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A Major Earthquake Centered 130 Km Northeast Of Japan 's Honshu Island

- Introduction A major earthquake centered 130 km northeast of Japan’s Honshu Island, which is the nation’s largest and greatest popular component on March 11, 2011. The earthquake produced a 15 meter tsunami that struck coastal areas causing massive damage. The tsunami inundated 560 square km which resulted in a human death toll of over 19,000, with that being said, it also caused excessive damage to coastal ports and towns, with over a million buildings that were destroyed (Dodchuk, 2011). Among the coastal towns affected by the tsunami was Fukushima, and two nuclear power complexes, called the Fukushima Daiichi and Fukushima Daini....   [tags: Nuclear power, Electricity generation]

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The Effect Of An Electric Current On The Skin, Muscles Or Hair

- enough to cause sufficient current through the skin, muscles or hair” (Prasad, Sharma, 2010). Furthermore, “the minimum current a human can feel is thought to be about 1(mA). The current may cause tissue damage or fibrillation if it is sufficiently high” (Prasad, Sharma, 2010). The human body responds quite negatively to a small amount of current. Where as when currents approach “100 (ma) [they are] lethal if they pass through sensitive portions of the body” (Prasad, Sharma, 2010). Though the numerical values do sound intimidating, “effects of an electric current passing through the vital parts of a human body depend on the duration, magnitude and frequency of this current” (Prasad, Sharma,...   [tags: Magnetic field, Magnetism, Magnet]

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The World Is Not Falling Apart By Steven Pinker And Andrew Mack

- The article, “The World Is Not Falling Apart” by Steven Pinker and Andrew Mack published by Slate, reminds the world not to focus on the media’s perception of our corrupt world, but rather look closely and evaluate what true measures of violence unfolding each day. Humans’ perception of the world is based off of the media, which states the earth is in a process of deteriorating. However, if one focuses on the trend lines instead of the headline, one would figure out that the world has never been in such a peaceful era....   [tags: Crime, Psychology, Mass media, Mind]

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Profile Peculiarities in Semiconductor Etching: Origins & Techniques for Elimination

- As the dimensions of virtually every electronic device are pushed smaller and smaller, the ability to etch semiconductors with very small and very dense patterns becomes increasingly important. Increasing the pattern density naturally requires decreasing the lateral dimensions of the various structures etched. In order to maintain functionality at these sub-micron sizes, it is often necessary to etch structures with very large aspect ratios – on the order of 10-100. Dry etching using plasmas is the most efficient way to etch such structures; wet etch processes are crystal orientation dependent and it can be difficult if not impossible to obtain the desired aspect ratios....   [tags: Chemistry]

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Exploring Eye Motion and Models of Head Centered Motion Perception

- 1.4 Combining Afferent and Efferent Signals: Models of head centred motion perception. Sensory signals relating information about our physical movements, as well as information regarding external object motion, are required in order to preserve a stable and accurate view of the world, and estimate external motion. Space constancy is the visual system’s ability to maintain a view of the outside world that does not jump about and move with an eye movement (Deubel, Bridgeman, & Schneider, 1998; Stark & Bridgeman, 1983)....   [tags: biology]

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What is the Importance of Science in the Internet World?

- Introduction The internet has emanated a very extensive means within our world today. The aforementioned has modernized the communication industry and the computer akin to anything in the past. The things that have established the juncture for this exceptional assimilation of aptitudes are the telephone, telegraph, radio, and the computer. People across the world could communicate with one another without regard as to where they are located. The internet is an apparatus for information to scatter widely through networks....   [tags: Technology ]

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The 1980 Eruption of Mount Saint Helens and Its Impact

- Mount Saint Helens, located in the Pacific Northwest in southwestern Washington, stood approximately 9,500 feet above sea level prior to its eruption in 1980 (Tarbuck, 2012). Part of the Cascade Mountain Range, it is a composite volcano constructed of alternating layers of lava flows, ash, and other volcanic debris with steep, symmetrical sides . It also belongs to the North American segment of the Pacific “Ring of Fire.” This is where the tectonic plate from the Pacific is forced under the North America plate....   [tags: natural disasters, US volvanoes]

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Meditation as a Preventative Measure to Reduce Morbidity and Stress

- ... Specifically looking at the correlation between the amounts of meditation completed in ratio to the level of physiological distress. The study participants included 331 monks and nuns from the monasteries and nunneries in Dharamshala, Northern India. Distress was measured using a twelve-question general health questionnaire (GHQ-12) see table two. Meditation in this study was defined as “the careful, nonjudgmental attentiveness to whatever occurs in the present moment (Verma and Araya, 2010, pp....   [tags: promoting immune function, reducing anxiety ]

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The Electoral Reforms in Patterns of Democracy by Arend Lijphart

- In his book ‘Patterns of Democracy’, Arend Lijphart mentions how electoral systems of majoritarian and consensus model of democracies differ. The electoral systems in majoritarian democracies quintessentially tend to be single-member district plurality system, while consensus democracies usually tend to use the method of proportional representation. Most electoral systems fit into the two categories of PR and plurality-majority. However, there do exist some electoral systems that fall in between....   [tags: electoral, systems, voters, district]

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The Disaster that Sruck The Villages in North Ossetia, Russia

