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It Looks Nice

- Words are, if anything, parts of a machine. One can simply use a single word or many. Simple machines, like simple expressions rely on few parts hence “simple.” These machines and expressions fulfill the desired purpose, but lack emotion and distinction. On the other hand phrases filled with complexities yield a much more distinct articulation. Many people have an innate desire to know more than just the basics. For example, a completely colorblind woman asks a gentleman to describe what the day’s sky looked like....   [tags: Words, Helen Keller]

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Looks Like A Deacon…

- Many church denominations use members in positions called deacons. As varied as denominations are, so too are the duties and responsibilities of these deacons. By observing their functions in different churches we might ask ourselves some basic questions to understand them and their function. Some of the questions I ask myself are: Where do deacons come from. What are their purposes. When did the church first start using deacons. Are the servants identified in Acts the start of the deacons in the church....   [tags: Theology]

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Are Looks Worth It?

- Are Looks Worth It. I was recently coming back from Parris Island, SC on a Greyhound bus when I noticed a young girl around my age sitting next to the window across the isle; she looked a lot like me, tall and slim. I did not think anything of it because I have a very fast metabolism and I eat all the time but can not gain weight. Well we stopped to get food and I noticed that she got stuff from McDonalds and was quietly eating her food. About ten minutes after she got done she ran to the back of the bus and into the bathroom....   [tags: Eating Disorders Anorexia Health Essays]

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Why Looks Are The Last Baston Of Discrimination

- Should businesses have to answer to legislation for wanting their employees to look a certain way. Deborah L. Rhode is an author with quite a compelling argument. In her article “Why Looks Are the Last Baston of Discrimination” Rhode talks about how looks are a form of modern discrimination. So, the ultimate question is, ‘Should the U.S pass legislation protecting physical appearances from discrimination?’. Rhode states various encounters that display. However, there are many issues of this possible law, one cannot be defined as ugly because people have different ideas of beauty....   [tags: Human physical appearance]

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If Looks Could Kill A Hiring Process

- In the case study “If Looks Could Kill”, the hiring process is down to three candidates: Jamal, Tanya, and Darrell. The Hiring committee has to decide which candidate to rule out. All of the committee members agree that this is a difficult decision expect for one. One member of the committee speaks up and says that they think Darrell has to be the one ruled out because of his poor looks. The decision to rule out Darrell based on his looks is the main ethical issue. There are also a few secondary issues that include the student’s reaction to Darrell after his teaching demonstration, the study on physical attractiveness and success, and the question one weather or not physical attractiveness s...   [tags: Physical attractiveness]

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Implications of the Obsession with Looks in today's Youth

- ... This has been a great reason that has influenced the young generation dressing style. Some of the youth go to an extra mile of even changing their physical appearance by doing plastic surgery just to look like a particular celebrity (Conger, 1991). With all these new look among the young generation; it comes with different implications that are either positive or negative. The impacts they impose on the youth affects them for as long time as they live on planet earth. These implications are: these trendy looks make these youth population to spend a lot of money in order to buy the trendy cloths and accessories....   [tags: self image and perception]

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Obsession With Looks and Appearance in the Hunger Games

- Appearance and fashion are important factors that drive our societies today. We live in a world where people are judged by the way they look, dress and carry themselves. This phenomenon is display by Suzanne Collins in her New York Times bestseller trilogy the “Hunger Games”. In this book, Collins presents a dystopian world, a world that is awful and terrible. The different themes used in this book are violence, corruption, obsession, inequality and physical appearance and they somehow related to our world....   [tags: Suzanne Collins, Novel Analysis]

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A Profile Of Startup Or Entrepreneurship Looks Like

- A prominent young entrepreneur, Riyad Shahir Ahmed Husain is the Founder and CEO of Magnito Digital, a giant digital advertising agency in the country. Riyad achieved so many awards for his works most prestigiously the citation of the award, one of “Asia’s Most Influential Digital Media Professionals” at the 24th Edition of the World Brand Congress recently. Riyad had ventured his firm in the year 2007 while working first for designing and printing services. From 2013, he expanded his horizon working in digital marketing and content management with three of his friends....   [tags: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Business]

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Discrimination Based On Looks : Too Skinny

- Discrimination Based on Looks Too fat. Too skinny. Too tall. Too short. Countless opinions on one’s appearance overrun today’s society. Demands on how one should look have infiltrated obvious spaces like social media, school, and television; however, many people have started to criticize employers for hiring and firing based on appearance. Minimal laws are in effect today that deter anyone in the workforce from discriminating against the way someone looks. The ability to employ and fire based on things like obesity, fashion, and appearance leads to many problems and has recently forced executives everywhere to be cautious about whom they employ....   [tags: Employment, Discrimination, Recruitment, Obesity]

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It Looks Like A Factory Farm, Right?

