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Obedience: The Odyssey to Freedom

- The word freedom is often associated with the idea of an unfettered liberty to select from a range of alternatives coupled with a sense that our actions will not affect our natural state. Catholic doctrine teaches that our choice is one of rational deliberation and voluntary subjugation to a higher force. This is natural law. Milton envisions the same teaching. Unfortunately, human nature only lends itself to the assumption of certain abstract concepts such as `natural law', an assumption Milton develops in Paradise Lost....   [tags: Religion]

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The Swish of Angel Wings

- The Swish of Angel Wings A young mother was standing in the kitchen making breakfast one spring morning. Her little garden was in full bloom with fresh flowers and the smell of honey suckles filled the air. It seemed as thought winter had finally passed and spring was here. As she looked out the window into the backyard, she noticed that the garden gate had been left open. Her little three-year-old daughter, Lindsay, had toddled through the gate and was sitting there on the railroad tracks playing with the gravel as if it was a perfectly safe and sensible place to play....   [tags: Papers]

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The issues of the poet

- The Issues The question is: What do you think the grandmother meant when she said to the Misfit, “Why you’re one of my babies. You’re one of my own children!” Why do you think the Misfit killed her when she said that. Since the question is two parts, I’ll answer it in two parts. The grandmother said that the Misfit was one of her children in an attempt to console him into thinking that she was not someone that he wanted to kill. The reason that she says that has some symbolic underlying tones....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Doctor Faustus - Analysis

- I. The play Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlow was first published in Manchester by Manchester Publishing in 1588, no information about the play’s first production date was found. II. Doctor Faustus is contrived of the following: Faustus, a man well learned in medicine and other knowledge’s known to man is dissatisfied with where his life is heading so he calls upon the Lucifer and His accomplice, Mephistophilis, to teach him the ways of magic. They agree to be his tutors only if Faustus will sell his soul to Lucifer and be His after 20 years....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Mephistophilis in Marlowe’s Faustus

- Mephistophilis in Marlowe’s Faustus Mephistophilis is a striking central character in the play ‘Doctor Faustus’, written by Christopher Marlowe in the late sixteenth century. His role in this flamboyant yet tragic play is ultimately to aid Faustus’ downfall from renowned scholar to foolhardy prey of Lucifer. However, Mephistophilis’ motives are perceptibly ambiguous throughout ‘Doctor Faustus’; he seemingly alternates between a typically gleeful medieval devil, and a romantically suffering fallen angel....   [tags: Marlowe Faustus Essays]

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John Milton's Paradise Lost

- John Milton's Paradise Lost John Milton’s Paradise Lost is filled with fantastical tales from the depths of Hell, extravagant descriptions of the fallen angels, and a curious recitation of the council of demons in their new palace. How did Milton dream up such vivid depictions of such horrible demons as the ones we see in Book I. Most of his fallen angels originate in the form of Pagan gods condemned by the Bible, with actual historical backgrounds which Milton cites in his lengthy descriptions....   [tags: John Milton Paradise Lost Essays]

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Priori vs. Posterior Knowledge

- Priori vs. Posterior Knowledge The controversial discussion of priori or posteriori knowledge is very difficult to take a firm side on. I personally lean more towards the posteriori knowledge. I believe that human beings, opposed to other animals, have learned knowledge. A child begins to learn while developing in the mother's womb. The child learns the mothers voice, reaction to noises, and sucking abilities prior to birth. When the child is delivered, miniscule relationships between the mother and baby have to be developed....   [tags: Papers]

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London 1802

- Published in 1667, Paradise Lost by John Milton is considered by many scholars to be the only epic written in the English language. For such a bold claim to exist, one must understand the literary elements that make up epic poetry. When compared to other canonical epics such as Homer’s Odyssey or Virgil’s Aeneid, one notices similarities in regards to structure, flow, methodologies, etc. These elements include a declaration to the muses, a story starting mid-battle, and characters that represent the essence of a particular society....   [tags: Literature]

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O’Connor’s Mission

- It is a given that Flannery O’Connor is one of the most recognized southern female writers. This is mostly due to the pure religious content and reality in her writings. One of those stories, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” is one that combines her love of religion with her personal experience. It is a story on which its simple beginning tricks the reader, and its complex ending brings both questions and tears. What looks like just a field trip vacation turns into an unnecessary massacre for the purpose of understanding both religion and the human race....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Latter-Day Libertarianism

- Latter-day Libertarianism In the LDS church selflessness and generosity are advocated over the pulpit and throughout the scriptures. We learn what the ideal society looks like -- no poverty, no classes, just people living in harmony with each other and God. It sounds beautiful and the spirit inspires us to emulate it. Furthermore we learn that certain things are wrong in the sight of the Lord – homosexual acts, addiction, gambling, etcetera, and that such things are to be avoided. Conversely, libertarianism promotes a government that does not require its constituents to provide aide to the destitute....   [tags: Religion ]

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- Angels Angels are defined as a typically benevolent celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth and one who manifests goodness, purity, and selflessness (Angels). They are seen as good and helpful beings and have been known for giving human beings messages or signs from God. They have many virtuous characteristics to them and components that make them so interesting. These components include their origin, their reputation of always being good, their overall appearance, the several main and influential angels, and the rankings of different angels....   [tags: Religion]

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Signs of Sin throughout The Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Symphony fro the Devil by the Rolling Stones