- Executive Summary On September 20th, 2002, a disaster struck unprepared villages in North Ossetia, Russia. Colossal debris flow resulting from the complete detachment of the Kolka (Evans et al, 2009; Kotlyakov et al, 2004). Glacier travelled at extreme velocities reaching a distance of about 20km from the glacial bed down the Genaldon valley to Kamadon (Kotlyakov et al, 2004). A mudflow travelled an additional 15km stopping a few kilometers short of Gisel (Haeberli et al, 2004). The slide claimed a total of 125 lives directly, while outburts of newly formed lakes dammed by debris sediment threatened local villages with floods and additional losses (Kotyakov et al, 2004)....   [tags: debris, kolka, damages]

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I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud, And Auguries Of Innocence

- Since the dawn of human intellectual capacity humanity has been given a choice: embrace the natural ignorance of common life or innovate in hopes of advancement. This question has been asked of all of us and has been answered in various ways throughout the generations. During the 18th century, the age of Enlightenment answered this question through the application of the scientific method. The advancement of science and reason quickly became the center of daily life, eclipsing humanities view on the natural world in the process through the industrial revolution....   [tags: Romanticism, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, England]

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Types Of Npas : Gross Assets, Doubtful, And Loss Assets

- TYPES OF NPAs: 1. Gross NPAs: Gross NPAs are the sum total of all loan assets that are classified as NPAs as per the RBI Guidelines as on Balance Sheet date. It reflects the quality of loan made by banks. It consists of all the substandard assets, doubtful, and loss assets (Tiwari and Sontakke, 2013). It can be calculated by following ratio: Gross NPAs Ratio = Gross NPAs/Gross Advances. 2. Net NPAs: Net NPAs are those type of NPAs in which the bank has deduct the provision regarding NPAs. It reflects the actual burden of banks....   [tags: Debt, Balance sheet, Bank, Loan]

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Effects of the Great Kanto Earthquake in Japanese History

- The Great Kanto Earthquake also known as the Tokyo-Yokohama Earthquake of 1923 hit the metropolitan area of Kanto on September 1st, 1923 around 11:58 pm. It was a 7.9 on the Richter magnitude scale, killing over one-hundred and forty thousand people due to its high magnitude and the time it happened. The earthquake struck around lunch time, when many Japanese people were at home cooking at their charcoal or gas fueled stoves. At the moment the earthquake hit, it knocked down buildings that caught flames from the stoves that fell over, enflaming the city....   [tags: Tokyo-Yokohama Earthquake, Kanto]

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Bullying: A Major Social Problem in the United States

- Bullying has become a major problem facing the United States today. The American Psychological Association reports that roughly 40% to 80% of children are involved in bullying on some level during their time in school. (APA, 2014) The magnitude of the problem can be observed in the statistics. In the United States, a total of 4,080,879 children between the ages of five and 18 have been the victims of bullying compared to 3,892,199 who have reported that they have engaged in bullying someone else....   [tags: Bullying, APA, legalization]

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The Treaty of Versailles as a Cause of WWII

- The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, marks the day that WWI descended into armistice. However, the involved countries reached an agreement as to the events following the war on the 28th of June, 1919. The famous Treaty of Versailles was known for its role in ending war. But it was not known for being a double-edged sword, as the ending of war came with the consequence of causing future war. The Treaty consisted of uncontested biases due to Germany's unconditional surrender. The Allies held a gun to Germany's head, with their trigger finger tense....   [tags: the allies, WWII, versailles treaty]

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Using the Laws of Physics to Decrease Car Collisions

- Every year, thousands of people lose their lives in car crashes. There are many factors that come into play when a car collision occurs, however only one factor stays constant throughout every single collision, and that is the laws of physics. The laws of physics are the fundamental base of understanding the world we live in, but unfortunately many people seem to be completely oblivious to them. A lot of the time, we try to deny our ignorance to physics but usually end up proving the opposite. For example, how believable is it that someone could have any knowledge of the physics in cars and have a pet and their lap while driving....   [tags: reconstruction, collision, momentum, force]

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Composition of Fiscal Instruments Affects Economic Growth in Brazil

- Findings This analysis of the results provides good evidence that the composition of fiscal instruments affects economic growth to a certain level. Interestingly, the findings show effects of capital spending on growth to exceed those of GCE in both regressions 4.1 and 4.2, which is in line with commonly held, views. Capital spending has a positive and significant coefficient with the best output elasticity of 0.502. Supporting Luiz R. De Mello (2002) who also found a positive relationship between capital spending and growth in Brazil....   [tags: coefficient, government, spending ]

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William Langland 's An Epic Translated By Siegried Wenzel

- Pocketful of posies refers to flowers or herbs carried in the pockets of victims because they believed this disease was transmitted by bad smells. Ashes, ashes is in reference to the cremation of bodies after death as opposed to burial. We all fall down signifies the sudden death bubonic plague causes. William Langland also wrote about the impact of this disease in an epic translated by Siegried Wenzel: So nature killed many through corruptions, Death came driving after her and dashed all to dust, Kings, and knights, emperors and popes; He left no man standing, whether learned or ignorant; Whatever he hit stirred never afterwards, Many a lovely lady and their lover-knig...   [tags: Black Death, Bubonic plague, Yersinia pestis]

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Public Relations Between An Organization And Its Target Audiences

- Public Relations is an industry that primarily involves succesful communication and relationship building. PRINZ defines Public Relations as, “the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organisation and its target audiences” (PRINZ, 2014). This definition can be split into three sections each coupled with a theory, model, and relevant New Zealand example. “Deliberate, planned and sustained” relates to Systems Theory, “establish and maintain mutual understanding” relates to Relationship Management Theory, and “between an organisation and its target audiences” relates to Excellence Theory....   [tags: Public relations, Communication, Public]

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Climate Change : The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration

