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The School Of Middle School

- You’re heart is beating ninety miles per hour, hands are shaking, palms are sweating, and you couldn’t sleep at all last night. This is it… The moment you’ve thought about the entire summer, it’s the start of MIDDLE SCHOOL. AHH. You are about to walk into a new chapter in your life and boy is this scary. You have to figure out how to change classes, remember all your new teachers names, make new friends, figure out where you were going to sit in the cafeteria, and the list could go on and on. You were just in elementary school… were you had the same teacher for an entire year, and could play with your friends on the play ground every day and your only worry was who had the better snack....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Middle school, School]

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Present Day Of Middle School

- Present Day (2015) “You know what would be funny. If we get really close this year, and then move away for college to never see each other.” “Aw, come on, man,” he said making a sad, scrunched up face. I felt kinda bad after saying that, I didn’t think it was really funny, I only said that because in reality, after our senior year, friendships are going to go to shit. 5 Years Earlier (2010) Yikes. The first day of middle school. I can not wait to meet new people and make new memories. I step on to the campus of the middle school and learn where my home room class is....   [tags: Friendship, High school, Middle school]

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Attending A Middle School Classroom

- during my observations I was able to attend a middle school classroom and in this middle school classroom I was unable to talk to the teacher about students who had an IEP, ISP, or section 504. Therefore, in the start of class I was unable to notice many of the accommodations that were given, however I noticed that the teacher would give her student planning outlines. She would walk them through it, discussing want each bubble should have and eventually let them do it on their own. As an individual I think this worked really well because most of the students were able to get on task as soon as they were left alone and other would not....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Middle school]

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The Education Of The Middle School Movement

- William Alexander, a founding father of the middle school movement, stated that the learning of right answers is not enough. He believe that students should not just learn the content, but that students should be the center of education. Students should have a personalized education that appeals to the “whole person”. Teachers can help create the whole person by developing relationships with the students and managing their classrooms. Also teacher-to-teacher collaboration is essential for student growth....   [tags: High school, Education, Middle school, College]

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Middle School Is The Time Of Puberty

- Let’s flash back in time to before our college days. Back to then we had lunch trays filled with rubbery chicken nuggets, stale pizza, and bags of chocolate milk. A backpack stacked with Lisa Frank note books, flexi rulers, and color changing pencils. The times where we thought we wouldn’t make it out alive, but we did. Through all the trials and tribulations school helped build who I am today and shaped my future. From basic functions all the way to life-long lessons that helped shape my character....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Time, Thought]

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Young Adolescents And The Middle School

- Young adolescents can be described as ages 10-15 years old, but it is also considered that adolescence continues until the age of 25. During this time in an adolescent’s life there are many internal and external factors that affect the development of each individual. The influence that an adolescent’s peers, parents, and community have on them can be conflicting and therefore cause stress. Trying to meet the expectations of others during a time where one is going through so many forms of physical, psychological, and cognitive development can be trying for a middle school aged student....   [tags: Education, High school, Middle school, Adolescence]

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Graduation Speech For A Middle School

- 1. To enrich my school experience I have been taking college classes galore. By the end of this year I will have about 20 college credits. Taking college classes has been challenging. Balancing extra work on top of my school schedule has at times has been challenging. However I have been preparing myself for college level work. This should ease the transition from high school to college. Also I get free credits. This is something that I suggest every one pursue. I work for a middle school doing workshops with their students on Fridays....   [tags: High school, College, Robot, Middle school]

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My Elementary And Middle School

- My Elementary and Middle School years were characterized by a consistent and dedicated work ethic, which was critical in maintaining good grades. While my high school years are highlighted by many accomplishments, which I regard with a higher sense of pride, as they were all accomplished despite any obstacles my disability imposed. During my first year of high school, I did not have as solid of a start as I would have liked. I maintained a good GPA as an honors student, but also received my first disappointing grade....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, Middle school]

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Graduation Speech : Middle School

- [Document subtitle] There comes a time in every modern day preteen’s life when they have to go through this traumatizing, dramatic, and awful experience called Middle School. It’s one of the more challenging transitions I’ve ever faced. We go through hormonal changes, class changes, freedom changes and overcome new experiences. Middle school is that place where they throw you to transition through that awkward stage. I find it to be absolute hell and a general pain. But it’s within all the hell, drama, trauma, pain and crap that we all take that prepare us for high school and lets us truly find ourselves....   [tags: Teacher, High school, College, Middle school]

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High School Vs. Middle School

- High School vs. Middle School The transformation from middle school to high school marks an exciting and overwhelming time in a teenager’s life. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in life and it opens new doors of opportunity. High school is easily over estimated compared to middle school and middle school is very much under estimated from high school. High school and middle school are very different with only a few similarities. The two different levels of schooling have completely different time schedules, different priorities take place, and one schools education system is more advanced than the other....   [tags: High school, School, Middle school]

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Motivation And Engagement Of Middle School Children

