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Vic Wilcox in David Lodge's Novel "Nice Work"

- Vic Wilcox in David Lodge's Novel "Nice Work" In the opening chapter of "Nice Work" we are introduced to Vic Wilcox, Managing Director of "J. Pringle & Sons Casting and General Engineering". He lives in an upmarket house on the outskirts of Rummage with his wife Marjorie and his three children. Raymond, Sandra and Gary. Vic is man who is quintessentially British. So much so that he refuses to buy goods made out of the country, the reason for his annoyance at Marjorie wanting a microwave (96% manufactured in the East) and for buying a Japanese clock radio....   [tags: Nice Work David Lodge Essays]

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Charles Dickens' Hard Times and David Lodge's Nice Work

- Charles Dickens' Hard Times and David Lodge's Nice Work ----“Fact, fact, fact, everywhere in the material aspect of the town; fact, fact, fact everywhere in the immaterial.” – Charles Dickens In the early 1851, London staged the Great Exhibition to show the world, the achievements and inventions of the Industrial Revolution. Many people believed that this showed how much better, safer and healthier Britain was than its neighbours in Europe. People living in mansions amid lawns and fountains, with horse drawn carriages certainly felt that life couldn’t be better....   [tags: Lodge Dickens Hard Times Nice Work Essays]

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"The Garden Lodge" by Willa Cather

- Cather's “The Garden Lodge” is about a woman named Caroline Noble whose husband, Howard, asked her if she would like to demolish their old garden lodge and replace it with a summer house. The conflict in the story is Caroline is not sure if she wants to knock down the old garden lodge because it brings back memories of when opera singer Raymond d'Esquerre, spent a month at their place. The resolution is that Caroline decides to go on with building the summer house and demolishing the garden lodge....   [tags: Willa Cather]

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The Cycad Lodge and Chalets

- ... • To be the leading business with a 5 star service deliveries. • To turn moments into ever lasting memories. • To keep guests happy and satisfied. • To lead through the hospitality service and gain that right through. Please list and describe some of your innovations. The cycad is one of a kind, an exclusive hotel with a variety of accommodation contributing to the hospitality difference ,our passion is to meet every guests needs since 1995 and continuing to taking care of people. Ranging from a two sleeper room dates people love it and then to eight sleepers self-catering always come back apartments....   [tags: marketing for hospitality and tourism]

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Rumors of Aurora Masonic Lodge#156

- Cross View on Aurora Masonic Lodge#156 Charly Gnonlonfoun Community College of Aurora The birth of Freemasonry can be dated as far back as the 13th century when groups of unionized workers would help one another to build cathedrals, but officially the organization itself was born in 1717.This fraternal order is seen by a certain opinion as evil .So, they classified it as part of the illuminati and secret society which only goal is to lead the world. For them, Freemason has secret and satanic agenda....   [tags: The essay concerns a specific group/building.]

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Hughie Papworth, the Flat, and Nemahbin Lodge

- The being-a-kid part of the summer really got rolling with Hughie’s arrival. I could hear them calling to one another, and playing while I cranked the mulish water pump. It seems that moments of extreme frustration register more vividly in my memory. I confess to banging the gas tank with my fist that morning. I’d have picked up the whole assembly and thrown it in the river if I’d been as strong as the lumberjack folk hero, Paul Bunyan. It took no longer than usual to get the pump going and to raise the water pressure sufficiently, but it seemed like it took three times as long....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Sweat Lodge

- The sweat lodge is a key healing and spiritual practice of most, if not all, Native American cultures. A variant of the sweat lodge is seen in those cultures from the artic to South America. It can be seen as a form of water therapy as it uses extreme heat and water to produce its effects. Specifically I will explain my personal journey and experience as a participant of a Mohawk sweat lodge. Each tribe has its own unique way of performing the sweat even if they all share the same base upon which to personalise it....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Ecotourism Analysis : The Rio Quijos Eco Lodge

- Ecotourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural area that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education” by The International Ecotourism Society. Multitudes of areas around the world participate in ecotourism due to either their rare or unusual natural ecosystems. These ecotourism reserves are meant to conserve fragile environmental areas and teach the tourists about and how to protect the specific environments. But very few of these eco lodges or reserves are living up to the standards of conserving and educating....   [tags: Natural environment, Environment, Ecosystem]

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Red Lodge, Montana

- Red Lodge, Montana It is an American tradition to travel about the country on vacations spanning from a few days to a few months. A few examples of popular locations traveled by millions of tourists each year include major cities, national monuments, ski resorts, theme parks, and national parks. These popular travel destinations are constantly flourishing with new and returning visitors looking to take a break and relax. In particular, the tourists traveling to national monuments, ski resorts, and national parks are most likely to encounter tourist towns....   [tags: Tourism Traveling Vacation Essays]

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Deer Valley Lodge Financial Analysis

- 1. I am asked to compute the before-tax Net Present Value or NPV of a new ski lift for Deer Valley Lodge and advise the management there of the profitability. Before I am able to make this calculation there are a few calculations that I will need to make first. First the total amount of the investment, this will be the cost of a lift itself $2 million plus the cost of preparing the slope and installing the lift $1.3 million. Thus the investment amount for one lift is $3.3 million. Next I will need to find out the yearly net income from the investment....   [tags: Business Analysis Finance]

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The Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon and A Tale of Two Campuses by David Lodge