- Climate change effects the world in ways that may seem like a slow change that will not be noticeable in the next few years but more along the lines of the next several decades. This, however, is wrong and climate change is effecting the world now. It is noticeable in measurable ways including temperature change, sea level rise, and fish migration and ecosystem. Although these issues may seem very large, they are not the only issues related to climate change. There are many more less prominent events that are mostly related to temperature change such as the recent increase in the number and magnitude of extreme weather conditions....   [tags: Global warming, Weather, Climate, Ocean]

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Amazing Structure of the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan

- One amazing structure that many people in industrialized countries take for granted because of the exposure is bridges. Bridges are built for many reasons such as simply the connection of two places to make the journey shorter and simpler, or for economic reasons. They are also one of the most thought-out structures: because of the weather, the wear-and-tear of cars, people and other elements, and because of their purpose, it can take decades just to plan out the basic structure of the bridge. One place in which all three elements need to be considered highly when building any structure with the magnitude of a bridge is Japan....   [tags: architecture, engineering]

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Enhancing DNS Resilience against Denial of Service Attacks

- Enhancing DNS Resilience against Denial of Service Attacks Abstract The Domain Name System (DNS) is a critical Internet infrastructure that provides name to address mapping services. In the past few years, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have targeted the DNS infrastructure and threaten to disrupt this critical service. In this paper we show that the existing DNS can gain significant resilience against DDoS attacks through a simple change to the current DNS operations, by setting longer time-to-live values for a special class of DNS resource records, the infrastructure records....   [tags: Internet Security]

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Tourism During the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

- In 2003, Vancouver was awarded host city of the XXI Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to take place in 2010. A worldwide event of such magnitude resulted in significant economic and social effects on Canada’s tourism industry and society as a whole. This essay will explore these effects, highlighting both the positive and negative effects of Olympic tourism on Vancouver. It will begin by deconstructing Vancouver’s promotional material of the Games, to reveal specific advertising intentions. Furthermore, it will draw upon relevant sociological theorists to critically analyze the phenomenon of a tourist event of such magnitude, and the social issues it can raise....   [tags: vancouver's tourism, winter games, olympics]

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Effects Of Wage Rise On Unemployment And Poverty

- Effects of Wage Rise on Unemployment and Poverty There has been serious debate on the effect of raising the minimum wage on unemployment. A review of literature highlights on two opposing arguments on this phenomenon, where raising the minimum wage level is accounted to increase unemployment. Supporters of raising the minimum wage assume that it would raise the income of the working poor, and can possibly decrease destitution levels. It is likely that a minimum rise would the modest effect on unemployment resulting to a slight increase, decrease in unemployment or no change at all....   [tags: Minimum wage, Employment, Wage, Labor economics]

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Unions Weapon of the 21st Century: Education

- The strength of any organization depends on how solid of a foundation it is built on. Education is that foundation. In the 1980’s unions encountered a major setback when globalization hit. This caused a change in the economy accounting for major losses of jobs affecting blue-collar workers. Unions were not prepared for the hardship it created for its members. Now in the 21st century, globalization is back. This time it has spared a greater magnitude of devastation. Not only for the blue-collar workers, but it has encompassed white-collar workers as well....   [tags: Unions]

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General Douglas Macarthur's Farewell Address to Congress

- Introduction General Douglas Macarthur was one of the most well known military figures in the history of the United States. He gave his farewell speech to congress on 19th April 1951 and went into retirement after 52 years of service in the United States army. He was given the chance to address his final message to the US government. This analysis carefully examines his ethics, goals, strategies, strengths and weaknesses. The speech is very famous and highly popular among the American audience. Therefore, we will take into account all factors to critically evaluate the speech and find out what makes it important....   [tags: American History]

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Hamlet and Macbeth Compared as Aristotelian Tragedies

- Aristotle’s Poetics is often considered the blueprint to a successful tragedy; his outline has been used for hundreds of years. Aristotle defines a tragedy as “an imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude… in the form of an action, not of narrative; through pity and fear effecting the proper purgation of these emotions” (House 82). Aristotle believed that the most important part of a strong tragedy was the plot, and from that, the other elements such as character, diction, etc....   [tags: Drama]

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Consequences of the Tsunami in Japan 2011

- 1896, Sanriku, Japan: A magnitude 7.6 earthquake rattled Japan, killing more than 26,360 people. In Tangshan, China, 1976, a magnitude 8.0 tsunami killed more than 255,000 people. 2004: The Indian Ocean experienced a 9.0 tsunami, its destruction killing more than 350,000 people. Just last year, Haiti lost 222,570 inhabitants because of a 7.0 earthquake (Brunner and Rowen 1), leaving the country in more trouble than they can dig themselves out of. Earthquakes can be predictable, and unpredictable....   [tags: natural disasters, tsunami, earthquake]

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Haida Gwaii: The Islands of the People

- a) Introduction A small archipelago off the northwest coast of Britsh Columbia is known as the “islands of the people.” This island is diverse in both land and sea environment. From the 1700’s when the first ship sailed off its coast and a captain logged about the existence, slow attentiveness was given to the island. Its abundance, in both natural resources physical environment, and its allure in the concealed Haida peoples, beckoned settlers to come to the island. Settlers would spark an era of prosperity and catastrophe for the native and environmental populations....   [tags: small archipelago, British Columbia]

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The Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power

