To further boost the outcomes on three major areas of the MDGs-- eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education, and reducing maternal mortality--the Philippine government has decided to adopt the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps), the largest social development and poverty reduction program of the Philippine government. According to Department of Social Welfare and Development

  • Plagiarism and the Internet

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    Act and of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The former states that fair uses are not an infringement of copyright (Loren 4). A fair use refers to uses such as reports, essays, and research in which a source is properly cited. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act provides for copyright owners who believe that their material on the Internet is breaching their rights (Loren 4). Both of these laws have severe consequences. If educators familiarized their students with these, then plagiarism would

  • Hakim Bey, Chaos: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism

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    outlined programmatically more because of amorphous character of his work rather than its contradictions or irreconcilable changes over time. While Bey’s earlier book, The Temporary Autonomous Zone, has been clearly turned down in his more recent Millenium, his most characteristic excited movements remain similar. Both are discussed in detail below. “All experience is mediated -- by the mechanisms of sense perception, mentation, language, etc. -- & certainly all art consists of some

  • Challenges toward development

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    of tradition. For example, Africa’s culture and tradition is passed down from ancestors and cannot be disregarded. Not only this but, the United Nations Millenium goals prove that challenges against development have been an ongoing issue for many years. These goals act as an outline for undeveloped countries and nations. The United Nations Millenium goals have identified issues such as, poverty. Poverty is an ongoing issue as one could tell from Marx’s quote from above. In order to develop, the Unites

  • The Fab Five

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    state of Arizona, and the difference, between the views of voters in Arizona and other states. I will also discuss not only the future of women in Arizona politics but the future of women in national politics as well, and what to expect as the new millenium approaches. It is no coincidence that Arizona’s five highest offices are held by women. These women, Governor Jane Hull, Secretary of State Betsey Bayless, Attorney General Janet Napolitano, Treasurer Carol Springer, and Superintendent of

  • Plot Summary for Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope

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    two droids head to Mos Eisley to find a ship that will take them to Alderaan, the home planet of Leia. They go to the cantina and meet Han Solo, a smuggler, and Solo’s companion, Chewbacca (a Wookie). They head to Han and Chewbacca’s ship, the Millenium Falcon. As they are boarding, Imperial troops arrive and start shooting at the ship. They barely get away from Tatooine, where they then begin their journey to Alderaan. As this is happening, Imperial Governor Moff Tarkin is interrogating Leia

  • Inadequate Nutrition on the Home Front

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    programs, private organizations are stepping in to help as well. The “Action Against Hunger” or “AFC” is a global humanitarian organization, their mission is to end world hunger. Unicef is another organization working to help accomplish the first Millenium Development Goal of “eradicating world hunger” among other health issues. ACF has established programs in over 40 countries and Unicef has been assisting with the survival, nutrition, and development of young children, funds and supplies micronutrients

  • Modern Day Child Labour

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    laboring over machines for countless hours. We, in the United States, would never tolerate such conditions. For us, child labor is a practice that climaxed and phased away during and then after the industrial revolution. In 1998 as we approach the new millenium, child labor cannot still bea reality, or can it? Unfortunately, the employment and exploitation of children inthe work force is still alive and thriving. While this phenomenon is generally confined to third world developing nations, much of the

  • What Can We Do About World Poverty?

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    International. Compassion International. n.d. 19 February 2014 <>. Do Do n.d. 19 February 2014 <>. Millenium Project. Millenium Project. n.d. 19 February 2014 <>. National Poverty Center. National Poverty Center. n.d. 19 February 2014 <>.

  • World Poverty

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    International. 1 January 2014. 19 February 2014 <>. Do Do 1 January 2014. 19 February 2014 <>. Millenium Project. Millenium Project. 1 January 2014. 19 February 2014 <>. National Poverty Center. National Poverty Center. 1 January 2014. 19 February 2014 <>. Poverty

  • Controversy Over The Definition Of Marketing In The 21St Century

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    The War of Words over the Definition of Marketing in the 21st Century The definition of marketing has been a strongly debated topic in the new Millenium. For more than 70 years the American Marketer Association’s (AMA) definition has been the guideline for academics and scholars alike. A number of academics have been unsatisfied with the AMA’s 2004 marketing definition , and it has stirred many debates (Grönroos, 2006, Dann 2008). Christian Grönroos in particular focuses on four elements of

