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Industrial Pollutants: Heavy Metals and Their Salts

- 1. Introduction Heavy metals and their salts (Cu, Zn, Hg, Pb, Co, Ni,) are widespread industrial pollutants. In the waters they come from natural sources (rocks, the surface layers of soil and groundwater), the wastewater of many industrial enterprises and precipitation, which are polluted with smoke emissions. Heavy metals as trace elements are constantly encountered in natural waters and aquatic bodies. Depending on the geochemical conditions of the wide variations in their level. Heavy metals are quite stable....   [tags: Heavy Metals, Adsorbents]

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Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals Iaden Waste Water Using Duckweed Species

- Title : Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals laden Waste Water using Duckweed species INTRODUCTION Presservation of the environment quality is one of the major concern of this century. Our biosphere is getting degraded by the release of natural and synthetic substances that can cause deleterious effects on living organisms. Among all the pollutants , heavy metals are easily transported and accumuted in the environment. Many industries like textile and steel, electroplating, metal producing release heavy metal such as cadmium, copper, chromium, nickel and lead in the wastewater (Demirenzen et al., 2007)....   [tags: environment, heavy metals, duckweed]

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Metals And Their Uses Of Metals

- Metals Assignment a) Make a list of metals and their uses in today 's society: Alkali Metals are the first group of metals in the periodic table. These metals are listed in group one because they all have one electron in the valence shell. This making those the most reactive elements on the table because the lone electron is not tightly bound to its nucleus making it easier to from a cation with a + charge. You will find that as you go down group one each atom becomes more reactive as each period goes down one more shell is added on....   [tags: Periodic table, Metal, Iron, Alkaline earth metal]

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A Report On The Metals

- The metals were found to be more toxic to ARE reporter-HepG2 cells than the PAHs. Among the metals, Cd was more toxic with an IC50 value of 3.36 µM followed by As (IC50=72 µM) and Pb (IC50=108 µM). Benzo[a]pyrene was toxic to HepG2 cells and a reduction in cell viability was observed at concentrations above 12.5 µM (max. of 30 % at 25 µM). At 100 µM, precipitation of B[a]P in the medium was observed during the 24 h exposure period. The other PAHs were found to be nontoxic to ARE reporter-HepG2 cells up to the maximum feasible (soluble) concentrations (Table 5-2.)....   [tags: Mixture, Chemical substance, Chemical compound]

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Metals and Water

- Certain metals could be affected by the pH of water. This, however, could reflect on real life situations that could affect us, the environment, and also our pipe system as well. Some metals such as iron and steel oxidize when they are exposed to humidity and water thus forming corrosion known as ferric oxides (Roy, 2009). Corrosion has destructive potential if left untreated (Stahl, 2005). Knowing what metals are prone to corrosion is an important issue to take notice about because corrosion happens all around us including possessions that belong to us....   [tags: Iron, steel, Corrosion, Alkalinity]

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The Properties of Tradition Metals

- ... It also has a high resistance to corrosion. Gold is commonly alloyed with other metals for jewelry. It was also used as for currency for centuries. Because gold has a lack of toxicity, it is used in medicine often as well as dentistry. Gold is mined in two ways; placer and vein mining. Placer mining is when the metal is found in sand and gravel and the gold can be easily separated due to the gold’s high density. The sand and gravel are moved by the water, while the gold, which is heavier sinks to the bottom of the pan....   [tags: energy, reactive, elements, gold]

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Investigating The Heat Capacity Of Metals

- Specific Heat Capacity of Metals Daniel Rosalez 15 November 2015 Purpose The purpose of the lab experiment will demonstrates how to set up an experiment to determine specific heat of metals. You will measure the specific heat of steel washers and a lead weight. Equipment and Setup • 1 cooking pot to boil water • Stove top or a burner • Drinking glass • Tap water • Fork, spoon, or tongs • 4 washers • 3 Cups, Styrofoam, 8 oz. • Cylinder, 25 mL. • Digital scale • Thermometer • String • Lead weight Procedure: 1. Put water in the drinking glass at least an hour before you start the experiment, so that it will be at room temperature....   [tags: Heat, Temperature, Specific heat capacity]

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Fracture and Fatigue of Amorphous Metals

- Introduction A metallic or amorphous metal is one that lacks a traditional crystalline atomic structure and is instead composed of a microstructure that looks more like a liquid than a solid. As a liquid metal is cooled from the melt, the atoms typically rearrange from a random orientation, typical of a liquid, to a highly structured, lower energy crystalline lattice-type structure. Figure 1.1 a shows the typical crystalline structure of CuZr. Figure 1.1 b shows the same material in a glassy, amorphous arrangement....   [tags: liquid metal, CTOD, chemical, glasses, alloy]

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Metals and Mining in India

- Chemistry Task sheet Metal from their Ores What is an ore. An ore is a rock that has minerals and essential elements such as metals. It occurs naturally and is obtained through mining. Valuable elements are then extracted from it through different methods. In simpler words, it is a naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or valuable mineral can be extracted profitably. Iron How iron is naturally found in environment. Iron is very reactive and is found in nature in form of its oxides, carbonates and sulphates....   [tags: Chemicals, Projects]

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The Mining And Metals Industry

- Mines represent a significant portion of Canada’s energy usage at 159 PJ in 2014, nearly twice the total energy demand of the Canadian territories (Simon Fraser University, 2014; Statistics Canada, 2008, 2016). With energy demand accounting for up to 30% of a mine’s operating costs, particularly in remote areas where electricity can cost nearly four times as much as in major cities, mining companies like BHP Billiton Ltd. are looking at renewable energy to power their operations (O’Meara, 2014; Queen’s University in Kingston, 2016; Stringer, 2016)....   [tags: Wind power, Renewable energy, Peak oil]