- Spurring from a growing concern over the literacy requirements of students in a Middle school science class, Holli Eddins Forrest in “Using Literacy to Engage Adolescents in Science,” asserts that it is not literacy that causes students to “hate science,” but the way in which information is presented. In the article, Forrest aims to analyze motivation and engagement of Middle school children in a Science class, to determine the root of the problem and highlights ways in which educators can cultivate the necessary literacy skills required to keeps students motivated and engaged....   [tags: Education, Motivation, Middle school]

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The Characteristics os Middle School Learners

- My first internship directive was to present a lesson on the characteristics of middle school learners and the middle school philosophy. It is important to note that I designed and taught this lesson before reading chapter five in the Ramsden (1992) text. Consequently, my journal reflection and later evaluation of the experience are appreciably different. To guide my lesson design, I established three student learning goals: (a) identify the emotional, physical, intellectual, and social characteristic constructs specific to the middle school learner; (b) analyze associations between the characteristic constructs and possible impediments to the middle school learning process; (c) generate acc...   [tags: education, middle school philosophy]

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Middle School : A Dramatic And Colorful History

- Dougherty Middle School has a dramatic and colorful history. The school was established in September 1960 as East Dougherty Junior High School. The grades in the school included seventh, eighth and ninth. The main reason for the founding of this school was to have a school on the east of the Flint River. This school would also serve the needs of the Turner Air Force Base and the Marine Core Logistics Base communities. Due to segregation at this particular time, the ethnic makeup of the school was all Caucasians....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Secondary school]

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The School Year At Lincoln Middle School

- As with every new year there are changes that take place in the schools. Some changes are made because of adoption of new curriculum or other changes may be made as the school strives to better itself. The 2016-2017 school year at Lincoln Middle school has brought many changes to the building. There is the usual switching of administration, administration switching focus and the few new faces that may be replacing the staff that is retiring. However, Lincoln has gone through too many to actually monitor which change is improving which factor in the building....   [tags: High school, Education, Middle school, College]

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A Student Of Oak Valley Middle School

- As a former student of Oak Valley Middle School for all three years, I am proud to say that I still hold my Oak Valley Pride. From the beginning of the 6th grade all the way to the end of 8th grade, I remember almost every single teacher I had and the impact they had on me. With being a member of the Track and Field team for all three years, I clearly remember Mr. Howe, Mr. Haren, Mr. Shindorf, and Mrs. Jarvis. Each of these adults pushed me to do my best both in school and in sports. I even have Mr....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Elementary school]

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Personal Statement : Counsel Middle School

- The increase of turmoil throughout our country has caused a tremendous demand for those serving in the military (Atuel & Jacobson, 2011). Therefore, it is important to take care of our troops as well as their families, which is why I decided to put forth an initiative to counsel middle school students whose parents are active or retired from the military. The problem is that there is a need for support and understanding (Finkel, Kelley, & Ashby, 2003). Once a family member deploys as well as return the need becomes even more heightened (Finkel, Kelley, & Ashby, 2003)....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Secondary school]

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The Effects Of Bullying On The Middle School Age

- In a society that focus so much on oneself, the youth of today are become even more vicious with the attacks on their fellow students and the adults are given even less authority to correct the issues. Being different is what makes this world work. If every single person was the same, then certain parts of a societal structure would never be fulfilled. Although, this is something that is truly not learned until one is an adult. Bullying starts to typical worsen around the middle school age, but can start in the elementary school age (Fritz, 2011)....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Suicide, Bullying]

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Censorship For Middle School Students

- Censorship by definition is the suppression of speech or removal of communicative material which may be considered objectionable or repulsive. Censorship is nothing new and its effects are constantly felt throughout society. Many societies use censorship to protect the established moral and social order. Book censorship in western cultures can be traced to the earliest years of Christianity, when the church began to suppress opposing views as unorthodox. In ancient times, before the printing press and the mass production of literature, book burning was an effective form of censorship....   [tags: Censorship, Middle School, Students, education,]

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The For Being A Successful Middle School Teacher

- Author Ben Johnson may have said it best. “Squirrels. That is what they remind me of. We were all that age once and we were all just like squirrels. Have you ever watched a squirrel. Zoom, freeze for two seconds, flick tail, and repeat. The trick for being a successful middle school teacher is holding their attention for more than just those few seconds. Believing that that is possible requires a huge leap of faith and trust.” A high functioning Assistant principal needs to have the same idea in mind when dealing with adolescent students....   [tags: Education, Teacher, High school, Middle school]

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Characteristics Of Change At Florence Middle School

- Characteristics of Change Need The Route to Intervention (RTI) initiative at Florence Middle School (FMS) addressed the need to boost reading and math proficiency for the school’s lowest achieving students. Formerly these students were assigned to a remedial course where they received extra help on class assignments and tests. However, this class did not diagnose students’ learning gaps nor did it provide any remediation for reading or math. The new initiative focused on separating students who scored in the bottom 25 percent based on their Mississippi Curriculum Test 2 scores (MCT2) into one of two remedial classes to receive small group or one-on-one support within to overcome learning gap...   [tags: High school, Education, Middle school, Teacher]