- This paper examines the language of prose concerning the use of humour. In order to do this, I will compare The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon and Changing Places: A Tale of Two Campuses by David Lodge. In my paper I examined the question how the authors use their senses of humour to make their novels more enjoyable. Furthermore, I will highlight the fact that the books published in different ages express the humour in very different ways. I would like to prove the fact that language is the tool of the author through which they can make us smile and laugh....   [tags: fiction, similarities, differences]

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Women 's Lodge : Constructing Gender On The Nineteenth- Century Pacific Northwest Plateau By Mary C. Wright

- The scholarly article The Women’s Lodge: Constructing Gender on the Nineteenth- Century Pacific Northwest Plateau written by Mary C. Wright describes the cultural significance behind the existence of women’s lodges in the nineteenth century Plateau region of North America. Wright begins her essay by providing background information on the lodges. As described in the article, women’s lodges were shelters built by indigenous women in the outskirts of their communities and served as a setting where women would give birth and spend time in during their menstrual period....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Indigenous peoples]

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John Taylor And Howling Wolf 's Visual Representations Of The Treaty Signing At Medicine Creek Lodge

- At first glance, John Taylor and Howling Wolf’s visual representations of the treaty signing at Medicine Creek Lodge appear very different from one another. It is more than apparent that the two artists have very different interpretations of the same event. This paper will visually analyze both works of art by comparing and contrasting the compositional balance, medium, and use of color, as well as how the artists narrated their views using different visual elements. John Taylor’s picture of the signing is very realistic, especially when compared to Wolf’s picture, which is in a much more abstracted form....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States, Color]

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Nice Work And The Feminism

- Nice Work and the Feminism David Lodge is one of the representative writers of the postmodernism period. Apart from the theme of the meaning of work, both from the industrial and academic point of view, the “Nice Work” novel also develops the idea of feminism. The earnest feminist in the novel is Robyn Penrose, the main character of the novel, who works as university teacher. Throughout the novel, she reveals her feminist beliefs from the manner in which she behaves and talks....   [tags: Feminism, Feminist theory, Woman, David Lodge]

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The Great Masonic Nation, USA

- ... Freemasonry in the American Colonies Anyone who wants to study the history of Freemasonry in the American colonies during the Revolutionary War will encounter the obstacle of not having that much original documents. However, there are a considerable number of Masonic writers bent on attributing to Freemasonry a relevant role in the War of Independence and convert the main leaders of the dispute in some lodge members. They claim, among other things, that the famous “tea party" in Boston was forged in the loggia of St....   [tags: freemasonry, lodges, nonreligious institutions]

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Letter Of Recommendation Letter For A Letter

- Bear Valley Middle School I am honored to write a letter of recommendation for Vanessa Lodge. We are both 6th grade humanities teachers at Bear Valley Middle School in Escondido, CA and have been collaborating for the past two years. We work together in grade level groups, den groups, and content groups. I have seen Ms. Lodge blossom into an extraordinary teacher over the past two years. Last year Ms. Lodge spent endless hours learning and working with mentors and our literacy coach to become an accomplished teacher....   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, School]

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RHETORIC ANALYSIS: It's the Water, Stupid!

- David M. Lodge's essay “'It's the Water, Stupid!'” asserts that the world needs to find a win-win-win situation and a balance in the use of water resources for environmental, public health, and commerce problems in order to ensure the safety of human beings and halt dramatic changes to aquatic species and their environments. Lodge develops his point with environmental and public health statistics as well as numerous references that show the relationship between the necessity of water resources to live and our environmental problems....   [tags: Article Analysis]

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The Presentation Of Relationships Within Three Short Stories By Thomas Hardy

- Examine The Presentation of relationships Within Three Short Stories By Thomas Hardy. The relationships in Tony Kytes ‘The Arch-Deceiver’ is the relationship between Tony Kytes and three women, Milly Richards, Unity Sallet, and Hannah Jolliver who are all of the same class so they know what should be expected of one another. Tony Kytes is shown as a young handsome man, who all of the women want to be with. Thomas Hardy shows us that marriage was a key to life in those days for everyone, especially if they wanted to have children without being thought to of being lowered in society....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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How Freemasonry Steered the American Revolution and the Revolutionary War

- ... When two people or groups are in a fight, much less a war, often the parties are less than cordial to each other. Freemasonry ensured that despite fighting, men on either side would be respected. During the War for Independence, this became important in saving masonic loves. Brant led a group of Mohawks Indians during the war in support the British. This group captured Colonel John McKinstry, a patriot and a mason. When McKinstry displayed the masonic recognition sign, it is reported that Brent freed him and sent him back to his army....   [tags: Masonic lodges, impact on military conditions]

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The relationship between Rhoda and Gertrude in The Withered Arm

- Discuss the relationship between Rhoda and Gertrude in The Withered Arm. The Withered Arm is a pre-20th century book by Thomas Hardy; the plot of the story is in and around the writers' imaginary village of Holmstoke and town of Casterbridge. One of the main themes of The Withered Arm was Jealousy it was portrayed through Rhoda Brook, 'a thin fading woman of thirty' 'that had once been handsome', who had an affair with Farmer Lodge and bore him a son. Farmer Lodge left Rhoda to bring up their son on her own and later married a new wife, who was 'years younger than him', called Gertrude....   [tags: English Literature]

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Comparing Rosalynde and As You Like It