- Sin is prevalent throughout the entire book The Scarlet Letter, as it is throughout the song “Sympathy For the devil” by The Rolling Stones. Alike everyone, I too, have sinned before. Often times I envy others for things they have, that I don not have, and for things they can do, which I cannot do. At the swim team’s most recent meet, Naz, my friend, bested me in a fifty yard race because he can do flip-turns much faster then me. I envy his ability to do so, sinning just as Hester and the Man in the song do....   [tags: sympathy, song, suffer]

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Symbolism Between C.S. Lewis´ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and The New Testament in the Bible

- The symbolism between C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the fourth book in The Chronicles of Narnia, and the New Testament in the Bible, particularly the account of Jesus’ death is not merely coincidental because The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is, in fact, an allegory. An allegory is a story with morals in which characters, plots and settings are used as symbols. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis is rich with Christian symbolism even though the allegorical nature of it is the subject of much controversy....   [tags: The Chronicles of Narnia, allegory, controversy]

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Renaissance Authors and Psychological Depth in their Characters: Example of Marlowe´s The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus

- How do Renaissance Playwrights attempt to lend psychological depth to their characters. Marlowe's major dramas, Tamburlaine, The jew of Malta and Doctor Faustus, all portrays heroes who desperately seek power- the power of rule, of knowledge, and respectability. All his heroes are overreacher and are 'striving to get beyond the conventional boundaries established to contain the human will.' This paper will focus on Marlowe's well-known play: The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, in which Faustus seeks the mastery and voluptuous pleasure that come from forbbiden knowledge....   [tags: Playwrights, Society, Culture]

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Choices: Christopher Browning's Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland

- When faced with a difficult choice a person will think the multitude of different options over before making their final decision. Do they go with the choice that will benefit them or the choice that will benefit others. Many decisions are made on the circumstances of the situation a person is in. If a person is told in a time of war to participate in an act, that person will participate due to the fear of the consequences, even if that person does not know what the consequences are. In Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland by Christopher Browning the men of the battalion are faced with many options during their time in the battalion....   [tags: Literary Analysis, The Holocaust]

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Fear is the Path to the Dark Side in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

- ... While being questioned by Hale, Abigail fears for her life and tries to push the blame onto Tituba. Tituba falsely confesses to dealing with the devil and scapegoats numerous other people, allowing fear to win once again. Seeing a way out Abigail and her friends start blaming more and more innocent people. However, the scapegoating does not stop at Abigail, as every accused “witch” is forced to falsely accuse both themselves and the people around them under the fear of death. The city of Salem is driven by fear....   [tags: diabolical, sacrifice, innocent]

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The Sorrow and Heroic Tragedy of John Proctor in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

- Tragedy is interpreted in various ways. For example the wise Greek philosopher Aristotle defines “tragedy” as a story that contains a character that commits a terrible mistake in his life that leads to his pitiful death. On the other hand, Arthur Miller defines “tragedy” as a characteristic common to all human beings who are willing to give up their lives for the necessary and righteous causes, and for their dignities. A composite definition of a tragedy is a character in a story that recognizes his awful error committed, and is willing to give his life for the necessary cause that would leads to his inevitable death....   [tags: greek philosopher, death]

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The Devil in Popular Music through the Life and Works of Robert Johnson

- The devil has been seen through many forms in popular music throughout history from the voodoo drums of the African slaves to modern artists marketing ploys. The term popular music is particularly ambiguous, so to define, in this piece it shall refer to dominant pieces or performers within the last 100 years. Many composers and artists have been branded by religious organisations as being in league with the devil, from the banning of songs, performers and even chords and movements by the church to the present day right wing Christian ‘preachers’ of YouTube....   [tags: the Mississippi masters, history of music]

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Monsters in Our Society: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Night by Elie Wiesel

- Monsters in Our Society Do you ever wonder how monsters are created in our society. The dehumanization of individuals can cause both the perpetrator and the dehumanized to act in monstrous ways. But, why and how are they created in our world. Some monsters are created to “help us cope with what we dread most in life” (Donovan) and in turn bring communities together. Philip Zimbardo, a social psychologist, believes that anonymity and the situation a “good” person is in can cause them to act monstrously....   [tags: dehumanization, human injustice]

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The Character of John Proctor, Elizabeth and Reverend Hale in The Crucible

- The definition of crucible, or at least one of them, is a severe test or trial. This is definitely a fitting name for the Salem witch trials based play, as dealing with the hysteria and unjust courts of Salem is a severe trial in its self. However, the characters were also tested by their own ability to choose between right, wrong, or the most beneficial actions. From the main characters to all of the town’s people, they must all decide between what is best for them or everyone, living in sorrow or dying with honor....   [tags: Essay on The Crucible]

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Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?, by Joyce Carol Oates

- Woven into the twisted short story by Joyce Carol Oates “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” stands a figure of demonic proportions; a man whose mere presence develops into an ominous fear, bringing with him a thickness of anxiety and an eerie sense of premature death. While her parents are away on a Sunday afternoon, Connie is approached by a strange man named Arnold Friend who is determined to seduce her and steal her away. Rather than use force, Arnold Friend insinuates his way into Connie’s mind and subdues her vulnerable and emerging sexuality....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Devil Representation]

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The Role of Satan in Dante's Inferno and Specifically in Paradise Lost