- What do you think this picture shows. It looks like a factory farm, right. As much as it may surprise you, this is what most free range farms look like. Before I explain the picture I want to ask you a question. Which sounds more concerning: a) more than 1.2 billion people lives off under 50 pence a day or b) Africa uses less than 3% of the world’s energy, despite having 12.5% of the world’s population. Studies show that in the 1990s more than 3 billion people were suffering from poverty. As the population boom continues to progress, that number is on the increase....   [tags: Agriculture, World population, Food security]

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Looks and Love

- Looks and Love Before I left home for college, my group of friends and I sat down for one last serious heart-to-heart. Sometime during our conversation, the question of college choice arose. Emotions escalated as we realized how far apart we would be in a short time. "Why did you choose to go to MIT?" they asked, "Why couldn't you just stay home at a state university?" Wanting to lighten the mood, I replied, laughing, "That's an easy one...the guys, of course!" And after the initial uproar of laughter died down and the comments about geeks and scrawny computer nerds subsided, I said, "I'm serious." I was....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Boy-Band-Good-Looks and Football

- The football-frenzy has finally hit the Philippines. After countless decades of basketball and boxing craze, the Filipinos have found a new sport to go crazy about. The Philippine’s stunning 2-0 win against the defending champion Vietnam in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 not only made headlines on Sports Illustrated, a US-based sports magazine, but also proved that the Filipinos can keep up with other international teams in other sports besides basketball. Gifted with excellent dexterity and speed due to their small stature, one cannot deny and imagine what amazing things Filipinos can do in the football field....   [tags: Sports ]

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Chili Peppers as a Hobby

- Well hello. I'm going to tell you about a hobby, which have stolen my whole beating heart. Chile peppers. Few years ago I just thought I'd try to get something to grow with seeds, which I took from a random market chili pepper. I managed to get few about 10 centimeter stems and couple of leaves for each. Sadly, neither of them survived. I think I accidentally drowned them. I went to browse the internet forums and that was it. I ordered seeds up to ten different varieties and some equipment to germinate them properly....   [tags: looks and flavors]

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The Future Looks Bright For Ja

- The Future Looks Bright for Japan Over the past 40 years nuclear energy has gone from being the energy source of the future to the energy source that everyone fears. The world has faced 20 plus nuclear accidents since testing began in the 1950's ( Three of the four most disastrous nuclear accidents have occurred in the past twenty years. Theoretically, nuclear fission(1) is an excellent means to generate electricity; however, fission's history of accidents has shown it to be too risky to the environment....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Young People's Concern on Looks and Its Implications

- Young People’s Concern on Looks and Its Implications. Many people are very concerned on what they look like or what other people think about them. Young people worry themselves to death about how the look. Some think they are too fat, too thin, too short or too tall and would prefer if they looked like someone else. This phenomenon is widespread among teenagers and adolescents since this is the stage where rapid changes occur both on the physical and emotional makeup of youths. Most youths fall victims to self-esteem issues, which to them is an adequate reason to focus on how they look....   [tags: self-image and self-esteem]

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An Evaluation of the Article: Why Looks Are the Last Bastion of Discrimination

- In today’s job market, there are many reasons an individual could be turned down for employment. According to Deborah Rhodes, author of “Why looks are the last bastion of discrimination”, appearance should not be one of them. Rhodes is a law professor at Stanford and holder of numerous titles for her outstanding work in legal matters. She is also the author and co-author of over 250 articles (Directory). In this article, she addresses an issue with profound impact on today’s society. She proposes that appearance discrimination should be included in anti-discrimination laws in addition to what is already accepted and legalized in today’s workplace....   [tags: employment, discrimination]

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Racial Discrimination : A Black Woman Looks Into A Mirror

- Why is it that when a white woman looks into a mirror she sees a woman, but when a black woman looks into a mirror, she sees a black woman. White Like Me, based off the books of Tim Wise, is a film that uncovers the hidden truths about systematic racism in the United States. The film gives a look at racial discrimination against blacks from the perspective of a privileged white. ("Kanopy"). The only true way to find out what it is like to be black is to become a black. Through the film, Tim shows that without even realizing it, white people have, and have always had privilege....   [tags: White people, Black people, Racism, Race]

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`` Number Twelve Looks Just Like Me ``

- A perfect society is every country 's goal, one in which everyone is happy and beautiful, successful where all are equal and “free” to live their lives in perfect harmony. However, what must be sacrificed to gain that type of harmony. The 1964 Twilight Zone episode “Number Twelve Looks Just Like me” highlights a self-absorbed society focus on creating a perfect world void of ugliness and individuality. Young adults are to chooses from a specific set of models which they we be transformed through an operation to gain their exact likeness....   [tags: Human physical appearance, Beauty, Aesthetics]

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Original Writing : Santa, It Looks Like A Man

- Have you ever wondered why your presents from Santa were always wrapped so neatly and perfect and how there were no crumbs around the plate that the cookies were on and that the napkin looked as if it had actually been used. That’s probably because it was a woman. Yes, in the pictures we see and the books that we read and maybe in the pictures that we have even taken with Santa, it looks like a man. But, today, I am here to tell you that things are, in fact, not always how they seem to be. On Christmas morning when I was little, I often wondered how Santa was so magical....   [tags: English-language films, Time, Present, Gift]

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The Relationship Between Faith And Learning Looks Like

- “There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, and science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win because it works.” (Stephen Hawking) Along with Stephen Hawking, many people believe that religion and science must be constantly competing. This belief leads many Christians to fall into the deception that they need to choose between faith or learning. There is a need for a balance between the two. Faith without reason is nothing more than childish, while science without religion is meaningless....   [tags: Faith, Religion, God, Theology]

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The Human Psyche Of What A Family Looks Like