- Nuclear power is a clean source of energy that helps out the environment, but it has a troubling past. In reading many people’s stories about how nuclear power gave their kids cancer from toxic waste, while living next shows that nuclear is not safe. One of these stories is from a place called Rocky Flats, which is near Denver, Colorado. This story really shows that nuclear energy can sometimes kill people without the public’s knowledge. Rocky Flats was a nuclear power plant where we use to build hydrogen bombs during the Cold War....   [tags: Pro Con Essays]

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Othelo, A Dramatic Tragedy by William Shakespeare

- Most people will consider and agree that Othello is a dramatic tragedy. Shakespeare cleverly wove many different layers into his playwright and thus it has stood the time as a literary masterpiece. There are many different definitions of tragedy and Othello would fit into most of their definition. Aristotelian tragedy consists of many parts to meet the definition described by Aristotle. Using these requirements through definition, Othello still would qualify as a tragedy as discussed through thought, diction, tragic hero, and emotional action....   [tags: aristotelan tragedy, pity, fear]

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Aristotle’s Poetics Influence on the Ancient World

- Aristotle presents the argument that tragedies are superior to epics. While tragedies and epics are characterized in similar ways they also have their differences. “A tragedy, then, is the imitation of an action that is serious and also, as having magnitude, complete in itself; in language with pleasurable accessories, each kind brought in separately in the parts of the work; in a dramatic, not in a narrative form; with incidents arousing pity and fear, wherewith to accomplish its catharsis of such emotions.” (Aristotle, 6) A Tragedy is better at arousing emotion in an audience than en epic through the plot, characters, thought, diction, melody, and spectacle....   [tags: tragedy, hero, emotions, epics]

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The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Firestorm

- San Francisco was a very opulent city during the 19th century due to the gold rush, the city was thriving and booming and more than 400,000 people residing in this area but the dynamics of this change when at 5:12 am April 1906.1 Powerful devastation ultimately gripped California in April 1906. The Great San Francisco Earthquake is number as one the most powerful devastation in the United Sates.2 On this despondent day many lives were taken and the costs of damages were very exorbitant. The implications were very profound and tumultuous....   [tags: history, catastrophies, ]

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The Massive Earthquake and Tsunami at Fukishima

- ... Pictures taken of these zones showed items wrapped in saran wrap signaling crews that these items must be destroyed. Only authorized personal are allowed in to said zones and suits and proper materials are too be worn. Those towns who were not after directly by the radiation still wait to be rebuilt as Japan tries its best to figure out what needs priority. Tokyo only narrowly escaped harmful radiation, and if the accident had spun further out of control, contamination in the metropolitan area would have been serious enough to warrant the urgent departure of its 30 million residents....   [tags: natural disasters and destruction]

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The Basics of the Country of Haiti

- ... Over 600,000 people evacuated their homes in the Port-au-Prince area; at one point, over 1.5 million people were living in camps. In late August, Tropical Storm Isaac hit Haiti with rains and winds causing flooding and mudslides. Though the tropical storm did not cause widespread damage as initially feared, it was still a large obstacle for a nation still recovering. The response for the natural disasters that hit Haiti in 2010 was slow. Haiti improved the water supply of 340,000 people, supplied drugs to five cholera treatment facilities, provided free medical care to 39,000, and gave tools and seeds to help 23,000 people in farming households to help support themselves....   [tags: education, sanitary, water, conditions, disasters]

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Electronic Cigarettes Are Safer Than Traditional Cigarettes

- Abstract An electronic cigarette (e-cig or e-cigarette), personal vaporizer (PV) or electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) is a battery-powered vaporizer that simulates the feeling of smoking. The user breathes in an aerosol, commonly referred to as vapor, rather than cigarette smoke. Limited evidence suggests e-cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes. People who do not already smoke can become addicted to them (Barrington-Trimis, Samet, McConnell, 2014). While Electronic Cigarettes do not contain as many chemicals as regular cigarettes and the nicotine is only a small amount compared to a pack, electronic cigarettes still prove to be dangerous just as regular cigarettes....   [tags: Nicotine, Tobacco, Smoking, Cigarette]

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Tsunami Of A Tsunami At One Beach

- At first, tsunami, also known as seismic sea waves, are a series of enormous waves created by an underwater disturbance such as earthquake, landslide, volcanic eruption, or meteorite. A tsunami can move hundreds of miles per hour in the open ocean and smash into land with waves as high as 100 feet or more. From the area where the tsunami originates, waves travel outward in all directions. Once the wave approaches the shore, it builds in height. The topography of the coastline and the ocean floor will influence the size of the wave....   [tags: Earthquake, Tsunami, 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake]

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A Report By The Cable News Network

- A report by the Cable News Network (C.N.N.) revealed that the September 11 2001 (9/11) attack by Al-Qaeda led to $123 billion loss in the first two to four weeks of the collapse of the World Trade Center, $9.3 billion insurance claims from the attacks and the loss of 3000 lives (CNN, 2015). Yet, it took the terrorist about $500,000 to plan and execute the attacks. This stimulated the call for the `War on terrorism’ by the President Bush administration and the accompanied tactics and strategies directed in addressing the terrorist attacks....   [tags: Terrorism, September 11 attacks, George W. Bush]

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Natural Disasters That Mankind Has Ever Faced

- Earthquakes are historically one of the most dangerous natural disasters that mankind has ever faced. Until recent times, earthquakes have been just that: natural disasters. Naturally occurring earthquakes are almost entirely found near tectonic plate boundaries, and are generated when subsurface stress is released. However, there has been an alarming increase in occurrences of earthquakes in areas far away from plate boundaries; these areas have historically seen very little earthquake activity....   [tags: Plate tectonics, Subduction, Earth, Earthquake]

