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Globalisation and Maritime Security

- Background Maritime security traditionally focuses on maritime disputes, naval competition, Sea lines of communication (SLOCs), War at sea . The modern maritime securities after the cold war and 9/11 have been significantly changing and more complex, which is involving worldwide collaboration and mutual understanding . The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (LOSC) has been managing maritime issues fundamentally for years and acceptable as the basic convention on solving maritime dilemmas....   [tags: Maritime Security ]

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Flags of Convenience: A Threat to Maritime

- Introduction More than forty thousand merchant ships, and countless number of smaller coastal craft, ply world oceans which comprise nearly seventy percent of the earth’s surface. Each year approximately ten million containers of cargo, containing raw materials to finished goods are transported by seas. The ships are owned by different states, private companies or individuals and manned by mixture of seafarers from different countries, mixed together from various nationalities. These ships are perhaps the most autonomous entities on earth as rule of law allows frequent change of their allegiance or identity by choosing a flag to suit their requirement....   [tags: ship, state, maritime laws]

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Piracy and Maritime Terrorism in the Horn of Africa

- The Horn of Africa is one of the most important hubs for maritime traffic in the world today. Raw goods, including oil, that are departing the nations of the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East must pass through this area in route to Europe and the West. Three-fourths of the Earth is covered in water and roughly eighty percent of global economic goods are transported via commercial maritime shippers. The volume of maritime trade is highly congested in this region. Ships must pass through either the Gulf of Aden and ultimately to the Mediterranean or proceed south from the Arabian Sea towards the southern trip of Africa via the Indian Ocean....   [tags: Maritime Traffic, International Security]

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Maritime Boundaries and Disputes on The Indian Ocean Region

- The Indian Ocean Region (IOR) is a complex environment, in which four continents border and many countries operate (Bhaskar & Kemp, 2011). Maritime security of the IOR is an extremely broad area of concern. It covers everything from terrorism, the physical security of ports and ships, right through to the security of energy resources into the future (Brewster, et al., 2013). The principal maritime security challenges of the IOR include maritime borders/ disputes, energy and mineral resources security, asymmetric threats and organised crime....   [tags: maritime security, mineral resources]

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Maritime Security And International Maritime Law

- When looking at the world today, there are many security issues which get presented on a daily basis in the maritime security realm, and will often change due to some type of existing or new development of sort of security threat. Every country has it’s own security challenges, and the United States is no different. When it comes to these newly enacted maritime security measures, policies or threats, changes will happen that can have a different effect on individuals whether it be a private business, the countries citizens or at the local, state or federal government level....   [tags: Spratly Islands, South China Sea, United States]

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Challenges and Opportunities for the Maritime Economy

- Much of our modern day information about the Maritime economy has been primarily based on the historical happenings in the global economy. As world become ever more globalized and interlinked, maritime shipping and port industries are experiencing challenges as well as enjoying greater business opportunities. Maritime shipping is mainly the primary means of transporting parts and the finished goods around the world, has recently attracted increasing attention from maritime economists. Because shipping is such an old industry, with a history of continuous change, sometimes gradual and occasionally catastrophe, Time and again we find that shipping and trade will slipway from the economy and the...   [tags: shipping, trade, freight ]

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Settlement in the Canadian Maritime Provinces

- Introduction “New France was not merely the settlement of a few fur traders.” The Acadians were “a pastoral-like people who once formed a proud nation in a land called Acadia.” Although falling under the jurisdiction of “New France,” the Acadians governed separately than the rest of the country and were an independent entity within New France. Today, “the Acadians are the French speaking population of the Canadian Maritime provinces,” and these are the Acadians that were not displaced during the expulsions, under British rule....   [tags: New France, Canada, Acadia, Acadians]

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Maritime Boundary and Territorial Issues

- Maritime boundary and territorial Issues Several ASEAN countries are engaged in maritime demarcation disputes with one another. The most important of these involve Thailand’s tense relationship with Myanmar, the Philippines’ dispute with Malaysia over the province of Sabah, the competing claims of the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam in the South China Sea, territorial disputes between Malaysia and Indonesia and Malaysia and Thailand, and tension between Singapore and Malaysia. Maritime boundary demarcation has significant influence on ASEAN member states relation....   [tags: International Government ]

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Settlement in the Canadian Maritime Provinces

- “New France was not merely the settlement of a few fur traders; it was also a colony of Christ in the New World, even more a colony of Christ, or of the Church, than of France.” Due to the pious believers that inhabited New France, the country was run in a particular way, separating itself from France. Although falling under the jurisdiction of “New France,” the Acadians governed separately than the rest of the country and were a separate entity within New France. Today, “the Acadians are the French speaking population of the Canadian Maritime provinces,” and these are the Acadians that were not displaced during the expulsions, under British rule....   [tags: New France, Acadians, Port Royal, Canada]

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Terrorism and Maritime Security

- 1 Introduction The word “terrorism” was first used during the French revolution. It defines as using force or threats against people . The definition of terrorism has to be examined more in depth-understanding in broader perspective, including historical background in order to avoid various legal systems and government agencies make their own definition and interpretation . The definition issue also happening in maritime community on classifying piracy and maritime terrorism. It does not include the purpose of attacking whether they were motivated by political goal, ideology, religion, independence or economic needs ....   [tags: Terrorism]

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Microeconomics of Maritime Shipping

