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Parental Decisions about Medical Care

- The rights of children and the rights of parents can sometimes cause conflict. A common conflict is in disagreements regarding medical treatment. The book “The Sprit Catches You and You Fall Down” details a conflict over the medical treatment of a Hmong girl with epilepsy. Her parents’ cultural and religious beliefs about medicine are very different from western beliefs. The extent of these differences is detailed in the movie Split Horn which shows a shaman healer from traditional Hmong culture....   [tags: parental rights, medical care, ]

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Medical Care And Health Care

- Medical Care has evolved unanimously through the course of history and proves to have solved many issues that have afflicted mankind because of numerous researchers and doctors discovered new ways to treat patients, therefore improving patient care; while constantly innovating and engineering new technology that would aid doctors through procedures that will save the lives of many. In today’s society, medical care has provided the foundation of longevity and a sense of security amongst people, implementing the idea of when they become ill, they can simply go to the hospital or clinic to be treated as such to become better....   [tags: Physician, Health care, Hospital, Patient]

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The Medical Care Delivery System

- America has expanded so much over the last decades. People are living longer due to advancements in technology. However, the down side to this circumstance is over populated areas in the U.S. The influence is greatly felt in the health care settings of hospitals. Hospitals are having a difficult time accommodating patients. Hospital department leaders, are responsible for management performance in their hospital, there are several reasons why emergency department crowding should be at the head of the hospital improvement efforts....   [tags: Health care, Hospital, Health care provider]

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Competition Of Health And Medical Care

- Competitions on Health and Medical Care Competition ensures the provision of better products and services to satisfy the needs of customers (Rivers and Glover, 2013) (Martins, n.d.). Traditional competition in health care involves one or more elements (e.g. price, quality, convenience, and superior products or services) (Rivers and Glovers, 2013) (Martins, n.d.). A key role of competition in health care is the potential to provide a mechanism for reducing health care costs (Rivers and Glover, 2013) (Martins, n.d.)....   [tags: Nutrition, Health care, Medicine, Health]

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Medical Care And Public Health

- 1. The most important distinction between medical care and public health is public health comes down to prevention and promotion. Medical care comes down to the treatment after the fact. Medical care deals with the individual patient, while public health takes the community and populations into consideration. Public health is much broader of a concept when it comes to comparing it with medical care. Medical care works with the illness once it occurs while public health prevent illness before it even happens through educational programs, policy changes, and research....   [tags: Psychology, Health care, Medicine, Epidemiology]

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Mental Health And Medical Care

-    Mental illness in prison   Historically, the departments of corrections, employing their own staff and clinics, directly administered mental health and medical care to offenders. Because of ever-increasing health care costs, staff expense, lack of qualified health care professionals to work in prisons, lack of visionary correctional leadership (with exceptions), and ever-increasing litigation, more and more states have privatized the mental health and medical services (Daniel, A. E.2007). By giving them the care they needed was a start then how it was going before....   [tags: Mental disorder, Schizophrenia, Health care]

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Human Resources, Leadership, And Medical Care

- Functional Areas As NHEU is moving to take better care of their members were their employer does not, NHEU is seeking to find ways to identify all of their members’ needs. To effect this change a root cause analysis has been performed to identify functional areas that have contributed to or are impacted by the specific business problem of identifying and providing alleviating benefits for issues causing members’ health issues caused by their unique work. By identifying these areas and discovering the roles they play in this business challenge NHEU is expecting that they can not only solve this particular dilemma, but put themselves in a position to better assist their members in the future...   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Illness]

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Human Resources, Leadership, And Medical Care

- As NHEU is moving to take better care of their members were their employer does not, NHEU is seeking to find ways to identify all of their members’ needs. To affect this change a root cause analysis has been performed to identify functional areas that have contributed to or are impacted by the specific business problem of identifying and providing alleviating benefits for issues causing members’ health issues caused by their unique work. By identifying these areas and discovering the roles they play in this business challenge NHEU is expectant that they can not only solve this particular dilemma but put themselves in a position to better assist their members in the future by resolving issues...   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Medicine]

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Medical Care At Children 's Hospital

- Hospitals see over 343,000 patients a day; that’s 125 Million patients yearly (Statistics, 2011). Depending on the person/s medical need they are admitted into hospitals as inpatient or outpatient. For this particular Montana couple their 2-day old baby was air-lifted from Billings, Montana to be admitted as an inpatient at Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHC) for a special surgery for a torn bowel (McGhee, 2016). This admittance as an inpatient means the child is expected to need 2 or more nights of medically necessary hospital care....   [tags: Patient, Health care provider, Health care]

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Personal Statement For Improving Medical Care

- Over the course of my life, several themes have emerged that I believe make me well suited for a career in healthcare. These experiences, that I thought to be burdens on my life, instead placed emphasis on my desire to improve medical care in underserved areas. Pursuing a career of such importance takes pride and dedication, yet cannot be accomplished without a critical combination of technical skills balanced with people skills. My passion for helping others has grown immensely over the years and which may seem like just an occupation to others, I firmly believe is my calling....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health care provider]