- Thomas Lodge's Rosalynde is an unwieldy piece, the romance is thick, heavy, and conventional. Yet when Shakespeare took it in hand, to rework the tangled web of disguise and romance into As You Like It, he changed much of the emphasis, by both altering and adding characters. Rosalynde is a celebration of love; As You Like It, a philosophical discourse on love.. Shakespeare cuts to the chase, eliminating much of the prologue to Rosalynde. We hear of old Sir Roland de Boys (Lodge's John of Bordeaux) only through Orlando's opening speech, not the extended deathbed collection of aphorisms Lodge provides (though this shade of Polonius perhaps influences old Adam's long-winded style)....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Characters in The Withered Arm

- What was Thomas Hardy trying to show through his characters in The Withered Arm. In this essay I will write about what Thomas Hardy was trying to show through his characters in 'The Withered Arm'. The characters I will write about are Rhoda Brook, Gertrude Lodge, the boy and Farmer Lodge. I will write about these characters because they were the main characters in the story. The short story 'The Withered Arm' is written by Thomas Hardy. 'The Withered Arm' is a lady called Rhoda Brook who was partners with Farmer Lodge and they had a child together, which Farmer Lodge leaves Rhoda to bring up on her own....   [tags: English Literature]

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Compare and Contrast how Thomas Hardy and Charlotte Perkins Gilman

- Compare and Contrast how Thomas Hardy and Charlotte Perkins Gilman present the situation, behaviour and attitude of the women in the stories The Withered Arm and Turned. Explain what motivates these characters to behave as they do. Thomas Cookes Compare and Contrast how Thomas Hardy and Charlotte Perkins Gilman present the situation, behaviour and attitude of the women in the stories 'The Withered Arm' and 'Turned'. Explain what motivates these characters to behave as they do. Hardy and Gilman both share a similarity of characters and theme in their short stories....   [tags: English Literature]

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How does Hardy elicit sympathy for the three main characters?

- How does Hardy elicit sympathy for the three main characters. Thomas Hardy has an extremely clever way of obtaining sympathy for a character. Hardy has specific ways to elicit sympathy by varying the level of sympathy he gives to character. He either gives sympathy to someone or takes it away from a character so more sorrow seems to be on another. He also uses powerful language to strengthen his points and finally he shows sorrow from a character’s point of view. He uses these techniques on the three main characters (Rhoda, Farmer Lodge and Gertrude) exceptionally well....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Love and Jealousy in The Withered Arm

- Love and Jealousy within' The Withered Arm becomes a very appetent and large factor in the novel. Love and Jealousy Love and Jealousy within' "The Withered Arm" becomes a very appetent and large factor in the novel. I believe the essay title "Love and Jealousy are powerful emotions means and shows how love can often form the evil and selfish jealousy, and how it easily it can change people and make them paranoid furthermore make then act out in a outlandish behaviour this is why I feel the essay refers love and jealousy to be some what of 'powerful emotions.' Brief Summary of the story Withered arm is a story of love and jealousy, the basic plot of The Withered Arm is that Rhoda a middle...   [tags: English Literature]

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Author's Treatment of Fate and the Supernatural in Short Stories Written Before 1914

- Author's Treatment of Fate and the Supernatural in Short Stories Written Before 1914 Using a selection of short stories written before 1914, compare and contrast their authors’ treatment of fate and/or the supernatural I understand the term supernatural to be an event or being that is abnormal in some way and for which there is no rational explanation. Although traditionally the supernatural is confined to spiritual beings, such as ghosts, I perceive it to have a much wider meaning. I will be investigating how certain writers of short stories view the supernatural and how they adapt it into their stories....   [tags: Short Stories Yellow Wallpaper Lost Hearts Essays]

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Comparing The Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy and Turned by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

- Comparing The Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy and Turned by Charlotte Perkins Gilman This essay is aimed at discussing the differences between two short stories, called ‘The Withered Arm’ by Thomas Hardy and ‘Turned’ by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. These stories have similar plots and both deliver and contrast these in their very own clever ways. They are both based on the idea of triangular relationships, involving two women and a man. In the story ‘Turned’ there is a couple named Mr. and Mrs. Marroner, and their employee who is a young and beautiful Swedish maid who goes by the name of Gerta....   [tags: Compare Contrast Withered Hardy Turned Essays]

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The Setting for Thomas Hardy's The Withered Arm and Other Wessex Tales

- The Setting for Thomas Hardy's The Withered Arm and Other Wessex Tales In the following essay I seek to show evidence of how Thomas Hardy was acutely aware of the social status of people, how village and town life was conducted, how men and women reacted to their own sex and to each other and the part religion played in people's daily lives. Social class is raised a lot in Hardy's pieces. Even though these stories were all written at a different time and then put together, you can see it is a strong theme in the book....   [tags: Papers]

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Idealism and Realism

- “In the place where idealism and realism meet, that is where there is the greatest evolutionary tension.” Idealism prioritizes ideals, social reforms and morals, by wanting to benefit not just yourself, but the world around you, believing people are generally good. On the contrary, realism gives priority to national interest and security with emphasis on promoting one’s own power and influence by assuming that people are egocentric by nature. Based on the definitions stated above, idealism and realism are significantly different from each other and their divergence of thought is more apparent when various proponents of each such as Woodrow Wilson, Henry Lodge, Barack Obama and George W....   [tags: Political Science]

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A Sexual Orientation Case Law Study