- Introduction Much of our modern day information about the Maritime economy has been primarily based on the historical happenings in the global economy. As world become ever more globalized and interlinked, maritime shipping is experiencing challenges as well as enjoying greater business opportunities. Maritime shipping is mainly the primary means of transporting parts and the finished goods around the world. Because shipping is such an old industry, with a history of continuous change, sometimes gradual and occasionally catastrophe, Time and again we find that shipping and trade will slipway from the economy and then magical reappear in some new voyages no other industry has played such a ce...   [tags: Shipping, Goods Transport]

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Maritime Eploration and Expansion

- With the advent of maritime exploration the West changed with regards to economic, political and cultural influence. The Iberians were mainly Portugal and Spain kingdoms. These people became richer from trading, the wealthier you were the more power you had to change the political atmosphere and because they travelled they met other cultures. Foods they ate and the materials other cultures used to make things with were very interesting. When the West started to explore the Islamic world posed a threat so they wanted to find other ways to trade with the East....   [tags: Iberians, Informative]

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Maritime Boundaries

- After the cold war ended, the Asia Pacific Region witnessed new developments in ocean management, related to 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of Sea (UNCLOS) and countries’ to claim ownership over maritime space and marine resources. Though the prospects of interstate wars are diminishing, inter-state tensions arising from extensive claims of maritime boundaries are common. As such, it became imperative for states to strengthen their navies and to deploy their naval missions beyond the territorial waters in order to secure their interests and sovereignty....   [tags: Navy]

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Maritime Industry

- Individual members of a business system are affected by changes observed by any other member of that system, the effect of which could be positive or negative. The Maritime Industry forms part of such a system. Changes in behaviour or policy impinge on dramatic variances in performance in a matter of days. The changes are not limited to that of 'International Maritime Policy' but also changes in other areas of business. There are varying opinions and arguments as regards the effect of such changes on The Maritime Industry and if changes in policy are necessary depending on the aforesaid effects....   [tags: Global Business, Regulations]

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The Effect of Climate Change on Maritime Zones

- The Fourth IPCC Assessment Report shows high confidence that the world is warming. Small island countries, developing countries and Least Developed countries remain most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. For countries like the Marshall Island, with atoll islands situated just a few meters high from sea level, any uncontrolled sea-level rise has the potential to submerge land areas. Furthermore, climate change impacts could include increased tropical cyclone activities and coastal erosion....   [tags: Global Warming Essays]

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International Maritime Public Key Infrastructure

- A. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPOSED SOLUTION 1. International Maritime PKI description The foundation of our proposal is the development of an International Maritime Public Key Infrastructure that should act as the coordinator of the infrastructure and may be functionally under International Maritime Organization. On the other hand each maritime country should develop its own public key infrastructure that should satisfy a minimum number of the International Maritime PKI standards in order to be compatible....   [tags: authority, authentication, infrastructure]

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The Msc Maritime Operation And Management Of City University London

- I am applying for admission to the MSc Maritime Operation and Management of City University London, after I considered your course details, which is interesting for me to study as master degree and improve my management skills. I am very proud of your courses and university that can establish and challenge to me to success in the future time. I know the maritime operation and management skills are a significant performance for leadership who would like to success in maritime career advancement. These are including management, financial, accounting and leader skills....   [tags: Master's degree, Academic degree]

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The Importance Of Maritime Supremacy Is The Foundation On What The Navy Was Founded On

- The importance of maritime supremacy is the foundation on what the Navy was founded on. Yes, they did not adapt this idea right away but from leaders like john Paul Jones, Mathew Perry and Mahan we adopted the principle of maritime supremacy. The Navy has many tools and resources to use and one of them is the helicopter. The helicopter is relatively new when it comes to maritime warfare and has changed the way we fight. The helicopter has impacted the tactics of medical evacuations and search and rescue missions, ship design, and strategies....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Vietnam War, Korean War]

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Maritime Capabilties Case Study: The Falklands War

- Background 1. Strategic setting. In the spring of 1982 United Kingdom (UK) launched its single largest naval task forces since World War II to recapture the Falkland Islands from the Argentinians. The war was precipitated by a long standing disagreement between the UK and Argentina over the sovereignty of the Falklands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands. After protracted unsuccessful and confrontational diplomatic negotiations between the both nations, the Argentinians invaded the Falklands....   [tags: Falklands War]

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U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement

- Introduction The U.S. Coast Guard is mandated to ensure and enforce border and maritime security. This critical component to national security plays a vital role in proactively engaging threats and illegal immigration to the United States. U.S. national security is a shared responsibility among all security agencies. Security related issues have been an elusive issue with many attacks directed towards the United States. While immigrants arriving through normal routes through railway, road, and air are easy to screen, arrivals through the sea has proven a challenging issue....   [tags: Immigration]

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Long Distance Maritime Trading During The Mediterranean Sea

- Long distance maritime trading was very important for civilizations around the Mediterranean Sea. One of the world oldest shipwrecks was found on the coast of Uluburun, near southwestern Turkey, which contained the wealthiest collection of Bronze Age items found in the Mediterranean (Holloway, April). Mehmed Cakir discovered the Ship in 1982 at depths of about 52 metres, when the ship had sunk it was carrying over 20 tons of cargo which included both raw materials and finished good (Holloway, April) (Image 12)....   [tags: Minoan civilization, Knossos, Crete, Linear B]