- The source of all evil, a terrifying entity, and the adversary of God in an eternal war for the souls of mankind, Satan is often put forward as a powerful “other,” having little in common with those he tempts and torments. For example, in Dante’s Inferno, Satan is massive, strong and beast-like, chained like Cerberus in Hell for the punishment of mankind, chewing on the bodies of history’s greatest traitors like a vicious dog. Milton's relatable, human-like Satan is on the other end of the spectrum....   [tags: the creation of evil]

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Qualities of a Leader in Beowulf and Sir Gawain the Green Knight

- ... This epic poem is unmatched in that it is the lone survivor of an English genre; it also was a transitional tale that transformed Pagan ideals into Christian ones as a result Christianization, which began in 597 A.D. Beowulf begins with a history of the Kings of the Spear-Danes, beginning with Shield Sheafson. Shield Sheafson, arrived by sea alone, “likely that as a child all Shield brought with him only a sheaf” (pg.41 footnote2)1. Sheafson, described as the “scourge of many tribes, a wrecker of mead benches…terror of hall-troops” (l.4-6)1....   [tags: sacrificing, reverence, solitude, omnipotence]

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Dr. Germain 's Play, Freud 's Last Session, By Freud And Lewis

- Coexist eternally. Today, an emerging belief is that all paths, all religions, lead to the same place. Everyone takes their own way that satisfies and works for them, but in the end all will be together in a perfect realm. While this may sound appealing and nice in contrast to the totalitarian view, meaning one truth, it is impossible for this to work. In St. Germain’s play, Freud’s Last Session,” Freud and Lewis both make absolute truth claims that completely contradict each other. It is impossible for these exclusive claims to both be true, and they clearly end in entirely different places....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Atheism, Religion]

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Analysis Of ' Paradise Lost ' And ' The Garden Party '

- rvine’s concepts on desires as hedonic (the result of our feelings) and non-hedonic (the result of our willpower) are explored in “Paradise Lost” & “The Garden Party” through their characters and readers. The argument that literary texts are “machines of desire” suggests they produce this in different ways. For instance, Adam’s hedonic desires of Eve leads to acts not associated in Eden and the Fall of Man “connubial love refused” (4.741-3). Whereas, Laura’s hedonic desires and sexual awakening [“looked impressive”] (pg.1) results in her family’s repression that conceals her growth “black hat” (pg.8)....   [tags: Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Serpent, Satan]

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The Main Three Ideas of Each Book in Dante’s Divine Comedy

- There are millions of concepts that people can come up when talking about the Divine Comedy. There are even interpretations of things most people would just pass up including me. However, I have decided to talk about how each book throughout was personified by three main ideas. The three main items start with the three mystical beasts of hell, the three stones steps of purgatory, and ends with the three topic questions of paradise. The book of hell (Inferno) was a great concept of with hell would consist of, and the depiction of the creature was quite interesting, from to three best to Dis himself....   [tags: Inferno, Fraud, Purgatory]

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The Tiger and The Lamb and The Lord of The Rings

- To understand “The Lamb” you must understand “The Tiger”, and vice versa. These two poems are unbelievably complicated when trying to search for a real deeper meaning. There is an immense amount of symbolism used throughout both poems, and many different things can be taken away about the author’s thoughts religion, nature, and the battle between good and evil in one’s mind. In the novel, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien, there is a lot seemingly left up in the air about religion and the symbolism of nature, but when read the way the author intended, there are a few very strong themes that resemble those portrayed in “The Tyger” and “The Lamb”....   [tags: literature, symbolism, meaning]

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Christopher Marlowe 's ' Fall From The Eyes Of God '

- The emergence of man’s folly begins from the moment God cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. Their consumption of knowledge from the forbidden fruit carried their original sin onto all of their descendants. Just as insatiable curiosity drove Adam to accept the Devil’s temptation, Doctor Faustus’ lust for knowledge led to his pact with Lucifer and his actions imprisoned him in Hell for all eternity. Faustus’ fall from the eyes of God exemplifies the classic Renaissance tragedy, and it incorporates elements of medieval morality plays to impart a warning to those who stray from the path....   [tags: Tragedy, Tragic hero, Christopher Marlowe, Faust]

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The Role of Fear Depicted in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible

- The play “The Crucible” is an allegory for the McCarthyism hysteria that occurred in the late 1940’s to the late 1950’s. Arthur Miller’s play “the crucible” and the McCarthyism era demonstrates how fear can begin conflict. The term McCarthyism has come to mean “the practice of making accusations of disloyalty”, which is the basis of the Salem witch trials presented in Arthur Miller’s play. The fear that the trials generate leads to the internal and external conflicts that some of the characters are faced with, in the play....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Critical Analysis]

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The Importance of Context in The Crucible by Aurthur Miller

- Context influences all texts, whether it be a novel, play or movie. It is the reader’s knowledge of the historical and cultural background influencing a text, which allows enrichment of reading and understanding that can be gained from a text. The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a play which is a fitting example of this statement. This is due to the multiple references Miller has made to both the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and to the McCarthy era, the period in which the play was written. Although Miller states “this play is not history”, it serves as an allegory for both time periods and it was the appreciation I had for the historical and cultural context of these time periods which enriched...   [tags: Literary Analysis, Analytical Essay]

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Are Superstitions Still relevant in Contemporary Society in The UK?