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The Effect Of Cold On Twitch Duration

- The purpose of this lab was to determine the effects of four main factors on the strength of muscle response: the temperature of the muscle, muscle length before contraction, results of muscle fatigue, and the effects of different stimuli. The manipulation of the stimuli was done in two ways during this lab: increasing the magnitude of the voltage and increasing the rate at which the stimuli was applied (frequency). These four factors were studied and broken down into six different experiments. They were: 1- the effect of stimulus intensity, 2- measuring twitch duration, 3- effect of cold on twitch duration, 4- effect of changing muscle length, 5- effect of stimulus frequency, and 6- muscle...   [tags: Muscular system, Muscle, Myosin, Actin]

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The Newton 's Second Low Of Physics

- Design an experiment to confirm the newton’s second low of physics “Acceleration of an object is proportional to the resultant force acting on it” The purpose of the experiment In order to know how to act a certain amount of force of the object. 2. When certain amount of force acts, measure how the acceleration is change based on the weight of the object. Measuring whether the acceleration of the object is change when changing the size of the force acting on the object. Theoretical background To move stationary object, it has to receive a force from the other object and to stop the object that moves must be added to the force in the opposite direction to the object in the direction of mot...   [tags: Force, Classical mechanics]

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The Effects of Global Climate Change

- Every human activity is having a particular effect on our climate. This was noted by the world in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro when it was open for signature by the United Nations Framework on Climate Change. In the Climate Change Convention, the international community agreed to prevent and combat the effects of climate change such as those in agricultural areas, melting icecaps and the increase in sea level. In 1997, governments took the next step and agreed to the Kyoto Protocol which set as its goal the reduction of greenhouse gases emitted by industrialized countries....   [tags: Global Warming Essays]

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Going Nuclear: The Electric Light Charade

- Concerns over energy resource availability suggest an important role for nuclear power in supplying energy in the 21st century. Albert Einstein’s genius brought the concept of nuclear energy to the forefront, and he proved that nuclear energy had the potential to produce incredible amounts of energy. Nuclear energy remains the most cost-effective way to provide enough energy to electrify the world, despite fears of a disaster like Japan’s. Many new technologies lie on the horizon for nuclear energy, some which will benefit entire countries as they develop cutting-edge nuclear facilities, and some that will benefit society as a whole in areas like nuclear medicine and nuclear desalination....   [tags: Energy ]

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Hamlet is More Tragic than Antigone

- Aristotle views tragedy as an “imitation of an action that is serious,complete and of a certain length and scope in language pleasurably embellished with each kind of artistic ornament” (Gassner 23).The audience should be introduced to a story which, even when merely told, it produces a thrill of horror and pity and a kind of pleasure and is most effective between kindred . Aristotle lays out Aristotle lays out specific ingredients to a tragedy including a plot, characters, thought (intellect), diction and song....   [tags: compare contrast comparison]

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Long-Term Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

- Introduction This paper outlines the consequences of child sexual abuse (CSA) based on the examination of results from multiple researches previously fulfilled concerning the psychological and physical impact of this crime, information of statistics, warning signs detected, victims’ performances, and emotional state. Sexual abuse causes severe trauma on child victims that will last for the course of their lives, therefore it is critical to identify and improve the therapeutic methods utilized to treat CSA survivors....   [tags: Child Trauma, Theurapetic Treatment]

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Catastrophic Telecommunications Cyber Attacks Are Impossible

- At this juncture, it may be somewhat difficult to accept the proposition that a threat to the telecommunications grid, both wired and wireless, in the United States could potentially be subject to a catastrophic cyber attack. After careful research on the subject, it appears the potentiality of an event of such magnitude, which either disrupts one or the other grids for a long period or destroys either, is both theoretically and realistically impossible. It may be that proponents—those who advance such theories—equate such “doomsday” scenarios as if a cyber attack would or could be of the same magnitude as a conventional or nuclear military strike....   [tags: Telecommunications Cyber Attacks]

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Development of a Code of Ethics

- In this paper I will discuss how Information technology has brought about significant societal ethical changes. Users of technology in society and business today need to be increasingly aware of the need for the ethical use of technology. Information technology (IT) users, need a code of ethics developed, so that they can navigate through the ethical issues they confront while using information technology. When ethical violations occur, enforcement of the ethical standards is required. With the advanced of online education, there is a renewed need to interpret a code of ethics within the academic setting by observing academic integrity as users have the ability to interact with surprising an...   [tags: unbundling information, social interactions]

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Analysis of Smart Power Control System

- Power saving has been a big concern and has acquired an even more worrying avatar in recent years. In this paper, energy management technique based on set of sensors is presented that can be adapted according to the behavior of the habitant. The purpose this paper is to design a bidirectional visitor counter along with RF based power saving system. The system consists of a programmable microcontroller along with motion sensors to detect human presence. Here we describe an RF based power system using AVR microcontroller....   [tags: power saving,avr microcontroller, power control]

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Animal Testing in the Makeup Industry

- Introduction Animal testing has continued to be used throughout the makeup industry, with over 200 main stream brands actively testing on animals (PeTA, 2012). Some of which include prestigious brands such as Clinique, Elizabeth Arden and Lancôme. The need for change comes as animals are continuously being exploited by these large companies. For all the testing of cosmetics and toiletry products on animals has been banned in the UK, laboratories that use mice, rats, birds, reptiles and amphibians are exempted from the minimal protections under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA)....   [tags: Cosmetic, Toiletry Products, Testing, Makeup]