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Maritime Law

- Maritime Law The value of many shipments depends upon fluctuations in the currency rates, freight, handling charges, and other expenses. By means of insurance protection will be provided to goods from any uncontrollable variables. A contract of Marine Insurance is defined by section 7 of the Marine Insurance Act of 1909 as: "A contract whereby the insurer undertakes to indemnify the assured, in manner and to the extent thereby agreed, against marine losses, that is to say, the losses incident to marine adventure." The purpose of marine insurance is to provide protection against financial loss for an amount, which is as close as possible to the actual loss recognized....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Good Order at Sea in the Asia-Pacific Region

- Introduction The sea since long ago has been a precious sources to human kind for living and as a highway for commerce and war as well as a provider of food and other resources, supremacy of the sea was confined mainly to maritime powers as their national security policy, the concept of security has expanded from mainly military to the dimensions of political security, economic security, societal security and environmental security Now the sea is not for gaining supremacy but focusing in global trade, international shipping and maintaining the maritime security as the result of globalization ....   [tags: Maritime History ]

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History of Throgs Neck and Maritime College

- History of Throgs Neck and Maritime College. “In September 1642, John Throgmorton , with 35 families applied to the Dutch authorities in Niew Amsterdam for permission to settle in. Permission was granted in October 1642, and the conlonists settled on the long neck lying south of what is Eastchester Bay today and named it Throgmorton’s Neck after their leader. By the time of the American Revolution, the name had been contracted to Throgg’s Neck. Throgmorton and his colony thrived for short time, for in the later part of 1643, the Siwanoy Indians attacked the colony and destroyed it....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Nautical Pact Between Albania And Greece

- The delimitation of the maritime border and the continental shelf is one of the most complicated and delicate issues of Albania. It is related to historical affairs, Albanian heritage, economic development, international relations and the exploitation of our maritime natural resources. This delimitation has a great influence on the security and international politics between the states that are included in this issue and most importantly in the security and the prosperity of the region. My research will focus on two important topics related to each other....   [tags: Maritime Issues]

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A Comparion of Two Musems on Hong Kong´s Maritime History

- In November, I visited two museums about Hong Kong’s maritime history, Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence and Hong Kong Maritime Museum respectively. Though the details of their exhibition are quite similar, many differences can be found between them as Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence is officially organised, while Hong Kong Maritime Museum is private. The report will compare their similarities and differences in various aspects. About the operation of two museums, the obvious difference is that Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence belongs to the government, but Hong Kong Maritime Museum is private....   [tags: organized, private, musems]

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Maritime Clothiers : A Virginia Limited Liability Company By Stacy Giffin

- Maritime Clothiers is new upscale nautical clothing and accessories store that caters to the entire family. The business has been formed as a Virginia Limited Liability Company by Stacy Giffin. Maritime Clothiers will be located on 31st Street in Virginia Beach, Virginia, which is an upscale shopping district. We believe that our central location will provide us initial success and long-term growth. We are the first and only upscale nautical clothing store in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The mission of Maritime Clothiers is to become the leading upscale clothier for the entire family in Virginia Beach and online....   [tags: Corporation, Limited liability company, Business]

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International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers(STCW)

- Introduction Maritime trade and transport can be construed to be the oldest forms of globalisation and has since then grown into an industry. Currently over 90% of the world trade has been done by the maritime industry. Nations such as UK, US, China, Greece and the like have thrived on their maritime strength to become world powers. In order to make the industry, with its large scale and complexity, as efficient as possible there is a necessity for policy and governance. The industry spans over multiple jurisdictions where each jurisdiction have their own impact on the industry....   [tags: Maritime Industry, Rules & Regulations]

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Law of the Sea Convention

- The merits of this choice is that equidistance, referred as the "natural line" by Antunes, is an objective tool which reflects the basis of the entitlement to the continental shelf . It is furthermore a method that convenes more than any other the advantages of convenience and certainty in its application and could therefore be used widely as long as not resulting in an Conjunction of all rules under a unique scheme is a big achievement. No precise rule within LOSC in order to achieve best interests for states and absence of agreement on means - Consistently applied by international judicial bodies and works for EEZ, territorial sea, continental shelf and SMB = reasonable predictabil...   [tags: maritime, continental shelf, boundries]

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Duties and Responsibilities from the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers

- ... 28).Guidelines for the Authorization of Organizations Acting on Behalf of the Administration, IMO Resolution A.739 (18), 1993, and subsequent related resolutions should be followed • Body When considering the on-board application of the STCW Convention you must also consider the requirements of the international safety management code (ISM) and the provisions within the ILO maritime labour convention 2006 (MLC). Whilst the STCW applies to watch-keepers and crew with environmental and security duties the MLC and ISM apply to the master, chief engineer, officers, ratings and any other crew member on board ships of any tonnage, from a coaster to a very large tanker....   [tags: safety, maritime, procedures]

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Crimes of Piracy Against Ships in the Strait of Malacca (SOM)

- Strategic overview The Strait of Malacca (SOM) is a major transoceanic route that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Indian Ocean enabling merchant vessels carrying cargo of various types to reduce their journey between these critical areas of commerce by over 500 miles. Currently, over 60,000 vessels pass through the strait each year providing a critical link between the east and west. It is estimated that over 1/3 of the worlds trade and nearly 1/2 of global crude oil supply pass through the strait each year....   [tags: Maritime Security, Armed Robbery]

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The Guiding Rules and Principles of Ragusa During the Middle Ages