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I Am A Middle School Teacher

- To be a middle school teacher requires a large number of patience, guidance and knowledge for their students. Many people think that teaching is solely about increasing a child’s knowledge but really it is much more than that. As educators it is important that we show the children we care about their social, emotional, and behavioral aspects of their lives. The children need to know a teacher cares about their success in the classroom but also what happens to them in the hallways, the cafeteria and ever at home....   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, Middle school]

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Computer Usage Of Middle School Children

- Computer Usage in Middle Schools Middle school children typically ages 10-14 are quickly becoming acclimated to technological devices such as cell phones, video games, laptop computers and tablets. But are we truly helping our children by allowing the usage of these items in classroom settings. Is the use of computers in classrooms truly enhancing the students’ knowledge or is it simply a misappropriation of State funding. In this paper, I will attempt to prove that while technology usage in schools can be beneficial in some ways, it is more than anything an unnecessary and detrimental tool in the hands of middle school age children....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Personal computer]

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Life Of The Middle School And High School Is Not Easy For Me

- Life in the middle school and high school was not easy for me. I had become an introvert, I still didn’t know how to be social, and I had very few friends. I was teased for being very quiet, and some people insinuated that I’m scared of fellow people. On the other hand life at home was difficult. My mother had become so bitter and pleased her was next to impossible. She became very harsh with my brother and me, and we were always scolded for even the smallest mistakes. Once in a while, my father would come for us and take us to the city he lived....   [tags: High school, Middle school, College]

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The Middle School System And Development Of Young Adolescents

- Young students today that are going through the middle school system are between the ages of 10 to 15 years old. They are going through a crucial stage of life in which many alterations occur such as emotional, physical, and mental changes. All of these changes that they must go through are essential to develop into healthy, fully functional, and self-actualized people. As a future educator, I need to see that middle school students are unique; they are too old to be considered children and too young to be considered adolescents....   [tags: High school, Education, Middle school, Teacher]

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My Internship At West De Pere Middle School

- During my internship at West De Pere Middle School, the school held an assembly, Be Amazing, a nationwide three-screen multi-media event. The assembly’s goal is to inspire students to achieve their goals every day, to leave a positive legacy, and to support other people. The program aims for students to witness in a visual format, how amazing things just don’t happen to people; the person works hard by overcoming obstacles, and performing with high expectations. In addition to, amazing people don’t allow other people; like bullies, to halt their progress....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Presentation of Mary]

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What Do You Like About Middle School?

- 1. What do/did you like about middle school. Why. ( draw out characteristics of a MS student and /or philosophy of learning) I like changing being able to move around in class and changing classrooms. I feel like I have more choices. How do you have more choices. I can chose different ways to show what I learned. It’s just more fun and interesting. Is it different from grade school. Middle school is so much better than grade school, because it seems like I’m learning more and having fun. I get to do stuff that I like and am able to be with my friends more....   [tags: Education, High school, Psychology, Middle school]

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My First Thoughts About Barr Middle School

- For our school visits we went to Barr Middle School in Grand Island, NE and Northeast Elementary in Kearney, NE. My first thoughts about Barr Middle school were it was the biggest school I have ever been in bar none. I couldn’t believe that it had three different levels and each level was for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. My step sisters and step brother went to Barr during their middle school years and they always talked about how amazing that school was, and that it was extremely big, let’s just say it didn’t disappoint....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Teacher, Education]

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The Experience Middle School Is It Is More Teaching Life Skills And Academics

- I feel that in the experience middle school is, it is more teaching life skills and academics. It is more showing what kind of person that student could become. I believe when you are in the beginning around 6 th grade, they need to be more controlled and guided to that self-discipline and if all teachers in the school are doing the same, then by 8 th grade they should know what self-discipline is and be able to respect teachers, the classroom itself, and their peers. I believe that it doesn’t matter whether a student is basically good or disruptive; when it comes to behavior it comes down to how they were raised....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Middle school]

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I Had The Privilege Of Doing My Middle School Observation

- I had the privilege of doing my middle school observation at Corkscrew Middle School. While I was there I observed a seventh grade language arts class. This school has a total student population of 726. Of those students 320 are White, 55 are Black, 325 are Hispanic, 3 are Asian, 15 are Multiracial, and 8 are Indian. Approximately 52% of the school’s student population are economically needy. Upon arriving at the classroom, the first thing I noticed was everything was covered by large sheets of paper on the walls....   [tags: Education, High school, Middle school]

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I Always Enjoyed History At Middle School And High School

- I always enjoyed history while I was in middle school and high school, but I had many friends who hated it and believed that it was boring and just a list of facts they needed to memorize. I had some great history and social studies teachers growing up and also witnessed some that made students solely did what my friends hated about this subject, memorize facts. It is important to connect the content with the students who are learning the information. For each lesson I will always try to connect what my students are learning with what is happening in the world today....   [tags: High school, Education, Middle school, Teacher]