- By using the symbolic representation of three trees in varying heights to remind the human psyche of what a family looks like tells the story of what all humans need and go through when trying to maintain a family. No matter how dysfunctional it is. Humans are a family orientated species. We thrive on contact with others. And even more so on contact with ones we love. When that sense of love and connection is taken away from us, anything can happen. The three trees of varying heights represents her family and the removal of the trees represents the loss of that family....   [tags: Family, Love, Mother, Thing]

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Looks, Beauty, & Appearance Discrimination in Employment

- Looks, Beauty, & Appearance Discrimination in Employment Employment discrimination legislation has evolved to include race, disabilities, sexual harassment of either gender, and age. In lieu of this evolution and an increasing trend toward equality for all individuals in the workplace, the time has come for the protective reach of employment discrimination law to cover ugliness. While the proposal may cause titters at first, evidence exists that discrimination based on looks (or physical appearance) occurs in the workplace....   [tags: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework]

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What Are Gabor Wigs And How Can It Foster Timeless And Elegant Looks?

- What are Gabor wigs and how can it foster timeless and elegant looks. Description: Gabor wigs are inspired by Eva Gabor, the actor who was a Hungarian. She made every woman look glamorous with her extensive range of wigs. Stay confident and beautiful with the amazing wigs. The Hungarian born Eva Gabor was a socialite who immigrated to the US and enjoyed a fabulous career in acting. The very name of Eva Gabor evokes elegance, style and fashion. She played different roles in theatres and films. Even in the Disney films she gave voices to several characters....   [tags: E-mail, Mobile phone, E-mail address]

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Money, Money, Money (In A Rich Man's World) in Fitzgerald´s The Great Gatsby

- The Jazz Age was a gilded time in America, a period of excitement and carelessness, the entire nation obsessed with good looks and money. As wealthy reputations became more important than ever, Americans grew increasingly materialistic and craved the "good life"– a life with big houses, fancy cars, and lavish parties. The highest level of success was not derived from a hard work ethic as in the olden days, but instead from this new, gaudy American Dream, a dream focused neither on happiness or satisfaction, but instead solely on the attainment of wealth....   [tags: looks, materialistic, wealth, happiness]

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The Play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand

- Looks can be a very determining factor, and sometimes people's appearances can affect what she or he can or can not do in society and what they do to fit into it. The play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, is a good example of how this idea is put into play. The main character, Cyrano de Bergerac, is portrayed as a hideous person, because of the size of his nose. As someone who does not fit with in society, yet he changes his morals, attitude, and personality to make up for his grotesque appearance....   [tags: looks, appearances, society]

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Do You Ever Just Look At Someone Who Looks?

- Do you ever just look at someone who looks, or sounds different from you and consider them not normal. on the inside we are all human beings so we shouldn 't be narrow minded against others looks, or differences because what you don’t think is normal could be normal to someone else. If everyone was the same their would be no uniqueness, or variety everything would just be plain and dull. I agree with Safwat Saleem that being normal isn 't always good; especially if it means being trapped in the boundaries of society and not being able to express yourself....   [tags: Thought, Human, Humans, Mind]

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Beauty Is Consider As You Have A Good Figure, The Looks, And Style

- What is beauty. Beauty is consider as you have a good figure, the looks, and style. According to the book “Plato Symposium” by Robin Waterfield, Socrates argues that beauty comes from love to desire of getting back what is taken from them, where they lack in beautiful or good things. As where Agathon thinks love is a beauty from what you see in your eyes. For Diotime, the priestess, who “…argue that knowledge of beauty begins with direct experience of particular cases and knowledge of the abstract form of beauty is the highest and final stage, distilled from everyday experience” (Ilien)....   [tags: Beauty, Aesthetics, Human physical appearance]

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Awareness of Body Image Across the Ages

- Habitually it seem as if only young girls are affected most flagrantly by the media in the United States. This is perpetuated by a fixation with youth and good looks. However, all age groups are effected by theses visual projections including women and men. Awareness of body image and what is considered good-looking has been molded throughout the ages. Culture is momentous as to what that image appears to be and what is sought after. For illustration study the feet binding that used to occur throughout China....   [tags: media, good looks, desirable]

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William Shakespeare 's Edna Comes Home With Sunburn And Leonce Looks

- Like Desiree, Edna also suffers in her marriage with Leonce. The narrator often says that Edna and Leonce’s marriage was “purely an accident” and was “the climax of her fate” (Chopin 45). As mentioned earlier, women’s goal was to get married (Goldman 372). In this case, the word “fate” the narrator uses means marriage. Through their marriage, or fate, there was “no trace of passion or excessive and fictitious warmth colored her affection” (Chopin 47). Their marriage was not love, but it was definitely concealing Edna’s identity....   [tags: Woman, Mother, Wife, Marriage]

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Operation Beautiful: Removing Unnatural Beauty from the World

- Operation Beautiful is the pride and joy of Plano Senior High School’s Student Council. Hours and hours of thinking brought them to the conclusion that to celebrate inner beauty one must remove all extremities that girls apply on their face every morning, more commonly known as makeup. On the day of Operation Beautiful, all girls wishing to participate in the festivities shall arrive to school with no artificial products or even natural products on their faces. I, for one, completely agree with the concept, after all, one must often take a step back in order to take two steps forward....   [tags: peers, attendance, looks]

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Working While Brown : What Discrimination Looks Like Now