- Bates Versus United States Congress passed and the President signed into law a provision outlawing private acts of discrimination based on sexual orientation. Called the Public Accommodations Equal Access Act, it forbids discriminations regarding sexual orientation in hotels, motels, restaurants, and eating establishments of all kinds as well as bars, barbershops, gas stations, and entertainment establishments. Congress relied on the commerce clause to justify the law. The commerce clause states in Article 1, Section 8: "Congress shall have the regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states." We are here to decide whether this law is constitutional under...   [tags: Law Case Studies]

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As You Like It written by William Shakespeare

- Actually, this play chronologically set between 1598 and 1600s. This homonymous play published, after Williams Shakespeare’s death, in the First Folio in 1623, with other plays and sonnets written by him. As You Like It characterized as pastoral comedy. According to a definition of what is the pastoral comedy, Pastoral genre is regularly, a pastoral story includes banishes from urban or court life who escapes to the shelter of the wide open, where they frequently cover themselves as shepherds so as to talk with different shepherds on an extent of built subjects, from the relative benefits of life at court versus life in the nation to the relationship between nature and symbolization....   [tags: Shakespeare, pastoral comedy, as you like it]

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Women in The Withered Arm and Stench of Kerosene

- Show how the cultural and historical background affects the lives of the women in the stories you have read. What is your reaction to their experiences. I have chosen to write about 'The Withered Arm', written by Thomas Hardy, and 'Stench of Kerosene', written by Amrita Pritam. Thomas Hardy, born in 1840 in Higher Bockhampton, (a village near Dorchester) had written a series of text. At first, he has started with writing full-length novels between 1871 and 1896. Later, his poems, a collection of 'Wessex Poems' had appeared in 1898, after having written them throughout his life....   [tags: English Literature]

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Society in the Eyes of Thomas Hardy

- How does Thomas Hardy present a picture of society at the time his stories were written. ================================================================== Thomas Hardy presents a picture of how society was by the language he uses and also what happens in the stories. The differences with today's society and Thomas Hardy's society are their everyday lives, social status, relationships, marriage, morals, superstitions and law and order. In Tony Kytes, life was very different from how it is today....   [tags: English Literature:]

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The Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy

- The Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy What can we learn about Victorian society from the story 'The Withered Arm' by Thomas Hardy. Do you think that the story is relevant for today. Support your answer with relevant quotations from the story. The short story, 'The Withered Arm' by Thomas Hardy gives one a vivid insight of life of the rural working class during nineteenth century England and their involvement with the upper classes throughout the country. Both of the classes' hardship, superstitious beliefs and their attitudes towards women are displayed along with their lifestyle in the historical southern county of Wessex, allowing one to get different perspectives of...   [tags: Papers]

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Female Characters in The Withered Arm

- Compare and contrast at least two of the female characters in two or more of the female characters in two or more of the tales you have studied. Gertrude Lodge, Rhoda Brook and Phyllis Grove are all very different women in different situations; however they all suffer an undeserved fate. Gertrude, from The Withered Arm, loses her looks, the love of her husband and her friendship with Rhoda, who in turn loses her only friend, her son and must suffer the shame of an illegitimate child. This was highly unacceptable at the time, especially as the father of the child was of a higher class and people of different classes were not expected to mix....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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The Ghost of Cloudcroft New Mexico

- The Cloudcroft Ghost Cloudcroft, New Mexico, meaning a "clearing in the clouds", is a small mountain town located to the east of Alamogordo, NM ("Cloudcroft"). The town's history is intimately tied to the building of the Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway that allowed the town to be permanently settled in the late 1800s, and to the logging business that made the town and railroad successful for half a century ("Investigation… Lodge"). As with many frontier towns, Cloudcroft has a number of legends that document the unique and violent events in its history, and also a fair number of ghosts that haunt its historic sites....   [tags: Ghost Stories Urban Legends]

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Rhonda Brook's Difficulties

- Rhonda Brook's Difficulties Rhoda Brook was a milkmaid who was in her early thirties. She worked on Farmer Lodge's farm milking the cows, Farmer Lodge adored her when she was younger, this lead to them having an affair; Rhoda became pregnant. Farmer Lodge decided to end their relationship, Rhoda had to continue her life looking after and bringing up his child, but she remained working on the farm being ignored by almost everyone. During this time Rhoda faced many difficulties including other milkmaids talking about her....   [tags: Papers]

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Reflection Within Professional Development: The Gibbs Model

- Reflection Within Professional Development In this essay I intend to reflect upon a clinical skill, which I have learned and become competent in practicing. I will apply the Gibbs model to the chosen skill throughout the essay to allow for critical thought. Gibbs model includes the areas of description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan. (Gibbs, 1988) The term “reflection” directly refers to one’s own ability for serious thought or consideration regarding events, which have occurred in the past....   [tags: placement, defense mechanism]

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Gary Ferguson 's The Carry Home

- In Gary Ferguson’s “The Carry Home”, he narrates his life with his wife Jane. He talks about their adventures in nature, her death, and the scattering of her ashes. Ferguson tells us how he deals with the grief of losing Jane. In the book “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed we hear about her life. Strayed writes about her childhood, her mother’s death, and her hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. Strayed also tells us about how she deals with the grief of losing her mother. Although nature plays a huge role in both of their grieving processes, Ferguson and Strayed had two very different experiences with it....   [tags: Death, Life, Mother, English-language films]

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Differences Between Christianity And Islam