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Let 's Set The Scenario And Imagine You Are A Middle School Student

- Let’s set the scenario and imagine you are a middle school student. Here it is at the start of yet another school week, the bus pulls up to allow the students off the bus. The first student to exit the bus is an 8th grade girl wearing skin tight skinny jeans, flip flops, and a red tank top. As she steps off the bus several of her fellow male students are watching her as if she is a supermodel, one in particular watches whom is wearing baggy jeans and an oversized shirt. The girl ignores the boys as she walks towards the bathroom to do a last minute makeup check before the first bell....   [tags: High school, Dress code, Middle school, Clothing]

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Classroom Management : Effective Middle And High School Teacher

- Classroom management is used to describe different techniques aimed to ensure that classroom lessons and activities run efficiently (Snowman & McCown, 2015). It also helps keep students organized, focused, and academically productive during class; while also decreasing behaviors that may negatively impact learning for other students (Snowman & McCown, 2015). As an educator, it is imperative to provide an environment that encourages students to learn, engage with one another and have an overall positive experience in school; in order for this to occur, a classroom management has to be established (Snowman & McCown, 2015)....   [tags: High school, Education, Middle school, Teacher]

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Planning Your Visit Policy Priority Issue, Required Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation ( Cpr ) Training For Middle School Students

- Planning Your Visit Working with policymakers can be an intimidating and daunting task for those looking to develop and implement policies. In order to promote my chosen policy-priority issue, required cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for middle school students, I will need to work with a local policymaker and present my issue to him or her. Currently, there is no requirement for CPR training in middle schools. To successfully present my policy-priority issue I will need to contact local policymakers to set up a meeting, create a presentation, and deliver an effective presentation....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Policy]

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My Personal Statement : Basketball Games, Middle School, And Two Years Of High School

- I continued to play basketball throughout elementary, middle school, and two years of high school. During one of my basketball games as a teenager the official and I were not seeing eye to eye on many of his calls. My temper got the best of me and I received a technical foul, which infuriated and I proceeded to walk towards the official to voice additional disagreement. Suddenly, I heard a thunderous, “BOY!” from the bleachers. "Boy", is how my father referred to me when I had really crossed the line....   [tags: High school, Family, Sibling, Middle school]

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The Middle School : A Middle Grade School

- Petunia Middle School* is a middle grade school in the Cutler School District* that serves approximately 1000 students that range in grades six through eighth. The student population is diverse with just over 50% of the students being considered white and an equal ratio between the males and females students. The school is also considered a Bilingual Education school that meets the needs of the exceptional students in the community. The student to teacher ratio of 15:1 is slightly higher than the average for the county as a whole at 14:1....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Rooms]

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Graduation Speech On The Middle School

- Coming to school every morning and watching teachers getting prepared for the class showed how dedicated they were towards their work. It showed how seriously they were taking the responsibility of educating all the students out there. I had a great support from all my teachers in this school; they were so enthusiastic about their teaching career that they influenced me to become a teacher as well. Looking at the amount of hard work they had put showed me how dedicated they were towards their students....   [tags: Education, High school, Secondary school, School]

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Elementary Middle School ( Gems )

- There are far more than two strategic challenges that exist in my educational institution, Grangeville Elementary Middle School (GEMS). The first significant challenge to maintain advantage is a lack of common math curriculum. Idaho state school funds have decreased along with the local tax base while student population has significantly increased. School funds today rely heavily on community levies. Idaho County is extremely poor. Consequently, passing a levy is very difficult and often the public approves minimal dollars....   [tags: Education, High school, Teacher, School]

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Graduation Speech For Middle School

- When I was young I always dreamed of going straight to University. But as I got older I began to realize it won 't be easy. I went through many grade and emotional stress, but I didn’t give up and now I’m in a program to help me with my studies to reach to the top. In middle school, I began to think of many possibilities of studies I wanted to do when I grow up. I wanted to study so many things and be an overachiever and reach to the top like my father wants me to. But then I began to think about how much work and how stressful it would be and so I knew I wouldn’t be able to reach their standards....   [tags: High school, College, School, Secondary school]

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Middle School and Sex Education

- Should sex education be taught in elementary, middle and/or high school. If so what should you cover at each level. In this day children are learning more and more at such a young age, some children even sound like adults when they speak because they are so advanced. I’m also seeing a trend with young ladies getting pregnant in high school and even middle school. With that said I think that sex education should begin to be taught at a younger age. Young minds are very curious. I have had conversations with daycare providers about incidences where a child was questioning the difference between and male and female private parts and I believe if they’re already questioning we need to have answe...   [tags: Informing Children, School]

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Leadership At A New Middle School

- A few weeks before I received information regarding this assignment, our county underwent many shifts in leadership at several schools, one of those being the school that I currently teach at. Of course, a shake-up in leadership is nerve-wrecking and scary, especially when we have been fortunate enough to have, what I consider, a truly incredible leader; however, when I read the syllabus and saw this assignment I became very excited for the opportunity that it presented me. I would now have the chance to interview not one, but two administrators....   [tags: Teacher, High school, Decision making, College]