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Medical Issues Of Medical Care

- In this present day and age, medical care is taken for granted and is losing its integrity as the boundaries between Doctor and Patient is becoming dimmer. With the rapid advancement in the science and medical field, there came hundreds of new machines and procedures that are being incorporated into new forms of efficient and safe treatments; however, with these new advancements, the patients would then need to be informed of the risks and benefits of the procedure before they are to undergo any type of treatment....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Patient, Hospital]

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Stakeholder And Ethical Lens Of Medical Care

- Parents have moral and legal obligation to take care of their child and provide him with food, shelter and necessary medical care. After the divorce, the child will live with one parent who will have legal and physical custody. In times of emergency most contentious philosophical and religious beliefs requires compromise. In a situation when former spouses disagree on the practice of conventional medicine, the family attorney will be able to assist to reach an agreement.“But while adult patients can refuse treatments on grounds of faith, the religious convictions of a child—or of their parents—are not an acceptable legal defense against withholding lifesaving treatment” (When Parents Disagre...   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Ethics, Risk management]

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Providing Medical Care For Uninsured Individuals

- Providing medical care for uninsured individuals can be met with many challenges. With the freedom to dictate the cost of care, health insurance companies often determine when and how individuals access medical care, regardless of the existing demands. As a result, uninsured individuals are more likely to postpone their medical care, compared to those who already carry health insurance. For instance, most individuals without health insurance often have limited access to ambulatory care settings and are likely to be admitted for avoidable health complications....   [tags: Health care, Health economics, Health insurance]

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When a Parent Refuses Medical Care for Their Children

- Parents, with the extreme exceptions, want to do what is in the best interest of their child. They believe they are entitled to make decisions about the welfare of their child and that it is a violation of their right for anyone to order them to take measures they believe are wrong. The views of parents with binding religious and moral beliefs, greatly conflict all too often with the medical world. When is it justifiable to overrule a parent’s decision to refuse medical treatment for their child....   [tags: Medical Ethics ]

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Health and Medical Care of Infants

- Every day, physicians called pediatricians are helping and treating children’s illnesses and making sure they are healthy. Dr. Ananya Mandel describes pediatrics “as the branch of medicine dealing with the health and medical care of infants, children and adolescents from birth up to the age of 18” (Ananya l). Pediatricians work with children and care about their health. Without pediatricians, children wouldn’t receive special treatment, which is highly necessary since caring for children’s health is not the same as adult care....   [tags: children, health, pediatrics, physicians, career]

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Medical Care

- Patients play a big role, in which they need to ask lots of question and stay informative about every procedure and medication they are going to consume. They need to make sure how many doses, the type of medication and how many times a day, because they could overdose them self if they take more than needed. Therefore, advance directive is where the patient chooses the type and how many medical care they wish they want to be provided with. Theirs time in where patients are placed a proxy; the authority to represent someone else....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Patient, Hospital]

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The Need Of Quality Medical Care

- The united States of America is need of quality medical care, the only way to provide necessary service is to increase the number of quality professionals. This changing market is in need of professionals who are both knowledgable and talented enough to deliver care to the underserved community of this great country. Saint Francis University, is addressing this need by providing education to qualified students to become future leaders. Saint Francis’s addresses this national shortage by advancing students problem solving ability and clinical knowledge, all the while maintaining a focus on serving the community....   [tags: Problem solving, Learning, Educational psychology]

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Technology, Education And Medical Care

- My grandfather is 84 years old. He is still very active, plays golf every day, and works his land. He believes the world was a better place fifty years ago, because everything moved at a slower pace unlike today where everyone is always in a hurry to be more and accomplish more than everyone else. The last five decades have seen major improvements in the quality of life with regards to technological breakthroughs, medical advancements, and economic growth. The modern facilities in various sectors such as transport, communication, education, agriculture, and health improve the quality of individual 's’ everyday life....   [tags: Mobile phone, Education, History of the Internet]

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Poor Medical Health Care

- Semester 1 Advanced-Writing Problem Solution Essay Name: ID: Poor Medical health care is something prevalent in many countries. Every family all over the world has suffered deaths due to poor medical healthcare and insurance. The decreasing in the quality of health services provided to the individuals and patients is Poor medical healthcare. Poor Medical Health care is a critical problem that has to end, as studies about it showed that adults in the United States receive half of the needed health care services (EA & RH, 2001), and not only adults but also all types of citizens including children, if this problem did not end deaths of people will significantly increase (Ce...   [tags: healthcare, health insurance, health care system]

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The Modern Healthcare System And The Medical Care System

- Intro:Society is programed to feel very healthy but if when actual regard the statistics it would be surprisingly to the contrary. The modern healthcare system is flawed in its basic theology. It focuses on treating the main symptoms and not treating the root cause and preventing illnesses. To return to healthier society , the medical care system needs that focuses more on holistic or the all of the systems that make up someone 's body. The needs to be a shift in the way medical professionals treat their patients it would create a superior????....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Immune system]

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Health Care Of The Medical Field