- In mankind history, the acquisition of resource and land has been one of the many core justifications to rage war with another society. Similarly to the acquisition of resources, ideologies such as religion has been a continuous justification for a group of people to engage in war with another. These consequential wars due to the intolerance of another individual’s beliefs has withstood the test of time as the Middle East continues to be ground zero for religious wars. The religions or beliefs that are in constant conflict of one another have more similarities than is realized....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Freemasonry, Trinity]

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Business Structures

- Organizational roles and structures are important for hotels and lodges to function efficiently. “The purpose of these structures is to coordinate, communicate, and control individual actions to support the strategy, and to facilitate workflow, permit management control, and create doable jobs” (Enz, 2010). There are many dimensions of organizational structures from hierarchy of authority, degree of centralization, complexity, specialization, formalization and professionalism that needs to be decided upon of being necessary for organizations to operate at best performance....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Feeling Sympathy for Gertrude and Rhoda in The Withered Arm, by Thomas Hardy

- Feeling Sympathy for Gertrude and Rhoda in The Withered Arm, by Thomas Hardy The Withered arm is typical of Hardy's novellas, as it is a tragedy. It involves two main characters, Rhoda and Gertrude. Rhoda and Gertrude both have their own different problems that the must face. Rhoda and Gertrude become friends after they first meet. Rhoda had an illegitimate child to farmer lodge who marries Gertrude. Before Rhoda and Gertrude meet Rhoda does not know what Gertrude is like so is bitter about the idea of her marrying farmer lodge who hardy hints Rhoda is still in love with....   [tags: The Withered Arm Thomas Hardy Characters Essays]

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The Role of Female Characters in Cociety in Thomas Hardy's Works

- Discuss how Thomas Hardy portrays the role of female characters in society in at least two of his short stories. Thomas Hardy was a prominent author as well as a poet who was born in 1840 and died in 1928. During his long life, he wrote about one thousand poems and fifteen novels. He lived for the majority of his life close to Dorchester. Hardy obtained assorted ideas for his stories whilst he was growing up. An example of this was that he knew of a lady who had her blood ‘turned’ by a convicts corpse and he used this in the story ‘The Withered Arm’....   [tags: English Literature:]

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Super Natural Events in The Withered Arm and The Three Strangers

- What means does Thomas Hardy use to make the super natural events of The withered arm and The three strangers convincing. Introduction I have been set a task to analyse and understand how Thomas Hardy presents the super natural acts in two of his short stories. “The Withered Arm” and “The Three Strangers.” I propose to tackle this task by comparing the two short stories in the way the super natural events are conveyed to the reader. I will also discuss the similarities and differences between the two stories and their characters I will note the language used and the way the same image is effectively conveyed in the two short stories....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Women play victims in Thomas Hardy’s short stories, roles that were

- Women play victims in Thomas Hardy’s short stories, roles that were typical of Victorian women in general “Women play victims in Thomas Hardy’s short stories, roles that were typical of Victorian women in general” Discuss with references at least three of Hardy’s short stories Thomas Hardy in his short stories “The Withered Arm”, “Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver” and the Winters and the Palmleys” presents his readers with a series of unsettling visions of the relations between men and women, women mainly coming worse off....   [tags: English Literature]

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Roaring Twenties Labor

- During this essay we will be looking at President Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points [comma] paying particular attention to the three points that were the most important to him. I will also identify the history behind why these 14 points were established and drafted, to include the mindset and core beliefs of the President (particularly his formal years). Next we will take a look at the politics of the Treaty of Versailles, explicitly looking at why it failed in the United States Senate and the individuals who were responsible for its demise....   [tags: U.S. History ]

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Committed Christian...or Freemason?

- The name of Jesus is on his lips. He is ready to help anyone who needs a hand and shows a loving concern for his neighbors. Manifesting the qualities and the spirit of Jesus Christ, he seeks to find more ways to show his love for man and for Christ. He is enticed by a community serving brotherhood that is known as the world’s largest, Freemasonry. Although this fraternity appeals to many Christian men with the opportunity to serve their community and God, Freemasonry is deceptive and harmful to Christians....   [tags: Christianity]

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The New Power

- Over the last few decades, I and fellow French diplomats have noticed a change in the American foreign policy. America is no longer just stretching within its own borders but showing interests in neighboring countries and the affairs of European countries in these other countries. The American foreign policy appears to be dominated by the interest of progressing humanity.The idea of progressing humanity comes from the American belief of freedom for all and spreading the American political ideas....   [tags: french diplomats, amerian foreign policy]

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Comparing the Suffering Between Rhoda in The Withered Arm and The Son's Veto

- Comparing the Suffering Between Rhoda in The Withered Arm and The Son's Veto in the tale 'The Withered Arm' in the story 'The Son's Veto' are both very lonely women. Both of these women and have been mistreated by men, but none of them ever speak out for themselves to tell the men that their behaviour is unacceptable. Women who were treated by men were just expected by their fathers (if the husband is rich) to just keep quiet and be happy that they are financially supported. Rhoda is a social reject....   [tags: Papers]

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Gender and Social Norms in Shakespeare's As You Like It

- Gender and Social Norms in As You Like It        Shakespeare based his comedy As You Like It primarily on three other works.  Its plot follows the basic structure of Rosalynde, published in 1590 by Thomas Lodge.  The Tale of Gamelyn, written by an unknown author in the mid-fourteenth century, is a violent Middle English narrative that was found among Chaucer's papers and provides further details for Shakespeare's work.  With the Forest of Ardenne serving as an escape for our main characters, Shakespeare takes his details from the countless Robin Hood ballads popular in Medieval England.  This paper will examine how Shakespeare's adaptations and alterations of emphasis and plot from these...   [tags: Shakespeare As You Like It Essays]