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The Obesity Of The Middle School

- In middle school, during lunch there were choices between, PowerAde, big cookies, ice-cream sandwiches, and all the snacks didn’t have to be non-fat or whole wheat. Now those were the days. For the most part, a kid in seventh middle school wants to have a snack at lunch, and sadly with the world we live in today, a snack consists of reduced fat, carbs, etc., and tastes like cardboard. In today’s society, kids in schools across the country are forced to eat healthy due to Michelle Obama’s goal to create a healthy future for the kids of America....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Michelle Obama, High school]

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Music Education At The Middle School

- It is difficult to imagine a world without music. Listening to and creating music is a fundamental part of human life and transcends language, class, cultural, and political boundaries. In recent years, many public schools across the country are cutting back on music classes in an attempt to save money. Some schools have even failed to put into place music programs for students. Without these programs, students will be deprived of the benefits of music education which include greater academic success and increased social and emotional growth....   [tags: Motor control, Motor skill, High school]

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The Bullying Of The Middle School

- I, Jenna Herlihy have been bullied. Starting in middle school, I was bullied every day for my weight. This led me to depression and thinking about suicide. On the first day of sixth grade, I had a girl come up to me and ask me if I was pregnant or just fat. I replied just fat. This was just the start of the bullying. Every day someone would say she’s fat or a rude remark about my weight. It seemed as if people only looked at my body instead of who I actually was. Trying to put a stop to the bullying I had joined cheerleading....   [tags: High school, Educational years, Obesity, Bullying]

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Becoming A Middle School Teacher

- The career I would be most interested in is becoming a middle school teacher. When one decides to become a teacher you always have a set of guidelines to follow. I would love to become a middle school teacher because I believe that is something that I have passion for. But in order for me to become an official teacher I would have to take some major steps like getting certified. Getting certified is not easy as going in to take a test and then you are certified, there are requirements that are needed....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, History of education]

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The Transition Of Middle School

- When you turn fourteen or fifteen you are usually entering your freshman year of high school. The transition from middle school to high school can be challenging: there are kids that are older and more intimidating. Some students struggle to find their place and also struggle with their interpersonal relationships. Similarly, when you turn eighteen or nineteen you may go off to college. The same feelings from four years ago come up again: you are thrown into a mix of people from all over the country, all of them are older and seem more intimidating....   [tags: High school, Interpersonal relationship, College]

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The Middle School Cheerleading Team

- Not many children are asked what their spark is. A spark is something in one’s life that makes them happy or something that one is good at. The other day in class, I was asked what my spark was. Me, and the majority of my peers had never been asked that question, so we turned to our neighbors to figure out what our sparks were. I figured out that you could have more than one spark. My sparks are cheerleading, baking, and kids. Cheerleading is something that I love to do. I started tumbling at a gym called Speed Athletics when I was in sixth grade....   [tags: High school, Educational years, Cheerleading]

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Graduation Speech On Middle School

- Going through middle school my comprehension hasn’t always been up to standard. Relocating out of the small town of Gainesville, Florida I figured it was time for a brand new commencement. Attending West Orange High School in Winter Garden, Florida I realized passing the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) was a requirement for graduation. I’ve undergone dreadful experiences with my teacher Mrs. Marquez not only for the lack of consideration displayed, but her mass-ridden assumption that all comprehensive classes carry heinous behavior....   [tags: High school, Educational years, Students]

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The Middle School Cheerleading Squad

- From the nerve-racking moment of you and two other girls at tryout getting the most unappealing looks, but no matter how much they give you a blank stare, you have to always smile and never lose eye-contact. We would even put Vaseline on our teeth so we wouldn’t drop our smiles. That is the most awful taste if you closed your mouth. Then one of the veteran cheerleaders, Emmy, would say “Rock with the red and roll with the black.” The two girls and I all clapped and started the cheer. We all spoke in harmony “Hey Eagles, You know what you got to do....   [tags: Cheerleading, Cheering, High school, Dance]

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The Middle School Dance Tonight

- Today is a crisp morning in October just like every other morning lately. The weather is not too bitter but it’s chilly enough to have the heat on. It is Friday, October 29th, 2010. I’m getting ready for school right now and I’m psyched for the middle school dance tonight. As a 6th grader, I’m exhilarated for my first dance. After I finish showering and get dressed, I straighten my hair in my bathroom. My brother Tanner, who is a sophomore, stills wistfully into my room and asks if I have any orange and black bead necklaces....   [tags: High school, Family, 2008 singles, Tell]

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Bullying During Middle School

- The first time I was introduced to bullying was in middle school. I was walking towards the cafeteria and saw a boy being pushed around by older kids. He wasn’t yelling for help nor standing up for himself, not wanting to get involved I continued my path. I became more aware of the boy and saw this happen almost everyday. No teachers were notified and the boy kept silent. As the school year went by, the kid was getting browbeaten more and more, but still no one said anything. At last an anonymous tip was made and a teacher was able to impede on the bullying....   [tags: Bullying, Abuse, Victimisation, School]