  • Women's Rights

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    is that if she had lived a little over 150 years ago, her future dreams would be quite different. Women living a life of religious freedom, having a voice in government, and attending schools is normal in our everyday lives as we reach the new millenium. However, women did not always have an equal say or chance in life. In our American History, women have demonstrated and worked for reform of women's rights. Through seven generations, it took many meetings, petition drives, lobbying, public speaking

  • Terrorist Organizations Worldwide

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    its acts are not meant distinctively for civilians, servicemen, or politicians. Thus terrorism can be deleterious to all people, regardless of religion, creed, age, gender, or social status. The approaching millenium brings even more terrorist acts than ever due to the fact that the millenium is thought to be the Apocalypse. Satan, the Christian version of the Devil, and its counterparts are prophesized to roam the earth after the Apocalypse. Some terrorists think that they are trying to prepare

  • Radiohead and the Jubilee 2000 Campaign

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    This event, Buxton announced, will be held at the Parliament Square in centrol London at 12:30 p.m. this November 11th. Since November 11th marks the countdown of only 50 days left in the millenium, it has been chosen as the deadline for any possible changes of taxation to occur before the turn of the millenium. Loud trumpets will be among the means of demonstrating each person's dissatisfaction reguarding the current taxation laws. These trumpets, Buxton defines, will be present to "blast" the Treasury

  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

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    possible distortions of culture in the process of translation. The Swedish novel, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (part of the Millenium trilogy and originally titled Män som hatar kvinnor, literally “Men who hate women”), was made into two film versions. The original was a Swedish film production that was released in 2009, and with the worldwide popularization of The Millenium Trilogy in both its written form and the Swedish film versions prompted an American Hollywood remake that was released in 2011

  • Shea Butter and World Trade

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    production of Shea butter can be an important tool to empowering local African communities. The United Nations’ Millennium development goal of promoting gender equality and empowering women can be put into context in this situation (United Nation Millenium Development Goals). As in many other Less Developed countries, Ghana is a patriarchal society where men conduct the business and women are limited in their inheritance of land after their husbands have died. These women and other workers in the

  • The Bitter Sweet Symphony of Life

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    able to utilize the Rolling Stoness The Last Time in collaboration with their own music to invent a new sound. Just as The Verve took a sound from the past, students are taking the experiences and knowledge of the past as they embark on the new millenium. We are not repeating our past failures, but instead are molding them into something that can be adapted into a new concept and a new way of thinking. Mistakes of the past can lead to the triumphs in our futures. As lyricist, lead singer, Richard

  • Feminism in Tom Robbins’ Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

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    character, Sissy Hankshaw epitomize the change in women and sex roles in the late 1960s and 1970s. First of all, this novel can be looked at as representative of the sexual revolution in the 1970s. According to Linda Grant, author of Sexing the Millenium, up until the mid-1960s, single women had a difficult time obtaining birth control and were given the responsibility of remaining virgins until they consummated a marriage. Abortion and homosexuality were not only illegal, but were taboo topics of

  • WAR And PEACE And How It Effected The World

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    Microsoft-certified driver for your video card. Your video card vendor should be able to supply this. Some of the latest versions of drivers will allow the use of High colour / Low resolution screen modes (recommended). An example of this is the Matrox Millenium. Gravis Ultrasound ----------------- The DOS version of GTA, run under Windows 95, will not play any sound effects with an Ultrasound, UNLESS you shut down windows into MS-DOS mode, or change the PIF from DOS-Box to MS-DOS mode. DOS Version -

  • Star Traveling To The Millennium

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    Now as we are rapidly approaching the Millenium many people are getting the blues. This seems absurd because this offers all of us a perfect chance to start again. NASA is embracing this chance to grow and expand their departments. The phrase, “Space, the final frontier,” expresses the world’s obsession with space travel, that started centuries before it even became popular 30 years ago in Gene Roddenberry’s TV series “Star Trek.” Science fiction has entertained our culture for years. Movies such

  • Porsche 911 Road Cars

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    design and the car sold great! I would recommend this book to someone who is really interested in Porsche cars and how they run. This book tells you everything from the evolution of the first 911 in 1960 to one they hope to build for the next millenium. You can learn every characteristic about the engine and sometimes why. For example, if you wanted to know about the new 911’s motor, you could go to the chapter about that particular car and get the information you needed. If you wanted to know

  • Original Narrative Anticipated

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    Original Narrative: Anticipated Crisis With the end of the millenium right around the corner, the statement coined by Rene Descartes, &quot;I think, therefore I am,&quot; no longer holds true. This is mostly due to the emergence of monumental technological breakthroughs since the formulation of this statement in the seventeenth century. In fact, &quot;I have technology, therefore I am&quot; and &quot;My God said so, therefore I am&quot; could be contemporary versions of this statement that accurately