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Investing in Precious Metals

- Investing in gold or silver is a good way for many people to diversify their accounts. These are time tested treasured commodities. Gold was often used as money in ancient times. Later it was used as collateral for a nation's wealth. Silver was also used as money in the past. Today it is the most useful industrial commodity after petroleum. Physical gold and silver are limited resources. There is just enough investment grade gold for each living person to own just a third of an ounce. Investment grade silver is even rarer....   [tags: gold, silver]

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The Reactivity of Metals

- The Reactivity of Metals Planning: Aim: to put these 5 metals in the order of reactivity. * Iron * Copper * Magnesium * Lead * Zinc Scientific Information: A displacement reaction is where a more reactive element reacts with a compound and pushes out a less reactive element. E.g. magnesium will react with iron sulphate to push the iron out and form magnesium sulphate. I have carried out preliminary experiments and they have shown me that the reactivity of metals and elements can be deciphered from the table of elements, this will tell you how the reactive a metal or element is by simply looking what group it is in and in which period....   [tags: Papers]

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The Negative Side of Rare Earth Metals

- The United States has depended on third world countries for many years to supply them with many of the everyday items they use, but it is seldom thought of all the health conditions people who work in this environment endure, what would happen if these third world countries stopped supplying them, or what would happen if they took advantage of all the power they have given them. In the article “Rare Earth Plant Ready, But in a Glut,” by Keith Bradsher it is mentioned the rare earth metals this company will be producing can be found in many cell phones, flat screen televisions, computer hard drives, and wind turbines that are used in the United States today....   [tags: Natural Resources]

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Welding Is The Process Of Joining Metals Together

- Welding and safety Welding is the process of joining metals together; there are many forms in doing welding. There are many things that have been created that have a welding process somewhere in the making for example these are a couple of things that have had welding done to be made, cars, planes, trailers, and many more things that are smaller like: metal chairs and metal tables. It was a long time before ancients had discovered a method that was made for joining metals. Workers in the ages of iron and Bronze Age began to solve the problems of forming, casting, and alloying metals (Larry Jeffus)....   [tags: Welding, Arc welding, Gas tungsten arc welding]

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Mercury and its Effects on Humans

- Today when people think of heavy metal, they think of numerous rock bands such as Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC, or Led Zepplin. However the more health conscious person should think of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury. The most common metal to come in contact with humans, with possibly the most serious effects, is mercury. Mercury is a natural substance that can be found in the environment. It is the only common metal that is a liquid at room temperature, but at high temperatures it can evaporate into a colourless, odourless vapour....   [tags: metals]

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Effective Recycling Methods for Rare Earth Metals

- Researchers are rummaging for newfound alternatives to commonly used rare earth metals found in everything from solar panels, wind turbines, and car batteries. The metals are rapidly decreasing in quantity. Thus, resulting in researchers aiming to develop effective recycling methods to supply the rapid growing demand for the metals, before they further hinder the growth of renewable energy technologies. To enhance the energy saving capabilities of technology, expensive and rare earth metals are required....   [tags: renewable, energy, technology]

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Behaviour of Base Metals During Partial Melting

- Introduction This essay focuses on the Behaviour of base metals during partial melting in the upper mantle and fractional crystallization in the crustal magma. A base metal is a metal that easily oxidise and reacts with a diluted hydrochloric acid (HCL) to form hydrogen. The examples of base metals include iron, nickel, copper, zinc and lead. The Behaviour of these metals in terms of partial melting and fractional crystallization is discussed by using their partition coefficients. Partition coefficient is the ratio of concentration of an element in a mixture of a phase relative to another phase....   [tags: crystalization, composition]

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Investigating the Heat Capacity of Metals

- Investigating the Heat Capacity of Metals Aim: My aim is to measure the specific heat capacity of 4 metals and find out if they all have the same specific heat capacity or different. Prediction: The specific heat capacity is the amount of heat energy needed to raise 1kg by 1 C and is measured in joules. My prediction is that the metal with the least massive atoms will heat up more quickly because they require less heat energy to make the molecules move around and heat up....   [tags: Papers]

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What are the effects of different heating techniques on different metals?

- What are the effects of different heating techniques on various metals. When metals are heated, their properties are transformed and changed in various ways. Using different heating techniques will allow one to observe numerous changes of the metal. With some heating methods, metals can produce certain changes that might not be apparent with another heating method. “Although the approach of heating the metal is very important, the type of metal matters greatly (Zaucha, 2006).” Metals respond to heat in their own unique ways, so to accurately judge which heating method affected a metal in what ways, there needs to be a variety of metals and heating techniques....   [tags: Physics]

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The Rate of Reaction Of Metals with Acids

- The Rate of Reaction Of Metals with Acids Introduction In this investigation I will be looking at the rate of reaction between a metal, which will be magnesium ribbon, and an acid. The acids will either be hydrochloric, ethanoic, sulphuric or phosphoric acid. I will be finding out if the activation energy changes depending on whether a strong or weak acid is used. I will also be investigating whether or not there is a change in the order of reaction if a dibasic acid is used instead of a monobasic acid....   [tags: GCSE Chemistry Coursework Investigation]

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An Investigation into the Displacement of Metals