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The School At Forest City Middle School

- Let me start by saying the 2015-2016 school year is off to a great here at Forest City Middle School. We are all quickly getting back into a school routine and are working hard to help all students get back into the swing of school and most importantly learning. The main reason for this letter communication is to invite you to attend a parent meeting on September 14th at 7:00 PM in the Middle School gymnasium. The information shared that evening will focus on the efforts at the Middle School to improve teaching and learning....   [tags: High school, Education, Gymnasium]

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The Middle School Concept Within The Classroom

- The middle school concept has been modified in individual schools over the last fifty years. An ideology that every middle school has in common is the learner-centered curriculum, meaning that the curriculum needs to reflect experiences that they will have in the real-world. Research still continues to test and try many curriculum theories and strategies to determine whether or not they are effective, many have proven to be. The principles and strategies that are used throughout the classroom must be effective to make the middle school what it needs to be: academically excellent, developmentally responsive, socially equitable, and contain an organized structure....   [tags: Education, High school, Teacher, School]

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My First Day Of Middle School

- Essay Topic A When I first moved to the small town of Spring, Texas from London, England my life was thrown into turmoil. For the 11 years that I had spent living in England it seemed as though everything had a tendency to fall into place, as if my life was a perfect game of Tetris. But after leaving behind everything I had ever known; all of my friends, family, and the environments that I had become so accustomed to and moving to the United States, the pieces began to no longer fit together. After my first day of middle school, I was quickly made aware of just how out of place I was....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, College]

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The Mission Of West Millbrook Middle School

- School System, Community, and School System Factors West Millbrook Middle School, located at 8115 Strickland Road in northern Raleigh, North Carolina, is part of the Wake County Public School system, the second largest school district in the state. It is a traditional middle school that houses grades sixth through eighth with a total of 967 students and 58 full-time teachers, making its teacher to student ratio of about 17 students per teacher. According to the U.S. Department of Education, West Millbrook Middle School is classified as a low-income school....   [tags: High school, Education, Secondary school, College]

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Middle School And High School

- Throughout middle school and high school I realized that textbooks are not always a reliable source when trying to do research on a specific topic. Sometimes the topic is so limited that any relevant information is omitted and sometimes the topic is not anywhere to be found in the book. The subject that I am focusing on is the American Government, so I knew that within the two textbooks I was analyzing that it would be somewhere in my books, I was unsure how much on the matter would be described....   [tags: United States Constitution, United States]

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Photography Skills From Middle School

- Moving on to the present time Blake now in high school, getting ready for his last year of high school everyone was older. Blake had worked on his photography skills from middle school when he took a photography class. Once high school started he knew he would take more classes to advance his skills and enjoy what he liked to do he always carried a camera he had received for his birthday after he had shown his parents he could take pictures. This camera meant a lot to him, he enjoyed capturing the events of things that shined to him....   [tags: High school, Time, College, School]

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The Position Of Principal At The Middle School Level

- The position of “principal” at the middle school level is demanding and requires exceptional leadership skills. A report by the National Association of Secondary School Districts (NASSP) stated that by 2010 there would be a 40 percent turnover in U.S. principalship (Kurtz, 2000). This was supported by a 1998 study conducted by the Educational Research Service for the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and NASSP, which reported that half of school districts surveyed across the country declared a shortage of qualified applicants to fill principal positions in K-12 school districts....   [tags: Leadership, High school, Barack Obama]

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Developing A Vision Statement For A Middle School

- Our group met online in the virtual classroom by Adobe Breeze. Our first step was to identify the demographics for our school. Then, we developed a plan for the school on how to develop a vision statement. Next, we developed a vison statement for our school. Last we discussed ways that we could improve the process that we used and the process a school should go through to develop a vision statement. Overall it was a very smooth process. As a group we decided that we would develop a vision statement for a middle school....   [tags: High school, Education, College, Teacher]

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Cheerleading And The Middle School Cheerleading Squad

- From the nerve racking moment of you and two other girls at tryouts getting the most unappealing looks. But no matter how much they give you a blank stare, you have to always smile and never lose eye-contact. We would even put Vaseline on our teeth so we wouldn’t drop our smiles. That is the most awful taste if you closed your mouth. Then one of the veteran cheerleaders, Emmy, would say “Rock with the red and roll with the black.” We all clapped and started the cheer. We all spoke in harmony “Hey, Eagles you know what you got to do, you got to rock with the red and roll with the black.” We repeated this 3 times....   [tags: Cheerleading, Cheering, Dance, High school]

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My Reflection On Southaven Middle School

- My Reflection on Southaven Middle School My current job allows me the privilege of being able to travel to multiple schools within the Desoto County School District. I count this as a distinct advantage in growth as a future educator. This opportunity has allowed me to observe and be mentored by some of the best teachers that Desoto County has to offer. My time was spent primarily at Southaven Middle School, Southaven Intermediate and Chickasaw Elementary. The experience and knowledge that I gained from each of these schools is immense....   [tags: High school, Educational years, Education]