  • Terrorism and Freedom - All We Need is Love

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    one's existence, one is constantly striving to achieve the pinnacle of their abilities, a certain excellence within themselves, and a balance between themselves and their society.         Unfortunately, as we near the end of the millenium, society is failing to provide us with the appropriate means in order to realize that goal. So as we prepare for the next century, we must recognize that there are many problems that we must alleviate before this world can become a

  • Instant Messenger Enhances Communication and Adds Richness to Life

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    difference between instant messaging and other language use is the attention paid to grammar and punctuation. Many have commented on the affect that email and instant messaging have had on our writing; Sven Birkerts, in his essay “Into the Electronic Millenium,” goes so far as to call it “language erosion.” He writes that, due to our increasing use of technology, “Language will grow increasingly impoverished through a series of vicious cycles (70).” I will admit that I used to have this somewhat elitist

  • Sustainable Development and Population Control

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    gushed, "We must spare no effort to free all of humanity, and above all our children and grandchildren from the threat of living on a planet irredeemably spoilt by human activities, and whose resources would no longer be sufficient for their needs" (Millenium Assembly, para.22).   In his report to the Commission on Population and Development, UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, insisted that need for population policies was urgent: "Population and development policies - especially those relating

  • Republican Plan Should be Vetoed

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    com/headlines/951114/news/stories/budget_42.html) seems alright, but there could be a better way. In general, today's Congress is in so much deadlock over balancing the budget, they will end up watching it go to about $6 billion by the start of the new millenium!!! The debt's already too high now. President Johnson was able to halve the deficit and keep his budget under $100 million during his first year in office (; but he achieved this through some

  • Giving to the Hungry

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    suffering from hunger. The amounts raised from this majority can be dispersed amongst the effective organisations that deal with absolute poverty, and are substantial enough to affect real change. Eradicating extreme hunger and poverty is Millenium Goal number one (Millenium project UN development). This goal can be achieved if all affluent nations and their citizens agree to contribute. Singer proposes that if the average Australian household contributed 1% of their annual income to fighting extreme hunger

  • brave new world

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    Brave New World: Draft &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Huxley's: Brave New World takes into consideration so much of what really goes on in the world now. From the separation of the sexes to the, still in progress, cloning of the new millenium. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Today regardless of all the women's rights acts and laws against discrimination due to race or sex, women still seem inferior in some ways. There are still housewives, while not as many as there were say fifty years ago, as well

  • Ferdinand Prosche: Life And Achievements Of A Pioneer

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    put foot on this planet. He is one of those people who have crossed the barrier that separates leyends form immortals, who will be remembered for many generations to come as a pioneer of the most important invention of the century, and maybe the millenium. Ferdinand Porsche had to be born with a car on his mind. Porsche. There is no substitute.

  • evil

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    Humans are the most thoroughly refined inhabitants of the planet, and their intelligence has allowed them to advance radically in just a few milleniums. They regard themselves as the most civilized creature on Earth, but humans, and humans alone, established the philosophical aspect of "civilization". Their cultural facets, common courtesies, and social formalities were all created in an effort to be "civilized". William Golding’s literary narrative, Lord of the Flies, provides an extensive insight

  • Anti-Semitism

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    1346-1350, which killed 25 million Europeans; The Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918, which killed over 20 million people worldwide; and from 1981-1997, over 30.8 million people worldwide were infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. (Can Humanity Outlive Next Millenium?). It is also notable that the Holocaust is the only one of these tragedies that was 100% preventable. Some say anti-Semitism is increasing again in the 90's, but it actually occurs less than ever (European Anti-Semitism). Anti-Semitism and all

  • Morality in South Africa

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    communities who misused their prophetic role under Apartheid be seen as moral authorities after Apartheid? How can a justice system that allowed the unjust brutalization of the majority of the population be seen as an instrument of justice in a new millenium? Of course, control of these institutions is changing, even if slowly, and that will help. But the bigger question remains: can these societal institutions help contribute to the genuine reconciliation that South Africa needs to emerge from the shadow

  • Animal Farm As An Allegory

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    George Orwell’s Animal Farm is known as a satire, fable, and an allegory. Orwell includes many allegorical lessons in his novel; thus creating a novel that can be read on many levels. In his article Appreciating Animal Farm in the New Millenium, John Rodden argues that if the political and historical references in the book are missed by the reader, the book can be completely misunderstood. The story is about three pigs that turn a failing farm into a complete dictatorship where some animals are