- ... One is tempted to think of Ragusa as an early sign of a modern economy with strong fundamentals and an outward orientation. The literature on Ragusa is merely the work of historians, and solely contains statistics, mainly the interpretations are based on contemporary writers and evidence in archival works. Economic Development Ragusa was founded by Greek-Italian denizens in the 7th century who were fleeing from the Avar invasion of Epidaurus. By the 11th century Ragusa surfaced as a maritime and a commercial city, as Idrisi writes, “Ragusa was a large maritime town whose population consisted of hardworking craftsmen and possessed large fleet that traveled to different parts” (Carter, 197...   [tags: economics, maritime, trade]

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Southwest Asia and the Indian Ocean

- Overview What were the advantages and disadvantages of a land empire as opposed to a maritime empire. (The Earth and Its Peoples, 526) There are a few notable advantages and disadvantages of classical imperial rule. Many times, the disadvantages of such rule are the same as its advantages. The most obvious of the advantages come from the conquest itself – land and resource acquisition. Many times dominance can be difficult to spread over land, as the state’s population increases, so must the complexity of its rule....   [tags: Land, Maritime Empires, Advantages]

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Case: United States vs. Peru

- Facts of the Case On January 1st, 2014 the United States brought a case before the International Court of Justice. The case was on behalf of United States national Donald Thomas against the nation-state of Peru. According to our records, Donald Thomas is a United States ship-owner who prior to the case held commercial interests and property in Peru. On February 17, 2012 Thomas sent three of his tuna boats, all which had been registered under the United States flag state as well as being manned by fellow American....   [tags: maritime limits, hot pursuit, aliens ]

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Supporting the Conclusions that the Land Domain Will Remain the Decisive Domain through which to Achieve US National Interests

- Subject: The land domain will remain the decisive domain through which to achieve U.S. national interests. 1. Purpose. The purpose of this paper is to support the conclusions of the Army Chief of Staff, Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Commander of US Special Operations Command that the land domain will remain the decisive domain through which to achieve U.S. national interests 2. Key Points. a. The land domain is the central hub through which all current domains (maritime, air, space, and cyberspace) as well as the newly proposed human domain derive their power to influence and achieve effects....   [tags: position paper, maritime, space, air, cyberspace]

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Is Maritime Transportation Losing Out Its Competitive Advantage Over Other Modes Of Transportation Like Air And Road Transportation?

- Abstract A sophisticated and widespread transportation mode is absolutely essential for the efficient mobility of passengers and goods. This report first investigates the various economical, cost and environmental factors specific to maritime transportation. This investigation includes a comparative analysis between maritime, land and air transport. Lastly, the growing demand in marine transportation and the multitude reasons that make shipping one of the most globalized industries in terms of freight transportation is examined....   [tags: Transportation Case Analysis]

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Lozman v. The City of Riviera Beach

- One of the most significant cases in maritime law the last few years is the Fane Lozman v. The City of Riviera Beach, Florida. This case went all the way to the United States Supreme Court and brought forth the issue of what is a vessel and what is not. Mr. Lozman owned a floating home which he brought to a marina owned by the city of Riviera beach. After being pursued by the city for not complying with paying docking fees, the city took a federal admiralty lawsuit against him. The City looked for compensation for their docking fee's and for damages for trespass....   [tags: maritime law, Florida, Supreme Court, docking fee]

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Journeying the World in the Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries

- Journeying the world in the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, I, Liliana Aline Palmeiro, was sent out on a mission by King Kramer of Portugal as a Portuguese trade official to go to the Ottoman Empire, India, China, and Japan to investigate on their government systems, culture, and religions to determine if one of them are a good place to conquer or create a trade alliance with. While on the missions, I could not reveal my identity that I am a Portuguese trade official and thus, pretended to impersonate Sister Veronica Maria....   [tags: maritime trade, Ming Dynasty, wrold history]

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Maritime Insurance for the Import-Export Process Part 1

- Marine insurance is mandated with covering the loss or damage of ships, terminals, cargo, as well as other transport or cargo by which there is transference of property either acquired or held between both points of destination and origin. The terms actual total loss and constructive total loss are used to differentiate the degree of proof where cargo or a vessel has been lost and they are defined as follows; Actual Total Loss: occurs where the cost of repair or damages either equal or exceed the value of the property....   [tags: covering the loss or damage]

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Maritime Insurance for the Import-Export Process Part 2

- The appeal was not very successful especially to the insurers. The court of appeal agreed with the first ruling. Nothing in the Act required an election that would precede the notice of abandonment. It was argued that the idea of the owner’s choice of making an irrevocable choice of abandoning was highly misleading. Under section 62, the service of a valid notice can only be irrevocable if the insurer. It is only then that the notice can be withdrawn. Even when the notice is accepted, the right of the insurer to take over the interest of the insured in the subject matter arises only when the insurer has paid out as stipulated in the policy....   [tags: coverning the loss or damage]

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The Vanishing of The Mary Celeste Crew

- The 280 ton half brigantine merchant ship named “Amazon” which passed through a number of owners became involved in several accidents over the space of a decade and eventually was auctioned at a New York salvage where it was purchased for $3,000. After repairs the ship was under American registry; it was later renamed “Mary Celeste” - the name of the Captains wife. The new captain, Benjamin Briggs set sail on November 7th 1872 from New York heading for Genoa, Italy. Onboard were the Captain, his wife, his young daughter and a crew of eight....   [tags: Maritime History]