- Luanda Billups Having a strong passion to improve health care in rural communities through research in infectious diseases, viral infections, and immunology is a vital career goal for me today. Growing up in Chicago, Illinois as a child, I was hospitalized on several occasions with severe asthma. Not being able to breathe was a terrifying experience for me. Several times, I wanted to give up due to my family financial issues. The care that I received while being hospitalized, was like no other....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health]

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Medical Errors And Health Care

- Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, which costs billions of dollars to the economy and increases our health care costs. How can health care managers decrease medical errors to improve costs of health care and costs to the economy. One approach is to have stricter health care polices, as it pertains to providing quality of care to patients no matter if the patient has private insurances, government insurance, self-pay, etc. the quality provided to patients should be the same across the board no matter the income class of patients, high quality of care should be our priority....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Management]

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Seeking Medical Care Away From Home

- Seeking medical care away from home is difficult, more-so for patients who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Their connection to country and possible language barriers provide extra hurdles to effective healthcare. This paper shall address two factors from Geia’s Nurse-Person Therapeutic Relationship model, those being Social Determinants of Health and Indigenous history, and aims to provide insight and strategies for the nurse to build and maintain a therapeutic relationship with patients of Indigenous background....   [tags: Indigenous Australians, Medicine, Health care]

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The Government Is Not Guaranteeing A Minimum And Acceptable Level Of Medical Care

- Medical Emergency The Venezuelan government is not guaranteeing a minimum and acceptable level of medical care to the population, as required by the constitution and international standards. The underlying causes of this situation, which is already costing lives, are many and varied. They range from the lack of a coordinated national health system, budgetary positions inadequate and dismantled (or unbuilt) hospitals to the lack of foreign exchange to import drugs and supplies, precarious wages for doctors and nurses, criminal violence and corruption....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Venezuela, Maternal death]

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The Modern Healthcare System And The Medical Care System

- Society is programed to feel very healthy, but if when actual regarding the statistics it would be surprising to the contrary. The modern healthcare system is flawed in its basic theology. It focuses on treating the main symptoms and not treating the root cause and preventing illnesses. To return to a healthier society, the medical care system needs that focuses more on holistic or the all of the systems that make up someone 's body. The needs to be a shift in the way medical professionals treat their patients it would create a superior society....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Pharmacology, Immune system]

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Medical Records And Health Care

- Introduction Health care industry is one of the most information intensive and technologically advanced in our society; for this reason we need effective and efficient health care information system that will help enhance complete examination of data and design information that will support the system. Health care information encompasses a range of technologies use to store, share, and analyze health information. Health IT is used to improve patient care, communicate with doctors, learn and share patient health information....   [tags: Health care, Electronic health record]

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Treadmill Development for Health and Medical Care

- Development of treadmill for health and medical care This research looks at the development of treadmill for health and medical care. It will touch upon the origin of the treadmill from its invention for agriculture uses to how it has developed for health and medical care in the present. It will also list the usage of treadmills in the medical field, some advantages and disadvantages of treadmills and common features treadmills in the present have. Ever since the first treadmill was invented for agriculture uses over 4000 years ago, much improvement have been made to them and today, treadmills are no longer commonly used for agriculture but for health and medical purposes such as keeping f...   [tags: animal power, prisons, rehabilitation]

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Patient Care And Medical Terminology

- Patient Care and Medical Terminology When it comes to health care, it is pertinent to understand the terminologies that accompany it. I will be reviewing the importance of medical terminology when it comes to health care, especially patient care. I will be discussing how medical terminology is integral to the strategic aspect of quality care. I will also go over how the misuse of medical terminology can affect the patient experience. I will review whether power is an element in health care. And lastly, I will go over how not understanding of this terminology can cause confusion in the health care industry would lead to ineffective troubleshooting....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Illness, Health economics]

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Medical Care for Human Trafficking Victims

- Human trafficking is a rising global issue and is a dark human behavior that has been happening since the beginning of recorded history. These victims experience both mental and physical effects that are damaging to their lives, stripping their identity as individuals. Millions of women and children go through these traumatic experiences and have psychological consequences that need to be addressed but get little attention. This literature review suggests steps to be taken in order to treat these patients with the proper medical care by responding to the following questions: 1....   [tags: global issues, human behavior]

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Public Health versus Medical Care

- Simply put, Public Health has its origins in and is focused upon preventing the spread of disease and illness, whereas Medical Care is focused on treating conditions, disease and illness. While there is some overlap (more so at the community level with the Health Department model), Public Health’s attempts to cross more prominently into Medical Care in this country since the early 20th century have been met with great opposition by medical professionals and their trade organizations, who did not want the government to reach further into the provision of health services in a way that might lead to a national healthcare program and thus make all practicing medical professionals government empl...   [tags: prevention, treating conditions, illness]

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One Family's Thoughts and Opinions Regarding the Medical Care Bill

- This medical care bill has brought disagreements to families across the country that either loved or hated the concept. As a daughter to aging parents, a sister to ill siblings, a mother to children unable to afford insurance and a grandmother to children in desperate need of medical Advertisement coverage. I am one of the Americans the majority of the population sees as a threat to increased taxes. I am not going to pretend to understand the numerous pages outlining the bill nor will I go so far as to say I have read it cover to cover....   [tags: Health Care]