- Psychological susceptibility to various faiths in the fact that human life is exposed to supernatural forces that affect a person's fate, and often prejudge its outcome, always existed in all human societies and cultures. One of the major determinants of this psychological susceptibility is superstitions that appear as the main engines of believe in the intervention of supernatural forces in human’s life. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica (2010) ‘superstition’ could be defined as ‘belief, half-belief or practice’, which does not have any rational explanation or basis....   [tags: Psychology]

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Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been by Oates

- For centuries, society has placed a remarkably large emphasis on protecting the young from the many perceived errors of growing up. Effective sex education is resisted in many locations across the country in favor of somewhat comical biblical suggestions for abstinence until marriage even while the majority of those targeted teens are viewing the world as a more and more sexual place. So many views are weaving in and out of teenagers' newly formed adolescent minds that any effective argument for responsible attitudes or analysis of sexual behavior in teens should be expressed with a certain minimal degree of clarity....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Parallelism of Satan and Eve in John Milton´s Paradise Lost

- ... Paradise Lost opens by describing the birth of original sin lead by Satan’s revolt from God and his hard fall, setting the framework for the rest of Milton’s story of Satan’s plan to bring men to join him in his evil kingdom. Before Satan’s fall, the flexibility of his free will makes him “[trust] to have equaled the Most High,” (I, 40). Coming in second to God, the envy for His position twisted Satan’s thinking and caused him to plan a demise to prove his equality, or even superiority, to God....   [tags: evil, sin, free, will, falls]

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How The Crucible Is an Allegory for the McCarthy Era

- A very famous man once said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” (Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933). This is certainly true when it comes to Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible. Arthur Miller lived through the Red Scare, also known as McCarthyism. After living through this era and being one of the accused communists Miller wrote the book titled The Crucible in 1952. This book told the story of the Salem witch trials with some modifications to make it more relevant to the current situation. The book ultimately became an allegory devoted solely to McCarthyism....   [tags: Arthur Miller play, witch hunt]

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The Creation of Life Without God in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

- What would happen if man created life without the help of woman or God. What happens when the creator rejects its own creation. Mary Shelley, in the timeless story of Frankenstein, explores these life altering questions. The idea of a human being self-created is so controversial and intriguing to readers that Frankenstein remains a popular novel nearly two centuries later after being written in 1823. This could mean Mary Shelley’s work is still teaching readers something about themselves and the contemporary world in which one lives....   [tags: religion, rejection, sin]

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The Image of God as Justice in Dante's Inferno by

- God is Justice While Dante has the audacity to describe Lucifer himself in his Inferno he never describes God directly. Rather, he describes other entities from heaven, and expressions of God’s will. Thus, an image of God doesn’t really exist in Inferno. Early in the journey though, Dante equates God and justice as he crosses the Acheron, and does not present an image of a just God, but suggests that God is justice itself. This equating of God to justice occurs when Virgil first has to invoke God’s authorization for Dante’s journey....   [tags: punishment, souls, hell]

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Inside Inferno by Dante Alighieri: A Story within a Story

- Inferno is only a piece of a much larger story written by Dante Alighieri. The entire story is called the Divine Comedy, which is composed of Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. Together these three pieces tell the story of Dante's journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise; something that is easily discernible through reading the titles of each part. Dante wrote these poems somewhere around the year 1300. Originally written in what Dante referred to as Latin, there have been many different translations of his Divine Comedy....   [tags: hell, punishment, journey]

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Racism : Racism And Its Impacts On People 's Lives

- Obed Mayienda Jared Chambers English 1301 November 24, 2014 Introduction In broad spectrum, racism refers to a belief that a particular race is superior to another because of their skin color, place of origin or religion. It may also be termed as discrimination against a particular group on grounds of color, cultural believes and religion. People tend to believe that a particular race is more important and superior than others both biologically and intellectually and therefore should never be treated as same (Berg 12)....   [tags: Racism, African American, Race, Racial segregation]

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Analysis Of Dante 's ' The Inferno Of Dante '

- In the epic poem of The Inferno of Dante, we are introduced to the protagonist Dante, who travels through nine circles of hell along with his “master” Virgil. This journey reveals all the depths of hell as a poem retold by Dante himself. After a quick recap of the poem in a greater detail you will soon see the many unanswered questions this book poses. The poem begins with Dante wandering through the woods pondering the rights and wrongs of life. While walking through the woods Dante becomes threatened by creatures blocking his path, but then a dead poet, he admires named Virgil comes to rescue him....   [tags: Hell, Divine Comedy, Virgil, Inferno]

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William Faulkner’s Barn Burning and A Rose for Emily

- “Barn Burning” is a story filled with myth. This coming of age story features a boy stuck in a family with a father who can be thought of as Satan, and can be easily seen as connected to myths of Zeus and Cronus. The connection to Zeus is further elaborated when William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” is also considered. These two stories along with a few others provided an amazing view of the south. Many characters or families can be viewed as groups that lived in the south during this time....   [tags: Barn Burning, A Rose for Emily]

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The Movement that Revolutionized the Civil Rights: Black Panthers

- The Black Panther Movement made a progressive contribution to the US and civil rights. In order for a person to understand what the Civil Rights movement was, they would need to understand what political movements were involved, that made a big impact on the Black Community. What was the Civil Rights movement. The Civil Rights movement lasted from the late 1960s and early 1970s. But, the Civil Rights was not born during that time. When Abraham Lincoln was President, he had signed an agreement named the Emancipation Proclamation....   [tags: American History, 10 Point Program]