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The Evolution of Displacement Hulls

- ... It was discovered that if you have a flat bottomed boat there will be less drag. The less drag the boat has the smoother the ride on the boat will be and there will be less of an attack angle to the boat. Most of the planing hulls today are made with a vee bottom. The height and weight of have have great effect on the speed. Planing hulls tend to skim more on the water rather than moving in the water. The concept of the stepped hull was proposed by Rev. Ramus of Sussex, England in 1872. He proposed both a single stop with tandem planing surfaces, and a combination of three pontoons with one forward and two aft....   [tags: maritime engineering]

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The Northwest Passage

- The opening up of the north polar sea between 1815 and 1817 had prompted Barrow to propose a plan to send two expedition voyages, one in search of the Northwest Passage and the other to proceed from the sea of Spitzbergen towards the North Pole. Accordingly he sent the plan to the President and Council of the Royal Society which duly returned with their approval and the orders were issued by the Board of the Admiralty. Examining such interplay between scientific institutions, such as the Royal Society and the British Admiralty, one can see a well defined division of labour, in the collaboration between gentleman scientists at home and their field workers in the navy ship on voyages of explor...   [tags: Maritime History]

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Wormwood, or Artemisia Maritima

- ... In potions, I would add brandy and use it as a stomachic infusion, emmenagoque and a stimulant. Long term use of this potion may help cure hysteric complaints and hypochondriasis. Even though I know that pure wormwood oil is extremely poisonous, wormwood potions are edible if one takes three to five milligram (mg) daily or as a herb at two to three mg daily. Essential oils of wormwood is beneficial for heart burn, flatulence and jaundice. I would get great use of wormwood to reduce the side-effects from other ingredients, for example in the Draught of the Living Death....   [tags: seashore plant, medicinal properties]

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Carriage of Goods by Sea Summative Assessment

- Carriage of goods by sea summative assessment 1. The introduction of incorporation clause The bill of lading under a charterparty is just a certificate of receipt for the charterer, the bill of lading is not to be seen as a contract of carriage of goods by sea due to the relationship between the shipowner and charterer under a charterparty. When the bill of lading issued by the shipowner is transferred to a third party by the charterer, the right-obligation relationship between the shipowner and the bill of lading indorsee will be effected by the international conventions that related to the bill of lading....   [tags: maritime shipping paperwork, procedures]

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Preventive and Corrective Maintenance for Ships

- 1.0 Introduction Ship maintenance can be divide into two major categories which is preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. Preventive maintenance is the maintenance taken before the equipment or machinery breakdown, its mission is to maintain a level of certain services of an equipment, while corrective maintenance is the action taken after the breakdown occur, its task is to correct the defects to be found in different equipment. A regular maintenance of the cargo handling equipment that used on board ship is essential to ensure that the equipment is always functioning at its operable state for speedy loading and unloading of cargoes as well as safety aspects....   [tags: mechanical/maritime engineering]

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How do Sharks Hunt?

- ABSRACT This research report is a brief explanation on how one of nature’s apex predators, the shark, and how the way sharks hunt and track down their prey. The hunting process for sharks will be explained in sequencing order starting from how sharks sense their prey, to how the way sharks stalk their prey, and what happens when sharks capture their prey. Also a brief explanation will be discussed about how two peculiar species of sharks, Hammer head sharks and Long nose saw sharks, about their body shape, their diet plan, and how the way their unique attribute and how the way they use this attribute to help these two breeds in their hunting game....   [tags: maritime biology, oceanography]

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Grace O’Malley

- She could sail a ship from the time she could walk. When she was barely a teen, she took the wheel as captain of her first vessel. She spent her young life learning the ways of the sea. Who was this brave and courageous leader. Grace O’Malley. Ambitious and successful, Grace O’Malley accomplished many daring things throughout her life and changed the course of others. At the O’Malley castle on Clare Island in 1530, Grace O’Malley, also known as Gráinne Ní Maille or Granuaile, was born. As the only daughter of Eoghan O Maille, chieftain of the Mayo Clan, Grace often sailed with her father’s fleet on trading voyages (Murray par 1-2, León 60)....   [tags: Maritime History]

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The Maratime Rights Movement (Nova Scotia, Canada)

- The Maratime Rights Movement (Nova Scotia, Canada) The Maritime Rights Movement is usually seen as part of the economic decline of post world war period in the Maritimes. The Maritimes were going through hard times, the depression was said to have started in the Maritimes ten years before the rest of Canada did in 1929. The Movement had the Maritimes economic and social needs as it's priorities. The Maritimes views were often contradictory to those of West and Central parts of Canada. The Movement strove to alleviate some of the stress on the Maritimes economy, especially in the midst of hard times after the war....   [tags: Canadian Canada History]

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Seal Hunting in the Maritimes

- Canadian’s culture initiates from their wildlife and forests. Many different ways of living in Canada’s regions has an impact on the cultural view. The major problem with the wildlife view involving cultural acts is Seal Hunting. Seal Hunting has been continuing for years and harming many of the seas natural inhabitants. In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, which is in the Maritimes, is a popular venue for such activities. An exploration of a day in the life of a seal and hunter is portrayed in the Maritimes, and its effect on the culture in the Maritimes....   [tags: culture, wildlife, seal, hunting, commercial]

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The history of Caesarea Maritima