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Brief Research and Results on Bias

- ... That although I am underprivileged, I see my privileges still above other that are underprivileged as well. Your Result Your data suggest a slight automatic preference for African American compared to European American. The interpretation is described as 'automatic preference for European American' if you responded faster when European American faces and Good words were classified with the same key than when African American faces and Good words were classified with the same key. Depending on the magnitude of your result, your automatic preference may be described as 'slight', 'moderate', 'strong', or 'little to no preference'....   [tags: black vs white, gay vs straight, ]

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The Nuclear Weapons Of North Korea

- Michael Moore once said, “North Korea has taught a great lesson to all the countries in the world, especially the rogue countries of dictatorships or whatever: if you don 't want to be invaded by America, get some nuclear weapons” ("Michael Moore Quote.") Moore insinuates that the North Koreans that are preventing the US from invading possess weaponry used for intimidation tactics. A nuclear arms agreement was made many years ago to try to prevent North Korea from building nuclear weapons, but that treaty was quickly broken....   [tags: Nuclear weapon, Nuclear proliferation]

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Bones : Bones Associated With Diabetes

- The Avengers Bones Associated With Diabetes (Parajuli. 2015. Bones response to mechanical loading are impaired in type 1 diabetes.) Diabetes affects multiple organs, for example, the heart, kidneys, and eyes. There is one organ system that is not usually mentioned and that is the skeleton. Diabetes patients in clinical trials have shown to have an elevated risk of fracture, including fractures that can be life threatening. This affects a huge age range between 45 and 64. The impact that diabetes has on the bones, has not been as recognized, as the affects that is has on the other organs of the body....   [tags: Blood sugar, Diabetes mellitus, Hyperglycemia]

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Dilated Cardiomyopathy : Symptoms And Treatment

- Dilated Cardiomyopathy What is dilated cardiomyopathy. Dilated cardiomyopathy is a form of heart disease in which the heart’s main pumping chamber, the left ventricle, stretches and thins (dilates) and can’t pump blood as well as a healthy heart. Dilated, meaning enlarged, cardio, meaning heart, myo, meaning muscle, and pathy, meaning disease. So, this directly means that it’s a disease of the heart muscle. There are multiple types of cardiomyopathy, such as idiopathic, hypertrophic, restrictive, arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia....   [tags: Heart, Blood, Hypertension, Ventricle]

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Is Integrity Is Variable And Malleable

- Workshop Outline Integrity is Variable and Malleable. We began each session by challenging the conventional notion that they, the "good" people who are not capable of unethical and illegal behavior on the scale and magnitude that we perpetrated, aren 't like us, the "bad" criminals. A review of the research demonstrates a very different, if not disturbing, conclusion: normally ethical and intelligent people can be influenced by their environment and interpersonal relationships to a degree that they would actually inflict physical harm on another individual (Sekerka L....   [tags: Ethics, Sociology, Nick Leeson, Barings Bank]

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The Crime Rate Of New Haven

- The crime in New Haven, Connecticut has helped it earn the honor of being one of America’s most dangerous cities. It is the second largest city in Connecticut, but ranks the highest in violent crime and second in property crime as of 2014 in the state. New Haven is also home to one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning, Yale. Using data from the United States Census Bureau, New Haven’s poverty rate is almost 1.5 times that of the nation at 26.8 percent. (USCB) According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ Uniform Crime Report (2014), New Haven’s violent crime rate is 236.5 per 100,000 people, which is not that much less than the national rate of 335.17....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Unemployment, Poverty]

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President Truman Used The Atomic Bomb

- Accordingly the notion that America used the atomic bomb as a means of upholding its reputation as the apex worldly power, becomes quite lucid to the harmless observer. Subsequent to Japan’s rejection of the aforementioned ultimatum, President Truman used the atomic bomb as a tactic to minimize the lives lost in what was characterized to be the worst fight in the history of mankind. Although, the use of such an instrument seems to be extraneous due to the magnitude of danger which it possessed. As theoretical physicist Edward Teller wrote in his letter to Leo Szillard “First of all let me say that I have no hope of clearing my conscience....   [tags: World War II]

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Project Cost Management : Project Management

- Project Cost Management Project cost management (PCM) is the process of which technology is used to measure an approximate estimate of funds and resources needed, in order to complete the assignment within an approved budget. Although, most companies use some form of project cost management, it is often disregarded or unacknowledged regarding the importance of this treasured tool. For instance, if a project manager (PM) does not use a cost management tool, then there is a great change the task will be behind schedule and over budget (Schwalbe, 2011)....   [tags: Project management, Cost, Costs, Cost overrun]

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The Case Of Oedipus The King

- The fundamentals that make Oedipus the King an “Aristotelian tragedy” revolve around the key notions of harmartia, peripety, anagnorisis and catharsis. However, to fully understand these key notions, one must understand what Aristotle defines as a tragedy. In Aristotle’s words, “A tragedy is the imitation of an action that is serious and also, as having magnitude, complete in itself; in appropriate and pleasurable language;... in a dramatic rather than narrative form; with incidents arousing pity and fear, wherewith to accomplish a catharsis of these emotions” (Aristotle)....   [tags: Oedipus, Oedipus the King, Tragedy, Sophocles]

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Free From Society, Chained And Justice

- Free From Society, Chained to Justice From the heart of Puritan society to the largest stages of California, the theatrical story of Esther Rodgers planted itself on the shore’s of the largest stage in the United States. Present day society has been riveted with the plight of our ancestors, riveted to the point of morbid obsession. I have always felt the subtle pull towards the lives of those on the big stages. They live lives so different from my own, that I resort to morbid staring as if they were a simple side show....   [tags: Actor, Theatre, Puritan, United States]