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The Garden of Earthly Delights and The Haywain Triptych

- Sin and folly are two concepts that play a major role in the artwork of Hieronymus Bosch. Two of his most famous works The Garden of Earthly Delights and The Haywain Triptych both deal with sin and The Last Judgment is no exception. The significance of his use of sin and folly can be fully appreciated by examining and analyzing The Last Judgment. A very common theme in medieval and renaissance religious artwork, The Last Judgment “marks the final act of the long, turbulent history of mankind which began with the Fall of Adam and Eve and their expulsion from Eden.” 1 It is the supposed day when the dead shall rise from their graves and Christ shall come a second time to judge all men, rewardi...   [tags: sin, last judgement]

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Death in Lord of The Flies by William Golding

- Death and Social Collapse Oscar Hammling has said, "We die ourselves every time we kill in others something that deserved to live." Man's relationship with death from the hour of his birth and his inherent concern for himself above others are themes often used in literary works to depict mankind's mental, spiritual, and social weaknesses. Death is a prominent motif in William Golding's Lord of the Flies and specific events throughout the novel are important in the development of the story and in expressing the tragedy that ultimately results from manifestations of evil in mankind....   [tags: mulberry-marked boy, destruction]

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Dante 's Journey On The Journey Of Our Life

- “Midway along the journey of our life” (Canto 1) Dante the Pilgrim says at the beginning of his journey. Through out the comedy and the Pilgrims vision of hell, I believe he was truly on a journey of self-discovery. Dante encountered a guide to help him in his journey throughout the nine circles of hell. Going deeper and deeper into hell Dante realized many different sins that he could have committed in his life and realized the things that he did not need anymore. Base on the end of his journey I believe that Dante truly found himself and found a new person within himself....   [tags: Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri, Hell, Inferno]

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The Salem Witch Hunts Of The Late Nineteenth Century

- The Salem witch-hunts of the late seventeenth century were characterized by widespread terror, hysteria, and a desire to pass blame onto those one secretly despised. Neighbors accused neighbors, friends turned upon each other, and even familial loyalty was put to the test. The hunt and consequent trials, fueled by the growing need to purge the community of evil and deceit, provided the means for certain members of Puritan township to accumulate material wealth or implement societal advancement at the expense of others losing their homes, reputations, and, for some, their lives....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Germany, Adolf Hitler, Aryan race]

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Is Satan the Epic Hero in Paradise Lost?

- Young children and adults across the world are taught that God is a hero above the rest. He is both omnipotent and omnipresent, almost like how Santa Clause is described as to little children. God does no wrong and is incapable of committing a sin; He is a picture perfect being. Satan is God’s archenemy and polar opposite, he’s popularly known for his evil ways and the fiery inferno that he inhabits, described in the book Dante’s Inferno. Rarely do people confuse the idea that God is the hero and Satan is the evildoer that needs to be extinguished from the world....   [tags: John Milton, Satan, God, Hell, Heaven]

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Trading: The Mechant of Venice and Dr Faustus

- Both Shakespeare in ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and Marlowe in ‘Dr Faustus’ use the numerous outcomes from the events of trade in their plays to metaphorically depict a variety of different circumstances. The very concept of trade is used in all its forms to stretch the controversial and political themes and morals of each play as far out as possible. From this, we learn that trade isn't just a physical form of business, but a symbolic form of both human and spiritual communication, too. The plays are set and executed around the time and traditions of the 16th – 17th century; a period of global and national reform and change....   [tags: William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, trade]

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A Divided Self: The Many Facets of Faustus

- Having attained all that he desires from the knowledge of man, Marlowe’s character Faustus turns to the only remaining school of thought that he feels he must master which is the art of necromancy. In his pursuits, he manages to summon the devil Mephistopheles, arch demon of hell, and strikes a deal to trade his immortal soul with Lucifer in exchange for being granted an infinite amount of power and knowledge that extends even beyond the limits of human understanding. However in the process of negotiating the terms of his pact, it becomes clear that Faust is in a constant state of uncertainty in terms of whether he should repent and forsake the arrangement or simply go through with it....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Character Description]

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Christopher Marlowe Protests: The Moral of Doctor Faustus

- When Doctor Faustus was written, there was turmoil in Elizabethan society. The old medieval view made God the most important aspect of the world, while mankind and the natural world were ignored. This was giving way to the idea that mankind and the natural world were supreme. At first glance, it seems that Doctor Faustus was written with the medieval ideal in mind, however, I believe this is not so. I believe that Marlowe subscribed to the renaissance view of the world, and Doctor Faustus was intended to express Marlowe’s outrage at the consequences of seeking knowledge or thinking differently during the Elizabethan era....   [tags: turmoil in elizabethan society]

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Uses of Three in Inferno by Dante Alighieri

- There are many symbols in Dante’s Inferno. One of the most important symbols is the number three. Throughout Dante’s Inferno, Dante uses the number three to symbolize and represent important figures and concepts in Hell. His extensive use of the number three is partly due to reasons in his life. It is obvious that the number three is the most noticeable symbol, and that it is no coincidence that the number shows up so many times throughout the Inferno. Dante Alighieri was born in Florence, Italy, in 1265, into a well-to-do merchant family....   [tags: number three, hell, symbols, judas, brutus]

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The Body as a Canvas of Identity Creation