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The Withered Arm, by Thomas Hardy

- Thomas Hardy was a famous author and poet he lived from 1840 to 1928. During his long life of 88 years he wrote fifteen novels and one thousand poems. He lived for the majority of his life near Dorchester. Hardy got many ideas for his stories while he was growing up. An example of this was that he knew of a lady who had had her blood turned by a convict’s corpse and he used this in the story ‘The Withered Arm’. The existence of witches and witchcraft was accepted in his lifetime and it was not unusual for several people to be killed for crimes of witchcraft every year....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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The Treaty Of Versailles Was A Treaty Created At The End Of World War I

- The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty created at the end of World War I, in hopes of establishing peace among nations. Although it sought after harmony, the United States’ Senate refused to ratify the treaty due to the distasteful idea of the United States’ involvement in the League of Nations, and Woodrow Wilson’s unwillingness to compromise with Henry Cabot Lodge’s revisions of The Treaty of Versailles. The President of the United States after World War I was Woodrow Wilson. Wilson was an idealist who longed for peace among nations....   [tags: World War I, Woodrow Wilson, Treaty of Versailles]

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Louis XIV and the Palace of Versailles

- There is just something about Paris, France that draws in millions of visitors every year. Maybe it is the cobbled streets, or the picturesque cafes down small alleys, or perhaps it is the “love in the air”. In the City of Lights, there is just so much to do and explore. Millions of tourists flock to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower every year, but only a few miles away lies another jewel, a palace so magnificent the gods wept at its beauty. The Palace of Versailles is a stunning structure built by Louis XIV to glorify France during the 16th century, and it exudes French sophistication and extravagance....   [tags: Baroque Architecture, Royal Chapel]

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Tactical Infrasturcture Reconnaissance Report, An Outline

- TACTICAL INFRASTRUCTURE RECONNAISSANCE REPORT MILITARY GUARD SERVICE FACILITY - LODGE HILL Introduction 1. 173 Clerk of Works (Construction) course was tasked with the production of a Tactical Infrastructure Reconnaissance Report (TIRR) for the Military Guard Service (MGS) so that they can carry out their 24 hours guard of the camp. Background 2. There is a requirement of infrastructure development in order to coordinate the decision to reside Professional Engineering Wing (PEW) in Lodge Hill Camp (LHC)....   [tags: requirements, aim, location]

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The Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy and Farthing House by Susan Hill

- The Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy and Farthing House by Susan Hill I am going to be comparing two short stories; The withered arm by Thomas Hardy, which was written before 1900 and Farthing house by Susan Hill which was written more recently. The themes in each of the two stories are quite similar. They are both based around women, their needs and their wants and illegitimate children. Both stories have obvious similarities especially with the types of women in the story. 'The withered arm' was a story written before 1900....   [tags: Thomas Hardy Farthing House Hill essays]

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Thomas Hardy was an English man, who lived in England near Dorchester

- Thomas Hardy was an English man, who lived in England near Dorchester Thomas Hardy was an English man, who lived in England near Dorchester. He lived from 1840-1928 most of what he wrote is set in Dorset and the neighboring countries. He gave these the fictional name Wessex. He wrote 17 novels which one was unpublished. And around a thousand poems the melancholy hussar and the withered arm are both from the Wessex tails book. He lived on the edge of a tract of a wild heath land, which was very isolated this may have resulted in his stories being set out in the country or being isolated....   [tags: English Literature]

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Women's Roles in The Yellow Wallpaper and The Withered Arm

- Women's Roles in The Yellow Wallpaper and The Withered Arm In the late 19th century, women were expected to conform to the conventions of society. This meant that they were expected to get married young, pure and beautiful. They were treated like objects as if men bought them. How the woman felt was irrelevant in this period. Women were expected to produce an 'heir and a spare'. Women were also victim to double standards. For example, women had to deal with a child out of wedlock yet were given no responsibility for this....   [tags: Yellow Wallpaper Withered Arm Essays]

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Comparing The Withered Arm and An Imaginative Woman

- Comparing The Withered Arm and An Imaginative Woman I will be examining two novelettes by a single author, Thomas Hardy. "The Withered Arm" and "An Imaginative Woman". I will be highlighting the similarities and differences between them. Additionally I will be analyzing the content of each. The first thing we notice about the two stories is that they are both written in third person narrative. Another thing we notice about the style of writing in both is that it is very old fashioned, which tells us these novelettes must have been written some time in the 19th century....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Hardy's Portrayal of Women in His Short Stories

- Hardy's Portrayal of Women in His Short Stories Thomas Hardy was a major novelist and poet of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 'The Wessex tales' are a set of short stories, which are based in the 1830's - 1840's although Hardy wrote them many years later. They are very much based around where he grew up and the society he lived in. Egdon Heath is a moor land where he grew up but has been re-named, along with all the other areas mentioned, which are based on real places....   [tags: Papers]

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Culpability Of US Involvement In Vietnam Coup