- An Investigation into the Displacement of Metals Aim: I am investigating how the mass of iron fillings affects the mass of copper displaced from copper sulphate. Apparatus: Iron filings, copper sulphate, beaker, stirring rod, goggles, scale, filter funnel, filter paper, evaporation dish. The variable that I will be changing is the mass of Iron Filings (in grams) added to the Copper Sulphate. Plan: 1. Collect all appropriate apparatus and then set up. 2. Carefully pour 20cm³ of Copper Sulphate into a beaker....   [tags: Papers]

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Removal of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Soils

- Introduction Soil contamination is a worldwide environmental problem. It is caused by either solid or liquid hazardous substances, such as toxic trace metal, mixing with the naturally occurring soil. Contaminated areas are often those with mining activities or agricultural land affected by the use of metal-containing fertilizers. Mining and mineral processing in particular generate large quantity of by-product mine wastes. These are collected in mine waste piles and tailings, and may cause severe soil contamination through spillage....   [tags: hazardous substances, phytoextraction, plants]

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Many Metals Found on Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

- 1.1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION Mauritius, found in the Indian Ocean, is the oldest of the 3 islands in the Mascarene archipelagos. According to rock dating, Mauritius was formed about 7.8 million years ago from volcanic origins. It is located at latitude of 20° south and longitude 580 east, some 800 km2 southeast of Madagascar and consists of 1.3 million inhabitants. The climate is tropical and the dominant winds blow mostly from south east. Lagoon morphology varies from single lagoons consisting of a sandy beach and a reef zone, to complex systems comprising a variety of habitats: beaches, mangroves, sand or mud swamps, lagoon channels, seagrass beds, coral colonies, sand beds and a reef zone (Fa...   [tags: volcano, islands, agriculture]

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The Variation of Heavy Metals in the Maternal Blood and Placental Tissues

- In this study, we attempted to relate the variation of heavy metals in the maternal blood and placental tissues of our participants to a number of demographic, socioeconomic and environmental factors. It should be noted here that the final multiple regression models did not explain most of the variations in blood or placental tissues of lead, cadmium or mercury. This suggests that there were other important sources of exposure for these women that were not included in the study. Furthermore, a number of variables were important predictors in the final models of lead, cadmium and mercury in either blood or placental tissues, which we cannot adequately explain....   [tags: Health]

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The Nuclear Metals Incorporation and the Mess They Left Behind

- ... The cleanup stopped at the end of 1998 when the company decided that the standards set could not be met without excavating a significant amount of material. In 2002, the installation of fencing around the area where buried drums were located and the regrading and capping of the area took place for cleanup. Then the installation of a liner in the holding basin to reduce the leaching of contaminated soils into the groundwater. In 2008, EPA began the removal of the lab chemicals and other flammable/hazardous materials inside the facility buildings after a fire in June 2007....   [tags: radioactive and VOC contamination of water]

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Why Money Is Not Chosen For Any Properties Of The Metals

- Georg Friedrich Knapp, a German economist, states, “Money…is not chosen for any properties of the metals, but for the deliberate purpose of influencing exchanges…” (Knapp, 1924). His statement illustrates his belief that money has no value in of itself, and that its primary function is to serve as a medium of exchange. Many economists shared Knapp’s perspective on money and these collective opinions formed one of the dominating schools of thought regarding money; chartalism, which is the belief that money has no intrinsic value, and that its value is whatever the government declares it to be....   [tags: Money, Currency, Inflation, Coin]

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An Organization For My Final Project Will Be Sandvik Special Metals

- Overview of Organization The organization for my final project will be Sandvik Special Metals, which will turn fifty years in 2016. It originally started by some innovative businessmen in 1966 in Finley, Washington. The manufacturing company was taking orders to build heat exchange zirconium seamless tubing for the nuclear industry, (Offshore 1996). The company grew rapidly and continued venturing on with manufacturing titanium sports products for golf and cycling industry, (Offshore 1996). They continued and engineered their own manufacturing equipment and sold them internationally to sister companies in the cold pilger industry....   [tags: Employment, Management, Manufacturing, Industry]

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Humans and Our Culture of Gold

- ... China was another country to make extensive use of gold. From around 1100 BC, gold was used as inlay in bronze items and different types of jewellery. Gold craft continued in China throughout the various royal dynasties. When Chinese settlers moved to Korea in around 210 BC, they brought their extensive knowledge of goldcraft with them. This changing global context, underpinned by new and resilient sources of demand, should provide some reassurance to private investors wondering about gold as an asset class....   [tags: precious metals]

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Prove the Correct Order of Reactivity of Metals

- Prove the Correct Order of Reactivity of Metals Aim The aim of this experiment is to find a method of mathematically analysing the order of metal reactivity. This involved finding a safe, dependant variable which is numerically measurable. After testing all the metals and measuring such a variable, is my hope to set all of the metals into a proven, accurate order of activity. Plan Every element of the periodic table is made up of atoms. Each of the atoms consists of subatomic particles which make up a nucleus and outer orbits....   [tags: Metal Reactivity Science Experiments Essays]

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Chemistry Experiment on the Reaction of Different Metals When Exposed to Acid

- Before the experiment, I wrote down a prediction. My hypothesis towards the experiment was that magnesium would have a bigger reaction with the acids. The reactivity of an element depends on its ability to gain or loose electrons which are used for bonding. The more reactive an element, the more easily it will combine with others. From this information, I know that magnesium has a stronger ability to gain or loose electrons which makes the metal more reactive. I gathered together four different metals and acid compounds which all reacted with one of the elements in the past, for example, Iron Sulphate (FeSO4) contain iron....   [tags: chemistry lab]

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Aspects of Photoelectric Effect with Different Metals and Lights

- Aspects of Photoelectric Effect with Different Metals and Lights Hypothesis: signs of photoelectric effect would be present as photoelectric effect is commonly intrinsic for metals Variables: independent: type of metal, type of light, light intensity, distance between light source and metal dependent: current magnitude controlled: temperature, pressure Apparatus and materials: zinc plates, copper plates, ultraviolet light, light bulbs, power source, ammeter, voltmeter, coulombmeter, sandpaper, wires, crocodile clips, caesium-antimony photocathode Method for the control of variables: the temperature and pressure are kept constant throughout...   [tags: Papers]

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Business Analysis of Gulf States Metals Inc.