- In the article “Working while brown: What discrimination looks like now”, by Tanzina Vega from CNN Money, it discusses the story of Monica Harwell, an African American woman who worked as a utility specialist for Con Edison. Harwell was one of the rare females in Con Edison to work outdoors as a utility specialist, and obtained the skills and credentials to work outdoors. However, Harwell faced discrimination due to her gender, and race in the work field when countless of fellow employee’s questioned, and antagonized her abilities in the work field....   [tags: Employment, Discrimination, Homosexuality]

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Life And Freedom Looks At Two Tribes And How They Survive With And Without The Forest

- The film Life and Freedom looks at two tribes and how they survive with and without the forest. The first tribe, the Sahariyas used to live in the forest and depended on it for their survival. However there was a push for protecting the forest and the tigers so they were removed from the area and it was turned into a national park. Now the people suffer from malnutrition. The other tribe is the Baigas who still live in their forest. They use the forest for medicine, food, clean water, rice and more....   [tags: Poverty, Malnutrition]

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The Violence Of The Film Tough Guise, The Documentary Looks At Where This Violence

- Men perpetrate 90% of the violence in our society. In Tough Guise, the documentary looks at where this violence could be stemming from. Many don’t realize that as a society we push or expect guys to be “manly” meaning that have to be a certain way in order to be a man. Movies, are portraying violence with glory and drives the roots deeper that masculine violence is acceptable. Society can’t get past the old ideals and it’s shown throughout our culture. Tough guise, is an eye opening experience, the documentary shows a different perspective, an awareness about the pervasiveness of the media in our lives....   [tags: Man, Gender, Masculinity, Male]

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Reviewing And Creating My Family Tree Looks Like At Others And Myself

- Reviewing and creating my genogram was an interesting insight on what my family tree looks like to others and myself. Then creating an ecomap was also very stimulating due to the environment I choose to stay in and what I expose myself to. What really made me realize that my family gene pool has a lot of major diseases, for example myself having breast cancer and surviving the battle. Now I look at life different, I try to not stress, about stuff that I don’t have control of and to be positive and grateful for each day....   [tags: Family, Medicine, Mother, Sibling]

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What A Nurse Looks Like A White Dress With White Hat

- Its 1:30 am and you are have just experienced a major car wreck. You are in the ambulance where the paramedics are telling you it will be ok just hold still big. You arrive at the emergency room and everything is a blurred. You don’t care if the nurse is a female or a male. You don’t stop the male nurse from caring for you. But what happens when you go to the doctor for a follow up visit and see a male nurse. Do you still see a powerful male that saved your life or a powerless manweak feminine failure ....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse, Healthcare occupations]

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Graduation Speech : A Day Every Teenage Student Looks Forward

- Gradation is a day every teenage student looks forward to. Being able to walk across that stage and finally knowing the purpose of having to wake up at seven in the morning the last twelve years of your life. Not only are you making your parents proud but achieving one of your major milestone accomplishments thus far in your eighteen years, and soon after that you 'll be on your way out of your parents’ house and moving on to that next big chapter in the book of life called college. But most teens don 't think about or just want to forget what all they went through to finally get to that big day....   [tags: High school, College, Graduation, Education]

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The Medical Surgical Floor At Decatur County Hospital Looks Like

- For this assignment I decided I would first describe to you what a typical day on the Medical Surgical floor at Decatur County Hospital looks like. As I was observing our day I was able to see a variety of nursing models all incorporated into how we provide care for our patients. Each shift has a CNL (Clinical Nurse Lead) how will be the charge nurse for the day. This person makes the assignments and is the “go to person” for any questions or concerns on the unit. Staffing for the unit typically consist of one or two R.N’s depending on our census, one CNA and one Ward Clerk....   [tags: Nursing, Health care, Patient]

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Lookism in the Workplace

- ... As long as employers do so carefully, they have the ability to use attractiveness as part of their criteria in determining who to hire or promote. Basically, as long as they do so in a nondiscriminatory manner and hire/promote a variety of individuals who cover different races, ages, national origins, are of both genders, etc., it is okay to choose candidates based on appearance. When looking at the relationship between ethics and law, it becomes clear that some believe that there may be ethical concerns relating to the issue of appearance discrimination that laws have yet to prevent....   [tags: hiring, promoting on the basis of looks]

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Essay on Picture of Dorian Gray: Looks Can Kill

- Looks Can Kill in The Picture of Dorian Gray                  Have you ever heard the saying, "If looks could kill". Well, they can. Oscar Wilde reveals how looks can be charming, deceitful and even deadly. In The Picture of Dorian Gray, there are three main characters. Dorian Gray, who is a calm, very attractive young man and adored for his good looks, Basil Hallward who is a painter that idolizes Dorian and Lord Henry Wotton, an older man, who becomes a good friend of Dorian's. As Basil is painting a portrait of Dorian Gray, Dorian makes a wish that only the picture would age and he would stay the same....   [tags: Picture Dorian Gray Essays]

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What Looks Like Crazy On An Ordinary Day

- Modern Footsteps What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day, by Pearl Cleage, is a novel about Ava Johnson’s personal battles dealing with what life has dealt her; being a successful black woman, with HIV. Ava’s life is transformed when she discovers that her glitzy Atlanta lifestyle can no longer continue. She is forces to close her hair salon because of the fear of the public towards her. Her plan was vague, to stop for the summer at her sister’s, and then find a new life in California. Deciding to leave her Atlanta home and return to her childhood home of Idlewild represents her compete movement in thought and values regarding love, family, and the future....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Student Looks at Hate Speech and Hate Web Sites