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The Earthquake Of San Francisco Earthquake

- The earthquake that only lasted 45 to 60 seconds but “was felt from southern Oregon to south of Los Angeles and inland as far as central Nevada” was the disastrous 1906 San Francisco Earthquake (USGS 2012). A natural disaster that was responsible for structure damage and the lives of many people. Earthquakes are part of the natural process of the earth and are frequent around the world; they are usually small and not even felt by people. Unfortunately, there is also the magnitude 7 or greater earthquakes, which if trigger in big populated areas can become destructive in matter of seconds (Lutgens, F....   [tags: 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Earthquake]

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Childhood Obesity : Obesity And Obesity

- Introduction In the United States today, one of the biggest health problems people face, that are of age twelve and under, is childhood obesity. In 2012, more than one of every three children in the United States suffer from childhood obesity or are at risk of becoming obese. Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years (Childhood Obesity Facts). Amongst other countries, America is on the top of the list for childhood obesity and causes of death due to this issue....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Food, Physical exercise]

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Free Trade And The International Economy

- Businesses and workers have long thrived in the international economy. In recent years some countries have implemented national trade policies that unfairly favour their workers and companies; this is where fair trade agreements are introduced. Free trade helps create a more level playing field for national businesses and workers to succeed. Trade within the group is duty free but members set their own tariffs on imports from non-members (World Trade Organization, 2015). These agreements create a more accountable and fair trading relationship between two or more countries....   [tags: International trade, Free trade]

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Lab Report On The Lab Manual

- According to the lab manual, for the report we are supposed to create two graphs, one with all the points and the second one with only the points in the linear range. As my first graph had all the points in the linear range, no second graph has been created. Results and Calculations: 1 ppm = 1 µg/mL Results:- Concentration / µg/mL Absorbance 1 0.125 3 0.343 5 0.58 7 0.779 10 1.104 Calculations:- Average of all x values: x ̅ 2 = 1/N ∑_(i=1)^N▒x_i x ̅ = (1+3+5+7+10)/5 = 5.2 Average of all y values: y ̅ 2 = 1/N ∑_(i=1)^N▒y_i y ̅= (0.125+0.343+0.58+0.779+1.104)/5 = 0.5862 Sxx 2 = ∑_(i=1)^N▒〖(x_i- (x)) ̅〗^2...   [tags: Arithmetic mean, Standard deviation]

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Haitian Natural Disaster Response Team

- The Haitian capital was devastated on January 12, 2010 by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. According to then USGS it was the worst earthquake in 200 years. The quake struck at 09:30am local time and was centered just 10 miles northwest of the Haitian capital of Port au Prince. The initial quake was later followed by twelve aftershocks greater than magnitude 5.0. Structures of all kinds were damaged or collapsed, from shantytown homes to national landmarks. On February 3, 2010 Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive was quoted as saying “We have over 200,000 dead....   [tags: Natural Disaster]

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Charge of the Light Brigade

- The battle of Balaclava took place on October 25, 1854, and a tragic military disaster like no other, was about to be caught by the eyes of the nation. A blunder sparked by the animosity between two English Army leaders led to the death of over two hundred solders. The Battle took place during the Crimean War which was a war between Britain, Sardinia and France against Russia. Over six hundred soldiers forming the Light Brigade charged towards the Russian soldiers under orders of the two blundering army leaders....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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Earthquakes: Shake, Rattle, & Roll

- Natural disasters affect millions of people globally every day. Earthquakes are one of the most powerful natural disasters that inflict damage on our environment and in turn cost trillions of dollars every year. To respect the power of earthquakes we must first understand their cause, how they differ from biological energy, where they happen, the types of damage they cause, how we can predict them, and how we can safeguard ourselves against them. Living in known seismic zones is dangerous and can result in large financial and life losses....   [tags: Natural Disaster]

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The Brilliant Dmirti Ivanovich Mendeleev

- Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev was born on February 7, 1834. He was the youngest of 14 children and the favorite of all. Mendeleev was provided as many opportunities that his mother could afford. When he was young he spent many hours in the glass factory his mother operated, learning from the chemist, who influenced him, about the concepts behind glass making and from the glass blower about the art of making glass. Another great influence in his life was Bessargin, his sister’s husband. Bessargin occupied himself teaching Dmitri the science of the day....   [tags: biography, atomic weights, expansion of liquids]

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Attitudes That Formed A Nation

- At the start of the American Revolution, the attitudes of the American colonist were that of entitlement, born from the rise of religious reform and evolving into the right of self government. To fully grasp the magnitude of these attitudes, we must ask if the thoughts and actions of the American colonists would have even been fathomable without the Reformation. Sparked by the posting of Martin Luther’s ninety-five theses in 1517, the Reformation was a turning point in the authority of the church and the ability of the common people to significantly influence positive change....   [tags: American Revolution, Reformation]

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Emergency Response Plan for Floods

- Flooding is when large amounts of water suddenly invade an area which had been normally dry (Oxford Advanced learners Dictionary). Floods are one of those disasters which are still a major thread to the world despite the so many efforts to combat it. These are natural hazards because though they are brought about by a natural phenomenon, they often cause lots of damage. The immediate impact on survivors is likely to be injury and death of relatives, damage to crops, housing and infrastructure can also conspire to precipitate acute food shortages and homelessness, water supplies may be contaminated with sewage leading disease....   [tags: Flood Contingency Plan]