- Kennedy Administration on Vietnam coup The Kennedy Administration believed in the credibility of the U.S. anti-communist commitments after WW2. By 1963, it aided South Vietnam and expanded its advisers in there to contain the spreading of communism which was the belief of the North Vietnam. Unfortunately, the leader of the South Vietnamese was poor in his ways; failing political and economical progress violating US-South Vietnam agreement. The US was privately well aware of the problems in the government and tried measures of all kinds to energize the South Vietnamese effort....   [tags: American History]

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Thomas Hardy's The Withered Arm

- Thomas Hardy's The Withered Arm Thomas Hardy's book introduced a lonely beginning with 'The Lorn Milkmaid'. The book is set in the 19th Century in the countryside and so it is a rural setting. These times seem to have different circumstances with things such as insistence of attending church on Sundays. It appeared as a lonely morning in the milk shed where the 'lorn' milkmaid was milking the cows. There are many other milkers present but it seems she is 'lorn' as she is isolated from them for some reason....   [tags: Papers]

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End Of World War 1

- The end of World War One in 1918, was the reason that the Treaty of Versailles was signed and it was also the shadow of the Russian Revolution. There were three very important politicians that led this all. They were David Lloyd George, Georges Clemenceau and Woodrow Wilson. Most of them wanted to see the destruction of Germany but some like Lloyd George, were more cautious. There is some truth to the fact that opposition forces helped to defeat the treaty, but over all it was Wilson's stubbornness that led to its defeat in the Senate....   [tags: World History]

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Mandela 's Rebellious Nature And `` Trouble Making ``

- Mandela’s rebellious nature and, “trouble making,” side of him were truly put to the test after 1948 when Daniel Francois Malan, the candidate of The National Party, a party whose political platform primarily ran on the idea of, “apartism,” and segregation, won the presidential election, marking the start of Apartheid in South Africa. While in power The Nationalists will legislate racist laws, “seeking to tighten up urban segregation and attempting to restrict African migration into cities, bringing African schools under state control, banning inter-racial sex and marriage, prohibiting mixed race residential and business districts, ending altogether the already very limited African voting ri...   [tags: South Africa, Nelson Mandela]

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The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

- When people go to war, no matter where they fight, there have always been consequences in fighting on the battlefield and fighting for their country. Whether it be the soldiers come back with a horrifying case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, finding their lives pointless and committing suicide or dying on the battlefield, the consequences are usually pretty bad. This is no exception to the novel The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, with all of the soldiers that he mentions having some sort of flaw in them that they inherited before or after the war....   [tags: Vietnam War, Posttraumatic stress disorder]

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The Natives Of Australia Were Not Affected By Outsiders

- Aborigine: The Natives of Australia were not affected by outsiders until the Europeans showed up about 200 years ago from now. The Aborigine have kept their religious practices back to thousands of years ago. It is believed there was nothing until a group called the Ancestors came about and formed the world the way it is. The Aborigine also believe that the Ancestors created humans and separated them by religion and tribes each with their own cultures. They also believe that the Ancestors left their mark on earth with the natural beauty of landmarks and other beautiful things....   [tags: Religion, God, Aztec, Quetzalcoatl]

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Nelson Mandel South Africa 's Most Influential Leader

- Nelson Mandela was South Africa’s most prominent leader to exist in the nation’s history. The son of an African chief, Mandela had exposure to the inner workings of South African politics. Mandela attended the Fort Hare University where he studied law. Mandela 's political encounters came when he was enlisted to the university, he worked forward to acquire a Bachelor of degree in Fine Arts. Amid his course, he was the Student 's Representative Council of the understudy political association. Before long he was casted out, for partaking in a dissent in the facilities....   [tags: South Africa, African National Congress]

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Native Americans And The Fight For Civil Rights

- Native Americans were not as successful in their fight for civil rights. Treaties were drawn up between different Native Americans and the Americans. Repeatedly these treaties were violated and conflict arose (51). Chief Joseph wrote an account of his tribe, the Nez Percé, after they surrendered on terms that were not held. In his account, Chief Joseph wrote, “I have heard talk and talk but nothing is done. Good words do not last long unless they amount to something. Words do not pay for my dead people....   [tags: United States, World War II, New Deal]

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Outbreak of Foodborne Illness in South Africa

- 1. Location: Limpopo (South Africa) 2. Diseases listed: Malaria, Foodborne illness, Cholera 3. Details of a foodborne illness (salmonellosis) outbreak in Limpopo The South African Independent Online news, in their issue of Tuesday 28 January 2014, reported an occurrence of diarrhoea outbreak few days earlier at a lodge (Mokopane) in Limpopo. The first release of information was done by the provincial diseases’ outbreak response team on 27 January 2014 and mentioned that 42 people were hospitalized....   [tags: hospital, infected, diagnos]

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Tourists Love 10 Popular Hotels in India

- India is popular for its history, culture and hospitality thus each year, millions of tourists both local and international visits India. To truly enjoy India, you must be able to spend some time to visit some of the nation’s world famous hotels which are distributed across the nations. This allows you to also visit the different parts of the nations as well see many famous monuments located in the different regions. India is rich in history and has hundreds of historical monuments which can be visited while visiting the different hotels....   [tags: culture, hospitality, resorts]

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The Palace Of Versailles By Louis Xiv

- When Louis XIII built his hunting lodge on the hillside of Versailles in 1623 , I suspect he never imaged the true master piece of French Baroque architecture it would become and that it would continue live throughout history in all its glory, almost viewed as a physical timeline of the history of France. Versailles was the seat of absolute monarchy and became its own symbol, it became the physical representation for power. Looking past its extensive historical background, the palace of Versailles has such a complex architectural and artistic influence as nearly four generations of French king royals have lived in the palace continually expanding and renovating it to match the current style...   [tags: Louis XIV of France, Palace of Versailles]