- A Student Looks at Hate Speech and Hate Web Sites Before delving into the ethics of hate sites, a definition of hate speech is required because it is the foundation of these 'hate sites.' Hate speech disparages someone because of an immutable characteristic of that person - such as his or her race, gender, or ethnicity. It's been around for many years, and was primarily confined to pamphlets, books, magazines, and flyers. These media channels were prohibitive. Publishing a single pamphlet could cost hundreds of dollars, assuming that some printer would agree to handle the job....   [tags: Sell Websites Buy Web Sites]

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A Student Looks at Websites for 3D Graphics Cards

- A Student Looks at Websites for 3D Graphics Cards There are many players in the game of computer graphics cards for personal computers. ATI and NVIDIA are two major competitors in this field along with many others. They have many differences that set them apart and also many issues that they have in common. One such issue is each company’s website. ATI’s and NVIDIA’s respective websites both target the same audience. With this being the case, they try their best to differentiate themselves from each other using a different yet somehow very similar layout for their websites....   [tags: Sell Websites Buy Web Sites]

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An Unladylike Strike Fashionably Clothed Mexicana and Anglo Woman Garment Workers Against Tex-Son, 1959-1963

- The tactics used by the women involved in the Tex-Son garment workers strike played a huge factor in how the strike was perceived by people. The woman strikers used their gender, and wholesome classy looks, along with fashion to their advantage to gain the upper hand in the strike and refashion themselves to change public perception of the strike and gain support. The Tex-Son garment workers strike was the first strike led by a Mexican American woman, and the first strike in which Mexican American and Anglo woman picketed together in Texas....   [tags: gender, looks, fashion, public, strike]

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A Student Looks at Two Websites on Lasik Surgery (laser surgery)

- A Student Looks at Two Websites on Lasik Surgery (laser surgery) Today there are so many choices in life and a person who wears glasses or contacts might decide to eliminate the need for such medical devices. Lasik (Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis), the most commonly performed type of laser surgery, is an effective treatment that can correct many vision problems by reshaping the cornea. Life without glasses or contact lenses would be easier and more enjoyable for any human being. But can a person’s vision get worse after the procedure....   [tags: Sell Websites Buy Web Sites]

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Looks Can Actually Kill

- Let's switch it up and use red fish scales to spice up your lips, instead of a typical lipstick. Believe it or not fish scales just one of the many disgusting Ingredients used in popular health in beauty products. Due to lack of regulations in the United States, manufacturers get away with not having to expose all ingredients in their products. Because of the enormous amount of unknown ingredients in health and beauty products, we can determine using natural products are much more beneficial to health and beauty products consumers....   [tags: ingredients, product, health, beauty, economy]

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Plastic Surgery

- When you hear the phrase “Plastic Surgery” what comes to mind. Maybe dangerous, and risky, or do you think about the scalpel and all the cutting and all the blood. I myself think about how it’s only for rich celebrities who have a couple extra hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend. We have a bad habit of overlooking all the good things that plastic surgery can achieve. From life altering surgeries and saving lives, by highly qualified surgeons, to giving people more confidence and getting rid of depression, plastic surgery provides all that and more....   [tags: health issues, looks]

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A Quick Looks Shows Children's Toys are Gender Specific

- ... The package shows a Caucasian non gender specific baby with neutral colored clothing on, smiling and playing. The final toy for this age group was the Sit to Stand Music Skool. This gender neutral toy does show a girl on the package, but with predominate colors such as blue, red, yellow and white this toy is for both genders. Music Skool is a learning toy to help develop the minds of small children. The children on the packages are Caucasian but I don’t believe this is making any racial statement for which these toys are targeted....   [tags: preschool, toys r us, marketed]

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What Effective Writing Instruction Looks Like

- Effective teaching begins with effective planning. Zumbrunn and Krause (2012) describe identifying the objectives as the first step to planning and writing lesson. They go on to explain how specifying a clear learning objective allows both teachers and students to know what the task is. Teachers will not see desirable assessment results if the instruction lacked a specific focus and the skill or strategy was not explicitly taught. Though careful planning is important, Zumbrunn and Krause explain that at times unplanned teachable moments can be equally effective....   [tags: Education, Teaching]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Tories ' Moral Stand Looks Prostitutes ' By Kimberly Potter

- The article “Tories’ moral stand puts prostitutes in danger” by Kimberly Potter seeks to analyze and criticize Bill C-36 which pertains to the criminalization of actions related to prostitution. Unfortunately this article fails to effectively develop a discussion surrounding the issue with adequate support and argument criticisms. The article bases its argument primarily on the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision that three laws in Bill C-36; Buying sex, communication for the purpose of prostitution where children might reasonably be present and advertising sexual services make the conditions for prostitution, a legal action, much more dangerous....   [tags: Prostitution, Sexual intercourse, Rape, Thailand]

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The Importance of Early Childhood Education and What it looks Like in America

- “At what age should I enroll my children in school. Why are we pushing our children at such an early age. I just want my children to be children. Will Pre-K really prepare them for Kindergarten?” These are all questions that parents ask themselves as their children start approaching school age. Parents have to face the decision about whether or not to send their children to pre-k before kindergarten, or if they will just send them to kindergarten. Some parents do not realize just how important early childhood education is....   [tags: childhood education, preschool, kindergarten]