- “The king triumphed over nature and constructed a harbour…notwithstanding the totally recalcitrant nature of the site, he grappled with the difficulties so successfully, that the solidity of his masonry defiled the sea, while its beauty was such as if no obstacle had existed” (Little 106). In his remarkably detailed account, Josephus describes the exquisiteness and majesty of the harbor of Sebastos in the city of Caesarea Maritima. The harbor was built with such genius and beauty that, despite the complexity of the landscape, the structure seemed effortless....   [tags: mediterranean sea, archeology]

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International Transportation for a Global Economy

- In a global economy, no nation is independently sufficient and is an intricate part of the different phases when originating trade or sell of product within the country. States must secure what it takes to produce more efficiently than their trade partners do to survive in the competition. The growth of freight being transported, as well as the variety of origins and destinations, promotes the importance of international transportation as a fundamentally sound global economy. Since the development of international transportation, and the distances involved, has created a greater demand for the maritime transport industry, port activities, rail transit, and motor transport....   [tags: martime, transport, economy]

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The Life and Times of Sir Francis Drake

- Sir Francis Drake was a key figure in English, Elizabethan, and maritime history. He played a huge part in showing that the world could be circumnavigated with relative safety as well as being pivotal in helping to break the "Iberian monopoly" or what is now known as the Spanish and Portuguese combined empires (Buisseret 243). It was because of his life, decisions, and influence that England became a large naval power, with largest contribution of that being the defeat of the Spanish Armada. People should know more about the life and events surrounding this great historical adventurer, explorer, buccaneer and pirate....   [tags: Elizabethan martime history]

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Analysis of the 2013 Documentary Blackfish

- Blackfish is a 2013 documentary attempting to elevate public awareness regarding the orca that are being kept in maritime amusement parks, specifically SeaWorld, and the inherent danger of their captivity. The film is effective because it raises a set of important ethical questions for the viewer while presenting with a necessary fact-based style of documentation that does not evoke gratuitous scenes of abuse in order to inspire sympathy, unlike some of the other films that are intended to raise awareness about animal abuse....   [tags: martime, amusement, question, fact-based]

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Situation Of Stability By Sea

- Situation of Stability by Sea As the Results, the environment of Stability by sea in region has changes substantially by second big issues are the marine conflict and competition in develop navy. Meanwhile, there are opposing in possess conflict of interests by sea in many case. In East China Sea, china have oppose with Japan which US support Japan in claim proprietary right of Senkaku Islands. In South China Sea, it has in possessed conflict of interests in many countries. United States want to all parties to resolve the issue peacefully....   [tags: United States, Philippines, Pacific Ocean]

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Article Critique : Strategic Human Resources Management

- Article Critique - STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN THE MARITIME KNOWLEDGE BASEDORGANIZATION. Denise Watson Human Resources Professor Signore September 23, 2015 • Write a summary of the article. This should be one to three paragraphs in length, depending on the length of the article. Include the purpose for the article, how research was conducted, the results, and other pertinent information from the article. The article I selected concerns strategic human resource management in which it explains how the employees can be made to be valuable assets of the maritime companies....   [tags: Human resource management, Management]

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Rapid Globalization Leads to Industry Transformation of Older Ports

- The Greater Philadelphia’s maritime roots remain; rapid globalization and technological advancements are driving an industry transformation that has affected the role that Delaware River ports play in the larger economic system. Realizing container terminal activity is very important to the transport chain. The focus should be on the channel performance, including the internal process. The impact of the growing trends in maritime commerce of the oldest ports is essential in establishing appropriate policies and investment decisions....   [tags: technology, development, market]

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Europe and North American Transportation

- Despite the importance of globalization, the international intermodal transport systems have seen increased scrutiny to support new freight, volume, and distance regulations when freight moves. The technological improvements continue to permit larger quantities of freight to be moved more efficiently. The intermodal transport systems are crucial to further globalization. However, the transport systems themselves are not necessarily the grounds for greater international trade. Therefore, international trade necessitates dissemination groundwork that can secure the trade between numerous partners....   [tags: politics, globalization]

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History Of Transportation Technologies Over The Past 800 Years Greatly Changed Human Civilization

- The history of transportation technologies over the past 800 years greatly changed human civilization. Due to the emergence of these technologies allowed humans to benefit in all sorts of ways throughout the world. It has caused a shift in the way people live and the way countries interact with each other. transportation is directly linked to the process of globalization, the efficacy of moving goods and people will directly affect the economic system we live in. Moving people faster or over long distances, moving cargo faster or more of it has been an evolution of many different civilizations knowledge and thirst for a better economy....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine]

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The Legal Spaces Of Empire : Piracy And The Origins Of Ocean Regionalism

- Benton, Lauren. “ Legal Spaces of Empire: Piracy and the Origins of Ocean Regionalism.” Comparative Studies in Society and History vol.47 no. 4, (Oct. 2005). 700-724 Lauren Benton (a history professor at New York University) discusses the connections between the legal strategies of mariners in the late seventeenth century and the early eighteenth century while illustrating the divisions between the Atlantic and Indian oceans as separate legal spaces in “Legal Spaces of Empire: Piracy and the Origins of Ocean Regionalism.” Benton hopes to prove in her essay that pirates affected Atlantic legal politics and the relationship between the Mughal Empire and European nations in the early modern...   [tags: Law, Common law, Atlantic Ocean, Ocean]

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Chinese Strategy: A Turn to Mahan or a Practical Approach?