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Was Disease a key factor

- I believe disease was a key factor if not the primary factor in the depopulation of Native Americans in the Americas. Throughout time, there has always been inequality during the evolution of humanity. Over the course of evolution, different cultures as well as races have progressed more rapidly and at a stronger rate than others have. The depopulation of Native Americans happened because Europeans had better and more efficient supplies as well as immunities to the diseases that they brought over with them....   [tags: Native Americans, Europeans, History]

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Analyze Statistics in the News

- Analyze Statistics in the News The correlation within a subject provides a prediction to how subjects connect. Although the correlation may show the likelihood of a reason and its impact on a relationship, yet it doesn't demonstrate causation. Correlation indicates the possibility of a cause-effect relationship but it does not necessarily prove causation On a basic level, all of these articles demonstrated that fundamentally if Subject 1 (S1) is bringing about Subject 2 (S2) to happen, or what is the same, that S2 is an outcome of S1....   [tags: Subject, Correlation, Relationship, Causation]

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Gender-based Violence (GBV) Data Collection

- Violence against women, particularly intimate partner violence and sexual violence, is both a public health problem and a violation of women’s human rights. The issue of gender-based violence (GBV) has increasingly become an agenda item addressed by nations across the world. International organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN) and humanitarian aid/relief agencies like the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and PLAN International have been collectively working to provide services to victims, advocating for increased gender equality and reducing rates of violence against women, etc....   [tags: Violence Against Women]

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The Process of Project Management

- A project is a temporary activity undertaken to produce a unique product, service or result. This activity called project, has three clearly defined components to it, namely Time: A definitive start and end date. Cost: A definitive budget for the activity to take place. Scope: Magnitude of work including the deliverable and/or goals that has to be accomplished. On the other hand, project management is a practice of applying knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to the project activities to achieve the project requirements effectively and efficiently (Heagney, 2012; Project Management Institute , 2008)....   [tags: Process Essay, Management]

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Literary Look at Susan Glaspell

- Susan Glaspell is a thought-provoking exemplar of an authentic early feminist writer, “born in 1882 in Davenport, Iowa.” (Learner) She grew up in a small, conservative, middle-class town in the Midwest, which had a powerful influence on her. Her evolution from regional focused compositions to modernism was made possible and achieved by her geographical relocation to the east coast. Following her graduation “from Drake University” (Learner) she found there to be copious boundaries and restraints for women in the work place....   [tags: Feminism, Author]

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The British Petroleum Oil Spill

- ... As the majority of the oil has either spread throughout the Gulf of Mexico beneath the surface via currents or settled down at the bottom of the sea bed 5,000 feet below surface. The well is 5,000 meters below depth so and only a fraction of the oil that rose to the surface and what got washed ashore. At the time these calculations were made (July 14, 2010) approximately 50% of the oil had evaporated, dissolved, or been effectively removed from the Gulf environment through human activities. (Ramseur....   [tags: environmental disasters]

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Impacts of Technology on Outsourcing

- ... In other business agreements, if an organization still retains its processes, then the organization is purchasing time which is a services relationship. However, if the contracted service provider owns and controls the processes, then the organization is outsourcing. For example, a manufacturing company that hires an outside IT company to help repair and maintain its computer system is not outsourcing. On the other hand, a manufacturing company that transfers some of its business processes to an outside service provider that will provide customer service and Human resource management services back to the company for some years is outsourcing....   [tags: globally, nations, market, companies]

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Joplin, Missouri after the Tornado

- A tornado struck Joplin, Missouri on May 22, 2011 at around 5:40 pm. With a population around 50,559, it killed 161 people and injured approximately 1,100 people. The cost was an estimated $2.8 billion in damage. The American taxpayers had to give about $500 million in recovery money. This made it the deadliest tornado since 1950, which was when modern recordkeeping began. Since it was an EF5 tornado, it destroyed everything in its path. The city was ruined with only piles of debris left. It was a half-mile wide when it hit Joplin and grew to three-quarters of a mile wide....   [tags: natural catastrophies]

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The Importance of the Minuscule

- The universe. So immense that only thinking about its magnitude distorts our concept of space. So intense that the energy and power generated every instant, in every corner of this infinite mantle of darkness and light, is of such extent that exceeds our understanding. So old that every measure of time is futile in comparison to its origins and its future. How to measure the unmeasurable. How to estimate the infinite. How to compare it to measurable, finite, small, minute, minuscule creatures like us....   [tags: philosohical analysis]

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Resonating Effects of the Holocaust

- The Holocaust Midterm Paper Although The Holocaust happened decades ago, the effects of the horrific actions of the time still resonate with people everywhere. That is one of the things that make The Holocaust so historically interesting; although the period is long over, the effects still cause ripples. There are a plethora of news articles, and art exhibits, that are centrally focused on The Holocaust. In fact, historians are consistently finding new information on the subject, it seems almost daily....   [tags: camps, death, Nazis]

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Royalty Accounting Services’ SWOT Analysis

- SITUATION ANALYSIS Royalty Accounting Services is exceedingly reliant on profits from tax planning and preparation for businesses and individuals. I will need to expand the profits base to realize constant growth and steadiness in a shifting business. SWOT Analysis The subsequent SWOT analysis discourses the strengths and weakness within Royalty Accounting Services and the opportunities and threats that exist in the environment. This breakdown highpoints zones to be leveraged and points out where we must progress and develop within the business and within our industry and marketplace....   [tags: customers, profit, tax planning]

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