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My Experience At Immokalee Middle School

- On March 21, 2016, I had the pleasure of observing Mrs. Weeks at Immokalee Middle School. Immokalee Middle School is located in Collier County. This is a large school of and according to Collier County Public School Website, out of the 1450 students attending the school, about 1179 are Hispanic. Out of the entire population of students attending the middle school, 1407 students are economically needed. It was evident in the school surroundings that the students are facing poverty. One hundred and eighty-eight of the students attending Immokalee Middle School are in the Exceptional Student Education Program....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Special education, School]

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My First Year Of Middle School

- When I was in middle school I thought life was just full of joy and I really did not have anything to worry about. I thought the people that I associated with in middle school would be here forever. I had life all planned out for me and my friends, going to the same high school together, homecoming, prom and graduating together till September 27, 2010 came. When that day came realization hit me making me learn that life I not going to be about joy but it going to also be some down falls in life....   [tags: High school, English-language films]

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Is Audie Murphy Middle School Principle?

- WE ARE ALL LEADERS The school that I am conducting my student teaching is Audie Murphy Middle School. This school is small and located on Fort Hood military instillation. The school has less than 500 students and is recognized as meeting standards by the state of Texas. The teachers, from my observation are highly qualified teachers and truly know their content areas. You can tell the administration is motivated and satisfied with their jobs. When walking into Audie Murphy you feel a sense of belonging and can see that everyone enjoys each other’s company and presents....   [tags: High school, Teacher, Audie Murphy, Education]

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My Story From Middle School

- So let’s start my story from middle school. Sixth grade was a little rough, I got made fun of everyday and had to just sit there while some of my “friends” would talk bad about me. They called me things like big foot, man, and nightmare on Elm Street; always because I was different, I’ve been the same height since about third grade, I never wore fitted clothing, and I tried to curl my hair once and was told not to brush it out. We had two main teachers; both saw this happening, talked with me about it but did nothing....   [tags: Family, High school, Educational years]

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The Demands of Middle School Writing

- All middle school students, grades 6-8, are required to develop well-written compositions. According to the Louisiana Depart of Education (2008), to meet the demands of the comprehensive curriculum, these students are required to write complex multi-paragraph compositions with a clearly focused main idea and developed with relevant ideas, organization patterns, and structure that communicates clearly to the reader. The grade-level expectation also states that the students are required to use a variety of sentence structures, voice and word-choice to meet the audience’s expectations, and proper grammar and mechanics....   [tags: secondary Education, teachers, teaching]

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The Day Of The Middle School

- Were you ever a student in middle school who loved being at school. No class could ruin the fun you had with your friends. That is until you had that one class where the teacher seemed to have a grudge against you. No matter what you did he/she would give the worst grade possible. That one teacher would ruin every essay you did even after the class. That young kid was me. I was the short, tan, curly haired kid who thought he had it made. The class I took was called Holocaust Art, which took place in my seventh grade year while attending Orangeburg Preparatory School....   [tags: Essay, Writing, Short story, Essays]

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My Mother Is A Middle School

- Throughout my life, I would hear constant stories about my parents and their devoted faith to each other. Their love, support, and encouragement created the most ideal scene for my siblings and me to live the childhood dream. Conflictingly, in the United States, we suffer from a 50% divorce rate that is higher than most countries around the world. My parents were born and raised in Laredo, TX, and joined the middle class of America. My mother is a middle school reading teacher and my father worked as an oil field worker after the divorce....   [tags: Family, Mother, Divorce, Parent]

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A Day At Brown Middle School

- I witnessed a fight when I was a student at Brown Middle School. It was third lunch and I was eating my leftover pasta from last night’s dinner. Talking with friends about the latest 8th grade drama, I heard shouting come from the back of the cafeteria. Everyone turned their heads to find the source of the unfamiliar noises. I had never heard lunch period become so silent, so fast. The ruckus from the back of the cafeteria were two black girls fighting, physically and verbally. I didn’t know what to feel....   [tags: Black people, Race, White people]

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Analysis of Middle School Development

- All middle school students are at different developmental stages--some students have matured significantly, while others still have a long way to go. Hunt, Wiseman, and Bowden, authors of The Middle Level Teacher’s Handbook: Becoming a Reflective Practitioner conclude that, in looking at attitudes and behaviors, some middle schoolers are “childlike,” while others are “deeply involved in the complex lifestyle characteristics of teenagers (1998, p. 57). They also establish that middle school students are in a time of “significant transition,” a time that some struggle with, while others thrive on this change....   [tags: develop, mature, teacher]

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Sex Ed in Middle School

- Sex Education Should be Taught in Middle School Starting sex education at a younger age is a sensitive issue. Our society becomes more and more liberal about sexual issues of the younger generations, but sex education in middle schools or from their parents are still the same as it was in the past, giving superficial information to students. Most teachers or parents are not prepared to let their students informed about contraception, because most of them think that students are very naive and they are too young to have sex, which is not true....   [tags: awareness, disease prevention]