- In the book Red Star Over the Pacific: China’s Rise and the Challenge of U.S. Maritime Strategy, the authors discuss their interpretation of Chinese strategy as it relates to the U.S. maritime power in the Western Pacific. Dr. Yoshihara and Dr. Holmes postulate that Chinese strategists have studied Alfred Thayer Mahan’s theories of sea power. He further expounds on “China’s ability to harness such power against others or to nullify the overbearing power adversaries hold in important sea areas.”1 The book continues by presenting an argument that Chinese strategist use a combination of Mahan and Mao Zedong to cover the strategic and operational levels of war for the ultimate purpose of buildi...   [tags: Diplomacy]

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The Success of Operation Desert Storm and Shield

- ... With the initial movement of the maritime prepositioned ships, the American maritime fleet had undertaken a challenge that it had been designed, moving war goods to the battle front. At the helm of the American merchant mariners role during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm was the Military Sealift Command. In charge of 230 government-owned and chartered ships, MSC was the largest war supplies shipper of any nation involved. Taking 12 million tons of cargo at an average rate of 43,000 tons per day, the United States had showcased its maritime dominance moving across the world’s oceans without hindrance (Military)....   [tags: military, iraq, saudi arabia]

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The Revolutionary Period in America

- The revolutionary period for what would become the United States is possibly one of the most important historical periods in American history. This period is marked by famous documents, famous politicians and famous battles. These are all very crucial to the history of the United States, but few realize the importance that the maritime industry played in the revolutionary and early national period. This could be because there is not great naval victory for the United States or any blatantly direct link between the maritime industry navy included, and the revolution or the policies that were derived from this period....   [tags: American History, Economy, Culture]

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Sri Lanka's Naval Force

- ... D/F (Medium Frequency Direction Finding) - provide a radio position fix for the up to 230 miles from the transmitters. To help coordinate investment strategy and limited resources, the Defence Ministry should authorize, identifies and prioritizes critical EW technologies over the next 10-15 years. e. Naval Air Wing. Most of the world navies possess with Naval Air Wing due to its numerous great advantage. Naval Air Wing can expand area of operating, can be utilized for SAR and in combat for various tasks....   [tags: taking care of the mother land, island nations]

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The Arctic's Climate

- The Arctic climate is changing rapidly and the United States government is unprepared for the ensuing expansion of open water. The Quaternary Science Reviews supports the first point of my opening statement with the following quote, “Observations during the past several decades document substantial, accelerating retreat and thinning of the Arctic sea-ice cover. Based on climate simulations, the Arctic Ocean may become seasonally ice-free as early as around 2040” (Polyak et al., 2010). I hope to support the second point of my opening statement through the efforts of this project by using, “the eight structures that define thinking” (Elder & Paul, 2007, p....   [tags: environment, climate]

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The Power Of An Atlantic World And The Imperial Slave Economy

- My arguments, observations and opinions over chapter 3 are very strong. During the period of the British Atlantic World many events in the American history had occurred. It is disappointing to know that the British Atlantic world was made by migration on both sides of the ocean. This chapter demonstrates the power of an Atlantic World and the Imperial Slave Economy. Chapter 3 was full of interesting and useful topics. This chapter helped me understand that the Imperial Slave Economy was inhuman....   [tags: Atlantic slave trade, Slavery, Caribbean, Africa]

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It Takes Warships and Commandos to Fight Pirates on Skiffs

- ... As a result, maritime countries like the United States and India have increased anti-piracy naval operations in the region. In fact, these navies have become increasingly effective in responding to pirate attacks (Hughes, 2013). Perhaps the most glorious example of the benefits of naval presence in the Horn of Africa is the rescue of Captain Phillips, master of the US-flag container ship Maersk Alabama. During this pirate attack, a US Navy Task Force rescued the kidnapped American captain in an impressive military operation while patrolling the region....   [tags: illegal activities, Somalia coast]

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Origins of Prehistoric People in North and South America

- Introduction Researches on the beginnings of coastal adaptation and exploitation of maritime adaptations have been carried out by John Erlandson and colleagues. There are existing anthropological theories which are over 10, 000 BP but Erlandson believes that the societies of hunter-gather used aquatic resources and among them were popular terrestrial hunter-gatherers (Slaymaker, 2007). This has been challenging since it is difficult to define exactly constitutes of fully maritime culture. There is also the change in environment in which there are rise and fall of sea levels and erosion of coastal environments....   [tags: Clovis Theory, Kelp Highways]

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The United States of America: History and Main Shipyards

- USA INTRODUCTION The United States of America is the most powerful country regarding the economy ranking, the political weight internationally, and its military power. Since 1772, and its independence date, America has fostering the democracy and the development of its economical model, which is the free market economy. Considering, the economic freedom index it ranks on top, but not at the first position. Moreover, in the risk analysis country, it ranks at the state of a safe country to invest in, regarding its political stability, and easy way to invest and transfer capital in and out from this country....   [tags: shipbuilding industry, marketing]

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Aircraft Carriers : The Royalty Of The Seas

- From the days of galleys and their hundreds of oarsmen, to the invention of sails, and then to the creation of iron clads it is no secret that the creation of new types and more technologically advanced ships impacts how we conduct maritime warfare. The Romans headed their technological curve with the corvus, the British with the dreadnaught, and the United States of America with her aircraft carriers. How exactly has this technology affected the way we fight from the sea. The creation and implementation of aircraft carriers into maritime forces has dramatically changed how maritime warfare is carried out....   [tags: United States, World War II, Royal Navy, Navy]