- Business Analysis of Gulf States Metals Inc. Gulf States Metals Inc. (GSM) is a large nickel refinery plant that has suffered poor financial performance and is under the threat of being shut down by its parent company International Metals Inc. This paper aims to, firstly, analyse the issues that are contributing to the low performance, secondly, to provide some options for moving forward and thirdly, to present a set of substantiated recommendations. The analysis will be tackled through a multi-frame approach, incorporating a structural frame, human resource frame, political frame and symbolic frame as proposed by Bolman and Deal (1997)....   [tags: Papers Business Management Essays]

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The Treatment of Wastewater with Microalgae

- ... Organic nitrogen is derived from inorganic sources including nitrite (NO2-), nitrate (NO3-), nitric acid (HNO3), ammonia (NH3), ammonium (NH4+), and nitrogen gas (N2). Microalgae has an ability to convert inorganic nitrogen be only in the forms of nitrite, nitrate and ammonium to organic nitrogen through a process called assimilation. Only eukaryotic algae can perform assimilation [32]. Figure 2.2 describes the assimilation process of inorganic nitrogen. As shown in the figure 2.2, translocation of inorganic nitrogen takes place across the plasma membrane where reduction of nitrate takes place followed by the incorporation of ammonium into amino acids and glutamine....   [tags: nutrients, nitrogen, metals]

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Common Use of Ceramics in Dental and Orthopaedic Applications

- Ceramics are most commonly used in dental applications as restorative materials for crowns, cements and dentures. Some ceramics are used in orthopaedic applications such as bone repair, bone augmentation and joint replacement but their use in this field is not as extensive or widespread as metals and polymers because ceramics have poor fracture toughness. This severely limits the use of ceramics in load bearing applications (Davis, 2003). Ceramics have high hardness and wear resistance, making them suitable for applications such as the articulating surfaces in joints and bone bonding surfaces in implants....   [tags: dentures, prosthesis, metals ]

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Importance of Recycling Electronic Waste

- Should We “Recycle” Our Electronic Waste. Where did the electronic waste go. When we throw out our old equipment, old TVs and computers end up in landfills, there are various toxic metals can cause various environmental problems. Yet even recycling the electronic waste, it might not be good to our environment. Have you even thought of how the United States shipping their electronic waste to some developing countries and the problems it may cause. As the United States passed the laws to recycle the electronic wastes, the companies can ship the electronic waste to the so-called recyclers in other countries legally....   [tags: Celular, Phones, Metals]

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The Importance and Uses of Magnesium

- ... For example, since magnesium is a lightweight metal and aluminum is a heavier metal magnesium can alloy with Aluminum. Magnesium and aluminum alloys create airplanes, automobiles, ladders, artificial limbs, vaccum cleaners, lawn mowers, some portable power and gardening tools, car wheels, soda cans, and skis. Since Mg is one of the lightest metals it is used in vehicles so that there can be less fuel (Uttley). “Magnesium is also found in lightweight frames for bicycles, car seats, and luggage” (“Magnesium” Periodic)....   [tags: elements, pure metals]

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Applications of Microbial Bioremediation

- ... It is present in earth’s crust, in clay and also in sulphur rich regions (Henker 2009). It is colourless, tasteless and odourless (Ahsan et al. 2000). It is a very common contaminant of ground water. When this water is consumed for drinking then it may cause lung disorders, kidney failures, bladder and skin cancer. Therefore, its presence poses a serious life threat to humans as well as other animals also. Due to this reason, removal of arsenic from water bodies acquires great importance and concern....   [tags: removal, metals, bacteria]

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Chemistry: Properties of Copper

- ... an alloy this was an important innovation. Various processes to extract copper from compounds weren’t discovered until around 5000BC. So the pure copper, which was found, was what they had found otherwise it was obtained from copper bearing ores. In due time it was discovery that copper and tin could be combined to form bronze, this was through heating the metals. The metals were placed into a clay crucible and then heated at a very high temperature inside a kiln containing a charcoal fire. Following the implementation of copper extraction, it was discovered that the process of combing metals gave them superiorities like strength, in bronze....   [tags: 29th element, symbol, metals]

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The Unearthing of Palladium

- Throughout the course of time, there have been many influential discoveries that have ultimately reshaped and changed the thought processes around not only those time periods, but around the expanses of the experimental breakthroughs found by future generations. The unearthing of palladium (Pd) can most assuredly be considered one of those significant findings. Possessing a history full of doubt, speculation, and intrigue, palladium has proven itself to be an element of monumental importance with a lasting impression that has spanned many centuries and eventually led to the reshaping of the daily lives of present day society....   [tags: metals, powder metallurgy]

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The Psychrophilic Metallome

- It is predicted that the psychrophilic metallome of G. antarctica PI12 is zinc-enriched, with the preference of metal uptake decreasing in the order of Zn > Mg > Ca, Fe > Cu, Mn > Na, K, Co, Ni (Table 2). In general, all the results reported by the three approaches mentioned in this study have showed a higher preference for proteins to incorporate transition metal ions (i.e.: manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper and zinc) compared to the alkali (i.e.: sodium and potassium) and alkaline earth metal ions (i.e.: magnesium and calcium)....   [tags: metals, binding, ions]