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Women in America: Underrepresented and Over-Sexualized

- Media is the largest and most influential resource in the world. People learn more from media than any other resource. However media can be very dangerous. Media often degrades and misrepresents women. Girls get the message from early on that what is most important is how they look. No matter what a woman accomplishes, her self-worth and value will always rely on appearance. Media devalues women through music, video games, television/film, even women in politics are undermined. Most of the time, women are stereotyped into being perfect people with silky hair, perfect teeth, incredibly skinny bodies, etc....   [tags: looks, appearance, devalues, sterotypes]

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Fashion in the 1920's

- If we didn’t have fashion then a lot of people wouldn’t have jobs because there are a whole bunch of fashion designers out there, also all of the celebrities wouldn’t have name brand clothing because there would be no way to make them because we wouldn’t have designers. Fashion of the 1920’s played a very big role in today’s fashion. Including the material our clothing is made out of also the styles of clothing we wear. Many things women wear today first came from fashion in the 1920's. Flappers, shoe styles, and accessories are a few things that we wear today have came from....   [tags: Social issues, looks]

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Tips for Caring for your Aging Parents

- You are not alone in feeling challenged by what to do with an aging parent. The following tips can help: Be Informed. Do your research. Don’t wait until you are inundated with forms, brochures, doctors’ visits, and decisions which have to be made immediately. Begin by reading about your aging parent's medical conditions and life stage situation. Ask questions that you may normally shy away from. Most importantly, get resources. Find out about nursing and assisted living facilities, doctors, care managers, and social workers, and other resources to help your parent when needed....   [tags: This essay looks like it is from a website.]

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Education Budget Cuts: America’s Future Looks Bleak

- Since the 2008 economic recession, public schools have experienced drastic cuts to funding, Paw Paw High School included. With my high school being forced to make curriculum adjustments in order to accommodate its depleted budget, I suffered great shortfalls. Due to the elimination of teachers, I had increased class sizes and no longer received the one-on-one attention in the classroom. Also, the electives that I had looked so forward to taking in middle school were no longer provided once I made it to high school....   [tags: Impact of Budget Cuts on Education 2015]

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Societal Standards of Feminine Beauty

- ... Mainstream magazines and advertisements are another potent source of idealized images of women. “Findings of one study indicate that 83% of teenage girls reported reading fashion magazines for about 4.3 hours each week” (Thompson & Heinberg, 1999). Female’s motivation behind reading these magazines and advertisements are to obtain information about beauty, fitness, grooming and style. Magazine and advertisements are marketed to help women better themselves by providing information and products that are supposed to make them look and feel better....   [tags: looks, beauty, image, social, self-schema]

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North American Clothing Company Abercrombie & Fitch

- The case study we analyzed was the North American clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F), which was founded in Manhattan, New York over 100 years ago, currently with over 1000 stores worldwide. A study conducted in 2015 from a man by the name of Samuel V. Bruton was completed to examine the morality of looks-based hiring. Abercrombie & Fitch is notorious for hiring those who fit the “all-American image,” while subjugating those who do not fit into this look by sending them to the stockroom, where these people are isolated from intermingling with customers; A&F admitted to hiring based on physical appearance....   [tags: Discrimination, Gender, Sexism, Human rights]

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William Shakespeare 's Time On The Merchant Of Venice

- This website is based off a book that is about the history of the Jews, however the author decided to take the information and put it as a website. This website takes a look at the earliest history of the Jewish people and then briefly gives a description of what happened during a specific date during those years. For example, the website explains that in 1578 the Pope in Italy declared that the Jews were required to come to conversion sermons. Coonradt, Nicole M. "Shakespeare 's Grand Deception: The Merchant of Venice—Anti-Semitism as "Uncanny Causality" And the Catholic-Protestant Problem." Religion & The Arts 11.1 (2007): 74-97....   [tags: Judaism, Antisemitism, Jews, Israel]

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Appearence in the Workplace

- Looks and Work Are looks everything nowadays. It seems more than ever that workplaces are hiring employees for looks rather than experience. Is it discrimination or is it fair. Some see it as hurtful ways of doing business while others see it as corporations just trying to make profit. Why is it that corporations see this as a way of business and others see it as unlawful discrimination and bias. The world is constantly trying to pursue money and puts it above all other things. Business is shrewd and unkind, but is there a limit....   [tags: employees, experience, customers]

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The Case File Into The Van And Daniel, Anna And Mani

- Everyone files into the van and Daniel, Anna and Mani along with Cookie Marie went into the back so they can talk about the case that they are about to partake in. “This is the case file, Anna. We don’t know where this place is. We are hoping that you do.” said Daniel. Anna takes the case file. She looks at it and then looks at Mani as he gasps. “Anna, I know where this is at and you are not going to like It.” said Mani “What do you mean brother, where is this place?” ask a confused Anna. “It is home....   [tags: Mind, Debut albums, Thought]

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Comparison of Two Paintings

- For this assignment I chose two paintings that captivated me: “Nothing I do is Ever good enough” and “Green Matisse Night Fish.” When I looked first time on these pictures they looked for me very different, but then I cached a connection between them. First of all, they were painted with the same technique and they both have some energy inside, you can’t catch it, if you just take a look on them, but if you look carefully, you can figure out that an author had the same feeling when he was writing them....   [tags: Art]