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Eliminating Piracy in Somalia beings with Punishment

- According to Susan Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, only security and stability in Somalia will resolve the root causes of its current piracy problem. In order to have a fighting chance at constructing a secure and stable environment and eliminating Piracy altogether, there has to be an effective means of punishment to all who partake in the acts of piracy. There are many organization joining together to combat piracy, to include the United States, United Nations, international organizations, European Union’s Operation Atalanta, NATO’s Operations Allied Protector and Ocean Shield and Combined Maritime Forces’ Combined Task Force 151, but without judicial conseque...   [tags: International Crime]

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The Three Conferences: The Independence of Canada

- The Dominion of Canada was not born out of nationalism or revolution.Prior to Canada’s Confederation, the Fathers of Confederation had numerous conferences and negotiations before officiating the independence of Canada. The first step to a build a nation was for all the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada to unite together as one nation in order to fulfill the dream of becoming a country. In this assignment, you will come across the three main conferences which were located in Charlottetown, Quebec and London that caused the birth of Canada’s nation....   [tags: quebec, london, resolutions]

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Piracy in Somalia

- Attacks by pirates operating out of the waters off the coast of Somalia, a region in the Horn of Africa (HOA), have motivated changes in international maritime security, altered the global economy, and endangered mariners from across the globe. These attacks have involved several nations, to include the United States, and hindered several globally-supported humanitarian aid transports which deliver to some of the world's most at risk populations. I am going to explain how the piracy in Somalia originated, moved into and has begun to negatively affect the global economy, has caused positive changes in international maritime policies and procedures, and articulate how until the internal confl...   [tags: International Crime]

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Homeland Security Chapter 9-10

- ... The CBP controls the oversight of the American trade into the American economy. The texted then outlines what kind of trade the CBP has oversight over, it also shows initiatives in prevention. U.S citizenship and Immigration services help those who seek to enter America legally, many acts have been passed that controlled the immigration within America. The Protect shield American Initiative prevents adversaries, terrorist and criminal networks from gathering and sharing weapons of Mass destruction....   [tags: border protection, border patrol]

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Somali Piracy: The Rapidly Deteriorating Security Situation in Somalia and the Threat to US Interests

- PIRACY IN SOMALIA The Rapidly Deteriorating Security Situation in Somalia and the Threat to US Interests The increasing violence and continued growth of piracy off the coast of Somalia has threatened international shipping in one of the world’s busiest shipping corridors and raised the awareness of maritime-based Islamist terrorism (Stevenson, 2010). Somali piracy threatens commercial shipping and poses a potentially significant threat to international peace and security. Pirates have threatened and seized many ships, contributing to a rise in shipping costs, insurance premiums, and impeded the delivery of food aid shipments....   [tags: Foreign Policy ]

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Culture and Community in The Giving Tree and The Bear That Wasn´t

- To one, culture and community may seem that they are very similar. Yes, there are some similarities between the two, but if you further interpret them, they become more diverse. Culture is a set of rules and regulations, a heritage, the influence onto the way people act, the roles in society that people encounter, and can be quite manipulative. Community is what people experience on a personal level. Culture is about the whole environment, and the community is about the people within the culture, and their personal relationships....   [tags: cultural blinders, relationships, heritage]

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The Intelligence and National Security Architecture of the Republic of Korea

- This essay will detail the intelligence and national security architecture of the Republic of Korea (ROK - South Korea). It will discuss how the current structures were developed and the effectiveness the ROK services and agencies, and thirdly it will look at key events that have led to reforms and restructuring of the system, and if those changes have produced better outcomes. In 1905 Korea became a protectorate of Imperial Japan following the Russo-Japanese war and in 1910 Japan annexed Korea as a colony....   [tags: International Government]

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Perspectives on Balance: Star Wars, and Lord of the Flies

- The Balancing Act of Peace Balance is the ideal point of discussion in almost all debates. Balance depicts peace and harmony, but until it is achieved, chaos ensues. This chaos can rage for decades before being solved. In the Star Wars movies, the force and oneself are the things a Jedi must master. In Lord of the Flies, written by William Goldberg, Simon keeps the balance of the island until his untimely death. The real world is farther from being so clear cut of where balance can be achieved....   [tags: light, dark, balance]

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Advantages and Problems for a City Being a Transport Hub

- Advantages and Problems for a city being a transport hub: from urban planning and governance perspective. Introduction Transportation hub is an agglomeration of different transport modes, such as maritime, road, rail and air transport. The role of transport hub brings a lot of benefits and adverse effect to the city, which will be discussed in the later part of this essay. There are common features of transport hub. Transport hubs are usually the growth poles of the nation and region where the flow of goods, people, capital and information are facilitated....   [tags: urban planning, governance]

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Exploration Against Portugal For The Promised Wealth And Profit

- exploration against Portugal for the promised wealth and profit (Andrews 9). Da Gama’s discovery of a sea route to India helped other European countries to take the challenge and sail to Asia to look for exotic treasures. The sudden growth of wealth in Portugal attracted other European countries to compete in exploration and desire for wealth that Portugal obtained. These diverse competitions helped Europe to dominate other parts of the world with more advanced equipment during the Renaissance period....   [tags: Europe, Portugal, Slavery, Age of Discovery]

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