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Business Case For Quality : Americans Should Receive The Medical Care

- Business Case for Quality Americans should receive the medical care based on the most up-to-date evidence-based practice and best scientific technology, but there is strong evidence showing that health care industries have inertia implementing the needed changes to reach its potential benefits (Institute of Medicine, 2001). A discrepancy exists between the health care now receive and the health care that could receive. The reason for this gap is that medical science and technology are advanced at a rapid speed, and the current health care system falls short in dissimilating the knowledge and technology into clinical practice....   [tags: Medicine, Illness, Health care]

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Evidence Based Nursing Practice (EBNP) to Analyze Medical Care

- EBNP Nurses are the archeologists of the healthcare field. They research, examine, and resurrect the information needed to perform appropriate medical procedures on a daily basis. Refining that process helps utilize time to expedite sound knowledge into practice. Implementing this practice involves a community of nurses in order to keep the profession moving forward in a progressive, innovative, and improving manner. Imagine a ladder with all of its steps. Without each previous step we cannot climb any higher....   [tags: Patient, Care, Diagnostic]

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Healthcare And Medical Care : How Do We Control Cost?

- “Healthcare and Medical care” (How Do We Control Cost?) It is said that, “the most powerful force for controlling medical spending is the cost conscious consumer”; however, there are other factors (determinants of health) other than medical care spending that can affect the health of an individual and ultimately the health of a population. Some of these other factors (determinants of health) include lifestyle choices, environmental factors, family history (genetics), where one work and live, one’s income and developments in technology....   [tags: Medicine, Health, Health care, Genetics]

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Patient's Rights and Medical Care

- Patient's Rights and Medical Care In the face of the threat of euthanasia, does the patient have the right to the final word. What are his rights in the area of medical care. This essay will explore this question, and provide case histories to exemplify these rights in action. For legally competent adult patients, regarding medical care per se - according to Anglo-American law -- every competent adult has the freedom to seek or not to seek medical care and to refuse to consent to any specific treatment proposed, under the common law right of bodily integrity and intangibility: 1....   [tags: Euthanasia Physician Assisted Suicide]

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The Evolution Of Science And Its Impact On Medical Care

- Since ancient times, and even as recent as one hundred years ago, science and technology has allowed the human race to ‘evolve’ at an increasingly rapid pace. Some things that an average person would use today without thinking twice would most likely be unfathomable to an average person in the early 20th century. The evolution of science has especially affected medical care, a person can be taken to the hospital, have a faulty vital organ replaced, and assuming there were no complications, walk out within the span of about a week....   [tags: Cloning, Cell, Somatic cell nuclear transfer, DNA]

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Medical Errors And The Health Care System

- Many hospitals have systems of checks and balances to avoid errors, but what happens when the systems do not work. Today in the United States, medical errors are the fifth-leading cause of death. In 2000, the Institute of Medicine released a study, “To Err is Human”, revealing an estimated 98,000 deaths annually from medical errors. While this figure is assumed to be lower than the actual, each death comes with an inherent cost to the health care system. In today’s terms this figure is underestimated, however the accompanied cost is estimated to be between $17 billion and $29 billion annually....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Patient]

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The Lack Of Education And Its Effects On The Medical Care System

- I believe this statement means that there is more to the problem here than skin color. The Lacks were from the John Crow era when segregation and slavery was still accepted. Their families did not have access to education. Their lack of education is related to them being poor due to not being able to find good paying jobs. This carried on through generations. It is not an easy thing to change. They had a hard time understanding the healthcare system. The Lacks also lacked trust in the healthcare system due to what had happened in the past to the blacks....   [tags: Black people, White people, Race, African American]

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Palliative Care and Care for Older Adults

- The age expectancy continues to increase in society. More people are live very far into old age; this is why the number of elderly people continues to rise. Disease patterns are changing continually. Chronic disease is often the cause of death, over those that are caused by acute illness. The population that requires care is becoming much older. High quality care is necessary for end of life. Older people have more complex problems and disabilities (Ebersole, Hess, Touhy, Jett, & Luggen, 2008). The care provided for these older adults require an established partnership between the nurse and the patient....   [tags: Health, Elderly, Medical care]

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Demand For Medical Care

- Demand for Medical Care The demand for medical care is derived from our demand for good health. Michael Grossman was the first to do econometric research on this topic. “Grossman’s work established two approaches for consideration. In the first, medical care is viewed as an input in the production function for health, and in the second, as an output produced by medical care providers (Henderson, p.142).” There are two main factors that determine the demand for medical care. The first is the patient factor....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Health Care Ethics Medical Ethics