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Time for New Ways of Hiring

- ... Hiring people who are attracting or represent the image of the company will make more money. These company enhancers will attract more people into a store therefore making the store more money, which is a company’s main goal. Hiring based on looks is working but as a trend comes a trend goes. Companies might be making money but eventually these companies are going to have to find a new to keep their customers. Just like everything else, something always working in the beginning but eventually will get to old and grow out of fashion....   [tags: attractiveness, knowledgeable, discriminate]

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How Warren Does It

- Introduction When Warren Buffett began his record setting career as one of America’s most well known and successful investors, he followed a simple set of criteria for his nonstop pursuit of company greatness. This three part series will briefly investigate his time tested, systematic method of company analysis. In doing so, it will cover the basic fundamentals that Warren searches for when he takes a look at a company’s financial statements. Starting with the income statement, moving to the balance sheet and finishing with the cash flow statement, this article series will help investors no matter what their current level of expertise....   [tags: Finance]

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Competition in the Workplace

- In today's world the competition in the workplace is as fierce as it has ever been; people need all as many qualifications as possible. There are some qualifications however some cannot qualify for, no matter how qualified a person seems. Looks are becoming a big part of the hiring process for employers and businesses these days and not everyone is blessed with this qualification. Business does this in order to project the brand in the way the company envisioned it. It the business world it is all about the profit and the well being of the business and business will do what it takes to accomplish these goals....   [tags: employers, marketing, company]

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The Vile Aspect of Society in Cyrano De Bergerac by Edmond Rostand

- Society tends to misjudge people base on their appearances instead of their personality. This can be seen in the play Cyrano De Bergerac by Edmond Rostand. In which Roxane represents that vile aspect of society. Roxane is attracted to Christian based on his looks, and under minds Cyrano because of his appearance. Society misjudgment of people cause oppression on an individual and it is from oppression and misjudgment f character that causes self consciousness to be born. Cyrano exhibits this self consciousness by helping Christian....   [tags: roxane, appearance, personality]

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Just The Way You Are By Bruno Mars

- “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars is a love song talking about how his significant other is perfect just the way she is. Twelfth Night is a play with multiple themes, but the most prominent one would be infatuation. The whole play revolves around a love triangle that where each character would argue that there significant other was perfect “Just the way they are.” Each character explains their pure admiration throughout the play. Bruno Mars’s song about looks helps connect the ideas of lust within the play....   [tags: Love, Aesthetics, Romance, Debut albums]

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Analysis Of `` What Meets The Eye ``

- The concept of beauty is a subject society speaks on through many channels. Social media plays a tremendous role in how society measures beauty and how to achieve these impossible standards. People from all walks of life have become obsessed with the idea of beauty and achieving the highest level it. In many cases, those who do not meet societal views of what is “beautiful” can become very resentful to these predisposed notions of beauty. David Akst in his writing “What Meets the Eye”, is bitter toward women and their ongoing obsession with beauty....   [tags: Human physical appearance, Beauty, Gender role]

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The Three Little Pigs Go Global

- In a remote town enclosed by a stunning tropical forest lived three little pigs. The first house was composed of straw delivered yearly from China; this resulted in a shabby and delicate exterior. In this straw home, lived Mr. Chopkins, an old pig with a protruding belling, who only ate McDonald’s because it was only a few meters from his home. Mr. Chopkins could have gone to the salad bar up the hill but he could never make it up far enough. In the second house, lived Mrs. Looks. Her home was made of extravagant pink sparkled twigs imported from Paris....   [tags: political short story]

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The Picture Of Dorian Gray

- Every child has a “monster” that follows them around. Some of them have messy hair and sharp teeth, some claw at the bed or hide under it, and some hide in the dark until children go to sleep. In Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein, she creates an image of a monster with scary looks, a lack of love, and a sense of violence. In Oscar Wilde’s, The Picture of Dorian Gray, he creates a monster throughout the progress of his book. He is quite different from Mary Shelley’s in that he is described as attractive, is overwhelmed with attention, although it is negative; however, also has a sense of violence....   [tags: The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde]

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Choosing Employees Based on Image

- The Image Opinion How would it feel to be judged based on your appearances and not by your actions. Image in most cases has several different ways of distinguishing between beauty and the potential it takes of being able to work in a market. Well, In today's market owners are making decisions hiring based on the employees look and not analyze the employee as a whole. Most companies want someone who is emphatically able to bring in more sales and consumers. Some of the famous companies want their employee to have the necessary looks to get people to just walk in their store....   [tags: appearance, engaging, competence]

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Sequence Analysis Sunset Blvd.