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Borrowers Should Not Be Allowed For Convert Checkbook Money Resulting From Loans Into Currency, Precious Metals

- Borrowers should not be allowed to convert checkbook money resulting from loans into currency, precious metals, or anything other than credit. However, people who deposit precious metals or currency should receive precious metal or currency when demanded (pp. 30-31). Precious metal is no longer an issue — and it was not when Mr. Porter wrote as silver coins where no longer used. By currency, I assume that he means U.S. notes and federal reserve notes, i.e., paper money. Whether federal reserve notes are considered credit or currency may not matter, as he favors eliminating the federal reserve banks and by that their notes....   [tags: Currency, Money, Federal Reserve System]

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Humans in Relation to their Environment

- Introduction Throughout history, humans have used what was present in the environment to aid their survival. The discovery and use of metals have been a gradual but extremely influential one. Evolving with early humans from personal adornment to the development of more efficient tools and lastly to full integration in every aspect of our modern life. This paper will look at how humans related to their environment before the discovery of metals. It will further go on to describe what metals are and how we incorporate them into our lives, and how extraction and use affect the environment around them....   [tags: metals, Human Niche, adornment, evolution]

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A Brief History of Lime

- Symbol: Ca From the Latin calx which means lime. It was used as a building material as far back as 7000 to 14000 BC. Determine when and how this metal was discovered (and, if possible, who discovered this metal). This metal was discovered in Khafajah Mesopotamia; around 2500 BC (first kiln date). The Ancient Romans prepared lime as calcium oxide. However this could not be the first scientific date of discovery; this is because it was not discovered, isolated and named. An English scientist named Humphry Davy was the first person to isolate calcium, this was done in 1808 by mixing mercuric oxide and lime; he then performed an electrolysis of the mixture....   [tags: Chemistry Metals, Building Material, History]

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The History of Chemistry

- ... In 1774-1794, Joseph Priestley discovered a colorless gas he called “dephlogisticated air”, which is actually oxygen, by taking a calx of mercury and burning it. Antoine Lavoisier disapproved the Phlogiston Theory. He named the “dephlogisticated air” oxygen when he realized oxygen combines with substances as the burn. Lavoisier is now called the “Father of Modern Chemistry” because of his attributions. In 1803, John Dalton’s Atomic Theory states that all matter is composed of atoms, which he discovered are small and indivisible....   [tags: alchemy, turning cheap metals into gold]

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Protecting Metals from Corrosion

- Development of a PVD coating suitable to replace electroplated cadmium. Background information • Approximately one-fifth of ferrous metal produced was destroyed by corrosion every year.[1] Coating is a surface treatment widely used in almost all mechanical components. This process is taken to either increase the mechanical property or providing resistance to certain hazards which potentially damage to the component itself. Electric plating is one of the majorities coating method taken with mechanical component, cadmium is usually chosen for coating on tightening threads....   [tags: treatment, PVD coating]

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Which two metals combined together give the higher voltage when reacting with acid

- Which two metals combined together give the higher voltage when reacting with acid Introduction In this investigation we will find out which two metals combined together give the higher voltage when reacting with acid. The metals used will be: · Aluminium · Zinc · Iron · Tin · Lead · Nickel · Copper To make a prediction on what metals will be the ones that give the highest voltage when combined together you need to find out if the position in which the metals are at in the reactivity series would make a difference, and if it does, how....   [tags: GCSE Chemistry Coursework Investigation]

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Banana Peel Lead Adsorption and the Removal of Heavy Metals

- 4.2 Discussion 4.2.1 Effects of Initial dosage on Lead Adsorption This experiments were carried out to investigate the potential of banana peel as adsorbent for the removal of heavy metal. For this experiment, the bisorbent is untreated and less remove of heavy metal than treated biosorbent. As can be seen from the result, at mass of 0.4g, the percent of removal was 37.38% and it gradually increase to 49.30% at 2.4g.From the result, it can be seen that the high dosage of absorbent, it more good removal absorbent to the lead....   [tags: Experiment, Dosage, Sample]

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Gold and World History: Glittering Motivation for Exploration, Invasion and Development

- ... The nations expected the pioneers to bring the glittering stone. Christopher Columbus is a famous example of the explorers sent to investigate new route by Spain. Gold was also a main trigger of Spaniards’ invasions to ancient civilizations in South America. Most of all, Spain had no choice but conquering South America for gold. Like other Empires in Europe, Spanish monarchy wanted to gain a great amount of gold. However, the ruling families of Spain did not have enough power to compete with France or England for the trade route to the East....   [tags: precious metals]

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Electromagnetism Studies the Relationship Between Electricy and Magnetism

- ... There are many types of magnets, there are, ceramic, alnico, neodymium, samarium, and of course, electromagnets (Wilson 2007). The most commonly used magnet. To make a magnet, you just encourage the domains to face the same way (Wilson 2007). To encourage the domains by placing it in a north south direction and strike it with a hammer. Striking it with a hammer make the domains lineup by jarring them sometimes in the same direction (Wilson 2007). If you place it magnetic field then it can also gain a magnetic field of itself....   [tags: scientists, metals, physics]

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The Element Lanthanum

- Introduction Lanthanum (La) is a member of the rare earth elements (REEs), which consist of a group of 15 trivalent metallic elements with similar properties. Lanthanum is mostly dangerous in the working environment, due to the fact that damps and gasses can be inhaled with air. This can cause lung embolism, especially during long-term exposure. Lanthanum can also cause cancer with humans, as it enlarges the chances of lung cancer when it is inhaled. Finally, it can be a threat to the liver when it accumulates in the human body....   [tags: metals, detection, toxic]