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Diversity in the Middle School

- Middle school learners are perhaps the most diverse group of students in education today. The differences that exist in every classroom, including gender, socio-economic class, linguistic and cultural background, learning style, and intellectual capacity, is increased by individual differences in developmental level. While all middle school students will progress through different developmental levels and display the characteristics inherent in each, they will reach and conquer these developmental milestones at difference times....   [tags: Education]

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Make Up in Middle SChool

- dMake up in Middle School. Scarlet lips, a face whiter than paper, and roughly curved eyebrows. A sight you are familiar with if you are a middle school student in Korea. Just a decade ago, the length of a student's hair was strictly controlled. Teachers enforced short hair which was required to be above the ear even for female students. Their motive was to enforce the proper mindset of a student which was in studying more than the physical appearance and the expression of individuality. However, students started to protest and as a result, both the school and parents are facing an uncontrollable obstacle --make up among middle school students....   [tags: policies in education in South Korea]

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A Small Diverse Middle School

- A large, diverse middle school will be recruited to participate in the study. A large school is needed so there will be true acquaintances. If the school is too small students may have a strong relationship with everyone by the time they are in middle school. The study is aiming for a school with a similar number of students in each grade, and approximately an equal number of males and females. School staff will pair up students in the same grade who are either friends or acquaintances. The experimenter will not know during the bullying situation if pairs are friends or acquaintances until after all data has been collected....   [tags: Bullying, Abuse, Victimisation, Social psychology]

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Interview With Middle School Principal

- An effective school leader possesses skills to create, implement, evaluate, improve and share a staff development plan. I met with Ben Rhodes, Sandy Creek Middle School’s principal, to interview him on the specific elements of his yearly staff development plan. We began with the design process focusing on the district and school goals. District goals include improving literacy across the content areas in reading and writing, Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC). Guaranteed and Viable Technology (GVT), and Closing the Achievement Gap (Equity in Excellence)....   [tags: Interview Essays]

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Middle School Nurse Observation

- During many years the role of school nurse was traditionally viewed as one where the nurse cared for students that were injured, applied bandages and gave out ice bags. Throughout the years the role of the school nurse has evolved into one of leadership and management along with many other duties including traditional roles as mentioned above. The services provided by a school nurse range from assessment and screening to coordinating care for regular students as well as students with special needs....   [tags: Nursing Observation Report]

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Middle School Was A Confusing Period Of Time For Me As A Student

- Middle school was a confusing period of time for me as a student. Throughout my whole scholastic career, getting A’s was not a problem for me – especially in classes that involved writing and reading. I started reading earlier than any of my classmates, which allowed me to excel far beyond the level that my grade reflected. This began to become more of a curse than a blessing to me as a thirteen-year-old misfit. I had never been very socially adept which, topped with how far ahead academically I was, only made things worse with those I tried to fit in with....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, School types]

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A School Teacher At Lowrey Middle School

- In every organization there are key components one can identify to understand the setting and structure. In most schools there are different systems and plans in place. As a first year teacher at Lowrey Middle School I am trying to understand the direction school leaders are taking in trying to make the school an effective school on different levels. To understand this particular setting, one is required to interact within the school, speak to other staff members, and try to grasp the overall feel of the program....   [tags: Decision making, Decision making software]

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Becoming An Elementary Teacher Or Middle School Teacher

- After graduating college it is time to hit the real world, so it’s time to begin of what I want to do for a living. The career I’m striving to achieve is to become an elementary teacher or middle school teacher. Becoming a teacher would be fantastic, it’s a job I know I would enjoy and I’m passionate about. Being able to help young students learn new things every day would be amazing, knowing that in elementary years it is the foundation of a student’s education. Teaching in general and watching people through the process of learning the is the main reason I’m seeking a career as a teacher....   [tags: High school, Education, School, Teacher]

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Being A Youth And Family Worker At Trafalgar Middle School

- Before coming into the nursing program I worked as a Youth and Family worker at Trafalgar Middle School. My job was to work with students who were at risk, as well as, students who had severe behaviour issues. For the purpose of this paper I would like to discuss one student in particular that I worked with. Part way through the school year I was asked to join a team to support a young man who had suffered from a great deal of trauma in his life. This young man had a huge team of support some of the team members included: the school counselor, MCFD, the district psychologists, the aboriginal youth and family worker, the principal, learning assistance and myself....   [tags: High school, Teacher, School, Foster care]

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Training And Development Components : The Culture Of Kelsey Middle School

- Training and Development Components The culture of Kelsey Middle School, and School District, is experiencing a communication crisis as the leadership of their district has changed. The major communication obstacle that Kelsey Middle School will face is that communication within the school district travels through a hierarchy, and with the change in leadership so might the constructs of the flow of communication. This obstacle can be overcome by establishing leaders to disseminate information to and from administration, namely this would be the job of the building principal....   [tags: High school, Leadership, Superintendent]

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