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The Three Competencies of the Mentor Role

- The three main competencies of the Mentor Role are "understanding yourself and others, interpersonal communication and developing others" (Hesketh et al pp 4). Because high school students are less experienced the author used this role continually in an effort to develop his students and guide them through their learning experiences. Per Hesketh et al the author must determine his own strengths and weaknesses so he can maximize them. "Your weaknesses can be overcome through self-development" (Hesketh et al....   [tags: Mentor Model Study]

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Becoming a Mentor

- One thing I believe is a necessity in growing up is having a mentor. Having a mentor is, not only, beneficial for the mentee but also the mentor. Being a mentor is a learning experience for everyone participating, it helps people grow as a person and friendships are created when a bond if formed. Some people might think it's a waste of time for a child or that it'll never work out for a troubled delinquent but based on the research I've done, I have proven them wrong. Through-out this paper I will provide the pros and cons of mentoring and how they affect both mentor and mentee....   [tags: Human Development, Life Skills]

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The Uv Mentor Program At Uvu

- The UV Mentor Program at UVU, of which I am part, is housed in The Department of Student Success and Leadership Studies. The mission of the UV Mentor Program is to maximize student opportunities for leadership in and facilitation of self-knowledge and self-awareness, academic learning strategies and study skills, student socialization and engagement. The mentors are a group of peers who partner with faculty to help students make the transition into college. Each mentor is assigned a class to attend where they collaborate with and support the instructor; contribute in the planning and facilitation of class; and provide classroom, group and individual mentoring to students....   [tags: Education, High school, Coaching, Student]

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Report on My Project Mentor

- Question 1: What did you learn from the meeting with your Project Mentor, including the presentation that you gave to your Project Mentor. I believed that the mentor has played a very important role during my Research and Analysis Report (RAP). I have benefited from his guidance through out my RAP from choice of topic up till the presentation of my report; which allows me to work confidentially. His guidance to direct my approach proved very helpful to use my time efficiently. I consider mentor’s advice plays an important role as if I succeeded to lay a firm foundation the rest of my project work will be likely to be right on track....   [tags: learning experiences, career choices]

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The Leader As Mentor : Discipleship

- The Leader as Mentor Discipleship is the process of making disciples; students or followers of someone (Oxford Dictionaries, 2016). Although discipleship existed long before Jesus, the disciple-making process as expressed by Jesus is the most impactful example for Christianity. The following is an analysis of discipleship as it was applied to Jesus’ ministry, Jesus’ discipleship model in light of modern leadership theories, and a discussion of what can be gleaned from Jesus’ discipleship model. Levels of Discipleship Shown in Jesus’ Ministry Among the other things that Jesus did during His time on earth, He made disciples....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Gospel of Matthew]

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The Pleasure Of Interviewing My Mentor

- For this assignment I had the pleasure of interviewing my mentor. A gentleman that I truly admire for his endless efforts and never say enough attitude, I find him to be nothing less than the working backbone to an education system. A man that has given his life to his career in order to ensure an amazing future for all students to come. My mentor Mr. Hardy Keith Edwards. Hardy is an educator for the Compton Unified School District, he is a specialist in English language arts and a long term Substitute teacher....   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, Secondary school]

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The Johnson City Mentor Program

- The Johnson City Mentor Program has paired me up with Jason Nord, a sixth grade student who can be described as an intelligent kid with a vibrant personality. Over the last couple weeks, I feel that I have formed a positive relationship with Jason and have already learned a lot about him. I am fortunate to be assigned a student that I feel I can have a beneficial effect from this program and enjoy working at the middle school as a whole. This is my first time holding a formal position as a leader and mentor for anyone, and I am determined to set and achieve goals with my mentee, as well as my self over the next few weeks....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Class I railroad]

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Relationship Between Mentor And Telemachus

- Relationship between Mentor and Telemachus At some point in their life, many people experience a feeling of inadequacy or uncertainty. In “The Odyssey” by Homer, one of the main characters Telemachus experiences both of these feelings. He feels that he is not good enough, especially compared to his father, Odysseus, who many people refer to as a great leader. In the beginning of “The Odyssey”, Telemachus’ home has been taken over by suitors, each with the goal of winning over his mother in hopes to marry her and become king....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Homer, Athena]

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Leadership And Being A Mentor

- There is a fine line between leadership and being a mentor. Though some make these titles mutually exclusive, A believe mentoring to be a tool/ability of an effective leader. To be a great leader there is no way to circumvent the continued development of everyone in the organization. To aid in the quality of development and the willingness of those involved to grow, there are some practices that I will incorporate into my life. Within John Maxwell’s book Mentoring 101, he reveals many layers and subtopics on this overarching topic....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Success, Coaching]

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What Makes A Mentor?

- A mentor is a person that you may get at any stage of your life. A mentor is a person you get to guide and advise you in your life in the hope of continuing to develop your professional career. You should get a mentor in your career when you have either reached a plateau or when you want to reach the next level of your career. This paper will focus on what a mentor is, some common qualities a good mentor should possess and the steps to finding a mentor in the business world today. It will also talk about a good mentor - mentee relationship....   [tags: Want, Need, Management, WANT]

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