- Health-Care Ethics Medical Ethics Outside Hospital Global Health Issues Throughout history global health issues have been increasing in our nations which have been creating many problems regarding our health. Health makes everyone more attentive because no one wants to obtain a disease at some point in their life that can cause an early demise. People believe that with good health, one lives a good and happy life with no worries. Health is described as “the general condition of the body or mind with the presence of illness that can be cured.” Healthcare systems are checking and managing an individual 's health care by providing treatments and medication that can alleviate pain and sufferin...   [tags: Health, Health care, Medicine, Public health]

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Medical Field Of Patient Care With Computer Science And Technology

- Informatics Assignment Paper Nursing informatics is an emerging field that integrates both the medical field of patient care with computer science and technology. In today’s society, we relieve a lot on technology as it has improved and become more accessible over the years. Access to the internet is now at the tip of our fingers as we can use our mobile phones or even our cars to explore and surf the World Wide Web. With the quick access comes positives and negatives, as anyone can publish anything on the internet; which is why as health providers it is important to direct our patient’s into the right direction....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Medicine]

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Health Care Medical Facilities Need Clear Communication

- Proposed Solution All departments, units and health care medical facilities need clear communication between health care medical team on the particular unit and between units in order to improve care and prevent undesirable consequences. Effective communication always was and will be the crucial and important part of health care, especially nursing field. Continuity of care relays a lot on the ability of nurses and other health care professionals to convey pretending information from one to another....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Patient]

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How The Patient Centered Medical Home Improve Care

- How the Patient-Centered Medical Home Improve Care When a patient arrives at a doctors appointment they expect to have the best care provided to them by the PCMH (patient centered medical home). The question is, does the PCMH improve care of the patient, and how. There has been many experiments and findings that the PCMH does in fact improve care. What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home exactly. The medical home is a model of primary care that is patient-centered, comprehensive, team-based, coordinated, accessible, and focused on quality and safety....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Patient]

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Comparison of Medical Care During The American Civil War and Medical Care During World War I

- Medicine has developed so dramatically over the last century that it is difficult to imagine a world in which its many benefits did not exist. Even as humans manage to eradicate some diseases, a look at history reminds us that there was a time when these and other diseases were rampant, and good health was the exception rather than the norm. There are many comparable time periods that medicine was needed and was used. With each, there were drastic changes to medical procedures and medical rules....   [tags: korean war, vietnam war, battlefield medicine]

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Medical Scientists and Health Care System Funding in Australia

- There is a vast array of health care benefits that are offered in Australia in which many people benefit from such as the regulation of health products, workforce and health services as well as public dental care. These health care benefits are funded to ensure that the appropriate benefits are given out. Primarily, the funding strategies for the provision of Australian health services are managed by the Australian Federal Government as well as both State and Territory governments with the contributions of citizens and residents within Australia....   [tags: Health Care Funding Strategies ]

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Medical Care

- Medical Care The United States has moved from an agricultural country, to an industrialized country and from predominately an industrialized country to more of an information and services country. Health care has changed in the way it has operated just as the country has changed. When the United States was an agricultural country, health care was operated by doctors that worked independently providing health care to patients within a set communities or counties. This health care was a fee for service system....   [tags: Medicine Health Research Papers]

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The Rite Care Medical Center

- Introduction The Rite Care Medical Center is one of the medical centers in Staten Island, New York aims to provide a high quality health care for all the residents of community of Staten Island and its neighbors. The Staten Island is multicultural and diverse borough. The demographics of Rite Care Medical Center generally reflect the community; the majority of the staff is non-Hispanic white and the female represented about 50% of staff. The medical center stated a clear vision, mission, goals, and values (see Appendix A)....   [tags: Hospital, Physician, Patient, Problem solving]

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Companies and Technology in the Medical Field

- In United States medical care, the instrumentation and supply industry forms a focal unit in ensuring that the field is well equipped to deal with the ever growing medical requirements for both, the people living in and out of the country. Medical device companies produce a massive amount of products used for diagnosing and treating ailments. These incorporate surgical and professional medical instruments, electromedical, and also electrotherapeutic apparatuses, precise appliances and materials, ophthalmic goods, and clinical equipment (Scannell 2004)....   [tags: medical care, accuracy inc, medical devices ]

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Medical Career For A Medical Assistant

- Is Medical Assisting a great job for me in the future world. Medical assisting is a job that you help people with. This job includes things like taking blood samples, giving shots, check-ups, etc. Any interests I have had within this career is that you help others, prescribe medicine if they are in need, being prompt and taking care of others. Related talents to this career that I have is enjoying helping people, experiencing blood, doing regular check-ups etc. I have selected medical assisting as a career because its easy/ great training in under a year, employment growth, and flexible schedule....   [tags: Health care, Medical assistant, Medicine]

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Health Care and the Marxist Theory

- In the past centuries, health care was the responsibility of individuals and their own families but today Medicine comes to be an institution only as societies are more productive and people take on specialized work. At the same time as people become dependent on governments and organizations to provide them their health care and insurance, here is the problem. Social conflict analysis points out the connection between health and social inequality. Following the ideas of Karl Marx, we can match health to the operation of capitalism....   [tags: medical care, profit, politics]

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Uncompensated Care in Public Hospitals