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Product Recycling: I Phones and Dell Laptops

- Product Recycling – IPhone and Dell Laptop The rate and advancement of technology production is remarkable. Almost as soon as you purchase a new phone, laptop, MP3 player, it becomes out of date within a year. We have become part of an endless consumer chain, constantly being prodded to buy the next “best” item even though we already have a functioning product. In fact, from 1999 to 2005, Americans threw away more than 157 million computer products (EPA, 2012). What are the environmental externalities of such behavior....   [tags: envrionmental issues, harmful chemicals & metals]

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Teammates of Performance Enhancing Drug Users Have No Rights to Their Unearned Medals

- In an article by Michael Gonchar it said, “Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles last week after the International Cycling Union decided that he was a ringleader of a doping program on his winning cycling team. Armstrong was a heroic figure for many, not just because of his cycling feats, but also because he is a cancer survivor and the founder of the highly respected Livestrong cancer foundation,” (Gonchar). Many children when beginning a sport have an idol they look up to and want to be just like....   [tags: Tour de France, Cycling Union]

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Should Teammates of P.E.D. Users Have Any Right to Their Medals?

- ... Now you may understand why these drugs are considered Performance Enhancing drugs. Each drug takes a different effect to help the athlete preform in a way that is better than their abilities. Some side affects for men who take anabolic steroids may be: developing breasts, having a decrease in sperm count, they may become infertile or become incompetent. Some of the effects on anabolic steroids for women are: growing excessive face and body hair, their voices may deepen, they may experience menstrual irregularities, reduced breast size, or have a masculinized female fetus....   [tags: drug, athlete, effects, ability]

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Should Teammates of Performance Enhancing Drugs Users Have Any Right to Their Medals?

- “Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles last week after the International Cycling Union decided that he was a ringleader of a doping program on his winning cycling team. Armstrong became a heroic figure for many, not just because of his cycling feats, but also because he is a cancer survivor and the founder of the highly respected Livestrong cancer foundation” (Gonchar). Many children when beginning a sport always have an idol that they look up to and want to be just like....   [tags: Lance Armstrong, athlete, illegal substances]

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Awarding Six Medals to the Three Released POW S

- Awarding Six Medals to the Three Released POWS The military has lost its mind by awarding six medals to the three released P.O.W.s. I do not mean to rag on the three troops -- although one did write a "Thank You" note to his prison guards for his swell Motel 6 treatment, but more to the point is the damage such giveaway policies do to our military awards programs. Remember what Napoleon said about awards: "Give me enough ribbon and I will conquer the world." So that all of you have a complete list of the awards the three "heroes" got, I will list them for you: Purple Heart Army Commendation Medal P.O.W....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Canada's Role in the Olympic Games

- ... Only free men who spoke Greek were allowed to participate in the Olympics. Some of the events that were held back then were boxing, chariot racing, running and wresting. ( The Olympic Games have been part of the world for an extremely long time and have been shaped into what they are now over the years. Continuing, Canada is a country in the northern hemisphere that has been part of the Olympic Games since the early 1900s. The population of Canada is about 34 million people....   [tags: ceremony, countries, medals]

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Biography of Jesse Owens

- You have probably never felt what it is like to wear four beautiful, Olympic, gold medals around your neck. But a man by the name of Jesse Owens has. He was an African-American track and field star who lived in the 1900’s and felt the sensation of winning too many times to count. Jesse Owen’s life was filled with childhood poverty, along with constant segregation and discrimination, and yet he managed to entertain and prove to the world his outstanding capabilities in track and field can come from any person, no matter how different they are....   [tags: olympic gold medals, african american]

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Corrosion in Copper and Copper Alloys

- Copper and copper alloys are widely used in the aqueous environmental application because of their properties in such environment, copper and copper alloys are antimicrobial, they are also have strong mechanical and corrosion resistant properties in aqueous environmental. The combination of these properties has made them a desirable material for many kind of aqueous environmental applications such as condenser tubing, water intake screens, offshore structure, drinking water piping and cooling systems of electrical generators....   [tags: science of materials]

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What to Do with All the Waste Material?

- INTODUCTION 1.0 Background of Study Nowadays industrial sector has grown increasingly higher thus produce more waste material that need to be drain out to the environment. Most of this waste contains a lot of chemicals that are dangerous to human and may corrupt the biodiversity of our ecosystem. Heavy metals in industrial waste are one of the problem encounter today as one of a serious matter that need attention to. Due to rapid industriallisation, heavy metals have been excessively released into the environment, with remarkable impact on humans and other organism....   [tags: environment, wate, health, biodiversity]

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Pollutants from the Necessities

- The Pueblo Viejo Mine in the Dominican Republic is bleeding acid straight into the locals’ source of water (Viert). The Yanacocha Gold Mine in Peru is releasing heavy metals and inflicting harm on natives of the area (Hecht). The Rosebud Mine in Montana, USA is emitting fugitive dust in very large quantities, enough to start affecting the health of those living near the mine (Viert). Even with all this evidence some people say that pollution from mining is not an issue. Pollution resulting from mining activity that is caused by mining in general, the burning of coal, and the emission of fugitive dust, often results in the release of heavy metals, creation of acidic water, and generation of h...   [tags: Environment, Pollution, Acid Rain, Mining]

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Hydrogen, Sodium, And Potassium