- “All cultures ‘dress’ the body in some way, be it through clothing, tattooing, cosmetics or other forms of body painting.” (Entwistle,”2000: 323) she, successfully summaries the international culture of self-decoration. Using two examples: the living skeleton also known as Zombie Boy, concealed with Dermablend, a full coverage make up brand, which has also helped Cheri Lindsay and Cassandra Bankson whom suffer from somewhat common skin conditions. This essay will discusses how the body can be seen as a canvas of identity creation....   [tags: international culture of self-decoration]

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The Construction of Amanda Knox as an Other

- ... Blame placement plays an important role in influencing public perception of the “guiltiness” of an individual and therefore indicates whether one is deserving or undeserving of sympathy. (Knox) actions were attributed to her lifestyle choices and transgressions, particularly her sexual deviance and substance abuse. Her sexual intentions were what led her to commit the crime. Example of presenting the need for women to control their sexual urges lest sometime like this occurs, or to relate sexually active women to immoral behaviour --> governmentality Final remarks As shown, the research sample has shown that Knox’s portrayal in British media corresponds to the “double deviance” theory...   [tags: notorious international crimes ]

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Religion And The Argument Of Good Vs. Evil

- Jamila Crenshaw GHUM 200-002 • Religion and the Argument of Good vs. Evil Throughout some of the readings, there is an underlying Religious or Good vs. Evil theme developing through the text. Beginning with the Marble Statue, the characters Fortunato and Donati could be compared to an angel and a demon, respectively. Florio, a puerile nobleman, peregrinating to the city of Lucca meets a stranger taking the same path as him and they commence a cordial conversation. In the commencement of the story, Florio is a shy and bashful adolescent man....   [tags: Time, Present, Pompeii, Seven deadly sins]

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A New Perspective On Redemption, Faith, And Sin

- In the play Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe is based in the early sixteenth century. It is about a German doctor, Johann Faust, a protagonist character who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge of all things and magical power. His terrible even is that he refuses the kindness of other people and removes himself from the community of man; he no longer wanted to be apart of people living together or just sharing in general. In fact, if his ideas and idiocy behavior is what causes Faustus’ tragic fall, it is the abandoning of his own God-given human soul that allows the accomplishment of such idiocy behavior in the first place....   [tags: Seven deadly sins, Sin, Ten Commandments, Faust]

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The Devil Is A Common Sense Of Evil

- The word “Satan” means “adversary” and in taking the root of the word into our culture it is obvious that the devil is our opponent. The devil has become a common sense of evil in almost all cultures. The devil is everywhere, from movies to music to T.V, the devil seems to be inescapable. Weather called the devil, lucifer, Satan; the devil almost always depicts an evil presence. Believing that the devil is real or fake; culture has made him a known figure. The global depictions of the devil range from him being pure evil, to him being worshiped as a god, to him not being an actual existence....   [tags: God, Good and evil, Devil, Evil]

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Innocence Is Bliss in O'Connor's Short Stories

- There’s is no freedom from the post-lapsarian world. The attributes of this fallen world are very prominent in O’Connor’s short stories. However, she chooses not to include all of her characters into this nutshell. Instead, she gives her female characters innocence and monist ideals. Ironically, O’Connor isolates them from the rest and gives them a pitiful image as she goes on to mock their ways. The obliviousness and innocence of the characters is effortlessly destroyed in the post-lapsarian world because of their lack of foundation....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Inspiration Behind J R R Tolkien

- “He turns back to the blank sheet paper in front of him and he begins to write, ‘In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit’” (White 5). This is the sentence that made J.R.R. Tolkien wonder about this mysterious little hobbit and that inspired him to write The Hobbit. Tolkien had great love for Catholicism which influenced everything he did especially his books. Tolkien’s morals were clearly shown in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion when good overturns evil. Tolkien’s childhood and Catholic faith and morals, and greatly influenced his books....   [tags: The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, catholicism]

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Shakespeare's The Tempest and Marlowe's Doctor Faustus

- Shakespeare's brilliant portrayal of Prospero's use of magic and power continues to draw both readers and audiences with The Tempest's many meanings and interpretations. As a main character, Prospero, is a person that many people can identify themselves with, with his want to achieve his desires and gain power over others through the use of magic. It is this identification that exceeds Shakespearean works, with The Tempest both emulating and presenting themes from other works in the Elizabethan period....   [tags: Power, Magic, Literary Analysis]

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The True Appearance and Purpose of Angels

- Bunn 1 “Out of the temple came the seven angels with the seven plagues. They were dressed in clean, shining linen and wore golden sashes around their chests,” Revelation 15:6 (Buursma, Manikas-Foster). In Paradise Lost, a notorious angel, Lucifer, is said to transform into a toad and whisper into Eve`s ear (Jance). The world and the Bible have contrasting perspectives on what angels look like or what is an angel`s purpose. Angels are seen as mystical creatures with halos and beautiful wings, yet, also seen as beings that glorify God endlessly....   [tags: Angelology, Theology, Christians, Bible]

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The Deadliest of The Seven Deadly Sins

- Living a perfect life is practically impossible. The human race is constantly hounded with do's and don't's. Where did they get such strict regulations for all to follow. From God of course. The Ten Commandments are a list of morals to abide by to be an exceptional person; they are guidelines that help to make good decisions. Although hammered into everyday life, they still manage to be forgotten and or ignored. Breaking a Commandment is one of the many sins that will keep you from entering the Kingdom of Heaven, but breaking a Commandment is not the worst situation that can happen....   [tags: god, bible, death and hades]