- Introduction Public hospitals, as a primary destination for low-income residents seeking medical care, play a crucial role in our society. Through constant changes in the healthcare system of our nation, these institutions remain true to their mission of caring for disadvantaged populations who lack stable access to health care. Over the past decade, the government experienced increasing difficulty in operating public hospitals due to scant revenue generation and constant budgetary constraints. In 2010, while the average national hospital profit margin was approximately 7%, public hospitals have hovered around 2%, which often resulted in operating at a negative margin when factoring in Medic...   [tags: Uncompensated Medical Care]

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Pain Management and Palliative Care

- Pain is neither objective nor seen or felt by anybody other than the person that is experiencing it. Pain is subjective, therefore there is no way to distinguish whether or not someone is hurting and the only and best measurement of pain is that what the patient says it is. In settings such as end of life care, patients present with many different disease processes and ultimately are there because they have an average of six months to live. Along with this stage in their lives, palliative care patients can encounter a myriad of symptoms, which can result in these patients experiencing tremendous physical and psychological suffering (Creedon & O’Regan, 2010, p....   [tags: Pain, Cancer, Medical Care]

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Taking Care Of Doctor : Becoming A Medical Doctor

- Taking Care Of Doctor Becoming a medical doctor allows an individual to make an impact on the world by healing the sick. In the United States and in other countries becoming a physician is well respected for this reason. As a physician you must dedicate a lot of time and make many sacrifices. Most people ignore the amount of time medical doctors spending work that too often they neglect their needs. Physicians go through a lot on each day starting off with frequently having unhealthy patients to even seeing people die right in front of them.Most medical doctors get so carried away in the daily duties and do not feel it is necessary to talk to someone about their stress....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Patient, Medical school]

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Medical Malpractice And Its Effects On Health Care Practices

- "Doctor, doctor, my body hurts wherever I touch it!” A young brunette exclaims. “Show me,” says the physician. The girl proceeds to poke multiple areas of her body and scream every time she does so. “Hmm,” the doctor remarks, “I think I ought to send you off to a specialist.” Wait a minute, that’s not how the joke goes, is it. Isn’t he supposed to say she’s a blonde with a broken finger. Well, in the future, the joke just might go like that. Lately, Americans and their physicians have been at odds....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Medical malpractice, Patient]

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Medical Dominance And The Australian Health Care System

- Medical dominance can be illustrated through the organisation in the Australian health care system, wherein general practitioners (GPs) act as the primary care service provider for clients. This role can be argued as financially beneficial to GPs, as being the initial point of contact between clients and health professionals, they receive a majority of payments if direct treatment can be provided, and are given the flexibility to charge fees above the Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) fee if desired....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, General practitioner]

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Why should medical editors CARE about case reports?

- „Always note and record the unusual…Publish it.“ (1) -William Osler While contemplating the evolution of medical publishing, one might be tempted to think of it under terms of the Recapitulation theory. Namely, as ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, similarly it might be conjectured that both evolution of medical publishing, at least in its forms, and the stages of scientific production in a clinicians` career follow similar progression of evolutionary stages. In other words, a modern „evidence-based“ clinician, trough his publications, climbs the steep „Level-of-evidence“ pyramid, recapitulating much the growth of the pyramid itself; during his first clinical steps, he writes case report...   [tags: Record Keeping, Medical Novelty]

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Medical Errors And Its Impact On Health Care

- The United States currently enjoys unparalleled level in terms of quality from the system of medical care. Despite of this fact, several factors suggest that when it comes to assuring high quality to everyone, not all is well since the current health care system is a top economic and social problem to the Americans (Health Care Problems, 2015).. Many issues such as medical errors, quality of care, and other problems can impact the health care organization such as hospitals, clinics, and physicians....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health care provider]

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Socialized Medicine : The Provision Of Medical And Hospital Care For All By Means Of Public Funds

- Socialized Medicine. Noun. The provision of medical and hospital care for all by means of public funds. Norway, Japan, the United Kingdom, Kuwait, Sweden, Canada, Finland, and Italy (just to name a few) all have one thing in common-socialized medicine. Sarah Nettleton, a researcher at King’s College in the United Kingdom, believes health care should develop into a universal concept and subsist on the basis of health “needs” rather than the ability to pay. The United Kingdom has a successful program when it comes to universal health care known as the National Health Services(NHS)....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health economics]

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Medical Errors And Its Effects On Health Care

- Patients safety is one of the leading problems in the United Sates and implies a of variety factors. Concerned about the cost increases on health care incidents of unintended harm from medical care, surpass economic advance at an untenable bound. Failure to achieve indicated tests, treatments, as well preventive services on time drives up health care cost to sky-high. In 2015, health care associated infections per the National Quality Forum (NQF) reported nearly two million healthcare-associated infections that cost hospitals more than $4.5 billion (NCLS, 2016)....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health insurance]

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Health Care At Valley Global Medical Center