- 1. Identity the liquid in which lithium, sodium and potassium are stored. Why is it necessary to store these elements in this liquid. Alkali metals need to be stored under mineral oil in order to prevent them from reacting with the oxygen and water in the air. When I reacted alkali metals with water and perform the splint test in experiment #1, they all displayed vigorous reactions, heat being produced, flames coming out, and hydrogen gas being produced. Therefore, alkaline metals must be stored under mineral oil to prevent reaction with the air and moisture in the air....   [tags: Periodic table, Metal, Alkaline earth metal]

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The Periodic Table Is What All Of The 118 Elements Are Organized On Increasing Atomic Number

- The periodic table is what all of the 118 elements are organized on. All of the elements are sorted in increasing atomic number. Dmitri Mendeleev made the periodic table in 1869 in a way that physical and chemical properties of each element would relate to others in the same period and group. This basically means that the elements repeat certain characteristics, and they are placed in this pattern on the periodic table. The periodic table begins with the element with the lowest atomic number, which is hydrogen, and ends with the elements with the highest atomic number, and in this order, Dmitri Mendeleev discovered the law of periodicity....   [tags: Periodic table, Atom, Electron configuration]

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Corrosion: The Chemical Process of Oxidation-Reduction

- Every element in the periodic table falls into one category of metals, non-metals or metalloids. Metals are the most common type and they are defined by certain chemical and physical properties. Metals can be narrowed down by looking at their chemical properties. They have positive valences, which means that they give electrons to the atoms they bond with. Giving negative electrons away makes the metals form cations. (BrainPop) As metals form cations, they are able to oxidize and this makes them prone to corroding when exposed to dampness....   [tags: rusting pipes, chemistry, periodic table]

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Investigating the Thermal Decomposition Of Metal Carbonates

- Investigating the Thermal Decomposition Of Metal Carbonates Aim: To investigate a range of metal carbonates and see if they thermally decompose. Thermal Decomposition INVESTIGATION [IMAGE] ------- Written By Tauqir Sharif ------------------------ Research: When a metal is thermally decomposed the bond between the metal and its carbonate (carbon and oxygen) is removed and the carbonate is released as carbon dioxide. Metal Carbonate = Metal Oxide + Carbon Dioxide Malachite is an ore of copper....   [tags: Papers]

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Ocean Acidification : A General Cause Of Ancient Reef Crises

- Marine Mission Mrs. Blakely Fuzzy Sheetz March 16, 2016 Ocean Acidification According to the article “On the potential for ocean acidification to be a general cause of ancient reef crises,” “In conjunction with climate change, ocean acidification (OA) is perhaps the most severe threat to marine ecosystems acting at global scales…” (Kiessling & Simpson, 2011). Ocean acidification has increased exponentially, since the Industrial Revolution, and has been a key contributor to an approximate 0.74 degrees celsius rise in global temperature over the past 100 years....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, PH, Oxygen, Ocean]

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Microrganisms Functioning to Neutralize Toxic Wastes in Our Environment

- ... b) Autotrophic Leaching: The chemolithic and acidophilic bacteria help in carrying out the autotrophic leaching of metals. They function by fixing carbon-di-oxide and obtaining energy from the oxidation of ferrous ions or reduced sulphur compounds, and form Fe(III) or H2SO4 as the end products (Bosecker 1997). The microorganisms involved in this process are Thiobacillus thioxidans, Thiobacillus ferroxidans, Leptospirillum ferroxidans (Ewart and Hughes 1991). Also the production of sulphuric acid by Thiobacillus species is a form of bioremediation of sewage wastes....   [tags: pollutants, radionuclides, biotransformation, ]

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Removal of Copper Contaminants Through Bacterial Adsorbents

- The increase in industrial, agricultural practices and several anthropogenic activities adds a significant amount of heavy metals in soil and water. Presence of these metals beyond threshold limit is toxic for the flora and fauna of the surroundings. So, there is a need for removing the harmful heavy metals from the environment. Several methods such as precipitation, evaporation, electroplating, ion exchange, membrane processes etc. have been developed for the decontamination of heavy metals from environment....   [tags: metal ion, bacterial activities]

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The Atoms, Ionic, Covalent And Metallic Chemical Bonds Are Formed

- Bonds between atoms affect outer electrons that are shared or transferred to achieve a more stable electrons arrangement as a noble gases. This essay is divided into three main sections it will first describe how the ions, ionic, covalent and metallic chemical bonds are formed. It will then go on to explain the types of bonds which can form given the position of the periodic table and the forces required to hold the molecules together. The final part of the essay will define electron pair repulsion theory and the shapes of molecules....   [tags: Atom, Electron, Ion, Chemical bonding]

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Atoms, Ionic, Covalent And Metallic Chemical Bonds

- Bonding Bonds between atoms affect outer electrons that are shared or transferred to achieve a more stable electrons arrangement as a noble gases. This essay is divided into three main sections it will first describe how the ions, ionic, covalent and metallic chemical bonds are formed. It will then go on to explain the types of bonds which can form given the position of the periodic table and the forces required to hold the molecules together. The final part of the essay will define electron pair repulsion theory and the shapes of molecules....   [tags: Atom, Electron, Ion, Chemical bonding]

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Physics Of The Atomic Mass

- Everything around us is made from matter, which is made from atoms. To find the amount of subatomic particles in an atom, one must consider the atomic mass, which is used to identify the total amount of neutrons in the nucleus of the atom. One must also consider the atomic number which is the number of protons and electrons in the atom. An isotope is an alternative form of atom which contains the same amount of protons and electrons but has a different amount of neutrons; it affects only the atomic mass of the atom when an atom becomes an isotope....   [tags: Periodic table, Atom, Atomic number]