- ... The mise-en- scene in this sequence can be compared to an audience watching a film. In this sequence, Jeff and Stella are in a room with a soft key light, as if in a movie theater. In this case they are the audience. They look out of the window outside to Thorwald’s apartment, the window represents the screen. Meanwhile, Thorwald’s apartment is brightly lit, this acts as a film itself as the viewer looks at what is unfolding inside. As the sequence begins to escalate, shifting from Jeff’s dimly lit apartment to Thorwald’s brightly lit and later pitch dark apartment, it as if each shot after shot, films the audience’s reaction to what is going on in the scene....   [tags: Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window]

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The Woman Picking Olives by Vincent van Gogh and The Harvesters by Pieter Elder

- The Women Picking Olives is by Vincent van Gogh. The date is between 1889 and 1890.The Material is Oil on canvas and its sizes are 75 cm x 113 cm. The Harvesters painting is by Pieter Bruegel the Elder and it was created in about 1565. The Material is Oil on canvas. The sizes are about 116.5 x 159.5 cm. The basic picture on the Women picking olives painting is three women who are helping each other pick a weird object of a tree. From the title of the painting I would say the object is olives but the object doies not look like olivesThe object looks like a pumpkin but pumpkins don’t grow on trees....   [tags: painting, interpretation, trees]

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The Visual Appeal of Food

- ... For food to be designed well, they need to have several key points, like color, placements, and proportions. Also, the points need to complement each other. Color is important in both the food and the tableware. A table that is set with a variety of colors is much more appealing than one that is all white or brown. Very few people are going to want to eat a plate of food that is all white and tan. Plates of food with a variety of colors look much more appealing, and therefore, people, as a general rule, will think that it actually tastes better too....   [tags: presentation, restaurant success]

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Marginal Cost And Marginal Revenue

- Hello, In the three articles I researched, each author looks at the following use of marginal cost & marginal revenue in decision-making with a strategic point of view. I looked at Covering Entrepreneurship and small business: Basic economic principles: Part II & I the articles written by Karen Hallows. I also looked at What Are the Benefits of Marginal Costs Equal to Marginal Revenue by Thomas Metcalf. The conclusion in my first article is she looks at the basic principles of economics. Risk and return marginal benefits, marginal costs, and opportunity costs and sunk cost....   [tags: Economics, Microeconomics, Costs, Marginal cost]

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A Comparison of 'The Skeleton Key’ and ‘Dungeons and Dragons’

- A Comparison of 'The Skeleton Key’ and ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ ‘The Skeleton Key’: Horror ‘Dungeons and Dragons’: Fantasy-Adventure-Action In ‘The Skeleton Key’ poster there is only one actress who is standing and looking into a key hole (facing the camera). She looks scared but also anxious and worried with tension. She also looks like she intensely desires to know what’s behind the Key hole. The woman is wearing dark clothes and jewelry signifying that this film is a horror....   [tags: Papers]

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Peter and the Test

- Fade in: INT. PETER’S BEDROOM - NIGHT PETER, a 15 year old stressed out high school student, sits at his DESK studying for his history final. His desk is extremely messy, covered with history notes and old dishes....   [tags: short play, scenes]

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Do I Love my Volvo or my Taurus More?

- Sauntering into the car lot, a young man begins to walk among the cars looking for his first set of wheels. His inexperience causes him to look for a car that appeals to his eye. His eyes sweep the different models but are stilled by an apparition of beauty. Like a sailor in a raging storm, he stumbles forward, unable to tear his eyes off of the vision of wonder before him. In a stupor, he stumbles around the car soaking up every detail. His hands caress the red paint as his mind strives to calculate the monthly payments....   [tags: Volvo, cars, automobiles, taurus,]

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A Review of the Materpieve the Monument to Mignard Painted by Francois Boucher

- As you walk into the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts (LACMA), the sheer amount of paintings to view can be overwhelming but each is a masterpiece of its own as you pass by each art frame by frame from all different time. Francois Boucher, one of the greatest artist in the 18th century, was born in Paris, France on 1703 and later died on May 30th 1770. A painting that stands out is the Monument to Mignard, a painting Francois Boucher created around 1735 using oil on canvas with the dimensions of 28 ½ x 22 5/8 in....   [tags: frame, texture, lines, picture]

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Theories Of Perspective, And The Opposition, Why Humans ' Perspectives Of Reality

- Think about everyday life. Imagine everything that is experienced in a single day, whether it is through sight, smell, touch, and/or taste. Now, what if someone said that what is experienced is not how it is in reality. This statement is confusing, but the perspective of every being is different, so if that is true, who is actually viewing the world “correctly”. This is to say, who is viewing her environment as it actually looks. This may seem unbelievable, but it is the truth. In this essay, it will be explained through perspective, theories of perspective, and the opposition, why humans’ perspectives of reality are not accurate representations of said reality....   [tags: Reality, Theory, Perception, Truth]

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Addiction & Grace: Love and Spirituality in the Healing of Addictions.

- In the book, Addiction & Grace: Love and Spirituality in the Healing of Addictions, May explores how addiction develops and can be treated from a psychological, physiological, and spiritual standpoint. This theme is clearly shown through out the text as it shows addiction from a whole person view. The book covers the development of addiction from desire through the experience of addiction. The key focus on looking at the matter of addiction from multiple stand points in then broken down by explaining how addiction is an issue psychologically, physiologically, and spiritually....   [tags: Addiction Essays]

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Movie Analysis : ' The Stairs Of Basement Morning '

- INT. STAIRS OF BASEMENT-AFTERNOON BETH, 16, petite with black hair tied in a bun is walking down the stairs to her empty basement. Her phone begins to ring and the theme of X-Files sounds off. She reaches the bottom of the stairs and takes out her phone from her sweatshirt pocket. She slides her phone open. A text message is floating on the film screen. It reads, From: Katy (heart emoji) (bear emoji) ​​Hey Beth, I know you haven 't responded to my text messages or calls but, how are you. I know you 're moving today, good luck....   [tags: Text messaging, Mobile phone, Bedroom, Black hair]

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