- Health care leaders have a task to ensure that the public is cared for and catered to in a safe environment while at the same time ensuring that the employees are as well safe. They have a vision for the organizations and want to ensure its goals and objectives are accomplished. The health care organization to be utilized for this assignment is Victor Valley Global Medical Center which serves a community I the high desert are in Victorville, California. By interview a health care it is the hope of the student to have a much better insight of what it takes to be a leader and what qualities this leader possess that have ensured that the organizations goals are met and also directing employees...   [tags: Health care, Management, Leadership, Organization]

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The Effects Of Evidence Based Medicine On The Medical Care Of Individual Patients ( Sackett )

- The definitions of evidence-based nursing are borrowed from those of evidence-based medicine, which is defined by Sackett as the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best external and scientific evidence in making decisions about the medical care of individual patients (Sackett, 1996). Correspondingly, this means that evidence-based nursing is a method of critically selecting and appraising scientific literature and applying the scientific evidence that has been found to a specific nursing situation....   [tags: Nursing, Scientific method]

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Picking The Health Care Industry and Making It Efficient

- Healthcare  Introduction The field of public health care has been a topic of utmost importance all over the world. Especially in the cases when any part of the world suffers from any kind of natural calamity like floods, earthquakes or outbreak of some dangerous and infectious disease. This is the one sector that needs major attention. Protecting the lives and improving the health standards of communities with the help of certain measures has been termed as the science behind the public health care....   [tags: medical care, public health care]

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History of Public Medical Insurance Care in Canada

- The first execution of public medical insurance care in Canada began in Saskatchewan in 1946 under the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and the Social Credit party. At this provincial level, Medicare was first implemented and utilized. This would be the first instance of a government controlled, universal medical insurance plan ever to be achieved in North America. The North American medical institution and the whole insurance establishment were adamant about their stance against Medicare; they were determined to discontinue the growth of its popularity (Bernard)....   [tags: Saskatchewan, medicare]

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The Role Of A Medical Assistant

- The Role of a Medical Assistant A clinic and doctor 's office requires many positions that are crucial to a patient’s satisfaction, and one of the most important occupations is that of a medical assistant. Whilst their job may seem simple at first, much information, characteristics, and morals are to be expected in this medical field. Upon completing their educational requirements and proving their credibility, they may commence to search for a job in a variety of locations and opportunities. Once employed, they are responsible for operating either the front desk or the back, depending whether they are specialized as a clinical or administrative medical assistant....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Medical assistant]

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Professional Issues Of A Medical Professional

- Chinwenwa Iheme Professional Issues A medical Professional is generally someone in the healthcare field. Medical Professionals are part of a team that delivers services related to humans or animal’s health. Examples of Medical professionals are, physicians; nurses; Medical Laboratory Scientists, and dentists. A Medical professional you must attain a level of education and certification required for a specific medical profession. There are many medical professions; each requires a certain level of education, training and certification....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Medical laboratory]

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The University Of Mississippi Medical School

- I grew up in Mississippi, and so I feel that I can give a good representation of what the state is like. Mississippi is a lovely place. It’s warm,peaceful, and has southern charm like no other. It is full of nature and has the clearest nights you’ve ever seen. Some say that nothing really happens in Mississippi, but that is only partially true. We have wonderful people and are very close. Living here will guarantee you a family of caring people. This fact also holds true at the University of Mississippi Medical School, which is at the heart of Jackson,Mississippi....   [tags: Medicine, Medical school, Health care]

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The Morally Praiseworthy Actions of Medical Professionals who Provide Care for Enemy Combatants

- Many Americans assume that medical professionals are generally helpful of others. However, a controversial question has been raised about the use of medical professionals and their involvement with torturing enemy combatants during war. Is it morally right or morally wrong for them to be involved in these sorts of practices. I believe that medical professionals who are involved in overseeing and treating tortured enemy combatants are morally praiseworthy. Medical professionals are praiseworthy because its undoubtedly correct for a medical professional to help preserve the life of tortured....   [tags: medical, nursing]

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Medical Students and Rural Health Care

- Unenthusiastic to serve in villages. But this is a global phenomenon. There is no doubt that medical students should be unprotected to challenges of rural health care. This could be easily done through proper implementation of the up-to-date undergraduate medical curriculum and not through coercive tactics such as outspreading the 5.5 year-MBBS course to 6.5 years by making one year rural service binding and banning doctors from settling abroad. In ideal state both basic health and education needs of a citizen should be public sector programmes....   [tags: urban health, rural hygiene]

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Medical Futility: An Increasing Legal, Ethical, and Moral Dilemma

- Futility of Care: An Increasing Legal, Ethical, and Moral Dilemma A divergent set of issues and opinions involving medical care for the very seriously ill patient have dogged the bioethics community for decades. While sophisticated medical technology has allowed people to live longer, it has also caused protracted death, most often to the severe detriment of individuals and their families. Ira Byock, director of palliative medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, believes too many Americans are “dying badly.” In discussing this issue, he stated, “Families cannot imagine there could be anything worse than their loved one dying, but in fact, there are things worse.” “It’s having someone...   [tags: Futility of Care, Medical World]

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Medical Records Department For Christus St. Vincent 's Regional Medical Center