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The Effect Of Periodic Table On The Field Of Chemistry

- The periodic table was the most important development in the field of chemistry. Do you agree. The periodic table was the most important development in the field of chemistry and is the most important chemistry reference there is. The periodic table played a crucial part in the development in the field of chemistry as it allowed for a way of organising the elements so that it was possible to make predictions about both their chemical and physical properties based on the elements’ position in the table....   [tags: Periodic table, Chemical element, Chemistry]

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The Chemical Dynamics of Cadmium in the Soil Environment

- Abstract Cadmium (Cd) is known to be toxic to plants and animals and can be transported to both ground and surface water through specific physical mechanisms. The chemical dynamics of Cd and other similar (heavy) metals in the soil environment is controlled by its interactions with both solid and aqueous phases of soil. The concentration of Cd and other metals in soil solution is highly influenced and regulated by processes such as adsorption-desorption, ion exchange, precipitation-dissolution, and soil and solution phase composition....   [tags: Chemistry]

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The Impacts of Mining and Processing Rare Earth Elements

- Rare earth elements allow for the conveniences shared by modern society. It is the critical components that have made the advancements in technology possible. Its versatility expands thought different media that include: renewable energy, geographic information systems, national security, missile guidance, computer technology, hybrid vehicles, plastics, medical technology and more. All population throughout the world use it regardless if they know it or not. The mining and process of rare earths come at a very high price....   [tags: technology, degradation, environment, China]

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Investigating Which Metal Combination Gives Out the Most Voltage in a Solution

- Investigating Which Metal Combination Gives Out the Most Voltage in a Solution Background Metals are an order of chemical elements in the periodic table. They are arranged in atomic number. All of them are solid (apart from mercury), good thermal and electrical conductors and are shiny when polished. Metals and non - metals are separated in the table by a diagonal line. -------------------------------------------------------------------- The reactivity series is a table to show which metals are most reactive to the least reactive....   [tags: Papers]

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Effects Mining has on The Soil in South Africa

- The mining sector is one of the largest sources of income in South Africa, after the Agricultural sector. It has been a major supporter to the industrialization of South Africa after the discovery of diamonds in Kimberley in1871, and the Witwaterstand goldfields in 1886 (Sorenses, 2012, p.22). This essay would be focusing more on the environmental and social effects mining of Coal, Gold and Uranium has on the soil in South Africa. The waste tailings from the mines are been washed away into the drainage and water system, and atmospheric sulphur, SO2, is been absorbed into the atmosphere causing acid rain....   [tags: mining sector, south africa, soil]

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To What Exetent Does Recycling Decrease the Carbon Footprint

- Introduction to Recycling Recycling is defined as the process of the collecting and the processing of materials (materials that on many occasions thrown away) ,and then shaving them into fresh commodities and turning them into new products. Recycling is important to the world today due to new technologies and new products constantly being devised. Without recycling Earth would plausibly end up as a planet of waste , a scenario depicted in the Disney Pixar movie ,Wall-E. So in all the questions being evaluated digress from “What occurs after they put that plastic bottle into the recycle bin?” to “To what extent is does recycling actually decrease the carbon footprint.” Hence is recycling s...   [tags: processing materials into fresh commodities]

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Finite Evidence and Universal Propositions

- Finite Evidence and Universal Propositions There is a lot of empirical evidence supporting the proposition '‘All metals expand when heated’. For example on many, many occasions we have observed metals expanding when heated. Because of this large amount of evidence we take the proposition to be true (or highly likely to be true). The proposition '‘All metals expand when heated’ is caled a universal proposition. A universal proposition mentions al things of a certain kind. The proposition '‘Al metals expand when heated’ is about al metals, not just some of them; it is about al pieces of metal, not just some pieces....   [tags: Ampliative Logic]

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Metal Recycling : Keep It Out Of Landfill

- Metal Recycling – Keep it out of landfill Look in any Australian shed (or behind it) and you will often find what seems to be rubbish. Broken screen doors, old guttering, door knobs, even the kitchen sink. When it comes time to move house oftentimes the whole lot ends up at the dump. Scrap Metal is actually a commodity, that can be recycled and repurposed to keep it out of landfill. Not only will recycling your scrap metal keep it out of landfill it will also reduce the amount of rubbish you have to take to the dump, which can help cut down on your dumping fees....   [tags: Recycling, Waste management, Recyclable materials]

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Heat Capacity of An Unknown Metal

- Heat Capacity of An Unknown Metal Purpose: The purpose of performing this lab was to find the specific heat capacity of an unknown metal. Hypothesis: Since all metals have different densities and makeups I think that the heat capacity will greatly vary. The makeup of iron is very different than aluminum so the heat capacity will be quite different. Also, a lot of metals are not completely pure and that will also have some effect on the heat capacity. Materials: -Hot Plate -Two (2) Beakers -Water -Metal Objects -Two (2) Thermometers -Pencil -Paper -Calculator Design: A hot plate is acquired and plugged in and if left to warm up....   [tags: Lab, Experiment]

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Development of Industry Causes Enviromental pollution

- An increase in industrial, agricultural practices and several anthropogenic activities adds a significant amount of heavy metals in soil and water. Presence of these metals beyond the threshold limit is toxic for the flora and fauna of the surroundings. So, there is a need for removing the harmful heavy metals from the environment. Conventional methods such as precipitation, evaporation, electroplating, ion exchange, membrane processes, etc. have been ineffective because of technical and economic issues....   [tags: biosorption, agricultural practices, biosorbents]

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