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History and Influence of Potato Chips

- Ask yourself a question, what is the most popular food in the world. Probably, the first of what you will think about is round crisp pizza, or maybe you will try more simply and guess it could be pasta and lasagna, or will travel with your mind to the East and think of sushi and roasted rice, or will move to something sweet like donuts, ice cream and chocolate. There are as many answers as people on our beautiful planet. Nowadays, the variety of food we can choose from can satisfy every single taste....   [tags: Cholesterol Levels, Taste Experience]

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Men and Women in The Withered Arm and Other Stories by Thomas Hardy and Men and Women in Turned by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

- Men and Women in The Withered Arm and Other Stories by Thomas Hardy and Men and Women in Turned by Charlotte Perkins Gilman "The Withered Arm" and "Turned" are both focused on relationships between men and women. "The Withered Arm" was about the relationship between Rhoda Brook and Farmer Lodge and also who he married later on called Gertrude. "Turned" was about the relationship between Mr.Marroner and Mrs.Marion Marroner but Mr.Marroner also had an affair with his servant Gerta Peterson and made her pregnant....   [tags: Papers]

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The Presentation of Female Characters in 3 Short Stories by Thomas Hardy

- The Presentation of Female Characters in 3 Short Stories by Thomas Hardy The purpose of this essay is to explore the way in which Tomas Hardy portrayed women in his stories. And to see what this tells a modern audience about society of the time and the role of women. I have studied three of Thomas Hardys short stories; The Son Veto, The Withered Arm and The Distracted Preacher. All these stories where set in the rural county of Wessex. A county mad up by Thomas Hardy himself....   [tags: Papers]

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An Essay on The Withered Arm, by Thomas Hardy

- An Essay on The Withered Arm, by Thomas Hardy ‘The past is a foreign country. They did things differently there.’ ‘The Go Between’ by L.P. Hartley. Thomas Hardy, a Victorian novelist, based his stories on experience of growing up in rural Dorset. Growing up there, he became familiar with the language, customs, practises and stories of the country folk. These stories draw up on his experiences enabling him to write ‘Wessex Tales’. Among many pieces of work is ‘The Withered Arm’. ‘The Withered Arm’ is a well-crafted short story written in the prose format....   [tags: English Literature]

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Thomas Hardy's Treatment of Women in His Short Stories

- Thomas Hardy's Treatment of Women in His Short Stories Thomas Hardy was born in 1840 in Dorchester and he became a famous writer after his mother was keen to let him have a better education than her. Most of his stories are set in Wessex. Wessex was a remote region of England. Almost everyone belonged to the 'labouring classes. Throughout most stories Hardy writes about the treatment of women. He talks about his opinions. In this essay I shall look at how women are treated and portrayed in various extracts from his short stories....   [tags: Papers]

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How Thomas Hardy Presents Women in His Short Stories

- How Hardy Presents Women in His Short Stories Thomas Hardy wrote about society in the mid 1800's and his tales have rural settings in the fictional name he gave to the South-West of England, Wessex. The short stories reflect this time and the author also demonstrates the class division in rural society - rich and poor - and the closeness of the communities. Almost everyone belonged to the 'labouring classes' and worked on the land. People of around 150 years ago were very superstitious and marriage was important....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Comparison of Female Characters in Two Stories

- A Comparison of Female Characters in Two Stories The stories that I studied I felt were mostly about relationships some of which work but sometimes they don’t. It did show however that different attitudes can change circumstances for instance if you have a positive attitude things can be perceived differently than if you have a negative attitude. Many people want personal gain from a relationship, which doesn’t make a sound relationship where trust is important. In the first example the main character was Rhoda Brook and her relationship with Farmer Lodge....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing Literary Styles of Dickens and Hardy

- Comparing Literary Styles of Dickens and Hardy In order to compare the literary styles of Dickens and Hardy I will use 'The Signalman´ by Charles Dickens and 'The Withering Arm´ by Thomas Hardy. 'The Signalman´ features a lonely train signalman who works in signal box by a railway cutting. He has been visited by a "spectre" which appears just before a fatal accident takes place....   [tags: Papers]

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How Gressenhall was Made an Uninviting Place

- How Gressenhall was Made an Uninviting Place Source Based In this essay my objective is to explain how Gressenhall Workhouse, situated in Norfolk, was made an uninviting place subsequent to 1834, and also how it was successful in doing this. The Gressenhall workhouse was severely affected by the 1834 poor law amendment act, as previously the workhouse was relatively relaxed but then it had to adapt to the new government requirements, saying that the workhouses were to be as grim as possible....   [tags: Papers]

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A Powerful Monarch Louis XIV

- Louis XIV reigned as the King of France for seventy-two years, making him one of the longest ruling monarchs in the country of Europe. With his interest in the arts he changed France’s culture from medieval to exquisite. Louis wanted to have no remnants of feudalism, he wanted an absolute monarchy. His aim was to have monarchy be the most important political authority. Louis XIV was a very powerful monarch who symbolized absolute monarchy and helped France gain great power. Louis XIV was the first child of Louis XIII and Anne of Austria and was considered to be God-given....   [tags: arts, feudalism, political authority]

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