- For my HIT 1030 project I interviewed Susan Handy. I have worked together in the medical records department for 6 year’s. She is the coding manager Christus St. Vincent’s Regional medical center. She has the following certifications are RHIT, CCS, AHIMA-approved ICD-10CM/PCS trainer. Susan and I have gone over the following required number of continuing education hours for a two-year cycle, by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). For RHIT (Registered Health Information Technician): 20 CE hours, CCS (Certified Coding Specialist): 10 CE hours, AHIMA approved ICD-10/CM/PCS trainer: 8 CE hours....   [tags: Electronic medical record, Health care]

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Application Of An Electronic Medical Record

- Selecting the suitable product for the implementation of an electronic medical record is one of the most complex tasks of the implementation process. As research indicates, the first step in the selection process is to perform a needs assessment that is the requirement assessment for the Hospital and the Clinics. The assessment will clearly define what kind product or service is required and best fit the settings. As there are many products in the market and most EMR vendors now include an integrated system that incorporates with billing and creates interface with the practice management system, it is important to keep the requirements handy before searching for a suitable product and reachi...   [tags: Health care, Electronic medical record]

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Medical Support Coordinator For Great Lakes Regional Care Inc

- 1.) As Medical Support Coordinator for Great Lakes Regional Care Inc. I had to be able to effectively communicate both orally and in writing with patients, staff at six locations and outside providers. I had to stay knowledgeable about all company policies and procedures, such as patient privacy rules and access to information policies in order to work effectively as part of a complex team. I ensured all staff maintained records in our facilities and complied with all company policies and procedures....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Illness]

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Medical Errors And Healthcare Professionals

- Believing medical errors happen in everywhere in the world, but every mistakes has a reason behind. In Saudi Arabia, so many cases happened, but there are still not estimate exact number about medical error. There are so many medical errors are never reported in Saudi Arabia by healthcare professionals because of punishment. Some patient’s do not reporting their cases due to repotting do not give them most of their right to have. With so many motivations to write about medical error in Saudi Arabia among health government plus privet hospital about medical errors....   [tags: Medicine, Therapy, Health care, Medical error]

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The Emergency Medical Treatment And Labor Act

- Patient dumping when a hospital capable of providing the essential medical care for a patient, but turns the patient away because of the patient 's failure to pay for services. Patient dumping is some steps taking by hospitals due to lack of financial ability of the patient either expelled or not provide the services he needs. Before some hospitals not even greeted before making sure that health care insurance was available or not. However, in 1986 The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act to stop hospitals from turning away patients with emergency medical situations, even if they were uninsured....   [tags: Medicine, Ethics, Health care, Medical ethics]

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Office Of Rural Health Care At The Fort Harrison Veterans Affairs Medical Center

- In 2014 an audit order by the VA after numerous patients died while waiting for appointments at a Phoenix VA hospital, revealed many employees throughout the VA were conspiring to cover up waiting periods of many months. One such cover-up involved patients seeking care at the Fort Harrison Veterans Affairs Medical Center. These patients had an average wait of 48 days for their first appointment with a primary care doctor, this is three times the VA’s claim of wait times being only 14 days....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health, City]

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Medical Records : An Essential Role At Any Hospital

- Medical records play an essential role at any hospital, because it is considered as a depository of patient 's health observations, analysis, and physical examinations. Since the 1920s, paper medical records have gradually grown all over the world. They are easy to use for senior doctors, nurse, physicians, and anyone with medical expertise, and all of them can use it without any additional skills. It revolutionized the field of medical services, which benefited both patients and medical service providers....   [tags: Health care, Electronic medical record]

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How Medical Staff Can Impact The Lives Of Patients Through Education And Care

- My passion and intrigue for the medicine began when I was a child. In my early years, I often crossed paths with the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology. I zealously glanced upon the magnificent heart sculpture that stood at the gates of the hospital, and my curiosity arose about the human body. This curiosity allowed me to continue my untiring voyage and love for medical knowledge. Working with my mother who was a registered nurse, I used to travel to rural health campus for patient education....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Health care, Illness]

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Medical Errors: Exploring the Healthcare System's Role in Errors

- Critical Analysis Paradigm Shift According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) which has been on the forefront in undertaking research studies, pertaining to the prevalence of medical errors; systemic flaws are largely to be blamed for the high number of medical errors (BMJ Publishing Group Ltd 2011). The Hastings centre also shares the same sentiments when they state that “Many errors can be traced to flaws in complex systems of healthcare delivery, not flaws in individual performance” (The Hastings centre 2011, 5)....   [tags: Health Care, medicine, medical]

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Medical Staff : A Strong Consistent Track Record Of Providing Quality Care

- These care centers have a strong, consistent track record of providing quality care to its patients as well as a positive outcome. ASCs are typically small businesses that are owned by members within the community but have some sort of physician ownership. Roughly 69 percent of ambulatory surgery centers are structured with 20 or less employees and are regulated by the state and federal government to help guarantee patient safety (ASCA, 2016). The governing board of the surgicenters helps dictate the financial allocations of the facility and must oversee the operations....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Hospital, Health insurance]

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