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Sin and Addiction: The Meaning of Sanctification

- What happens is that everyone who has ever had life on this earth, whether they are a believer or a non-believer, will face a final judgment, and this final judgment determines their destination, whether it is heaven or hell. The truth is that salvation is not something that we can grant ourselves, after we admit and repent, we must show our faith and devotion to God, and he is the one who grants us the necessary grace and mercy. Salvation is not guaranteed but Christ’s death on the cross makes it possible for us to attain it....   [tags: salvation, god, bible]

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Biblical Themes Within the Harry Potter Series

- ... Harry was resurrected by Albus Dumbledore in a way. After Voldemort tried to murder him a second time using the killing curse Harry went into a dream state where he met with Dumbledore who gave him a choice to live or die. Jesus and Harry are more alike than people think. It's not just because they both died for the people around them. Jesus Christ stripped the devil of his powers just like Harry stripped Voldemort of his. They both saw the enemy, stood up to them and they conquered. Fawkes, the Phoenix is a symbol of the Holy Spirit....   [tags: christ, dying, sacrifice]

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Why are People Attracted to Destructive Leaders?

- ... All human beings have a desire for a safe living environment with food and shelter. Also, they wish for themselves and their families to be healthy and happy. These leaders do very well at providing this. Many cult and sect leaders accomplish this by providing a community compound where everyone lives together and is safe. These leaders also provide their followers with food and care to keep them healthy. For example Charles Manson, founder of the Manson Family, a cult founded on the principle that the apocalypse was coming where they would survive and he would be the new ruler of the post-apocalyptic world, provided his ‘family’ with a large ranch to live on....   [tags: protection, acceptance, security]

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Evil And Evil : Evil Or Evil?

- When discussing the concept of evil, it is a common thing to relate back to heavy ideology such as religious figures like demons and Satan, or perhaps even seemingly harmless villains in Sunday morning cartoons that take a turn to the more sinister side and shock the audience with their own despicable deeds. What cartoons and religion have in common is that these concepts are familiar to oneself and gives one a day-to-day point of reference helping them understand evil in their own way through making connections with what is found familiar....   [tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Psychological abuse]

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Literary Devices Used By The Devine Comedy

- There is a balance in life between actions and consequences. Literary devices in The Devine Comedy help in the development of themes in the Novel. Dante Alighieri’s book tries to convey the message of karma. The use of plot, conflict, imagery, juxtaposition, and motif reveal themes of justification and punishment in Dante’s Inferno. The plot of The Inferno sets up the road for sinners and their respective crimes. The setting and course of the novel optimize the revelation of theme. There is no better place to go to see punishments....   [tags: Divine Comedy, Inferno, Virgil, Dante Alighieri]

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Dr Zimbardo 's Study On Human Discipline

- Phillip Zimbardo Interview Phillip Zimbardo is one of many psychologists that helped shape our understanding of Human discipline. Philip Zimbardo was born on March 23, 1933, in New York City. He attended Brooklyn College where he earned a B.A. in 1954, majoring in psychology, sociology and anthropology. He then went on to earn his M.A. in 1955 and his Ph.D. in 1959 from Yale University, both in psychology. Zimbardo spent one year teaching at Yale and seven years as an associate professor at New York University....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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The Theology Of A Catholic Elementary School

- Theology is something that I have been blessed to experience and converse about multiple times in my life. My parents enrolled me into a Catholic elementary school where theology was common for the elder children. The first time I can recall diving into theology is the sixth grade. My priest visited the class and spoke about a complex topic in the Christian religion. He expected the class to respond and talk about the topic using arguments that are biblically based. This became my first exposure to basic, but real, theology....   [tags: Bible, Christianity, God, Life]

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My Service Learning Project Is Mental Health

- The issue I have chosen for my service learning project is mental health. Mental health includes but is not limited to Anorexia, bipolar disease, depression, narcolepsy, OCD, schizophrenia, and sleep walking. The institution I have chosen to give my service of time to is the Arizona State hospital. The Arizona State Hospital is a mental institution. I am committed to giving at least 10 hours to help patients continue to develop cognitively in a positive manner. Human minds do not develop fully until the age of 15 , inferring that ages before that are crucial to the learning process of the mind....   [tags: Mental disorder, Psychology, Psychiatry, Mind]

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The Signalman and How It Happened

- Both Charles Dickens (1866), the author of “The Signalman”, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1918) of “How It Happened” explore the theme of the supernatural to create suspense. The central theme of the supernatural is commonly associated with feelings of fear and horror; these feelings are appropriate for creating suspense, thus effectively driving the reader into a panicked state of mind. Not only is the theme of the supernatural used to create suspense, but the authors also use it to explore issues concerning life and death....   [tags: Dickens, Doyle, Suspense, Short Stories]

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The Signalman and How It Happened

- Both Charles Dickens (1866), the author of “The Signalman”, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1918) of “How It Happened” explore the theme of the supernatural to create suspense. The central theme of the supernatural is commonly associated with feelings of fear and horror; these feelings are appropriate for creating suspense, thus effectively driving the reader into a panicked state of mind. Not only is the theme of the supernatural used to create suspense, but the authors also use it to explore issues concerning life and death....   [tags: Dickens, Doyle, Suspense, Short Stories]

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The True Meaning of Dante´s Inferno

- Religious people always fear that they will not make it to Heaven or the place their God resides. The bible and other religious text give advice on how to avoid the pain of Hell. Dante Alighieri, a famous Italian poet, wrote about the physical description of Hell and the punishments each sinner would receive for their sins. Although The Divine Comedy chronicles Dante's journey from the depths of Hell to the glory of Heaven it contains a deeper meaning. Dante reveals the true meaning of the Inferno through his leading motif, his interactions between the sinners, and the intertwining of other literary works into the Inferno....   [tags: The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, The Inferno]

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Analyzing Common Sense by Thomas Paine

- Thomas Paine’s discourse, Common Sense, defined several substantial obstructions Great Britain inculcated in their rule, thus gave America motive for independence. All governments, from Paine’s judgment were an encumbrance to society. Nations with absolute monarchies or hereditary successions suffered for they were unnatural and paradoxical. As well as dependence on these empires caused great infraction for any civilization. However, a country without administration endured the same hardships. Thomas Paine further postulated for a continental government in the liberty of America, in that it was a natural republic....   [tags: American independence, Magna Charta]

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The Mystery of the Ourang Medan

- Salyer 2 The Ourang Medan In 1948 a Dutch Freighter was found in the straits of Malacca. All of the crew was mysteriously found dead. When an American freighter tried to tow the ship ashore the Ourang Medan mysteriously exploded. There are many theories about why this happened but nobody knows for sure. Was it a flaw in the ship. Was it caused by something paranormal. Perhaps it was UFO’s or the government. Nobody will ever know what happened to the crew of the Ourang Medan. Some parts are bad but could be explained....   [tags: Crew Death, Shipwreck, Theories]

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Variations of Hell in Classical Literature

- Everyone has different perspectives and ideas about what Hell is. This is especially true in The Odyssey, The Aeneid, and The Inferno. First, in The Odyssey, Homer’s explanation of Hell was very basic and contained the dead and was very dark and sad. Then, in The Aeneid, Virgil offered a more vivid and descriptive explanation of Hell that also explained that the souls of those who pass are being punished for their sins on Earth. Finally, in The Inferno, Dante presented a disturbing version of Hell and expressed how Hell was divided into sections; each section was dedicated to a certain type of sin....   [tags: The Odyssey, The Aeneid, The Inferno]

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The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus

- In Marlowe’s The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, Faustus tries to reach divinity through knowledge; this desire drives his pact with Lucifer. Adrian Eckersley proclaims in his literary journal, “Why doesn't Dr Faustus just repent. Adrian Eckersley compares Marlowe's unrepentant sinner with Claudius in Hamlet,” that once Faustus obtains supreme knowledge he is nothing special. This is not the case; the character, Faustus, obtains awesome familiarity in subjects only shared by God and the Devils....   [tags: Marlowe, literature, divinity]

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The Crucible Cause and Effect Essay

- In the Town of Salem Massachusetts, 1692, a group of adolescents are caught dancing in the forest. Among the adolescents in The Crucible, Abigail Williams and Mary Warren. The girls are horrified that they have been caught dancing, a sinful act, therefore they devise a story to evade punishment: they claim to have been bewitched. The first person who they accuse of witchcraft is a the black maid, Tituba. This results in her jail sentence as well as fearful suspicion throughout the town. Arthur Miller demonstrates the impact of lying as the girls recognise and manipulate their power in the town....   [tags: Arthur Miller play analysis]

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Are Humans More Violent Than Others?

- We all come into the world is an empty as a blank sheet of paper but we all know that there are certain things that just come natural as we grow. As we are nurtured there are certain things that stimulate our emotions such as our connecting to other human beings. There are certain connection that we get from people or other materialistic things. Yes humans are biologically predispose to be violent. There are certain situations and environments that will trigger certain emotions that will make us humans be violent towards one another....   [tags: Violence, Aggression, Human]

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Historical Texts On The United States

- Historical texts not only serve as a window into the time that they are focused on, but also into the time in which the historical text was being written. The way a history is interpreted by the person studying it will greatly affect the way it is written about and then interpreted by the texts readers. In light of this there needs to be new studies done every so often in order to keep the history texts relevant to the current time. Even if a text was considered groundbreaking when it was written in the early 20th century, it might not hold up very well to the tests of time and within a few decades could be hopelessly outdated....   [tags: United States, Thomas Jefferson, War of 1812]

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Chaucer's Society in Canterbury Tales

- Chaucer's society represents every social class. In doing so, it shows what it takes to actually make a society function. The different people carry different stories to share. These stories carry lessons learned in hopes of sharing them with others so that they may not end up in the same predicaments. After all, that is the main point of sharing stories, isn't it. In the Nun and Priest's tale, a story of never trusting a flatterer is told. The Pardoner tries to sell indulgences to the pilgrims after he told them he cheats them....   [tags: The Canterbury Tales Essays]

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Evidence and Proof Changes Mind

- When J.J. Thomson discovered the electron he devised a model called the Plum Pudding Model to help explain the structure of the atom. Twelve years later, Ernest Rutherford’s gold-foil experiment disproved Thomson’s Plum Pudding Model with its discovery of the positively charged nucleus. For over a decade, people believed that the atom was a sphere of positive charge with spots of negative particles, but faced with indisputable facts, their way of thinking was proven to be wrong. When people do not know any better, they accept what is thought to be true to be the truth....   [tags: American Literature]

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